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Chairman’s Desk… Connection “Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.” — Charles Dickens Don’t get me wrong, I am very appreciate of the value of cell phones, email, texting, etc. But sometimes I just gotta get face-to-face with people and communicate. As Chairman, I work long distance with the home office of the IARFC. I find an inperson visit quarterly for about two to three days is just enough time to reconnect with the team and not too much time to overstay my welcome. Communicating with Home Office I am blessed to have a team that can function separately. I am away from the day-to-day which I feel I need to be. We have very competent management and I am not sure that both myself and the IARFC team would be as productive if I was there all the time. It gives me time to meditate and look at things from a perspective away from the Middletown office. This past quarter while visiting, after going through the usual reviews of the previous couple of months, I spent the time expanding on the relationships between myself, the Board and the home office team. While I respect all the individuals involved, I feel collectively our vision is too limited. Our goals are smaller than what they should be. We do not want to reach much higher because we don’t want to fail. My job is to move everyone out of their comfort zone and get them to think bigger, act bigger and expect bigger results. My goals are much higher than in the past and I am challenging our team to work through them on a daily basis. Connecting in the Field In July, I attended an event in Charleston, SC for the Money Concepts Annual Financial Planning Congress. It was one of the first exhibits of the IARFC out and about in considerable time. Our goal is increased visibility to our members and the financial industry. It was great to see the IARFC Page 6

team members Wendy Kennedy and Susan Cappa at work connecting with members and I enjoyed talking to many financial professionals. It keeps me enthused and motivated. At the Awards Banquet, as Chairman, we presented Denis Walsh, Money Concepts President a Proclamation for the many years of dedication to the industry. We also recognized Barry Dayley for his position of the MRFC Board Chairman. Speaking of the MRFC I have learned a lot during this accreditation process. It is a major step, but knowing that the MRFC credential will be held in high esteem by our colleagues and the public is strong motivation. We are working through the steps for final approval and need the help of the members to increase our exam numbers. I encourage you to send in your MRFC application and sign up for an exam time. Upon passing, you may use the MRFC designation – but it will not be accredited yet. Our financial world keeps changing and we need to keep up and continually improve. Connecting Internationally By the time you read this, I will have completed my first international visit. Meeting with these leaders and reporting back to the Board, the team and the members are a high priority. All of us need to feel a connection to our chapters overseas. We can only do that if communications are transparent. The international chapters are very interested in what is happening in the US – thus one of my presentations is “Going Forward with IARFC US”. Connecting the Members Together The 2018 IARFC Biltmore Conference is taking shape — agenda and registration forms are available. This is what I consider a strong opportunity to take advantage of your IARFC membership. Networking with like-minded consultants keeps us all aware

of our priorities and moving forward together a group. We are working hard to put together an interesting conference, with outstanding learning opportunities in a venue that can be appreciated for its beauty and legacy. Make your reservations soon as there is limited space for staying on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Connection within our Association is nothing without the intent to serve and the commitment to improving everyone’s career and personal life. That is what we do for our clients and what we surely should be doing for ourselves… 

H. Stephen Bailey, CEBA, LUTCF, CEP®, MRFC H. Stephen Bailey, “Steve” Bailey, CEBA, LUTCF, CEP®, MRFC started HB Financial almost 30 years ago after already having a life insurance career. Steve is an elected member of the IARFC Board. He is also the 2010 recipient of the prestigious Loren Dunton Memorial Award. When not working with his clients you will find Steve on a golf course, spending time with his grandson or traveling with his wife, Bobbi. Contact: 704.563.6844 The Register | September-October 2017

Register Volume 18 Issue 5  

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