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Editor Rosie Marsland

Sub-Editors Caitlin Kaine Emma Randles

Contributions Maggie Greenham Alexandre Guérin Rahul Ingle Caitlin Kaine Riley Metcalfe

Design Miguel Lontoc

Over the break... I slept.

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Emma Randles Fiona Robertson Tom Soh

Two P’s To Rule Them All / page 3

Maggie Greenham

Susannah Tindall

Pictorial Advice from the RA’s / page 4

Alison Lim

Emily Vearing

Would You Rather - IHSCC Edition / page 5

Rachel McLaren

Julia Vogel

What Grinds My Gears / page 7


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The Globe is published weekly by Rosie Marsland on behalf of the International House Student Club. The material here is edited but uncensored and therefore the views expressed here do not reflect those of the editor. Please share your ideas, opinions, ads and skills with us by emailing us at The Globe acknowledges the Wurrundjeri people as the traditional owers of this land. We pay our respects to their elders, past and present.

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International House Globe

Alex’s Playlist of the Week / page 16


Yo, dudes and dudettes. What’s the low-down-diggitty? Okay I’m done. So, break is over, those who left us have come back, those who stayed are better at procrastinating than ever, and it’s back to uni for us all (cue huge sigh from the RMIT kids, who had their break weeks ago). With only 3 weeks of class before the dreaded SWOTVAC (which apparently stands for Study Week Or Take Vacation – I think I’ll go for the vacation), this editor can’t believe the semester’s nearly over. What is this?! Cue spiel about how time flies and all that.

Moving on, this Globe features some of the IH entries to ICAC Arts and Writing, our first article from our resident funscience-guy and artwork by the marvellous Maggie (hidden talent much?!?), as well as many other wonderful articles from the gorgeous Globe team (special mention goes to Caitlin, who managed to proofread and edit for me while hungover/still drunk). On top of all that, you will have seen the beautiful faces of your new Student Club Committee starring on the cover of this week’s edition (snaps to Rachel for her mad photography skills). I posed them the challenge of making their faces as small as possible and YOU gets to vote on who was the most successful – look out for a poll on the Globe Facebook page! ( – like it if you haven’t already for all your Globe action!). Inside, you can read about their new roles and weird preferences as we played a game of “Would You Rather” with them all. But I don’t want to spoil the surprises that wait you within these pages! So I’ll sign off now. Until next week, xoxo Rosie

Two P’s To rule them all AND WE’RE BACK! After a well deserved break for all Melb uni and ACU students, (if you’re not from Melb uni, then too bad) it’s time to get back into the crazy routine of classes again. I’m sure everyone is preparing for SWOTVAC by getting out and enjoying your last few days of freedom, so here’s a little reminder of things that need to be done: ROOM POINTS! The official room points forms are coming out very soon, it’s time to remember all that you have done over the past year and fight for your right to a room that you can actually spread your legs in. May the odds be ever in your favour. In other news, we shall be having one last GM this year (20th Oct) which sounds

daunting I’m sure, but there are O-WEEK auditions at the end of it, which always promises to be good fun. Remember, there are certain coordinator positions to be voted in for GM, these include Ball coordinator, Play coordinator and Café coordinator. If you believe you have what it takes to be in charge of the largest events of the year, I suggest you get started on making a speech. Something to get excited about, this week is our last set of high table dinners; we end with the celebration of our Valedicts on Thursday!

- Rahul and Tom OCTOBER 7, Issue 2


With just a handful of weeks left in semester, the Residential Assistants have some pictorial advice:



Have a great week! -The RA's P.S. we are going to organize some cool stuff soon-ish, so keep an eye on us!

WOULD YOU RATHER - IHSCC EDITION Rahul Ingle: Our beloved leader and president. If you weren’t already aware, he is our main man for the next year. Would you rather have to take an ice cold shower to be clean or not shower at all? How long have I not showered for? Your whole life. It’s some kind of medical condition. Yeah, I’ll take the cold shower

Sameer Jalees: Our dear Activities Treasurer – he controls our fun money! Parties, clubs and societies, shop… We love him. Would you rather live in a world with Pokémon or never have to worry about money? Damn, that’s tough... I’d say, ‘cause of the extreme danger of Pokémon (imagine being scorched alive by charizard or trampled by an onix lol). I’d go with the first ‘cause having an exorbitant amount of money would be pretty awesome...but if life was like Pokémon (in the cartoons they never died despite all the shit that happened to them) then I’d go with the second, it’d be legendary. *Sameer would also like it to be noted that if he lived in a world with Pokémon, he would like to have either a charizard or an arcanine.

Tom Soh: Rahul’s trusty right hand man, if you can’t find Rahul (he’s a busy man), Tom’s your guy! Because every president needs an amazing vice president. Would you rather have legs as long as your fingers or fingers as long as your legs? Fingers as long as legs

Tae Noppakun Wongsrinoppakun: Our General Member B, aka Fresher Rep! This lovely Thai fella is in charge of running fun events like hide’n’seek, trips to Bounce and Beach Days! He also makes sure that the fresher voice is heard at GC so if you have any concerns about that or any ideas for fun times, feel free to go see him! Would you rather eat chocolate-flavored poop or eat poop-flavored chocolate? Hahaha I think chocolate flavored poop!

Amanda Low: This lovely gal is the one that takes all the minutes in all the meetings (LOTS of minutes) and keeps everything organised. She is also in charge of the Facebook pages! Would you rather be 3 feet tall or 8 feet tall? 3 feet tall!

Vishnu Sachidaran: Our fantastic new AO! He has been in charge of two AMAZING parties already (scribble/paint and glow party, and the INN after party), and will be running all of the parties for the rest of the year - so if you have fun, or a great idea, make sure to let him know! He will also be running all things O-Week, including auditions in two weeks! Would you rather change gender every time you sneeze or not be able to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby? Not be able to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby.

OCTOBER 7, Issue 2


Khaya Mphele: The new gym guy and food guy (he might even follow in the previous GMGC’s footsteps and become president next year… Who knows?). This cutie will handle all your gym/food related enquiries and complaints, as well as being your link to CaterCare – yay! Would you rather be super strong or super fast? I’d rather be super smart. That’s not an option. I’d rather be super fast then

Thomas Schmitt: Very similar to the female sports rep. except, you know, male… Anything to do with the beloved futsal court should also go through these guys! Would you rather give up cheese for the rest of your life or live in an odd numbered floor for a year? *It took some time for Schmitty to respond* I can’t answer that… I guess the floor, I can cover it up with a sticker or something…

Maggie Greenham: Our ILO, or International Liaison Officer. Her job is to bridge the gap between local and international students, and she is in charge of the Cultural Committee and all of their fantastic activities throughout the year! Would you rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab? Haha step on a crab  6

International House Globe

Larnie Hewat: She is our IHSCC member with a heart of gold! All charitable activities and fundraising events throughout the year are held by our fantastic CIR (Community Involvement Representative), so if you want to help out anyone or anything, have a chat to Larnie! Would you rather be forced to say everything on your mind or never speak again? I think forced to say everything on my mind!

Inika Reinhardt: Our new ICAC rep. will be organising all of our super fun intercollegiate activities for the next year. She is our way in to the other colleges, through fun events and dinner swaps and the like. Would you rather be able to lucid dream whenever you sleep or be able to record your dreams (and watch them like a video)? Record them.

Vee Vien Tan: The wonderful lady in charge of all of your money and the budgeting that goes on around here. Would you rather own a dragon or be a dragon? Dragon!

Jordi Nugent: The female sports rep. is in charge of all things sport-related (obviously). Organising captains to organise teams, getting people to events – she’s your girl. Would you rather be a giraffe with your mind or a human with a giraffe’s mind? Well, I’d like to be a giraffe one day, imagine whacking people with my head haha be tall and shit. So giraffe with my mind

Genevive Kroussaniotakis: Everyone’s favourite shop girl! Providing much needed late night snacks for all of your study and procrastination needs twice every night. Would you rather lick peanut butter off of a hobo’s foot or be stuck in a cage with a hungry lion? Is the lion tame? No. Can I have meat with me? No. I’ll lick the peanut butter then…

Rosie Marsland: Our fantabulous Globe editor! Without her, you would not be reading this. Would you rather be really hairy or completely bald? .... Really hairy

WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS Okay. I figure it’s been long enough for What Grinds My Gears to change its style a bit. Not the content – a good rant is always necessary. But perhaps a bit of a change in format... the long chunks of text are a little hard to bear early in the morning. So, I’m going to write a list. A list of what, you might ask? Well, it’s something that many people encounter on a daily basis. Problems that one has to deal with simply due to being blessed with a shorter stature than others:

College This Week

1. People always pick you up. No, just because I’m short, it does not mean you have the right to forcibly lift me up in the air. No, I do not wish to be flung around just so you can chuckle about how “adorable” I am. Just because I happen to be smaller than you, does not give you permission to come into my personal bubble. 2.


Ditto to people using me as an armrest. It gets old.

3. Not being able to reach stuff. It seems like a pretty obvious one: things that are on high shelves are hard to reach, like books at the library or groceries. Now, if it’s not annoying enough to have to look like an idiot attempting to grasp things a metre above you, it’s people asking why you don’t just get a stool or stand on something. Sometimes, even climbing on stuff doesn’t help us short folk: when my smoke alarm goes off at 1am in the morning, I can’t reach to turn it off, even when I stand on my bed. Sorry for all the noise, IH. 4.

Sleeves being too long. Pants being too long. Assorted clothing issues.

5. Short jokes. I can appreciate a good one every now and again, as long as they’re witty. Problems only arise when I’ve heard the same one a bazillion times. Seriously, having people ask “how’s the weather down there?” is really, really annoying after the fiftieth time, especially as there’s not really any difference in temperature.

SNAPCHAT OF THE WEEK NAAAAAAANTS INGONYAMA BAGITHI BABAAAAAAA! Submitted by Michael ElliottJones. Keep on sending those Snapchats to ihglobeyo!

6. Trying to sit on those exceedingly tall stools along counters. It’s like climbing Mount Everest attempting to sit on one of those things whilst trying not to look like a real idiot by stacking it. If that wasn’t enough, managing to balance when your feet can’t reach the rests as well as struggling to get down again just really makes the experience worthwhile. 7. The inevitable “Wow, you’re so short!” Thank you for telling me, because, you know: I hadn’t already noticed. - Anonymous OCTOBER 7, Issue 2


"SERIOUS SHIT YOU MISSED in the time since the last serious shit you missed this week" WRITER: Riley Metcalfe


Last week, I briefly commented on the bi-

tory, the number of candidates tripled (9

Ludlam, a Greens Senator who has been a

zarre results seen in the Senate in the elec-

in 2010, 27 in 2013.) Most of these new

vocal supporter of Julian Assange. These

tion last month. In Victoria, the Australian

parties are insignificant single-issue par-

preferences take from the voter the power

Motoring Enthusiast’s Party won a Senator

ties, which do not make any serious at-

of their vote, and, more often than not,

with a mere 0.51% of the vote (17,122 vo-

tempt at campaigning. Their ‘campaign’

give it to an opponent. A Sex Party voter

tes.) In Western Australia, the Australian

begins and ends at the ballot box, when

would likely rather a Green or Labor Sena-

Sports Party almost won a Senator with

they attempt to appeal to the voter with

tor in place of a One Nation Senator – but

even less votes. In South Australia, Family

their title. These parties are numerous –

the Sex Party’s preference arrangements do

First has returned from the grave, winning

from the ‘Australian Fishing and Lifestyle

not reflect that. These preference arrange-

a Senate seat with 3.76% of the vote. In

Party’ to the ‘Smokers’ Rights Party,’ to

ments take the power of the vote from the

New South Wales, the Liberal Democratic

the ‘Animal Justice Party.’ Individually,

hands of the voter, and deliver it to party

Party won 9.51% of the vote and a Senator

these parties do not gain a large num-

officials, leading to a result inconsistent

– largely due to their position at the front

ber of votes (usually less than 1%,) but,

with the voter’s vote.

of the ballot. Such bizarre results are a re-

by preferencing each other ahead of the

sult of two main factors – the proliferation

three major parties, they can collectively

The results in the Senate election last

of ‘microparties,’ and byzantine, undemo-

get one Senator elected. This is what

month show that reform of the Senate

cratic preference arrangements.

caused the election of Ricky Muir (of the

preferential voting system is sorely nee-

Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party),

ded. Several suggestions have been made

After the 2010 election – which saw a then

and nearly caused the election of Way-

– above-the-line preferential voting, op-

unprecedented 349 Senate candidates, the

ne Dropulich (of the Australian Sports

tional preferential voting, abolishing abo-

Electoral Commission tightened the rules

Party). The preference arrangements for

ve-the-line voting, or simply eliminating all

regarding nomination, in an attempt to cut

the microparties rarely follow ideology.

candidates who do not achieve a certain

down on the number of frivolous Senate

Votes for the ‘Animal Rights Party,’ in

percentage of the vote. Now, the ball is in

candidates. This clearly failed – in 2013 the

the Australian Capital Territory helped to

Abbot’s court, but he is unlikely to pursue

number of candidates has increased to

get a Liberal Senator elected (ahead of

voting reform until close to the next elec-

529. In New South Wales, there were 110

a Green,) while Wikileaks Party votes in

tion. He needs to work with these Senators,

candidates. In the Australian Capital Terri-

Western Australia helped to defeat Scott

after all.

International House Globe


This introductory article will not present a particular topic, but rather explain what motivates its writing: science. It has long been a topic that induces groans of boredom from many a student. But while some cringe at the excitement deprived thought of having to calculate the velocity of a ball as it rolls down a hill elevated at an angle of “who cares”, I would politely slip in the alternative perspective that results derived from the very same field can tell us some powerful truths about nature. The explosions of chemistry, the majesty of the blue sky, natural selection’s subtle manipulation of biological traits, and the space bending black hole (which itself breaks physics under extreme conditions); ladies and gentlemen, wouldn’t it be nice, not detestable, to have some form of an understanding of these phenomena? One aspect of science that I think makes it such a neat field is its ability to show how our world works in such a compact fashion. Now, check out these eleven equations:

Whether you got anything physically significant from these equations is irrelevant, but what is great about ‘em is that these eleven equations (plus or minus a few more with debate) form the basis of the world, as most of us know it. These eleven equations could tell us a wide range of things in an infinitely big universe (JUST F*CKING ELEVEN), such as celestial body motion ala Newton, and refrigerators to keep your goon nice and chilled. Thank you, thermodynamics. In the end, these classical laws are not strictly correct, and we must sacrifice them for Einstein’s general and special relativity and quantum mechanics. These two modern theories are particularly mind bending, putting absolute time and space, and our certainty in where we measure things into question. While I’ve talked about physics today, because that’s what inspires me, I would hope to report on other natural sciences in this segment. Basically science is cool and I like it. Word. If you weren’t fond of my overdramatic spiel, here’s a joke: “Hey baby can I be your integral? So I can be the space under your curve” ;)

OCTOBER 7, Issue 2



Susie asked me last minute for a model to enter into the ICAC Arts and Writing competition, so I sent her along to St. Mary’s with this...

It’s a 1:20 sectional model of a personal one-roomed library, made for my current design studio at RMIT. The studio is called Uncanny House, and it’s all about designing the uncanny in architecture and asking whether that’s actually possible or not. The uncanny is hard to define, but the best way to describe it is ‘the familiar becoming the unfamiliar’. Think Round the Twist or Paul Jennings’ children’s books, combined with the gothic and sublime into a domestic terror – something to be enjoyed or scared by in the comfort of your own home. It’s not creepy enough to make you scream, but it is odd enough to make your hair rise on the back of your neck. I tried to evoke a similar atmosphere to the whimsical, constructivist drawings of Brodsky & Utkin, some cool Russian dudes from the 60s who were regarded as ‘paper architects’ because they were left to design buildings on paper after the Soviets went for sanctioned and bland state architecture. It’s pretty much a commentary on the loss of Moscow’s rich historical architectural heritage.


International House Globe

I’ve attempted to manifest the uncanny through the manipulation of Australian vernacular. Vernacular is architecture that is seen everyday and changes depending on the context and available resources. For example, Melbourne’s residential vernacular would be terrace houses and worker’s cottages. The vernacular of the site stated in the design brief is mostly worker’s cottages. I’ve taken one of those cottages and rotated the façade around so it creates an octagonal shape, and shifted the scale of the windows and doors so it appears to be a lot larger than it is. Inside is an Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome type effect, so that you feel as if you’re a giant because of the size of the windows.

Fi won the 3D Model section of ICAC Arts and Writing with her incredible model, go her! #yearofthepanda

SWISH SWOOSH SWOON That moment when you close your eyes And notice you are flying Swish swoosh swoon Your mind rocks you through Through colours, noise and sound Over thoughts and under moons Swish swoosh swoon Your mind rocks you through People say it’s not okay to hide away People say it’s not okay to climb upon a cloud So I close my eyes and fly Through the universe inside my mind Swish swoosh swoon People just haven’t tried Imagine getting lost inside your head Forgetting about gravity Forgetting about reality Just flying behind closed eyes Swish swoosh swoon Your mind rocks you through That moment when you close your eyes And you notice you are flying You’re off with the fairies they say Swish swoosh swoon If only they knew - Julia Vogel

SOURCE: Brodsky & Utkin OCTOBER 7, Issue 2


WRITER: Susannah Tindall

Q1. Which of the following books has not been attempted to be banned in the United States? A) The Harry Potter Series. B) Where’s Waldo? C) The Twilight Series. D) To Kill A Mockingbird. E) James and the Giant Peach. Q2. True or false: My (Susie) dairy farm produces more milk per day than we use in an entire year at IH. Q3. Which British royal popularised the wearing of a white wedding dress? A) Queen Anne. B) Queen Victoria. C) Queen Elizabeth 1st. D) Queen Elizabeth 2nd . Q4. True or false: Melbourne was to be called Batmania. Q5. How many hours does it take you to learn a new skill? A) 5 B) 50 C) 500 D) 5,000

A QUICK QUAINT QUIRKY QUIZ Q7. In the 1940s, there was a tent city that was set up in Royal Park (The park behind IH). Approximately how many people lived there? A) 30 B) 300 C) 3,000 D) 30,000 Q8. True or false: In Melbourne, it is illegal to drive your goat harnessed or attached to a vehicle in a public place. Q9. Which of the following is Australia’s most successful film? A) Australia B) Crocodile Dundee C) The Castle D) The Dish Q10. True or false: The Queen Victoria Market is partially built on top of the old Melbourne cemetery.

*** ANSWERS ON THE BACK PAGE *** Q6. True or false: During the Second World War, people used to seek refuge in the City Loop train line in case of an air raid.

Emma Randles: “Shut up Rick or I swear to god, I will wear all your clothes at the same time!!” Aleksandra Olczyk : “I want to be a real lady like Jane Munro.” Holly Tepper: “I wonder how many room points you need to live with PC.”


International House Globe

Susannah Tindall: “I’m a bit of a klepto when I’m drunk. Things seem to disappear up my skirt....”


The Docklands Arts, Laughs, and Blues festival is on if you want to head down to the water for a bit of fun until the 6th of October. For all you lovely Malaysians and lovers of all things Malaysian... It’s Malaysian Street Festival time! It’s at the Queen Vic market and has food, games, and a heap of other activities.

Heya friends! I bet many of you out there are hungry for some more cultural fun! While we don’t have any IH cultural events happening this week, there’s still plenty going on around Melbourne to satiate all of your cultural needs.

Maybe Italian culture is more your thing? If so the Italian Film Festival is happening. Jump online to find out what’s playing and score some hot tix or just head down for a coffee on Lygon street and pretend to be Italian. Lastly, for all you busy bees working late last night, I hope you remembered to change your clock and moved it forward one hour at 2am (Start of Daylight Savings). If you, like myself, were tucked up in bed I’d suggest changing


it asap or you’re gonna be late for class.

has written a plan to enhance life for international students in Melbourne. You are now invited to have your say if you follow this link. Who knows? Maybe you can convince them to let you have student MYKI for affordable trams - Huzzah! For everyone else, why don’t you check out 1st Friday Dance Club this week at Queensbridge Square, 6pm. In keeping with our awesome INN, this month’s style is Bollywood, so you can learn some basic moves for free and in a fun, low-fi environment.

Phillip Tan on vegetarian shepherd’s pie: “Shouldn’t it be called sheep’s pie? Shepherds eat meat, and sheep eat grass.” Caitlin Kaine: “O-Weeker auditions would be so much easier if we were animals.”

OCTOBER 7, Issue 2






10 7 FREE MUSIC, 8 BHAKTI YOGA 9 VALEDICTS COMMUNITY GARDEN WORKING BBQ AND DRINKS CLUB DINNER BEEZ Hunting Grounds, a Mantra meditation and The lasts formal dinner The University of Melbourne has a budding, student-run Community Garden! Come along from 4-6pm to join the community of gardeners.

6-piece Australian punk band is playing at North Court from 1-2pm


Hatha Yoga on-campus for improved fitness, PLAY WITH concentration, vitality YOUR FOOD and flexibility. Beginner Free, on-campus vegan level. All welcome, from dinner hosted by the En- 3:40-6pm at the Gryphon vironment Department at Gallery, Building 1888, North Court, Melbourne Graduate Centre, UniverUniversity. Starts at 6pm. sity of Melbourne

SHORT FLICKS A huge range of student-made short flims on show at ACMI, Federation Square starting from 7pm. Tickets are $10 for concession.


International House Globe

free vegan lunch at 12pm of the year! Dress classy, at North Court. Gold coin act a little classier and donation, but you get a don’t be late! full vegan feast!



Licensed, 18+ event at the Grand Buffet Hall Free entry, come have a in Union House at 6pm. laugh! 7pm at the Loun- Tickets are available at ge, ground floor of Union the Information Desk in House. Licensed event, Union House 18+ so bring your ID.

super fun times FRIDAY




An indoor market, similar to the Queen Vic - fresh food and cute stores galore! From 6am-7pm at 661 Sydney Road, Brunswick




Head over to the Caulfield Racecourse for a day of horse racing and frivolity to kick off the Caulfield racing carnival! Birds of Tokyo are performing live, too!

QUIDDITCH Inter-collegiate Quidditch at Ormond College, starting at 12pm. Seriously, the awesome-ness is self-explanatory. YOU MUST COME.






One of the world’s leading arts festivals - a fantastic celebration of art and culture from around the world

Experience some Italian culture and head to the Lavazza Italian Film Festival. Tickets $17 concession, check out the website for more details INTERNATIONAL STU-


MUOSS is running a survey for all International students for the next couple of weeks. As an incentive, there are exciting prizes to be won: hoodies, $20 vouchers as well as a brand new iPhone 5S or Samsung S4

OCTOBER 7, Issue 2


CUlture Vulture

of interesting and exciting things to see, if

ges too. The classics room is showing the

you take the time to look.

John Hugh Sutton Collection, which con-

The Ian Potter Gallery

tains various objects from ancient EuroTo bring things back to IH and the gene-

pe. You know the painted Greek vases,

ral Parkville area for this week, I encourage

where The Muses come alive and start

everyone to seek out things that interest

singing in Disney’s Hercules? Well the uni

you close to home. Being the art nerd that

owns some of the genuine articles. The

I am, I revisited one of my favourite pla-

fact that the uni owns objects that peo-

ces on the Melbourne Uni campus, The Ian

ple made on the other side of the world,

Potter Gallery on Swanston St (not to be

millennia ago, is pretty darn special in

confused with the Ian Potter Centre at Fed

my opinion. If nothing else tempts you

Over the break, this culture vulture

Square). “The Potter” is open from Tuesday

to visit the gallery, the Potter Espresso

spread her wings and flew back to her

to Sunday and is free (my favourite word)

Bar is a pretty great café. Lovers of food

parents’ nest in a small Victorian town

to the public. The building has three levels

and beverages should check it out.

near The Grampians*. I would forgive

worth of exhibition space, and manages to

you for thinking that there is not a lot of

house quite a lot in quite a small space. The

exciting, culturally refined happenings in

first and third levels almost always display

this hometown of mine. A lot of people

temporary exhibitions. Under the sun, the

who live in said town would probably

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander exhibi-

agree with you. However I spent a casual

tion currently on the third level is particu-

Sunday afternoon serving wine and ta-

larly striking and worth a look. The second

king photos at the closing ceremony of a

level is split between showing parts of the

travelling exhibition at the Ararat Regio-

University’s permanent collection, and the

nal Art Gallery. I may have been the only

classics collection. This level is generally

person there under the age of fifty, but

my favourite within the gallery. Heads up

I’d still say it was pretty fun. The point

history buffs and architecture enthusiasts,

of this anecdote is that you should not

the current exhibition showing off some of

always seek enlightenment in exotic, far

the Melbourne Uni permanent collection is

off destinations, taking where you live

called Designing ‘The Shop’: the Parkville

for granted (although I have nothing

Campus Past and Future. It’s all about the

against exotic, far off places). Never for-

history of documenting the buildings on

get that your own backyard can be full

campus. This includes some of the colle-

Q10. True B) Crocodile Dundee




C) 3,000




C) 500




B) Queen Victoria




C) The Twilight Series


WRITER: Emily Vearing

* “Aaaahh, Grampians. I thought that was just a name for old people.” – Mason Rose-Campbell.

Alex’s playlist of the week

I Am What You Want Me To Be – The Jungle Giants Why’d Only Call Me When You’re High – Arctic Monkeys

WRITER: Alexandre Guérin

With helpful comments on the website for each song when you listen! 16

International House Globe

Got What You Need – Eskimo Joe Supersoaker – Kings of Leon

Reflektor – Arcade Fire Changing of the Seasons – Two Door Cinema Club Jai Ho – Pussy Cat Dolls Work B**ch – Britney Spears

Listen Online:

IH Globe Issue 2 - 7 October 2013  

New student club, small faces and other shenanigans!

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