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fortune of discovering the richness of being was sacrificed at the footstep of globalization, eliminating the individual self, individual values, hope for humanity. And through all these conditions, the puzzle of what road leads to the station of happiness has remained unanswered. Each era has its own attributes and characteristics, each era has its own possibilities and potentialities, and in this new era of possibilities we find ourselves at the cross road of decision making, anew. Our intellectual understanding of the material world is advancing rapidly, and the voice of the heart’s longing is softening. Technology has opened the door of global promise; yet, at the same time, it has managed to undermine the importance of the individual self, human uniqueness and individuation. This technology has succeeded in overlooking the value of human heart, compassion, dignity, and the honoring of life both in human and in nature. However, the spiritual traditions of the world have not lost hope in human beings, and they remind us, again and again, of the importance of understanding and honoring the universe within the human heart. This universe opens the door of understanding free from the dimensions of time or place, gender or race, cultures or traditions, and all that is fleeting in human life. Self- awareness becomes an invaluable vehicle leading not only toward global peace but also toward human happiness. Real happiness finds its root in knowledge, awareness, stability, compassion, virtue, ethics, morality, confidence, and above all valuing human life more than the consumption or accumulation of material goods. Transformation has to begin from one’s self; it is not only the globe that decides the destination and fate of human kind; it is also the individual who has the ability to decide the destiny of the globe. It is at this point of understanding Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

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