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Pres. Bienvenido I. Somera, Jr./Vice-Pres. Gil Roberto L. Zerrudo/Sec. Anthony W. Dee/Treas. Arnold M. Corporal/Auditor Alfred Ramon Jose Ma. X.B. Nolasco/P.R.O. Beatriz O. Geronilla-Villegas Directors Anthony Brett M. Abenir/Juan Orendain P. Buted/Gregorio Gerry F. Fernandez/Roderick R.C. Salazar III/Carmine Eliza T. Serrano Past President and Ex-Officio Director Grace P. Quevedo-Panagsagan


IUNCTUS 2013: The Induction of New Members and Presentation of the Chapter’s Directors and Officers

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The Integrated Bar of the Philippines Makati City Chapter is pleased to feature its elected officers and directors to serve from 2013 to 2015: Bienvenido I. Somera, Jr. President and Chairman Gil Roberto L. Zerrudo Vice-President Anthony W. Dee Secretary Arnold M. Corporal Treasurer Alfred Ramon Jose Ma. X.B. Nolasco Auditor Beatriz O. Geronilla-Villegas Public Relations Officer Anthony Brett M. Abenir Juan Orendain P. Buted Gregorio Gerry F. Fernandez Roderick R.C. Salazar III Carmine Eliza T. Serrano Directors Grace P. Quevedo-Panagsagan Past President and Ex-Officio Director The leadership headed by Atty. Bienvenido I. Somera, Jr. aims to institutionalize developmental legal aid and to ensure wider involvement of the Chapter in the community. This issue seeks to allow members of the Chapter to get to know their leaders a little bit more deeply and intimately, and to learn how each intends to contribute to the overall accomplishment of the goals of the organization. Toward the end, what the Chapter wants to achieve in the next two years is further laid down in an article that discusses the results of the traditional planning conference recently undertaken in Baguio City.

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Justitia Omnibus

Bienvenido I. Somera, Jr.

Villaraza & Angangco


Leading the way...


An exceedingly well-respected authority of his practice, Gbert is most certainly that Hall-of-Fame figure that the community rightfully mounts on a pedestal of erudition, credibility, and authority.


More than a figure of direction, what makes him THAT “leader of relevance” of those youthful, energetic, aggressive intellectuals at the IBP is he portrays the essence of moral leadership and conscience. Gbert believes not just in the lawyer’s excellence of craft but also in his embracing of essential personal values, mutual respect and the fair and genuine collaboration amongst his peers. Quick to admit his own frailty as a responsible leader and a moral example, Gbert nevertheless envisions the thrust of a “relevance and thought leadership” in the Makati Chapter and legal and business community.

Gil Roberto L. Zerrudo Quisumbing Torres

“Lost then but found now” are the most surprisingly striking words you will ever get to hear from one as esteemed as Gbert; but they only seek to reflect the type of man Gbert really is behind all the hype and drama of his profession. Underneath all the trappings of social sophistication and the erudition of lawyering philosophy, is a reflective man immersed in the calmness of faith, the devotion of family and the enjoyment of life’s (oftentimes) guilty but simple pleasures. In the present day cornucopia of pop culturing and social media brain blitzing (washing?), little did we realize that an individual can find his course and hold his own, and still be grounded by his own personal epiphanies and conservative values.

This is Gbert L. Zerrudo from the rare perspective of a total stranger- unfamiliar with Gbert’s intimate personal details, undoubtedly amazed by Gbert’s Google hits, and yet as objective a third party documentary that will ever be attempted thus far. As ambitious as this write-up may attempt to size up or “humanize” Mr. Zerrudo, I am sure shaking hands with Gbert “the man, the (legal) legend, the frustrated superhero (Silver Surfer is his favorite)” Zerrudo in real life will prove to be far more interesting. When one meets Gil Roberto L. Zerrudo, one is immediately smitten by (and in no particular order) his vastly impressive resume, his manly swagger, his old school yet "one direction" profile, his towering ideals. Reading his voluminous CV, Gbert certainly is that head-spinning mouthful of accomplishments; so much so, that conventional word combos will scarcely do what he's done for the field and the professionpast, present, (and goodness! the future) the justice (no pun intended) and the thundering applause he deserves. As next in line to the standard bearer of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines or “IBP” (Makati Chapter, no less) and the benchmark for legal practitioners everywhere (and what a standard he makes and creates!), Gbert channels the same dynamic energy he represents amongst his peers in a vast network of savvy colleagues (from the IBP, revered mentors (from the AdMU Law School), and other equally radical thinkers (from both Chambers of Commerce).

“Lost then but found now” 5


Justitia Omnibus

-els and has extensive experience in the practice areas of litigation and arbitration. He was involved in the expropriation of parcels of land and rights of way for the Quezon Power Project, and was part of the team that handled the land issues in connection with the North Luzon Expressway Project, which was given the award “Asian Project Finance Deal of the Year” in 2001 by the International Federal Law Review.


Being an active member of IBP Makati in recent years, Anton was not oblivious to the problems and challenges hounding the chapter. One of the biggest problems, he says, is keeping the value of honesty in the legal profession. He also maintained the crucial role of the Chapter in giving legal services to indigents through its legal aid program.

Anthony W. Dee

He cited how the Chapter has evolved through the years by keeping abreast with the developments in the law and the demands of the legal profession. According to him, this is exemplified through various projects of the Chapter like barangay mediations that seek to de-clog court dockets given significant cases filed by members of the same barangay, MCLE sessions, dialogues with judges and participation in the amendments of procedural rules and appointment of judges.

Sycip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan When a beauty pageant contestant delivers the phrase “world peace” in her trite adage of an answer, the audience would probably shake it off as a routinary and scripted response. In a parallel universe, when IBP Makati Secretary Anthony W. Dee told us that World Peace is a cause he sincerely believed in, his words gave the clichéd phrase a new significance. Why not, coming from a man who has represented numerous international corporations like Morgan Stanley, Sumitomo Bakelite, Tyco, American Express, Citibank and the Asian Development Bank to name a few, realization hit us that “world peace” was after all not just a farfetched pageant answer (he also told us that). However, Anton’s legal background and credentials are far from a mere pageantry.

Seeming like a busy man, and admittedly he is, Anton sees to it that he never loses time to share with his family. To him, his family inspires him to succeed. Thus, asked what are the achievements he is most proud of, and which would be the most significant, he answered and quite unhesitantly “My family. Everything else is secondary and insignificant”.

A pure blooded Atenean, Anton completed his Bachelor of Science Degree Major in Legal Management and Minor in Japanese Studies at the Ateneo de Manila University. He obtained his Juris Doctor Degree from the Ateneo College of Law in 1995 where he graduated Second Honors. He was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1996. He is a Partner in SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan, having joined the Firm in 1996. He is currently a member of the firm’s litigation department. He is also extensively involved in corporate rehabilitation and rescues and has considerable experience in Trademark Infringement cases.

… My family. Everything else is secondary and insignificant.

He has represented numerous clients in all court lev6

Leading the way...

AUGUST 2013 Product Liability.


Mr. Corporal has handled actions initiated or defended by financial institutions involving recovery of loans, mortgage indenture issues, foreclosure actions, and securities registration and offering/sale. In the field of telecommunications litigation, he has represented public telecommunications entities (network operators, value-added service providers and content providers) in actions before the National Telecommunications Commission and the regular courts. He has also represented telecommunications entities in litigation against other industry players on breach of contract issues, service area issues, and network integrity issues. Jake has also actively represented both creditor and debtor clients in insolvency and corporate rehabilitation proceedings. Mr. Corporal also represents domestic and foreign clients in commercial arbitration before the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. (PDRCI), the Construction Industry Arbitration Commission (CIAC), and the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) International Court of Arbitration (ICA). He has also advised clients that were involved in arbitration before the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

Arnold M. Corporal

Angara Abello Concepcion & Regala

“What do lawyers learn in law school? They learn to win… Instead, what we’ve got to start thinking about is how we solve problems.” - Benjamin Carson

With his years of valuable professional experience in his fields of specialization, Jake has been deeply engaged in solving his clients’ problems. Jake continued to better himself by learning the ways of his craft, furthering proof of his insatiable desire to become a better problem solver.

Problem solvers are the enigma of the modern world, where everyone is primed to (want to) become, a winner. A winner, whose presence is coveted at every table; who smells roses at the end of the day; and who, above all, gets the credit. On the other hand, problem solvers are a rapidly disappearing underachieving and underappreciated lot. They work hard but are rarely celebrated; they think out of the box but their feet are always grounded; they do not have the luxury of time but they get things done.

Jake’s commitment to hard work in his profession is the ever recurring theme of his career as a lawyer, eventually paving the way for his prestigious election as Treasurer of the IBP Makati Chapter where his designation has positioned him for more opportunities to fulfil his resolve to help clients in their hour of need.

A Juris Doctor graduate of Ateneo De Manila University School of Law, Atty. Arnold “Jake” M. Corporal is not only an exceptional legal practitioner but is more importantly, a quintessential “problem solver.”

When not in his suave designer suits and neck deep in arbitration, he is surprisingly a fun foodie, a movie buff, a comedic story teller, a brand connoisseur, an approachable ear, a loyal confidant.

As a partner of the prestigious Angara Abello Concepcion & Regala Law Office, Jake is currently involved with the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department of the said firm. Atty. Corporal’s expertise covers, among others, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Banking and Finance, Construction and Infrastructure, Corporate Rehabilitation and Restructuring, Insurance and Admiralty, Intra-Corporate Disputes, Proxy Fights, Corporate take-overs and

In spite of Jake’s decorated career as a lawyer, it’s his personal qualities that make him stand out – more so, it’s his personal moments that make Jake warmly memorable.

Jake’s commitment to hard work in his profession is the ever recurring theme of his career as a lawyer... 7


Justitia Omnibus


He believes that this can be done through awareness campaign.

A self-confessed marathon enthusiast, he regards finishing his first marathon as a defining moment of his life. He has his heart for the care of the elderly and persons with disabilities--a cause he sincerely Quasha Ancheta Peña & Nolasco believes in.

Alfred Ramon Jose Ma. X.B. Nolasco

Grounded on the values of genuine service, his vision is to reach out to the general membership and make each one feel the benefits of being a chapter member. He feels that this can be done through awareness campaign.

Ancient english would allude the name “Alfred” to a wise magical counsel. True to its ancient meaning, and to us living in the here and now, Alfred Ramon Jose Nolasco’s superb representation and counselling is much sought after. Graduated from the venerable San Beda College of Law, his calm and adept handling of litigation, corporate and IP matters made him a chapter figure overnight. A strong presence in the legal firmament, he has been making his own mark combining his legal skills together with his unparalleled tutelage from one of the best and most experienced mind in the profession--his father.

A towering sentinel dutiful to serve his chapter, his sure and certain presence is an asset that will carry forward the chapter to its visions.

A prolific writer and an active student leader during his law school days, he is most certainly a star among the hosts of luminaries that would lead the Chapter to new heights. Grounded on the values of genuine service, his vision is to reach out to the general membership and make each one feel the benefits of being a chapter member.

He has his heart for the care of the elderly and persons with disabilities --a cause he sincerely believes in.

RJ Nolasco specializes in litigation and intellectual property law. He is also a member of the ASEAN Intellectual Property Association.


Leading the way...



Beatriz O. Geronilla-Villegas

Carag Jamora Somera & Villareal



Justitia Omnibus

Anthony Brett M. Abenir

Platon Martinez Flores San Pedro & Lea単o


Leading the way...



and submission of documents to organize cooperatives, that we should promote a communal business policy whenever possible and practical. He Juor believes that the Chapter sees the focus on the Lawyer as Filipino to has evolved by becoming more be a more interesting theme for future IBP dynamic, less rigid, and more Conventions.

proactive as a result of being more open to non-traditional projects, engaging in novel undertakings, and involving young lawyers in chapter activities.

Just as British rock band Dire Straits disses those who have “Money for nothin' and chicks for free”, Juor believes in working hard to reap success. “It's only in the dictionary that success comes before work,” he quotes. He believes that a good leader is a humble servant who inspires from the ranks. His role model is Bono of Irish rock band U2 for the latter's use of his talent for genuine service.

Juan Orendain P. Buted

While he sees the efficient public servant, in addition to the competent judge and his loved ones, as one of the most important people in his life and profession, he quickly retorts, “God, no!” when asked whether he plans to run for public office.

Cortina & Buted “There’s much more to life than being a lawyer” says Juan Orendain Buted, elected Director of the IBP Makati Chapter for the Term 2013-2015 and CoManaging Partner of Cortina & Buted Law Offices. Juor says he would have had a career in creative writing, music, and advertising – all in one – had he not been a lawyer. His alter ego writes scripts, directs music, and writes songs.

Expect a good time with Juor, maybe get the man (who is secure with his success) into scotch drinking. He talks lightly about his achievements of having quit smoking and having maintained twenty five years of marriage. He shares that his life's defining moment is his bearing a son and sees as his life's biggest challenge is raising his sons. He laughs at himself as he claims that his biggest failure is his not having had the time to submit entries for the Palanca or write a book (Well, it’s never too late, Juor).

Juor, who heads the Committee on Fellowship, envisions the Makati Chapter as a potent force in preventing conflicts or otherwise resolving them without any court intervention. One of the problems Juor sees lawyers face today, is the loss of creativity to identify and describe the profession (“Justice”, “Democracy”, “Rule of Law”, ho-hum). Likewise, he sees the present concept of “legal aid”, that of merely representing impoverished litigants, though laudable, does not fully utilize the profession to uplift society, as it, in fact, even encourages resort to courts.

Juor believes that the Chapter has evolved by becoming more dynamic, less rigid, and more proactive as a result of being more open to non-traditional projects, engaging in novel undertakings, and involving young lawyers in chapter activities. He ends the interview by giving unsolicited advice to young members of IBP Makati, “Be better than your predecessors”.

Juor wants lawyers to be relevant even to the one in the street who is not at all involved in litigious matters. He intends to address these problems by using legal expertise to educate and enlighten the community through lectures and seminars, to alleviate poverty through the formation of cooperatives and to make available micro-financing schemes, and to promote nationalism. Passionate about empowerment or “teaching a man to fish”, Juor believes that lawyers should be teachers, that we should be able to assist in the preparation 11

POWER Leading theHOUSE way...

AUGUST 2013 Omnibus Justitia

As a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, Greg makes use of the guiding principles he learned from the University in his professional practice and in leading the IBP Makati Chapter. For him, the IBP Makati Chapter stands for the significance of the rule of law tempered by a keen sense of Christian morality.


As a proud teacher, Greg is gratified when he sees his students believe in him. He aspires that every member of the IBP Makati Chapter should be known and recognized. For the younger members of the IBP Makati Chapter, Greg has only a few words to say: “Be recognized and make your presence felt.” Greg, Director of the IBP Makati Chapter is a servant -leader who abides by his own rules in tandem with his subjects. You could only expect great things from him, who is here to “rebuild” the IBP Makati Chapter

Gregorio Gerry F. F.ernandez

Jimenez Gonzales Bello Valdez Caluya & Fernandez

“By a Carpenter mankind was made, and only by that Carpenter can mankind be remade” - Desiderius Erasmus Born in Lingayen, Pangasinan on March 5, 1964, Gregorio Gerry “Greg” Fernandez was raised by his parents as a person who one day would change the world and improve the society. It was his father who taught him how to face the challenges of being a lawyer. As a current partner of JG Law, Greg applies the things he had learned from his father, from handling cases to dealing with clients. For him no one is more important in the legal profession than his clients.

As a proud teacher, Greg is gratified when he sees his students believe in him. He aspires that every member of the IBP Makati Chapter should be known and recognized. For the younger members of the IBP Makati Chapter, Greg has only a few words to say: “Be recognized and make your presence felt.” for the better and to make the chapter a potent force every sector of the society will have to contend with.

He once aspired to become an engineer who one day would build his own skyscraper. He is a builder who serves. In fact, the first thing that you would see in the trunk of his car is a building plan. The reason: Greg’s passion and personal cause is to help people get comfortable and acquire modest dwelling places. Greg’s inspiration is his own mother who he describes as the “epitome of what a woman should be.” Greg loves and respects the women in his life. As a husband, he recognizes his wife as both his strength and weakness. He would do everything to make his wife happy. 12

Leading the way...



the development of young lawyers.”

To him, this is the hallmark of the Chapter, that it has “continuously improved its delivery of legal aid and barangay assistance over the years while maintaining its involvement in IBP National activities.”

This is the dedication that he brings to the IBP Makati Chapter, as one of its Directors, to help the Chapter achieve the goals set by the present Board – “to become more relevant to the needs of Makati residents through its legal aid programs, barangay activities, mandatory continuing legal education seminars, liaison with businessmen, fund raising activities, environmental protection awareness efforts and Bench and Bar events.”

But he also believes that the Chapter should not only “push its own projects with a particular emphasis on helping Makati constituents,” but should also “lend support to the IBP projects at large.” To him, this is the hallmark of the Chapter, that it has “continuously improved its delivery of legal aid and barangay assistance over the years while maintaining its involvement in IBP National activities.”

Roderick R.C. Salazar III

Fortun Narvasa & Salazar Roderick R.C. Salazar III, a University of the Philippines Economics and Law alumnus, is a mining, environment and corporate lawyer with twenty five years of experience.

Because of his father, Dicky once saw himself “resplendent in a white medical gown tending to the sick.” But the vision faded “when he saw the plush law office” of his brother who had passed the bar. Seriously though, he derives his daily boost to

He acted as counsel to the developer of the first foreign-funded mining project since the enactment of the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 - from its exploration and project financing to its development and operating stages. His Firm, Fortun Narvasa & Salazar, of which he is Co-Managing Partner, was instrumental in the Philippine Supreme Court decision upholding the right of foreign mining companies to wholly own large-scale mining projects in the country through Financial and Technical Assistance Agreements. It is no wonder that Dicky continues to advocate that our government and countrymen value the Philippine mining industry as a vital factor in the development of our nation, which can only be obtained through responsible mining.

achieve contentment in what he does, not from the perks of a successful law practice, but from his wife, Ma. Lourdes Faller-Salazar, and his daughters, Madelene Ruth and Margaret Rachel.

Obviously, when it comes to handling client’s concerns, Dicky is uncompromising. There is not a thing that he considers insignificant that should not be given due attention. He also makes sure that his associates “learn.” He is a relentless, but nevertheless kind-hearted mentor, following the footsteps of his own mentors - three supervising partners in his former law firm and his two partners, Sig Fortun and Ogie Narvasa. His personal mission is “to be a sought after and respected lawyer, attained through dedication to excellence, practical approaches to concerns of clients, and hard work, and to contribute to

Although he acknowledges that he still faces some challenges and still has a few dreams - to stay healthy, to write a book on Corporation Law or on Partnership, Agency and Trust, subjects that he teaches (if not by himself, then with Madelene, who has just started her law studies), to play the guitar, to paint (and to level up in Candy Crush!) – Dicky has, undoubtedly, “found happiness in his chosen career path without sacrificing what he truly values in life.” 13



Justitia Omnibus

Carmine Eliza T. Serrano

Gabionza De Santos & Partners

So her advice to




She of course realizes that this is not an easy task because to her, one of the biggest challenges facing the Chapter is reaching out to its more than 3,600 members.

But facing challenges is not new to Grace, a consistent honor student from the University of the Philippines and a multi-tasker. To paraphrase her favorite song, there is no mountain high enough, if God inspires her to succeed. Which is why she believes in the indispensability of the Bible. God’s Word truly permeates her life, so much so that even for her retirement, her dream is to go “around the world and do mission work.”

Grace P. Quevedo-Panagsagan Platon Martinez Flores San Pedro & Leano As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. (Joshua 24:15)

Still, for the Former IBP Makati Lady President, retirement is a long way off. Although she is most proud of having already made a name for herself “thru sheer hard work” and her But the reference to a red own “personal wallet, which is the first renewal,” there is still a family thing one sees in her bag, to take care of and to the Bible, which is and to continue to draw inspiraan indispensable part of tion from; work her life, perhaps better in her firm, with describes Grace. partners who continue to mentor her; the IBP, to serve and to lead; and a collection of cacti to nurture. She considers herself a “work in progress,” focusing on controlling her temper, never procrastinating, and, on the lighter side, losing weight (but not if it means giving up her single malt!).

A red wallet and a Bible are not the first things that one thinks of when the name GRACE P. QUEVEDO -PANAGSAGAN is mentioned. Rather , most people will think of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Makati Chapter, since she was its immediate past President, having served in various capacities for more than 12 years; or the law firm of Platon Martinez Flores San Pedro & Leano, where she is a Senior Partner specializing in corporate, tax, environment, agrarian reform, labor, and litigation law. But the reference to a red wallet, which is the first thing one sees in her bag, and to the Bible, which is an indispensable part of her life, perhaps better describes Grace. Red is the color of passion and fire, and Grace has epitomized both, especially in her service to the IBP, Makati Chapter, as a “servant-leader.” Her vision for the Chapter is “for more membership participation in Chapter activities, and for members to see and experience the IBP’s relevance beyond the annual IBP dues and MCLE compliances.” She believes the Chapter stands for “Service and Integrity.” And she intends to provide the “continuity and linkage” to ensure the Chapter goes beyond rendering services to the legal profession and expands to communityrelated issues, bringing the law closer to the barangays, students, teachers, and women.

The devoted daughter, wife and mother of three, still entertains thoughts of becoming a graphic designer, of travelling to the Holy Land with her family and to Africa as a missionary, of scuba diving in Tubbataha, and of skydiving, but there is obvious contentment in her life. Grace P. Quevedo-Panagsagan sleeps peacefully at night, and that, for her, defines true success. 15



is pleased to invite you to join and witness

IUNCTUS 2013: The Induction of New Members and Presentation of the Chapter’s Directors and Officers

on August 30, 2013 (Friday), 6:00 in the evening at the Rainmakers’ Lounge, CVC Law Center th 11 Avenue corner 39th Streets, Bonifacio Triangle Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

RSVP: May Oprenario 813-4744; 0942-3950303

Attire: Business Suit

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Justitia Omnibus Vol VIII Issue 1  

The Official Newsletter of the Makati Chapter of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines

Justitia Omnibus Vol VIII Issue 1  

The Official Newsletter of the Makati Chapter of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines

Profile for ibpmakati