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A state-of-the-art green building, an increasingly exciting curriculum, beyond-the-classroom

A message from the Interim Dean Connections: Here and Beyond

“ We have become increasingly aggressive and deliberate in creating new opportunities for alumni to interact with our students and faculty.”

programs that connect students with the real

Mark Cordano, Ph.D.

world—all this and more occur because of the generosity of our alumni and friends. Through your support, you help deliver what we at Ithaca College know is a first-rate education on a first-name basis. Thank you.

Welcome to our first annual report for the Ithaca College School of Business. We are deeply grateful for all that alumni and friends contribute to the growth and development of our students and the institution itself. This is just one means of saying thank you for your gifts of funding, service, ideas, and good wishes. From the inspiring building you have created and the fine education you help to provide and augment, to the careers our students pursue, your impact is extraordinary. Today, effective business education requires greater interaction between students and the business community than ever before. Here in

Ithaca, our challenge is to help our students connect with businesses beyond our geographic area. We have become increasingly aggressive and deliberate in finding ways for alumni and others in the corporate community to form new relationships with our students and faculty. Over the past year, we have hosted events in a variety of off-campus settings and have been gratified by the responsiveness of our alumni and the results for our students. These events have produced internship opportunities, taught students how to network, and enhanced prospective employers’ confidence in our students. To expand and formalize these connections, we took another significant

step forward this year by establishing the Business Professions Program. Spearheaded by our Business Advisory Council and funded by a core group of dedicated alumni, the comprehensive program will promote professional and career development through alumni and corporate involvement. Our systematic approach to linking students, faculty, and alumni strengthens the school’s relationships with the larger business community and showcases the skill, enthusiasm, and sophistication of our students. We are proud that a team from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) acknowledged this new program as a mark of quality during its site visit last fall.

Valuable connections occur every day on campus as students, faculty, and visitors get to know one another. Expanding connections — beyond the classroom, off campus, and after graduation — is vital to our students’ success. With your continuing generosity and guidance, they will leave here confident and well prepared to create a better world.

Mark Cordano, Ph.D. Interim Dean

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Introducing Our New Dean: Mary Ellen Zuckerman

“ I look forward to working with the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other partners of the School of Business to continue creating an environment of academic excellence and innovation in the field of business education.”

Building Toward Sustainability

Dr. Mary Ellen Zuckerman

Mary Ellen Zuckerman assumed her post as dean of the Ithaca College School of Business on July 1, 2010. “I look forward to working with the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other partners of the School of Business to continue creating an environment of academic excellence and innovation in the field of business education,’’ said Zuckerman, who came to Ithaca from the School of Business at the State University of New York at Geneseo, where she served as dean from 1999 to 2008. “I want to work with them to continue and accelerate initiatives focused on sustainability — capitalizing on the opportunities provided by the wonderful LEED building, which houses the School of Business — as well as ongoing efforts by

the Ithaca College community and those of the surrounding Ithaca community. Finally, I believe the School of Business is well positioned to participate in the Collegewide efforts to provide students with integrated educational experiences.” In 2002, Zuckerman led SUNY Geneseo through its initial accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. She also established a master’s in accounting program and created and managed the school’s Alumni Connections Council. She holds Ph.D. and M.B.A. degrees from Columbia University and joined the Geneseo faculty in 1985. In 2006, she was awarded the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service.

Our building was designed to put Ithaca College in the forefront of environmental stewardship and promote the highest principles of sustainable design. The Dorothy D. and Roy H. Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise earned its name when it became the world’s first school of business to earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum certification for achieving rigorous benchmarks in green building design, construction, and operations.

She has held positions as a visiting associate professor of management at McGill University and as a research fellow at the Freedom Forum Media Studies Center. Zuckerman’s research focuses on the development of the magazine industry, the marketing research and advertising industries, and gender and media. She is the author of A History of Popular Women’s Magazines in the United States, 1792–1995 and coauthor of The Magazine in America, 1741–1990. The School of Business enrolls some 700 students in its bachelor of science programs in business administration and accounting and 30 students in its M.B.A. program. The school has 37 faculty members and an administrative staff of eight. n

The first business school in the world to achieve LEED platinum certification.

Since it opened in 2008, the Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise has had a powerful impact on Ithaca College. A second green building has been completed, and a third is under construction. Across the country, schools such as Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and MIT’s Sloan School of Management have followed Ithaca’s lead, opening or constructing new green buildings. continued on page 5

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“ Being in the building has made me more aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility in business.”

All these buildings are designed to meet standards the U.S. Green Building Council has set to achieve energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts. The Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise serves as a living laboratory emphasizing sustainability as crucial to business success. Principles and Payoffs

50% of the energy used in the building is from renewable resources... thus reducing energy and water consumption and utility costs.

With its expansive glass walls, the Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise provides stunning vistas of Cayuga Lake and the surrounding hills of Tompkins County — and saves on electricity use. “The amount of curtain wall and glass has reduced the use of typical office lighting, thereby reducing electricity use,” said Rick Couture, the College’s associate vice president of facilities. “So in terms of energy consumption, our savings are approaching 30 percent, which is substantial.’’

Kevin Smith — a partner at Robert A.M. Stern LLC, architects for the project — points out that some of the building’s value comes from unexpected places: “It is surprising that a building in a northern climate would benefit from so much daylight and glass. Actually, the energy model showed that a fair amount of well-protected glass would provide improvement in the building’s energy performance. However, the other real benefit is that it’s a wonderful building to be in, and people just like to spend the day there. Even when it’s a gray day, people feel bright and happy with all the views to the outdoors. Those are some of the intangible but important benefits of a sustainable building.” Jennifer Stone, senior associate with Stern, explains that collaboration among College officials, architects, sustainability design consultants, engineers, and construction managers was critical to managing the complexities of producing such a building. “Even though LEED platinum certification was rather rare at the time the concept for the building was revealed, the College had set very high goals

and was passionate about achieving them,” she said. “So at every stage, the entire team sat together and worked through the strategic design, construction, and cost decisions to get the result we all wanted, which was to bring the vision from conception to reality.” The resulting 38,800square-foot facility includes a vegetated roof to help control wastewater runoff and provide a thermal cushion against significant temperature fluctuation; extensive use of natural lighting to minimize energy needs; purchase of 50 percent of the electricity from renewable sources; and a storm-water reclamation system for use with the building’s plumbing. Education and Inspiration

The students and faculty who use the building experience its benefits every day. Assistant professor Aimee Dars Ellis, passionate about sustainability, has developed an undergraduate elective, Business Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship.

Jeffrey Geyer ’11.

“I am proud to be teaching at a business school with a focus on sustainability that is housed in a LEED platinum-certified building,” said Ellis. “We are in a living laboratory where students can see the principles we discuss in action.” Student Jeffrey Geyer ’11 also understands the relationship between the building’s physical form and its impact as a learning space. “It’s clear that the building was made to tie in with the curriculum and the whole business program,” Geyer said. “Being in the building has made me more aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility in business, and because of that influence, I will probably think more creatively about my future career choices.” Everyone at the School of Business echoes Couture when he said, “Very simply, we are extremely proud of this building.” n

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Adelaide Park Gomer: “ Living Laboratory for Social Responsibility” As Ithaca College launched its capital campaign for construction of new buildings to house the business school and the administration, I suggested I would help to secure funding if one of the buildings was built “green.” The business school was designated as the sustainable model, and my mother, Dorothy Park, granted the lead gift, which ultimately amounted to over half of the eventual cost of the building. Our rationale was to put Ithaca College at the forefront of sustainability education, and our purpose was twofold: 1. To be the first LEED platinum-certified business school in the world, serving

People, plant, and prosperity

as a model for other institutions of higher learning. Since the designation of the Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise as LEED platinum, the Peggy Ryan Williams Center has been recognized as LEED platinum, and the Athletics and Events (A&E) Center is aspiring to be LEED certified. 2. To encourage the business curriculum to reflect the building that houses it and

make the building a living learning laboratory. As a philanthropist engaged in environmental work, I am acutely aware of the decimation

Sustainability in Management Education: Research, Resonance, and Results of our planet. It is my belief that the only effective way to reverse this destructive path is to engage the corporate community in developing sustainable business practices. As a former teacher, I believe we can accomplish this by educating young business students about socially responsible business practices. Therefore, I believe that Ithaca College students should learn how to seek business success and still protect the earth and the health of the people, wildlife, soil, plants, and oceans on it. To help foster these ideals, students should learn to embrace and practice socially responsible investing in a space created specifically for that use — the Center for Trading and Analysis of Financial Instruments. There, students should learn that the bottom line signifies more than money, and that an investment portfolio should include the three interlocking principles of sustainability: planet, people, and profit. The green building at Ithaca College named after my mother and father will be a beacon for other business schools. Housing the intended curriculum, the Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise will provide a model for business schools everywhere. n

Everyone benefits from working in the Park Center, a living laboratory of sustainability.

Aimee Dars Ellis interviewed for teaching positions when Ithaca College was building the Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise. “It was certainly a selling point for me,” she said. The building and the school’s focus on sustainability helped persuade her to join the School of Business faculty. Ellis developed her commitment to sustainability through her research. While teaching a business ethics class at Arizona State University, she became one of the first in her field of organizational behavior to research employees’ reactions to corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that required their participation. She studied employee attitudes to volunteer programs, blood drives, and recycling and found that their involvement in these activities plays a significant role in the success of any business. “Employees care deeply about participating in CSR programs, and those programs provide significant benefit to organizations, even if they don’t necessarily affect the bottom line,” Ellis said. She presented the results in a paper to the Academy of Management and was named

a finalist for the prestigious Newman Award, bestowed upon the top three papers based on a dissertation. As an assistant professor of management at the School of Business, Ellis has developed Business Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship, an undergraduate elective. She incorporates her research interests into the curriculum, so her students can learn core marketing concepts and ideology from a fresh perspective. Through their courses and projects, guided by faculty members like Ellis, students develop a superior understanding of environmentally sound and socially responsible business practices. Everyone at the School of Business benefits from working in the Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise, a living laboratory of sustainability. With passionate teachers in an enriched environment, IC shows students how to consider business through this prism of social responsibility. n Visit connections/sustainability_ management.php to read more.

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“ Every time I come back to campus, it feels like home.” David Rowitt '78

Alumni Couple Finds Rewards in Giving Back

Dave and Nancy Shapiro Rowitt

Dave Rowitt ’78 and Nancy Shapiro ’74 first crossed paths at Ithaca College in fall 1973 when she led a campus tour that he took as a prospective student. They met again on a blind date in 1982 and, a year to the day later, Nancy and Dave married. Their commitment includes their devotion to Ithaca College. “We both feel very strongly about the College,” Nancy said, “and we feel that giving back is a responsibility for alums.” In 2008 they proposed to fund a new course in the School of Business on managing personal finances. The class teaches students the concepts of individual financial decision making. “It was exactly what we were passionate about — financial literacy,” Dave said. “As a kid growing up, my grandfather always talked to me about the importance of investing, specifically through

Turning passion for financial literacy into learning opportunities for students.

stocks. It was he who inspired me by giving me my first shares of stock and watching them grow.” The class provides students the knowledge to manage their personal finances and helps them develop the judgment to use that knowledge in making sound choices, says Joseph Cheng, associate professor of finance and international business: “This class adds a lot of wisdom, and, therefore, adds a lot of value to the students’ education.” For Amanda Kessler ’08, the course improved her ability to deal with realworld financial situations. “I was able to handle my taxes confidently for the first time on my own out of college because of what I learned in the class,” she said. “I also had a better understanding of the value of starting my 401(k) even if my contributions were small at first, which is what we learned in the course: start early and build a good foundation slowly.”

That’s just why the Rowitts made this commitment to the curriculum.

Dave graduated from the School of Business and in 1983 received an M.B.A. in management from Fairleigh Dickinson University. After a career in IT, most recently at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, he is seeking a position as a business analyst in the Orlando, Florida, area. He says he took his own advice — investing wisely and being financially responsible — so they are able to live comfortably until a new job opportunity arises for him.

“We would like to educate as many students as possible — both business and nonbusiness majors — in the area of finance, so they will make wise decisions and understand what they are doing,’’ said Dave. “Providing this course for students helps them understand how to save money and keep their investments accumulating throughout the years, with the goal in mind of retiring and having a comfortable life.” Nancy has a degree in music education from Ithaca and received a master of music degree in music performance from the University of Miami in 1980. She taught instrumental music in public schools for several years before retiring to raise the couple’s two children, who are now grown. Recently she rekindled her musical training and became a sub for the Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps at Epcot at Walt Disney World.

The Rowitts are extremely happy with Ithaca College and its leaders’ vision for the future. Said Dave, “We are pleased with the growth and development of the College, not only for students, but also the physical changes on campus. We are both very proud to contribute to that.” n

“ I was able to handle my taxes confidently because of what I learned in the class.” Amamda Kessler '08

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Luncheons, roundtables, and financial planning workshops augment classroom learning.

Business Professions Program: To Counsel, Coach, and Mentor The Business Advisory Council listened when it heard students raise concerns about job preparedness. And after two years of planning and fund-raising, the Business Professions Program begins this fall. The comprehensive career and professional development program will encourage students to take advantage of resources on campus and will involve them from their first semester through graduation — and beyond. The program will connect students with alumni through a range of networking events, workshops, class presentations, mentoring, and developing and communicating internship opportunities:

Business Professions Program Donors: School of Business alumni responded swiftly and generously to the invitation to create the Business Professions Program. We are grateful to these donors:

Neil D. Aaron '88 and Gayle Libson Aaron '88 Paul and Wendy Aglietti, Parents '11 Lawrence M. Alleva '71 and Susan A. Alleva Philip J. Anderson '89 and Leigh Ann Anderson Wendy G. Bahlav '78 Mark M. Baker '87 and Janice M. Baker John F. Baumann '72 and Mary H. Baumann Michelle Benedict-Jones Jan D. Berman '80 and Judy Kahan Berman '80 Andrew L. Comins '74 and Ricki G. Comins Justin B. Dew '96 and Elizabeth Dew Jill C. Feldman '75 and Robert Lerner Thaddeus J. Fortin '81 and Mindy Fortin Kevin E. Gage '81 & Cynthia K. Jones Mark T. Harrington '82 and Sharon Weiner Harrington '83 Tas Hasan '01 and Nienke Padberg Andrew J. Katz '87 and Stephanie J. Katz Peter K. Kempner '81 and Betsy Kempner Christopher J. LaCroix '79 and Kathleen LaCroix

Stewart J. Leonard Jr. '77 and Kim Leonard David Lissy '87 and Suzanne Schulman Lissy '88 Sandra Gardella Mees '79 and Matthew J. Mees '80, Parents '11 Thomas S. Middleton '80 and Louise Middleton Daniel J. Mills '74 and Christine Blossom, Parents '07 Jason B. Muenzen '02 and Christine N. Muenzen William J. Nelligan III '83 and Ann Mastoloni Nelligan '86 Richard Perl '75 and Nancy G. Stern John J. Poister Jr. '72 and Cece Poister Debra Pollard Perez '86 Kenneth D. Pollinger '82 and Amy Klingenstein Pollinger '82, Parents '11 Stuart I. Romanoff '81 and Jacquelyn S. Romanoff Chip Schulz '83 and Maria Semczuk Debra L. Sebiri '88 and Jonathan A. Sebiri '89 Samuel Seltzer, Parent '75 Michael Stamm Randy R. Williams '79 and Debra L. Williams Kurt J. Wolfgruber '72 and Kim A. White

• A “dress for success” event and an etiquette luncheon will focus on practical matters to help students develop skills and confidence. • A business ethics roundtable and financial planning workshop will augment the curriculum with discussions of business-related topics.

• A young alumni panel and other alumni-student events will allow students to develop personal and professional connections, and networking skills. In these difficult economic times, the program serves a critical need, said Business Advisory Council member Wendy Bahlav ’78, director of investor relations at Cura Capital Management: “It is important for the students to be prepared for their job searches. Providing the best possible tools and dedicated resources in the business school gives them a leg up as they enter a very competitive job market.” This initiative began in fall 2008, when the school’s Business Advisory Council determined such a program was needed to prepare, counsel, coach, and mentor students as they enter the workplace. The School of Business studied successful programs at other business schools, developed a plan for its own program, and launched a targeted fund-raising effort in October 2009. Alumni eagerly stepped

“ Do a lot of research about the company you are going to visit. … I mean getting out in the market and really experiencing the product or service. I’m most impressed with a candidate who does this.’’ Stewart Leonard Jr. '76

forward. “They heard the message and supported it, and virtually every person we asked gave generously,” said interim dean Mark Cordano. “In a little more than six months, the BAC raised more than $250,000 to fund the program for two years.”

career industry, if they have specific skill sets and they understand the remuneration for those skill sets, then they are likely to be happy graduates rather than frustrated graduates.”

In April 2010, Bethany Kilgore was hired to become the first professional development coordinator. She holds a master of education degree in cultural studies and was assistant director of experiential education and mentoring at Xavier University in Cincinnati. An alumni and corporate relations coordinator will be hired to maintain current relationships with alumni and organizations, and forge new relationships. Investor Phil Anderson ’89 says the Business Professions Program comes at a crucial time for students: “If students are oriented toward a certain

And he says the program will make Ithaca students more valued in the workplace: “Employers want employees who can improve the performance of their businesses. As a businessman, if I can find someone who is trained and has specific knowledge to help me in my business, then that person can add value to the business right away.” n If you would like to become active in our professional network, please contact Bethany Kilgore, professional development coordinator, at or 607-274-3680.

“ Providing the best possible tools and dedicated resources gives [students] a leg up as they enter a very competitive job market.” Wendy Bahlav '78

Ithaca College School of Business 11

Students and Alumni: Meaningful Connections for All

Education at the School of Business is not just for current students. Education continues for alumni, who are as important to preparing students for the business world as are our faculty and staff. Students benefit greatly from opportunities to connect with the business community—opportunities that alumni generously provide. Students who participate in internships and networking events not only practice the skills they need to succeed but also open doors to future careers. As alumni help connect students to their organizations, they find meaning and value in reconnecting with the school, expand their own networks, and rediscover how Ithaca College has influenced their lives. Education is a lifelong experience.

Connecting Interns Through Corporate Relations

A summer internship often leads to a job. A year ago, Alicia Marchant ’10 completed an internship with Liberty Mutual that ended with a job offer. She’s now a sales representative for Liberty Mutual in Ithaca. Students frequently receive job offers after their internships because the qualities recruiters look for in interns are the same as those they seek in potential employees. “Corporations are putting more energy into their interns now than they have ever before,” Marchant said. “They know that these are the people who are going to stick with them and know the most about the company from the very beginning.” Liberty Mutual’s internships involve a mentoring system. Students team up with current sales representatives, accompany them into

Women in Business Network: A Path to Success

meetings, and establish a relationship that helps them learn and grow. “It’s about building a relationship and building contacts with people,” Marchant said. “The business school has done a great job of setting up internships and maintaining a dialogue with Liberty Mutual.” The company is also pleased. Said Duane Palmiter of Liberty Mutual: “Our involvement with the business school provides clear opportunities for its students.” n Read more about Liberty Mutual’s relationship with Ithaca College at www.ithaca. edu/ business/connections/ connecting_interns.php.

At Ithaca, Heidi Manheimer ’85 said, “I learned and honed many of the skills one needs in order to be successful in any job.” And she’s delighted to share her experiences with today’s female students.

Manheimer stressed these skills for success: selfdiscipline, problem-solving, teamwork, and the ability to see the big picture and see that picture from many different angles.

Manheimer, chief executive officer for Shiseido Cosmetics America, was one of four graduates on the first Women in Business Panel at Ithaca College’s New York Network Night. More than 200 participants — current students, graduates, and other professionals — attended the event in January 2010 to hear her and Carol McCann ’80, director and co-owner of Grandview Island Productions; Tuti B. Scott ’84, president and founder of Imagine Philanthropy; and Amy Willstatter ’80, founder and president of Bridge to Hollywood & Broadway. Panelists discussed their careers and the experience of the recent recession and then mingled with participants and exchanged contact information.

“This younger cohort will soon enter the workplace with tremendous enthusiasm and a bounty of new ideas,” said Manheimer. “I feel lucky to be in a position now where I can give back to young people about to embark on their own careers.” Said participant Allison Walker ’10: “Sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to working toward our degrees. It’s a breath of fresh air to meet someone who has followed the same path and is successful years after graduation.” n Read more at www.ithaca. edu/business/connections/ wibn_nyc.php.

Alum at Merrill Lynch Initiates Successful Internships Grateful for the start that Ithaca College gave him, John Olson ’76 wants to provide similar opportunities for today’s students. Last summer, Olson, a wealth management adviser and senior vice president of investments at Merrill Lynch, sponsored internships at Merrill Lynch for two IC students. “Ithaca was very important in getting me started in business,” he said. “If I can help students through internships and making introductions to people in the industry, I will.” Olson selected two rising seniors as his recent interns, Rob Crawford ’10 and Brent Byrne ’10. They spent the summer of 2009 in New York City conducting research, creating spreadsheets to analyze and track money managers’ performance, and searching for stocks to include in Olson’s discretionary portfolio.

Said Byrne, “I felt very content at Merrill Lynch. It’s where I feel like I belong. I’m a competitive individual motivated by the rush of the city.” Strengthened by this experience, Crawford and Byrne successfully secured positions after graduation: Crawford is a research analyst for Manning and Napier, an investment adviser based in Fairport, New York, and Byrne is with Alliance Bernstein, the investment firm headquartered in New York City. Olson has continued his commitment to Ithaca students. For summer 2010, he offered an internship to Iuliana Dudi ’11. n Read more at business/connections/giving_ back.php.

“The experience was amazing,” said Crawford. “I gained much more knowledge and skill, and I’m very passionate about the financial markets and their importance. The internship just solidified my reasons to be in this industry.”

Ithaca College School of Business 13

Business Link Connects Students with Alumni, Face-to-Face A new organization on campus is building closer relationships between current students and alumni. Business Link, a student-led initiative, uses networking events and social media to provide students with some of the skills and connections they need to secure internships and jobs. At the first Business Link IC Face-to-Face event, held in August 2009, 12 alumni and 15 students gathered in Manhattan for an alumni panel discussion and networking. Among the companies represented were Dow Jones, Citigroup, Ogilvy Action, and Merrill Lynch. Jeffrey Bush ’10 says he gained self-confidence at the event and learned about networking, professionalism, and the ability to start and carry on a conversation with a new contact. Putting those lessons to use, he contacted an Ithaca alumnus and his resume was passed along to a friend of

Sharing bonds with alumni create lasting relationships.

Essential Resources for Important Initiatives that new contact. “This path has ingrained in me the importance of networking and persistence,” said Bush. Host Bill Durant ’86, who manages financial services corporate accounts for Dow Jones, understands the value of networking first hand. After being laid off, he reached out to a vice president of his former employer. “I found out that he had obtained a position with another company, and he assisted me in getting an interview and an eventual offer,” said Durant. Business Link will continue to sponsor events that connect alumni with today’s students, so they can market their strengths. Durant is enthusiastic about what these students offer to potential employers: “Ithaca students are intelligent, have great communication skills, have high initiative, exude confidence, and have great energy, spirit, and enthusiasm.” n Read more at business/connections/linking_ students_alumni.php.

Some of the most important checks alumni write each year provide a range of critical benefits to the School of Business. These gifts, directed to the School of Business, help advance our mission.These funds do several things:

Can; The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Starting Your Own Business; and Professional Skills for Success. • Support scholarships, helping us to compete against other business schools in attracting some of the best and brightest students

• Support student attendance at special national conferences, such as the annual American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference, the Redefining Investment Strategy Education Forum, and the Beta Gamma Sigma Leadership Forum • Enrich faculty development through special conferences, such as the AACSB Sustainability Conference and the AACSB Teaching Effectiveness Seminar • Host networking events where our students connect with our alumni on and off campus in locations ranging from Syracuse to New York City • Enable faculty to develop new courses. In the past year, we have added some timely new minicourses: International Trade; Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance: Catch Me If You

• Purchase specialized software to support our professional development program and expand our alumni relations • Enhance our outreach and welcome to accepted students • Produce regular communications and new graphics to maintain connections through our website and reports such as this, our first annual report We are deeply grateful to the alumni and friends who see the importance of supporting the School of Business and make it a personal priority to write a check or donate securities. Through your involvement and generosity, the School of Business will continue to flourish. We cannot say it often enough: Thank you! n

Ithaca College School of Business 15

Ithaca Fund for Business Donors

Our School of Business alumni, parents, and friends always respond generously. We are grateful for gifts to the Ithaca Fund for Business, to the construction of the Dorothy D. and Roy H. Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise, and to scholarships that make an

Ithaca College education possible for our students. The following list encompasses all gifts directed to the School of Business from June 1, 2009, to May 31, 2010. President’s Associates are denoted with an asterisk.

Neil D. Aaron '88 and Gayle Libson Aaron '88* Jason M. Abendschein '01, M.B.A. '02 ACE INA Foundation Jessica L. Acquard '06 Curtis O. Adler and Kristen Young Adler '88 Paul and Wendy Aglietti, Parents '11* Steven E. Aldrich '07, M.B.A. '08 Helen Aldridge-Scoones '86 and William A. Scoones, Parent '80 Lawrence M. Alleva '71 and Susan A. Alleva* John D. Amsterdam '69* Philip J. Anderson '89 and Leigh Ann Anderson* Amy Antinozzi '05 Dina Andersson Armstrong '85 and Michael David Armstrong Frank R. Atkins '81 and Hayee Lastra-Atkins Pamela J. Auld '84 Sally Hansen Avellino '83 Maxine Weiss Awner '89 and Steven Awner Ronald I. Axler '68 and Dorothy Axler John D. Axtell '88 Ara K. Ayvazian '07 Gregory D. Baekey '85 and Pamela I. Baekey Wendy G. Bahlav '78* Peter and Kathryn Bailey, Parents '10 Baird Foundation, Inc. Julie Schneider Baker '96 and Robert E. Baker III Mark M. Baker '87 and Janice M. Baker Thomas E. Baker '65 and Laurie S. Baker Frederick and Marlene E. Barken, Parents '11* Rachel Bowen Barrientos '03 David W. Barron '87 Robert P. Barton '90 and Jennifer Laudico Barton '90 Douglas S. Baxter '73 Catherine R. Beck '05 Richard and Jennifer Beck, Parents '08 Brian A. Bell '10 Carl Bellanca Jr. '88 and Rachel L. Bellanca Michelle Benedict-Jones John F. Bentley '75 and Carol Gorsky Bentley Keith F. Bergman '81 and Jill Bergman Fredric A. Berman '86 Jan D. Berman '80 and Judy Kahan Berman '80* Michael M. Berman '83 Cameron L. Bertolini '94 and Julie Spadea Bertolini '94* Stephen M. Betheil '68 and Amy Telfus Betheil '71 Daniel P. Bither '92 Gregg and Sherri Bittner, Parents '11 Kenneth W. Blenk '86 and Laura E. Blenk Marc and Peggy Blumenthal, Parents '05

Patricia Boeckel, Parent '13 The Boeing Company Jeff G. and Bernadette O. Bohn, Parents '09 Janel E. Bonacci '98 Andrew J. Bonavia '94 Jason J. Bonderenko '04* Louise F. Borchert '69 Charles A. Borda IV '79, Parent '10 Joanne Race Borfitz '84 and Timothy Borfitz Kathryn A. Bostory '07 Alka Bramhandkar Scott L. Braziller '79 and Lisa Frank Braziller Teresa Breen, Parent '13 Lynn Hollenbeck Breindel '79 and David Breindel John and Cynthia Brindger, Parents '03 Emily J. Brochstein '04, M.B.A. '05 Jane Broderson, Parent '13 Jennifer Prince Bronstein '83 Jordan B. Broome '09 Andrew R. Brussel '90 and Lynn Brussel Kelly Meyer Tehan '98 Jesse and Dawn Bugbee, Parents '11 David M. Burbank '82 and Illa Gergely Burbank '90 Edward H. Burgin '52 Ann Schwartz Burnick '82 and Daniel J. Burnick Joanne Burress Nancy Moreno Busch '72 and Stanley A. Busch Fred J. Bush '73 and Diane Bush Robert E. Butler '70 Todd D. Butler '91 and Andrea Valik Butler '92 Valerie A. Calhoun '78* Claudia D. Call '05 Jeffrey J. Campbell '78 Robert B. Carlton Jr. '68 Eric A. Carosia '09 Elizabeth Carruthers Peker, Parent '11 Thomas J. Castellano '07 Corinne Morgan Chaussepied '94 and Laurent Chaussepied William N. Chernega '05 and Jessica Evans Chernega '05 Tryon D. Clark '95* Richard E. Coats '70 and Mary Beth Coats Bradley S. Cohen '94 and Adrienne A. Cohen Martin S. Cohen '67 and A. Barbara Steinberg Cohen '67 Robert A. and Diane L. Cohen, Parents '13 Stanley E. and Esther Cohen, Parents '76* Stuart J. Cohen '83 Samuel L. Colella '52 and Shirley Colella Brian R. Colicchia '04 and Jennette L. Norton '02 Christine Fusaro Colton '89 and Mark J. Colton Andrew L. Comins '74 and Ricki G. Comins Teri Olinsky Cook '75 and Craig W. Cook

Frank A. Cooper '85 Nathan S. Corcoran '05 Mark Cordano* Anthony P. Costa '64 John F. Costello III '87 Carl A. Cote '91 Gerry and Caroline U. Cox, Parents '95 David W. Cross '78 Patrick O. Crowe '93 and Cortney Crowe Margaret Hickey Culp '76 and Weldon H. Culp James J. Cummings Jr.'72 and Sharon Cummings Jared Cutler '07 Randi Posner Cutler '83 Holly A. Dale '98 and Brian D. Dale Denise E. Dalton '91 Melanie L. Davies '08 Aaryn M. Decker '07 Catrina Decker '06 Carmine J. DeCrescente III '04 Judy DeGrusso Deloitte and Touche LLP Paul F. Demgen '72 and Karen Demgen Kimberly Boyce Dennison '95 and Bradley Dennison* Deborah Dehond Denome '88 and Robert P. Denome James M. Dewey '66 and Kathleen Dewey* Mary Allen Dixon '82 and John J. Dixon Barbara Erlenkotter Dolan '70 Alessandro Donnini and Amy Bermar, Parents '11 Christine Kunzman Dossey '95 and Randall Dossey David B. Drucker '83 and Blair D. Drucker Amy Ziman Druker '80 and Conrad L. Druker '81 Christina Bailey Eckhart '85 and Timothy Eckhart Donald W. and Georgetta A. Eckrich, Parents '98 Nicholas Economos Jr. '01* Dwight Edwards '72 Katherine Ellis-Donner '78 and Barry S. Donner Brian T. Elmore '99 and Jeffrey Hamm Bruce M. Engel '79 and Maria Engel Cheryl Warren England '83 G.S. Erickson* Katherine A. Ermenville '03 Ernst and Young LLP David and Lynne Evans, Parents '13 Barbara Craft Faist '87 and James Faist Stefany Fattor Timothy and Judith Faust, Parents '12 Randi Paikoff Feigin '89 and Aaron W. Feigin * Jill C. Feldman '75 and Robert Lerner Lee R. Feldmann '87 Mark B. Felix '79 and Shari J. Felix Fenimore Asset Management Incorporated

Thank you for your gifts of funding, service, ideas, and good wishes.

Jonathan N. Fink '81 and Ida Fink Theodore F. Fischer Jr. '94 Brian G. Fisher '78 and Hope L. Fisher Keith D. Fisher '80 Linda Adams Flood '69 Michael J. Flynn '92 and Lisa Landry Flynn '92 Wendy K. Fonder '08 and Mark L. Fonder Robert I. Ford '65 and Jane Ford Thaddeus J. Fortin '81 and Mindy Fortin* Michael L. Francis '96 Amy J. Franz '86 and David Franz Douglas I. Fraser Jr. '09 James G. Fraser '83 Scott M. Frieary '98 and Siobhan O'Reilly Frieary '99 Brian and Diane Friedland, Parents '12 Carrie L. Fuss '06 Elyse Bellick Galvan '85 Sheila Rau Garvy '86 and Patrick Garvy David A. Gault '82 and Gayle Gault General Electric Foundation Roger A. Gee '64 and Linda Campbell Gee '66 Brandon J. Geluso '06 James A. Gerou '04 Carol Cassidy Gillespie '81 Edward Glassberg and Donna Roth Glassberg, Parents '10 Russell and Maria Gmuca, Parents '10 Linda Bemis Godinez '87 and Alex C. Godinez Marc G. Goldberg '76 and Anita Goldberg Jennifer B. Goldman '07 Jody L. Goldring '76 Cindy Feuer Goldsher '84 and Robert J. Goldsher Nancy Simpson Good '85 and Jeffrey S. Good Greg R. Goodale '06 Russell M. Gottlich '86 and Heather Gottlich Mary Washburn Grace '69 and Michael Grace Thomas H. Gray '73 and Debbie Gray Jeffrey M. Green '05 Michael V. Green '89 and Lisa Marie Green Marc S. Greenblatt-Isaacson '84 and Gail M. Greenblatt-Isaacson Meryl B. Greenwald '83 Michael and Donna Grillo, Parents '11 Daniel A. Gross '07, M.B.A. '08 Gary J. Gross '81* Yeiry C. Guevara '08 J. Craig Hadden '80 and Betty Hadden Kenneth M. Hager '75 Marilyn Johnson Hall '73 and Timothy K. Hall Paul and Cheryl Hamel, Parents '11 Shyrlee Hammond Scott R. and Robin Hamula, Parents '12, '13

Ann L. Harding '91 L-Greta T. Hardware '09 Steven A. Harf '78 Mark T. Harrington '82 and Sharon Weiner Harrington '83 Howard P. Hartnett* Douglas G. Hartranft '71 and Kathleen A. Hartranft Kim A. Hartsen '70 Tas Hasan '01 and Nienke Padberg* Marina Diniz Hayashi '96 J. Gibson Hearn '87 and Kelly M. Hearn Richard L. Heffernan '68 and Beverly Heffernan Gerald W. Helbig '80 and Bobbie Helbig Melissa Yespy Helpern '92 Brian Heltsley and Ann Hoffman* Robert and Judy Hendel, Parents '13 Thomas S. Hoaglin '96 Richard K. Hollander '80 Lorie Holmes-VanDusen '02 and William R. VanDusen, Parents '06, '11 Denis R. Horn '55 and Claire Capitanio Horn '56 Ferdinand R. Horn IV '70 and Susan Horn David and Cindy Horowitz, Parents '13 Steven E. Horsman '77 and Patti C. Chaney Horsman Jonathan B. Horwitz '78 and Jane Horwitz Houghton Mifflin Company Lorraine Sturdevant Hritcko '83 and Philip M. Hritcko JoAnn M. Huddle '04 Kathleen M. Hughes '75 Robert and Linda Humble, Parents '01 Matthew E. Hutton '09 Timothy S. Hyde II '09 International Business Machines Corporation Zachary R. Israel '06 Angela Ondrak Jackson '02 Corrie Nixon Jackson '95 and Sean D. Jackson Andrew Q. Jamison '63 and F. June Jamison Robert Bo C. Jeffries '05 Pauline Stokman Jenkins '90 Robert C. Johnsen '72 and Linda Garda Johnsen '72 Zachary S. Johnson '05 John W. Jorgensen Jr. '86 and Kimberly A. Jorgensen Kimberly E. Kahan '83 and James O'Neill Gary S. Kalustyan '81 and Carol Auer Kalustyan '81 Daniel P. Kamitian '07 Robert Kane '07 John L. Karedes '88 and Michelle L. Karedes Julia A. Karsko '08 Andrew J. Katz '87 and Stephanie J. Katz Richard G. Kaupp '66 and Barbara Kaupp Thomas F. Keehfus '75 and Candia Keehfus Eileen R. Kelly

James R. Kent '83 and Lisa Wetzell Kent '83 Gary M. Kerper '80 and Susan Kerper James P. Kiernan '89 and Laura Pearse Kiernan '91 Barbara Davison Kimmey '83 and Michael Kimmey , Parents '12 Shaun R. Kleinman '98 and Dayna Siegel Kleinman '93 John P. Klumph '77 and Leah Fackos Klumph '75* Craig A. Koval '75 and Louise Valenti Koval Richard and Gerri Kraske, Parents '06 Kristine B. Kristel '90 Shelley Gould Krotinsky '81 and Ury Krotinsky Tint Kyu and Yin Y. Win, Parents '11 Christopher J. LaCroix '79 and Kathleen LaCroix* Kristin Testa LaFleur '89 and Robert LaFleur* Kaitlin A. Laker '03 Marc and Jan Lamensdorf, Parents '11* Gordon G. Lane '63 and Deborah H. Lane John and Audrey Lappin, Parents '13 Jennifer M. LaRocco '05 Isabelle M. Lass '90 Carol Painter Law '67 and Douglas Law David M. Lawlor '91 Michael W. Leach '65 Mark S. Lebo '79 Stewart J. Leonard Jr. '77 and Kim Leonard* Steven W. Levine '93 and Sandra Levine Christian E. Lewis Jr. '82 and Lucy Joyce Lewis Gerard W. Lewis '10 Gregory K. Lewis '84 Chu Jue Li '06 Robert Libby and Patricia A. Libby* Paul T. Liddell '84 and Kelly C. Liddell Lynn Love Liepertz '70 and Fritz J. Liepertz* Donald E. Lifton Andrew D. Lindenauer '81 Lawrence and Madeline Linksman, Parents '12 Jeffrey Lippitt* David Lissy '87 and Suzanne Schulman Lissy '88* Joseph F. Logan Jr. '77 Thomas C. Longenecker '81 and Jan Longenecker Rocco S. Longo '50 and Carmella Longo James W. MacNutt '75 and Pamela J. MacNutt Michael J. Madura '83 and Jan Patricia Fountain Madura Claudia Minervini Mandano '86 Stephen G. Manning '81 and Denise Manning Jacinto S. Maratea '09 Marathon Oil Company Monica M. Marcenko '08 Howard L. March '80* Michael C. Margolis '72 Tendai Masaya '07 Lawrence P. Mastin '61 and Sheila Mastin

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Crystal Phillips Mayo '96 and Stephen Mayo Elliot Mayrock '73 and Alecia Mayrock* Daniel W. McCarthy '81 Jackalynne Bakker McCloskey '97 Stephen C. McCluski '74 and Kim Joslyn McCluski '74* Carl A. McElroy '80 John P. McGrory '03 Steve A. McGuinness '93 Michael J. McGuire '83 and Shelley Schwartz McGuire '84 Barbara Russell McWherter '84 Sandra Gardella Mees '79 and Matthew J. Mees '80, Parents '11 Frank R. Melie '54 and Maryjane Nester Melie '55 Alexander N. Melkonian '07 Stephanie Meltzer-Paul '96 and Steven R. Paul '97 Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc. Thomas S. Middleton '80 and Louise Middleton* Lisa Cooper Milich '81 and Robert W. Milich Henry W. Miller '51 and Ada Miller Jill Goldman Miller '92 and Andrew Miller Mark D. Miller '89 Daniel J. Mills '74 and Christine Blossom, Parents '07 Dennis J. Mino '80 and Colleen M. Mino Andriy and Laurie Mirchuk, Parents '11 Matthew J. Misco '02 Gwendolyn Robertson Mohlar '86 and Philip G. Mohlar Steven K. Morel '73 Frederick D. Moriarty '63 and Carol A. Moriarty Quinn M. Morris '04 Thomas P. Morse '76 and Andrea L. Morse Elizabeth Lapadula Mortlock '87 and Jeffrey Mortlock John S. Moser '80 and Leslie J. Moser David C. Mosher '67 and Patricia Mosher Jane Astbury Moss '87 and Daniel Moss Hormoz Movassaghi and Zhila Sadri, Parents '10 Gordon C. Mueller '77 and Jean Maguire Mueller Jason B. Muenzen '02 and Christine N. Muenzen Herman E. Muller Jr. '51 and Evelyn Muller* Abraham and Yuko Mulugetta Donald R. Munn '93 Jennifer Hansen Murphy '86 and John Murphy Katharine Shipley Muscato '91 Edwin and Berdie Nally Lawayne Davies Napoles '73 and J. George Napoles William J. Nelligan III '83 and Ann Mastoloni Nelligan '86* Paul A. Neumann '97 Patricia Jackson Newby '93 and James Newby Jennifer L. Nielsen '10 Apostol D. Nikolov '05 Steve and Bonnie Nison, Parents '12 Gilbert W. Norris '73 and Diane Norris Northwestern Mutual Foundation Novartis US Foundation

Meg Nowak Sean R. Nye '08 Marilyn Muldowney O'Brien '83 and Patrick S. O'Brien Catherine Kray O'Connor '91 and David V. O'Connor Donald W. Odell '79 Kurt B. Odenbach '08, M.B.A. '09 Robert J. Ohlheiser III '76 Peter E. Olcott '94 Richard M. Orent '82 and Lauren Orent Sophie F. Oshman '10 Renee B. Ovrut '01 Grace DeMaio Paden '86 and Tom Paden Zachary P. Padilla '10 Jill Pagano-Maruszewski '87 Carol Schneible Palmer '90 Michael and Pamela Panfel, Parents '11 Park Foundation and Park Family* Brian and Christy Pedrow, Parents '11 People's Bank Richard Perl '75 and Nancy G. Stern* Bruce and Susan Pero, Parents '11 Karl G. Pfalzgraf '77 and Christina Pfalzgraf Patricia Peets Phillips '83 and James D. Phillips Brian J. Pierce '88 and Michelle Pierce Robert V. Pierce '08 Jennifer L. Piscitelli '09 Donald A. Pizzenti '84 and Gwen J. Pizzenti Leigh S. Platte '81 and Andrea Platte Gretchen N. Plewak '89 Mark R. Pollack '77 and Ilene Pollack Debra Pollard Perez '86* Kenneth D. Pollinger '82 and Amy Klingenstein Pollinger '82, Parents '11* Garry N. Popkin '78 and Viginina A. Popkin Amy Wies Porter '84 and Kevin Porter Philip K. Porter '82 and Eileen S. Porter Michael S. Posner '80 Richard E. Poulsen '76 and Kathryn Poulsen Kristen M. Prachniak '10 Neil and Ann Press, Parents '11 PricewaterhouseCoopers Jon and Celeste Prime* Bill and Judy Proal, Parents '09 The Prudential Insurance Company of America Barbara Waskiewicz Pudiak '84 and Stephen J. Pudiak Matthew B. Quinn '09 Patricia M. Swanson '00 Kaitlin E. Regan '07 Brian J. Reid '90 and Deborah Reid Kevin B. Reilly '79 and Marcia Whittaker Reilly '79, Parents '10*

Charles and Lesly Reiter, Parents '05, '10 Mark T. Reynolds '88 and Karen Reynolds Julie A. Richards '88 and Jeffrey Bosley Ayana Richardson Robert M. Richardson Jr. '69 and Joy K. Richardson Frances Rienzo '84 Martin and Judy Rifkin, Parents '11* Michelle L. Riggs, M.B.A. '07 Lori Sholk Riley '83 and Donald Riley Timothy R. Riley '90 Kathleen Grady Ringstad '89 and Geoffrey Ringstad Lisa Gabbay Ripley '91 and John A. Ripley Charles W. Riter Jr. '77 and Carmen Riter Paul J. Roach '76 and Tish G. Roach Evan M. Robbins '87 John E. Robertson '72 Cathryn Morriss Robinson '83 and Gary Robinson Luke D. Robinson '09 Molly A. Robinson '05 Scott A. and Martha M. Robinson, Parents '12 Rebecca Mattoon Roby '91 Stuart I. Romanoff '81 and Jacquelyn S. Romanoff* Amy N. Rose '96 Edward D. Rosen '83 and Ann K. Rosen Lyn C. Rosenstein '74 Daniel A. '76 and Donna Ross, Parents '12 Rick Roth '76 and Edie Roth* Kathleen Rountree* Nancy Shapiro Rowitt '74 and David J. Rowitt '78* Hugh and Michaeline Rowland Amy Stelmack Roy '95 and Scott J. Roy Rene D. Roy '58 and Francoise Roy Marc B. Rudofker '81 and Wendy Suslow Rudofker '81 Edwin H. and Enid S. Ruzinsky, Parents '83 James A. Sampson '75 and Madeline Sampson Philip S. Sandler '65 and Diane L. Sandler Debra K. Sands '79 and Marc H. Michalovsky David W. Sass '57 and Evelyn R. Sass, Parents '83* Robert F. Saturn '64 and Sandra Saturn William and Eileen D. Scheffer, Parents '10 Bonnie Geltzeiler Scheibner '81 and Mark Scheibner Warren D. Schlesinger and Janice Beal, Parents '05, '06, '08 Deborah Kuh Schluter '86 and Robert C. Schluter Jr. '87 Jacquelyn Davis Schnetzer '85 Chip Schulz '83 and Maria Semczuk* Joshua P. Schwartz '02 Kristin V. Schwartz '08 Dorothy Vanvalen Scott '56 and Robert G. Scott, Parents '86

Michael A. Scott '89 Thomas J. Scott '86 and Annie Burke Scott Gwen Seaquist Jay R. Segel '92 and Andrea Segel Samuel Seltzer, Parent '75* Shannon M. Service '06 Anne Marie Shannon '87 Suzanne R. Sheppard '71* Helen Sherman, Parent '91* Elaine M. Sigler '85 Robert J. Singer '83 and Pamela Gordon Singer '84, Parents '11* Deborah Waldorf Skakal '87 and Michael W. Skakal Hal L. Skillin '70, Parent '99 Nancy Tarcha Skojec '93 David B. Slagle Jr. '05 Sarah J. Slutzky '04 Allison Mandelbaum Smilowitz '86 and Jon M. Smilowitz '88 H. Chip Smith '86 and Lisa Katz-Smith '87 Lawrence S. Smith '69 and Christine J. Smith* Susan Currier Smith '02 Simy M. Solomon '96 Bertrand H. Sommer Jr. '70 and Paula Sommer Joyce Goldstein Sowa '83 and Steven Sowa Elizabeth A. Spence '77 and Jon Garrity, Parents '12 Mitchell W. Spitz '82 and Marisa Hanania Spitz '82 Michael Stamm John D. Stanton Sr. and Joyce M. Stanton, Parents '85, '89 Michael J. Staub '06 Gregory M. Stebbins '87 and Brooke Luttenberger Stebbins '88 William M. Steers '79 and Nancy E. Steers Nally M. Steeves '09 Jacob A. Stein '96 and Anna Stein Robert M. Stiehler '66 and Jean M. Stiehler David P. Storch '75* Richard A. Stryminski '68 and Cecilia Stryminski Jennifer Wicks Sullivan '91 William E. Sullivan '59 and Joanne Sullivan Mark A. and Anne M. Sverchek, Parents '12 David F. Swan '75 Paula Dougan Swayze '78 Thomas P. Sweeney Jr. and Martha S. Sweeney, Parents '87 Blixy K. Taetzsch '87* Bruce K. Tamarkin '87 and Kelly Tamarkin Michael C. Tamarkin '81 and Michele Tamarkin Carol Kraus Tamol '92 and Brian Tamol Carl L. Taraschi '64 and Arlene I. Taraschi Edward A. Tarlov '80 and Judy Tarlov William and Geraldine Tastle, Parents '00, '03, '07 Michael E. Tate '79 and Mary Beth Tate Ann Rhoads Terranova '89 and Joseph P. Terranova

Thomas C. Thompson '62 and Joyce Thompson Joann Tierney-Varello '84 Tompkins Trust Company* Mack and Carol Travis* Joseph D. Triolo '70 and Suzanne Hess Triolo '70, Parents '04 Kevin M. Tromer '86 and Allison Neumann Tromer '87 John B. Tschamler '80 and Barbara Tschamler Marybeth MacNamee Tschetter '70 and John H. Tschetter Mark Tubis '00 and Luney Sanchez-Tubis '00 John T. Tucker '61* Amy C. Tung '97* Dennis C. Tybor Jr. '10 Fahri M. and Asuman Unsal, Parents '07, '11 Christopher B. Utz '08 Michael G. and Lisa A. Vadasz, Parents '98 Tyler J. Van Cura '08 Michael K. Venitt '67 Faye M. Vitale, Parent '92* Richard D. Vogel '72, M.S. '76, and Cynthia Vita Vogel '77* David P. Vollmer '68 and Sara Vollmer Patricia Stewart Vreeland '88 and Edward F. Vreeland Terry E. Wagner '71 and Anne Wagner Marc A. Weinberg '80 and Victoria Lasseter Weinberg* Jennifer R. Weiss '98 Timothy R. Weld Jr. '92 and Lynn Evans Weld '92 Thomas J. Weldgen '74 and Laurie Weldgen Steven E. Wendler, Parent '11 Donald E. Wenzinger '86 John B. West '82 and Victoria West Malcolm R. West Jr. '05, M.B.A. '06 Brian M. Weverbergh '09 Charles M. Wheeler '56 and Carolyn B. Wheeler* Donald M. Whitney '71 and Patricia I. Whitney Steven H. Williams '80 and Louise G. Williams Ralph P. Willsey Jr. '62 Denise Pisciarino Wilson '89 and John D. Wilson II Mark S. Winthrop '80 and Ellen M. Winthrop Michael M. Withiam '79 and Valerie Clark Withiam Fredrick A. Wolcott '07 Michael S. Wolf '06 Steven E. Wolf '99 Kurt J. Wolfgruber '72 and Kim A. White* Marc R. Wood '98 Mark R. Wright '82 and Pamela Louise Wright Daniel Yukelson and Orit Blau, Parents '11 M. Raquib Zaman and Mukaddes Erogut, Parents '92, '95, '05* Louis H. Zarchen II '83 and Janet Zarchen Joshua S. Zelkind '07 Eric H. Zoldan '96

Writing/Editing: George S. Bain Project Management/Writing: McGrath Communications Design/Art Direction: Michael Orr + Associates, Inc. Photography: Wagoner Photography Printing: Dellas Graphics


The School of Business continues its commitment to sustainability with this “green” annual report that uses 2,523 lbs of paper and has a recycled percentage of 50 and 25 percent post consumer waste;

• 5 trees preserved for the future • 2,251 gallons wastewater flow saved • 249 lbs solid waste not generated • 490 lbs of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases prevented • 3,752,963 BTUs energy not consumed • 1,126 miles of automobile travel saved • the equivalent of 77 trees planted.

The printer, Dellas Graphics in Syracuse, New York, is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, uses 100 percent wind power renewable energy and soy inks, and practices environmentally safe disposal and recycling measures.

Ithaca College School of Business 19

School of Business Ithaca College 305 Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise Ithaca, NY 14850

A first-rate education, on a first-name basis.

Ithaca College School of Business: 2009-10 Annual Report  

Annual report from the Ithaca College School of Business for academic year 2009-10.

Ithaca College School of Business: 2009-10 Annual Report  

Annual report from the Ithaca College School of Business for academic year 2009-10.