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Having released two larger-than-usual special issues back to back for Ramadan and Eid, the holidays did us (ICE Today, of course!) good. Although, getting back to work after the seemingly petite break was an even bigger challenge. That being said, we get to publish one more issue of ICE Today before the Eid-ul-Adha special. We decided that it’s again time for our annual children’s issue. Children are very special human beings – bundles of untapped potential, if you will. If a child is raised right, he or she can change the world for the better. If not then – well, Adolf Hitler was once an innocent child too. We have recently been made aware of brutal child murders through mainstream news as well as social media feeds. Rajan and Rakib were only two victims of such savagery that received widespread media attention. Thousands of children in our country are forced to work and beg from the time of birth. A huge fraction of these kids end up falling victim to such atrocities; there can never be an excuse for such cruelty to anyone, let alone children. Children need the extra care as well as the attention. They need proper nurturing and love in order for them to grow up to be wholesome individuals. A huge portion of our content in this issue is dedicated to said topic. Children should be treated with equal respect and love regardless of caste, creed and intellectual ability. Every child faces certain challenges growing up – a need to belong, to be accepted and to prove themselves. For some it may come easier than others but at the end of the day all children are just that – innocent children. It should be the solemn vow of every citizen to ensure that every child is safe from harm and abuse – it is a formal responsibility of the state to make certain that that happens. August marks the death anniversary of the legendary maestro of Bengali literature Rabindranath Tagore. Bengali heritage and culture owes much to this man who so lovingly gave us his all. It is only appropriate that this piece is signed off with a quote from Tagore:

“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.” Let us pay heed to Rabindranath’s words and always remember to responsibly love and raise our children. After all, they are Earth’s future.

The Magazine That Reads You Closely Vol 12 No 06

August 2015

Publisher Abul Khair Chairman Editorial Board Syed Shamsul Haq Director, International Publications Zeenat Chowdhury Executive Director Nawshin Khair Managing Editor Tawhidur Rashid Associate Editor Nisha Sharmeen Ali

Deputy Editor

Tanuva Aumia Khundkar

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Natasha Rahman

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On the cover

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Published by Abul Khair on behalf of ICE Media Limited Printed at M.K. Printers189/1,Tejgaon I/A,Dhaka-1208 Editorial and Commercial office: Bengal Centre, Plot-2, Civil Aviation, New Airport Road, Khilkhet, Dhaka Advertising, Sales and Distribution: 01711339587, 01819412035, 01684570791. Tel: 880-2-8901135, 8901170 Fax: 88-02-8901205

Models: Mahi Wardrobe: Urban Truth Makeup and hair: Farzana Shakil’s Photos: Riyad Ashraf

Contents P. 12 Tunes: Music that Infects

Arbovirus all set to rock the nation

ICE Glamour P. 18 Word on the street: All Under One Roof

Let Era house bling up your fashion game with its designer collections and statement accessories

P. 20 Fashion Hitlist: What’s brewing up in the fashion world The latest fashion must-haves you want

P. 22 Fish Spa: An Appointment with Doctor Fish

Pamper your feet with a doctor fish spa at The Grooming Lounge

P. 26 Style: Spring into Style

Give your wardrobe a makeover with these chic fashion pieces

P. 41 Fragranced: Scent-sational

Which scent matches your personality?


Contents ICE Your Space P. 68 Tete a tete: The Director’s Cut

Amit Ashraf muses about his cinematic journey with Udhao

P. 72 Entertainment: Modern Supers

Discussing superheroes shows and movies that aren’t adaptations of any source material

P. 74 Object d’art: The Brush Strokes that Connect Us Riveted by the stunning artwork during the Art Weekend

P. 76 Creative Nook: Poems, Artwork and more

P. 78 Recipes: Healthy Fun Snacks

Healthy snacks your kids will chow down

P. 88 Culture Vulture: On Conscious Parenting

Aidha Cader talks about the importance of Conscious Parenting

P. 90 Game On: Pep Talk

Chitchat with football coaches, match reviews and more

P. 96 Photo Story: Into the Wild

A riveting depiction of Maasai Mara’s wilderness

P. 100 Hangout: Sub-zero Sweetness

Get your personalized cone of sweet surprise

P. 102 Wellbeing: Inside a Bloomer’s Mind How important is a child’s mental health?

P. 106 Bookworm: A Tribute to Fantasy

Fantasy novels you should get your hands on now

P. 110 Feature: Poles Apart

The inconsistencies between urban and rural school education

P. 112 Event The latest events that’s creating a buzz

ICE Must Knows P. 46 Nutrition: Some carb lovin’ Trust us, carbs are great for you

P. 48 Career Wise: Seize the Moment G. Sumdany Don’s success mantra on how to get to the top P. 50 Travel: Lost City of the South Experience the mosque city of Bagerhat’s charm and splendour

P. 54 Plugged: The Customizer and the Flagship Killer Dissecting the pros and cons of Cyanogenmod

P. 60 Cover story: Why Skill Building is Important

Skill building and extracurricular activities to enrich your mind P. 64 The Network : The Un-social Media


Crooning Contagious Say hello to the supercharged band members!

Music that Infects 12


Photo: Abu Naim Farhan Ahmed

In a coterie with the rockers Nahid Tabassum dissects the band Arbovirus and finds the cure through its music

rbovirus, has never seized to surprise and grasp the love of their audience. Since 2004, with their first track Aartonad the band has accomplished triumphs with their singles, albums and carved a name in the music industry. The jam session proceeds with Ranjan reminiscing the earlier days of Arbovirus, a joint effort with his friend Suharto in giving their band a name out of the craze for Marvel’s Blade comics. Nafeez along with Sufi and Aldnane later on joined the troop of rockers, filling the gaps. “The idea of forming a band came to us naturally with our love for music. We blend in together to make Arbovirus what it is!” Ranjan evinces. “However, the label ‘Arbovirus’ became a big hit with the branding strategies and infecting the listeners with the songs and heart out performances,” Nafeez appends bearing out the significance of their #infected t shirts. Starting with Nu metal and alternative rock, Arbovirus has evolved embracing other genres and crossing barriers of the stereotypical tag of a rock band. “There is no biasness of any sort when it comes to composing music,” Sufi says while Ranjan humorously lands onto the term ‘Hybrid’ as their music seems to merge the gaps between various styles. Furthermore, Nafeez explains the experimentation adding, “We roam around several genres like slow ballad, funk, electronica or alternative rock and bring the respective influences in our music.” Evidently, that openness to the trends has aided them towards versatility and novelty in the themes as well as the tunes of their compositions. Guitarist Ranjan also reveals, “We inscribe our beliefs and feelings. We are vocal about ideas and our songs are a reflection of our thoughts.” While the voice of

Arbovirus Arbovirus, Sufi simply adds, “Music is the language of expression of our minds. Whereas songs like ‘Hariye Jao’ and ‘Sohor’ echo the delicate benevolent feelings, ‘Prolap’, ‘Omanush’, ‘Jaalo Agun Jaalo’ signify the rage and anger on the political scenario of Bangladesh.” Subsequently, the themes have metamorphosed with time framing a new angle on life and emotions. From body-painting to breaking guitars, the lunacy of these musicophiles have stunned the spectators. “On stage, a lot of things happen in the heat of the moment,” Nafeez smirks. As one of the bands of Rocknation, Arbovirus expresses the magnitude quoting, “It’s a celebration of the past thirty years in the music industry,” Ranjan and the band denote. For multilingual listeners the band believes, “Language can’t be a barrier in reaching audiences if the promotion and overall infrastructure is befitting. Who knows, even Baul music can grab the international stage with proper branding!” Been seated on the rank of rulers for almost a decade, the band has scrutinised the business very closely. “The industry has adapted positive changes throughout the decade. All bands are treated equally and originality is the key for identification.” In the boom of fresh bands, Arbovirus earned its fame through tracks like Obhishap and Shopnadishto and left footprints through individuality. “A lot of underground bands have entered mainstream as creating and promoting music have become more attainable with the availability of equipments and the internet.” The band unanimously appreciates the present market identifying genres like blues, hip-hop, rap, trance and availing us with different means of entertainment. Arbovirus also hints on the upcoming project being almost complete as well as their grittiest yet. 13

Your monthly dose of fashion pick-me-ups

ICE Glamour P. 18 Fashion Spotlight Era House brings you fashion accessories, designer dresses, and more! P. 26 Fashion Portfolio Put a spin on your wardrobe with our striking catalogue of comfy casuals

Word on the Street

All under one roof

Red and Gold: Tk 5000

Purple dress: Tk 3800

Mauve: Tk 5600

Jewellery price: Tk 380-2300

Fatima Faheem gives you a tour of Era House Some of the popular online brands in Bangladesh like Viola by Fariha Tashmeen, Sparkling Emotions by Trishita Nowroj Farhan and Suvastraa by Nadira Haque started their online business venture four years ago and received tremendous response from customers. With that came the demand to start up a physical store which brought them all together under a single label – Era House. The individual brands offer different products. Viola and Suvastraa specialise in designer wear ranging from casuals to exclusive salwar kameez and tops. Sparkling Emotions has a wide range of stunning accessories such as neckpieces, bracelets and ear rings. A unique feature about Era House is that it provides a platform for the talented designers to work together as a team and always help each other out. It’s always a satisfying experience when the barrier between the buyer and seller shrinks. Era House serves its customers with its fast and easy shopping service. Unlike other stores, the designers themselves are present at the store most of the times and they help customers choose which makes the process of decision making easier. Moreover, the designers themselves provide assistance as to which ornament might match the dress, or what colour combination to go with etc.

Photos: Sakib Muhtasim

For ready products, its cash on delivery and for pre-ordered dresses or accessories, there is a 50% advance which is collected through bank transaction. The advance can also be made at the showroom. Designers: Fariha Tashmeen and Trishita Nowroj Farhan

Photo: Sakib Muhtasim

Fashion Hitlist

What’s brewing up in

the fashion world… With fall approaching, fashion is preparing to take on the new season. Kyoko Bhuiyan travels the world to find out the latest fashion house news about the most popular brands and the latest trends that they are going to introduce.

Copenhagen FW underway The Copenhagen Fashion Week has just begun. Asger Juel Larsen, Freya Dalsjø, Barbara í Gongini, and Henrik Vibskov headlined on the first day, tackling gender equality, gender fluidity and transgender issues with their models and designs.

YSL is Back

DK Steps down at DKI Donna Karan after 31 years has stepped down as the chief designer of the brand she founded. However, she will remain a close advisor. They haven't yet announced her successor so for the time being the label’s fashion shows will be put on temporary hiatus. Karan now plans to devote her time to her Urban Zen Company and foundation. 20

The Alessandro Effect Following the departure of creative director Frida Giannini, and CEO Patrizio di Marco in January, the new creative director Alessandro Michele and new CEO Marco Bizarre has already turned heads and making their presence felt. Their new collection for 2015/2016 is going to hit stores soon and till now it remains a mystery.

The iconic French fashion house has revived its haute couture wing for the first time since 2002. The brand is opening its new Couture House, which is situated in Hôtel de Sénecterre, a 17th century mansion on 24 rue de l’Université. The mansion has been restored by creative director Hedi Slimane over the last three years.

Chuck Taylor II Converse just released its first new design in 98 years, the Chuck Taylor II, and this one's bound to be the casual-cool shoe spotted on everyone everywhere.

An Appointment with Doctor Fish Fatiha Faheem discovers the exhilarating benefits of fish spa

Photo: Ashraf Uddin Apu


Fish Spa

ur lives become so hectic that once in a while we seek escape to a different reality. We all crave a little ‘me time’ to chase away the worries. In times like these, a spa therapy can be a great way to unwind. One can always indulge in this much needed ‘get away’ to recharge, reflect and relax. Who doesn’t want to take a time out and dedicate a few hours for self-pamper? Spas, mani-pedi, massage, they are all excellent means of relaxation. However, we introduce you to a new kind of therapy that is rapidly gaining attention. From the hot springs of Turkey, Garra Rufa, better known as ‘Doctor Fish’, is a special community of toothless fish that are recognised around the globe for their rather interesting and polemical role in spa treatments. With parlours and salons introducing the service in Bangladesh, Fish Spa has piqued the curiosity of many. Although spas and pedicures seem to be more popular among women than men, Fish Spa is not restricted to women only. Grooming Lounge, a men’s makeover salon in sector 7, Uttara, is grabbing attention with its fish

pedicure for men. Nature Aquatics, Bangladesh’s largest aquarium builder and pet store is well known as it provides a different variety of fish. The doctor fish are imported all the way from Singapore and the clients are made to feel at home, given the salon’s welcoming ambiance. The splendour of the lounge is highly maintained with

session lasting a good thirty minutes and for Tk 1400 only, fish spa is a rising popular choice among clients. What makes this fish spa so unlike any other is that, instead of being surrounded by flower petals and scented candles, you have numerous tiny fishes nibbling at your feet. Before going through with the procedure, the feet is

Need a stress buster? Fish spa stimulates the blood flow in your feet and improves circulation around the body It’s a great way to exfoliate and remove dead cells without the harsh scrubbing against a pumice stone Due to its healing properties, a fish pedicure can reduce inflammations and itching conditions such as eczema and psoriasis Worried about feet stench? A half hour session will remove the bacteria diminishing any kind of odour that has been thriving on your feet.

finely trained staff. The therapy takes place in a nice, quiet room, attractively decorated with greenery all around. Each

washed and rinsed to prepare the clients for the therapy. Once they dip their feet into the water tank, the tiny fish will settle

on them. The water tanks mimic the natural tropical habitat of the fish and the warm water is frequently filtered. This ensures a hygienic and safe environment for both the fish and the clientele. A hundred little creatures peck on the feet, feasting on the dry and worn out skin that has built up. As chilling as it sounds, the experience is completely harmless. As a matter of fact, these little scavengers only nibble about and gently suck away as it detoxifies, leaving behind only a tingling sensation. An exhilarating experience indeed! What seems like a fear factor stunt is actually a form of relaxation that dates back a long time. It is prominent in several countries like Bangkok, Japan, Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries where the Garra Rufas come from. Although it’s an unorthodox procedure in spa, there is no harm in trying it out. Besides, the thrill of doing it overcomes the jittering that comes along when undergoing the venture. So with this exhilarating new adventure to look forward to, enjoy a little therapeutic swim with your trusty doctor fish, for an intriguing yet delightful experience. It is an unconventional remedy, which is a soon to be popular trend, worth making an appointment for. 23

Fashion Portfolio

Spring into Style! Easy breezy styles and cuts are all the rage this season! The power players in your wardrobe, prints and patterns can always be played up or down with cool scarves, long cardigans, hats and you have a winner. Carving way for minimalistic flair, the basic tees, cutting-edge polos and bandannas can come in handy. We are keeping you on trend so say goodbye to all those style stressors and say hello to a quirky flirty you! We picked up Cats Eye and Urban Truth’s trendiest ensembles for your much needed wardrobe update! 26

Models: Mahi Wardrobe: Urban Truth Makeup and hair: Farzana Shakil’s Photos: Riyad Ashraf




Shop # 22, (2nd Floor), Pink City Shopping Complex, Gulshan # 2, Dhaka-1212, Phone: 02 8881342, 8881362, Mob: 01778999900 E-mail:,



Models: Tanzim, Emma Wardrobe and accessories: Cats Eye Makeup and hair: Farzana Shakil’s Photos: Riyad Ashraf







Let’s Get Scent-sational Kyoko Bhuiyan tries out fragrances that are all set to please


e all want some heads to spin with a whiff of our sweet smelling fragrance. It’s not like back in the old days where only the elite had the right to smell good. With so many options out there for us, it does get a little difficult to choose a fragrance that’s just right! Let’s look at the fragrances that are leaving a lasting impression

FOR HER Ladies, if you’re looking to indulge yourself, take a look at CK’s Euphoria. Its top notes start off with pomegranate, persimmon, and a lovely lush green accord. The heart notes then blend into a sensual lotus blossom, black orchid which then finish off with the base amber, violet, cream and wood notes. Euphoria is about sexiness, fantasy, and being captivating. Euphoria is for the woman who has the urge to break free from everyday life.

get warm with salty ambergris, spiky woods and a touch of amber. Hints of metal and grapefruit continue throughout and ensure that even at its very warmest Invictus is still lively and ready to play. MUSKY vs. FLORAL Usually men go for musky scents because it oozes “masculinity” and women love that. Take it from someone who knows. Same goes for women. They prefer floral tones and trust us, men definitely like that. .

FOR HIM Gents, for you, out there is something that will make you feel like a hero. Let me introduce you to Invictus by Paco Rabanne. Invictus is a fragrance that speaks of champions, victory and sporting achievements fought for in vast areas where sportsmen are viewed as rock stars, gods and gladiators. Invictus opens up all fresh and zingy thanks to grapefruits, spices and metal. The metallic tone is an unusual pair with the citrus and spice, but it creates an intensely invigorating effect. The top note subsides to a heart of warm herbs and patchouli. In the base, things 41


Ways you can elect the best perfume for yourself is to figure out which fragrance matches your personality. So if you're an extrovert who’s always on the go you might like fruity or flirty scents and if you’re more down to earth and reserved maybe your fragrance could be woody ones.


Fragrances come in these categories - Floral, Oriental, Chypre, Green, Fougere, Oceanic and Wood. Scents usually have different notes, i.e. layers of different scents. Ways you can elect the best perfume for yourself is to figure out which fragrance matches your personality. So if you're an extrovert who’s always on the go you might like fruity or flirty scents and if you’re more down to earth and reserved maybe your fragrance could be woody ones. Avoid getting strong ones for both men and women because once you mix that with sweat, you’ll have a combination you want to stay miles away from. FOR THE DESHI WEATHER We all know that summer and the rest of the year in our beautiful country is usually very hot. As much as we all love Dhaka City, it gets unbearable some days. And we end up sweating profusely, which is very unattractive to say the least. Not all fragrances go with our very wet and humid weather. For boys the easiest option is to go for sporty fragrances. Its’ designed to be worn after you work out or play some sort of sports, basically after you sweat and here, you basically just need to step outside and you get wet. For us ladies, there are many fragrances from different brands that just screams summer. The names of these perfumes are dead giveaways. However if you can’t find them, or isn’t your style try finding combinations of citrus and crisp green scents , mix of lemon, rosemary and jasmine which are perfect in the heat.

WORKING HOURS vs. PARTY HOURS During the day, when you’re off to work and meetings opt for more neutral notes. You should go with a fragrance that is a little fresher and lighter such as Lacoste Rouge for men and Davidoff – Coolwater for women, much like what you would wear here anyway. For women there is DKNY Delicious Night and Hugo Boss – Deep Red which is perfect for the evening. For men try Hugo – Hugo Boss or Ferrari – Essence Oud for strong and empowering scents. Musky and heavy scents always do the work

Bits and bytes about tech, travel and more

ICE Must Knows

48. Making waves Catching up with motivational guru G. Sumdany Don

50.Unwind yourself Stroll through the mosque city of Bagerhat


Some Carb Lovin’

Natasha Rahman gives you a lowdown on why you need more carbohydrates for a healthier body


Whenever you think of jumping on a diet bandwagon, there will be a lot of mindless advice about what you should and shouldn’t eat. Carbohydrates usually get the worst rap and are always pushed off of the list of foods you should be consuming while on a ‘diet’. It’s time we stop avoiding carbs like the plague and admire this ‘feel good’ nutrient for what it really is. Picture this, you decide to change your eating habits and pick out one of the most trending diet plans on the internet - a low-carb high-protein diet. Not only are you obstructing yourself from your daily intake of carbs but you are also restricting yourself to a certain amount of calories per day. The diet will seduce many by attaching a perfect body goal to the end of a tempestuous week or two and before you know it, you are off to the mall picking out high-protein, low-carb food options. Now mind you, protein is great - chicken, egg whites, beans - but when you take away carbohydrates from your diet and just stuff yourself with protein, it will lead to nutritional deficiencies or insufficient fiber that will agitate your mood and even affect

digestion. A diet like this results in hunger pangs that will worsen and you will be left daydreaming about the cheeseburgers and fries that you shall run to once this ordeal is over. Not a very pretty picture, is it? This is where your body starts revolting, and initially you may shed some pounds because you are eating so little, but this will adversely affect your metabolism. Your body continuously needs to be replenished and energized and restricting your calorie intake may shrink your waist at first, but this is all a short term facade. Hence, cutting back on calories and doing strenuous exercises will put the skids on your metabolism as your body will be craving carbs to fuel these workouts. Your metabolism will start to slow down as a natural protective mechanism against the stress you are putting it in. Your body needs carbohydrates and it needs to recover but when you keep pushing your body with less and less calories, it will surely show face in the form of anxiety, headaches and lethargy.

Carbs or Not?

We bring to the table some high-carb meals that will actually help you train hard, eat more and still help you lose weight. Believe it or not, you need to carb up in order to look good and feel good. Fruit yoghurt

Oranges, strawberries, pears on a bed of either Greek yoghurt or skimmed milk would be a great on-the-go breakfast. It will carb you up for a long working day and will keep you full and happy till lunchtime. A drizzle of pure honey shouldn’t be such a bad thing either. Fruits are high in carbs which will give you the vitamins and fibre your body needs keeping you geared up for those long office meetings or boring lectures that you need to somehow get by with.

Banana smoothie

Sounds terrible? Well, think again. For this you should always pick out spotted bananas instead of the fully yellow ones as those are going to constipate you. Half hour before you workout, take 5 spotted bananas, a few pieces of almond, and a drop of vanilla extract, blend it with water and voila! This power drink is loaded with potassium which will rejuvenate you and will also maintain nerve and muscle function which is necessary for a good workout.

Pasta with tomato sauce and mushrooms

Don’t we all love pasta? No you didn’t read wrong, you can eat pasta - lots of it too - and not worry about your waistline. Opt for whole grain pastas which are available in your local malls and superstores. For the tomato sauce, take a handful of peeled tomatoes; add a bit of thyme and rosemary powder and a pinch of salt. Add cayenne pepper if you like it hot. Sautee some mushrooms with garlic and onions in olive oil. In a blender, pour in the tomatoes and the mushroom mixture and blend it to the consistency you want. Pour the sauce over the pasta and you have a delicious healthy meal. Unlike other pasta dishes, this could be a great dinner option where you will be packing your body with nutrients and still have the energy to be out and about! Now carb up and let your body do all the talking! Photos: Internet


Career Wise

G. Sumdany Don sheds light on the importance of resilience and methods of accomplishing success.Nahid Tabassum comes back motivated

Seize the Moment

Photos: Sakib Muhtasim


G. Sumdany Don, the founder, chief inspirational officer of Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy and the aspiring youth icon of Bangladesh lets us in on his journey. “On March 13, 2013, I was running late on my way home when some muggers ambushed me and shot my leg. My new car was hijacked and I was left there stranded. This incident made me realise that life certainly is meaningless and it absorbs whatever substance we add to it.” Don left his job at Phillip Morris International and launched his signature brand Don Sumdany Facilitation and Consultancy - a long pursued dream. “Since childhood, I was a rebel by nature and have always refused to follow the herd theory,” he humorously summarised. Thus he joined ULAB’s Media, Journalism and Communication department to develop his potentials as a communicator and to emerge from the flock.

G. Sumdany Don

I follow the trails of global figures like Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and aspire to become one of the top five leadership gurus in the world.ʼʼ The motivational guru doing what he does best

“People have tremendous distinctive potentials which they tend to ignore recklessly and stray from individuality,” he signifies. As he unfolds the roots of his passion for teaching, the connoisseur recollects, “While working in PMl, I started teaching at East West University and ULAB. Considering my zest and fervour for teaching, my country manager nominated me as the Regional Trainer for PMI Asia that privileged with the amenities of attending international training all across Asia including Training of Trainers workshops (ToT).” However, the sprouting trainer emphasises on the pursuit of learning continuously. “A trainer needn’t necessarily be a geek but incessant learning of new techniques is a requisite to remain au fait,” he shares. “Thus I follow the trails of global figures like Robin

Sharma, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and aspire to become one of the top five leadership gurus in the world,” he gleams. The versatile persona, G. Sumdany Don is a teacher, writer, actor, motivational speaker and the list could go on. Starting from grooming university students from North South University, East West and Jahangirnagar, Don writes a weekly column entitled ‘Level up with G. Sumdany Don’ in The Daily Star’s Shout Magazine and runs his radio show on career counselling with the name tag ‘Donspiration’ on Colours FM 101.6. Furthermore, he has a knack for acting as well which we can see in the celebrated movie Piprabidya (Ant Story). He exclaims, “Triumphs are earned by the means of hard work and the susceptibility to stand back up after getting knocked down repeatedly.”

Don believes that dedication and consistency is the key to success. “Always be the hardest worker in any room you enter and hard work begets experience that is incomparable.” Moreover, along with experience, the career counsellor highlights on cultivating technological skill sets and building a personality that portrays basic manners and etiquette to shine in any field of the occupation. The instructor also rationalises the discontentment fresh graduates feel concerning the job market. “As soon as they start working, they are dissatisfied about the demands in their line of work and complain about the work pressure and long hours. Accordingly, I advise my students to utilise the four years of graduation timeline fruitfully, to engage in extra-curricular activities and to drill them for the

competitive job market beforehand. The drilling also involves networking as one of the controlling factors and achieving academic excellence that practically makes or breaks an individual professionally,” he quotes. To excel in the job, Don flags up integrative motivation that makes them yearn for inner satisfaction rather than instrumental motivation of societal status and monthly wages. “The internal fire can ignite the youth with incredible possibilities to reach any ambitions and aspirations,” he reinforces. Lastly, appending meaning to his own life, he elucidates, “I love my leadership and positive thinking sessions because it helps me amend people’s mindset and that positive shift leaves an equally buoyant impact on myself.” The orator wraps up leaving us with much to reflect upon. 49

Travel The famous "Shait Gumbaj Mosque" or the "Sixty Domed Mosque"- a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Badruzzahan Ahmed explores the Mosque City of Bagerhat 50

In a not-so-far off land, once upon a time, a Turkish General arrived with a few of his trusted followers. Legend say that the land was hostile and inhabitable, shrouded in deep mangrove forests, containing only wild beasts and a few antagonistic inhabitants. This brave visionary General, Ulugh Khan Jahan, however was not deterred by such obstacles; he instead, began to build that the history of this region would remember forever as a city famed for its impressive infrastructure and stunning mosques. Even though this city did not survive its battle against time, luckily for us, the very best of this city's jewels refused to give in. The city in conversation here is none other than the Mosque City of Bagerhat in Bangladesh, enlisted by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1983. The Mosque City of Bagerhat, part of present-day Khulna division, lies in the southern region of Bangladesh. Bagerhat is situated fifteen miles south-east of Khulna, a journey of approximately seven hours from Dhaka across the Mawa Ferry Port. If the Sundarbans can be called the natural jewel of the south, Bagerhat can be titled its historical equivalent. Originally known as Khalifatabad, the city was established in the 15th century by the sufi-warrior saint Ulugh Khan Jahan who also played a key role in spreading Islam in the region. Bagerhat was

once famed as the "mint town of the Bengal Sultanate " and yet, at present, unfortunately, it is the most ignored of the three UNESCO enlisted sites in Bangladesh. Dotted all over this city today are about fifty Islamic monuments, the majority of which is unfortunately in ruins beyond recognition. Fortunately for us, the most prominent one of them, that is the famous "Shait Gambooj Mosque" or the "Sixty Domed Mosque" survived. While this beautifully proportioned Tughluq-styled mosque will charm any visitor, brace yourself as its interiors today might disappoint you, the fault of which lies completely on poor approach to restoration by the respective authorities. Sixty slender grey stone columns that once adorned the interiors are now covered with white plaster, grotesquely thickening the columns and distorting the proportion. As if to add insult to injury, only one of the columns has been left in its original grey stoned appearance, reminding us what we might have lost to our ignorance can never be retrieved. Interestingly, although the name implies that there are sixty domes, there are actually sixty columns and seventy-seven domes, suggesting that the naming might have been based on the columns! Alongside the Shait Gambooj Mosque, noteworthy to visit amongst many others are the Nine-Domed Mosque, the Mausoleum of Khan Jahan, Shingair Mosque and the Ronvijoypur Mosque with the largest brick-domed structure in the country. An hour away is the 'Kothlar Modh', a Hindu-religious structure and locally well-known as a tourist attraction. Bagerhat is well connected to Dhaka via Khulna by buses which run almost all day long, the prominent transportation companies being Hanif, Shohag and Eagle, with tickets costing between 500-700 BDT. Bagerhat is a 40 minute bus ride away from Khulna. There are several budget hotels to stay around the bus-stand area, however Bagerhat is a place that is more suitable for day-trips and it is not unlikely to find visitors who prefer to stay in Khulna which has more options for accommodation.

Kothlar Modh a Hindu religious structure about an hour away from Bagerhat

The Mausoleum of Turkish General and sufi saint Ulugh Khan Jahan founder of Bagerhat


Bagerhat's scenic views along the shores of River Bhairab

This dighi is the home of 'Dhola Mia' and 'Kala Mia' (names locally debated!), two senile, lethargic crocodiles, of which one is partially blinded. Local superstitions suggest that sacrificing a chicken to feed the crocodiles will earn one’s blessings! 52

If history and architecture is not enough for you insatiable travellers, Bagerhat is no less in terms of natural beauty. A ride along Bagerhat's prime river, the Bhairab, reveals to travellers on either shores, blinding lushness as if painted green by an over-enthusiastic child. Bagerhat possesses a laid-back atmosphere with its key attractions placed at close proximity to each other. The city is experienced on a whole new perspective when travellers choose to stroll down its primary road along the Bhairab River, pausing occasionally for an idle chat over a cup of tea with the locals. One might even learn a thing or two about life and our resilience as a nation, especially of the people in the south, as they will astonish you with their brave stories of how they battle everyday with the south's high salinity, floods, and the slow destruction of the Sundarbans that leave them the most vulnerable. Their smugness with life is almost contagious, even when they share how they survived the deadly cyclones like the AILA (2009) and SIDR (2007). If you are looking for greater adventures beyond the historical delights and tales of

the southern struggles, a visit to the 'dighi' (large man-made lake) adjoining the Mausoleum of Khan Jahan is highly recommended. This dighi is the home of 'Dhola Mia' and 'Kala Mia' (names locally debated!), two senile, lethargic crocodiles, of which one is partially blinded. Local superstitions suggest that sacrificing a chicken to feed the crocodiles will earn one’s blessings! These 'celebrity crocodiles' even have two dedicated care-takers attending to their daily needs. However, most of the sacrificing stories today are scams to make visitors purchase the sacrificial chicken at exorbitant prices. But be warned! Do not take the Mia-duos sluggishness for granted as there have been incidents of attacks by the crocodiles. Bagerhat was enlisted by Forbes in 2011 as one of the "Fifteen Lost Cities of the World" alongside awe-inspiring sites such as Machu Pichu, Pompeii and Angkor Wat amongst others. One would truly miss out if he doesn’t lay eyes on this city and experience the splendours that truly honours its appellation "The Mosque City of Bagerhat”.


The Customizer and

the Flagship Killer Sadaf Tahsin reviews the latest Cyanogenmod out there and checks out its features Smartphone functions have been made efficient with CyanogenMod's advanced gestures. If you need to take a selfie, just draw a circle across the black screen and your phone's camera will start! Playing music on your phone can be done by swiping two fingers vertically downwards across the screen.


CyanogenMod, CM for short, is basically a custom Android operating system which provides various features and controls for Android users which the original firmware of the phone may not provide. The first version of CM was made for the HTC Dream (also known as T-Mobile G1 in the UK) back in 2008. This provided a way to gain root access within the Android Linux-based subsystem, which means users were able to gain more control over their devices. Now over two hundred devices, from companies like HTC and Samsung are officially supported by CM. So what are these features that make CyanogenMod the talk of the tech town? CM makes your android device faster making it perform better by removing the OEM skins running on top of it, which generally takes up a huge amount of resources. The same old laggy device you had can be much faster now due to CM. Another feature that attracts the users is the customisation. CyanogenMod takes customisation to whole new dimension. There is almost no limit, from the tile in the quick setting to the icons; each and every aspect of the OS can be customised. Other than that CM provides

unadulterated Lollipop experience even if your phone does not have Lollipop. Moreover, the advanced gestures features can also be a thrill to the users. These and many other features make CyanogenMod a better version of Android to the one Google provides. The biggest downside to CyanogenMod is it dissolves the warranty of your phone. There also has been complaints about bugs and poor battery life. CyanogenMod can be installed in any Android device but only a few companies solely use the Cyanogen OS. OnePlus One is the most distinguished phone that has operated on this OS. Launched in April of 2014, this phone, titled as the flagship killer, lives up to its name. It provides amazing specs that any flagship phone would provide but the twist here is that their phones cost almost half that price. The phone comes in a sleek design with a 5.5 inch screen, it has a larger screen than its competitors like Sumsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9. The screen is also protected with gorilla glass. There are two versions - the Sandstone Black which has an internal memory of 64 GB and the Silk White with a memory of 16 GB. The Sandstone black

version has a unique rear finishing. This might sound unusual but the rear side of this version is both soft and rough when felt. As if you are touching a real sandstone paper! With a RAM of 3 GB and 2.5 GHz Quad-core processor, its internal specs are second to none. The 3100mAh lithium polymer battery keeps the phone running all day. You can also awaken the inner photographer in you with the 13 MP primary camera comprised of 6 lenses and selfies look better on the 5 MP front camera. However the best is yet to come. With OnePlus One you have a 4k resolution video camera right in your pocket and even the front camera records at 1080p!

The phone comes in a sleek design with a 5.5 inch screen, it has a larger screen than its competitors like Sumsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9



Musically Yours Grameenphone introduced their online music store exclusively for the local Bangladeshi market. Being available as an app as well, GP Music includes many custom-made features for local listeners. While not exactly what one would refer to as ‘revolutionary’, the online store is something the local music market can benefit from.


ey Features

Affordable for everyone. Tk 5 per track and Tk


40 per album.


Features music exclusive to GP Music. An extensive library consisting of over a hundred thousand

Easy and simple interface Large collection of free music Free streaming Exclusive content

Availability limited to GP users only Slightly laggy website


Good News for Musicians Although not the first of its kind, GP Music has the potential to be the best online music store in Bangladesh with a few tweaks here and there. While there is free downloadable content, most music comes with a tiny price tag. This means musicians will be getting paid for their work – which actually is a huge deal in Bangladesh. 56

User Feedback According users, the app is good but could have been better in many aspects. Though there have been complaints about the occasioanal lack of album art, the foremost fault according to some avid music-buffs is low quality of sound when streaming.

Cover Story

Why is

Skill Building Important Be it music, a new language or sports, skill-building can take your children a long way. Having said that, ICE brings you a range of extra curricular programmes that should be right up


A Piece of France in Dhaka Alliance Francaise offeres French education and culture in Dhaka. Ashfaque Zaman informs

The city of lights, corner cafes, eclectic artwork and historical architecture are just some of the wonders that are synonymous with one of the most famous countries in the world, France. Marking their 50th anniversary this year, Alliance Francaise brings some of that intriguing culture to Dhaka. It is the premiere institution for French language education. Their language classes are for interested learners of all ages: these include extensive and intensive courses for adults (16+), extensive teenager course (ages 13-16), and children’s group of ages six to eight and nine to twelve. Their diploma qualifications include the DELF –DALF series and the TCF awarded by the French Ministry of Education, the TEF used by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They also prepare students for GCE and IGCSE Olevel and A- level examinations and higher education in France through campus French. With 220 60

million people speaking the language throughout the world, the opportunities with this linguistics knowledge are insurmountable. Alliance Francaise also provides a number of enthralling workshops that are as culturally vivid as the language they teach. They have a number of Ecole (schools), which teach music, dance, cinema, design and art. The school of art teaches a range of mediums of including etching, engraving, acrylic painting and calligraphy. Majid Shikhaliev instructs the delicate artisan of modern dance, ballet and salsa with state of the art studio. The school of music offers courses in western classic guitar, piano and violin coordinated harmoniously by trained professionals Iftekhar Anwar, Shirajus Salekin and Philip Hazra. We know France to be the crème de la creme of high fashion and artistic motion picture; the school of cinema offers courses in basic and diploma photography, videography, screenplay technique and digital cinematography coordinated by Mujibur Rahman Khan. Whether it be the intricate Renaissance cathedrals, avant-garde museums or the cozy bistro

in every neighborhood, France’s unique design is world renowned; the school of interior design coordinated by Tawfiq will teach you incorporate some of those idealised designs into your daily dwellings or office space. Don Juan and Les Miserables immortalised themselves in the world of theatre, captivating audience with their epic dialogue and riveting plots; the school of theatre coordinated by Ashish Khandker teaches the art of acting with a standing ovation. Not only do they teach art, Alliance Francaise also features a number of exhibits and events. Housing one of the most renowned art exhibitions, they feature works of both French and Bengali artist in various galleries throughout the year. They feature a modern auditorium showing both cotemporary and classical French films. Events include various painting galleries, French poetry readings and theatrical shows as well as French film festivals. Providing an experience that is ‘joie de vivre,’ Alliance Francaise provides linguistics classes, cultural events and artistic workshops that will enrich your cultural fervour.

Cool for the Summer


ummer School usually lasts for four weeks at AISD, offering different programs depending on the age/grade of the students. Shehreen Alam, mother of two energetic boys gives credit to the AISD summer camps for keeping her children busy during the vacations. Learning experience at AISD includes electives such as music/ drama, science, digital media; core academic components like English language development, fundamental skills improvement in mathematics & sports program such as swimming, football, basketball etc. Parents can choose what they want to enroll their children in and the timings are separated for each group such as pre – kindergarten, kindergarten, grades one to eight. Fiona Ahmed, a concerned mother of a pre-schooler was skeptical at first before enrolling her daughter into Parents can choose the AISD program but the program curriculum and her daughter’s extensive interest in the activities helped her what they want to enroll their children calm her worries down and completely change her mindset. She currently advocates most of her friends to in and the timings enroll their children into such programs rather then are separated for each group such as keeping them cooped up at home leading to unhealthy pre – kindergarten, habits such as playing video games and watching television. kindergarten, grades one to eight. PreK and Kindergarten summer programs are designed for children of ages between three to five and five to

Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury walks you through AISD’s summer school program seven years respectively. The weekly schedule include arts and crafts, music and drama, English language development, mathematics, various indoor and outdoor games, swimming, library, physical education etc. Older children from grade 4 and onwards get extensive time in sports including soccer and basketball. Students in this program may also undertake science and digital media. Parents can choose how many weeks they want to enroll their children and admission prices depend on the length of enrollment. The prices vary from between $675 to $1100 per child. Shaatel Maksud, father of a year four year old student from a different school says that after he admitted his son to the program he was convinced that it was worthwhile because his usually shy and introvert son came out of his shell and made many friends. The program provided top-notch facilities such as swimming pool, the football field, as well as a basketball court which encouraged his son to enjoy sports. The registration of the summer program must be done every year, usually by the end of April and beginning of May and all the details are provided in the school’s dedicated website. For more information contact for next year’s summer camp at AISD. *** The names of parents have been changed to maintain privacy


Lose Yourself to Dance

Kolpotoru will take you to a world of imagination and tranquillity. Run single-handedly by a classical art veteran, Lubna Mariam the institution is a school for dance and music. Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury delves to find out more about this coveted institution Kolpotoru is an amazing platform for those who want to learn various forms of dance like Bharatnatyam, Katthak, Manipuri Dance, Western Contemporary, Salsa and even Aerial Dancing. And if you really excel at it, the school gives one of its best performer/student scholarships to study category dance in Calcutta. Anandita, a student of the institution, felt this was her calling. “Kolpotoru is my life. This is where I feel very comfortable and I can express my artistic opinions. I have studied previously in many dance schools but I feel that Kolpotoru has been the most professional amongst them all. I especially love the friendly atmosphere that prevails and Lubna ma’am takes care of each of us as if we were her own children.” Kolpotoru has another wing called Shadhona 62

which is popular jn Dhaka. Shadhona deals with formal workshops and dance productions all over Bangladesh. “Our teachers are very experienced” remarked Cynthia, a student of Manipuri dance at Kolpotoru. When asked why she selected the traditional form of dance she said “Manipuri dance moves are very feminine and I fell in love with these moves when I first saw the dance.” Kolpotoru Gulbagh at 'Deepshikha' School (School for underprivileged students) 413 Gulbagh Road, Dhaka 1217 Classes by Abu Nayeem Fees monthly Tk 500 Fees for Banani Classes: Admission Fees: Tk 3000, Monthly Tk 2000 House 5, Road 27, Block J, Bonani, Dhaka

Fun Unlimited Fatiha Faheem picks out her favourite summer school activities


uring school holidays, kids anticipate breaking the monotonous cycle of eat-sleep-study, and jolt up to welcome all the adventure summer can bring. Speed Youth is one such organisation that helps the little ones keep busy as they take on fun and exciting activities. Every year, the ‘Summer Program’ organised by Speed Youth at Scholastica Senior Campus, facilitates all kinds of fun activities that significantly help them take interest in different fields and unearth their talent. Children from a range of age group, from different schools, all come together to share common passions and establish lifelong hobbies and interests. Children aged 8-18 are inspired to undertake various engaging courses. Arts

and craft, photography, dancing, computer courses, writing and reading – there is something for everyone. “The main aim of the Summer Program is to build certain life changing skills in students,” says Samia Mallik, Coordinator of the Youth Development Program, “We try to offer extracurricular programs to the students, the kind that are generally not offered in school.’’ Another common ground for all children is art. Who doesn’t like art? Art classes offered here however, are not the stereotypical form of art. This is art with imagination. Kids discover their own hidden talents as they get their hands spattered with paint and glitters, making crafts and artworks and creating one masterpiece after another. With

in kids in all fields. Its attempt to flourish their skills and hobbies, which will not only give them an empowering childhood, but also help them excel in the long run. It’s no new revelation that it is these attempts which help young minds build their self glitters, glue and clay, confidence and expand their everyday is like an episode social interaction with those of art-attack. around them. It is an Music classes don’t dwell initiative that helps the on teaching the tedious growing kids develop their history of the musicians, area of expertise and love instead you get to sing for recreation; not only as a along and perform to fun pastime, but as a enjoyable numbers like stimulating quality to ‘What Does The Fox Say’ possess. and the famous ‘Let it Perhaps one of the best Go’ among many others. feelings is attending the Music enthusiasts also graduation ceremony that take on the challenge of takes place at the end of the learning the guitar as they program. The kids display fulfil the long craved their incredible desire to be a rockstar. performances, showing off Dance and Drama breaks their new skills and talents the ice once students at the graduation. By the express themselves and end of the program, encourage one another as students are awarded they practice hard for certificates for their well their day end deserved accomplishments. performance. The Speed Youth’s Summer atmosphere and Program forms are production props bring available at Scholastica’s out the theatrical setting campuses at Dhanmondi, that inspires the students Uttara and Mirpur. For to work their best. more information contact Summer School program their corporate office at aspires to bring out the Baridhara or refer to Speed’s creativity and originality website or Facebook page.


The Network

The Un-social

Media Rubab Nayeem Khan walks you through the woes of the web


e it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, these platforms allow us to stay connected to our friends and loved ones on the go. Sharing life events, ideas and opinions are quick and more efficient than ever before. We’re always a click or swipe away from staying connected to the world. While we’re busy indulging in this privilege, we tend to overlook the fact that our virtual personalities gradually supersede and take over our lives. Nowadays, when we get acquainted to someone we insist on adding them on Facebook, instead of making proper interpersonal communication. Internet being an artificial means of communication often hides the intentions of individuals and that is something that we usually don’t ponder on. However, we’re not trying to coax you into stopping your interactions. Here are a few things about the social media that may just be food for thought.

Internet being an artificial means of communication often hides the intentions of individuals 64

Stranger, stranger: What may seem like harmless socializing can often lead to something else. The culture of adding unknown people on social networking sites has been there for the longest time. Being on either ends (adding or being added), interactions may not be in your favour. The fact that you don’t know the person exposes you to various threats and schemes. When in doubt, take a good look at the unfriend button; use it, don’t abuse it! Cyber-bullying/Crime: Social media users aren’t alien to this. It’s happened in the past and still takes place. Cyber-bullying

usually occurs when there’s conflict of interest and it goes without saying that it escalates to something you’d least expect. Want examples? You don’t have to look too far. Nasir Hossain, our national team’s cricketer became a victim of cyber crime when he posted a picture of himself and his sister. Nettiquette: Network etiquette or ‘Nettiquette’ is something that the internet is devoid of. Public forums bear the brunt of lewd comments when discussing national or international topics. In other words, language can make or break your skills as a communicator over the internet. As individuals we

too express our opinions in our profiles regardless of how it’s being received. If the latter applies for you, then you might want to increase your privacy levels a tad bit higher. E- commerce chaos: Although a thriving business, e-commerce gives rise to exploitation. In recent times, shopping pages over Facebook got a bad rap for delivering services late and also for extortion via mobile banking. Before adding that bag to your cart, make proper communication with the owners of the respective shopping pages. Or else, there’ll be less shopping and more dropping.

A booming bulletin of riveting scoops and things you love

ICE Your Space P.60 Chitchat A scoop on Amit Ashraf’s directorial debut,Udhao P.78 Gastronomy glee Quick, tasty, healthy bites for your little ones P.102 Mind love Doctor Shahanur Hossain sheds lights on the importance of child counselling

Object d’art

Ashfaque Zaman admires the exquisite works at the Art Weekend The appreciation for the arts, in all its perplexities and interpretations is a truly marvellous experience. The Ambassadors of Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland hosted the Art Weekend at their respective residences, highlighting works of various Bangladeshi artists. The arts were given a platform of grandeur during Art Weekend, which took place on 24th and 25th of July. At the German Ambassador’s residence there was a riveting photo exhibition titled “Bangladesh. Seen from Within” from the DRIK gallery. The exhibition captured the wondrous aspects of Bangladesh; from the laborious life of farmers, mothers and fishmongers to the daily lives of inhabitants amongst the pitter-patter of raindrops 74

Photo exhibition at the residence of the Norwegian Ambassador

The Brush Strokes that Connect us Rokeya Sultana, an artist whose definitive colours transcend beyond the canvas

during the monsoon season. The gallery was showcased with the support and cooperation of BASF Bangladesh, Dr. Thomas Prinz, the German Ambassador. This allowed a better opportunity for local artist to exhibit their stunning works to both expat and local art lovers, further expanding the frame of the art community. At the Norwegian residence, Rokeya Sultana’s magnificent artwork left us awestruck. Rokeya used the message of humanity and peace from various languages to depict the universal desire to live in a utopian society.

Photographs from DRIK’s photo library ‘BANGLADESH. Seen from Within’ at the German ambassador’s residence Photo: German Embassy

Art Weekend

In conversation with Rokeya Sultana With a wide array of works praised in both international and national exhibitions, Rokeya Sultana is as prominent in the art community as she is in spirit. In her gallery, Rokeya Sultana and her Students, the renowned artist shares this prestigious opportunity with those she is imparting the wisdom of the arts to. Rokeya Sultana’s definitive colours transcend beyond the canvas. Q. Upon entering, we see the works of your students, any particular reason for this arrangement? A. I have previously displayed my works on a number of platforms. I would love to see one of them become recognized by art enthusiasts. Art Weekend provides any unique opportunity that will encourage these women to pursue the arts. They are the future of the art community in Bangladesh and nothing would be more joyous than to see one of them become recognized. Q. Every artist has a meticulous process through which they complete each of theirworks, would you elaborate upon yours? A. I believe that an artist painting is like a work of construction. As a builder assembles their structure brick by brick, I apply colours in a number of strokes and degrees. I start with the lightest shade of the colour, for instance yellow and then build upon darker hues as well as darker colours. This layering of colours allows the viewer to see the many different layers and colours within any subject. I am rather spontaneous in my approach, painting upon the inspiration that comes to me. It also allows for the effect of the painting to be viewed in different manners than it would naturally be viewed under various lights such as morning sunlight. Q. What are some of the prominent works that you would like viewers to recognize? A. One work that indefinitely stands out for me is Art, Water and Air.

This is my largest work displayed in a gallery. It keenly depicts the idea that whatever we see changes with the surrounding light. Though it is abstract, the painting highlights the idea of nature and how its ever-changing in its consistent beauty. I would like to introduce this work because I have an upcoming gallery in which some of my largest works to date will be displayed in a gallery. Think of this as a preview of what is to come. Q. Some of your works consist of calligraphy, a concept that we have not previously witnessed in your previous work. What is the purpose behind this incorporation? A. Humanity is one of my inspirations. I have incorporated the teaching of Buddha within my artwork. He did not want to be considered a god and is not revered as such. Buddha’s teaching of humanity, behaviour and necessity to be compassionate to one another is truly profound. He aspires for a better society based on humane behaviour and peace. I have used these ideas in different languages. I wanted to show the viewer that the ideas of peace are universal because they are stated in every language. The writings are statements of tranquillity in languages throughout the world relaying this very message. The desire to exist in a utopian society is universal. Art Weekend had been a distinctive event, which provided an opportunity for local artists to reach a plethora of eclectic art lover; highlighting the idea that the arts transcends beyond ages, cultures and backgrounds. 75


Healthy Fun Snacks Parents usually start worrying about making their kids switch to a healthier diet when signs of obesity, poor vision and other health issues start knocking on the door. However, influenced by friends and popular trends, children start making independent choices about their food from the time they start school or even earlier. This is the time to talk about healthy yet tasty food so they are encouraged to make the switch without frowning upon the idea. Most kids nowadays are not enthusiastic about fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, whole wheat food and eggs. They would rather prefer to munch on fried chicken nuggets, french fries, white bread, and

Photos: Abu Nasser@ Station Model: Babul

processed foods such as sausages and sweets. Kids would usually choose ice cream over a fruit yoghurt, chocolate instead of fruit and factory made cheese rings instead of cheese slices. Yet, the task of preparing healthy and tasty food for kids with all the essential nutrients is a responsibility that all

Aidha Cader creates healthy alternatives for some much loved snacks for kids

parents must endure. Yes, we all know that growing children need a diet enriched in proteins and vitamins instead of high sugar and processed snacks although, getting kids to eat such food is often an uphill battle. Children love colourful and fun presentation. Therefore experimenting using creative techniques to entice your kids to enjoy vegetables, fish and fruit, among others are good options for parents to try. By including fruits, vegetables and nuts in an appealing platter, you are able to give them wholesome, tasty and visually creative snacks that will fight off hunger and give them all the energy they require.

Tuna Sandwich Instead of Hot Dogs

Ingredients: 4 slices of brown bread cut into shape 1 canned tuna, drained ½ an onion, chopped 1 tbsp olive oil Salt and pepper to taste 2 tbsp mayo Mozzarella cheese, black olives and finely sliced cucumber for garnish

Preparation: Heat olive oil and sautĂŠ the onions until translucent. Mix in the tuna and season with celery, salt and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes and remove from the stove. Set in a refrigerator to cool. Mix in the mayo, toast the bread and spread the filling on top. Use the cheese, olive slices and fine cucumber shavings to create the desired effect.

Frozen Banana Penguin Instead of Candies

Ingredients: Bananas 200g chocolate, melted M&M's

Preparation Cut the bananas in half and partially dip it in chocolate in order to make the top side of the penguin. Put in some M&M's to mimic the eyes and beak. Take a teaspoon and pour some chocolate on the bottom side of the penguin. Cut a couple of M&M's in half and place as feet. Place it on foil-lined tray and set it in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Cauliflower Nuggets

Instead of fried Chicken Nuggets

Ingredients: 1 cauliflower, florets 1 potato, peeled 1 carrot peeled 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 tbsp butter ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese 1 egg ½ cup breadcrumbs Olives for decoration Season with salt

Preparation: Place cauliflower florets, potato and carrot over a steamer and steam for 10 minutes. Once cooked, blend all the ingredients together. Spread it on an oil paper lined baking tray and place in a pre-heated oven at 180oC for 20 minutes. Once cooked and cooled, turn over and peel off the oil paper. Using a cookie cutter, cut desired shapes and decorate with sliced olives.

Oatmeal Cookies

Instead of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ingredients 1 large banana, mashed 1/2 cup chunky natural peanut butter 1/2 cup honey 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup whole wheat flour 1/4 cup non-fat dry milk powder 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1 cup dried cranberries and raisins 1 egg

Preparation Stir together all the ingredients in a bowl and set aside for 20 minutes to rest. Pinch a tablespoon of dough and mould it into a heart shape. Place these heart shaped cookies and place them on a greased baking tray. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180oC for 15 minutes.

Fast, Fresh, Yum When hunger strikes and you need a quick fix, nothing works better than a hearty meal of pasta. ICE brings you some simple and delicious noodle recipes that you can whip up when that unexpected guest arrives or when you just want a full-bellied meal in no time. Give it a shot!

American Chopsuey Prepared by: Nisha Ali



For the noodles Noodles 200 gms Bruised Garlic 1-2 cloves Water as required Salt as required For the gravy Boneless Chicken(bite-sized) 500 gms Finely chopped onions 4 Ginger paste 1 tsp Garlic paste 1/2 tsp Gram flour 3/4 tbsp Turmeric powder 1 tsp Chilli powder 1 tsp Coconut milk 1-1/4 cups

Water 1- 1/4 cups (I used chicken stock) Salt to taste Oil 2 tsp For the Garnish Chopped Boiled eggs 3-4 Sliced and fried garlic 1/4 cup Fried onions 1/4 cup Chopped coriander 2 tsp Fried noodles 1/4 cup Crushed peanuts 1/4 cup Finely sliced green chillies 1 tsp Soy Sauce (optional) Lime 2-3

1. Boil the water required for noodles along with salt and garlic. Add the noodles and cook till the noodles are done. Drain and rinse in cold water. Drain and keep aside. 2. Heat oil in a pan. Saute the onions till soft. Add the ginger- garlic pastes and fry till the raw smell goes away. 3. Add the turmeric and chilli powder along with chicken and saute till the

chicken is cooked. 4. Add the gram flour and mix well. Pour in the coconut milk along with water or stock and add the salt. Let it boil till it thickens. Switch off heat. 5. Take the serving bowl and add some noodles. Pour the gravy so that the noodles are well covered. Garnish with all the mentioned ingredients or according to your liking. Serve hot.

Pad Thai Prepared by: Nisha Ali Ingredients

8 oz./250 g. pad Thai rice noodles (enough for 2 people) 10-15 medium raw shrimp, shells removed 1 boneless chicken breast or 1-2 thighs, chopped up into small pieces 1.5 tbsp soy sauce 3-4 cloves garlic, minced 1-2 fresh red or green chilies (to taste), finely sliced 1 tsp grated galangal or ginger 4 green onions, sliced 1 egg 2 cups bean sprouts

1/3 cup dry roasted unsalted peanuts, chopped 2-3 tbsp vegetable oil lime wedges for serving

Pad thai sauce

1/3 cup good-tasting chicken stock 3 Tbsp. rice vinegar O white vinegar 1 tbsp lime juice 3-4 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp fish sauce 1 tbsp soy sauce 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper


1. Place chopped chicken in a bowl and toss with soy sauce (1.5 tbsp) Set aside. Combine 'Pad Thai Sauce' ingredients together in a cup, stirring to dissolve sugar. Set aside. 2. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Dunk in rice noodles and cook approximately for 6 minutes. Drain and rinse noodles with cold water to keep from sticking. Set aside. 3. Heat a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Drizzle in oil and swirl around, then add the garlic, chili, and galangal/ginger. Stir-fry for 1 minute.

4. Add chicken and stir-fry for 2 minutes. Add the shrimp, continuing to stir-fry until they turn pink and chicken is opaque.Add 1-2 tbsp of the pad Thai sauce just enough to keep ingredients frying nicely. 5. Push ingredients to the side of the pan. Crack egg into the center and stir-fry quickly to scramble. 6. Add noodles and 3-4 tbsp of the Pad Thai sauce. Using two utensils, lift and turn noodles with other ingredients. Continue in this way, by adding sauce till the noodles are chewy and a bit sticky. 7. Fold in bean sprouts and green onions. Remove from heat, adding more fish sauce until desired taste is achieved. Portion out onto individual plates and add a lime wedge on the side. Top it off with a small heap of chopped nuts.

Thai Crispy Lad Nar Prepared by: Fool’s Diner Ingredients

10 oz wide rice noodles 4 tbsp vegetable oil 1 tbsp black soy sauce 1/2 lb chicken, cut into thin slices 3 tbsp tapioca flour/starch 1 tbsp seasoning 1 1/2 cups broccoli 1 tbsp coarsely chopped garlic 1 tbsp yellow bean paste 3 cups chicken stock 1 tbsp fish sauce 1 tbsp oyster sauce 1 1/2 tbsp sugar (or a bit less if you prefer) 1/2 tsp Thai pepper powder

Saute garlic in oil over medium heat until golden colour, then add yellow bean sauce, stir well until fragrant. Add the chicken and saute until cooked. Add 2 1/2 cups chicken stock. When stock starts to boil, add broccoli and season with fish sauce, oyster sauce and sugar. Steps Stir well and let cook a bit longer. Mix Soak the noodles in warm water for 30 minutes then rinse in cold water. Add noodles to a pot of boiling water and boil for 1 minute, remaining tapioca flour separately with the remaining 1/2 cup chicken stock, then stir in then rinse in cold water again, and set aside. with the chicken & broccoli until it thickens. Toss chicken with 1 tablespoon tapioca flour and the seasoning. Remove from heat. Marinate for 10 minutes. In a mixing bowl, separate the noodles and toss thoroughly with 1 Arrange the fried noodles on a serving plate, spoon the gravy over the noodles. Sprinkle tablespoon oil and the black soy sauce. Fry this in a nonstick pan (noodles will stick to a wok so you should use a nonstick pan) until with Thai pepper powder, and serve in a separate small bowl. golden brown. Remove from pan and keep warm.

Culture Vulture

On Conscious Parenting

Parenting is probably the hardest job in the world and though we have read countless articles on childcare, it still does not make it any easier. The never ending barrage from family members and friends, who are quick to pass on parenting advice leads to conflict. The reality is that no one is a perfect parent and along the way, we make countless mistakes. We are constantly second guessing ourselves. “Was the punishment too severe? Did I yell too loud? Did I lose her trust? Did I shut him out?” Yes, we all have had those moments of doubt and regret.

Staying within the fringes of mainstream cultures, Aidha Cader, ICE Today’s culture connoisseur has inculcated an appreciation for food, history, travel and art beyond her comfort zone. 88

While going through social media, I stumbled upon ‘Oprah’s life-class’ conducted by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Intrigued by her advice on parenting I felt this was a whole new approach to how we handle our ‘toughest job’. I found her insight on parenting to be quite revolutionary and somewhat a game changer in our approach to connect with children. Our Egoistic Agenda As parents, many of us feel we are doing the best we can when it comes to our children. As Dr. Shefali

explains, “The parenting journey is a tricky one because we are in charge.” It becomes less about listening and connecting with our children and more about meeting goals we have set for them. Children who are overly controlled by their parents grow up feeling powerless and lose a connection with their inner self. Their entire adult life then becomes a quest to rediscover this lost self. Dr. Shefali believes that this cycle needs to stop. Once we become parents ourselves, we need to fortify our child’s inner self

so that they don’t live their entire life feeling disempowered. She further adds that as parents we get so attached to those goals that children’s entire self-worth is attached to one element of who they are as individuals and when these pillars crumble, their self esteem crumbles in the process. Instead, our praise should be based on their participation or how hard they worked and not merely on the result. In return they too will identify themselves and others based on those markers. Dr. Shefali believes it all starts from our fixation with all things external, with all things superficial, all things unessential and out of our fears. Body Image Issues Yes, at some point in our child’s life we have all heard phrases such as “mummy, I am dark,” or “mummy, I am not smart enough” or “mummy, I am fat” are some of the concerns they have about their physical appearance. However, the message we are giving them is that we ourselves have bought into the idea of physical beauty. Instead, Dr. Shefali recommends that we need to tell our children, “You need to accept who you are today and I am not going to have a discussion about pretty and ugly because I don’t even know who is pretty and who is ugly, and based on what and whose parameters.” As parents, we must reinforce that all you see is the child’s inner essence and the inner beauty. We need to tell our child to start tapping into what’s inside them at this moment and you will not engage in talks about pretty and ugly. We need to step back from what culture and stereotypical norm dictate to us in this regard. Enhancing Natural Talent We all know it’s important to enhance our child’s natural talent and not push them into activities that we are interested in or what we missed out as a child. However, to

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Parenting Tips

it’s important to enhance our child’s natural talent and not push them into activities that we are interested in or what we missed out as a child know what our child’s natural gift is takes patience. At times we feel we have to compete with other families or friends whose children are doing a series of countless activities from a very young age. However, Dr. Shefali advises to wait until the child shows a natural inclination towards certain activities. This might be prevalent when the child comes around six or seven years of age. Patience is the cornerstone that parents need in order to develop a healthy relationship with their children’s needs. Stop Fixing From the time your two year old brings his broken toy or a torn page, our reaction has been to fix it. But what works best is to stop mending their issues and help them resolve it themselves. Just as you want your child to buy into the idea that you have his or her best interest at heart you need to buy into your child’s idea of what is best for him or her. However, the ‘hands off’ approach doesn’t always work. Kids needs to feel that you are coming to them with a willingness to hear and understand the problem. We ought to help them pick up the pieces when they fall. For every challenge that life throws at them, they need to have the confidence to move forward and though it may be heart-breaking at times doing nothing and having them resolve their own conflicts, it is the best thing we can do for them.

Shefali Tsabary and Oprah Winfrey


Pep Talk

Photos: Ashraf Uddin Apu

Game On

Kamal Ahmed Balon

Rezaul Haque Jamal

Rubab Nayeem Khan chats up with the coaches before the kickoff The matches in the second phase of 2015 Manyavar Bangladesh Premier League is heating up. One particular match that was under the limelight was Rahmatganj Muslim Friend’s Society and Farashganj Sporitng Club. Earlier in the league, Rahmatganj held Sheikh Jamal DC Limited, to a 2-2 draw. Farashganj SC almost bagged the match against Brothers Union but wound up losing the match. What happens to these clubs in the Premier League is something only time can tell. “It has come to a ‘do or die’ situation right now; we have to win this by hook or by crook” explains Farashganj SC’s coach, Rezaul Haque Jamal. That is what drives them to get ahead in the game. “We need to improve our defences and once we do that, we will certainly get better,” elaborates the coach. Jamal also


says that performance is something that is not constant; there are certain things or the lack of it which determines the abilities of a player. If a club is able to provide a better standard of living and effective practice sessions for their players, the performance of the club will automatically get better. When

asked about their strength and strategies, Jamal reveals “There is no strength in particular; we perform well on the days we give our hundred percent.” Despite coming from the grassroot level, Farashganj SC comprises of both local and foreign players and although some of them (locals) have played for champion’s

league, they are still quite new to the field. Jamal claims that during recruitment for the B league, the club was under budget constraints, hence the collection of players was not done in an organised manner. “The most common problem faced by clubs is finding a ground for practice. We may have equipment and jerseys, but all that is of no use if we cannot train properly,” shares Jamal. However, that still didn’t knock down their spirits. Practice sessions were eventually conducted at a police headquarter field in their community. Despite tough times and unfavourable match results Jamal is excited about the upcoming matches in the league. “I’m looking forward to every single match in the league. I consider the match against Rahmatganj MFS to be quite challenging because performance wise, we are not very different from each other. I’m also keen about the games with Soccer Club Feni, Team BJMC and Abahani,” exclaims the spirited coach. According to the coach, the match against Sheikh Jamal brought out a rather unfortunate result for them. “It goes without saying that Sheikh Jamal DC Ltd comes as a threat, considering the previous match that we played against them,” chuckles Jamal. Regardless of the defeats and

draws, the coach manages to highlight some of the best games played by the club. “Our best performance was against Brothers Union. We gave a stellar performance; in fact our ball position was much better compared to our opponents. Unfortunately, we couldn’t win the game. Apart from that we also played a tremendous game against Abahani as well as Sheikh Russel KC,” adds Jamal. Upon speaking to Kamal Ahmed Babu, coach representing Rahmatganj MFS, it was learnt that the club has practiced diligently against all odds for the second phase. About the club’s strategies for the league, Kamal claims, that he has a cohesive team; hence there was no communication gap among the players. “If we continue to play with this approach, they we’ll be able to perform well and even win the upcoming matches.” The coach sportingly admits that playing against Farashganj SC will be a gruelling one. “It’s a challenge to play against teams that are in the relegation battle, because they play with everything they’ve got,” says Kamal. He also mentions that matches against them are far more competitive than those against champion teams. He hopes that their opponent Farashganj SC will play a good game. Kamal strongly believes that the standard and

structure of professional football in Bangladesh needs to be upgraded. He also adds that this will yield in better performances from the players. When asked about their performances in the league, Kamal claims that Rahmatganj MFS is a club which has gained popularity regardless of their results. “We were able to satisfy the football audience with our skills. Despite being a small name in league football, Rahmatganj MFS is recognised by everyone,” expressed Kamal. He also believes that premier league has set a platform for his players which have made a drastic difference for the club. Kamal further talks about his experiences in coaching the team for the league. Among all the matches, he believes that the best game was against Abahani. “We played an excellent game; although we lost the match, it certainly pushed us to the next level. In the second league, we performed well against Sheikh Jamal and Abahani,” shares Kamal. With the games continuing in the month of Ramadan, it created unfavourable situations for the club, but Kamal feels that it wasn’t a major issue. “Everyone faces difficulties during Ramadan, but it wasn’t a pressure. It didn’t hamper our practice sessions or matches,” concluded Kamal.

“Our best performance was against Brothers Union. We gave a stellar performance; in fact our ball position was much better compared to our opponents. Unfortunately, we couldn’t win the game.”


Battling it Out n 10th July, the match between Rahmatganj Muslim Friends Society and Farashganj Sporting Club began with a lot of hype. Both clubs have reputations which are preceded by their previous performances. This was a match which determined where these two root-level teams are headed in the premier league. It didn’t take too long to understand why this match was of immense priority. As mentioned before, the result of this game was a mystery particularly because of the past matches played by the teams. The game kicked off with Farashganj taking the lead, and it paid off

smoothly for them at the beginning when defender Farhaduzzaman Babu took a curved corner which gave Nigerian midfielder Akinye Peter the leverage to score the first goal with a header. After the first goal, things started to look up for the Farashganj defense; they had their guard up every time a player from the opposition tried scoring a goal. Rahmatganj was visibly agitated after their opponents easily scored a goal past them. However, that didn’t prevent them from fighting back. They strived to keep away Farashganj players from charging past their defense. As the first half carried on, Rahmatganj attempted to

score goals, but their shots weren’t strong enough to make it past Farashganj goalie Sujan Chowdhury; he managed to save quite a lot of goals. Their buildup seemed a little weak, because they took long shots which slowed down as soon as it reached the goalpost. Farashganj charged towards Rahmatganj goalie Md. Al Amin, at the 23rd minute but were inches away from actually scoring the goal. Since Farashganj had a good start to the game, they played rather aggressively against their opponents. Despite having the upper hand, Farashganj also struggled to score quite a lot of goals in the

Rahmatganj was visibly agitated after their opponents easily scored a goal past them. However, that didn’t prevent them from fighting back. 92

Rahmatganj was visibly agitated after their opponents easily scored a goal past them. However, that didn’t prevent them from fighting back.

first half. It was a neck in neck joust as both teams invested all their might into protecting their respective goal posts. In the 24th minute, Farashganj midfielder Uche Felix sent a through pass to forward Pasbon Mollah, unfortunately the goal couldn’t make it into the post. Players from both teams resorted to sliding tackles in order to distract them from carrying the ball forward. Akinye Peter collided with a player from from Farashganj which made him collapse for a while, but he soon returned to the game. Although Farashganj was leading the game, they had

a tough time scoring goals further into the game. Some of their long shots and headers which were built up as goals went right out of bounds. As the teams continued to cut each other off from getting ahead, it was Mollah who scored the second goal for Farashganj at the 52nd minute. By this time, the crowd was literally roaring and chanting “Farashganj” and it was assumed that the victory for the club was right around the bend. But things took a rather different turn for both teams when at the 77th minute, Nigerian defender David Udoh Brown from Farashganj

ended up sending a goal to their own post via a header, thus scoring the first point for Rahmatganj MFS. Finally, when the game was on the verge of ending (90+ extra time), all hell broke loose when Rahmatganj forward, Md. Helal scored the second goal for the club which tied both teams to a score of 2-2, a result that no one had anticipated throughout the game. Although most of the audience were supporting for Farashganj, the final goal resulted in cheering and the occasional banter from non-supporters. Both teams played an exhilarating game despite unfavorable weather.


Player Profile Name: Didarul Alam Age: 26 Club: Rahmatganj Muslim Friends Society Position: Forward

How long have you been playing for Rahmatganj MFS? It’s been a year since I have been playing for this club. I played for clubs like Team BJMC and Brothers Union. Have you always played as a forward? No. I’ve played as a striker for Brothers Union and as a forward for Team BJMC. I figured that I’m more comfortable playing in the current position. How much have you evolved as a player throughout the league? I have gained a lot of confidence from playing in the league. This is something I lacked before. How do you cope with difficulties during matches? I always try to think positively and this eventually helps me to get ahead. What do you have to say about your overall performances in the league? The game with Farashganj SC was tough for me as I’m not used to playing on a muddy field. In the matches against Sheikh Russel KC, Abahani and Sheikh Jamal DC I performed pretty well and my club can vouch for me. 94





What could be more entertaining than an encounter with the “Big Fives” in a wildlife drive? The regal lions and leopards, the beautiful African elephant, and the stunning African buffalo and black rhinoceros paint a spectacular picture of the Maasai Mara. The Maasai Mara is known for its large game reserve in Narok County, Kenya and is named in the honour of their ancestral inhabitants known as the Masaai people, who inhabit the African Great Lakes region. Almost anything into the wild could be dangerous- from the plants and scrubs to the insects and plants – there’s something that will always keep you on the edge. The Masaai strongly believe that God has provided them with all the cattle in the world which explains their reputations as fearsome warriors who take cattle rustling very seriously. Let’s take a step back and admire the visuals to understand what makes Masaai Mara an option you may want on your bucket list. Photographs by Debojit Saha.

1.The patterned animals taking the lead into the wilderness 2.Submerged in lakes, the hippos take a sneak peak of the world above 3.With the Kudu-Horn in hand, the Maasai know how to keep themselves entertained 4.The gentle Asian giant says hello 5.Against the heated backdrop of African plains, the Maasai people are a delight to watch


Sub-zero Sweetness Rubab Nayeem Khan is in awe as she watches ice cream being made from scratch


When it comes to desserts, ice cream has always been a favourite. Be it creamy or fruity, a dollop of ice cream always hits the spot after a heavy meal. That being said, Dipsydo’s is a new name in the dessert department that introduces flavours which are bound to satisfy your tastebuds. This vibrant little joint has won the hearts of ice cream lovers with their unique ways. Apart from serving a generous amount of ice cream, they are also known for making ice cream right in front of their customers. Now that’s something new!

Chocoliciously Yours Dipsydo’s does justice to chocolate with this flavour. The Triple Choco Treat has been an instant hit. How it is made: A soft piece of brownie, an Oreo and a stick of Kit-Kat on the side along with oodles of chocolate chips sprinkled in a cup of creamy chocolate ice cream. Surprisingly, the mixture doesn’t taste too heavy; so it’s safe to say that you’ll definitely be coming back for more. This, indeed, is ‘the cup of happiness!’ For whom: If you love your cup of ice cream full to the brim, this is one that you should definitely order. Rating: Price : Tk 300


Photo: Ashraf Uddin Apu

Pink Promise Although this is a predictable flavour, Dipsydo’s brings to you a charming little surprise with their strawberry ice cream which will certainly lift your spirits. How it is made: The ice cream is topped off with strawberry syrup which leaves a pleasant yogurt aftertaste in your palate. The syrup brings the flavours to a balance and also creates a rather colourful texture.

Rating: Price : Tk 200

For Passion Play This combination is an absolute delight. If you want something refreshing, passion fruit is a flavour that should be right up your alley. Appearance wise it looks rather simple, but the taste is certainly a winner. Once you take a spoonful, you’ll bite into chunks of passion fruit which gives you the best of both worlds. If you’re in the mood for something light, you can’t go wrong with passion fruit.

Rating: Price : Tk 200

Hello Sugar The caramel flavour is one which is bursting with sweetness. A soft serving of creamy caramel ice cream made into rolls and drizzled in caramel syrup is bound to give you a sugar rush! Taste wise, this one is much sweeter in comparison to the Triple Choco Treat. The sweetness is a bit too overwhelming which makes the flavour rather heavy. However, if sweetness is not an issue for you, then feel free to dig right in!

Rating: Price : Tk 200

Dipsydo’s Address: House 1A, Road: 16A, Gulshan-1


Well Being


A Mind


Dr. Md.Shahanur Hossain, a clinical psychologist and professor of DU, talks about the driver’s manual that guides a young mind. Ashfaque Zaman takes note

Photo: Ashraf Uddin Apu


What is one very common stigma or stereotype that parents have about psychological intervention with their children?

What are some of the common problems you have to treat in the field of child psychology? The major conflicts come with the parents imposing their aspirations upon their children; many are concerned with the child’s career choices in the future. This leads to anger, depression and overall frustration with life.

What methods or strategies do you find to be the most effective in your practice-strategic or solution oriented practices?

The stigma towards psychological intervention actually stems from the British colonialism period during which the Lunacy Act stated that those children who were clinically diagnosed with a psychological disorder were not allowed to inherit from their parents.

We implement the strategic method because it is ultimately about teaching the child to evaluate a situation and identify the solution. It helps assess situations based on behavioural and cognitive formula. If we use the solution oriented practice, that does not promote growth.

How do you arrive at a diagnosis?

We have a number of specific criteria based on internationally recognised guidelines to diagnose a particular disorder or problem. For various stages of childhood we take into account symptoms, features and behaviour patterns.

Psychologists practice both projective and objective testing; which one do you find more effective?

Projective testing is a psychoanalytical test, which is not commonly practised in Bangladesh. There is an objective scale for a number of neuropsychological tests for depression, anxiety, school avoidance or withdrawal and trauma.

The stigma towards psychological intervention actually stems from the British colonialism period during which the Lunacy Act stated that those children who were clinically diagnosed with a psychological disorder were not allowed to inherit from their parents. In addition, the societal misconception is that counselling is just for those who are ‘insane’ or mentally handicapped. We don’t readily accept that every person thinks according to his or her own parameters.

Authoritative parenting is a common problem in Bangladesh. In what situations, would you say it’s appropriate for parents to be super-involved in their kids’ lives or even ‘push’ their children? This is an extremely common problem in which parents as well as many teachers dictate every aspect of a child’s life. The result of this is that the child develops no sense of self-confidence or tends to feel invaluable to the family. When these dependent children grow up, they need to seek approval for every decision in their adult lives because they have no psychological backbone. We encourage the family to incorporate the child in all decisions, which teaches them essential deductive skills.

How would you encourage hesitant teenagers to come to psychologists?

Children are very hesitant to come to a psychologist because they see them as another adult. Therefore we enforce the idea of patient doctor confidentiality. The child or teenager should know that what they are discussing during the session is completely between them and the counsellor. We will help them address the issue with the help of their parents, however a great sense of trust is imperative. 103

Dr. Md. Shahanur Hossain

Do you encourage parents to join their children for a few sessions in order to allow for some intervention if necessary or do you believe that the child should directly work on the solution with their parents? Given that a child in our society is raised by a number of relatives such as uncles, aunts and grandparents, each of these adults may have conflicting opinions regarding the child’s upbringing. Therefore, after we have identified the problem, we conduct sessions with the family in order to have a unanimous regimen.

With the increasing number of extra-curricular activities and educational requirements, teenagers tend to become overwhelmed. Do you think it is healthy to motivate the child to aspire to do better? A large majority of our nation adheres to this unhealthy practice because they do not know ways of acquiring knowledge. We focus on academic learning and not other types of learning such as what can be administered through socialising, listening and speaking as well as experiencing. This puts pressure on one 104

“We have to implement child counselling from home, school and the health sector” part of the brain while the other parts do not develop as well as they should. Eventually, this child becomes frustrated with any new information. We need to teach them that knowledge is for application in life.

What change would you like to see regarding psychological practices in Bangladesh in the near future?

We have to implement child counselling from home, school and the health sector. For example, adolescents undergo many biological changes, which must be addressed through education so they don’t feel embarrassed or maladjusted. We need a three-step process which primarily provides a healthy environment, followed by available counselling for those children who cannot alleviate certain problems. Finally psychotherapy should be given to those extreme cases where other interventions do no avail. This will provide for a much healthier society.


ATribute to Fantasy Tamzidur Rahman lists books that will surely tickle any young readers mind


e live in an era when fantasy has become the one genre to rule them all. Countless adaptations of fantasy books have gone on to become successful pop-culture franchises. The uber-popular high fantasy show Game of Thrones shook the very foundations of how television shows used to be perceived and, even, produced. Although not fantasy in the strictest sense, the over-whelming appreciation that superhero and sci-fi films receive nowadays go to show how much the entertainment industry has evolved. Simply a good plot is not enough to appease the thirst of readers and viewers anymore. Writing greats like J.R.R. Tolkein, J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman as well as screenwriters like Charlie Kaufman and Steven Moffat made sure of it. I digress. Despite being a proven success in films and TV, fantasy is a remarkable genre in every other medium as well. You can tell where we’re going with this – this section is called Bookworm after all. Although there are numerous story mediums to choose from, books are still the best and most important one. No childhood (or adulthood) should be void of books. Here we have listed a few fantasy stories which are a must-read for young readers.


The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

Matilda by Roald Dahl

The Chronicles of Narnia is comprised of seven extremely magical books. The stories are set in the world of Narnia where beasts talk and magic happens with various children playing central roles in shaping and improving the world. The stories are rich in mythos borrowed from Christian, Greek, Roman as well as Egyptian Mythology. The Chronicles is considered a classic in children’s literature and is also the writer’s most renowned work.

Matilda is a young superheroine of sorts. She has an excessively powerful mind that enables her to be the possessor of telekinesis. Dahl’s genius plot follows this little girl as she wars against the tyranny of Principal Trunchbull. Like Dahl’s other novels written for children, this should be a must read for school going children.

Fantasy Novels

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie Peter is a mischievous boy who can never grow up. He spends his days having adventures in Neverland with the Lost Boys. Other than Peter and the Lost Boys, Neverland is home to fairies, mermaids, pirates and weirdly enough Native Americans too. The narrative follows a teenaged Wendy Darling and her brothers John and Michael as they befriend Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to end up having the wildest adventure in Neverland.

The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling If you’ve already read up to this point of this article, chances are that you’ve read and loved Harry Potter (or at least watched the films). Harry Potter is the book that singlehandedly brought fantasy into mainstream pop-culture (no, it never was LOTR). Never has a book been sought after as much as Harry Potter shows record breaking sales. Rowling has written the most magical world which should be a required part of every person’s childhood.

Sabriel by Garth Nix The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman has proven time and again that he is one of the fantasy writers out there with award-winning modern classics like American Gods, Stardust, and Sandman among many others. The Graveyard Book is his reinterpretation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Nobody Owens grew up in a graveyard raised by ghosts and a mysterious guardian Silas.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The first in the Old Kingdom trilogy is set in a world where neighbouring countries Ancelstierre and Old Kingdom. Ancelstierre is a society similar to early 20th century England. Old Kingdom is where the magic’s at. The story follows Sabriel’s journey into becoming a Necromancer and ridding the lands of ancient evil fighting off powerful sorcerers and Free Magic elementals. This book is clustered with high fantasy mythos and has a plot that is more original than most books in this list.

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

by L. Frank Baum

Notable Mentions The Hobbit

by J.R.R. Tolkein

Septimus Heap by Angie Sage and Mark Zugy



Poles Apart Farah Naz Haque looks into the disparity between urban and rural schools Since our country has been increasing the percentage in literacy rate, there still exists a vast gap or difference among the schools in rural and urban areas and so does the students. There are many factors that make it challenging for all of us to achieve hundred percent literacy rate in Bangladesh. Several governments took various initiatives to make education an important wing of the development of the country. However, there was lack of monitoring, which eventually made the plans fail. The international and local NGOs are also taking several measures especially for the schools in the rural areas to mitigate the challenges and to educate the children. Still, there exists an enormous disparity between urban and rural areas in terms of education due to a few significant factors. Lack of funding from various sources: Lack of government subsidy is one of the major reasons for the lack of 110

development in the schools in rural areas. Whereas, in the urban areas, people can understand the importance of education and strive to give their kids the best education. In the rural areas, the scenario is completely different. The families’ hard-earned money is spent after the family to feed them three times a day. Therefore, they look forward to government subsidy, which is not always available. Moreover, there is no proper system to monitor where the money goes that the government provides for these schools. Corruption is imminent in these sectors which keeps the funds from reaching the right hands. Also, not many private sectors are moving ahead towards financing the schools in the rural areas, which would have been a great support to these schools. Lack of Quality Education: In the urban areas, people are more exposed to the globalisation and thus, they value the quality of education, but this isn’t the case for rural areas. There is no way to

evaluate the quality of education that is being provided. Most of the districts have their own systems of educating the children which are not validated or checked by the national board. The quality is deteriorating day by day and there is no one who can ensure the quality of education such as proper lesson plans, teachers’ training, extracurricular activities for students, discipline and so forth. Lack of Qualified Teachers: There is lack of qualified teachers due to lack to training. No one is taking appropriate initiatives to provide teachers’ training program in order to keep them up to date about the current world, current scenario of the country and the globalisation. Lack of Infrastructure: Poor infrastructure has led the schools in the rural areas to fail due to absence of proper laboratory, library, examination procedure, lesson plans, stationeries and overall set-up of the school. In the urban areas, the schools (both government and private) are backed up by proper financing, which has made it possible to set up proper infrastructure that is helping students to learn lessons with practical experience. Compliance with the Curriculum: The curriculum that the schools in rural areas are following is not always the same as that of in the urban areas. The Bangla curriculum (National Curriculum) is not being managed, maintained and monitored in a right manner to maintain the quality level. Whereas, in the urban areas, they have easy access to National board and the english medium schools are following the Edexcel, Cambridge and so forth curriculums which is easily updated through the use of technology. Follow up/monitoring from teachers and parents: The teachers in the rural areas are not too motivated to teach, although till date, teaching is deemed to be a very respectable profession and teachers do value it. Yet, low payment, not enough children in the classroom, lack of classroom participation, lack of cooperation from the parents’ sides- all these factors make it challenging for the teachers to remain motivated. The parents in the rural areas are not that educated, thus, they are not always concerned about what their children are learning. Whereas, in the urban areas, even the parents are not that educated, they still are concerned about the progress of their children’s education. They

communicate with the teachers on a regular basis. A lot of educated mothers do not work only because of their kids. This interest from the parents’ end gives a moral boost up to the teachers and students also become very aware about their results and learning. Disparity between genders: In the rural areas, we still live in the arena where we think that our daughters do not need education as they will be married soon and will be working in the kitchen only. It decreases the percentage of students in school. A lot of girls stop going to schools after class V or VI. In the urban areas, the parents understand the value of education and thus, they do not differentiate between their son and daughter that much. They want to provide them with equal level of education.

Measures that can be taken to mitigate these disparities Both government and private sectors should come forward for funding the schools for the infrastructure other relevant materials in the rural areas for the sake of overall development of the nation Teachers training should be arranged by hiring trainers from schools in urban areas who are already trained in various subject matters Monitoring committee should be formed in order to properly monitor the progress of the schools and quality education in the rural areas Parents and students must be counseled regarding the importance of education Teachers must be motivated by providing extra benefits/rewards such as best teacher of the year and also, students should be encouraged by acknowledging their efforts in obtaining excellent results and also in the other areas such as extracurricular activities and discipline Various awareness programs should be arranged by schools from urban areas to educate the personnel associated with the schools in rural areas. Parents can also be included to make them realize the future of their children depends on the education Lastly, we all must realize our accountability towards our community and the nation as a whole



Newly Appointed Amari Dhaka announces the appointment of Mr. Pranav Bharadwaj as Director, Sales & Marketing effective from 10 July. He will add value to Amari Dhaka with his business expertise for the organisation in a multicultural environment and his international exposure.

Sixth Networking Gathering of JBCCI

Mohammed Ibrahim, MD & CEO of SSG handed over the crest of honor to Abdul Matlub Ahmad, President – FBCCI on the occasion of 6th Networking Gathering of JBCCI; while Kei Kawano, President of JBCCI was also present. 112

BRAC Bank signed an agreement with Meghna Bank

BRAC Bank Limited and Meghna Bank Limited signed an agreement to facilitate trade business. Syed Mahbubur Rahman, Managing Director & CEO, BRAC Bank Limited, and Mohammed Nurul Amin, Managing Director & CEO, Meghna Bank Limited,

signed the agreement on behalf of the respective organizations. Mohammad Mamdudur Rashid, Deputy Managing Director, BRAC Bank Limited and other senior officials from both the organizations were present.

Mayer Jite Jawar Golpo 2015

Fresh Milk sponsored “Mayer Jite Jawar Golpo 2015� at Bashundhara Convention centre on 13 July 2015. Ali Imam, writer and audio visual organiser was present as a chief guest. Tahmine Binthe Mostafa, Director, Asif Iqbal, Executive Director (Marketing), S.M. Mujibur Rahman, Sr. GM & Head of Accounts & other high officials of Meghna Group of Industries was also present at the event. 114

Arabian Food Fest at The Westin Dhaka The Westin Dhaka introduces Middle Eastern flavours from 13 August to 23 August. Renowned Chef Rimuon Imad Obaid all the way from Syria will give you a true essence of Syria as well as other Arabian cuisine. You will get the chance to experience authentic food from Syria to Lebanon, Jordan to Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia to Qatar. Enjoy the tantalising taste of Moroccan lamb meatballs, Lebanese lamb flat bread, sumac chicken, shwarma, shish taouk along with mouth-watering desserts like baklava, fresh rose petal ice cream and creamy omali. This sumptuous spread will come at a price of BDT 5000 is available for dinner only at The Westin Dhaka’s Seasonal Tastes Restaurant.

Where Beauty Ends, Perfection Begins Face Me! Ltd had a soft opening to launch of Kryolan make up on Sunday, 28th July. The team comprises of Beanus Hussain as Managing Director, Faatin Haque as Chairman and product consultant, and Karoline Reinhard were co-hosts at the event. “We are looking forward to opening our flagship store in the city, in the near future” said Beanus. She also 116

added that, “Local makeup professionals are familiar with the brand as it has been available in Dhaka for several years. However, our vision is to provide a flagship store that is in line with Kryolan standards of layout and presentation.” She further added that, it will carry a diverse range of products, a training facility for the makeup artists and Kryolan licensed consultants to provide support. This holistic approach reaches beyond the concept of simply selling makeup. They are enthusiastic to give their clients not only the opportunity to purchase the genuine German products but to keep them updated with new trends, new development in products and styling techniques. At the launch the Kryolan trained makeup artist provided live demonstrations on models and guest.

Prelude to a Monsoon Evening Ferdousy Priyabashini’s sculpture exhibition titled “Prelude to a Monsoon Evening” will be held at Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts (Bengal Shilpalaya) from 7-22 August, 2015. Eminent figures like Enam Ul Haque, Thespian Jayanto Chattopadhyay and Artist Rokeya Sultana will be present as guests to grace the occasion. The exhibition will be inaugurated at 6PM, Friday, 7 August. It will remain open for viewing till Saturday, 22 August daily from 12PM to 8PM.

City Bank wins Euromoney ‘Best Bank in Bangladesh’ Award City Bank has recently been named the ‘Best Bank in Bangladesh’ for the year 2015 at Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence for the second time. The award was announced at an Award Ceremony in Hong Kong recently, which was attended by leading figures from banking and capital markets across Asia. City Bank’s DMD & COO Mashrur Arefin along with Head of Brand Nazmul Karim received the award on behalf of the Bank. 118

ICE Today August 2015  
ICE Today August 2015