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Determining Asset Allocation and Withdrawal Rates with the Retirement CARE Analysis™ A natural guideline for the retirement spending decision is to first determine what spending rate would satisfy a client’s lifestyle goals. Beyond this vital detail, advisors should also consider the following: 1. The client’s degree of spending flexibility to make spending cuts if necessary, 2. Your general view about whether the client’s spending may need to keep pace with overall consumer price inflation, and 3. Whether the client wishes to maintain a safety margin for assets. Armed with this information, you can then consider the broad range of variable spending strategies and choose the one that seems to best match client goals and manage risks. My research in the area of dynamic spending strategies has sought to develop a framework to help with the decision-making process. How should a retiree choose a spending method and parameterize the initial spending rate? I have provided a framework to think about the important issues, such as spending flexibility, feelings about upside spending growth vs. downside spending risks, the possibility of a minimum spending threshold to be protected, the desired direction of spending (for instance, whether to decrease spending over time), the appropriate planning horizon, and any legacy goals. A broader set of issues to consider when deciding on a withdrawal rate and asset allocation relate to a Retirement CARE Analysis™ for the client. Client answers to the following questions will help guide these decisions:



• Do you have sufficient retirement income from reliable sources that will not be diminished by market downturns? • How would you adjust your lifestyle if you had to spend less? Is your answer reasonable?

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The Register | September-October 2017

Register Volume 18 Issue 5  

It is hard to believe there are only four months left in this year. Already we are well underway with the collegiate 2018 National Financial...

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