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Wisdom I ask myself who I am, answer is you are a product of Love. You are. You are a product of Love. The movement of Love, the energy of Love holds all together. All your cells working not only holding you together, but holding you within the whole universe, not as a pending being, but as communication with the whole universe… In every direction we look, we find reason for appreciation. Appreciation is the expression of Love, and to know, to learn how to be appreciative is the Way of Wisdom. The heat of fire is valuable, but when it is confined with fireplace. When you feel the energy of love, don’t be distracted. Wisdom will grow, rise, and mature, from within Love. And for love to arrive at the full extent of knowledge, is truly the way of Wisdom. Love has to be contained within Wisdom to remain valuable and precious…. In making a fruit preserve, to make sure that flavor, the essence, and taste of the fruit is protected during the process, we have to keep the extract within a jar and tighten very tight to protect it from any outside effect during a certain time. Time is important. It takes a certain time to

develop that. In Sufi terminology, it is Forty Days, and you will follow this time in monotheism, beginning at the time of Noah. For forty days and nights, he closed the doors and window to the ark. That’s the time which you receive the energy of Love, so you have to hold it within the heart and let that become reached, and get into ecstasy. If we do not follow the wisdom of process, which is to keep that energy within your heart, for a certain time until you know that is the time you can open the door, like Noah did after Forty days. When he had tightened all the windows and doors of the arc and was sitting in the darkness, how did he know when it’s the time to open the door? Because the light rises from within the darkness. Wisdom and Love – two mysterious terms in human vocabulary, simply used In daily life. We may come across them accidently, and how we locate them is most complicated to define…. How Love can purify itself from all paradox, and from such puzzlement, when Love and Wisdom return to their own home.

lot of teachers in HeartMath techniques. One of the comments I hear a lot is, “Wow, when I shift my state, my classroom changes.” Once they learn and practice being more coherent, it can have a palatable, noticeable effect on their students. Then we can go a band wider, which you cannot explain now through conventional physics, where it becomes more non-local connections. It’s notable that first there is an electrical signal in a forming fetus, even before there is a detectable physical heart. This signal is present when the cells first start dividing, about three and a half days after cells start to form. What’s fascinating is that if that signal does not emerge, if it does not turn on so to speak, then there’s no morphogenetic information to guide those cells to become the human being they are going to become. Twin studies have shown that if this signal is not detected, it can result in a situation where you get a non-living clump of cells and jumble of limbs that never receive the necessary guidance in what to become. So that’s pretty good evidence that the heart is critical for the information from the higher dimension that provides the Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

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