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Annual Report

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Contents 03. Parliamentary Secretary’s



Key Figures

Passport Unit



17. Working around Covid-19

Chairperson’s Foreward

08. Identity Malta’s Mission Statement

09. Identity Malta Objectives

11. Board of Directors

12. 2020 Timeline of Events

Malta’s New Generation ePassport

Softcopy Searches Online Submission of Notes

Speech Code Facility


eID Cards Unit


Challenges Related to the Global Pandemic

Malta’s New eID Card

Expatriates Unit

Upcoming Projects

eID Security Features

Online Single Permit

CEO’s Foreward


2020 Best Regional ID Document

Gender Neutrality & Bilingualism


Central Visa Unit

Citizenship Unit

New Residence Document

20. Public Registry Unit

22. Wider Choice of Surnames after Marriage Maltese Names

24. Mater Dei IMA Office Amendments to the Cohabitation Act A Fairer Civil Code

30. Recommencement of Service Brexit: Malta was amongst the first EU Member States to start accepting new residency document applications

32. Simplified Alien Passport Procedure Reporting Unit Searches Unit Processed Search Orders

36. Gozo Office Identity Malta Community Employees’ Wellbeing Staff Development

38. Doing Our Part

Parliamentary Secretary’s Foreword There is nothing dearer to us than our identity. Our identity is that which distinguishes us from one another and simultaneously that which binds us as a nation.

Parliamentary Secretary

Alex Muscat


fact, a new single permit online platform was launched, online birth and death notifications were made available, Malta’s new eID card with stronger security features was launched, and the website was revamped.

dentity Malta’s role could not be more vital on


Such a sense of willingness to get things done

a national level. It is possibly the only agency

enabled the agency to focus not only on what

on the island that is present in our citizens’ lives

mattered most in the practical side of things, but

at every single milestone: be it birth, marriage,

also to consider measures that are improving

separation, or death. It is the only agency that

our citizens’ quality of life. A clear example is the

must be sought out by every single person

introduction of the measure that has set a wider

whose intentions are to reside here.

choice of surnames for couples and families.

The year 2020 was also unique in the amount

The urge to perform better and to strive

of challenges it brought along. The devastating

towards excellence is inherent both in this

effects of the global health pandemic were

Secretariat and in the agency itself. The way

felt by all nationally and internationally, yet

forward for Identity Malta is to have a clear

Identity Malta simply could not afford to halt

strategy, based on what it aims to accomplish

its operation. On the contrary, it amplified its

for the sake and benefit of all Maltese and

sense of duty towards the nation.

Gozitans and even all those residing in Malta.

The way in which Identity Malta responded to

This annual report is intended to shed light on

the pandemic should be used as an example of

the Agency’s work in a collected manner. We

efficiency and good practice. In April, shortly

strongly believe in the need to communicate

after the first outbreak in Malta, healthcare

what is being done, because a lot is being done.

professionals and live-in carers were granted

Whilst there is hope for 2021 to be an overall

an automatic extension period to stay in the

better year, we have come to learn that, come

Maltese islands. An immediate effort was

what may, a good sense of teamwork and a

undertaken to ramp up online services. In

great dose of determination can go a long way.


CEO’s Foreword 2020 was not an ordinary year and in the face of COVID-19, we responded by shifting online. By doing so, Identity Malta ensured the continuation of service whilst protecting the safety and wellbeing of its employees and the general public.


easier to access these popular services from the comfort of one’s home. Besides these changes, other important legal amendments came into act which enabled a wider choice of surnames after marriage and the use of Maltese diacritic letters when registering a newborn’s name. 2020 also marked the Agency’s commitment towards protecting citizens’

ut despite the impact of a global

identity from theft and document forgery.

pandemic, 2020 did not completely

After Malta’s new generation ePassport

derail us off tracks. As a matter of fact,

was awarded Best Regional ID Document

we initiated a series of incremental

of the year, Identity Malta enrolled Malta’s

changes which were primarily intended

new eID card, which stands out for its

to further simplify and accelerate the

security features.

single permit application process without compromising security. Surely, the single

Evidently, these have been trying times

permit digitalisation process and the

and as an Agency we have managed

newly introduced online appointment

to swiftly respond to address public

system have accelerated the course of

needs. Going online is now necessary

actions, doing away with repeat visitors,

more than ever as we turn our focus on

double handling of work and long queues.

quality management. But ultimately, it is people and not just processes that


Anton Sevasta

Similarly, the Public Registry Office

bring about change and if it were not for

took a huge digital leap forward. The

Identity Malta’s staff perseverance and

introduction of the new online birth and

determination, none of this would have

death notification service as well as the


ċertifikati website revamp have made it



Chairperson’s Foreword 2020 will go down as the year that changed the way we live, work, and interact. Indeed, the past couple of months were hard but there is a glimmer of hope as we edge ever closer to the return to “normality”. In reality, no one was prepared for what a global pandemic holds, and despite being large bureaucracies, government entities had to act fast and adapt quickly.


Undoubtedly, the valuable contribution of foreign workers towards Malta’s unprecedented economic growth, is acknowledged by all and Identity Malta was instrumental in facilitating this process. Following my appointment, I look forward to seeing Identity Malta grow and focus more on quality management. Together with the newly appointed Board Members and our CEO, we will firmly steer the Agency in achieving its set strategic goals and objectives.

n response to the COVID-19

Despite making steady progress, we

outbreak, Identity Malta migrated

strive to become better and to offer a

its services online and took an active

quality public service. Together with our

lead on a community-level; waiving

young and dynamic team, we are focused

marriage registration fees in case of

on becoming more customer-centric,

postponement, extending eID cards’

promoting a quality-driven culture which

validity and assisting foreigners stranded

exceeds public expectations.

in Malta who had their visa expired. Chairperson

Mario Galea

But in the aftermath of the pandemic, Identity Malta will have an even greater role in the country’s economic recovery.



Identity Malta’s

Mission Statement

Identity Malta’s


Identity Malta Agency was established in 2013 by virtue of Legal Notice 269 of 2013 and is responsible for citizens’ identity management and the implementation of migration processes. The Agency offers a specialized public service in matters relating to acts of civil status, eID cards, epassports, visas, expatriates’ affairs, and the registration of public deeds. These functions were grouped under one corporate body, which has its own separate legal identity and is governed by the Public Administration Act.

01. Malta’s identity management solution when it comes to eID, ePassport, Visa, Residence Document and Permit, Acts of Civil Status and Public Deed Registrations.

02. Derive policies and ensure the effective implementation of legal migration processes.

03. Protect citizens against identity theft and document forgery.



Board of Directors The Board of Directors upholds the principles of good governance, oversees the Agency’s strategic direction, and is consulted on matters relating to policy. The Non-Executive Chairman and Board Members are appointed by the Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement for a period which does not exceed three years.

Non-Executive Chairperson Mr Mario Galea

Members Ms Diane Izzo Mr Andrew Agius Muscat Mr Clint Bajada Mr George Arrigo

Secretary Mr Ruben Schembri ​



Visa Unit were relocated to

software testing of the

residency document

new identity card coming

following BREXIT.

to an end.


(back office) and the Central

to apply for their new

The Production and

Expatriates Unit


Expatriates Unit, Searches Unit

First call for UK citizens


IMA Corporate Office,



2020 Timeline of Events

New Board of Directors

recommenced with normal service.



Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law

ePassport wins the prestigious award for Best

and live-in carers given 3 months automatic extension due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 outbreak:

New single permit online

new arrangements and

platform launched.

preventive measures in






notifications made

Abela launches Malta’s new eID card.

New eResidence Card enters circulation.

appointed under the stewardship of Mr. Mario Galea as non-executive Chairman.

Healthcare professionals

Regional ID Document.

Online Birth and Death

Prime Minister Robert

Annual Pink October and ċ website

Movember awareness




Malta’s new generation



Enforcement portfolio.


IMA is reassigned to the


Simplified Aliens’ Passport

Introduction of a wider choice of surnames for couples and children. “Ġanni” was the first Maltese name registered on the Public Registry software with the use of Maltese diacritic letters.






IMA employees.

emails and

+70,000 calls answered.

56,200 certificates 12,511 Total Public Registry Registrations.

of Civil Status issued;

52% purchased online.

4,155 local births registered.

3,570 local deaths registered.


3,642 2,174 1,652 18,834 568 213 76,754 34,157 168,788 6,954 3,990 636

foreign notifications registered.

total number of annotations and adjustments. marriage banns published;

381 couples postponed their weddings.

passports issued.

requests for urgent passports. documents of identity and 133 emergency travel documents issued.

virtual eID accounts activated.

eIDs cards issued.

search orders and 65,223 notes processed.

single permit applications submitted online.

employers registered on

freedom of movement interview concluded.


Working around


In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Identity



Malta devised a business contingency plan which was primarily intended to protect the wellbeing of

birth registration by mail.

its employees and customers, whilst ensuring the provision of service. As a result, the Agency did not close its doors, but quickly adopted new work practices. On a daily basis, Identity Malta touches people’s lives and in response to the pandemic, the Agency introduced new procedures which covered all aspects of life; from birth and death registration by mail, to the waiver of marriage registration fee in case of postponement and the automatic extension of 1,440 eID cards which were

148 death registration by mail.

381 couples had their marriage registration fee waived.

soon to expire. Furthermore, expatriates could renew their residence status online and foreigners who were stranded in Malta where authorized to stay until they could find a repatriation flight. In support of our front liners, 450 healthcare professionals, including live-in carers, had their single permit automatically extended by a further three

450 healthcare professionals had their single permit automatically extended by 3 months.

months. This was done electronically and without the need to visit our offices, thus, preventing the risk of spreading or contracting the virus. Evidently, these have been trying times. Going online is part of Identity Malta’s digital drive in making its services more accessible, adding up to a whole new way of doing business in the public sector.

1,440 eID cards were automatically extended.

316 employees.



eID Cards Unit

eID Card

Security Features

The Identity Cards Unit issues electronic identity cards to Maltese citizens and registers e-ID virtual accounts.

Malta’s new electronic identity card is a high-level security document which has different layers of security features.


Level 1 Overt or Public Recognition Features

2020 Total eID cards processed

The security features are visible to the naked eye without the use


New format eID cards issued

of any viewing device or specialist equipment.

10,697 (31%)

New eID (virtual) account activation

Level 2 Covert or Official Assist Features

76,754 (+87%)

eID PINs processed


eID Reset password


The security features can be detected by a trained person with the use of the correct viewing device such as a magnifying glass or UV lamp. Level 3 Forensic Features The security features can be detected with the use of a specialist verification or laboratory equipment.

Malta’s New

eID Card Identity Malta Agency is

Through the use of cutting-edge

accessed with the use of a Card

committed towards protecting

technology, the individual’s

Access Number (CAN).

citizens’ identity from the global

details are laser engraved on

threat of document forgery

a polycarbonate card and the

The new identification document

and the fraudulent use of one’s

biometric data is safely captured

also enables bearers to digitally


on an embedded contactless

sign documents and securely

chip. The data captured on

authenticate one’s identity when

The new Maltese eID card, which

the chip is securely protected

accessing e-Government services.

entered circulation last September,

with the use of a Public Key

was designed to ensure strong

Infrastructure (PKI) cryptography

Malta’s new eID card is issued on

performance, longevity as well as

which enables access controls

new or renewal applications, free

durability. It incorporates layers

and authentication levels.

of charge, and existing ID cards in

of highly sophisticated security

Furthermore, the new eID card

circulation will remain valid until

features which makes it extremely

is a contactless card and the

the document’s expiry date.

difficult to forge or tamper with.

data stored on the chip can be



Public Registry Unit The Public Registry Unit keeps records of Acts of Birth, Marriage, Civil Union, Cohabitation, Death and Adoption Registrations. The Public Registry Unit records civil status of Maltese citizens as well as annotations to Acts of Civil Status. The Unit is also responsible for the publication of Marriage Banns in Malta.

Statistics 2020 Local Births Registered


Local Deaths Registered


Number of Foreign Notifications


Marriage Applications for the Publication of Banns


Registered Civil Marriages


Registered Religious Marriages


Postponed Marriages


Number of Annotations & Adjustments


Total Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates issued


Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates issued online

29,319 (52%)

Online Birth & Death Notification The general public can register a newborn’s birth or a person’s death remotely by simply logging into Identity Malta’s website and filling in an online registration form. Upon successfully registering a person’s birth or death, a copy of the birth or death certificate can be ordered online through the newly revamped ċ website. The new ċ website is more user-friendly and makes it easier to place an online order for a birth, free status, marriage, cohabitation, or death certificate. Once an order has been placed, customers can choose to either collect the certificates in person or have them delivered by post.



Wider Choice of

Surnames After Marriage The legal amendments passed provide a wider choice of surnames after marriage, without one of the spouses imposing on the other. Indeed, couples can now choose to:

› › › ›

retain their own surname; adopt the surname of either party; adopt both surnames in their preferential order; or a combination of the above without one of the spouses imposing on the other.

Maltese Names

However, whenever the couple decide on a different surname, they must agree on the family name to pass on to their children. The family name is automatically established in cases where both spouses adopt the same surname. These amendments apply retrospectively and those couples who got married in Malta before the enactment of the said legal amendments can still change their surname in the next five years. Requests to change one’s surname should be submitted to the Director of the Public Registry Unit, doing away with red-tape and additional expenses.

The upgrades to the Public Registry software enable the use of Maltese diacritic letters when registering a newborn’s birth. As a result, “Ġanni” was the first Maltese name registered on the Public Registry system with the use of Maltese diacritic letters. In this regard, the necessary legal amendments were passed to allow such minor corrections to one’s name. Such requests are to be submitted to the Director of Public Registry Unit. Upon successful registration, a new epassport and eID are issued against no payment in order to reflect the said changes.



Mater Dei

IMA Office Identity Malta’s Mater Dei office is now entering its third year of operations and has processed over 15,000 notifications with 80% of births and 45% of deaths in Malta notified here.

Amendments to the

Staff working in a number of elderly homes, including St Vincent de Paule Long Term Care Facility, can also register death notifications from their workplace,

Cohabitation Act

following intensive training provided by Identity Malta Agency. In fact, in 2020 over 300 death notifications were processed at St Vincent de Paule and other

In June 2020, the Public Registry Unit implemented the new

homes for the elderly.

provisions of the Cohabitation Act Cap 571 with respect to the issuance of Certificates of Cohabitation. The Cohabitation Act Cap 571 aims to recognize the rights of the cohabitants and provide them formal recognition.

A Fairer Civil Code The amendments to the Civil Code introduced in December 2020 included:


Births Notified at Mater Dei IMA Office

% of Births Notified at Mater Dei IMA Office from Total Births notified in Malta

Deaths Notified at Mater Dei IMA Office

% of Deaths Notified at Mater Dei IMA Office from Total Deaths notified in Malta
















*The IMA office at MDH was temporarily closed from the end of March to 8th June 2020 as a precautionary measure due to COVID-19.


› › › ›

the revision of choice of surnames to be used by spouses and their children; the revision of choice of surnames to children born out of wedlock; the registration of all separations; the removal of gender from all Acts and Certificates; the use of gender-neutral terminology.

2020 Best

Passport Unit The Passport Unit issues epassports to Maltese citizens and assists Maltese Embassies and Consulates abroad.

Regional ID Document

safely captured on a polycarbonate bio-data page, which makes it extremely difficult to forge or tamper with, without leaving any signs or trail of attack. In addition, the personal data found on the polycarbonate bio-page is laser engraved, producing a very

Malta’s new generation epassport was

high-definition grey scale portrait.

awarded 2020 Best Regional ID Document in combating document fraud and identity theft.

This advanced bio-page solution consists of a number of individual layers fused together

The award recognises the highest levels of

under immense pressure and heat to create

achievement amongst global passports and

a secure card. Other security features

ID cards, which was awarded to Identity Malta

incorporated in the document include UV and

Agency during the 2020 High Security Printing

rainbow prints, watermarks, interwoven hinges

EMEA Conference held in Portugal. The

with emboss design, see-through window and

conference was attended by 270 delegates

DOVID features, amongst others.

from more than 136 organisations and 43 countries, including France, Germany, UK,

Malta’s new generation ePassport is issued on

USA, and Australia.

new or renewal applications at no extra cost. Existing passports in circulation will remain valid and fit for travel until their expiry date.

Statistics Request for passports has drastically declined in 2020 as a result of the travel restrictions due to COVID-19. As a matter of fact, 51,210 passports were issued in 2019 as opposed to 18,834 in 2020.


Speech Code Facility

With the use of cutting-edge technology, the

Identity Malta is committed to further facilitate

new Maltese travel document further prevents

people’s lives through the use of technology.

document forgery and the fraudulent use of other people’s identity.

Malta’s epassport converts text into speech through the use of a mobile application. The

The imagery used in the document’s inner

user scans the affixed QR code sticker using


pages showcases Malta’s beauty, depicting

a speech code application which converts

Urgent Passports Issued


the island’s long and colourful history. But

the individual’s name, date of birth, passport

Emergency Travel Document Issued

apart from the aesthetic changes, the new

number and expiry date into speech.


epassport stands out for its additional security

Passport Issued


Malta’s New Generation ePassport

layers and advanced bio-page solution. This

This facility gives greater autonomy to the

means that the bearer’s personal details are

blind and visually impaired persons.


Expatriates Unit

introduced online appointment system has accelerated the whole process, doing away with having repeat visitors, double handling of work and long queues.

The Expatriates Unit engages in the legal migration process and caters for the processing and issuing of residence documentation. This includes the enactment of the provisions of national legislation with respect to the EU nationals’ freedom of movement and other regulations concerning third-country nationals’ residence documentation.

As a matter of fact, the average processing time to issue a new single permit has shortened to six to eight weeks and renewals are processed within a month. This falls well within the four months’ timeframe stipulated by the EU Directive. Feedback has been very positive, and Identity Malta plans to expand this online platform to cater for other residence permit categories, including students and family members of work permit holders.

Statistics 2020 New Single Permit Applications submitted online


Employees Registered online (Single work permit)


New Residence Document The new residence document for third-country nationals entered into circulation last June. Apart from its aesthetic changes, the new residence permit is more secure and

Online Single Permit

difficult to forge.

Identity Malta supports local businesses through the facilitation of its services. In the past months, the Expatriates Unit initiated a series of incremental changes which were intended to simplify and accelerate the single permit application process without compromising security. As a result, Identity Malta has successfully managed to re-engineer the residency application process by going digital. Applicants can now submit an online application when applying for a new single permit or submitting a request for a renewal or change in job application. In the case of successful applicants who are still abroad, they are instructed to make their way to Malta by means of a visa (if this is required) and are authorised to commence with employment once they have finalized their application locally and had their biometric data captured by appointment. Surely, the digitalisation of the single permit application process and the newly





of Service

Malta was amongst the first EU Member States to start accepting new residency document applications

Following the government’s decision in April to temporarily suspend new single permit applications, except for highly skilled workers and healthcare professionals, the Expatriates Unit recommenced with normal service in August. The Expatriates Unit also announced that approval letters in principle were being extended without prejudice to travel restrictions, visa, and health regulations. This was intended to alleviate the difficulties experienced by the employers and applicants due to global travel restrictions. As a result, over 6,000 applications were extended.

Over the past months, Identity Malta’s was responsible for the implementation of the provisions related to Citizens Rights as outlined in the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement. Following BREXIT, the Agency immediately reached out to all potential UK beneficiaries in Malta and started accepting new residency applications as early as February 2020. Moreover, Identity Malta organised an informative campaign and worked closely with the British High Commission in Malta in order to facilitate the process. The application process of changing one’s status was staggered by locality and the first call closed in November. Applicants who for some reason or other have failed to turn up for their appointment, can still apply by 30th June 2021. By the end of 2020, more than 7,500 potential UK beneficiaries had applied for their new residency document.



Searches Unit The Searches Unit provides official searches


Alien Passport Procedure

Gender Neutrality & Bilingualism

against individuals and entities in connection with the enrolment of notes pertaining to the

Reporting Unit

and holders of national humanitarian

The Reporting Unit supports the agency’s

status, including holders of Specific

due diligence process across the board,

Residence Authorisation, can now apply

including the processing of residence

for their Alien Passport directly through

permits to third-country nationals

Identity Malta’s office in Ħal Far.

(mainly for employment and study Unit has the statutory authority to carry

application and have their biometric

out checks in order to verify whether

data captured all at once. As a result,

third-country nationals are abiding by the

this has shortened the processing time

conditions set out in their authorization

and the travel document is issued within

to remain in Malta.

of same sex marriages, civil unions, and

hypothec notes and privilege, which secure

gender changes. The Front Page of testamentary searches started being printed in a bilingual format,

Deeds in connection with Public Wills establish whether a will is enrolled with the

thus, facilitating matters for those who need to present the search abroad.

Public Registry.

reasons) and the issuance of visas. The Applicants can now submit their

gender-neutral one, reflecting the realities

immovable property, and the registration of


The wording in the Public Registry Act and on the Searches’ system was changed to a

transfer, inter vivos as well as causa mortis of

obligations such as loans and payment of

Beneficiaries of international protection

2020 Searches




Softcopy Searches The Searches Unit has embarked on a pilot project which will enable online searches

four working days. Once Identity Malta

instead of hardcopies. Following a period

concludes the necessary verification and

In its first year of operation, staff received

assessment, successful applicants can

intensive training on how to identify and

collect their new Alien Passport from the

deal with potential cases. The Reporting

same premises in Ħal Far.

Unit carries out joint inspections and


of technical and legal consultation with all

Search Orders

stakeholders, a prototype for testing will be

During 2020 the Searches Unit processed:

Online Submission of Notes

provided to the Unit shortly.

a total of 636 Freedom of Movement Furthermore, beneficiaries of international protection and holders of national humanitarian status, including Specific Residence Authorisation holders, can also apply and collect their residence permit from Identity Malta’s office in Ħal Far.

interviews were concluded.

› › › › ›

11,740 will orders 617 reference updates 14,035 priority orders 88,786 normal orders 53,610 updates on orders

This project will enable professionals and entities to electronically enrol notes, pertaining to the transfer of immovable property and the registration of notes of hypothec and privilege. In light of this, the legal and technical aspects behind it are currently being explored.




Visa Unit

Upcoming Projects

The Central Visa Unit (CVU) is the government’s immigration central authority

Currently, CVU is in discussions with the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs on the

responsible for the implementation of national visa policies and the provisions outlined

possibility of opening new external service providers in countries that are not accredited

in the Schengen acquis. The responsibility of issuing a visa is shared with Malta’s

to any Maltese Mission/ Consulate, so as to ease the process for third country nationals

Diplomatic Missions abroad. Malta issues two (2) types of visas:

to acquire a national visa.

The Schengen Visa (short stay), which is issued for a period not exceeding 90 days

In the coming months, the current physical declaration of proof will be digitalized and

and is regulated by the EU’s harmonized provisions.

will be uploaded as an e-form. This will be easily accessible through the e-forms portal.

The National Visa (long stay / D-Visa), which is issued for a period exceeding 90 days, but no longer than 365 days, and in accordance with national rules.

Citizenship Unit Challenges Related to the

Global Pandemic

Before the setting up of Komunità Malta in November, Identity Malta was responsible for the

During 2020, important amendments were passed to the Maltese Citizenship Act (Cap

› ›

A Temporary Authorization Letter was issued to third country nationals stranded in Malta, authorizing their stay until they could find a repatriation flight. The CVU swiftly transferred its operations online in order to avoid physical gatherings and the potential spread of the virus. In view of the temporary restriction on non-essential travel into the EU and the possible lifting of such restriction, the CVU abided by Maltese and EU laws and

recommendations. Due to the suspension of Foreign Representations and since certain Maltese Missions abroad were experiencing logistical problems, the CVU processed several long-stay Visas locally.


implementation of the provisions concerning citizenship legislation and the relative policies.

188) which included:

› › › › › ›

The right to persons born in Malta to acquire Maltese citizenship on the grounds of Maltese descent. Acquisition of Maltese citizenship by descent was made subject to public interest. Enabling the acquisition of Maltese citizenship by spouses/widows/widowers who at the time of application were still living together. Changes to one of the conditions for deprivation of citizenship. Automatic acquisition of Maltese citizenship by children born out of wedlock. Automatic Acquisition by adopted children was extended from the age of 10 to 18.


Identity Malta Community Gozo


Identity Malta Agency believes that people make a difference. The Agency values the talents and abilities of its employees and

Apart from going online, Identity Malta also plans to further extend its services at a community level. Over the past year, the Agency has worked to extend more services to Gozo, thus, doing away with the need of having to commute to Malta whenever it is possible. In addition to its existing services, Identity Malta Agency has extended the following services to Gozo:

› › › › ›

Issue of one-way travel document in case of a lost or stolen passport. Issue of long stay visa. Freedom of Movement interviews. Public Registry Foreign notifications. Processing of SRA applications.

seeks to foster an open, cooperative, and dynamic environment in which employees


Wellbeing In the midst of a global pandemic, safeguarding employees’ wellbeing and public health remains top priority. Following the outbreak, Identity Malta resorted to telework practices and whenever this was not possible, alternating teams were assigned to man its front desks. Furthermore, staff are constantly supplied with personal protective equipment (masks, visors, and hand sanitizers) and

can thrive and further develop their skills.

temperature checks are taken on entry.

No. of employees

Apart from COVID-19, Identity Malta promotes a healthy work environment and


Chief Officers


Heads of Unit


stands by its employees passing through difficult times. The Agency offers its staff health insurance, access to mental health services and professional service by Sedqa. Furthermore, Identity Malta has its own voluntary leave bank program in order to assist employees who are experiencing a medical emergency and have exhausted their available paid leave.

Staff Development Identity Malta encourages its employees to further their studies and acquire new

Student Workers


skills. As a matter of fact, the Agency sponsors employees in attaining higher qualifications, giving them the opportunity to enhance their career prospects. Throughout 2020, Identity Malta organised routine training courses for 165

Persons with Disability



employees which mainly focused on customer care and customer service excellence skills.


Doing Our Part Identity Malta employees uphold the values of social responsibility. For the third consecutive year, the Agency took part in the Pink October – Movember nationwide campaign, raising awareness and donating €2,500. Monthly donations were also gathered in aid of L-Istrina with the total sum of €13,000 being donated towards this noble cause.

38 Identity Malta Agency, Head Office, Valley Road, Msida MSD 9020 40

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