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Isabel González del Rey • Fashion Design, Product Development •

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Eyewear Collaboration Trend Forecasting Branding Project CAD Textile Project Project Style Display


SPECTRUM This project was a collaboration between a major international eyewear company and DAAP, spending the entire semester creating a brand and eyewear line. With my team, we developed a trend and concept that drove the inspiration behind the entire collection. We were to design one editorial piece of eyewear, which would then inspire the commercial collection that could be sold in stores. After weeks of refining our sketches, we designed a total of 18 frames, both optical and sun that could be worn by any consumer. We then created a brand name, Spectrum, and a marketing strategy to help further support the line. We are a broad spectrum of designers with different perspectives, coming together to create meaningful, unique eyewear.


Trend & Concept Through the development of filters, society is creating pollution within their minds, blurring the line of reality. This is leading to a shift in people viewing the world in a fractured way causing the abstract to become reality. Fractured Reality is the socially driven trend towards distortion. Millenials, consumed by this conceptual world, yearn to be accepted by the idea of perfection that has been engraved within them, yet have lost touch with what is natural and organic. This change will lead society to no longer view what is real, and see a mirage or illusion of reality. Essentially, they will see what they want to see.


Textures & Materials These inspiration images of textures and materials play a great deal into the concept. We wanted the idea of illusions and multiple layers or filters to be seen throughout the entire collection. Every detail of the frame is carefully crafted to make the consumer want to pick up and touch the frame, finding small details that make this collection unique.


Product Development Process After developing the trend and concept for the collection, we began designing our editorial frame which would then be the influence behind our commercial line. As we sketched, we refined and edited the frames until the final collection was developed.


Sutro Collection The name of the collection is Sutro, also known as the rose tinted filter on Instagram. This collection was derived and inspired by the final editorial sunglass, using wires and etching to play off illusions. We are the way you look at things. Every angle, every perspective — each different and unique — is meaningful in the overall spectrum. Sutro is just one perspective. It’s the blurred line between abstract and reality, created by the filters and illusions fabricated in our minds. It’s the optical illusion that tricks your eyes, the photoshop performance that erases the flaws, and the Instagram filter that makes your snapshot look professional. It’s picking out the beauty in the ordinary because, in reality, you see what you want to see.


Final Editorial Eyewear & Packaging The frame is constructed of a transparent acetate with suspended wires running throughout the frame. This was done in order to give the illusion that the wires were injected into the eyewear. The case for the eyewear is a cylinder that slides out, and is rose tinted, playing off the trend of filters and seeing the world through a different light. In addition, the in-store display rendering depicts an example of what the collection would look like within a store.

WA N D E R L U S T After much in-depth research about the Millienial generation and their influence on fashion trends, I designed a collection for the ever moving and changing Millenial, developing multi-purpose separates and layering pieces while using a neutral color palette. This collection will follow the modern day nomad wherever life may take them.


Opportunity Statement:

To create a capsule collection carefully crafted for the nomadic Millenial. This collection is desired for diverse looks that will take her wherever the world may lead her whether it be a new job, city or travel. These multipurpose separates will cater to the refined woman through comfort and functionality, traveling through life with ease.


Justification According to Forbes: 91% of Millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years— this means they would have 15 – 20 jobs over the course of their working lives for this reason they are called “job hoppers”. Job hopping can lead to greater job fulfillment, which is more important to Gen Y workers than it was to any previous generation: • A 2012 survey by Net Impact found that 88 percent of workers considered “positive culture” important or essential to their dream job • 86 percent said the same for work they found “interesting.” Job-hopping helps workers reach both of these goals, because it means trying out a variety of roles and workplaces while learning new skills along the way.

Color Story Dreaming Yellow

Moving Maroon

Red Eye

Great Grey

Concrete Grey

Empire Slate

Navigating Navy

Overnight Black

Target Market Hannah is a 28 year old single woman living in the concrete jungle of New York. During her summers while in college, she interned at two different publishing companies, and upon graduation she attained a job as an editorial assistant at her favorite magazine, ELLE. After two years of paying her dues, she felt is was time for a career change and decided to make the switch to GQ as a market editor. In her spare time, she takes New York by storm, visiting a different boroughs every weekend, eating at the newest restaurants, and shopping at her favorite boutiques. After a year at her new job, she realized that there was more to life than the routine that she unknowingly fell into, and decided to pack her bags, leave the Big Apple and move to the Golden City. Excited by the new adventure that awaits Hannah is San Francisco, she is determined to never give up on her dreams, even if it means she will never stop wandering.


Wr ap Sweater | $ 1 1 0 St y l e #w n d r l st01 Mo d a l Lyc ra Col ors: Great Gre y, Mov in g Maro on , Nav i g at in g Nav y S izes: XS, S, M, L S KU: 12 Hig h Ne ck to p | $ 4 8 St y l e #w n d r l st02 Cotton Span d ex Col ors: Wan d er in g W hite, Con c rete Gre y, Dream in g Yel l ow S izes: XS, S, M, L S KU: 12


Leather Ins et Pants | $138

Jump er Dress | $ 1 4 0

St y l e #w nd r l st 03

St y l e #w n d r l st04

Ponte Kni t / Ve gan Leat h er

4-pl y Crep e d e Chin e

Col ors: O v erni g h t Bl ac k

Col ors: Con c rete Gre y, R ed Eye

S i zes: XS, S, M, L

S izes: XS, S, M, L

S KU: 4

S KU: 8

The price point for Wanderlust ranges from $48- $195 and is composed of fabrics that are comfortable for travel, soft to the touch, and wrinkle free. Wanderlust can be found in stores such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Shopbop, and RevloveClothing. The collection will not only be advertised through an in-store display at each of the department stores, but will also reach a wide audience through the use of e-commerce. In addition, because the Millenial generation is technologically savvy and is social media driven, Wanderlust would be advertised through the use of social media, such as : Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


B AC K :

INSIDE: n. ) : WA N D E R L U S T ( imp ulse to wan der or a stro ng des ire for or wor ld trav el and exp lore the





Marketing & Branding The logo for Wanderlust is two slash lines, complimenting the brand name. The tags will have the definition of Wanderlust on the front, and on the back of the tag it will have all of the garment information. The tag will open up and on the inside it will include 5 different ways that you can wear the garment or other pieces of the collection that compliment that piece. Because all of the pieces within the collection can be mixed-and-matched, it will keep the keep the consumer coming back in order to continue evolving her looks.

Wander Trunk

Whether it be travel, a new job or she just wants to refresh her look, Wander Trunk will be there to help style her to perfection. THE WAY IT WORKS: 1. Client calls in and says what they are looking for or what city they are traveling to in order for the stylist to best match her needs

3. The client can try everything on in the comfort of their home, and can return everything she feels doesn’t work­­— all free of charge

2. The stylist will create a profile for her and send them a trunk full of multipurpose separates, with styled photographs explaining the multiple ways to wear the garment and all of the looks that can be created from the separates

4. This is perfect for the busy Millenial, who may not have the time to go out and shop and wants to look stylish and put together. With endless ways to wear the pieces and match or layer them, she can create a multitude of looks.

spade kate spade BY

I developed an activewear brand extension Kate Spade, called Spade by Kate Spade. I conducted an in-depth analysis of the Kate Spade brand including trend forecasting, brand DNA, SWOT analysis, and researching the activewear market. I designed a fashionable activewear collection for the Kate Spade customer, using the bright colors of the brand in unison with high-tech fabrics


Opportunity Statement:

To create an active wear line for Spring/ Summer 2014 that embodies the playful and quirky nature of the Kate Spade brand, that allows the energetic woman to continue to express herself throughout her day. She believes that living healthy is living happy.


spade kate spade BY






$8.00- $120.00

$12.00- $178. 00

$10. 00- $280. 00

$6. 98- $88. 00


D E PA RT M E N TS Act i ve wear, yo ga

mat s, w ater b ott l es

Yo ga wear, yo ga mat s , ba gs, acces s o r i e s , s o c ks and u n d er w e ar, s w im

R E V E N U E 2012 S T YL E Vibrant, energet i c, f unct i ona l , quir ky, f a shi on- for w ard

Yo ga w e ar, yo ga mat s , b a gs , acce s s o r i e s , s o c ks an d u n d er w e ar, s w i m, r u n

Yo ga w e ar, yo ga mat s , acce s s o r i e s , s o c ks an d u n d erw e ar, s w i m

$568.3 mi l l i o n

$301 mi l l i o n

$11. 1 mi l l i o n

Br i g ht, pa s te l , yo gaba s ed f u n c t i o n a l

En erg i z i n g , f u n c t i o n a l

Ca s u a l , n eu t ra l , zen

Concept Board

S L EEVED B R A P EP LU M TO P| $58 St y l e #njmu2812 C O O L M A X® and T EN C EL® Col ors: Mint Green, Yel l ow S izes: XS, S, M, L S KU:8

D I-S T R I P ED C RO P L E G GI N G| $88


T H I GH T H I N N ER C RO P| $88

St y l e #njmu2412

St y l e #njmu2317

St y l e #njmu2819

LYC R A® Sp or t B eaut y

C O O L M A X®

LYC R A® Sp or t B eaut y

Band/ Le g Col ors: Green, Orange/ Yel l ow; Pink, Yel l ow/ Green; Yell ow, Orange/Pink; Bl ue, Yel l ow/ Orange; Green, Yel l ow/ Pink; Pink, Green/ Bl ue

Col ors: Orange, Pink, Mint Gre en

Band/ Le g Col ors: Bl ue, Pink/ Green; Mint Green, Orange/ Yell ow; Orange, Bl ue/ Pink

S izes: XS, S, M, L S KU: 24

Sample of Activewear Collection

S izes: XS, S, M, L S KU: 12


O M B R E C RO P L E G GI N G| $88

St y l e #njmu2011

St y l e #njmu2617


LYC R A® Sp or t B eaut y

Col ors: Mint Green, Bl ue, Yel l ow, Pink

Col ors:Pink, Yel l ow/ Orange Om bre; Bl ue, Yel l ow/ Mint Green Om bre

S izes: XS, S, M, L

S izes: XS, S, M, L

S KU: 12

S KU: 16

S izes: XS, S, M, L S KU: 8

C R I S S- C ROS S B R A| $48

Z AG C RO P L E G GI N G| $88

St y l e #njmu2862

St y l e #njmu2932

C O O L M A X®

LYC R A® Sp or t B eaut y

Col ors: Pink, Bl ue, Orange, Mint Green, Yel l ow

Band/ Le g Col ors: Purpl e, Orange/ Bl ue; Yel l ow, Pink/ Mint Green

S izes: XS, S, M, L S KU: 20

S izes: XS, S, M, L S KU: 8


Target Market Palmer believes in finding a deeper meaning throughout her journey of life. Living in New York, the constant hustle and bustle energizes her throughout her day. Although always on the go, she makes certain that she takes the time to care for her body through either hot yoga or pilates. Palmer’s mother always told her, “Be yourself because everyone else is taken”, ensuring that her quirky personality shines through. At the end of the day she settles down in her quaint yet bright New York City loft with her french bulldog, Henry, and remembers the day she has just experienced, thanking the world for all it has offered and reflects on what she can improve for tomorrow. She knows that she must be healthy today, in order for a fruitful tomorrow.


Poppy Red

Watermelon Pink

Mango Orange

Goldie Girl


Going Green

Grapeful Green

Bubbly Blue

Sky’s the Limit

Perky Purple

Deep Sea Navy

Glam Grey

Color Story The bright and energetic colors that define the Kate Spade brand, are what will drive women to become excited to be active while still being fashionably feminine. The influence and psychology of colors is important within active wear because they must keep women energized and excited about being active.






Style #njmu2812

Style #njmu2412

Style #njmu2317

Style #njmu2819


LYCRA® Sport Beauty


LYCRA® Sport Beauty

Colors: Mint Green, Yellow

Band/ Leg Colors: Green, Orange/ Yellow; Pink, Yellow/ Green; Yellow, Orange/Pink; Blue, Yellow/ Orange; Green, Yellow/ Pink; Pink, Green/ Blue

Colors: Orange, Pink, Mint Green Band/ Leg Colors: Blue, Pink/ Green; Mint Green, Orange/ Yellow; Orange, Sizes: XS, S, M, L Blue/ Pink

Sizes: XS, S, M, L SKU:8

Sizes: XS, S, M, L

SKU: 12

Sizes: XS, S, M, L SKU: 12

SKU: 24

Merchandising Spade by Kate Spade is for the already loyal Kate Spade customer, who wants to embrace the quirky essence of the Kate Spade brand, while living a health conscious life. This woman is accustomed to high quality merchandise, therefore the fabrics and materials derive from the best technology. The collection is positioned at a higher price point making it an extension of the Kate Spade brand. All of the items come in many SKU’s, giving the customer a variety of options in order to achieve the perfect look.

Back to Basics I collected trend forecasting information and created the concept Back To Basics for childrenswear. Utilizing Lectra Kaleido , I developed prints and patterns drawing inspiration from various toys and games of the 70’s. I then digitally printed the patterns and weaves onto fabric to compliment the collection.

Concept Board

Fabric Swatch Design

Childrenswear Collection

Supporting Trend:

Back to Basics

It is important for the children of today to have a connection with their past. This concept is what will drive society to stray away from the over use of technology and tune into their creative inner beings. In a world of iPads, iPods, and Smart Phones, children have lost a sense of foundation and what it means to look up and play with the world around them. Society is remembering its roots and is returning to their foundations of playing with toys and embracing the outdoors..

ProjectStyle Display I was the winner for Cincinnati Open Design Event’s (CODE) Project Style. The applicants were to compile a look around a red Prada shoe and the top three stylists were chosen by a panel of judges. The three finalists were then asked to style an entire look at Saks Fifth Avenue including hair and makeup on Fashion’s Night Out and the winner was elected by the votes of those who attended FNO. I was voted as the stylist with the best overall look. My look was then featured in the display window of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Isabel González del Rey

591 Miami Crest Drive • Loveland, Ohio • 45140 513 482 0469 •


University of Cincinnati • Cincinnati, OH College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) Major in Fashion Design, Product Development • Expected Graduation May 2015

WORK EXPERIENCE Oscar de la Renta • New York, NY • August 2014 - December 2014 Sales and Merchandising Intern Aided the lifestyle brands team with sales and merchandising of fashion jewelry, childrenswear, and home by analyzing daily business reports of best selling product and connecting current and future market trends with upcoming merchandise. Assisted with product development by creating merchandising maps, skus and colorways, as well as prepping the product for market appointments and making buy collages of the booked goods. KCD Worldwide • New York, New York • January 2014 - April 2014 Public Relations Intern Help publicists with tasks such as sample trafficking, making press packets, and pulling press clips for Alexander McQueen and Pedro Lourenço. Contributed to the planning and production of New York Fashion Week 2014 by assisting publicists with seating plans, invitation send outs, show set ups, backstage press and directional run of show. Harper’s BAZAAR • New York, New York • May 2013 - August 2013 Marketing Intern • Summer Diversity Internship Program Assisted the marketing team develop proposals, run MRI Starch data reports, and analyze marketing techniques of competitor publications. Helped with events, managed guest lists, aided video shoots, as well as used InDesign to edit and create layouts for the magazine. Provided assistance to BAZAAR’ s e-commerce venture, ShopBAZAAR, through tracking orders, creating invoices, and customer service. Abercrombie & Fitch • New Albany, Ohio • August 2012 - December 2012 Technical Design Intern Assisted designers in fittings, developed tech packs including specs, pattern pieces, and construction details within the women’s fashion tops department. Helped develop solutions for various fitting, textile and construction problems, as well as perfecting samples for bulk production.


MTX Mertxe Hernandez Intern • Barcelona, Spain • Summer 2012 Worked personally with the designer to create unique looks for her Winter 2012 collection. Developed marketing plans to help promote store throughout El Borne through fashion blogs, social media, and events. Assisted in trend forecasting, hand sewing and selling hand-made items in boutique.


Computer • Adobe CS5: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MRI Starch, Fashion GPS Design • Trend Forecasting, Branding, Fashion Illustration, Garment Construction, Pattern Making, Draping, Lectra Kaleido Foreign Language • Fluent in Spanish


Cincinnatus Scholarship Recipient 2010- Present Dean’s List 6/7 Semesters Member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars 2011- Present


Available upon request


Cincinnati Open Design Event Project Style winner 2012 Awarded the 2012 Silver Thimble of Excellence Award by UC Faculty Professors 2012

Isabel González del Rey • Fashion Design, Product Development •

Isabel Gonzalez del Rey's Portfolio  
Isabel Gonzalez del Rey's Portfolio  

My name is Isabel Gonzalez del Rey. I am in my fifth year of fashion design, product development in the College of Design, Architecture, Art...