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Nantasket beach We got up at nine o’clock in the morning because we had to take the school bus to Nantasket beach in Hull. We stayed at the beach for three hours, after that, we went to a “ welcome party” to Enma’s house, which was huge, and there we had a barbeque. All the families brought something to eat. Before we started to eat we played with a ball in the swimming pool. We also played ping-pong inside the house. Enma’s mum made hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone. We had a great time and we ate a lot. Later we returned home with our family. NORA

Enjoying the pool

Enjoying the food

Friday 29th August Today we went to Cambridge to see the museum of natural history of Harvard. There wasn’t school so there wasn’t bus; some cars came and took us to Braintree and there we took the train to Cambridge. In the museum there were a lot of interesting and strange things. Then we went to visit the University of Harvard. It was very big and beautiful. There a student explained to us a little bit of the history of that place; it was very interesting. When the tour finished, we went shopping around Cambridge. We visited the official store of clothes of Harvard, it was a little bit expensive but a lot of students (me including) bought some t-shits and sweat shirts. Finally we took another train to go back to the High School. There our families were waiting for us. It was a very funny day. Ainhoa Gonzalez Urionabarrenetxea

lively atmosphere in Cambridge

The museum of Natural History

Having lunch in Harvard university

The Red Sox day I woke up at eight o’clock. It was Sunday, the last day of August and we didn’t have school. This day was very special because we were going to a baseball game. When we arrived in Boston, we walked around the street and we saw many people wearing the Red sox team clothes, scarves, t-shirts, the green monster (the pet of the team), etc. When we went into the stadium it looked small, but then we realized there were thousands of people on their seats. It was really huge. The game started at half past one and the players went into the field a few minutes later. When the Red Sox players went out all the Red Sox fans jumped and shouted, the stadium started to shake!!!!!!! We thought it was an earth quake, but it wasn’t. They were only the Red Sox fans. The game was good but we didn’t stay very long because the Red Sox were losing. Paul

Tuesday 2nd September

Today we woke up very early because it was our first day at school and we had to be there at 7:30. We were at school one hour and then we caught the school bus to visit Larson Tower. This tower was built in 1901 to cover the water tank because it was so ugly. Its builder, a person who had a lot of money, built a medieval tower around the water tank.

After that, the bus left us in the railway station and there we took the train, or the “T� in America. We went by train to the Science Museum but before we arrived, we had to change trains. In the Museum we spent the rest of the morning and some part of the afternoon. We visited a lot of galleries and finally we saw a film, Wild Ocean. And some of us fell asleep.

On the train

With the dinosaurs in the science museum

At 3:15 everybody went back but Rodrigo and I stayed there because our families were going to pick us up to go to the Red Sox stadium to watch a baseball game. We were at the stadium two hours before the match started, because we met there the Coach of the Red Sox and some players. They gave us a baseball ball, and they signed it. The match was too funny and we saw a Home run. The final result was Red Sox 14 - 2 Oriol Baltimore. Guillermo and Rodrigo

WEDNESDAY 3rd September

On Wednesday, we got up at 6 o’clock, like everyday because here in America they start school al 7.15. We went to class, and then, when the first class finished, we caught the bus and went to Boston city. Firstly, when we arrived there, we went to the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Museum, where we saw all his life.

The State House Then we went to the Massachusetts Court House, where a woman showed us a court room, and the U.S. Marshalls. It was a recently built building, it is ten years old. After that, we went to the State House. It was a bit boring because we were quite tired as we had got up too early that morning, so when we finished the State House visit, we went to the Common and sat down in the grass. That was an interesting day because of the Court House, but not as the other days. Marcela and Claudia 4 September Thursday

First we went to the first class and next we went to the library to surf the net. Afterwards, we took the bus to go to the outlets which are one hour and a half far from the school. Wrentham Outlets is a very big place, like a village, with a lot of different kinds of shops. We were there for four hours more or less because the shops had a lot of different clothes at very good prices. We could buy a lot of clothes like Converse, Levis or Quiksilver, which were much cheaper than in Spain. Later we had lunch at the food court, where there were a lot of restaurants. Most of us had pizza or hamburgers, some of us even both of them, and we all bought a cup of coke to refill as many times as we wanted. Finally we took the bus back to school and in the evening some of us went to the High School to watch an American football match. This was one of the best days of our stay here. We loved shopping!

Ainara and Jon

Friday, 5th of September, 2008

This was a very tiring day, full of activities but exhausting. Firstly we woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning. After having breakfast we went to Scituate high school and we had our first lesson. Then we left school at 8:45 and we took the bus to Boston Aquarium. It was fantastic, full of animals and fishes like sharks, jellyfishes and tortoises. We enjoyed our visit a lot. It was amazing to see how they fed them. After this, we went to Quincy Market by bus; we watched the shops (some of us bought some Boston gifts there), we had lunch (there were restaurants from all over the world: Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Arabian, American, Italian…). When we met all together to go back, we spent the last few minutes watching a show of Italian jugglers. At the end of the show our girls took a photograph with one of the jugglers, because they said that he was quite ‘cute’.

At the end we went back to Scituate high school and our families picked us up to home. Beatriz and Alberto


The trip to New York, the visit everyone had been expecting so much, finally arrived Monday 8th. We set out at 6 in the morning, rather early so as to be able to take the most advantage possible of the trip‌at around 11 o’clock, our bus entered the city finally and it gave us a little ride around it before going to our first appointment, the UN.

Going to the UN was a very interesting experience. As always, we had to check our bags and everything before entering, due to security service, but soon after that a charming South African girl came to explain us everything about the UN, its goals and the people who integrate it. We could even visit the General Assembly Chamber, which was large and spectacular.

General Assembly Chamber. The United Nations After our tour had finished, we were able to have a look at the gift shop, which was full of flags of all countries, books, key rings and other little items. There were so many things that some of us could find something to take to our family members or friends. When our tour through the UN organization had finished, the bus picked us up and we headed to Rockefeller Center, so as to visit the NBC studios which, according to the schedule, we had to visit at 12:15. Firstly, we watched a video about the history of the NBC since its foundation in the 20’s. it was very interesting and appealing. Soon after that, we went to some of the NBC’s filming sites, and some of us had to perform while they were filmed, to show us how it was done. When the tour finished, we bought the video and a photo at the entrance as a souvenir. After this, we went to St Patrick’s cathedral, also near Rockefeller Center. Those who were interested visited it while the rest went for a walk along the streets. At 17:30, when our stomachs were already aching, we headed to Planet Hollywood, a fancy restaurant where we had dinner while we could see lots of cinema pictures and video clips. Also, a very charming waiter served us, and we could take a picture with him at last!

St Patrick’s Cathedral

The Rockefeller Center

Planet Hollywood in Broadway We were very lucky, as we could go to Broadway and see the Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theater, a very famous and beautiful musical. As soon as it finished, the bus picked us up and took us to our hotel, where we could rest and sleep until the next day.


The Statue of Liberty

Ferry Boat to the Statue of Liberty Tuesday 9th, we woke up and headed to our first scheduled site, the statue of Liberty. We had to take a boat to reach the island, and as soon as we arrived, it started raining cats and dogs! We came back at 11:30, and we decided to go to Chinatown and do a little bit shopping and sightseeing before going to the empire state building, where we could take lots of pictures of all the city. It was an awesome experience, and we wish we could repeat it one day.

Unfortunately, we had to take the bus back to Scituate at 5p.m. but we had a very nice time at the bus singing, joking and playing. The trip to New York has been, without any doubt, one of the best things of the program, as we wish we had been able to spend a week at least there! Paula, Irene and Patricia

Plimoth Plantation

On Wednesday 10th of September we went to Plymouth to see Plimoth Plantation and Mayflower II. We arrived in the school bus. Plimoth Plantation is a re-creation of the life of native people and English colonists in 1627. First we watched a video and after that we went to the Wampanoag home site. There we could talk with native people about their culture and see their houses. They weren’t role players, they were real native people. Then we went to the English village. It was bigger than Wampanoag home site, and the people were role players. We went into their houses, and we talked to some people like women cooking or men working. Finally, we visited the church and we went to the Crafts Centre. There, artisans reproduce objects from 1627 to use in the Wampanoag home site and the English village. We bought some presents ad we went to the bus to go to Plymouth. In Plymouth we had lunch and we visited Mayflower II. It is a re-creation of the Mayflower, the ship that English used to arrive at Plymouth in 1620. We talked to some sailors and passengers who were role players, we took some photos and we saw the cabins of the ship. Finally, we returned by bus to Scituate. IRATI

TheEnglish Village

The Wampanoag home site

Wednesday 11 of September We finally had to come back home. These are our last memories of Scituate.

Sciutate 08 - Getxo 09  

Intercambio Sciutate - Getxo

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