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The Way, The Truth and The Life Series Rolling programme of greatly improved New Editions! The Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education is an independent organisation bringing together the best in modern teaching methods and the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church.

Written by teachers for teachers This programme is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Religious Education Curriculum Directory of the Bishopsʼ Conference of England & Wales Additional Support Inspirational ◦ In-service Training Exciting ◦ Weekly Lesson Plans for primary series ◦ CD ROMs primary Challenging ◦ DVD ROMs secondary ◦ A wide selection of additional resources ◦ Visit our website for details Order Forms are under the ʻPublicationsʼ tab 2012



Book 1 - Year 1

Book 3 - Year 3

The Life - Year 9

Syllabi - KS 1 & KS2

Order Forms on under the ‘Publications’ tab For CD ROMs and DVD ROMs Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education Co. Ltd 40 Duncan Terrace, London N1 8AL Tel. 020 7359 2642 Fax. 020 7288 0517 Email.

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Foundation Stage (3-5 YEAR OLDS)

CD-ROM Contents •

Teacher’s Book with biblical stores linked to the National Curriculum six areas of learning Sixteen Power Point presentations Theological notes for teachers Early Learning Goals and Stepping Stones Sixty coloured pictures A4 size linked to stories Profile for Assessment Draft letters for Home/School links

• • • • • •

Power Point Presentations (230 slides) F1 F2 F2 F2 F3 F3

God’s World God’s Family Corn (KUW) Birth of God’s Son Cure of Man at Pool Lourdes (KUW)

F3 F3 F4 F4 F5 F5

Unforgiving Debtor Wedding at Cana Christians Zacchaeus Resurrection (1) Resurrection (2)

F5 F5 F6 F6

Resurrection (3) Ascension Church A Visit to Church

Teacher’s Comments “I was nervous about teaching Religious Education to the nursery class. The Foundation Stage scheme of work is so helpful that now I feel confident and happy about doing it.” “Foundation Stage material is fantastic! There are lots of practical activities that help the children to develop their understanding. The children love the colourful pictures.”

Order Forms on under the ‘Publications’ tab For in-service contact

Big Book & Workbook 1 1. God’s Great Plan 2. Mary our Mother 3. Families and Celebrations 4. Following Jesus 5. The Resurrection 6. Miracles

Teacher’s Book 1 Introduction Notes for Users Overview of Syllabus Methodology For each module • Key Learning Objectives • Theological Notes • Key Questions • Links with the Big Book • Texts to read to children • Questions to discuss • Activities Assessment for Learning Guide to Levels of Achievement Glossary for Pupils

Teacher’s Comments “Clearly written by teachers who really understand how children like to learn. Fantastic variety of activities.” “Thank you, WTL makes our life so much easier and answers so many questions. We now feel we can deliver well prepared lessons.”

Pupil’s Book 2 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Teacher’s Comments “The pupils love using the Books and so do I.”

The Chosen People Mysteries (The Trinity) The Good News The Mass Eastertide The Church is Born

Teacher’s Book 2 Introduction Overview of Syllabus Methodology For each Module • Key Learning Objectives • Theological Notes • Points for discussion

• • • • • •

Further activities Display ideas Suggestions for ICT Prayer, liturgies Worksheets to photocopy Assessment tasks

Pupil’s Book 3 1. The Christian Family 2. Mary, Mother of God 3. Sacrament of Reconciliation 4. Celebrating the Mass 5. Celebrating Easter and Pentecost 6. Being a Christian

Teacher’s Book 3 Introduction Notes for Users Overview of Syllabus Methodology For each Module • Theological Notes • Discussion pointers • Additional activities • Assessment tasks • Supporting websites • Display ideas • Class prayer • Liturgies • Worksheets to photocopy

Teacher’s Comments “Inspirational – I want to start NOW! All encompassing – covers all needs. Relevant to our children today, the power of God’s love shines through!” “Wonderful opportunities for children to not only learn about the Faith but to experience it in so many ways.” “Wonderful resource for School, Home and Parish”

Order Forms on under the ‘Publications’ tab

Pupil’s Book 4 Modules • The Bible • Trust in God • Jesus, the Teacher • Jesus, the Saviour • The Mission of the Church • Belonging to the Church

Pupil’s Book 5 Modules • Gifts from God • The Commandments • Inspirational People • Reconciliation • Life in the Risen Jesus • People of Other Faiths

Pupil’s Book 6 Modules • The Kingdom of God • Justice • Jesus, the Bread of Life • Jesus, Son of God • The Work of the Apostles • Called to Serve

Teacher’s Comments “Our children deserve nothing but the best. This is the best! At last a Religious Education scheme that is RE. Thank you for not being afraid to be Catholic.” “This programme provides teachers of all levels of experience and background, the security to teach the Faith in a meaningful way.” “Tremendous use of the Bible – it makes teaching not only enjoyable but exciting!”

Teacher’s Books 4, 5 & 6 • Overview of Syllabus • Methodology • Notes for Users For each module: ◦Theological Notes ◦Points for discussion ◦Further activities ◦Suggestions for Prayer & Liturgies • Assessment and Levels of Attainment

The Way Year 7 modules • Revelation & Faith • Godʼs Promises Fulfilled • The Saviour • The Church • The Sacraments • Christianity & Other Faiths

The Truth Year 8 modules • The Creation • The Covenant • The Mystery of the Eucharist • The Paschal Mystery • The Mission of the Church • The Church in Britain

The Life Year 9 modules • Spiritual Quest • Dialogue with Other Faiths • The Gospels • Life in the Spirit • Godʼs Call • Morality & Conscience

Teacher’s Books: The Way & The Truth Introduction Methodology Overview of Syllabus Notes for Users Tips for Teaching & Learning Contents of DVD ROM For each Module • Theological notes • Starting points • Additional activities • Worksheets • Reflections • Assessment tasks • Additional resources • Links to the DVD ROMs

Syllabus for 11-14 year olds on

Teacher’s Comments “These new editions will help to enable young people to face the growing challenges of living out their faith in a secular society.” “The Teachers’ Books have good solid doctrine which reinforces my knowledge, confidence and faith.” “This programme helps me to feel proud of my faith and privileged to be in a position to share it with students.”

“Fabulous! Assessment has fallen into place, activities are fun. Powerful presentation, I’m hooked! Thank you.”

Available on CD ROM


Assessment for Learning


5 – 11 year olds

Ten Power Point presentations for staff training

Assessment tasks are based on Levels of Attainment in Religious Education in Catholic Schools Bishops Conference Department for Catholic Education & Formation England & Wales 2007

Maps to show how each activity meets diocesan Levels of Attainment Over two hundred activities for pupils of all abilities with high quality colourful pictures All activities made for use with interactive whiteboards Guidance for reaching higher levels Writing frames to help with Formative and Summative Assessment

Context ‘The Way, the Truth & the Life’ Series

Opportunities for Self-Assessment Pupils’ exemplification material

The Catholic Approach to Other Faiths IN CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOLS

This approach is linked to the content of ‘The Way, the Truth & the Life’ Series, Books 3 – 6.

Available on CD ROM


In-service - Website - Additional Power Point Presentations Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education Co. Ltd 40 Duncan Terrace, London N1 8AL Tel. 020 7359 2642; FAX 020 7288 0517; Email

DVD ROMs The Way DVD ROM - Year 7 The Truth DVD ROM - Year 8 • • • • • • • • • •

Syllabus Outline Theology of the Bible Power Point Presentations Flipcharts for Promethean and Smart interactive programmes Extensive variety of worksheets Audio recordings Assessment tasks mapped to Levels of Attainment Ways to differentiate Video of Taizé Variety of additional resources


£250 e ach

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The Life CD ROM

Teacher’s Comments “These ICT resources provide excellent pedagogical tools which can be adapted to pupils of all abilities.” “Your time is priceless, these will save it!” “These DVD ROMs provide all the resources we would love to create if only we had the time.” “You can’t put a price on your time – this has everything you need at the click of a button!” Further details and Order Form: For CD ROMs and DVD ROMs Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education Co. Ltd 40 Duncan Terrace, London N1 8AL Tel. 020 7359 2642 Fax. 020 7288 0517 Email.

For Text Books Redemptorist Publications Alphonsus House, Chawton Hants, GU34 3HQ. Tel. 01420 88222 Fax. 01420 88805 Email.

The Way, The Truth and The Life Series