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creases coupling to that part of the self that has access to our larger capacities. As we become more connected to our heart’s intuitive Intelligence, we start making better choices, and we become kinder and more compassionate, appreciative, cooperative and collaborative. At this point in human history, it really is about a shift from the head to the heart. What’s needed now is a more conscious integration of the heart and brain, so that the mind becomes a servant of something higher – it is the mind that is the big winner when you do that. Intuition is the term I most often choose to use to describe the flow of information down from our higher dimensional self via the energetic systems. At HeartMath, we are working to explore on a scientific level how this shift from head to heart affects us, looking not only at positive changes in physiology, but also changes on the level of gene expression and improvements in relationships that can promote healthy people, and a healthy global society and planet. Finding Flow The goal of HeartMath is to provide simple, practical tools and technologies photo © Institute of HeartMath

that can help people to live more from their heart’s intuitive guidance. It’s really all about the inner technology; and we’ve designed tools and techniques that help people to connect more fully with their inner resources. In so doing, they start to develop capacities they didn’t know they had access to, and start to see solutions to problems that were not available before. HeartMath’s tools and techniques are meant to be accessible broadly. Our work is science-based and seeks to cut through to the core of what’s needed to help people navigate shifts toward greater awareness and conscious living. Where a lot of traditional academics miss the elegance of HeartMath is in the simplicity of what we offer, which is really a key aspect of its effectiveness. All of the work is based on the principle that as you increase your connection with higher capacities, what we call the flow of intuition, that strengthened connection is what expands consciousness. The Eye of the Needle From my perspective, and I don’t mind saying this on the record, there are a lot of great systems of spiritual practice out there, and my

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

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