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“Pavers in Every Project”


Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

Welcome! As a member of the leading technical organization on segmental concrete pavement systems in North America, you now have access to a wealth of tools and resources available to help you market and sell more interlocking concrete pavements, expand your industry knowledge, and stay on the forefront of industry best practices.

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At Your Service – ICPI’s Member Service Center

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Have a question about design, installation or industry? Need information on a specific topic? Want to register for an event? Use ICPI’s Member Service Center to get the information you need and answer your questions. We’re here to help you get the most from your membership. Call us anytime at (703) 657-6900 or email

Enhancing Your Sales Expertise ......................3 Training Your Installation Crew ......................4 Equipping the Design Community ..................8 Marketing Your Company................................9 Recognizing Talented Professionals ..............12 Connecting You with Industry Leaders ..........13 Concrete Pavement Technology at Your Fingertips ........................................16 Keeping You and the Public Informed ..........18 Your Voice in Washington ............................19 Promoting a Safe Work Environment..............20 Exclusive Access to Industry Resources ........22 Addressing Your Company’s Local Needs ......23 Building the Foundation for a Sustainable Future ..............................24 Educating the Industry’s Future Workforce ....24 ICPI Offices and Staff ..................................25 | (703) 657-6900


“Pavers in Every Project” ICPI supports members in assuring segmental pavement systems are the preferred choice for sustainable and environmentally friendly pavements in North America.

Our Mission ICPI is committed to increase the application of segmental concrete pavement systems in North American commercial, institutional, governmental, industrial and residential markets.

About ICPI ICPI is the North American trade association representing the interlocking concrete pavement industry. Membership consists of interlocking concrete paver manufacturers, design professionals, paver installation contractors, distributors and suppliers of products and services related to the industry. ICPI is recognized as the leading technical organization on segmental concrete pavement systems in North America and considered the leader in providing resources on emerging trends, technology and information to its members.

Our History Started in 1993, ICPI began with 66 charter members from North America and Europe. Today, membership exceeds 1,000. Company sizes range from regional and national, some familyowned, to vertically integrated, publicly-held multinational corporations. The ICPI is enriched by a diverse member background in construction and concrete products manufacturing, marketing, management, finance and engineering. Regardless of company size, the mix of experiences energizes the organization to deliver information to members like you.

Targeted Resources Through its national office and growing number of regional chapters, ICPI’s activities are targeted to meet members’ needs. ICPI supports members through education and training, access to industry technology and research, marketing and communications, recognition programs, information resources, government relations and advocacy and much more.



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Enhancing Your Sales Expertise Field Sales Education. ICPI sales education programs feature in-depth seminars taught by leading industry professionals, online seminars (webinars) and courses as well as ongoing sales tips.

The Prospector To maintain a high level of industry awareness, ICPI electronically distributes a quarterly sales newsletter. The Prospector contains industry information and updates with technical information to help industry field sales people work with design professionals. This electronic newsletter is an exclusive member benefit. To subscribe, login to the ICPI website, go to the “my account” area and select “communication preferences”.

Quarterly Sales Webinars ICPI presents quarterly webinars for industry field sales personnel. These webinars cover a variety of different subjects and keep field sales personnel up to date on the industry and what resources ICPI has available to them. Past topics have included:

Using the ICPI PICP Fact Sheets –

These Fact Sheets are a great tool to discuss and leave behind with Design Professionals, Municipal Officials, Schools & Universities, Residential/Commercial Developers.  The fact sheets are designed with each audience in mind. This webinar reviews rationale and uses for each audience and discusses hot buttons design professional, developers, municipal officials and university officials.

Using ICPI Lunch & Learn Presentations –

This informative presentation explains how to deliver lunch and learn presentations to design professionals and contractors. ICPI lunch and learn presentations provide both American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System (CES) credits and the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. The presentations are available for purchase at the ICPI Online Bookstore.

Introduction to PICP – This program provides an introduction to PICP and the ICPI manual, Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements. Construction specifications are explained by illustrating the construction process so that the participant can understand the critical components of a specification. Maintenance for infiltration and winter performance is also covered. Eligible LEED® credits are covered as well. PICP a Low Impact Development Tool: Training for Municipal Officials – This webinar helps the field salesperson present a PICP Lunch and Learn to municipal officials. Some of the key topics covered in this webinar are PICP Materials & System, Low Impact Development & PICP, PICP Design, Construction, Maintenance & Costs, Stormwater Regulations, LEED® Credits ADA Compliant, Improved Tax Base and Infrastructure Cost Savings. How to Use the Re-Designed ICPI Website as a Sales Tool –

ICPI’s comprehensive website, is designed to be the ultimate resource for hardscapes industry professionals. This webinar shows you how to capitalize on this resource as a vital tool to elevate your knowledge and support your customers. There is much more information available at the click of a mouse than you may realize. Learn about and register for the next sales webinar on the calendar of events page.


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Training Your Installation Crew Contractor Installation, Business Education and Certification. ICPI is committed to providing top quality education for contractors. ICPI, its chapters and members hold seminars, workshops, webinars and training programs annually across the U.S. and Canada. The education programs offered by ICPI enhance business, expand industry knowledge and allow members to build a strong network of related professionals.

Concrete Paver Installer Course These two-day courses are sponsored by ICPI members throughout the U.S. and Canada, typically during the winter months. The course is designed for individuals currently employed in the concrete paver installer industry who wish to solidify their knowledge and expertise. This is a knowledge-based program that covers job planning and documentation, estimating quantities, job layout and flow, soil characteristics and compaction, base materials, edge restraints, bedding and joint sands, selection and installation of concrete pavers, maintenance and management, specialty applications and construction tips, safety, estimating and job costing and contract basics. Installers who successfully complete the course and pass the written exam receive a Record of Completion. Those that also meet installation experience requirements may also apply for ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Certification. You can become one of more than 18,000 certified installers by attending one of our two-day courses, passing the exam, and meeting the installation experience requirements. To learn more about this program and to find the course nearest you, visit the Education section of the ICPI website.

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ICIM Paver Technician Course This two-day course is designed for foremen and higherranking personnel employed by construction companies installing segmental concrete pavements. The course will provide installers with industry-established guidelines for a range of industrial, commercial, institutional, and municipal (ICIM) paving products, systems and applications, and will serve design professionals and the general public by improving the value and quality of commercial interlocking concrete pavement installations. It is an advanced classroom-based program that covers topics such as rigid applications, roof plaza deck, crosswalks, commercial installation, and estimating software. Experience in the construction industry is a requirement for this course, and it is recommended that participants have completed the ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course. A Record of Completion will be given to all individuals who successfully complete the course and pass the exam. In addition, participants may apply for an ICIM Paver Technician Designation by meeting minimum installation experience requirements. To learn more about this program and to find the course nearest you, visit the Education section of the ICPI website.

Permeable Pavement Specialist Course This course is designed for contractors presently installing concrete pavement in residential and/or commercial settings and wish to move into the permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) market. The course helps potential and existing PICP contractors learn how to meet industry-established guidelines for residential and commercial PICP applications, broaden, evaluate, and recognize knowledge of individuals that have successfully completed the course and passed an exam, enhance the credibility of individual contractors and serve design professionals and the general public by improving the value and quality of PICP installations. It is a classroom-based program and covers topics such as job layout, flow and estimating quantities, soil and site characteristics, and bedding and joint materials. It is recommended that participants be experienced contractors and have completed the ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course. A Record of Completion is provided to all individuals who successfully complete the course and pass the exam. Participants who meet the requirements established by ICPI may apply for a Permeable Pavement Specialist Designation. To learn more about this program and to find the course nearest you, visit the Education section of the ICPI website. | (703) 657-6900


Webinars for Contractors ICPI hosts online presentations to provide contractors with valuable information to improve their businesses. Previous webinar topics have included “Geosynthetics - Their Use and Application in Hardscapes” and “Specifications and Construction Details for Interlocking Concrete Pavement.” Check out the Education section of the website for more details.

Continuing Education ICPI member companies and chapters often host continuing education programs. Check with your local manufacturer representative, regional ICPI chapter or the Calendar of Events page on the ICPI website to see what is available in your area.

Online Continuing Education Library ICPI has a vast library of online continuing education courses available for contractors. Topics include everything from improving installation efficiency to polishing business and customer service skills. These courses can be taken any time from the comfort of your own desk. Learn more about the online continuing education library on the ICPI website.

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Hands-on Training and Demonstrations ICPI delivers hands-on training and demonstrations through our annual trade show, Hardscape North America (HNA). HNA is “THE” Hardscape Show for contractors and distributors that showcases education, certification courses, products and technology on segmental pavements and retaining walls. The show features indoor and outdoor exhibits displaying state of the art tools and products and tradeshow floor demonstrations with the latest construction technology. Certification, business skills, marketing tools and handson training seminars provide valuable education and networking opportunities.

The Complete Business Manual for Concrete Paver Contractors ICPI offers a comprehensive guide for concrete paver contractors on estimating, bidding, people and company management and planning. This book holds the keys to business success for all sizes of concrete paver contracting companies. Written by one of the leading consultants to the construction industry, Charles Vander Kooi with Vander Kooi and Associates, the 240+page manual is well-illustrated with forms and diagrams to help run your business successfully—a must read for all contractors and manufacturers. Order your copy and improve your business management skills.

Stringline This quarterly electronic newsletter for contractors provides news, business tools, installation tips and howto’s. It highlights ICPI resources for contractors and covers residential, commercial and PICP topics as well as addresses common questions or problems that contractors encounter during a project. To subscribe, login to the ICPI website, go to the “my account” area and select “communication preferences”. | (703) 657-6900


Equipping the Design Community Design Professional Education. ICPI’s technical and educational resources provide design professionals with the latest design insights and technical developments on interlocking concrete pavement systems.

Fundamentals of Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement – FREE! This engaging online presentation provides an overview of permeable interlocking concrete pavements, covering selection, project examples, design, specification, construction and maintenance. LEED® credits, ADA compliance and project cost estimates are also covered. Earn one AIA, ASLA or Continuing Education Professional Development Hour (PDH). Start your free online course now!

Quarterly Design Professional Webinars ICPI conducts quarterly webinars for design professionals, covering important industry topics such as Guide Specifications for Interlocking Concrete Pavement, Life-cycle Costing Software, Using Permeable Design Pro Software and many more. Find out about the next design professional webinar on the calendar of events page.

Lunch & Learn Presentations ICP members deliver lunch & learn presentations to design professionals and include the following topics: • Designing Permeable Pavements with Permeable Design Pro Software • Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements • Specifications & Construction Details for Interlocking Concrete Pavements • The Pattern Language of Concrete Pavers • Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement: A Low Impact Development Training Tool for Design Professionals, Residential & Commercial Developers, Municipal Officials and Schools & Universities • Life-cycle Cost Analysis for Municipal Interlocking Concrete Pavements • Interlocking Concrete Pavement: Asset Management and Pavement Performance Prediction through Pavement Condition Surveys All of the above presentations are approved for AIA and ASLA continuing education credit. If you are a design professional firm and would like to have a presentation made to your architects and engineers, please contact your local paver manufacturer representative. If you are a paver manufacturer representative and would like to offer these programs, please order the presentation from our online store and visit the calendar of events page for available training dates.

Design Professional Update The Design Professional Update is a quarterly electronic newsletter delivered to architects, landscape architects, engineers and municipal officials that highlights recent advances on interlocking concrete pavements. ICPI research and development projects, resources from ICPI and general news about standards and specifications for North American interlocking concrete pavements are also included. To subscribe, login to the ICPI website, go to the “my account” area and select “communication preferences”.

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Marketing Your Company Business Development Tools. Your ICPI membership creates business development opportunities to increase your exposure to potential clients and customers.

Leads and Referrals Design Professionals and homeowners search the ICPI website directory to find the resources and companies they need for their segmental concrete pavement products, including manufacturers, distributors and contractors, suppliers and consultants. The site features the ability to search by product or service category, company name and/or geographic area and includes an interactive Google™ map that locates ICPI member companies. Users have the ability to click on ICPI member companies to see full company contact information. In the contractor search, ICPI contractor members are given a priority listing and include a list of ICPI certified installers on.

E-Tech Subscription Series This popular subscription series allows member to access the most current ICPI Tech Specs on their website. The service also directs design professionals and contractors seeking Tech Specs on ICPI’s website to subscribing member sites. A company logo/banner is included on each Tech Spec printed from the website. All subscribing members are provided an E-tech button with instructions for placing on their company’s website. Visit the Tech Specs page which includes ICPI members subscribing to this service, select a state and a company to see how web visitors might see your company listing. All Tech Specs have a company logo/banner at the top and links to your own website. A “Tech Spec button” is provided to place on your company website that links to your personalized Tech Spec pages. All subscriptions will include a personalized page with contact information and a 250-word description and the capability to link a personalized company banner at the top of each of your Tech Spec pages. For more information and to take advantage of this excellent marketing opportunity, login and visit the “Members Only” section of the website. Go to Market Your Business and select E-Tech Subscription Series.

Product Certification ICPI offers certification of segmental concrete paving products that meet applicable standards in North America. Certification is available to manufacturers of solid interlocking pavers, concrete grids, permeable interlocking concrete units, and precast concrete paving slabs. Certification is available for both ASTM and CSA standards. ICPI technical staff reviews test results submitted by independent testing labs for conformance to standards. A certificate valid for one year is issued stating that the products tested from a specific plant location conform to the referenced standard. Companies receive a listing for each plant location that attains certification in the Design Tools section of our website for further promotion. For more information regarding the Product Certification program and to apply, login and visit the “Members Only” section of the website. Go to Market Your Business and select Product Certification. | (703) 657-6900


ICPI Educational Program Sponsorships Connect with local contractors and design professionals by sponsoring a paver installation course, design professional lunch & learn presentation or have your own education program approved for ICPI continuing education credit.

Education Program Sponsorship Opportunities: • Concrete Paver Installation Course • ICIM Paver Technician Course • Permeable Pavement Specialist Course • Design Professional Lunch & Learn Presentation • Contractor Continuing Education Presentation For more information regarding sponsorship of ICPI educational programs, login to the website and visit the “Members Only” section.

Advertising Opportunities Reach key decision makers in the North American Segmental Concrete Pavement Industry. ICPI offers advertising opportunities in select publications and newsletters:

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine – More than 40,000 design professionals, contractors and industry leaders turn to the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine for the latest news, applications, case studies and information in the segmental concrete pavement industry. This quarterly magazine’s circulation also includes sponsored copies and copies distributed at key industry tradeshows and events. When you advertise in the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine you’ll reach a targeted and qualified audience not found anywhere else. Download the media kit from the ICPI website or contact Angie VanGorder, Advertising Director at (800) 501-9571 Ext. 176 to learn about how you can reach your target audience in this exclusive trade magazine.

Paver Express – Reach 3,000 hardscape professionals every week! The ICPI Paver Express, powered by Multibriefs, provides weekly news and information to interlocking concrete pavement industry professionals worldwide. Download the media kit from the ICPI website or contact Ben Maitland, Director of Advertising Sales at (972) 402-7025 and learn how the ICPI Paver Express gives variety and flexibility in advertising options that are hard to find anywhere else. Membership Directory – The ICPI Membership Directory is the source ICPI members use to contact other association members. Unlike most advertising opportunities, this is a chance to promote your company’s product to every ICPI member for the next 12 months at a very low cost! To learn more about advertising in this publication, contact Jessica Chase, Manager of Membership and Administration at (703) 657-6898 or email

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Activities Update – The Activities Update is a bi-annual, members’ only publication that informs ICPI members of any recent actions by the association and within the industry. Advertising in the Activities Update is limited, and ICPI members receive the first opportunity to reach the top decision-makers in the interlocking concrete pavement industry. For more information contact Barrett Davis, Marketing Director at (703) 657-6900 or email

Benchmarking Evaluate, improve and realize your company’s value with ICPI’s industry benchmarking & statistics surveys. Statistics are collected annually and include an annual industry sales survey to measure the current market and an annual producer benchmarking survey that can help you evaluate and increase operational efficiency.

Industry Sales Survey –

Sales statistics are important for monitoring growth, attracting investment and for marketing to the construction industry, media and other users. This annual survey of paver manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada documents the size and health of the concrete pavement industry. All participants in the survey receive a free copy of the survey report as appreciation for taking the time to respond. Members may purchase the survey report at a significant discount in our online store.

Producer Benchmarking Survey –

This annual survey provides important information about how concrete paver plants operate with general profile data and allows producer members to compare operations to that of their peers. The survey applies to plants that produce segmental concrete paving products that meet the definitions in ASTM C 936 or CSA A231.2. The survey report contains profile data, performance measures, and compensation and benefit practices by relevant “groupings” (such as All Respondents, Respondents by Sales Volume, Respondents by Number of Employees, and Respondents by Number of Paver-Producing Machines). Participants receive an overall industry report and a detailed, CONFIDENTIAL Company Performance Report analyzing your own company’s performance and practices. This personalized report will show your results next to industry benchmarks for gauging strengths and weaknesses, and finding improvement opportunities. Members who do not participate in the survey but wish to obtain the report are able to purchase it by request. Contact ICPI at (703) 657-6900 or for more information.

ICPI Logo ICPI members are eligible to incorporate ICPI’s member logo into business stationary, website and promotional or marketing materials allowing you to display your company’s commitment to the segmental concrete pavement industry and the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. To download the ICPI member logo, login to the “Members Only” section of the website. | (703) 657-6900


Recognizing Talented Professionals Awards and Recognition Programs. ICPI awards programs recognize member’s outstanding achievements and excellence in design and construction of hardscape products in residential and commercial applications.

HNA Project Awards The HNA Hardscape Project Awards recognize outstanding hardscape projects by contractors in residential and commercial/industrial applications. These projects may include, but are not limited to, walkways, patios, driveways, plazas and parking lots. Award winners are announced at the annual Hardscape North America trade show, receive a plaque in the awards ceremony and projects are featured in the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine, HNA website and other related trade magazines. For more information regarding the HNA Hardscape Project Awards, visit the official HNA website.

ICPI/NCMA Design Awards The ICPI/NCMA Design Awards recognize architects, designers and product producers for their outstanding use of concrete masonry and hardscape products. The entries are judged by a distinguished member jury panel including AIA and ASLA members. Winners are honored at the annual ICON Expo and their project photos are posted on the ICPI and NCMA websites. For more information regarding this excellent opportunity for industry recognition, visit the Awards section of the ICPI website.

Decorative & Durable Concrete Pavement Design Awards Concrete paver producers, contractors, home builders, architects, engineers and developers are recognized for excellence in project design, economy and craftsmanship. Projects selected for these awards include cast-in-place and precast concrete pavements in residential, commercial/municipal and industrial applications. Entries are judged by a panel of design professionals. Winning and honorable mention projects are featured in Concrete Products, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine and cosponsors’ periodicals and websites. For more information, contact: Don Marsh, Editor, Concrete Products at (312) 840-8483 or visit the ICPI website.

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Connecting You with Industry Leaders Networking Opportunities. Membership in ICPI provides the opportunity to network with industry professionals through a variety of meetings, tradeshows, volunteer leadership activities and social media.

ICPI Meetings and Tradeshows ICPI conducts a number of conferences and meetings that provide the perfect venue for members to meet with peers and learn from industry experts. • Annual Meeting • Summer Meeting • Canadian Planning Meeting • Chapter Membership Meetings ICPI promotes the association and the industry by exhibiting at several trade shows throughout the year. Visit the ICPI booth at one of these industry trade shows and you’ll be sure to run into one of your colleagues: • ASLA Expo The premier event for landscape architecture professionals • Construct Canada Canada’s largest building and construction show • GreenBuild International Conference and Expo Annual exposition showcasing the latest products and services for green building • Hardscape North America THE Hardscape Show for Contractors • ICON Expo Annual exhibition and convention for concrete masonry and hardscape products • StormCon The world’s largest stormwater management conference. The dates and locations of future meetings and tradeshow are posted on the calendar of events page. We hope to see you there! | (703) 657-6900


Volunteer Leadership ICPI encourages all voting members to serve on committees. These volunteer opportunities help the association address many issues that affect the industry. Members share their own experiences while gaining knowledge in areas of special interest. Participating on ICPI committees enables members to share their expertise in influencing industry guidelines and standards, developing new educational programs, represent the industry on legislative issues and marketing. Membership categories eligible to serve on committees include Producers, Associates, Voting Contractors, Dealers and Design Professionals. Members who wish to be nominated for a committee should complete the Volunteer Interest Form.

ICPI Committee Descriptions Construction Committee – The Construction Committee develops and implements education, training and certification programs to improve installation practices, contracting, safety, insurance and contractor business operations. Activities include paver installation demonstrations, installation and business seminars, installer certification, manuals and training materials for vocational schools and contractors. The committee acts as a liaison to the Technical Committee in the review of constructability references within standards, guide specifications and technical publications covering the construction of interlocking concrete pavements, development of construction and maintenance related Tech Specs and development of documents and specifications relating specifically to constructability. The group also works with other associations regarding construction matters. Contractor Education Subcommittee –

The Contractor Education Subcommittee assists the Construction Committee in the development and implementation of education, training and certification programs to improve installation practices, contracting, safety, insurance and contractor business operations.

Dues, Bylaws and Membership Committee –

The Dues, Bylaws and Membership Committee determines and oversees the dues schedule, ICPI Bylaws and ICPI Statement of Policy (operating policies). Activities include monitoring of membership, promotion of membership, recognition of membership recruitment and retention, oversight of regional chapters as well as website development to promote membership. This committee continuously reviews the association’s bylaws, policies and procedures to ensure that they are designed to assist in operations and the attainment of ICPI goals. Any association member may recommend a change in bylaws, or policies and procedures for the consideration by the committee.

Chapter Subcommittee – The Chapter Subcommittee supports the Dues, Bylaws and Membership Committee in the development and maintenance of ICPI Chapters. The Chapter Subcommittee assists with the development of new chapters, support of existing chapters, membership development and retention, generating program concepts, governance issues, and overall chapter business as it relates to the ongoing activities of ICPI. Expo/Convention Committee –

The Expo/Convention Committee recommends the Annual and Summer Meeting city locations, Annual Meeting networking receptions, meeting sponsorships, golf tournaments, oversight of tours such as the ICPI Bauma tour and other tours, recommends member-sponsored plant tours and receptions, recommends educational training sessions at ICON and identifies other educational opportunities for ICPI at conferences or conventions.

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Hardscape North America (HNA) Steering Special Committee – The Hardscape North America Steering Special Committee develops the educational programs, strategies, schedule of events and promotion for Hardscape North America (HNA). The committee is also responsible for proposing an HNA budget to the Financial Review and Audit Committee and policies regarding HNA to the Dues, Bylaws and Membership Committee.

Government Relations Committee –

The Government Relations Committee recommends an advocacy program targeting legislative and regulatory issues. Activities include working with outside counsel to advocate, promote and defend industry interests concerning government policy and legislative proposals that might impact the ICPI mission, establishing ICPI as the voice for segmental concrete pavements among legislative bodies and regulatory agencies, and promoting the use of segmental concrete pavements in government agencies’ procurement policies, design guidelines and specifications. The committee also develops and allocate Political Action Committee funding.

Marketing Committee –

The Marketing Committee develops strategies and promotional programs for segmental concrete pavement systems and awareness of ICPI and its resources to users. The committee ensures that market promotions resonate with the ICPI’s Strategic Plan and the directives of the Board of Directors. Activities include oversight of the ICPI website, print advertising, brochures and case studies, trade shows, public relations, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine, promotional books, liaison with user organizations, sales training seminars and continuing education programs for design professionals and others.

Technical Committee – The Technical Committee develops product and manufacturing guidelines, pavement design and management, liaison with the Construction Committee on construction and maintenance guidelines, as well as research and demonstration projects. Activities include Tech Specs, guide specifications, design manuals, pavement design, management and specification software, technical and production schools, ASTM, CSA and other national/provincial/state standards, technical papers, QC/A for manufacturing and liaison with other associations regarding technical matters, development and execution of university curriculum for design professionals.

Social Networking Social media tools have quickly emerged as an important way associations communicate with their members and enable their members to interact with each other. Network with like-minded professional on these ICPI social sites:

Facebook – ICPI’s Facebook Fan Page connects members with thousands of homeowners, industry professionals and more. “Fans” can share news, photos and videos, and learn about ICPI events, tools and resources.

LinkedIn – ICPI’s LinkedIn Group is open to ICPI members only. It is a great way for members to connect with one another in between meetings.

Twitter – ICPI alerts members to upcoming events news, such as Hardscape North America, via text message using Twitter. It’s a fast and easy method of sending important yet short messages out to a large group of people.

YouTube – ICPI’s YouTube Channel houses the latest video content on interlocking concrete pavement. | (703) 657-6900


Concrete Pavement Technology at Your Fingertips Technical Resources. ICPI’s technical resources provide design professionals and members with the latest design insights and technical developments on interlocking concrete pavement and permeable interlocking concrete pavement.

Document Library Our online document library, located in the Design Tools section of the website, houses thousands of resources including the full text of more than 1,800 journal articles, reports and proceedings papers. New technical papers are added each year. You can access these resources by type (article, case study, etc.), and use the keyword search function to search for a topic of your choice. This online search library is a comprehensive tool for locating online content collected across all facets of the interlocking concrete pavement industry since 1980.

Tech Specs Technical bulletins providing guidance on design, specifications, construction, performance and/or maintenance of segmental concrete products and systems including specialty applications and assemblies.

Guide Specifications Three-part (General, Products, Execution) CSI format construction specifications for a specific pavement assembly that provides salient information and notes to the specifier who then modifies the guide specification to apply to specific conditions in a project.

Detail Drawings Sections or plans (typically in CAD format) of typical construction assemblies for interlocking concrete pavements, permeable interlocking concrete pavements, concrete grid pavements and precast concrete paving slabs

Technical Papers Documentation of: • Research on design, construction and maintenance/management that typically proves a thesis; • Research that led to development of a new or changes to an existing product or design, construction or maintenance guideline or standard; • Research that validates a design, construction or maintenance procedure, method or system; • A successful or unsuccessful segmental pavement project with reasons why; and • Existing research literature on a specific topic often with observations/conclusions sometimes identifying further research needs.

Case Studies In-depth reviews of the technical (design/construction/maintenance), economic, environmental and/or social aspects of a segmental pavement project can help assist in project sales.

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Research ICPI advances knowledge in interlocking concrete pavement through technical research. Technical research studies include paving unit test methods, wheelchair pavement interaction studies, crosswalk durability and permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) research. To view the latest research study reports, login and view the “members only” section of the website.

Standards Development ICPI is your industry’s voice. ICPI staff participates on ASTM and CSA committees governing paving product standards and liaisons with the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHTO), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), U.S. and Canadian Green Building Councils, Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE) to represent industry best interests. ICPI’s participation on these committees has led to the development of ASTM C140, C936, c1645 and CSA A231.1 and A231.2. | (703) 657-6900


Keeping You and the Public Informed Industry Publications and Communications. ICPI provides a wealth of resources to assist members in staying current with the industry-related information they need to make informed decisions. In addition, ICPI provides communications leadership and support by working with the news media to communicate the industry’s position on a wide range of issues.

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine ICPI’s Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine, the industry’s flagship magazine reaching more than 40,000 design professionals, contractors and others within the concrete paver industry is an important communications tool providing design information and user perspectives on unique paver projects. Construction materials, methods, equipment and on running a paver installation business articles are featured. In addition, it includes articles highlighting overseas projects, industry conferences and ICPI activities.

Paver Express Paver Express, an email publication delivered to all ICPI members every Wednesday, highlights the latest segmental concrete pavement industry and association news. Aggregated articles from around the world offer members the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest issues, trends and technology. This publication is sent automatically to all ICPI member employees.

Activities Update The Activities Update is a bi-annual electronic publication distributed to members. It features stories on government relations efforts, information on ICPI meetings and events, and news on programs, products, services and discounts provided exclusively to ICPI members. This publication is sent automatically to all ICPI member employees.

Media and Public Relations National, state and trade news media look to ICPI as the authority on the segmental concrete pavement industry. ICPI maintains relationships with reporters and editors to communicate the industry’s public policy positions on a wide range of issues. ICPI has been quoted or featured in Land Development, Landscape & Irrigation and Construction Canada magazines. Additionally, ICPI issues press releases to the general and trade media on association specific news and resources.

Advertising ICPI places national and regional ads in industry-related publications and newspapers across North America to promote the segmental concrete pavement industry, as well as ICPI programs products and services.

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Your Voice in Washington Government Affairs and Political Action. Representing more than 1,000 members as the concrete paver industry’s trade association, ICPI has implemented political persuasion that previously did not exist. ICPI works to identify opportunities to educate policy makers about the concrete paver industry’s commitment to society and the environment.

Advocating for our members and promoting the value of our industry to legislators and policymakers is an important priority for ICPI. To do this, we address legislative and regulatory issues that affect the segmental concrete pavement industry. We also strive to keep our members informed about Washington’s legislative and regulatory activities through legislative alerts sent via email to ICPI members.

Representation on Capitol Hill ICPI put their support behind HR 3382, the HIRE Act and HR2569 the Green Transportation Infrastructure Research and Technology Transfer Act. HR3382 is the Home Improvements Revitalize the Economy Act, or the HIRE Act. HR2569 is the Green Transportation Infrastructure Research and Technology Transfer Act. “Green” initiatives continue to grow in priority, acceptance and funding in Congress and among federal agencies. ICPI is branding paver technology as a “green” technology to policymakers on Capitol Hill, the Environmental Protection Agency and federal agencies that purchase pavements. During 2009, in the latter half of the 110th Congress, ICPI lobbied the House Science Committee to ensure that paver technology will be included in a green transportation research bill. A modified bill has been re-introduced in the 111th Congress that would create regional green transportation research centers to facilitate green transportation infrastructure research and technology transfer. The bill would authorize EPA to make grants to institutions of higher education to establish and operate university transportation centers to carry out research, development, and technology transfer activities in the field of green transportation infrastructure.

PaverPAC (Political Action Committee) The ICPI PaverPAC provides the opportunity for members interested in the future of the interlocking concrete pavement industry to contribute to the support of worthy senate and congressional representatives who believe and have demonstrated industry principles. PaverPAC solicits and accepts voluntary personal contributions for expenditures that influence the selection, nomination, or election of such representatives. PaverPAC operations are underway via successful efforts to generate initial contributions. In 2009, PaverPAC contributed to two leading members of Congress. They were selected for support based upon their leadership positions, their pro-business records, their success on committees whose jurisdiction and issues affects the interlocking concrete pavement industry, and on attention to legislation important to ICPI members.

Legislative Alerts To ensure member concerns are addressed, ICPI tracks regulatory activity throughout the federal government and has worked directly with the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and others. ICPI provides news and analysis of federal regulation and its impact on the segmental concrete pavement industry via Legislative Alerts emailed to ICPI members as necessary. | (703) 657-6900


Promoting a Safe Work Environment Safety Programs and Resources. ICPI promotes safety in the workplace and helps members maintain safer and more productive plants and jobsites.

Safety Software ICPI offers safety software for producer members. ICPI and NCMA teamed together to create a safety software program that assists plant managers in establishing or improving existing plant safety programs.

Safety Training Many ICPI chapters offer local safety training classes presented by local OSHA officials and increase employee safety awareness. Contact your local chapter office or visit the calendar of events page for upcoming events.

Safety Compliance Resources The following are links to safety and other information to assist you in compliance with agency and industry standards. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – Find Information on the latest activities of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration initiatives, alliances, partnerships, and compliance assistance. Injury/Illness & Fatality Statistics – The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides statistics on a vast array of workplace topics including consumer information, workplace productivity and occupations for all sectors of the American workforce. This link takes you directly the BLS section on injuries/illnesses and fatalities. 29 CFR 1926 – Code of Federal Regulations for Construction – This link takes you directly to the OSHA standards for the construction industry. Incidence Rate Calculator & Comparison Tool – This tool, provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), provides a quick and easy calculator for companies to determine their annual incidence rate. In addition, users can compare their incidence rates to the BLS national averages for the construction industry and individual North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes. MSDS – Material Data Safety Sheet for Concrete Pavers Canadian MSDS – Material Data Safety Sheet for Concrete Pavers – Canadian Version

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Safety Awards The ICPI and NCMA Safety Award program recognizes safety-conscious producer and associate members of ICPI and NMCA as evidenced by exemplary safety records. The Safety Awards are determined through careful examination of the injury incidence rate during a specified number of hours worked at a facility.

Safety Award Categories • Milestone Award – This award is the most prestigious safety award and is only presented to ICPI or NCMA Producer or Associate member facilities with five, eight or ten consecutive years of Safety Awards Program entries with zero OSHA (or equivalent Canadian injury report) recordable injuries.

• Platinum Safety Award – This award is given to any (and all) ICPI and NMCA Producer or Associate member facility with zero OSHA (or equivalent Canadian injury report) recordable injuries during the award reporting period.

• Gold and Silver Safety Awards – All remaining entries are eligible for this award based on the categories outlined below. All tied entries will receive an award.

• Producer/Associate Gold Safety Award – This award is given to the ICPI or NCMA member facility with the best, non-zero recordable injury incidence rate in each category.

• Producer/Associate Silver Safety Award – This award is given to the ICPI or NCMA member facility with the second-best recordable injury incidence rate in each category. To learn more about the Safety Awards program, visit the website. | (703) 657-6900


Exclusive Access to Industry Resources Member Services. ICPI provides members with the information and resources they need to get the most out of their membership.

Members Only Section The “Members Only” section of the website provides members an ever-increasing range of valuable tools and resources not available to the public. Login to the website and click “Members Only” to access these exclusive member only benefits.

Consulting ICPI technical staff is available to ICPI members to render over the phone technical advice on paving products, design, construction and maintenance, as well as provide in-person presentations as a fee service. To take advantage of this member benefit, please contact us at (703) 657-6900.

Shell Fleet Card ICPI members can save up to 3% off fuel purchases with the Shell Fleet Card Plus program. For more information regarding this special member discount program, login to the website, click “Members Only” and select “Member Discounts.”

Publications and Software ICPI issues high quality publications on state-of-the-art methods for design, construction and maintenance of interlocking concrete pavements and PICP. Our proprietary software programs give industry professionals the tools they need to design the world’s best pavement system. Members of ICPI receive up to a 50% discount on our publications and software. To take advantage of your member discount, login to the website and visit the Online Store.

Leads ICPI participates in several trade shows and leads generated at the booth are shared with members. Shows include: ICON Expo, Stormcon, Construct Canada, GreenBuild International Conference and Expo and Hardscape North America. To view these leads, login to the website, click “Members Only” and select “Market Your Business.”

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Addressing Your Company’s Local Needs ICPI Chapters. ICPI chapter membership allows you to be involved in the interlocking concrete pavement industry close to home where you can share your experiences through networking events, increase your knowledge though local educational courses and seminars, and build a more successful business and industry through local and regional advocacy programs.

ICPI Arizona Chapter

ICPI North Georgia

ICPI Southwest Florida Chapter

4025 E. Chandler Blvd, #70-A21 Phoenix, AZ 85048 Ph: (480) 945-8808 Email: Web:

PO Box 190457 Atlanta, GA 31119-0457 Email: Web:

343 Interstate Boulevard Sarasota, FL 34240 Ph: (800) 226-0004 Email: Web:

ICPI Old Dominion Chapter ICPI Central Florida Chapter PO Box 555486 Orlando, FL 32855 Ph: (321) 951-1716 Â Email: Web:

1231 Willis Road Richmond, VA 23237

ICPI Ontario Chapter 135 Fairwood Place, West Burlington, Ontario L7T 4B5

ICPI Western New York 620 Park Avenue, #171 Rochester, NY 14607 Ph: (585) 402-3066 Email:

ICPI Northern California Chapter PO Box 743 Marina, CA 93933 Ph: (775) 851-9499 Email: Web:

To learn more about how to form a chapter in your area contact: Jessica Chase, Manager of Membership & Administration Phone: (703) 657-6898 Fax: (703) 657-6901 Email: | (703) 657-6900


Building the Foundation Educating the Industry’s for a Sustainable Future Future Workforce ICPI Foundation for Education and Research. The Foundation

University Curriculum. ICPI actively promotes civil engineering as a top career choice for college students. ICPI has partnered with universities and instructors to promote careers in civil engineering through the university curriculum program.

positions the segmental concrete pavement industry for a stronger and more predictable future.

The Foundation’s mission is to provide educational and research programs designed to benefit the concrete paver industry and users. It accomplishes this by: • Developing educational resources that optimize manufacturing, construction operations and maintenance, that demonstrate superior value, while encouraging acceptance by the design and construction communities; and, • Supporting, conducting and disseminating research and technical studies that enhance and improve knowledge. Recently, the Foundation engaged the University of Georgia’s College of Environmental Design to create an online curriculum on segmental concrete pavement for landscape architecture students. Heading the project team is Professor Doug Pardue, ASLA, who will develop a web-based curriculum for university landscape architecture educators and students in the U.S. and Canada. The project is the first one initiated by the Foundation. The Foundation has also raised some $3 million in commitments toward a $5 million endowment goal that will generate income for more research and education projects in the near future. In addition to the University of Georgia project, the Foundation plans to engage the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Stormwater Center to research PICP. The UNH Stormwater Center will develop a cold climate test facility for PICP to evaluate the cold climate performance of permeable pavers. Visit the ICPI website to learn more about the Foundation. If you are interested in submitting a proposal for the Foundation, please review the Foundation Proposal Guidelines.


The ICPI University Curriculum contains nine instructional modules in PowerPoint suitable for undergraduate and graduate civil engineering students. The curriculum includes a printout of the presentations, ICPI manuals and Tech Specs, and an instructor’s guide with learning objectives and suggested assignments.

Curriculum Topics Module Module Module Module Module Module Module Module Module

1: Introduction 2: Materials and Standards 3: Road Design 4: Construction Methods 5: Maintenance and Management 6: Life-Cycle Cost Analysis 7: Airport Pavement Design 8: Port and Industrial Pavement 9: Permeable Pavement Design

University Professor’s Workshop This one-day workshop for Civil Engineering University Professors is designed to facilitate the integration of the ICPI University Curriculum into existing undergraduate and graduate courses. For more information, contact ICPI at (703) 657-6900 or visit the website to see a list of professors who have completed this program. | (703) 657-6900

ICPI Offices and Staff ICPI is committed to serving its members. Whether promoting the industry’s interests, keeping you informed on industry trends or influencing legislative issues, ICPI is always working for you.



ICPI United States

Charles A. McGrath, CAE Executive Director Ph: (703) 657-6885 Email:

Lauren McCray Membership Services Coordinator Ph: (703) 657-6880 Email:

David R. Smith Technical Director Ph: (703) 657-6887 Email:

Alison Sweetser Education Coordinator Ph: (703) 657-6900 x204 Email:

Robert Bowers, P. Eng. Director of Engineering Ph: (905) 862-0408 Email:

Sharon Gerlikas Finance Director Ph: (312) 644-0828

13921 Park Center Road, Suite 270 Herndon, VA 20171 Tel: (703) 657-6900 Fax: (703) 657-6901 Email:

ICPI Canada P.O. Box 1150 Uxbridge, ON L9P 1N4 Tel: (703) 657-6900 Fax: (703) 657-6901 Email:

Barrett Davis Director of Marketing and Communications Ph: (703) 657-6889 Email: Jessica Chase Manager of Membership and Administration Ph: (703) 657-6898 Email: Jackie Conklin Manager of Education Ph: (703) 657-6897 Email: | (703) 657-6900

Angie VanGorder Advertising Director Ph: (800) 501-9571 Ext. 176 Email: Ericka Giles ICPI Publications Fulfillment Ph: (412) 741-1892 Email: Randy Pence Government Relations Counsel Ph: (703) 534-9513 Email:


Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute 13921 Park Center Road, Suite 270 Herndon, VA 20171 (703) 657-6900

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