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2011 Erector Set

Construction Engineering Curriculum Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Iowa State University

Chuck Jahren Editor Denise Wood Editorial Assistant Volume XXXXII Number 1 August 15, 2011

Cover Photo by Bailey Marlow Las Vegas AGC Expo

Iowa State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. veteran. Inquiries can be directed to the Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, 3680 Beardshear Hall, (515) 294-7612.


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Good-Bye from Edward Jaselskis, Professor-in-Charge

Greetings from Chuck Jahren Division Leader

(through May 15, 2011)

(beginning June 1, 2011-)

Where have twenty-two and a half years gone!? I started at Iowa State University as a young assistant professor in January 1989 not knowing a lot about how special the ConE program is but feeling that I could make a difference—and not knowing how long I would be here. During my tenure at ISU, I taught and advised many of you and conducted innovative research to help improve the productivity of our industry. I have gotten to know many of you—some better than others. I also got married to Michelle (an ISU Alum) and have a beautiful nine year old daughter, Sophie. Celebrating the program’s 50 th year anniversary last fall was truly a memorable highlight of my time at Iowa State. My family and I have had a wonderful time living in Ames and participating in several Cyclone events. Recently, I was offered an opportunity to become a faculty member at North Carolina State University—it was an opportunity that was too good to pass up. My family and I look forward to the new opportunities Raleigh will bring in the future. It has been wonderful getting to know many of you as an instructor, advisor, or alumnus. I will miss you all and wish you all the best in the future. I hope to keep in touch with you. My contact information at NC State is as follows:

Universities are interesting places. Things happen in them that seldom happen elsewhere—like getting a second chance at leading a program after having three years off and thoroughly enjoying the time off as a regular faculty member. (Terry Branstad, our current governor in Iowa is a notable exception; the former four term Iowa governor is back after three terms off.) In the three years since my last program leadership role, I have had a chance to help our top juniors and seniors teach classes of over 100 students in our learning community, start an online master’s degree, edit the premier archival journal for construction engineering, and get reacquainted with my research and my family. I enjoyed Ed’s leadership and especially admire his success in facilitating our 50th anniversary celebration. Best wishes to Ed at NC State University and Kelly Strong who is moving to Colorado State University. We are looking forward to staying in touch with them and collaborating where we can. It is an honor and humbling to assume leadership of the largest (by far) construction program in the US – for the second time. Our program is blessed with great colleagues and wonderful students; it is different than it was three years ago with new faculty members (Doug Gransberg and Beth Hartmann), new students (wired, connected and more involved in student organization and service projects), new budgets (less money), and new technology (social media, computer collaboration, online learning and the next generation of computers). So this is really like having a whole new job, rather than getting back the old one… and I am approaching it in that way.

Edward J. Jaselskis Jimmy D. Clark Distinguished Professor Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC 27695-7908 Email: Phone: (919) 515-1158

The College of Engineering put a high priority on our need to replace our two colleagues who have recently departed. The recently graduated PhDs that I have met at conferences are mostly high energy people who are ready to start their first job and make a difference. In my former role of Editor-in-Chief at the ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management our editorial board made a concerted effort to recruit early career faculty members to our group and we were always pleased at the enthusiasm and cooperation that they exuded. I am looking

Dr. Chuck Jahren will be taking over the Construction Engineering program beginning June 1. I wish Chuck all the best for a successful transition.


forward to recruiting from that pool for our faculty members. In addition, Iowa State Construction Engineering is attractive professionally, so there is also a possibility that we encourage an experienced person to join us who likes four seasons and gracious small city living. The Erector Set for this year reveals a dynamic program where students take professionalism and service to others seriously and where the industry and alumni and Iowa State University staff work together to make the program a success. I can’t wait to experience the activities that we will report to you in the next edition of the Erector Set!


Construction Engineering Industry Advisory Council John Adam Director, Statewide Operations Bureau

Iowa Department of Transp. 800 Lincoln Way Ames, IA 50010


Dan Biere Construction Executive

M.A. Mortenson Co. 700 Meadow Lane North Minneapolis, MN 55422


Ken Bonus Bonus Homes

3400 Briar Ridge West Des Moines, IA 50265

Robert Cramer President/Chief Admin. Off.

Cramer & Associates, Inc. 3100 SW Brookside Drive Grimes, IA 50111


Steve Daxon Vice President

Estes Construction 131 W. 2nd St., Suite 400 Davenport, IA 52808


Beth Duyvejonck

Opus Design Build, L.L.C. 10350 Bren Rd. W. Minnetonka, MN 55343


Mike Espeset President

Story Construction Co. 300 S. Bell Avenue Ames, IA 50010

515-232-4350 ext 2605

Paul Francois

Pepper Construction Co. 495 Metro Place South Dublin, OH 43017


Michael Gawley President

Oakview Construction Co. 2618 South 156th Circle Omaha, NE 68130


Mark Guetzko President

Seedorff Masonry, Inc. 408 West Mission Street Strawberry Pt, IA 52076-9801


Paul Higgins Managing Director

The Beck Group 1807 Ross Avenue, Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75201-8006


Larry Hopp Vice President/Area Manager

Kiewit Construction Co. 3921 Mason Street Omaha, NE 68105-1840



Industry Advisory Council Cont’d Stephen Jackson President

Cedar Valley Corp. 2637 Wagner Road Waterloo, IA 50704


Colleen Ladd Project Manager

Buena Vista Construction Co. 4329 Summit Creek Blvd. #2105 Orlando, FL 32837

Chris Lindhart Director of Integrated Services

The Beck Group 1807 Ross Ave, Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75201


Dean McCormick Director Design & Constr. Services

Iowa State University Facilities Planning & Mgmt. 200 General Services Bldg. Ames, IA 50011


Mark McDermott Project Manager

Black & Veatch 11401 Lamar Avenue Overland Park, KS 66211


T. J. Meiners Electrical Engineer Project Manager

Nelson Electric Co. 618 14th Ave SW, PO Box 967 Cedar Rapids, IA 52406


Kent Meyn Director of Project Mgmt.

ACI Mechanical, Inc. 3116 S. Duff Ave, PO Box 192 Ames, IA 50010-0192


Dave Miller Senior Vice President

The Waldinger Corp. 2601 Bell Ave, PO Box 1612 Des Moines, IA 50306


Josh Miltenberger Project Manager

Russell Construction Co. 4600 E. 53rd Street Davenport, IA 52807


Cork Peterson Vice President

Peterson Contractors, Inc. 104 Blackhawk Str, PO Box A Reinbeck, IA 50669

319-345-2173 x 204

Gene Postma President and CEO

Western States Fire Protect. Co. 7020 S. Tucson Way Centennial, CO 80112


Dirk Schafer Executive Vice President

J.E. Dunn Construction Co. 1001 Locust Kansas City, MO 64106




Industry Advisory Council Cont’d Ken Sorensen Vice President, General Manager, Minn. Office

M.A. Mortenson Co. 700 Meadow Lane N. Minneapolis, MN 55422-4899


Mike Tousley President

The Weitz Company 5901 Thornton Ave. Des Moines, IA 50321-2403


Brian Wessels Project Manager/Estimator

Greiner Construction Co. Northstar Center W. 625 Marquette Ave Ste 840 Minneapolis, MN 55402



Construction Engineering Personnel Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Iowa State University 456 Town Engineering Ames, IA 50011-3232 515-294-2045 (phone) 515-294-3845 (fax) Baker, Jenny Lecturer

455 Town Engineering 515-294-6781 In 2010-2011 Jenny instructed: ConE 221. Contractor Organization and Management of Construction. Entry level course for construction engineering: integration of significant engineering, economics, and management issues related to efficient construction company operations. Time value of money; methods of evaluating alternative projects; organization; operations; construction company administration; project administration; project management systems; construction contracts; integrated delivery systems (design/build and others); marketing; insurance and bonding; construction safety; labor law; labor relations; productivity; motivation and leadership; contract documents; interpretation and utilization of drawings, specifications, agreements, bidding forms, general conditions, subcontracts, shop drawings and related documents. ConE 353. Electrical Systems in Buildings. Comprehensive coverage of building electrical systems including power, lighting, fire alarm, security and communications. Analysis techniques and design principles for each system. Required comprehensive design project for a major building project. In addition: Co-Advisor for National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)

procedures, intellectual property, products liability, risk analysis. Emphasis on development of critical thinking process, abstract problem analysis and evaluation. Cormicle, Larry Senior Lecturer

426 Town Engineering 515-294-8299 In 2010-2011 Larry instructed: ConE 121 & 122. Cornerstone Learning Community. Integration of first-year and transfer students into the engineering profession. Career preparation, professional ethics, construction research. Introduction to construction industry professionals including how they interact with engineers in other disciplines. Continued introduction to program, department, college, and university organization. Overview of faculty, staff, policies, procedures and resources. ConE221. Contractor Organization and Management of Construction. ConE 441. Construction Planning, Scheduling, and Control. Integration of previous construction coursework into the planning, scheduling, and management of time, costs, and other resources. Emphasis on preparation and analysis of network schedules. Comprehensive planning and scheduling project. Computer project management applications. ConE 488. Construction Engineering Design II. Application of team design concepts to a construction engineering project. Project planning. Detailed analysis. Advanced cost and schedule applications. Contract negotiation. Development of a complete project history. Technical presentations (oral and written). In addition: Coop/Intern Advisor Advisor for Associated General Contractors Student Chapter Coach for Associated Schools of Construction Student Competition Teams Chair of the ConE Curriculum Committee

Becker, Timothy Teaching Assistant

451 Town Engineering 515-294-5403 In 2010-2011 Tim instructed: ConE 221. Contractor Organization and Management of Construction. ConE 380. Engineering Law. Introduction to law and judicial procedure as they relate to the practicing engineer. Contracts, professional liability, professional ethics, licensing, bidding 10

Department representative, Scholarships and Awards Committee Advisor for the National Association of Home Builders Student Chapter

interpretation of contract documents and in estimating quantities. In addition: National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Student Chapter Faculty Advisor Faculty Leader, Leadership Pillar, E2020 Scholars Program Co-instructor for Leadership modules for Engr 110X and Engr 210X.

Gransberg, Doug Professor

494 Town Engineering 515-294-4148 In 2011 Doug instructed: ConE 421. Construction Estimating. Conceptual estimating. Bid preparation for buildings, highways, heavy, mechanical trades. Estimating costs for material, labor, equipment, overhead, and profit. Quantity surveys, unit costs, production rates, and pricing methods. Subcontract bid analysis and bid procedure. Cost analysis and cost control. Electronic quantity take-off methods.

Hunacek, Mark Lecturer

486 Carver 515-294-8167 In 2010-2011 Mark instructed: ConE 380. Engineering Law. Introduction to law and judicial procedure as they relate to the practicing engineer. Contracts, professional liability, professional ethics, licensing, bidding procedures, intellectual property, products liability, risk analysis. Emphasis on development of critical thinking process, abstract problem analysis and evaluation.

Hartmann, Beth Lecturer

450 Town Engineering 515-294-8190 In 2010-2011 Beth instructed: ConE 121 & 122. Cornerstone Learning Community. Integration of first-year and transfer students into the engineering profession. Career preparation, professional ethics, construction research. Introduction to construction industry professionals including how they interact with engineers in other disciplines. Continued introduction to program, department, college, and university organization. Overview of faculty, staff, policies, procedures and resources. ConE 487. Construction Engineering Design I. The integrated delivery of project services including preliminary engineering design process, constructability review, interaction with the client, identification of engineering problems, developments of a proposal, identification of design criteria, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, application of codes and standards, development of feasible alternatives, selection of best alternative, and delivery of oral presentations. CE 306. Project Management for CE. Project management, including work breakdown structures, cost estimating, scheduling, and project control. Civil engineering project life cycle, including planning, design, construction, and maintenance processes. Techniques in

Jahren, Charles Assoc. Professor

428 Town Engineering 515-294-3829 In 2010-2011 Chuck instructed: ConE 322. Construction Equipment and Heavy Construction Methods. Selection and acquisition of construction equipment. Application of engineering fundamentals and economics to performance characteristics and production of equipment. Heavy construction methods and economic applications. ConE 381A. Bidding Construction Projects I. Team development of construction process designs and cost estimates for transportation construction projects under closely simulated conditions. Examine project sites, consult with construction industry mentors, obtain subcontractor and supplier quotations, and submit bids. Offered in the following specialities: A. Heavy and Highway CE 505. Design of Construction Systems. Advanced design of concrete formwork and falsework systems. Design for excavation and marine construction including temporary retaining structures and cofferdams. Aggregate production operations, including blasting, crushing, and conveying systems. Rigging system design. 11

established a hiring process for peer mentors and have played a more active role in mentoring the peer mentors. I continue to participate in committees at the college and university level as well as have become more active in leadership roles within my professional organizations. Through these experiences, I continue to learn how important the Con E learning community is and the impact this sense of community has upon our undergraduates. It is this sense of community that I hope to continue fostering in the years to come. One way I am continuing to foster community is through our peer mentoring program. In the past several semesters we have begun meeting with peer mentors one on one to discuss any concerns they are having as well as to get to know them on a personal level. We have also begun reading a leadership book each semester as a way to provide professional development to the peer mentors.

CE594E&F. Special Topics in Construction Engineering and Management. Some topics have a set number of credits and some topics have the number of credits vary. Emphasis for a particular offering will be selected from the following topics: E. Project Controls F. Computer Applications for Project Controls Jaselskis, Edward Professor-in-Charge

458 Town Engineering 515-294-0250

In 2010 Ed instructed: ConE 421. Construction Estimating. Conceptual estimating. Bid preparation for buildings, highways, heavy, mechanical trades. Estimating costs for material, labor, equipment, overhead, and profit. Quantity surveys, unit costs, production rates, and pricing methods. Subcontract bid analysis and bid procedure. Cost analysis and cost control. Electronic quantity take-off methods. CE501. Preconstruction Project Engineering/Management. Application of engineering and management control techniques to construction project development from conceptualization to notice to proceed. Determinants of construction project success, conceptual estimating, design and engineering planning for automated construction techniques, constructability review procedures, planning for safety, value engineering. In addition: Construction Industry Institute subcommittee of the Strategic Planning Committee on Emerging Trends Chair. CCEE Administrative Council Mauro, Kristin ConE Academic Advisor

This fall I will begin my fourth year as a PhD candidate in Educational Leadership and Public Policy. As a result, I’ve continued expanding my research resume. This past spring, I conducted a study with the students in the learning community to answer the question “Does knowing others personality types have a positive impact on group dynamics?” This study functions as a baseline by which I can improve the overall study and hopefully create a more meaningful impact and stronger sense of community among the undergraduates. Lastly, I have been working on a publication with Drs. Carla Lopez del Puerto, Jennifer Shane, and Kelly Strong as well as Rhonda Wiley-Jones. The manuscript is entitled “Retaining Women Students in a Construction Engineering Undergraduate Program by Balancing Integration and Identity in Student Communities.” This article has been accepted for a second review by the International Journal of Construction Education and Research.

382B Town Engineering 515-294-2744

In addition:  Presented at the ISU Learning Community Institute in May 2011.  Advised approximately 200 students, served as back-up to faculty advisers and held refresher sessions for faculty advisers to prepare for registration.  Participated as a member of the Con E Curriculum Committee.

In 2010-2011 Kristin instructed: ConE 121 and ConE 122. Cornerstone Learning Community. Greetings, It is hard to believe that another year has gone by. This past year has been extremely busy as well as rewarding for me. In the past year I have taken on a larger role within the Learning Community, 12

Plymesser, Cliff

451 Town Engineering 515-294-5403 In 2010-2011 Cliff instructed: ConE340. Concrete & Steel Construction. Planning and field engineering for concrete and steel construction. Design and applications of concrete formwork to construction. Erection of structural steel. Emerging industry themes.

Participated as a member of the College of Engineering’s Advising Committee.  Partnered with Dr. Shane and the women of Con E to turn the ‘Girl’s Night Out’ Program into a student group who will coordinate their activities.  Participated as a member of the Learning Community Assessment subcommittee.  Participated as a member of the Learning Community Peer Mentor subcommittee. In the future:  Partnering with Larry Cormicle to coordinate Con E’s learning community.  Increasing my experience to include supervising the Peer Mentor’s.  Submitting a proposal to present on the Con E Cornerstone Learning Community and its successes at both the NACADA regional national conferences in 2011-12.

Shane, Jennifer Assistant Professor

498 Town Engineering 515-294-1703 In 2010-2011 Jennifer instructed: ConE 221. Contractor Organization and Management of Construction. Entry level course for construction engineering: integration of significant engineering, economics, and management issues related to efficient construction company operations. Time value of money; methods of evaluating alternative projects; organization; operations; construction company administration; project administration; project management systems; construction contracts; integrated delivery systems (design/build and others); marketing; insurance and bonding; construction safety; labor law; labor relations; productivity; motivation and leadership; contract documents; interpretation and utilization of drawings, specifications, agreements, bidding forms, general conditions, subcontracts, shop drawings and related documents. In addition: Sigma Lambda Chi faculty advisor (construction honor group) Design-Build of America Student Chapter faculty advisor Member of ConE Curriculum Committee

Perkins, Brad Senior Lecturer

452 Town Engineering 515-294-2872 In 2010-2011 Brad instructed: ConE 241. Construction Materials and Methods. Introduction to materials and methods of building construction and to construction drawings. Foundation, structural framing, floor, roof, and wall systems. Blueprint reading and quantity takeoff techniques. ConE 251. Mechanical/Electrical Materials and Methods. Introduction to the materials and methods for mechanical and electrical construction systems and drawings. HVAC, water and waste water, power distribution, lighting, and fire protection. Blueprint reading and quantity takeoff. Specialty contractor organization and management. ConE 352. Mechanical Systems in Buildings. Comprehensive coverage of mechanical systems, plumbing, fire protection, vertical transportation. Analysis techniques and design principles for each system. Required comprehensive design project for a major building project. CE 594L. Special Topics in Construction Engineering and Management. Some topics have a set number of credits and some topics have the number of credits vary. Emphasis for a particular offering will be selected from the following topics: Advanced Building Construction Topics.

Strong, Kelly Associate Professor

454 Town Engineering 515-294-1460 In 2010-2011 Kelly instructed: CE 485. Civil Engineering Design I. The civil engineering design process, interacting with the client, identification of the engineering problems, development of a technical proposal, identification of design criteria, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, codes and standards, development of feasible alternatives, selection of best alternative, oral presentation and poster. 13

ConE502. Construction Project Engineering/Management. Application of engineering and management control techniques to construction projects. Construction project control techniques, equipment selection and utilization, project administration, construction process simulation, Quality Management, and productivity improvement programs. In addition: Member of the ConE Curriculum Committee Design-Build Institute of America Student Chapter faculty advisor Wood, Denise Secretary

456 Town Engineering 515-294-2045

Supports ConE faculty, staff, students, student organizations and advisory council. Handles employment questions. Co-Editor of the Erector Set. Greetings! This is the first year for me as CoEditor of the Erector Set. It has been a great learning experience and very fun to hear how everyone is doing. Aside from the on-line form “technology” issues, it has been an interesting, new challenge and I’m looking forward to putting everything together for the 2011 edition.


Faculty Research 2010-2011 Dr. Granberg’s research included: (Annual Year 2011) PI: NCHRP 10-85: “A Guidebook for Construction Manager-at-Risk Contracting for Highway Projects,” $400,000.

PI: San Antonio Water System Project: “Develop Parametric Cost Estimating System,” $40,000 The objective of this project was to develop a parametric cost estimating system that would permit the San Antonio Water System to improve the accuracy of early project programming-level estimates. The research involved a sophisticated statistical analysis of this public utility’s historical bid tabulations and the creation of a database and cost models for three different types of water projects that are frequently built by this owner. The project will conclude in the summer 2011 with a training course for water system engineers on how to utilize and implement the new system.

Research has found that traditional Design Bid Build (DBB) project delivery creates problems for DOTs when they try to use DBB to accelerate project delivery. While DB has been successful in many states for accelerating project delivery, it is not appropriate for all projects. States are seeking additional project delivery methods to address risk management, improve schedule delivery, and enable collaboration on design decisions. This research was funded to explore the use of Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMR) to address these issues. The objective of this research is to develop a guidebook for initiating and implementing a CMR project delivery system for highway projects at transportation agencies. Dr. Jennifer Shane if the Co-PI for this project.

PI: NCHRP Synthesis 42-01: “Practices and Guidelines for the Incorporation and Use of Geotechnical Information in Design-Build Projects,” $35,000. Use of the design-build project delivery method by state agencies for transportation projects is increasing each year. Significant variability exists in the current practice regarding the allocation of geotechnical risk and the level of geotechnical information provided with bid documents. There is also variability regarding the scope of geotechnical information required after award, the program of geotechnical-related performance testing during construction, and the contract provisions related to geotechnical design and construction. The purpose of this synthesis is to document and summarize current state-of-thepractice related to geotechnical engineering and constructability for design-build highway projects, including bridges, other structures, embankments, and excavations. This report will help state DOTs develop effective procedures for delivering design-build projects and managing geotechnical risks.

PI: Oklahoma Transportation Center Project OTCREOS9.1-21: “Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Pavement Retexturing as a Pavement Preservation Tool,” $1.0 million. Dr. Gransberg will complete this project that he started while on the faculty at the University of Oklahoma. It involved the construction of 23 pavement preservation treatment test sections on a 4-lane state highway and monitoring various aspects of their performance for a period of 3 years. The project has been selected for follow-on funding to monitor each section until it has failed based on the criteria developed in the original project. The objective of the project was to quantity the costs of each treatment and to develop deterioration models based on failure due to loss of skid resistance, loss of macrotexture, and other modes such as delamination. The project was selected by AASHTO as one of the ten most valuable state-funded transportation research projects and included in a Report to the US Congress on the value of transportation research. The graduate students on this project were recognized with two national and one state award for their efforts.

Co-PI: NCHRP 10-83: “Alternative Quality Management Systems for Highway Construction,” $500,000. Alternative project delivery methods that are applied to highway construction involved selecting the contractor before the design is complete and therefore, involving the contractor in 15

the design process. This leads to an application of alternative quality control systems that emphasize contractor quality control and assurance. These new systems allow owners to have confidence through a verification of contractor quality system process. The objectives of this research are to (1) identify and understand alternative quality management systems and (2) develop guidelines for their use in highway construction projects. The research that is being led by Dr. Keith Molenaar of the University of Colorado is using a case study approach to identifying successful of alternative quality management systems for both design and construction.

Dr. Jahren’s research included: Research Project Descriptions Short Jahren 07_01_11 Preventive Maintenance Support The objectives of the proposed research project of this proposed research project is to increase the level of success as the Iowa DOT embarks on an effort to increase emphasis on preventive maintenance. It is expected this objective will be reached by transmitting lessons learned from past research efforts and assisting with training, project selection and construction start up. Sponsor: Iowa Department of Transportation PI: Charles T. Jahren Date: July 1, 2011-June 2012

Co-PI: SHRP2 R-10: “Project Management Strategies for Complex Projects,” $1.25 million

Pilot Construction Projects for Granular Shoulder Stabilization TR-634 The objective of the proposed research project is to assist Iowa DOT in cost effectively mitigating edge ruts on granular shoulders by pilot testing the use of DUSTLOCK in a full scale maintenance setting and continuing to explore other alternatives such as developing standard specifications for a class of products that might have similar effectiveness and using other stabilizing strategies or paving short sections of shoulders. Sponsor: Iowa Department of Transportation PI: Charles T. Jahren Co-PI: David White, Iowa State University Date: April 2008-January 2011

Dr. Jennifer Shane leads this project and Dr. Kelly Strong is also a Co-PI. Dr. Gransberg’s primary focus in this project is research into the construction financing aspects of complex projects. The project has developed a 5dimensional model for complex project management of which finance is one of the dimensions Co-PI: Mn/DOT Project 2010-077: “Construction Manager General Contractor Risk Assessment,” $85,000. Dr. Jennifer Shane leads also this project whose objective is to develop the necessary information on CMGC contracting from research and the literature to assist the Minnesota Department of Transportation facilitate the legislative process and gain authority to use this form of project delivery.

Electronic Construction Collaboration System for Projects under $10 Million, Phase II The objectives of the proposed research project is to investigate the feasibility of developing a WPMS within Microsoft SharePoint for projects under $10 million and completion of implementation study of AEC Sync in the Iowa Falls Arch Bridge. Sponsor: Iowa Department of Transportation PI: Charles T. Jahren Date: July 2011-June 2012

Co-PI: Ontario Ministry of Transportation Project: “Evaluation of Automated Construction Administration and Field Performance Data Collection Technologies” CDN$112,000 Dr. Susan Tighe of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada is this project’s principal investigator. Dr. Gransberg’s role is to evaluate automated construction administration technologies that are in use in the US and determine their potential for implementation in Canada. He also will develop a cost model to quantify the marginal costs and benefits of each of the technologies to assist the sponsor in making implementation decisions based on both technical and financial information.

Iowa Mass Concrete for Bridge Foundations Study Phase II The objective is to develop an effective economical approach to specify the construction of mass concrete structures that minimizes thermal risks to an acceptable level. Sponsor: Iowa Department of Transportation PI: Charles T. Jahren Co-PI Dr. Kejin Wang, Iowa State University 16

Date: July 2011-June 2012 Development of Quality Standards for Inclusion of High Recycled Asphalt Pavement Content in Asphalt Mixtures IHRB-09-07 The objective of this project is to develop quality standards for inclusion of high RAP content in asphalt mixtures. Performance testing and asphalt binder testing will be performed at all temperature regimes to characterize the binder contained in RAP and whether or not results are source dependent. Both laboratory and plant produced mixtures will be examined, which would help answer the question that how much blending occurs between the binder in RAP and virgin binder. In addition, this study will explore the possible role that fractionation may take in increasing RAP usage. Sponsor: Iowa DOT PI, David Lee, University of Iowa CO-PIs, Chris Williams and Chuck Jahren, Iowa State University Dates: August 1, 2010 thru July 31, 2012

Use of Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) within the Transportation Industry. NCHRP 1077. AMG involves the use of GPS, total stations or lasers to provide positioning so that construction machinery can set itself to grade automatically for fine grading purposes. This project focuses on three outcomes: (1) technical procurement specifications for AMG technology; (2) guidance on the use of such technology in construction projects; and (3) implementation strategies for AMG technology into construction techniques. Key obstacles that need to be addressed are the development and transfer of 3D electronic files, general lack of knowledge in subject matter, overcoming legal barriers, and understanding the impact of AMG technology in terms of benefits and liabilities. Researchers will engage an expert panel and develop guidance documents for use by transportation construction owners. Sponsor: NCHRP PI, David White Iowa State University Co-PIs, Chuck Jahren, Iowa State University and John Hannon, University of Southern Mississippi. Date: August 2009 – December 2011

Dr. Jaselskis’ research included: National Science Foundation, Co-PI, “Engineering Legacy of the Great Inka Road” This research involves developing an intrinsic understanding of the Inka’s basic knowledge of the laws of nature that govern how man constructs his structures to withstand the forces of nature. The ancient engineers succeeded in building roads and other structures on the steep and unstable mountains of the Andes. The research provides a better fundamental understanding of how natural forces act on structures can be discerned and applied to modern engineering practice. This project is in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance Testing for Joint Density and Segregation of Asphalt Mixtures IHRB-09-06 This project would identify best practices for joint geometry, joint construction, and for minimizing segregation. Field testing of asphalt pavements during construction as well as existing pavement sections exhibiting open longitudinal joints will be investigated. The project will concurrently compare and evaluate destructive and nondestructive testing methods for identifying segregation and quality control/quality assurance of centerline joints. Testing criteria will then be developed for the most suitable method.” Additionally, a test method that can be used to evaluate the permeability of mixtures during the mix design phase would be beneficial and thus will be included as one of the objectives of the study. Sponsor: Iowa DOT PI, Chris Williams Iowa State University CO-PIs, Chuck Jahren, Iowa State University and David Lee, University of Iowa Dates: August 1, 2010 thru July 31, 2012

Construction Industry Institute, PI, “Managing Indirect Construction Costs” Inconsistent management of indirect construction costs is perhaps one of the primary causes for contractors’ inability to realize a profit or even to sustain the business. Innovative management of indirect costs offers an opportunity for competitive differentiation for those firms able to strategically allocate and carefully control indirect costs. For owners and contractors to productively discuss indirect construction costs, a common vocabulary and generally accepted terminology is required – such a durable framework does not presently exist. The primary purpose of this research project is to 17

research, document, and test the best and/or innovative practices for managing indirect construction costs to the mutual and shared benefit of both owners and contractors. The specific objectives of this research project are: 1. Understand industry practices for estimating and managing indirect construction costs 2. Identify the key indirect functions that affect construction performance 3. Investigate and validate strategies and methods to best allocate expenditures on indirect construction costs 4. Develop practical tools for owners and contractors to improve their planning, estimating, and management of indirect construction costs 5. Document best practice findings and recommended innovations

project partners to work more cooperatively on such projects. Additional partners include personnel from Northeastern University, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Trauner Consulting Services, PBS&J, University of Canterbury, Colorado State University, University of Waterloo, and GrantAllan Consulting. Transportation Research Board of the National Academies: National Cooperative Highway Research Program, 10-48 Nighttime Construction Impacts on Safety, Quality, and Productivity (PI: Jennifer Shane, Co-PI: Amr Kandil (Purdue) Contract: May 2009-October 2011, Project total: $250,000 Traffic congestion, especially in metropolitan areas, places a significant and serious burden on the public and threatens the economic vitality of the nation. Growth in roadway capacity has not kept pace with the increased demand for travel. Moreover, roadway congestion has significant adverse impacts on businesses, both large and small, and on the general state of the economy. One way to reduce the congestion effects of roadwork activities is to perform such activities during times of reduced traffic demand. Although there are obvious and significant benefits to performing work activities at night there are some activities that could be negatively impacted. This work involves exploring the impact on issues including safety, productivity, illumination, quality, nuisances, and risk. The main objective of this project is to develop comprehensive guidelines for the conduct of nighttime highway construction and maintenance operations.

Dr. Shane’s research included: Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, SHRP 2: R10 Project Management Strategies for Complex Projects (PI: Jennifer S. Shane, Co-PI: Kelly Strong and Doug Gransberg) Contract: Sept. 2009-Feb. 2012, Project total: $1,250,000 The shift in U.S. infrastructure needs has largely been from building new infrastructure to replacing, expanding, or renewing existing infrastructure. The project management issues involved with infrastructure renewal are markedly different than the issues for new construction, furthering the need for a change in project management approaches to the nation’s infrastructure. Not only are infrastructure renewal projects more complicated by their nature, the situation has been exacerbated by years of underfunded maintenance and replacement. In other words, what would have been a complex process under ideal circumstances has been made even more challenging because of the need for rapid renewal to avert infrastructure failures. The objective of this research is to identify and communicate the critical factors involved in successfully managing complex transportation design and construction projects. One of the key underlying research assumptions is that the ability to successfully manage complexity is directly related to the ability to integrate the project team across the entire life cycle. The ultimate goal of the research is to develop a comprehensive training and development program to enable

Additional partners include personnel from Purdue, Arizona State University, Texas A&M, and Thalheimer Associates. Transportation Research Board of the National Academies: National Cooperative Highway Research Program, 10-85 A Guidebook for Construction Manager-at-Risk Contracting for Highway Projects (PI: Doug Gransberg, Co-PI: Jennifer Shane, James McMinimee, and Stuart Anderson, Ph.D. (Texas A&M)), Contract: April 2011-January 2013, Project total: $400,000. The three issues of primary concern to all public transportation agencies in developing projects are: 18

Select the appropriate project delivery method,  Maximize project cost and time certainty, and  Ensure proactive project quality management. The increased use of alternative project delivery methods has caused the issues to become increasingly interrelated and created many project management challenges for departments of transportation. Not only do these projects allow for concurrent design and construction, but they also move at a faster pace. In light of this, the research team will first identify, analyze, and understand existing models for successful construction manager at risk project delivery and, secondly, develop guidelines to implement them on highway construction projects. Finally, since the typical department of transportation has the ability to compete design using in-house resources, this project will develop guidelines for construction manager at risk using both in-house and outsourced design.

Work under traffic (inadequate separation or lack of detours/lane shifts) The primary benefits of this research will be reduced risk of injury, fatality, and property damage for O/M employees and the traveling public. The research results can be implemented by the Iowa DOT staff, county engineers, municipal transportation directors, and any other transportation professionals responsible for operations and maintenance activities, including field personnel. Iowa Highway Research Board, Risk Mitigation Strategies for Operations and Maintenance Activities (PI: Kelly Strong, Co-PI: Jennifer Shane) Contract: December 2010-October 2011, Project total: $79,826. Previous research on construction work zone safety (Shane, Strong, and Enz, 2009) has found that moving operations represent the highest risk activity when both frequency of occurrence and intensity of loss are considered. The research further determined that using an integrated risk model that assesses risk over the project life cycle could mitigate the risk of moving operations (among others) during the construction phase.

Midwest Transportation Consortium, Risk Mitigation Strategies to Improve Safety of Transportation Operations and Maintenance Activities (PI: Kelly Strong, Co-PI: Jennifer Shane) Contract: February 2011-December 2011, Project total: $35,284. The objective of this research is to investigate the application of integrated risk modeling to operation and maintenance (O/M) activities, specifically moving operations such as pavement testing, pavement marking, painting, snow removal, shoulder work, mowing, etc. The ultimate goal is to reduce frequency and intensity of loss events (property damage, personal injury, and fatality) during operations and maintenance activities. Potential risk factors to be explored include issues such as:  Number of roadway lanes  Posted speed limit  Inadequate/improper vehicle lighting and marking  Insufficient worker training  Proximity of obstructions (equipment) to traveled roadway  Limitations of equipment due to the specialized nature of the fleet  Weather (condition of road surface, visibility, etc.)

Although designed specifically to examine risk and safety for work zone applications, the research indicated that construction activities that involve moving operations (e.g. painting, guardrail placement) represented the highest risk. This finding suggests that the risk modeling process could be beneficially applied to operations and maintenance (O/M) functions outside of construction work zone applications. The research will examine how an integrated risk modeling approach could be used to reduce frequency and intensity of loss events (property damage, personal injury, fatality) during highway O/M activities. Dr. Strong’s research included: In the most recent academic year, Dr. Strong has been one of the principal investigators (with Dr. Jennifer Shane and Dr. Doug Gransberg) on the Transportation Research Board Strategic Highway Research Program R-10 project on Successful Strategies for Managing Complex Projects. He also has research underway on risk identification and mitigation strategies for mobile maintenance operations in dynamic work zones for the Iowa Highway Research Board and risk identification and mitigation strategies for internal traffic control 19

of contractor operations in static construction work zones for the Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative. “Farewellâ€? (Kelly Strong) After 8 ½ years in the Construction Engineering program at Iowa State University, my family and I have decided to pursue new challenges and opportunities at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. I have enjoyed my time in Construction Engineering and appreciate all the hard work from the students, faculty, staff and industry partners that made my time here successful and productive. I have developed many lasting relationships through my association with the Con E program and am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Con E family since 2003.


Past ConE Personnel Chase, Gerald W. Assoc. Prof. Emeritus 1707 Northwestern Ames, IA 50010 515-232-0150

Ferree, David Assistant City Attorney Des Moines International Airport 5800 Fleur Dr Des Moines, IA 50321

Federle, Mark McShane Chair in Construction Engineering and Management Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering Marquette University 257 Haggerty Engineering Hall, PO Box 1881 Milwaukee WI 53201-1881 (414) 288-4531 fax (414) 288-7521

Jellinger, Thomas C. Professor Emeritus 6 Connemara Ln Bella Vista, AR 72715 479-855-1030


Greetings from Northwest Arkansas –

What a great celebration of the first 50 years of Construction Engineering at Iowa State. It was truly an honor to participate with the other Professors-in-Charge and the distinguished alumni. The resources that now exist in Town Engineering to develop the current generation of Construction Engineers is so much more impressive than what existed back in the early 1990s.

If you didn’t attend the 50th Con. E. Reunion Celebration last September you really missed a fantastic affair! It was something I will long remember with deep appreciation. The mementos from that event occupy a prominent position in my den and I view them often with great pleasure. Everyone involved did a terrific job and made it an event I will always remember.

Summer 2011

Life here in Northwest Arkansas is going along rather smoothly. Had a little problem with a hip last Fall, but that has cleared up and I’m back on the golf course. Seeing so many of the past graduates last September was a special treat. Everyone was looking good and doing well. I’ve always said “If you don’t do better than the faculty, then we’ve both failed!” I believe we’ve both succeeded far beyond my expectations! Some of the projects you folks are doing are very impressive, I couldn’t ask for a better affirmation of the Con. E. program. You have set high standards for those who follow.

Amazingly I have now been at Marquette for 3 years, I am really enjoying being a professor again (especially in the summer!!) – lots more golf and not having to travel much is also greatly appreciated. Sarah has completed her undergraduate degree from Juniata College and will begin law school this fall. Jackson will be a sophomore at Marquette University and allows us to do his laundry rather than wash it himself – he definitely enjoyed MU making the Sweet 16 this past March. Braeden will be a 10th grader and is on a select soccer team and has found girls.

Some of you have reached the time when you’re getting ready to retire. I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I have. If your travels ever take you down my way, the Welcome Mat is always out, just drop on in!

My best to everyone - if you are ever in the Milwaukee area, please give me a call. Finally, I am always looking for folks to come in and guest lecture!

God Bless, Tom

Mark 21

Roth, Ronald Temp Lecturer (28 years) 1132 24th St West Des Moines, IA 50266-2109 515-225-1950

minutes. What a blessing to have them and their children close by.

Rowings, Jim VP and Chief Learning Officer Kiewit Corporation Kiewit Plaza Omaha, NE 68131


I’m looking for someone to take over my consulting/project management business; so any grads out there that might be interested, give me a call.

John G. Russo, Ph.D. Ex. Faculty (1972-86), Head of ConE

Ward, Ira Assoc. Prof. Emeritus 12401 N 22nd St E-305 Tampa, FL 33612-4654 813-910-8807

Russo, John G. Russo Consulting, Inc. P.O. Box 390053 Edina, MN 55439 952-944-7137 (Phone) 952-935-9647 (Fax) Another year gone by and I’m still working. I suspect that some of my students from the early years (early 70’s) may be going into retirement mode before me. I still see ConE grads from time to time in my business, but activity is down so there are not many activities. We are very busy – the busiest we have ever been, and I’m trying hard to work less. Not a good combination. I feel pretty good for going on 68. Have continued to get some on-ice time helping coach hockey at Hamline University the past few years – and with a couple of (five) grand kids playing. Susan is going strong. She retired from the business three years ago but is very busy with grandkids and volunteering at the art institute. We have been to an (Iowa State mostly) super bowl party in Fort Myers, Florida the past couple of years and see quite a few old acquaintances from ISU and Ames. We are on and off in Florida now in the winter for a total of about two months each year. Anybody else in the Cape Coral (Ft. Myers) area, give us a call (952-412-5869) and visit. My former children, now adult, are all doing well. All three are now in the Twin Cities and within 15 22

also recently completed a research project examining the use of design-build in municipal water and wastewater facilities. In 2004, Dr. Shane also won a leadership award in the student category while attending the University of Colorado.

Construction Engineering Program 50th Anniversary Celebration is a Success Our department celebrated the 50th anniversary for the construction engineering (ConE) program September 23-25, 2010. The weekend-long event included an informal dinner, a golf outing, a Reiman Gardens tour, a tailgate and a formal banquet, among other activities.

Other individuals at Iowa State University have also received this honor. In 2007, CCEE Associate Professor Kelly Strong was awarded in the faculty member category. Leslie K. Peterson and Brian A. Harry were awarded in 2003 and 2008, respectively, in the student category.

Celebration guests included CCEE alumni and industry friends. The banquet featured the ConE Hall of Fame unveiling with its first inductees: Tom Jellinger, founder of the ConE program and Ken Lewis and W.A. Klinger, both significant contributors to the program. Another highlight was the dedication of the Tom and Ro Jellinger Laboratory. The anniversary celebration was a great success and showcased the program’s many accomplishments. Today, the ConE program has awarded 2,185 bachelors of science, 100 masters, and 11 doctoral degrees.

Larry Cormicle honored at student banquet

CCEE Senior Lecturer Larry Cormicle was recognized at the 10th annual Engineering Student Leadership banquet on February 8, 2010 for his contributions as an outstanding advisor and his work with the Associated General Contractors Student Chapter. “Larry oversees the entire cabinet and advises the president. He believes in allowing the cabinet to run the club, and he only steps in when necessary or asked...The single greatest thing Larry has done is recruited for our chapter, but more importantly our department... there would not be 400+ construction engineers if it weren’t for Larry.”

ConE Faculty Awards: Jennifer Shane Receives 2010 Distinguished Design-Build Leadership Award

Larry also received the Outstanding Adviser Award as adviser for the Associated General Contractors Student Chapter, Engineering Student Council, February 7, 2011.

(L-R) Krista Morris, ISU DBIA President; Kelly Strong, ConE Associate Professor; Jennifer Shane, ConE Assistant Professor; Doug Gransberg, ConE Professor; Bo Weber, ISU DBIA Vice President.

CCEE Assistant Professor Jennifer S. Shane, Ph.D, was the recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Design-Build Leadership Award from DesignBuild Institute of America (DBIA) in the faculty member category. The award is given to individuals who have demonstrated leadership in the advancement of best design-build practices and delivery. Dr. Shane is a co-advisor of the Iowa State University (ISU) DBIA student chapter and teaches a graduate design-build course at ISU. She 23

Doug Gransberg honored as Greenwood Chair at Medallion Ceremony (new ConE Professor)

the Donald F. and Sharon A. Greenwood Chair in Construction Engineering. The Greenwoods, who graduated in the mid-'70s from Iowa State, established the endowed faculty chair to preserve and promote the excellence of the faculty in the construction engineering program. The Greenwood gift helped to recruit Gransberg, world-class faculty member and researcher, to Iowa State.

Doug Gransberg

“I made a decision to focus the remainder of my career on mentoring the next generation of construction educators and researchers,” says Gransberg in his speech. He shared his efforts of mentoring untenured faculty members and promoting the development of junior faculty as engineering educators, as well as creating highimpact networking research opportunities. The Transportation Research Board of the National Academies is among the sponsors of his work and has helped to facilitate his role as an influential and effective mentor to faculty, researchers, practitioners, and students.

President Geoffroy reading the medallion to Donald and Sharon Greenwood

Gransberg continues, “I would not be speaking to you today if it were not from the strong foundation of support built by my colleagues, my students, and my family. My mother passed away last May and my father fell ill Monday and was unable to attend this event. Both would have been so proud to be here today.” He says, “They molded my character, gave me their values, and demanded that I not let reality get in the way of achieving my dreams. I adopted the motto: Virtute non Verbis – Latin for Deeds not Words. I got that from my parents.”

Doug Gransberg and President Geoffroy

Gransberg also gave credit to his wife of 37 years as the “the real secret” to his success. She agreed for the 14th time to relocate their family to Ames, when “Jim Alleman and Jonathon Wickert showed me that they were truly and deeply proud of the ISU ConE program,” Gransberg continues, “It was the positive energy that I sensed emanating in Ames that sealed the deal. I hope to contribute that same energy in my own way. I thank the Greenwoods and the ISU community for this high honor and I humbly pledge to deliver a positive return on this investment.

(left to right) President Geoffroy, Donald Greenwood, Sharon Greenwood, Gwendolyn Gransberg, Doug Gransberg and Dean Wickert March 02, 2011 11:39 AM Category: CCEE News

On Friday, Feb. 18, President Gregory L. Geoffrey presented a medallion to Douglas Gransberg, new ConE faculty member, as the inaugural holder of 24

Cornerstone Learning Community Job Site Tours By Daniel Dammann As part of the ConE 122 Cornerstone Learning Community, we were given the opportunity to visit a Russell Construction job site in downtown Des Moines. Our industry mentor, Josh Miltenberger, showed us around the construction site of the new YMCA Men’s Supportive Housing center. It was a great chance to see first-hand what an exciting, and sometimes challenging, industry us students will be entering into soon. We always appreciate being able to spend time with a Construction Engineering graduate. Josh provided us with insight on how to “get ahead of the game” and make it through the program with the skills necessary to succeed in our upcoming careers. Job site tours are a great opportunity for students to see what is currently going on in the construction industry, help get us excited about our futures, and to give us a chance to converse with industry professionals.

Giving Back: Students Carry Out Service Learning Projects By Kathleen Miller Here are pictures of my learning community small group volunteering for Bowling with Buddies at Perfect Games. The assignment was to do something for the community and we chose this program through the ARC of Story County. Bowling with Buddies provides disabled community members an opportunity to get out and have fun in a safe environment. The ARC also provides a discount for the players. While there, we greeted the players and kept track of their names on a list. They also paid for us to rent shows and bowl with the group. We were encouraged to mingle with everyone, which is what we are doing in the pictures. It was a lot of fun to see their excitement in knocking pins down and to see how good some of them are despite being disabled.

By Austin Maginnis The members of my Learning Community small group attended a job site tour of the Veterans Memorial Remodel Project in downtown Des Moines put on by Ben Bunge of The Weitz Company. In this photo, Ben is explaining the concept of reinforcing the footings and size of the columns in the foundation of the Veterans Memorial. The Weitz Company is still in the process of converting the building from its previous use as the site of the Iowa High School Basketball State Tournament to its new use as an entertainment venue for the greater Des Moines area. 25

We were shown the kinds of things that we will be doing in the future and learned about daily obstacles we will encounter. My favorite piece of information I took from this experience is the knowledge that everyday provides a new challenge. It excites me to know that each day will bring something different. Special Points of Interest:  Number of Freshmen: 48  Number of Transfer Students: 57 Learning Community Coordinators: Fall 2010: Beth Hartmann Kristin Mauro Spring 2011: Larry Cormicle Kristin Mauro Fall 2010 Peer Mentors: Dan Blake Trevor Bown Maria Hannasch Trevor Otto Renee Pike Terese Ragaller Phill Shaw Kyle Vansice David Warning Lee Yocum It just goes to show that even with having a disadvantage in life. People can achieve anything if they set their mind to it.

Spring 2011 Peer Mentors: Dan Blake Trevor Brown Maria Hannasch Andy Hodge Jared Neiers Trevor Otto Hannah Pechmann Grant Reimers Bryce Satterly Justin Wenger

Job Site Tour: Iowa State Veterinary Medical Center By Austin Gehm For our jobsite tour assignment, my group visited the renovation project at the Iowa State Veterinary Medical Center with JE Dunn Construction. This was a very rewarding opportunity for us as we were able to see first-hand the ins and outs of an operating construction site.

Thank you Beth! Beth Hartmann, lecturer for the CCEE Department and co-coordinator of the learning community the past couple semesters, will not be back in learning community in the spring. The College of Engineering has asked her to help develop a leadership program so she will be focusing her time on that endeavor. Larry Cormicle, senior lecturer, will take over her position as co-coordinator. Beth has invested a lot in her short duration as cocoordinator and we will all miss her leadership and enthusiasm. Thank you, Beth, for all you have contributed to making learning community a success!


ConE Learning Community receives Outstanding Innovations Award The Construction Engineering Cornerstone Learning Community was selected to receive the 2010 Learning Communities Outstanding Innovations award. This award honors members of the Iowa State community who have made new and creative contributions to learning communities.

Ali Bitar (BS ConE ‘80) Ali Bitar at Runway 1C-19C Rehabilitation contract with the main terminal at Dulles and the old Control Tower behind. Ali started his career as a Project Manager for a local company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and worked in the Kingdom for seven years. He moved back to USA working for the The Lane Construction Corporation for seven years and started his own franchise. After five years, he returned to the field to become the General Manager for Quality Control for a DOD JOCK contractor (Beneco Enterprises out of Salt Lake Utah, after Beneco was bought out by IT Group.)

Congratulations to CCEE construction engineering advisor Kristin Mauro (pictured) and CCEE lecturer Beth Hartmann for their hard work. Beth said, "I couldn’t be more proud of everyone for their excellent ideas, work, and continuous improvement to make the Cornerstone Learning Community one of the best on campus. I also want to thank Trevor Otto and Jordan Hutchens for their student letters, which were part of our nomination package."

In 2001, He joined Delon Hampton and Associates, which is part of the joint venture Parsons Management Company, as a Resident Engineer at Dulles International Airport, where he has been since promoted to Senior Resident Engineer. The program management contract was re-bid and, as a result, Ali stayed at the same position but changed companies in joining Belstar Inc., which is a minority contractor for the PMC (Like all Federal contracts, it requires 25% minority participation). PMC is the Program Manager for Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority for the two airports Washington Dulles and Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Kristin, Beth and the peer mentors at the end of the semester get together.

One of the contract highlights he has worked on is the North Area Roadway’s 220 million dollar Road Improvement of the Dulles Access Highway, and his latest contract is the Rehabilitation of Runway 1C -19C contract with 15 Million dollars of stimulus money and 6 million FAA funding.


ConE Internship Program The internship/coop program by construction engineering students for the summer of 2011 has one hundred-eleven (111) students participating. This is an increase of 58% from the summer of 2010 enrollment.

simplified and is paperless using a web-based reporting system. Students and employers will find the reporting process quick and easy at the end of the student’s intern/coop work period. We are asking all students that have a summer intern position to formally sign up for the internship program. Many students that work the three summer months as an intern have elected to not sign up for the formal program. In the ever tightening budget situation at ISU, the more we can document the summer intern experience, the more successful we will be in obtaining the financial resources for our program. As employers we ask that you strongly encourage your intern employees to participate in the formal intern/coop program. Their involvement begins with a short meeting with me as the faculty advisor of the intern/coop program. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Many of you have been hiring our construction engineering students for years as summer interns, with great success in hiring new graduates a year or two later. My personal thanks to all alumni and their employers for your continued support of the intern/coop program. For those of you that have yet to recruit our students for intern assignments, consider adding our program to your hiring goals and begin recruiting this fall for next summer’s interns. With our undergrad enrollment at almost 400 students, you will find almost every student looking for that intern position. The internship and coop program for construction engineering students is a great way for employers to begin recruiting our future grads. Many of our recent graduates accepted their first job with an employer that they worked for at least one term as an intern.

Just as a side note, for the entire college of engineering there are 457 summer intern/coop engineering students enrolled for the summer of 2011. The construction engineering total of 111 comprises 24 percent of the entire college of engineering summer intern students. Yet the ConE undergraduate enrollment of 385 last spring semester is only 7 percent of the total undergraduate enrollment in the College of Engineering.

Many employers prefer to hire students as interns for either a summer, or for an eight month period covering either the spring and summer semesters, or the summer and fall semesters. Whether a three month summer only, or an eight month two semester term, employers are increasing finding this intern or coop arrangement the best way to find future new graduates.

Larry W. Cormicle Faculty Advisor for Intern/Coop Program Construction Engineering

The intern/coop program is administered by Engineering Career Services within the College of Engineering. Check out the web site below for more information for employers: tml The intern/coop program is provided at no cost to either the student or the employer. The reporting is


ConE Women Article by Jennifer Shane The ConE Ladies had another busy year, kicked off by a picnic at a local park on September 12. Kiewit continued to sponsor the student’s membership and participation in the National Association of Women in Construction. In November the ladies visited Hubbell in Des Moines and toured several job sites including houses and apartments under construction. In December five ladies graduated. In January, Dr. Shane hosted the ladies at her house to kick off another semester. The spring company/job site visit took the ladies to Minneapolis to visit Mortenson. On this trip we had the unique experience of visiting the Minnesota Zoo and the Lakewood Mausoleum. Finally, the spring saw eight ladies graduate from ConE. For both graduations the program continued the new tradition of presenting a gift to the graduating seniors, pink hard hats.

Figure 1 Hubbell visit

This year the ladies of civil engineering paid an enormous compliment to the ConE Ladies by starting their own Civil Ladies group. The two groups participated in a snow tubing event together in January.

Figure 2 Mortenson visit

Additionally, one of the ladies that graduated in December, Claire Bassett, continued to make waves with a group of Girl Scouts that she became involved with in the 2009-2010 academic year. This year the Flying Monkeys, led in part by Claire, participated in the FIRST Lego League competition and developed a prosthetic device to help a little girl born with a congenital hand deformity grip pencil or crayon to color and write. Claire and the Flying Monkeys appeared in the Iowa State Daily, the Ames Tribune, and on the Des Moines news several times. The team also won the Global Innovation Award which will provide the team with $20,000 towards patenting and prototyping their invention.

Figure 3 Graduating and returning ConE ladies


held in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii. They had the opportunity to hear speakers present on the most current happenings as well as the future of our industry. They were also able to meet numerous contractors from central Iowa and others from across the country. In mid-March a small group of students made a day trip to the SPX Cooling research and development facility in Kansas City. Their labs are completely underground in large caves, making this a unique site to visit.

MCA Student Chapter It has been a year of continued traditions and new activities for the ISU Mechanical Contractors Association Student Chapter. For a few, this year actually began in June with a new fundraiser. With great support from the MCA of Iowa, our first sporting clays event was held at the Highland Hideaway Hunting Club in Riverside, Iowa. A group of contractors, designer, suppliers, and students braved a stormy day and enjoyed a great day of shooting.

Still to come this semester are tours of an active jobsite and of an existing building’s mechanical system. We’re expecting great turnouts for both tours and are excited to get more real world experience in our industry.

The fall semester began with many new faces around the student chapter and high expectations for the year to come. We kicked off the year with a pizza and game night at Perfect Games here in Ames. There was a great turnout for the event and students were able to enjoy food, bowling and laser tag, as well as get acquainted with the student chapter.

This has been a great year for the MCA Student Chapter. Many students have had the chance to share fun and educational experiences and have advanced their futures in our industry through the chapter. Many thanks go out to the CCEE Department, our faculty adviser Brad Perkins, and the MCA of Iowa for making this year possible. We’re looking forward to continuing similar events and traditions in the years to come.

We had two other major events in the fall semester. First, four students attended the MCAA Student Summit in Chicago, Illinois. Along with attending presentations by a number of mechanical contractors and designers, the group also participated in a mini team competition and shared our chapter’s activities with the other schools. We also toured ITT’s Bell & Gossett manufacturing facility and the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital jobsite. To cap of the event, MCAA arranged an architectural boat tour of the city.

NECA Student Chapter As a student-run organization NECA focuses on helping our members succeed in both school and industry. Our goals are to integrate students and young professionals into the Electrical Construction Industry. We do this by promoting interaction between construction engineering and electrical engineering students and professionals of electrical construction. We also help said students in pursuit of internships, co-ops, and future employment. The Green Energy Challenge plays a large part in achieving these goals. It is a nationwide competition in which groups create a proposal for improving the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of a local building.

The second major event was the annual golf outing hosted by the Harvester Golf Club in Rhodes, Iowa. Similar to the sporting clays event, it was another blustery day. We were still pleased with the turnout and everyone enjoyed a round of golf. Besides these events, the student chapter had its regular monthly meetings and submitted a proposal for the MCAA Student Chapter Competition. We didn’t place as well as hoped, but the competition was a great learning experience for all who helped out.

This year NECA has held three general meetings. We had speakers from Baker Electric, Nelson Electric, and the Iowa State faculty. Also, we have put together a team for competing in the 2011 Green Energy Challenge, which will focus on improving the efficiency of the Hellser dorm on campus.

The spring semester hasn’t been quite as packed as far as major events go. We did, however, send two students to the MCAA Annual Convention. It was 30

National Construction Association Awards Student Groups in California, Iowa, and Kansas With Outstanding Chapter Award

Kansas State University’s AGC Student Chapter was named the nation’s third-best student construction group for its continued efforts in rebuilding the Hurricane-devastated city of New Orleans. A group of 25 volunteers invested over 900 hours to help renovate the homes of three Katrina victims, which involved a wide range of residential construction tasks and also a roofing job. Kansas State was also a recipient of one the awards last year. The association will provide the chapter with $400.

Three College Organizations Receive Top Awards for Building a Better Quality of Life in their Community California State Chico, Iowa State and Kansas State Universities are home to the nation’s top collegiate construction associations this year according to an analysis of award applications conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America. As a result, the three student groups will each receive the association’s Outstanding Student Chapter award.

A panel of six judges representing a cross-section of the construction industry evaluated the applications for this year’s Student Chapter Awards contest. School groups were rated based on their accomplishments during the 2009-2010 school year. There are approximately 200 University-level student construction groups nationwide.

“These chapters not only learned new skills while contributing to a good cause but also built relationships with many different organizations in the community,” said Ted Aadland, the association's president and president of Portland, Ore.–based Aadland Evans Constructors. “It’s clear that these students are the future of our industry and we look forward to what they will bring to the world of construction.”

Spring Break 2011 ISU AGC Student Chapter volunteers their labor and construction skills.

Aadland noted that the California State University, Chico AGC Student Chapter was selected as the top student group, largely for its work building new transitional housing for victims of domestic violence. The project consisted of 266 students who built two 840 square feet houses in nine days. The effort totaled roughly 15,000 man-hours, including planning and developing and postproject work. In addition to the transitional housing project, the students renovated a local emergency homeless shelter, Torres Shelter, by adding on additional sleeping rooms and offices. The University chapter was also named one of the best chapters last year. Thanks to their accomplishments, the student chapter will receive $1,500 to help finance their operations.

The Iowa State University Associated General Contractors of America, Student Chapter (AGC) spent Spring Break helping people in need. Since the flooding of Iowa in 2008, the AGC focused their attention away from the damage left by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf and towards their neighbors in Eastern Iowa. This year, the AGC helped the people of Cedar Rapids, Palo, and Iowa City. Private contractors supported the service trip. Their donations made it possible to mobilize the organization, feed the volunteers, and perform the much-needed work.

Iowa State University Associated General Contractors was selected as the second-best student group thanks to its work building new handicap accessible ramps along the Skunk River Water Trail in Ames, Iowa. The group brought together many local organizations to invest nearly 300 man-hours building these ramps. As a result, it will receive $750 from the association.

The AGC coordinated with Hope Community Development Association in Cedar Rapids, the City of Palo, and the Iowa City Habitat for Humanity. The communities in those areas still feel the sting of the 2008 floods. The area is in a state of transition – demolition of flood-ravished homes is finishing while the people await the construction of over 280 new homes. However, 31

funding slated for post-flood reconstruction is slow-coming and becoming scarce, and the residents are running out of steam.

interested in coming, they lined up enough work to keep everyone in town because they had seen what we capable of. The city employees were very grateful for the students because the town seemed to be exhausted and was running low on ambition to get all of these projects completed. Going back and talking to the homes owners that we had helped rehabilitate in 2009 was one of the most rewarding parts of this trip. They knew all the returning students by name and asked if everyone could stay a couple of hours to talk. This commitment to service has touched more than communities and towns. Homeowners once again have a renewed desire to work on their houses and turn them into their homes.

The AGC mobilized on Friday, March 11 and worked throughout the weekend and following week. The AGC members are primarily students of construction engineering (ConE), and many are skilled in construction trades. These members managed the crews and construction on the ground. Project types were varied and included foundation construction, floor and wall framing; drywall, insulation and siding installation, cabinetry, fencing, and playground and dugout construction. Project highlights include:

The members of the AGC were equally affected by the nature of the service trip. Many who had not been on this trip before took away a lot more than they thought they would. With all the tragedy that struck in 2008, many people thought everything was put back together. That’s not the case and every student realizes that now after spending a week helping families out. The weather on the trip was a little on the brisk side. With 10 degrees and 20 mph wind the dugouts were built with many breaks in order not to get too cold.

Palo - Playground - Backstop - Dugout Roofs - Depot Foundation - Garage Siding for Military Family - Finish Trim - Paint Cedar Rapids - Addition to Home. - Insulation and Drywall (2400 SF) - Floor Framing for 2-Family Home

The AGC’s mission is to help those who cannot help themselves. That said, the organization found time for rest and recreation. The AGC toured the Federal Courthouse which was still under construction in Cedar Rapids and the Palo Town Hall. A Friday-night fish fry hosted by the AGC and the JCs of Palo was a member-favorite event. Over 450 people gathered that night to enjoy a delicious meal and exchange stories.

Over two years had gone by and this home still had no drywall or insulation installed. The floor joists were incorrectly fixed and the second floor was sagging three inches. We went in and trued up their floor by installing new joists and girders. From there we furred out the walls, insulated, and dry walled the remaining parts that we could. This home was occupied by two families with a combined 5 children. The father was an iron worked that had been laid off for over a year. This home truly gave everyone the feeling that they were here for a purpose. Iowa City - Finish work in Habitat Re-store - Garage roof and roofing - Stoop - Fence for Veteran’s dog

In short, the trip was poetry-inspiring. An AGC alum writes: “…Here are the ConE’s, piling out of the vans With saws, levels and drills in all of their hands … Each morning they left their beds, long before the sun woke And did not quit working until their bodies felt broke … From what had been just lumber, new homes had arose Because they weren’t just builders, those ConEs were heroes”

The residents of Eastern Iowa were extremely thankful for our work. This was the third year we had made an appearance in Palo. When we contacted them to let the town know that we were 32

Four Iowa State University Teams Place First and Sweep the Associated Schools of Construction Region IV Student Competition (2009)

Kataras, Jimmy Hilton, Rob Cotan, Anthony Brown and Beau Artist (architecture). This is the eleventh out of the last twelve years that the design-build team has won this first place award.

Four teams of ISU Construction Engineering students won first place at the 17th annual Associated Schools of Construction Region IV Competition that was held in Nebraska City, Nebraska on October 28-31, 2009. The commercial, design-build, heavy/civil and residential teams all placed first. In the seventeen year history of the Associate Schools of Construction Region IV Student Competition, this is the first ever sweep of all four divisions championships by one university. Over the past eight years ISU construction engineering teams have placed first seventeen times.

The heavy/civil team responded to a mock request for proposals for the $11.1 million Sandy River Conduit Relocation in Portland, Oregon. The project involved the excavation of a tunnel 105 feet below ground level, beneath the Sandy River, for two six foot in diameter conduits which carry 80% of Portland's water supply. The project also involved a 30 foot and two nine foot in diameter vertical shafts for access. Heavy/civil team members are: Tanner Wilks (team captain), Nick Roberts, Scott Hoskins, Andrew Trible, Cole Van Ryswyk and Ryan Noteboom. In recent years the heavy/civil team placed first in 2004, 2005 and 2009. They also have placed second or third in five prior competitions.

The commercial team responded to a mock request for proposals for a $5.7 million project for the AKSARBEN VILLAGE – Office Building 5 Core & Shell. The 37,011 SF building is the future home office for the DLR Group in Omaha, Nebraska, who is also the design architect for the project. The project will have LEED gold certification. The winning commercial team members are: Matt Karns (team captain), Austin Davis, Nate Stevenson, Luke Daugherty, Tyler Kumm and Kathryn Kern. In recent years the commercial team placed first in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2009.

The residential team responded to a mock request for the Ridgemoor Estates residential development located in western Omaha, Nebraska. They submitted a development proposal to a lending institution to request financing to develop 315 single family homes on 78 acres of land. The proposal included a market analysis, marketing plan, site plan, schedule, construction estimates and financial proforma. The winning residential team members are: Mike Pokorney (team captain), Blake Pratt, Dave Warning, Branton Smith, Wes Hazelett and Rachel Rottinghaus. In seven years that ISU has competed in the residential division, this is their third first-place finish.

The design-build team responded to a mock request for the Armed Forces Reserve Training Facility and Field Equipment Shop in Colorado Springs, CO with a Guaranteed Maximum Price of $ 65,243,231. The project consists of approximately 120,000 gross square feet of classrooms, administrative areas, assembly hall, kitchen, simulator rooms, weapon vaults, and medical suites designed to support the training of the four Colorado Armed Forces Reserve branches; Army National Guard, US Army Reserve, US Navy Reserve, and US Marine Corps Reserve. This project also consists of a 50,000 gross square foot Field Equipment Shop with offices and maintenance work bays for military vehicles. The facility and site must be compliant with AF/FP requirements, and achieve a LEED Silver rating. The winning design/build team members are: Angela Rohde (team captain), Peter

All teams were allowed only eighteen hours in a hotel room with six computers and four printers to develop a unlimited page proposal including full schedule, estimate, and company qualifications, with the design-build team also producing ten architectural design computer drawings and building a computer generated three-dimensional model of the project. Thirty-five hours later, all teams made a twenty minute presentation in support of their proposal to a group of industry judges who were involved in construction of the actual project followed by ten minutes of questions and answers. ISU faculty member Larry Cormicle, (ISU ConE ‘78), coached all four teams prior and during the competition. Twenty-nine teams from thirteen 33

universities competed representing the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas.

The design-build team responded to a mock request for the San Martin Elementary School for the California Unified School Board, with a guaranteed maximum price of $24,993,000. The project consisted of classrooms, administrative areas, a gymnasium, and common areas for 840 students, faculty and staff. The design placed emphasis on environmental responsiveness through solar design, ventilation, and sustainable building. Additionally, the design was grounded in research into early child development to enhance the success and well-being of the students. The facility and site had to qualify for a LEED Gold rating. The winning design/build team members are seniors Zach Dennis and Jacob Conkin; juniors Rob Cotan (team captain), and Lauren Caswell; sophomore Trevor Otto; and architecture senior Andrew Dickman. The design-build team has won the first place award 12 out of the last 13 years.

Three Iowa State teams place first, another places second in construction engineering competition (2010) Three teams of construction engineering students from Iowa State University placed first in the 18th Annual Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region IV Student Competition held October 2730, 2010 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. The commercial, design-build and residential teams placed first. The heavy/highway team placed second. This was the third time that Iowa State teams have placed first in three out of the four divisions. Twenty-seven teams (six students per team) representing 13 universities from Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota competed. Over the past 9 years, Iowa State teams have placed first 20 times.

The heavy/highway team responded to a mock request for proposals for the $9.4 million I-430/I630 Interchange Modifications (Phase II) located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The project consisted of demolishing and replacing the I-430 overpasses. Since the interchange was so busy, road closures were not allowed and lane closures were restricted to nights only. The project was further limited by a 365 working day maximum. Heavy/highway team members are seniors Scott Hoskins (team captain), Ryan Noteboom and Lauren Wiest; junior Cole Van Ryswyk; and sophomores Grant Reimers and Jordan Einck. The heavy/highway team has won the first place award 3 out of the last 6 years, and placed second 2 out of the last 6 years.

Each team had 18 hours and the use of 6 computers and 3 printers to develop a comprehensive proposal in response to a mock request for proposals. In addition the design-build team produced eight architectural design computer drawings and built a computer generated threedimensional model of the project. Upon completion of their proposals, each team gave 20minute presentations in support of their proposal to a group of industry judges who were involved in construction of the actual projects. Ten minutes of questions and answers followed each presentation.

The residential team responded to a mock request for a residential development located in Papillion, Nebraska. They submitted a development proposal to a lending institution to request financing to develop 93 single-family homes on 17 acres of land. The proposal included a market analysis, marketing plan, site plan, schedule, construction estimates, and financial proforma. Considerations were made regarding water runoff for the site plan as well as reducing energy consumption on each of the houses. The winning residential team members are seniors David Warning (team captain), Logan Brinkman and Wesley Hinnah; juniors Wes Hazelett and Rachel Rottinghaus; and sophomore Jace Christensen. The residential team

The commercial team responded to a mock request for proposals for a $20.3 million project for the Columbia Orthopaedic Group Institute. The 70,500 square foot three-story office building is located in Columbia, Missouri. The medical building contains four operating rooms and a MRI suite on the first floor, plus administrative offices and medical exam offices on the second and third levels. The winning commercial team members are seniors Kathryn Kern (team captain), Erica Kabat, and Bailey Marlow; junior Tyler Kumm; and sophomores Justin Wenger and Hannah Pechmann. The commercial team has won the first place award 6 out of the past 9 years. 34

has won the first place award 3 out of the past 4 years. Larry Cormicle, a 1978 B.S. and 2010 M.S. construction engineering alum and faculty member in construction engineering, coached all four teams prior to and during the competition. Mr. Cormicle has coached all four teams over the past nine years.

Iowa State University Receives Second Place in AGC Outstanding Student Chapter Contest October 29, 2010 02:32 PM Category: CCEE News Iowa State University Associated General Contractors (AGC) Student Chapter was awarded second place in the 2010 AGC Outstanding Student Chapter Contest for its work building new handicap accessible ramps along the Skunk River Water Trail in Ames, Iowa. The group brought together numerous local organizations to invest nearly 300 man-hours building these ramps to benefit their community. "Community service is the cornerstone of our student chapter,” says Scott Hoskins, senior in Construction Engineering and current AGC Student Chapter President. “We do it first and foremost to give back to our community, but we also use it as a way for members with construction experience to teach other inexperienced members skills they would not learn otherwise. Our advisor Larry Cormicle has told us for many years: It is not enough to simply make money—you are not a successful contractor until you give back to the community that you work in. We have taken this attitude to heart when it comes to organizing activities for our student chapter.” Hoskins was the community service representative last year that organized the boat ramp project. Each year, AGC recognizes the top three student chapters for their dedication to community and public service projects. First prize went to California State University, Chico and third to Kansas State University.


Sigma Lambda Chi Sigma Lambda Chi (SLC) is an international honor society for Construction. The Construction Engineering program at ISU is home to the Rho chapter of SLC. The fundamental purpose of SLC is to provide recognition to outstanding students in the construction curricula. Sigma Lambda Chi is open to students in the top 20% of the junior and senior ConE class. Upon initiation, new inductees are lifetime members. The 2010-2011 academic year welcomed the initiation of 15 new members. As an honor society SLC provides services to the community, university, and department. This year we hosted ten Hotel Lego events. These events are for grades K-12 and introduce students to ConE and ISU. SLC enjoys hosting these events to encourage future ISU students to consider engineering and the construction program as a possible major.

Fall 2010 Initiates

This past fall SLC helped with the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the ConE program by helping with and attending the 50th Anniversary banquet. At that event, SLC sold ConE polo and special 50th Anniversary polo’s and jackets to students, faculty and guests. This next year SLC plans to continue with our initiations, service and social events. Spring 2011 Initiates Hotel Lego


housing issues and interact with industry members.

NAHB Student Chapter

In January, six of our members competed for the fourth consecutive year in the NAHB Residential Construction Management Competition in Orlando, FL. The project was a model home complex with administrative sales offices for an on your lot custom building in the North Carolina region. The team put together a full development proposal complete with construction estimate, schedule, project management, marketing, and green initiatives packages. The proposal was then presented to a panel of judges acting as investors with the intent to convince them the development would be a profitable project. We finished 15th in the field of 35 teams from across the country.

National Association of Home Builders

The goals of the ISU National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Student Chapter are to develop and support an interest in residential construction and development. The key objectives used to accomplish this goal shall be to:  

 

Promote communication and networking between the industry and student members. Familiarize the students, faculty and administration with the professional charter and economic impact of the residential industry. To promote and emphasize professional and social aspects of the student organization. To acquaint the students with the new trends and ideas in the residential construction industry so that he/she may be better prepared for his/her future work.

Our attendance at our monthly meetings, community service and social events show the great potential our chapter has in continuing to be one of the strong organizations in the Construction Engineering Program at Iowa State University.

Approaching the fifth year as a Construction Engineering student organization, our membership base has expanded tremendously over the past couple of years. Student involvement has been a large part of our success. This past year we introduced the successes and failures of land development, the new home design process, lath and plaster methods, and green building techniques. We also brought in a large Midwest home builder to talk about production home building, giving students another perspective on building homes. Each year we end with our last meeting introducing the housing market and what it takes to buy a house. This is targeted to students interested in purchasing a home in the next couple of years and focuses on realtor relationships and financing options. We are closely involved with the local Home Builders Association helping with various community outreach projects. Our students have the opportunity to attend Ames Home Builders Association meetings to learn about current 37

The DBIA Student Chapter at Iowa State University is a student-run organization devoted to promoting knowledge of design-build and related topics. It is open to any student interested in the integration of both design and construction into a single-source entity.

attendance for this event was high, and Paul Koester, DBIA-Iowa Chapter President, attended the event as well. For the chapter’s general meeting in March, Nathan Hagberg from Wolin & Associates, Inc. spoke to students about the progress of design-build legislation in Iowa. Oretta Smith of the DBIA Mid-America Region came in April to talk about national design-build awards. The Chapter sent eight students to the DesignBuild in Transportation Conference in Kansas City in late March. A lot of networking took place among students and industry professionals. The conference was available to students at a reduced cost thanks to a sponsorship given by HNTB (Howard, Needles, Tammen & Bergendoff). As a

With nearly thirty active members, students are striving to become more involved with the chapter. The year started with a kick-off meeting in September featuring Dean McCormick as presenter. Mr. McCormick spoke to the students about the current construction projects occurring at Iowa State, the effects of this summer’s flooding events on campus, and what to expect in future years. After a successful start, twelve students volunteered to help at the DBIA-Iowa Chapter annual golf tournament just a few days later. Although it rained, students determined that it was still a success and enjoyed the experience of interacting with industry personnel. In October, the US Army Corps of Engineers Rock Island District presented on current projects they have at Saylorville Lake, Iowa. The Chapter concluded the month by sending two students to the DBIA National Convention in Las Vegas. They were fortunate to be there, along with Chapter Advisor Dr. Kelly Strong, to witness Chapter Advisor Dr. Jennifer Shane receive a national leadership award. The chapter hopes to send more students to next year’s National Convention in Orlando, Florida. In November, Woodruff Companies out of Ames, IA presented at the chapter’s general meeting. The semester ended with a Sunday “Funday” event of snacks and games, right before Dead Week, to give students a break from studying for finals.

Figure 4. 2010-2011 Student Chapter Cabinet Members: Treasurer Trevor Otto, President Krista Morris, Secretary Colin Judd, VP Bo Weber, Webmaster Tim Van Hiel

thank you for their support, students were able to visit HNTB’s headquarters in Kansas City and learn about current projects they are working on. Sponsoring the student chapter this year is DBIAMid America Region, Interstate Systems of Sioux City, and HNTB. If you would like to help sponsor the student chapter please send us an email at Thank you to all of this year’s sponsors! For more information please visit our website at

The start of the Spring Semester brought a lot of changes to the club’s traditional monthly meetings. Students enjoyed a tour of Iowa State’s Sukup Basketball Facility hosted by Chris Jorgenson and the athletic department. The


writing background spanning more than a decade in science and technology. Van Hampton has reported from all around the world, including Europe, the Middle East and China. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times for the automotive sector and provides on-the-air business analysis for national television and radio news stations. Van Hampton holds bachelor degrees in English and Theatre & Film from the University of Kansas and is a Certified Crane Operator. On March 30, the Jellinger Lecture Series welcomed its second speaker Susan L. Tighe for her lecture entitled, “Sustainable Pavement Engineering: How to Incorporate into Design, Construction and Maintenance”.

Students attended Design-Build Transportation Conference in Kansas City: Kyle Nelson, Tim Van Hiel, Colin Judd, Bo Weber, Will Cord, Krista Morris, Neil Wysocki, Matt McDanel

Krista Morris ISU-DBIA Student Chapter President 2011

The Jellinger Lecture Series welcomes its first speaker Tudor Van Hampton

Susan L. Tighe is the Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Sustainable Pavement and Infrastructure Management and Director of the Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology, Dr. Tighe’s key research areas include: Chuck Jahren and Tudor Van Hampton March 02, 2011 02:13 PM Category: CCEE Events

On February 24, the Jellinger Lecture Series welcomed its first speaker Tudor Van Hampton for his lecture entitled, “Operator Training and Certification Requirements”.

   

During his visit to CCEE, Van Hampton gave a lunchtime lecture, which was open to the public, as well as a lecture to the ConE 322 class. He gave a short presentation to the ConE Learning Community. He also discussed writing at a graduate student meeting and enjoyed dinner with faculty, graduate students and peer mentors.

Tudor Van Hampton is Engineering NewsRecord’s (ENR) Midwest Bureau Chief and has a 39

Sustainable pavement engineering and management Evaluation of climate change on roads Long life infrastructure Application of asset management to highway and airport operations Designing and building safer roads and airfields Life cycle economic analysis for infrastructure management and evaluating materials Development and evaluation of infrastructure management system components Solar technology in roads and pavement infrastructure - Researchers at the University of Waterloo, within the faculty

of engineering are collaborating to develop a solar technology that could be used in a solar road.

University. Krista's father, Vilas Morris, a former Marine, delivered the oath. Beth Hartmann, lecturer in the CCEE Department and Retired U.S. Navy CEC Officer, served as the Witnessing Officer. Krista is now serving as an E3 in the Navy. She is receiving full pay and benefits to finish her degree. Upon graduation, Krista will attend Officer Candidate School and receive her Commission as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy's CEC.

On April 21, Cliff Schexnayder, Ph.D., PE, Eminent Scholar Emeritus, Arizona State University, presented the third Jellinger Distinguished Lecture.

Cliff’s presentation titled “Bridge and Road Performance-Maule Earthquake Chile 2010” was about the design and construction of bridges in Chile and the impacts of the 2010 magnitude 8.8 earthquake. Cliff discussed the use of diaphragms, shear keys, and other bridge components and their success or failure during the earthquake. Cliff also talked about the aftermath and rebuilding the structures, including the lessons learned. Cliff concluded talking about the obligations of engineers to design and build economical and safe structures and the need to use care when making judgments.

(Pictured left to right): Vilas Morris, Krista Morris and Beth Hartmann

News from Paul Giroux Paul Giroux (BS ConE ’79) Paul Giroux delivered the closing presentation “Building Hoover Dam” in October 2010 at the American Society of Civil Engineering’s (ASCE) Hoover Dam 75th Anniversary Symposium in Las Vegas.

CE.ConE junior Krista Morris selected for US Navy's collegiate program

Hoover Dam was unprecedented in its challenges, size, and scope. Requiring 3.25 million cubic yards of concrete, building Hoover Dam required the convergence of extraordinary men, machines, and methods in order to meet the challenge. Utilizing a combination of historic photographs and dynamic animation techniques, Paul Giroux brings the construction of the dam to life, providing a unique learning opportunity.

December 20, 2010 04:01 PM Category: CCEE News

Krista Morris, a junior in Civil Engineering and the President of the Iowa State Design-Build Institute of America student chapter, was one of 11 students selected in the Nation to become part of the United States Navy's Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) Collegiate Program.

In May of 2008, Giroux was the ASCE Chairman for the Brooklyn Bridge 125th anniversary celebration and delivered the featured presentation for the three day event. He is currently serving as

On December 10, 2010, Krista raised her hand and took an oath to serve her country in the U.S. Navy at the Memorial Union at Iowa State 40

the ASCE Chairman for the Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary.

He had a humbled, but excited, response to the fellowship. “I am very honored to be selected for this nationally competitive award,” he said. Becker added that in addition to acknowledging his work, the fellowship helps offset the expenses of his education. The fellowship was established to honor George B. Hightower’s contributions to the engineering profession. Each year it is awarded to an outstanding engineering graduate student on the basis of GPA, recommendations, honors, professional experience, and an essay about career goals. The recipient is awarded $3,000 to apply toward his or her graduate education in engineering.

Paul Giroux Cover of Spring 2010 issue of ASPIRE

Becker’s professional talents and abilities demonstrate why he was selected for this award. After graduating from Iowa State, he moved to Arizona and received an MBA degree from Arizona State University while working full-time in commercial construction and real estate development. He also took on many leadership roles during his career, including vice president of Nelson Development and Construction Services.

Paul Giroux (BS ConE ‘79) was featured in the Spring 2010 issue of ASPIRE: The Concrete Bridge Magazine for his work with sustainable bridges. The article features Paul’s work with the T-Rex Project. Denver’s T-Rex Project resulted from the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Regional Transportation District teaming to deliver the nation’s first multimodal project to use the design-build delivery method. Seventyfive bridges and tunnels were built as part of the project, which has enhanced national, regional, and local mobility along the I-25 and I-225 corridors.

After a successful 15 years in Arizona, Becker’s thirst for more knowledge led him back to Iowa State in 2009 to pursue his PhD. “I decided to come back because of a desire to contribute to research and higher education in the field of construction,” Becker said.

Iowa State graduate student receives national recognition

After completing his second year in the graduate program at Iowa State, his ambitions and leadership remain great. Along with his academic and research studies, Becker teaches courses in engineering economics and engineering law. He was also recently elected to the Iowa State University Alumni Association Board of Directors where he will serve a five-year term. As a board member, he assists staff and volunteers in carrying out the goals of learning, scholarship, and engagement as established by the university and other affiliations.

Iowa State University graduate student Timothy Becker has received national recognition from the Society of Professional Engineers. Becker, who graduated from Iowa State in 1994 with a BS in construction engineering and returned 15 years later to pursue a PhD in civil, construction, and environmental engineering, was awarded the 2011 Professional Engineers in Construction George B. Hightower, P.E. Fellowship.

Becker expects to graduate in 2013. He explained that after completing his PhD he has his mind set on a specific career path: “I plan to pursue a tenure track faculty position within a leading school of construction.” 41

Former student gets global engineering perspective

Anna Claussen traveled more during college than many people do in their entire lives. Claussen, who graduated in 2010 with a degree in civil, construction, and environmental engineering and Spanish, took on things she had never imagined she would—surfing, daunting hikes, and spending two months traveling through a new country alone—and she is using these experiences to gain an international outlook on engineering.

ISU Engineering Student Field Day On March 31, 2011, Scott Ellingson along with help from Masons Mike Ellingson & Wayne Blessing, helped organize the first ever Masonry Institute of Iowa ISU Engineering Student Field Day. Approximately 40 students participated in the hands-on experience of actually building a masonry structure in the parking lot by the Town Engineering Building. Additionally, the students went on a tour of the new ISU REC Center Building that is currently under construction. Brad Perkins, P.E., Lecturer, ISU, stated “we discussed the Field Day in class, and the students were overwhelmingly positive. They thought that it was a good learning experience, both the tour and especially building the brick/block structure.” With the success of the first event, the hope is to have this become an annual promotion. Our thanks to all who contributed their time, labor and materials to make this day a success! Those include Mike Ellingson, Wayne Blessing, United Brick, Marquart Concrete Products, TCC Materials and the Masonry Institute of Iowa.

Death of ConE Alum: David Allan Burke July 22, 1966 - April 13, 2011 Burke, David A. age 44, of Minneapolis passed away April 13, 2011 after a courageous battle with cancer. David will be remembered as a devoted and loving husband, father, and friend whose ready smile and kind spirit touched so many. David graduated with a BS degree in Construction Engineering from Iowa State University in 1989 and enjoyed a career as an Engineer and Project Manager for Mortenson Company in Minneapolis. David was an avid runner and mountain biker and a lover of good wine and food. He will be deeply missed. 42

Construction Engineering Scholarships Academic Year 2010-2011 Scholarship Name AGC of America (Irving F. Jensen Memorial) (Jackson Family) (Robert Conley) (Carolyn Cooney Memorial) The Weitz Company

Recipient(s) Andrew Fisher Trevor Otto Taylor Puetz-Burgin Ethan Schroeder Thomas Yung

Scholarship Name Conlon Construction Co. Ronald I. Deihl Memorial

Recipient(s) Joshua Singsank Andrew Fisher

Dale M. Dickinson

Joel Robinson

J.E. Dunn (through Ellis Foundation)

Michael Donlin Whitney Reimers Jacob Schaefer Sarah Thies

JE Dunn

Jace Christensen

Ames Home Builders Assoc.

Rachel Rottinghaus

Tyler Harris Memorial Scholarship

Jordan Einck

AGC of Iowa Foundation

Taylor Puelz-Burgin Jared Krull Michael Nissen Jordan Einck Adam Miller

Heartland Finishes, Inc Scholarship

Kathryn Kern

Clair H & Delphine Riley Scholarship

Grant Reimers


Rachel Rottinghaus

Ahrold Fay Rosenberg

Grant Reimers

Iowa County Engineers

Shawn Seaton

ASPE-Quad City Chapter, #71

Lauren Caswell Logan Brinkman

Ken Lewis Education Fund, (MBI)

Logan Brinkman

ASPE-Des Moines Chapter #73

Matthew Roth Michael Mullen

Scott Kinkade Memorial Scholarship

Trevor Brown

Beavers Scholarship

Jordan Einck

Maloney, Steve Memorial Scholarship

Trevor Otto

Blizzard Family

Patrick Myers Trey Seiser Benjamin Snitker

Martin Marietta

Joel Robinson

The Builders’ Association

Jace Christensen Trevor Otto Kathryn Kern

Master Builders of Iowa

Kathryn Kern Thomas Gorman Kayla Heetland Justin Wenger Rachel Rottinghaus

The Builders’ Foundation

Keegan Goss Brian Hampel Alius Lapinskas

Raymond W. and Evelyn J. McIlvain

Hannah Pechmann

Concrete Pipe Assoc.

Lee Yocum

Mechanical Contractors Assoc. of Iowa 43

Matthew Roth Daniel Blake Maria Hannasch

Scholarship Name Mechanical Contractors Assoc. of Iowa (Cont’d)

Meehan, William R.

Recipient(s) Michael Mullen Eric Olinger Lauren Caswell Nick Zahner

Scholarship Name Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa (Robert & Sheri Horner) (Ronald Kenyon) (Fred Carlson)

Recipient(s) Taylor Puelz-Burgin Joel Robinson; Nicholas Clobes Michael Bear

Grant Hagen

National Electrical Contractors Assoc. of Iowa

Alex Weiss Jon Schrobilgen Jeremy Bruecken

Northern Illinois Building Contractors Assoc.

Timothy R. Van Hiel

R.C. Ringwald

Kathryn Kern


Jace Christiansen

Sheet Metal Contractors Assoc. of Iowa/Ed Lord, II

Matthew Roth Michael Mullen Daniel Blake Maria Hannasch

Craig Thompson, Sr. (TEC-Corp)

Jon Schrobilgen

Turner Construction Company

Jessica Pohlman

W.A. Klinger Outstanding Senior Award

David Warning

Weis Builders Scholarship

Hannah Pechmann

Whitfield & Eddy, P.L.C.

Jeremy Eekhoff

Woodruff Construction Scholarship

Robert Dalluge

Ziegler Inc., Engineering

Michael Nissen

Engineering Student Leadership Development*

Eric Olinger Chad Tenold

Clarence H. Ford*

Maria Hannasch

E2020 Scholarship*

Karly Rager Andrew Rondon Michael Rosenthal Benjamin Swenson Justin Wenger

Iowa Concrete Paving Association*

William Bruce

Johnson-Engel Scholarship Endowment in Engineering*

Lauren Caswell

Roderick Seward, Flossie Ratcliffe & Helen Galloway*

Jace Christensen Jerad Croghan Amanda Hansen Andrew Healey Andrew Lensch Joshua Sinksank

Tau Beta Pi Scholars Program*

Michael Donlin

Engineering Undergraduate Merit Scholarship*


Nick Beck Nicholas Clobes Daniel Dammann Maria Hannasch Brett Hauser Kathryn Hinckle Andrew Hodge Jorgan Hutchens Kelsey Kraft Ashley Kruger Kelsey Laing Thomas McLoughlin Cassandra Naber Trevor Otto Alex Philipsen Renee Pike Karly Rager Patrick Rumpza Eric Ryan

Scholarship Name Engineering Undergraduate Merit Scholarship* (Cont’d)

Total Scholarships received by ConE students

Recipient(s) Jacob Schaefer Jacob Schneider Jared Stumme Alexander Toth


*College of Engineering Scholarship


ENGINEERING CAREER SERVICES FALL 2010 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY AMES, IOWA December 13, 2010 # Resumes Uploaded 18 10 37 34 32 17 24 24 93 5 3

TOTALS 331 316 %'s 95% Last Year Based on Fall 2009 256

Dept Aero E Ag E Chem E CE Con E Cpr E


# Grads Reporting 22 10 37 45 33 19 25 25 92 5 3



# of Grad 22 10 39 48 33 19 29 26 97 5 3

242 95%

Employed in Iowa 8 2 2 4 4 4 3 8 17 2 0

Employed Out of Iowa 6 0 11 8 9 5 6 6 19 0 3

Employed 14 2 13 12 13 9 9 14 36 2 3

Grad/Prof School 2 0 3 15 2 4 4 1 11 1 0

Offers 2 0 1 2 1 0 1 0 5 0 0

297 90%

54 43%

73 57%

127 40%

43 14%

218 85%

27 30%

62 70%

89 37%

45 19%

*Includes: Employed, Graduate/Professional School, and Offers - Based on number of grads reporting. **U=U.S. Student, F=Non-U.S. Student


% Placed * 82% 20% 46% 64% 48% 68% 56% 60% 57% 60% 100%

Seeking/ No Plans U** F 4 0 8 0 15 5 14 2 17 0 6 0 9 2 10 0 38 2 2 0 0 0

12 4%


123 11 42%

12 5%


88 8 40%

No Plans No Interviews 1 3 8 6 3 3 2 2 7 1 0

STARTING SALARY RANGE $/yr Low High Average 57000 60500 58800

No. 5

58000 36171 35000 36000 40000 44000 45000


70000 76460 64000 63000 65000 59600 73500

64141 52888 52589 55093 55800 58410 61374

9 9 9 6 5 10 22 1 2













NOTE: Information was gathered from graduates at graduation time.

Contributors to the Construction Engineering Curriculum >$10,000 Bosshart, Jim and Deb DeStigter, Glenn and Vi Gethmann, Jack and Joan Greenwood, Don and Sharon Master Builders of Iowa Moltz, Paul and Rohnda Olin, Dick Sunderland Foundation

$5001-$10,000 Caterpillar Foundation Nading, Jeff

$1001-$5000 Chase, Gerald and Sara DPR Construction, Inc. Grave, Mike Greenlee, Rich and Carmen Guetzko, Mark and Lisa J.E. Dunn Construction Co. Jensen Construction Nelson, Mike and Dana Norby, Ron and Vicki Smiley, Scott and Terri Waldinger Corp. Woodruff, Bill and Georganne

$501-$1000 Bosshart, Steve and Jill Cramer, Robert and Lori Durham, Chuck Friedrichsen, Kent Giroux, Paul and Catherine Gordon, Joseph and Sally Iowa Concrete Paving Assoc. Nissen, Jim and Rhonda Novak, Thomas and Debra Schechinger, Raen and Erin Whitfield & Eddy P.L.C.

$1-$500 Adam, John and Penny Alfred, Ron and Janice Anderson, Roger Baker Electric Banister, Bruce Banister, Deborah Barkhurst, Gary and Susan Becker, Carol and Dennis

Beier, Anthony and Tressa Beisser’s Inc. Bezanis, Brian and Debra Biere, Dan and Ann Binder, Thomas and Kirsten Black, Douglas and Monti L. Bosshart, David and Kari Braesch, Steven and Letha Brockmann, William Brown, Jason and Jean Buhr, Craig and Ellen Burke, David Burns & McDonnell Found. Conley, Daniel and Barbara Cramer, Mark and Elaine Dusil, Randall and Teresa Dziedzic, Shawn Ehm, Jeff and Cynthia Einck, Cynthia and Norm Erickson, Bryce and Julie Fett, Robert and Gretchen Field, Loren and Lenore Flickinger, Tim and Christie Frank, Stephen and Lynn Fritcher, Sara Fritcher, James Furman Corporation Geist, Kirk and Pauline Gerleman, Joseph and Rita Graeve, Wayne and Janet Hagen, Paul and Mary Hanson, Mark and Loree Helgevold, Kevin and Linda Heston, William and Anita Hohenshell, Eugene Home Builders Assn. of Ames Iowa Women Hoversten, Larry and Margaret Hunziker Land Dev. Co, LLC Hurd, Anders Integrity Construction Services Irlbeck, Brian and Angela Jacob, Thomas and Sally Jellinger, Susan Jensen, Alexandre Johansen, Rich and Jan Johns, Robert and Linda Johnson, William and Gail Johnson, Steven Johnson, David and Donna Johnston, Brent and Suzanne 47

Jon Hunziker Constr., Inc. Keyes, George Klinger Companies, Inc. Knizler Constr. Serv. Inc. Leonhart, Gene and Pat Lindhart, Chris and Carol Lindsley, Dennis Loss, A. and Kristine Martens, George and Linda Mattison, Todd Mattison, Annemarie McCormick, Dean and Tonya Mullenbach Construction, Inc. Nelson, Steven and Stephanie Nelson, Mark and Stephanie Neumann, Philip and Elizabeth Nieman, Jared and Juliana Otte, Douglas and Marcia Palmer, Neal and Luann Peterson, Cork and Becky Phillips, Brad Pinnacle Properties Plumb Supply Company Postma, Gene and Susan Prantner, Shannon Pratt, Donald and Helen Rathert Construction, Inc. Raufaste, Noel and Lynn Rumpf, Brian and Lori Russell Construction Co., Inc. Samson-Burke, Amy Schaefer, Robert and Lucille Schmidt, Flora Scranton, Kirsta Sheffert, Lary and Sonya Sherman, Carol Shuey Construction Sorenson, John and Mary Gail Spooner, Kevin Stapleton, Andrew and Lorri Star Equpiment Ltd. Struss, Douglas and Carol Sulzbach, Richard Swanson, Donald Swanson, Courtney Tempel, Timothy and Jody Thompson Electric Ulrich, Robert and Kay Venter, Daniel and Fran Ward, Ira and Phyllis Ward Workman, Larry and Georgia

Building Emphasis 123.5 Credits

Construction Engineering COURSE MATRIX 2009-2011 General Catalog 1 Fall


1 Spring

2 Fall

2 Spring

3 Fall

CE 170 (2) Graphics for Civil Engineers

ConE 221 (4) Contr Org & Mgmt of Constr

ConE 241 (3) Constr Mat & Meth

ConE 3224 (3) Constr Equip & Hvy Constr Meth

ConE 3404 Concr & Steel Constr


ConE 4214 (3) Constr Estimating

ConE 487 Constr Engrg Design I


*CE 160 (3) Eng Prob w/Comp Lab

*Math 166 Calculus II

CE 111 (3) Fund of Surveying I

ConE 251 (1) M/E Materials and Methods

Law Elective ConE 380 or Acct 215


ConE 352 (3) Mech Sys in Bldgs

ConE 441 (3) Constr Plng, Sch & Cont

ConE 488 Constr Engrg Design II


*Math 165 Calculus I


*Phys 221 (5) Intro to Classical Physics I

Stat 105 Statistics for Engineers


Math 266 (3) Elem Differential Eqn

EM 3784 Mech of Fluids


ConE 353 (2) Elec Sys in Bldgs

CE 383 (1) Dsgn of Ptlnd Cem Concr

Bus Comm Elective1 (3) Engl 302/309/314

*Chem 167 (4) Gen Chem for Eng Students

*Engl 2501 (3) WOVE Communication

Phys 222 (5) Intro to Classical Physics II

EM 2744 (3) Statics of Engrg

EM 3244 Mech of Matls


CE 3324 (3) Struc Analysis I

CE 333 (3) Struc Dsgn Stl I

CE 334 (3) Reinf Concr Dsgn I

*Engl 1501 (3) Critical Thinking & Communication

ConE 122 Learning Community

SSH Elective (3) Psych 101/230/280

EM 327 (1) Mech of Matls Lab

CE 3604 Soils Engrg

SSH Elective International Perspective


SSH Elective US Diversity

Math or Stat Elective2

Acct 284 Fin Acct


SSH Elective (3) Econ 101 or 102

Engrg Topics Elective3




*Engr 101 Engineering Orientation



ConE 121 Learning Community


*Lib 160 Libr Instr






Transfer Grade Requirements: The department requires a grade of C or better for any transfer credit course that is applied to the degree program. 1) Minimum grade ENGL courses: C in each *Denotes Basic Program course.

(15) 2) Math or Statistics Elective Math 265 (4) Math 307 (3) Stat 401 (4) Stat 447 (3)



3 Spring

4 Fall


4 Spring




3) Engr Topics Electives

4) Building Emphasis Core Courses

2 Credits Required For Building Emphasis

Building Core Classes Require a MINIMUM Cumulative 2.00 GPA

CE 326 (3) ConE 490 CE 372 (4) EM 345 CE 417 (3) EE 314 CE 446 (3) MatE 272 CE 460 (3) Geol 201 ConE 381A & ConE 481A (2) Any CE 500-level course.

(1) (3) (3) (2) (3) Fall only

CE 382 (3cr) may be substituted for CE 383 with the remaining 2 credits to count for Engineering Topic Elective.

EM 274 EM 324 ConE 322 EM 378 CE 360 ConE 421 CE 332 ConE 340

(3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) 24

Total credits required, undergraduate program: Building Emphasis 123.5 Revised 9/2010 af


Internet Addresses Construction Engineering

Associated General Contractors of America

Design-Build Institute of America

Mechanical Contractors Association

National Association of Home Builders

National Electrical Contractors Association

Sigma Lambda Chi

Engineering Career Services

CCEE Newsletter


Total Construction Engineering Graduates 1963-2011 (Engineering Operations, Building Construction & Construction Engineering)

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Bachelor’s Degree 4 Graduates 4 Graduates 5 Graduates 13 Graduates 15 Graduates 15 Graduates 9 Graduates 22 Graduates 31 Graduates 29 Graduates 30 Graduates 23 Graduates 36 Graduates 37 Graduates 37 Graduates 58 Graduates 82 Graduates 81 Graduates 108 Graduates 93 Graduates 64 Graduates 71 Graduates 66 Graduates 50 Graduates 39 Graduates 52 Graduates 46 Graduates 49 Graduates 50 Graduates 27 Graduates 31 Graduates 29 Graduates 46 Graduates 41 Graduates 57 Graduates 62 Graduates 57 Graduates 56 Graduates 66 Graduates 68 Graduates 67 Graduates 61 Graduates 41 Graduates 80 Graduates 65 Graduates 75 Graduates 56 Graduates 79 Graduates

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54 Graduates

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ConE Reunion Thursday, October 20 5:30 – 8:30 pm I-Cubs Cub Club (located in the left field corner of Principal Park)

Join old friends, classmates, and colleagues for drinks and heavy appetizers Watch your mail for an invitation with event details. Questions? Contact Jeff Stone (ConE ‘76) 51

BS 1963

BS 1966

Gethmann, Jack (Joan M.) Gethmann Constr., Inc. (student son of Mr. Tom Jellinger) P.O. Box 160 P.O. Box 160 Marshalltown, IA 50158-0160 Marshalltown, IA 50158-0160 641-751-7372 (cell)

Greenlee, Rich (Carm) Engineering Partners 9012 Meadow Place 9001 E. Bloomington Fwy. Savage, MN 55378 Bloomington, MN 55420 952-831-2471 In January of 2011 I transferred ownership of my consulting firm, Engineering Partners, to the young guys. I still get to impart my wisdom on a more “part time” basis. The ConE 50th was truly a memorable experience. So great to see Prof. Jellinger and other friends and classmates especially Cork Peterson, Glen DeStigter and Pat Klein.

Old man retirement has finally caught up with me. We split our year between Iowa, Mesa, AZ, and travels. Daughter Jill has operated Gethmann Construction as a third generation firm for 4 ½ years very successfully – which allowed her to purchase my stock. Jill/GCI applied for and received WEB certification. Her organization has been operating at 110% to 125% of standard capacity – people power in the field is the main problem. We have gotten deeply into heavy equipment – especially cranes! GCI has added a misc. and structural steel fabrication division. Areas of major involvement are pile driving, excavation/earthwork/concrete. The floods of 2011 got GCI into building earthen berms/dams – the first one was three miles long and constructed in one week @ 24/7. If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area, call – we are in the phone books.

Larson, Norman Kyle A. Larson, 5 (6 in July) 3440 Tripp Ave. Amarillo, TX 79121 806-316-8577 Retired from Atmos Energy Corp. in ’88 when they wanted me to move to the new company headquarters in Dallas.

BS 1964

My son and I just got back from CO visiting my mother (age 93) and my sister and her family. Kyle had a great time learning how to fish, hiking the mountains, operating a skid loader, playing with his many cousins, and petting any dog he found. He was afraid of coming in contact with a bear or a mountain lion but none appeared. Since I don’t own a car anymore (I bicycle around town), we went by bus.

Neal, Paul (Tony) III (Gwen M. Neal) Sarah O’Neill (39) Jeff Neal (36) Siri Neal (32) P.O. Box 3368 Homer, AK 99603 907-299-2351

My latest projects are improving the insulation in my home and reinforcing my home against tornadoes.

We wrapped up our public works and defense general contracting, sold our equipment, after 30 years.

Peterson, Cork (Becky) Peterson Contractors, Inc. P.O. Box A 104 Blackhawk Reinbeck, IA 50669 Reinbeck, IA 50669 319-345-2383 319-345-2713 *204

Gwen went to law school and is now a busy criminal defense and family law lawyer with her own practice. Gwen is also a commercial fisher with me in the summer. I am working our commercial fishing business for most of the year. Fishing salmon and halibut in the Bering Sea.

Cork is still working at PCI. Enjoyed being part of 50th ConE Reunion. Great to see Tom Jellinger and many friends. 52

Paula and I are doing fine. Thoughts of retirement keep creeping into our heads, but unless we win Powerball we’ll probably keep working a few more years.

BS 1967 Raufaste, Noel J. (Lynn) Knowledge Assess & Noel Services International Colleen 202 Captain Robinson Dr. 202 Captain Robinson Dr. Avondale, PA 19311 Avondale, PA 19311 301-467-4747 484-720-8217

I keep running into young Iowa State graduates due to my work with construction firms. They are usually hard working and well-trained – they always make me proud of Iowa State – keep up the good work!

President, Knowledge Access and Services International (KASI). Retired from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 1999 and have been serving as NIST Emeritus and NIST Guest Researcher. After 23 years managing the US-Japan bilateral program on Wind and Seismic Effects I have turned it over to a younger researcher. In April 2011 I completed my two year presidency of NIST’s Alumni Association. Remain active in consulting through KASI and as a volunteer in activities such as: Longwood Gardens (tours and writing histories of the du Pont families) and Nemours Mansion (tours and histories). Completed restoration of our French house last October that is located in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, SW France. Always interested in hearing from anyone wanting to take the time to send a note.

BS 1970 Guinn, Jack (Jolene) 5319 N 52nd St Omaha, NE 68104 402-451-0395 Retired Enjoying retirement with my wife, kids & grandkids. Hanson, Stanley (Anne) 7526 Vane Street Omaha, NE 68122-1782 Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

BS 1968

BS 1971

Sullivan, Harold P. (Paula) Jon (30) Anchor Engineering, Inc. 7254 So. Fillmore Circle 3611 Blake St. Centennial, CO 80122 Denver, CO 80205 303-688-2329 303-783-4797

Gordon, Joseph (Sally) 8133 Pheasant Run Fogelsville, PA 18051 610-398-7989


Still enjoying retirement, 5 grandchildren, golf, travel, and good health! Sally and Joe say Hi to Tom Jellinger, our hero!!

The commercial construction market in Denver is starting to recover, so my workload is back to normal (in other words, I’m behind). I’m still working as a structural engineering consultant, mostly specializing in post-tensioned concrete structures. For the last 2 years most of my work has been involved with solar energy – reviewing the structural capacity of roofs prior to solar installations and designing racking systems for solar installations. That niche of design work is still alive but has been slowed down due to a cut in the solar rebates.

Powell, Doug (Peg) The Weitz Company Andrea, mother of Abby, Jacob, and Jenna Leigh, mother of Grace and Jack Kristi, mother of Micah and Ellie 1407 McKinley Drive 5901 Thornton, Ave. Ames, IA 50010 Des Moines, IA 50321 Currently working part time at The Weitz Company as a VDC modeler on various Iowa-based projects. Building virtually is a good way for the company to 53

get a return on my experience (ROX) … and to keep me out of trouble. Peg retired from the Ames Community School District at the end of the 20102011 academic year.

His next career will start in 2012 when he retires and gets to travel, ride his bicycle, and play with his grandkids. Jochimsen, Ron (Carol) The Boldt Company N4417 Sandstone Ct. OJ Boldt Construction Appleton, WI 54913 2525 N Roemer Rd. 920-733-0051 Appleton, WI 54911 920-225-6127

BS 1972 Floyd, Chuck (Charlotte) 20 Putnam Road Acton, MA 01720 978-635-0725

C.E. Floyd Co., Inc. 135 South Road Bedford, MA 01730 781-271-9006

Ron has been experiencing the wind, dust, and mud of South Dakota, doing a Quality Management implementation assignment for construction of a power plant. Mentoring has become an important part of daily activities.

Lewis, Dennis Design Forum Engineering 2010 Kitty Hawk Drive 7575 Paragon Road Xenia, OH 45385 Dayton, OH 45459 937-376-1080 937-312-8779

BS 1974 Gilbert, Perry (Clare (JLSM 1973) Ellen (spouse Andru) Apollo Mechanical Reed (Morgan) Portland, OR Meghan (Tyler) 2945 NW 144 Ave. Beaverton, OR 97006 503-629-9226

Still working in retail mechanical design – financial, telecommunications, hospitality, automotive, car wash and dry cleaning. Walter, John (Donna) Lueder Construction Co. Jennifer 9999 J Street Andy and wife Sarah, Omaha, NE 68127 Granddaughter Annie June age 2) 402-339-1000 7914 Barbara Street Omaha, NE 68124 402-393-2564

New company, new challenges in 2011---enjoying the change while staying well-connected in the specialty mechanical world for hi-tech, hospitals, labs and so forth.

BS 1973

Mueller, Richard (Laurie) Pepper Construction Co. Chris (33) 411 Lake Zurich Road Leslie (30) Barrington, IL 60010 1945 Huntington Road 847-381-2760 Saint Charles, IL 60174 630-513-5796

Dvorak, David (Jan) Brett Cedar Rapids Comm. School Distr. Andrea 319-558-1093 Donnie Dave has been the Manager of Buildings and Grounds for the Cedar Rapids Community School District since 1984. In this one position he has experienced a large variety of projects from flood recovery for multiple building sights which included designing and building a 44 million dollar school district administration and support building to creating and designing the department’s web site. Probably his most difficult projects were the replacement of HVAC systems in high, middle, and elementary schools while the schools were in operation. He is quoted as saying “It is a heck of a lot easier to build a building than it is to remodel it.”

We enjoyed catching up with a few classmates at the Construction Engineering 50th anniversary event last fall. I am blessed to have a job with a great company as we all go through this challenging economy. Laurie and I are empty nesting and find a great job spending time with family and friends, in church activities, gardening, and doing some traveling. We are looking forward to celebrating Chris and Ellen’s wedding this summer in San Diego. 54

Pfeffer, William J. (Marlena) Mihaela 10310 River Bend Dr. Rowlett, TX 75089 214-236-9429

Marion, IA 52302 Due to the economic situation, I was laid off from the Weitz Company in December 2009 and landed a job with Frew Nations Group in July 2010 starting to work on the new Cedar Rapids Convention Complex. Currently serving in the role as Senior Project Manager for the Convention Complex and Convention Complex Hotel. These are City of Cedar Rapids projects of which the hotel was added to the mix when the hotel was purchased by the city. The green light to proceed on the hotel renovation design was given April 12, 2011. The entire project revolves around renovating the existing U.S. Cellular Center arena and hotel, both originally built in the late 1970’s, and the addition of an approx.. 129,000 square foot convention center adjacent to the arena. Total project to be completed March 2013.

Retired from The Beck Group in Dallas, Texas June 1, 2010. Playing a lot of golf to make up for time lost. White, Larry (Deb)

Grand Projects, Inc. PO Box 29 Northfield, MN 55057 507-744-4582

The “recovery” for commercial real estate and construction cannot come quickly enough. Projects in the private sector remain elusive for smaller commercial design/build firms such as ours. On a brighter note we have more prospects this year than we have seen since 2007. My heart says it is not time for retirement and my nest egg is in full agreement!

Very busy working with the design team to complete the design for each portion of the Convention Complex and to get bid packages out. Site demolition, hazardous material abatement, and primary structural steel have been awarded on the Convention Complex with other prime bid packages to be out for bids July 2011. In addition, working with the design team to also complete the hotel design and issue multiple bid packages now that a hotel franchise flag has been selected by the city.

Deb works with “seniors” at the local senior center pool helping them with water exercise, therapy, post-surgical recovery and even teaching a forward thinking 96-year-old how to swim! Oldest son Brad and wife Angie in the Madison, WI area have blessed us with two grandsons, ages 1 and 4, who are a delight. Brett (still looking for Ms. Right) is enjoying increased responsibilities with an international drilling firm making frequent trips to corporate offices in Utah, traveling to mining sites throughout the US and even to China for global sales training. By year end he is also scheduled to visit Chile, Mexico, and Australia.

Jackson, Steve (Terri) 1722 Partridge Lane Waterloo, IA 50701 319-234-2136

Leinen, Tim 801 E. Melody Dr. Gilbert, AZ 85234 480-497-2110

Let’s hope the construction market has turned the corner and is heading toward better times ahead.

Cedar Valley Corp. Box 1740 Waterloo, IA 50704 319-235-9537 Sundt Tempe, AZ 480-293-3323

After 26 years T. R. Leinen, LLC closed up shop and I took a full time position with Sundt Construction two years ago. After the economy tanked, the consulting business became especially lean, particularly if I wanted to remain in the Phoenix area. It was a bit of a shock at first but I am adjusted by now and having fun participating in some complex projects. Sundt hired me to teach

BS 1975 Cousins, Roger A. (Jill) Frew Nations Group, LLC Kara (35) 101 2nd Street SE, Suite 502 Kory (34) Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 Kristy (31) Kelly (30) 3650 Brookside Drive 55

scheduling but they realize I need to be involved in doing as well as teaching.

As always, if anyone is coming through Dallas and wants to stop for a cold beer, just let me know. I remember that part of college.

Miller, Albert (Lois) Lewis Contractors Bridgette (22) 55 Gwynns Hill Court Katie (20) Owings Mills, MD 21117 19 Patricks Ct. 410-356-4200

Richards, Scott (Susan) Garth Debra Deanna

Bridgette graduated from the ConE program this year. Her dad is very proud for her accomplishment. She starts work, with a competitor, May 31st and is looking forward to a long successful career. Work is starting to come back in the Baltimore area. We should do 80 million plus. I really enjoyed visiting ISU the past four (4) years to see my daughter. Hopefully Bridgette and I can visit as often in the future. Hope all ConE’s continue to do well!

Lyles Services Co. 1250 W. Olive Ave. Fresno, CA 93728 559-441-1900

I am approaching a semi-retirement mode by currently working 3 days per week from the Fresno office. I will go to 2 days a week (every other week at the Fresno office) beginning October 1 with the other two days per week working from a home office in San Juan Bautista. I have been with the Lyles Construction Group of companies since graduation from ISU in 1975. The majority of my career (33 years) was with Kaweah Construction Co. as project engineer, project manager, division manager, operations manager, and president. The last 3 years I have been with the parent company, Lyles Services Co., in a Chief-of-Staff position. I am looking forward to full retirement in a couple more years, but am enjoying remaining active with the company on a part-time basis now.

Nieman, Jared (Jerry) (Juliana) Nathaniel Russell Construction Natalie 4600 E. 53rd Street 2309 Elm Street Davenport, IA 52807 Davenport, IA 52803 563-459-4600 563-323-2764 Jerry just celebrated his 26-year anniversary at Russell Construction. He enjoys working with 16 other ConE’s at Russell and several current ConE interns. His group of project managers focus solely on healthcare construction.

Spencer, “Hap” Earl (Cindy) Crystal (23) Wil (21) 220 North Oak St. Janesville, IA 50647 319-987-2454

Otte, Douglas (Marcia) White Rock Commercial Charlie (30) 1501 LBJ Freeway Matthew (30) Suite 550 Meredith (21) Dallas TX 75234 6310 Oakleaf Road 972-888-1494 Dallas, TX 75248 972-702-0627

Due to various reasons we closed the company in 2010. I am now semi-retired and doing some consulting work.

BS 1976 Carroll, Mike (Paula) State of Iowa Clint (29) Dept. of Administrative Services Clay (26) Hoover State Office Building th 1525 N.W. 124 Str. 1305 East Walnut Street Clive, IA 50325 Des Moines, IA 50319 515-491-0265 515-281-3273

I was on campus last fall for a football game, so took a tour through Town Engineering Hall. I can honestly say I hadn’t been inside for almost 25 years, and I think some of the ceiling tile is still the same. I can also say while I remember a good bit of it, some other parts looked a little foreign, like the classrooms. Can’t remember as much technology being there back in the early 70’s, and someone changed the blackboards out to white! It was fun being back, and brought back a lot of memories for all the hours we spent in there.

Our family members have all had transitions into new phases of our lives. After 30 years as a CPA, Paula went back to graduate school and earned a Master’s Degree in Education in Counseling from 56

Drake University. She now has her own practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Adel, Iowa. Clint is now a second year Fellow in Pediatric Oncology at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee doing research on the reparative processes of DNA. Clay graduated from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design with a Masters of Architecture Degree and works for Toshiko Mori Associates, an architectural firm in New York City. I made a career change in January taking an appointment from Governor Branstad as the Director of the Department of Administrative Services for the State of Iowa. After spending 35 years in the commercial and industrial construction industry, the change to administrative services in government has been one of the most challenging and interesting things I have ever done. My education in engineering from Iowa State has always served me well and continues to do so in this new, interesting, and challenging phase of my life.

even further into the design process, but they have been in that condition for several years. Since most of our projects are related to professional sport, it often takes a bit of ego to get these out of design and into fruition.

BS 1977 Dakovich, Milt (Kim) Shari (28) Kelly (25) Austin (23) Chancellor (13) Brigette (11) 1967 Kitty Hawk Dr. Waterloo, IA 50701 319-232-6537

Koester, Paul (Beth) Koester Const. Co., Inc. Ben (29) 3050 SE Enterprise Dr. Ste A Matt (26) Grimes, IA 50111 Megan (23) 515-986-5500 4124 Ovid Ave. Des Moines, IA 50310 515-277-6122

I have also been afforded the opportunity to serve on the College of Engineering’s Industrial Advisory Council. I am very honored and pleased to have the opportunity to contribute back to the engineering program. It is always good to hear from friends. Ford, Steve (Annette) Trevor (26) Chay (23) Molly (20) 2316 W. Cortland Drive Appleton, WI 54914 920-749-0757

Aspro, Inc. 3613 Texas St. P.O. Box 2620 Waterloo, IA 50704 319-232-6537

The Boldt Company 2525 N. Roemer Road Appleton, WI 54912 920-225-6227

BS 1978 Alexander, Richard C. (Corinne) Hammes Co. Richard Jr. (35) Towe Place at the Summit Nicholas (33) 1900 Summit Tower Blvd. 344 Hampton Hills Court Suite 480 DeBary, FL 32713 Orlando, FL 32810 407-399-0566 407-679-3000

Steve continues as Executive Vice President leading Boldt Technical Services, the design and engineering division of The Boldt Company.

Vice President and Partner with Hammes Company – I continue to work exclusively in healthcare developing inpatient and outpatient facilities for a variety of clients across the US. I work mostly in facility delivery – that is assisting hospital owners in the complete development (design, construction and occupancy) of inpatient and outpatient healthcare facilities.

Noonan, Thomas (Barbara) ICON VENUE Group Brian (35) married to 8101 E. Prentice Ave. Jennifer, one son Ethan Suite 900 Kevin (32) married to Greenwood Village, CO Melissa 303-796-2644 2515 South Fenton Lane Lakewood, CO 80227 303-989-0686

I have been riding RAGBRAI for the past 15 years to keep in touch with my Iowa roots. I really enjoy interaction with the hardworking, honest and wellgrounded people of Iowa!

Like most in Construction, still working through the ups (few) and downs of the economy. We have a number of projects in the planning stages, and some 57

Corinne has semi-retired and is enjoying our grandboys – Hunter (6) and Cody (terrible 2). My oldest son, Rich Jr. graduated from Florida, works with Progress Energy and lives in nearby Deltona, FL. My youngest son, Nick, graduated from Univ. of Central Florida in civil engineering with an emphasis on building construction and lives in nearby Sanford, FL. They were both born in Ames while we were attending Iowa State. We are indeed fortunate to be close to our sons and grandsons!

3447 Chapel Ct. Toledo, OH 43615 419-842-8822 Dummermuth, Chris (Terri Lee Yoho) Anna (28) Merck and Company 3421 Darrah Court Lot M-17-1 Morgantown, WV 26508 Wenhui North Road 215-429-8314 HEDA Zhejiang Province China 310018 86 00 571 8690 7605

I look forward to catching up via the Erector Set on all my classmates from 1978. Please keep up the good work.

I am now working on a Pharmaceutical Project in Hangzhou, China. I am now an Associate Director for projects in the Asia/Pacific region for Merck & Co. It has been a rewarding experience doing construction in China. The buildings we are working on are all cast in place concrete, so a lot of formwork and shoring. Most of the buildings in China are concrete structures since labor costs are low, and the cost of concrete is cheap. Structural steel buildings have high material costs, which is why they are not used as much. The technical side of Clean Rooms construction for sterile products is continuing to evolve too. It is interesting to be a part of the business that has continuous improvement as part of its vision.

Cormicle, Larry (Mary Beth Oostenbrug) Iowa State University Construction Engineering 426 Town Engineering Bldg. Ames, IA 50011-3232 515-294-8299 My ninth year as a ConE faculty member was the best year. Our students are great to work with and I find them some of the brightest young professionals that are entering into our industry. I will again be teaching three courses per semester and advising the AGC Student Chapter, advising the NAHB Student Chapter and acting as the coach for our four ASC Student Competition teams. I finally completed my Master’s Degree in Construction Engineering and Management during the summer of 2010. The five plus year journey is finally completed. I have completed six years as the ConE curriculum committee chair and am looking forward to again making improvements to our degree program.

Along with the work experiences, I have also enjoyed learning the Chinese culture and working with the people. Do not let people tell you different, the food in China is fantastic! Graeve, Mike (Garney) Matthew (31) Daniel (28) Mark (23) 10064 Tennyson Ct. Westminster, CO 80031 303-469-6414

Our son Lucas and his wife Dette in Denver has our first grandson that is now almost three years old. Talking to him using Skype is a very funny experience. Our youngest son Doug and his wife Molly are expecting their first child in early June this year. Mary Beth and I are enjoying our first grandchild and we are looking forward to the second who lives just west of Des Moines. If any of you travel to Ames for personal or recruiting reasons, stop by and say “Hi”.

Garney Construction 7911 Shaffer Parkway Littleton, CO 80127 303-596-3850

We enjoyed returning to Ames for the 50th Anniversary celebration. The Tom and Ro Jellinger Lab is fantastic. Congratulations Tom and ISU. Larson, Craig (Barb) Opus Design Build, L.L.C. Kimberly (29) 10350 Bren Road West Amy (26) Minnetonka, MN 55343 7632 West 85th Str. 952-656-4512 Bloomington, MN 55438

Douglas, Peter (Deanne) The Douglas Company Bruce (23) 1716 Perrysburg Holland Road Megan (20) Holland, OH 43528 Jenny (13) 419-865-8600 58

center in Denver, CO. However, these projects end in March & November respectively…need to get more in the pipeline.

Design-build projects for small colleges and private high schools continues to be strong business. Starting to see some activity in other market sectors.

My son, Brian, graduated from NC State University on May 14th with degrees in Physics & Aerospace Engineering. He started working for B/A Aerospace on June 20th and gets married to his high school sweetheart on July 16th. Nothing like getting them all taken care of at once.

Novy, Michael (Pam) Cedar Valley Steel Chris (28) 280 50th Ave. SW Nicole (25) Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Kenneth (22) 319-373-0291 2408 Cimarron Drive Marion, IA 52302

My daughter will be a Junior at NC State this fall, majoring in Animal Science with minors in Zoology and Genetics. Of course…she wants to go to Vet School.

Roseland, Richard (Gail) CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC Two step children: MS 9110 Amy (42) P.O. Box 2010 Johnny (35) Idaho Falls, ID 93413-2010 5868 West 17th South 208-533-0223 Idaho Falls, ID 83402 208-529-6875

My wife and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

BS 1979 Dawson, Paul (Joyce) 1015 Fieldstone Court Elgin, IL 60120 847-741-2505

I worked for M.A. Mortenson Company on various projects throughout the country for 21 years. In 1999, I settled down in Idaho Falls, Idaho (my wife is from there). I work as an engineer/estimator at the Idaho National Laboratory, a DOE site. I truly enjoy Idaho and don’t get a chance to make it back to Iowa very often. I am enjoying the 4 grandchildren (most of the time!). I would like to hear from Dave Larson, Gary Prescott, Syd Hobbs, Tom Noonan, and many others.

Elgin Community College 1700 Spartan Drive Elgin, IL 60123 947-214-7364

Paul is in his 17th year at the college. He is the managing director of construction projects. It has been a very eventful year. The first project of our $178 million referendum finished a month ahead of schedule. The $18.6 million Multi-Purpose Classroom Building was started in January and was completed in November 2010. It was over 20% under budget. We have three more major projects going on concurrently. The $55 million Health and Life Sciences Building, the $26 million Library, and finally a $24 million renovation of our largest building on campus – Student Resource Center. The Library and Health Building were several million dollars underbudget and are currently slated to complete in time for Spring 2012 classes, six months early! The college will have nearly $15 million worth of renovations starting soon and a $15 million Public Safety and Sustainability Center starting next year.

Schapman, Nick Conestoga-Rovers & Assoc. 7090 Birth Hollow Lane 9033 Meridian Way West Chester, OH 45069 West Chester, OH 45069 513-218-4222 513-942-4750 Wenger, Lynn (Wendy) Schedules Inc. Brian (23) 112 Sago Lane Jennifer (20) Mooresville, NC 28117-4369 112 Sago Lane 704-578-3719 Mooresville, NC 28117-4369 704-660-3490

Gast, Alan (Karen) The Ebert Mayo Design Group Andrew (18) 1115 Westport Dr. Meredith (15) Manhattan, KS 66502 2931 Brian Pl. 785-776-1800 Manhattan, KS 66503


Currently in my 4 year of being self-employed and things are going great. Working on a gas turbine facility manufacturing relocation from Hamilton, Ontario to Charlotte, NC and on a computer data 59


of Central Florida and another at Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology).

Busy at work – things have not slowed down here as they have most places and for that we are grateful! We have a nice mix of commercial, residential and educational projects. Our son graduated from high school and earned his Eagle Scout rank this spring. Our daughter completed her first year of high school keeping busy with music and theater. Next year will bring new challenged to both – Andrew is going to test the job market and Meredith will move up to the main high school building with the upperclassmen!

Welin, Peter (Jane) Thompson Hine LLP 5925 Brigids Close Dr. 41 S. High St., Suite 1700 Dublin, OH 43017 Columbus, OH 43215 614-792-8527 614-469-3269 Still practicing construction law in Columbus, Ohio where I have been now since 1982. My practice is more of a national practice representing some of the largest design and construction firms in the country on various litigation and transactional matters. I am finding myself becoming less of an advocate and working more on resolving matters as a mediator or as an arbitrator. It is amazing what a little gray hair does for people’s perception of your level of expertise! I still look back at my years at ISU as being very valuable in terms of what I do as a lawyer. We were well prepared for the industry.

Harman, Pamela (Brian R. James) P.O. Box 958 SETI Institute Pacifica, CA 94043 189 Bernardo Ave #100 650-738-0269 Mountain View, CA 94043 650-960-4523 Pamela continues as Manager of Education and Public Outreach (EPO) at the SETI Institute. The Institute has developed EPO programs for NASA’s Kepler Mission and NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), the world’s largest portable telescope. She recently flew on a science flight at an altitude of 44,000 ft. The Kepler Mission continues to announce exoplanet discoveries, and has announced over 1200 exoplanet candidates in the habitable zone of their parent stars. Some of the candidates are Neptune size and smaller.

On an aside, I am taking a golf trip with nineteen of my closest golfing buddies to Ireland in July. Can’t wait and hope my game is up for it. Westerndorf, (Bob) Robert (Debra) Melissa (30) Turner Construction Company Michelle (27) 9330 Scranton Rd., Suite 300 4561 Hillview Drive San Diego, CA 92121 LaMesa, CA 91941 619-571-1040 619-749-4472

Johnson, Steven L. Swinerton Builders Emily (23) 260 Townsend St. Alyson (21) San Francisco, CA 94107 6271 Byron Lane 415-984-1268 San Ramon, CA 94582

Still living in San Diego. Current assignment is Field Manager for the San Diego Airport Expansion. The project adds 10 new gates, 10 new Remain Overnight Parking spaces and all of the associated amenities to the T2 West Concourse as well as Spacious Food Court with 50’ tall window wall. Completion is scheduled for Mid-2013.

Steve has been busy this past year as the economy is starting to show signs of recovery in California. Since January 2011, Swinerton’s San Francisco building division has booked over $270 million in new construction in the high rise for-rent housing, medical and public sector markets. Hopefully the market will continue upward movement for the remainder of 2011.

BS 1980 Adam, John (Penny) 2621 Southridge Cir. Ames, IA 50014 515-292-1320

Both of Steve’s daughters are nearing completion of their post high school education (one at University

Iowa DOT 800 Lincoln Way Ames, IA 50010 515-239-1124

I continue to work for the Iowa Dept. of Transportation Highway Division. In Sept. 2010, I was appointed as Director and Chief Engineer of the 60

Highway Division. I also continue to serve on the ISU Construction Engineering Advisory Council and enjoy the opportunity it provides to meet and connect with the students on a frequent basis.

keeps getting more Iowa Staters to come to Texas to join us, and once again this summer have a Cyclone Intern working with us. Emily graduated from ISU in Architecture last May and is pursuing a career here in the Dallas area.

Blunck, Scott (Beverly) Roper Construction Co. Caroline (18) 408 W. Palmer Street 8142 Shannon Woods Lane Charlotte, NC 28203 Matthews, NC 28104 704-332-6737

Moore, Tom CDW Wife of 31 years Linda Clive, IA 50325 Liz (25) 515-201-1769 Jarrad (22) Mackenzie (15) 14162 Lake Pointe Dr. Clive, IA 50325 515-240-7337

Bosshart, David Consultant to CDM International Laci (28) Kennley (23) Buena Vista, CO 719-207-8724

Selling computer technology for 28 years. LinkedIn profile:

It was nice getting back to ISU last September for the ConE 50th. It was great seeing Tom Jellinger and many others. It is clear ConE is continuing to excel.

Phillips, Bradley (Jean) Jessica Beck International de Mexico 3180 Mathieson Dr NE Vasco de Quiroga 3900, Unit 1106 Suite 501-A Atlanta, GA 30305 Colonia Lomas de Santa Fe 404-702-0342 Mexico DF, 05300 404-702-0342

I just completed my second year in Lesotho Africa overseeing the dam component of the Metolong Dam Water Supply Programme. The Advance Infrastructure construction is nearly complete, the Water Treatment Plant construction recently started and we hope to have the Dam construction contract awarded in July. The Roller Compacted Concrete placements for the 83 m tall RCC dam should begin in about a year (Jun – Jul 2012) and we hope to start impounding the reservoir late 2012 – an aggressive schedule.

Jean and I will be relocating to Mexico City, Mexico as I will be assuming the role of President and CEO of our Beck International de Mexico operations. This is a big challenge and opportunity for Jean and me. First let me assure you that it is safe. Beck has been operating in Mexico for 15 years without incident. Most of the violence you are hearing about is in the border towns. That is not to say that Mexico City does not have it’s troubles like Atlanta does. Anyway, that has been the reaction from family and friends and I wanted to reassure you that we will be fine.

There is a huge need for water projects in Africa. There are many water projects under construction and even more planned. I expect I may do more work in Africa after my current assignment. Czapanskiy, Gregory A. (Rebecca) Emily Mario Sinacola & Sons Excavating, Inc. 3605 Ping Drive 10950 Research Road Flower Mound, TX 75028 Frisco, TX 75033 214-534-2968 214-577-2163

I will be relocating immediately and Jean will be joining me once she works out her employment situation. We are excited at the opportunity to live in Mexico City and our offices are located in Santa Fe just west of what is downtown Mexico City or District Federal. This area is very much like the Buckhead area that we live in now. Another comment has been, well, you will be hot. Mexico City is in a mountain range and is at 7,500 ft elevation making it cool. The summer highs are 7279, much less than Atlanta.

I am the Utility Division Manager at Mario Sinacola & Sons Excavating, Inc. We do Heavy/Highway, Public, Private and Commercial projects. We’re managing to stay busy and thankful we’re in one of the best economic climates in the country. Sinacola 61

Yo no hablo español pero estoy aprendiendo. I do not speak Spanish but I am learning. Same with Jean, however all our employees are bilingual and most business is conducted in English. Jeannie has actually lived in multiple foreign countries and is looking forward to it and the close proximity to some other cool destinations.



Fox Engineering continues to be a dynamic and innovative company which makes it an interesting place to work.

BS 1981

Please keep Jeannie and I in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this international journey.

Clarahan, Randy (Sue) Christine Dan Mike 530 Brentwood Blvd. Copley, OH 44321 330-666-5453

Wallace, Craig (Jackie) Cherne Contracting Corp. Jim (28) PO Box 975 Ben (26) Minneapolis, MN 55440 195 First Street 606-584-3221 Lake View, IA 51450

Tri-C Constr. Co., Inc. 1765 Merriman Rd. Akron, OH 44313 330-983-0916

It has been almost 5 years since making the move to Ohio to join Tri-C Construction. As we all know, it has been an interesting 5 years in our industry and we continue to look at better ways to serve existing clients as well as introduce ourselves to new opportunities.

Craig has been with Cherne for 29 years this summer. It is still fun and interesting to build in the industrial market. Cherne continues to work as a general contractor on power and refinery projects self-performing 90% of the work with our own direct hire labor forces. The contracting method has turned from reimbursable to lump sum very quickly in this tougher economy. Despite the current conditions the new project outlook for us is quite good right now. Cherne went through a change of ownership last year as we sold the company to Kiewit Corporation and are now a stand-alone district of Kiewit. We will still operate as Cherne pretty much pursuing the same markets but now we will also do internal joint ventures with other Kiewit districts.

Sue’s private practice as a dietitian consultant has done well. Daughter (Christine) follows her mother’s passion in the industry in Philly. Son Dan is in his 2nd half of a 27 month commitment in the Peace Corp in El Salvador. Mike just graduated from ISU in Business and is in Chicago to make his mark. (All five of us are now proud Cyclone Alums). If your travels ever bring you to the NE Ohio area, drop me a note.

Jackie and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in March. WOW! As always she manages and runs everything. Both the boys have been through ISU and Ben went on to NC State for his masters. Now they have both returned to Lake View where Jim works for a swine management company looking for farmers to raise antibiotic free pork. Ben is the NW Iowa fisheries biologist for the Department of Natural Resources. We are pretty lucky to have both boys living and working near home. We still have chocolate labs and we all love to hunt ducks and pheasants. Planning on our annual salmon fishing trip to Lake Michigan in July. Life and work is good but I am looking forward to more hunting and fishing and less building.

Friedrichsen, Kent M. United States Air Force 13125 Neon Ave NE 3550 Aberdeen Ave SE Albuquerque, NM 87112-4869 Kirtland AFB 505-275-5428 NM 87117-5776 505-853-7926 We had the grand opening ceremony of our $59M Military Construction (MILCON) Program project, the Battlespace Environment Laboratory, in April. I am still working issues to relocate the remaining personnel and laboratory equipment from Hanscom AFB, MA, by the Congressionally-mandated September deadline.

Williamson, S. Brandt Fox Engrg. Assoc., Inc. 3333 Grand Ave, Apt. 395 414 S. 17th St., Ste 107 Des Moines, IA 50312 Ames, IA 50010 62

Hutter, Mike (Wynn) Flintco, LLC Wesley (19) – Sophomore 8100 Cross Park Dr. attending ISU Austin, TX 78754 Maggie (17) – Freshman attending 512-891-7224 Univ. of Texas at Austin 1371 Braided Rope Dr. Austin, TX 78727 512-837-8541

these that force you to go back to the basics, re-look at how things are done and why and at times reinvent your firm in terms of new strategic planning, etc. You tend to ask yourself why did we do things that way in the first place, just wished I had more time to get things done. We have an outstanding group of young engineers and about 1600 craft within the state. If you ever get to Houston way, give me a call. It’s always exciting when I run into ex-ConE’s, there are a lot of us out here!

Vice President, Business Development Kumm, Doug (Penni) Baker Group Kelsey (23) 4224 Hubbell Avenue Tyler (21) Des Moines, IA 50317 9021 Iltis Drive 515-262-4000 Urbandale, IA 50322 515-278-7013

Hyler, Susan Colbert (Paul) HCM Engineering, PC Georgia (18) 315 Montford Avenue 315 Montford Avenue Asheville, NC 28801 Asheville, NC 28801 828-255-5134 828-255-5134

Vice President of Mechanical. Tyler is a ConE student.

We are still hanging out in Asheville and loving living here. I think what we enjoy most is being able to walk to the downtown, have dinner and go to the theater. After years of traffic, we love being able to get to most places within 10-15 minutes. It also helps that Asheville is a tourist destination, so the restaurant and entertainment choices are good.

Loudin, Steve (Kit) 2663 Sheldon Rd. Grayslake, IL 60030 847-548-5525

We are still plugging along with our company. We are starting to see some signs of life in the mountain construction industry. Hoping for a better year for our business. If any of you should need scheduling assistance, please give me a call.

The honeycomb business continues to do well as we expand into new markets. Our latest market venture is the automotive market. Tricel Honeycomb is used in approximately 40 different automobile interior parts for sun shades to load floors. My free time is still spent driving race cars around the country. Last year I again won the National Championship for the GT-C class in the Viper Racing League.

Our daughter, Georgia, turned 18 this year. I don’t know – it kind of made me feel a wee bit older or at least a thought that we have been at this parenting gig for a while. Hurley, Larry (Shannon) Kim (33) David (30) Kristin (28) 20649 Southwood Oaks Porter, TX 77365 303-881-0116

Tricel Honeycomb Corp. 2100 Swanson Ct. Gurnee, IL 60031 847-336-1321

McCormick, Dean (Tonya) Shannon (23) ISU, Facilities Planning and Mgmt. Patrick (20) 200P General Services Bldg. 3032 Aspen Rd. Ames, IA 50011 Ames, IA 50014 515-294-0564 515-292-8276

Webber LLC 14333 Chrisman Rd. Houston, TX 77039 281-987-8787

Was great seeing everybody at the ConE 50th Anniversary celebration in September!

President and CEO of Webber LLC the largest transportation contractor in Texas. We are busy in spite of the down economy; diversifying into other markets such as ports and marine and aviation along with CM @ Risk, Design-Build and PPP’s. It’s interesting that in such a down market its times like

It has been another busy year at Iowa State. Completed work on the Biorenewables Research Laboratory Building and Hach Hall Chemistry Building this year along with many more remodeling projects, including the Jellinger Lab in the Town Engineering Building. We are currently 63

working to complete the College of Veterinary Medicine - Small Animal Hospital Renovation and Addition for opening this summer and the West Campus Recreation Facility for opening this fall. Work is scheduled to begin on a new auditorium building, Troxel Hall, and the Football Training Facility this fall. Reconstruction and recovery efforts from the flooding in August 2010 were a major effort for us this past year as well. It is great to see the participation by so many ConE’s in our projects as gc’s, sgubs, professional consultants, etc. Thanks for being a part of our successes!

again this year, but it is hard to see what the future holds. Has it really been 30 years since we graduated from ISU? On the home front, one boy has graduated from college and we are one year from being empty nesters. Deb continues to make me jealous with her retirement adventures. Sanman, Randy (Teresa) Jessica Thorpe (Michael) (26) Matthew Sanman (24) Michael Thorpe (4) (grandchild) Trevor Thorpe (17 mo) (grandchild) Kiewit Infrastructure Group 3900 S. Benton Way 7926 S. Platte Canyon Rd. Denver, CO 80235 Littleton, CO 80128 303-716-1995 303-979-9330

Nissen, Jim Pepper Constr. Co. (Rhonda (Klein) Nissen) 643 N. Orleans St. Dan (24) (wife Sarah) Chicago, IL 60654 Jackie (22) 312-266-4700 x 740 Lauren (20) Nick (18) 6705 Lexington Trail Crystal Lake, IL 60012 815-459-2875

Soteropulos, Gust (Rita) Webcor Builders Carol (23) 550 S. Hope St, Suite 2100 Dean (21) Los Angeles, CA 90071 John (17) 213-239-2800 4134 Via Picaposte Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 213-792-0497

Business continues to be challenging but we are doing more than holding our own. Always enjoy working with the many ISU ConE alumni working @ Pepper and in the industry. Hope to see more of you in the coming year.

Stinn, Glen F. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Debbie (Anderson) Stinn) 1616 Capitol Ave. Kevin (28) a 2005 ISU grad Omaha, NE 68102 3404 Tammy Street 402-995-2042 Bellevue, NE 68123-26114 402-292-7345

Dan is graduating in June with his masters in healthcare administration. He and Sarah are moving to Portland to start his new job at a hospital there. We’ll miss them but they are excited to get started in their careers. Jackie will be a senior in nursing @ the Univ. of Michigan. Lauren will be a junior in elementary education @ ISU, and Nick is entering his senior year of high school, still looking at colleges. Rhonda and I are also doing great. Keep in touch!

I completed another 6 month tour in Afghanistan from May through November of 2010. I continued the work that I had previously done with contract management based out of Kabul. We were working with many Afghan companies that were building police facilities, army training facilities, hospitals, and schools. I am now getting ready to be deployed to North Dakota for floor duty which will involve building up and repairing levees along the Missouri River and its tributaries.

Novak, Thomas R. (Debra) Ben (24) Klinger Constructors, LLC Keith (23) P.O. Box 90850 Nolan (17) Albuquerque, NM 97199 313 Quebrada Ln NE 505-856-8209 Albuquerque, NM 87113 505-345-0835

Kevin just finished his first year of law school at Drake University and is currently in Nantes, France for a 5 week course of study on International Law. (Kevin is able to spend a little time traveling in Europe while he is there.) In August, he will marry Kristin, a lovely young lady from Palmer, Alaska. They met in St. Louis while Kevin was working for

The New Mexico economy still continues to crawl out of economic hole the whole country is in. Our workload improved last year and should improve 64

the National Beta Sigma Psi office and Kristin was waiting to receive a heart transplant. (She received her transplant on Kevin’s 26th birthday!)

Christina (17)

After 10 years with DBS in Singapore, I have worked out of DBS Asia Capital in HK since May of this year. Now I am responsible of DBS’ corporate finance business in North Asia. Highlights of the year to date included closing of the listing of Hutchison Ports Holdings Trust’s USD 5.4 billion IPO in March of this year. As part of the global investor roadshow, I stopped by Minneapolis for 2 hours to attend an investor meeting and that was the closest I got near Ames in the last 7 years. Another highlight was in accompanying President Geoffrey at ISU in visiting the Academy of Agriculture and The Chinese Agriculture University in Beijing in mid-May. When you come to Hong Kong for business or pleasure, please let me know so I can play host. I can be reached at 852-36689331.

Debbie is enjoying a quasi-retirement from teaching, caring for her 93 yr. old father who lives with us. She also fills in as the substitute office manager at our church whenever the need arises.

BS 1982 Bosshart, Steve (Jill) Caitlin (22) Western Summit Constructors, Inc. Tyler (19) 5470 Valley Highway 311 Pierce Street Denver, CO 80216 Lakewood, CO 80226 303-298-9500 303-238-4688 Steve is a Construction Manager with Western Summit Constructors, Inc. He has recently finished up a $193 million water treatment plan for the City of Aurora, CO. This is Steve’s 28th year with WSCI. Jill is an Interior Designer with Associates III. Caitlin 22 graduated from Colorado State University this spring. Tyler 19 will be a sophomore at University of Colorado Denver this fall. Last fall we went to New Zealand for two weeks, very nice trip. Continue to enjoy the Colorado Mountains. Ehm, Jeff (Cindi) Dan (24) Mike (20) 3685 Urbandale Lane Plymouth, MN 55446 763-478-6032

Kramer, Mark D. (Jenny) TNCC Ben (24) P.O. Box 9417 Jon (23) Hampton, VA 23670 Sam (21) 757-825-2815 Abi (18) Nic (16) MS 1989 Chapman University Joy (15) 4 Ruth Drive Poquoson, VA 23662

Corval Group 1633 Eustis Street St. Paul, MN 55108 651-605-2436

Mark and Jenny have been very busy keeping up with their children, to include a family cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Mark retired from the United States Air Force with over 25 years of service as a Civil Engineering Commander. He is currently working on his second career as the Director of Facilities, Planning and Capital Outlay for a local college. Mark spends most of his time planning, programming, coordinating design work, and overseeing construction/maintenance. He recently managed the construction of the new TNCC campus in Williamsburg.

Jeff is in his third year with Corval and continues to enjoy the challenges of developing projects and managing engineering. Hawn, David R. (Carol) Dedicated Roof & 6500 Harvest Mill Court Hydro-Solutions, LLC Centreville, VA 20121 6500 Harvest Mill Court 703-266-6872 Centreville, VA 20121 703-266-6638

Liebbe, Todd (Anna) Get The Point Quinn (13) 9375 Spruce Mountain Rd. Delaney (11) Larkspur, CO 80118 9375 Spruce Mountain Rd. 800-385-7131 Larkspur, CO 80118 303-748-9387

Another busy year for us. Ho, Stephen (Vivien) David (21)

Central, Hong Kong

DBS Asia Capital Ltd. 17/F The Center 65

I am co-owner of a software company which sells to the Commercial Contractor. We also resell Total Station equipment.

Eagan, MN 55123 651-452-6756

I enjoy camping, mountain biking, and skiing.

Last year we started the transition of ownership, I am currently a Vice President and one of 4 owners. Work has become better balanced with family as we move into the next chapter of life, that being grandparents. We have kids and grandkids on both coasts and a daughter in Colorado so domestic travel has become regular and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lindhart, Chris (Carol) The Beck Group Jenna Duke (26) 1807 Ross Avenue, Suite 500 Rachel Lindhart (22) Dallas, TX 75244 4241 Allencrest Ln 214-303-6205 Dallas, TX 75244

Director of Integrated Services Parsons, Mike (VaLinda) Iowa State University Meredith (21) Facilities Planning and Mgmt. 530 River Oak Dr. 200 General Services Bldg. Ames, IA 50010 Ames, IA 50011

Mattison, Todd (Sue) Ryan Companies US Sarah (21) 625 First St. SE Suite 175 3205 Cobblestone Court Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 Cedar Falls, IA 50613 319-529-0408 319-538-7075

Mike is enjoying another year with the Facilities group at ISU. Moving back to old stomping grounds of Central Iowa was a good decision 12 years ago. The slogan “Iowa, a place to grow (old)” seems to fit. Projects have even included installing a fire sprinkler system in the Helser residence hall. Talk about Déjà vu.

Noel, Gary (Kathy) Buquet & LeBlanc, Inc. Austin (22) 18145 Petroleum 17843 Grand Cypress Baton Rouge, LA 70809 Creek Ave. 225-753-4150 Ext. 207 Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Daughter Meredith graduated from the University of Iowa and has sights on a career of some sort in medicine.

This is my 27th year at Buquet & LeBlanc, General Contractors as a partner in the company as Vice President of Quality. Some notable contracts include LSU Alex Box Baseball stadium, and LSU Football Operations [this was designed under Nick Saban’s tenure, but is now occupied by Les Miles.] I am involved on the board of the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. My wife and I spend our time serving at Healing Place Church, where we serve in altar counseling. My son is on a full scholarship at Southeastern in Hammond, Louisiana. Painting portraits is one of my hobbies. My work hangs in the Hilton Hotel, the Governor’s Mansion, and one piece will soon be in Hillary Clinton’s possession. My work can be seen at [my son’s piano music can be heard at this website] and at our company website is Look me up on FaceBook.

Thoroughly enjoyed a trip with VaLinda to Costa Rica. Would recommend that adventure to all. Zip lining in the jungle tree tops is a thrill. Thanks to the Bosshart brothers at the 50th ConE Banquet for tips on what to do (and not do) while in Central America. Have enjoyed reconnecting with ConE friends Todd (Sue) Mattison and Kevin Osgerby recently. Welder, Larry B. Granite Financial Solutions (Karen Welder) Midwest Regional Office 15390 Bayberry Ave.5959 Village View Dr. Ste 200 P.O. Box 78 W. Des Moines, IA 50266 Ventura, IA 50482 515-490-2628 515-490-2628

Oberhaus, Paul (Diana Adamson) CPMI Aimee (31) 3265 Northwood Circle Morgan (29) Suite 170 Matthew (27) Eagan, MN 55121 3766 Linden Lane 952-854-3663

Almost 4 years in the financial services industry. Karen left her position with AVIVA Life to join me full time and business is going well. We now have offices in West Des Moines, IA and Augusta, GA. 66

We enjoy working with all types of clients and have developed a niche market working with military medical professionals. Thanks to Uncle Sam relocating our military clients, Karen and I can travel to 15 states to meet with our clients. If anyone has any financial questions, give me a call.

Lincoln this fall so I guess I’ll have to be a Cornhusker Fan from now on. If there are any classmates in the area, please email and let me know what you have been doing the last 28 years. Sharples, Stephanie 12910 Pommel Circle Elbert, CO 80106

Wilbur, Eric (Mary) Zachry Construction Corp. 19810 Brandywine Cove 12625 Wetmore Road Garden Ridge, TX 78266 Suite 301 210-507-7035 San Antonio, TX 78247-3611 210-871-3784

Hewlett Packard

BS 1984 Cahalan, Scott (Erika Sybers) Emma (10) Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP 492 Page Ave., NE Suite 3100 Promenade II Atlanta, GA 30307 1230 Peachtree St. NE 404-377-2436 Atlanta, GA 30309 404-815-3711

Eric and Mary are having a great time in San Antonio. Eric retired from the Air Force in 2009 and joined Zachry Construction Corporation as their Federal Program Manager. He was subsequently promoted in 2010 to the Director of Operations for the Building Division. He is responsible for acquisition of construction opportunities through project completion. Mary continues to expertly manage the home. Their 4 children and 4 grandchildren are located in Dallas, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; and Rock Springs, Wyoming. If you are ever in San Antonio, stop by to see us.

Scott continues to practice construction law as a partner at a general practice law firm with offices in Florida, Georgia, New York, Washington, D.C., and Germany. Scott’s practice includes reviewing, drafting, and negotiating design and construction contracts; advising clients about claims, changes, and other legal matters that arise during construction projects; and resolving construction disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. This last year, Scott also taught design and construction law to graduate students at Georgia Tech, construction law to undergraduate students at Georgia Tech, and trial techniques to law students at Emory University. Scott’s wife, Erika, continues to practice radiology at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Atlanta. Their daughter, Emma, will be starting the fifth grade next Fall. Emma recently earned a third degree black belt in Kung Fu.

BS 1983 Johnson, Brent Ringland Johnson Const. Co. (Lauren H. Johnson) 1725 Huntwood Dr. Michael (15) Cherry Valley, IL 61016 Logan (11) 815-332-8620 3828 Spring Creek Rd. Rockford, IL 61107 Medema, Don (Glenda) Medema Construction, Inc. Samantha (18) Alexis (16) 5705 S. Tomar Road Sioux Falls, SD 57108 605-728-4650

Clement, Lori J.E. Dunn Construction Joel (10) 1001 Locust Abby (10) Kansas City, MO 64106 11405 W. 143 Terr 816-292-8672 Overland Park, KS 913-897-6876

Started construction company approximately 25 years ago and have been specializing in new home construction, retail tenant improvements and remodeling. I traveled the country for about 12 years doing retail construction in shopping centers but after kids were born moved back to South Dakota and got involved in residential and light commercial construction. I am sending my first daughter off to the University of Nebraska at

Coluccy, Michael J.J. (Al) Margaret Petersen Coluccy (Maggie) Joseph Alexander Coluccy (Joe) (18) Nathaniel Petersen Coluccy (Nate) (16) 2729 Mason Street Madison, WI 53705-3711 608-238-4655 (H) 608-445-9231 (M) 67

transfer of intellectual property rights and technology; and counseling and implementation of enforcement strategies and litigation of matters concerning patents, trademarks, copyright. Trade secrets, unfair competition and E-commerce, including on-line brand management and domain name law.

Graeve, Doug (Kim) ISU Grad-1984 Amanda (24) Garney Construction Co. Joshua (21) 7911 Shaffer Parkway th 3359 West 112 Circle Littleton, CO 80127 Westminster, CO 80031 303-791-3600 303-460-9117 I continue to estimate for Garney (Plant Division). Kim is still providing daycare. Amanda…..getting married in August. Josh…..turned 21 in May – Great Vegas trip! A busy and exciting 2011.

Myers, Bryan (Rita) The Weitz Company Dean (19) 5901 Thornton Ave. Hanna (17) Des Moines, IA 50321 300 47th Str. 515-246-4712 West Des Moines, IA 50265 515-327-8902

Hodgin, D. Brian (Jeanne) Northwest Mech., Inc. Sarah (24) 5885 Tremont Ave. Leah (22) P.O. Box 2708 4216 E. Kingston Circle Davenport, IA 52809 Bettendorf, IA 52722 563-388-6533 563-332-1983

I became the National Chief Estimator for Weitz last year. Dean just finished his freshman year at Rockhurst Univ. (Biology and Baseball) in Kansas City and Hanna will start at Creighton (Nursing) in the fall.

Now that we have the ‘Empty Nest’, we decided to build a new house. Forgot to tell the kids we moved, ha ha. Moving, packing, unpacking, etc. is a real pain. Still working to get things organized, stuff planted, and work for a living.

BS 1985 Bonus, Ken (Cyndi) Bonus Homes, LLC Robbie (16) 3400 Briar Ridge Thomas (12) West Des Moines, IA 50265 Katie (7) 3400 Briar Ridge 515-988-7446 West Des Moines, IA 50265 515-225-3719

Work has been steady in the Design/Construct sector. Always busy either doing work or trying to get work – no rest, no matter what. If you’re in the Quad Cities or passing through, swing past and say ‘Hi’.

In the Summer of 2009 I left my 25 year career and I have started a residential development and construction business in Des Moines; developing and building for my own account and general contracting for other residential customers. While I have gotten some crazy looks from people when I tell them what I am doing in one of the worst residential markets on record, I have been fortunate to be able to take advantage of some opportunities in the Des Moines metro marketplace and grow my company slowly and position the company to ultimately grow market-share as the residential market rebounds. I have sold out of inventory in the first building I developed and built and am currently beginning my second building, an 8-plex. As a company of 1, the hours can be long but have so far been a lot of fun. There is always something to do and the home office is always calling for you. There is an abundance of new things to learn, and you

Laurenzo, Brian (Patricia) Brick Gentry Law Firm Scott (19) 6701 Westown Pkwy, Suite 100 Claire (16) W. Des Moines, IA 50266 Christopher (13) 515-271-1748 5508 Garrison Court Johnston, IA 50131 515-490-9361 Brian is a registered patent attorney and head of the intellectual property practice group at Brick Gentry, P.C. His practice includes the filing and prosecution of patents and trademarks in the United States patent and trademark office; involvement in filing and prosecution of patents and trademarks in foreign patent and trademark offices throughout the world; providing clients with patent and trademark availability and infringement opinions; licensing and 68

don’t have the luxury of a staff or a whole department to take care of things for you (not all bad if you have ever managed a large staff). However, I am no longer traveling and really don’t miss it; I have a very flexible schedule to be home with my family and attend kid’s activities; I learn something new every day whether it is solving something in Quickbooks or building a relationship with a new trim carpenter; and I am extremely close to the building process again. Life is Good!

Yonkers, NY 10707 718-746-2730 914-771-9295 After over 16 years at Tully Construction Co., Inc. I took a job with Skanska USA Civil Northeast and am enjoying all the challenges of bidding major infrastructure projects throughout the northeast. Coe, Eric (Judi) Nick Jennifer 2312 S. Yank St. Lakewood, CO 80228 303-980-8036

Bussard, Kevin (Bonnie)West Coast Environmental Ashley (12) 3181 Fitzgerald Road Haley (9) Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 9341 Golden Gate Ave. 916-852-7200 Orangevale, CA 95662

Work, fish walleye tournaments with Judi and hunt almost everything in Colorado.

Construction continues to be a challenge here in Northern California. Just staying afloat seems to be the present goal for most companies….I thought we were doing this to make money not just practice!!! Callaghan, Rob (Renee) Ryan (22) Meghan (20) Danny (17) Maeve (9) 1115 Park Lane Western Springs, IL 60558 708-246-0093

Garney Construction 7911 Shaffer Parkway Littleton, CO 80127 303-791-3600

Kieffer, Paul (Carol) Ryan Companies US, Inc. Marc (27) and wife Ann (27 yrs) Dan (17) 50 South Tenth Str. Nate (15) Suite 300 th 17420 34 Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55403-2012 Plymouth, MN 55447 612-492-4303 612-360-3303

Maron Electric 5401 W. Fargo Ave. Skokie, IL 60077 847-626-6665

It is hard to believe that I have been at Ryan Companies for the past 17 years, currently pursuing Business Development. Marc (27) and his wife Ann made us proud grandparents over the past year. Dan (17) is starting to look at colleges (Iowa State is in the running) and Nate (15) can hardly wait to get his driver’s license; both boys keep us busy with sporting events and other activities. Carol continues to volunteer and help at the kid’s high school as a Guided Study Hall Teacher.

Well, my oldest, Ryan, just graduated from Miami of Ohio in Accounting, next one Meghan, will be a Junior at Carthage College, Danny will be a Senior at Nazareth Academy and my lovely Maeve, 4th grade at St. John of the Cross…keeping busy.

Nagle, Tyler (Heather) Max (19) Hanna (17) 11014 Pound Hill Ln Charlotte, NC 28277 704-542-6478

Switched to the subcontracting side of things in early 2010, and now head up the Business Development for Maron Electric, a $65 million/year, full-service Electrical Contractor and Network Technology Company based in Skokie, IL, just outside Chicago, IL. We’re holding our own with projects in the Healthcare and Higher Ed sectors along with numerous Tenant Interior Projects. Look me up or shoot me an E-mail….

Convergys 704-649-4452

Tyler leads a software product and architecture team for a global customer care and billing solution provider. Smith, Steve (Joni) Taylor (18) Andrew (15) 16546 Creekside Cir.

Carsky, Joe (Madeleine) Kate (17) Skanska USA Civil Northeast Bridget (14) 16-16 Whitestone Expressway 353 Westchester Ave. Whitestone, NY 11357 69

Clive, IA 50325 515-865-2754

Koenigs, Harry (Robin) Kiewit Infrastructure Group Emily KTU Constructors th 7019 NE 134 St 2704 NE Independence Ave Smithville, MO 64089 Lee’s Summit, MO 64064 816-781-4038 816-600-3671

BS 1986 Ewing, Jon (Amy) HiMEC Mechanical (Harris Companies) Anna (22) 1400 7th St. NW James (20) Rochester, MN 55901 Jacob (17) th 220 4 St. W. P.O. Box 539 Mantorville, MN 55955 507-635-5479

Emily and Robin stay very active all year long with softball. Em will be a junior in high school this year and when she is not playing for the high school, her little league team is playing tournaments somewhere. Their first tournament this year was in February, at the Chiefs indoor practice facility. Robin is team mother and provides a great deal of emotional support to the team. For five years now Robin and I have been sponsoring golf outings/fund raisers in support of Curesearch, a pediatric cancer research program. Our outings began in New Jersey during our Kiewit Eastern District golf outing but have expanded to Chicago and recently, Kansas City. They are all a great time and good excuse to take a Saturday off work. We call the events Jakefest, in memory of our son who was afflicted with rabdomyosarcoma, a relatively rare cancer that mostly affects children. Since his passing in 2006, vendors and Kiewit employees have contributed well over $500,000 to fund research for rabdo. Each year is bigger than the last we feel very fortunate for the support.

Our family is still in Minnesota and I’m still working for Harris Companies (20 years). Unfortunately, the MN construction market has been extremely depressed, as some of you know, so I have spent the last year overseeing a 52 story highrise office building in Oklahoma City for our company, Superior Air Handling, out of Utah. Traveling brought back old memories, not always good ones for Amy who stayed home in MN. But I am now looking forward to some time in MN and hopefully picking up some much needed work. We just married off our daughter Anna to a great guy Nate Miller so we now have another son. Anna will be student teaching this fall in Houghton, MI where her husband will be completing his masters in electrical engineering at Michigan Tech, and then she will receive her elementary education degree from Northern Michigan University in December (sorry ISU). We hope our middle son James will be attending college this fall working towards some type of degree in order to go into youth ministry. Our youngest son Jacob will be a senior in high school this fall. Our house is always open if you are in the Rochester, MN area.

We moved back to the Midwest in August of 09 to work on a design/build bridge project for the Missouri DOT. The project calls for the complete replacement of 554 rural bridges across the state. It’s a one of a kind project and so far has been very challenging but a lot of fun. If things go as planned, there will be about 100 left for 2012. Ludwig, Steven (Angela) Harold O’Shea Builders 8765 Shady Oaks Drive 3401 Constitution Dr. Chatham, IL 62629 Springfield, IL 62711

Flemming, Joe (Kim) Bradbury Stamm Eric (20) 7110 2nd St NW Jacob (17) Albuquerque, NM 87107 7212 Eagle View Ave NE 505-765-1200 Albuquerque, NM 87113 505-681-4300

Chief Estimator and Pre-Construction Director, LEED AP for Harold O’Shea Builders. Our family is preparing to send our oldest daughter to college. The other two are not far behind. Rosenbery, Aaron (Joyce) Ian (18) Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc. Emily (15) 1020 Cliff Road W 70

20355 Kensington Way Burnsville, MN 55337 Lakeville, MN 55044 952-890-2820 952-985-0508

bit of grey hair, (you really can’t see it because I still keep the military style haircut), I get to spend much of my time mentoring the new guys on the block. It is awesome fun to take on some of the new company expansion opportunities and at the same time, use it as a training ground for the new talent. And I do mean talent! I continue to be amazed by the new tool-boxes brought to work by our latest hires from the engineering and construction programs around the Midwest. And I look forward to a future that is very bright for both of my families – Sonja and the girls, and my Burns and Mac family.

BS 1987 Nelson, Steve (Stephanie) Midwest General, Inc. Spencer (9) 542 15th Street Austin (8) San Diego, CA 92101 6549 Linda Lane 619-303-6260 San Diego, CA 92120 619-778-8772

Dix, Larry 1614 Buchanan Dr. Ames, IA 50010 515-232-0067

I started Midwest General 10 years ago and recently moved into an office building I purchased in downtown San Diego. Have just been enjoying the good life in Southern California with my family, living here now for 22 years. My spare time includes endless home remodeling, going to the beach in our Jeep, entertaining friends, and physical fitness. I look forward to hearing from some of my old classmates at ISU – don’t be strangers!

Gaudreault, Ron 17 Germantown Rd. Bordentown, NJ 08505

BS 1988 Cain, J. (Bob) 913-851-4064

Story Construction Co 300 S. Bell Ave. Ames, IA 50010 515-817-2619

Howard, David M. (Linda) Koss Constr. Co. Lindsey (16) 5830 SW Drury Lane Matthew (11) Topeka, KS 66604 Nicholas (11) 785-228-2928 1317 Pinehurst Circle Lawrence, KS 66049 785-856-0245

Burns & McDonnell 9400 Ward Parkway Kansas City, MO 64114 816-822-3136

For those who may remember me, Sonja and I are still in Overland Park, Kansas. With our three girls, Allyce-14, Agatha-13, Andia-11, we are happy to be here after several opportunities for me on construction sites around the country. I have spent some time in San Antonio, Texas, Milford, Connecticut, Ponca City, Oklahoma, Borger, Texas, Somerset, Kentucky, and Mosel, Mississippi. If you don’t recognize the name of most of those towns, it is most likely because there is an electrical power plant or an oil refinery located somewhere very close! My career growth has been fueled by both industries.

Jabaay, Todd (Melynda) Max (17) Integrated Facilities Solutions, Inc. Monica (15) 5270 Lincoln Ave. 164 Sunnybrook Road Skokie, IL 60077 Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 847-673-0010 630-545-1880 Project Executive for Program Manager/Owner’s Rep specializing in Healthcare. Rumpf, Brian (Lori) Core Construction Maxwell (12) 866 N. Main St. Molly (12) Morton, IL 61550 6706 N. Mt. Hawlet Rd. 309-266-9768 Peoria, IL 61614 309-685-8853

The company I now work for, Burns & McDonnell is comparable to none! It is a dream job to work as a “true” employee owner. We have a great group of people in our Construction Design Build (CDB) group, and I feel right at home here taking on the fantastic opportunities provided. Now that I have a 71

Lori and I are staying very busy with the kid’s activities. Kids will be 12 this year. Going by fast.

the school secretary at Lincoln Elementary School. Joshua and Megan are both students at Iowa State.

I am still working for Core Construction as an estimator and project manager.

Farley, Alan (Sally Jo) 12136 I Ave. Perry, IA 50220 515-428-9455

BS 1989 Berry, Todd (Pamela Peters) The Beck Group Auburn (8) 1001 17th Street, Suite PL100 Siena (5) Denver, CO 80202 2325 Akron St. 720-215-3232 Denver, CO 80238 303-282-8193

Weitz 5901 Thornton Ave. Des Moines, IA 50321 515-261-5757

Schriever, Joel University of Chicago W1699 Alpine Road 5555 South Ellis Avenue Brooklyn, WI 53521 Chicago, IL 60637 608-334-5447 773-834-7720 Springer, Steve

Managing day-to-day construction operations at the Beck Denver office. After a decade plus in the suburbs of Denver, the Beck office is moving to the heart of downtown effective August 1, 2011. If your travels bring you through Denver, please look me up at the new office.

The Beck Group 1807 Ross Avenue, Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75201 214-303-6650

Stearney, Phil 847-698-5617

Buscher, Russell (Lisa) Stueve Construction Maxim (17 mo) 2201 E. Oak Street Gabriella (17 mo) (twins) Algona, IA 50511 1418 W. Valleyview Drive 515-295-2201 Algona, IA 50511 515-295-2541

On the professional front – I have now been with Ragnar Benson for 11 years and have truly enjoyed my time to date here. All is well except for the economy which is certainly a game changer for many firms and their people. Interestingly enough, today’s economy seems similar to what was in front of us in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. We are all looking at the ‘new economy’ which is simply a similar economy from 20 years ago or so…just another cycle. I am sympathetic to the great graduates out of Iowa State (and many other universities) in these difficult economic times, but stay optimistic…we will get through this and the job market and the profitability of companies will rebound soon – it may just take another year or two…

Upon graduating from Iowa State University, I worked in North Carolina for a few years as a design engineer. I returned to the Midwest in 1991 where I began employment with my current employer as an engineer. In September of 1998 I got married and in December of 2009 we welcomed twin babies, Maxim & Gabriella. When not working, I enjoy golfing and spending time with family. Culp, Daniel L. (Lori) Carl A Nelson & Company Joshua (22) 1815 Des Moines Avenue Megan (19) Burlington, IA 52601 2123 Avenue H 319-754-8415 Fort Madison, IA 52627 319-372-9538

On the personal front, Karen and I have four kids, now 9 years old to 17 years old. All is well for us all and thankfully the economy has not affected us much except for the gas prices in Chicago. As much as I would have never seen this coming when I graduated, I can’t think of a more enjoyable part of my life than my family and can’t imagine it any other way.

Dan continues managing projects for Carl A. Nelson & Co. primarily in the healthcare market. Lori is

Thankfully, my oldest daughter (Elaine) is seriously considering Iowa State as an option for her college 72

experience. My second daughter (Emily) was also very ‘taken’ by our campus tour a few weeks ago. Similar to Karen and I, they both fell in love with the campus and I hope they all end up going to ISU for their education and especially their ‘experience’…I hope all four of them go to Iowa State – In a sneaky way, we chose a very sunny and warm day to visit Iowa State, and we chose NOT to bring them both there in February.

Saylorville Lake – Des Moines, IA, as a Resident Engineer. I worked at the Corps of Engineers when I first graduated from ISU and it is great to be back. There is a lot of work being planned in the next several years. Kristi is an Office Manager at iMed Studios in Ames and fulltime mother of 3. We are blessed to have 3 kids and enjoy the wide realm of activities associated with them. We keep very active in sports, boating and leisure time. Our family would like to wish the very best to all of our ConE alumni! If you are ever in the area, please stop by!

We also chose a very rainy & dreary day to visit University of Iowa… Do keep in touch – Professionally I am on LinkedIn. Personally I am on Facebook – but never really check it…So email is, by far, the best way to keep in touch.

Cramer, Robert (Lori) Cramer and Associates, Inc. Lauren (18) 3100 SW Brookside Drive Rob (16) Grimes, IA 50111 th 9717 NW 74 Place 515-265-1447 Grimes, IA 50111

Take care and I hope all is well (and stays well) with you and your families.

We made it through the graduation of child #1 unscathed. Lauren graduated from Dallas CenterGrimes High School and is headed for engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, MO. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. She has just enough rebellious nature from her mother to not want to go to the same college as her dad. Rob (16) is going to Iowa Christian Academy in West Des Moines and just got his license…and that’s all I’m going to say about that. In addition to work, I’ve been working with THE FAMiLY LEADER, a non-profit organization promoting profamily policies in Iowa and beyond. We’ve also been doing some short term foster care which can be very hard and rewarding.

BS 1990 Baughman, Mark (Nici) Mortenson Construction Olivia (11) 14719 NE 29th Place Greg (8) Bellevue, WA 98007 1811 221st Pl. NE 425-497-7001 Sammamish, WA 98074 206-778-8964 Mark continues working for Mortenson as a Construction Executive in the Seattle area. Nici is transitioning this fall from part time teaching to full time teaching. Olivia and Greg are busy with Baseball, Ballet, Cub Scouts, Band, and trying to get their homework done somewhere in between the rest of their busy schedule.

Evans, Patrick (Darci) Tremco, Inc. Landon (20) 11206 W. 116th Str. Alex (17) Overland Park, KS 66210 Madison (15) 816-686-8218 Ethan (13) 11206 W. 116th Str. Overland Park, KS 66210 913-345-8171

Busch, Richard (Kristi) Mackenzie (14) US Army Corps of Engineers Karlie (10) Austin (7) 3663 Deer Run Road Story City, IA 50248 515-203-2034

Newton, Jon (Fredonna) 8281 Waverly Cove Olive Branch, MS 38654 901-383-3589

I have had several opportunities throughout the years since my time at ISU. I am currently working at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, stationed at 73

Schumacher, Tom (Patsy) System Planning Corp. Peter 23012 Holloway Ct. 410-610-7662

you are ever in the area, please stop in. Go Cyclones! McDermott, Mark (Jamie) Black & Veatch Intl. Ryan (10) 15th Floor Rasa Tower Riley (9) 555 Phaholyothin Road Ireland (7) Chatuchak 39/645 Raveevan Bangkok, Thailand 10900 Nichada Thani Samakee Road, Nontaburi Bangkok, Thailand 10900 +66.89.967.6601 US Mailing Address: Mark McDermott c/o Black & Veatch 11401 Lamar Overland Park, KS 66211 913-458-2000

Just left the Navy after 20 years. For now we’re still in the same area working on the base. We’re considering what we really want to do for the next 20 years. We’re considering non-profit work like Habitat as a possibility. Stay tuned.

BS 1991 Brewer, Brian K. 900 SE 3rd Street Ankeny, IA 50021 515-963-8795

Completing our 3rd year in Bangkok building a 380 MW gas fired power plant.

Francois, Paul (Teresa (Donlea) Francois – ISU Math ’90) Pepper Construction Company of Ohio Kayla (19) 495 Metro Place South Alex (16) Suite 350 Emma (15) Dublin, OH 43016 Will (12) 614-793-4477 8151 Buttleston Drive Dublin, OH 43016 614-798-8433

Petersen, Bart (Susie)

Peterson Contractors, Inc. 319-345-2713

Postma, Gene (Sue) APi/WSFP Steve (26) 7020 S. Tucson Way Adam (20) Centennial, CO 80112 Emily (15) 13086 Whisper Canyon Rd. Centennial, CO 80112

This past year was a transition year for the Francois family as our oldest started college at the University of Kentucky. She had a great experience there and is studying Elementary Education (following her mother’s footsteps); her year was topped off with a trip to the Final Four in April to root for the Wildcats. I told her how lucky she was to experience that in her first year of college! Our second one, Alex, will be a senior in high school and has his college choices narrowed down to Iowa State, Purdue and University of Cincinnati. He wants to study Civil or Construction Engineering, so Dad is trying to remain impartial on his decision, but it is difficult. Our third, Emma, just finished her freshman year in high school, and Will, our baby, will be in 7th grade next year. We are thankful for our good health and terrific friends and family that we see as often as we can. Teresa and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to reconnect with several ConE alums at the 50th anniversary celebration last fall – it was a great event! Hope everyone is doing well. If

Finishing up my 7th year with the APi Group (ranked #6 in ENR’s top 600 speciality subs). Responsible for 30 APi offices mainly west of St. Louis. Fire protection, alarms, detection, monitoring, inspections, special hazards, corrosion – anything having to do with fire protection. If you’re ever in Denver give me a call. Reser, Kurt (Jeanne) Cherne Contracting Corp. Jacob (16) 9855 West 78th Str., Suite 400 5 W Picketts Crossing Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Edwardsville, IL 62025 952-944-4300 618-659-8723 Stamp, Brad (Kerry) Lone Star Security & Safety Services Emma (7) P.O. Box 515 Black Diamond Services Avon, CO 81620 P.O. Box 5013 800-783-1918 Edwards, CO 81632 74


261 Cypress Lakes Dr. Slidell, LA 70458 985-258-0755

With big construction slow, I started up my own contracting business called Black Diamond Services focusing on servicing my former clients with property management, maintenance, remodel, and special services as they ask. Word of mouth kept me fairly busy with no advertising, just referrals and repeat business. I found a unique opening at Lone Star Security this winter to be a site security and emergency response officer at a large mine that was doing $700 million in construction of infrastructure and new mill facilities – I have quickly worked this part time job into a full time supervisory career venture. I am also representing my employer as I travel in July 2011 to Honduras to help build a school with Schools for the Children of the World. Wow how life throws curves – or am I the one throwing them! Would love to hear from any of my classmates or take visitors if you are in the mountains of Colorado.

114 Village St. Slidell, LA 70458 985-288-5615

Enserro, Elizabeth (Ron) Gunnar (10) Tori (7) 8451 Fairview Ct. Lone Tree, CO 80124 303-799-9538 I have lived in the Denver Metro area for over 10 years now. I work under a Contract “Quality Management Consultant” for the Regional Transportation District (RTD) in Denver, Colorado. The RTD is building out a Transit program in and around Denver with 120 miles Light Rail/Commuter Rail and 18 miles Bus Rapid Transit. The Program FasTracks, consists of 10 individual projects all uniquely funded and contracted. Our group works with the Program and Project Managers to define work processes from planning through construction.

Warren, Jason (Beth) Mid American Energy Christian (13) 1630 Lower Muscatine Rd. Jonah (10) Iowa City, IA 52250 Kellen (7) 319-341-4250 Quinn (4) 3730 Lacina Dr. SW Iowa City, IA 52240 319-338-7294

Nelson, Michael (Jill) Nelson Construction Services Ben 1045 76th Street, Suite 2000 Megan West Des Moines, IA 50266 Emily 515-457-9000 1425 Glen Oaks Drive West Des Moines, IA 50266 515-202-2178

BS 1992

Mike is the President of Nelson Construction Services and Nelson Development located in West Des Moines, Iowa. He has developed a diverse portfolio of properties over the last 11 years in business. Properties have ranged from high rise, mixed-use building to a manufacturing facility. Most recently he has developed historic renovations on two distinctive downtown Des Moines buildings. One is home to the first Hyatt Place Hotel in the state of Iowa.

Anderson, Chuck Crawford Merz Anderson Constr. 1200 Sumter Ave N 2316 Fourth Ave S Golden Valley, MN 55427 Minneapolis, MN 55404 612-234-2316 612-874-9011 Bezanis, Brian (Debra) Smithfield Construction/Smithfield Properties Nicholas (9) Chicago, IL Mallory (7) 312-446-1813 Danica (3) 5212 Clausen Avenue Western Springs, IL 60558 708-784-9805

His dedication to overseeing the entire development and construction process has proven to be an efficient way to create quality and timely projects. Mike lives in West Des Moines with his wife Jill and their three children, Benjamin, Emily and

Butler, Lynnette (Ernie Rickabaugh (BBS’93) Parker Bryce (2 ½) Traylor Bros, Inc. 75

Megan. They are a very active family who enjoy a full range of indoor and outdoor activities.

One of the greatest benefits of my work is getting to interact with many ISU ConE alumni. Thank you for those who have helped me by participating in classes or providing input for research.

BS 1993 Cunz (Jensen), Heather (Derek) Ella Jensen 17880 63rd Ave N Maple Grove, MN 55311

I will be serving on the ISU Alumni Association Board of Directors for 5 years, starting August 2011. Please contact me if I can help you in this role.

We have been in Minnesota a year now. Trying to avoid mosquitoes, but otherwise enjoying the Midwest again.

Haines, Mark A. (Kasi) Koss Construction Co. Tyler (18) 5830 SW Drury Lane Kaylin (14) Topeka, KS 66604 3763 SE Quincy 785-228-2928 Topeka, KS 66609 785-266-5120

My best to all of you!

Ensley, Ron Mortenson Construction, Inc. 3181 East Desert Willow Road 3100 W. Ray Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85048 Chandler, AZ 602-769-1885 602-769-1885 Quinn, Kelli M.

Hofert, Dan (Charity) Ben (7) Lua (5) Atlanta, GA 770-363-0558

Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.

BS 1994

ET Environmental 3424 Peachtree Rd NE Suite 150 Atlanta, GA 30326 404-926-1777

McFadden, Shane (Lori) Engr. & Constr. Innov. Inc. 780 Barge Channel Road PO Box 7095 St. Paul, MN 55107 651-298-9111 x 104 shane@Eand

Becker, Tim (Elizabeth) Iowa State University Lillian (9) 451 Town Engineering Bldg. Madeline (7) Ames, IA 50011 2215 McKinley Court 515-294-5403 Ames, IA 50010 515-450-5771

I am still President of Engineering & Construction Innovations, Inc. (ECI) which Robb Johnson (CE ’95) and I started in 1999. ECI has sustained growth through this difficult market focusing primarily on infrastructure rehabilitation projects primarily in the areas of tunnel and shaft repair, dam repair, stormwater and sanitary system repair, and geotechnical projects. In September of 2010 ECI merged with ASI Constructors, Inc. of Pueblo, Colorado. ASI specializes in Roller Compacted Concrete dam construction as well as large dam rehabilitation projects. ASI and ECI complement each other in many ways and I look forward to further growth and opportunity with our partners at ASI.

I’m about half-way through the Ph.D. program working under Dr. Edward Jaselskis. I’m working on a Construction Industry Institute funded research project regarding spending optimization on indirect construction costs. My primary research interest relates to lean construction, so I’m working on the application of lean construction ideas to indirect construction costs. In addition to research, I am teaching engineering economics and engineering law. I have really enjoyed my time in the classroom with our ConE students. Elizabeth, Lillian and Madeline enjoy living in Ames. Elizabeth is working as an urgent care physician’s assistant for Iowa Health in Des Moines. Lillian and Madeline will be in 4th and 3rd grade at Fellow Elementary.

I hope all is well with the ISU ConE community. If you are ever in St. Paul, please stop by. 76

Mostaert, Trent

Ernst, Mike

Turczynski, Scott (Anita) Heartland Finishes, Inc. Luke (11) 1305 NE Broadway Max (7) Des Moines, IA 50313 Ruth (5) 515-244-8900 th 11925 NE 64 Street Elkhart, IA 50073 515-202-8984

Ryan Companies US, Inc. 50 South Tenth Street, Suite 300 Minneapolis, MN 55403 612-492-4256

McConeghey Burk, Amy (Shawn) Alexis (8) The Weitz Comnpany Hailey (7) 5901 Thornton Avenue Cole (5) Des Moines, IA 50321 Lauren (13) 515-286-4842 2612 West Euclid Ave. Indianola, IA 50125 515-962-7388

This last year has been quite challenging for my family and me. In last August of 2010 I fell over a retaining wall at my home. I suffered a T12 burst fracture in my spine and bruising of my spinal cord. At the time of this writing, I cannot move or feel anything below mid-thigh. The prognosis is to remain paralyzed. I returned to a modified work schedule about March of this year. Thank you to all who wrote or called with well wishes.

I am an estimator with the Iowa Business Unit of The Weitz Company. I have been with Weitz for 8 years. Prior to that I worked for a small non-union company as an estimator as well. Life is busy with working full time and 4 growing kids! But I love what I do!

BS 1995

Smith, Jeff (Marcie)

Benkert, Andy Benkert Builders, Inc. (Jennifer (Carlevato ISU 95)) 689 Duane St. Jack (9) Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Anna (7) 630-469-2850 Mary (4) 689 Duane St. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 630-545-2284

Opus Design Build 1200 35th Street, Suite 206-11 West Des Moines, IA 50266 515-440-1482

Work and home life with 4 kids keeps me busy. We are currently finishing construction on a designbuild Armed Forces Reserve Center project in Cedar Rapids. Current projects include a new product fulfillment warehouse for HP in Des Moines, as well as a residence hall renovation project for Luther College in Decorah, IA. Grateful to be keeping busy.

Remodel, additions and new residential construction.

BS 1996

Brcka, Kent (Holly) Henkel Construction Co. Olivia (7) 208 East State St. Alex (6) Mason City, IA 50401 Nick (6) Vice Pres. of Operations 20208 Killdeer Avenue 641-423-5674 Mason City, IA 50401 641-423-0422

Binder, Tom (Kirsten) International Contr., Inc. Faith (11) 977 South Route 83 Zoe (8) Elmhurst, IL 60126 Laura (6) 630-834-8043 Tess (6) 133 Hilltop Dr. Schaumburg, IL 60193 847-306-0684

DeJong, Matt (Linda) Cates Sheet Metal Ind., Inc. Jake (13) 15555 W. 108th Str. Emma (10) Lenexa, KS 66219 12693 S. Hallet Str. 913-438-9911 Olathe, KS 66062

Brumm, Richard (Jenni) Paige (12) Collin (9) Kate (7) 77

Mithchell/Worth County 3625 March Ave. Osage, IA 50461 1000 Central Ave.

Griffin (2) Northwood, IA 50459 4823 Quarts Ave. 641-732-5849 McIntire, IA 50455 641-710-9934

on a regular basis. Brings back all of the great memories of our time at ISU. Go Cyclones! Kuehni, Rose Marie University of Minnesota Wyatt (6) 760 Helen Street 612-209-2925

Since my last write-up I have changed career paths a bit from working for a consultant to becoming a county engineer for both Mitchell and Worth counties in north central Iowa. In addition to that, my wife and I have somehow managed to add another mouth to feed. Jenni continues to teach high school math at St. Ansgar High School and the kids do not seem to quit growing.

Still teaching Construction Management at the U of M… Debuted first fully online class this spring – my doubts dissolved as my students succeeded! The class went so well I’ve already started work to launch a second online course.

The career change is teaching me a few things so far. One thing I am learning is that I traded one set of headaches for another, instead of having one or two bosses, I have a couple thousand bosses (well really six, three supervisors per county). While working for the public it would be nice to please everyone, I have learned I can’t…and some are not afraid to let me know.

Consulting work is VERY slow (okay; almost nonexistent…). Construction should wrap up this summer on my first residential design. It’s a walkout overlooking Lake Pepin on the Mississippi River. The owner is EXTREMELY involved in the project and has provided an abundance of project and management examples (of how not to do things) for my classes.

Dziedzic, Shawn (Karen) Pepper Construction Paige (6) 18505 West Creek Drive Audrey (4) Tinley Park, IL 60477 2730 N Greenview 708-802-8100 Unit E Chicago, IL 60614 773-477-8291

Wyatt and I moved to Prescott, Wisconsin almost 2 years ago. The pull of the river was too strong to resist. This winter we bought a Rinker 236 sport and launched it in early April. Yes, it was a little early in the season; we actually got snowed on one day – but we couldn’t wait! I learned to back up a trailer and now can put it right under the boat for easy loading. If you are in the area – wave us over and we’ll take you out for a ride. You can’t miss us…the boat is yellow and white and has a 454 Chevy engine; full throttle produces 60 mph and noise for miles!

Hodapp, Troy (Andrea) JE Dunn Construction Maxwell (9) 5959 Village View Dr., Suite 100 Isaac (7) West Des Moines, IA 50266 Collin (5) 515-698-4400 9808 Ashton Drive West Des Moines, IA 515-991-1193

Wyatt completed Kindergarten this year. He’s enjoying a summer of baseball, boating, camping, fishing, and Cub Scout outings. (Me, too!) The pack asked me to be their treasurer next year. I don’t mind that work is slow – there’s lots of volunteering to do!

May marked our 6th year in the Des Moines area, and the boys are very busy with soccer and baseball. We can’t believe our youngest will be in kindergarten this year! Andrea is very active in the PTO and stays busy with all of the extracurricular activities. Our fall is also busy with ISU football games.

Packebush, Melinda (Darin) AECOM Coleton (9) 515-323-7915 Bradon (6) 606 NW Crestview Ct 515-257-4732

This year marks my 15th with JE Dunn. I am currently staying busy with healthcare projects in Iowa City and Ames. It is good to get back to Ames

I have been working at AECOM for the last 4 years. I have had the opportunity of work on projects from 78

coast to coast at AECOM. My primary projects are the reconstruction of one of the runways at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and O’Hare International in Chicago. I have been involved with both the design and construction administration on these projects.

425-749-1169 I think this is my first Erector Set write-up since graduating, so here goes… After college, I worked for industrial automation software companies in Chicago and Boston, then moved back to Ames in 1998 to start Premise Systems with a few other ISU alumni, specializing in building automation systems. We grew to about 20 people, then merged with Lantronix out of Irvine, CA. I moved to Irvine around 2002, then our division was bought by Motorola in 2005 and I moved to Seattle. I left Motorola in 2008 and worked at Microsoft for a few years.

Scranton, Kirsta The University of Iowa 2629 1st St SW 1 W Prentiss St Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Iowa City, IA 52242 319-400-9022 319-384-2178 Solberg, Paul (Lisa) Beck Group Chase (4) 1807 Ross Avenue Riley (2) Suite 500 213 Walnut Creek Drive Dallas, TX 75201 Cedar Park, TX 78613 214-303-6200 512-296-2015

In the last year, I returned to Ames and started a construction software company, Constructivity, where I’m now leveraging everything I learned in ConE, from structural, mechanical, electrical, scheduling, estimating… glad I saved some of those books! We introduced several Windows desktop applications earlier this year and are now just releasing the first mobile Android application that can view and edit IFC-based building information models. Our main customers are government agencies, though we’re starting to get interest from smaller contractors. I also spend time as the deputy director of the group that publishes the IFC standard at BuildingSmart International.

Stephenson, Phillip Joseph (Heather) Aiden (4.75) Burns & McDonnell Nathan (2.75) One Pointe Drive, Suite 540 490 Periwinkle Street Brea, CA 92821 Fullerton, CA 92835 714-256-1595 714-448-4790 I spent 2010 working in the Bay Area on a replacement hospital and we moved to Palo Alto last summer. In February 2011, I resigned my former firm (after exactly 14.75 years) to join ‘Burns and Mac’ in March. We moved back to our home in Orange County and I am now very much enjoying my shortest commute (4.1 miles) since attending ISU/living in Ames! [Nearly unprecedented in California…]

I now live in the Squaw Valley area in north Ames with my wife Kelley and son Cody who is 11. If anyone is in town, it would be great to reconnect! Clay (DeRosear), Jennifer (Ricky) Vincent (4) AUI Contractors 11008 Kinston St. 4775 N. Freeway Fort Worth, TX 76179 Fort Worth, TX 76106 817-776-0374 817-926-4377

Zerr, Stacy (Randy) Trimble Navigation Tanner (7) QuickPen International Morgan (7) 384 Inverness Dr. S, Suite 200 14870 E. Jefferson Ave. Englewood, CO 80112 Aurora, CO 80014 303-268-3260 303-268-3260

For the past 5 years, I have been a Commercial Project Manager for AUI Contractors, building everything from a TXDOT Tourist and Visitor Center to a Municipal Airport to office buildings and am now working on projects for the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank. Ricky and I will be married 5 years in September and have a 4 year old son who keeps us very busy, but I love being a mom! I am also active in NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) and have been elected to serve as the Fort Worth Chapter #1 Vice President

BS 1997 Chipman, Tim (Kelley) Cody (11)

Constructivity 3934 Mathews Rd. Ames, IA 50014 79

this next year. Life in Texas is hot and busy, but we try to get back to Iowa at least once a year to see my family. My husband has returned to college to pursue a degree in history/earth sciences and plans to teach when he is done with school. Our son attends a private daycare with an amazing staff who are more like family. I can’t believe he will be entering Pre-K this fall! Where has the time gone? In the little spare time I have, I like to read, garden, and, of course, play with our son.

Conyers, GA 30013 678-413-0333 Ladd, Colleen Buena Vista Construction Co. 4329 Summit Creek Blvd #2105 Orlando, FL Orlando, FL 32837 407-237-0859 Simbrowsky, Mark (Hilary O’Connor) Mark (2 yrs) Temperature Equipment Corp. Christian (4 mo) 17725 Volbrecht Road 2802 West Catalpa Lansing, IL 60438 Chicago, IL 60625 773-580-0293

Fleshner, Chris (Holly Jo)Peterson Contractors, Inc. Emma Jo (7) 104 Blackhawk St. Cole (4) P.O. Box A th 26749 270 St. Reinbeck, IA 50669 Reinbeck, IA 50669 319-345-2713 319-415-5212 Hello again, I am still with PCI in Reinbeck. Work is going good and Cork always seems to keep us busy. We continue to pursue all types of work, but the last couple of years my workload has changed somewhat from mainly private type owners to more municipal type contracts.

Territory Manager – Commercial Sales.

BS 1998 DeStigter, Jason (Kathy) Summit Equity Group Cooper 801 Grand Ave. Layla Suite 3560 4204 NE Hillcrest Ct. Des Moines, IA 50309 Ankeny, IA 50021 515-250-1164

Home life is good too. Holly continues to teach the 3rd grade in Reinbeck and keeps our kids under control and heading in the right direction; they are already involved in all kinds of activities. Emma is 7 going on 17 except she still doesn’t like boys. I am glad about the no boys thing. She is more worried about outfits and nails and stuff like that. Cole is all boy at 4 and keeps his mother on her toes. He is my little helper on the farm and already wants to ride a mule by himself just like Dad. He doesn’t like being led around, he wants to run the reigns. He loves riding in the tractor with me as well, and the other night he tried to show Emma how to start the 4 wheeler without an adult around. I guess I will have to start removing keys from equipment.

Layland, Chad M.

McClain, Kevin The Weitz Company P.O. Box 4582 5901 Thornton Ave. Frisco, CO 80443 Des Moines, IA 50321 303-263-7140 515-698-4279

I hope all is well with you and yours and look forward to reading updates.

Vice President at The Weitz Company Naughton, Luke 117/201 Albert Street Brunswick, Victoria 3056 Australia

Jackson, Walt W. Peterson Contractors, Inc. Dalton (8) 104 Blackhawk Rd. 103 N. Main Street Reinbeck, IA 50669 New Providence, IA 50206 King, Michael

Baker Electric, Inc. 111 Jackson Ave. Des Moines, IA 515-288-6774

Currently working toward an MBA at Melbourne Business School in Melbourne, Australia. Would welcome any contact with ISU grads in Australia.

Overland Contracting Inc. (Black & Veatch) 587 Sigman Rd NE 80

Schmitz, Alisha Hensel Phelps Construction Co. 8311 Ari Court #2C Jessup, MD 20794 410-533-3945

Nelson, Mike (Dana) Skanska USA Building Kate (3 yr) 180 Jose Figueres Ave. Will (2 mo) San Jose, CA 95116 3780 Louis Road 408-690-2234 Palo Alto, CA 94303 408-690-2234

I am currently working on a 1175 room Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C. It’s an amazing job using the top down method to build the 7 stories below grade and will use conventional methods to build the 15 stories above grade.

I continue to focus my career on healthcare construction in the San Francisco Bay Area and am currently working on a series of hospital additions and renovations in San Jose with a great team of construction professionals including two other ISU ConE graduates.

BS 1999 Charlson, Kevin (Laurie) I-Kota, Inc. Cael (4) 4640 Pecos Street, Unit F Claire (2) Denver, CO 80211 16128 W Ellsworth Dr. 303-883-6789 Golden, CO 80401 303-864-9604

Spence, Jenny Pepper Construction Company 6526 Marble Lane 411 Lake Zurich Road Carpentersville, IL 60110 Barrington, IL 60010 847-428-1626 847-381-2760

My partner, Riley McLaughlin, and I started I-Kota in 2010 to pursue commercial construction opportunities in the Colorado Front Range region.

Stevenson, Darin (Erika) DMACC Lucy (3) 2006 S Ankeny Blvd. Collin (2) Ankeny, IA 50023 th 685 36 Street 515-965-7322 Des Moines, IA 50312 515-480-8045

Earhart, Andrew (Kristina) Beck John (5) 1807 Ross Ave., Suite 500 Nicholas (6 mo) Dallas, TX 75201 7189 St Augustine Drive Frisco, TX 75034

Trades & Industry Coordinator at DMACC. Finally finished the last floor of our century old home turning our walk-up attic into a playroom for the kids. I’m tempted to claim it as a man loft. We should get in better shape, we now have 4 finished floors.

Holmes, Shawn (Kendra) Walt Disney Co./ Silas (2) Buena Vista Construction Co. 12707 Lake Sawyer Drive 3291 Wed Way Windermere, FL 34786Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 407-934-6328

BS 2000

Currently working for the Walt Disney World Company’s internal construction company. Performing renovations on new and existing structures in a theme park environment.

Beyer, Jamie (Brenda) Suffolk-Roel Construction Noah (2) 3366 Kurtz Street Girl due in August San Diego, CA 92110 5122 Gardena Avenue 619-297-4156 San Diego, CA 92110 619-392-0485

Kuehner, Travis (Laura) Advocate Health Care Abigeal (9) Advocate IL Masonic Med. Cntr. Tyler (7) 836 West Wellington Benjamin (7) Chicago, IL 2418 Montclair Lane 773-296-5976 Montgomery, IL 60538 773-587-9827

Enjoying myself in San Diego and the expanding family! I feel extremely fortunate to be working in the healthcare field for projects at Scripps Health who is one of the top providers in the country. I’ve been on a full range of projects over the past 6 years 81

including a Central Energy Plant replacement, Emergency Department Expansion & Renovation, large clinic tenant improvements, CT, MRI, Cath Labs, etc. Hoping that all the large project experience will lead to managing the design and construction of a new hospital in the near future.

Maranowicz, John (Meredith) The Walsh Group Alexander (5) 929 W. Adams Christopher (3) Chicago, IL 60608 Benjamin (2) 312-563-5400 4380 Binchy Way Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 312-287-3340

Callahan, Michael T. (Andrea) Damon (6) Opus Design Build, L.L.C. Isabella (4) 4643 S. Ulster Street, Suite 325 Alyssa (2) Denver, CO 80237 Parker, CO 303-225-1765

Proctor, Matt (Wendy) Brody Caitlin 2667 300th Avenue DeWitt, IA 52742 563-659-3593

Ehmer, Judith (Jan) Jella-Maria (3) Ernst & Young Real Estate GmbH Jannike-Maria (1) Friedrichstraße 140 Spanische Allee 111a 10117 Berlin 14129 Berlin Germany Germany

City of De Witt P.O. Box 407 510 9th Street DeWitt, IA 52742 563-659-3811

Schaefer, Ross (Mary) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 859 Hanlon Way 510-495-2244 Benicia, CA 94510 707-748-1275

Kinter (Gibbs), Melony (Willie) Kylie (7) Moehl Millwork, Inc. Ashley (4) 5150 SE Rio Ct. 2806 SW Tradition Cir. Ankeny, IA 50021 Ankeny, IA 50023 515-963-3100 515-289-1074

Like a number of my fellow ISU grads, I found 2009 to be a turbulent year in the construction business, and left Cahill Contractors in SF after 8 years. In early 2010 I lucked into a job as a PM in the Facilities department of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, CA. My first project was managing a $35M lab and office building. I am now managing various construction projects around the Lab, as we have 90 buildings and always new science programs with new requirements – clean rooms, chem labs, laser facilities, industrial scale cooling plants. It’s technical work and always unique projects, and I feel fortunate to have had my earlier bad luck and later great luck. The Lab is embarking on a project to build a second full campus, so that will keep us busy building and renovating for many years to come.

After spending 4 years as an Engineer with Hensel Phelps Construction Co. in Austin, TX and 5 years as an Estimator with Story Construction Co. in Ames, IA, I have made the move to being a sub/supplier instead of a general contractor. I am currently the Commercial Estimator at Moehl Millwork, Inc. in Ankeny, IA. It has been nice to gain more specialized knowledge of building components. The people and the environment here at Moehl are very open and friendly which makes it a great place to work. My husband and I are kept busy by our two daughters when we aren’t at work. There isn’t an activity or class that they don’t want to join. We all enjoy sports, camping and anything else that involves being outdoors.

Mary and I live in Benicia, CA, a lovely little town on the San Francisco Bay. Timmerman, Emily (Craig) Conlon Constr. Co. Nathan Craig (4 ½) 1100 Rockdale Road Hailey Therese (1) Dubuque, IA 52003 2611 Shoestring Road 563-583-1724 Cuba City, WI 53807 608-568-3825

Majeres, Todd Taylor Ohde Kitchell 1400 S. 52nd Street, Unit 31 1917 Dean Avenue West Des Moines, IA 50265 Des Moines, IA 30316 515-226-2118 515-242-8337 82

Emily continues to work with Conlon Construction Co. in their retail department. Everything is going well and keeping her busy.

family business in the Des Moines Metro Division. I am active in the AGC and other related associations in the highway industry. The experience has been fun and fulfilling.

BS 2001

Miner, Jason (Susan) Flatiron Construction Corp. Vivian (3) 10188 E. I-25 Frontage Road 788 York Street Firestone, CO 80504 Denver, CO 80206 720-494-8142 303-839-5564

Eilers (Burns), Heather (Michael) 14500 W. 92nd Terrace JE Dunn Construction Lenexa, KS 66215 1001 Locust 816-304-6981 Kansas City, MO 64106 816-506-4495

Schwager, Dale (Valerie) Foundation Service Corp. 2305 3rd Ave. S.E. 220 Waterloo Rd. Altoona, IA 50009 Hudson, IA 50643 319-988-9802

Hodgson, Kevin R. (Paula) W.A. Klinger LLC Isabell (2) 2015 E. 7th St. nd 515 2 Ave. SE P.O. Box 8800 LeMars, IA 51031 Sioux City, IA 51102 712-898-2354 712-233-3225

BS 2002

Another amazing year has passed as we continue to settle and become involved back in NW Iowa. Izzy has taken to riding horse at Grandma and Grandpa’s, so it is out to the farm every chance we let her. Hope everything is going well for all of you and yours in these interesting times.

Boelman, Adam (Dena) Emma (6 yrs) Jones-Blythe Construction Co. Alexis (2 mo) 1030 West Reynolds Street 2425 Westchester Blvd. P.O. Box 5113 Springfield, IL 62704 Springfield, IL 62705 217-726-5532 217-787-1640

Goddard, Chad Illinois Dept. of Transportation 5133 Washington 3E 201 West Center Court Downers Grove, IL 60515 Schaumburg, IL 60196 630-724-1491 847-705-4443

Heggen, Edward Vincent “Evan” (Janet) Taryn (3) Cramer and Associate, Inc. Aidan and Caleb (4 mo) 3100 SW Brookside Dr. 104 E. Washington St. Grimes, IA Colfax, IA 50054 515-265-1447

Irlbeck, Brian (Josie) Q-Cells North America 1323 Pacific Beach Drive, 95 Federal St, 2nd Fl. Unit D San Francisco. CA 94107 San Diego, CA 92109 415-541-9300 619-737-6708 Manatt, Drew (Tanya) Brooklyn (2) Broderick (1) 7549 Barnsley Dr. Johnston, IA 50131 641-831-0244

Kies, Katie 913-787-7330

Centric Projects 2024 Main Street Suite One West Kansas City, MO 64108 816-812-4245

Manatt’s, Inc. 6333 NW Beaver Dr. Johnston, IA 50131 515-278-0247

Miners, T. J. (Michelle) Nelson Electric Company Camden 618 14th Avenue SW 4595 Snowgoose Court Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Marion, IA 52302 319-366-6257 319-377-4246

Following graduation I worked for Peter Kiewit and Sons for a couple years building roads primarily in Arkansas. For the past 7 years I’ve worked for our

Sporaa, Shadrach (Jessica) Quali (9) Henning Construction Co, LLC Qiana (5) P.O. Box 394 83

Levi (1) 1516 S Avenue Boone, IA 50036 515-681-2163

Johnston, IA 50131 515-253-0943

Kaitlyn Balinese, MN 55449 Megan 763-786-7800 P.O. Box 48656 Coon Rapids, MN 55448 763-670-6049

I am still running the new construction activities of Kum & Go L.C. for the southern region. This area is made up of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and on an occasion will run the work in Iowa. Strub, Joseph (Rita) Hudson (3) Easton (0 yr, 5 mo) 4903 9th Ave. E. Bradenton, FL 34208

Poland, Eric (Tabitha Schrufer) 2055 Thomasville Rd. Apt D301 Tallahassee, FL 32308

Gilbane Building Company 8433 Enterprise Circle Bradenton, FL 34202 941-737-2216

Currently attending Law School at Florida State University. Ross, Phillip 2951 N Talman Ave Unit 1R Chicago, IL 60618

Swanson, Don (Rebecca) Kreco Metals 5821 Elm Street 900 Kelly Ryan Drive Omaha, NE 68106 Blair, NE 68008 402-880-8962 402-237-0808

White, Jennifer McMinemee (Alan) Cora (1) J & H Services, Inc. 505-896-9428

BS 2003 Blomme, Nathan Balfour Beatty Construction 616 Oakbrook Pl. 3100 McKinnon Manhattan, KS 66503 Dallas, TX 731-467-0046 785-761-4000

BS 2004 Burgod, Nathan (Amanda) 2905 Sheridan Ave. Architectural Wall Systems Des Moines, IA 50310 6601 Westown Parkway 515-402-1089 Suite 100 West Des Moines, IA 50266 515-255-1556

Assistant Project Manager for Balfour Beatty Construction working on the Fort Riley Replacement Hospital Project in Fort Riley, Kansas.

Gleisberg, Ariana Wright (Jonathan) Addison (6) Thermo Fisher Scientific Kileigh (4) 925 W 1800 S Aiden (2) Logan, UT 1562 W 800 S 435-792-8143 Logan, UT 435-787-8167

Hott, Benjamin General Constructors Inc. of the 2510 23 ½ Ave. Quad Cities 563-349-7368 480 42nd Street Bettendorf, IA 52722 563-359-4543 I am a project manager for an industrial/municipal contractor. We build bridges, water and waste water treatment facilities, infrastructure and large foundations for many local industrial companies and municipalities. Kopp, Nick (Kelly) Ella

Mechanical, Inc. 225 Fencl Lane Hillside, IL 60162 815-238-9976

Guggisberg, Angie Minnesota Zoo 1355 Pascal Street N. 13000 Zoo Boulevard St. Paul, MN 55108 Apple Valley, MN 55124 651-262-9348 952-431-9231 I’m a PM at the Minnesota Zoo… and I think I have quite possibly one of the coolest jobs ever. We are

Modern Piping, Inc. 8370 West i35W Service Dr. 84

finishing up the new penguin exhibit – it’s pretty awesome looking. And I am designing and building a black bear exhibit now.

Have been working at Greiner Construction for almost 3 years in Minneapolis and have enjoyed the change. Continue to grow and pursue new product types in the market. Most recently we have had continued success in the multi-family/senior living market as that continues to rebound.

The fun part? When you’re having “one of those days” you can go for a stroll, watch the people and check out the animals. They are both entertaining and educational.

I have had the opportunity to work with other ISU alumni and be involved with the student organizations through my professional organizations and am proud of the level of education and quality of students that the ConE program is producing.

Kruse, Brad Mortenson Construction 14135 Plymouth Ave. 700 Meadow Lane North Burnsville, MN 55337 Minneapolis, MN 55422 952-240-3666 763-287-5631

Amber and I are expecting our first child in September and look forward to that next chapter in our life. We already have ISU bibs, outfits and blankets waiting for the baby!

Muller, Jordan (Jillian) Peterson Contractors, Inc. 512 Pine St. 104 Blackhawk St. Reinbeck, IA 50669 Reinbeck, IA 50669

BS 2005

Payne, Joshua Dutch Mill Supply Inc. 1012 West Third Street 1713 Fifield Road Pella, IA 50219 Pella, IA 50219 319-461-1756 641-628-9525

Miltenberger, Josh (Jennifer) Russell Construction 105 E. Grove Rd. 4600 E. 53rd Street Long Grove, IA 52756 Davenport, IA 52807 563-320-4502 563-459-4600

Rhoads, Clinton (Mindy) Beckett (3) Caleb (1) Albuquerque, NM 505-990-7723

I have been with Russell Construction five years this summer and recently completed the YMCA Supportive Housing project in Des Moines (140-unit housing unit on the south edge of downtown Des Moines). I have been a Project Manager for a couple years now and have worked in design/build, CMc, and hard bid contract formats.

Romero, Jason (Amber) 18800 1st Pl W. Bothell, WA 98012

Turner Construction 830 4th Ave S, #400 Seattle, WA 98134

Jen and I bought a home in Long Grove after relocating from Des Moines in Fall 2009. We’ve been able to get involved in the local community and I was recently appointed to the City of Long Grove Planning and Zoning Commission. I’ve also had the opportunity to serve on the Construction Engineering Industry Advisory Council since the Spring of 2010; it was great to be a part of the 50th celebration.

Currently MEP Superintendent. Swinning, Thomas (Jessica) Mikayla (1) Granite Construction Company 1357 Cape Cod Way Ukiah, CA Concord, CA 94521 707-974-3514 925-787-9649

Plymesser, Cliff (Naomi) EFCO Cole (1) 1800 NE Broadway Ave. 3021 Oakland St. Des Moines, IA 50313 Ames, IA 50014 515-313-4222 515-450-2537

Wessels, Brian (Amber) Greiner Construction 14169 Dearborn Path 625 Marquette Ave. Rosemount, MN 55068 Suite 840 651-252-1612 Minneapolis, MN 55402 612-338-1696

Working as a project engineer for EFCO working mainly on our mega projects designing custom 85

formwork applications (segmental bridge machines, tunnels, etc.). Also started teaching ConE 340: Concrete and Steel Construction in Fall of 2010. This has been a very challenging but rewarding experience for me, especially since I am still full time with EFCO. Naomi and I enjoying life with our first (Cole) and are expecting another boy in 10/11. We’ve been keeping busy with church activities as well as home remodeling projects.

Olathe, KS 66062 515-450-4959


Jestrab, Eric 515-450-9694

I just finished working on a 6 story hospital bed tower in Wenatchee, WA for Central Washington Hospital. We integrated many of the latest technologies and prefabrication techniques which made this very interesting. I got married in 2009 and we went to St. Lucia last summer for our honeymoon, which we strongly recommend.

Humphreys, Jake (Samantha) Bothell, WA 98011 Mortenson Construction 206-778-9152 Bellevue, WA 425-497-7107


BS 2006 Andersen, Jerad J. (Allison) Modern Piping Lucy Mae (< 1) 1919 Dodge Rd NE 1605 9th St. Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 Marion, IA 52302 319-364-0131 319-899-7060

Kurth, Jim (Marianne) Alden (17 mo) 515-988-1048

I am currently working as the 3D CAD/BIM Manager for Modern Piping. I am constantly challenging the industry near me to keep pushing the available technology. The bulk of my work focuses on Design-Build projects as well as Industrial and Bio-Pharma, with the occasional Commercial and Medical/Hospital project crossing my path. Aside from Modern I also run my own small business,, where I sell CAD, BIM, Gaming, and High-Performance desktop computers. With the newborn daughter, day job, and small business, there’s never a dull moment!

Rudolph and Sletten, Inc. 16851 Hale Ave. Irvine, CA 92606 949-223-6828

McKee, Jeffrey Engelsma Construction, Inc. 23513 Birch Circle 7119 31st Ave N Rogers, MN 55374 Minneapolis, MN 55427 612-201-6803 763-536-9200 Rasmussen, , Eric A. Univ. of North Carolina 640 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. at Chapel Hill Apt. 324 Kenan-Flagler Business School Chapel Hill, NC 27514 828-712-3293 Schoch, Bradley (Jen) Rochester, MN

Dittus, Ken (Jill) Granite Construction 12200 Peach Crest Dr Apt D 2 Taft Ct. Germantown, MD 20874 Rockville, MD 20850 641-351-9803 240-498-1424

Mayo Clinic 200 1st St SW Rochester, MN 55905

The project that I am currently on is a new seven mile 6-lane highway. There are 13 new highway bridges, 5 bridge widenings, and over 500,000 tons of asphalt. I am the Field Engineer in charge of the asphalt and roadway finishes.

Stoulil, Andy (Megan)United Rentals Trench Safety Adyn (1) 4010 SE Capitol Cir. 880 SE Deerfield Ln. Grimes, IA 50111 Waukee, IA 50263 515-979-2999 515-979-2999

Hotovec, Chad (Staci) Johnathon 14807 West 150th St.

I am the Territory Representative for United Rentals Trench safety. I help underground contractors across Iowa increase production and meet OSHA’s safety requirements for trenching and excavating

Burns & McDonnel 9400 Ward Parkway Kansas City, MO 64114 86

using shoring and shielding systems. The projects I have dealt with range from 5’ to 40’ deep in all types of soil. Project types have included sanitary sewer lines, lift stations, high pressure gas lines, electrical services, foundations, bore pits, fuel tank installations & replacements, and soil remediation.

Osier, Tom (Laura) Kirkland & Ellis LLp 501 N. Clinton St #603 300 N Lasalle Chicago, IL 60654 Chicago, IL 60654 515-450-9356 312-862-7346 Verdon, Benjamin David Bear Inc. 210 S. Praireview Dr. #423 4430 114th St. West Des Moines, IA 50266 Urbandale, IA 50322 563-379-1105 515-262-8251

Wagner, Andrew (Emily) Friedler Construction Amara Juli (turns 2 on 2525 N. Elston Ave. 8/14/11) Chicago, IL 60647 5435 West Bryon Street 773-489-1818 Chicago, IL 60641 773-226-0188

Weller, Matt Falewitch Construction Serv., Inc. 6928 Lafayette Ave. 8720 S. 114th St., Suite 100 Omaha, NE 68132 LaVista, NE 68128 402-850-1792 402-291-1000

BS 2007 Barchman, Matt (Sally) JE Dunn Constr. Co. Evalyn (2) 1001 Locust Emarsyn (6 mo) Kansas City, MO 64106 13228 W 75th Terrace 816-292-8642 Lenexa, KS 66205 816-516-8580

Wright, Benjamin (Chanda) Monarch Renovations Katelynn (4 mo) 304 15th St, Studio 201 2940 Berkshire Drive Des Moines, IA 50309 Norwalk, IA 50211 515-274-5404 515-418-2446

BS 2008

Eveland, Jason (Kelsey) Hansen Company, Inc. West Des Moines, IA 5665 Greendale Rd, Suite A 515-943-1643 Johnston, IA 50131 515-270-1117

Culhane, Shawn Culhane Premier Properties 111 S Gadwall Ln P.O. Box 341017 Cedar Park, TX 78613 Austin, TX 78734 512-590-0850 512-590-0850

Lindquist, Eric (Karissa) 630-359-7521

Adjustable Forms Inc. 1 E. Progress Rd. Lombard, IL 60148 630-953-8700

After working in construction management in Austin, TX for the 18 months succeeding graduation from the ConE program, I took a leap of faith and made the move to self-employment in residential real estate sales. My main focus is in luxury and waterfront properties in the Austin area. I feel my degree in construction engineering and my short experience in commercial construction have thus far been very beneficial to my real estate career, both with credibility as well as helping clients through a “different” point of view. All is well in Austin and I think everyone should move here!

My wife Karissa and I finally tied the knot last November after meeting six years ago at Iowa State. Currently working as Project Manager for Adjustable Forms Inc. Things have been pretty challenging over the past year, but starting to slowly turn around. We’re fortunate enough to be working on a 34 story retirement project on the north side of Chicago called Admiral at the Lake, as well as a 16 story Ronald McDonald House Charities. A few large apartment projects look pretty promising out ahead, as well as some higher education work. Currently working on transitioning our current preconstruction/project management/detailing into full BIM environment. I plan on taking the PE exam sometime in the spring of 2012.

Harry, Brian (Kelly) Ryan Companies US, Inc. 2845 Volquardsen Ave. 201 N. Harrison St, Ste. 400 Davenport, IA 52804 Davenport, IA 52801 563-468-8575 563-823-8137 87

Jennett, Tim (Kate) JE Dunn Construction 1410 Ridgewood Drive 901 S. Mopec Expressway Leander, TX 78641 Barton Oaks Plaza III Suite 290 Austin, TX 78746 512-687-6113 Marbach, Lee (Julia) 1608 Summit Lane #2 Davenport, IA 52803 563-210-4060

Chicago, IL 60613 Suite 3100 630-750-8532 Chicago, IL 60003 Zikra, Alex

Russell Construction Co. 4600 E 53rd Street Davenport, IA 52807 563-459-4600

Power Construction Company 2360 Palmer Drive Schaumburg, IL 60173 847-214-6426

BS 2009 Bell, Nicole (Bryan Schmidt) Turner Constr. Co. 9736 Larsen Street 2345 Grand Blvd., Suite 1000 Overland Park, KS 66214 Kansas City, MO 64108 816-256-6199 816-886-4542

Julia and I are expecting our first this October. We are excited and can’t wait for the new arrival. I am also working as a Project Engineer for Russell Construction Company in Davenport, Iowa focusing on preconstruction.

I am currently a Project Engineer working in the Special Projects Division for Turner Construction. I serve on the USGBC Central Plains chapter as their Outreach/Events Chairperson and am in charge of the LEED training and materials for Turner’s KC office. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, Bryan, planning our wedding for September 2011, playing with our dog, Ryder, working out, going to sporting events, hanging out with friends, and traveling.

Norton, Andrew (Katie) Hensel Phelps Constr. Co. 606 W. Colt Rd. 444 N. 44th St. Chandler, AZ 85225 Phoenix, AZ 85034 712-898-0279 It’s amazing how many people from Iowa are migrating south to Arizona, seems like every time I wear a shirt with Iowa State on it I meet someone else from Iowa.

Daniels, Chris 563-212-1642

Sowder, Edward M. Calhoun-Burns & Assoc. 2904 SE Weatherstone St. 1500 30th Street Grimes, IA 50111 W. Des Moines, IA 50266 515-205-1120 515-224-4344

The Weitz Company 5904 Thornton Ave. Des Moines, IA 50321 515-246-4700

I am currently a Project Engineer at The Weitz Company working on West Des Moines school district jobs as a CMa role.

Stoulil, Mitch (Heather) Katelman Steel Fabrication Bryce (3 mo) 2030 2nd Ave. 110 Hannah Circle Council Bluffs, IA 51501 Underwood, IA 51576 712-323-3131 515-720-1556 Sullivan, Brian (Andrea) Aiden (5) Connor (1) 1412 270th St. Nashua, IA 50658 641-330-3601

Sullivan Construction

Elliott, Scott (Amber Ronald) Heery Intl, Inc. 1815 SW White Birch Circle #15 450 Mill St. SW Ankeny, IA 50023 Mitchellville, IA 50169 641-521-0878 515-720-9934

Wetmore, Tom (Alison) 3604 N Bosworth, Apt. #2

Tom Wetmore 55 E Monroe Street

I just recently finished up construction on the new Ankeny High School at Prairie Trail in Ankeny, Iowa in the spring ’11 with Construction Services Inc. out of West Des Moines, Iowa. I have since been hired by Heery International out of Cleveland, Ohio as Construction Manager on the new Iowa Department of Corrections facility upgrade at ICIW in Mitchellville, Iowa. The project entails new 88

construction of a full-service hospital, food service building, administrative building, and a minimum/medium general population building. In addition, there will be an electrical distribution upgrade to service all old/new buildings onsite.

It’s been almost exactly a year since we graduated and I am starting to miss it! I didn’t think I would ever say that. Currently I am working at Viking Automatic Sprinkler as a designer and project manager. I couldn’t have asked to fall into a better career path. It has been a tough learning curve but I know it will pay off down the road. I never would have guessed I would have been given so much responsibility after only 9 months of being employed. It’s a great feeling.

Olson, Nick EFCO Forms 1425 W Grand Ave. 250 S. Northwest Hwy. Unit 4W Suite 310 Chicago, IL 60642 Park Ridge, IL 60068 319-415-4239 847-825-3177

Claussen, Anna Weis Builders 15839 Freedom Lane 7645 Lyndale Ave S Apple Valley, MN 55124 Minneapolis, MN 55423 507-473-3174 612-243-5000

Working out of the EFCO Chicago district office, consulting and distributing concrete formwork and shoring throughout the greater Chicago area, Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula of Michigan. Enjoy living in Chicago, trying new things, attending the various events, and watching the White Sox lose to the Twins when they’re in town. It’s been great watching fellow ConE grads as they being their careers, including our Chicago district engineer Joben Grimmius (ConE 2008). EFCO has a strong relationship with Iowa State and the construction engineering program and since graduating, I have had the opportunity to participate in student visits to our facilities in Des Moines, guest lecturing on campus, and recruiting at the career fair. It’s always great to get back on campus, looking forward to football games in the fall.

Davis, Austin 7534 Fleta Street St. Louis, MO 63123 319-939-0269

Coming out of school I spent about eight months on a project at the St. Louis Science Center, and am now spending a few months in the main office doing some training. Soon I will be back out in the field working as a Project Engineer in our General Building & Healthcare market. I hope all is well with everyone! Hanus, Trevor C. (Andrea Willaert) 515-520-2902

BS 2010 Basara, Marc Weis Builders, Inc. 5441 Bartlett Boulevard 7645 Lyndale Ave S Mound, MN 55364 Minneapolis, MN 55423 651-353-7395 612-243-3116 Bowden, Clark 107 NW 102nd Street Kansas City, MO 64155

Alberici Constructors 8800 Page Avenue Overland, MO 63114 314-873-3298

Trevor will be graduating from Northwestern University with a Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering with a Structural Engineering emphasis in August 2011. Directly after graduation, he will be getting married to Andrea Willaert whom he met at Iowa State University. Trevor is interested in renewable energy, sustainable design, and structural health monitoring. He is working at the Infrastructure Technology Institute in Evanston, IL during the 2011 summer, but is currently seeking full-time employment at an Engineering firm anywhere in the US.

JE Dunn Construction 1001 Locust Street Kansas City, MO 64106 515-710-6813

Cade, Peter L. Viking Automatic Sprinkler 5040 Waterbury Road 201 SE Shurfine Dr. Des Moines, IA 50312 Ankeny, IA 50021 515-771-1266 515-965-9399

Jahnke, Matthew (Marianna) Bluestone Engrg. 5015 Emerson Dr. 9119 Northpark Dr. Ames, IA 50014 Johnston, IA 50131 920-246-3638 515-727-0700 89

Valparaiso Chile 515-203-1495

Karns, Matthew (Leah) BCS Construction Services 7917 Townsend Avenue 590 Market Street Urbandale, IA 50322 W. Des Moines, IA 50266 515-321-3215 515-783-4738 Lane, Chad 816-728-8064

Sievers, Ryan Institute of Transportation 623 6th St. 2711 South Loop Drive, Suite 4700 Ames, IA 50010 Ames, IA 50010 515-979-4807

J.E. Dunn Construction Kansas City, MO

Currently working on Graduate Thesis on remote monitoring of historic covered bridges to complete Masters of Science in Structural Engineering at Iowa State University and on pace to graduate in December 2011. Currently seeking full-time employment from a Design-Build Firm or General Contractor in the Madison, Wisconsin area for January 2012 start.

Mathes, Jay 623 6th Street Ames, IA 50010 641-780-9357 I am currently a Masters student in the CCEE program studying Construction Engineering and Management. I am also a Graduate Research Assistant working for Dr. Jennifer Shane on risk mitigation in internal traffic control on highway projects.

Trible, Andrew 12240 Cattle Lane Watertown, MN 55388 515-451-6648

Ames Construction, Inc. 2000 Ames Dr. Burnsville, MN 55306 612-385-5212

BS 2011

Moye-Rowley, Mike Kiewit Power Constructors 9401 Bell Rd. #342 9104 Renner Blvd. Lenexa, KS 66219 Lenexa, KS 64106 319-321-4508 515-710-6813 Currently working the Project Controls department as a scheduling engineer. Remembering Larry Cormicleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s golden rule: All dogs have tails.

Jacobs, Cory 6827 Jake Barnes Court Johnston, IA 50131 563-357-1032

Hussmann 4360 112 St. Ste. 102 Urbandale, IA 50322 515-299-6308 th

After graduating in May of 2011, I started working at Hussmann, a company who manufactures the refrigerated and frozen display cases at supermarkets. My job at Hussmann is to take a list of cases a store wants and using our case data, size refrigeration equipment to handle the load.

Potthoff, Rachel Ryan Companies US, Inc. 5645 Muirfield Dr SW 625 First St SE, Suite 175 Unit 10 Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 319-731-2807 563-271-9420

Lewton, Matthew Weitz Industrial 3606 Badger Dr. SW 1065 Sierra Ct NE Suite A Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 319-350-0323 319-247-7400

Rachel is enjoying her role as Associate Project Manager for Ryan Companies US, Inc. She is currently working on multiple projects in the Cedar Rapids area. Outside of work, she has kept busy with bicycling, backstage work for a local community theatre, and golf.

Working for an Industrial Contractor.

Quiroga Cruz, Patricio Enrique Claudia Bernardita Navarro Villarroel Galvarino 92, Playa Ancha 90

Future plans: Find a job soon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; go back home and try to start own business, take over dads business. How would you like to be remembered?: As a good friend and a good partner in class labs and groups.

BS 2009 At the Senior Banquet(s), graduating seniors were asked to fill out a form that included their future plans and how they would like to be remembered. We have reprinted this information for those who gave us permission. Congratulations to the graduates!

Knudsen, Greg Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, riding dirt bikes, sports, golf Future plans: Looking for a job in the mountains How would you like to be remembered?: A good person that worked hard and still was very personable and enjoyed having fun.

Bowers, Ryan Hobbies: Motorsports, work and construction related things. Future plans: Get a job, start a family, pay off bills How would you like to be remembered?: Hard working student.

Loes, Joel Hobbies: Golf, carpentry/woodworking Future plans: Move to Albuquerque, NM with my girlfriend to work for Klinger Constructors as a Project Manager. How would you like to be remembered?: As a hard worker and a good learner that always had a good joke to tell.

Cassidy, Lucas Hobbies: Fishing Future plans: Work in Cedar Rapids @ Acme Electric Co. Hope to become a PM and start a family somewhere in Iowa. How would you like to be remembered?: By the hole in the ceiling of the UDCC. I promise it was an accident.

Nielsen, James Hobbies: Basketball, snow skiing, piano, golf, hiking, outdoor activities, traveling. Future Plans: Get a job, get married, and be extremely happy and successful. How would you like to be remembered?: As someone who has a promising future because of my hard work. Also, someone who has tremendous pride in Iowa State University.

Corcoran, Tim Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, golfing Future plans: Working in Omaha for Remlon, Inc. How would you like to be remembered?: A good guy to be around who loves Construction Engineering. Formanek, Brenton Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing Future plans: Estimator at M.A. Mortenson in Chicago How would you like to be remembered?: Hardworking and fun loving

Norberg, Austin Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, golfing Future Plans: Working for Seedorff Masonry, Inc. How would you like to be remembered?: For using the skills learned from the ConE program in my community.

Harder, Matt Hobbies: Biking, fishing, snowboarding, frisbee golf Future plans: I hope to get a job for a large contractor. I am going to get married in 2011 in Iowa. I would like to own my own contracting business in the future. How would you like to be remembered?: As a hardworking student proud to graduate Iowa State in Construction Engineering.

Peterson, Luke Hobbies: Playing golf, playing video games, and watching sports. Future plans: Move to Denver, CO with my girlfriend to find a job. How would you like to be remembered?: As a fund and hardworking student and a good friend. Schlag, Megan Hobbies: Anything outdoors, tennis, being with friends and family. Future plans: Working for Pepper Construction in Chicago, IL.

Jensen, Alex Hobbies: Sports (watching and playing), fishing, hanging with my posse 91

How would you like to be remembered?: As a positive, friendly, and hard-working ConE student excited to graduate and start a new phase in my life.

How would you like to be remembered?: By the level of enjoyment I had from learning with my friends, and my enjoyment of the program. Not to mention my overall awesomeness.

Stickfort, Derek Hobbies: Hockey, motorcycle riding, golf, video games, coaching. Future plans: Join the Navy in the area of nuclear propulsion or the Sea Bees. How would you like to be remembered?: As a good friend and hardworking team member.

Bassett, Claire Hobbies: Snowboarding, coaching First Lego League, reading, traveling. Future plans: Get a job and gain real world experience. Also, getting a pilot’s license would be cool.

Tipp, Terry Hobbies: Sports and running Future plans: Going back home and keep searching for jobs.

Berg, Michael Hobbies: Camping, fishing, hunting, and traveling. Bowden, Clark Hobbies: Disc golf, cycling, restoring antique tractors. Future plans: Work for JE Dunn as a superintendent trainer in Kansas City. How would you like to be remembered?: A leader in the program who cared for his fellow students.

Weller, Kyle Hobbies: Football, volleyball, snowboarding, swimming, etc. Future plans: Either working for Turner Construction in Kansas City or NAVFAC in San Diego. How would you like to be remembered?: As a hard working student who can work hard and have fun at the same time.

Cade, Peter Hobbies: Boxing, fishing, working out, and relaxing. Future plans: Still waiting for a job. I am excited to get settled and start a new life.

BS 2010

Claussen, Anna

Adams, Casey Hobbies: Hunting, work on cars, church activities. Future plans: I start working for MODUS on December 20 as a Mechanical Engineer. My wife and I hope to purchase a home in the next year and begin a family in about 2 years.

Collier, Camron Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, family. Future plans: I want to work in Iowa so I can raise my son and any other future children in Iowa. How would you like to be remembered?: I worked hard during school to keep a cum GPA above 3.0.

Allen, Douglas Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, exercising. Future plans: Find full-time job, most likely marry my girlfriend after I have a job. Family I will try and stay close and stay in Mid-West. How would you like to be remembered?: Person you can talk to, and will help out when needed. Team player, fair and honest.

Collins, Ryan Hobbies: Fishing, lifting weights, music. Future plans: Pursue a career in infrastructure development in the energy market. I have a job with Black & Veatch come January 2011. I have interned with B & V the previous two summers. How would you like to be remembered?: I like to work hard to get a job/assignment done and work hard to have a good time.

Basara, Marc Hobbies: Boating, sports, cooking, competitive shooting, traveling. Future plans: Project Engineer at Weis Builders in Minneapolis. I will also be attending graduate school at the University of St. Thomas, in the Twin Cities, to pursue a M.S. in real estate and development.

Cutler, Peter Future plans: Currently I’m building decks and doing small private contracting work. I’m still 92

looking for work and hope to find something in the upcoming year.

Future plans: Acquire a full-time job within the construction industry. Currently looking in larger cities such as Chicago. How would you like to be remembered?: Hardworking and easy to get along with.

Cutler, Scott Hobbies: Outdoor adventure sports Future plans: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m hoping for a successful career in the industry. How would you like to be remembered?: I would like to be remembered as a hard worker and a good teammate.

Hanus, Trevor Hobbies: Woodworking, outdoors activities, skiing, sailing. Future plans: Attend graduate school at Northwestern University for Structural Engineering.

Davis, Austin Hobbies: Playing and watching sports, golf, disc golf, movies, hanging out with friends. Future plans: I am moving to St. Louis to work for Alberici Constructors in their General Building/Healthcare market. How would you like to be remembered?: As a hardworking student who did good things for AGC and the ConE Department. Also as a guy who knew how to have a good time as well.

Harriman, Benjamin Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, outdoors Future plans: I plan to have a career in the electrical estimating field. Eventually work up to project management area. How would you like to be remembered?: I am a hard working student who has balanced work, school, being a member of the Story City volunteer Fire Dept., and friends and family throughout my career.

Davison, Alicia Future plans: I will be getting married in Feb. 2011 and moving to Peoria, IL.

Hennessey, Austin Hobbies: Golfing, fishing, being outdoors, traveling, hockey, spending time with family and friends. Future plans: Currently going to be moving to Chicago and working for Pepper Construction Company. Live and work in Barrington, IL as an assisted project engineer/MEP coordinator.

Fuller, Jake Hobbies: Bicycling, nature, road trips, music, friends and family. Future plans: Learning Gerber, Ted Hobbies: Basketball, golf, disc golf, tennis Future plans: I have accepted a Sales Engineering position in Urbandale, IA. I will also be getting married after graduation and am looking forward to starting a family.

Hilton, Jimmy Hobbies: Golf, fishing, hunting, boating, watching ISU athletics. Future plans: Working for Kiewit Underground in Omaha, NE. Will be starting by working in the office estimating and other activities for bids. No plans for a family now. I just want to grow my knowledge and career in construction. How would you like to be remembered?: Hopefully as a hard working student that liked to play hard also.

Goedken, Nick Hobbies: Wakeboarding, running, ISU athletics, community service. Future plans: Work for Walsh Groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s National Building Group (federal work) and move around a lot. Would like to become involved in communities that I move to. How would you like to be remembered?: A ConE concerned with the community who wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afraid to go out with friends on a weeknight.

Jahnke, Matthew Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, electrical wiring. Future plans: Electrical Design Consultant for Bluestone Engineering.

Hafencher, Karl Hobbies: Playing sports, guitar, small building projects.

Janechek, Mike Hobbies: Woodworking, football, fishing, hanging out with friends. 93

Future plans: I plan to find a job with a Midwest based bridge contractor, being a project engineer or project manager. I also plan to settle down around the Iowa area.

Future plans: Going to law school Moss, Jacob Hobbies: Guitar, canoeing, cross country skiing Future plans: Unsure

Karns, Matthew Future plans: I’m currently looking for full time employment. How would you like to be remembered?: Hard worker, knowledgeable.

Mulloy, Patrick Future plans: Still looking for a job. How would you like to be remembered?: Loved to help the younger students with anything and helped recruit people to ConE.

Kimsey, Keith Hobbies: Family, old trucks, barbeque Future plans: I want a great job with great benefits and I want to build a hot rod. How would you like to be remembered?: I completed this program without ever living in Ames.

O’Grady, Rowdy Hobbies: Hunting and fishing, spending time with family and friends, and working on the family farm. Future plans: I would like to make an impact on the construction industry utilizing the knowledge and skills I have gained in the Construction Engineering program at Iowa State University.

Klein, Jason Hobbies: Hunting Future plans: Find a job with a smaller company where I can become an integral part of the company, helping the company grow as I gain experience and responsibility within the organization.

O’Loughlin, Phillip Hobbies: Wrestling, hunting, football Future plans: Get a job working in Construction Management. How would you like to be remembered?: I would like to be remembered as someone who finishes the job.

Lane, Chad Hobbies: Family, friends, construction, football, tailgating cyclones. Future plans: Work in KC for SE Dunn Const.

Olson, Nick Hobbies: Fishing, snowboarding, motorcycles, volleyball, camping, movies, softball, tailgating for ISU football. Future plans: Work with Efco Corp. in Chicago, IL. How would you like to be remembered?: As someone who could always light up the classroom. A friend to each student and faculty member I was in contact with.

Lewton, Matt Hobbies: Friends Future plans: unknown How would you like to be remembered?: Wouldn’t Mathes, Jay Hobbies: Habitat for Humanity, snowboarding, playing guitar, pool, basketball. Future plans: Graduate school, Iowa State University, CCEE. How would you like to be remembered?: Club oriented leader who was extremely competent and hard working. Often soft-spoken but always effortful.

Pokorney, Mike Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, woodworking, snowboarding. Future plans: Return to MN, working for M.A. Mortenson as a field engineer. How would you like to be remembered?: Hardworking, helpful, positive attitude.

McColloch, Mitch Hobbies: Paintball, golf, hunting, fishing Future plans: Work as a MEP design consultant.

Potthoff, Rachel Quid, Ryan Hobbies: Sports, music, woodworking.

Meyer, Brad Hobbies: Snowboarding, wakeboarding, music 94

Future plans: Hope to have a job in the near future and start a family once I am comfortable and established in my career.

Future plans: Working for Koester Construction in Des Moines, IA. How would you like to be remembered?: Hard working and generally awesome.

Quiroga Cruz, Patricio Hobbies: Reading, play soccer and swimming. Future plans: Visiting family and then come back to the grad program. How would you like to be remembered?: The oldest guy attending class at that moment. Everything is possible from different country and language.

Steffes, Nathan Future plans: Building America one project at a time. How would you like to be remembered?: I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. Taylor, Colton Hobbies: Snowboarding, wakeboarding, motorcycles. Future plans: I want to find a job that I love doing. Eventually I’ll start a family here in Iowa. I want to be having fun. How would you like to be remembered?: I would like to be remembered as fun-loving and open to new ideas.

Roberts, Ewatt Hobbies: Reading, working and playing with my family, playing Facebook Scrabble. Future plans: Currently seeking career employment, while guiding our oldest child through the college admissions process. Also, keeping our two youngest on the academic fast track. How would you like to be remembered?: I would like to be remembered as a student that overcame his obstacles and completed the program on a high note.

Theulen, Taylor Hobbies: Foosball, golf, playing bags Future plans: I plan to find a job in the Construction Engineering field within the next three months. I will be starting a family in the near future with my girlfriend who has just graduated from Grandview University. How would you like to be remembered?: A very dedicated student who helped others with their studies to better our educations. A person who loved to have a great time and is a true competitor in foosball.

Rosso, Christopher Future plans: I plan to move back to Illinois to work for Exelon Nuclear in their Project Management Division. Shabino, Ryan Hobbies: Soccer Club, golf, biking, disc golf. Future plans: Work for Kiewit Construction Company – The Underground District, in Portland Oregon as a Field Engineer.

Van Utrecht, Brian Hobbies: Sports, riding 4-wheelers, skiing. Future plans: Got married May 29, 2010. Still looking for a full time job, preferably in the Midwest.

Seibert, John Hobbies: Hanging with friends, poker, video games, watching sports. Future plans: Work for a company back home. Sievers, Ryan Hobbies: Traveling, athletics, and being outdoors. Future plans: Structural Engineering at Iowa State University, graduating class of December 2011. How would you like to be remembered?: Being heavily involved in Learning Community, Habitat for Humanity, DBIA, XLC, and other organizations around ISU.

Wiitanen, Stephen Future plans: I will be working in Kansas City, MO with Turner Construction as a Field Engineer. Wilks, Tanner Hobbies: Buying tools to add to my personal DeWalt arsenal. Future plans: Taken job as a Project Engineer OCCI, Inc. – Osage Constructors, Fulton, MO. How would you like to be remembered?: Hard working, knowledgeable of heavy/civil projects, leadership oriented in the program and

Smith, Branton Hobbies: Wood working, college sports, snowboarding. 95

extracurricular activities. Involved w/Peer Mentors program, AGC Cabinet, NAHB Cabinet, ASC Heavy/Civil Team Captain 2009.

How would you like to be remembered?: As somebody who always had something to complain about, but man was he right about a lot of things.

Wolfe, Nathan Hobbies: Frisbee golf, fishing and playing pool. Future plans: Accepted an offer with Mass Electric Construction Company in Boston Massachusetts. Will begin in August of 2010. Mass Electric is an electrical specialty subcontractor (power plants, waste water plants, light rail). How would you like to be remembered?: 18 months of Co-op experience with the Iowa DNR while graduating in 5 yrs. sustaining a 3.0 GPA.

Catus, Ryan Hobbies: Basketball, partying Future plans: Move to Overland Park, KS for work with Black and Veatch. Most likely relocate a few times in the first 5 years then hopefully find someone to start a family with. How would you like to be remembered?: As a good, honest, and respectful man. Cleveland, Mitchell Hobbies: Fishing, baseball, camping Future plans: Currently took a position with Woodruff Construction. I hope to eventually move my family back to Dewitt in no more than 10 yrs. Currently have two boys â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Maddox-3 and Grady-1. How would you like to be remembered?: Hard working, never giving up.

Wolff, Nick Hobbies: Boating, fishing, camping, sports, disc golf. Future plans: Plan on making a name for myself in the Construction Industry, settling down with a wife and family as well as adding another St. Bernard to the group. How would you like to be remembered?: Fondly.

Conkin, Jake Hobbies: Sports, cheering on the Cyclones, watching the history channel. Future plans: Just go where life takes me. How would you like to be remembered?: To be remembered as a fun-loving guy who worked hard.

Zaletel, Cole Hobbies: Snowboarding, boating, golfing Future plans: Searching for a project manager position in the Construction Industry. Someday settle down and start a family. How would you like to be remembered?: A hardworking college student who gave 110% in everything I did. I lived my college experience to the fullest.

Conlon, Aidan Hobbies: Soccer, snowboarding Future plans: I plan on working for Kiewit Underground, getting a job, and continue being awesome at life.

BS 2011

Cronin, Scott Hobbies: Running, biking, water sports, snowboarding Future plans: I will be working in the construction industry somewhere in the Midwest. How would you like to be remembered?: As an individual who considers others more important than myself, and is career oriented, practicing integrity and giving back to the community.

Anderson, Aaron Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, firearms Future plans: U.S. Navy Pilot, Officer Candidate School in August and flight school after that. Want a family someday. After Navy, start my own business. How would you like to be remembered?: Knowledgeable about construction and always having good input. Hard working and good role model.

Dabrowski, Konrad Hobbies: Weightlifting, playing pool, jazzercising Future plans: Get a house, have a family, run the family business after getting full-time experience in the industry. How would you like to be remembered?: Someone who can always put a smile on your face and make you laugh.

Bakkum, Ben Hobbies: Reading, movies, music, sports, spending time with family and friends. Future plans: Find a job, start a family, get my PE license. 96

Dennis, Zachary Hobbies: Outdoor activities, sports Future plans: Working for Turner Construction after graduation. Getting married after graduation. How would you like to be remembered?: Helpful, someone who you can count on.

Future plans: Working in Minnesota. How would you like to be remembered?: Hard working and Innovative Thinking. Very concerned with energy efficiency and buildings embodied energies. Kataras, Peter Hobbies: Volleyball, boating, sailing, biking, snowboarding Future plans: I plan to start working for Black & Veatch starting July 2011 in Kansas City, I will be there for about a year than my goal is to get transferred to England, Portland, or South America. I hope to get married to my girlfriend before I get transferred. How would you like to be remembered?: I would like to be remembered by my professional etiquette, my contribution to construction companies and my personal characteristics. A friend someone you can easily ask a question and know you are getting an honest answer.

Grewcock, Eric Hobbies: Hunting, boating, fishing, Nebraska football Future plans: I plan on working for Kiewit to start a lifelong career. I will be living in Denver, CO. Horan, Bridget Hobbies: Swimming, running, music, being outside Future plans: I will be working for the next 2 years with an international Catholic development organization called Fidesco. My training will start in mid-July in France, and then I will be sent to a yet-to-be-determined country in South America, Africa, or Asia. Hoskins, Scott Future plans: Working for Cramer and Associates How would you like to be remembered?: 20102011 AGC President, ASC team captain. Hudyma, Wally Hobbies: Outdoor activities, traveling Future plans: Job in California. Learn the industry and become a valuable asset. Start a family. How would you like to be remembered?: A person people were glad to know.

Koloseus-Gagnon, Thomas Hobbies: Hanging out with family and friends when I have free time. Future plans: Apply to ISU M.B.A. Graduate program and graduate with a high G.P.A. How would you like to be remembered?: I would like to be remembered as the student that learned he could accomplish anything that you set your mind on. Lebler, Mike Hobbies: Hockey, hunting, fishing, golf Future plans: Play professional hockey in Austria.

Johnson, Jake Hobbies: Watching sports, music Future plans: Working in Davenport, IA with Russell Construction. How would you like to be remembered?: As a good guy.

Meyn, Austin Hobbies: Athletics Future plans: Project Engineer, JE Dunn Construction. How would you like to be remembered?: “The Ping-Pong legend of Town Engineering”.

Kabat, Erica Hobbies: Running, playing sports, spending time with friends, being outdoors Future plans: Married in July 2011, beginning a job with Power Construction as a Project Engineer in Chicago, IL. Obtaining my MBA the first few years out of college as a young professional. How would you like to be remembered?: I would like to be remembered as a leader and role model that inspired younger ConE’s to become involved.

Miller, Bridgette Hobbies: Volleyball, running events, working out, tubing in the summer, messing with people in the Capstone room! Future plans: Project Engineer with Plano-Coudon in Baltimore, MD. How would you like to be remembered?: The girl who reminded Scott Hoskins he smelt like booze the entire last week of class! I’m going to miss Konrad,

Kaehler, Alex Hobbies: Outdoors, snowboarding, biking 97

Austin, Dave, Zach, Erica, Bailey, Lauren, Ryan, Brett, Max, Scott and Angela!!

Future plans: After graduation, I will be moving to Kansas City to start working for Turner Construction in June. Then on August 27 I will be getting married in Omaha to my best friend. Eventually we plan to start up our own business. How would you like to be remembered?: Someone you can rely on.

Noteboom, Ryan Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, farming, and watching sports. Future plans: Work for Peterson Contractors, Inc., possibly do some hobby farming a few years down the road. How would you like to be remembered?: As a fun-loving and dedicated student not hesitant to extend a helping hand to someone in need.

Thevenot, Guy Hobbies: Hockey, golf, construction, technology Future plans: Co-owner/General Contractor with Veritas Systems Construction in St. Joseph, Missouri. Volunteer coach with minor hockey in St. Joseph, Missouri. Planning to start a family in the near future. How would you like to be remembered?: A hardworker that goes above and beyond; someone that steps up and takes the leadership role; someone who is successful in all he does.

Owen, Thomas John Hobbies: Competitive running, involvement in onand off-campus clubs and committees, helping others through community service. Future plans: Use my challenging job to help me become an employee of the management staff at my company; eventually start a family; living somewhere warm. How would you like to be remembered?: I would like to be remembered as a guy who went against the odds to get where I did.

Van Drew, Mike Future plans: Get a job, start a family How would you like to be remembered?: Hard working, good teammate, enjoyed college.

Prettyman, Jay Hobbies: Building model airplanes Future plans: Right after graduation I think I am going to join the family custom home-building business back home in Prior Lake, MN. How would you like to be remembered?: As a classy guy who enjoyed his college experience.

Vos, Jaden Hobbies: Watersports, motorcycling, classic cards, snowmobiling Future plans: I plan to begin my career at Pella Corporation and continue to farm. How would you like to be remembered?: As a diligent, respectful, hard worker.

Rinker, Ian Hobbies: Sports, woodworking Future plans: Find a job and start a family. How would you like to be remembered?: ISU ConE.

Warning, David Hobbies: Golfing, woodworking, ping pong Future plans: I plan to work for M.A. Mortenson Company in Minneapolis, MN, and will be getting married during the summer of 2012. How would you like to be remembered?: For my leadership throughout the ConE program and someone always willing to help others. I would also like to be remembered for my work in continuing to build the NAHB student chapter.

Shaw, Jacob Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, woodworking Future plans: Graduate school at Iowa State University. Roderick, Chris Hobbies: Hanging out with Jake Johnson Future plans: Work in Cedar Rapids How would you like to be remembered?: Favorably Rohde, Angela Hobbies: Playing sports and spending time with family and friends. 98

The 1971 Bachelors graduates

Class Lists

Dennis Bausman, Ron Christensen, Jim Coffman, George Enderson, Dave Erb, Gary Forristall, Rick Geiler, Pete Goodwin, Everett Gustafson, Joseph Gordon, Rich Harlson, Jim Kincart, Jim Koepnick, Larry Leege, Jim Maifield, Chuck Major, Lee Martinsen, Dave Miller, Ron Norby, Doug Powell, Dave Ranker, Steve Seifert, Jeff Sheriff, Don Smith, George Spevacek, Dean Swinton, John Thornquist, Chuck VanFossen, Terrence Webb, Jim Whitcome, Larry Workman

The 1963 Bachelors graduates Bruce Byers, Jack Gethmann, Terry McGiverin, John Sorenson

The 1964 Bachelors graduates Andrew Ask, Halvard Johnson (deceased), Thomas Line, Tony Neal

The 1972 Bachelors graduates

The 1965 Bachelors graduates

Bob Agnes, Jim Benike, Bob Blahnik, John Borns, Doug Brandes, Ron Deihl (deceased), John Detlefsen, Phil Eckhoff, Bill Eich, Chuck Floyd, Steve Grosland, Tod Hanneman, Dan Ilten, Norm Klootwyk, Gerry Lange, Dennis Lewis, John Lukin, Russ Manning, Larry Moeller, Mike Murphy, Ken Seeger, Mark Shumate, Tom Sido, Mike Stangl, Jim Stecker, Rich Sulzbach, Dennis Thompson, John Walters, Steve Werden

Richard DeMore, Steve Dunlap (deceased), Gary Gotfredson, Ann Lavalie-Schar, Warren Vosler

The 1966 Bachelors graduates Fred Andringa, Jim Brubaker, Glenn DeStigter, Jerry Gosselink, Rich Greenlee, Ray Hendrix, Pat Klein, Norm Larson, Vaughn McIlrath, Cork Peterson, James Prochaska, Tom Wedewer, Tom Werderitsch

The 1973 Bachelors graduates

The 1967 Bachelors graduates

Dennis Alvestad, Rickey Anderson, Craig Calligan, Tim Clark, Dave Dvorak, Steve Engelbart, Ray Flatland, Dennis Fowler, Dennis Gilbert, Kent Glesener, Tom Hale, Craig Hamilton, Bob Hanson, Ron Jochimsen, Doug Jones, Bob Logan, Henry Mathes (deceased), Larry McAlpin, John Menninga, Dennis Naberhaus, Dennis Nott, Doug Ohlfest, Rich Otto, Bob Pfeiler, Fred Rahbar, Tom Rogers, Kevin Strong, Jim Webb, Darwyn Witte, Kyong-Ha Yang

Darrell Ball, Bob Behling, Mike Carlstrom, Daryl Hallquist, Gary Hemmen, Pete Kaser, Gary Lamb, Doug Lysne, Mike McPherson, John Miller, Mike Paradise, Tom Peterson, Noel Raufaste, Pat Rossmiller, Russ Wall

The 1968 Bachelors graduates Don Alm, Leon Ihle, Gerry Larson, Dave Lovejoy, Steve Maloney, Loren Menz, Paul Moltz, Steve Murphy, Rich Oehlerts, Ron Southard, Harold Sullivan, Marvin Ten Clay, Mike Terrell, Larry VanManen

The 1974 Bachelors graduates

John Buyert, Roger Gilbert, Dennis Lindsley, Tom Prendergast, Jack Taylor (deceased), Gregg Tharnstrom, Sam Thomas, Jock Thompson, and Ed Voss

Jim Backman, Dean Barrett, Bob Boswell, Dave Brooks, John Cahill, Paul Campbell, Jim Dickinson, Jason Evans, Warren Fortune, Miles Gardner, Doug Johnson, Tracey Lambert, Steve Leavitt, John Lutt, Ed McCormick, Chuck Nizzi, Gil Perry, Mike Petersen, Bill Pfeffer, Roger Repstien, Jon Tiemeyer, Larry White, Mike Whitlatch

The 1970 Bachelors graduates

The 1975 Bachelors graduates

Jim Berkland, Edd Collins, Joe Dahlman, Les Duff, Bill Frank, Dan Gannon, Jack Guinn, Stanley Hanson, Dave Johnson, Steve Jones, Loren Kneeland, Everett Krug, John Martin, Denny Miller, Merle Ocken, Doug Ohde, Bob Prosperi, Terry Randall, Joe Sanders, Rich Schultz, Bob Smalling, Steve Treharne

Larry Bjork, Randy Conner, Tony Cotter, Roger Cousins, Jim Dean, Dave Ekenberg, Mark Gronewold, Joe Harmon, Tom Heggen, Mark Herrick, Roger Honsbruch, Steve Jackson, Don Jungst, Steve Kane (deceased), Scott Kinkade (deceased), Tim Leinen, Pat Lorey, Alan Lutenegger, Mike Maas, Tim McFarland, Les Mikulecky, Albert Miller, Joe Mlady, Richard Mueller, Jerry Nieman, Jack Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien, Doug Otte, Eric Radius (deceased), Rich Reinke, Scott Richards, Jon

The 1969 Bachelors graduates


Singelstad, Earl “Hap” Spencer, Don Thompson, Harlan Vandezandschulp, Pete Winchell, Wayne Wurzer

Francois, Alan Gast, Joe Gerleman, James Giannelli, Paul Giroux, Mike Glander, Craig Goettsch, Mike Gorman, Patrick Grablin, Jim Hagberg, Pamela Harman, Lee Harmsen, Steve Hauser, Ed Hendrickson, Paul Henkels, Bill Heston, Dave Hill, Syd Hobbs, Eric Horlyk, Steve Johnson, Mike Karlson, Tom Lebo, Jim Lilly, Jeff Lorenzen, Jerry Ludwig, Gary Marrin, Greg Martin, Spencer McGruder, Jeff McKay, Jay Merkel, Tom Mitton, Dan Mullen, Steve Olson (deceased), Bob Payne, Fred Pech, Ron Pedersen, Gary Prescott, Paul Raymond (deceased), Barry Rogers, Keith Ruhland, Ahmed Sasso, Steve Schmidt, Lynne Schluter, Daniel Schuster, Scott Sheller, Gary Showalter, Mike Sikorski, Stan Simmons, Don Stark, Dan Strotman, Ron Sweeney, Craig Tieck (deceased), Larry Walsh, Jim Walstrom, Jim Washburn, Pete Welin, Bob Westendorf, Kevin Williams

The 1976 Bachelors graduates Rich Adams, Keith Burbank, Mike Carroll, Steve Downing, Kim Fields, Nick Flannery, Dan Glines, Rich Golay, Wayne Graeve, Mark Hilton, Mike Hunt, Bill Link, Curt McCline, Tom McCormick, Jim McElroy, Steve Ford, Tim Muller, Carl Nelson, Dwayne Netley, Thomas Noonan, Martin Poduska, Louis Riedmann, George Roland, Jerry Sande, Rich Schoene, Isaac Shisler, Bob Seipold, Ken Sorensen, Jeff Spanel, Jeff Stone, Rick Tollakson, Rich Troyer, Rob Vannoy, Lauren Wurzer, Mark Zeigler, Steve Zimmerman

The 1977 Bachelors graduates

The 1980 Bachelors graduates

Doug Barry, Dave Bartilson, Steve Blount, Steve Braesch, Cragon Caboth, John Christensen, Gary Crist, Milt Dakovich, Guy Deal, Dave Dickinson, Neal Dodd, Bryan Duffy, Donald Engstrom, John Evans, Ted Feilmeier, Bob Fett, Tom Finnerty, Guy Gast, Bill Goodall, Nick Grunzweig, Craig Hansen, Howard Harris, Steve Hay, Tom Hughes (deceased), Judd Hunemuller, Paul Johnson, Paul Koester, Greg Larson, Don Martin, Pat Murray, Leon Naberhaus, Jim Robinson, Dean Sandell, Tom Stockdale, Tim Sullivan, Jim Swanstrom, Terry Thompson, Tim Wheeler

John Adam, Richard Allison, Mark Anderson, Dave Barkley, Rod Bickert, Ali Bitar, Scott Blunck, Bryan Boerschel, David Bosshart, Jim Boutwell, Karl Breckon, Willie Calderwood, Jim Carlson, Doug Carper, Mike Casey, Chuck Connor, Greg Czapanskiy, Scott Davis, Dave Duke, Randy Dusil, Val Fagre, George Feazell, Michael Ford, Kevin Gibbs, Mark Godar, Steve Greenig, Phil Gudgel, Joe Hassenfritz, John Henkels, Randy Holt, Tom Jensen, Dave Johnson, Mark Johnson, Tim Johnson, Jeff Johnston, Randy Kirchner, Fred Kruse, Chris Larson, Kenton Larson, Gary Leapley, Jim Leavitt, Steve Leonard, Jack Man, Dave McCarthy, Norm McDonald, Tom Moore, Doug Morgan, Jeff Nading, Larry Niebuhr, Brett Nuckolls, Bob Pasquariello, Craig Pepper, Becky Peterson, Brad Phillips, Ritchie Price, Wayne Prior, Jeff Pullen, Ted Reeve, Robert Reinke, Pat Richter, Craig Rosenow, Dirk Schafer, Whitney Scully, Lary Sheffert, Scott Smiley, Dean Spratt, Keith Stohlgren, Mike Tousley, John Vogt, Jon Walker, Craig Wallace, George Wang, Brian Weaver, Brian Williamson, Brandt Williamson, Dana Witt (deceased), Steve Wolter, Scott Wolterman, Rich Wyatt, Ara Yessaian, Kirk Zeller

The 1978 Bachelors graduates Mark Althoff, Rich Alexander, Steve Amento, John Benike, Brian Boesenberg, Jim Bosshart, Rick Brandon, Bob Carter, Jeff Chadima, Dan Churchill, Dennis Churchill, Dave Conlon, Larry Cormicle, Jon Crumpton, Tim Dickerson, Larry Dillon, Pete Douglas, Chris Dummermuth, Ron Elsner, Jim England, Scott Fabere, Tom Fieweger, Jim Fritcher, Mike Gawley, Mike Graeve, Jeff Hansen, Bill Hornaday, Dave Ivis, Steve Johann, Dave King, Jon Koerner, Tom Krage, Steve Lang, Craig Larson, David C. Larson, Dave J. Larson, Doug Lawrence, Chad Lewis, Scott Linn, Bob Marsh, Jeff Moore, Mark Morse, Arthur Newman, Mike Novy, Keith Ones, Rocco Pigneri, Bill Potter, Jim Rainforth, Mike Rehm, Rick Roseland, Habibollah Sabzehzar, Nick Schapman, Pete Shelp, Gary Shevik, Eric Torkildson, Lynn Wenger, John Wolf, Leon Yoder

The 1981 Bachelors graduates Ahmad Aliwat, Curt Andersen, Brian Anderson, Rick A. Anderson, Gary Barkhurst, Bruce Beisler, Steve Bell, Jim Benge, Craig Bjorklund, Jim Brady, Tim Brady, Monique Campos Lange, Mike Carpenter, Randy Clarahan, Randy Cole, Thane Davis, Doug DeStigter, Tim Dillavou, Scott Dixon, Kirk Drees, Loren Field, Rich Flathers, Earl Fleagle, James Fosdick, Don Foster, Kent Friedrichsen, John Gehrls, Jim Getman, Paul Goldhorn, Brett Gunnink, Gerry Granahan, Jeff Hall, Peter Hall, Lee Hansen, Hans Hansl, Alex Hart, Doug Herrman, Greg Higginbotham, Doug Hirsch, Kevin Holcomb, Al Holmberg, Larry Hurley, Mark Hunsicker, Gregg Hunter, Scott Hurd, Mike Hutter, Susan (Colbert)

The 1979 Bachelors graduates Aliyu Abubakar, D. Craig Anderson, Dave Anderson, Bill Bales, Larry Beck, Mark Bell, Tom Borns, Mark Boschult, Mike Boucher, Mike Brandt, Darrel Brostrom, Al Bush, Mark Christensen, Rich Clarke, Doug Coffee, Duane Coon, Mark Cramer, Jim Davis, Paul Dawson, Ralph Dillon, Dennis Duke, Larry Erps, Gary Fils, Craig 100

Hyler, Craig Kelling, Greg Knau, Dale Knueppel, Robert Krier, Doug Kumm, Kevin Kupka, Ian Lamp, Robert Lie, Dave Little, Brian Littrell, Bob Logan, Steve Logue, Steve Loudin, Jim Lowndes, Mark Loxterkamp, Craig Mack, Chris Manning, George Martens, Peter Martin, Marty Massman, Gary Matt, Dean McCormick, John McDonald, Maryam Morshed, Scott Morton, Pat Neelan, Joe Nestvedt, Jim Nissen, Thomas Novak, Kevin Osgerby, Brad Palmer, Neal Palmer, Gerald Peterson, Deb Pullen-Workman, Owen Raun, Joel Reinert, Steve Roberts, Karl Roth, Mike Sample, Randy Sanman, Bob Sautter, Jeff Schebler, Terry Schroeder, Jim Schwamman, Tim Seibert, Dan Sloan, Gust Soteropulos, Craig Spidle, Jeff Stewart, Glen Stinn, Dave Tech, Tom Thomas, Jim Thompson, Dan Timmons, Brent Underwood, Dan Venter, Mike Welter, Dave Wenthe (deceased), Dave Wesely, Bryan Zarn, Doug Zerbe

Bill Lubbert, Jeff Lucas, Brad Martin, Pat McDonald, Don Medema, Phil Neumann, Scott Niebuhr, John Nieman, Nia Ong, Jim Patrick, Lowell Penning, Doug Perrenoud, Gerald Peters, Tim Ranch, Basil Rhymes, Tim Rigsby, John Rivisto, Jim Russell, Ben Schwab, John Shilkaitis, Jamie Sipes, Todd Sirotiak, Jeff Smith, Ray Smith, Kelly Stevenson, Doug Struss, Mike Sugre, Bob TenEyck, Clement Teo, Bruce Thomas, Kim Watson-Eberhard, Dave Wharff

The 1984 Bachelors graduates Greg Anderson, Steve Boat, Donna Buchwald, Jon Buenneke, Kevin Butts, Scott Cahalan, Jeff Clancy, Lori Clement, (Michael) Al Coluccy, Dave Coziahr, R. Andrew Cox, Tom Coziahr, Kevin Currie, Kevin Decker, Steve Donner, Joel Doyle, Keith Ebert, Mikel Edwards, Paul Engelstad, Dave Forbes, Andy Frank, Greg Gerdes, Mark Guetzko, Doug Graeve, Bruce Gritters, Jeff Hansen, Todd Hauser, John Hayes, Brad Heemstra, Brian Hodgin, George Jessen, Steve Kaspar, Mike Kaufman, Randy Kibsgaard, Martin Kilheeney, Brian Laurenzo, Andy Lounsbury, Joe Maddy, Dwight Magee, Mike Mathiasmeier, Jane Martin, Seth McLaughlin, Karen Moeller-Thinnes, Catherine Morgan, Amy MyersEngel, Bryan Myers, Randy Nelson, Bernie Newton, Bob Owens, Donna Praska, Mike Reuland, Dave Ricken, Steven Rogers, Gary Schmit, John Schneider, Jon Sealine, Joel Seaton, Kyle Smith, Mark Sorensen, Darren Spenler, Mike Stensland, Bill Stotts, Eric Stroud, Dallas Sweet, John Thomas, Mark Thompson, Scott Thompson, Clark Taylor, Doug Wall, Dan Ward, Randy Westbrook, Keith Whyte

The 1982 Bachelors graduates Roger Anderson, Nick Badding, Matt Bailey, Mark Ball, Kent Bearson, Dan Biere, Ralph Boedeker, Mike Bontrager, Tim Boone, Steve Bosshart, Gretchen Bothwell, Scott Bretthauer, Ken Chicoine, Scott Cicciarelli, Daniel Conley, Sarah Craiger, Scott Crosser, Kevin Culp, Bob Dakovich, Dean Denardi, Bob Doss, Dwight Dohlman, Victoria Dumdei, Amir Ebrahimi, Jeff Ehm, Mike Ellingson, Bryan Faktor, Gary Fleming, Jeff Forbes, Dennis Ford, Carey Fowler, Jim Fry, Jay Gabrielson, Bill Gahan, David Gatto, Jeff Geske, Mike Gritters, Dan Hanson, Bob Harmon, David Hawn, Kevin Helgevold, Tom Henderson, Matt Hetzler, Paul Higgins, Steve Ho, Rod Hoffman, Tony Hovenga, Dave Hullinger, Bill Johnson, John Keleher, Steve Kleiman, John Knibbe, Brian Knudsen, Mark Kramer, Fred Langdon, Gary Leach, Chris Lindhart, Jerry Long, Scott Madson, Todd Mattison, Kimberly McDonnell, John Meis, Brad Mills, Al Molln, Michael Morris, Gary Noel, Mark Olson, Paul Oberhaus, Tom Parham, Mikl Parsons, Mark Rasmusson, Randy Reihmann, Tom Rolfes, Mike Schmidt, Rick Schultze, Scott Shriver, Mike Shuba, Craig Southorn, Brad Strehlow, Jay Swanstrom, Scott Thompson, Rich Tjelmeland, Kevin Tubbs, Aniekan Usoro, Dan Van Dyke, Larry Welder, Sherman Welker, Jeff Wenzel, Steve Westby, Eric Wilbur, Tim Wright, Jeff Yoder, Dave Yungclas

The 1985 Bachelors graduates Dave Albertson, Ali Ali-Tai, Paul Barnes, Kenneth Bonus, Bob Bridger, Kevin Bussard, Rob Callaghan, Greg Carlson, Joe Carsky, Eric Coe, Brian Danielson, Lee Dooney, Todd Ellgren, Bill Faoro, Joe Fay, Scott Fleagle, Greg Franzen, Greg Hansen, Scott Hansen, Martin Hoffey, Steve James, Carlin Jensen, Doug Jessen, Mohammad Kanaan, Paul Kieffer, Jon Kuenstling, Dan Leonard, John Lesh, Al Loeffelholz, Mark Martin, John Meier, Kent Meyn, Chuck Miller, Dave Mortimer, Tyler Nagle, Mark Nolta, Bob Nordland, Bob Parmalee, Ron Pelton, Dave Pepper, Dean Petersen, Kirk Peterson, Jeff Rager, Bill Ringsdorf, Al Schimmelpfennig, Tom Schlueter, Dan Slattery, Steve Smith, Mark Solberg, Kimberly Stephenson-Eucher (deceased), Mike Stoecker, Bob Thomas, Jeff Turk, Mike Turk, Scott Ure, Mike Vaile, Lee Vannoy, Lynn Vannoy, Chris Waber, Shane Walgamuth, Dave Weeks, Jeff Werthmann, Curt Weston, Greg Willis, Jann Wilson, Scott Wittkop

The 1983 Bachelors graduates Kouros Ansari, Jon Barstad, Tim Bickert, Bret Broullette, Jim Cooper, Scott Cranston, Jim Cripps, Jay Dillavou, Jeff Dingwall, Rhonda Distefano, Joel Doyle, Bryce Erickson, Gary Frentress, Mike Gerard, Abolghassem Ghafghazi, Mark Gmitro, Jim Greco, Nizar Hamad, Mark Haynes, Galen Heying, Scott Higgins, Keith Hill, Ken Houseman, Mark Hutchens, Behzad Jafari, Stephanie Jessen, Brent Johnson, Hamdi Kanaan, Jeff Knight, Greg Kooker, Jeff Larson, Bryan Lower, 101

The 1985 Masters graduate

The 1988 Masters graduate

Scott Higgins

Mark Nelson

The 1986 Bachelors graduates

The 1989 Bachelors graduates

Kevin Binder, Gary Boring, Tim Brown, Dan Cahill, Kevin Casali, Kevin Clemens, Gary Conkin, Lisa Cowger, Chip Crawford, Wadih Daher, Dave Dimond, Dave Dixon, Chuck Ehrlich, Tom Ehrlich, Jon Ewing, Joe Flemming, Steve Freese, Steve Gromala, John Hendrickson, John Katschkowsky, Marc Kinseth, Harry Koenigs, Steve Leverington, Todd Liebbe, Steve Loneman, Steve Ludwig, Greg Marks, Jim May, Francis Modjeski, Dan Novak, Dave Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Dear, Joel Peterson, Dana Rand, Liz Reid-Benjamin, Drew Retz, Aaron Rosenbery, Tom Schmall, Kevin Seyko, Mike Sievers, Larry Sinnwell, Randy Smith, Wayne Snyder, Kevin Spooner, Craig Stearns, Mark Stritzel, Walter Smith, Kok-Heng Tan, Khing Teo, Roger Wendt, Andy Wyckoff

Pierre Adam, Greg Armstrong, Walt Babb, Ed Beal, Todd Berry, Allan Bolchazy, Dave Burke, Russ Buscher, Jeff Chapman, Doug Clark, Renee Coffin-White, Daniel Culp, Ron DeHart, Alan Farley, Steve Ganch, Craig Habben, Lance Henning, Nick Herrig, Roger Hunwardsen, Joel Johnson, Jim Kaplanes, Kevin Koellner, Richard LaNasa, Bryan Manfull, Rich Martinson, Haytham Miskawi, Bob Nangle, Chux Nwokedi, Mark Olesen, Tom Parietti, Randy Peters, Tony Quarve, Chris Rech, Ron Rens, Brad Schenck, Joel Schriever, Martin Schuetze, Pat Sleezer, Steve Springer, Phil Stearney, Lim Tan, Pat Van Treeck, Steve Van Weelden, Kurt Welker, Jim Voegel, Saren White

The 1987 Bachelors graduates

Yash Anantharaj, Mohd Bachh, Swagata Guhathakurta, Steve Kaspar, Carlos Moreno, Fred Rahbar, Mark Wagner

The 1989 Masters graduates

Tom Archer, Nader Antonio Bokaie, Arlan Bolstad, Steve Brandt, Bart Braughler (deceased), Hock Beng Chong, Jim Creath, Steve Daxon, Steve DeGroote, Geoff Eastburn, Steve Fangman, Mark Fowler, Joel Goehner, Andy Granner, Chris Harrison, Scott Hutchens, Don Jones, Craig Jorgensen, Scott Kelly, Chuck Kemp, Mary (Benike) Kisilewski, Russ Lewton, John Mahlstede, Kevin Markhardt, Mark McCarty, Steve Nelson, Scott Newbury, Randy Pauley, Andy Pope, Todd Propp, Scott Roecker, Dan Scholtes, Roger Smith, Mark Swenson, Bill Timmons, Jim Voss, Jim Walker, Jim Whitworth, Scott Wilming

The 1990 Bachelors graduates Mark Baughman, Kevin Behling, Bill Borgo, Gary Brill, Rich Busch, Jeff Carlson, Stacy Case, Robert Cramer, Steve Day, Tom DeVany, Jeff Drury, Mike Ernster, Mark Egner, Pat Evans, Tim Flickinger, Jeff Geier, Ross Harms, Terry Heiliger, Dave Herzberg, Vince Junker, Chee Kau, Jim Kennedy, Greg Lorei, John Lunsford, Jim Maloney, Wade McKee, John McMullen, Meisenheimer, Eric Moltz, Mary Nelson-Eliasen, Jon Newton, Alan Nilsson, Tim Righi, Matt Romanowski, Brian Rossmiller, Nick Ruba, Greg Schulte, Tom Schumacher, Paul Snethen, Bill Stauduhar, Steve Struble, Steve Sturm, Chuck Sweetman, Tim Thomas, Mark Wageman, Rick Wagner, Keith Weidenbach, Scott Wendling, Andy Wolter

The 1988 Bachelors graduates Kurt Bailey, John Brennan, Kevin Brink, Todd Buchanan, Bob Cain, Greg Campen, Ken DeRose, Larry Dix, Don Drake, Ali El-Zein, Steve Ferguson, Ron Gaudreault, Bryan Geisler, Joe George, Tom Gill, Roger Grout, Bob Hamilton, Dave Harmelink, Matt Hindermann, David Howard, Scott Hudnutt, Bruce Hugo, Todd Jabaay, Michael Johnson, Brent Johnston, John Kavouris, Brian Klusendorf, Dave Lancaster, Curt Larson, Jeff Larson, Jeff Lehman, Dave Lehr, Mark Leuer, Ki Sing Lim, Eric Loomis, Ken Meyeraan, John Mozena, Dan Neppl, Scott Niebuhr, Al Perkovich, Jeff Peterson, Ramzi Qamar, Dave Ruggles, Brian Rumpf, Louis Sajovec, Mark Schraeder, Randy Sharp, Mike Smearman, Bob Sodders, Peter Stearney, Tim Tempel, Jeff Wagner

The 1990 Masters graduates Esam Badawi, Dave Harmelink, Mike Hubers, Chris Manning, Steve Njos, Muhkerjee Subhransu

The 1991 Bachelors graduates Brian Brewer, Earl Collins, Brent Cooper, Judd Davidson, Bob Davis, Tom Davison, Darrin Dehmlow, Prashant Desai, Scott Draper, John Elliott, Mike Espeset, Paul Francois, Cory Freeborn, Pat Gannon, Pat Geary, Douglas Gebhardt, Mark Gilbreath, Mark Gunderson, Djohan Halim, Greg Hemmen, Joe Hentges, Tony Hibbs, Stewart Krummen, Brad Larson, Dan Lewis, Rhonda 102

Lewis, Dave Lyon, Jeff Marks, Mark McDermott, Russ Meier, Kyle Mettin, Doug Moore, Mike Orgler, John Pelton, Doug Persinger, Bart Petersen, Brian Pietig, Steve Pigneri, Gene Postma, Leon Pua, Jay Rasmussen, Kurt Reser, Jeff Schwartz, Shawn Sleezer, Brad Stamp, Steve Swanson, Jason Warren, Tom Wengert, Ken Wydajewski, Joo Yeong

The 1994 Masters graduates Anslem Tirimanne, Sheng-Jer (Daniel) Wu

The 1995 Bachelors graduates Ahmad Al-Khayyat, Kirk Alm, Aaron Benike, Andy Benkert, Kent Brcka, Dan Bruce, Dave Cantrell, Scott Carrigan, Paul Chandler, Stephanie Clausen, Jeff Colton, Jennifer Davisson, Matt DeJong, Steve Eikanger, Grant Elliott, Mike Ernst, Scott Feller, Dave Fisk, Dean Herbst, Brad Jones, Jason Jones, Chad Kehrt, Sharon King, Doug Larson, Amy McConeghey, Gary McDermitt, Brian McDermott, Bill McKee, Tom Melton, Ron Marolf, Greg Menke, Kevin Merryman, Brent Nagen, Dan Pittman, John Pladsen, Mark Sheets, Anthony Sherman, Jeff Smith, Andy Stapleton, Bill Van Rossum, Jason Walker, Scott Ward, Judson Wilmott, Melissa Winterstien, Ray Zeliadt

The 1991 Masters graduates Tom DeVany, Guillermo Recarte, Chandrika Vardhan, Surya Pidaparti

The 1992 Bachelors graduates Chuck Anderson, Trevor Anderson, Steve Baumann, Brian Bezanis, Lynnette Buttler, Randy Cummings, David DeGroot, Ali Dobaey, Jim Eipert, Jim Frye, Kendall Griffith, Brad Hofer, Brad Jensen, Curt Johnson, Wayne Kraft, Bruce Marsh, Mike Nelson, James Renoe, Bruce Rewerts, Elizabeth Robertson, Edward Schultz, Mike Sheesley, Dave Stealy, Don Stevens, Troy Turner, Jim Wahle, John Windolf

The 1995 Masters graduates Sara (Birkland) Elliott, Justina Erviritina, Abie Ladson

The 1992 Masters graduates

The 1995 Doctoral graduate

Mohammad Asif, Naresh Pallegar, Yvan Rodriguez, Cem Sahin, Rifat Sonmez

Dave Harmelink

The 1996 Bachelors graduates The 1993 Bachelors graduates Ammar Al-Ojaili, Scott Anselme, Shane Baker, Kevin Beaulieu, Thomas Becker, Russ Bertrand, Rich Brumm, Yuan Chin, Darren Conlee, Shawn Dziedzic, Eric Ekstrand, Lance Elliott, Erick Eshelman, Todd Goodrich, Michael Halbur, Troy Hodapp, Kim Hubbard, Rod Johnson, Craig Kolacia, Jeremy Lux, Todd McCollough, Curtis McDowell, Bryan Michal, Matt Miller, Melinda Packebush, Kowk-Chu Pang, Nate Pearson, Stephanie Rohler, Bryan Schnurr, Kirsta Scranton, Paul Solberg, Amy Stairs, Phillip Stephenson, Chad Terry, Aaron Tubbs, Rose Marie VanZandt, Mike Wallis, Joel Waltz, Brian Wells, Ted Willis, Stacy Zerr

Jerry Atcheson, Jason Auer, Anthony Beier, Eric Bertaud (deceased), Steve Clausen, Jason Crookshank, Heather Cunz, Ron Ensley, Eric Floyd, Kyle Greenley, Mike Harger, Kevin Harrington, Vance Hikiji, Greg Hosch, Heather (Cunz) Jensen, Tony Jones, Mark Kintner, Mark Kutchen, Wayne Mander (deceased), John Marburg, Rick Mascardo, Chad Mussman, Scott Neubauer, Kelli Quinn, Kevin Reeg, Kent Ristau, Kirk Seely, Sean Terrell, Steve Troyer, Bill Vandenberg, Jeff VanEs, Kevin Voss

The 1993 Masters graduates The 1996 Masters graduates Kevin Behling, Mike Orgler, Salim Rajan, Gad Roitman, Virdi Gurvirinder

Rich Busch, Eric Carlson, Carter Dedolph, Lance Elliott, Beth Hartmann, Laura McCollough, Arcot Naresh, Brad Sonnenberg, Kelly Tilford, Robert Weddall

The 1994 Bachelors graduates Chris Ahrenholtz, Shakil Ansari, Tim Becker, Steve Brindle, Brice Blank, David Burgus, Chad Bunner, Brad Churchill, Marcus Fedler, Bob Frohn, Matt Garwood, Mark Haines, Dan Hoefert, Darin Jacobs, Travis Lourens, Shane McFadden, Allen Mcintosh, Steve Miller, Tony Miller, Trent Mostaert, Chris Paris, Lorri Paul, Nick Ruden, Jay Runestad, Dave Stanley, Steve Stecker, Scott Turczynski, Kent Vaske, Rondea Wine

The 1996 Doctoral graduate Rifat Sonmez

The 1997 Bachelors graduates Said Almaawali, Tom Binder, Troy Blizzard, Jason Brown, Brian Check, Tim Chipman, Mike Cooper, 103

Kevin Dalager, Chad Derus, Beth Duyvejonck, Shawn Dziedzic, Seth Elgin, Joe Fisher, Chris Fleshner, Mike Friesth, Darin Hage, Michael Hass, Tom Heger, Sarah Hellman, Mark Hoenk, Matt Huggins, John Hyun, Walt Jackson, Michael King, Gregory Kinser, Chad Kirby, Aaron Knepel, Matt Koenen, Colleen Ladd, D.H. Gabriel Lau, Joe Lauritson, Kevin Lex, Jeff Manning, Jeremy Manning, Jim Martin, Jamey Meints, Scott Meldrum, Scott Mortensen, Craig Moss, Chad Nelsen, Pete Nielsen, Ben Nikolin, Chris Obrecht, Kevin Ott, Brad Perkins, Chris Pfeifer, Eric Roitsch, Brad Sanders, Travis Schwartz, Robby Schwarzenbach, Mark Simbrowsky, Eric Simon, Troy Smothers, Angie Snyder, Joel Stueland, Jason Thomas, Bomb Topark-Ngarm, Doug Waldeier, Tim Wong

Tara Gleason, Cortney Graber, Matt Gumm, John Halloran, Matt Hamilton, Mike Harryman, Tara Henson, Steve Heyne, Corey Higgins, Shawn Holmes, Aaron Homan, Todd Kamp, Travis Kock, Travis Kuehner, Scott Kutchen, A.J. Loss, Ben Lovin, Chris McNamara, Aaron Miller, Matt Miller, Rich Montague, Sam Nanfito, Vijay Narayanan, Michael Nelson, Ryan Nelson, Garrett Nordyke, Katie Pacholski, Jeff Penning, Tracy Petricka, Quentin, Platt, Jason Schuster, Dustin Schwake, Aimee Seivert, Dave Smith, Jenny Spence, Darin Stevenson, Ted Teegarden, Brian Teeters, Jamella Tolbert, Tim Tometich, Jason Vorwald, Wing-Kei Wong, Alicia Worden

The 1997 Masters graduates

Matt Fagen, Branden Stephan, Siew-Chin Yeong

Bryan Cawley, Todd Sirotiak

The 2000 Bachelors graduates

The 1997 Doctoral graduate

Derik Aido, Jon Altes, Chad Bassman, Travis Benson, Jamie Beyer, Vanessa Brandt, Mike Callahan, Adam Cameron, Chris Dudding, Hudsadin Eamsherangkul, Todd Edsall, Judith Ehmer, Todd Friemel, Melony Gibbs, Steve Golumbeck, Brian Hedgren, Ryan Heier, Matt Hillis, Robert Hostetler, Brandon Jones, Eric Kaufman, Nathan Kirstein, Jeff Knepper, Emily Kunz, Hoon-Hong Lee, Mark Leusink, Andy Lundy, Todd Majeres, John Maranowicz, Jeffrey Martin, Mike McCoy, Matt McKinney, Jon Merk, Ben Merta, Valarie (Bullard) Meyer, Katie Minter, Stephanie Morrison, Adam Papesh, Ryan Peterson, Pat Prediger, Matt Proctor, Dominic Punelli, Nate Purdy, Chad Rafoth, Matt Ralston, Lindsay Sauer, Ross Schaefer, Ron Stafford, Dave Swies, Bruce Timmons, Paul Tremmel, Brandon Valdez, Jay Wavering, Eric White, Jason Willis, Nick Wolf, Hannah Wooledge

The 1999 Masters graduates

Faramarz (Fred) Rahbar

The 1998 Bachelors graduates Karmyn Babcock, Dan Baxter, Jennifer Bleigh, Nicole Buscher, Adrianne Cline, Josh Coppes, Clayton Cubbage, Aaron DeCamp, Jason DeStigter, Dale Drent, Dale Even, Aaron Gordon, Jeff Hammer, Matthew Harrington, Charlie Harris, Tyler Harris, Rodney Hintz, Marc Hughes, Matt Jepsen, Dan Keagle, Ryan Kipp, Ryan Krogstad, Chris Krumwiede, Ann Larson, Chad Layland, Mario Leuzzi, Kevin McClain, Greg Mitchem, Ryan Moore, Shawn Moser, Luke Naughton, Brent Nielsen, Corey Nook, Cole Philips, Casey Port, Dan Pottratz, Jason Rechkemmer, Brandon Reynolds, Jamie Rich, Jennifer Rusk, Matt Ryan, Frank Sarno, Alisha Schmitz, Jonathan Schiefer, Brian Shattuck, Eric Sill, Stacy Slater, Chris Smith, Matt Smith, Chris Stewart, Mark Stoller, Holly Streeter-Schaefer, Khim-Leong Tan, Craig Tobin, Chad VanRheenen, Steve Watson, George White, Darrin Wirt, Kirk Wischmeyer, Jon Wolff, HanMeng Woo, Siew-Chin Yeong

The 2000 Masters graduates Karmyn Babcock, Judith Ehmer, D.H. Gabriel Lau, Chun Li, Iwan Pribadi, Hernando Quintero, Jeff Stewart

The 2001 Bachelors graduates

The 1998 Masters graduates

Heather Adams, Ben Bruns, Heather Burns, Chris Clausen, Scott DeYoung, Charles Dyxin, Dave Flemmer, Chad Goddard, Ben Golding, Kasey Harken, Corey Harms, David Herrema, Travis Hodapp, Kevin Hodgson, Megan Hurd, Brian Irlbeck, Jaquelyn Junginger, Lee Kaiser, Nic Kaminski, Angela Kelly, Jeff Knutsen, Adam Kouri, Chris Krieg, Scott Kueter, Matthew Larson, Celeste Lewis, James Lutter, Andrew Manatt, Ryan May, Ibrahime Mâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Bbapanza,, Jason Miner, Rik Myhre, Steve Nelson, Brian Overbaugh, Dave Peterson, Ross Piper, Brian Pittman, Kyle Rahe, Jon Richardson, Nic Riesenberg, Meaghan Ryan, Rodney Sanders, Jeff

Ahmed Al-Hammadi, Serhan Celik, Brian Ellsworth, Chris Nelson, Steve Pigneri, Khim-Liong (Lawrence) Tan

The 1999 Bachelors graduates Jeff Andrews, Ken Bronson, Greg Burda, Cheryl Carlson, Kevin Charlson, Brandon Christiansen, Rich Clark, Jeremy Cortesio, Brian David, Andrew Earhart, Steve Edwards, Aron Frakes, Brian Gaul, Azmi Ghozi, 104

Scandrett, Dale Schwager, Andy Smith, Loren Snyder, Shamus Stephens, Justin Strahan, Craig Streit, Barry Sullivan, Aaron Toney, Elizabeth Valdez, Jonathan Vandekrol, Matt Vander Pol, Matt Vanheiden, Krista Viet, Tim Vogel, Kevin Walker, Jason White, Rory Wiebel, Elizabeth Wood

Homan, Benjamin Hott, Hilary Jensen, Quincy Jones, Brian Kacmarynski, Nicholas Kopp, Brad Kunz, Justin Lechtenberg, Ryan Llewellyn, Alan Manyin, Julie Martin, Jennifer McMinemee, Walter Nashert IV, Cheri Nordstrom, Nicholas Obbink, Ananto Prasetyo, Joseph Prosek, Tyler Raun, Phillip Ross, John Ryan, Scott Schiftlett, Joel Schimmer, Kyle Schott, Korey Schroeder, Grant Sjostrom, Adam Smith, Eric Soenksen, Joshua Staudt, Nathan Summers, Cody Tacke, Joseph TrippRieks, Edna Vazquez, Matthew Van Loon, Ryan Weller, Michael Wolfe, Yew-Choong Wong, Christopher Wood, James Young, Jr

The 2001 Masters graduates Ozdemir Cetin, Tarek Elmisalami, Zhili Gao, Dongying (Judy) Jiang, Cynthia Patterson, Syuin-Chet Tee

The 2001 Doctoral graduate The 2003 Masters graduate Tarek Elmisalami Mauricio Arbelaez, Stephen Frank, Jacob Thorius

The 2002 Bachelors graduates The 2004 Bachelors graduates Casey Ackermann, Nicholas Aldrich, Jeffrey Austin, Adam Boelman, Kyle Bolejack, Alex Bonzer, Timothy Bouska, Douglas Bristol, Timothy Callahan, Luke Czerwinski, Russell Dodson, Josh Dooley, Christopher Doyle, Alan Elder, Jason Engel, Phillip Engler, Darwis Fensury, Nicholas Ford, Brandon Frideres, Gretchen Frietsche, Aaron Garner, Jonathan Hand, Michael Hazel, Edward Heggen, Kelly Henderson, Joshua Hermsen, Peter Huey, Matthew Jesson, Erik Johansen, Kevin Kain, Issa Karadsheh, Kathleen Kies, Bradley Klinkefus, Christopher Kreftmeyer, Melissa Leek, Nicholas Leimer, Terry Leonard, Bradley Linman, David McLatchie, Theodore Meiners, Paul Meyer, Elizabeth Monaghan, Wesley Murdoch, Michael Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor, Adam Pfab, Adam Petersen, Brian Pollock, Yiendra Porayouw, Aaron Ripple, William Roozenboom, Michael Schaefer, Rolando Schrupp-Rivero, Brandon Schulte, Shadrach Sporaa, Jamie Stanley, Diane Strawn, Joseph Strub, Bradley Sullivan, Don Swanson, Matthew Thompson, Cynthia Twedt, Brian Van Arendonk, Jaron Vos, Jason Wells, Jason Wiener, Matthew Wiener, Tim Williams, Adam Wood

David Audino, Nurhidayah (Hida) Azmy, Anthony Bernhard, Brian Bishop, Matthew Bockes, Brent Boots, Justin Brown, Nathan Burgod, Rusty Chamberlain, Andrew Cilio, Michael Clayburg, Alexis Coen, Kassi Colman, Melissa Conley, Eric Cowles, Timothy Davis, Ross Dix, Ryan Edwards, Benjamin England, Ariana Wright Gleisberg, Justin Grager, Anthony Grieser, Angela Guggisberg, Ryan Hawkins, David Hayek, Jacob Hotchkiss, Jason Hulsebus, Sarah Hundley, Jared Jones, Ryan Kauffman, Brett Ketelsen, Bradley Kruse, Mark Lee, Louisa Lorensen, Craig Montz, Jordan Muller, Andrew Munsch, Thomas Osier, Joshua Payne, Leslie Peterson, Matthew Madison, Clinton Rhoads, Jason Romero, Anthony Scully, Donavan Smith III, James Smith, Russell Smith, Mark Snyder, Daniel Solem, James Sparks, Hui-Tong Su, Thomas Swinning, Peter Taylor, Richard Tucker, Sara Van Roekel, Shane Weis, Brian Wessels, Alan White, Nicholas Darrell Williams, Nicholas David Williams, Geoffrey Zehnder.

The 2004 Masters graduates Kiran Ankanahalli-Shivaram, Jin-Wook Chung, Manop (Lim) Kaewmoracharoen, Seonghoon Kim, Deepak Makarla, Tolga Meco, Mary Rukashaza, Diane Strawn

The 2002 Masters graduates Jamie Beyer, Dong Chen, Aldona Jelinek, Melissa Leek, Jingxi (Cece) Li, Lifeng Li, Michael McArtor

The 2004 Doctoral graduates The 2003 Bachelors graduates Augusto Canales, Zhili Gao Zachary Allen, D Bradley Barickman, Joseph Beumer, Nathan Blomme, Adam Boeckmann, Matthew Bosman, Tylor Bottorff, Phillip Burgmeier, Brant Carr, Nicholas Carter, Ryan Cheeseman, Justin Clausen, Chad Coalbank, Edward Cox, Barry Determan, Isaac Drew, Eric Farley, Jodel Fesenmaier, Brian Fliehler, Nathan Franje, Tony Fucinaro, Cory Gapstur, Nathaniel Hagberg, James Hapke, Nathan Harty, Michelle Heikens, Derek Hemphill, Joshua Herman, Perry Hines, Sarah

The 2005 Bachelors graduates Mark Anthony, Brian Blank, Michael Boettcher, Scott Borgerding, Benjamin Bunge, Richard Corcoran, Brian Crow, Jamie Crubaugh, Jeffrey Elkins, Justin Fisher, Gareth Fleischer, Andrew Grubb, Steven Halverson, Julie Halvorson, Joseph Harris, Matthew Hornibrook, Eric Jestrab, Minas Kavallieros, Brian Klemme, Nicholas 105

Lauters, Kerry Megraw, Tyler Meyerholz, Kent Mickelson, Joshua Miltenberger, Tyrel Murray, Justin Olson, Cliff Plymesser, Jeffrey Quinn, Michael Richardson, Bryan Sandvig, Clifford Schafer, Kirt Schmidt, Dominique Selgrade, Joshua Thrap, William Treasure, Brett Walker, Chad White, Gary Wickering, Luke Wilgenbusch, David Wilson, Crystal Wojtysiak

Hoffman, Jesse Howe, Ashlynn Hunter, Kakeru Iikubo, Kelsey Johnson, Aaron Kendall, Thomas Kinsinger, Jason Knipp, Andrew Kobusch, Kisten Koch, Klint Kruse, Jessica Kundinger, Anthony Latoria, Eric Lindquist, Caleb Lyon, Tyler Mark, Jerry Mihovilovich, Geoffrey Miller, Kyle Mueller, Jonathan Nack, Jacob Nollin, Kelsey Peverill, Eric Poland, Clifton Rhoads, Andrew Rotta, Casey Schafbuch, Christopher Schweers, John Seidl, Tyler Sparks, Zachary Steffen, Gabriel Stofferahn, Mark Sullivan, Christopher Thennes, Richard Trower, Nicholas Veldman, Benjamin Verdon, Andrew Vogel, John Vonnahme, Lucas Wall, Adam Ward, Daniel Ward, Matt Weller, Jesse Werner, Joshua Wiederholt, Brandon Wollery, Douglas Woolever, Benjamin Wright, Carl Zeilger

The 2005 Masters graduates James Nelson, Hariharan Pattabhi Seetharaman, Cliff Plymesser, Nolan Raadt, Edna Vazquez, Nicholas Williams, Zheng Zhong

The 2006 Bachelors graduates

The 2007 Masters graduate

Stephen Ahlers, Anthony Alleman, Robert Amundson, Nicholas Andera, Jerad Andersen, Nicholas Andersen, Nicholas Bement, Jason Bersch, Anastasia Bitker, Jason Brekken, Russell Bollig, James Bowers, Josh Braby, Aaron Brace, Carl Brush, Aaron Bunge, Joseph Butler, Scott Cornelius, Michael Cramer, Kenneth Dittus, Jonathan Doll, Case Doorn, Ryan Drapeaux, Philip Emanuel, Anthony Erickson, Ryan Ferris, Curt Gillum, Glen Gleason, Ryan Haaland, Ryan Hackenmiller, Richard Harris, Scott Hildebrand, Chad Hotovec, Jake Humphreys, Eric Johnson, Derek Juhl, Jamie Knox, Jacob Kress, James Kurth, Benjamin Lehan, Jonathan Lewton, Kevin Lind, Tyler Manker, James Matzinger, Patrick McClain, Ryan McGuire, Jeffrey McKee, Peter Mercuris, Nathan Mittag, Jeffrey Moellers, Craig Montgomery, Adam Nelson, Lincoln Nichols, Dustin Nordell, Matthew Olberding, Nels Overgaard, David Parr, Zachary Peterson, Joshua Pick, Nathan Pilcher, David Rahe, Tyler Ramaekers, Eric Rasmussen, Gina Riesberg, Nicholas Rivera, Chad Schmidt, Bradley Schoch, Daniel Seiler, Jonathan Shepherd, Aaron Smith, Derek Snead, Andrew Stoulil, Luke Strahan, Brett Templeton, Nicholas Tjaden, Justin VanCoughnett, Andrew Wagner, Dustin Waters, Colin Waits, Cole Weaver, Arlo Wieczorek, Michael Woolley

Mayur Bisani, Cole Landau, Darren McWhirt

The 2008 Bachelors graduates

Nathaniel Hagberg, Eric Jestrab, James Tometich

Randall Andrews, Loren Bouchard, Adam Brainerd, Michael Christy, Shawn Corey, Shawn Culhane, Dustyn Curran, Adam Drake, Scott Ewell, Vincent Fadden,Zachary Finch, Jonathon Gapinski, Robert Greiner, Troy Greve, Michael Hameister, Jacob Harris, Brian Harry, Amanda Hausman, Matthew Haverkamp, Samuel Heinselman, Kevin Heisdorffer, Matthew Hendrickson, Anders Hurd, Justin Jackson, Renoj Jacob, Timothy Jennett, Brian Johnson, Derrick Jungers, Ben Kruse, Grant Lovin, Zachary Loy, Matthew Luck, Lemuel Mamuya, Lee Marbach, Joshua Markel, Aaron Martens, Cory McDermott, Tyler Millard, Jason Moritz, Andrew Norton, Katie Olson, Ryan Paul, Paul Pestel, Andrew Petersen, Bruce Pomerleau, Kelsey Powell, Cole Qualheim, James Rhynas, Drew Roberts, Paul Roggenbuck, Robert Rypma, Bryan Schmidt, Gregg Schmidt, Garrett Schroeder, Scott Schurman, Matthew Schwark, Robert Scott, Andrew Siegrist, Jeffrey Soseman, Edward Sowder, Jesse Spain, Mitchell Stoulil, Brian Streeper, Brian Sullivan, Jeffrey Theis, Robert Tiedeman, Seamus Turnbull, Jon Van Erkel, Cody Weber, Joshua West, Thomas Wetmore, Joshua Wise, Dustin Worthington, Adi Zhuravel, Alexander Zikra

The 2006 PhD graduate

The 2008 Masters graduates

Dong Chen

Mohammed Al Qady, Asish Seeboo

The 2006 Masters graduates

The 2007 Bachelors graduates The 2008 PhD graduates Matthew Barchman, Brian Boekholder, Nicholas Caratelli, Lucas Clausen, Adam Clemons, Brad Corkrean, Adam Dillavou, Adam Douglas, Lee Ebel, Jason Eveland, Christopher Fredericksen, David Frischmeyer, Daniel Frohardt, Joshua Gaube, Wayne Gordon, Rondal Hale, Brandon Halsey, Samuel

Islam El-Adaway, Todd Sirotiak


The 2009 Bachelors graduates

The 2011 Bachelors graduates

Luke Barnum, Anthony Blasco, Ryan Bolinger, Sean Brummer, Noemi Calderon, Christopher Daniels, Nicholas Dekovic, Hermes Diaz, Jeremy Edmondson, Alex Egeland, Scott Elliott, Michael Grim, Joben Grimmius, Kyle Grunder, Nathan Hamm, Christopher Heemstra, Michael Hopp, Samuel Jennett, Erik Johansen, John Kelly, David Kubik, Matthew Larsen, Luke Miller, Ryan Peterson, Jeffrey Peterson, Eric Peterson, Brian Phipps, Ryan Pigneri, Garett Plotts, Edward Predl, Derek Rehm, Brian Steffens, Landon Streit, Daniel Stukenholtz, Jerry Van Oort, Frederick Chase Westercamp, Scott Williams.

Aaron Andersen, Benjamin Bakkum, Luke Bowdish, Ryan Catus, Mitchell Cleveland, Jacob Conkin, Aidan Conlon, Scott Cronin, Konrad Dabrowski, Zachary Dennis, Christopher Engelstad, Eric Grewcock, Kenneth Gutowski, Wesley Hinnah, Bridget Horan, Scott Hoskins, Walter Hudyma, Cory Jacobs, Jacob Johnson, Erica Kabat, Alexander Kaehler, Peter Kataras, Thomas Koloseus-Gagnon, Kevin Leavitt, Michael Lebler, Bailey Marlow, Sasha Mecham, Austin Meyn, Brett Miller, Bridgette Miller, Adam Mueller, Nimota Nasiru, Ryan Noteboom, Thomas Owen, David Parr, Jay Prettyman, Derek Prouty, Joey Rains, Shea Ridge, Ian Rinker, Christopher Roderick, Angela Rohde, Eric Sanders, Marcus Seden, Jacob Shaw, Philip Sidles, Creighton Stifel, Guy Thevenot, Michael Van Drew, Jaden Vos, David Warning, Brian Watson, Robert West, Lauren Wiest

The 2009 Masters graduates Aaron Brncich, Cory McDermott

The 2009 PhD graduates

The 2011 Masters graduates

Manop (Lim) Kaewmoracharoen, Tarek Mahfouz Bradley Kruse

The 2010 Bachelors graduates Douglas Allen, Marc Basara, Claire Bassett, Michael Berg, David Boulanger, Clark Bowden, Peter Cade, Anna Claussen, Camron Collier, Ryan Collins, Scott Cutler, Peter Cutler, Luke Daugherty, Austin Davis, Alicia Davison, Marko Dostanic, Laura Ellis, Jake Fuller, Ted Gerber, Nicholas Goedken, Karl Hafencher, David Hanks, Trevor Hanus, Benjamin Harriman, Austin Hennessey, Jimmy Hilton, Matthew Jahnke, Michael Janechek, Matthew Karns, Keith Kimsey, Jason Klein, Jonathan Klemm, Chad Lane, Brian Leitch, Matthew Lewton, Andrew Lowthorp, Jay Mathes, Mitchell McColloch, Ryan McGreger, Anthony Meinke, Brad Meyer, Brandon Montgomery, Jacob Moss, Michael Moye-Rowley, Patrick Mulloy, Brandon Nanke, Boyd Netley, Arren Nguyen, Phillip Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Loughlin, Rowdy Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Grady, Nick Olson, Bradley Paulsen, Michael Pokorney, Rachel Potthoff, Blake Pratt, Ryan Quid, Patricio Quiroga Cruz, Ewatt Roberts, Nicholas Roberts, Christopher Rosso, Matthew Schultz, Michael Schupbach, Johnathan Seibert, Ryan Shabino, Ryan Sievers, Branton Smith, Nathan Steffes, Nathaniel Stevenson, Colton Taylor, Taylor Theulen, Andrew Trible, Brian Van Utrecht, Matt Warner, Steve Wiitanen, Tanner Wilks, Nathan Wolfe, Nicholas Wolff, Matthew Zaletel

The 2010 Masters graduates Larry Cormicle, Kevin McLain, John Owens, Jainarine Ramkumar, Ali Satar Ali Aleksandr Sergek, Elizabeth Thoma, Tong Wang, Aaron Zutz 107

Alumni Index with Year Abubakar, Aliyu BS1979 Ackermann, Casey BS2002 Adam, Pierre BS1989 Adam, John BS1980 Adams, Richard BS1976 Adams, Heather BS2001 Agnes, Robert BS1972 Ahlers, Stephen BS2006 Ahrenholtz, Christopher BS1994 Aidoo, Derick BS2000 Albertsen, David BS1985 Aldrich, Nicholas BS2002 Alexander, Richard BS1978 Aliwat, Ahmad BS1981 Al-Khayyat, Ahmad BS1995 Alleman, Anthony BS2006 Allen, Zachary BS2003 Allen, Douglas BS2010 Allison, Richard BS1980 Alm, Don BS1968 Alm, Kirk BS1995 Almaawali, Said BS1997 Al-Ojaili, Ammar BS1996 Al Qady, Mohammed PHD2008 Al-Hammadi, Ahmed MS1998 Al-Tai, Ali BS1985 Altes, Jonathan BS2000 Althoff, Mark BS1978 Alvestad, Dennis BS1973 Amento, Steven BS1978 Amir Ebrahimi, Amir M. BS1982 Amundson, Robert BS2006 Anantharaj, Yashavanth MS1989 Andera, Nicholas BS2006 Andersen, Curt BS1981 Andersen, Nicholas BS2006 Andersen, Jerad BS2006 Anderson, David BS1979 Anderson, Darrell BS1979 Anderson, Greg BS1984 Anderson, Trevor BS1992 Anderson, Brian BS1976 Anderson, Rick BS1981 Anderson, Mark BS1980 Anderson, Rick BS1973 Anderson, Charles BS1992 Anderson, Roger BS1982 Anderson, Hannah BS2000 Anderson, Sean BS2009 Andrews, Jeff BS1999 Andrews, Randall BS2008 Andringa, Fredrick BS1966 Ankanahalli-Shivaramu,K.B.MS2004 Ansari, Shakil BS1993 Ansari, Kouros BS1983 Anselme, Scott BS1996 Anthony, Mark BS2005 Arbalaez, Mauricio MS2003 Archer, Thomas BS1987 Armstrong, Gregory BS1989 Asif, Mohammad MS1992 Ask, Andrew BS1964

Atcheson, Gerald Audino, David Auer, Jason Austin, Jeffrey Azmy, Nurhidayah Babb, Walter Babcock, Karmyn Bach, Mohd Backman, James Badawi, Essam A Badding, Nicholas Bailey, Kurt Bailey, Matthew Baker, Shane Bales, Rooster Ball, Darrell Ball, Mark Barchman, Matthew Barickman, D. Bradley Barkhurst, Gary Barkley, David Barnes, Paul Barnum, Luke Barrett, Dean Barry, Douglas Barstad, Jon Bartilson, David Basara, Marc Bassett, Claire Bassman, Chad Baughman, Mark Baumann, Steven Bausman, Dennis Baxter, Daniel Beal, James Bearson, Kent Beaulieu, Kevin Beck, Laurence Becker, Thomas Becker, Timothy Behling, Kevin Behling, Robert Beier, Anthony Beisler, Bruce Bell, Mark Bell, Steven Bell, Nicole Bement, Nicholas Benge, James Benike, James Benike, Aaron Benike, John Benjamin, Elizabeth Benkert, Andrew Benson, Travis Berg, Michael Berkland, James Bernhard, Anthony Berry, Todd Bersch, Jason


BS1993 BS2004 BS1993 BS2002 BS2004 BS1989 BS1998 MS2000 MS1989 BS1974 MS1990 BS1982 BS1988 BS1982 BS1996 BS1979 BS1967 BS1982 BS2007 BS2003 BS1981 BS1980 BS1985 BS2009 BS1974 BS1977 BS1983 BS1977 BS2010 BS2010 BS2000 BS1990 BS1992 BS1971 BS1998 BS1989 BS1982 BS1996 BS1979 BS1996 BS1994 BS1990 MS1993 BS1967 BS1993 BS1981 BS1979 BS1981 BS2009 BS2006 BS1981 BS1972 BS1995 BS1978 BS1986 BS1995 BS2000 BS2010 BS1970 BS2004 BS1989 BS2006

Bertaud, Eric Bertrand, Russell Beumer, Joseph Beyer, Jamie Bezanis, Brian Bickert, Timothy Bickert, Roderick Biere, Dan Binder, Thomas Binder, Kevin Birkland-Elliott,Sara Bisani, Mayur Bishop, Brian Bitar, Ali Bitker, Anastasia Bjork, Lawrence Bjorklund, Craig Blahnik, Robert Blank, Brice Blank, Brian Blasco, Anthony Bleigh, Jennifer Blizzard, Troy Blomme, Nathan Blount, Stephen Blunck, Scott Boat, Steven Bockes, Matthew Boeckmann, Adam Boedeker, Ralph Boekholder, Brian Boelman, Adam Boerschel, Bryan Boesenberg, Brian Boettcher, Michael Bokaie, Nader Bolchazy, Allan Bolejack, Kyle Bolinger, Ryan Bollig, Russell Bolstad, Arlan Bontrager, Michael Bonus, Kenneth Bonzer, Alex Boone, Timothy Boots, Brent Borgerding, Scott Borgo, William Boring, Gary Born, Stephanie Borns, John Borns, Thomas Boschult, Mark Bosman, Matthew Bosshart, Steven Bosshart, David Bosshart, James Boswell, Robert Bothwell, Gretchen Bottorff, Tylor Bouchard, Loren

BS1993 BS1996 BS2003 BS2000 MS2002 BS1992 BS1983 BS1980 BS1982 BS1997 BS1986 MS1995 MS2007 BS2004 BS1980 BS2006 BS1975 BS1981 BS1972 BS1994 BS2005 BS2009 BS1998 BS1997 BS2003 BS1977 BS1980 BS1984 BS2004 BS2003 BS1982 BS2007 BS2002 BS1980 BS1978 BS2005 BS1987 BS1989 BS2002 BS2009 BS2006 BS1987 BS1982 BS1985 BS2002 BS1982 BS2004 BS2005 BS1990 BS1986 BS1996 BS1979 BS1979 BS1979 BS2003 BS1982 BS1980 BS1978 BS1974 BS1982 BS2003 BS2008

Boucher, Michael Boulanger, David Bouska, Timothy Boutwell, James Bowden, Clark Bowers, James Bowers, Ryan Braby, Joshua Brace, Aaron Brady, Timothy Brady, James Braesch, Steven Brainerd, Adam Brandes, Douglas Brandon, Rick Brandt, Michael Brandt, Steven Braughler, Bart Brcka, Kent Breckon, Karl Brekken, Jason Brennan, John Breon, Crystal Bretthauer, Scott Brewer, Brian Bridger, Robert Brill, Gary Brindle, Steven Brink, Kevin Bristol, Douglas Bronson, Kenneth Brooks, David Brostrom, Darrel Brouillette, Bret Brown, Jason Brown, Timothy Brown, Justin Brubaker, James Bruce, Daniel Bruellman, Clark Brumm, Richard Brummer, Sean Bruns, Ben Brush, Carl Buchanan, Todd Buchwald, Donna Buenneke, Jon Bunge, Aaron Bunge, Benjamin Bunner, Chad Burbank, Keith Burda, Gregory Burgmeier, Phillip Burgod, Nathan Burgus, David Burk, Amy Burke, David (Deceased) Busch, Richard Buscher, Russell Buscher, Nicole Bush, Al Bussard, Kevin Butler, Joseph

BS1979 BS2010 BS2002 BS1980 BS2010 BS2006 BS2009 BS2006 BS2006 BS1981 BS1981 BS1977 BS2008 BS1972 BS1978 BS1979 BS1987 BS1987 BS1995 BS1980 BS2006 BS1988 BS2005 BS1982 BS1991 BS1985 BS1990 BS1994 BS1988 BS2002 BS1999 BS1974 BS1979 BS1983 BS1997 BS1986 BS2004 BS1966 BS1995 BS2009 BS1996 BS2009 BS2001 BS2006 BS1988 BS1984 BS1984 BS2006 BS2005 BS1994 BS1976 BS1999 BS2003 BS2004 BS1994 BS1995 BS1989 BS1990 MS1996 BS1989 BS1998 BS1979 BS1985 BS2006

Buttler, Lynnette BS1992 Butts, Kevin BS1984 Buyert, John BS1969 Byers, Bruce BS1963 Caboth, Cragon BS1977 Cade, Peter BS2010 Cahalan, Scott BS1984 Cahill, Daniel BS1986 Cahill, John BS1974 Cain, Robert BS1988 Calderon, Noemi BS2009 Calderwood, William BS1980 Callaghan, Robert BS1985 Callahan, Michael BS2000 Callahan, Timothy BS2002 Calligan, Craig BS1973 Cameron, Adam BS2000 Campbell, Paul BS1974 Campen, Greg BS1988 Campos Lange, T. Monique BS1981 Canales, Augusto PHD2004 Cantrell, David BS1995 Caratelli, Nicholas BS2007 Carlson, Eric MS1996 Carlson, Jeffrey BS1990 Carlson, Greg BS1985 Carlson, James BS1980 Carlstrom, Mike BS1967 Carpenter, Michael BS1981 Carper, Douglas BS1980 Carr, Brant BS2003 Carrigan, Scott BS1995 Carroll, Michael BS1976 Carsky, Joseph BS1985 Carter, Robert BS1978 Carter, Nicholas BS2003 Casali, Kevin BS1986 Case, Stacy BS1990 Casey, Michael BS1980 Cassidy, Lucas BS2009 Cawley, Bryan MS1997 Caywood, Grant BS1916 Celik, Serhan MS1998 Cetin, Ozdemir MS2001 Chadima, Jeffrey BS1978 Chamberlain, Rusty BS2004 Chandler, Paul BS1995 Chapman, Jeffrey BS1989 Charlson, Kevin BS1999 Check, Brian BS1997 Cheeseman, Ryan BS2003 Chen, Dong MS2002 PHD 2006 Chicoine, Kenneth BS1982 Chin, Yuan BS1996 Chipman, Timothy BS1997 Chong, Hock BS1987 Christensen, Mark BS1979 Christensen, John BS1977 Christensen, Ronald BS1971 Christiansen, Brandon BS1999 Christy, Michael BS2008 Chung, Jin Wook MS2004 Churchill, Brad BS1994


Churchill, Daniel Churchill, Dennis Cicciarelli, Scott Cilio, Andrew Clancy, Jeffrey Clarahan, Randy Clark, Douglas Clark, Richard Clark, Timothy Clarke, Richard Clausen, Steven Clausen, Chris Clausen, Lucas Clausen, Justin Claussen, Anna Clay, Jennifer Clayburg, Michael Clemens, Kevin Clement, Lori Clemons, Adam Cline, Adrianne Coalbank, Chad Coe, Eric Coffee, Douglas Coffman, James Cole, Randy Collier, Camron Collins, Earl Collins, Edward Collins, Ryan Colman, Kassi Colton, Jeff Coluccy, Michael Conkin, Gary Conlee, Darren Conley, Daniel Conley, Melissa Conlon, David Conner, Randall Connor, Charles Coon, Duane Cooper, Mike Cooper, Brent Cooper, Jim Coppes, Joshua Corcoran, Richard Corcoran, Timothy Corey, Shawn Corkrean, Brad Cormicle, Larry Cornelius, Scott Cortesio, Jeremy Cotter, Anthony Cousins, Roger Cowger, Lisa Cowles, Eric Cox, Robert Cox, Edward Coziahr, Thomas Coziahr, David Cramer, Mark Cramer, Robert Cramer, Michael Cranston, Scott

BS1978 BS1978 BS1982 BS2004 BS1982 BS1981 BS1989 BS1999 BS1973 BS1979 BS1993 BS2001 BS2007 BS2003 BS2010 BS1995 BS2004 BS1986 BS1984 BS2007 BS1998 BS2003 BS1985 BS1979 BS1971 BS1981 BS2010 BS1991 BS1970 BS2010 BS2004 BS1995 BS1984 BS1986 BS1996 BS1982 BS2004 BS1978 BS1975 BS1980 BS1979 BS1997 BS1991 BS1983 BS1998 BS2005 BS2009 BS2008 BS2007 BS1978 BS2006 BS1999 BS1975 BS1975 BS1986 BS2004 BS1984 BS2003 BS1984 BS1984 BS1979 BS1990 BS2006 BS1983

Crawford, John Creath, James Cripps, James Crist, Gary Crookshank, Jason Crosser, Scott Crow, Brian Crubaugh, Jamie Crumpton, Jon Cubbage, Clayton Culhane, Shawn Culp, Kevin Culp, Daniel Cummings, Randy Cunz, Heather Curran, Dustyn Currie, Kevin Cutler, Scott Cutler, Peter Czapanskiy, Gregory Czerwinski, Luke Daher, Wadih Dahlman, Joseph Dakovich, Milton Dakovich, Robert Dalager, Kevin Daniels, Christopher Danielsen, Bryan Daugherty, Luke David, Brian Davidson, Judd Davis, Robert Davis, James Davis, Timothy Davis, Scott Davis, Thane Davis, Austin Davison, Thomas Davison, Alicia Dawson, Paul Daxon, Steven Day, Stephen Deal, Guy Dean, James DeCamp, Aaron Decker, Kevin Dedolph, Jr., Carter T DeGroot, David DeGroote, Stephen Dehart, Ronald Dehmlow, Darrin Deihl, Ronald DeJong, Matthew Dekovic, Nicholas Demore, Richard DeNardi, Dean DeRose, Kenneth Derus, Chad Desai, Prashant DeStigter, Jason DeStigter, Glenn Destigter, Douglas Determan, Barry Detlefsen, John

BS1986 BS1987 BS1983 BS1977 BS1993 BS1982 BS2005 BS2005 BS1978 BS1998 BS2008 BS1982 BS1989 BS1992 BS1993 BS2008 BS1984 BS2009 BS2010 BS1980 BS2002 BS1986 BS1970 BS1976 BS1982 BS1997 BS2009 BS1985 BS2010 BS1999 BS1991 BS1991 BS1979 BS2004 BS1980 BS1981 BS2010 BS1991 BS2010 BS1979 BS1987 BS1990 BS1977 BS1975 BS1998 BS1983 MS1996 BS1992 BS1987 BS1989 BS1991 BS1972 BS1995 BS2009 BS1964 BS1982 BS1988 BS1997 BS1991 BS1998 BS1966 BS1981 BS2003 BS1972

DeVany, Thomas

BS1990 MS1991 DeYoung, Scott BS2001 Diaz, Hermes BS2009 Dickerson, Timothy BS1978 Dickinson, David BS1977 MS1980 Dickinson, James BS1974 Dillavou, Timothy BS1981 Dillavou, Jay BS1983 Dillavou, Adam BS2007 Dillin, Larry BS1978 Dillon, Ralph BS1979 Dimond, David BS1986 Dingwall, Jeffrey BS1983 Distefano, Rhonda BS1983 Dittus, Kenneth BS2006 Dix, Larry BS1988 Dix, Ross BS2004 Dixon, Scott BS1981 Dixon, David BS1986 Dobaey, Ali BS1992 Dodd, Neal BS1977 Dodson, Russell BS2002 Dohlman, Dwight BS1982 Doll, Jonathan BS2006 Donner, Steven BS1984 Dooley, Josh BS2002 Dooney, Lee BS1985 Doorn, Case BS2006 Doss, Robert BS1982 Dostanic, Marko BS2010 Douglas, Peter BS1978 Douglas, Adam BS2007 Downing, Steven BS1976 Doyle, Joel BS1983 Doyle, Chris BS2002 Drake, Donald BS1988 Drake, Adam BS2008 Drapeaux, Ryan BS2006 Draper, Scott BS1991 Drees, Kirk BS1981 Drent, Dale BS1998 Drew, Isaac BS2003 Driskell, Melissa BS1995 Drury, Jeff BS1990 Dudding, Christopher BS2000 Duff, Leslie BS1970 Duffy, Bryan BS1977 Duke, David BS1980 Duke, Dennis BS1979 Dumdei, Victoria BS1982 Dummermuth, Chris BS1978 Dunlap, Steve BS1965 Dusil, Randall BS1980 Duyvejonck, Beth BS1997 Dvorak, David BS1973 Dyxin, Charles BS2001 Dziedzic, Shawn BS1996 Eamsherangkul, Hudsadin BS2000 Earhart, Andrew BS1999 Eastburn, Geoffrey BS1987 Ebel, Lee BS2007 Eberhard, Kimberly BS1983


Ebert, Keith Eckhoff, Philip Edmondson, Jeremy Edsall, Todd Edwards, Mickel Edwards, Steven Edwards, Ryan Egeland, Alex Egner, Mark Ehm, Jeff Ehmer, Judith Ehrlich, Charles Ehrlich, Thomas Eich, William Eikanger, Steven Eilers, Heather Eipert, James Ekenberg, David Ekstrand, Eric El-Adaway, Isla Elder, Alan Elgin, Seth Eliasen, Mary Elkins, Jeffrey Ellgren, Todd Ellingson, Michael Elliott, Lance Elliott, Grant Elliott, John Elliott, Scott Ellis, Laura Ellsworth, Brian Elmisalami, Tarek Elsner, Ronald El-Zein, Ali Emanuel, Philip Enderson, George Engel, Amy Engel, Jason Engelbart, Steven Engelstad, Paul England, James England, Benjamin Engler, Phillip Engstrom, Donald Enserro, Elizabeth Ensley, Ronald Erb, David Erickson, Bryce Erickson, Anthony Ernst, Michael Ernster, Mike Erps, Lawrence Ervitarini, Justina C Eshelman, Erick Espeset, Michael Eucher, Kimberly Evans, John Evans, Jason Evans, Patrick Evanson, Sarah

BS1984 BS1972 BS2009 BS2000 BS1984 BS1999 BS2004 BS2009 BS1990 BS1982 MS2000 BS2000 BS1986 BS1986 BS1972 BS1995 BS2001 BS1992 BS1975 BS1996 PHD2008 BS2002 BS1997 BS1990 BS2005 BS1985 BS1982 MS1996 BS1996 BS1995 BS1991 BS2009 BS2010 MS1998 MS2001 PHD2001 BS1978 BS1988 BS2006 BS1971 BS1984 BS2002 BS1973 BS1980 BS1978 BS2004 BS2002 BS1977 BS1992 BS1993 BS1971 BS1983 BS2006 BS1995 BS1990 BS1979 MS1995 BS1996 BS1991 BS1985 BS1977 BS1974 BS1990 BS1997

Eveland, Jason Eveland, Kelsey Even, Dale Ewell, Scott Ewing, Jon Faber, Alexis Fabere, Scott Fadden, Vincent Fagen, Matthew Fagre, Val Faine, Jeffrey Faktor, Bryan Fangman, Steven Faoro, William Farley, Alan Farley, Eric Fay, Joseph Feazell, George Fedler, Marcus Feilmeier, Ted Feller, Scott Fensury, Darwis Ferguson, Steven Ferris, Ryan Fesenmaier, Jodel Fett, Robert Fetters, Amy Field, Loren Fields, Kim Fieweger, Thomas Fils, Gary Finch, Zachary Finnerty, Thomas Fisher, Joseph Fisher, Justin Fisk, David Flannery, Darrell Flathers, Richard Flatland, Raymond Fleagle, Scott Fleagle, Earl Fleischer, Gareth Fleming, Gary Flemmer, David Flemming, Joseph Fleshner, Christopher Flickinger, Timothy Fliehler, Brian Floyd, Charles Floyd, Eric Forbes, David Forbes, Jeffrey Ford, Michael Ford, Steven Ford, Dennis Ford, Nicholas Formanek, Brenton Forrest, John Forristall, Gary Fortune, Warren Fosdick, James Foster, Donald Fowler, Carey

BS2007 BS2007 BS1998 BS2008 BS1986 BS2004 BS1978 BS2008 MS1999 BS1980 BS2009 BS1982 BS1987 BS1985 BS1989 BS2003 BS1985 BS1980 BS1994 BS1977 BS1995 BS2002 BS1988 BS2006 BS2003 BS1977 BS1996 BS1981 BS1976 BS1978 BS1979 MS1983 BS2008 BS1977 BS1997 BS2005 BS1995 BS1976 BS1981 BS1973 BS1985 BS1981 BS2005 BS1982 BS2001 BS1986 BS1997 BS1990 BS2003 BS1972 BS1993 BS1984 BS1982 BS1980 BS1976 BS1982 BS2002 BS2009 MS1999 BS1971 BS1974 BS1981 BS1980 BS1982

Fowler, Mark Fowler, Dennis Frakes, Aron Francois, Craig Francois, Paul Franje, Nathan Frank, Andy Frank, Stephen Frank, William Franzen, Gregory Fredericksen, Christopher Freeborn, Cory Freese, Stephen Frentress, Gary Frideres, Brandon Friedrichsen, Kent Friemel, Todd Friesth, Michael Frietsche, Gretchen Frischmeyer, David Fritcher, James Frohardt, Daniel Frohn, Robert Fry, James Frye, James Fucinaro, Tony Fuller, Jake Gabrielson, Jay Gahan, William Ganch, Steven Gannon, Patrick Gannon, Daniel Gao, Zhili

BS1987 BS1968 BS1999 BS1979 BS1991 BS2003 BS1984 MS2003 BS1970 BS1985 BS2007 BS1991 BS1986 BS1983 BS2002 BS1981 BS2000 BS1997 BS2002 BS2007 BS1978 BS2007 BS1994 BS1982 BS1992 BS2003 BS2010 BS1982 BS1982 BS1989 BS1991 BS1970 MS2001 PHD2004 Gapinski, Jonathon BS2008 Gapstur, Cory BS2003 Gardner, Miles BS1974 Garner, Aaron BS2002 Garwood, Matthew BS1994 Gast, Alan BS1979 Gast, Guy BS1977 Gatto, David BS1982 Gaube, Joshua BS2007 Gaudreault, Ronald BS1988 Gaul, Brian BS1999 Gawley, Michael BS1978 Geary, Patrick BS1991 Gebhardt, Douglas BS1991 Gehrls, John BS1981 Geier, Jeffrey BS1990 Geiler, Frederick BS1971 Geisler, Bryan BS1988 George, Joseph BS1988 Gerard, Michael BS1983 Gerber, Ted BS2010 Gerdes, Gregory BS1984 Gerleman, Joseph BS1979 Geske, Jeff BS1982 Gethmann, Jack BS1963 Getman, James BS1981 Ghafghazi, Abolghassem BS1983 Ghozi, Azmi BS1999 Giannelli, James BS1979 Gibbs, Reese BS1980


Gilbert, Dennis Gilbert, Roger Gilbreath, Mark Gill, Thomas Gillum, Curt Giroux, Paul Glander, Robert Gleason, Glen Gleisberg, Ariana Glesener, Kent Glines, Daniel Gmitro, Mark Godar, Mark Goddard, Chad Goedken, Nicholas Goehner, Joel Goettsch, Craig Golay, Richard Goldhorn, Paul Golding, Ben Golumbeck, Steve Goodall, William Goodrich, Todd Goodwin, Peter Gordon, Joseph Gordon, Aaron Gordon, Wayne Gorman, Michael Gosselink, Jerry Gotfredson, Gary Graber, Cortney Grablin, Patrick Graeve, Michael Graeve, Douglas Graeve, Wayne Grager, Justin Granahan, Gerald Granner, Andrew Greco, James Greenig, Steven Greenlee, Rich Greenley, Kyle Greiner, Robert Greve, Troy Gries, Brandon Grieser, Anthony Griffith, Kendall Grim, Michael Grimmius, Joben Gritters, Bruce Gritters, Michael Gromala, Steven Gronewold, Mark Grosland, Steven Grout, Roger Grubb, Andrew Gruber, Kimberly Grunder, Kyle Grunzweig, Nicholas Gudgel, Phillip Guetzko, Mark Guggisberg, Angela Guhathakurta, Swagata Guinn, John

BS1973 BS1969 BS1991 BS1988 BS2006 BS1979 BS1979 BS2006 BS2004 BS1973 BS1976 BS1982 BS1980 BS2001 BS2010 BS1987 BS1979 BS1976 BS1981 BS2001 BS2000 BS1977 BS1996 BS1971 BS1971 BS1998 BS2007 BS1979 BS1966 BS1965 BS1999 BS1979 BS1978 BS1984 BS1976 BS2004 BS1981 BS1987 BS1983 BS1980 BS1966 BS1993 BS2008 BS2008 BS2007 BS2004 BS1992 BS2009 BS2009 BS1984 BS1982 BS1986 BS1975 BS1972 BS1988 BS2005 BS1996 BS2009 BS1977 BS1980 BS1984 BS2004 MS1989 BS1970

Gumm, Matthew Gunderson, Mark Gunnink, Brett Gustafson, Everett Haaland, Ryan Habben, Craig Hackenmiller, Ryan Hafencher, Karl Hagberg, James Hagberg, Nathaniel Hage, Darin Haines, Mark Halbur, Michael Hale, Tom Hale, Rondal Halim, Djohan Hall, Peter Hall, Jeffery Halloran, John Hallquist, Daryl Halsey, Brandon Halverson, Steven Halvorson, Julie Hamad, Nizar Hameister, Michael Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, Craig Hamilton, Matthew Hamm, Nathan Hammer, Jeffrey Hand, Jonathan Hanks, David Hannemann, Tod Hansen, Scott Hansen, Lee Hansen, Gregory Hansen, Jeffrey Hansen, Craig Hansl, Hans Hanson, Daniel Hanson, Robert Hanson, Stanley Hanus, Trevor Hapke, James Harder, Matthew Harger, Michael Harken, Kasey Harlson, Richard Harman, Pamela Harmelink, David

Harmon, Joseph Harmon, Robert Harms, Ross Harms, Corey Harmsen, Leroy Harriman, Benjamin Harrington, Matthew Harrington, Kevin Harris, Tyler Harris, Charlie Harris, Howard

BS1999 BS1991 BS1981 BS1971 BS2006 BS1989 BS2006 BS2010 BS1979 BS2003 MS2006 BS1997 BS1994 BS1996 BS1973 BS2007 BS1991 BS1981 BS1981 BS1999 BS1967 BS2007 BS2005 BS2005 BS1983 BS2008 BS1988 BS1973 BS1999 BS2009 BS1998 BS2002 BS2010 BS1972 BS1985 BS1981 BS1985 BS1984 BS1977 BS1981 BS1982 BS1973 BS1970 BS2010 BS2003 BS2009 BS1993 BS2001 BS1971 BS1979 BS1988 MS1990 PHD1995 BS1975 BS1982 BS1990 BS2001 BS1979 BS2010 BS1998 BS1993 BS1998 BS1998 BS1977

Harris, Richard Harris, Joseph Harris, Jacob Harrison, Christopher Harry, Brian Harryman, Michael Hart, J. Hartmann (Lin), Beth Harty, Nathan Hass, Michael Hassenfritz, Joseph Hauser, Todd Hauser, Stephen Hausman, Amanda Haverkamp, Matthew Hawkins, Ryan Hawn, David Hay, Steven Hayek, David Hayes, John Haynes, Mark Hazel, Michael Hedgren, Brian Heemstra, Bradley Heemstra, Christopher Heger, Thomas Heggen, Thomas Heggen, Edward Heier, Ryan Heikens, Michelle Heiliger, Terry Heinselman, Samuel Heisdorffer, Kevin Helgevold, Kevin Hemmen, Gregory Hemmen, Gary Hemphill, Derek Henderson, Thomas Henderson, Kelly Hendrickson, John Hendrickson, Ed Hendrickson, Matthew Hendrix, Raymond Henkels, John Henkels, Paul Hennessey, Austin Henning, Lance Hentges, Joseph Herbst, Dean Herman, Josh Hermsen, Joshua Herrema, David Herrick, Mark Herrig, Nick Herrman, Douglas Herzberg, Dave Heston, William Hetzler, Matthew Heying, Galen Heyne, Stephen Heyne, Tara Hibbs, Tony Higginbotham, Greg Higgins, Paul


BS2006 BS2005 BS2008 BS1985 BS2008 BS1999 BS1981 MS1996 BS2003 BS1997 BS1980 BS1984 BS1979 BS2008 BS2008 BS2004 BS1982 BS1977 BS2004 BS1984 BS1983 BS2002 BS2000 BS1984 BS2009 BS1997 BS1975 BS2002 BS2000 BS2003 BS1990 BS2008 BS2008 BS1982 BS1991 BS1967 BS2003 BS1982 BS2002 BS1986 BS1979 BS2008 BS1966 BS1980 BS1979 BS2010 BS1989 BS1991 BS1995 BS2003 BS2002 BS2001 BS1975 BS1989 BS1981 BS1990 BS1979 BS1982 BS1983 BS1999 BS1999 BS1991 BS1981 BS1982

Higgins, Scott Higgins, Corey Hikiji, Vance Hildebrand, Scott Hill, Keith Hill, John Hillis, Matthew Hilton, Mark Hilton, Jimmy Hindermann, Matthew Hines, Perry Hintz, Rodney Hirsch, Douglas Ho, Stephen Hobbs, Syd Hodapp, Troy Hodapp, Travis Hodgin, D. Brian Hodgson, Kevin Hoenk, Mark Hofer, Brad Hofert, Daniel Hoffey, Martin Hoffman, Rodney Hoffman, Samuel Holcomb, Kevin Holmberg, Alan Holmes, Shawn Holt, Randy Homan, Aaron Homan, Sarah Honsbruch, Roger Hopp, Mike Horlyk, Eric Hornaday, William Hornibrook, Matthew Hosch, Gregory Hostetler, Robert Hotchkiss, Jacob Hotovec, Chad Hott, Benjamin Houseman, Kenneth Hovenga, Anthony Howard, David Howe, Jesse Hubbard, Cheryl Hubers, Michael J Hudnutt, Scott Huey, Peter Huggins, Matthew Hughes, Thomas Hughes, Marc Hugo, Bruce Hullinger, David Hulsebus, Jason Humphreys, Jake Hundley, Sarah Hunemuller, Judd Hunsicker, Mark Hunt, Michael Hunter, Gregg Hunwardsen, Roger Hurd, Scott Hurd, Anders

BS1983 BS1999 BS1993 BS2006 BS1983 BS1979 BS2000 BS1976 BS2010 BS1988 BS2003 BS1998 BS1981 BS1982 BS1979 BS1996 BS2001 BS1984 BS2001 BS1997 BS1992 BS1994 BS1985 BS1982 BS2007 BS1981 BS1981 BS1999 BS1980 BS1999 BS2003 BS1975 BS2009 BS1979 BS1978 BS2005 BS1993 BS2000 BS2004 BS2006 BS2003 BS1983 BS1982 BS1988 BS2007 BS1999 MS1990 BS1988 BS2002 BS1997 BS1977 BS1998 BS1988 BS1982 BS2004 BS2006 BS2004 BS1977 BS1981 BS1976 BS1981 BS1989 BS1981 BS2008

Hurley, Lawrence Hutchens, Scott Hutchens, Mark Hutter, Michael Hyler, Susan Hyun, John Ihle, Leon Iikubo, Kakeru Ilten, Daniel Irlbeck, Brian Ivis, David Jabaay, Todd Jackson, Stephen Jackson, Walt Jackson, Justin Jacob, Renoj Jacobs, Darin Jafari, Behzad Jaggia, Chandrika Vardhan Jahnke, Matthew James, Stephen Janechek, Michael Jelinek, Aldona Jennett, Timothy Jennett, Samuel Jensen, Thomas Jensen, Carlin Jensen, Bradley Jensen, Alexandre Jepsen, Matthew Jessen, George Jessen, Douglas Jesson, Matthew Jestrab, Eric Jiang, Dongying Jochimsen, Ronald Johann, Steven Johansen, Erik Johansen, Erik Johnson, Michael Johnson, Curt Johnson, Joel Johnson, William Johnson, Saren Johnson, Douglas Johnson, Steven Johnson, Rodney Johnson, Paul Johnson, Mark Johnson, David Johnson, David Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Brent Johnson, Brian Johnson, Erik Johnson, Halvard Johnston, Brent Johnston, Jeffrey Jones, Stephen Jones, Jason Jones, Douglas Jones, Anthony Jones, Donald Jones, Bradley

BS1981 BS1987 BS1983 BS1981 BS1981 BS1997 BS1968 BS2007 BS1972 BS2001 BS1978 BS1988 BS1975 BS1997 BS2008 BS2008 BS1994 BS1983 MS1991 BS2010 BS1985 BS2010 MS2002 BS2008 BS2009 BS1980 BS1985 BS1992 BS2009 BS1998 BS1984 BS1985 BS2002 MS2006 MS2001 BS1973 BS1978 BS2002 BS2009 BS1988 BS1992 BS1989 BS1982 BS1989 BS1974 BS1979 BS1996 BS1974 BS1980 BS1970 BS1980 BS1980 BS1983 BS2008 BS2006 BS1964 BS1988 BS1980 BS1970 BS1995 BS1973 BS1993 BS1987 BS1995

Jones, Brandon Jones, Quincy Jones, Jared Jorgensen, Craig Juhl, Derek Jungers, Derrick Junginger, Jaquelyn Jungst, Donald Junker, Vincent Kacmarynski, Brian Kaewmoracharoen, Manop Kain, Kevin Kaiser, Lee Kaminski, Nicholas Kamp, Todd Kanaan, Mohammad Kanaan, Hamdi Kane, Steven John Kaplanes, James Karadsheh, Issa Karlson, Michael Karns, Matthew Kaspar, Steven Katschkowsky, John Kau, Chee Kauffman, Ryan Kaufman, Michael Kaufman, Eric Kavallieros, Minas Kavouris, John Keagle, Dan Kehrt, Chad Keleher, John Kelling, Craig Kelly, Scott Kelly, Angela Kelly, John Kemp, Charles Kendall, Aaron Kennedy, James Kerr, Sarah Ketelsen, Brett Kibsgaard, Randy Kieffer, Paul Kies, Kathleen Kilheeney, Martin Kim, Seong Kimsey, Keith Kincart, Jim King, Sharon King, David King, Michael Kinkade, Scott Kinser, Gregory Kinseth, Marc Kinsinger, Thomas Kinter, Melony Kintner, Mark Kipp, Ryan Kirby, Chad Kirchner, Randal Kirstein, Nathan Kisilewiski, Mary Kleiman, Stephen


BS2000 BS2003 BS2004 BS1987 BS2006 BS2008 BS2001 BS1975 BS1990 BS2003 MS2004 BS2002 BS2001 BS2001 BS1999 BS1985 BS1983 BS1975 BS1989 BS2002 BS1979 BS2010 BS1984 BS1986 BS1990 BS2004 BS1984 BS2000 BS2005 BS1988 BS1998 BS1995 BS1982 BS1981 BS1987 BS2001 BS2009 BS1987 BS2007 BS1990 BS1982 BS2004 BS1984 BS1985 BS2002 BS1984 MS2004 BS2010 BS1971 BS1995 BS1978 BS1997 BS1975 BS1997 BS1986 BS2007 BS2000 BS1993 BS1998 BS1997 BS1980 BS2000 BS1987 BS1982

Klein, Patrick Klein, Jason Klemm, Jonathan Klemme, Brian Klinkefus, Bradley Klootwyk, Norman Klusendorf, Brian Knau, Gregory Kneeland, Loren Knepel, Aaron Knepper, Jeffrey Knibbe, John Knight, Jeffrey Knipp, Jason Knox, Jamie Knudsen, Brian Knudsen, Gregory Knueppel, Dale Knutsen, Jeff Kobusch, Andrew Koch, Kristen Kock, Travis Koellner, Kevin Koenen, Matt Koenigs, Harold Koepnick, Jim Koerner, Jonathan Koester, Paul Koester, Matthew Kohns, Larry Kolacia, Craig Kooker, Greg Kopp, Nicholas Kouri, Adam Kraft, Wayne Krage, Thomas Kramer, Mark Kreftmeyer, Christopher Kress, Jacob Krieg, Christopher Krier, Robert Krogstad, Ryan Krug, Everett Krummen, Stewart Krumwiede, Christopher Kruse, Frederick Kruse, Ben Kruse, Brad Kruse, Klint Kubik, Dave Kuehner, Travis Kuehni, Rose Marie Kuenstling, Jon Kueter, Scott Kumm, Doug Kundinger, Jessica Kunz, Brad Kupka, Kevin Kurth, James Kutchen, Mark Kutchen, Scott Ladd, Colleen Ladson, A.B. Lamb, Gary

BS1966 BS2010 BS2010 BS2005 BS2002 BS1972 BS1988 BS1981 BS1970 BS1997 BS2000 BS1982 BS1983 BS2007 BS2006 BS1982 BS2009 BS1981 BS2001 BS2007 BS2007 BS1999 BS1989 BS1997 BS1986 BS1971 BS1978 BS1977 BS2009 BS1968 BS1996 BS1983 BS2003 BS2001 BS1992 BS1978 BS1982 BS2002 BS2006 BS2001 BS1981 BS1998 BS1970 BS1991 BS1998 BS1980 BS2008 BS2004 BS2007 BS2009 BS1999 BS1996 BS1985 BS2001 BS1981 BS2007 BS2003 BS1981 BS2006 BS1993 BS1999 BS1997 MS1995 BS1967

Lambert, Tracey BS1974 Lamp, Ian BS1981 LaNasa, Richard BS1989 Lancaster, David BS1988 Landau, Cole MS2007 Lane, Chad BS2010 Lang, Steven BS1978 Langdon, Frederick BS1982 Lange, Gerald BS1972 Larsen, Matthew BS2009 Larson, Curt BS1988 Larson, Jeffrey BS1988 Larson, Craig BS1978 Larson, Chris BS1980 Larson, Jeffrey BS1983 Larson, Douglas BS1995 Larson, David BS1978 Larson, Gregory BS1977 Larson, David BS1978 Larson, Bradley BS1991 Larson, Kenton BS1980 Larson, Matthew BS2001 Larson, Norman BS1966 Laski, Tara BS1999 Latoria, Anthony BS2007 Lau, Dung Hing (Gabrial) MS2000 Laurenzo, Brian BS1984 Lauritson, Joseph BS1997 Lauters, Nicholas BS2005 Lawrence, Douglas BS1978 Layland, Chad BS1998 Leach, Gary BS1982 Leapley, Gary BS1980 Leavitt, Steven BS1974 Leavitt, James BS1980 Lebo, Thomas BS1979 Lechtenberg, Justin BS2003 Lee, Hoon-Hong BS2000 Lee, Mark BS2004 Leege, Lawrence BS1971 Leek, Melissa BS2002 MS2002 Lehan, Benjamin BS2006 Lehman, Jeffrey BS1988 Lehr, David BS1988 Leimer, Nicholas BS2002 Leinen, Timothy BS1975 Leitch, Brian BS2010 Leonard, Daniel BS1985 Leonard, Steven BS1980 Leonard, Terry BS2002 Lesh, John BS1985 Leuer, Mark BS1988 Leusink, Mark BS2000 Leuzzi, Mario BS1998 Leverington, Steven BS1986 Lewis, Dennis BS1972 Lewis, Chadwick BS1978 Lewis, Richard BS1991 Lewis, Rhonda BS1991 Lewton, Russell BS1987 Lewton, Jonathan BS2006 Lewton, Matthew BS2010 Lex, Kevin BS1997

Li, Chun Li, Jingxi Li, Lifeng Lie, Robert Liebbe, Todd Lilly, James Lim, Ki Lind, Kevin Lindhart, Christopher Lindquist, Eric Lindsley, Dennis Line, Thomas Link, William Linman, Bradley Lin, Mary E Linn, Scott Little, David Littrell, Brian Llewellyn, Ryan Loeffelholz, Alan Loes, Joel Logan, Robert Logan, Robert Logue, Steven Loneman, Steven Long, Jerry Loomis, Eric Lorei, Greg Lorensen, Louisa Lorenzen, Jeffrey Lorey, Patrick Loss, A. Loudin, Stephen Lounsbury, Andy Lourens, Travis Lovejoy, David Lovin, Benjamin Lovin, Grant Lower, Bryan Lowndes, James Lowthorp, Andrew Loxterkamp, Mark Loy, Zachary Lubbert, William Lucas, Jeffrey Luck, Matthew Ludwig, Jerry Ludwig, Steven Lukin, John Lundy, Andrew Lunsford, John Lutenegger, Alan Lutt, John Lutter, Jim Lux, Jeremy Lyon, David Lyon, Caleb Lysne, Douglas Maas, Michael Mackewicz, Craig Maddy, Joseph Madison, Matthew Madsen, Brian Madson, Scott


MS2000 MS2002 MS2002 BS1981 BS1986 BS1979 BS1988 BS2006 BS1982 BS2007 BS1969 BS1964 BS1976 BS2002 MS1996 BS1978 BS1981 BS1981 BS2003 BS1985 BS2009 BS1973 BS1981 BS1981 BS1986 BS1982 BS1988 BS1990 BS2004 BS1979 BS1975 BS1999 BS1981 BS1984 BS1994 BS1968 BS1999 BS2008 BS1983 BS1981 BS2010 BS1981 BS2008 BS1983 BS1983 BS2008 BS1979 BS1986 BS1972 BS2000 BS1990 BS1975 BS1974 BS2001 BS1996 BS1991 BS2007 BS1967 BS1975 BS1981 BS1984 BS2004 BS2009 BS1982

Magee, Dwight Magnuson, Matthew Mahlstede, John Maifield, James Majeres, Todd Majeres-Patterson, Cynthia Major, Charles Makarla, Deepak Maloney, James Maloney, Stephen Mamuya, Lemuel Man, Jack Manatt, Andrew Mander, Wayne Manfull, Bryan Manker, Tyler Manning, Christopher Manning, Jeremy Manning, Russell Manning, Jeff Manyin, Alan Maranowicz, John Marbach, Lee Marburg, John Mark, Tyler Markhardt, Kevin Markle, Joshua Marks, Gregory Marks, Jeffrey Marolf, Ronald Marrin, Gary Marsh, Bruce Marsh, Robert Martens, George Martens, Aaron Martin, Gregory Martin, Peter Martin, James Martin, Don Martin, John Martin, Jane Martin, Mark Martin, Bradley Martin, Jeffrey Martin, Julie Martinsen, Lee Martinson, Richard Mascardo, Rick Massman, Martin Mathes, Henry Mathes, Jay Mathiasmeier, Michael Matt, Gary Mattison, Todd Matzinger, James May, James May, Ryan Mbapanza, Ibrahime McAlpin, Larry McArtor, Michael McCarthy, David McCarty, Mark McClain, Kevin McClain, Patrick

BS1984 BS2009 BS1987 BS1971 BS2000 MS2001 BS1971 MS2004 BS1990 BS1968 BS2008 BS1980 BS2001 BS1993 BS1989 BS2006 BS1981 BS1997 BS1972 BS1997 BS2003 BS2000 BS2008 BS1993 BS2007 BS1987 BS2008 BS1986 BS1991 BS1995 BS1979 BS1992 BS1978 BS1981 BS2008 BS1979 BS1981 BS1997 BS1977 BS1970 BS1984 BS1982 BS1983 BS2000 BS2003 BS1971 BS1989 BS1993 BS1981 BS1973 BS2010 BS1984 BS1981 BS1982 BS2006 BS1986 BS2001 BS2001 BS1973 MS2002 BS1980 BS1987 BS1998 BS2006

McCline, Curtis BS1976 McColloch, Mitchell BS2010 McCollough, Todd BS1996 McCollough, Laura A MS1996 McCormick, Thomas BS1976 McCormick, Dean BS1981 McCoy, Michael BS2000 McDermitt, Gary BS1995 McDermott, Brian BS1995 McDermott, Mark BS1991 McDermott, Cory BS2008 McDonald, Patrick BS1983 McDonald, John BS1981 McDonald, Norman BS1980 McDonnell, Kimberly BS1982 McDowell, Curtis BS1996 McElroy, James BS1976 McFadden, Shane BS1994 McFarland, Timothy BS1975 McGiverin, Terry BS1963 McGreger, Ryan BS2010 McGrew, Kenneth D. BS1917 McGruder, Spencer BS1979 McGuire, Ryan BS2006 Mcilrath, Vaughn BS1966 McIntosh, G. Allen BS1994 McKay, Jeffrey BS1979 McKee, Wade BS1990 McKee, William BS1995 McKee, Jeffrey BS2006 McKinney, Matthew BS2000 McLatchie, David BS2002 McLaughlin, Seth BS1984 McMinemee-White, Jennifer BS2003 McMullen, John BS1990 McNamara, Christopher BS1999 McPherson, Michael BS1967 McWhirt, Darren MS2007 Meco, Tolga MS2004 Medema, Donald BS1983 Megraw, Kerry BS2005 Meier, John BS1985 Meier, Russell BS1991 Meiners, Theodore BS2002 Meinke, Anthony BS2010 Meints, Jamey BS1997 Meis, John BS1982 Meisenheimer, Daryl BS1990 Meldrum, Scott BS1997 Melton, Thomas BS1995 Menke, Gregory BS1995 Menninga, Johnny BS1973 Menz, Loren BS1968 Mercuris, Peter BS2006 Meredith, Jessica BS2009 Merk, Jonathon BS2000 Merkel, Jay BS1979 Merryman, Kevin BS1995 Merta, Benjamin BS2000 Mettin, Kyle BS1991 Meyer, Valarie BS2000 Meyer, Paul BS2002 Meyer, Brad BS2010 Meyeraan, Kendall BS1988

Meyerholz, Tyler Meyn, Kent Michael, Bryan Mickelson, Kent Mihovilovich, Jerry Mikulecky, Lester Millard, Tyler Miller, Albert Miller, Steven Miller, Charles Miller, Matt Miller, Dennis Miller, David Miller, Aaron Miller, Anthony Miller, Matthew Miller, Luke Miller, Geoffrey Mills, Bradley Miltenberger, Joshua Miner, Jason Minter, Kathleen Miskawi, Haytham Mitchem, Greg Mittag, Nathan Mitton, Thomas Mlady, Joseph Modjeski, Francis Moeller, Larry Moellers, Jeffrey Molln, Alan Moltz, Vincent Moltz, Eric Montague, Richard Montgomery, Craig Montz, Craig Moore, Doug Moore, Ryan Moore, Tom Moore, Jeffrey Moore, Cheri Moreno, Carols A Morgan, Catherine Morgan, Douglas Moritz, Jason Morris, Michael Morrison, Stephanie Morse, Mark Morshed, Maryam Mortensen, Scott Mortimer, David Morton, Scott Moser, Shawn Moss, Craig Moss, Jacob Mostaert, Trent Moye-Rowley, Michael Mozena, John Mueller, Richard Mueller, Kyle Mukherjee, Subhransu Mullen, Daniel Muller, Timothy Muller, Jordan


BS2005 BS1985 BS1996 BS2005 BS2007 BS1975 BS2008 BS1975 BS1994 BS1985 BS1996 BS1970 BS1971 BS1999 BS1994 BS1999 BS2009 BS2007 BS1982 BS2005 BS2001 BS2000 BS1989 BS1998 BS2006 BS1979 BS1975 BS1986 BS1972 BS2006 BS1982 BS1968 BS1990 BS1999 BS2006 BS2004 BS1991 BS1998 BS1980 BS1978 BS2003 MS1989 BS1984 BS1980 BS2008 BS1982 BS1995 BS1978 BS1981 BS1997 BS1985 BS1981 BS1998 BS1997 BS2010 BS1994 BS2010 BS1988 BS1975 BS2007 MS1990 BS1979 BS1976 BS2004

Mulloy, Patrick Munsch, Andrew Murdoch, Wesley Murphy, Michael Murphy, Stephen Murray, Patrick Murray, Tyrel Mussman, Chad Myers, Bryan Myhre, Rik Naberhaus, Dennis Naberhaus, Leon Nack, Jonathan Nading, Jeff Nagen, Brent Nagle, Tyler Nanfito, Samuel Nangle, Robert Narayanan, Vijay Naresh, Arcot L Nashert, Walter Naughton, Luke Neal, Paul Neelan, Patrick Nelsen, Chandler Nelson, James S Nelson, Mark Nelson, Christopher Nelson, Randy Nelson, Steven Nelson, Michael Nelson, Carl Nelson, William Nelson, Ryan Nelson, Michael Nelson, Steve Nelson, Adam Neppl, Daniel Nestvedt, Joseph Netley, Dwayne Netley, Boyd Neubauer, Scott Neumann, Philip Newbury, Scott Newman, Arthur Newton, Bernard Newton, Jonathan Nguyen, Arren Nichols, Lincoln Nickel, Branson Niebuhr, Scott Niebuhr, Steven Niebuhr, Lawrence Nielsen, Brent Nielsen, Peter Nielsen, James Nieman, Jared Nieman, Jon Nikolin, Benjamin Nilsson, Alan Nissen, James Nizzi, Charles Njos, Steven D Noel, Gary

BS2010 BS2004 BS2002 BS1972 BS1968 BS1977 BS2005 BS1993 BS1984 BS2001 BS1973 BS1977 BS2007 BS1980 BS1995 BS1985 BS1999 BS1989 BS1999 MS1996 BS2003 BS1998 BS1964 BS1981 BS1997 MS2005 MS1988 MS1998 BS1984 BS1987 BS1992 BS1976 BS1969 BS1999 BS1999 BS2001 BS2006 BS1988 BS1981 BS1976 BS2010 BS1993 BS1983 BS1987 BS1978 BS1984 BS1990 BS2010 BS2006 BS2001 BS1988 BS1983 BS1980 BS1998 BS1997 BS2009 BS1975 BS1983 BS1997 BS1990 BS1981 BS1974 MS1990 BS1982

Nollin, Jacob Nolta, Mark Nook, Corey Noonan, Tom Norberg, Austin Norby, Ronald Nordell, Dustin Nordland, Robert Nordyke, Garrett Norton, Andrew Nott, Dennis Novak, Daniel Novak, Thomas Novy, Michael Nuckolls, Brett Nwokedi, Chukwuemka Obbink, Nicholas Oberhaus, Paul Obrecht, Christopher O'Brien, Jack Ocken, Merle O'Connor, Michael O'Dear, David Oehlerts, Richard O'Grady, Rowdy Ohde, Douglas Ohlfest, Douglas Olberding, Matt Olesen, Mark O'Loughlin, Phillip Olson, Steven Olson, Mark Olson, Justin Olson, Katie Olson, Nick Ones, Keith Ong, Nai Orgler, Michael

BS2007 BS1985 BS1998 BS1976 BS2009 BS1971 BS2006 BS1985 BS1999 BS2008 BS1973 BS1986 BS1981 BS1978 BS1980 BS1989 BS2003 BS1982 BS1997 BS1975 BS1970 BS2002 BS1986 BS1968 BS2010 BS1970 BS1973 BS2006 BS1989 BS2010 BS1979 BS1982 BS2005 BS2008 BS2010 BS1978 BS1983 BS1991 MS1993 Osgerby, Kevin BS1981 Osier, Thomas BS2004 Ott, Kevin BS1997 Otte, Douglas BS1975 Otto, Richard BS1973 Overbaugh, Brian BS2001 Overgaard, Nels BS2006 Owens, Robert BS1984 Pacholski, Catherine BS1999 Packebush, Melinda BS1996 Pallegar, Nareshkumar K MS1992 Palmer, Neal BS1981 Palmer, Bradley BS1981 Pang, Kwok-Chu BS1996 Papesh, Adam BS2000 Paradise, Michael BS1967 Parham, Thomas BS1982 Parietti, Thomas BS1989 Paris, Christopher BS1994 Parmelee, Robert BS1985 Parsons, Mike BS1982 Pasquariello, Robert BS1980 Patrick, James BS1983 Pattabhiseetharaman, Hari MS2005 Paul, Ryan BS2008

Pauley, Randall Paulsen, Bradley Payne, Robert Payne, Joshua Pearson, Nathan Pech, Fred Pedersen, Ronald Pelton, John Pelton, Ronald Penning, Lowell Penning, Jeff Pepper, Dave Pepper, Craig Perkins, Bradley Perkovich, Alan Perrenoud, Douglas Perry, Gilbert Persinger, Douglas Pestel, Paul Peters, Gerald Peters, Randall Petersen, Michael Petersen, Bart Petersen, Dean Petersen, Adam Petersen, Andrew Peterson, Kirk Peterson, Joel Peterson, Becky Peterson, David Peterson, Gerald Peterson, Jeffrey Peterson, Ryan Peterson, Zachary Peterson, Leslie Peterson, Jeffrey Peterson, Luke Peterson, Eric Peterson, Ryan Peterson, Gale Peterson, Thomas Petricka, Tracy Peverill, Kelsey Pfab, Adam Pfeffer, William Pfeifer, Christine Pfeiler, Robert Philips, Cole Phillips, Bradley Phipps, Brian Pick, Joshua Pidaparti, Surya Pietig, Brian Pigneri, Rocco Pigneri, Steven Pigneri, Ryan Pilcher, Nathan Piper, Ross Pittman, Daniel Pittman, Brian Pladsen, John Platt, Quentin Plotts, Garett


BS1987 BS2010 BS1979 BS2004 BS1996 BS1979 BS1979 BS1991 BS1985 BS1983 BS1999 BS1985 BS1980 BS1997 BS1988 BS1983 BS1974 BS1991 BS2008 BS1983 BS1989 BS1974 BS1991 BS1985 BS2002 BS2008 BS1985 BS1986 BS1980 BS2001 BS1981 BS1988 BS2000 BS2006 BS2004 BS2009 BS2009 BS2009 BS2009 BS1966 BS1967 BS1999 BS2007 BS2002 BS1971 BS1997 BS1973 BS1998 BS1980 BS2009 BS2006 MS1991 BS1991 BS1978 BS1991 MS1998 BS2009 BS2006 BS2001 BS1995 BS2001 BS1995 BS1999 BS2009

Plymesser, Cliff Poduska, Martin Pokorney, Michael Poland, Eric Pollock, Brian Pomerleau, Bruce Pope, Andrew Porayouw, Yiendra Port, Casey Postma, Gene Potter, William Potthoff, Rachel Pottratz, Daniel Powell, Douglas Powell, Kelsey Prasetyo, Ananto Praska, Donna Pratt, Blake Prediger, Patrick Predl, Edward Prendergast, Thomas Prescott, Gary Pribadi, Iwan Price, Ritchie Prior, Wayne Prochaska, James Proctor, Matthew Propp, Todd Prosek, Joseph Prosperi, Robert Pua, Lean Pullen, Jeff Punelli, Dominic Purdy, Nathaniel Qamar, Ramzi Qualheim, Cole Quarve, James Quid, Ryan Quinn, Kelli Quinn, Jeffery Quintero, Hernando Quiroga Cruz, Patricio Raadt, Nolan Radius, Eric Leonard Rafoth, Chad Rager, Jeffrey Rahbar, Faramarz Rahe, Kyle Rahe, David Raine, Celeste Rainforth, James Rajan, Salim Ralston, Matthew Ramaekers, Tyler Ranch, Timothy Rand, Dana Randall, Terry Ranker, David Rasmussen, Jay Rasmussen, Eric Rasmusson, Mark Raufaste, Noel

BS2005 MS2005 BS1976 BS2010 BS2007 BS2002 BS2008 BS1987 BS2002 BS1998 BS1991 BS1978 BS2010 BS1998 BS1971 BS2008 BS2003 BS1984 BS2010 BS2000 BS2009 BS1969 BS1979 MS2000 BS1980 BS1980 BS1966 BS2000 BS1981 BS2003 BS1970 BS1991 BS1980 BS2000 BS2000 BS1988 BS2008 BS1989 BS2010 BS1993 BS2005 MS2000 BS2010 MS2005 BS1975 BS2000 BS1985 BS1973 PHD1997 BS2001 BS2006 BS2001 BS1978 MS1993 BS2000 BS2006 BS1983 BS1986 BS1970 BS1971 BS1991 BS2006 BS1982 BS1967

Raun, Owen Raun, Tyler Raymond, Paul Stuart Recarte, Guillermo Rech, Christopher Rechkemmer, Jason Reeg, Kevin Reeve, Ted Rehm, Michael Rehm, Derek Reid, Bradley Reihmann, Randy Reinert, Joel Reinke, Richard Reinke, Robert Renoe, James Rens, Ronald Repstien, Roger Reser, Kurt Retz, Drew Reuland, Michael Rewerts, Bruce Reynolds, Brandon Rhoads, Clint Rhoads, Clifton Rhody, Debra Rhymes, Basil Rhynas, James Rich, James Richards, Scott Richardson, Jon Richardson, Michael Richter, Patrick Ricken, David Riedmann, Louis Riesenberg, Nic Righi, Timothy Rigsby, Timothy Ringsdorf, William Ripple, Aaron Ristau, Kent Rivera, Nicholas Rivisto, John Roberts, Stephen Roberts, Drew Roberts, Ewatt Roberts, Nicholas Robinson, James Rodriguez, Yvan A Roecker, Scott Rogers, Thomas Rogers, Steven Rogers, Barry Roggenbuck, Paul Roitman, Gad Roitsch, Eric Roland, George Rolfes, Thomas Romanowski, Matthew Romero, Jason Roozenboom, William Rosa, Ashlynn Roseland, Richard Rosenbery, Aaron

BS1981 BS2003 BS1979 MS1991 BS1989 BS1998 BS1993 BS1980 BS1978 BS2009 BS2009 BS1982 BS1981 BS1975 BS1980 BS1992 BS1989 BS1974 BS1991 BS1986 BS1984 BS1992 BS1998 BS2004 BS2007 BS1981 BS1983 BS2008 BS1998 BS1975 BS2001 BS2005 BS1980 BS1984 BS1976 BS2001 BS1990 BS1983 BS1985 BS2002 BS1993 BS2006 BS1983 BS1981 BS2008 BS2010 BS2010 BS1977 MS1992 BS1987 BS1973 BS1984 BS1979 BS2008 MS1993 BS1997 BS1976 BS1982 BS1990 BS2004 BS2002 BS2007 BS1978 BS1986

Rosenow, Craig Ross, Phillip Rossmiller, Brian Rossmiller, Patrick Rosso, Christopher Roth, Karl Rotta, Andrew Ruba, Nicholas Ruden, Nicholas Ruggles, David Ruhland, Keith Rukashaza-Mukome, Mary Rumpf, Brian Runestad, Jay Rusk, Jennifer Russell, James Ryan, Matthew Ryan, Meaghan Ryan, John Rypma, Robert Sabzehzar, Habib Sahin, Cem Sajovec, Louis Sample, Michael Sande, Jerry Sandell, Carl Sanders, Joseph Sanders, Bradley Sanders, Rodney Sandvig, Bryan Sanman, Randall Sarno, Frank Sarno, Stacy Sasso, Ahmed Sauer, Lindsay Sautter, Robert Scandrett, Jeffrey Schaefer, Ross Schaefer, Michael Schafbuch, Casey Schafer, Dirk Schafer, Clifford Schapman, Nicholas Schebler, Jeffery Schenck, Bradley Schiefer, Jonathan Schimmelpfennig, Alan Schimmer, Joel Schlag, Megan Schlueter, Thomas Schluter, Lynne Schmall, Thomas Schmidt, Michael Schmidt, Steven Schmidt, Chad Schmidt, Gregg Schmidt, Bryan Schmidt, Kirt Schmit, Gary Schmitz, Alisha Schneider, John Schnurr, Bryan Schoch, Bradley Schoene, Richard


BS1980 BS2003 BS1990 BS1967 BS2010 BS1981 BS2007 BS1990 BS1994 BS1988 BS1979 MS2004 BS1988 BS1994 BS1998 BS1983 BS1998 BS2001 BS2003 BS2008 BS1978 MS1992 BS1988 BS1981 BS1976 BS1977 BS1970 BS1997 BS2001 BS2005 BS1981 BS1998 BS1998 BS1979 BS2000 BS1981 BS2001 BS2000 BS2002 BS2007 BS1980 BS2005 BS1978 BS1981 BS1989 BS1998 BS1985 BS2003 BS2009 BS1985 BS1979 BS1986 BS1982 BS1979 BS2006 BS2008 BS2008 BS2005 BS1984 BS1998 BS1984 BS1996 BS2006 BS1976

Scholtes, Daniel BS1987 Schott, Kyle BS2003 Schraeder, Mark BS1988 Schriever, Joel BS1989 Schroeder, Terry BS1981 Schroeder, Korey BS2003 Schroeder, Garrett BS2008 Schrupp-Rivero, Rolando BS2002 Schuetze, Martin BS1989 Schulte, Greg BS1990 Schulte, Brandon BS2002 Schultz, Edward BS1992 Schultz, Richard BS1970 Schultz, Matthew BS2010 Schultze, Richard BS1982 Schumacher, Thomas BS1990 Schupbach, Michael BS2010 Schurman, Scott BS2008 Schuster, Jason BS1999 Schuster, Daniel BS1979 Schwab, Benjamin BS1983 Schwager, Dale BS2001 Schwake, Dustin BS1999 Schwamman, James BS1981 Schwarck, Matt BS2008 Schwartz, Jeffry BS1991 Schwartz, Ann BS1998 Schwartz, Travis BS1997 Schwarzenbach, Robby BS1997 Schweers, Christopher BS2007 Scott, Robert BS2008 Scranton, Kirsta BS1996 Scully, Whitney BS1980 Scully, Anthony BS2004 Sealine, Jon BS1984 Seaton, Joel BS1984 Seeboo, Asish PHD2008 Seeger, Kenneth BS1972 Seely, Kirk BS1993 Seibert, Tim BS1981 Seibert, Johnathan BS2010 Seidl, John BS2007 Seifert, Stephen BS1971 Seiler, Daniel BS2006 Seipold, Robert BS1976 Selgrade, Dominique BS2005 Seyko, Kevin BS1986 Shabino, Ryan BS2010 Sharp, Randy BS1988 Sharples, Stephanie BS1983 Shattuck, Brian BS1998 Sheesley, Michael BS1992 Sheets, Mark BS1995 Sheffert, Lary BS1980 Sheller, Scott BS1979 Shelp, Peter BS1978 Shepherd, Jonathan BS2006 Sheriff, Jeffrey BS1971 Sherman, Anthony BS1995 Shevik, Gary BS1978 Shifflett, Scott BS2003 Shilkaitis, John BS1983 Shisler, Isaac BS1976 Showalter, Gary BS1979

Shriver, Scott Shuba, Michael Shumate, Mark Sido, Thomas Siegrist, Andrew Sievers, Michael Sievers, Ryan Sikorski, Michael Sill, Eric Simbrowsky, Mark Simmons, Stanley Simon, Eric Singelstad, Jon Sinnwell, Lawrence Sipes, James Sirotiak, Todd

Sjostrom, Grant Slattery, Daniel Sleezer, Patrick Sleezer, Shawn Sloan, Daniel Smalling, Robert Smearman, Michael Smiley, Scott Smith, Walter Smith, Jeff Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Matthew Smith, Steven Smith, Randall Smith, Donald Smith, Roger Smith, Kyle Smith, Aaron Smith, Christopher Smith, Raymond Smith, David Smith, Andrew Smith, Adam Smith, Russell Smith, James Smith, Donavan Smith, Branton Smith, Zachary Smothers, Troy Snead, Derek Snethen, P. Bryon Snyder, Wayne Snyder, Loren Snyder, Angela Snyder, Mark Sodders, Robert Soenksen, Eric Solberg, Mark Solberg, Paul Solem, Dan Sonmez, Rifat Sorensen, Kenneth Sorensen, Mark Sorenson, John Soseman, Jeffrey

BS1982 BS1982 BS1972 BS1972 BS2008 BS1986 BS2010 BS1979 BS1998 BS1997 BS1979 BS1997 BS1975 BS1986 BS1983 BS1983 MS1997 PHD2008 BS2003 BS1985 BS1989 BS1991 BS1981 BS1970 BS1988 BS1980 BS1986 BS1983 BS1995 BS1998 BS1985 BS1986 BS1971 BS1987 BS1984 BS1998 BS1998 BS1982 BS1999 BS2001 BS2003 BS2004 BS2004 BS2004 BS2010 BS2009 BS1997 BS2006 BS1990 BS1986 BS2001 BS1997 BS2004 BS1988 BS2003 BS1985 BS1996 BS2004 MS1992 PHD1996 BS1976 BS1984 BS1963 BS2008

Soteropulos, Gust Southorn, Craig Sowder, Edward Spain, Jesse Spanel, Jeffery Sparks, James Sparks, Tyler Spence, Jenny Spencer, Earl Spenler, Charles Spevacek, George Spidle, Craig Spooner, Kevin Sporaa, Shadrach Spratt, Dean Springer, Steven Squires, Vanessa Stafford, Ronald Stamp, Bradley Stangl, Michael Stanley, David Stanley, Jamie Stapleton, Andrew Stapleton, Lorri Stark, Donald Staudt, Aimee Staudt, Josh Stauduhar, William Stealy, David Stearney, Peter Stearney, Phillip Stearns, Craig Stecker, Steven Stecker, James Steffen, Zachary Steffens, Brian Steffes, Nathan Stensland, Michael Stephan, Branden Stephens, Shamus Stephenson, Phillip Stevens, Don Stevenson, Darin Stevenson, Kelly Stevenson, Nathaniel Stewart, Christopher Stewart, Jeffrey Stickfort, Derek Stinn, Glen Stockdale, Thomas Stoecker, Michael Stofferahn, Gabriel Stohlgren, Keith Stoller, Mark Stone, Jeffrey Stotts, William Stoulil, Andrew Stoulil, Mitchell Strahan, Justin Strahan, Luke Strawn, Diane Streeper, Brian


BS1981 BS1982 BS2008 BS2008 BS1976 BS2004 BS2007 BS1999 BS1975 BS1984 BS1971 BS1981 BS1986 BS2002 BS1980 BS1989 BS2000 BS2000 BS1991 BS1972 BS1994 BS2002 BS1995 BS1994 BS1979 BS1999 BS2003 BS1990 BS1992 BS1988 BS1989 BS1986 BS1994 BS1972 BS2007 BS2009 BS2010 BS1984 MS1999 BS2001 BS1996 BS1992 BS1999 BS1983 BS2010 BS1998 BS1981 MS2000 BS2009 BS1981 BS1977 BS1985 BS2007 BS1980 BS1998 BS1976 BS1984 BS2006 BS2008 BS2001 BS2006 BS2002 MS2004 BS2008

Streeter-Schaefer, Holly Strehlow, J. Bradshaw Streit, Craig Streit, Landon Stritzel, Mark Strong, Kevin Strotman, Daniel Stroud, Eric Strub, Joseph Struble, Steven Struss, Douglas Stueland, Joel Stukenholtz, Daniel Sturm, Steve Su, Hui Sugrue, Michael Sullivan, Harold Sullivan, Timothy Sullivan, Barry Sullivan, Bradley Sullivan, Brian Sullivan, Mark Sulzbach, Richard Summers, Nathan Sundermann, Gina Swanson, Donald Swanson, Steven Swanstrom, Jay Swanstrom, James Sweeney, Ron Sweet, Dallas Sweetman, Charlie Swenson, Mark Swies, Dave Swinning, Thomas Swinton, Dean Tacke, Cody Tan, Khim-Liong Tan, Kok Tan, Lim-Yan Taylor, Jack Taylor, Clark Taylor, Peter Taylor, Colton Tech, David Tee, Syuin-Chet Teegarden, Edward Teeters, Brian Tempel, Timothy Templeton, Brett Ten Clay, Marvin Ten Eyck, Robert Teo, Clement Teo, Khing Terrell, Sean Terrell, Michael Terry, Chad Tharnstrom, Gregg Theis, Elizabeth Theis, Jeffrey Thennes, Christopher Theulen, Taylor Thien, Hilary Thinnes, Karen

BS1998 BS1982 BS2001 BS2009 BS1986 BS1973 BS1979 BS1984 BS2002 BS1990 BS1983 BS1997 BS2009 BS1990 BS2001 BS1983 BS1968 BS1977 BS2001 BS2002 BS2008 BS2007 BS1972 BS2003 BS2006 BS2002 BS1991 BS1982 BS1977 BS1979 BS1984 BS1990 BS1987 BS2000 BS2004 BS1971 BS2003 MS1998 BS1986 BS1989 BS1969 BS1984 BS2004 BS2010 BS1981 MS2001 BS1999 BS1999 BS1988 BS2006 BS1968 BS1983 BS1983 BS1983 BS1993 BS1968 BS1996 BS1969 BS2002 BS2008 BS2007 BS2010 BS2003 BS1984

Thomas, Robert BS1985 Thomas, Bruce BS1983 Thomas, Timothy BS1990 Thomas, Thomas BS1981 Thomas, John BS1984 Thomas, Samuel BS1969 Thomas, Jason BS1997 Thompson, Mark BS1984 Thompson, Scott BS1984 Thompson, Jock BS1969 Thompson, Donald BS1975 Thompson, James BS1981 Thompson, Dennis BS1972 Thompson, Terrence BS1977 Thompson, Scott BS1982 Thompson, Matthew BS2002 Thorius, Jacob MS2003 Thornquist, John BS1971 Thrap, Joshua BS2005 Tieck, Craig BS1979 Tiedeman, Robert BS2008 Tiemeyer, Jon BS1974 Tilford, Kelly MS1996 Timmerman, Emily BS2000 Timmons, Daniel BS1981 Timmons, William BS1987 Timmons, Bruce BS2000 Tipp, Terry BS2009 Tirimanne, Anselem P.R. MS1994 Tjaden, Nicholas BS2006 Tjelmeland, Richard BS1982 Tobin, Craig BS1998 Tolbert, Jaimie BS1999 Tollakson, Rick BS1976 Tometich, James MS2006 Tometich, Timothy BS1999 Toney, Aaron BS2001 Topark-Ngarm, Pattanapong BS1997 Torkildson, Eric BS1978 Tousley, Michael BS1980 Treasure, William BS2005 Treharne, Stephen BS1970 Tremmel, Paul BS2000 Trible, Andrew BS2010 Tripp-Rieks, Joseph BS2003 Trower, Richard BS2007 Troyer, Steve BS1993 Troyer, Richard BS1976 Tubbs, Kevin BS1982 Tubbs, Aaron BS1996 Tucker, Richard BS2004 Turczynski, Scott BS1994 Turk, Michael BS1985 Turk, Jeff BS1985 Turnbull, Seamus BS2008 Turner, Troy BS1992 Twedt, Cynthia BS2002 Underwood, Brent BS1981 Ure, Scott BS1985 Usoro, Aniekan BS1982 Vaile, Michael BS1985 Valdez, Brandon BS2000 Valdez, Elizabeth BS2001 Van Erkel, Jon BS2008

Van Es, Jeff Van Fossen, Charles Van Loon, Matthew Van Oort, Jerry Van Rheenen, Chad Van Roekel, Sara Van Rossum, William Van Treeck, Patrick Van Utrecht, Brian Van Weelden, Steven Vanarendonk, Brian VanCoughnett, Justin Vande Zandschulp, Harlan VandeKrol, Jonathan Vandenberg, William Vander Pol, Matthew Vandyke, Daniel Vanheiden, Matt Vanmanen, Larry Vannoy, Lee Vannoy, Lynn Vannoy, Robbin Vaske, Kent Vazquez, Edna Veldman, Nicholas Venter, Daniel Virdi, Gurvirinder Verdon, Benjamin Viet, Krista Voegel, James Vogel, Timothy Vogel, Andrew Vogt, John Vonnahme, John Vorwald, Jason Vos, Jaron Vosler, Warren Voss, Kevin Voss, Edward Voss, James Waber, Christopher Wageman, Mark Wagner, Mark P Wagner, Richard Wagner, Jeffrey Wagner, Andrew Wahle, James Waits, Colin Waldeier, Douglas Walgamuth, Shane Walker, Jason Walker, James Walker, Jon Walker, Kevin Walker, Brett Wall, Douglas Wall, Lucas Wall, Russell Wallace, Craig Wallis, Michael Walsh, Larry Walstrom, James Walter, John


BS1993 BS1970 BS2003 BS2009 BS1998 BS2004 BS1995 BS1989 BS2010 BS1989 BS2002 BS2006 BS1975 BS2001 BS1993 BS2001 BS1982 BS2001 BS1968 BS1985 BS1985 BS1976 BS1994 BS2003 MS2005 BS2007 BS1981 MS1993 BS2007 BS2001 BS1989 BS2001 BS2007 BS1980 BS2007 BS1999 BS2002 BS1965 BS1993 BS1969 BS1987 BS1985 BS1990 MS1989 BS1990 BS1988 BS2006 BS1992 BS2006 BS1997 BS1985 BS1995 BS1987 BS1980 BS2001 BS2005 BS1984 BS2007 BS1967 BS1980 BS1996 BS1979 BS1979 BS1972

Waltz, Joel Wang, George Ward, Daniel Ward, Scott Ward, Adam Ward, Danny Warner, Matt Warren, Jason Washburn, James Washnieski, Megan Waters, Dustin Watson, Stephen Wavering, Jay Weaver, Brian Weaver, Cole Webb, Terrence Webb, James Weber, Eric Weber, Cody Wedewer, Thomas Weddall, Robert Weeks, David Weidenbach, Keith Weis, Shane Welder, Larry Welin, Peter Welker, Sherman Welker, Kurt Weller, Ryan Weller, Kyle Weller, Matt Wells, Brian Wells, Jason Welter, Mike Wendling, Scott Wendt, Roger Wenger, Lynn Wengert, Thomas Wenthe, David Alan Wenzel, Jeffrey Werden, Stephen Werner, Jesse Werthmann, Jeffrey Wesely, David Wessels, Brian West, Joshua Westbrook, Randy Westby, Steven Westendorf, Robert Westercamp, Chase Weston, Curtis Wetmore, Thomas Wharff, David Wheeler, Timothy Whitcome, James White, George White, Eric White, Carol White, Larry White, Jason White, Alan White, Chad Whitlatch, Michael Whitworth, James

BS1996 BS1980 BS1984 BS1995 BS2007 BS2007 BS2010 BS1991 BS1979 BS2001 BS2006 BS1998 BS2000 BS1980 BS2006 BS1971 BS1973 BS2001 BS2008 BS1966 MS1996 BS1985 BS1990 BS2004 BS1982 BS1979 BS1982 BS1989 BS2003 BS2009 BS2007 BS1996 BS2002 BS1981 BS1990 BS1986 BS1978 BS1991 BS1981 BS1982 BS1972 BS2007 BS1985 BS1981 BS2004 BS2008 BS1984 BS1982 BS1979 BS2009 BS1985 BS2008 BS1983 BS1977 BS1971 BS1998 BS2000 BS1989 BS1974 BS2001 BS2004 BS2005 BS1974 BS1987

Whyte, Keith Wickering, Gary Wiebel, Rory Wieczorek, Arlo Wiederholt, Joshua Wiener, Jason Wiener, Matthew Wiitanen, Steve Wilbur, Eric Wilgenbusch, Luke Wilks, Tanner Williams, Kevin Williams, Nicholas Williams, Timothy Williams, Nicholas Williams, Scott Williamson, S. Brandt Williamson, J. Brian Willis, Ted Willis, Gregory Willis, Jason Wilming, Scott Wilmott, Judson Wilson, Jann Wilson, David Winchell, Peter Windolf, John Wine, Rondea Wirt, Darrin

BS1984 BS2005 BS2001 BS2006 BS2007 BS2002 BS2002 BS2010 BS1982 BS2005 BS2010 BS1979 BS2004 BS2002 MS2005 BS2009 BS1980 BS1980 BS1996 BS1985 BS2000 BS1987 BS1995 BS1985 BS2005 BS1975 BS1992 BS1994 BS1998

Wischmeyer, Kirk Wise, Joshua Witt, Dana Witte, Darwyn Wittkop, Scott Wolf, John Wolf, Nicholas Wolfe, Michael Wolfe, Nathan Wolff, Jonathan Wolff, Nicholas Wolter, Andrew Wolter, Stephen Wolterman, Scott Wong, Timothy Wong, Wing-Kei Wong, Yew-Choong Woo, Han-Meng Wood, Elizabeth Wood, Adam Wood, Christopher Woolery, Brandon Woolever, Douglas Woolley, Michael Worden, Alicia Worthington, Dustin Wright, Timothy Wright, Benjamin Wu, Sheng-Jer


BS1998 BS2008 BS1980 BS1973 BS1985 BS1978 BS2000 BS2003 BS2010 BS1998 BS2010 BS1990 BS1980 BS1980 BS1997 BS1999 BS2003 BS1998 BS2001 BS2002 BS2003 BS2007 BS2007 BS2006 BS1999 BS2008 BS1982 BS2007 MS1994

Wurzer, Lauren Wurzer, Wayne Wyatt, Richard Wyckoff, Andrew Wydajewski, Kenneth Yang, Kenneth Yeong, Joo Yeong, Siew-Chin Yessaian, Ara Yoder, Jeffrey Yoder, Leon Young, James Yungclas, David Zaletel, Matthew Zarn, Bryan Zehnder, Geoffrey Zeigler, Mark Zeigler, Carl Zeimen, Danny Zeliadt, Raymond Zeller, Kirk Zerbe, Douglas Zerr, Stacy Zheng, Zhong Zhuravel, Adi Zikra, Alexander Zimmerman, Steven

BS1976 BS1975 BS1980 BS1986 BS1991 BS1973 BS1991 MS1999 BS1980 BS1982 BS1978 BS2003 BS1982 BS2010 BS1981 BS2004 BS1976 BS2007 BS2001 BS1995 BS1980 BS1981 BS1996 MS2005 BS2008 BS2008 BS1976

Index by State/City ALASKA Anchorage Erickson, Bryce Rainforth, James Eagle River Larson, Chris Homer Neal, Paul Palmer Moser, Shawn ALABAMA Hoover Anderson, Darrell Madison Merkel, Jay Town Creek Manning, Russell Warrior Conner, Randall

BS1983 BS1978 BS1980 BS1964 BS1998

BS1979 BS1979 BS1972 BS1975

ARKANSAS Bella Vista Beck, Laurence BS1979 Conway Solberg, Mark BS1985 Hot Springs Flannery, Darrell BS1976 Hot Springs National Park Fleagle, Earl BS1981 Sherwood Pelton, Ronald BS1985 ARIZONA Apache Junction Culp, Kevin Casa Grande Schiefer, Jonathan Cave Creek Webb, Terrence Chandler Norton, Andrew Sandell, Carl Gilbert Aidoo, Derick Leinen, Timothy Sweet, Dallas Glendale Blasco, Anthony Glines, Daniel Green Valley Gleason, Glen Mesa Brush, Carl Munds Park

BS1982 BS1998 BS1971 BS2008 BS1977 BS2000 BS1975 BS1984 BS2009 BS1976 BS2006 BS2006

Fowler, Dennis Oro Valley Blank, Brian Gosselink, Jerry LaNasa, Richard Phoenix Bertrand, Russell Bontrager, Michael Dillon, Ralph Doll, Jonathan Elkins, Jeffrey Ensley, Ronald Hall, Jeffery Hunemuller, Judd Miller, Dennis Montague, Richard Mostaert, Trent Nelsen, Chandler Pech, Fred Stoller, Mark Veldman, Nicholas Walstrom, James Werden, Stephen Prescott Karlson, Michael Scottsdale Archer, Thomas DeStigter, Glenn Gilbert, Dennis Hansen, Craig Harriman, Benjamin Heggen, Thomas Muller, Timothy Randall, Terry Reinke, Richard Streit, Craig Waits, Colin Surprise Gardner, Miles Tempe Crumpton, Jon Tucson Amundson, Robert Byers, Bruce Cline, Adrianne Reuland, Michael Walker, James Whitlatch, Michael Vail Kinseth, Marc CALIFORNIA Alameda Vogel, Timothy Anaheim Hills 121

BS1968 BS2005 BS1966 BS1989 BS1996 BS1982 BS1979 BS2006 BS2005 BS1993 BS1981 BS1977 BS1970 BS1999 BS1994 BS1997 BS1979 BS1998 BS2007 BS1979 BS1972 BS1979 BS1987 BS1966 BS1973 BS1977 BS2010 BS1975 BS1976 BS1970 BS1975 BS2001 BS2006 BS1974 BS1978 BS2006 BS1963 BS1998 BS1984 BS1987 BS1974 BS1986


Klinkefus, Bradley BS2002 Antelope Van Treeck, Patrick BS1989 Arroyo Grande Zerbe, Douglas BS1981 Bakersfield Engler, Phillip BS2002 Benicia Schaefer, Ross BS2000 Bishop Larson, Bradley BS1991 Brea Gustafson, Everett BS1971 Burbank Brennan, John BS1988 Nwokedi, Chukwuemka BS1989 Calabasas Ansari, Kouros BS1983 Carlsbad Sipes, James BS1983 Carmel Mcilrath, Vaughn BS1966 Carmichael Granner, Andrew BS1987 Citrus Heights Martin, Gregory BS1979 Claremont Hendrickson, Ed BS1979 Concord Swinning, Thomas BS2004 Copperopolis Flatland, Raymond BS1973 Costa Mesa Hamilton, Matthew BS1999 Coto De Caza Barnes, Paul BS1985 Cottonwood Ones, Keith BS1978 Cupertino Underwood, Brent BS1981 Dublin Dekovic, Nicholas BS2009 Elk Grove Berkland, James BS1970 Hale, Tom BS1973 Encinitas Erps, Lawrence BS1979 Fallbrook Hanson, Robert BS1973 Folsom Kanaan, Mohammad BS1985 Miskawi, Haytham BS1989 Fremont Yeong, Siew-Chin BS1998

Fresno Sabzehzar, Habib Ft. Bragg Lubbert, William Fullerton Stephenson, Phillip Irvine Desai, Prashant Helgevold, Kevin Kurth, James Laski, Tara Whyte, Keith La Mesa Westendorf, Robert Lafayette Giroux, Paul Laguna Niguel Carlson, James Lake Forest Kirchner, Randal Lakewood Hayes, John Logan, Robert Livermore Littrell, Brian Long Beach Brady, James Nanfito, Samuel Smith, Walter Los Altos Smothers, Troy Los Angeles Klootwyk, Norman Lovin, Grant Madera Al-Khayyat, Ahmad Mission Viejo Lukin, John Nelson, Randy Ruhland, Keith Monrovia Nielsen, Brent Moraga Evans, Jason Faoro, William Mountain View Rypma, Robert Murrieta Daher, Wadih Napa Wine, Rondea Newport Beach Borgo, William Jepsen, Matthew Oakley Dickerson, Timothy Orange Thomas, Timothy

BS1978 BS1983 BS1996 BS1991 BS1982 BS2006 BS1999 BS1984 BS1979 BS1979 BS1980 BS1980 BS1984 BS1973 BS1981 BS1981 BS1999 BS1986 BS1997 BS1972 BS2008 BS1995 BS1972 BS1984 BS1979 BS1998 BS1974 BS1985 BS2008 BS1986 BS1994 BS1990 BS1998 BS1978 BS1990

Orangevale Bussard, Kevin BS1985 Pacifica Harman, Pamela BS1979 Palmdale Boswell, Robert BS1974 Palo Alto Nelson, Michael BS1999 Palos Verdes Estates Soteropulos, Gust BS1981 Pasadena Stangl, Michael BS1972 Perris McDonald, John BS1981 Pioneer Case, Stacy BS1990 Placentia Ten Eyck, Robert BS1983 Pleasanton Hazel, Michael BS2002 Poway Dooney, Lee BS1985 Rancho Cordova Maranowicz, John BS2000 Rancho Palos Verdes Seaton, Joel BS1984 Rancho Santa Margarita Feilmeier, Ted BS1977 Perkovich, Alan BS1988 Redwood City Burda, Gregory BS1999 Larson, Matthew BS2001 Riverside O'Dear, David BS1986 Rocklin Lunsford, John BS1990 Roseville Shuba, Michael BS1982 Sacramento Bailey, Matthew BS1982 Davis, Scott BS1980 Meier, John BS1985 Moeller, Larry BS1972 Wyatt, Richard BS1980 San Carlos Tech, David BS1981 San Diego Beyer, Jamie BS2000 Frye, James BS1992 Irlbeck, Brian BS2001 McAlpin, Larry BS1973 McDonnell, Kimberly BS1982 Morshed, Maryam BS1981 Nelson, Steven BS1987 Petersen, Dean BS1985 Powell, Kelsey BS2008 Voegel, James BS1989 San Francisco 122

Davis, James Hostetler, Robert Platt, Quentin Smith, Adam Wood, Elizabeth San Jose Jensen, Carlin Mercuris, Peter Nilsson, Alan Quinn, Kelli Tempel, Timothy San Ramon Johnson, Steven McDonald, Patrick Schimmer, Joel Thompson, Scott Solana Beach Washburn, James Sonoma Holmberg, Alan Studio City Tjelmeland, Richard Temecula Simmons, Stanley Thousand Oaks Hale, Rondal Torrance Roecker, Scott Trabuco Canyon Al-Tai, Ali Downing, Steven Valencia Hurd, Scott Venice Lorensen, Louisa Vista Seiler, Daniel Walnut Creek Rahbar, Faramarz Reeg, Kevin Watsonville Richards, Scott Woodland Hills Yessaian, Ara Yorba Linda Gritters, Michael COLORADO Arvada Van Es, Jeff Aurora Zerr, Stacy Avon Halloran, John Spanel, Jeffery Bow Mar Bosshart, James Brighton

BS1979 BS2000 BS1999 BS2003 BS2001 BS1985 BS2006 BS1990 BS1993 BS1988 BS1979 BS1983 BS2003 BS1984 BS1979 BS1981 BS1982 BS1979 BS2007 BS1987 BS1985 BS1976 BS1981 BS2004 BS2006 BS1973 BS1993 BS1975 BS1980 BS1982

BS1993 BS1996 BS1999 BS1976 BS1978

Quinn, Jeffery BS2005 Broomfield Hamilton, Craig BS1973 Broomfield Hannemann, Tod BS1972 Buena Vista Bosshart, David BS1980 Moltz, Vincent BS1968 Philips, Cole BS1998 Castle Rock Hamilton, Robert BS1988 Postma, Gene BS1991 Rewerts, Bruce BS1992 Centennial Nook, Corey BS1998 Sullivan, Harold BS1968 Zeigler, Mark BS1976 Colorado Springs Coffee, Douglas BS1979 Goettsch, Craig BS1979 Raine, Celeste BS2001 Schenck, Bradley BS1989 Stritzel, Mark BS1986 Tiedeman, Robert BS2008 Wendt, Roger BS1986 Commerce City Thomas, Jason BS1997 Denver Berry, Todd BS1989 Coziahr, Thomas BS1984 Gaube, Joshua BS2007 Llewellyn, Ryan BS2003 Miner, Jason BS2001 Naughton, Luke BS1998 Niebuhr, Scott BS1988 Peverill, Kelsey BS2007 Prochaska, James BS1966 Rotta, Andrew BS2007 Sanman, Randall BS1981 Smith, David BS1999 Weller, Matt BS2007 Divide Demore, Richard BS1964 Smith, Kyle BS1984 Durango Harder, Matthew BS2009 Eaton Schimmelpfennig, Alan BS1985 Edgewater Lauters, Nicholas BS2005 Edwards Stamp, Bradley BS1991 Thomas, Robert BS1985 Elbert Sharples, Stephanie BS1983 Elizabeth DeRose, Kenneth BS1988

Dillavou, Timothy Englewood Erb, David Erie Crookshank, Jason Neppl, Daniel Evergreen Hoffman, Rodney Koch, Kristen Foxfield Knibbe, John Frisco McClain, Kevin Ft. Collins Elliott, Grant Haynes, Mark McGuire, Ryan Norby, Ronald Swanstrom, James Willis, Ted Glenwood Springs Boat, Steven Golden Charlson, Kevin Faktor, Bryan Ranker, David Grand Junction Sullivan, Mark Greenwood Village Hornaday, William Highlands Ranch Allison, Richard Collins, Earl Johnstown Kavallieros, Minas Lakewood Bosshart, Steven Coe, Eric May, Ryan Noonan, Tom Larkspur Liebbe, Todd Washnieski, Megan Littleton Albertsen, David Boots, Brent Davis, Thane Harrington, Kevin Johann, Steven Kobusch, Andrew Linman, Bradley McCollough, Todd Paradise, Michael Lone Tree Enserro, Elizabeth Longmont Dingwall, Jeffrey Nading, Jeff 123

BS1981 BS1971 BS1993 BS1988 BS1982 BS2007 BS1982 BS1998 BS1995 BS1983 BS2006 BS1971 BS1977 BS1996 BS1984 BS1999 BS1982 BS1971 BS2007 BS1978 BS1980 BS1991 BS2005 BS1982 BS1985 BS2001 BS1976 BS1986 BS2001 BS1985 BS2004 BS1981 BS1993 BS1978 BS2007 BS2002 BS1996 BS1967 BS1992 BS1983 BS1980

Louisville Schwarck, Matt Loveland Gibbs, Reese Granahan, Gerald Walsh, Larry Parker Brouillette, Bret Callahan, Michael Christensen, Ronald Davis, Robert Ivis, David Koenen, Matt Peyton Eikanger, Steven Pueblo Neelan, Patrick Salida Moltz, Eric Silverthorne Cripps, James Steamboat Springs Maloney, Stephen Sloan, Daniel Superior Lehman, Jeffrey Moore, Ryan Thornton Buscher, Nicole Thomas, John Westminster Graeve, Michael Graeve, Douglas Hughes, Marc Krage, Thomas Schaefer, Michael Winter Park Thennes, Christopher CONNECTICUT Brooklyn Fils, Gary

BS2008 BS1980 BS1981 BS1979 BS1983 BS2000 BS1971 BS1991 BS1978 BS1997 BS1995 BS1981 BS1990 BS1983 BS1968 BS1981 BS1988 BS1998 BS1998 BS1984 BS1978 BS1984 BS1998 BS1978 BS2002 BS2007


DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Washington Ford, Michael BS1980 DELAWARE Bear Boedeker, Ralph Dover Davison, Thomas


FLORIDA Altamonte Springs Repstien, Roger Alva Lowndes, James




Apopka Romanowski, Matthew BS1990 Boca Raton Wang, George BS1980 Boynton Beach Jones, Quincy BS2003 Bradenton Grablin, Patrick BS1979 Kunz, Brad BS2003 Magee, Dwight BS1984 Strub, Joseph BS2002 Cantonment Egner, Mark BS1990 Cape Coral Ask, Andrew BS1964 Debary Alexander, Richard BS1978 Ft. Walton Beach Ranch, Timothy BS1983 Geneva Zeller, Kirk BS1980 Howey in the Hills Line, Thomas BS1964 Jacksonville Wheeler, Timothy BS1977 Jacksonville Beach Weidenbach, Keith BS1990 Jupiter Brooks, David BS1974 Koepnick, Jim BS1971 Lesh, John BS1985 Lake Clarke Shores Heier, Ryan BS2000 Lake Mary Peterson, Thomas BS1967 Lakeland Wall, Russell BS1967 Longwood Brostrom, Darrel BS1979 Olberding, Matt BS2006 Stauduhar, William BS1990 Miami McLatchie, David BS2002 Witt, Dana BS1980 Naples Potter, William BS1978 Orlando Eckhoff, Philip BS1972 Frohardt, Daniel BS2007 Ladd, Colleen BS1997 Mark, Tyler BS2007 Palm Beach Gardens Hobbs, Syd BS1979 Palm City Beisler, Bruce BS1981 Pensacola Clarke, Richard BS1979

Riverview Barkley, David St. Petersburg Pope, Andrew Tallahassee Poland, Eric Tampa Check, Brian Jones, Donald Thornquist, John Walker, Jon Wilming, Scott Venice Oehlerts, Richard Wellington Cotter, Anthony Windermere Holmes, Shawn Winter Park Zeliadt, Raymond Winter Springs Nelson, Carl Otto, Richard GEORGIA Alpharetta Yoder, Leon Athens King, Michael Atlanta Brandt, Michael Cahalan, Scott Hofert, Daniel Olson, Justin Phillips, Bradley Schultze, Richard Cumming Gotfredson, Gary Troyer, Richard Dacula Rager, Jeffrey Evans Welder, Larry Grayson Smith, Roger Kennesaw Forbes, David Loganville Hundley, Sarah Marietta Martin, Don Peachtree City Boerschel, Bryan Peachtree City Markhardt, Kevin Powder Springs Fowler, Carey Houseman, Kenneth 124

BS1980 BS1987 BS2007 BS1997 BS1987 BS1971 BS1980 BS1987 BS1968 BS1975 BS1999 BS1995 BS1976 BS1973

BS1978 BS1997 BS1979 BS1984 BS1994 BS2005 BS1980 BS1982 BS1965 BS1976 BS1985 BS1982 BS1987 BS1984 BS2004 BS1977 BS1980 BS1987 BS1982 BS1983

Stockbridge Schroeder, Korey Vidalia Mikulecky, Lester Warner Robins McPherson, Michael GUAM Chalan Pago Kelly, John HAWAII Honolulu Lewton, Jonathan Kilauea Hansen, Scott IOWA Ackworth Stephens, Shamus Adel Grieser, Anthony White, Carol Ainsworth Fedler, Marcus Albia Scott, Robert Alden Jacobs, Darin Algona Buscher, Russell Alta Millard, Tyler Altoona DeCamp, Aaron Gillum, Curt Horlyk, Eric Jones, Jason Miller, Aaron Murray, Tyrel Schulte, Brandon Schwager, Dale Vannoy, Robbin Ames Adam, John Anderson, Brian Azmy, Nurhidayah Becker, Timothy Bell, Steven Bement, Nicholas Boekholder, Brian Bolstad, Arlan Bouchard, Loren Bouska, Timothy Bruce, Daniel Buchwald, Donna Chicoine, Kenneth Chipman, Timothy

BS2003 BS1975 BS1967


BS2006 BS1985

BS2001 BS2004 BS1989 BS1994 BS2008 BS1994 BS1989 BS2008 BS1998 BS2006 BS1979 BS1995 BS1999 BS2005 BS2002 BS2001 BS1976 BS1980 BS1976 BS2004 BS1994 BS1981 BS2006 BS2007 BS1987 BS2008 BS2002 BS1995 BS1984 BS1982 BS1997

Cormicle, Larry BS1978 Cowles, Eric BS2004 Cramer, Michael BS2006 DeGroot, David BS1992 Dix, Larry BS1988 Drake, Donald BS1988 Draper, Scott BS1991 Drury, Jeff BS1990 Egeland, Alex BS2009 Espeset, Michael BS1991 Eucher, Kimberly BS1985 Geary, Patrick BS1991 Hapke, James BS2003 Harmelink, David BS1988 Heemstra, Bradley BS1984 Heemstra, Christopher BS2009 Hendrickson, Matthew BS2008 Hennessey, Austin BS2010 Hilton, Jimmy BS2010 Hofer, Brad BS1992 Jahnke, Matthew BS2010 Kincart, Jim BS1971 Knau, Gregory BS1981 Kutchen, Mark BS1993 Lambert, Tracey BS1974 Larson, Gregory BS1977 Leek, Melissa BS2002 Loy, Zachary BS2008 Manyin, Alan BS2003 Martens, George BS1981 McCormick, Dean BS1981 McCoy, Michael BS2000 McDonald, Norman BS1980 Meyn, Kent BS1985 Neubauer, Scott BS1993 Osgerby, Kevin BS1981 Papesh, Adam BS2000 Parham, Thomas BS1982 Parsons, Mike BS1982 Plymesser, Cliff BS2005 Potthoff, Rachel BS2010 Powell, Douglas BS1971 Quiroga Cruz, Patricio BS2010 Sharp, Randy BS1988 Shilkaitis, John BS1983 Shriver, Scott BS1982 Sievers, Ryan BS2010 Sirotiak, Todd BS1983 Snyder, Angela BS1997 Sparks, Tyler BS2007 Stevens, Don BS1992 Stickfort, Derek BS2009 Strehlow, J. Bradshaw BS1982 Vannoy, Lynn BS1985

Voss, James Wengert, Thomas Wilmott, Judson Anamosa Engelbart, Steven Fliehler, Brian Pilcher, Nathan Anita Martin, John Ankeny Alvestad, Dennis Anselme, Scott Austin, Jeffrey Barnum, Luke Baxter, Daniel Binder, Kevin Bolejack, Kyle Bollig, Russell Brace, Aaron Brewer, Brian Carper, Douglas Carr, Brant Cheeseman, Ryan Corey, Shawn DeStigter, Jason Diaz, Hermes Elgin, Seth Ellgren, Todd Elliott, Scott England, Benjamin Ewell, Scott Fensury, Darwis Frideres, Brandon Gumm, Matthew Harken, Kasey Harris, Richard Harris, Joseph Hemphill, Derek Hendrickson, John Henning, Lance Hodapp, Travis Johnson, Erik Kinter, Melony Kooker, Greg Kruse, Klint Layland, Chad Leavitt, Steven Lewton, Russell Lex, Kevin Lutter, Jim Martin, Mark Meyer, Valarie Miller, Luke Packebush, Melinda Pottratz, Daniel Sill, Eric Stanley, David Staudt, Aimee 125

BS1987 BS1991 BS1995 BS1973 BS2003 BS2006 BS1970 BS1973 BS1996 BS2002 BS2009 BS1998 BS1986 BS2002 BS2006 BS2006 BS1991 BS1980 BS2003 BS2003 BS2008 BS1998 BS2009 BS1997 BS1985 BS2009 BS2004 BS2008 BS2002 BS2002 BS1999 BS2001 BS2006 BS2005 BS2003 BS1986 BS1989 BS2001 BS2006 BS2000 BS1983 BS2007 BS1998 BS1974 BS1987 BS1997 BS2001 BS1982 BS2000 BS2009 BS1996 BS1998 BS1998 BS1994 BS1999

Strahan, Justin Strahan, Luke Swenson, Mark Taylor, Colton Thrap, Joshua Timmons, Daniel Van Loon, Matthew Walker, Kevin Walker, Brett Wall, Lucas Waters, Dustin West, Joshua Wilson, David Woolery, Brandon Worden, Alicia Argyle Klemme, Brian Arlington Moellers, Jeffrey Armstrong Jensen, Alexandre Barnum Sullivan, Timothy Beaver Hammer, Jeffrey Bellevue Daugherty, Luke Weber, Cody Bettendorf Benge, James Daxon, Steven Ernster, Mike Hodgin, D. Brian Karadsheh, Issa Koellner, Kevin Loss, A. Mulloy, Patrick Peterson, Luke Roland, George Russell, James Snyder, Mark Swanson, Steven Tipp, Terry Ward, Scott Blue Grass Cahill, John Getman, James Knutsen, Jeff Richardson, Michael Schmidt, Gregg Bondurant Freeborn, Cory Hawkins, Ryan Hemmen, Gregory Hemmen, Gary Moss, Jacob Turk, Michael

BS2001 BS2006 BS1987 BS2010 BS2005 BS1981 BS2003 BS2001 BS2005 BS2007 BS2006 BS2008 BS2005 BS2007 BS1999 BS2005 BS2006 BS2009 BS1977 BS1998 BS2010 BS2008 BS1981 BS1987 BS1990 BS1984 BS2002 BS1989 BS1999 BS2010 BS2009 BS1976 BS1983 BS2004 BS1991 BS2009 BS1995 BS1974 BS1981 BS2001 BS2005 BS2008 BS1991 BS2004 BS1991 BS1967 BS2010 BS1985

Boone Dillavou, Adam BS2007 Long, Jerry BS1982 Runestad, Jay BS1994 Sporaa, Shadrach BS2002 Waltz, Joel BS1996 Bridgewater Feazell, George BS1980 Brooklyn Showalter, Gary BS1979 Bryant Greve, Troy BS2008 Burlington Duke, Dennis BS1979 Freese, Stephen BS1986 Howe, Jesse BS2007 Mathiasmeier, MichaelBS1984 Schmidt, Michael BS1982 Seibert, Tim BS1981 Wirt, Darrin BS1998 Calmar Lechtenberg, Justin BS2003 Cambridge Manfull, Bryan BS1989 Meldrum, Scott BS1997 Peters, Gerald BS1983 Carroll Badding, Nicholas BS1982 Duff, Leslie BS1970 Naberhaus, Leon BS1977 Carson Gordon, Aaron BS1998 Cedar Falls Keagle, Dan BS1998 Mattison, Todd BS1982 Murphy, Michael BS1972 Tripp-Rieks, Joseph BS2003 Windolf, John BS1992 Cedar Rapids Allen, Douglas BS2010 Anderson, Mark BS1980 Cramer, Mark BS1979 Dusil, Randall BS1980 Dvorak, David BS1973 Eastburn, Geoffrey BS1987 Faine, Jeffrey BS2009 Gerard, Michael BS1983 Grim, Michael BS2009 Hopp, Mike BS2009 Johnson, Joel BS1989 Johnson, Saren BS1989 Lewton, Matthew BS2010 Lundy, Andrew BS2000 Reid, Bradley BS2009 Scranton, Kirsta BS1996 Seidl, John BS2007 Singelstad, Jon BS1975 Stevenson, Kelly BS1983

Struss, Douglas Thinnes, Karen Wall, Douglas Wieczorek, Arlo Centerville Finch, Zachary Chariton Rosa, Ashlynn Charles City Hendrix, Raymond Cherokee Christensen, John Clarence Fleming, Gary Clarion Clemons, Adam Clear Lake Hanus, Trevor Kibsgaard, Randy Penning, Jeff Ricken, David Clemons Jones, Jared Clinton Bersch, Jason Daniels, Christopher Junginger, Jaquelyn Raun, Tyler Soenksen, Eric Clio Marolf, Ronald Clive Bockes, Matthew Braby, Joshua Carroll, Michael Doss, Robert Hillis, Matthew Lang, Steven Larson, Kenton McMullen, John Moore, Tom Reeve, Ted Schnurr, Bryan Smith, Steven Strawn, Diane Wolter, Stephen Colfax Bell, Mark Heggen, Edward Colo Ahlers, Stephen Council Bluffs Bristol, Douglas Brummer, Sean Coziahr, David Edwards, Ryan Higginbotham, Greg Hovenga, Anthony 126

BS1983 BS1984 BS1984 BS2006 BS2008 BS2007 BS1966 BS1977 BS1982 BS2007 BS2010 BS1984 BS1999 BS1984 BS2004 BS2006 BS2009 BS2001 BS2003 BS2003 BS1995 BS2004 BS2006 BS1976 BS1982 BS2000 BS1978 BS1980 BS1990 BS1980 BS1980 BS1996 BS1985 BS1987 BS1980 BS1979 BS2002 BS2006 BS2002 BS2009 BS1984 BS2004 BS1981 BS1982

Seipold, Robert BS1976 Thien, Hilary BS2003 White, Jason BS2001 Cresco Andera, Nicholas BS2006 Frohn, Robert BS1994 Creston Smith, Donald BS1971 Cumming Lounsbury, Andy BS1984 Staudt, Josh BS2003 Dallas Center Fowler, Mark BS1987 Jensen, Bradley BS1992 Danbury Cameron, Adam BS2000 Danville Smith, Christopher BS1998 Davenport Aliwat, Ahmad BS1981 Brandt, Steven BS1987 Corcoran, Timothy BS2009 Grunder, Kyle BS2009 Harry, Brian BS2008 Heinselman, Samuel BS2008 Kendall, Aaron BS2007 Kraft, Wayne BS1992 Marbach, Lee BS2008 McNamara, Christopher BS1999 Meier, Russell BS1991 Nieman, Jared BS1975 Nieman, Jon BS1983 Terry, Chad BS1996 Van Fossen, Charles BS1971 White, Chad BS2005 Zarn, Bryan BS1981 De Witt Proctor, Matthew BS2000 Decorah Kipp, Ryan BS1998 Wyckoff, Andrew BS1986 Delhi Vorwald, Jason BS1999 Denver Molln, Alan BS1982 Des Moines Aldrich, Nicholas BS2002 Anthony, Mark BS2005 Bassman, Chad BS2000 Bowers, James BS2006 Bruns, Ben BS2001 Burgod, Nathan BS2004 Cade, Peter BS2010 Carter, Nicholas BS2003 Chapman, Jeffrey BS1989 Clark, Richard BS1999 Currie, Kevin BS1984

Davidson, Judd BS1991 Davis, Tim BS2004 Dodson, Russell BS2002 Doyle, Joel BS1983 Edmondson, Jeremy BS2009 Faber, Alexis BS2004 Flickinger, Timothy BS1990 Fuller, Jake BS2010 Gahan, William BS1982 Gilbreath, Mark BS1991 Hansen, Jeffrey BS1984 Harmon, Robert BS1982 Harryman, Michael BS1999 Hart, J. BS1981 Hibbs, Tony BS1991 Hutchens, Scott BS1987 Jesson, Matthew BS2002 Johnson, Mark BS1980 Jones, Brandon BS2000 Kelly, Angela BS2001 Kimsey, Keith BS2010 Kirstein, Nathan BS2000 Knox, Jamie BS2006 Koester, Paul BS1977 Koester, Matthew BS2009 Kutchen, Scott BS1999 Lancaster, David BS1988 Linn, Scott BS1978 Lux, Jeremy BS1996 Marburg, John BS1993 Marks, Jeffrey BS1991 Michael, Bryan BS1996 Miller, David BS1971 Nguyen, Arren BS2010 Ohde, Douglas BS1970 Pigneri, Steven BS1991 Porayouw, Yiendra BS2002 Roberts, Ewatt BS2010 Sample, Michael BS1981 Scandrett, Jeffrey BS2001 Schweers, Christopher BS2007 Sherman, Anthony BS1995 Sorenson, John BS1963 Stevenson, Darin BS1999 Stroud, Eric BS1984 Su, Hui BS2001 Tacke, Cody BS2003 Taylor, Jack BS1969 Theis, Jeffrey BS2008 Tousley, Michael BS1980 Trower, Richard BS2007 Tubbs, Kevin BS1982 Wharff, David BS1983 Williamson, S. Brandt BS1980 Witte, Darwyn BS1973 Zeimen, Danny BS2001

DeWitt Fleagle, Scott BS1985 Grager, Justin BS2004 Ocken, Merle BS1970 Dubuque Conlon, David BS1978 Enderson, George BS1971 Gaul, Brian BS1999 Hansen, Gregory BS1985 McDermott, Cory BS2008 Sievers, Michael BS1986 Durant White, Eric BS2000 Dyersville Yoder, Jeffrey BS1982 Earlham Anderson, Hannah BS2000 Babcock, Karmyn BS1998 Butts, Kevin BS1984 Driskell, Melissa BS1995 Eldridge Knepper, Jeffrey BS2000 Niebuhr, Lawrence BS1980 Tremmel, Paul BS2000 Tucker, Richard BS2004 Wolf, Nicholas BS2000 Elk Horn Fredericksen, Christopher BS2007 Elkhart Stafford, Ronald BS2000 Turczynski, Scott BS1994 Ely Lower, Bryan BS1983 Emerson McKee, Wade BS1990 Epworth Mueller, Kyle BS2007 Estherville Schroeder, Garrett BS2008 Fairfax Bunge, Aaron BS2006 Rahe, Kyle BS2001 Fairfield Schafer, Clifford BS2005 Farmersburg Formanek, Brenton BS2009 Ft. Dodge Hackenmiller, Ryan BS2006 Kolacia, Craig BS1996 Madsen, Brian BS2009 Ft. Madison Culp, Daniel BS1989 Garden Grove Thomas, Thomas BS1981 Garrison Walker, Jason BS1995 Gilbert 127

Mander, Wayne Stecker, James Gladbrook Petersen, Bart Glenwood Collins, Ryan Ringsdorf, William Goldfield Meinke, Anthony Goose Lake Gordon, Wayne Gowrie Wilks, Tanner Grand Junction Coon, Duane Grand River Collier, Camron O'Grady, Rowdy Granger Flemmer, David Rolfes, Thomas Van Roekel, Sara Greeley Hunt, Michael Greenfield Morgan, Douglas Grimes Cramer, Robert Ekstrand, Eric Fangman, Steven Ferguson, Steven Frischmeyer, David Johansen, Erik Larson, Jeffrey Madison, Matthew Morrison, Stephanie Niebuhr, Steven Nuckolls, Brett Sowder, Edward Squires, Vanessa Grinnell Churchill, Daniel Churchill, Dennis Godar, Mark Grundy Center Clark, Douglas Clausen, Justin Halbur Theulen, Taylor Hiawatha Cubbage, Clayton Kaufman, Eric Hinton Field, Loren Mullen, Daniel Holstein Barry, Douglas Holy Cross

BS1993 BS1972 BS1991 BS2010 BS1985 BS2010 BS2007 BS2010 BS1979 BS2010 BS2010 BS2001 BS1982 BS2004 BS1976 BS1980 BS1990 BS1996 BS1987 BS1988 BS2007 BS2002 BS1983 BS2004 BS1995 BS1983 BS1980 BS2008 BS2000 BS1978 BS1978 BS1980 BS1989 BS2003 BS2010 BS1998 BS2000 BS1981 BS1979 BS1977

Borgerding, Scott BS2005 Taylor, Peter BS2004 Hospers Jungers, Derrick BS2008 Hudson Dehart, Ronald BS1989 Humboldt David, Brian BS1999 Rechkemmer, Jason BS1998 Sande, Jerry BS1976 Huxley Colman, Kassi BS2004 Drew, Isaac BS2003 Harms, Corey BS2001 Hikiji, Vance BS1993 Orgler, Michael BS1991 Sparks, James BS2004 Independence Crosser, Scott BS1982 Janechek, Michael BS2010 Larson, Douglas BS1995 O'Loughlin, Phillip BS2010 Schwartz, Ann BS1998 Schwartz, Travis BS1997 Indianola Brady, Timothy BS1981 Brown, Justin BS2004 Burk, Amy BS1995 Butler, Joseph BS2006 Coalbank, Chad BS2003 Crubaugh, Jamie BS2005 Hutchens, Mark BS1983 Nestvedt, Joseph BS1981 Paulsen, Bradley BS2010 Seeger, Kenneth BS1972 Selgrade, Dominique BS2005 Smith, Russell BS2004 Williams, Scott BS2009 Iowa City Blount, Stephen BS1977 Grunzweig, Nicholas BS1977 Meyerholz, Tyler BS2005 Moore, Doug BS1991 Moye-Rowley, Michael BS2010 Peterson, Eric BS2009 Sauer, Lindsay BS2000 Tiemeyer, Jon BS1974 Warren, Jason BS1991 Iowa Falls Gehrls, John BS1981 Janesville Spencer, Earl BS1975 Johnston Bunner, Chad BS1994 Churchill, Brad BS1994 Gerleman, Joseph BS1979 Hodapp, Troy BS1996

Laurenzo, Brian BS1984 Manatt, Andrew BS2001 Manning, Christopher BS1981 Martinson, Richard BS1989 McColloch, Mitchell BS2010 McElroy, James BS1976 Peters, Randall BS1989 Pittman, Brian BS2001 Prosperi, Robert BS1970 Schwarzenbach, Robby BS1997 Spooner, Kevin BS1986 Toney, Aaron BS2001 Venter, Daniel BS1981 Kelley Harmsen, Leroy BS1979 Mickelson, Kent BS2005 Keota Swanstrom, Jay BS1982 Kesley Dix, Ross BS2004 Knoxville Beal, James BS1989 Bishop, Brian BS2004 Harrington, Matthew BS1998 Kamp, Todd BS1999 La Porte City Werner, Jesse BS2007 Lake Mills Roberts, Stephen BS1981 Lake View Wallace, Craig BS1980 Le Claire Friemel, Todd BS2000 Le Mars Penning, Lowell BS1983 Herbst, Dean BS1995 Hodgson, Kevin BS2001 Meis, John BS1982 Rand, Dana BS1986 Leon Smith, Branton BS2010 Lockridge Burgmeier, Phillip BS2003 Long Grove Miltenberger, Joshua BS2005 Macedonia Forristall, Gary BS1971 Madrid Hudnutt, Scott BS1988 Kubik, Dave BS2009 Perkins, Bradley BS1997 Troyer, Steve BS1993 Manchester Guetzko, Mark BS1984 Marsh, Robert BS1978 Manning 128

Detlefsen, John Steffes, Nathan Manson Peterson, Leslie Maquoketa England, James Sheets, Mark Marcus Leavitt, James Marion Andersen, Jerad Bartilson, David Cousins, Roger Fay, Joseph Hentges, Joseph Marsh, Bruce Meiners, Theodore Merta, Benjamin Novy, Michael Snead, Derek Tobin, Craig Marshalltown Bonzer, Alex Calderon, Noemi Gapinski, Jonathon Gethmann, Jack Hay, Steven Iikubo, Kakeru Mahlstede, John Meyeraan, Kendall Olson, Katie Welker, Sherman Mason City Brcka, Kent Douglas, Adam Hubbard, Cheryl Jessen, George Little, David Schmit, Gary Sheller, Scott Watson, Stephen Maxwell Hand, Jonathan Merryman, Kevin Wolfe, Michael McIntire Brumm, Richard Meriden Ferris, Ryan Middle Amana Reihmann, Randy Missouri Valley Leusink, Mark Mitchellville Bailey, Kurt Monticello Klein, Jason Moville

BS1972 BS2010 BS2004 BS1978 BS1995 BS1980 BS2006 BS1977 BS1975 BS1985 BS1991 BS1992 BS2002 BS2000 BS1978 BS2006 BS1998 BS2002 BS2009 BS2008 BS1963 BS1977 BS2007 BS1987 BS1988 BS2008 BS1982 BS1995 BS2007 BS1999 BS1984 BS1981 BS1984 BS1979 BS1998 BS2002 BS1995 BS2003 BS1996 BS2006 BS1982 BS2000 BS1988 BS2010

Manker, Tyler Mt. Pleasant Caboth, Cragon Mt. Vernon Kleiman, Stephen Ruden, Nicholas Wiebel, Rory Wischmeyer, Kirk Nashua Sullivan, Brian Nevada Ristau, Kent New Providence Jackson, Walt Williams, Timothy New Sharon Van Utrecht, Brian Newell Overgaard, Nels Newhall Retz, Drew Newton Gast, Guy Graber, Cortney North English Heyne, Stephen Heyne, Tara North Liberty Drapeaux, Ryan El-Zein, Ali Nordell, Dustin Willis, Jason Norwalk Altes, Jonathan Cornelius, Scott Haaland, Ryan Henderson, Kelly Schmidt, Steven Simon, Eric Snethen, P. Bryon Vonnahme, John Wright, Benjamin Osceola Burgus, David Paul, Ryan Oskaloosa Dickinson, David Dickinson, James Franje, Nathan Nielsen, James Otley Menninga, Johnny Ottumwa Kinsinger, Thomas Rhynas, James Palo Streeper, Brian Paullina

BS2006 BS1977 BS1982 BS1994 BS2001 BS1998 BS2008 BS1993 BS1997 BS2002 BS2010 BS2006 BS1986 BS1977 BS1999 BS1999 BS1999 BS2006 BS1988 BS2006 BS2000 BS2000 BS2006 BS2006 BS2002 BS1979 BS1997 BS1990 BS2007 BS2007 BS1994 BS2008 BS1977 BS1974 BS2003 BS2009 BS1973 BS2007 BS2008 BS2008

Ebel, Lee Pella Gerdes, Gregory Mathes, Jay Payne, Joshua Turnbull, Seamus Van Rheenen, Chad Van Weelden, Steven Peosta Kueter, Scott Perry Farley, Alan Pleasant Hill Hulsebus, Jason McClain, Patrick Vanarendonk, Brian Ward, Danny Workman, Larry Polk City Hagberg, Nathaniel Ryan, John Sajovec, Louis Schafbuch, Casey Tometich, Timothy Twedt, Cynthia Radcliffe Lauritson, Joseph Red Oak Drake, Adam Reinbeck Fleshner, Christopher Muller, Jordan Peterson, Gale Rinard Miller, Steven Riverside Montz, Craig Rich, James Rock Rapids Warner, Matt Roland Templeton, Brett Rolfe Sandvig, Bryan Runnells Dooley, Josh Kain, Kevin Vannoy, Lee Sac City Pratt, Blake Salem Dean, James Scranton Zimmerman, Steven Sergeant Bluff Kehrt, Chad Sheldahl Knudsen, Gregory 129

BS2007 BS1984 BS2010 BS2004 BS2008 BS1998 BS1989 BS2001 BS1989 BS2004 BS2006 BS2002 BS2007 BS1971 BS2003 BS2003 BS1988 BS2007 BS1999 BS2002 BS1997 BS2008 BS1997 BS2004 BS1966 BS1994 BS2004 BS1998 BS2010 BS2006 BS2005 BS2002 BS2002 BS1985 BS2010 BS1975 BS1976 BS1995 BS2009

Sheldon Struble, Steven BS1990 Sidney Lowthorp, Andrew BS2010 Sioux City Agnes, Robert BS1972 Bolinger, Ryan BS2009 Brown, Timothy BS1986 Destigter, Douglas BS1981 Geisler, Bryan BS1988 Gill, Thomas BS1988 Honsbruch, Roger BS1975 Johnson, Douglas BS1974 Larson, David BS1978 Leonard, Steven BS1980 Lewis, Richard BS1991 Logan, Robert BS1981 McCline, Curtis BS1976 Netley, Dwayne BS1976 Netley, Boyd BS2010 Obbink, Nicholas BS2003 Ohlfest, Douglas BS1973 Pittman, Daniel BS1995 Prescott, Gary BS1979 Rens, Ronald BS1989 Reynolds, Brandon BS1998 Sulzbach, Richard BS1972 Vande Zandschulp, Harlan BS1975 Wiener, Matthew BS2002 Slater Drent, Dale BS1998 Solon Hauser, Todd BS1984 Krug, Everett BS1970 Schebler, Jeffery BS1981 Wurzer, Wayne BS1975 Spencer Shabino, Ryan BS2010 Spirit Lake Berg, Michael BS2010 Dohlman, Dwight BS1982 Eich, William BS1972 Gilbert, Roger BS1969 Larson, David BS1978 Vogel, Andrew BS2007 Springville Wenzel, Jeffrey BS1982 State Center Conkin, Gary BS1986 Nolta, Mark BS1985 Storm Lake Jennett, Samuel BS2009 Story City Busch, Richard BS1990 Corcoran, Richard BS2005 Cummings, Randy BS1992 Turner, Troy BS1992

Welter, Mike BS1981 Strawberry Point Norberg, Austin BS2009 Sully Vos, Jaron BS2002 Swisher Schoene, Richard BS1976 Thor Friesth, Michael BS1997 Thurman Cassidy, Lucas BS2009 Tiffin Ford, Nicholas BS2002 Steffen, Zachary BS2007 Toddville Voss, Kevin BS1993 Toledo Lyon, Caleb BS2007 Underwood Stoulil, Mitchell BS2008 Union Matzinger, James BS2006 Urbandale Atcheson, Gerald BS1993 Burbank, Keith BS1976 Christiansen, Brandon BS1999 Cooper, Mike BS1997 Cooper, Jim BS1983 Czerwinski, Luke BS2002 Dimond, David BS1986 Ehrlich, Charles BS1986 Garwood, Matthew BS1994 Halverson, Steven BS2005 Harger, Michael BS1993 Hass, Michael BS1997 Heiliger, Terry BS1990 Henkels, Paul BS1979 Karns, Matthew BS2010 Kauffman, Ryan BS2004 Kumm, Doug BS1981 Pigneri, Ryan BS2009 Port, Casey BS1998 Ripple, Aaron BS2002 Schupbach, Michael BS2010 Shattuck, Brian BS1998 Shepherd, Jonathan BS2006 Smith, Jeffrey BS1995 Tollakson, Rick BS1976 Wilgenbusch, Luke BS2005 Wolff, Nicholas BS2010 Young, James BS2003 Zaletel, Matthew BS2010 Van Meter Anderson, Roger BS1982 Fetters, Amy BS1996 Jones, Anthony BS1993 Junker, Vincent BS1990

Wiederholt, Joshua Vinton Calderwood, William Vandyke, Daniel Washington Hotchkiss, Jacob Miller, Matt Phipps, Brian Waterloo Bassett, Claire Boeckmann, Adam Conley, Melissa Dakovich, Milton Dostanic, Marko Fortune, Warren Homan, Aaron Homan, Sarah Jackson, Stephen Knipp, Jason Nelson, William Punelli, Dominic Sanders, Joseph Stanley, Jamie Swinton, Dean Tolbert, Jaimie Wolter, Andrew Waukee Clausen, Chris Garner, Aaron Lorey, Patrick McGreger, Ryan Merk, Jonathon Mills, Bradley Mittag, Nathan Newbury, Scott Stoulil, Andrew Sweeney, Ron Waukon Seibert, Johnathan Webster City Peterson, Joel Peterson, Gerald Wesley Siegrist, Andrew West Bend Bruellman, Clark West Des Moines Ball, Darrell Boesenberg, Brian Boettcher, Michael Bonus, Kenneth Buchanan, Todd Buenneke, Jon Bunge, Benjamin Carlstrom, Mike Clausen, Lucas Cole, Randy Cooper, Brent 130

BS2007 BS1980 BS1982 BS2004 BS1996 BS2009 BS2010 BS2003 BS2004 BS1976 BS2010 BS1974 BS1999 BS2003 BS1975 BS2007 BS1969 BS2000 BS1970 BS2002 BS1971 BS1999 BS1990 BS2001 BS2002 BS1975 BS2010 BS2000 BS1982 BS2006 BS1987 BS2006 BS1979 BS2010 BS1986 BS1981 BS2008 BS2009 BS1967 BS1978 BS2005 BS1985 BS1988 BS1984 BS2005 BS1967 BS2007 BS1981 BS1991

Cutler, Scott Cutler, Peter Dillavou, Jay Dumdei, Victoria Edwards, Mickel Engel, Jason Eveland, Jason Eveland, Kelsey Gerber, Ted Graeve, Wayne Greiner, Robert Grubb, Andrew Hagberg, James Halsey, Brandon Hanks, David Harrison, Christopher Herman, Josh Johansen, Erik Kemp, Charles Kinser, Gregory Majeres, Todd Manning, Jeff Miller, Geoffrey Mitton, Thomas Montgomery, Craig Mozena, John Myers, Bryan Nelson, Michael Newman, Arthur Pauley, Randall Pepper, Craig Petersen, Adam Peterson, David Rasmusson, Mark Rehm, Michael Roberts, Drew Schulte, Greg Sinnwell, Lawrence Sodders, Robert Solem, Dan Stockdale, Thomas Stone, Jeffrey Sundermann, Gina Treasure, William Vaske, Kent Verdon, Benjamin Wickering, Gary Yungclas, David West Liberty Bowers, Ryan West Point Sanders, Bradley Sanders, Rodney Williamsburg Spenler, Charles Vaile, Michael Windsor Heights Boucher, Michael

BS2009 BS2010 BS1983 BS1982 BS1984 BS2002 BS2007 BS2007 BS2010 BS1976 BS2008 BS2005 BS1979 BS2007 BS2010 BS1985 BS2003 BS2009 BS1987 BS1997 BS2000 BS1997 BS2007 BS1979 BS2006 BS1988 BS1984 BS1992 BS1978 BS1987 BS1980 BS2002 BS2001 BS1982 BS1978 BS2008 BS1990 BS1986 BS1988 BS2004 BS1977 BS1976 BS2006 BS2005 BS1994 BS2007 BS2005 BS1982 BS2009 BS1997 BS2001 BS1984 BS1985 BS1979

Jensen, Thomas Winterset Armstrong, Gregory Clemens, Kevin Weaver, Brian Yarmouth Baker, Shane IDAHO Boise Nott, Dennis Pullen, Jeff Idaho Falls Adams, Richard Roseland, Richard Sandpoint Gannon, Daniel ILLINOIS Algonquin Elliott, John Algonquin Larson, Jeffrey Alsip Marrin, Gary Antioch Mihovilovich, Jerry Arlington Heights Frank, Andy Ihle, Leon Novak, Daniel Tan, Khim-Liong Aurora Leuer, Mark Aurora Summers, Nathan Barrington Martin, Peter Olesen, Mark Pepper, Dave Stearney, Peter Batavia Lawrence, Douglas Propp, Todd Beecher Pacholski, Catherine Belleville Boone, Timothy Bethalto Connor, Charles Bloomington Harris, Tyler Blue Mound Davison, Alicia Bourbonnais Rosenow, Craig Burnham Leuzzi, Mario

BS1980 BS1989 BS1986 BS1980 BS1996

BS1973 BS1980 BS1976 BS1978 BS1970

BS1991 BS1988 BS1979 BS2007 BS1984 BS1968 BS1986 MS1998 BS1988 BS2003 BS1981 BS1989 BS1985 BS1988 BS1978 BS1981 BS1999 BS1982 BS1980 BS1998 BS2010 BS1980 BS1998

Burr Ridge Martin, James Carpentersville Spence, Jenny Cary Anderson, David DeGroote, Stephen Higgins, Scott Seyko, Kevin Wageman, Mark Chatham Johnson, David Wavering, Jay Chicago Alleman, Anthony Anderson, Rick Bolchazy, Allan Bosman, Matthew Brown, Jason Cahill, Daniel Cilio, Andrew Dziedzic, Shawn Ganch, Steven Grimmius, Joben Hermsen, Joshua Huey, Peter Ketelsen, Brett Kilheeney, Martin Kock, Travis Lucas, Jeffrey Markle, Joshua Meyer, Paul Nikolin, Benjamin Olson, Nick Osier, Thomas Overbaugh, Brian Pfab, Adam Rhymes, Basil Roggenbuck, Paul Ross, Phillip Schlag, Megan Schott, Kyle Schultz, Edward Simbrowsky, Mark Stensland, Michael Sullivan, Barry Theis, Elizabeth Wagner, Andrew Weller, Ryan Westercamp, Chase Wilson, Jann Wong, Yew-Choong Zikra, Alexander Clarendon Hills Rogers, Steven Coal Valley Ward, Daniel Collinsville 131

BS1997 BS1999 BS1979 BS1987 BS1983 BS1986 BS1990 BS1980 BS2000 BS2006 BS1973 BS1989 BS2003 BS1997 BS1986 BS2004 BS1996 BS1989 BS2009 BS2002 BS2002 BS2004 BS1984 BS1999 BS1983 BS2008 BS2002 BS1997 BS2010 BS2004 BS2001 BS2002 BS1983 BS2008 BS2003 BS2009 BS2003 BS1992 BS1997 BS1984 BS2001 BS2002 BS2006 BS2003 BS2009 BS1985 BS2003 BS2008 BS1984 BS1984

Reinert, Joel Crystal Lake Cowger, Lisa Knight, Jeffrey Nissen, James Peterson, Kirk Decatur Baumann, Steven Deer Park Evans, John Dekalb Gannon, Patrick Wood, Christopher Des Plaines Cox, Edward Rahe, David Downers Grove Goddard, Chad Edwards Geske, Jeff Edwardsville Reser, Kurt Elgin Auer, Jason Dawson, Paul Kaminski, Nicholas Elmhurst Lindquist, Eric Fox River Grove Quid, Ryan Frankfort Kavouris, John Gilberts Lamp, Ian Glen Carbon Sido, Thomas Glen Ellyn Benkert, Andrew Jabaay, Todd Glenview James, Stephen May, James Grant Park Peterson, Jeffrey Grayslake Adam, Pierre Loudin, Stephen Nollin, Jacob Nordland, Robert Sturm, Steve Gurnee Peterson, Ryan Hawthorn Woods Tharnstrom, Gregg Wallis, Michael Heyworth Massman, Martin Hinsdale

BS1981 BS1986 BS1983 BS1981 BS1985 BS1992 BS1977 BS1991 BS2003 BS2003 BS2006 BS2001 BS1982 BS1991 BS1993 BS1979 BS2001 BS2007 BS2010 BS1988 BS1981 BS1972 BS1995 BS1988 BS1985 BS1986 BS1988 BS1989 BS1981 BS2007 BS1985 BS1990 BS2000 BS1969 BS1996 BS1981

Anderson, Sean BS2009 Slattery, Daniel BS1985 Hoffman Estates Scully, Anthony BS2004 Weber, Eric BS2001 Woo, Han-Meng BS1998 Huntley Schlueter, Thomas BS1985 La Grange Mortimer, David BS1985 Moore, Jeffrey BS1978 Lake Forest Stohlgren, Keith BS1980 Lake In The Hills Lehr, David BS1988 Ure, Scott BS1985 Lake Villa Bretthauer, Scott BS1982 DeYoung, Scott BS2001 Lake Zurich Golumbeck, Steve BS2000 Libertyville Bjorklund, Craig BS1981 Krier, Robert BS1981 Lisle Moritz, Jason BS2008 Lombard Nashert, Walter BS2003 Loves Park Behling, Kevin BS1990 Machesney Park Sjostrom, Grant BS2003 Mapleton Campen, Greg BS1988 McHenry Dehmlow, Darrin BS1991 Mendota Maas, Michael BS1975 Millington Kreftmeyer, Christopher BS2002 Mokena Obrecht, Christopher BS1997 Moline Mackewicz, Craig BS1981 Rossmiller, Brian BS1990 Montgomery Fabere, Scott BS1978 Kuehner, Travis BS1999 Wells, Brian BS1996 Morrison Hedgren, Brian BS2000 Naperville Bearson, Kent BS1982 Finnerty, Thomas BS1977 Frakes, Aron BS1999 Greco, James BS1983 Kaufman, Michael BS1984

Kintner, Mark Sugrue, Michael Thomas, Samuel Weeks, David North Aurora Williams, Kevin Northbrook Hyun, John Oswego Dodd, Neal Palatine Derus, Chad Eipert, James Magnuson, Matthew Stearney, Phillip Park Ridge Hafencher, Karl Pekin Rogers, Thomas Peoria Cicciarelli, Scott Rumpf, Brian Port Byron McKay, Jeffrey Prospect Heights Steffens, Brian Rock Island Hott, Benjamin Loomis, Eric Rockford Behling, Robert Johnson, Brent

BS1993 BS1983 BS1969 BS1985

Kaplanes, James Sautter, Robert Waldeier, Douglas Roscoe Weller, Kyle Round Lake Sikorski, Michael San Jose Doyle, Chris Schaumburg Binder, Thomas Shorewood Scholtes, Daniel South Barrington Latoria, Anthony Springfield Boelman, Adam Hines, Perry Persinger, Douglas Sorensen, Mark St. Charles Bickert, Timothy Mueller, Richard Rosso, Christopher Smith, Jeff 132

BS1989 BS1981 BS1997

BS1979 BS1997 BS1977 BS1997 BS1992 BS2009 BS1989 BS2010 BS1973 BS1982 BS1988 BS1979 BS2009 BS2003 BS1988 BS1967 BS1983

BS2009 BS1979 BS2002 BS1997 BS1987 BS2007 BS2002 BS2003 BS1991 BS1984 BS1983 BS1975 BS2010 BS1983

Sugar Grove Higgins, Corey BS1999 Sycamore Born, Stephanie BS1996 Vernon Hills Geier, Jeffrey BS1990 Verona Prosek, Joseph BS2003 Warrenville Gromala, Steven BS1986 Washington Colton, Jeff BS1995 Ludwig, Steven BS1986 Western Springs Bezanis, Brian BS1992 Callaghan, Robert BS1985 Westmont Stapleton, Andrew BS1995 Stapleton, Lorri BS1994 Thomas, Bruce BS1983 Wheaton Christensen, Mark BS1979 Nielsen, Peter BS1997 Treharne, Stephen BS1970 Van Rossum, William BS1995 Waber, Christopher BS1985 Wetmore, Thomas BS2008 Willowbrook Pelton, John BS1991 Wilmette Crawford, John BS1986 Woodstock Creath, James BS1987 INDIANA Brownsburg Blahnik, Robert BS1972 Carmel Renoe, James BS1992 Crown Point Gronewold, Mark BS1975 Granger Loeffelholz, Alan BS1985 Indianapolis Evanson, Sarah BS1997 Jungst, Donald BS1975 Lafayette Breon, Crystal BS2005 South Bend Brindle, Steven BS1994 Matt, Gary BS1981 Valparaiso George, Joseph BS1988 Megraw, Kerry BS2005 West Lafayette Schuster, Daniel BS1979

KANSAS Emporia Lee, Mark Rech, Christopher Kansas City Palmer, Neal Lansing Werthmann, Jeffrey Lawrence Howard, David Smith, Randall Leawood Floyd, Eric Gudgel, Phillip Kelly, Scott Lorei, Greg Lenexa Casey, Michael Eilers, Heather Harris, Jacob Haverkamp, Matthew Herrig, Nick Hullinger, David Manhattan Blomme, Nathan Gast, Alan Olathe Christy, Michael DeJong, Matthew Edsall, Todd Hoffey, Martin Hotovec, Chad Hunter, Gregg Kirby, Chad Kohns, Larry Larson, Curt McDermott, Mark Mitchem, Greg Nelson, Steve Paris, Christopher Peterson, Becky Purdy, Nathaniel Rafoth, Chad Schraeder, Mark Turk, Jeff Valdez, Brandon Valdez, Elizabeth Overland Park Ackermann, Casey Bell, Nicole Cain, Robert Carlson, Greg Clement, Lori Corkrean, Brad Evans, Patrick Heger, Thomas Logue, Steven McCarthy, David

BS2004 BS1989 BS1981 BS1985 BS1988 BS1986 BS1993 BS1980 BS1987 BS1990 BS1980 BS2001 BS2008 BS2008 BS1989 BS1982 BS2003 BS1979 BS2008 BS1995 BS2000 BS1985 BS2006 BS1981 BS1997 BS1968 BS1988 BS1991 BS1998 BS2001 BS1994 BS1980 BS2000 BS2000 BS1988 BS1985 BS2000 BS2001 BS2002 BS2009 BS1988 BS1985 BS1984 BS2007 BS1990 BS1997 BS1981 BS1980

McDermott, Brian BS1995 Melton, Thomas BS1995 Meredith, Jessica BS2009 Pietig, Brian BS1991 Ramaekers, Tyler BS2006 Schmidt, Bryan BS2008 Streeter-Schaefer, Holly BS1998 Wells, Jason BS2002 Wiitanen, Steve BS2010 Prairie Village Rogers, Barry BS1979 Schafer, Dirk BS1980 Vosler, Warren BS1965 Roeland Park Kies, Kathleen BS2002 Shawnee Halbur, Michael BS1996 Moore, Cheri BS2003 Shawnee Mission Stewart, Jeffrey BS1981 Topeka Haines, Mark BS1994 Westwood Barchman, Matthew BS2007 Wichita Voss, Edward BS1969 KENTUCKY Frankfort Rhody, Debra BS1981 La Grange Kaiser, Lee BS2001 Louisville Pigneri, Rocco BS1978 Qamar, Ramzi BS1988 Prospect King, David BS1978 Baton Rouge Hoffman, Samuel BS2007 Noel, Gary BS1982 Kenner Jestrab, Eric BS2005 Mandeville Krumwiede, Christopher BS1998 New Orleans Allen, Zachary BS2003 Slidell Buttler, Lynnette BS1992 Whitworth, James BS1987 Youngsville Vazquez, Edna BS2003 MASSACHUSETTS Acton Floyd, Charles BS1972 Auburndale 133

Ludwig, Jerry Belmont Wolfe, Nathan Boston Worthington, Dustin Framingham Lie, Robert Ipswich Casali, Kevin Lexington Gruber, Kimberly Sunderland Lutenegger, Alan Watertown Peterson, Ryan MARYLAND Annapolis O'Brien, Jack Bethesda Sullivan, Bradley Dayton Henderson, Thomas Germantown Dittus, Kenneth Hanover Scully, Whitney Hollywood Schumacher, Thomas Jessup Schmitz, Alisha Manchester Smearman, Michael Parkton Miller, Albert Silver Spring Chamberlain, Rusty Towson Johnson, Curt Towson Whitcome, James MAINE Bath Richter, Patrick MICHIGAN Beverly Hills Perrenoud, Douglas Farmington Hills Frank, William Midland Naberhaus, Dennis Mt. Pleasant Sheffert, Lary Pleasant Lake Kelling, Craig Rockford

BS1979 BS2010 BS2008 BS1981 BS1986 BS1996 BS1975 BS2009

BS1975 BS2002 BS1982 BS2006 BS1980 BS1990 BS1998 BS1988 BS1975 BS2004 BS1992 BS1971


BS1983 BS1970 BS1973 BS1980 BS1981

Dixon, Scott St. Joseph Klusendorf, Brian Troy Miller, Charles MINNESOTA Afton Hosch, Gregory Albert Lea Claussen, Anna Andover Grout, Roger Apple Valley Lind, Kevin Williams, Nicholas Austin Plotts, Garett Avon Chandler, Paul Baster Leege, Lawrence Battle Lake Madson, Scott Blaine Beumer, Joseph Blooming Prairie Lysne, Douglas Bloomington Herrick, Mark Larson, Craig Brooklyn Park Carter, Robert Buffalo Stecker, Steven Burnsville Kruse, Brad Champlin Day, Stephen McKee, Jeffrey Sheriff, Jeffrey Chanhassen Gatto, David McKinney, Matthew Pladsen, John Schmall, Thomas Chaska Greenig, Steven Leverington, Steven Pokorney, Michael Tjaden, Nicholas Circle Pines Kuenstling, Jon Cloquet Ellingson, Michael Coon Rapids Elsner, Ronald Kopp, Nicholas

BS1981 BS1988 BS1985

BS1993 BS2010 BS1988 BS2006 BS2004 BS2009 BS1995 BS1971 BS1982 BS2003 BS1967 BS1975 BS1978 BS1978 BS1994 BS2004 BS1990 BS2006 BS1971 BS1982 BS2000 BS1995 BS1986 BS1980 BS1986 BS2010 BS2006 BS1985 BS1982 BS1978 BS2003

Roozenboom, William BS2002 Schwake, Dustin BS1999 Eagan Goodwin, Peter BS1971 Harlson, Richard BS1971 Hauser, Stephen BS1979 Oberhaus, Paul BS1982 Schultz, Richard BS1970 Eden Prairie Barstad, Jon BS1983 Eliasen, Mary BS1990 Gunderson, Mark BS1991 Hunwardsen, Roger BS1989 McFarland, Timothy BS1975 Nelson, Adam BS2006 Sarno, Frank BS1998 Sarno, Stacy BS1998 Sorensen, Kenneth BS1976 Edina Anderson, Greg BS1984 Ellis, Laura BS2010 Hall, Peter BS1981 Elgin Roberts, Nicholas BS2010 Excelsior Duyvejonck, Beth BS1997 Martinsen, Lee BS1971 Ten Clay, Marvin BS1968 Faribault Lorenzen, Jeffrey BS1979 O'Connor, Michael BS2002 Farmington Callahan, Timothy BS2002 Sweetman, Charlie BS1990 Golden Valley Anderson, Charles BS1992 Ernst, Michael BS1995 Grey Eagle Rivisto, John BS1983 Hanover Herzberg, Dave BS1990 Hastings Nickel, Branson BS2001 Hollandale Van Erkel, Jon BS2008 Hopkins Fritcher, James BS1978 Heikens, Michelle BS2003 Inver Grove Heights Fett, Robert BS1977 Spevacek, George BS1971 Lake Elmo Leitch, Brian BS2010 Weis, Shane BS2004 Lakeville Benjamin, Elizabeth BS1986 Even, Dale BS1998 134

Rosenbery, Aaron BS1986 Lino Lakes Maddy, Joseph BS1984 Mantorville Ewing, Jon BS1986 Maple Grove Blizzard, Troy BS1997 Curran, Dustyn BS2008 Schroeder, Terry BS1981 Shifflett, Scott BS2003 Maple Plain Fadden, Vincent BS2008 Mazeppa Benike, John BS1978 Merrifield Backman, James BS1974 Minneapolis Barickman, D. Bradley BS2003 Burke, David BS1989 Elliott, Lance MS1996 Fesenmaier, Jodel BS2003 Harty, Nathan BS2003 Heisdorffer, Kevin BS2008 Herrema, David BS2001 Hill, John BS1979 Hornibrook, Matthew BS2005 Ilten, Daniel BS1972 Johnson, Brian BS2008 Martin, Jeffrey BS2000 Morgan, Catherine BS1984 Pearson, Nathan BS1996 Rusk, Jennifer BS1998 Schuetze, Martin BS1989 Spratt, Dean BS1980 Stofferahn, Gabriel BS2007 Winchell, Peter BS1975 Wise, Joshua BS2008 Minnetonka Boulanger, David BS2010 Buyert, John BS1969 Crist, Gary BS1977 Hayek, David BS2004 Johnson, Michael BS1988 Kinkade, Scott BS1975 Nack, Jonathan BS2007 Shelp, Peter BS1978 Walgamuth, Shane BS1985 Wolff, Jonathan BS1998 Northfield Halvorson, Julie BS2005 Petricka, Tracy BS1999 White, Larry BS1974 Oronoco Kisilewiski, Mary BS1987 Osseo Cunz, Heather BS1993 Southorn, Craig BS1982

Owatonna Welker, Kurt BS1989 Pine City Wiener, Jason BS2002 Pine Island Hindermann, MatthewBS1988 Pine Springs Basara, Marc BS2010 Plymouth Ehm, Jeff BS1982 Griffith, Kendall BS1992 Johnson, Timothy BS1980 Kennedy, James BS1990 Kieffer, Paul BS1985 Lewis, Chadwick BS1978 Taylor, Clark BS1984 Vander Pol, Matthew BS2001 Princeton Lewis, Rhonda BS1991 Prior Lake Becker, Thomas BS1996 Benson, Travis BS2000 Klein, Patrick BS1966 Petersen, Michael BS1974 Ruba, Nicholas BS1990 Richfield Hintz, Rodney BS1998 Rochester Benike, James BS1972 Benike, Aaron BS1995 Bronson, Kenneth BS1999 Elder, Alan BS2002 Grosland, Steven BS1972 Leimer, Nicholas BS2002 Praska, Donna BS1984 Prendergast, Thomas BS1969 Schoch, Bradley BS2006 Rosemount Francois, Craig BS1979 Hassenfritz, Joseph BS1980 Leonard, Terry BS2002 Lovin, Benjamin BS1999 Wessels, Brian BS2004 Savage Brekken, Jason BS2006 Greenlee, Rich BS1966 Shakopee Erickson, Anthony BS2006 Krieg, Christopher BS2001 Strong, Kevin BS1973 Squaw Lake Barrett, Dean BS1974 St. Louis Park Krummen, Stewart BS1991 McFadden, Shane BS1994 Smith, Matthew BS1998 St. Paul Bitker, Anastasia BS2006

Campbell, Paul Dalager, Kevin Guggisberg, Angela Smith, Donavan Thompson, Terrence Wagner, Richard Woolever, Douglas Stacy Smith, Aaron Stillwater Gritters, Bruce Ryan, Matthew Vadnais Heights Piper, Ross Vergas Menz, Loren Virginia Thompson, Donald Watertown Trible, Andrew West St. Paul Westby, Steven Winona Frietsche, Gretchen Modjeski, Francis Schwab, Benjamin Woodbury Moss, Craig MISSOURI Ballwin Jacob, Renoj Lindsley, Dennis Belton Determan, Barry Blue Springs Borns, Thomas Righi, Timothy Branson Streit, Landon Chesterfield DeNardi, Dean Excelsior Springs Minter, Kathleen Gladstone Lane, Chad Glasgow McCarty, Mark Glencoe Spidle, Craig Grovespring Ruggles, David Kansas City Audino, David Bowden, Clark Clayburg, Michael Donner, Steven Dyxin, Charles 135

BS1974 BS1997 BS2004 BS2004 BS1977 BS1990 BS2007 BS1998 BS1984 BS1998 BS2001 BS1968 BS1975 BS2010 BS1982 BS2002 BS1986 BS1983 BS1997

BS2008 BS1969 BS2003 BS1979 BS1990 BS2009 BS1982 BS2000 BS2010 BS1987 BS1981 BS1988 BS2004 BS2010 BS2004 BS1984 BS2001

Franzen, Gregory Hamm, Nathan Harris, Charlie Huggins, Matthew Kundinger, Jessica Myhre, Rik Newton, Bernard Rehm, Derek Richardson, Jon Riesenberg, Nic Schmidt, Chad Ward, Adam Woolley, Michael Lees Summit Borns, John Gapstur, Cory Lourens, Travis Petersen, Andrew Ralston, Matthew Timmons, William Timmons, Bruce Liberty Stearns, Craig Nixa Stark, Donald Pacific Wittkop, Scott Parkville King, Sharon Sedalia Spain, Jesse Smithville Koenigs, Harold Springfield Beier, Anthony St. Charles Duke, David Goodrich, Todd Schwamman, James St. Joseph Patrick, James St. Louis Davis, Austin Jones, Douglas Morris, Michael VandeKrol, Jonathan St. Peters Stoecker, Michael St. Robert Conlee, Darren Warrensburg Goedken, Nicholas Waynesville Fosdick, James Wildwood Schultz, Matthew

BS1985 BS2009 BS1998 BS1997 BS2007 BS2001 BS1984 BS2009 BS2001 BS2001 BS2006 BS2007 BS2006 BA1970 BS2003 BS1994 BS2008 BS2000 BS1987 BS2000 BS1986 BS1979 BS1985 BS1995 BS2008 BS1986 BS1993 BS1980 BS1996 BS1981 BS1983 BS2010 BS1973 BA1982 BS2001 BS1985 BS1996 BS2010 BS1981 BS2010

MISSISSIPPI Olive Branch Newton, Jonathan MONTANA Bozeman Gunnink, Brett Kalispell Bothwell, Gretchen Manhattan Hallquist, Daryl


BS1981 BS1982 BS1967

NEBRASKA Ashland Sleezer, Shawn BS1991 Aurora Bottorff, Tylor BS2003 Bellevue Stinn, Glen BS1981 Wolf, John BS1978 Martin, Bradley BS1983 Bennington Andersen, Curt BS1981 Elkhorn Boschult, Mark BS1979 Foster, Donald BS1980 Gawley, Michael BS1978 Greenwood Geiler, Frederick BS1971 Gretna Leapley, Gary BS1980 Lehan, Benjamin BS2006 LaVista Gries, Brandon BS2007 Lincoln Farley, Eric BS2003 Murdock Murdoch, Wesley BS2002 Nebraska City Jackson, Justin BS2008 Stukenholtz, Daniel BS2009 Omaha Adams, Heather BS2001 Ahrenholtz, Christopher BS1994 Biere, Dan BS1982 Brainerd, Adam BS2008 Crow, Brian BS2005 Ebert, Keith BS1984 Engstrom, Donald BS1975 Fucinaro, Tony BS2003 Gorman, Michael BS1979 Guinn, John BS1970 Hanson, Stanley BS1970 Hausman, Amanda BS2008 Hunsicker, Mark BS1981 Larsen, Matthew BS2009 McDermitt, Gary BS1995

McGruder, Spencer McIntosh, G. Allen Pfeiler, Robert Pick, Joshua Predl, Edward Riedmann, Louis Schurman, Scott Swanson, Donald Vandenberg, William Walter, John Wesely, David Papillion Distefano, Rhonda Mettin, Kyle Weaver, Cole Schuyler Emanuel, Philip NEW JERSEY Bordentown Gaudreault, Ronald Cherry Hill Rivera, Nicholas Mahwah Price, Ritchie North Haledon Bjork, Lawrence Vernon Glander, Robert

BS1979 BS1994 BS1973 BS2006 BS2009 BS1976 BS2008 BS2002 BS1993 BS1972 BS1981 BS1983 BS1991 BS2006 BS2006

BS1988 BS2006 BS1980 BS1975 BS1979

NEW MEXICO Albuquerque Engelstad, Paul BS1980 Flemming, Joseph BS1986 Friedrichsen, Kent BS1981 Giannelli, James BS1979 Loes, Joel BS2009 McMinemee-White, Jennifer BS2003 Menke, Gregory BS1995 Novak, Thomas BS1981 Rhoads, Clint BS2004 Shumate, Mark BS1972 Smith, Raymond BA1982 Smith, Zachary BS2009 Thompson, Dennis PRF1971 Van Oort, Jerry BS2009 White, Alan BS2004 Los Lunas Pollock, Brian BS2002 Rio Rancho Bales, Rooster BS1979 Mamuya, Lemuel BS2008 Roswell Westbrook, Randy BS1984 Tijeras Schluter, Lynne BS1979 136

NEVADA Las Vegas Flathers, Richard BS1981 Harris, Howard BS1977 Pfeifer, Christine BS1997 Topark-Ngarm, Pattanapong BS1997 Wedewer, Thomas BS1966 Wong, Timothy BS1997 Reno Lange, Gerald BS1972 Wong, Wing-Kei BS1999 NEW YORK Brooklyn Pua, Lean Delmar Andrews, Jeff Fairport Kupka, Kevin Fresh Meadows Man, Jack Gloversville VanCoughnett, Justin Monroe Knueppel, Dale New York McDowell, Curtis Nelson, Ryan Tubbs, Aaron Staten Island Coppes, Joshua Johnson, David Yonkers Carsky, Joseph NORTH CAROLINA Apex Thompson, James Arden Rasmussen, Eric Asheville Hyler, Susan Camp Lejeune Knepel, Aaron Cary Johnston, Jeffrey Charlotte Ball, Mark Cox, Robert Kouri, Adam Nagle, Tyler Wood, Adam Elizabeth City Lamb, Gary Farmville Terrell, Sean Matthews

BS1991 BS1999 BS1981 BS1980 BS2006 BS1981 BS1996 BS1999 BS1996 BS1998 BS1970 BS1985

BS1981 BS2006 BS1981 BS1997 BS1980 BS1982 BS1984 BS2001 BS1985 BS2002 BS1967 BS1993

Blunck, Scott Mooresville Wenger, Lynn New Bern Williams, Nicholas Pikeville Stewart, Christopher Pinehurst Swies, Dave Raleigh Katschkowsky, John Robbinsville Vanmanen, Larry Waxhaw Leonard, Daniel Wilmington Heston, William McGiverin, Terry Schuster, Jason Smith, Andrew Winston Salem Maloney, James OHIO Avon Kruse, Frederick Chagrin Falls Thompson, Jock Chesterland Zehnder, Geoffrey Cincinnati Johnston, Brent Langdon, Frederick Lyon, David McLaughlin, Seth Neumann, Philip Cleveland Henkels, John Hoenk, Mark Columbus Deal, Guy Copley Clarahan, Randy Dublin Francois, Paul Welin, Peter Lancaster Fry, James Liberty Township Bleigh, Jennifer Mansfield Snyder, Wayne Marion Duffy, Bryan Mason Eberhard, Kimberly Williamson, J. Brian Medina

BS1980 BS1978 BS2004 BS1998 BS2000

Smalling, Robert Perrysburg Coffman, James Dillin, Larry Toledo Douglas, Peter West Chester Schapman, Nicholas Xenia Lewis, Dennis

BS1970 BS1971 BS1978 BS1978 BS1978 BS1972

BS1986 BS1968 BS1985 BS1979 BS1963 BS1999 BS2001

OKLAHOMA Oklahoma City Luck, Matthew Wurzer, Lauren Perry Blank, Brice Ponca City Lutt, John Sapulpa Glesener, Kent

BS2008 BS1976 BS1994 BS1974 BS1973


BS1980 BS1969 BS2004 BS1988 BS1982 BS1991 BS1984 BS1983 BS1980 BS1997 BS1977 BS1981 BS1991 BS1979 BS1982 BS1998 BS1986 BS1977 BS1983 BS1980

OREGON Aloha Stotts, William Beaverton Knudsen, Brian Perry, Gilbert Brookings Roth, Karl Keizer Link, William Lincoln City Shevik, Gary Ontario Sealine, Jon Talent Nangle, Robert PENNSYLVANIA Avondale Raufaste, Noel Cranberry Township Barkhurst, Gary Easton Brandes, Douglas Fleetwood Hill, Keith Fogelsville Gordon, Joseph West Chester Fieweger, Thomas Yardley Parmelee, Robert

BS1984 BS1982 BS1974 BS1981 BS1976 BS1978

Blythewood Fleischer, Gareth Columbia Koerner, Jonathan Ft. Mill Heying, Galen Greenville Viet, Krista Mauldin Snyder, Loren Seneca Bausman, Dennis SOUTH DAKOTA Brandon Rasmussen, Jay Brookings Jochimsen, Ronald Dakota Dunes Rhoads, Clifton Harrisburg Hage, Darin Hartford Habben, Craig McCook Lake Beaulieu, Kevin North Sioux City Thompson, Matthew Sioux Falls Jones, Bradley Medema, Donald Schmidt, Kirt Zeigler, Carl Vermillion Doorn, Case

BS2005 BS1978 BS1983 BS2001 BS2001 BS1971

BS1991 BS1973 BS2007 BS1997 BS1989 BS1996 BS2002 BS1995 BS1983 BS2005 BS2007 BS2006

BS1984 BS1989

BS1967 BS1981 BS1972 BS1983 BS1971 BS1978 BS1985

SOUTH CAROLINA Aiken Major, Charles BS1971 137

TENNESSEE Brentwood Johnson, William Joelton Miller, Matthew Knoxville Gabrielson, Jay Kneeland, Loren Maryville Terrell, Michael Memphis Lovejoy, David Nashville Goehner, Joel New Market Quarve, James Pegram Edwards, Steven Smyrna Martin, Jane

BS1982 BS1999 BS1982 BS1970 BS1968 BS1968 BS1987 BS1989 BS1999 BS1984

TEXAS Aledo Hetzler, Matthew Allen Anderson, Trevor Weston, Curtis Amarillo Larson, Norman Austin Fisher, Justin Hutter, Michael Kacmarynski, Brian Klemm, Jonathan Krogstad, Ryan Pestel, Paul Qualheim, Cole Wright, Timothy Beaumont Mussman, Chad Bellaire Raun, Owen Canyon Lake Payne, Robert Cedar Park Culhane, Shawn Pomerleau, Bruce Solberg, Paul Colleyville Johnson, Paul Coppell Kruse, Ben Corinth Clausen, Steven Dallas Fisk, David Forbes, Jeffrey Hameister, Michael Lilly, James Lindhart, Christopher Munsch, Andrew Nordyke, Garrett Otte, Douglas Smith, James Springer, Steven Del Rio Ryan, Meaghan El Paso Manning, Jeremy Elgin Clancy, Jeffrey Euless Hansl, Hans Flower Mound Boutwell, James Czapanskiy, Gregory Gmitro, Mark Friendswood Hilton, Mark

BS1982 BS1992 BS1985 BS1966 BS2005 BS1981 BS2003 BS2010 BS1998 BS2008 BS2008 BS1982 BS1993 BS1981 BS1979 BS2008 BS2008 BS1996 BS1974 BS2008 BS1993 BS1995 BS1982 BS2008 BS1979 BS1982 BS2004 BS1999 BS1975 BS2004 BS1989 BS2001 BS1997 BS1982 BS1981 BS1980 BS1980 BS1982 BS1976

Frisco Earhart, Andrew Jafari, Behzad Ft. Worth Clay, Jennifer Granbury Decker, Kevin Grand Prairie Lee, Hoon-Hong Nagen, Brent Grapevine Andrews, Randall Caratelli, Nicholas Houston Andersen, Nicholas Anderson, Rick Brandon, Rick Calligan, Craig DeVany, Thomas Eshelman, Erick Hurley, Lawrence Leach, Gary Meisenheimer, Daryl Nichols, Lincoln Peterson, Jeffrey Irving Holt, Randy Jessen, Douglas Keller Hildebrand, Scott White, George Lake Dallas Keleher, John Laredo Teegarden, Edward Leander Jennett, Timothy Lewisville Higgins, Paul Lubbock Pedersen, Ronald Manor Feller, Scott McKinney Bokaie, Nader Wagner, Jeffrey Missouri City Loxterkamp, Mark McCormick, Thomas Pflugerville Ehrlich, Thomas Poduska, Martin Plano Loneman, Steven Richardson Danielsen, Bryan Hansen, Lee Richmond 138

BS1999 BS1983 BS1995 BS1983 BS2000 BS1995 BS2008 BS2007 BS2006 BS1981 BS1978 BS1973 BS1990 BS1996 BS1981 BS1982 BS1990 BS2006 BS2009 BS1980 BS1985 BS2006 BS1998 BS1982 BS1999 BS2008 BS1982 BS1979 BS1995 BS1987 BS1988 BS1981 BS1976 BS1986 BS1976 BS1986 BS1985 BS1981

Breckon, Karl Rosenberg Chadima, Jeffrey Rowlett Pfeffer, William Saginaw Jones, Stephen San Antonio Mortensen, Scott Sleezer, Patrick Wilbur, Eric Southlake Smiley, Scott Spring Sheesley, Michael Sugar Land Wolterman, Scott The Woodlands McKee, William Wichita Falls Owens, Robert UTAH Herriman Vanheiden, Matt Logan Gleisberg, Ariana Ogden Zhuravel, Adi Sandy Hugo, Bruce VERMONT St. Albans Carlson, Jeffrey

BS1980 BS1978 BS1971 BS1970 BS1997 BS1989 BS1982 BS1980 BS1992 BS1980 BS1995 BS1984

BS2001 BS2004 BS2008 BS1988


VIRGINIA Aldie Hamad, Nizar BS1983 Alexandria Cantrell, David BS1995 Annandale Braesch, Steven BS1977 Arlington Martens, Aaron BS2008 Stealy, David BS1992 Ashburn Ott, Kevin BS1997 Bristow Wydajewski, Kenneth BS1991 Burke Mascardo, Rick BS1993 Centreville Bitar, Ali BS1980 Hawn, David BS1982 Dulles Dudding, Christopher BS2000

Fairfax Station Strotman, Daniel Gainesville Meints, Jamey Glen Allen Parietti, Thomas Lorton Yang, Kenneth Manassas Althoff, Mark Golay, Richard Mechanicsville Stevenson, Nathaniel Midlothian Murphy, Stephen Poquoson Kramer, Mark Portsmouth Vogt, John Purcellville Hurd, Anders Richmond Olson, Mark Vienna Juhl, Derek Williamsburg Gebhardt, Douglas Yorktown Conley, Daniel WASHINGTON Bellevue Amento, Steven Golding, Ben Bellingham Wendling, Scott Bothell Humphreys, Jake Romero, Jason Seely, Kirk East Wenatchee Torkildson, Eric Edmonds Hirsch, Douglas Federal Way Frentress, Gary Issaquah Engel, Amy Kent Babb, Walter Harmon, Joseph Medical Lake Cranston, Scott Nine Mile Falls Ekenberg, David Olympia Pasquariello, Robert Prediger, Patrick

BS1979 BS1997 BS1989 BS1973 BS1978 BS1976 BS2010 BS1968

Sammamish Baughman, Mark Seattle Alm, Kirk Brink, Kevin Greenley, Kyle Peterson, Zachary Snohomish Usoro, Aniekan Spokane Herrman, Douglas Vancouver Alm, Don Lebo, Thomas Washougal Bernhard, Anthony

BS1990 BS1995 BS1988 BS1993 BS2006 BS1982 BS1981 BS1968 BS1979 BS2004

BS1982 BS1980 BS2008 BS1982 BS2006

WEST VIRGINIA Morgantown Dummermuth, Chris Cody Boring, Gary Gillette Collins, Edward Jackson Kerr, Sarah

BS1978 BS1986 BS1970 BS1982

BS1991 BS1982

BS1978 BS2001 BS1990 BS2006 BS2004 BS1993 BS1978 BS1981 BS1983 BS1984 BS1989 BS1975 BS1983 BS1975 BS1980 BS2000

WISCONSIN Appleton Ford, Steven BS1976 Morton, Scott BS1981 Beaver Dam Schneider, John BS1984 Benton Johnson, Rodney BS1996 Black Creek Goodall, William BS1977 Black River Falls Holcomb, Kevin BS1981 Brookfield Rigsby, Timothy BS1983 Brooklyn Schriever, Joel BS1989 Cedarburg Drees, Kirk BS1981 Chetek Nizzi, Charles BS1974 Chilton Harms, Ross BS1990 Cuba City Timmerman, Emily BS2000 De Forest Brill, Gary BS1990 Delafield Dakovich, Robert BS1982 Franklin Campos Lange, T. Monique BS1981 139

Grafton Fields, Kim Greendale Murray, Patrick Hartland Jorgensen, Craig Holmen Hanson, Daniel Hortonville Miller, Anthony Hudson Morse, Mark Janesville Reinke, Robert Kenosha Fisher, Joseph Kress, Jacob LaCrosse Webb, James Lake Geneva Narayanan, Vijay Madison Carpenter, Michael Coluccy, Michael Marks, Gregory Prior, Wayne McFarland Cortesio, Jeremy Menomonee Falls Stueland, Joel Milwaukee Dahlman, Joseph Muskego Tieck, Craig Onalaska Ford, Dennis Oshkosh Martin, Julie Prescott Kuehni, Rose Marie Teeters, Brian Reedsburg Palmer, Bradley Ripon Bickert, Roderick Sheboygan Bush, Al St. Croix Falls Carrigan, Scott Wausau Meyer, Brad

BS1976 BS1977 BS1987 BS1982 BS1994 BS1978 BA1979 BS1997 BS2006 BS1973 BS1999 BS1981 BS1984 BS1986 BS1980 BS1999 BS1997 BS1970 BS1979 BS1982 BS2003 BS1996 BS1999 BS1981 BS1980 BS1979 BS1995 BS2010



BOLIVIA Schrupp-Rivero, Rolando BS2002 CANADA ON Mbapanza, Ibrahime BS2001 Seifert, Stephen BS1971 Thompson, Scott BS1984

NETHERLANDS Amsterdam Bridger, Robert


NIGERIA Abubakar, Aliyu


OMAN Salalah Al-Ojaili, Ammar Sur Almaawali, Said SINGAPORE Ho, Steve

COSTA RICA Santa Ana Shisler, Isaac


GERMANY Ehmer, Judith Roitsch, Eric

BS2000 BS1997

HONG KONG Kwok-Chu, Pang Robinson, James

BS1996 BS1977

INDONESIA Ghozi, Azmi Halim, Djohan Prasetyo, Ananto

BS1999 BS1991 BS2003

MALAYSIA Johor Tan, Kok Negeri Sembilan Ong, Nai Perak Chong, Hock Sarawak Teo, Clement Teo, Khing Selangor Kau, Chee Lim, Ki



THAILAND Bangkok Eamsherangkul, Hudsadin BS2000

IRAN Tehran Amir Ebrahimi, Amir Moham BS1983 Ghafghazi, Abolghassem BS1982 JORDAN Amman Kanaan, Hamdi



BS1986 BS1983 BS1987 BS1983 BS1986 BS1990 BS1988


ISU AGC Student Chapter 2010-2011


2011 Iowa State University Construction Engineering Erector Set  
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