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April 2014 • Newsletter

The ribbon cutting at the I AM SCRIBE UNIVERSITY - Chicago reception, 03/20/14

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April 2014

What’s New? Team Building


Alex (President) and Amanda (VP of Client Services) visit Yonkers Chief Ziqian Wang

Knoxville team (plus a few physicians) at Barley’s Cook Children’s team at the Fort Worth Rodeo

Texas Health HEB Team at Main Event

Welcome Baby Baskin! Vivian Rae was born to our VP of Training, Raegan Baskin, on 04/01/14 Congratulations Raegan!

Pembroke Pines trainers playing laser tag

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April 2014

Connect the Docs Winner The fourth winner of the $2500 scholarship was Prerna Patel, a member of a Fort Worth team. Want to be our next winner? Refer a friend to scribe with us! Visit the scribe blog or log in to your ShiftAdmin account to learn more and submit an entry.

After graduating from the University of Texas in May 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Nutritional Sciences, I have dedicated my time working as a medical scribe with PhysAssist Scribes. I want to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant and before attending PA school, I decided to gain more experience in the healthcare field to better prepare myself for my future. The staff at PhysAssist, fellow scribes and physicians have made this a very beneficial experience for me. The physicians provide the scribes with guidance and really take the time to educate us on different cases. As a new scribe over a year ago, I was overwhelmed with the pace of the ER, being able to multitask in a loud and stressful environment and just understanding the medical language. Through my experience working at Harris Methodist, I have not only learned about medicine, but other key factors that comprise a healthcare provider. Effective interpersonal communication skills, patient care, being able to work under stress and multitasking are some of the qualities that I am developing. As a scribe, I also get the opportunity to build professional relationships with ER physicians. Because of these reasons, I was really impressed with what this job had to offer me. I started to refer a few of my friends who were also looking to get medical experience. As current scribes, they also share similar beliefs and are thankful for this opportunity. I want to thank PhysAssist for giving me this opportunity and for awarding me with this generous scholarship. These funds will help me continue my pursuit to The Staffing department announced the new winner in January. become a PA.”

-Prerna Patel

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April 2014

I AM SCRIBE University-Chicago


In celebration of our newest I AM SCRIBE University location, we invited scribes, clients, and corporate employees to join us in Chicago for the Grand Opening! On March 20th, we officially opened our second I AM SCRIBE University location in Chicago, IL. Alex Geesbreght, president of PhysAssist, traveled from Fort Worth to cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening. Local scribes, clients, and corporate employees were invited to attend and tour the new campus. I AM SCRIBE University’s second campus is an exciting step forward in the specialization and localization of the most innovative training program for scribes in the industry. Since opening our initial location in 2008 in Fort Worth, PhysAssist has created a new standard in scribe training by working closely with award-winning ED physicians. This revolutionary ing training program efficiently produces the most professional, knowledgeable scribes nd Open g the Gra campus in c n u o n in the business. go An w Chica of our ne

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Katie Matheson is a former scribe and now works as a Scribe University Coordinator in the Chicago facility, training new candidates before they begin working in the hospital.


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that the hard work and effort expended is used in the best way possible, especially when the goal is to prepare scribes for their first ER shift,” she added. Katie was recently accepted into PA school, and will begin in the fall.

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Speeches, speeches, speeches! President Alex Geesbreght (above) and Scribe U Coordinator Anita Garcia (right), addressed the crowd before the ribbon cutting.

Above: Katie Matheson saying a few words at the reception.

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April 2014

The Chicago Scribe U open house was a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the important corporate staff members of PhysAssist that I had not yet had the opportunity to meet. All of the people I met were warm and welcoming. They even made me feel like a celebrity because nearly everyone came up to me and said something similar to “I heard so many wonderful things about you.” Everyone was very down to earth and enjoyable to talk with, and helped me to learn even more about PhysAssist.

VP of Client Services Amanda Buffington and Scribe U Coordinator Trevor Avella at the Chicago Scribe U reception.

Having the opportunity to demonstrate what Scribe U is to the new clients was another experience that I am grateful to have had. Yes, I was nervous beyond belief. However, I am honored that I was able to show a client first hand what a scribe can do, and hopefully persuaded them to hire us. When we walked out of the client demonstration room, we were congratulated and thank by several other staff members including Dr. Vargas and Alex Geesbreght. I was overwhelmed having realized that the president of the company was thanking me personally for the work that I just did.

Scribe trainers Leah Duke, Ashley Bower, Mary Jung, and Michelle Ziarko at the reception.

The Scribe U open house really helped me to appreciate the company that I work for. I’m so grateful to be apart of such a wonderful company that is so willing to us trust coordinators and let us do the job that we do. I couldn’t be happier to get up each morning and come to work.”

-Trevor Avella

Left: The first graduating class of Chicago Scribe U. Above: A peek inside a classroom at the new campus.

Don’t forget these CSEs on the LMS! April - PQRS, Physician Quality Reporting System May - Medical Terminology June - Critical Care Time

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April 2014

Meet the Team


Each quarter, we’ll feature a different department of the corporate office. This month..

Lisa Bozarth - Accounting Manager Born in Bowie, Texas, Lisa can be described as crafty, laid back and, as she likes to say, “Better with numbers than with words.” The people, the relationships, and the work environment are some of her favorite things about working with PhysAssist over the last three years. She also enjoys being outdoors and taking her White German Shepard out on adventures!

Adam Brooks - Accounting Specialist

Adam is a charismatic, hardworking and a no nonsense individual who values his contribution to PhysAssist’s daily operations. He likes to refer to one of his favorite quotes: “Let the choices that you make today be the choices that you live with tomorrow.” He enjoys hanging out with his kids, shopping for electronics and trying new things. He would like to visit Rome one day to view the architectural history because he enjoyed studying architecture!

Gwen Gilbert - Payroll Specialist, West Gwen is a mother of two daughters, Nicole and Natalie. She enjoys movies, shopping, spending time with family and friends and enjoys traveling and watching volleyball! She may have been born in Nashville, TN but her ideal vacation destination is to visit Australia to see the wildlife and the Great Barrier Reef. Her favorite aspects about working with PhysAssist Scribes are the people and culture.

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April 2014

Darla Raso - Payroll Specialist, East Darla was born in New York, raised in Palm Beach, FL and has been a proud Texan for the last four years! She says she is truly grateful to be a part of the PhysAssist team. In her spare time she enjoys working out, watching movies and hanging out with family. When asked, “If you had to go head to head with our President, Alex Geesbreght, in the World Karaoke Championship, what song would she sing to put him away?” Darla said “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi!

Scribe Spotlight

Daniela Moreno Daniela was nominated for Employee of the Quarter at the hospital where she scribes, Burleson ED. Why did you decide to become a scribe? I decided to become a scribe because I wanted the experience and opportunity to be behind the scenes, and be part of a team that works together to save lives. What qualities do you think make a good scribe? I think every good scribe needs to be a good listener first and foremost. Second, they need to be able to multitask and organize a lot of information in a small amount of time. Additionally, a good scribe needs to be accurate, efficient, flexible, and very detail orientated. What do you want to do (career wise) after scribing? I am applying to Nursing school this year. What has been your favorite part about being a scribe? My favorite part of being a scribe has been experiencing many different cases and patients and having a doctor or nurse there to teach me. I believe I am getting a jumpstart into Medicine.

Before you go, Did you know...? The smallest bone in our body, the stapes, is located in the ear, and measures at 2.6 to 3.4 millimeters.

When you take one step, you’re using up to 200 muscles.

The attachment of the human skin to muscles is what causes dimples. The average heart expands and contracts about 100,000 times each day.

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