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ing the twin realities that on the one hand I’m TURNING VISION

The Inquiry of Gaia ©Jo Whaley

faulty human being grappling my way to INTOthis ACTION a path that feels like it has integrity and purpose, while also living within the knowledge RNING that TURNING there is divinity that lives in my heart, and SION connects VISION me to this extraordinary, magnifiN T O cent IN TO world. If I’ve learned anything from watching CTION ACTION leaders, it seems key to me to learn to hold both of those realities at one time. I notice that if I loose sight of either one of them, it tips the scales in a way that I either become too selfcritical, or I consider myself as not bringing an important contribution to the world, or I can become inflated or insensitive. So I seek to walk with equanimity, between the two. This same notion of two-handedness has been one of my guiding principles with Bioneers – holding the challenging truths of what is ecological toxicity and loss in one hand, while offering purity of intention, vision and possibility with the other. SCIENCE AND SPIRIT In terms of the nexus of science and spirituality, I believe they are necessary partners in informing humanity’s best future. It seems to me that wedding ancient knowledge traditions with modern human ingenuity and invention – including the wisdom of nature, the feminine, and indigenous cultures – holds the greatest promise for the future of life on Earth. In practice, science is often affirming what our hearts’ wisdom, intuition and bodies’ intelligence already often know to be true. What has always been important to me about Bioneers is the experience of interconnectedPhaedra Ellis-Lamkins Danny Glover

Nalini Nadkarni

ness between both science and spirit, and the deep recognition of how different disciplines and perspectives can augment one another to provide dimensionality within a larger unifying whole. One gift of living in this time is that people are waking up and becoming more open, which asks us to develop ourselves in ways that support us in coexisting with complexity, uncertainty, discomfort, and in getting better at bridging difference. My calling is to help make our essential interconnectedness more visible, and to create opportunities to oCtoBer 18–20, 2013 model how potently we can grow each othsan Ca er. I am thankful that rafael, so many are exploring the emergent feminine within us all, and that women around the world are expanding and freeing their capacities to act more boldly on behalf of life throughto increased inner awareWhat ExpEct ness, access to education, and connection to • A network of innovation experts and each other. emergent leaders who are Turning As women, I find thatnow one of the most Vision Into Action critical things can do is to rediscover for• A we forum of discussion, education and gotten or banished partsaction of ourselves and to collaborative for achieving equality restore themsustainability within our and internal landscape so that we can address the external healing • Inspiration to play a meaningful role of in promoting the whole that’s neededresilient from communities a stable place. the health and wellness of all I’ve reached aand point in life when as I discover living things and reclaim my wholeness, I want to bathe those parts of myself that are returning in rose petals and bow to them, write poetry to honor and dance with them. In so doing, perhaps we may help each otherShould to come into our birthWho attEnd right as protectors of the sacredness of life. I • Community Activists & Organizers find that the greatest strength comes as I first • Environmentalists attend, more fully, to repairing and revitalizing • Social Justice my relationship with myAdvocates self.

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Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2

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Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.