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Ally and Advocate Boxing champ Laila Ali has joined the fight for physically active and healthy lifestyles

Let your members make their workout work for breast cancer research.

When you purchase a pink treadmill, CYBEX will donate 10c/mile* logged during the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.




Pink Ribbon Run: A great opportunity to show your club cares


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The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide. For more information about BCRF, visit


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| Editor’s Welcome | On August 29, Edward M. Kennedy, the senior senator from Massachusetts, was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. On September 14, his biography, True Compass, was published. The man is gone. His lessons linger.

Kerry Brett

In Washington, D.C., where he served in the Senate for 46 years, Kennedy was known by many and admired by most. Here in Massachusetts, where he was born, he was more—he was family. Good, bad, heroic, wanting, inspiring, disappointing… but family— always family. And here in Massachusetts, there are few people, it seems, who don’t have a personal Kennedy anecdote. This, then, is mine: The date was June 24, 1994, and the occasion was the dedication of a new wing of Jordan Hospital, a community medical facility in Plymouth, the spot where the Pilgrims had first set foot 374 years before. A huge tent had been erected beside the new structure, and hundreds had come to sip wine, snack on canapés, chat, and commemorate the opening of the hospital’s new ambulatory care and cancer centers. A few minutes before the service was to begin, there was the noisy chatter, up above, of helicopter blades, and, shortly thereafter, Kennedy and his new wife, Vickie, entered the tent. As they took their seats on the stage, he smiled, nodded, but soon opened a notebook he’d brought with him, and, flipping from page to page, began studying intently. Everyone rose for the benediction, and then, remained standing for the playing of the national anthem. There was, for a moment, a pervasive awkwardness, a palpable uncertainty, as the audience wondered what they were supposed to do: were they supposed to sing or remain silent and solemn during the anthem? But then, after no more than a note, or two, or three had sounded, a single voice was heard: Kennedy, not uncertain at all, had begun to sing the nation’s song. And, within seconds, everyone beneath the tent had joined in enthusiastically. Before he began to speak, Kennedy acknowledged, by name and a friendly nod of the head, virtually every person who’d been involved in the creation of the centers—the fundraisers, the administrators, the personnel. He congratulated them, and thanked them personally, for their efforts. And then he spoke, as he had so many times before, and as he would so many times again, about the importance of healthcare. Kennedy had come to this small modest gathering fully prepared. He’d studied until the last minute. He’d given honest credit to others. And, when the music had begun, he’d known exactly the right thing to do, and hadn’t hesitated, for an instant, to do so. And, seated in the crowd, I thought to myself, “Now I understand what it means to be a true leader.” —| – Craig R. Waters,

The mission of IHRSA is to grow, protect, and promote the industry, and to provide its members with benefits that will help them be more successful. Publishing Editor-In-Chief: Craig R. Waters Publisher: Jay M. Ablondi Managing Editor: Rebecca K. Maverick Editor: Jennifer H. McInerney Associate Editor: Patricia Glynn Editorial Intern: Mia Coen Contributing Editors: Dawn Allcot, Patricia Amend, Phoebe Anderson, Jon Feld, Julie M. King, Catherine Larner, Lesley Mahoney, Jean Suffin, Stephen Wallenfels, Kristen A. Walsh Advertising, Vice President of Advertising & Membership Sales: Michele Eynon Senior Account Manager: Jessica Gutstein Advertising & Associate Membership Manager: Christine Paterson Advertising Sales Executive: Donna Garrity Business Development Publications: Will Finn Publications & Associate Coordinator: Meghan Burnham Art Direction, Design, Production: HM Studios, Boston, MA INTERNATIONAL HEALTH, RACQUET & SPORTSCLUB ASSOCIATION President & CEO: Joe Moore Chief Operating Officer: Anita Lawlor Executive Vice President of Public Policy: Helen Durkin Executive Vice President of Global Products: Jay Ablondi Club Business International Editorial & Advertising Offices: c/o IHRSA Seaport Center 70 Fargo Street, Boston, MA 02210 USA 800-228-4772 USA & Canada 617-951-0055 | 617-951-0056 FAX E-mail: To order reprints of articles, call 800-228-4772 ext. 192 or visit


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©2009 Star Trac. All rights reserved. Star Trac and the Star Trac logo are registered trademarks of Unisen, Inc. Inspiration Strength and Expect Different is a trademark of Unisen, Inc. Lock N Load is a registered trademark of Innovative Strength Technology, LLC

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8/18/09 9:37:34 AM

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Contents | October 09

Laila Ali’s focus has shifted from KOs to kids

28 Features 28 Ally and Advocate

34 Green Gumption

Laila Ali, the youngest daughter of Muhammad Ali, recently hung up her gloves following an undefeated boxing career to become a wife and mother and a health-and-fitness TV personality. Having also founded and run a successful retail business, tangoed her way to the finals on Dancing with the Stars, and cohosted American Gladiators, Ali has some interesting insights to share with club operators. Cover: Charles Bush Photography | Above: California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports


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Many of the industry’s suppliers are showing what they’re made of with environmentally responsible products and practices

44 Summit Success Participants in IHRSA’s Summit for a Healthier America received a warm reception on Capitol Hill

49 ci09 of the Times Club Industry 2009 features a comprehensive offering of economy-minded conference tracks

54 Internet Connection The Gainesville Health and Fitness Center has successfully harnessed the power of the Web

It’s like adding cardio to your health club. Compete


from Fiserv is the most comprehensive club management

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Busines s In t elligence & Op t imiza t ion

Club Business International

Contents | October 09


X-Fit builds Fight Club champions

Surfers practice Fitness Anywhere

Life Fitness takes a Celebrity Cruise




News & Know How

15 News

62 What’s New

What’s happening: a youthful summer at Lifestyle; a sizzling Wellness Rio; new releases from IHRSA; impressive efforts by Augie’s Quest; and environmentally friendly pampering

The latest from Spectrum Fitness Services, Medical Fitness Association, Matrix Fitness Systems, Power Systems, Vibram FiveFingers, and more

67 F.I.T. Extra

21 First Person

Pedro Videla, the head of the economics department at the IESE Business School in Barcelona, sheds light on the recession and previews IHRSA’s European Congress

Selectorized and circuit training equipment are valuable partners in maintaining members’ health

23 On the Move

Crunch searches for its shorts; X-Fit encourages male bonding; Planet Fitness works toward global expansion; Sport & Health scores $25-million financing; Olga Sloutsker launches Russian revolution; 24 Hour Fitness gets playground bang for its bucks

26 IHRSA 2010


 BI readers worldwide enthuse about C IHRSA’s Convention and Trade Show

IHRSA Report

95 First Set


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4 Editor’s Welcome 10

96 In Brief

12 Letters

IHRSA is successfully fending off threats to club operations in all 50 states

113 Marketplace

98 International

115 Ad Index

100 Member News

116 Last Rep

109 Calendar Club Business International


IHRSA Chairperson David “Patch” Patchell-Evans prefers ‘treats’ to ‘tricks’

Updates from Body Bar, Iron Grip Barbell Company, Life Fitness, Mad Dogg Athletics, Octane Fitness, and more


The industry can work through this latest economic cycle, insists IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore

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A preview of what’s new this month on

Buy IHRSA Webinars by the Bundle > Need to catch up on your professional development? IHRSA recorded its past six Webinars—order all six for one low price ($219.95 members/$309.95 non-members) at • “Youth Performance Training—Capitalizing on a Multi-Billion-Dollar Market,” presented by Bill Parisi • “Personal Training Management—8 Critical Components,” presented by Brent Darden • “Club Programming for Fun, Retention & Profit,” presented by Laurie Cingle • “Creating a Member-Centric Club Environment,” presented by Karen Wischmann • “Turn Your Club into a Community,” presented by Herb Lipsman • “Selling the Value Proposition,” presented by Chris Gallo and Kevin Hedley —|

Brazil and Ireland Are Meeting Hotspots > IHRSA’s world-renowned events provide a vast array of speakers on business and corporate culture; instructional sessions on all aspects of succeeding in the health club industry; social events to mix and mingle with peers; and the most spectacular trade shows in the industry. Join IHRSA in São Paulo, Brazil, October 22-24, for the 10th Annual IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show, the largest and most comprehensive trade show in Latin America with world-class education and networking opportunities. The event attracts more than 10,000 people and has been chosen by over 130 exhibitors utilizing nearly 140,000 square feet of exhibit space. The 9th Annual IHRSA European Congress, to be held October 22-25, in historic Dublin, Ireland, will feature keynote presentations delivered by executives from both inside and outside the health club industry, providing thoughtprovoking commentary on trends shaping business and the fitness industry. Networking icebreakers, special activities for first-time attendees, focus group discussions, and evening and lunch receptions will give participants the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues from throughout Europe. —|


Club Business International


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Expanding Job Searches > Since 2005, has been the health club industry’s premier online career center. Now, IHRSA has harnessed the power of its consumer site,, and is pleased to present The new site includes: job postings at fitness clubs and wellness companies worldwide; an extensive resumé bank of active, industry-specific job-seekers; featured employer profiles; free jobseeker resources, such as compensation data and detailed information on various positions; free employer resources, including sample employee policies, job descriptions, and articles on key human resources (HR) topics; plus much more. —|

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| Letters | Tracking Star’s Reaction Editor’s note: This letter was sent to participants in Star Trac’s Chain Reaction three-day cycling event, which raised funds for HealthCorps during IHRSA’s International Convention and Trade Show in March.

I applaud your outstanding commitment to fighting obesity. This fantastic spin-a-thon not only promotes the many benefits of exercise, but also raises funds to encourage even more of our youth to improve their wellbeing. My thanks go to everyone who made this terrific event possible, especially StarTrac; the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association; and HealthCorps founder Dr. Mehmet Oz. I have no doubt that the results of today’s efforts will help inspire countless children to lead healthier lives. I send my very best wishes for a memorable event and continued success. —| Arnold Schwarzenegger | Actor, Governor of California | Sacramento, CA

The Case for Wellness

Time to Retort

> When I was involved with revising IHRSA’s publication titled The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise, I was struck by the exhaustive amount of research that shows how even small lifestyle changes can yield dramatic improvements. This is the message I think we’re compelled to share with policymakers, legislators, our communities, and individuals. As the debate over healthcare reform rages on, one thing is certain—exercise is indeed a powerful form of medicine, capable of preventing and treating almost every form of illness that strikes our population. Despite the volume of scientific evidence documenting the economic and health benefits of regular exercise, some individuals are quick to dismiss physical activity programs as impractical or unrealistic strategies for healthcare cost-containment and illness-prevention. We, as fitness professionals, know better. Regardless of your beliefs about universal vs. private coverage, there’s no disputing that if every American were to become more physically active, our nation’s health would improve dramatically. I’m pleased that IHRSA continues to develop resources to help clubs make the case for wellness, whether at work, at home, or on Capitol Hill. Members may not realize that there’s a wealth of free material in IHRSA’s online resource center (, and there are always new publications in the IHRSA Store ( I urge all industry professionals to take advantage of these resources to help educate, motivate, and empower our communities and leaders to embrace active, healthy lifestyles. —|

Editor’s note: this letter is a response to an article published in the August 17 issue of Time magazine,“The Myth About Exercise.”

Christine O’Neal Thalwitz | Writer, Researcher | ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers | Charlottesville, VA

> The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) supports the 45.5 million American health club members and all others who exercise regularly in the pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle. IHRSA recognizes the daily struggle of many Americans in finding a balance between healthy eating and regular exercise, especially those seeking to lose weight. However, in an age when overweight, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are prevalent, it’s more important than ever to engage in regular exercise, which research has proven can prevent such chronic disease and is a key component to living a healthy, happy, and productive life. It’s also vital that Americans have accurate information about exercise and weight loss based on science and evidence. IHRSA fully supports the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Heart Association (AHA) with their recommendations and guidelines. According to John Jakicic, Ph.D., FACSM, “There is strong evidence from the majority of the scientific literature that physical activity is an important component for initial weight loss.” Responding to the Time magazine article published online and in print, Jakicic added, “The statement, ‘In general, for weight loss, exercise is pretty useless,’ is not supported by scientific evidence when there is adherence to a sufficient dose of physical activity in overweight and obese adults.” Jakicic chairs a committee on obesity prevention and treatment for the ACSM and helped write an ACSM Position Stand on strategies for weight loss and prevention of weight regain for adults. —| Joe Moore | President, CEO | IHRSA | Boston, MA


Club Business International


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News & Know How News 15 | First Person 21 | On the Move 23

Now in its third season, the free summer teen program offered by Lifestyle Family Fitness this year attracted more than 11,000 participants to the company’s 55 facilities in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana. Shown, from left, at a Lifestyle club in Lutz, Florida, are Daniel Perrone, 17, Alex Robinson, 16, and Dominic Cutrofello, 17. —|


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Keep your members happy and challenged in 2009 on the all-new xRide and the new Pro3700. With a natural, smooth flow offering forward and reverse motion to challenge muscles differently, state-of-the-art features like MultiGrip handlebars for highly effective upper-body conditioning, the most advanced electronics for greater workout variety; you’ll soon realize why these Octane ellipticals are igniting a global fitness revolution!

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/#4!.%&)4.%33#/-s /#4!.%

> FUEL YOUR LIFE Š Copyright 2009. All rights reserved by Octane Fitness.

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| News & Know How | News

Hot Off the Presses: IHRSA’s Guide to Personal Training

From left: Waldyr Soares, of Fitness Brasil; Eduardo Magalhães, Dream Factory Sports; Jacqueline Antunes, IHRSA; Marcus Freire, Brazilian Olympic Committee; soccer coach Carlos Parreira; Jay Ablondi, IHRSA; and Jason Conviser, ACSM

Wellness Rio Sizzles!

Inaugural convention exceeds all expectations


n estimated 30,000 people turned out for the first-ever Wellness Rio 2009 convention and trade show, which took place in Rio de Janeiro over a three-day period in June. The event, which was conducted at Convention Center SulAmérica, featured educational presentations, roundtables, workshops, and an extensive trade show. Waldry Soares, the president of Fitness Brasil, which staged the program in association with Dream Factory Sports, attributed the heavierthan-expected attendance to the

show’s affiliation with the Rio de Janeiro Marathon—the convention was the site where all 15,400 registered runners picked up their race kits. “It was a perfect marriage,” Soares says of the collaboration. “I have over 20 years of experience in this sector, but I’ve never seen such great attendance in the first edition of an event!” Fitness Brasil, in partnership with IHRSA, also produces the annual IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference and Trade Show and publishes Fitness Business Latin America magazine. —|

Short Takes | Augie’s Quest Crests! Augie’s Quest, the charitable initiative launched by Augie and Lynne Nieto to help find a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease, has surpassed its initial goal of raising $18 million. In mid-August, the tally stood at $19,771,162. Recently, fund-raising efforts by ClubCorps, the Bally Total Fitness Corporation, and Performance Food Centers have helped to boost the total. Augie Nieto, an industry pioneer, cofounder and former president of Life Fitness, and ALS victim, is now working on his second $18 million. —|


> Clubs eager to create, expand, or improve on their personal-training program would be well advised to consult the newly released IHRSA’s Guide to Personal Training: How to Generate Profits and Improve Member Satisfaction. This comprehensive guide, sponsored by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), provides revealing statistics on such things as the use of personal trainers by Americans, training trends, per-session fees, and the populations most likely to purchase training services. It also presents seven detailed case studies of clubs that have implemented successful personal-training programs. Also included: information on certification standards, trainer compensation, and best practices, plus IHRSA’s Guide to Personal Training inventive suggestions about how to differentiate one’s personal-training program from the competition’s. “The vast majority of health clubs offer personal training, but only a small percentage of club members are utilizing them,” notes Jay Ablondi, IHRSA’s executive vice president of global products. “By removing barriers that are preventing people from exercising with personal trainers—such as time constraints, cost, anxiety, etc.—club operators can greatly increase their nondues revenue and better serve their communities.” For more information, log on to —|

O c t ober 2 0 0 9

How to Generate Profits and Improve Member Satisfaction

Sponsored by

International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association


Club Business International


| News & Know How | News [N&KH – Short Takes] | Green Scene |

The Lasting Benefits of Luxury By Jennifer H. McInerney

[cover] Now in its third season, the free summer teen program offered by Lifestlyle Family Fitness this year attracted more than 11,000 participants to the company’s 55 facilities in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana. Shown, from left, at a Lifestyle club in Lutz, Florida, are Daniel Perrone, 17, Alex Robinson, 16, and Dominic Cutrofello, 17,

Imagine being pampered while, at the same time, being kind to the environment. The innovators at Plus One Health Management, Inc., have set a new standard: they’ve turned the luxury spa experience green. The New York City-based company recently renovated the four-diamond Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel’s Ocean Spa & Fitness facility, in Los Angeles, California, and incorporated a whole host of environmentally responsible elements into the project. Plus One carefully selected materials and equipment that are recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), including Technogym’s Excite line of energy-efficient, self-powered cardio equipment; recycled rubber flooring from Mondo USA for the fitness areas; certified recycled carpeting and eco-resin panels for the spa; furniture that was constructed of reclaimed wood from old buildings and barns; and sustainable ceiling tiles that contain recycled content as well as rapidly renewable jute fiber. This painstaking attention to eco-conscious detail continues with the spa’s treatments, many of which include organic, all-natural, renewable ingredients. For example, the “Earth” body treatment wraps guests in warm Moor mud that’s rich with essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to alleviate pain, enhance circulation, and reduce fatigue; the “Sea” version starts with an exfoliation using mineral-rich sea salts, followed by an algae and enzyme mask to nourish and improve the elasticity of the skin. Ocean Spa & Fitness is not the company’s first foray into environmentally friendly design. Of note: Plus One built theClub, a state-of-the-art green fitness center inside The Hearst Tower, New York City’s first occupied commercial building to earn a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Seal. “Our work with the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel allowed us to leverage our experience in sustainable design and realize the vision of a facility that met our client’s business and green goals,” notes Tom Maraday, Plus One’s senior vice president. “By integrating eco-friendly materials with eco-conscious equipment, members and guests of Ocean Spa & Fitness can now relax and rejuvenate themselves in a setting that not only benefits themselves, but the environment as well.” Indeed, pampering never felt better! —| Please contact with your ‘green’ initiatives.


Club Business International


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The Evolution of Power Branding Who wouldn’t want to be known as the best place in town? But making a name for yourself is a long careful process. At every step, you must be sure the quality you represent supports the image you seek. Try this rule of thumb. To be seen as the best place in town, associate your name with the best products on Earth.

0/"OXs3AN0EDRO #!s53! 0HONEs&AX Email: Web Address:

| News & Know How | First Person CBI Spends 10 Minutes on the Line with

Pedro Videla


hat insights do you have to offer about the economic downturn and when it’s expected to recover? In the meantime, how can health clubs make themselves recession-resilient? What’s the best thing that operators can do for employees and members, right now, that will leave a lasting impression? What are the hidden opportunities in this recession?

Pedro Videla holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. He heads the economics department and serves as associate dean of the MBA program at IESE Business School in Barcelona.

These are the most challenging times that most of us can ever remember. Because I know that people are wondering how we can best emerge from this recession stronger and more competitive, I will cover these issues and others when I address the 9th Annual IHRSA European Congress, October 22-24, in Dublin. While this is not another Great Depression, it is a nasty downturn. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that the global gross domestic product (GDP) will decrease by 1.3% this year, the first time in 70 years that real GDP has declined worldwide. Predictions are that the recovery will begin by the first quarter of 2010. Unfortunately, unemployment will continue to increase. The U.S. GDP needs to grow at 2% to 2.5% to stop the growth of unemployment.

The U.S. will be the first to emerge with some good news by next year—provided the government manages the fiscal deficit. With the stimulus package, the government is trying to substitute private consumption with government consumption. The risk is that this huge increase in government spending may cause interest rates to rise and undermine future economic growth. The U.S. Federal Reserve must work to reduce the risk of inflation. And we cannot come out of this with a huge tax burden for the private sector. Small and medium-sized firms create the most jobs and wealth.

.org For information about the 9th Annual IHRSA European Congress, log on to

The current recession is due to a substantial decline in private consumption, which makes up 70% of GDP in the U.S., which, in turn, makes up 30% of the world GDP. Such a decline affects the health club sector, but clubs can influence how it does so. If people see clubs as a place to improve

their looks, they will view their membership dues as discretionary spending—which tends to be highly cyclical. However, when members see clubs as a place to improve their health, they will keep their memberships longer, which can help the sector become counter-cyclical. My family, for example, belongs to a high-quality, multipurpose club, Egara, in Matadepera, Spain. I purchased this membership to provide an atmosphere for my children where sport is part of daily life. The club offers tennis, field hockey, swimming, fitness, and riding. Right now, clubs should lock in their customers by offering special services at lower prices, provided they let members know that prices will increase in better times. In this manner, you “finance” their participation. Some clubs are waiving membership fees for unemployed individuals. I would be grateful for all my life if someone did that for me and my family. As for your employees, you can lock them in, too, with training that provides a career path. Just be sure the training is specific to your club, so they don’t take that knowledge to a competitor. Some of the biggest mistakes that clubs can make: First, not to adjust. Second, to overreact. Third, not to realize that recessions are part of the business cycle… soon, we will be up again. Therefore, firms need to make the necessary changes in order to create and sustain a competitive advantage when the recovery comes. This, I think, is the single best recipe for dealing with recessions. It has been said that recessions are too important to be wasted. I agree. —|

– Patricia Amend;


O c t ober 2 0 0 9


Club Business International



Sure your members are fit, your instructors are in great shape but how’s the business looking? Is it ripped? Is it toned? Or is it a little looser than you’d like? If you’re looking for an effective way to take your club to the next level, Les Mills’ group fitness solutions are being hailed as the best there is. “I have built my entire club business around the Les Mills System. As a result, my members are extremely loyal and we enjoy excellent retention. By making Group Fitness a priority, we can command premium pricing in a competitive local market.” Anthony Cali, Fitness Concepts Health Club, Inc, MA. Think of it as an extreme makeover for every aspect of your club’s operation. From the club floor with programs like BODYPUMP™ – which packs out classes around the world, to ongoing support from a world-class team whose only focus is watching you succeed. Get in touch with us, and watch your club reach an all-time personal best. Visit

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| News & Know How | On The Move



X-Fit’s ‘Fight Club’ Promotes Male Bonding At Russia’s X-Fit health club chain, members are finding boxing to be a real knockout—both figuratively and literally. The 17-year-old Moscow-based chain, which now boasts more than 25,000 members, has updated and refined the ancient sport. While it provides traditional boxing instruction, it’s also organized a Fight Club—a “club within a club” with its own charter and trademark—to increase interaction, camaraderie, and bonding among members. Participants range from blue-collar workers to business executives, explains Yury Melnikov, X-Fit’s fitness director. They take part, he explains, “to overcome fear and pain, relieve stress, and leave the cumulative anxieties of the day in the ring.” In April, the Fight Club staged its first official tournament, which attracted 24 male and two female contestants, as well as some 200 spectators. The fighters enjoyed “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat,” but, more importantly, notes Melnikov, the joy of healthy competition. —|

Crunch Seeks Gym Shorts Crunch, the New York City-based innovator, is looking for the perfect gym shorts—but not the sweaty kind. Over the summer, the chain launched its first-ever short film contest and promises to stuff $10,000 in cash into one grand-prize winner’s pockets, along with a one-year Crunch membership. The objective of the Gym Shorts competition, says Christina DeGuardi, vice president of marketing, is “to give the Crunch community a unique way to express what this powerful idea means to them.” Open to members and non-members alike, the rules required the inclusion of at least one keyword from Crunch’s philosophy and permitted submission of up to three videos, of less than three minutes in length. The final submission deadline was set for August 31, 2009, and the top 25 submissions were to be screened and voted on by fans at The top Gym Shorts will ultimately appear as creative, encouraging content on Crunch’s Website. —|

Fight Club champs Anton Aksentiev, l., and Dmitriy Breslavskiy, both of X-Fit Moscow


Planet Fitness Continues to Expand Planet Fitness is well on its way to having locations all over the planet. Already named twice to Inc. magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private businesses, the Dover, New Hampshire-based chain seems primed for a third go-around. By the end of 2009, the company, which bills its offering as a no-frills, low-cost option, expects to have 70 new U.S. clubs open. In 2010, nearly 100 more are projected to be in operation. In addition,

Planet Fitness intends to bring its brand across the border. According to Mark Christie, director of development, 400 Canadian clubs are already in development. John Craig, the company’s brand manager, reports that two primary factors have contributed to this aggressive expansion effort. “We believe the demand remains strong for our gyms,” and “the softness in the commercial real estate market is resulting in some of the most attractive terms we’ve ever seen.” —|


O c t ober 2 0 0 9


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Sport & Health Invests $25M in Growth Sport & Health Clubs, the 23facility chain based in McLean, Virginia, recently obtained $25 million in mezzanine financing through PNC Mezzanine Capital, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the CMS Mezzanine Fund, of Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. “While the turbulent economy has many industries tightening budgets and Sport & Health execs cutting back on expansion plans, Fisher, l., Jonathan Adler Sport & Health is swimming against the current—expanding now to meet the needs of our members, and to grow our footprint in the Washington, D.C., area,” notes Mark Fisher, the president and CEO of Sport & Health. The financial infusion will fund a number of expansion, facility-upgrade, and club-acquisition initiatives, including: a new 43,000-square-foot unit at Brambleton Town Center, in Ashburn, Virginia; and major renovations at Tysons Sport & Health, in McLean, and The Bethesda Club, in Bethesda, Maryland. The largest Metropolitan Washington area chain, Sport & Health has more than 2,000 employees and over 90,000 members. —|

Russian Youth Get Fit Russian youth launch Fitness Movement

Olga Sloutsker, president of the World Class and Fizkult club chains, as well as president of the Russian Fitness Aerobic Federation, has started a new Russian revolution—one aimed at transforming the health and fitness of the country’s youngsters. In front of an audience of nearly 1,000, Sloutsker kicked off the “Fitness Movement” project during the Russian Youth Forum “Seliger 2009.” Backed by the government’s Federal Agency of Youth Affairs, the initiative aims not only to promote healthier lifestyles, but also to serve as a means by which to recruit young people who are interested in active careers and eager to bring fitness to the masses. —|

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Number of playgrounds, and players, is growing thanks to KaBoom!

24 Hour Fitness Boosts Playtime Reading, writing, and… playtime! These are the essentials of childhood. To ensure the longevity of the latter, longtime youth fitness advocate 24 Hour Fitness, the San Ramon, California, chain, recently donated more than $140,000 to KaBoom!, a national nonprofit organization that builds community playgrounds. During the month of July, the chain’s 3 million members at more than


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425 clubs raised the funds in support of encouraging childhood activity and preventing childhood obesity. KaBoom! CEO and cofounder Darell Hammond offered praise for the effort: “We are truly appreciative. The incredible success… reflects the commitment 24 Hour Fitness has made to the health of our nation’s children.” —|

H1N1 N1


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Now’s the time to think about getting ahead of flu viruses this season. To help keep your fitness facility a healthier place, Clorox offers important educational information and a complete line of product solutions to kill germs on surfaces* and hands.

Show H1N1 a little muscle. e. ®

Clorox is now offering free educational materials, protocols and quick tips to help you stay one step ahead of flu viruses this season. To receive your Flu Preparedness & Prevention Kit, e-mail us at or visit us online at



Hard Surfaces

*The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believes, based on available scientific information, that the currently registered influenza A virus products will be effective against the H1N1 2009 flu strain and other influenza A virus strains on hard, nonporous surfaces. Use products as directed. © 2009 The Clorox Company


EVERY YEAR, THE INDUSTRY PRAISES! Plan your budget now to attend! 29th Annual IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show March 10-13, 2010 | San Diego, California USA San Diego Convention Center The energy, excitement and enthusiasm for IHRSA 2010 to be held next March in San Diego are already building! Catch the spirit and read the rave reviews for the event this past March. Then, make your plans now for the best registration rates available. After a year like this past year, we will need to gather and re-energize for the bright future ahead. That gathering place is IHRSA 2010. It will be an event so exceptional, you’ll sing its praises too!

“I met club owners from Manhattan and all over the U.S., Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia and Australia, all eager to share ideas and ask questions. I felt part of a global industry instead of a two-club operation.” George Schroeder, Director of Sales & Marketing Cedar Springs Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Burlington, Ontario, Canada

“We had an enriching experience. As soon as we got back to work we implemented some of the things we learned and we saw the improvements in less than a month.” Yariza Yulián, CEO & Founder Zonactiva San Juan, Puerto Rico International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association

“As usual we had an incredible IHRSA experience. Fabulous keynotes, wonderful sessions, excellent networking, exciting trade show. IHRSA provides a world-class experience for Club Owners, Managers and Fitness Professionals. I can only imagine the amount of work involved in putting on an event of this magnitude. Congrats and keep up the great work!” Sherri McMillan, Owner & Operator Northwest Personal Training & Northwest Women's Fitness Club Vancouver, WA

“The IHRSA Convention & Trade Show is a MUST-go decision for all managers and owners who really care about this industry and their own business!” Richard Bilton, President Companhia Athletica São Paulo, Brazil

“IHRSA 2009 was the most informative conference I have ever attended within my 20 years in the Fitness Industry.” Michael Kelly, Fitness Manager LifeBridge Health and Fitness Baltimore, MD

“I always come back from IHRSA inspired and ready to implement all I have learned. It lights a motivational fire under me mentally and physically. I hope to see it continue to grow and improve for years to come.” Aubree Albert, Membership Director Kennedy Club Fitness Atascadero, CA

Register at 2009 Rates! We’re holding the line on registration rates this year. Register now through October 15 for US$550, entitling you to all Convention activities for four days, plus unlimited admission to the massive IHRSA 2010 Trade Show. For more information, or to register yourself and your team, visit or call your Membership Specialist at 800-228-4772 (US/Canada) or +1 617-951-0055 (International). Group discounts for five or more are also available by contacting Nicole Johnson, Senior Sales Manager, at or ext. 197 at the numbers above.

Seaport Center, 70 Fargo Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02210 USA

| CBI Interview |

Laila Ali may have followed in her famous father’s footsteps, but she’s a rising star in her own right when it comes to health and fitness


By Chris Mann

» Boxing champion

CBI: You’re the daughter of the boxing great who’s generally regarded as the best-known sports figure in the history of the world. Did your dad, Muhammad Ali, and your mom stress athletics and fitness when you were young? Did you want a career in professional sports? Laila Ali: It was never a goal when I was growing up. Both of my parents—my dad, obviously, but my mom as well—were very active, and fit, and pursued a healthy lifestyle. Just watching them kind of taught me right from wrong. Once I was old enough to understand how important lifestyle choices were, I just naturally followed their example. CBI: Given that, what led you to become a professional boxer? LA: I didn’t want to be a fighter until I saw women boxing on TV, in action, for the first time. As soon as I saw it, I said, “Oh, my God, how did I not know about this? I want to do it!” Somehow, the fact that dad had done it had never translated, for me, into the fact that I could conceivably do it as well—until I actually saw women fighting. It was right up my alley. CBI: You were also drawn to business at a rather young age, weren’t you? LA: Yes, believe it or not, when I was 16, I went to school to learn how to do nails. Then I went to Santa Monica College. I’d always wanted to have my own business, because I wanted to be my own boss. I had this grand plan, and everybody knew it: “When I’m 18, I’m going to do nails. That way, I can go to school, and run my own business, and work my own hours, and make my own money.” And that’s exactly what I did. By the time I was 18, I was operating Laila’s Nail Studio in Marina Del Rey, California. I only had one employee working with me, but we had a full clientele. A few years into that was when I discovered women’s boxing. CBI: Athletics and business—that’s a combination of interests that many club owners and operators can certainly relate to. How serious were you about the studio?

Russell Baer

LA: I took what I did very seriously. I always wanted to improve, to get better, and I was constantly taking classes. It takes time to hone your craft. It took me two years just to get good enough so that my clients wanted to come back. You have to build a clientele—customers just don’t walk in out of nowhere. I remember making fliers, and passing them out, and, occasionally, giving my services away for free. It took time to begin making money, but, eventually, we got to the point where we were always busy—booked and full. It took a lot of perseverance and a real belief in myself. >


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» Business lessons » Club suggestions » Future objectives

The youngest daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali and Veronica Porsche Anderson, Laila Ali, 31, is a winning mix of her father’s fighting spirit and her mother’s businesslike tenderness. Once the proprietor of several successful retail businesses, she followed her father into the ring in 1999, and claimed the first of several super middleweight and middleweight titles in 2002. In 2007, however, after having won all 24 of her professional fights, 21 by KOs, Ali hung up her gloves to become a health- and fitness-centric TV personality. Since then, she’s tangoed her way to the finals on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars; cohosted NBC’s American Gladiators; served as a contributing health, fitness, and beauty correspondent for CBS’ The Early Show; and hosted the N cable network’s The N’s Student Body. She married Curtis Conway, a former wide receiver with the NFL in July 2007, and, in August 2008, gave birth to their first child, Curtis Muhammad Conway, Jr. —| |

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| CBI Interview | CBI: That sounds like the story of every new small business. What sort of advice would you give to some other young entrepreneur who was just starting out?

When I just feel like working out or taking a Spinning class, I’ll go to Equinox. But a lot of the time, I simply work out at home in our garage. I have a Pilates machine, a Spinning bike, and a resistance-cord strength training system that my husband and I both love. I get bored really fast, so I like to mix things up.

LA: You really have to know your market, whatever it is. Do some market research. Put together a solid business plan. Be prepared for the possibility that, initially, you may not necessarily be making any money. Regardless of what you’re doing, particularly if you’re offering a service, you have to know your clients well. For instance, in the case of a nail studio, if you’re sitting there, talking with women, and they’re getting personal with you, they’re going to want you to be able to pick up on the conversation where they left off two

CBI: Okay, so if you owned a health club of your own, what sort of services and programs would you emphasize? LA: Well, it probably comes as no surprise to your readers, but I think that a club’s cleanliness is incredibly important. And, sometimes, they’re

“I think that, somehow, health and fitness really need to be positioned—discussed, demonstrated, and, eventually, regarded— not as a chore, or task, or series of activities, but, rather, simply as a lifestyle.”

weeks earlier. Most importantly, try to be the very best at what you do—constantly. Never stop striving to be better. CBI: Given the fact that, for years, you were the world’s foremost woman boxer, it’s obvious that you take your workouts very seriously. But we were wondering: Do you belong to a club? LA: I actually belong to two different clubs—the 360 Health Club, in Reseda, and an Equinox facility in Woodland Hills, California. The 360 is an older club, but it has a boxing gym, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a sauna—everything you could possibly imagine. I go there primarily for the boxing gym and a special area that they’ve set up, specifically, for athletes.


Club Business International


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


overly crowded. When you have to wait for machines, and too many people are milling about—you’d just rather not be there. I’d try to devise a way to keep members from being so social: I just want to work out! I also think it would be great if clubs provided their members with more information about nutrition and proper eating. A lot of people aren’t educated about that. It’s sad that so many Americans are overweight or obese, and especially disturbing in the case of children. CBI: Anything else? LA: Well, as a relatively new mother, I definitely think that good daycare is important. Even though I belong to two excellent clubs, I’ve yet to leave my son

at either one. Not that anything’s wrong—not at all! I might just be a little bit crazy about this, but it’s hard to assure yourself that everything’s of the best quality, the very highest standard, when it comes to daycare. CBI: That’s right, your son, Curtis, is just 14 months old. What sort of an impact did the pregnancy have on your “fighting shape”? LA: I’ve just now managed to work off all of the baby weight. It took me 10 months—the same amount of time it took me to put it on. CBI: A very small percentage of Americans—IHRSA puts the number at approximately 16% —belong to a club. What do you think operators could do to convince more people about the benefits of exercise and a club membership? LA: Just 16%, really? Sixteen? One-six? Wow! People out here, in Los Angeles, and throughout California, are much more health-conscious, so we tend to forget about what it’s like in the other states. Here, the figure’s much higher than 16%. That’s really crazy because, with all of the attention that’s recently been focused on obesity, dieting, diabetes, heart disease, and so forth, you’d think that people would have heeded the wakeup call. I would have thought that they’d have caught on by now. I think that, somehow, health and fitness really need to be positioned— discussed, demonstrated, and, eventually, regarded—not as a chore, or task, or series of activities, but, rather, simply as a lifestyle. Perhaps, if we could get more people to begin taking their kids to clubs, if we could begin teaching them when they were young, they’d grow up to understand, and accept, that critical, valuable concept. It would be great if clubs introduced more kid-oriented options—something, like rock climbing, where they could come in, be active, and take part in some sort

| CBI Interview | of challenge or competition: you know, like an American Gladiators for kids. I think that, if we want to have a brighter, healthier future, it’s important to start by educating our youth. CBI: You’ve been involved with a number of different television shows, and are currently a contributing health, fitness, and beauty correspondent for CBS’ The Early Show. What’s next in terms of your business career? LA: I want to continue to be active in the area of fitness, wellness, and lifestyle. I’m very interested in getting into the licensing and branding of apparel and fitness, healthcare, and skincare products—that’s my primary objective, today, in terms of business. I intend to be very careful, mindful,

and responsible with any products I put out there. Particularly now that I’m a mother who’s concerned about what’s best for her child, I intend to be very involved in the process. I want to educate people about their product choices. Too often, they think that, if something’s on a shelf in a store, it must be safe, but that’s not always the case. Americans need to make informed choices—in terms of the things they buy, the things they eat. These are things that I’m passionate about. That’s why I’m involved with the Women’s Sports Foundation, the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and Subway’s Fresh and Fit campaign. CBI: You’re a woman with very strong convictions. Do you have

some sort of a personal philosophy that you adhere to? LA: I believe in being a leader, not a follower—that’s my basic message. Whatever you want to do, don’t let anybody stand in the way. You have one life to live, and every single person you come across is going to have an opinion; but, if they’re not someone you trust, and respect, and who’s made something out of their own life, why listen? When I was just starting out, if I’d let other people steer me, I wouldn’t have become a fighter. They were saying things like, “It’s too dangerous,” and “You’re too pretty.” For a while, I got caught up in that, but then, I just decided to go for it. I followed my heart’s desire. I think that’s what everyone should do. —| – Chris Mann,


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y! t i l i c a f Your


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We’re looking for photos that capture the “essence” of what your club is all about. Top prize winners will be featured in the March 2010 issue of CBI, and their entries showcased at IHRSA’s 29th Annual International Convention and Trade Show, March 10-13, in San Diego. ALL entries will be on view at IHRSA 2010 and on IHRSA’s Website, DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: December 22, 2009 For complete rules, contest details, and prize information, log on to

Announcing the IHRSA-CBI

Do Right by Your Members. Do Well for Your Club.

You have worked hard to build your strong membership base. Because hygiene matters to club members, keep up the momentum by adding new GOJO Green Certified Foam Hand, Hair & Body Wash. t

Readily biodegradable formula rinses clean without buildup or residue associated with liquid soap.


Ideal for use at both the showers and sinks.

Because it’s a foam, members use 56% less than liquid soap and get 5 times more showers between refills.1 1 GOJO product usage study including over 12 million workouts from January 2003- July 2004 comparing liquid and foam shower soaps. "TTVNFTBTIPXFSUPXPSLPVUSBUJPtÂŞ(0+0*OEVTUSJFT *OD"MMSJHIUTSFTFSWFE

Visit us at Club Industry Booth #423

Like clubs, the industry’s suppliers are taking better care of the environment By Jennifer H. McInerney


If you’ve been paying attention—that is, if you’ve read the periodic feature and/or the monthly “Green Scene” column that appears in CBI—then you’re fully aware that, over the past few years, clubs have made dramatic strides with respect to preserving and protecting the environment. What you may be less aware of is that the industry’s manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and other vendors are equally concerned about the ecological state of the world and committed to doing whatever they can to improve it. They’re not only producing products and offering services that are designed to help clubs become as “green” as possible, but, in many cases, are also living, working, and doing business in an environmentally enlightened way. CBI has touched upon some of their efforts in past issues, but our coverage has merely scratched the surface. Recently, when IHRSA surveyed its associate-member companies, nearly 100% of the respondents reported that they’ve embraced green practices in their operations—from their offices, to the loading docks of their manufacturing plants, to their corporate delivery fleets. Among the measures that many have taken: implementing recycling programs; converting to energy-efficient lighting and heating/cooling systems; installing automated faucets in restrooms; resorting to paperless-only communication; and adopting fuel-efficient transportation and shipping methods. The fact that green has become an integral business concern is attested to by some of the survey’s other findings. Again, nearly 100% of the respondents said that going green had had a positive impact on their operations, and 67% said that selling green products had made their companies more profitable (since

Greener 34

Club Business International


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


28% responded “not applicable” because they don’t You’ll be reading about the green accomplishments sell green products, that leaves just 5% with mixed of many more firms in future issues of CBI, but it’s worth noting that, in ways small and large, industry feelings on the issue). Perhaps most important, 100% of the respon- suppliers of every size and persuasion are making a dents said that they plan to make even more green valuable contribution to the planet’s health. Among them are the following: improvements during the coming year. “There’s no question that a new awareness has emerged within the industry,” observes Michael Case study 1: Body Bar, Inc. Curnyn, the chief marketing and strategy officer for Body Bar, Inc., offers a recycling program that, for The Green Revolution, a Wayne, Pennsylvania-based the moment, sets competitive differences aside. It company that creates green solutions for the club collects, reuses, and recycles the rubber and steel industry. “Today, people view being green as good components not only of its own weighted exercise for their business. bars, but also those produced by other companies. “On the supplier side,” he explains, “companies are really considering the ‘cradle-to-grave’ lifecycle of their products. They’re giving more thought to the resources and energy required to create the product in the first place—such as using recycled or sustainable materials; sourcing product components from local companies; reducing the use of toxic chemicals; and making use of clean, renewable energy sources—and they’re also taking into account how, ultimately, their products will be disposed of. “Once you begin to think about the sustainability issues that are linked to the decisions you’re making, you really have the potential to do great things,” attests Curnyn. Virtually all of the major equipment manufacturers have significant and Green strength: Body Bar remanufactures extensive green programs. For instance, its signature product the achievements of Life Fitness, the Schiller Park, Illinois-based company, include recycling of 99% of its scrap metal; recycling of 374,000 cardboard boxes Rather than throwing out their worn-out bars, clubs each year; recycling and reuse of 4,000 skids per can exchange them for brand-new Body Bars at a year; recycling of 1,270 pounds of printed circuit discounted price. The company then refurbishes boards per month; and reuse of 50%-75% of the and rebuilds them with high-quality components. “It’s really a win-win-win situation all around,” parts in its cardiovascular lines to produce certified explains Patrick Riley, the company’s director of > pre-owned equipment.

On the Other Side


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Club Business International


Also Greener On the Other Side sales. “Clubs get up to 60% off their purchase of new Body Bars; we reuse the materials from the old bars to create new ones; and the environment benefits from the recycling and conservation of resources.” Body Bar strips the rubber and end-caps off of the solid rolled steel and puts new rubber and end-caps back on. The steel portion, which, according to Riley, “is impossible to damage,” can be reused over and over. The old rubber components are separated and sent to a rubber recycler. Among the green-minded chains that have participated in Body Bar’s exchange program are Equinox and the New York Health and Racquet Club. At Body Bar’s corporate headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, the green commitment continues. The staff is diligent about minimizing its fuel expenditure and, thus, its carbon footprint. An estimated 95% of the employees walk, bike, or take public transportation to work, and, taking advantage of the Internet, they also have the opportunity to work “virtually.” Body Bar takes the notion of fuel smarts a step further by making use of shipping companies with energy-efficient vehicles in their fleets. Its offices have energy-efficient light bulbs and an extensive recycling program. Also on the horizon: a switch to wind power!

antibacterial, and antibromic fabric. The long-sleeved T-shirt is fashioned from 100% organic cotton. “Yoga teaches compassion and awareness,” explains Beth Shaw, YogaFit’s founder and president. “When you have awareness, you realize that, every time you throw out trash, flush the toilet, or pour something down the drain, you’ve having an impact on the planet.” That understanding informed the design and construction of YogaFit’s corporate office in Torrance, California, two years ago. The company employed as many green solutions as possible, including: recycled denim insulation; non-VOC-based (volatile organic

“A new awareness has emerged within the industry. Today, people view

being green as good for their business.”

Case study 2: YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide, Inc.

Earlier this year, YogaFit decided to complement its mind-body educational offerings with a line of environmentally sensitive—and incredibly comfortable—clothing for fitness and everyday wear. Among the new items are Bamboo Fitted Flare Pants, a Bamboo Mock Neck Jacket, and Organic Scoop Neck Tee. The pants and jackets are made from rapidly renewable bamboo, and are thermal regulating, crafted from breathable, quick-drying,

Fitness fashions made from bamboo


Club Business International


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


compound) paints; sustainable bamboo flooring; compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs); and an Energy Star dishwasher that trims operating costs by as much as 30%. The staff also demonstrates its environmental sensitivity in the lunch room, limiting its use of plastic and paper products, recycling religiously, and eating only organic and natural foods, mostly fruits and vegetables. “The staff is more than happy to do their part in conserving the environment,” observes Shaw. “Recycling and avoiding paper and plastic have become a habit in the office, and nobody thinks twice about it anymore. Employees carpool whenever possible, and we offer incentives for them to do so, such as free personal training and yoga classes.” Next on the agenda, says Shaw, are the installation of water-conserving drains and the replacement of all paper-based communication with e-mail messaging.

Case study 3: Woodway USA

Last March, during IHRSA’s 28th Annual International Convention and Trade Show, Woodway USA unveiled one of its latest innovations, the EcoMill, a manually powered treadmill that requires no outside electricity to operate. The user actually generates power while exercising, which recharges the machine’s battery. And, since then, the company has followed up with another environmentally friendly model, the SpeedBoard. “The SpeedBoard is currently the most energyefficient model we produce,” points out Eric Weber, Woodway’s director of sales and marketing. “It’s completely nonmotorized, and has a unique curved >

Group Purchasing ‘Greens’ Many of the companies that participate in the IHRSA Group Purchasing Program, which is designed “to produce real values and real savings” for club operators, are among the green leaders in their respective industries. Some of the improvements achieved by six of them are outlined below: The Clorox Company “We recognize the importance of conserving our environment and strive to find sustainable solutions,” reads The Clorox Company’s statement on corporate social responsibility. Clorox does so both in terms of how, and what, it produces. It aggressively pursues ways to conserve energy and water, minimize packaging, eliminate waste, and use recyclable and renewable materials. Last year, it completed a comprehensive inventory of greenhouse gas emissions at all of its facilities worldwide. Its new line of Green Works products, designed to be safe, effective, and environmentally responsible, make use of such natural ingredients as filtered water, earth-based minerals, coconut-based cleaning agents, and biodegradable preservatives. The company has been honored by the Sierra Club for its line of green cleaning products, and, in July, was named a Climate Leader by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). See our ad on page 25 Affiliated Power Purchasers International, LLC (APPI) Affiliated Power Purchasers International’s (APPI’s) internal operations are being run with a cleaner, greener world in mind. It consciously “reduces, reuses, and recycles” in order to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and minimize waste. Among its many initiatives: Thermostats are programmed to reduce energy usage at night and on weekends. Printer and photocopy cartridges are purchased without wasteful packaging. Office supplies are acquired locally to reduce shipping costs and emissions. Recycled paper is used for most documents in copiers and printers. Business cards, note cards, and folders are all reused. The company recycles plastic, aluminum, cardboard, glass, magazines, plastic bags, paper, and, even, rubber bands. And APPI’s Demand Response and Demand-Side Services programs help its clients reduce their energy usage. Clark Products, Inc. Clark Products, Inc., is working to make life greener both within, and outside of, the company. Committed to developing an “internal culture of green,” its divisions are identifying and implementing a host of ways to recycle materials, minimize waste, maximize energy usage, and increase transportation efficiencies. Eager to share its enthusiasm and expertise externally, it’s also created a new ONE WORLD program that offers clients 250 packaging and janitorial products that are environmentally sensitive. All of the items in the ONE WORLD line provide distinct ecological benefits, such as biodegradability, compostability, recyclability, and source-reduction opportunities.

Ecolab, Inc. A “short” summary of Ecolab’s environmental concerns, philosophy, and achievements runs five single-spaced pages, and it’s hard to imagine an area it hasn’t addressed. The company has devised green solutions for its customers’ laundry, housekeeping, and pool and spa needs, including no-rinse formulas, solid concentrates, waterless application, and water-conserving formulations. It’s been equally attentive to its own environment: last year, it achieved reductions of 5% in energy usage, 12% in water consumption, and 19% in liquid effluent discharge at all of its plants worldwide. Its research, development, and engineering facility has been awarded the LEED-EB Gold Certification, and, as a member of the EPA Climate Leaders Program, Ecolab has committed itself to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% between 2006 and 2012. Standard Textile Co., Inc. Standard Textile has been concerned about responsible products and processes since long before “green” became a buzzword. The three principal thrusts of its efforts include: managing energy consumption, utilization, and generation; aggressively recycling manufacturing-process supplies and byproduct materials; and conscientiously considering environmental impact during product development and engineering. It makes use of clean hydroelectric power, has a massive materials-recycling program, and delivers pre-laundered products to its customers to reduce energy consumption. “Managing the entire supply chain in an environmentally responsible manner is the ultimate goal, and instilling that philosophy in each associate is a key to success today, tomorrow, and in the future,” says Gary Heiman, the firm’s president and CEO. Staples, Inc. When it comes to safeguarding nature, Staples has as many green initiatives as it has paperclips. Its environmental commitment, which it calls Staples EcoEasy, involves providing its customers with innovative environmental products and services, and implementing energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, and green building programs internally. It champions the use of recycled-content papers and the recycling of ink and toner cartridges; purchases 122 kilowatt hours of green power each year; has 24 sites with rooftop solar installations; has improved the fuel efficiency of its fleet of trucks by 20% since 2007; and, as a member of the EPA Climate Leaders Program, intends to reduce its carbon emissions by 7% between 2001 and 2010. Staples has received a host of environmental awards, including being named an EPA Green Power Partner. —|


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Club Business International


Also Greener On the Other Side

The industry’s suppliers are concerned about the ecological state of the world and committed to doing whatever they can to improve it.

The Industry is Going Greener with: Energy-efficient lighting, daylighting


Energy-efficient cooling/heating systems


Energy-efficient transportation/shipping methods


Recycling program (paper, plastic bottles, etc.)

78.6% 42.9%

Paperless communications (no more faxing, printouts) Water-conserving toilets

0% 7.1%

Automated faucets Hand dryers


Elimination of harsh cleaning products/ Conversion to natural cleaning products


Recycled or sustainable building materials (flooring, carpet, wood, etc.)


Cogeneration units


Solar or wind power


Purchasing carbon offsets


Other green manufacturing practices




Club Business International


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9










shape that allows the user to walk, jog, or run without a motor driving the unit—there’s no need to plug it into an electrical outlet.” The company also does its best to prolong the lifespan of its products, which helps the environment in countless ways. It estimates that approximately 95% of the treadmills it’s produced since the firm’s founding in 1992 are still in use—thanks, in part, to their patented, nearly frictionless design, as well as to Woodway’s Factory Renewal Program. The latter allows club operators to have their treadmills restored to their original condition, using recycled parts, for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. During the refurbishing process, components are evaluated to determine if they can be reused, remanufactured, or recycled, Weber explains, in order to conserve resources and provide savings for customers. In its plant, Woodway makes use of lean-manufacturing best practices, and has instituted a number of green initiatives, including: reducing energy consumption by acquiring a more efficient compressed-air system and tools, which require 40%-50% less air to use; replacing overhead shop lights with a more efficient design; reducing water consumption by using timed sensor faucets; and recycling all wood pallets, steel strapping, steel scrap, and metal shavings, as well as plastic bottles, paper, and aluminum cans. —| – Jennifer McInerney,

Green feat: SpeedBoard

The Green Honor Roll Recently, IHRSA surveyed its 750-plus associate and Group-Purchasing member companies about their green products and practices. The respondents listed below reported that they’re now conducting business with an eye to protecting the environment. CBI salutes their ideals, efforts, and achievements, and is pleased to add their names to its Green Honor Roll. For more information about what each firm is doing, please log on to their corporate Website. 1. ACE Styline Millwork & Cabinetry

20. Fitness Solutions, LLC

2. ActiveXL Promotions

21. GymValet/B&D Specialty Concepts, Inc.

3. Affiliated Power Purchasers International, LLC (APPI) 4. Avanti Fitness, Inc. 5. Balanced Body Pilates 6. Body Bar, Inc.

22. Jacobs Ladder, LLC www.jacobsladder 23. Life Fitness 24. North West Rubber

7. Brewer’s Ledge, Inc.

25. Petra Hygienic Systems International, Ltd.

8. Centaur Floor Systems

26. ProTeam

9. Clark Products, Inc.

27. Ready Care Industries

10. The Clorox Company

28. SportsArt Fitness

11. Club Resource Group

29. Sportsmith, LLC

12. Ecolab, Inc.

30. Sports Solutions, Inc.

13. ECORE International www.everlastingsports

31. Standard Textile Co., Inc.

14. Fabiano Designs 15. Fitness Anywhere 16. Fitness Flooring, Inc. 17. GOJO Industries 18. The Green Revolution

32. Staples, Inc. 33. WaterRower 34. Woodway USA 35. W.W. Grainger, Inc. 36. YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide, Inc.



O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Club Business International


Also Greener On the Other Side

Countless Shades of ‘Green’ As the industry’s green and sustainability initiatives have ramped up, products for virtually every aspect of club operations have been developed to meet those needs. The following examples from IHRSA associate members demonstrate the growing versatility and diversity of green products and services available to the club industry. Balanced Body Pilates Balanced Body provides Pilates equipment, education, and information. The company has also implemented “green” business and manufacturing practices, including eco-friendly shipping alternatives, packing materials, emission controls, and office policies. Additionally, the company works with its suppliers and partners to identify green remedies and alternatives for their product offerings. “From recyclable pallets and shipping crates to PVC-free Pilates mats, we’re trying to do what we can to leave this planet in better shape than we found it,” states Ken Endelman, Balanced Body’s founder and CEO. “I’m especially proud that our wood equipment uses only sustainable

Although the Body Bar will function as designed forever, certain components, such as rubber sleeves and labels, may eventually show the effects of frequent use. The Body Bar Exchange Program provides health clubs and fitness facilities with the opportunity to get brand-new Body Bars in exchange for old bars at a fraction of the cost. It’s a costeffective way to keep group exercise and personal training areas looking sharp, while helping the environment by reusing materials. “During the past four years, we’ve helped numerous health clubs with the Body Bar Exchange Program and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” asserts Patrick Riley, Body Bar’s director of sales. “The clubs get up to 60% off of new Body Bars and we’re able to reuse the materials from the old bars to create new Body Bars.” Contact:, 800-500-2030 See our ad on page 31 —| Club Business International

Contact:, 800-745-2837 See our ad on page 71 —| ECORE International

Body Bar, Inc.


harvested lumber, made with processes that maximize lumber yield and minimize waste. We put a lot of engineering resources into green manufacturing alternatives, and into the long-term durability of all our equipment. The reason is simple: the longer they last, the less waste they produce.”


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Everlast sports surfacing with Nike Grind is composed of recycled SBR tire rubber, ColorMill EPDM rubber, and sports footwear manufacturing byproducts and post-consumer athletic shoes collected through Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program. The contribution of EPDM color technology to the composition of Everlast surfacing enables the transformation of solid black SBR tire rubber into products with various levels of color concentration, enabling the creation of vibrant sports floors and even allowing for custom color and logo capabilities. “Recycled rubber surfaces maintain superior indoor air quality and support exceptionally low overall life-cycle costs,” says Kathryn Ross, director of marketing at ECORE International, the manufacturer of Everlast sports surfacing. “Everlast surfacing not only adheres to the most stringent standards for low VOC (volatile organic com-

pound) emissions and is Floorscore-certified, but it also assists in the rescue of millions of pounds of scrap tire rubber from landfills each year, making it an essential tool for fitness clubs or sport facilities seeking to distinguish themselves as leaders in supporting both personal and environmental health.” Contact:, 888-383-7655 See our ad on page 91 —|

Fitness Flooring Zenterra flooring from Fitness Flooring is made from bamboo, a rapidly renewable flooring resource. Traditional hardwoods require 40-60 years to grow to a size where they can be harvested for flooring, whereas bamboo returns to its original height within months and can be used for flooring within about five years. This translates into a plant that can produce flooring at least eight times before a hardwood tree is large enough to produce flooring only once. “Bamboo flooring was increasingly being used in fitness centers, but all of it was simply a commercial-grade bamboo that was being adapted for use in fitness,” says Steve Chase, Fitness Flooring’s general manager. “In response to this, we developed our Zenterra bamboo sports flooring, which is durable enough to perform in a health club, while also passing the necessary safety and performance testing that sports floors of other types have undergone.” Contact:, 800-428-5306 See our ad on page 85 —|

GOJO Industries GOJO recently introduced Green Certified Foam Hand, Hair & Body Wash. This readily biodegradable formula rinses clean without the buildup or residue that’s often associated with liquid soap, and is ideal for use in both showers and sinks. GOJO’s research shows that members use 56% less foam than liquid soap and get five times more showers between refills. “A facility’s cleanliness has a greater impact on a member’s willingness to stay and take full advantage of all the services available,” explains Mike Hanes, GOJO’s marketing director for the health and fitness division. “We offer recognized and trusted brands, such as PURELL, and the benefits of total solutions, including GOJO GREEN Certified Foam Hand, Hair & Body Wash.”

Sports Solutions, Inc. Sports Solutions has formulated its “Nutri-Essence Naturals” spa amenity lines in five fragrances. They’re made from 95%-98% natural, plant-based ingredients, and include shampoos, body washes, conditioners, lotions, bar soaps, aftershave balms, and colognes. The products have no parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten, petroleum, or animal byproducts. The beneficial ingredients of essential oils, vitamin therapy, and coconut oil’s “magic ingredient,” hydroxy lactylate, penetrate hair and skin deeply for the best natural rehydration. By using bulk size products in the club, operators can save on the “per-ounce cost” of liquids, and can recycle empty gallons for other uses. “Our wall-mounted and theft-resistant dispensing systems, wrapped in permanently adhered vinyl labels, guarantee that you never have to replace dispenser bodies or bottles due to deterioration of less permanent labels or screen-printing. This saves clubs future dispenser replacement costs and recycling issues that follow,” notes Laurie Schmidt, Sports Solutions’ president. Contact:, 800-969-8008 See our ad on page 43 —|

Woodway USA Woodway recently introduced the SpeedBoard, an all-green, nonmotorized treadmill that uses zero electricity. The SpeedBoard utilizes an innovative curved design that allows any user, regardless of size or weight, to walk or run at their desired pace, without the use of a drive motor or elevation. This breakthrough actually turns the user into the motor and burns calories, not electricity. “The SpeedBoard takes advantage of Woodway’s superior, near frictionless drive system and allows users to work out in an eco-friendly way, using zero electricity,” explains Eric Weber, Woodway’s director of sales and marketing. “If a facility is looking to make an immediate impact on the environment without sacrificing the products they offer to members, the SpeedBoard serves as a great alternative to conventional motorized treadmills that consume a great deal of electricity.” Contact:, 800-966-3929 See our ad on page 20 —|

Contact:, 800-321-9647 See our ad on page 33 —|


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Club Business International



ss oc

iat ion


al on ati Intern

The Public Policy Council (formerly the Industry Leadership Council) established a fund over ten years ago to ensure that our industry would have the financial resources necessary to PROTECT against dangerous government regulations and taxes, while PROMOTING positive health promotion legislation. To better represent what these contributions fight for and against, the fund is now called “The Industry Defense Fund”.







He A alt b h, R clu acquet & Sports

IHRSA's successes benefitting the industry-at-large — including eighteen legislative wins and zero losses in 2009 — are owed greatly to the members of the Public Policy Council and their contributions to the Industry Defense Fund. Please join IHRSA in thanking the current members of the Public Policy Council: TITANIUM LEVEL ($60,000 AND UP) Anytime Fitness

Curves International

LA Fitness International

GOLD LEVEL ($15,000-$29,999) Atlantic Coast Athletic Clubs In-Shape Health Clubs

The Atlantic Club, Inc. The Wellbridge Company

Fitness Formula Clubs Western Athletic Clubs

SILVER LEVEL ($5,000-$14,999) The Alaska Clubs East Bank Club Genesis Health Club The Houstonian Club Maryland Athletic Club Rice Fitness Centers Wisconsin Athletic Club, Inc.

Club One, Inc. Elite Fitness and Racquet Clubs Gold's Gym International Leisure Sports, Inc. Millennium Partners Saw Mill Sports Management

Dedham Health & Athletic Club Gainesville Health & Fitness Health Fitness Corporation Lifestyle Family Fitness MVP Sports Clubs T.W. Holdings, Inc.

BRONZE LEVEL ($2,000 - $4,999) The Belmont Athletic Club The Claremont Club The Columbia Association Gold's Gym Alliance of New England Hoffman Insurance Services Oxford Athletic Club The RUSH Fitness Complex

Brick Bodies ClubCorp, Inc. DMB Sports Clubs Gold’s Gym Alliance of NY, NJ & PA Livermore Valley Tennis Plus One Health Management

Cedardale Health & Fitness Club Fit Jefferson Valley Gold’s Gym Franchisee Assoc. Gold’s Gym Alliance of Atlanta Michigan Athletic Club Rochester Athletic Club

FRIENDS (UNDER $2,000) BodyBusiness Health Club & Spa Gold's Gyms By Galiani National Academy of Sports Medicine

Club Insider News Gold’s Gyms of Wenatchee, WA Oakland Hills Tennis Club

Fitness Management Systems Hockessin Athletic Club PRO Sports Club

Contributions of any amount are very welcome. For more information and to pledge, visit or call 800-228-4772, ext.129. Contribute at least $5,000 and receive three (3) complimentary IHRSA International Convention Registrations. Contribution at least $2,000 and receive one (1) complimentary convention registration. Visit for additional benefits. International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association

Pat O’Brien, l., of Leisure Sports, Inc., and Art Curtis, of Millennium Partners Sports Club Management

Virginia Collins, of Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association, with U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA)

From l., Desiree Fletcher Hayes, Anytime Fitness; Lilly Prince, IHRSA; and unidentified legislative aide

From l., Tanya Barham, of Recess Wellness; Kay Yuspeh, Elite Fitness & Racquet Clubs; Tom Daglis, USPTA; and Monte Pearce, Anytime Fitness


Club Business International


Dr. Miryam Navaie, l., of Advanced Health Solutions, with U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

From l., Gene LaMott, of Total Woman Gym Atmosphere; unidentified legislative assistant; Desiree Fletcher Hayes; Jason Paul, Life Core Group; and Tom Scanlon, Benchmarks

O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Health Care


IHRSA’s club advocates received a warm reception on Capitol Hill By Lilly Prince

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH The 7th Annual IHRSA Summit for a Healthier America, conducted in Washington,

(All Feature Photography) John Harrington

D.C., in the spring, couldn’t have been held at a more critical, or opportune, time in American history. As U.S. Senators, Representatives, and the Obama Administration—and, in fact, the nation at large— argued about the need for, and most promising approach to, health care reform, fitness industry professionals from throughout the country converged on the capital to endorse a single, elegantly simple solution: focus on wellness. Never before, during the seven years that the Summit has been staged, have attendees encountered such a warm and receptive audience. Legislators, galvanized by President Obama’s commitment to achieve health care reform this year, well informed about the complicated issues, and energized by their own involvement in the debate, are acutely aware of the importance of preventive measures, such as exercise, to the success of any plan. In meetings with both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, it became clear that the fitness industry is closer than ever to helping Congress craft and pass legislation that would have a significant impact on the nation’s health by, in part, curtailing epidemic obesity and reducing the incidence and cost of treating chronic diseases.

“IHRSA is encouraged by the growing awareness that exercise is medicine, both a preventive and rehabilitative necessity, that’s able to improve the quality of life for all Americans,” Joe Moore, IHRSA’s president and CEO, observed during his opening remarks at the Summit. “Now’s an ideal time for our industry to educate the nation’s leaders about the many preventive benefits of exercise.” IHRSA’s specific legislative proposals, designed to encourage people to pursue healthy, active lifestyles, are the Workforce Health Improvement Program (WHIP) and Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Acts. The WHIP Act (H.R. 2106/S. 973) would correct tax inequities that exist in the IRS’ treatment of onand off-site fitness facility memberships for workers that are subsidized by employers. The PHIT Act (H.R. 2105) would allow individuals to pay for various physical activities, such as a club membership, with pretax dollars from a tax-favored account (e.g., flexible spending account), or, in some cases, to deduct such expenses as “qualified medical expenses.”

A Summit for today! The Summit got off to an exciting start by unveiling some new reforms of its own. It was announced that it was being renamed the Summit for a Healthier America (it was previously the Legislative Summit) >


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Club Business International


Health Care Reform Workout

From l., Senatorial Aide Stefan Wirth; Allison Flatley, L&T Health & Fitness; and Roger Ralph, Hockessin Athletic Club

and will be incorporated into IHRSA’s broader, more inclusive Campaign for a Healthier America. The latter is a national grassroots initiative that enrolls exercise enthusiasts in efforts to make healthy lifestyles a priority for all. The event’s organizers also unveiled a new Summit format, created to produce a more focused, streamlined advocacy experience. The program has been scaled down to a half-day of orientation and preparation for attendees, followed by a full day of meetings with policymakers on Capitol Hill. The prep session included a panel discussion, “The Role of Prevention in Health Care Reform,” which featured Bill Pierce, a senior vice president with APCO Worldwide; Richard Hamburg, the director of government relations for Trust for America’s Health; and Jenelle Krishnamoorthy, the health affairs assistant to Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), a senior member of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, and long-time supporter of wellness and prevention initiatives.

Mike Raymond, of Curves International, Inc.

“When health-promotion legislation finally passes, I’m going to feel as though I played a role in helping it happen.” From l., Richard & Kay Yuspeh; and Mark Daly, of Anytime Fitness

During the meeting, Krishnamoorthy spoke passionately about the urgent need to transform the nation’s “sick-care” system into a health-care system. “Senator Harkin believes that our health care system must emphasize prevention and exercise,” she pointed out. “By reforming the system and focusing on fighting and preventing chronic disease, not only can we save countless billions of dollars; we can also dramatically improve the health of the American people.” The orientation also featured a briefing on health care policies and economics by Dr. Robert Kocher, the National Economic Council Special Assistant to President Obama. The briefing offered an inside look at how the White House is addressing problems such as obesity and chronic diseases and their impact on health care spending.

Advocates take the Hill For Summit newcomer Tom Daglis, the first vice president of the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), the orientation and panel discussions helped ease the concerns he had about lobbying. “Walking down the halls of the Senate and House can be a little bit intimidating,” he explains. “But the educational seminars were incredibly helpful for novice lobbyists such as myself. Club representatives who’d done this all before taught us about the pitfalls to avoid.” Another first-timer, Desiree Fletcher-Hayes, the owner and general manager of an Anytime Fitness facility in Des Moines, Iowa, was reassured when she realized IHRSA staff would support her throughout the entire process. “I was most concerned about knowing what to say and how to say it,” she recalls. “But the IHRSA staff did a great job of setting up the meetings, and I didn’t have to attend any of the appointments by myself.”

Lobbyists Wanted! To learn more about how you can work for federal legislation that promotes physical activity, please visit For information on IHRSA’s 8th

Desiree Fletcher Hayes


Club Business International


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Annual Summit for a Healthier America, scheduled for May 2010, please contact Breanne McGahey at —|

From l., unidentified legislative aide listens to Michele MelkersonGranryd, of the Texas Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association

IHRSA had identified, in advance, 29 key legislators who will play a significant role in reforming health care. The targets included all members of the House and Senate leadership and individuals holding high-ranking positions on committees critical to health care reform, such as the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pension Committee; the Senate Finance Committee; the House Ways and Means Committee; and the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

“I’m convinced that coming to the Summit each year has made a difference.” The meetings with legislators and/or their staffers provided rich discussions about the preventive benefits of exercise, and the impact they can have on improving quality of life and curtailing skyrocketing health care costs. Tanya Barham, the founder and CEO of Recess Wellness, in Portland Oregon, found her audience, an aide to Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), much more receptive to the idea of exercise as prevention than expected. “It was a lot of fun to talk with her,” says Barham. “She was actually a fitness instructor!” Summit attendees scored points for the power of exercise and healthy lifestyles by providing first-hand accounts of their day-to-day experiences working with club members. Fletcher-Hayes believes that the anecdotes made a deep impression. “Real stories about real people help legislators put a face on the need in their districts,” she explains, “which, I think gives them more of a reason, if not ammunition, to fight for the legislation that’s put before them.” Barham had a successful interaction with Representative Tammy Baldwin (D-WI). “I wasn’t able to speak with her personally—she was on the phone with the governor of Wisconsin,” says Barham, “but I wrote her a heartfelt note about how important locally owned and operated facilities

From l., Laurie & John Miller, of Courthouse Athletic Club; Tanya Barham; and legislative assistant Eva DuGoff

can be to staying healthy. And I’m pleased to be able to report that she’s since agreed to sponsor the WHIP and PHIT bills!”

Making a difference Art Curtis, the CEO of Millennium Partners Sports Club Management LLC, a member of IHRSA’s board of directors, and a veteran Summit attendee, awarded high marks to the new format. (See “Polishing a Brand’s Image,” August CBI, pg. 32.) “The event was much more focused,” he attests. “Targeting the Congressional leadership that’s responsible for developing health care-reform legislation made the meetings much more productive—we were speaking to the right audience.” The Summit not only allowed fitness professionals to educate lawmakers about the unique and crucial role that exercise plays in the health care continuum, but also gave them the chance to educate themselves about the lawmaking process. “It permits you to really get acquainted with the system,” says Fletcher-Hayes. “It provides an opportunity to broaden your horizons, and to touch on an aspect of our business—government regulation—that we often hear about, but rarely see in action.” The Summit also leaves participants with a distinct impression that they haven’t been involved in a pointless political process, but rather, have made a real difference. Laurie Smith, the senior vice president of Leisure Sports, Inc., of Pleasanton, California, and an IHRSA board member, turns to exercise to explain the Summit experience. “I think a good analogy is whether you think that walking an extra 20 minutes a day ‘makes a difference’ in your health,” she explains. “I firmly believe that every little bit helps, and that there’s a cumulative effect. So while my particular part may have been very small, I’m convinced that coming to the Summit each year has made a difference. “When health-promotion legislation finally passes, I’m going to feel as though I played a role in helping it happen.” —| – Lilly Prince,


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Club Business International


Visit us at Club Industry Booth #631

Club Industry

2009 is About ‘More’ Than Fitness

One of the industry’s premier conferences tackles economic issues By Jon Feld


The timely theme of ci09, Club Industry’s 2009 show, being held this month, October 14-17, at McCormick Place in Chicago, is “Your Clients Are Looking for More Than Fitness. Give Them Everything They Want.” While the tagline is meant to suggest several markets and a wide range of topics—including wellness, healthy lifestyles, superior service, weight management, creative programming, and functional training—it’s also designed to address the daunting realities that the fitness industry currently faces. “What makes this year’s Club Industry event different is that, today, the industry, like the entire economy, is challenged,” points out Herb Greenebaum, the marketing manager for the show. “The conference addresses the economy specifically. We have meetings on cutting costs, innovative programming, financing in a difficult economy, and positioning your business for future success, and we delve deeply into the emerging area of wellness. “And, of course, we cover retention heavily—that’s always important, but in a recession, it’s critical.” Zari Stahl, the group show director, echoes Greenebaum’s points. “Overall,” he explains, “our focus is on the economy and on wellness. We want to give people solid, tangible reasons to attend. Club Industry ’09 is all about making sure that people who are serious about improving their club operations get to meet and learn from other operators of like mind.” This year’s conference tracks include ones on Business Management; Sales & Marketing; Leadership & Personal Development; Specialty Populations; Personal Training; Wellness, Weight Loss & Medical Integration; Customer Service & Retention; Creative Programming; and Worksite Wellness. Within each of the tracks, there are dozens of tightly-focused sessions on a comprehensive range of topics. >


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Club Business International


Club Industry 2009 is About ‘More’ Than Fitness

Lifetime achiever: Jack LaLanne

Endless action: Club Industry Exhibit Hall

While the conference strongly stresses value, pragmatism, and productivity, it’s hardly short on excitement. The event’s two featured presenters are industry veterans, and legends, Jack LaLanne, the “Godfather of Fitness,” and Mark Mastrov, the founder and former head of 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide, Inc., one of the largest club chains in the world. LaLanne, who, at the age of 95, remains very nearly as active as ever, opened the nation’s first modern health studio in Oakland, California, in 1936, and, since then, utilizing every medium imaginable, has inspired millions of people worldwide to begin exercising. LaLanne, who was honored at Club Industry’s very first convention in 1986, will this year receive its Lifetime Mark Mastrov Achievement Award. He’ll also deliver, on the first day of ci09, a keynote address chronicling his eight decades in the business. Mastrov, best known for his seminal role in creating 24 Hour Fitness, will be the keynote speaker on the second day of the event. Like the theme of the conference, his topic,


Club Business International


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


“How to Deliver Record-Breaking Performance in Today’s Economy,” is timely and relevant. Since selling 24 Hour Fitness for $1.68 billion in 2005, Mastrov has cofounded an investment group, the New Evolution Fitness

demonstration, either with equipment or via a workout; and a Town Hall Meeting addressing a critical industry topic, an innovative new format that was first introduced at Club Industry East, held in Boston in May.

The Club Industry Exhibit Hall will feature the goods of nearly 200 companies. Company (NEFC), based in Lafayette, California, which, earlier this year, entered into an agreement with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to develop a new club brand, UFC Gym. (See “Ready to Rumble,” April CBI, pg. 38.) Among NEFC’s other holdings are YogaWorks and the recently acquired Crunch Fitness. In addition to the keynote addresses and general sessions, ci09 will offer attendees a host of exciting options and opportunities. Among them: its “The New Face of Club Industry” welcome reception; an Early Morning Boot Camp Challenge Workout; and the SCW Club Studio, a joint venture with SCW Fitness Education, showcasing fitness products and programming. Also on the program are Club Industry’s ever-popular Roundtables, which give participants the chance to discuss key operations issues with their peers; Active Training Seminars, practical workshops that include a lecture and

Some 14 of the industry’s leading educational organizations—from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) to the World Instructor Training Schools (WITS)—will be offering continuing education units (CEUs) during the conference. And certainly not to be overlooked is the trade-show component of ci09, the Club Industry Exhibit Hall, which, this year, will feature the goods of more than 200 companies. Virtually every category of essential club-related goods—from computer software to workout hardware—will be accounted for, with the industry’s leading suppliers presenting their newest equipment and services. —| – Jon Feld,


For complete information about, or to register for, Club Industry 2009, log on to

Ci09 Exposition Exhibitors List Company Name Booth Number 2XL Corporation (GymWipes) 1349 Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) 1241 See our ad on page 53

Ab Coaster, LLC ABC Financial Services, Inc. See our ad on page 66

330 549

AbCore Fitness, Inc. ABSOLO AGM Group American Council On Exercise (ACE)

1340 516 755 854

Apex Fitness ASF International

1336 321

Aspen Information Systems AV Now Fitness Sound Ball Dynamics International Biometrics Nutrition & Fitness BiProUSA Blue Fish Corp. Brewer’s Ledge, Inc. California University Of Pennsylvania Celsius, Inc. Centaur Floor Systems Club Industry,The Magazine for Fitness Business Professionals Club Insider Club Resource Group Club Solutions Magazine Concept2

349 1240 1329 1028 341 T2 440 1421 1250 1243

Creative Fitness Marketing Creative Health Products, Inc. CSI Software Cybex International, Inc.

943 1248 748 301

DeBourgh Mfg. Co. Digilock Egg Whites International

1443 1128 108

See our ad on page 74

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See our ad on page 68

See our ad on the Inside Front Cover & page 1

1 1431 1128 1418 417

Company Name Elations Equilibrium Active Wear ERC Wiping Products, Inc. Everlast Climbing Industries Exerbotics Expresso Fitness Corporation

Booth Number 421 T1 1413 211 310 327

EZ Facility.Com, Inc. Fabiano Designs International Fiserv

957 448 929

See our ad on page 69

See our ad on page 7

Fitness Insurance Fitness Master Fitness Tools FreeMotion Fitness, Inc. Go Figure, Inc. Gojo Industries, Inc.

756 1235 827 517 522 423

GymValet/B&D Specialty Concepts, Inc. Hampton Fitness Products Health Club Panel Network Healthways Hydromassage

1353 731 857 351 416

Ideal Products, Inc. IHRSA Intek Strength IntelaMetrix, Inc. International Tanning Equipment Iron Grip Barbell Company

757 317 1301 452 1323 739

Ironworks Fitness of Columbus, LLC iTech Fitness-XRKADE Juice Plus + JUVO, Inc. K & K Insurance Group, Inc.

149 539 454 1142 1029

Keiser Corporation L & H Enterprises

1049 1419

See our ad on page 33

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O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Club Business International


Club Industry 2009 is About ‘More’ Than Fitness

Not to be overlooked is the trade-show component of ci09. Virtually every category of club-related goods—from computer software to workout hardware—will be accounted for.

Company Name Laundry Loops Legacy Lockers Les Mills International See our ad on page 22

Booth Number 450 248 131

Life Fitness


See our ad on page 9

Lifeline USA Loos & Co., Inc. Lucy Marpo Kinetics Matrix Fitness Systems

231 1424 T6 458 1101

See our ad on page French Gate Cover

McArthur Towel & Sports 1033 M-Core FTS 956 MET-Rx-Worldwide Sport Nutrition 434 MicroFit, Inc. 767 MINDBODY, Inc. Universal Business Management 656 See our ad on page 105

Motionsoft, Inc.


See our ad on page 13

National Federation Of Professional Trainers (NFPT)


National Fitness Financial


See our ad on page 82 See our ad on page 77



See our ad on page 106

New Leaf Health & Fitness Octane Fitness

1403 101

Optimal Design Systems International Paramount Acceptance

1042 1155

Paramount Fitness Corp. Peaksware Perform Better/M-F Athletics Co. Performance Food Centers PFP-Personal Fitness Professional Philadelphia Insurance Companies Polar Electro Power Plate North America, Inc.

719 337 649 839 339 933 1448 631

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Club Business International


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


Company Name Power Systems, Inc. Precor, Inc. Prospec US, Inc. ProSun International PUNCH Gym/Art of Strength RA Gripad Regupol America RenoSys Corporation Retention Management Royale International Beverage Co. SCW Fitness Education Software See our ad on page 80

Booth Number 439 901 355 359 233 T8 1249 1334 657 1348 130 1043

SofSurfaces, Inc. SPINNING®/SPIN FITNESS® Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation SportsArt Fitness SPRI Products

520 237 335 937 831

Star Trac


See our ad on page 75 See our ad on page 5

STOTT PILATES® Taft Construction Troy Barbell & Fitness True Fitness Technology Twin Oaks Software Development

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Umax Strength United Leasing VCP Printing, Inc. VersaClimber Vigiyaapan Technologies Put, Ltd. Visual Fitness Planner Vitabot

1319 1031 1158 442 758 766 727

VUMAWEAR WaterRower, Inc. Woodway USA

T4 1030 1135

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Exploring Internet



Club Business International


O ctob e r 2 0 0 9


The Gainesville Health and Fitness Center is discovering the Web’s rewards


By Patricia Glynn

Step out of the Florida sunshine into the cool lobby of the Gainesville Health and Fitness Center (GHFC) and the soft glow of its ubiquitous computers will be one of the first things you notice. There is, of course, a corps of monitors on the front desk for standard check-in purposes, but, in addition, off to the right, there’s a row of three laptops lined up on a counter, with stools positioned in front. This is the club’s Internet café, and it’s a bustling hub of activity. Somebody is nearly always surfing the Net, the staff attest, and the club’s 28,000 members can also make use of their own computers, PDAs, and other electronic devices, to access the complimentary building-wide Wi-Fi. Many do. You see them everywhere—burrowing into couches, sitting at the juice bar, screens flickering, fingers tapping away. Another striking feature of the spacious foyer is a series of five wall-mounted, flat-panel televisions that, on this particular day, are promoting one of the club’s newest offerings:, an Internet-based social-networking site that’s designed to increase the interaction among members and staff. Zwurly is the brainchild of Joe Cirulli, the owner and president of GHFC, who conceived of creating it after reading author Seth Godin’s recent best-seller, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, which describes the business importance of tribe-like links between people. Though still in its infancy, Zwurly already offers blogs, forums,

and chat rooms for individuals with special interests, and is being used primarily by members and staff. “The goal is to eventually open it up to club members everywhere—anyone who wants to hop on,” explains Brian Russell, GHFC’s communications specialist. A personal relationship—whether between members, or customer and employee—has always been critical to a club’s success, and, digital revolution notwithstanding, that hasn’t changed. “Inside a club, when you look at the people who stay with you the longest, they generally belong to a group of some kind. The people who are in a group-aerobics class, for instance, stay longer than the average member,” observes Cirulli. They not only spend more time in the club, he points out, but also are likely to remain members longer. “So,” he explains, “the question has always been, ‘How do you create more groups?’” One small part of Cirulli’s answer is Zwurly— “There’s a great opportunity here,” he con- >


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Club Business International


Exploring the Internet tends—but the larger, internationally ubiquitous platform on which it rests is the Internet. Cirulli, an industry veteran, pioneer, and a former president of IHRSA, has always operated close to the cutting edge, and, not infrequently, has been known to push the envelope. He and GHFC have won countless awards, and, last year, Inc. magazine reported, “Cirulli may have one of the four best fitness businesses in the world.” He’d be the first to admit, however, that he’s just begun to tap the possibilities of the Internet.

Turning members into ‘friends’ Like the new owner of an iPhone, contemplating the endless apps already available, club operators, today, can choose from among an impressive number and variety of online resources. They may use them themselves; integrate them into their operating systems; deploy them company-wide; or put a wealth of them at the disposal of members. Cirulli is committed to exploring the options, but in a methodical, prudent, and productive way. His initial investment in Zwurly was just $500, but, in its first six months, the site has yielded rich rewards. One instructor hosts “Debbie Lee’s Workout Girls.” A sales associate, Karen Coley-Cannon, conducts “Karen’s Krew” to keep her readers interested in fitness, and promote the purchase of personal-training sessions. There’s also “Yoga Buddies,” an “Online Swim Club,” and an “I Heart Zumba” enthusiasts’ group. The online relationships that are formed, Cirulli says, help keep members interested, inspired, involved in their workouts, and, as a result, enthusiastic about belonging to the club. GHFC also makes good and ever-increasing use of the independent social-networking sites and services, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, all of which are basically free. Its Facebook page, www.facebook. com/gainesvillefit, has attracted a solid group of

Joe Cirulli

followers—including 832 “friends” from among its own membership—who access and comment on health-related news and club activities. At www., the info and encouragement come in video form; one click, for instance, can connect users to a Cirulli speech or a peek inside a boot camp. The microblogging platform Twitter allows GHFC to communicate, in 400 characters or less, whatever needs to be said; ghfc has dispatched everything from an invitation to a stretching seminar to a link to a national fitness-focused news story. As is the case with most clubs, GHFC’s main Website,, has become a crucial way to interact with the world at large. “People turn to the Web to form opinions,” notes Russell. “They research a business on the Internet before deciding to do business with it.” Like the club’s other digital initiatives, its Website has been developed incrementally. “If you were to have looked at it in 2003 and then, again, in 2006, you wouldn’t have noticed much of a difference,” concedes Russell. That changed last year, though, when GHFC invested $7,000 in a major upgrade. Now, post-renovation, prospective clients can access an inviting, informative, and persuasive guide to GHFC’s flagship club and its two sister facilities. Debbie Lee, the company’s director of marketing, reports that, “A survey we conducted revealed that at least 90% of our potential customers reviewed the Website before first visiting the club.” Current members also make use of the site to check class schedules, learn about special events, and look at job-board listings. Thus far, however, they can’t use it to book classes, pay their bills, make purchases, or check their account balances—those are the sorts of very interactive apps that may come in the future. The site is currently receiving more than 12,000 unique hits per month. “My goal is to constantly figure out how we can make our site even better,” says Russell.

Member magnet: GHFC’s Internet café


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Debbie Lee


A club community communicates E-communication, in all of its many morphing forms, is also playing an increasingly valuable role at GHFC. Cirulli carries a Blackberry and identifies it as his primary Web tool; so, too, does Lee, who considers it pivotal. “We’re relying less and less on traditional ways of reaching people—snail-mail and telephone—and more and more on the new landscape of technology,” she observes. Coley-Cannon is a big fan of Zwurly, makes heavy use of e-mail in her dealings both with prospects and current members, and turns to Google to identify and research promising corporate clients. “That way, I’m able to effectively tailor my sales presentation,” she says. She credits the Internet with a 20% increase in her own membership sales. GHFC makes use of the services of Retention Management, an IHRSA associate-member company based in Cornelius, North Carolina, to conduct an ongoing, eight-week e-mail campaign that’s designed to “initiate and integrate” new members. The messages provide information and updates about the club’s programs, activities, and other offerings, and, conveyed in a friendly, familial tone, help cultivate the sense of community that’s so important to Cirulli. The program costs about $700 per month for all three GHFC facilities. Similarly, the club makes use of a biweekly electronic newsletter to keep in touch, and maintain its relationship, with all its members. The goals, in this case, are not only to keep everyone interested, involved, and well-informed, but also, Lee acknowledges, “to encourage them to do the things we want them to do”—e.g., sign up for a class, book an hour with a personal trainer, etc. The content for the newsletter, which costs about $175 per month, is culled from a variety of media sources or written by the club’s own staff.

“My goal is to constantly figure out how we can make our site even better.” Coley-Cannon estimates that the e-solicitations have produced a 15%-25% increase in the sale of personal-training sessions. An in-house, Internet-based grid—the Group Interactive Network (GIN) System—allows the club’s management and its 400 employees to stay on the same page, and to stay on top of things, with respect to one another. The network, developed by Group Interactive Solutions, Inc., of Gainesville, employs e-mail and a message board to do everything from posting announcements about meetings to making requests for work-shift coverage. The GIN intranet also hosts employee-training videos, and can be used

by sales, marketing, public-relations, and personaltraining staff to access educational Webinars.

The apps just keep on happening The Internet has proven a very flexible—and sticky— Web in terms of keeping everyone involved with GHFC “in the loop,” but, within individual departments, it’s also employed to address very specific needs. It can be used, for instance, to conduct detailed market research, obtain competitor intelligence, identify and purchase new fitness equipment. The possibilities are very nearly endless—literally. At GHFC, the maintenance department utilizes the intranet to file reports on faulty machines, place orders for parts, track repairs, and maintain a record of a particular machine’s repair history. The club’s personal trainers may enlist the Internet’s expertise to help them design programs for members, illustrate exercise fundamentals with photos or diagrams of the body, or print out regimens for clients who are traveling. The trainers’ favorite sites are the instruction-centric ptonthenet. com and, for monitoring calories, Now being discussed: a GHFC-produced online personal-training application. “Business was growing pretty strong before the Internet came along,” reflects Cirulli, “but it’s fast become essential, integral, to the club’s overall development. It won’t ever replace the personal touch, or be more important than a solid business plan, but it can, in fact, further enhance the members’ experience. The Internet has the potential,” he says, “to help them get the most out of their workouts, and, in turn, to get the most out of their lives.” —| – Patricia Glynn,


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Club Business International


Exploring the Internet

Constantly Connected These IHRSA associate-member companies offer a wealth of online services. ABC Financial Services, Inc.

ASF International

ABC Financial offers online recurring billing services, club management software, club marketing services, and support. The company’s Internet-based functionality provides clubs with real-time updates and connectivity to their information from anywhere in the world on a safe, reliable platform. “Our Website provides a portal through which members can view and pay their monthly invoices, review their contracts, and update their billing information,” states Kelly Sweeney, ABC Financial’s vice president of sales. “It also enables e-mail marketing and retention campaigns, as well as transactional e-mails, which can remind members about upcoming events on the club calendar.”

ASF offers payment processing, billing, and online club management and marketing programs. Its payment-processing methods and real-time information access are designed to help clubs more accurately predict cash flow and plan for future growth. ASF’s secure, Web-based software applications include online POS, appointment and class scheduling, paperless contract entry, check-in, and more. Club members can also make payments and manage their accounts online. “We provide our clients with easy, intuitive reporting and management systems,” says Sean Kirby, the national sales director for ASF. “More importantly, it’s our relationship with our clients that allows us to understand their business needs and help them improve their cash flow, whether it’s through payment collections, profit centers, enhancement fees, or any other add-on they process.”

Contact:, 800-551-9733 See our ad on page 66 —|

Contact:, 800-227-3859 See our ad on pages 2 & 3 —| Affiliated Acceptance Corp. Affiliated Acceptance’s Frontdesk CorporateEdition software is a hosted facility and membership-management solution for the health club, tanning, and martial arts industries. The service, geared toward clubs with multiple locations, is designed to help manage all data, including membership, point-of-sale, attendance, and marketing activities from the corporate, club, and individual departments inside each club. “Our clients have used Frontdesk Corporate-Edition to manage their facilities from the front desk to the back office, without the cost of implementing and maintaining their own connections to each club,” notes Jeff Runnels, IT director. “They also have the confidence of knowing that their data is safe and highly available in our secure data center.” Contact:, 800-233-8483 See our ad on page 63 —|


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Fiserv Compete, from Fiserv, is a Webbased, club-management software solution that automates the process of operating a club, enabling staff to manage everything from prospecting, to contract management, to member management; front-desk check-in; accounting; and scheduling and locker assignments. The program couples easyto-use functionality for clubs with a member self-service experience. Compete offers a single- to multi-site solution with optional EFT payment processing, outsourced billing, collections, and member call-center services. “Compete, with an intuitive interface that improves staff efficiency and productivity, will grow along with a club as new members or locations are added, eliminating the need to acquire new hardware or software,” says Jim Parks, the general manager of Club Solutions, at Fiserv. “In addition, Compete is backed by a financially stable company that’s constantly improving its products and services.” Contact:, 800-324-9800 See our ad on page 7 —|

MindBody, Inc.

Shape.Net Software

MindBody offers Web-based software tailored to businesses that need scheduling and business management systems. Its functions include: scheduling that is accessible to clients and staff; integration of e-commerce and point-of-sale; automated e-mail confirmations and reminders; in-depth business analysis reports; the ability to track client information and history using the company’s robust client profile; and staff management functions that allow users to create and edit schedules, access contact information, and generate payroll. MindBody Business Management Software is trusted by thousands of clients in 50 countries to manage and grow their businesses.

Shape.Net’s Web-based management technology’s functions include: personal training management, membership management, EFT, scheduling, fitness assessments, digital contracts, check-in (fingerprint and key tag), point of sale, gift cards, member and trainer log-in access, videos (instructional exercises), prospect and retention management, expense tracking, collections, and financial reports. Shape.Net also offers free software training. “Shape.Net software is designed for the owner of a health club or personal training facility who wants a single software system that can operate their entire business effectively,” notes Larry King, founder and CEO of Shape.Net.

Contact:, 877-755-4279 See our ad on page 105 —|

Contact:, 800-381-2082 See our ad on page 80 —|

Motionsoft, Inc.

Twin Oaks Software

eClubLogic, Motionsoft’s online club management, membership management, and marketing software, offers a comprehensive system designed to automate the business processes associated with membership updates and billing, scheduled sessions with club trainers, and fitness assessments, as well as the various related commercial activities in a membership-based business. eClubLogic is offered as a complete suite or in modular form. “As with anything, clubs that have invested in the online world need to ensure that their data is safe, secure, and easy to use,” asserts Al Noshirvani, Motionsoft’s president. “Motionsoft can help make that possible.”

Twin Oaks’ Online Services integrate with desktop software and provide club management functionality, all accessible from the Internet. The services include: real-time membership statistics; member transaction tracking; report generation; and member information maintenance. “For today’s prospective club members, instant online information is an expectation,” observes MJ Laliberte, Twin Oaks’ general manager. “By meeting this demand and establishing an online sales and marketing process, you will realize improvements in revenue and retention rates as members become more involved in your facility.”

Contact:, 800-323-6005 See our ad on page 13 —| Paramount Acceptance Paramount Acceptance provides robust, adaptive software solutions that offer operators the flexibility to remain competitive in today’s environment. These include: 24/7 access to real-time reporting, personal-training tracking, streamlined data entry, POS, employee management, Front Desk Monitor, childcare management, automatic payment processing, billing and invoicing, return resolution, collections, and marketing programs. “Owners and managers need solutions that help them maximize sales and retention while giving them the latest technology to achieve their business goals,” observes Glen Bendixen, Paramount’s CEO. “Paramount provides this pairing of services and experience.” Contact:, 800-316-4444 See our ad on page 72 —|

Contact:, 866-278-6750 See our ad on page 14 —| Vitabot Vitabot, the online nutrition firm, uses advanced mathematics and computer-based intelligence to transform food journaling into a simple and easy process. Its program is delivered via the club’s Website, under the club’s logo, and allows members to identify their eating mistakes and learn how to correct them, using their favorite foods. “Vitabot not only improves member results, but also serves as a powerful new marketing tool, both in the community and with corporations; today, the latter place a particularly high value on clubs that can improve the nutrition of their employees,” explains Vitabot founder Joe Graves. Contact:, 301-220-4250 See our ad on page 60 —|


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What’s New 62 | FIT Extra 67 | BuyersMart 87

Nautilus, Nautilus One Abdominal Crunch. —|

Photo sponsored by Nautilus




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| Innovations | What’s New

Human Kinetics » Now available from Human Kinetics is Qualitative Research in Physical Activity and the Health Professions. This 232-page text explains the underlying principles of qualitative inquiry to help make it easier for students and practitioners to understand how to design, conduct, and evaluate qualitative research studies. It helps readers learn how to frame a researchable problem; how to develop questions to gain insight that specifically Human Kinetics’ applies to the problem; and how to guide the procedures research resource for data collection and analysis. It also includes examples from current literature, along with learning objectives, dialogue boxes that feature students’ questions in Q&A format, and take-home messages that summarize each chapter. For more information, contact the company at 1607 N. Market St., Champaign, IL 61920; 800-747-4457; —|

Surfing ‘suspension’ by Fitness Anywhere

Club Marketing & Management Services, Inc. (C.M.S.) » Industry veteran Mike Chaet, Ph.D., has teamed up with Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., author of the best-selling FISH! series of business books, to produce LOOPS: The Seven Keys to Small Business. This new release is designed for anyone who is running, or working in, a small business with less than Small-biz smarts $100 million in sales and with from C.M.S. limited resources for training and development programs. This business parable follows the personal journey of a young man who’s assigned a business school project to study how small businesses operate. LOOPS explains the commitments that build trust, innovations that improve service, and the day-to-day routines that deliver real results—ensuring that entrepreneurs close all the “loops” related to their business dealings. For more information, contact the company at P.O. Box 1156; Helena, MT 59624; 406-449-5559; —|

Balanced Body


Fitness Anywhere, Inc.

» Fitness Anywhere, Inc., and Surf Stronger, a provider of training programs, have created a new surf-specific training video that brings the performance benefits of Suspension Training to bear against the physical demands of surfing. The 30-minute full-body workout, using Fitness Anywhere’s TRX Suspension Trainer, targets muscles and movements that are critical to surfing and injury-prevention. The third in the popular Surf Stronger series, this video features professional surfer Holly Beck and is sold for $14.95 as a download. “We’re excited to work with Surf Stronger to bring TRX Suspension Training to surfers worldwide,” says Randy Hetrick, the founder and president of Fitness Anywhere, Inc. For more information, contact the company at 1660 Pacific Ave., San Francisco, CA 94109; 888-878-5348; —|


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» Balanced Body has introduced the EXO Chair with a new split-pedal option. This update adds rotational and reciprocal movement of the extremities—which can’t be performed with a single pedal— for expanded performance and a more robust exercise repertoire. Add a Functional Resistance Kit, and gain additional exercises not possible with any other chair. It’s great for group Pilates classes and personal training sessions. Single-pedal Balanced Body’s EXO exercises may still be perEXO Chair formed using the included dowel accessory that converts the dual pedals to a single pedal. With eight resistance settings, this product is ideal for all fitness levels and is lightweight and easy for one person to set up, store, move, and stack. For more information, contact the company at 8220 Ferguson Ave., Sacramento, CA 95828-0931; 800-745-2837;—|


| Innovations | What’s New

Spectrum Fitness Services

Medical Fitness Association

» Spectrum Fitness Services offers its new Tailgate Detection System (TDS), which is designed for 24-hour access health clubs to monitor unauthorized club entry, such as when a valid member lets a nonmember enter the club during unstaffed hours. Designed to be reliable and a significant value, TDS sells for less than $1,500. “Many owners of independent fitness centers are do-it-yourselfers by nature, so we designed a system that would be easy to install without the Entry security by Spectrum Fitness expense of bringing in a professional installer,” explains Lee Roberts, the president of Spectrum Fitness. The company provides products and services designed specifically for fitness center key clubs. For more information, contact the company at 554 South 1st St., Fulton, NY 13069; 315-598-5585; —|

» The Medical Fitness Association (MFA) recently released the results of the 2009 Medical Fitness Industry Compensation Survey. The survey analyzes and provides data on demographics, financial information, compensation, and industry trends. The compensation analysis includes salary data on management positions, hourly staff positions, and salary-torevenue ratios by facility size. More Compensation data than 30 job categories are included, from MFA and the trends analysis compares today’s annual salaries and hourly rates to those of 1998, 2007, and 2009 on a percentage increase basis. According to the report, over the past two years, annual salaries and hourly rates have risen an average of 15.3%; over the past 11 years, these rates have risen an average of 46.7%. For more information, contact the company at P.O. Box 73103; Richmond, VA 23235; 804-897-5701; —|





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| Innovations | What’s New

M-F Athletic Company – Perform Better

Power Systems, Inc.

» Perform Better’s new Functional Training Racks provide effective, efficient, and organized storage for all functional training equipment. Both types of racks can hold stability balls, medicine balls, elastic bands, foam rollers, mats, and more, in a spaceefficient manner. The Club Rack measures 48” wide by 33” deep by 61” high; the Physio Rack measures 29” wide x 33” deep x 61” high. Both are priced at $549. For more information, contact the company Training Racks at P.O. Box 8090, Cranston, RI 02920-0090; Perform Better 800-556-7464;—|

» The new Adjustable Power Plyo Box from Power Systems is designed to save space and time, without sacrificing quality. With a fully welded tubular steel frame, the new 30” adjustable box offers seven height settings, in 2” increments, from 18” to 30”. It features a 30” by 26” non-slip landing area to accommodate athletes of all sizes, and comes equipped with wheels and a handle for easy transport. For more information, contact Power Systems’ the company at P.O. Box new Plyo Box 51030; 5700 Casey Drive, Knoxville, TN 37909; 800-321-6975; —|

Matrix’s new Johnny G KRANKcycle

Vibram FiveFingers


Matrix Fitness Systems » Johnson Health Tech North America, Inc. (JHTNA), has introduced a redesigned version of the Johnny G KRANKcycle by Matrix, a stationary hand-cycle with independent crank arms. Among the changes is a rotating crank and flywheel assembly that allows for forward and reverse movements from the seated position. The ergonomically shaped seat allows users to sit more comfortably while exercising. In addition, its tapered design enables exercisers to lunge or squat while standing, and the seat can be easily removed for wheelchair access. A pivoting height adjustment accommodates a wide range of torso and arm lengths; a narrow crank axis facilitates higher RPMs; and the maximum user weight is 350 pounds. For more information, contact the company at 1600 Landmark Drive; Cottage Grove, WI 53527; 866-693-4863; —|


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» Vibram has expanded its offering of unique glovestyle footwear with the introduction of three new FiveFingers models: Performa for women, the Moc for men, and the KSO Trek. The Performa and the Moc were developed in response to consumers’ FiveFingers footwear demand for a design intended specifically for yoga, Pilates, and fitness training, and sell for $110. The KSO Trek, which comes in kangaroo suede leather, offers a new outsole and tread design for increased protection and traction on rugged terrain. It’s priced at $125. FiveFingers footwear delivers the freedom of going barefoot, with the protection and surefooted grip of a Vibram sole, helping to improve balance, agility, and general foot health. For more information, contact the company at Damon Mill Square, #H3, Concord, MA 01742; 978-318-0000; —|



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| Innovations | FIT Extra Circuit Training

Strong on Wellness

Circuit Training Keiser

Selectorized and circuit training equipment are valuable partners in maintaining members’ health Think of selectorized and circuit training equipment as the strong, silent—and very accommodating—type. As wellness and rehabilitation become inextricably linked with fitness, strength training is increasingly being recommended to help fight a number of diseases and to maintain overall

Keiser XPress Training System

health. Manufacturers have recognized this link and, as a

Designed to maximize workout results in a minimal amount of time, this research-based training system combines cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and stretching. The circuit incorporates Keiser bikes, the Keiser Stretch Zone, and a minimum of six of the company’s air-powered resistance machines. The first half of the 30-minute training system is dedicated to cardiovascular training on the bikes, while the second half entails strength training, with “active-rest” stretches performed in between sets.

result, have quietly developed machines that move more naturally with the body and fit a wider range of users. “It’s nice to see that the medical community is finally realizing and vocalizing the importance of strength training. It now plays a key role in fighting obesity, preventing diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis, reducing high blood pressure, and just improving the way you look and feel,” notes Randy Webber, founder and chief designer for Hoist Fitness, in San Diego. “To meet those needs on the equipment side, we’ve seen an increase in multi-dimensional/multi-plane exercise movements, such as user-defined exercise arms that allow the exerciser to determine the movement path of their hands during pressing or pulling exercises, and cable motion machines and machines utilizing articulating pivots, both of which allow the user to choose the arc and angle that their hands will travel in. We’ve also been diversifying our product line-up to benefit a greater age range of participants, with lighter weight stacks, smaller incremental jumps, and the promotion of increased reps at lower weight.” B. Daryl Shute, education coordinator at Knoxville, Tennesseebased Power Systems, Inc., has also noted this move toward functional, more natural movement. “With innovations, such as cables and pulleys attached to moveable arms on the machines, we can now perform ‘functional’ exercises from standing, sitting, or even lying down positions. These weight-bearing exercises allow the body to move in the way it was designed. Almost every manufacturer now offers a series of non-traditional equipment to meet those needs.” To that end, adds Doug Durnford, product manager at Precor, in Woodinville, Washington, strength equipment manufacturers are now more focused on ease of access and user adjustments. “Selectorized/ circuit training strength equipment is a very mature market,” he says. “Current trends, like pinless weight stacks, continue to address easeof-use and small refinements to biomechanical implementation. It’s about making strength training equipment more approachable and usable to a larger percentage of the population, including those with disabilities.” To see the latest innovations in this category, browse through the following pages of F.I.T. Extra! —|

Life Fitness See our ad on Page 9

Circuit Series Life Fitness’ 11-piece line of space-efficient machines delivers time-efficient, total-body workouts in an approachable, easy-to-use format. The units boast a user-friendly design and superior biomechanics. The patented Lifeband Resistance System mimics gravity for maximum strengthtraining results, and eliminates acceleration at the top and bottom of the exercise for an express-style workout with the feel of traditional machines. A low-profile, easy-access design, no required machine adjustments, and an innovative resistanceselection system minimize user intimidation.

– Jon Feld,




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| Innovations | FIT Extra Circuit Training ProMaxima Fitness


Technogym See our ad on the back cover

Champions CL-110 Leg Extension ProMaxima Strength and Conditioning’s new line of Champions youth equipment is engineered with the same reliable materials and rugged components that ProMaxima is known for. It features sleek shrouds and specialty pop-pin-seat adjustments to prevent injuries. The cam designs ensure biomechanical movements with appropriate resistance and starting weights, and seat heights are positioned for youths and petite adults. The Bee Fit educational materials include facility design layouts, slip covers, logos, and circuit training guidelines.

NEW Fit-Quik Fit-Quik puts all-body strength and cardio protocols at an exerciser’s fingertips, and allows fitness professionals to take advantage of SCIFIT’s training differentiators to attract, manage, and retain clients. Fit-Quik programs are time-efficient, motivational, and easy-to-use exercise protocols that accommodate a wide range of clients, from those rehabilitating to those training for elite-level competition. They deliver cardiovascular and functional strength benefits.

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Easy Line Easy Line provides a fun, effective, and easy-to-use training option for individuals looking for a friendly and non-intimidating training modality. The hydraulic resistance system requires no adjustments; resistance is determined by the speed of movement. The nine-piece circuit also incorporates interval station equipment to support Technogym conditioning programs: General Fitness/Weight Management, Kids and Teens, and Active Aging. In a non-group setting, Easy Line can be used as an entry-level resistance-training circuit.

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| Innovations | FIT Extra Circuit Training Vortex Fitness Equipment

NIMBUS The NIMBUS is a unique training system for kids, ages 6-18, that accommodates up to 16 children, and takes up just 11' 6" x 20' of floor space. Programming for the unit was developed by Brian Grasso of the IYCA for fun, unlimited movement/ activity-based fitness and sports training for all. The Vortex NIMBUS offers virtually limitless training opportunities.

Quad Training Center The Quad Training Center utilizes 4 Vortex Pro-Trainers in an 800-square-foot footprint for maximum versatility in a minimal amount of space. Circuit training, group exercise, or one-on-one personal training is easily accomplished. With the company’s unique “Grab-n-Go” feature, users can perform complete strengthtraining, functional, and core workouts in only 30 minutes. Each Pro-Trainer is wheelchair-accessible for inclusive fitness and ADA compliance.

The Perfect Storm Vortex’s The Perfect Storm is an adjustable, functional multi-station that accommodates up to 12 people. It takes up only 5' x 12' of space in a 12' x 20' training area. Among its many features are: an adjustable push-up and dip station; a chin-up bar; a training post to attach resistance bands; multiple U-bolts along the base of the unit for attaching bands; 16 bands of various resistance levels; a 65cm physio ball; and a resistance band storage rack.


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| Innovations | FIT Extra Selectorized Selectorized Body-Solid, Inc.

For more Information

See the advertisers’ index on pg. 115 or search at

Pro Club Line Designed for heavy health club use, Body-Solid’s Pro Club selectorized strength-training line includes machines that are aesthetically appealing; space-efficient; solidly constructed; biomechanically sophisticated; and comfortable, with upholstery and padding, and user-friendly adjustments. Built to last a lifetime, all are backed by a strong warranty. The Pro Club line consists of a deluxe cable center, functional-training center, dual cable column, lat machine, chest press, inner- or outer-thigh machine, leg curl, leg extension, and leg press.

Pro Dual Line Body-Solid’s Pro Dual Line can be used in single- or multiple-stack arrangements. The heart of the system is the spacesaving 4-Stack Weight Tower, with positions for two, three, or four stations. Individual stations include the ab crunch/back extension, cable column, biceps/triceps, inner-thigh/outer-thigh, lat-pulldown/ mid-row, leg-press/calf-extension, leg-extension/leg-curl, multi-press, and pec/delt. All of the units feature curved frames, sophisticated biomechanical engineering, heavy-duty construction, user-friendly adjustments, and comfortable upholstery and padding.




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| Innovations | FIT Extra Selectorized Brudden Technology

CYBEX International, Inc. See our ad on the inside front cover and page 1

CYBEX Total Access Cardio and Strength Line NEW NEXT Strength Line The NEXT strength line stands out for its unique design. Tested and approved by the Biomechanics Labs of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the NEXT strength line was created to lead users to achieve their maximum muscle performances, allied to low injury risks. With no apparent cables or belts, it’s also innovative with respect to user safety. The NEXT strength line is an ideal cost-benefit solution for clubs, gyms, and high-end users.

CYBEX Eagle The Eagle strength-training line features Second Generation Dual Axis Technology, which provides a choice of machinedefined or user-defined paths of motion, resulting in versatility that helps users of all fitness levels achieve results. Patentpending range-limiting devices ensure the integrity of the strength curve, regardless of the user’s size, and ergonomically contoured, molded pads provide maximum support. The line’s unique “Logical Pairs” design conserves floor space by allowing machines to be positioned back-to-back.

CYBEX’s Total Access products address the exercise needs of people with disabilities by removing the barriers that have previously prevented them from obtaining a beneficial workout. The cardiovascular equipment and weight stacks feature raised iconography and color-contrasted handles to aid visually impaired people; swing-away seats and one-handed functionality to accommodate people in wheelchairs; and a Range Limiting Device (RLD) to assist people with limited ranges of motion. Manufacturer’s list price: $2,795.00

Manufacturer’s list price: $4,545.00




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| Innovations | FIT Extra Selectorized FOREMAN’s full line of non-analog strength equipment is simple to operate, and is ideally suited to boutique health clubs, colleges and universities, YMCAs, and municipalities. The company offers quality and affordability, and its equipment is manufactured with durability to withstand intensive usage. Standard color options for frames and upholstery are available for quick delivery, and custom colors can also be selected to suit individual design tastes.

Foreman Products, Inc.

CYBEX VR1 Strength Systems


VR1 has been value-engineered to yield an elegant, space-saving design that lets health clubs offer their members a comprehensive strength-conditioning system, regardless of the size of the facility. Ease of use, intuitive design, and function ensure member satisfaction. It also features enclosed weight stacks that add a modern appeal and meet all ASTM and EN safety standards. The 15-piece line offers a host of options, and can be customized to meet any club’s specific needs. Manufacturer’s list price: $2,495.00

CYBEX VR3 The CYBEX VR3 line is packed with innovative features. These include: advanced biomechanics, such as converging and diverging patterns; patent-pending range-limiting devices; the Second Generation Twist Select increment weight system; and assisted seat adjustments. Its elegant appearance is enhanced with unique oval tubing and contoured pads crafted for ultimate support and maximum comfort, as well as a fully enclosed weight stack for safety. Manufacturer’s list price: $3,645.00

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| Innovations | FIT Extra Selectorized FreeMotion Fitness

HOIST Fitness Systems, Inc.

FreeMotion EPIC Selectorized

ROC-IT Selectorized

FreeMotion’s EPIC Selectorized line has raised the bar for traditional strength training with 18 pieces of equipment that are attractive and easy to use. Innovations in technology and movement patterns provide members with smooth workouts that employ efficient fixed isolation. FreeMotion EPIC’s rugged, commercialgrade construction delivers heavy-duty performance.

The HOIST ROC-IT line embodies a unique training experience that achieves the unrestricted joint movement and core-activating benefits of functional training, coupled with the stabilizing benefits of machine-based equipment. ROX technology makes the user an integral part of the exercise motion by continuously adjusting the position of the exerciser with the movement of the exercise arm. The ROC-IT line engages the user throughout the entire exercise range of motion, creating fun, biomechanically correct workouts.

Hammer Strength See life fitness

Life Fitness See our ad on Page 9

Hammer Strength MTS Hammer Strength MTS, the selectorized version of the popular plate-loaded machines, makes use of patented Iso-Lateral technology. This technology offers independently functioning limbs and a converging or diverging movement pattern that closely replicates the body’s natural movements. The machines’ dual weight stacks (one for each limb) are designed to preserve the purity of Hammer Strength’s hallmark independent movement and minimize friction to enhance the smoothness of the exercise. The line features 13 pieces.


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Pro2 Series Featuring 19 rock-solid pieces, Life Fitness’ Pro2 Series is a full line of traditional strength machines designed to withstand heavy-duty usage. The line features 10 upper-body, seven lowerbody, and two torso/multi units. Each of these machines is available in a base version, called Pro2, or a fully-loaded version, the Pro2SE. The latter offers an integrated incremental weight system, complete rear weight stack shrouds, spring-assisted roller seats, and six frame and 10 upholstery colors.

| Innovations | FIT Extra Selectorized Matrix Fitness Systems See our ad on the french cover

NEW G7 Series

Signature Series Life Fitness’ Signature Series strength line boasts a number of convenient, innovative features, including gasassisted seat and pad adjustments, and an integrated incremental weight system. Oval frame tubing, contoured cushions, and a low profile create a sleek, contemporary look. The warranty covers frames for 10 years; guide rods, pulleys, and weight plates for five years; linear bearings, cables, and grips for one year; and upholstery, springs, and any items not specified for 90 days.

G3 Series

Beautifully designed with a consistent The G3 selectorized series comprises low profile, the new G7 Strength Series 27 single-station units. The new converging challenges exercisers to expect more. chest press, converging shoulder press, It’s packed with intuitive features that diverging seated row, diverging lat pullwill transform a club’s strength floor, down, and the Matrix Functional Trainer including: exercise placards that are offer greater variety and training options. equipped with an integrated electronic Each unit boasts oversized grips; towel rep counter and timer; Action Specific and cup holders; ergonomic seating; oval Grips that reduce stress on contact tubing; color-coded adjustments that points; and numeric incremental can be made from the exercise position; weights that are easily accessible and an automotive-quality powder-coat and provide quick selection. finish. The polarized titanium finish with clear coat provides a lasting, .5 .5pg ad 9/8/09 11:02 AM Page 1 quality appearance.

. . . g n i c u d o r I�t

Since 2005, has been the health club industry’s premier online career center. Now, IHRSA has harnessed the power of and is pleased to present If you’re hiring, or looking for a job in the industry, is for you. Log on today! International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association | Seaport Center, 70 Fargo Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02210 USA




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| Innovations | FIT Extra milon industries GmbH

Train Tec The Train Tec series offers ideal biomechanics, adjustable resistance in 1-kg increments, and various adjustments to fit all users’ bodies. A multifunctional display provides easy access to important training feedback, such as speed, range of motion, heart rate, and more. Relevant exercise information is saved on the user’s personal Smart Card, which is used with the exclusive software that comes with the Train Tec series. This line is suitable for health clubs and physiotherapy centers.

Nautilus See our ad on Page 106

Nautilus Nitro Plus Offering the same advanced functionality and technology as the Nautilus Nitro line, the 26-unit Nautilus Nitro Plus incorporates upgraded aesthetics and special enhancements that set it apart. These include: sleek tower shields with brushed stainless steel fronts; contoured, extracomfortable seats; and accessory trays conveniently mounted on each weight stack.


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| Innovations | FIT Extra Selectorized  aramount Fitness P Corporation

SP Circuit Nautilus One Strength System

Paramount XL2 Series

This single-station strength equipment combines a revolutionary weight-stack technology with an intuitive and userfriendly selection method: a dial. The line includes a single weight tower design; custom-contoured, handcrafted upholstery; hydraulic seat adjustments; and large instructional placards. Nautilus One boasts a sleek, modern design that helps make strength training a selling point for any health club. Plus, it’s easy to maintain, with no guide rods to lubricate and no weight-stack pins to bend or get lost.

The Paramount XL2 Series represents advanced, value-engineered performance, styling, and reliability. A low profile, spaceefficient footprint, and attractive, ovalshaped tube frames create a streamlined, uniform design with superior biomechanics to enhance any commercial fitness center application. User-friendly features include easy-to-follow, step-by-step exercise charts; user adjustment guides; and intuitive seat adjustments. These machines undergo structural testing of 500,000 cycles, and meet or exceed ASTM and EN-957 industry standards.


Featuring low-profile, space-efficient designs, the premium 17-piece SP Circuit combines optimal ergonomics, precise biomechanics, and superior structural performance with contemporary aesthetics. Features include colorful, user adjustment guides with step-bystep instructions; gas-assisted, fourbar-linkage seat adjustments; patented Advanced Rotary Technology on select models; contoured pads; and fully shrouded weight stacks. Extensive component cycle testing well above maximum field applications ensures long-term durability and minimal service requirements. The circuit is ASTM- and EN957-compliant.



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Visit us at Club Industry Booth #1043

| Innovations | FIT Extra Selectorized Power Systems, Inc.

Precor, Inc.

Adjustable Cable Column

Functional Trainer

The adjustable cable column has a 150pound weight stack and a multifunctional design that give users a multitude of exercise options. It operates at a 2:1 pull ratio for decreased inertia, and rotating handles meet different range-of-motion requirements. Its compact footprint and free-standing style fit any location. Made of tubular steel, the machine weighs 590 pounds and measures 90" H x 45" L x 36" W .

The functional trainer boasts dual 150-pound weight stacks to accommodate one or two users simultaneously. It features a revolving handle and dual-position chin station. Designed for efficiency, the functional trainer requires only one adjustment: the starting position. No cable changes are needed. Made of tubular steel, the trainer weighs 760 pounds and measures 93" H x 51" L x 48" W.

Manufacturer’s list price: $1,750.00

Manufacturer’s list price: $2,950.00

Visit us at Club Industry Booth #1059 82

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NEW Precor Experience Strength C-Line The Experience Strength C-Line is pure Precor quality in selectorized strength equipment that moves the way exercisers move. This outstanding line delivers durability, attention to detail, and a sleek, sculptural appearance to complement any health club’s decor. Built using sound biomechanics to ensure optimal resistance and smooth interaction between user and equipment, easy-touse Experience Strength products are designed to provide both users and owners/ operators with a positive experience.

| Innovations | FIT Extra Selectorized ProMaxima Fitness


NEW Precor Experience Strength S-Line

Precor Icarian Line Selectorized Machine-Defined Motion

The Experience Strength S-Line is a high-quality, comprehensive conditioning circuit that meets the space and budget requirements of a wide range of health clubs. These single-station strength machines complement any facility’s decor; require minimal floor space; and are easy to own and use. Built using sound biomechanics for optimal resistance, they’re engineered to move smoothly with the body, and the userfriendly design and attention to detail make working out more satisfying, comfortable, and efficient.

This user-friendly product line guides members through exercises along a fixed-motion path that targets specific muscles. With their compact footprint and low-profile frame design, these machines are extremely club-friendly. Each piece offers intuitive adjustments, and select units feature an adjustable start position (ASP). With the Precor Icarian trademark 2" x 4" bent-steel frame construction, this reliable selectorized line offers a smooth, effective workout experience that’s appropriate for all users.

Precor Icarian Line Functional Training System (FTS)

Precor Icarian Line Selectorized User-Defined Motion

This cable-and-pulley strength-training machine permits users to define their own range of motion while performing a variety of strength and conditioning exercises. The FTS incorporates two adjustable high/low pulleys that slide easily along parallel tracks, affording multiple placement positions and facilitating more than 100 different movements and exercises. Users are able to target every major muscle group and focus on strengthening their core.

Featuring dual independent weight stacks, these units provide real, dedicated resistance with true isolateral movements. The user-defined path accommodates multiple angles and independent movement, while the dual stacks permit small, incremental adjustments, making them ideal for deconditioned users, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes alike. For added convenience, exercisers can make adjustments easily from the seated position.

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Raptor P-6100 Abdominal Curl Endorsed by Lee Labrada, the Raptor Series is powerful strength training equipment. Offering a full array of upper- and lower-body exercises and a sleek, space-efficient design, ProMaxima’s top-of-the-line strength-training series makes it easy to achieve maximum results. All Raptor pieces are made to order, thereby allowing flexibility to deliver virtually any color combination. Color leather upholstery pads with an optional logo are also available. The equipment is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

SportsArt Fitness

Strength Series The ergonomically designed Strength Collection includes 23 single-station units and a line of benches and racks that boast a modern, visually appealing design. Among the features: integrated incremental weights, magnetic selector pins, fully shrouded weight stacks, gasassisted seats, and range-of-movement and range-limiter adjustments. Units include a cable tower, independent lat pulldown, abdominal crunch, assisted chin/dip, chest press, cable cross, leg press, pec dec, shoulder press, and low row.

| Innovations | FIT Extra Selectorized Star Trac See our ad on Page 5

Impact Strength

NEW Inspiration Strength

The Impact Strength’s LockNLoad technology is the latest among Star Trac’s user-focused features designed to simplify and maximize the effectiveness of strength-training workouts. The pinless LockNLoad weight-selection system ensures that health club members won’t have to deal with missing or bent pins on weight stacks. The Impact strength line offers 27 uniquely designed training stations that encompass the industry’s most popular strength-training exercises; all of the pieces are available with LockNLoad technology.

Inspiration Strength provides the ultimate user experience and incredible approachability, with low-profile towers, soft frame lines, and easily visible instructions. Exercisers are surrounded by an intuitive interface that owes more to luxury automobile ergonomics than traditional exercise equipment, and many machines offer unilateral function for balanced training and greater variety. Inspiration Strength also features the LockNLoad pin-less weight-selection system that affords streamlined and efficient workouts.

Instinct Line


The Instinct line encompasses 30 space-efficient single- and dual-function machines that can be used as a standalone strength line or as a quick circuit. Simple to use and comfortable for all users, the machines feature minimal adjustments and easy entry. The line has a look that’s consistent with Star Trac’s popular cardiovascular equipment.



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| Innovations | FIT Extra Selectorized Technogym See our ad on the back cover

 uff Stuff Fitness T Equipment, Inc.

NEW Element+ Line

NEW Cal Gym Series

Element+ provides effective, non-intimidating, and intuitive strength training. The small footprint and reduced weight stack heights accommodate all facility layouts. Adjustments are minimal, and all are accessible from a seated position. Visual-only instructional placards provide exercise guidance, and Vario-density padding offers extra support. Conical handgrips accommodate different training positions. Key upper-body machines incorporate an independent and converging arm movement. Lastly, an integrated half-plate allows users to gradually increase their weight.

The Cal Gym Series by TUFF STUFF is designed for vertical markets and health clubs, and features simple single- and dual-function selectorized machines. This streamlined, versatile, and compact equipment represents quality, ease-ofuse, and smooth biomechanical operation that make them inviting and non-intimidating for users. Cal Gym delivers the same performance as larger, more complex machines, in a smaller, friendlier package. And the optional finish and upholstery combination colors liven up any atmosphere.

Vortex Fitness Equipment

Multi-Vector Lat & Back Trainer The Multi-Vector Lat and Back Trainer by Vortex trains the lats, traps, and overall back ultra-efficiently with a patented “Grab-n-Train” design that offers ease of use for a more complete workout in less time. The machine provides exceptional versatility with seven attachments that can be accessed and set easily. It’s also wheelchair-accessible.

Missed an Issue? Did you know you can access the full text of CBI articles from as early as 2001 on IHRSA's Website? You can also download entire past issues, and purchase reprints! To learn more, visit



Proformance Series

Technogym’s Selection line combines effectiveness, comfort, and ease of use with visual appeal and more than 30 equipment options. The durable and non-intimidating elliptical design is consistent throughout all benches, cables, and selectorized machines. Selection products have extensive safety features, including weight stack covers and Easy Start levers. A towel-locking device, integrated incremental half-plate adjustment system, double hand-grip system, and easy-to-spot yellow-colored adjustments enhance user comfort and satisfaction.

TUFF STUFF’s belt-driven Proformance Series encompasses a full line of singlestation exercise and multiple-exercise/ dual-function machines. They feature 2" x 6' and 2' x 3' 11-gauge tubular-steelframe structures that are guaranteed for life, as well as low profiles, compact design, and exceptional biomechanics. Six frame finishes and 20 upholstery colors are available. Other features include custom-embroidered wear covers and accessory items, such as acrylic-composite protective weight shields, and the company’s patent-pending “PiggyBack” add-on weight device.

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| Innovations | BuyersMart


Product Profiles The BuyersMart is an effective shopping tool—one that allows you to find out about a wide range of products and services without leaving the comfort of your club. The following companies are also listed on, where an advanced search function enables you to find the companies and products you are looking for easily. For detailed contact information, please refer to the advertiser index at the end of this section.


Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation Since 1985, Sports & Fitness Insurance (SFIC) has been in the business of insuring health clubs and fitness centers. For the past eight years SFIC has been IHRSA’s only business partner providing General Liability Insurance for our industry. As a member of IHRSA’s Group Purchasing Program, SFIC offers General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Umbrellas, Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Surety Bonds for facilities in all 50 states. » At Sports & Fitness Insurance our service and commitment ensure you a perfect fit. Contact us at Post Office Box 1967, Madision, MS 39130–1967 800-844-0536, Ext 2222 or 2252; 601-898-8464; 601-707-1037 (FAX)





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| Innovations | BuyersMart A-1 Textiles

Aeromat Fitness Aeromat/EcoWise 2070 Zanker Road San Jose, CA 95131 Toll-Free: 877-278-6158 Fax: 707-221-4040 Aeromat/EcoWise Fitness Products specializes in supplying high quality mats and related fitness products to the fitness, sporting and rehabilitation industries, and offers the market both product innovations and brand name recognition. Âť For a dealer near you, call today! Call toll-free: 877-278-6158 or visit or

ASF International

CI Solutions

CYBEX International

HEX Tanning

The new CYBEX FT-450 Functional Trainer has a unique patent-pending design that adds two key features to enhance functional training capabilities. First, the Progressive Stabilization Pad, which allows the user to incrementally modify their stability, and the Cable Width Adjustment, which results in innumerable height and width configurations. No other product offers such game-changing training versatility. Âť For more information call us at +1-774-324-8000, or visit us at



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5/19/09 2:35:07 PM

Special Advertising Section

| Innovations | BuyersMart Iron Grip Barbell

Mondo USA

Iron Grip eWeight Planner™ Iron Grip has recently updated their eWeight Planner online tool. Featuring the latest product updates from 13 of the top strength manufacturers, this program is the fastest and easiest way to calculate the perfect amount of free weights for your fitness facility. The Planner recommends the proper assortment of dumbbells, plates and bars based on the variety of plate-loaded machines, racks and benches you select.

Rubber Sports Surfaces Mondo's wide ranges of sport surfaces are engineered to meet the specific needs of every athletic facility; from gymnasiums, weight rooms and cardio areas to indoor and outdoor running tracks. Mondo has combined quality, durability and performance in its various product lines. Engineered to withstand punishment from free weights and barbells. It combines exceptional shock absorption and energy return for unparalleled safety and comfort. » For more information please visit our website:

» Visit or for your personalized free weight plan.


Star Trac

SPORTSMITH UPHOLSTERED PADS Make Your CYBEX Equipment Look & Feel Like New!

Extend the life of your Cybex Classic and VR2 strength equipment and save money with our SPORTSMITH replacement upholstered pads. We use the same quality materials as leading equipment manufacturers: > > > >

Durable, stain-resistant covers Top quality dense polyurethane foam Sturdy 3/4-inch plywood bases SPORTSMITH savings and value


Cybex Classic & VR2 Upholstered Pads Available Your Fitness Parts & Products Superstore

Supreme Audio, Inc.

The eSpinner® is a breakthrough new Spinning® bike manufactured by Star Trac that brings the experience out of the group cycling room and onto the cardio floor. Now users of all levels and abilities can experience the fun, energy and excitement of a Spinning® class whenever they want, and on their terms. With a state-of-the-art, embedded touch screen, it’s more than an intuitive dash board—it’s a virtual Spinning® Master Instructor. Simply choose a goal and intensity level and you’re off to a guided, virtual Spinning® class experience. » For more information on the eSpinner® visit or call 800.228.6635.

Tune Belt, Inc. Cardio Entertainment Accessories & Instructor Supplies

Fitness Sound Systems Dedicated exclusively to Fitness Sound Systems since 1975! Free “Professional Fitness Audio Buyer’s Guide” featuring SupremeProAudio, Samson, Shure, Telex, Audio-Technica and Special Projects wireless microphones, variable speed tape decks and CD players, speakers and amplifiers. SupremeFM wireless entertainment systems.Free Lifetime Technical Support. 24-hour shipping...99% same day! Largest selection of components with 100% secure online shopping. Competitive prices! » For more information, please call Jane Plaugher at 800-445-7398 or visit

• iPod Armbands • Microphone Belts & Batteries • Ten Quality Headphones

For free samples & pricing Call: 1-800-860-1175 visit:




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| Innovations | BuyersMart




Page Advertiser


» A-1 Textiles | 800-351-1819


» Mondo USA | 800-441-6645


» Aeromat/EcoWise Fitness Products | 877-278-6158


» Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation | 800-844-0536


» ASF International | 800-227-3859


» SPORTSMITH, LLC | 800-713-2880


» CI Solutions | 800-599-7385


» Star Trac | 800-228-6635


» CYBEX International, Inc. | 508-533-4300


» Supreme Audio, Inc. | 800-445-7398


» HEX Tanning | 800-556-3201


» Tune Belt, Inc. | 800-860-1175


» Iron Grip Barbell Company | 800-664-4766

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IHRSA Report First Set 95 | In Brief 96 | International 98 Member News 100 | Calendar 109 | Coming Soon 109

HIV is a devastating disease that affects more than 30 million people and 2 million children worldwide, according to UNAIDS. Exercise has been shown to have a positive effect on some of the virus’ debilitating symptoms. It does so, in part, by promoting the growth of immunity-building T-cells, which, among other things, helps minimize muscle-wasting. —|




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| IHRSA Report | First Set


The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association is a not-for-profit trade association open to investor-owned and member-owned fitness, racquet and athletic facilities. Associate memberships are available to manufacturers or suppliers of products and services of use to IHRSA members. 800-228-4772 USA & Canada 617-951-0055 International 617-951-0056 FAX E-mail: IHRSA Board of Directors David Patchell-Evans: Chairperson GoodLife Fitness Clubs 519-661-0190 ext. 238 Lynne Brick: Brick Bodies Fitness 410-252-8058 Rick Beusman: Saw Mill Club 914-241-0797 Bob Shoulders: Fayetteville Athletic Club 479-587-0500 Mike Raymond: Curves International 254-399-9285 Susan Cooper: BodyBusiness Health Club & Spa 512-459-9424 Art Curtis: Millennium Partners Sports Club Management, LLC 617-476-8910 Sandy Hoeffer: Western Athletic Clubs 415-901-9243 David Hardy: Club Fit Corporation 780-953-4273 Kilian Fisher: ILAM + 353 (0) 45 902235 Jeff Klinger: Anytime Fitness 651-438-5050 Kay Yuspeh: Elite Fitness & Racquet Clubs 262-786-0880 Bill McBride: Club One 415-477-3000 Gene LaMott: Ex-officio TW Holdings 360-877-3915 SPECIAL ADVISOR LATIN AMERICA Richard Bilton: Companhia Athletica (55) 11-5181-2000

October: Trick? Or Treat? October tends to be a nerve-wracking period for the financial markets—it’s the month in which the most financial meltdowns have occurred—as well as for industry, in general. It also marks the advent of Halloween, at a time when most people are thinking, “We don’t need anything else to scare us.” As a result, and particularly given the weak global economy, a lot of people are being extremely cautious about how they spend their time and money. I’d like to suggest a positive and proactive approach to the situation. First, visit the IHRSA bookstore ( to access a wealth of information that will help you be more successful. Revisit topics that you’re already well versed in, and explore ones that are brand new. The time and effort you invest this month will determine, in part, how well your club does in the future. Many people, as well as many businesses, tend to follow the David Patchell-Evans crowd, but, as members of IHRSA, our job is to remain cuttingIHRSA Chairperson edge and provide leadership. The advantage we enjoy is that we always have the newest, most reliable facts at our fingertips. Knowledge is critical, but creating an effective action plan and, then, implementing it successfully are also crucial. IHRSA, for instance, is constantly formulating detailed, comprehensive strategies to define and guide its broad initiatives, as well as specific projects and meetings. A case in point: IHRSA 2010, the association’s 29th International Convention and Trade Show, which will take place March 10-13 in San Diego. The planning for this annual world-class event takes place, virtually, year-round. As I’ve indicated, you need to be thoroughly informed; plan intelligently; and execute professionally. But, perhaps as important, you need to recognize that now, this month, at this very moment, when everyone else is running scared, it’s your time to be bold! As others hesitate, you have a golden chance to proceed with confidence. Certainly, you have to remain prudent financially, but you also have a responsibility to your various constituencies—staff, members, and suppliers— to excite, inspire, motivate, and work with them. We’re required to serve our communities with our professional expertise, but also with our honest optimism. An upbeat attitude, a little fresh paint on the walls, a dynamic membership sales promotion—how much difference can little things make? As members of IHRSA, we all hold a competitive edge. For us, recession notwithstanding, October is a time of treats—no tricks required. —| – David “Patch” Patchell-Evans,




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| IHRSA Report | In Brief

Fending Off Threats in All Fifty States


very day, club operators encounter business threats: a new club could be opening in the neighborhood, or the local job market could be putting the squeeze on members’ wallets. Or it could take the form of legislation—quietly filed in the state capital—that could dramatically affect how a club operates. What makes the latter situation so dire is that many operators are so busy working with their heads down, trying to outpace the competition and increase retention numbers, that they don’t even notice the silent threat lurking at the state house. Members of IHRSA, however, can continue to focus on daily operations, knowing that, should an urgent issue arise, the association will work diligently to protect and promote the club industry. In fact, IHRSA has an 18-0 legislative record so far this year. The IHRSA Public Policy Council, a coalition of concerned club operators who make financial contributions to the Industry Defense Fund that supports battles vital to the club industry, funds this work. “In this economy, for clubs and IHRSA alike, we must maximize every dollar to grow, protect, and promote the industry,” says Meredith Poppler, vice president of industry growth. “This is not just about the largest clubs in the industry; it’s about every club contributing what they can.” Indeed, the resulting work benefits clubs and suppliers of all types and sizes. In late 2008, New Jersey legislators introduced a bill that would have placed enormous financial burdens on personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and clubs. The Industry Defense Fund enabled IHRSA to retain a lobbyist in the capital city of Trenton, who could personally lobby legislators and work with local fitness professionals to build opposition to the legislation. “This bill was so burdensome that it could’ve potentially shut down personal training and group exercise in all of New Jersey,” says Helen Durkin, JD, executive vice president of global public policy. “It’s sobering to consider the financial impact this would have had.” At the state level, IHRSA works not only to protect clubs from personal training legislation but also from the threat of many other negative types of legislation, including a sales tax on club dues. Forty-seven states are currently facing budget deficits; implementing a tax on services, such as health clubs, can be an attractive option for cash-strapped states. This year, the Industry Defense Fund has allowed IHRSA to successfully fight the taxation of membership dues in five states. Contributions to the Industry Defense Fund are also used to support legislation that “grows the industry” by increasing the number of people exercising in health clubs. In Washington, D.C., this means that IHRSA can actively seek passage of legislation that creates incentives for Americans to exercise, such as the Workforce Health Improvement Program (WHIP) and the Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) acts. Dollars from the Public Policy Fund are used to operate an IHRSA Washington office, build a nationwide grassroots network, and host the annual IHRSA Summit for a Healthier America on Capitol Hill. “Having a presence in D.C. has been incredibly important to the industry, especially this year during the healthcare reform debate,” says Durkin. Members of IHRSA’s public policy staff have been meeting regularly with key Congressional officials to talk about including exercise as prevention in healthcare reform. “As the industry trade association, it’s part of our critical mission to represent the health club industry in Washington and every state capital. Contributions from the Public Policy Council make that possible.” Clubs and individuals who donate are thanked handsomely by IHRSA. According to Poppler, “Making a contribution provides tremendous added benefits for club operators.” In addition to access to special council-only communications and meetings, contributors can receive discounted or even complimentary passes to the IHRSA Convention and Trade Show, IHRSA research publications, and more. —|

.org 96

Club Business International




For more information, log on to To pledge now, please visit

| IHRSA Report | International

International Intrigue IHRSA events blanket the world in just 30 days By David Patchell-Evans


his fall, IHRSA will perform on the world’s stage in three different places in less than 30 days. The grand tour begins this month (October 22-24) in São Paulo with the 10th Anniversary IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference and Trade Show, the largest gathering of industry leaders in South America. It overlaps (October 22-25) with the 9th Annual IHRSA European Congress in Dublin, Ireland, the premier event for European club operators. And it concludes (November 10-13) with the 8th Annual IHRSA Asia-Pacific Forum, in Japan, similarly, the biggest event of its kind in the region. Wow! How many people will be influenced by this whirlwind, worldwide production? Well, if you take into consideration the fact that the South American fitness industry serves 6 million people; the European, 41 million; and the AsianPacific, 15.9 million—that means that IHRSA, in ways subtle or significant, will have touched the lives of nearly 63 million individuals belonging to approximately 86,500 clubs. In just 30 days! In each case, the IHRSA staff and prominent guest speakers from throughout the world will be sharing their expertise, experiences, and wisdom with attendees. And, in each case, IHRSA and, in turn, the industry will be learning valuable lessons from local operators.

If you can, you should explore the world at the association’s events in São Paulo, Dublin, and Tokyo. But, if you can’t, we’ll bring the world to you in San Diego.

South American clubs, for instance, have much to teach about the critical importance of education. In Brazil, fitness-class instructors are required to have a degree in physical education or an equivalent level of education in kinesiology. That firm foundation, combined with the highest concentration of group-fitness classes anywhere and Brazilians’ legendary enthusiasm for music and fashion, has made the country one of the world’s leading group-x practitioners. Dublin, for its part, provides a window on the incredible diversity represented by Europe, which boasts the largest number of club chains in the world. The amazing variety is reflected in its member demographics, business models,


Club Business International




Dublin’s luxurious Burlington Hotel

physical facilities, exercise programming, branding approaches, and market penetration. In France, for example, just 5% of the population belongs to a health club, but, in Sweden, more than 15% have memberships. There’s much to observe and learn in Tokyo, as well. You’ll discover, for instance, that, while the major chains dominate the landscape, they appear to coexist peacefully, and profitably, with a large number of small operations—there seems to be room and a niche for all. The most striking aspect of Japanese clubs, though, is the unparalleled cleanliness of each and every facility—a standard I’ve never seen equalled elsewhere. Incredibly, every single person, without exception, has to remove their shoes before entering a club. The emphasis on cleanliness, hygiene, and club maintenance creates a fresh, uncluttered environment that makes it easy for members to focus on their fitness goals. IHRSA, which, as you know, stands for the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association—emphasis on “international”—has done a remarkable job of integrating the global industry, spreading both enthusiasm and information about health and fitness in some 78 countries. There’s no other organization of its kind in the world. Its efforts may be universal, but they come together, coalesce in a dramatic, concrete way, during IHRSA 2010: the 29th Annual International Convention and Trade Show, which will take place March 10-12 in San Diego. If you can, you should explore the world at the association’s events in São Paulo, Dublin, and Tokyo. But, if you can’t, we’ll bring the world to you in San Diego. See you there! —| – David “Patch” Patchell-Evans,

K&K Insurance offers a variety of affordable specialty coverages to the health and fitness industry crafted for the needs of individual facilities. Coverage through our facilities program includes property, general liability, inland marine, crime, commercial auto, excess liability, and workers’ compensation (subject to state availability). Coverage is provided by one of the largest insurance providers in the U.S., rated A+ by A.M. Best. Now, fitness instructors and smaller health and fitness operations such as exercise studios, circuit training facilities and health clubs offering limits services may also purchase coverage online via our new website. The new site is simple to use and provides an option to purchase coverage immediately using a credit card. K&K, a leading provider of sports, leisure and entertainment insurance programs, has been a key supplier of coverage to the health and fitness industry for more than 15 years and is pleased to offer this innovative design for our clients’ convenience.

Buy online today at or ask your insurance agent to call us at 877-355-0315.


Sports | Leisure | Entertainment Visit us at Club Industry Booth #1135

| IHRSA Report | Member News

Associate Profiles

Associate News American College of Sports Medicine


To decrease the prevalence of childhood obesity and promote physical activity, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has partnered with the Youth Fitness Coalition (YFC). This partnership brings together ACSM’s Exercise is Medicine initiative and YFC’s signature program, Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously). Project ACES Day takes place on the first Wednesday of May as part of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and National Physical Education Week. Project ACES Clubs promote physical activity all year long by creating youth fitness programs in their schools. “This is an important action we’re taking to address youth fitness and health, and Exercise is Medicine is the perfect venue for our involvement with Project ACES,” explains James R. Whitehead, an executive vice president of ACSM. —| u

When it comes to cleaning, ProTeam has what it takes. This company invented the lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner in 1987, and, since then, has been developing tools and programs that make the cleaning of commercial facilities more efficient and productive, and, even, healthier. ProTeam’s backpack units are ideal for health clubs, allowing workers to easily move from room to room and maneuver around closely placed equipment. A convenient tool belt for accessories simplifies dusting machines and hard-to-reach areas. The units feature superior ergonomics and advanced, fourlevel filtration, which captures 99.9% of dirt and pollutants one micron or larger in size. Its backpacks, ProTeam claims, can increase productivity by up to 70%. A three-year warranty on parts, labor, and motor is standard. For more information, contact the company at 5118 N. Sawyer Ave., Boise, ID 83714; 866-888-2168; —| u

u Tangolates, the unique Tango and mind-body combination, gives health clubs the opportunity to offer exciting new classes using the licensed DI TELLA Apparatus made for two. Created by >

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u Arno Niemand, founder and chairman of Body Bar, Inc., was recently inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, earning the Order of Merit, which is presented to individuals other than athletes and coaches who have made a significant contribution to the sport of wrestling. The winner is selected by a vote of the Distinguished Members of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. “This award is particularly meaningful to me, considering the great people who have received it before,” says Niemand. He wrestled at Cornell University, and was later inducted into the Cornell Hall of Distinguished Wrestling Alumni. Throughout his life, Niemand has supported wrestling and, last year, received the FILA Gold Star, the highest award given to an individual by the world-governing body of wrestling. —|

Iron Grip Barbell Company



Body Bar, Inc.


u Iron Grip Barbell Company has joined the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) as a Corporate Vendor Member. “As the only free weight provider to partner with MFA, we recognize the increasingly important role that medical fitness facilities play in the health and fitness industry,” notes Donna McCallum, the vice president of sales for Iron Grip. According to Cary Wing, Ed.D, the MFA’s executive director, “We’re confident recommending Iron Grip’s excellent products to our medical fitness center members.” The medical fitness category continues to serve the needs of an increasing population of individuals with health risks, and the MFA is a professional membership association that’s dedicated to medical fitness and integrated care as the prescription for better health. —|



Nationally & Internationally Recognized, with over 65,000 members & 15 years of providing outstanding education to the fitness industry.

Excellence in Health & Fitness


American Fitness Professionals & Associates

The mission of AFPA is to provide students with an affordable education that gives them the knowledge, skills and awareness necessary to enhance their own lives, the lives of others, and the community at large. Accredited Certification for Personal Training, Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Call today to learn more 1.800.494.7782

VA Approved for GI Bill

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Associate Profiles Tamara Di Tella of Buenos Aires, and originally introduced to the medical community, Tangolates is now endorsed by several celebrities, including Sting, Bryan Adams, and ballet legend Julio Bocca. Purchased as a license only, the package includes one DI TELLA Tangolates portable, stackable apparatus for two clients; an owner’s manual; and a collection of DVDs featuring more than 1,000 exciting movements. A license contract is available at a promotional discount price of $1,995, plus shipping, and each additional apparatus costs $650. For more information, contact the company at Libertador Avenue 3152, Buenos Aires (1425), Argentina; +54 11-4805-6081;; —|

u Since 1999, has provided individuals and wholesale customers with a wide variety of innovative, affordable yoga and fitness products, such as yoga blocks, mats, and fitness balls. The company’s newest item, the Microban Yoga Mat, is the only yoga mat that’s proven to repel bacteria and fungus, while keeping the mat cleaner in between cleanings— making it ideal for hot yoga, ashtanga, or power yoga classes. The company also recently released its new “Maendy Mat,” a 6' by 6' square yoga mat that’s popular for use in partner and acro yoga classes. The company offers outstanding customer service and a 100% satisfaction, moneyback guarantee. For more information, contact the company at, 206 Murphy Road, Hartford, CT 06114; 800-331-8233; —|

Associate News Life Fitness Celebrity Cruises has installed 16 Life Fitness Elevation Series treadmills, nine elliptical cross-trainers, and six Lifecycle exercise bikes on its Celebrity Solstice ship. The equipment features touchscreen technology, iPod connectivity, an on-console Virtual Trainer, and Nike+ iPod compatibility, all for more engaging workouts. “We don’t have the luxury of being able to bring in new parts or products at any time, so durability is equally important to style,” explains Susan Bonner, the director of onboard revenue at Celebrity Cruises. Notes John Stransky, the president of Life Fitness, “This innovative fitness equipment reflects the luxury experience that guests are receiving on the rest of the ship.” —| u

Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. u SPIN Fitness (Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.), the creators of the Spinning program and patented line of Spinner bikes, now owns the exclusive distribution rights for the Bodyblade product line. SPIN Fitness, a large equipment-based education company, will create effective curriculum for Bodyblade. Each year, the company holds thousands of continuing education and certification courses in multiple disciplines, including Spinning group cycling, Peak Pilates, Freeform Board, and Resist-A-Ball stability ball training. “The Bodyblade has a broad appeal in that it’s simple to use, challenging to master, and effective in numerous practical applications,” says John Baudhuin, the founder of SPIN Fitness. “Our ability to advance products through comprehensive education and distribution is exactly what the Bodyblade system needs to take it to the next level.” —|

Octane Fitness u The newest winner of NBC-TV’s worldwide hit series, “The Biggest Loser” in Australia credits his Octane Fitness elliptical cross trainer as critical in helping him shed a remarkable 192 pounds in just 12 weeks—the most ever of any “Biggest Loser” titleholder. Starting the weight-loss contest at 370 pounds, Bob Herdsman, 57, of Bunbury, Western Australia, says, “I never liked treadmills, but I became a huge fan of ellipticals, and Octane is unbelievable when it comes to feeling good and delivering results.” Although he was entitled to a free elliptical from a show sponsor, Herdsman followed advice he solicited, and selected the Octane Fitness Q47ce, paying $5,468 of his own money and exercising consistently to claim a spot in the show’s finals. —|




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New Members

IHRSA Membership Eligibility Standards

Snap Fitness 3215 Irvin Cobb Drive Ste. 103 Paducah, KY 42003 Mr. Chad Young

Arizona Snap Fitness 6455 N. Viewpoint Drive Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 Mr. Keith Conrad

Anytime Fitness 209 E. Park St. Crowley, LA 70526 337-250-4675 Mr. Matthew Richard

Crunch 1725 Union St. San Francisco, CA 94123 415-403-3399 Mr. Ben Vadi

Snap Fitness 43480 Mission Blvd. Ste. 160 Fremont, CA 94539 Ms. Dana Mason

Snap Fitness 14505 Hwy. 44 Gonzales, LA 70737 Mr. Mike Dupuy

New Jersey Anytime Fitness

Michigan 2350 10th St. Menominee, MI 49858 906-864-4888 Mr. Keith Boye

Florida Anytime Fitness 701 Cleveland St. Clearwater, FL 33755 727-216-6378 Mr. Ricky Allison

549 Rte. 130 Hamilton, NJ 08691 609-581-0122 Mr. Kevin Kroos

New York Crunch 152 Christopher St. New York, NY 10014 212-366-3725 Ms. Ashanti Randolph

Mississippi Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness

1573 U.S. 49 S Magee, MS 39111 601-849-4757 Ms. Jenny Mapes

32813 Eiland Blvd. Zephyr Hills, FL 33545 813-355-4845 Ms. Lola Jegede

North Carolina Snap Fitness

Anytime Fitness 311 Hwy. 45 Alt S. West Point, MS 39773 662-492-5877 Mr. Joel Ward

Illinois Anytime Fitness 1710 Bradford Lane Normal, IL 61761 309-452-9695 Mr. Justin Breese

Snap Fitness 276 N. Broad St. Carlinville, IL 62626 Mr. Tony Harris

Nevada Anytime Fitness 955 W. Craig Road North Las Vegas, NV 89032 702-399-0025 Mr. Steven Benson

Iowa Snap Fitness 100 6th Ave. De Witt, IA 52742 Mr. Will Schuster



6919 Hwy. 70 E Newport, NC 28570 Mr. Ken Hammer


Snap Fitness 640 Friars Point Road Clarksdale, MS 38614 Mr. Michael Carr

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Anytime Fitness 243 N. Main St. Yerington, NV 89447 775-463-3848 Mr. Alex Hilgenberg

Anytime Fitness


Anytime Fitness 3170 Vista Blvd. Sparks, NV 89436 775-358-1144 Mr. Brendon Borden



Members of the association must comply with IHRSA’s baseline health, safety, and ethical standards. To learn more, visit or contact IHRSA at 617-951-0055.


Anytime Fitness 5878 Mayfield Road Cleveland, OH 44124 440-461-9500 Mr. Ron Hackleman

Texas Anytime Fitness 4600 W. Eldorado Pkwy. McKinney, TX 75070 972-369-0909 Mr. Eric Guillot

Anytime Fitness 1185 S. Broadway Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 903-885-3434 Mr. Brannon Moore

Virginia Snap Fitness 7641 Somerset Crossing Drive Gainesville, VA 20155 Mr. Derreck & Alicia Benoit

Washington Snap Fitness 13514 E. 32nd Ave. Ste. A Spokane Valley, WA 99206 Mr. Jeffrey Spencer

Wisconsin Snap Fitness 18905 W. Capitol Drive Brookfield, WI 53045 Mr. Richard & Christa Paul

Australia Fit! Gym 84 Bermersyde Drive P.O. Box 1024 Berwick, Victoria 3806 +61 39-702-1155 Mr. David Flanagan

Tennessee Snap Fitness 830 Nissan Drive Ste. 120 Smyrna, TN 37167 Mr. Robert Britton

Canada Mansfield Athletic Club 800 Blvd. Leduc Brossard, Quebec J4Y 0E9 405-618-0321 Mr. Stephane Quintal

| IHRSA Report | Member News

Snap Fitness 2927 Ellwood Drive SW Edmonton, AB T6X 0B1 Mr. Corey Dalton

Zenith Fitness Clubs 95 St. Claire Ave. W Ste. 1403 Toronto, Ontario, M4V 1N6 416-450-9060 Mr. Murray Kline

Denmark Fysioterapi & Motion Stamholmen 151, St.. Hvidovre, 2650 +45 3-649-1340 Mr. Turf Nielsen


Fitness Club Liv Hashimoto

Fitness Club Liv Kasukabe

Heidemannstr. 5B Munchen, D-80939 +49 89-319-0830 Mr. Mario Wenzel

3-3-1 Hashimoto Sagamihara Kanagawa, 229-1103 +81 42-775-6600 Mr. Takuya Nozu

3-8-1 Kasukabe Kasukabe Saitama, 344-0061 +81 48-753-7070 Mr. Takuya Nozu


Fitness Club Liv Hibarigaoka

Fitness Club Liv Kitaasaka

2-8-23 Hibarigaoka Kita Nishitokyo Tokyo +81 42-438-3636 Mr. Takuya Nozu

1-2-2 Nishihara Asaka Saitama, 351-0034 +81 48-485-2200 Mr. Takuya Nozu

Fitness Club Liv Higashikurume

Fitness Club Liv Kitatoda

3-3 Hon-Cho Higashikurume Tokyo, 203-0053 +81 42-476-7654 Mr. Takuya Nozu

2160 Niizo Toda Saitama, 335-0021 +81 48-434-5151 Mr. Takuya Nozu >

INJOY Munchen Nord *

Alice Sports Club 1-33-15 Matsugaoka Nakano-ku Tokyo, 165-0024 +81 33-385-6363 Mr. Chiaki Nakajima

Fitness & Onsen Liv Yamato 3-2-1 Yamatohigashi Yamato Kanagawa, 242-0017 +81 46-265-3222 Mr. Takuya Nozu


Store Online Scheduling Auto Billing

Contracts eCommerce Solutions

Strategic Marketing Tools

Customer Relationship

Management On 877.755.4279


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Authentic Cycling Introducing the NEW Schwinn A.C.™ Series IC Bikes, Consoles and Instructor Training

Measurement = Motivation

Learn more and contact a sales rep: Š2009 Nautilus, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Schwinn A.C. is a trademark of Nautilus, Inc. Schwinn and the Schwinn Quality Seal are registered trademarks. Nautilus, Inc. World Headquarters, 16400 SE Nautilus Drive, Vancouver, WA 98683.

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Fitness Club Liv Sagamiohno

Sportsclub Renaissance Ebina

7-19-1 Sagamiohno Sagamihara Kanagawa, 228-0803 +81 42-702-0303 Mr. Takuya Nozu

2-9-50 Chuo Ebina Kanagawa, 243-0432 +81 46-235-2320 Mr. Takuya Nozu

Fitness Club Liv Yokohama

Sportsclub Renaissance Fujimidai

2-2-1-2 Minatomirai Nishi-ku Yokohama Kanagawa, 228-8105 +81 45-222-5555 Mr. Takuya Nozu

Takanodai Tennis Club

Life & Kicking B.V.

810 Yokodo-cho Hanamigawa-ku Chiba, 262-0001 +81 43-259-8281 Mr. Takuya Nozu

Eva Besnyostraat 29 Amsterdam, 1087 KR

Life Style Fit Huniahof 14-18 Rotterdam, 3079 ES

Tennis School Renaissance Shintomiya

3-12-33 Nukui Nerima-ku Tokyo, 176-0021 +81 35-372-1006 Mr. Takuya Nozu

1-7-12 Narita Tomiya-machi Kurokawa Miyagi, 981-3341 +81 22-348-3719 Mr. Takuya Nozu

Konami Sports Club Jiyugaokaekimae

Sportsclub Renaissance Meguro

Tennis School Renaissance Fujimino

2-12-17 Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku Tokyo, 152-0035 +81 35-701-3111 Mr. Chiaki Nakajima

4-1-5 Megurohon-cho Meguro-ku Tokyo, 152-0002 +81 33-760-7100 Mr. Takuya Nozu

2-16-1 Ureshino Fujimino Saitama, 356-0056 +81 49-256-3444 Mr. Takuya Nozu

Konami Sports Club Himonya

Sportsclub Renaissance Nagaoka

2-1-24 Himonya Meguro-ku Tokyo, 152-0003 +81 35-274-6005 Mr. Chiaki Nakajima

2-221-1 Senshu Nagaoka Niigata, 940-2108 +81 25-829-5529 Mr. Takuya Nozu


Konami Sports Club Nakanofujimichou

Sportsclub Renaissance Nishikokubunji

2-53-6 Yayoi-cho Nakano-ku Tokyo, 164-0013 +81 35-342-3855 Mr. Chiaki Nakajima

2-9-2 Izumi-cho Kokubunji Tokyo 185-0024 +81 42-300-2459 Mr. Takuya Nozu

Sportsclub & Spa Renaissance Hikifune

Sportsclub Renaissance Urayasu

Kei-Fit Center Gendringen

1-46-2 Kyojima Sumida-ku Tokyo 131-0046 +81 35-655-3676 Mr. Takuya Nozu

2-6-18 Kitasakae Urayasu Chiba, 279-0002 +81 47-304-6133 Mr. Takuya Nozu

Kieser Training

Sportsclub & Spa Renaissance Tomigaoka

Swimmingclub Renaissance Choshi

6-3-3 Nakatomigaoka Nara Nara, 631-0003 +81 74-240-2200 Mr. Takuya Nozu

3-652 Nagatsuka-machi Choshi Chiba, 288-0837 +81 47-924-0450 Mr. Takuya Nozu

Mango Health & Fitness Heidebloemstraat 23 Schijndel, 5482 ZA

Medico Vision Sports Training II BV Olympisch Stadion 23 Amsterdam, 1076 DE

Necksports Neckerstraat 133 Wijdewormer, 1456 BC

Oasis Fitclub B.V. Slachthuislaan 22d Den Haag, 2521 SB

Olympia Sport & Health

S.A.T.S. Schous plas

De Hooge Krocht 33 Noordwijk, 2201 TP —|

Trondheimsveien 2 d Oslo, N-0560 (47) 2-149-2223 Ms. Karoline Ildal

Netherlands Judo & Sportcentrum Yawara Dorpshuisweg 9b Hierden, 3849 BL

Waalstraat 1 Gendringen, 7081 AJ

Geldropseweg 8a Eindhoven, 5611 SH

Kroevensport Roemer Visscherlaan 3 Roosendaal, 4707 BX




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Save the date | 2009-2010 IHRSA Events

Coming Soon in

October 22-24


10th Anniversary IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show Transamerica Expo Center, São Paulo, Brazil

8th Annual IHRSA Asia-Pacific Forum Tokyo, Japan

Club Business International

MARCH 10-13

OCTOBER 22-25 9th Annual IHRSA European Congress The Burlington Hotel Dublin, Ireland

Face Lift: Clubs are upgrading their brand presence and keeping their members updated via Facebook, Twitter


IHRSA 2010 – The 29th Annual International Convention & Trade Show San Diego, California

Patch Him In: An exclusive interview with David Patchell-Evans, the president and CEO of GoodLife Fitness Clubs and IHRSA’s new chairperson


Monthly IHRSA Online Education Monthly Webinar Series  For details and topics, visit: —|

Architectural Odyssey: CBI takes you on a guided world tour of some of the most architecturally innovative and just plain stunning fitness facilities out there


Flavorful Infusion: Many clubs are achieving healthy profits by effectively marketing smoothies, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements


2009 Industry Events OCTOBER 9-10



Fitnessvakdagen Ultrecht The Netherlands

American Council on Exercise’s Fitness Symposium 2009 San Diego, California symposium

15th Annual MFA Medical Fitness & Healthcare Conference Orlando, Florida

OCTOBER 14-17 Club Industry Chicago, Illinois

NOVEMBER 4-7 SIBEC Europe Split, Croatia


Uplifting Workouts: Help your members reach new fitness heights with rock climbing walls and climbers, in next month’s installment of F.I.T. Extra


DECEMBER 3-5 Athletic Business Conference & Expo Orlando, Florida www.athleticbusiness —|

Out of Shape by Stan Tran

To obtain complete details about, or to register for, all IHRSA events, log on to




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MarketResearch– LeaseNegotiation– ConstructionǦ InteriorDesign– EquipmentPackages– Layout HEREAREJUSTAFEWWAYSWECANHELPYOUWHEN NEGOTIATINGYOURLEASE. FREE RENT FREE PRE-SALE TI MONIES INCORPORATED IN YOUR LEASE REDUCED FINANCE OBLIGATIONS WITH BANKS MINIMIZED RISK IN PERSONAL GUARANTIES TaftConsultingisanexcitingnewventureownedandoperatedbyindustryleaderswithexperienceinhealthclub development,operations,leasingandconstruction. TaftConsulting’s teamhasover75yearsofcombined experience. Thegoalistomakeyourexperienceasseamlessaspossiblebyeliminatingtheneedtodealwithmultiple consultants,designersandcontractors. Wehavetheprovenexperiencetohandlealloftheseareasforyou. Taftprovides acompleteservicepackagefromconceptiontocompletion.

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IHRSA Meetings Preparing you for great accomplishments! Plan to attend one or more upcoming IHRSA meetings and you will be prepared for great accomplishments. Each IHRSA meeting is designed to address specific needs and provide you with the tools to excel in discrete areas of expertise. For 28 years, IHRSA meetings have been synonymous with success. Register today by visiting Meeting...accomplished!

9th ANNUAL IHRSA EUROPEAN CONGRESS October 22-25, 2009 | Dublin, Ireland | The Burlington Hotel The European market remains one of the most vibrant, fluid markets in the world today. Join together with the movers and shakers in the European fitness community to strategize on how to grow, prosper, and influence the entire European community for the greater good.

8th ANNUAL IHRSA ASIA-PACIFIC FORUM November 10-13, 2009 | Tokyo, Japan | Hilton Tokyo The Japanese health club industry boasts at least three companies in multiple categories in the 2008 listing of the IHRSA Global Top 25, making Tokyo a perfect setting for the 2009 IHRSA Asia-Pacific Forum. Included in the event will be a tour of some of the country's finest clubs, which are run with a distinctive management and operational style that cannot be seen anywhere else. Join us for an exciting and invigorating four days at this lively forum!

IHRSA 2010: 29th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION & TRADE SHOW March 10-13, 2010 | San Diego, California USA | San Diego Convention Center IHRSA 2010 returns to San Diego for another spectacular Convention and Trade Show. With a positive theme, 'The Future is You!', we will focus on moving beyond the economic struggles we have experienced and celebrate YOU, the individual who is truly at the core of what makes the fitness industry so successful.

8TH ANNUAL IHRSA SUMMIT FOR A HEALTHIER AMERICA May 5-6, 2010 | Washington, DC USA | Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill Join political icons as IHRSA descends upon the Nation’s Capitol to work together for a Healthy America. Being involved in grassroots lobbying is something every fitness professional can do, whether you work for a large chain of clubs or you own a small independent club, and doing so is personally and professionally rewarding. The work we are doing in DC benefits all clubs and all Americans.

TO LEARN MORE OR TO REGISTER • Visit • Call +1 617-951-0055 or 800-228-4772

International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association | Seaport Center, 70 Fargo Street, Boston, MA 02210 USA

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Lifestyle Family Fitness is one of the fastest-growing premier fitness clubs in the industry. Investing in our employees, creating a culture of teamwork, and building lasting relationships with our members is what gives Lifestyle Family Fitness the competitive edge to achieve great things! The Company is in an aggressive growth state with locations in Florida, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina. Our target markets include the Southeast, Mid-West, and Mid-Atlantic. Give your career more strength and join the Lifestyle Family Fitness team! Lifestyle Family Fitness has immediate career opportunities for qualified candidates in the following areas: SALES / OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT • Regional Sales/Operations Managers • District Sales/Operations Managers • Club Sales/Operations Managers

Sport & Health Clubs, Washington DC’s premiere provider of over 20 multi-purpose health clubs, is looking for talented industry professionals to join our team! We want DYNAMIC individuals who will build & develop teams, drive sales, implement & improve business tactics, foster member relationships & want to make $$$!

sport&general managers Leading & driving all club activities including sales, operations, financial management, retail, programming & staff development. 5-10 years of health club sales & management experience, including financial management is a must.

sport&sales directors Driving sales. Building & training sales teams. Implementing marketing plans. Fostering member relationships. 3-5 years of industry sales & management experience, a proven successful sales record & a desire to make $$$ are all required!

sport&FITNESS directors

TRAINERS / INSTRUCTORS • District and Area Personal Training Managers • Personal Trainers • Group Fitness Instructors

Experience the benefits of working with some of the most talented people in the fitness industry. Exercise your ability to have a fulfilling career with Lifestyle Family Fitness today! Lifestyle Family Fitness offers a Competitive Salary, Bonus, & Commission Programs; Robust Benefits Package; State-of-the-Art Fitness Facilities, Certification Reimbursement & Continuing Education, An Energetic, Enthusiastic, Team Oriented Work Environment. APPLY NOW at EOE

Training & developing personal training teams. Building and driving PT revenue. Creating a fitness culture that defines Sport&Health. Must have 3-5 years of personal training & industry management experience, a proven revenue production record & a passion to be the best!

sport&benefits Competitive salaries, aggressive bonus & commission plans, great benefits package, 401(k) plan, relocation assistance, ongoing training & long term career opportunities. To check us out, visit us at! Send resume and total compensation requirements to Director of Recruiting, Chris Ann Strahan,

EXERCISE YOUR POTENTIAL! Continue your career path in the fitness industry with our team of highly motivated & well compensated industry professionals at one of our state-of-the-art athletic clubs and spas located in CO, FL, GA, MA, MD, MN, MO, & NM.


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suppliers ad page-1009CBI:suppliers .5pg ad-1009CBI

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o ut

The IHRSA Buyers’

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tisin g t h a



8/28/09 7:51 AM Page 1 is now

IHRSA’s Newest Supplier Members! For a complete listing, including a downloadable desktop search application, visit Atwood Consulting Group 27 River Street Natick, MA 01760 508.654.6244

Health Prose 3010 Galena Way Boulder, CO 80305 303.499.7845 3208 East Colonial Drive, #257 Orlando, FL 32803 888.866.4998

Club Sentry Software 283 Weeks Avenue Manorville, NY 11949 631.878.2539

I-Trainer International 9030 W. Sahara Avenue; #213 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.892.0400

Taylored Stretching 3008 East Huber Street Mesa, AZ 85213 480.540.5348

Fitness Master, Inc 11419 Mathis, #200 Farmers Branch, TX 75234 866.434.8639

JOINONLINE 247 1000 Miranda Avenue, Studio 6 Toronto, Ontario M6B 3W7 CANADA 800-631-9858

Weight Loss Buddy Inc. P.O. Box 488 Tenafly, NJ 07670 877.283.3987

International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association | Seaport Center, 70 Fargo Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02210 USA


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Economic cycles are just that—cycles: a series of events that usually unfold in a fairly predictable way. When the economy is strong, it’s reasonable to expect that it will eventually falter; and, when it’s weak, that it will improve.


Tracy Powell


he people who are prescient enough to predict—or lucky enough to guess—when the shifts from plus to minus, or from negative to positive, will occur sometimes become quite rich. However, all too often, driven by emotion, most people tend to buy high and sell low. The younger players in the health and fitness club industry have never experienced a recession, and, if they follow the news coverage, may well fear that this one will never end. Today, however, the Wall Street Journal reports the longedfor moment may be at hand: “More signs have emerged to suggest that the worst of the global recession is over,” assessed Andrew Gates, a UBS economist, “and that a modest recovery should commence over the latter stages of this year.” Joe Moore I take more comfort, howIHRSA President & CEO ever, and have greater faith in another bit of good news that also broke today. Newspapers worldwide announced that David “Patch” PatchellEvans—the founder and chief executive of the GoodLife Fitness Clubs, a 170-facility Canadian chain—has purchased Nubody’s Fitness Centres, Inc., which has 23 sites in the Maritime provinces, for an undisclosed sum. That gives GoodLife 193 units, just seven short of the 200 Patch has said he wants to have by the end of this year, some 8,500 employees, and approximately 550,000 active members. Even before the acquisition, GoodLife was the largest club company in the world owned by a single individual.

Club Business International




Patch, as most of you know, is also the current chairperson of IHRSA’s board of directors (see “First Set,” pg. 95). As it has for untold ages, the economy continues to revolve, and, so, yes, this recession will, hopefully, soon draw to an end. But the landscape, the marketplace, our customers, our product offerings, and how we meet our members’ needs— all of that will have changed. The critical factor that will then determine which businesses thrive or merely survive is whether management has viewed the downturn as a calamity to be endured or a challenge to be overcome. Patch clearly regards it as a challenge. So, too, does Mark Mastrov, the founder and former head of 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide, Inc., who’s now launching a new club brand, UFC Gym (see “Ready to Rumble,” April CBI, pg. 38). So, too, apparently, does Praesidian Capital, a leading provider of mezzanine capital, which has just invested $10 million in Meridian Sports Clubs California LLC, a regional 11-facility chain. They’re not alone. Many other operators believe that the current economic environment holds legitimate opportunities for growth. The price of real estate is attractive. Rental rates are low. Landlords are inclined to offer improvements. Equipment manufacturers and other industry vendors are ready to do deals. Many lenders have money to extend. Now, I assure you, isn’t a time to hunker down and wish for the best. It’s a time, Patch would tell you, to take action. That’s what keeps the economy, and our industry, cycling right along. —| – Joe Moore,

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