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Alexandre Guérin

Mexican Fiestas / page 6

Larnie Hewat

Minutes In A Minute / page 6 World’s Greatest Shave / page 7

The Globe is published weekly by Rosie Marsland on behalf of the International House Student Club. The material here is edited but uncensored and therefore the views expressed here do not reflect those of the editor. Please share your ideas, opinions, ads and skills with us by emailing us at The Globe acknowledges the Wurrundjeri people as the traditional owers of this land. We pay our respects to their elders, past and present.

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International House Globe

The Story Game / page 14

FROM THE EDITOR X Dearest IHers, Happy 10th Globe anniversary! What’s that, silver yet? Wow, I cannot believe that I’ve created 10 of these wonderful things already. It may not seem like a lot, but when I look back on the past months of creating Globe every week, I’m so proud of the work the team has done. Snaps for Globe everyone! So, one more week in da IH hood. Hope y’all have a swell time. Much love, Rosie xoxo

We’re talking to you CONGRATULATIONS IH, we have made it through another week with our body parts intact. Some people may not have all of their parts with them, not after SHAVE FOR A CURE, but we congratulate those people on their sacrifice in the name of curing leukemia. Credits to Don and Anthony for organising this meaningful event and a round of applause to those who participated and everyone who donated for this charity. After we mentioned about IH courageous people, let us not forget Alex Wojno, who faced contestants from all the other colleges at the ICAC public speaking event. Thank you to those who attended, we sure showed all the other colleges that we have

more than just 20 people living here. Honorable mention goes to the mens hockey team and womens soccer team, who tried their best, considering their matches were at seven in the morning. Now the past has been praised, let us read the future: SCHOLARS DINNER, it’s on this THURSDAY , its like commencement dinner so SUIT UP. Its gonna be a legend-… wait for it... Mexican National Night this saturday: epic food, music and performances by IHers with various dance style, all of them better than Rahul’s, all of them more entertaining than Rahul. It is followed by an after party that promises to be off the hook! In a safe and responsible way as per the guidelines within the student handbook, of course. So get excited everyone, it promises to be a break from the usual cycle of studying the lectures (that we usually miss) throughout the week. Athletics: we managed to beat the other colleges while wearing a panda suit, now we get ready to beat them again, just to send the message home. Everyone come and support the athletes on Sunday, they run at Melbourne University so everyone can walk there to support. There’s a rumour that pizzas might be provided. -dary .

APRIL 7, Issue 10



WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS IH’s dirty laundry

SNAPCHAT OF THE WEEK In this SnapChat, we see Milly Boland doing... something to the bush?

For the last two years, I have struggled to understand the logic behind a certain necessity that we are “provided” with here at IH. To be more specific, if you have not guessed already, I am of course talking about the laundry machines. WHY do I have to pay two dollars every time I want to wash something, and an extra one or two (depending on how cheap I am feeling) to dry it? I thought to myself, “Ah, it may be because of the electricity, water, and things like that needed to actually wash your stuff.” BUT WAIT! Do I pay every time I have a shower? Or every time I want to charge my laptop? No… because it is included in my fees. $550 bucks a week and I have to pay extra for laundry (among other things that I will get into if I am allowed to write for Grind My Gears after this article…). I was so baffled by this issue that I even had a discussion with our Lord Almighty president. He said that actually, IH are renting the machines and therefore we are paying for their usage monthly/weekly…ARE YOU JOKING?!

WHATAREYETALKINABOUT?! Whatever…it does not matter how long I continue to speak because it is the weirdest and most non-sensical thing I have heard. WHY ARE WE RENTING THEM?! WHY CAN’T WE JUST BUY THEM?! If the company does not agree to this, USE ANOTHER! Come on guys, efficiency! Nek minnit we are constructing new buildings and making all these “improvements”, but shouldn’t we be focusing on the small things first? I don’t even study marketing/business and I know that there is surely a better, and more cost effective way. I should be in charge of these things, let alone the world. I have even heard from some little birds that other colleges don’t even charge for their laundry stuff. We are already providing our own detergent and all that crap so WHY?! ENLIGHTEN ME! Even if, let’s say, that none of what I am saying is true (even though I am 99% sure it is), there is a better way! We can put a man on the moon yet we can’t fix a simple laundry problem with a clear and logical solution. We, the residents (and therefore technical owners) of IH are calling out for a simple solution. PLEASE! It is pretty ridiculous, especially for that money. Yeah. Let’s see, 2 dorrar for washing whites, 2 dorrar for washing everything else, and another 1 or 2 dorrar for drying. That is around 78 dorrars a semester. Yes, a white boy can do maths, Hong Kong represent. Yo. - Anonymous (but not really)


International House Globe


Environments Committee Congratulations to Jacqui and Indah on their appointment as co-coordinators of the IH Environments Committee! The girls will be meeting early next week to establish a regular meeting time for the committee so we can finally get the ball rolling on all that we want to achieve this year! Keep an eye out for more details to come and be sure to let the girls know if you’d like to be added to the Environments Committee facebook page.

Davis Project WRITER: Chris Zhao

International House has had the absolute privilege to receive funding to pursue our ‘Davis Project for Peace – Harmony in the Northern Territory’. Our goal is to bring together Indigenous and non–Indigenous Australians. We hope to raise awareness and promote support and respect for Indigenous culture and rural Indigenous townships, in particular the two communities of Yirrkala and Gapuwiyak. It is to these communities that we also hope to send a dedicated team of IH-ers out to personally run holiday programs. So keep an eye out for our enthusiastic team! Evangeline Dowling Felmen Tse Tow Briana Symonds-Manne Indah Cox-Livingstone Emily Vearing Natalie Ang Tae Noppakun Wongsrinoppakun

Heather Mao Kanna Marukawa Brett Stone Bridget Loughhead Morgan Nicholson Jay Gordon Chris Zhao

And of course our two lovely project heads Jacqui Beech and Larnie Hewat!

Live Below the Line It’s backkkkk!!!! And it’s gonna be BIGGER and BETTER than IH has ever seen it before! The International House LBL team is now open and recruiting! This is a team venture not to be missed!! We’ll spend the week of May 5th-9th getting creative with lentils, chickpeas, rice and all things from Aldi to stretch our daily $2 as far as possible!! And we do these all in the name of a good cause- to help reduce extreme poverty. Last year IH won the first ever LBL College Cup that is, we raised the most money compared to any college in Victoria. Not only did this win us our ahmazing new BBQ but also made a positive impact to the lives children living in extreme poverty. All money raised by LBL goes to supporting Oaktree’s partnerships Cambodia, PNG and Timor-Leste by providing children with access to secondary education. Get on board; this is definitely something not to be missed!! Join NOW!

Over the coming weeks you’ll be hearing more and more from us about the Davis Project. We’ll be hard at work organizing a whole variety of exciting activities for you guys to highlight the variety of rich facets to Indigenous culture as well to emphasize some of the critical issues that rural Indigenous communities are facing today. The Globe will also be filled with fascinating aspects of Indigenous culture from dreamtime stories to prominent Indigenous figures! These events will help to fundraise and subsidize the holiday program financially and help us to provide the best quality support we can. Every little bit helps and every little bit will make a world of difference. Aside from this, your participation, input and support is every bit as valuable for this project as it is as much about raising awareness within our community as it is anything else. So keep an eye out for this space in the Globe and all around college for all the happenings! We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks!

APRIL 7, Issue 10


Minutes in a minute By rosemary marsland Of course you all know that the minutes from both the weekly AC and GC meetings are posted on Nexus... But just in case you’re too busy studying (read: can’t be bothered) here’s a condensed version for y’all!

Mexican fiestas By GABRIELA SIERRA Mexico is much much more than nachos and mustaches. The celebratory warmth of the people is what characterizes Mexican culture. Dancing is the main entertainment at Mexican parties, whether its salsa, mambo, traditional or modern dances like reggaeton: they are all part of one festivity. A fiesta menu might include freshly made salsa with warm tortilla strips and guacamole, burritos, fajitas and tacos. Margaritas and beer such as Dos Equis (XX) and Corona is typically served. Traditional beverages such as tequila, mezcal and micheladas (beer mixed with chilli and lime) are included of course. Steaming trays of tamales and enchiladas, perhaps some menudo and Mexican candy (pralines) are also served to the fiesta guests. The infallible mariachis play all night, creating a pleasant evening by giving the party a touch of romance. Breaking the piñata is undoubtedly the most fun performance in the night. The decorations include tablecloths and lanterns in traditional bright Mexican colours or they may be covered in Mexican ponchos or blankets. Strings of tissue paper flowers normally hang overhead. Traditional costumes for men include ponchos sombreros, boots and mustaches. Whereas for girls it consists of white lazed shirts with long colorful skirts and braided hair with flowers. Get around it IH!


International House Globe

1. Pool table revamp - motion passed to re-felt and re-rubber the table, also looking at restock of balls/cues/chalk and re-netting. 2. Motion passed to buy 4 big beanbag chairs with a cap of $250 from 2013 Café funds. 3. Looking at buying 2 guitar amps and a bass amp, around $2000. 4. Researching buying a gazebo for the BBQ pit with 2014 Café funds ($3830 for wood gazebo) or more good quality outdoor furniture. 5. Student Club BBQ was good, we’ll run another one before the semester ends. 6. Café after party to be held in Greycourt. 7. Ball: 23 May date confirmed, tickets being sold after Easter and entertainment/everything else being organised then, photobooth booked. 8. MNN: Issue with no interest for choir, might have to just play it through the speakers. Stage set up Friday morning. 9. Motion passed to get a blackboard for announcements for back of dining hall with a cap of $15. 10. Have to move Student Club office to basement as current space will be demolished. 11. Bounce in Week 7. 12. Motion to have money allocated to club for subsidies, $4 per first 10 person per session.

World’s greatest shave WRITERS: Don Lakwin Kannangara & Anthony Tuimaka

Over the weekend we hosted a Worlds Greatest Shave event and got an excellent turn out from IHers, with shavees and sponsors alike helping us to raise over $1000. The hairy massacre started after lunch, with Don being first on the block, ending up with a Mr.T inspired Mohawk. Next was Anthony, who ended up close to tears as his hair was ruthlessly mowed down by Declan. The highlight of the day however was when we managed to raise over $500 in less than 24 hours to see Austin wax off a total of one of his eyebrows, a brave and valiant effort in our opinion. In the end 7 people ended up shaving their heads, some with more unique hairstyles than others (looking at you shark fin). However it wasn’t all shaving, with Darcy sporting a new dark and mysterious look, and we’re still waiting to see what Jacqui has in store for us (our current bet is purple). Let’s not forget of course our AO, Vishnu, who now is now sporting a blonde hairstyle and who got his legs waxed by selling strips for $5 which scarily boosted the effort. Truly it was a lot of fun. In the end we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated to this special cause for the Leukaemia Foundation, online and off. A thank you to everyone who helped shave heads and wax legs. A special mention must also go out to the mysterious Deborah who generously donated $200 to the IH team page. Thanks to you and everyone else made this event a blast. Hopefully we can make it bigger and better next year!

APRIL 7, Issue 10





Melbourne is having a quiet day. But don’t let that stop you from taking the number 8 tram or you know, doing your assignments.






The University of Melbourne will be offering a free Zumba class every Tuesday from 1-2pm in the Graham Cornish Room B (Level 2 Union House). Make sure to sign up on the UMSU website if you’re interested.






It;s time to celebrate IH’s The biggest university ri- best and brightest! Come valry just got bigger. The along to Scholars Dinner University of Melbourne tonight - pre-drinks are will be taking on Monash at 6:15pm and dinner is University in the Varsity at 6:45pm. Don’t forget to Challenge - two weeks look fabulous (and bring of sporting competition your academic gowns)! for the inaugural Varsity Challenge trophy. Come to the UoM Sports CenDINNER SWAP: OR- tre between 4-7pm and MOND enjoy the free music, food Their dining hall looks like and competitive sport! the one in Harry Potter. What more incentive is there? Don’t miss out on this maaaaaagical night.

International House Globe





Information session today in the JCR at 7:30pm right before the MNN tech run. It will only go on for around 30 mins. Come and find out more about TREAD!






Interested in a career in business? Come along to the Melbourne Business School Open Day today from 9:30am-12pm to find out how a graduate degree can accelerate your career.




athletics carnival today! The Comedy Festival will be on until the 21st Come support all our of April - make sure to athletes! check out what’s haRUN FOR THE KIDS ppening on the festival Today is the Herald Sun/ website! City Link Run for the Kids 15km race - yay! Please make sure to let Larnie know if you have signed up as a volunteer. Furthermore, please note that participation (as a competitor) in athletics and Café QC takes priority of R4K, so don’t double book yourself!

The Film Club and Cultural Committee will be showing MEXICAN NATIONAL a film tonight, in preparation NIGHT for the fiesta tomorrow! ARRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIBA! Details to be announced. It’s time to celebrate all things Mexican, so put on QUADSTOCK your sombreros and fake The Queen’s College Mu(or real) moustaches and sic and Drama Society is head down to the Dining hosting the music festival Hall at 6:30pm for a grand Quadstock tonight. Spread fiesta! CAFE QC that intercollegiate love! The moment of judgeTickets are $25 - speak to ment is upon us. Good Alexandre if you are keen luck to all!

YOGA CLUB Just a reminder that yoga club is now up and running - please speak to Rosie or Maggie if you’re interested.

AUDI GERMAN FILM FESTIVAL For those that enjoy all things German, the German Film Festival will be running until the 11th of April.

APRIL 7, Issue 10



UC is home to about 200 students and is located on the traffic island formed by Royal Parade, Cemetery Road and College Crescent. It is in many ways similar to IH, and is the only other secular college on The Crescent. Over the past few years, it earned the reputation of being one of the wildest colleges, along with St Hilda’s. I’ve had the chance to visit UC a couple of times, and absolutely loved everything about it: massive fresher rooms, nice study areas, homely JCR and game’s room. Let me now introduce you to Stephanie McNabb, UCSC Vice-President, who happily answered a few questions for us:

Why did you choose UC? To be honest, I chose UC because my friend’s siblings went there and she was also going. As soon as I moved into college though, I knew it was the right choice - it’s a great community with great vibes and all round greatness. What makes it a special place? I guess it’s special for that reason too, the number of people we have makes it perfect for everyone to know each other but still have their own friends (if that makes sense). And our admin are absolute gods- Peta (the Dean of Students aka equivalent of our PC) is like a mother to every one of us and we’re all so grateful for her existence. What’s a fun fact about UC? There was (until this year) a bathtub in one of the second year corridors- why they thought it’d ever be a good idea to put a bathtub in a communal bathroom, let alone in a place with 20 year olds who often get very drunk I don’t know, but it’s one of our college wonders. If you could go back in time, would you have picked a different college? If I could go back in time, I’d love to have had the open day experience - going and visiting colleges and feeling the feeling of stepping into one and knowing that’s where I wanted to spend the next few years of my life. I did visit Hilda’s on open day and wondered if I’d have made a different decision if I had seen it before I applied for UC, but I’m so glad that I made the choice I did. What’s your best memory at UC? My best memory at UC would definitely be pulling off O week this year! If you want to visit UC, don’t forget to sign to our dinner swap taking place in week 9! And in next week’s edition: Ormond College - Are Ormondians really as douchey as they seem? (answer - of course not, they’re lovely)


International House Globe

The Game Starts Again with sir richardson So my friends, that time of year has come again. This is a time when IHers will join in a celebration of our greatest shared interest. A time when productivity will dwindle drastically, when file sharing will increase tenfold, and dinner conversations will narrow to one, awe-inspiring subject: GAME OF THRONES! It’s been quite a while since our screens were graced with the presence of George R. R. Martin’s masterpiece, but that has only raised anticipation for what lies ahead. The IH following this year is skyrocketing as high as the show’s death toll, and we’ll all soon be cramming together into the Throne Room (aka the TV Room, for our friends who know nothing, like Jon Snow). But as the greatest 10 hours of television for this year draws ever closer, does anyone remember where we left our Westerosi friends?

***WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THOSE NOT UP TO DATE!*** Thanks to Walder Frey’s horrific betrayal at the Red Wedding, Robb Stark and his rebellion were destroyed. Roose Bolton, his partner in crime, was appointed Warden of the north, with his psychotic bastard son Ramsay Snow in tow. Most of Theon Greyjoy was last seen in Ramsay’s dungeon; the rest of him was sent as a gift to his dear old father in the Iron Isles. Have some pity for Theon, he’s lost fingers, toes, teeth and his sausage. Arya proved once again that there is a direct link between how close she gets to her family and how dead they become, and was last seen escaping the Red Wedding in the company of the Hound.

Brienne and Jamie safely joined the party in King’s Landing, minus a hand (it’s just a flesh wound!), joining the lovable dwarf Tyrion and his whining bride Sansa, psychotic scumbag Joffrey, power-hungry Cersei and calm-yet-creepy Tywin. Not to be outdone, the Wall proved to another convergence point, with Jon Snow fleeing the wildlings to return to his black brothers, Bran passing under the Wall into the unknown, and Davos Seaworth sentenced to the Wall from Stannis’s seat at Dragonstone for releasing Gendry. Daenerys continued to burn baddies and free slaves without a thought for how she’s going to feed them all, and Littlefinger is still off scheming somewhere. By now you may have settled into the pace and style of GoT, and be expecting much of the same. Well you’re wrong. This season is going to be the most dramatic, brutal, suspenseful and epic chapter yet. You’ll still be venting your rage at Joffrey and Cersei, winter will still be coming, and Hodor will still be Hodor-ing. But that’s where the predictability ends. There will be new players on the board to pick up the pieces, such as the Martells of Dorne, and the balance of power will shift unexpectedly and often. Your favourite characters will still be getting themselves into trouble (Tyrion in chains again?!), with betrayal and unanticipated alliances around every corner. Debts will be paid, and there will be glamorous weddings, epic battles, and Sansa may even stop whining a bit. But, more than ever, there will be death, drama, and unexpected plot turns for the whole season. Not just in Episode 9. GoT returns to the screen TONIGHT, so keep an ear in the air and an eye on the IH page for a hint of when the first

APRIL 7, Issue 10



After developing a complex and fool-proof Comedy Festival program navigation guide to help us decide which show we wanted to see, fate thwarted me anyway and took me on probably the most entertaining walking tour of Melbourne that I will ever see. My fellow laugh-seekers and I decided to make the most of tight-arse Tuesday, when most of the shows have discounted tickets. Eventually we decided on Robert Taylor’s A Musical Misfit because his little blurb described him as a cross between Flight of the Conchords and Tim Minchin and tickets were only $10. When we arrived at the ticket desk we were informed that Robert Taylor had cancelled his show for the night because of a lack of pre-bookings. That only gave us 15 minutes to get to the Exford Hotel where two other shows on our short list were about to start. The advantages that Ged and Jamie had over the other act, Best of the British, were that we met them in the pub and would have felt really awkward telling them that we weren’t going to their show, and it was almost too nice a night to spend indoors. This is how my friends and I found ourselves in the back alley behind the pub being told “This is history! This is history! I am history! He is history! She is history!” Then right up to my face, “you are history”. From there, our historical walking tour of Melbourne began. The only real downside to this show is that you already have to have a fairly solid understanding of Melbourne’s history for most of the jokes to make sense. However, one that had a pretty universal appeal was about the historical origins of Christmas, which had our tour group waving and shouting “Merry Christmas” at everyone in Chinatown, and running away from Santa Claus who was trying to steal our noodles. Some things I learnt from Ged and Jamie’s very informative tour is that vampires haunt the alleyways of the inner CBD (John Farnham was assassinated by Yoko Ono) the foundations of the city were all built because of John Batman’s alcoholism and love for the Exford Pub. In addition, the expression “hung like a horse” has far a far more sinister origin than I ever knew (but that won’t stop me from giggling every time someone says it). I can’t give everything away but I can recommend going to see some of the more obscure acts during the festival, instead of just the people who pay for big, glossy ads. For less than $20, you can hardly go wrong.


International House Globe

Births, Deaths & Marriages By Evie Dowling Births: Jack McClure and the Coffee Station would like to announce the birth of “The Jack” - One part Mocochino, four shakes of milo, one shake of sugar. Birthdate unknown but creation admired. Jack would like to thank all the people that untruthfully told him the drink was delicious. Deaths: Don Lawkin Kannangara, Sailesh Mukundala and Jeshantaran Ravinndra proudly announce the death of Felmen Tse Tow’s innocence 29/03/14 The tragic bereavement took place at a Kings Street Strip Club. All girls of IH are shocked by this surprising loss. Marriages/Divorces. Anthony Tuimaka, Don Lawkin Kannangara and the World’s Greatest Shave sadly inform the community of the divorces of Martin, Rob, Chris, Anton, Sailesh and Don and their heads of hair. 06/04/-14 The boys will forever be remembered for being able to whip their hair back and forth.


“Lone Survivor” is the true story about the failed Red Wings Operation. Four Navy SEALs are dealt with a moral dilemma when their mission is ruined after a few villagers discover them hiding in the woods. They have to decide whether to kill the villagers and go on with the mission or let the villagers go and risk the wrath of the terrorists they came to hunt. The script was fine, although it was not up to the standard that I thought it might have reached. The strongest element of the script is the plotting. I liked that they made the movie as grounded as possible. There was also a point to the movie which made the movie meaningful. My minor problem with the script would be the characters, as the characters were not really well written but by the end, the characters were well developed. The entertainment value is okay. I will admit that the set-up of the story was pretty slow but once they come across the villagers, it became hard to be bored in the movie. If you get bored at the start of the movie, give it some time. If you found the start interesting already, get ready because the second half will blow you away.

best to give their characters dimension. With lesser actors, the characters may not have been relatable at all. I did have expectations going into this movie so I am a tiny bit disappointed but this is still a very good movie. I guess another problem I had was the treatment of the story. I mentioned that I admired the fact that they kept the movie as grounded in reality as possible. But, I also felt that they were too respectful. Peter Berg directed this movie and I think we all have unwelcome memories of his previous movie, Battleship. However, this movie is such a step up from Battleship. Peter brought great patriotic energy to the movie and directed most of the action scenes very well. The dialogue sounds pretty epic. I have to admit that the Navy SEAL oath in the trailer was better because it was shorter and direct to the point. The expanded version is fine but I just prefer the shorter version better. The music was pretty good too. Steve Jablonsky did the score and I liked his Pain & Gain score. They also used Peter Gabriel’s Heroes at the end of the movie to great effect. Critics called this the best war movie since Saving Private Ryan. However, I have to disagree with that as I reckon their statements are a bit too extreme. Still, Lone Survivor is a very good film.

The action is amazing to watch because it gets really intense to watch. If you are afraid at the sight of a pint of blood, this movie is like a horror movie for you because the obstacles these guys go through are brutal. It is even sadder when you realize it is a true story. Looking at the cast list, the movie had a lot of underrated actors, including Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch, Eric Bana and Alexander Ludwig. They worked really well together and they tried their very APRIL 7, Issue 10



What happens next? You decide! Each week, a different IHer will continue on the next chapter of this story, deciding the fate of these poor characters. Anyone can continue the story, just get in touch with Rosie or email ihglobe@gmail. com. Write away!”

Bomb detonation was successful. The two Scheps kids would be out by now. The Dragon grinned. Huojin Cao heaved his fibrous frame upwards, pushing as hard as he could at the heavy steel door, panting in the process. It barely lifted off the floor. “Skinny piece of crap Huojin, look at you. Can’t even lift a goddamn basement door.” He cursed, looking up at the clean dark sky, stars shining peacefully. He was irritated with himself. He looked around for something thick and cylindrical, and found a heavy branch lying under a tree a good distance away. His struggle wasn’t in vain, the branch held up the door and he was able to slide under it. Huojin pulled the branch inside and the door slammed shut. He had very little time to work with as the residents of International House could be waking very soon, and he couldn’t risk putting them in danger. The triad wanted him dead, and they would go to any lengths to achieve their goal. He turned the light on quickly. In the small space of the basement there was a simple table set up with a variety of boxes, parcels and bags arranged neatly across it, with three black flashlights on the end of the table. The boxes contained throwing knives, the parcels had powders of powerful effects, and the bags plastic explosives. “I think that’s just about everything.” Huojin retrieved a small pistol from his coat pocket and set it down on the table. He grabbed a steel chair and sat down wearily, contemplative of the mission that lay ahead of him. “The damage will come swiftly and with great power. Of this I am sure. We simply cannot let the Triad hurt the college.” He took out his small Nokia mobile phone and dialled Dimitri. “Dragon, what do you need?” The butch teenager groaned. “Dimitri! For god’s sake man, pull yourself together. Meet me at the 7-11 in 10 minutes ON THE DOT. Dragon out.” Huojin ended the call and placed the Nokia back in his pocket. Look who was talking, here he was telling Dimitri to pull himself together when himself Huojin could not stop shaking all over and watching his knees almost buckle under the anxiety. He took two parcels, a flashlight, five of the knives and his gun, with three cartridges of fifteen bullets. Should be enough. He slid everything into his coat pockets.


International House Globe

He lifted the door up with the branch again, and then kicked it out the door as it fell shut. He’ll be needing it again. By the time Huojin arrived at 7-11, Dimitri was already waiting. Clad in a black and white tracksuit combination, he looked more prepared than Huojin had anticipated. “I need you to take this parcel and place it on the wall space directly adjacent to the urinal in the men’s bathroom behind the building. Do you understand?” There was a nod from Dimitri. “But Huojin, what are we doing at the 7-11? Aren’t you going to find the Triad?” Dimitri whispered. “This is the goddamn triad base you idiot.” Dimitri left immediately, without another word, his figure disappearing into the dark alleyway. “Well at least he listens, unlike the others.” The Dragon grumbled to himself. Huojin crept slowly up to the front entrance of the store and gazed in through the windows. It was almost pitch black, but for the glow emanating from the lights in the freezers. That would be Dimitri’s entrance. There was a single camera located at the far corner of the room. He wasn’t going to take it out from the front, there was no telling if a security guard happened to have it on live feed. His priority now was to take out the electricity in the building. He went around into the alley adjacent to Dimitri’s and searched for the power box, before attaching one of the grey parcels to it via an instantaneous adhesive glue. He took out his phone to call Dimitri. Suddenly, there was a gunshot from below. A shotgun shell. Huojin’s heart stopped. Did they know he was here? No! His heart started pounding as he fumbled for his phone and the matches. Time was running out, his body began to feel very cold. “DIMITRI! BLAST THAT SHIT YOU FOOL!!” Huojin screamed at the top of his lungs. He touched his match to the parcel and it immediately burst into flames and began to spark rapidly and aggressively. He ran out of the alley and continued watching the lights on the side of the building. The camera would be out by now, and right on cue, the back of the store exploded revealing a gaping hole with Dimitri standing in it. After the rumble of the explosion subsided, Huojin heard a slow clap coming from somewhere. The figure of a man gradually came into view as the dust cleared. The master himself stood six foot five in his elegant shoes, a huge mass of muscle encased in a specially tailored white tuxedo, laced with black silk that curved elegantly around the side of his shoulders and upper back in the shape of two majestic dragons in flight. His wavy black hair fell on his forehead in multiple separate fringes, and his intense black eyes shone wildly through his aquiline features. A row of shiny white teeth, meticulously cared for, bared in a smile, and Shun Xiao Li’s smooth complexion glowed in the faint light filtering in from the street. “My congratulations to you both, gentlemen. You have done some damage. I am willing to offer you a choice…”

GAME OF thE WEEK: SUDOKU Apparently this one is an 'excruciating’ difficulty. good luck!

APRIL 7, Issue 10


IH Globe Issue 10 - April 7 2014  

Woot woot Issue 10! That's a milestone if ever I saw one! This week.. lots of pictures of people being shaved.