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Cloud Based Software Decodes Livestock Genomic Data


gric-Bioformatics LLC is an emerging Oklahoma agriculture company primed to use bioinformatics and genetic testing to help cattle producers improve the performance of their livestock. Sean Akadiri, founder and CEO of Agric-Bioformatics, is revolutionizing the livestock industry through development of an easy-to-use platform for small and large producers of cattle. After a few years working in the biotechnology industry in Oklahoma City, Sean decided it was time to make a difference on his own – recognizing the usefulness his knowledge of genomics could provide to the agriculture sector, he sought to find a way to apply this to daily routine for small and large producers of livestock. Sean launched AgricBioformatics in 2013 with the goal to help create an environment where small and large


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livestock producers have easy, affordable access to detailed, user-friendly genetic information that can be referenced for daily herd management. Ranching is inherently difficult – no other industry depends on the whims of nature and unstable markets in quite the same way. Cattle producers are under significant pressure to increase yields under strenuous conditions. They must continually make good decisions in response to rapid change in order to survive and thrive. The United States is the world’s largest beef producer and second largest beef exporter, and yet years of drought have left many questioning what the future may hold. And as the global population rises, the demand for food will increase significantly – putting further pressure on livestock producers.

Agric-Bioformatics is developing an accessible, user-friendly system that effectively combines nutrigenomics – the study of how diet influences gene expression and health – with livestock operations and monitoring tools. This cloud-based platform, AgBoost™ online information services, will allow easy and affordable access to tools that to guide interpretation of genomic data in order to promote informed decision making. AgBoost™ services is currently in development. With collaborators in Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, Canada, and Northern Ireland, Agric-Bioformatics is compiling feasibility data and preparing the platform. Nutrigenomic data will be compiled within AgBoost™ online information services, and be available as a subscription-based application on mobile devices, such as smartphones

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i&E Bio Edition 2015  

i&E Bio Edition 2015