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INTRODUCTION The moral compass: Shared values in a global context In a rapidly globalising world, where diverse cultures, economies, and technologies intersect, there is a growing need to revisit, reaffirm, and recalibrate our collective moral compass. Through solution-oriented dialogues, our aim to find shared solutions. Integrity is not just an abstract principle; it is the bedrock upon which our shared values rest and thrive. As we navigate the nuanced landscapes of Climate Responsibility, Geopolitical Resilience, the Digital Evolution, Economic Dynamics, and Supply Chain Integrity, our commitment to unwavering integrity is what ensures that we do so with a vision that is both sustainable and equitable.

KEY TOPICS Responsible Conduct in a Globalized World Navigating the evolving landscape of international business and geopolitics. The Integrity-Economy Nexus Unravelling the role of ethical leadership in fostering robust international trade amidst challenges. Mastering Ethical Decision-Making A deep dive into anti-corruption efforts, sustainability, and the role of digitalization. Geopolitical Integrity The pivotal role of steadfastness and transparency in a shifting geopolitical landscape. Deep Dive into integrity Participate in workshops that focus intensely on integrity. Delve into ethical dilemmas, strike a balance between power and corporate responsibility, and navigate the intricate intersection of integrity and Artificial Intelligence. Think Differently: Explore and experience innovative paths to integrity through Nature Intelligence, interactive scenarios, storytelling, and amplifying employee voices.

WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND Expert insights A distinguished assembly of speakers, including Professors and prominent professionals, will provide profound insights into the evolving world of integrity. Deep dive into Ethics Explore pressing dilemmas in the realm of international business and the nuanced complexities of integrity. Global context Understand integrity against the backdrop of geopolitics, international trade, and economic repercussions. Networking opportunities Connect with a curated audience of professionals, academics, and industry leaders dedicated to promoting ethical practices and responsible conduct. Innovative learning experiences Engage in unique workshops that combine experiential activities, interactive scenarios, and captivating storytelling, enhancing your perspective on ethical decision-making. Celebrating integrity Witness the presentation of the Integrity Impact Award, celebrating those who exemplify outstanding ethical leadership in the business world. Collaborative knowledge exchange The conference is more than just lectures; it fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas, recommendations, and best practices among attendees.

WELCOME TO MADURODAM As a non-profit organization dedicated to upholding integrity, we believe Madurodam's steadfast commitment to charitable causes aligns seamlessly with our criteria for an event location. “Contribute to children’s charities by organising an event at Madurodam. From day one, it has always been more than just a theme park. Madurodam was founded as a living memorial for the war hero George Maduro and as a way to raise money for charity.” Follow this link for more information.



Registration George Maduroplein 1 · The Hague, Netherlands Free parking


GRAND OPENING Mirjam Bakker Chief Compliance Officer at ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Chair ICC NL Saskia Bruines Wethouder Financiën, Economie en Cultuur Den Haag Maria Fernanda Garza Merodio Chair International Chamber of Commerce



Responsible conduct in an evolving world Prof. Dr. Christine Kaufmann Chair at OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct University of Zurich Provides a theoretical backdrop on the international business in today's geopolitical and economic scenario.



Exploring ethical leadership: a reality check This panel discussion commences with an examination of Integrity, transitioning to its role in international trade. Facilitated and moderated by Jonathan Soeharno, Professor at the University of Amsterdam and Lawyer at De Brauw firm.

FACILITATOR Jonathan Soeharno Lawyer (advocaat) at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek N.V. | Professor at University of Amsterdam

PANELISTS Lesley Cordial Director Ethics & Compliance at Friesland Campina

Edwin Hartog Managing Director Société Générale, the Netherlands

Drs. V.D.I.V. (Vivienne) de Leeuw Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Port of Rotterdam Authority

Jan Ernst de Groot Chief Legal Officer & Chief Sustainability Officer; Member Executive Committee Ahold Delhaize Dr. h.c. Marguerite Soeteman Reijnen Former Chairman of the Executive Board of Aon Holdings B.V. and Aon Group International B.V. (till april 2023)



Towards a more transparent, responsible and just future Eric Smit Journalist/co-founder/co-editor in chief of Follow the Money In today's dynamic landscape, international business, "green" banking, and ESG are central topics of discussion. What actionable solutions might drive industry, financing and policy-makers towards a more transparent and responsible future?



Ethical Decision-Making Nicola Bonucci Member of the Board BASEL institute, lawyer, ex director OECD In this masterclass, we look forward to learning from his hands-on work with anti-corruption. The session will also discuss the need for political bodies to show a strong dedication to fighting corruption.





Integrity amidst geopolitical shifts and their economic repercussions Arend Jan Boekestijn Geopoliticus and strategist Arend-Jan Boekestijn elucidates the role of integrity in the current geopolitical and economic milieu. He delves into Europe's myriad challenges, advocating for integrity as the bedrock principle during these tumultuous times. Join us to dissects these intricate issues, championing integrity as our guiding light


Power and Corporate Responsibility

Dr. Daniel Malan Author, professor in business ethics Trinity college. Merging rich academic insights with practical expertise, this keynote will provide a blend of business ethics, CSR, and corporate governance insights.

ROOM 2 Keynote

Ethical considerations in the age of AI

Helen Graham, Group Chief Privacy Officer, Shell. Examine the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence (AI) and the implications of the new EU Digital Markets and Services directive on businesses.

ROOM 3 Panel discussion Navigating business ethics in a global landscape Join our panel of experts as they: Dissect ethical dilemmas faced by businesses. Share tried-and-true strategies Delve into the unique challenges multinational corporations encounter

FACILITATOR Iohann Le Frapper, Chief Ethics Officer, SNCF

PANELISTS Sandra Scherm Head of Compliance Siemens Digital Industries Gregory Hatfield Head of Legal Compliance Philips Eric Smit Journalist/co-founder/co-editor in chief of Follow the Money Alexandra van Selm Policy Director at Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER)

15:00 WORKSHOPS EXPLORE OUR UNCONVENTIONAL METHODS TO GAIN FRESH PERSPECTIVES ON ETHICS. ROOM 1 Guiding ethical decisions through Nature Intelligence This workshop explores the core of 'Nature Intelligence' and its profound influence on ethical and sustainable decision-making. Delve into how embedding Nature Intelligence in our ethical frameworks can transform decisions. Lie van Schelven Initiator, a Space for New Thinking Bianca Bernecker Group Compliance Officer and D&I Ambassador at SBM Offshore

ROOM 2 Take the Director's Chair! Immerse yourself in a captivating session where actors vividly portray challenging situations and dilemmas. Through improvisation and audience engagement, this workshop promises a blend of learning, entertainment, and invaluable insights. Daniël Staakman trainer and actor

Anouk Briefjes trainer and actor

ROOM 3 Storytelling: Making Your Message Resonate This immersive session dissects the art of effective storytelling, equipping participants with tools and techniques to craft resonant narratives that captivate and inspire. Dive deep, experiment and refine your storytelling prowess. Marjet Moorman storytelling professional

Kristel Keuren storytelling specialist, discoverer of narrative power, trainer, speaker, and actress

ROOM 4 Empowering Employee Voices: Building an Ethical Organisation The echoes of employees carry immense weight in shaping an ethical corporate culture. This workshop explores the pivotal role of employee feedback in building forward-thinking organisations. Marjo van den Broek Rabobank, Group Financial Crime Compliance Manon de Zwart-van Ham Rabobank, Senior Strategic Communication Advisor



Our Jury We are honoured to present the distinguished jury panel of the Integrity Impact Award, a blend of expertise and influence from the realms of business, academia, and the public sector. Gonzalo Guzman Chief Counsel Ethics & Compliance at Unilever; Chair of the Global Commission on Anti-Corruption and Social Responsibility at the International Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Global Future Council on the Future of Governance at the World Economic Forum.

Jessica Surie sr. Policy Advisor Legal / GovTech | Economic Affairs – City of The Hague Worked as legal counsel for various internationally oriented companies. Specialized in legal ethics and ethical side of digital innovation.

Daniel Malan director of the Trinity Corporate Governance Lab, Trinity College. Co-chair of the B20 Task Force on Integrity and Compliance (2022 and 2020), former member of the Global Future Council on Transparency and Anti-Corruption of the World Economic Forum (2019 – 2022)



Conference Book Presentation Our book of essays on the essence of integrity will be presented to a reprentent of the Dutch Government, encapsulating our collective musings on integrity in the global arena.

Drawing together the threads: Reflecting on the day We will present and discuss the insights and innovative strategies gleaned during the conference. Together, we reiterate our unified commitment to elevating integrity in every endeavour.



Join us in raising a glass to honor the essence of Integrity. Relish this special moment to connect and share with esteemed peers.




Bezuidenhoutseweg 12 2594AV, The Hague, The Netherlands

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