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My bear Pupils of 3.B class Slovakia

The bear is funny, he likes honey. The bear has got the pen. He is inteligent man. Jakub

My fat bear My teddy bear has got a pen. He likes a jam and a hen. This is fat man! Natanael

This is a bear he likes a pear. He has got a friend, a friend, a friend. He sleeps in the tent. AniÄ?ka

Teddy likes apples. I like pears. We like surprise I LIKE BEARS! Teddy is exiting. I am wrong. We are exiting. My friend bear is Mr. Monk. Viki K.

My bear I like a pear, I Iike my teddy bear. My teddy bear is my friend. It has got a big tent. Diana

I have got bears They like pears. Teddy bear has got pencilcase, It draws your nice face. Pa直ko

My teddy bear I like apples, He likes bears. The bear is nice, The bear is mine. I like bears, I like the best. Teddy likes jeam He catchs a hen. Vaneska

Strange man This is a man His name´s Ben. He likes bears and big old cans. Matúš

These are my teddy bears I like apples teddy likes pears. They like suprise I like bears. Viktorka D.

My bear  

My bear - poems

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