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elcome to the first edition of the Lewkowicz Real Estate Gazette, the premiere North Tampa real estate source. Since beginning my career in the real estate industry in 1976, I have seen and withstood numerous market changes, highs and lows, successes and failures. With my 35 plus years of experience in the Tampa Bay market, specifically North Tampa, including Carrollwood, Lutz and Odessa. I am now pleased to provide this credible and useful resource, Lewkowicz Real Estate Gazette for those seeking an insider’s view in the industry. What is Lewkowicz Real Estate Gazette?

Lewkowicz Real Estate Gazette is the definitive guide to everything in the North Tampa Real Estate space. Every issue offers inside tips and reviews from stories on how to prepare for your home sale to how to time a sale for maximum price. The issue will cover all of Carrollwood Village with highlighted listings and feature homes that you will not want to miss, including coverage of the Lake Magdalene area. We have many spotlighted homes and listings in the beautiful Tampa Bay area, so look through the closing section of the gazette. I have personally closed countless homes for this community. I am easily accessible to my clients and I pride myself on always being able to pick up the phone. I strive to treat my clients with the upmost importance and respect they deserve. Real estate agents are often stereotyped as a hindrance to selling a house, but if that’s the case then they are probably inexperienced and may not know the market well enough. I have also found that some realtors only care to list a home without doing their research or making an effort to really understand and therefore sell the property. They can be unresponsive and take days to get back to you with a response on what are incredibly important questions. As your realtor, handling a very important transaction, I can assure you that I am knowledgeable and ethical with a solid reputation to prove it. That means when you give me a call, you will always speak directly with me! When you hire me, you gain a partner who is well versed in negotiations and I will fight on your behalf. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, I will help you reach the most favorable settlement, all while making the transaction smooth and convenient. I hope you find evidence of this within the reader’s source and come back to me time and time again for excellent service. I have built a good rapport with referrals, which is highlighted in the closings section of this edition. As a trusted and reputable realtor, I have won countless awards and recognitions from my brokerage Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate as well as the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Not only am I one of the top 1% of realtors in Tampa Bay, but I am also one of the top 1% of Coldwell Bankers 85,000 plus agents in North America who has won the prestigious International President’s Elite award. Let me take care of your next closing and select a realtor with a wealth of knowledge that you can trust! Sincerely, Joe Lewkowicz Licensed Real Estate Agent Coldwell Banker

Joe Lewkowicz ................................................... 4 One on one with the top North West Tampa Realtor

Preparing to List a Home ................................... 8 A proven strategy that will work over and over again.

Neighborhood Watch ....................................... 10 Carrollwood Village Lake Magdalene

Featured Listings .............................................. 18 Waterfront on Lake Josephine Stunningly Private Odessa Home Convenience in theHeart of Carrollwood Oversized in Tempe Terrace Affordable Waterfront

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Oon neOne — with the —

Top North West Tampa Realtor

Joe – You have been very successful over 38 years in selling Residential Real Estate. In fact, you were awarded the title of Top Realtor in the Northwest Tampa Territory which encompasses Carrollwood, Northdale, Lutz and Odessa. This is recognition that you’ve received six years in a row. What do you attribute your success to? Back in 2004 I decided to meet more people and went knocking on doors every day. I had already been working in most of these neighborhoods and had done a lot of direct mail and phone calling, but I felt that meeting people face-to-face was the best way to really get to know this area all over again. I would knock on approximately 6,000 houses every 90 days just to meet the people in the area and get acquainted with the neighborhoods. It was also great way to stay in good physical condition.

Joe Lewkowicz

Realtor—Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Written By: Louie Talacay



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90 liens on the home that were not disclosed. The title was held up for a very long 90 days. I got everything closed and got everyone paid off. I ended up being the contractor, the realtor and the psychologist all in one. During the past year you have sold over 90 homes, which is a staggering amount for any realtor. As a top listing agent, how do you market your properties differently from other realtors? I think a lot about marketing properties including what will make them stand out and get noticed in a crowded real estate market. I have noticed that some of the largest internet companies, like Google, Zillow and Monster.com, have all used their internet sites but have also used traditional selling tools such as phone calls and direct mail and print advertising. I do the same. It would appear that no one knows the Northwest Tampa real estate market better than you, Joe. Unlike most realtors who seem to cover larger territories, you have concentrated your efforts in your target market area. Why did you decide to specialize in Northwest Tampa?

Joe – Can you tell me about some of your more notable transactions? What was the biggest home you sold? What was your most difficult sale, and also, what was your most memorable transaction? The most memorable transaction was during my first year. I had sold a home


that was new construction. The buyers were moving from North Carolina and were staying in a hotel until closing. They had already been staying there for two weeks and the day we went to close, which was on a Friday, everything went fine. However, on Monday we learned that the builder skipped the country to the Caribbean and had LEWKOWICZ REAL ESTATE GAZETTE

Coldwell Banker has one of the largest internet marketing efforts in the area and in the world. Our company spends millions of dollars every year on developing and paying for top performing internet sites. However, I have spent over $170,000 of my own money, which is a lot for an individual agent, to market to my area of town. I send over 17,000 mailers, known as broker notes, to most people in the Northwest Tampa area. These are advertising my properties on a regular basis. Plus, we do a lot of spot mailers to the area which keeps the individual houses on top of mind. It all combines to get my properties noticed. I have been working in the Northwest Tampa area for most of my career. I noticed that most agents seem to be all over the bay area, which is much larger. I knew that if I was going to be different and I really wanted to be the expert in

the area, I needed to just concentrate on one area time. It has been proclaimed that your knowledge of the Northwest Tampa Real Estate market is unmatched. We understand that you know nearly every house by their floor plan and can easily spot abnormalities, additions or extensions that may have been made to the home later on. What are the most common problems that you’ve experience with houses in the Northwest Tampa territory? Northwest Tampa is a mix of subdivisions and larger lot properties. Many of the homes and homesites in the area have been here since the early 60’s, if not earlier. Determining a value and getting them appraised can be a challenge when so many of them have been modified and improved throughout the years. Many of the older homes have had additions added on that may not have been permitted. Flood insurance can be another big issue in this area. You have been a realtor with Coldwell Banker, the top real estate brokerage in the World, for a long time and have earned numerous accolades and awards. What advantages does Coldwell Banker provide for you and your clients? Coldwell Banker spends a lot of money on advertising. They do what I call the macro advertising, meaning they covered the whole spectrum of Tampa, Florida. They make it easy for me to do the micro Area of Northwest Tampa, which means that I can spend $170,000 per year on advertising and get the maximum effect for people selling their home in this area. They say that real estate has become technologically integrated. What do you do to stay on top of the changing marketing trends and technologies? I used to be considered to be a year to three years ahead of any of my competition in technology. It turns out that now I have to hire people in order to

stay up on what’s happening in marketing and social media. Because I’m willing to invest in my business, I am able to hire the best people to keep me on track for the newest trends in marketing. The tech marketing and tech explosion make everything change within a six-month period and you have to be willing to invest and use the latest innovations. Many buyers do not understand the value that a realtor can provide. In fact, many people believe that brokering reduces the equity realized at the final settlement. What do you tell your critics? What services do you provide that’s worth the commission sellers provide?

—————————— I think a lot about marketing properties including what will make them stand out and get noticed in a crowded real estate market. —————————— I believe that a great realtor brings a lot to the table. They will get buyers the best possible value for their desired home. More importantly they recognize any of the issues that could happen on a sale before it takes place. The first closing I had back in 1977 was four pages total for all parties to sign. The closing that I had last week was over 250 pages long of materials. There is a lot that can go wrong without a realtor’s expertise. People believe that the real estate market is highly speculative. As a result, many are reluctant to buy or sell their home even when the market conditions are right (citing evidence of our most recent economic downturn, which devastated the housing market). As a realtor who sold hous813.551.2953 | SellYourHomeTampa.com

es well before, during and after the recession, what do you think of the current market conditions and how they compare to bottom of the market? The problem in our real estate business today is that so many agents are untrained and have no experience. They do not know the market or the issues that can potentially arise. They also don’t know how to talk sales, which is a learned form of art. I always tell people to buy a house that you really like. I do not suggest anyone move unless they really want to. The market climate that we’ve had the last several years has been the best for buying real estate in a very long time. I don’t see homes dropping in value very much because home inflation rates have been way lower than they were back before the real estate bubble. What’s your forecast for the future of the Northwest Tampa Real Estate Market? I believe that the Northwest Tampa area will be a very vital and vibrant market for years to come. At some point the area that we are in now may be considered the center of town. Most areas here are very centrally located to get to town or to go out further. The prices in this area there are always less than they up will be in the center of town. That makes it affordable for the majority of people that want to look into a neighborhood. Do you have a favorite neighborhood? I do not have a favorite neighborhood. I think all areas offer something different for different people. The thing I like most about this business is when I’m out showing properties or when I’m out talking to people, they all have different ideas as to what they are looking for. It always amazes me how different everyone can be. The nice thing about the Northwest Tampa area is that there’s so much diversity, so we can find most people what they really want. •••


Preparing to

List a Home



elling your home requires a tactical strategy that is calculated and tested. A proven strategy will work over and over again given similar market conditions. A realtor with a successful system can incorporate the same marketing strategies to each house they sell. With knowledge and experience, the realtor refines their strategy scaling, optimizing and investing their own well earned dollars into selling your home.

————————— Of course anyone can put a sign in your yard or list your property on the MLS, but does that necessarily sell the home? More importantly, are you getting the amount that your house is worth? Often times people will list with an inexperienced realtor or forego the real estate pro and try to sell it themselves (FSBO). Many times these people sell their homes for less than its worth, all while handling the complex process of a real estate transactions in its entirety; a nightmare for many who aren’t seasoned pros and are unfamil-

iar with the ever-changing real estate laws, regulations, practices and marketplace. Houses are the single biggest purchase that most people will make in their lives. Many homeowners will spend years building equity into their property, all while running the gauntlet of continual maintenance. Every little bit that is cut into a seller’s equity is time and savings that diminishes the efforts that sellers have poured into their homes.



The nature of such a high purchase investment makes it that much more important to be knowledgeable and experienced when selling and buying real estate. A seasoned real estate pro provides the knowledge and experience that helps to level the playing field when negotiating the right price for your property. In order to sell your home, Joe Lewkowicz provides these simple yet key pointers for getting top-dollar for your home. “Make it Shine” Prepare your home to sell; this means removing personal property and making the house look more open and presentable. Do you want 350K for your single family residence? Then make someone believe it is worth that much. Perception of value is huge in real estate and can make the difference between a few thousands or tens of thousands. Make improvements if you believe that they are worth the equity you can get out of it. Paint and cleaning provide the biggest contributory value. Kitchens and baths may add considerably more, depending on the cost and the market area of the home. Pools usually do not add the contributory value that they cost, but they certainly make marketing the property easier. Stage it tastefully. What does that mean? It means keep your nice furniture in the rooms to make them appear more livable. Take out anything unnecessary and store these items in the garage. Less is best, and clutter is mutter. Remember, open spaces are what consumers want to see. Pricing Your Home This is by far the hardest decision sellers will need to make. What will you list your home for? Price too high and you risk a stale listing without many showings. Price too low and you may never get the amount you wanted. At Coldwell Banker we have a model to explain the buyers’ pool. We have the home buyers at the early stages of the home search process and then we

have the seasoned, educated buyers. Buyers that are just starting to look will often lowball, unaware of the existing market conditions. Seasoned buyers will pay at market value using comparably sold homes to guide their offer amount. By offering market value, they are more likely to win the bid which is what seasoned buyers who’ve lost many bids are more likely to do. Joe’s advice? List at market value. If the property is attractive, people will look. To determine market value, the realtor should know and, if possible, visit the homes that compete with your property. The realtor should have a very good idea of what is actually selling. How will your home stack up? If it is the best one on the market, you may have room to price high. If your competition stacks higher, you may have to reconsider your price. Negotiate your price Like the title states – negotiate your price. Don’t be afraid to say no but at the same time don’t be unreasonable. Many times people will present a lowball offer in order to begin the dialogue. If your property was priced to sell, then there is a good possibility that you will end up with multiple offers allowing you to leverage the opportunity for a higher sales price. Of course it is imperative to assess your position. How long has your property been on the market? Is there any other interested party? Can you afford that next mortgage payment? In negotiations, we call these items leveraging points. What item can be leveraged and for what amount. Many times the price will start at high, but after thorough inspections, it may be necessary to drop the price. Leveraging points are very important regardless of whether you are the buyer or the seller. If you are the seller you can use them to drive the price up. If you are the buyer you can use them to drive the price down. See below for common price adjustment objections that can be used in the negotiating table.

If you are the seller: 1. The house has a pool unlike the one that sold most recently on the block 2. The house is fully upgraded with a new kitchen, bathrooms, roof, HVAC 3. The location has been trending upwards and many small businesses have moved into the area 4. I don’t have a mortgage payment so I am in no rush to move 5. The property has only been on the market for less than 7 days 6. We have multiple offers, what is your highest and best? If you are the buyer:

These are all things that must be accounted for in negotiations. Remember, negotiating is about meeting halfway. It is important to be firm yet reasonable. If you need a real estate pro to help you with your transaction then use a dedicated, professional and proven realtor like Joe Lewkowicz. You can never go wrong when you have the authority of the Northwest Tampa real estate market listing your home. •••

—————————— A seasoned real estate pro provides the


1. The property has been on the market for over 30 days 2. The property has no pool 3. The roof is severely old and will need to be replaced in order to ensure 4. If you are really motivated then you will come down to my price 5. Inspections revealed problems, which were unbeknownst to me, that will be recurring problems and must be taken care of 6. Other properties in the area have sold for much less

that helps to level the playing field when negotiating the right price for your property. ——————————

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— and —


CARROLLWOOD VILLAGE: A Premier Residential Community in North Tampa


arrollwood Village is

of the best that North Tampa has to

miniums, and assisted living facilities,

a premier residential


Carrollwood Village offers a suburban

community in Carroll-

oasis with a strong sense of community

wood Tampa. Devel-

Carrollwood Village provides a serene

involvement and activity that is ideal

oped in three phases,

lifestyle with a quiet suburban feel. The

for individuals of all ages and families

the community spans nearly twelve

streets are lined with giant oak trees

large and small.

square miles and borders four major

and plenty of space between homes.

highways. Its plethora of dining and en-

Most homes have generous lot sizes

As a self-contained community, Car-

tertainment options, exclusive golf and

and large-sized yards with room for a

rollwood Village features many desir-

country club, quality schools, thriving

pool and beautiful landscaping that

able amenities within the neighbor-

cultural center and lots of green space

family, friends and pets can enjoy. The

hood such as the premier Carrollwood

make it a great place to live for those

community also features scenic walk-

Village Golf and Country Club, Cultural

who don’t want to go far from home in

ing and running trails as well as pristine

Center and Vista Gardens. The 27-hole

order to enjoy the benefits of suburban

recreational parks that receive regular

champion golf course opened in the

life. Located outside of Tampa’s large

maintenance and upkeep. With over

1970’s and saw PGA action during the

metropolitan buzz, this self-contained

3,500 homes including residential sin-

1980’s. The country club offers three

and unincorporated community is one

gle family homes, townhomes, condo-

tiers of membership with access to




Carrollwood Village provides a

serene lifestyle — with a —


suburban feel. —————————— the Champion Ultradwarf green golf course, Har Tru tennis courts, a fitness center and a junior Olympic sized swimming pool. In 2003 the course was meticulously remodeled and the club remains one of the most prestigious private country clubs in Florida. The cultural center unites and enables residents and families of all ages and abilities to hone and pursue their artistic, creative, and social interests in a safe and inspiring learning environment. Residents can register for classes that include art, acting, ceramics, yoga, computers and woodcarving. The center hosts musical events, dances, summer camps, banquet hall rentals, art galleries and weekly clubs for residents interested in playing Bridge, practicing yoga or learning a new language. Vista Gardens was established in 2008 as a 501(c) community garden within the community. Residents are encouraged to visit and learn about sustainable gardening and planting. With over 41 raised beds and 80 active members, the project continues to succeed and

agriculture. Carrollwood Village also

There is certainly no shortage of

has an active and professional board of

things to do in the Carrollwood area

directors and volunteers that organize

either. The neighborhood expands

annual community events such as: Vil-

from Gunn Highway (south border) to

lageFest, Kids Day, Art in the Park and

Northdale (north border) and is bound

Tour de Village. Within this community

by the popular Dale Mabry Highway

there is a prominent feeling of beauty,

(east) and Citrus Park (west). These

fun and a sense of security. The Car-

high traffic areas are loaded with small

rollwood Community Patrol teamed up

businesses and major industries that

with US Security Associates to provide

run the gamut from food and drink to

24/7 safety patrol in the neighborhood.

shopping plazas and independent retailers as well as 24 hour access gyms

educate both children and adults on

813.551.2953 | SellYourHomeTampa.com


and exercise facilities. A 20 minute

finer dining with a savory and sweet

er Show are two unique movie theaters

drive will get you to downtown Tampa

fondue menu, while Udipi Cafe (Dale

that serve food and beverages while

for a city experience and it’s only a 15

Mabry) is one of Tampa’s only Southern

you enjoy a film.

minute drive to the accessible Tampa

Indian-style cuisines. Other dining op-

International Airport. An easy drive

tions include Grill Smith (Dale Mabry),

The Carrollwood Village neighbor-

to either Tampa International Plaza or

MiMi’s Cafe (Dale Mabry), Benjarong

hood truly has it all – the quaintness

Citrus park mall will get your shop-

Thai (Dale Mabry) and Carmel Kitchen

of residing in beautiful homes nestled

ping done. Diverse food and watering

and Wine Bar (Dale Mabry). In addition

in lush open spaces, plenty of ameni-

holes are just around the corner too:

to grocery chains like Publix there are

ties and the opportunity for creative

Cigar City Brew Pub (Dale Mabry) has a

alternative food stores such as: Whole

involvement within the community all

new-American food menu and a selec-

Foods, Fresh Market and Abby’s

within minutes from Tampa’s metro

tion of locally brewed craft beers and

Health and Nutrition in close proximity.

area. This distinguished neighborhood

The Melting Pot (Dale Mabry) offers

Villagio Cinemas and the Tampa Pitch-

thrives with its winning combination of



beauty, activity and accessibility.

It seems that nearly every “just listed”

ban developments in the Greater Tam-

sign has his name on it.

pa Bay area. Joe has watched it grow!

in Carrollwood Village than any other

Much of Joe’s success in the Carroll-

Trust the experience that only selling

realtor. A constant force in the Carroll-

wood Village is attributed to the lon-

homes for nearly four decades can pro-

wood Village real estate market, Joe

gevity of his career. Joe was selling real

vide. Trust a realtor with a consistent

has a familiarity of the neighborhood

estate when much of Carrollwood Vil-

track record of selling homes fast, effi-

that allows him to price the homes to

lage was being built. He understands

ciently and with the most ease to buy-

sell at the highest price possible. If you

the Carrollwood Village real estate

ers. Trust Joe Lewkowicz to sell your

live in the village, you’ve probably re-

market and watched the landscape

home because “No one works harder

ceived hundreds of Joe’s personal mar-

evolve over the years. From the time

to sell your home.” In order to contact

keting items and know what a domi-

it was an outskirt development to now

Joe for your free home consultation,

nant force he is in your neighborhood.

one of the most desirable planned ur-

call (813) 551-2953. •••

Joe Lewkowicz has sold more homes

813.551.2953 | SellYourHomeTampa.com





he first time that I saw Lake Magdalene was in 1970 when I was exploring the rural area close to the University of South Florida where I attended college. At the time, there were only a few homes in the area and Lake Magdalene was rather large so I thought it would be great for water skiing. A few weeks later, I found myself in a boat on the water with my friends on the lake.

Magdalene real estate market. I pride myself on evaluating waterfront homes on ski-lakes. My fondness for the Lake Magdalene area has never wavered – it’s a fondness that has been with me since I first drove the winding roads through the area and saw the impressive Lake.

The Lake Magdalene area’s landscape exemplifies mature Florida swamplands. Executive style ranches, Spanish villas and contemporary homes, lined with mature oak trees, are tucked away amongst manicured lots that resemble St. Augustine. The area includes not only Lake Magdalene but Lake Platt, Byrd Lake and numerous smaller lakes. It’s still considered to be a rural area although it’s close to town.

The optimum setting for a classic Carrollwood Community, Lake Magdalene is the picture perfect neighborhood. Once used as breeding grounds for peacocks, Lake Magdalene has been transformed into an upscale community housing some of Tampa’s most prominent executives. Today, the same peacocks that were once bred on these grounds roam the pleasant streets adding to the unique atmosphere that comprises Lake Magdalene.

Several years after my first time visiting Lake Magdalene, and many sales later, I have continued to focus my real estate efforts on being an authority in the Lake


Neighborhood Highlights

Young and vibrant, many of the families moving into Lake Magdalene will stay here for many years to come.


813.551.2953 | SellYourHomeTampa.com


A neighborhood with a lower than average turnover, Lake Magdalene residents stay here once they’ve moved in. With great access to Tampa, good schools and a waterfront yet country feel, it is no surprise that many families will buy a home here, when their children are young, and stay until the need to downsize becomes necessary. Lake Magdalene is one of the largest ski Lakes in Tampa proper. A total of 203 acres, Lake Magdalene boasts a boating and waterfront lifestyle that is unmatched, even by some of the loftiest lakefront neighborhoods in North Tampa. Walk on the white sand banks and you will feel like you are at a fresh water beach. Add to the amazement when you see large Siesta Key style homes on the other side of the lake’s bank. Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular lakes in the Tampa area and adds tremendous value to the surrounding homes. A Community that Grows

grocery store. Want organic options? The fresh market offers a plethora of alternatives to common grocery store products. With choices like these, who needs a Trader Joes? Enjoy music? Sam Ash music store is one of Tampa’s longest standing music store sells every instrument you can imagine. Sam Ash is the perfect place to harness you or your children’s music potential. Where many other music stores have closed shopped, Sam Ash music store has adapted to the ever changing and competitive music world. Looking to live closer to Tampa? Lake Magdalene offers a host of new developments that are unlike any others in the area. Opulent style homes for families in their prime, builders such as Standard Pacific, Heritage and Mobley are creating new developments that fit the executive and grand style found all throughout the Lake Magdalene area.

Have you been to Bearss grove? This open air fresh market located next to the new Standard Pacific development of the Reserve is one of the best places to get local produce. Fresh from the vine, many of the fruits and vegetables they have in stock are superior in flavor to comparable produce found in the

Go to “The Retreat at Carrollwood” and you will be impressed by the high volume ceilings, large bonus rooms and separate garage entrance for the visitor suite. Want some Florida swampland views? Go over to the Hillandale Reserve and check out the superb homes on the some of the most scenic lots offered in the Lake Magdalene area. Large windows for natural lighting, open concept spaces and a kitchen to die for, these homes are



A vibrant community, Lake Magdalene is always staying up on trends.

perfectly situated to overlook the mysterious Florida marshland. Need easy access to the main road? The Smitter Reserve, built by Mobley Homes is only seconds away from Dale Mabry. Exit out your neighborhood and then turn left and you are on your way to South Tampa!

Want to build your own custom house? No problem. Lake Magdalene is one of the few places near Tampa proper where lots or complete teardowns are easily acquisitioned without much hassle. Build your dream home on some of the vacant land that surrounds the Lake Magdelene shores – the real estate is prime for putting up a grand estate or a comfy abode. Either way, you can feel confident that your property value will remain stable making it a safe and smart investment for your family. A neighborhood unlike any other, Lake Magdalene is a place where you can grow old like the willows and oaks that have aged timelessly and grand. A truly remarkable place to raise the family and a wonderful place to call home, Lake Magdalene is the neighborhood for any person to enjoy. A Recollection I once took a car out for a test drive on the back side of Lake Magdalene Blvd, located near the now known Avila. This is the area where everyone went out for a test drive. Although I did not buy the car, I did buy a lot and built a home here. Lake Magdalene has been my neighborhood since 1979. •••

813.551.2953 | SellYourHomeTampa.com



Waterfront on

Lake Josephine! — T2766211 16603 HUTCHISON RD, ODESSA, FL 33556 —

Beautiful ski size Lake Josephine property with 2,738 sq.ft., 3 bedroom/2 bath eco-friendly home built in 2012 and loaded with high end amenities and features private gate access, dock and guest house. This has been independently appraised for $700,000, which can be made available. The floor plan of this unique home offers WOOD FLOORS, a downstairs master suite, living room, great room plan with gas fireplace and large gourmet kitchen and dining area. Take the ELEVATOR or stairs to the 2nd story living space which includes 2 large bedrooms w/ walk-in closets and balconies off each bedroom, guest bath with vessel sink and remote control shower, huge bonus/family room with Infinity


fireplace, wet bar with wine refrigeration and cabi-netry with Corian counter tops and huge laundry room w/ high end cabinetry and Corian counter tops. The downstairs dream kitchen offers Energy Star stainless steel appliances, highend cab-inetry, stone counter tops, glass serving top, double oven, gas cook top and more. The master suite offers a huge master bath with dual sinks, stone counter tops, large walk-in shower, gar-den tub and massive walk-in shower with custom built-ins. Other features include high ceilings, decorative design, decorator colors and tile, large covered porches, detached guest house that can be converted to living space, a huge


813.551.2953 | SellYourHomeTampa.com



Stunningly Private

Odessa Home — T2769385 15201 OCTAVIA LN, ODESSA, FL 33556 —

Beautifully designed 5 bedroom/3.5 bath/bonus room, home w/ screened pool, 3-car garage (tandem), built by David Weekly with many upgrades and is situated on large cul-de-sac lot. This richly decorated home features architectural detail throughout. Decorator colors, crown molding, tray ceilings, high end light fixtures, plantation shutters, wood floors in all bedrooms including closets, a DOWNSTAIRS master bedroom, oversize screened lanai w/ brick paved decking, decorative window moldings and more. The floor plan consists of downstairs master bedroom, formal dining room, French doors lead to living room, large family room overlooking a cook’s dream kitchen plus ½ guest bath. Upstairs you will find bonus/game room,


4 bedrooms (split plan 2-2), one bedroom has an en suite bath (perfect for guest), plus addition shared bath-room Jack and Jill style. A great family home set-up. The downstairs master suite offers wood flooring, tray ceiling, sitting area, large walk-in closet and a master bath w/ dual sinks, jetted tub and walk-in shower. The kitchen features wood cabinetry, granite countertops, island, stainless steel appliances, massive walk-in pantry plus separate eat-in area. The outdoor living space includes huge screened deck area with brick paved decking overlooking pool and spa. Don’t miss the huge backyard with plenty of room to play. This lovely home is located in the Northton Groves neighborhood and is conveniently located near great schools, shopping, Veteran’s ex-pressway and more. NO CDD fees, low HOA fees.


813.551.2953 | SellYourHomeTampa.com



Convenience in the




— T2771557 6153 NATIVE WOODS DR, TAMPA, FL 33625 — Exquisite design for a family or entertaining, this gorgeous home offers 4 bedroom, 3-car ga-rage, plus a game room, office, screened pool and heated SPA with approximately 3,500 sq.ft. of living area situated on an oversize conservation lot with no neighbors to one side in the gated community of Native Woods. Elegant open floor plan boasts wood floors, inlaid custom tile, dramatic 2-story foyer and staircase, high ceilings that create large spaces with natural light. Lanai sliding door opens 12 ft. to pool area. The floor plan offers formal living and formal dining room w/ wood floors, gourmet kitchen opening to family room and overlooking pool area, down-stairs office/study for convenience. The kitchen features wood cabinetry and granite counter


top space, double oven, 3 in 1 microwave and silence plus dishwasher, pantry, breakfast bar, tile backsplash and separate eat-in area. Upstairs includes large bedrooms, game room, loft/hallway for additional flex space and huge master suite. Master suite includes sitting area, large walk-in closets and master bath with soaking tub, walk-in shower and dual sinks. The pool area includes large screened covered lanai/pool area with heated SPA, brick paved decking. Plus, enjoy lush landscaping and conservation area with plenty of room to play outdoors. The quiet gated community of Native Woods is conveniently located near great schools, bike trails, Veterans expressway, Citrus Park Mall, minutes to airport, shopping and more.


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Oversized in Tempe Terrace

— T2777355 212 WILLOWICK AVE, TEMPLE TERRACE, FL 33617 —

Stunning 2,806 sq. ft. 3 bedroom/2.5 bath/oversize 2-car garage home situated on large lot and located in the Heart of Temple Terrace. This immaculate home is perfect for entertaining and features a fantastic floor plan, gorgeous landscaping, high ceilings, split bedroom plan, large rooms throughout, plenty of closet space, bright and light, huge lot, side entry garage for GOLF CART and more. From the foyer you will be amazed at the open feeling you



get. Formal living room and dining room, large family room/Florida room, 3 large bedrooms including master suite. The master suite includes sitting area huge walk-in closet and master bath with garden tub, dual sinks and walk-in shower. Your large kitchen includes breakfast bar, plus eat in area, plenty of cabinet space and counter tops, two large closet pantries. Massive laundry room is just off the kitchen. You will love the amazing exterior with pathways winding through

the beautiful land-scaping that includes tropical plants, lemon, lime and orange trees. Don’t miss seeing this very conveniently located home. Walk to Temple Terrace Country club. The Temple Terrace com-munity offers public boat ramp, recreation building, community pool, park and playground. Close to USF, Florida Hospital, shopping and more.

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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Buy

Affordable Waterfront — T2769590 19610 RHEA SEE DR, LUTZ, FL 33548 —

LAKEFRONT HOME on SKI SIZE DEER LAKE with beautiful views situated on ¾ of an acre. Ski, swim or fish in one of the most pristine lakes (crystal clear and sand bottom) in the area. Plus enjoy living in the 4 bedroom/3 bath, 2,049 sq.ft. home with new floors, updated kitchen w/ wood cabinets and granite counter tops and more. The open floor plan features great room, split bedroom plan, eat-in area off kitchen, Florida room with large window view of lake, master bedroom has French doors leading to open decking with lake views, one bedroom can be a second master bedroom with its own private bath, plus much more. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets while sitting on your private dock and huge backyard. Great location TOO! Great schools, shop-ping, and more.



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