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2014 18-21 SEPT


Well well well, we’re turning four! It’s amazing to see how we’ve grown in the space of a year. 2014 has seen ICKLE gain sponsorship from the venerable Brewdog and Tunnocks! We are so chuffed to have them on board + stoked that they took a chance on our ickle fest! We have also partnered up with the Dundee institution Clarks on Lindsay Street to keep our audience and film makers fed and watered over the weekend - get a 15% discount on all meals when an ICKLE ticket is presented (T&C’s apply). But before we get to all that...we have had such an overwhelmingly wondrous response to our open call for short films this year. We have had submissions from across the UK and the US and as far afield as Australia. It’s amazing to know that folk over there know what ICKLE is all about and want to get involved. We are also so chuffed to be pairing up with the amazing Scottish project MakeWorks who chronicle and create an extensive directory of Scottish makers and do-ers. We also have some familiar faces coming back for 2014’s festival, taking us through how their filmmaking has grown in the course of a year. You may remember the exalted ‘Just Say Hi’ from last year; we have director John McPhail joining us for a Q&A session, talking about what its like to be the only ever winner of multiple Virgin Media Shorts awards. We’re sure its going to be another great year!







VARIOUS SHORTS 3PM-5PM CLARKS ON LINSAY STREET (DD1 1PS) Join us for the first selection of this year’s submissions. A fantastic array of comedy and experimental art films segwayed with holiday drama! A good selection to get you well and truly warmed up for whats to come over the weekend. CANNOT BE UNSEEN 7PM-10PM HENRY’S COFFEE HOUSE, CITY SQUARE (DD1 3BA) We’re very happy to be working with the Dundee based artist and doer Andrew Maclean. We have invited him to curate his regular film screening night Cannot Be Unseen for a guest slot at this year’s ICKLE. Forever weird and wonderful, Maclean sources the oddest of forgotten and misplaced cinema gems. Often working with out-of-print VHS, Maclean’s love of the curio is obvious. Opening events are kindly sponsered by Tunnocks. Come get your hands on a teacake!



VARIOUS SHORTS 1PM-2PM HANNAH MACLURE CENTRE (DD1 1HP) Our second batch of submitted shorts for you, and again we journey through all emotions! From humour by way of ‘Brownish and Sons’ from filmmaker Eric Romero who ICKLE worked with in 2013, through to the awe inspiring tale of a creative soul living off the radar; avoiding poverty and potential incarceration in a psychiatric hospital by focussing on making and creating, the art of survival is exemplified in Eddie Summerton's 'Out Door'. And many other gems inbetween! ITHE INCOMPLETE RECORDINGS 2.30PM-4PM HANNAH MACLURE CENTRE (DD1 1HP) We are very pleased to be bringing you an A and B movie from the wondrously wondrous guys at The Incomplete Recordings a fabulous little US-based collective who make curious little films that have delectable style and are full of intrigue. We'll be screening 'Prologue to a Cyclops' followed by 'Loves of a Cyclops'. Both follow the follies and the fancies of Francis; “a modern day one eyed man”. A rare screening in the UK, this pairing is not to be missed! For more info visit www.incompleterecordings.com



MAKEWORKS 1PM-2.30PM ROSEANGLE ARTS CAFE (DD1 4JW) So excited to be pairing up with the lovely folks at MakeWoks. We are bringing you insights into the Directory of Scottish Industry that they curate, and some of the makers that make up this indepth list. With profiles of leather workers, milliners, steal manufacturers and numerous designers we are sure to cover all personalities and many of the skills that these inspiring doers harbour. After the screening will be a Q+A with the film makers and editors currently working towards a feature documentary about the wonderful makers they have encountered and the MakeWorks ethos. VARIOUS SHORTS 3PM-4PM ROSEANGLE ARTS CAFE (DD1 4JW) Another brilliant (if we may say so ourselves!) concoction of documentary and drama. 'Portrait of a Queen' is a fabulous short documentary chronicling the routines and rituals of readying drag artists - a poignant series of portraits from director Summer Grieve Knight. For drama, Simon Fox brings us his short 'Perspective', exploring the motions that occur pre and post attack. It’s a serious watch that provides a good amount of food for thought.



VARIOUS SHORTS 7PM-8PM TIN ROOF, URE STREET (DDI 5HZ) This selection of films is a real corker! Beautiful cinematography from new film student Martin Allison in his short 'Cineaste'; a fabulous portrayal of the cinematic experience. Just what we are all about at ICKLE! Also, we're pleased to be sharing Italian born LA resident Bruno Miotto's 'We Are All Mad Here', a tale of a modern day cowboy and his lonesome rebellion. And many others at that! DIRECTOR JOHN MCPHAIL Q+A 8.30PM-10PM TIN ROOF, URE STREET (DD1 5HZ) ICKLE are pleased to welcome back John McPhail for a spotlight session and Q+A. We're bringing back 2013 favourite 'Just Say Hi' to the big screen which, after last year’s festival, went on to win the prestigious Virgin Media Short Award and the Nikon Peoples Choice Award! John will be sharing his success story; talking about how award winning films can be made on micro budgets and what he's been working on since. He'll be taking questions from the floor, so come down one and all. Definitely not one to miss for our film making followers



VARIOUS SHORTS 2PM-3.30PM TIN ROOF, URE STREET (DD1 5HZ) Another brilliant bundle of films selected from this year’s submissions. We have Marcin Walczak’s poignant documentary 'Arty Anne', following Anne through her practise as a visually impaired artist and exploring how she navigates her compromised sight to keep creating. In Matthew Jenkins’ 'Cockatoo' we meet a man who is desperate not to let go of his past, with humorous consequences. This film has been selected as a 'Staff Favourite' on Vimeo; a new Aussie classic not to be missed! FILM YER ANE 3.45-5PM TIN ROOF, URE STREET (DD1 5HZ) Film Yer Ane; The Book Yer Ane Documentary! A labour of love; this film is compiled from over 100 hours of live footage and interviews from local, national and international bands and the excellent Make That A Take guys; who put the festival together as a benefit for Safe-Tay and Tayside Mountain Water Rescue.The documentary was shot and edited by current DJCAD student Adam Morrow who will be joining us for an intro and Q+A session.


21ST continued LACHANCE 5.15PM-6.15PM TIN ROOF, URE STREET (DD1 5HZ) Very happy to be joined post FILM YER ANE screening by the band whose drummer Gavin Luke Ross composed the film’s score. We’re always pleased to meet the crew at ICKLE. Lachance, veterans of the Book Yer Ane fest, merge 90’s punk with newer essences of emo. They're a joy live. Open your ears! VARIOUS SHORTS 6.30PM-8PM TIN ROOF, URE STREET (DD1 5HZ) Our final selection of short films of this years festival; we don't know how we've managed to keep these from you over the weekend! And we're off to Japan! Love Japan is a beautiful travelogue from Australian film maker David Parkinson. Recently a ‘Staff Pick’ on Vimeo, this is a gentle meander through a most visually stimulating country. Never nauseating or garish, this film shows the peaceful side to the neon lights of a nation that never rests. We then move into the beautifully shot dual between father and son. 'Has Bean' by Robbie Duncan shares the complexities of conversation between child and parent, with some humorous turns and an extraordinary amount of puns for a 3 min short!



CLOSING PARTY 8PM-10PM TIN ROOF, URE STREET (DD1 5HZ) Please stick around and help us celebrate this year’s festival. ICKLE is nothing without those who submit and those who come down and watch our fabulous submissions! It’s been great to put this together for you, so lets toast to next year’s ICKLE! With music from DJ Euan Lynch and some abstract experimental shorts, we guarantee a closing party that'll leave you wanting the next ICKLE film fest to hurry up and start already! Our closing events are all sponsored by Brewdog, so stay a little late and have a beer with us. Or an orange juice. Lets just send 2014 off in style!



LOMA - A Family Holiday Katri A. Vanhatalo - Edinburgh, Scotland / Finland - May, 2014 When 2 families have to share a cottage, a relaxing holiday seems a world away. The Harjunens, a Finnish family, arrive at a remote cottage in Scotland for a holiday. But the cottage has been double booked & they are stuck with the Toulsons for a night. The adults have problems with the surprise but the children Jaakko & Sarah find each other as friends & embark on a holiday. Three Days in Kamakura Alec McAulay - Yokohama, Japan - July, 2012 A teacher takes charge of an 8-year-old boy when his bother doesn’t show up to collect him from his English class. The child becomes a catalyst in the teacher’s troubled marriage during 3 days in Kamakura. Guide to Fetal Development Scott Willis- Inverkeithing, Scotland - September, 2014 A satirical perspective on human behaviour in the digital age. Solipsis Tom Newman & Craig Robinson - UK - 2014 Suffolk has always been quiet, but now it’s silent. The human race, and Liam’s mind, left him long ago - leaving behind a boy, his mashedup memories. & a mobile phone. Driven by an all-consuming need for signal, Liam heads in an easterly direction to find the big phone mast. The further he gets from home, the further he gets from sanity. Why does a boy need a mobile signal, with nobody left to call?

Snow Artur Zavgorodnij - Riga, Latvia - April, 2014 A young couple prepares to go to the opera-house when it starts to snow on a bright summer day. Ghost Hunters Bethany Angus - Glasgow, Scotland - February, 2014 ‘Ghost Hunters’ is a short comedy film shot in Glasgow & follows a bungling ghost hunter & her team as they attempt to solve their latest case. Flashbulb Kieran Gosney - Edinburgh, Scotland - Jan, 2013 Obsessed with recreating a happy memory from childhood, Daniel, a reclusive young man, builds an elaborate machine to help him regress to a past where he was more content. Antechamber Joshua Thompson - Brighton, England - June, 2014 Antechamber touches on the psyche of human conditioning – fears, phobias, the obstacles we face & the steps we take to overcome them. Dream Life of Paper Chris Jarrett - London, England - July, 2014 A phantasmagorical, dreamy allegory of innocence & life that follows the journey of three enchanting origami animals from primordial awakening through to unforeseeable dematerialisation.


Memin: Portrait of a Boxer Rodrigo Alvarez Flores - Tijuana, Mexico - June, 2014 23 year old professional boxer Carlos ‘Memin’ Carlson believes that the key to victory is to have the spirit of a true champion.Once a juvenile delinquent & now a devoted sportsman, Carlos tells us of his battle, in the rings as in life. Chocolate Man Sarah Eke - Edinburgh, Scotland - August, 2013 When Dylan, a middle aged man, find an unusual question left for him in a vending machine by a little girl he doesn’t know, his repetitive daily life starts to change, In order to answer the question, he is supposed to execute a task that stretches beyond his own limitation. After accepting the challenge, weekly questions follow that push him more out of his shell & Dylan connects further with the world with every task. In opening himself up to new experiences he also faces his own fears. April Derek Gereg - Glasgow, Scotland - May, 2014 A story about dying. A film about living. April explores the memories & moments we share together that shape our existence. Out Door Summerton, Johnston & Ramsay - Dundee, Scotland - April, 2014 Out Door is a documentary celebrating the life of a young adult living off the radar in rural Scotland. Through writing, painting & acting he weaves

a creative reality as a plausible alternative to the inevitability of poverty, isolation, sedation & compulsory psychiatric detention. The power of his convictions to making art as a survivalist strategy culminates in a recent successful exhibition at Trongate 103 in Glasgow. Game Companion B. Morelan & J. Monson - Nanaimo, Canada - January, 2014 30-something Bob lives downstairs in his mom’s house, works in fast food & has 1 friend. His greatest accomplishment is making it to master in a fighter-style video game, permitting him a game companion, Kimiko, who turns out to be real. Origami David Pavon - Madrid, Spain - May, 2013 Once upon a time there was a paper boat who lived in an abandoned toy store, that embarks on the journey of his life. Would You Believe me? Jack Veasey - Coventry, England - July, 2014 Choices & why people make them... judging before knowing the truth. It Happened One Day Rainer Nerrman - Munich, Germany/ London, England - 2013 A music-based romantic comedy about Tom, a shy young man who wants to talk to & win over the wonderful Melanie. When the 2 of them finally hit it off, Melanie writes down her phone number on a 5note, with which Tom then accidentally pays a bill. Desperate to get in touch again, Tom has to find that note or lose Melanie forever.


Nice Guys Come Last Greg Andrew & Mark MacNicol - Scotland - May, 2014 When Freddie wakes up after a 1 night stand only his flatmate Baz can help him figure out what happened & how to take his revenge for a morning rejection. But does Baz have his best interests at heart? Brownish & Son Political Consulting Eric Romero - Barcelona, Spain - January, 2014 Jack wants to retire from his job as a political consultant, but he can’t do it until his son passes his last exam. Today is his last chance to become the son in the ‘Brownish & Son’ company name. Enchanting Rupert Rainer Nerrman - Munich, Germany/ London, England - 2013 A magic potion might get Rupert the girl of his dreams. But the spell only holds till dawn - & things always look differently in the morning. Dragoon Guy Phenix - Glasgow, Scotland - September, 2013 15th August 1944 in S.E. France. 1 young Scottish soldier parachutes into the forest blow him. Terrible weather leaves his battalion scattered & him alone. In the early morning light he attempts to find himself. Happy Sunflower Mani Kambo - Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England - September, 2014 A human growing towards the sun, changing its shape until eventually the human is free & accepts what is to be.

Nuclear Mysticism Guy Phenix - Glasgow, Scotland - June, 2013 A short piece flowing a girl on location at Kelvingrove art Museum, Glasgow as she discusses a nuclear mysticism artist in one minute. Part of a series of one minute documentaries based on what peopled ‘love’. Perspective Simon Fox - Edinburgh, Scotland - May, 2014 A visual account of victim-blaming in axes of sexual assault, the film follows a girl at a party in the lead up to her assault. The events are seen through three different viewpoints of people who each have a varying opinion on the girl’s behaviour and appearance, and who hold alarming opinions as to why the attack happened. Portrait of a Queen Summer Grieve-Knight - Leeds, England - May, 2014 An intimate and insightful exploration backstage into the world of drag queens in Northern England. How do they transform themselves fem men into eccentric drag performers? [see still below]


Cineaste Martin Allison - Edinburgh, Scotland - May, 2014 A girl that loves the cinema goes to see one of her favourites, but rapidly gets very disenchanted & grows to hate the art form she once loved. Reflections Craig Maclachlan - Glasgow, Scotland - July, 2014 Rachel & Sam reflect on their relationship &soon begin to question the decisions that brought them to this moment. E215 Scott Willis - Scotland - January, 2013 An experimental documentary highlighting that beauty can still be obtained from objects once seen as unfit for society. [see still opposite] Intercourse Joel Hewett - Dundee, Scotland - June, 2014 Following an unnamed couple through the different stages of a relationship depicted in a series of intimate discussions all set on a bed. Glory Hunter Craig MacLachlan - Glasgow, Scotland - February, 2014 Jerry Gallagher knows it’s his last chance for world glory. But is his new attractive, young & sexy girlfriend really in love with him, or just what he can do for her? Will he discover the truth in time before his heart is broken? It is down to his old friend & manager Joe McGill to

see the truth that maybe he can’t. Glory Hunter is a short film about one man’s quest for glory, the value of true friendship, & the discovery that not everyone who is on his side is as they seem. We Are All Mad Here Bruno Miotto - California, USA - 2014 The Mad Hatter is real & live in Venice, California… Lean Air Adam Morrow - Inchture/ Bealach Na Ba, Scotland - August, 2014 Named after the Gaelic for perseverance, Lean Air documents the cross-country cycle of Scotland in a single day by a small group of amateur riders. A demonstration of the power of determination, the group attempt to complete the ground breaking journey fromTay to Brae in under 24 hours with nothing but to wheels & sheer will to carry them. Culminating in a moonlit climb up the West Highland’s most notorious pass, the Bealach Na Ba, the film showcases some of the most scenic backdrops our country has to offer. All set to a haunting original score & traditional Scottish poetry.

sunday 21sT (i)

Arty Anne Marcin Walczak - Edinburgh, Scotland - June, 2013 A visually impaired photographer, Anne is on a quest to set up a photographic exhibition that aims to create a multi sensory experience with visual, tactile & audio representations of photographs. Difficulties in funding & her deteriorating eyesight become real challenges in the quest to set up the exhibition. The film explores Anne’s approach to life & the importance of her art as a medium that helps her deal with everyday obstacles faced as a visually impaired photographer. Cockatoo Matthew Jenkin - Sydney, Australia - November, 2011 A man with a broken heart hires an actress to play his ex-girlfriend in a desperate attempt to re-live moments from his failed relationship. If only she could get the accent right. The Children Robert Duncan - UK - January, 2014 When the children of a quintessential 1950s American town begin to rebel, the parents must take action to save their community. A dark tale woven from old public domain footage. Hebron Sean Gallen & John Pullman - Glasgow, Scotland - July, 2014 John Pullman is an activist who has spent years accumulating footage of his journeys in Palestine. We have worked together to crate ‘Hebron’, an experimental expose of life in the city of Hebron which is divided into

two zones - H1 controlled by Palestine and H2, Israeli controlled. The first part depicts the cramped ruins the Palestinians have been forced into, protected by grills to stop settlers throwing bricks & bottles. H2 is full of lush parks & is where the film ends with one of the impromptu IDF bomb drills that are executed throughout the week. Broken Records Andy S. McEwan - Glasgow, Scotland - April, 2014 Frasier & Tam can’t believe their luck when they stumble upon a trunk full of old records during a house clearance. Have they hit the jackpot? Power / Point Adam Castle and Mae Lee Evans - London, UK - March, 2014 This short experimental video art piece explores the sculptural potential of digital space & the moving image. Self Help Robert Duncan - UK - 2013 Surrounded by death an isolated young woman tries to reclaim her life & build a sense of self. Urinal Cakes Spencer Philips - London, England - June, 2014 ‘Urinal Cakes’ is a dark (bro-mantic) comedy of two Irish hit-men ‘Brady’ & ‘Mickey’ who have accidentally killed the wrong man. A both serious & comic story of guilt, murder, repentance & strangely enough, friendship!! Will leave you falling in love with these two murderous scumbag hit-men from Ireland.

sunday 21sT (ii)

Has-Bean Robert Duncan - UK - January, 2014 A son wants to have a serious conversation with his father but bad puns keep getting in the way. CARE Tristain Aitchison - Ross-shire, Scotland - January, 2014 Doreen is seeking a way out of an abandoned nursing home, but through every door is not an exit but memories of humiliation, abuse and a sense that she might not be as alone as she seems. The Great Game Chris Townsend - Newcastle, England - July, 2014 William Veitch talks about his memoirs of football during the war years and also recalls his fond memories of the 1955 FA final between Newcastle United and Manchester City. Tales From the City Sandra Crisp - London, England - March, 2013 A short experimental video that uses 3D models, photo snapshots from the urban environment and borrowed visuals such as random people captured by Google Street View’s cameras. Double Word Score Becky Matthews - London, England - 2014 Double Word Score is a romantic comedy drama about the ludicrous games people play in the pursuit of love. It is a film for word lovers and would-be lovers everywhere.

Mental Asylum Susanne Wawra - Dublin, Ireland - May, 2014 Mental Asylum explores personal identity in a vulnerable place - a person’s mind in the depths of mental illness. It is a recording from the first day of admission to a psychiatric hospital. The piece provides access to the stubble of the self and the very core of identity when everything seems lost. Hide Fergus Cruickshank - Dundee, Scotland - February, 2014 A zombie outbreak has reached the city. Sally gets a warning to hide before the infected break into ghee flat. Will she stay safe? Love Japan David Parkinson - Adelaide, Australia - July, 2014 A journey through the heart of Japan with the director’s girlfriend.

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This festival is a labour of love, and we are so glad to bring it to you. We are a small team, and we really appreciate all the help that we receive to make ICKLE happen. We are so honoured to have formed some fantastic partnerships with our sponsors Tunnocks, Brewdog and Clarks on Lindsey Street this year. It’s great that they've taken a chance on our little festival and offered their support. Please hold onto all your festival tickets as Clarks on Lindsey Street are offering all our festival-goers a discount on their food bills on presentation. Those tickets were fabulously designed by Rosie Barthram. And all the chairs you've sat upon have been kindly loaned from Dundee and Angus College, and were manoeuvred around by Mr Alex Clark. Thanks to the guys who did an amazing job on printing these programmes for us at the Dundee Print Unit at Dundee Uni. And to all our amazing venues, thank you so much for letting us in to your spaces! The kit! Gosh, all our kit was generously loaned from Andrew Maclean. Thank you. And also, thanks go to those who have tweeted, retweeted and helped in our marketing campaigns; including those who have let us put up posters and those who have stocked our programmes. And all the other folk who have leant at hand with collating submissions, writing copy etc. And how could we forget our brilliant volunteer! Thank you Andrea! And most importantly, to those who submit and to those who come down! Thank you. Until next year! Team IFF.

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