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PARENTS SURVIVAL GUIDE 2019 maturity decreased. Yeah, there we go. The level of maturity decreased. More bad jokes? Z: Much more. More farts? Z: Much more. On that note, has watching my experience in college changed your thoughts about college at all? Z: A little bit. Even if you do go in with a set thing, you can always change it. You can always change your major or whatever. It doesn’t have to be set in stone. M: You know, before you had gone to Indiana, I had only thought about Southern California schools. But seeing the perks of a different school in a different environment in a different part of the coun-


try kind of made me open up and think about other schools that I wouldn’t have thought about before. What advice would you give another person whose older sibling is going off to college? Z: It’s a sad time. You just have to figure out ways to get through it. M: Make sure you talk to them because they might feel lonely even if you don’t know it. They might be more homesick than you realize. Any advice for parents? Z: It’s a sad time. Just try to stay strong so the person who is going off to college doesn’t get scared. But still have that love factor there. M: Don’t be afraid because your kid is most likely going to have a really good


TOP Emily, Max and Zach Isaacman pose in June 2017 at Zach’s bar mitzvah. RIGHT Emily and Max Isaacman attend an IU basketball game in January 2018. Max, then 16, visited Emily for the weekend.

time. And probably if he or she is leaving, he or she probably wants to leave. So don’t be worried about your kid because if they’re moving across the country, it’s probably for a reason that you might not have thought about.

Do you feel like with me in college, you’re excited for college? You still have a while, Z… Z: Yeah, I feel much more open-minded to college. I really want to go now. Seeing how much fun you’re having makes me want to go.

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Jenna Aspiring dental hygienist

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