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Recognizing Outstanding Entrepreneurs Sweat Beads to Sweet Spot: There Are Legal Options Arbitration & Mediation in Clauses & Contracts

Over 50 and Looking for a Business Mentor? The Small Business Administration and AARP Can Help

Paulette Esposito

The Total Coach: A Spiritual Messenger

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Profile: Paulette Esposito The Total Coach: A Spiritual Messenger


Recognizing Outstanding Entrepreneurs

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Failure Prevention for Business

Sweat Beads to Sweet Spot: There Are Legal Options Arbitration & Mediation in Clauses & Contracts

Over 50 and looking for a business mentor? The Small Business Administration and AARP Can Help

Getting to Know Facebook

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May/June 2014

A social networking after party for business owners Third Wednesday of each month June 18, 2014 July 16, 2014 “Summer Social Spectacular” August 20, 2014 September 17, 2014 October 15, 2014 Meridian School District 1303 East Central Avenue, Meridian, ID (East entrance) 6:00pm to 8:30pm

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As women in business, we still have a life. The IWJ wants women to know that all aspects of their life are vital, relevant, and worthy of equal space. We refuse to deny we have a life.

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Paulette Esposito The Total Coach: A Spiritual Messenger by Amy Urian


May/June 2014 March/April 2014

Paulette Esposito has been part of the emergence of the executive coaching movement of the 1990s corporate America. She is a master storyteller, an accomplished professional development coach, professional RIM facilitator*, inspirational speaker, author and intuitive. Ms. Esposito has held key positions in leading Fortune 200 companies and is the owner of EagleStar Consulting established in the early 1990s. Adding to her accomplishments are the awards. She is a Who’s Who of American Women, a recipient of the International Conference Workshop Design Award and the American Society for Training and Development, a Stamford Jaycees Young Woman of the Year Award, and a 2013 Idaho Women’s Journal Woman of Inspiration. Paulette is a student of life. Her philosophy is “Be curious.” Fifteen years ago as an important chapter in her life was closing, a page turned and a sign presented itself. In a cemetery, standing by the headstone of a loved one she just buried, she was celebrating his life. She turned to see the life and death dates on a headstone, 1895 – 1972. She wondered about the dash in between the dates. “In that dash,” she said, “was a span of 77 years. A curious mind wonders, what was that person’s dash like? How did that person live their dash?” Esposito reflected on her own dash to this point in her life, and from there she renewed her desires to experience life to its fullest. An adventurer, she has tried many things, “I will experience life, and there will be no ‘what if ’.” She now knows she will not be doing deep sea diving again. Her boldness has taken her to experiences many would speculate about, but she lived. Esposito has flown airplanes, driven race cars, participated in a quick draw

In a cemetery, standing by the headstone of a loved one she just buried, she was celebrating his life. She turned to see the life and death dates on a headstone, 1895 – 1972. She wondered about the dash in between the dates. shooting demonstration. She took a philosophy class taught by a nun. She was ordained an interfaith minister in St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York. She performs marriages and embraces all faiths and spiritual philosophies. Esposito discovered an Indian swami. She felt a strong connection to his philosophy and became a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. His teachings embrace a philosophy that encourages devotees to undertake service activities in their lives and communities as a means to grow spiritually. With help from his followers, Sathya Sai Baba improved the local community by working with people to get low cost healthcare, improve the water supply, and improve education. It is an idea that fits the work she has been doing with people throughout her career. Esposito has been guiding people in her work. As a kind of guiding light, she

has helped people unlock their potential and go forth to be productive in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. The lines of life and business are right next to each other, and the business always includes the life. So in the work of Esposito, she speaks and is open to both. She goes where the heart goes. She explains, “It may begin on a work topic, but it almost always includes something closer to home.” In her experience as a development coach, she witnessed personal relationships handicapping the progress needed to improve her client’s business model. Helping her clients to release the burdens of their spirit and thrive is where Paulette felt she did the most good. She explains her new path as being ”…a guiding light or spiritual counselor and a messenger living in love and service helping people achieve peace and contentment.” continued on page 11 May/June 2014 5

Recognizing Outstanding Entrepreneurs


by Calvin W. Goings, SBA Regional Administrator

onsumers make choices every day, and Small Business Week reminds us why supporting the 28 million small businesses, that are the backbone of the U.S. economy, is so important. Each year, since 1963, the U.S. Small Business Administration takes the opportunity to highlight the impact of outstanding small business owners from across the nation. National Small Business Week provides a roadmap for how the government and the public can support the difference-makers in our economy. We know small businesses create nearly two out of every three new jobs in this country. Shopping at small businesses helps Americans improve their communities and create jobs in their local economies. Partnering with companies like Twitter and Microsoft, the SBA is hosting exciting events in communities across the country and online at Each event will bring more tools, tips and resources to America’s 28 million small businesses, in conjunction with efforts to help businesses take their companies to the next level.

We’ll be joined by local leaders and successful entrepreneurs, including Henry and Tom Bloch (founders of H&R Block), Jim Koch (founder of Sam Adams and the Boston Beer Company), and John Schnatter (founder of Papa John’s Pizza). Here are a few ways for you to join us in celebrating National Small Business Week: • Participate online from anywhere in the world. Events and webinars will be live-streamed at • Visit a local small business and post Tweets and Facebook updates using #SBW2014 to highlight National Small Business Week. Small businesses are the cornerstone of our great nation. Entrepreneurialism is central to our country’s spirit. Now more than ever, opportunities are available to all Americans, and during National Small Business Week, we are thrilled to celebrate innovative entrepreneurs and help small business owners get the tools and resources they need to become the next great American success story.

Failure Prevention for Business About 70 percent of businesses will fail in their first five years, and an additional 10 percent more will fail in ten years. This is less likely for the business owner who ingratiates her/ himself to the tools of prevention. Once you know the reasons for failure, you also know the interceptions that lead toward success. Thanks to the research conducted by Michael Ames (1983) and Gustav Berle (1989), the SBA now recites these tools on their website.


May/June 2014

The major reasons small businesses fail: • Lack of experience • Insufficient capital (money) • Poor location • Poor inventory management • Over-investment in fixed assets • Poor credit arrangement management • Personal use of business funds • Unexpected growth • Competition • Low sales

Prevention is one of the keys to success. Find a networking group, a mentor, a coach, a marketing group, or even a higher priced association to get involved with. They are worth their time and money. When push comes to shove, the small business owner needs to find a place to safely unload. When the hard questions are asked, having close association with people who can focus on the goal can be the difference is making it or breaking it.

Sweat Beads to Sweet Spot: There Are Legal Options Arbitration & Mediation in Clauses & Contracts


he word contracts can create sweat beads to appear around temples of the head and perspiration under the arms. It’s the necessary evil for a serious business set on expanding. However, in reviewing many contracts these days, there is a new clause that reads something like, “Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract shall, at first instance, be referred to a mediator for resolution.” ( There are many variations that can be found at CIARB. org; however, the song is all the same. Business is looking for another way to resolve conflict outside the courtroom. It’s called alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and its aim is to settle the unhappiness by facilitated communication or an unbiased middle man taking a role. In tandem with ADR the Internet has surfaced another issue. What happens if you don’t know the other party? That can be explained as an Ebay syndrome. In an online environment, like Ebay, where buyer and seller are unknown to each other, confidence in the transaction becomes skewed. If the seller doesn’t receive their funds or a buyer doesn’t receive their product, where can they turn? It’s called Online Dispute Resolution or ODR. While Ebay has their online system to respond to claims, others do not. Regardless of ADR or ODR, it usually costs less time and money than traditional court systems. Below is a list of ODR websites with ODR systems. Some are focused on specific industries like the Better Business Bureau issues while others are general funnels like the American Arbitration Association and Mediation Arbitration Resolution Services. So while sweat glands may have been the cost of doing business in the past, ODR can cause an otherwise unnatural smile to organically appear. If settling out of court is a desire, consider adding a mediation or arbitration clause to contracts in the future.

by Karleen Andresen American Arbitration Association Ameritrade Bankers Repository Corporation Better Business Bureau Online Cybersettle Family Mediation Canada Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Global Arbitration Mediation Association iCourthouse InfoTech Dispute Resolution Center IRS Electronic Account Resolution JAMS Mediation Arbitration Resolution Services Michigan Cybercourt NASD National Arbitration Forum National Mediation Nova Forum Online Public Disputes Online Resolution PayPal www.paypal.com23 Private Judge Resolution Canada Resolution Forum SettleSmart SettleTheCase Andresen is a fierce marketer and the creator of guaranteed programs for experts, speakers, and business. She has a marketing degree and is currently pursuing her masters in negotiations from Creighton Law School. She holds a monthly business-networking meeting in Boise, Idaho that has become a gathering place to more than 1,800. To connect with Andresen, May/June 2014 7


mong the billions or zillions of emails, chat sessions, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates, newsletters, websites, photo boards, ads, and Twitter updates, it’s hard to fathom it’s power for business. However, information provided by and WebDAM says social engagement is stronger than ever. There is money to be made, but it may take a systems approach to success. For business owners... to do, to add, to include can leave a mind swirling and the results lacking. Before you scratch your head in confusion, take a look at what the studies show, and perhaps it can improve the business choices.

158% Nearly 50% of companies have content marketing strategies

Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by

33% of traffic from Google’s organic search results go to the first item listed 72% of pay per click marketers plan to increase PPC budgets in 2014 73% of reporters think press releases should contain images 67% of business to business content marketers consider event marketing the most effective strategy Social marketing budget will double over the next five years Internet advertising will make up nearly 25% of the entire ad market by 2015 In 2014, marketing teams will spend $135B on new digital marketing collateral


May/June 2014

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national speakers series National Speaker 2014 Daniella Knell Walks you through her journey to commanding her family’s allergies

National Speaker 2014 Tiffany Dahl Using real life experiences, Dahl walks you through oil solutions for common ailments listen to interviews – FREE

speaking events $.99


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Over 50 and looking for a business mentor?

The Small Business Administration and AARP Can Help


by Calvin W. Goings, SBA Regional Administrator

re you over 50 and looking for your next career? New research shows that one in four people age 44 to 70 are interested in starting their own business or nonprofit in the next five to ten years. If this is hitting close to home, you are not alone? There are 76 million people over the age of 50 in the United States. That’s why in April the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and AARP have teamed up. They provide support and training through the SBA’s network of Small Business Development Centers, Women’s Business Centers, and SCORE chapters. This kind of training can be critical for the success of a small business. It can help folks bring their experience, knowledge and skills to a new venture, which creates exciting new opportunities and jobs. Small business ownership is a good option for many baby boomers. Fifteen percent of workers 45-74 are self-employed. Additionally, thirteen percent of those who are current wage

and salary workers say they plan to start a business once they retire. In April the SBA district offices, state AARP offices and SBA resource partners hosted events around the country. Events include speed mentoring, which allowed mentors with small business experience and entrepreneurs to share information during one-on-one counseling sessions, and workshops for entrepreneurs to learn best practices from successful small business owners. To continue the support, the SBA has free online courses targeted at helping encore entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses. Go online to to access the online training and other resources available for entrepreneurs over the age of 50. There’s no better time to start a business than today. For Americans, especially those over 50, why not make April the start of the next chapter of your career?

...13% of those who are current wage and salary workers say they plan to start a business once they retire... 10

May/June 2014

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of Idaho

Woman of Influence 2013 Charlene Bragg Associate Broker Mom & Me Real Estate at Group One momandme

Woman Living the Theme 2013 Stephanie Mullani Owner Natural Girl Diary & Tru Publishing


Covergirl of the Year 2013 & Woman of Inspiration Aspen L. Morrow President, Author Aspen Enterprises Sound Mind Publishing

Women of Inspiration 2013 Mary Pritchard, PhD Owner Embody Heart and Mind

Bri Clark Owner, author, speaker, blogger, reviewer, consultant Belle Consulting

Paulette Esposito Owner Center of Self Discover

Maureen O’Toole CEO Girl Scouts Silver Sage Council

Janice Lung Life, health, wellness coaching and education b.Well

Shaileen Savage Student of Micro Biology

Annette Mease Owner Unlock Your Brilliance

Tahirih Cahill Owner Eleven Shades Studio/ Art Party Boise

Can’t wait to meet you!

Can’t wait to meet you!

Visiting with Paulette at a table she knows well, the room is warmly lit and comforting as she speaks about this journey in her life. She is excited about sharing it out loud. She is embracing her intuitive gifts to help people achieve peace and contentment in their Earthly lives. This silver haired maven has discovered her ‘why’, “I help people connect or reconnect with their divine source.” She is the total coach for the mind, body, spirit and business. To connect with Paulette Esposito, find her at She is also the author of Ignite Joy Now, a self-paced discovery workbook. *RIM is a gentle, yet profoundly effective process that reconstructs affirming images in cellular memory to create subconscious changes for accelerated emotional and physical wellbeing, and greater success. It releases your extraordinary hidden resources to lift your spirit, heal your mind and body, and inspire effortless action!

Michelle Murray Advanced ATM

Tiffany Dahl GOLD doTERRA Independent Product Consultant Tiffany & Eric Dahl D.C. www.OurOilExperience.

Women making a Scene!

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Getting to Know Facebook

It’s like an ice breaker! Once you have your account,

what’s next?


e shared a step-by-step model of how to begin a Facebook account for keeping in touch. If you didn’t read it, go to and look for the March 2014 business issue.

Once in your Facebook account:

1 2

Begin by clicking around. You cannot hurt Facebook, or your account, so play to start understanding how it works.

Many people fear they will create a catastrophe with their computer by clicking some “self destruct” button. If these do exist, they are not possible for the average user to find. Worst case scenario, the Facebook account is deleted and you know how to start again.


Click on different icons around the Facebook home page. The vertical bar on the left hand side of the screen has the orientation to all Facebook has to offer. You should see a link to your page, news feed, messages, events, find friends, and more.

4 5

When your profile picture is featured at the top left, this means you are on your profile. Anything below it, (wall, info, photos, notes, friends, and subscriptions) belongs to you. 

Below your name is the public information about you. Where you work, where you went to

6 7

school and your birthday would be there if you provided it on sign up. You can provide at any time later.

On the right side of any box on your page should be a small icon of a blue pen. This is how you’re able to edit information.

Under “info,” toward the middle of your page, there should be sections dictating Education/


Work, Arts & Entertainment, Basic Information and Contact Information. To add or edit any of these, simply edit the information.

Do you like to watch Modern Family, Mission Impossible, or Downton Abbey? Click the edit button next to Arts and Entertainment and add it! Sharing common interests will help you find like-minded people and show what you have in common with new friends.

BREAKOUT AT END To connect with us on Facebook, type into the address bar. Once on the page, click the “like” button. You can stay in touch with all the events happening around Idaho. Be on the lookout for more information on Facebook mingling, finding friends, and security safeguarding.


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