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Jerome Smith is the creative director and owner of brandEvolve LLC, a company created in 2002 that helps organizations grow their business through a brand focus. He can be reached at or 407-792-5893.



he challenge with many website redesign efforts is that they fail to include activities that relate to the brand. Not addressing the brand properly during the redesign process can lead to scope creep and unexpected project costs.

Many redesigns get completed but never get launched, like movie footage that doesn’t make the final cut. — Jerome Smith

So here’s a look at the linear stages of a branding growth model that should be applied like guardrails to the website redesign process. It doesn’t matter what an agency’s design methodology is (agile or waterfall) — the branding growth model has a sequential order. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Purpose Content Creative Production

Remember, this model is sequential. For example; if you go too far into stage 3, the creative stage, without fleshing out stages 1 or 2, purpose or content, you will likely take on project scope creep. That means the project will take more hours and more dollars to complete. As a visual designer, over the years I have been a part of hundreds of website launches and redesigns for Fortune 500 midsize and start up companies. The websites have varied in ranges

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from fewer than 10 pages to more than 10,000 pages. Under the technical hood, they varied from enterprise content management systems to transactional e-commerce marketplaces to simple WordPress solutions. Distilled from my experiences is a proven growth model that serves as a guide for the successful design or redesign of websites and applications. Here are some branding tips: 1.

Define the business goal purpose of your redesign. Embarking on a new website for your business can create lots of excitement as well as pressure. Many redesigns get completed but never get launched, like movie footage that doesn’t make the final cut. Why? It’s very easy for a website redesign project to go off the rails. You can help keep it on track by applying the brand growth model throughout the process. The first step is to define the business goals of what you want to achieve with your website. Keep these goals simple and straightforward. For instance, improving the look and feel should be coupled with converting more visitors to customers, increasing website traffic