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Transitioning A Memoir 4/28/2014 Expository Writing Ian Miller

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Introduction Hello reader, I have written the book, Transitioning in order to help show how I have developed as both a writer and a person over the past semester. Within these pages you will read about how my most memorable experience of getting a haircut at Perrone’s Barbershop effected my confidence as a person, how personality develops and how it changes continually, how adjusting to freedom in college can be challenging and how even in college some people are still finding out who they are on the inside. All of these come together to create the point that, as you grow up and become more comfortable with yourself. You begin to know your personality in ways you would never imagine. As you read, the first writing you may wonder how something as simple as getting your haircut done relates back to how you know yourself. Well many kids/ adults still like to change their haircuts, because maybe they don’t know what exactly they want. The people that know what they want and have it already figured it out know themselves better than say people who change their hair most of the time do. This is because something as simple as knowing how you like your hair, still shows how well you know yourself. If you change it all the time, it might be because you like to change it up or it’s because you don’t know exactly the way you like your hair in the first place and you’re still trying to figure it out. Becoming more familiar with yourself can result in making decisions that you think are truly for you. For example, if you think your friends like rock music and you decide you like rock music but you really like country music, do you really like rock music as they do? The answer is no because you are being fake with yourself by not sticking to your likings. This relates back to the haircut. If you keep

changing your haircut around you really don’t know you, do you? Therefore, you really you are still trying to find out what you like and are trying to get a feel for how you are. Over the past semester, I have done a lot of growing up and sticking up. College is full of distractions like girls, drugs, video games, etc‌ everything fun is a distraction and can hinder your ability to get work done. Thankfully, I have not missed very many assignments except for a couple which I will take the complete fault for missing those. However, college is about having fun but it is also about making decisions for you. I have concluded that I am not going to waste my time during college and that is exactly what I have been holding myself too. I have made sure I have not gotten in trouble because the last thing I want to happen is I ending up being arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I do not need all of the drugs and distractions in my life. Therefore, I have had to make the decisions myself, and not follow any pressure from peers. Then again, if peers are pressuring you then I do not really think you should consider them peers. Therefore, it is just you making decisions for you and that is when you grow up to become who you want to be and I want to be a hard-working, confident, well-educated student. Within these papers lies my written work over the past semester Expository Writing. What lies in these pages is worth being read. The pages are filled with points about each topic I will discuss, and my point of view on them. This book will show you how my most memorable experience of getting a haircut at Perrone’s Barbershop effected my confidence as a person, how personality develops and how it changes continually, how adjusting to freedom in college can be challenging and how even in college some people are still finding out who they are on the inside. All of these come together to create the point that, as you grow up and become more comfortable with yourself. You begin to know your personality in ways you would never imagine.

A Little Place of History As you grow up, your parents might take you too different places to get your haircut, such as Great Clips, Sport Clips, Supercuts, and barbershops. Luckily, I’ve experienced all of these places, and as I've grown up. The experience that has stuck with me the most is when I first went to Perrone’s Barbershop. I like Perrone’s Barber Shop because it’s a family owned business and I feel the barbers are friendlier there, than any other place I've gotten my haircut at. I like how from the outside, it doesn’t look like much but the inside is what makes Perrone’s special. It looks like a 1970s barbershop… its colorful, full of pictures and smells like fresh shaving cream, which gives off a different vibe than the boring old silver and black of every Sport Clips, Great Clips, etc… I like how I feel when I walk in and out of the door, knowing that I’ve made the right decision and knowing that when I need my next haircut I'm coming back to Perrone’s The outside of Perrone’s is deceptive. As I walk in, I noticed the building is small, grey, and rectangular. It has two black doors one at the side and one at the front. Above the two doors are the signs each saying in blue and red letters “Perrone’s Barbershop” with little candy cane columns next to the lettering. The inside smells like fresh Shaving Cream, which is quite refreshing and, is actually a nice smell while you’re getting your haircut. I gave a friendly “hi” to Debbie, who is in the back room and then I sit down in one of the two booths they, have for waiting to wait for Andrew my barber. As I'm waiting I notice the inside looks like no Sport Clips, or Great Clips, but it has a very vintage tint to everything. They have old brown seats that look wore down they have five chairs, four in the main room and if you walk around the corner one in the back where the owner cuts hair (Debbie). The floor is tiled which looks like it has

been walked on for a couple decades. They play older Rock n’ Roll music. Perrone’s is a traditional barbershop, meaning that everything isn’t silver and black, and they definitely don’t put on the top 40 for sure. After all, it has been open since 1946 so it has quite a bit of history behind it. The inside features many pictures of Perrone’s with people that have been there and of the family that owns it. If you knew who I am, you’d know that I'm reserved, quiet, and I like my traditional values. I value you hard work and perseverance. I know what I want in life and so deciding the type of haircut for me was easy. As Andrew finished up with his previous haircut, I knew what I wanted; nothing special, I wanted it short and I wanted it to grow evenly. So when Andrew finished and he called me up to the seat, and said “hey man, what are we going to be doing with this today? Maybe I'll mess it up.” We laughed and I just said that I needed a buzz, nothing special, and I need it to grow evenly. He said “how about a two on the top, and one on the sides, and a line-up” and I said yeah sure sounds good. What I didn’t know was that a two was short but I got over it because at the end of the haircut I felt good, confident more like. Therefore, as I reflect on my first visit I recognize how much talking actually went on in that barbershop. It was like a big social gathering, and it was nice. To talk and get to know them and the other people who were in there. Never in my life had I managed to have a visit to the barbershop go as good as this went. So when I paid my thirteen dollars for my haircut, I gave him a twenty and said keep it, thank you, I'll see you all next time. As I left Perrone’s that day I felt good, I felt confident. I felt like I looked good, I liked my haircut so I knew that I made the right decision to come here a place I had never been before and meet new people I have never met. So confidently, as I left, the next time I came in, I walked in confidently, I said hi to Debbie, who was at her station in the back, and sat down and waited

for Andrew. We talked and cracked jokes as he gave me my haircut and again I left as confident as I did when I walked in. So right then and there I knew that this was my barbershop, I knew the people, the barbers, some of the history and this was the place that I wanted to go to too get my haircut every single time I needed one. Perrone’s definitely left a lasting impact on me figuring out that new things are as bad as they seem. As I grow up, and graduate college and eventually get married I hope my kids can go to Perrone’s and have the same experiences as me. You know that I will bring them there, for their first “official” haircuts because I'm not going anywhere else. I know what I want to accomplish and my kids are going to go there, they could use a little stylish place like that any way barbershops are to modern nowadays. With all their silver and black, every new barbershop is the same. With Perrone’s you get that different type of vibe, they are loyal to their customers and their customers are loyal to them. Perrone’s is definitely my kind of barbershop.

Interlude Part 1 Personality has a lot to do with how well you know yourself, and I strongly believe that every person in the world has a personality that they’ve developed through many years of tuning and tweaking. However, before someone gets to the finished product of a personality, they first start as a blank state. As a baby, you are a blank slate, this way Mother Nature gives back hope to society. As the baby grows up it will find its way with the guiding of his/her friends and his/her family. However, be careful because do something wrong when guiding them and they’ll show you what you did wrong. For example, your child wants to act like you… if you curse in front of your child and then later you hear your child say that curse it’s because you said it that’s why they’re saying it. However, as you grow up you tweak and tune your personality as you figure out what exactly you like and love and what you dislike and hate.

A Sense of Development A child is Mother Nature giving back the world hope, for countless hours of hopelessness. A child starts with a blank slate with no sense of a type of personality at all. However, People who oppose this idea think a child’s personality is given to them when they were born. For example, if a kid was a nice child it was because he was born to be a nice child. I think though, that each child starts blankly, clean as can be. A child must learn his/her sense of personality. He must feel for it and it must feel for him. I am a firm believer of the fact that personality is not just given to you, you develop it, which makes every human in the world special in some way. I think when you are a baby that kind of gives you a sense of what babies personality is going to be like, however personality is never set in stone and one can always work on doing something better or changing their personality. In the book “Losing My Cool” written by Thomas Chatterton Williams, which is written about him growing up, Williams’ personality development is affected because he wanted to be exactly as if the world saw a stereotypical black male tough, rigid, almost like nothing was going to stop him from anything. He idolized those who acted like the stereotypical male. He even tried to dress like the stereotypical black male. Multiple factors go into the way a kid develops his personality. The way he is brought up, who he hangs out with, how hard his/her parents are on him/her and stereotypes are just some examples of what factors can affect the personality development of a child. How so you might ask. If you spoil your kid as he/she grows up their going to expect to be spoiled throughout their life because that is what their use to. Otherwise, it could reject what is being taught, if you try to take away, what he/she has gotten use too. You always want to remain “in power” meaning that the kid should never make decisions for you. I know as parents that the first thing you want to do

is spoil your child because you love it that much, but that is not what you want to do. You want to care for your child, not spoil it. If you cared for your child, enough you would realize that you should do things your child wants to do but you should never do everything for your child. As your child grows up to it is important to monitor whom he/she hangs out with, it is important to remember not make decisions for the child then. At one point in its life you stop making decisions for it unless obviously things are going south then you do your best to make sure the child does whatever it needs to do to make a return in a positive manner. In addition, using whom he/she hangs out with will give you a sense of his/her personality. If they are nice kids, he/she is probably a nice kid. If they are punks, then your kid is probably a punk. Every so often, your kid realizes though who is good for him and who is not. This is a good trait, as it shows your child is mature enough to do things for the better of him/her. Stereotypes can also play a roll but only if the parents lets them embrace it. If the parents are okay with them embracing it, it could turn out for the better or for the worse. Another of the reasons that I claim the fact that personalities are ever changing and that babies have a blank slate when it comes to personality is, because how could personality be transferred from person to person? Everyone would be the same then and the world would not be any different. If you talked to your dad, your dad would probably just think he was talking to himself. However, everyone in the world is different but people may have similarities. For example, I like soccer, I know other kids that like soccer, so it is possible to meet other people that are like you or have similarities, but I think it is entirely rare for you to meet someone that is exactly like you. If you wanted to change the way you acted you could, but it requires you to actually try to achieve this goal. I always wanted to come off as nice to people because if people knew me in my early years I was upset, competitive, and angry, which is not the best mix. I used to get angry

at everything and I needed to learn to accept things without affecting my other personality traits, because I knew I was a hassle. I knew that if I could change a little slowly that overtime I would become more enjoyable, calmer, and remain friendly, competitive, and smart. Just last week my older brother and I helped push a car out of the snow and helped a man get on his way home. Myself is an example of how someone can change their personality, and how the human personality can always be changed but you should rather do it sooner rather than later, only because you never want to miss any opportunities. Some people might consider “acting” in these ways as being “fake.” However, I do not think that it is true only because if someone is acting in a nice way it is probably because they want to be nice not because they want to just be nice randomly. I don’t believe that acts of random kindness are in direct result of that person wanting to act fake. I think that if someone is doing nice things and not receiving anything in return than this person truly wants to be a better person. However, I think that when people are nice and are only nice for a short amount of time or they get something out of being nice, then these people are doing it for the pleasure, and these people are the people who should try to avoid. In the “Losing My Cool” Williams changes his personality in order to seem more “Blac” which is what he wants to become. He wants to be accepted into the black community and not rejected like the time he was at the barbershop. For those, who haven’t read the book. I’m referring to a certain point in Thomas’ life, (specifically when he was nine), his brother Clarence, took him to Unisex Hair Creationz. This was a black barbershop in working class, Plainfield, New Jersey, while they were on their way their Thomas had made eye contact with a black woman who then walked over to their car and started yelling at them. She said one key sentence. She called them “rich white motherfuckers” but Thomas and Clarence were black and their mother had raised them as a black family. Not interracial which is technically, what they were

because their mother was white and their father was black. When Thomas visited the barbershop for the first time, he studied the other black boys that were in there. These boys became Thomas’ role models. They were role models that were not supposed to be role models. One time that he went to the barbershop, he got a Flat Top, which is when the entire top of the hair is flat and cut around the head to be even. He got this haircut in order to come off as “more black” to other kids. As Thomas grew up, he wanted to embrace his “black” heritage so he changed in order to appear on the outside as more black to his peers. In order to achieve this he did two things, he changed his hairstyle in order to appear blacker, he developed an interest in the “blackest” thing you could do in the neighborhood, which was play basketball, and he developed role models in order to match the way he acted too. A child’s personality is about a sensitive as a piece of glass. If ever wondered why your kid cursed or said a bad word. It is because he/she heard one of his/her siblings or one of his parents says it. A child will do anything do be heard, or accepted. Ever noticed if a child just wants his/her dad to be proud of him so he/she does anything and everything to get his dads approval, most likely due to the fact that his/her dad hasn’t been around him/her often enough or the child doesn’t feel like he/she is getting enough love from their fatherly figure. These types of traumas or experiences can shape a child’s personality either in a good way or in a bad way. You never want your child to grow up without rules and you never want to spoil it, only because these types of things can affect the way your child develops its personality. Thus, returning to the statement that a child’s personality is as sensitive as apiece of glass, it needs to be shaped, and cleaned, and handled with care.

Interlude Part 2 College is suppose to be an experience, but a lot of the experience society needs to be better prepared for. The sense of freedom that one experiences in college is unlike any other. That is why we need to be prepared for it because if we don’t, we could abuse this freedom. For example, someone who just drinks every night and never does his or her schoolwork is not making good use of this freedom. Someone who is able to have fun while also getting all their schoolwork done is someone that is making good use of this freedom. School systems need to be able to prepare students for college because if they don’t, the rush that many people get when they finally get to college and experience this freedom. Is just going to take over these people for example like mentioned above, someone who just drinks every night and never does his or her schoolwork is not making good use of this freedom. Someone who is able to have fun while also getting all their schoolwork done is someone that is making good use of this freedom.

Adjusting to Freedom For some people, specifically high school students, the expression “I can’t wait to go to college” comes up a lot. However, these students have never experienced the likes of college. So how could they know if it was going to be any different? The thing is that they may have friends that are in college now that fill their heads with meaningless ideas about what exactly college is. College to these students that fill these ideas in these students’ heads is just a playground for them. A playground where they can do whatever they want and no one can stop them from doing it. These people are the people that have a tendency to drop out or fail out, because all they are concerned about is when the next party is. Not the grade they have in each class and finding a job after school. Some colleges, depending on what school you attend, tend to be different. Some might not take attendance, so you say you can miss all your classes, but when you miss all your classes, you fail that class. I am not one of those people and so far, my college has been quite easier than everyone else’s has, because the only time I do anything is when I have everything I need to get done, done. The biggest trouble college presents me is losing the structure that you’ve had for the past fourteen years of your life. Meaning that you go to school for seven or eight hours, then you go home and your parents tell you to do your homework, then you do whatever you want, then you repeat. The biggest mistake that the school system does is not teaching our responsibility. They do not gradually ease you into the sense of freedom that you experience in college. It just hits you in the face when you get to college, and then you end up messing up. I myself miss high school only because I miss my friends, the friends that I actually have been best friends with for most of my life. Those are my eye opening experiences and here is what it all means to me. Sure When I was in High School, I said I couldn’t wait for college just because it seemed like it was

going to be fun. Everyone exaggerated it to be the easiest four years of your life. Well I guess that just is not true for some people. I will admit that college is fun but it is nowhere near the easiest four years of your life. Unless of course, you skip all your classes and you end up failing out, then I guess you could consider that easy. The things about high schoolers is that they would believe pretty much anything you told them about college just so they can create a false idea about it and get their hopes up. Some people think that they will breeze right thru college as if nothing happened, never attend class, never study, and just party all day. For example, as I walked around one day I hear people talking about how they have missed a ton of classes already and how they are so hung-over from last night, and how they can’t wait for tonight. However, that is the last thing that is going to happen. If you don’t take college seriously then no one will take you seriously when you go in for your first interview. Therefore, my first semester at college has been…well… Easier than most, I adjusted fast and I went into it not knowing what to expect. So adjusting to the college atmosphere is easy you just have to take the steps in order to make the transition easier for you. When you are in college, you are met immediately with a sense of freedom that you have never experienced before and I think that, because of this many students do not know what to with this freedom. Yes, college is supposed to be fun, yes it is your time to try new things, be a different person and so on. However, after being in college for a semester, I like the freedom; I just think that school systems should do a better job of preparing to experience the freedom you are going to have in college i.e. Time management when you are alone. This way maybe we could prepare students better on what to expect in college and maybe people would not drop out as much because they would have experienced a good amount of freedom already. Instead, people are stuck skipping classes, because they do not want to go class, and parting every night.

This on many scales is what a lot of high school kids think college is like. However, it is not like this at all. Yeah there are parties, but you still have to go to classes in order to pass. In addition, if you think about it some people that are partying might already have everything they need to do, done so they can party. I just think it’s ridiculous for people to walk around thinking that they will be able to breeze thru college doing whatever they want and that the government or school systems should do a better job of preparing students for the sense of the freedom that they will experience when they aren’t living at home. The last thing is I noticed how much I miss my friends from home, the ones that I hung out with everyday over the summer and did everything with, mostly, because I like those friends better than I like any of my other friends that are here. Yes, my friends changed when they went to college but are they that much different…no. They still crack stupid, we all still have the same interests, but no one sees anyone anymore because we’re all gone… away at college, and I think that its normal that a person misses his/her friends when they go to school. Those are the friendships that should last a lifetime if you’ve been friends with the same group of guys or girls for your entire life. I miss those friendships, at college I don’t feel like anyone gets what exactly I'm saying and everyone is different or being fake because they want to fit in, and yes I have a group of friends here that I like and we’re all cool with each other. However, that group of friends is nowhere near as deep as the friendships that I have at home. The only thing that college has really taught me is that I miss everything but college. I miss my high school friends, I that college is overrated by a lot of people and they are just looking for a way to be a screw up without people finding out. But on a good note, I didn’t have a problem adjusting to college and I like the freedom it presents you with. Just most people are not me, plain and simple, some people do not adjust well and I think that you can blame that on

the government for not easing us into the large sense of freedom that college presents many students with every year.

Interlude Part 3 Even during college, people are still finding out who they are. In the memoir, Losing My Cool written by Thomas Chatterton Williams. Williams goes through the same transition in finding out who he really is in college. Williams, who went to Georgetown University, went into his first year as a Black kid “fronting” or putting on a fake personality in order to fit in during his first year. However, as the year went on he messed up and he had to start over again. Nevertheless, really what Williams was doing was becoming more comfortable with who he was, much like many people in college, do today. When people change majors it’s because they are making a decision for them. They are becoming more familiar with themselves and making a decision that they will benefit from. For example, in the memoir, Williams changed his major from economics to philosophy because he thought economics was dry and boring, even though he like the financial incentives that economics brought him. Philosophy was the fit that was best for him even though he wasn’t going to make as much money as he would in economics.

Reinventing college In the memoir Losing My Cool, written by Thomas Chatterton Williams. Williams goes through a big transition of finding himself during his years at Georgetown University. During Williams’ adolescence, it is almost as if he was putting up a front or in other words faking who he actually was. He used this front while, trying to both please his dad by getting good grades, and while trying to fit in with all the other “black” kids by acting tough and playing basketball. Williams’ college years involved him becoming more acquainted with who he was as both a person and a student. While during these years, he realized finally, who he really wanted to be and reinvented himself. The most important conclusion I draw from these is that if he was more comfortable with the person he was then he may never have needed to be fronting to begin with. Adolescence years are some of the most confusing times of a young man/woman’s life. Williams’ adolescence years were no different. He mostly spent his time trying to fit in with the other “black” kids whether it was by playing basketball at the park, getting a new “blacker” haircut, or just trying to act tough in front of people. However, these were all fronts to who he actually was. You can start seeing these fronts even at an early age. See Williams’ was just doing these things to fit in with the black society, because he wanted to be black. Honestly though, He was born to a white mother and a black father making him mixed. In the eyes of every black male/female, you’re light skinned. He spent all of his time trying to fake being black to fit in with the black culture he so badly wanted to be a part of. For example, one day after school Williams’ told a white kid to “shut the fuck up” because he called out his friend Maria. The thing is the white kid got mad and threatened Williams. Then he went home and told his brother Clarence and his friend Michael and they reassured him that they would take care of it. The next day they waited outside the school for the white kid except he never showed up. So they then

went to go find him so that Michael and Clarence could clear the air and, make sure nothing like this ever happened again by threatening the white kid. Now if Williams were trying to be tough, why would he not stand up for himself? I think this is one of the earliest signs, which he is putting on a front to avoid being made fun of. The next thing he was fronting in order to seem more black was basketball. Although he was a good player, he was not playing the sport for any specific reason other than it made him seem blacker. For example, when he went to practice with the St. Anthony’s basketball team, Coach Hurley, the coach of the team, specifically told Pappy, Williams’ father, “Thomas doesn’t have toughness; he isn’t from where my boys are from. I could tell that he was out of his element the moment he walked through the door, and so could my boys. My boys are hunger, and Thomas is not.” Further recognizing the fact that Thomas not only did not have passion for the game but it was also just a front. See Thomas really wanted to be into the black culture and that’s why he played basketball, tried being tough. Because he wanted to prove to everyone that he was black too, even though he was born to a white mom. The thing was that when he thought he was accepted by the black community he still didn’t stick up for himself, he just wanted to make it seem like he was all bad and tough. But this was just a front he was honestly just a smart kid that wanted to be black and just made decisions that he thought would be accepted by the black community. With the exception of one skirmish, he had with Marion, a black kid, who he actually beat up just because he didn’t like him. But for example, he was suppose to fight a black kid named Jerry and he went home and talked about the situation with his dad. His dad told him to be mature and leave school a period early the next day, so Williams did. Williams’ friends tried to get him to stay because the fight was with him and Jerry, but Williams’ was reluctant and listened to his dad. He choose that, he choose to live

his dads life style, he wanted to be black but he always listened to his dad because on the inside he knew who he was, and he just didn’t want to accept it. So he ditched his friends and his friends ended up getting beat up all because of him. Williams’ didn’t want the “hood” lifestyle like everyone else. What he wanted was an education like his dad and he wanted to be smart. College for Williams’ was filled with its ups and downs, as it is for everyone. His first year he reverted to trying to be black and being accepted by the black community. Upon arriving at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. he thought that he was going to be the only black kid there. So he thought he was going to be tougher than everyone else, and for the first couple of months after realizing he wasn’t the only black kid there. He started going to parties with the black community and doing things with them as well. Until one day he made a fatal flaw, which actually turned out to be a good thing for himself. He sprayed a girl that he thought was hot with a squirt gun trying to make fun of her with his friend. Later that day after playing some basketball, some of the guys on the basketball team walked up to him and confronted him about this incident. See that girl he sprayed was the freshman small forwards “girl.” Therefore, they started talking to him and him trying to be all cool was like “whatever” then they got mad and started threatening him, he had no choice but to accept the conditions now, because the towering basketball center was the one doing the threatening. After this, it was almost as if he had been exiled by the black community. He then met a small group of guy’s that he liked and started hanging out with them until he eventually stopped. If it all weren’t for that one incident, Williams’ front may never have come down. After that situation he was never with the black community anymore, he was forced to spend time with a new group of friends. After his front was forcefully removed from his personality and his sophomore year came around he realized that his GPA was rather low, and after heeding

information from one of his friends who told him to “go to every class”. Williams’ started reinventing himself into what he should have always been. Williams’ started going to every class and started dressing up for these classes. He also took his first Class for his Major, which was Economics. After that year, he went home and bragged about his major saying that he would be making 100,000 bonuses. His friends, shocked and amazed at this number. But the next year Williams realized that this wasn’t who he was and that the subject of Economic was dry, so he decided to switch and become a Philosophy major. If College is what they say it is in the likes that you can be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do. Then Williams’ is doing just that, he is reinventing himself to be more acceptable to himself. He made all these changes in his life like: Moving away from home, where you grow up and have role models, choosing your dad’s way of life rather than the “hood” life of your friends, changing your major to something you can appreciate not something that will bore you and you won’t be motivated for. All the economics major for Williams’ was money but philosophy he found interesting and he liked it. He was reinventing himself and becoming more himself rather than having all these fronts: like trying to be tough and acting bad, trying to impress your friends, and playing basketball to seem more black. Once these Fronts of Williams’ were down we found out who the really Thomas Chatterton Williams’ was.

Conclusion All of these topics have to do with getting to know yourself better than you would before. Think back on how you first decided oh you liked your haircut. That was one of the first steps of you getting to know you on a personal level. Think back on when you were in high school and if you did anything that, you wish you didn’t do because it wasn’t you and you were just doing it to fit in with people. Getting to know your personality is one of the steps you take to get to know yourself even better, but you personality changes constantly and just think about how many times that you have decided that you didn’t like something anymore or that you wanted to try something new. This is your personality talking to you and deep down these were the decisions that you needed to make in order to be who you are today. Think back on how you felt the first time you slept in your college dorm or when you met new friends and how that felt. That sense of freedom is what you live with now, and I'm sure that everyone has regrets about college, things they wish they hadn’t done and things they wish they did. If there’s anything you’ve been wanting, it’s never too late, because your personality changes constantly. So make sure that you do everything you can, while you can before you regret not doing it for the rest of your life. Also, how even in college and further on in life some people are still finding out who they are on the inside. All of these come together to create the point that, as you grow up and become more comfortable with yourself. You begin to know your personality in ways you would never imagine.

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Ian Miller, is currently a freshman at Nichols College, and plays on the men’s college soccer team there. He is currently living on campus and attending school full time. On the weekends, he works at Dick’s Sporting goods. He is majoring in Business management with a focus in Finance. He enjoys reading, playing basketball, football, hockey, and soccer. He is hard working, confident, organized, and truthful student at Nichols. He prides himself on helping others and being polite. He loves winter, spring, and summer mostly because he likes snow, rain, as well as the warm weather that summer brings. He takes his education very seriously and hopes his education at Nichols will help him achieve his goal at being a financial advisor for a bank. In addition, in the future he hopes to own his own firm to help bring greater financial success to those who ask.

Transitioning A Memoir