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May 24, 2012 It’s Where You Live! Volume 104, No. 123




Covington Council addresses yard ordinance

Area track teams compete at regional meets



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Historic district reviews OK’d Planning commissioners approve sign, paint projects BY NATALIE KNOTH Staff Writer Troy planning commissioners approved sign installation, painting of a door and roof replacement at the May 23 meeting. A non-illuminated wall sign for State Farm Insurance at 115 S. Market St. was approved unanimously by the commission.

TROY An occupancy permit was approved in early May. Yellow Tree Yoga owner Mary Borton saw her historic district review approved as well. The entry door of the building at East Main and Walnut streets, 103 E. Main St., will be painted a light pink color. Further facade

work will be addressed later. Commissioners also OK’d a new roof for 12 S. Cherry St., which is a law firm owned by John Fulker. Because slate roof shingles are not available in large enough quantities for replacement, Fulker selected StormMaster Slate, which mirror the look and functionality of slate.


D.C. zoo to hand-raise baby cheetahs WASHINGTON — Two cheetah cubs have been transported to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo to be raised by hand after a risky birth last month at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in northern Virginia. When the cubs’ mother, 5year-old Ally, gave birth to the first cub in late April, problems quickly developed. Ally is a first-time mother and abandoned the first cub. Then Ally’s labor stopped, even though she had three more cubs waiting to be born. See Page B4.

Graduates in the spotlight Wondering who will be the valedictorian at your local high school this year? We’ll fill you in on the top students and who is ready to graduate from Miami County schools. See Pages A10-13.

States are considering highway tolls Driving onto an Interstate highway? Crossing a bridge on the way into work? Taking a tunnel under a river or bay? Get ready to pay. With Congress unwilling to contemplate an increase in the federal gas tax, motorists are likely to be paying even more tolls as the government searches for ways to repair and expand the nation’s congested highways. Tolling is less efficient and sometimes can seem less fair than the main alternative, gasoline taxes. See Page 5.

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Theft suspect arrested Former Piqua man accused of stealing money from Tipp City business TIPP CITY — A former Piqua man suspected of stealing money from a Tipp City business was recently arrested in Florida. Michael J. Wion, 40, is accused of stealing approximately $446,000 from Repacorp w h i l e employed as the STAFF PHOTO/ANTHONY WEBER company’s TJ Johnston from Dave Arbogast Buick Pontiac GMC Suzuki Vans Boats and RV’s along with Jeff Schultz Troy financial High School Dean of Students presented junior James Mayberry with the keys to a 2002 Saturn four-door sedan. controller. Wion James was randomly selected among other students who had perfect attendance. w a s caught near his WION home in Venice, Fla. while walking his dog. Police said he was the last 10 years who have earned taken into custody without TROY perfect attendance and a chance of incident. Wion could be returned winning a car. the car. to Miami County as early More than 107 students qualiMayberry said he was saving as today to face charges. fied for the 10th annual Perfect money to buy his own car to get to — From WDTN Auto Attendance give-away, and from his three jobs to pay for according to Jeff Schultz, dean of college. “I kept saving money and kept hoping that luck would go my students at Troy High School. TROY “We’ve been doing this for 10 way to win this car so I could get years, and good kids walk away to work.” with a good car,” Schultz said. BY MELANIE YINGST The 18 year-old Mayberry said All perfect attendance students Staff Writer he had been hoping and praying to win the car so he no longer had to were rewarded with Fat Boyz Pizza, also located on S. County borrow his parents’ vehicle to get Road 25A, Troy for never skipping One more happy student was to his jobs which include Fazoli’s, a slice of school. rewarded with a gift of precious the new sub shop Jimmy John’s “It’s a pretty popular program, metal — a set of car keys — for and this summer for the Troy Rec and it motivates kids to get to perfect attendance at Troy High Dept’s playground program. school every day,” Schutlz said. School. Mayberry said now the money Three Troy High School seniors Junior James Mayberry said he he had been saving for a car will has been working toward buying pay for college, and he might even were also awarded $50 by Unity his own set of wheels when his indulge in the annual “Senior Skip National Bank for not only perfect name was drawn as the winner of Day.” attendance all four years of high BY WILL E SANDERS a 2002 Saturn SL1 Wednesday in school, but also no tardy excuses. Dave Arbogast Buick Pontiac Ohio Community Media front of Troy High School. The last day of school for Troy GMC, located at 3540 S. County “I just freaked out,” Mayberry Road 25A, put the keys in the igni- City Schools students is said when his name was drawn for tion in recognition of students for Wednesday. Two of the three suspects nabbed this week following a weeklong spike in residential burglaries in Piqua were arraigned in Miami BY WILL E SANDERS a Michigan fan. The first level best to assist in the County Municipal Court PIQUA Ohio Community Media thing her baby wore was birth, and an off-duty following their arrests an OSU hoodie. She want- this week. nurse who noticed the Meanwhile, Berry, 27, sat ed him to be a Michigan commotion stopped and • Corey Lee Lucas When expectant mother in the back of the vehicle. assisted. fan.” Bailey, 19, of Piqua, has “My other sister said, Samantha Fair began havThat’s right, him — “She (Samantha) was been charged with burgla‘close your legs and don’t ing contractions early Samantha gave birth to an ry and complicity to burfreaking out, screaming push,’” McLaughlin Tuesday morning, she and was in so much pain,” absolutely healthy bounc- glary, both felonies of the called her two sisters, Jen recalled the hectic scene. ing baby boy who she McLaughlin said. “I was second-degree, and a misWhen the three sisters, scared at first because I McGlaughlin and Tricia named Blake Daniel Fair. demeanor charge of Berry, as they had planned who all live in Piqua, couldn’t hear the baby cry- The baby weighed 6 receiving stolen property. reached the hospital cam- ing. … It all happened so to take Fair to the Upper pounds, 7 ounces. Bailey faced a judge pus McLaughlin stopped Valley Medical Center. Both Samantha and her Wednesday on the felony fast.” That was the plan, any- in the middle of a right-ofnew son, her second child, counts and was given a Once Samantha gave way and couldn’t even way. birth in the car, but before are scheduled to be combined bond of “As we were driving the make it to the parking lot doctors reached her, released from the hospital $100,000. as Tricia ran toward the baby was coming,” McLaughlin rooted around today. He remains incarceratMcGlaughlin said. “By the hospital to get help. McLaughlin still has a the vehicle for a blanket to ed at the Miami County “She was running so time we reached County wrap the newborn baby in hard time believing how Jail. Road 25-A, the baby’s head fast that she came out of and when she couldn’t find crazy the whole episode • Richard A. Behr, 21, of her flip flops and just kept one she improvised. was. was out.” Piqua, has been charged on running,” McLaughlin “It’s something you “I used my Ohio State McGlaughlin, 37, was with two counts of receivwould see in a movie,” hoodie,” McGlaughlin driving as Fair, 22, was sit- said. ing stolen property, Meanwhile back at the laughed, “which is aweMcGlaughlin said. “It was ting in the passenger seat car, McLaughlin did her • See BURGLARY on Page A2 some because Samantha is so wild.” 6 as she entered labor.

Precious metal

Student gets a new ride for perfect attendance

County men face burglary charges

Sisters help sibling deliver baby boy

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

LOTTERY CLEVELAND — Here are the winning numbers drawn Wednesday by the Ohio Lottery: • Pick 4 Midday: 3-9-6-7 • Pick 3 Midday: 4-6-5 • Ten OH Midday: 03-0405-08-12-13-14-17-22-2330-33-36-38-40-43-54-6073-79 • Pick 4 Evening: 1-6-2-2 • Pick 3 Evening: 4-6-2 • Ten OH Evening: 06-08-10-14-16-17-30-3539-43-46-48-51-56-57-5865-67-72-76 • Classic Lotto: 01-15-31-35-36-45 • Lotto Kicker: 7-8-1-0-9-4 • Rolling Cash 5: 07-1320-36-37 Estimated jackpot: $110,000

BUSINESS ROUNDUP • The Troy Elevator The grain prices listed below are the closing prices of Wednesday. Corn Month Bid Change May 6.4000 + 0.0775 N/C 12 4.9500 + 0.0275 J/F/M 13 5.1100 - 0.0025 Soybeans Month Bid Change May 13.3550 - 0.1675 N/C 12 12.0400 - 0.2300 J/F/M 13 12.2050 - 0.2150 Wheat Month Bid Change 6.6800 - 0.1725 May N/C 12 6.7800 - 0.1725 N/C 13 6.7100 - 0.1325 You can find more information online at

• Stocks of local interest Values reflect closing prices from Wednesday. Symbol Price Change AA 8.61 +0.12 CAG 25.35 +0.10 CSCO 16.69 -0.04 EMR 47.86 +0.68 F 10.41 +0.22 FITB 13.59 +0.14 FLS 107.99 +0.82 GM 22.13 +0.63 125.84 +0.34 GR ITW 55.10 +0.46 JCP 27.26 +0.80 KMB 78.49 -0.19 KO 74.55 +0.36 KR 22.16 -0.16 LLTC 29.16 -0.13 MCD 91.48 +0.14 MSFG 11.38 -0.01 PEP 68.00 -0.08 PMI 0.31 0.00 SYX 12.53 -0.17 TUP 53.80 -0.19 USB 31.09 +0.09 41.28 -0.11 VZ WEN 4.52 +0.11 WMT 64.58 +0.85

Obama birth certificate OK by official PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona’s secretary of state said Wednesday that Hawaii’s official verification of President Barack Obama’s birth records meets necessary requirements, meaning the president’s name will appear on Arizona’s ballot in the fall. The inquiry launched recently by Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett gave official weight to a long-simmering political controversy generated by those who say that Obama was not born in the U.S. and therefore is ineligible to hold the nation’s highest office. The Obama administration attempted a year ago to dismiss the conflict by releasing his longform birth certificate showing that he was born in Hawaii. But skeptics maintained their stance and eventually Bennett announced he would seek further verification at the request of numerous voters who contacted his office, even saying he was prepared to leave Obama’s name off the state’s ballot in November. Bennett, a Republican, said in a written statement that Hawaii officials “have complied with the request, and I consider the matter closed.” Bennett’s office says Obama’s name will appear on Arizona’s November ballot as long as he wins his party’s nomination and all paperwork is properly completed. Obama campaign spokesman Mahen Gunaratna noted that Bennett also is Arizona campaign co-chair for Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney. Gunaratna said Bennett’s inquiry will have no bearing on the election, “But it does present an oppor-


In this Sept. 16, 2010 file photo, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett speaks during an event in Casa Grande, Ariz. Bennett said Wednesday that Hawaii’s verification of President Barack Obama’s birth records meets necessary requirements and that the president will appear on Arizona’s ballot in the fall. tunity for Mitt Romney to finally rise to the occasion and denounce the extreme voices in his party.” The Romney campaign responded saying the candidate has made his stance on the issue clear. “I think the citizenship test has been passed,” Romney said to CNBC in April, a statement relayed to The Associated Press by his campaign on Wednesday. “I believe the president was born in the United States. And there are real reasons to get this guy out of office.” Hawaii State Registrar Alvin Onaka sent the document Tuesday confirming the information on Obama’s birth certificate, such as the Honolulu hospital where he

• CONTINUED FROM A1 At the end of the meeting, Mayor Michael Beamish announced that planning commissioner Ron Scott will be moving to the Columbus area. Scott submitted his resignation letter via email. A replacement for Scott will be sought. Rezoning recommended At the law and ordinance committee meeting, members recommended council approve an ordinance authorizing the rezoning of three lots on West Stanfield

Road from a light industrial district to general business district. Originally, four lots had been included, but council amended the ordinance Monday to include only three, at the request of one of the lot’s owners, Legacy Medical Equipment. The lots include a school facility, Stanfield water tower and Senior Active Inc., an adult daycare center. City of Troy administrator Sue Knight said council has been moving through the process as quickly as possible, as specified under the procedural timetable.

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — The State Department has launched a different sort of raid against al-Qaida hacking into al-Qaida websites in Yemen. In a rare public admission of the covert cyber war against extremists, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says cyber experts based at the State Department hacked Yemeni tribal websites, replacing al-Qaida propaganda that bragged about killing Americans. “Within 48 hours, our team plastered the same sites with altered versions of the ads that showed the toll al-Qaida attacks have taken on the Yemeni people,” Clinton said Wednesday. In response, “Extremists are publicly venting their frustration and asking supporters not to believe everything they read on the Internet,” she said. Clinton described the cyber effort as part of a larger, multipronged attack on terrorism that goes beyond attacks like the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden to include the propaganda battle, and the longer, slower campaign of diplomats working alongside special operations troops to shore up local governments and economies

Burglary zance bond during his Tuesday arraignment in felonies of the fourth-degree municipal court. since the crimes involved a An additional charge of handgun. receiving stolen property He was given a recognihas been filed against Behr, court documents show, and he is scheduled to be arraigned in that case on June 13. Both men have May 30 preliminary hearings scheduled. A third suspect, 17-yearold Celeste Marie Lynn Julian of Piqua has been charged with a probation violation and two counts of burglary, both felonies. She remains behind bars at the county’s juvenile 2286502 detention facility as her cases are pending in Miami County Juvenile Court. Police officials said the investigation into the crimes is ongoing.



Anyone can get colon cancer. However, 90% of people diagnosed with colon cancer are over age 50.

was born and the names and ages of his parents. Hawaii officials have repeatedly verified Obama’s citizenship as skeptics have maintained that the president was born in Kenya, his father’s home country. State and federal courts also have rejected lawsuits over the issue. The verification process was the subject of three months of back and forth, with Hawaii officials initially saying Bennett had to show why he needed the information as part of ordinary business. Other Arizona officials over the last year have raised questions about Obama’s birth certificate. Last year, the state Legislature passed a bill that would have

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Springboro, OH Troy, OH

army to help withstand alQaida attacks that have killed hundreds of Yemeni troops. Yemen’s al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, is considered one of al-Qaida’s most dangerous offshoots. Yemen was the launching pad for three foiled alQaida attacks on U.S. targets: the Christmas 2009 attempt to down an American airliner over Detroit with an underwear bomb and the sending of printer cartridges packed with explosives to Chicagoarea synagogues in 2010. In the past month the CIA thwarted yet another plot by AQAP to destroy a U.S.-bound airliner using a bomb which could have been undetectable by conventional airport scanners. Clinton says the cyber attack was launched by an interagency group of specialists, including diplomats, special operators and intelligence analysts, housed at the State Department. Called the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, its experts patrol the Internet and social media to counter alQaida’s attempts to recruit new followers. “Together, they will work to pre-empt, discredit and outmaneuver extremist propaganda,” Clinton said. Offensive attacks on extremist sites are generally attributed to the Pentagon’s U.S. Cyber Command, though seldom acknowledged publicly.



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and train local forces. Clinton was speaking alongside Adm. Bill McRaven, head of the U.S. Special Operations Command, at a conference of hundreds of U.S. and international special operations commanders the two senior leaders sending a tacit message to their sometimes warring tribes of troops and diplomats that they have to get along. Yemen is considered both a model and a test case of that effort. U.S. diplomats have been working to stabilize the fledgling government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who replaced ousted Yemeni strongman Ali Abdullah Saleh. Saleh stepped down in February as part of a U.S.-backed power-transfer deal brokered by Gulf Arab countries aimed at ending political unrest in the country after a yearlong uprising. Hadi has faced the twin challenges of Saleh loyalists refusing to relinquish their government and military posts, and of al-Qaida attacks in the south, where the group has established a large safe haven from which to attack Yemeni troops. The White House responded by issuing an executive order last week threatening sanctions against individuals who challenge Hadi’s government. It also dispatched a new batch of special operations forces to train Yemen’s

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required presidential candidates to prove their citizenship before their names could appear on the state’s ballot. The proposal was vetoed by Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, who called the measure “a bridge too far.” Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America, had a volunteer posse launch an investigation into the issue, saying in March there was reason to believe Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery. Arpaio, known for his hardline stance on illegal immigration, said Wednesday the information given to Bennett’s office doesn’t dispel his suspicions. He vowed to continue his posse’s investigation until Hawaii officials provide microfilm of the original birth certificate or the original document itself. Earlier this spring, Bennett’s office made a change that requires candidates to complete a new form asking eligibility questions, including whether they are natural-born U.S. citizens. In the past, political parties drafted their own certification documents that Arizona officials say didn’t consistently address the issue of qualifications. Democrat state Rep. Chad Campbell, Arizona’s House minority leader, called on Bennett to step down as co-chair of the Romney campaign, saying if he doesn’t, then he should resign as secretary of state. Bennett declined through a spokesman to comment on Campbell’s appeal.

Clinton: U.S. hacked Yemeni al-Qaida sites

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May 24, 2012



annual Memorial Day luncheon will be offered from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Casstown United Methodist Church, 102 Center St., Casstown. The menu will include a variety of sandwiches, assorted salads and desserts, ice cream and beverages — all sold a la carte. Carry-out will be available. The church is handicapped accessible.

• PICNIC ON PLAZA: A Picnic on the Plaza concert will be at 11:45 a.m. at Community Prouty Plaza in downtown Troy. Bring your lunch and Calendar a blanket/chair and enjoy the sounds of Troy Junior CONTACT US High School seventh grade Grey Band. The event is free and open to the public. Call Melody • BUSINESS SERIES: TUESDAY Vallieu at The Troy Area Chamber of 440-5265 to Commerce will continue its • TUESDAY SPECIAL: Business Symposium list your free Post 88 will offer hamburgSeries for business owners calendar ers, cheeseburgers and and managers from noon onion rings for $2 each and items.You to 1:30 p.m. at the Troy french fries for $1 from 3-6 Country Club. 1830 Peters can send p.m. at the post, 3449 Road, Troy. The topic will your news by e-mail to LeFevre Road, Troy. Cook’s be “How to Put Ego on the choice of the day sandwich Shelf and Let Talented also will be featured. Employees Run the Show,” by Bill Hutter, MAY 30 founder and CEO of Sequent. The event is $15, payable at the door. For a reservation, call 339-8769. • CLASS PICNIC: The Troy High • COOKING WITH THE QUEEN: Who’s School class of 1958 will meet for a picnic Cooking with Queen Darlene will be from beginning at 11 a.m. at the brick shelter at 1-4 p.m. at the Troy Senior Citizens Center. Troy City Park. The meal will begin at Melissa Henry will cook this month, with approximately noon. Participants are entertainment by Silver Grass. asked to bring a covered dish and their • DOGS AND PRETZELS: The camera. American Legion Post No. 586, Tipp City, • KIWANIS MEETING: The Kiwanis will serve hot dogs, soft pretzels and Club of Troy will meet from noon to 1 p.m. desserts for $1 each from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Troy Country Club. Special proProceeds from the sale goes to benefit an gramming promoting membership will be auxiliary member. Euchre will begin at 7 offered. For more information, contact p.m. Kim Riber, vice president, at 339-8935. • BACON CHEESEBURGERS: The • BLOOD DRIVE: A blood drive will be Clifford Thompson Post No. 43 of the offered from 3-7 p.m. at the United Church American Legion will offer a bacon of Christ, 108 S. Main St., West Milton. cheeseburger with fries meal from 5-7 p.m. Anyone who registers to donate will The cost is $6. receive a “iFocus, iChange Local Lives, • DISCOVERY WALK: A morning disthe Power is in Your Hands,” T-shirt and covery walk for adults will be offered from be entered to win a new Ford Focus. 8-9:30 a.m. at Aullwood Audubon Center, Individuals with eligibility questions are 1000 Aullwood Road, Dayton. Tom invited to email or Hissong, education coordinator, will guide call (800) 388-GIVE or make an appointwalkers as they experience the seasonal ment at changes taking place. Bring binoculars.

FRIDAY • FRIDAY DINNER: The Covington VFW Post No. 4235, 173 N. High St., Covington, will offer dinner from 5-8 p.m. For more information, call 753-1108. • SEAFOOD DINNER: The Pleasant Hill VFW Post No. 6557, 7578 W. Fenner Road, Ludlow Falls, will offer a three-piece fried fish dinner, 21-piece fried shrimp or a fish/shrimp combo with french fries and coleslaw for $6 from 6-7:30 p.m. Frog legs, when available, are $10. • FISH FRY: The Sons of AMVETS Post No. 88 will host an all-you-can-eat fish fry from 5:30-7:30 p.m. The meal also will include fries, coleslaw, roll and pudding for $7.

SATURDAY • STEAK FRY: The Pleasant Hill VFW Post No. 6557, 7578 W. Fenner Road, Ludlow Falls, will offer a T-bone steak dinner with salad, baked potato and a roll for $11 from 5-8 p.m. • BAKE SALE: Troy Gospel Tabernacle will have a bake sale beginning at 9 a.m. at the Troy Wal-mart. For more information, call all 335-7929 or 335-3159. • DOLLAR SALE: A $1 per hanging item for spring and summer clothing will be offered from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Anna’s Closet, a division of New Path Ministries. For more information, call 875-2909.

SUNDAY • OUTDOOR CONCERT: The Troy Civic Band, directed by Kathy and Bill McIntosh, will present a free patriotic outdoor concert entitled “Remembering Those Who Serve” in downtown Troy on Prouty Plaza. Bring lawn chairs. For more information, call 3351178. • FAMILY QUEST: The Miami County Park District will have its “Up, Up and Away” program from 1-4 p.m. at Charleston Falls Preserve, 2535 Ross Road, south of Tipp City. Participants can build and fire air powered paper rockets with educational specialist Tim Pinkerton from the WACO Aircraft Museum. Learn about boomerangs and see a live demonstration. Learn about all things that fly: airplanes, butterflies, rockets, bumble pees, paper planes, birds, gliders, flying squirrels, hot air balloons, spiders, kites, parachutes and traveling seeds. Pre-register for the program by sending an email to or call (937) 335-9730, Ext. 115. • SUNSET SONGS: The Miami County Park District will hold its Music in the Park program “Sunset Songs” from 7-9 p.m. at Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area, 9110 Covington Gettysburg Road and 4720 Rangeline Road, near Covington. Enjoy soft, meditative Native American Flute music on a casual walk around Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary. For more information, visit the park district’s website at • CHICKEN BARBECUE: The Pleasant Hill Newton Township Fireman’s Association will hold its spring chicken barbecue at the firehouse beginning at 11 a.m. Donated baked goods are welcome. Proceeds will be used for the purchase of fire and rescue equipment.



Rochester Institute of Technology ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Joshua Alway of West Milton has been named to the dean’s list for the winter quarter at Rochester Institute of Technology. A second-year student in RIT’s B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences, Alway is studying video game programming and design. He is the son of Walter and Laura Alway of West Milton and is a 2010 graduate of Milton-Union High School.

Indiana Wesleyan University MARION, Ind. — Five students from Miami County were among the 2,000 students who received degrees during graduation ceremonies April 28 at Indiana Wesleyan University’s main campus in Marion. Graduating students include: • Kaila Bowman of Troy received a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science. • Robert Corwin of Tipp City received a Bachelor of Science degree in youth ministries. • Abigail Demmitt of Troy received a Bachelor of Science degree in pre-art therapy. • Melissa Kershner of Pleasant Hill received a Bachelor of Science degree in fine art. • Jerad Miller of Troy received a Bachelor of Science degree in management. • Alissa Schaeffer of Pleasant Hill received a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education.

• Sadie Warvel of Bradford received a Bachelor of Science degree in interior design.

University of Northwestern Ohio LIMA — The University of Northwestern Ohio has announced that Brian M. Fincel of Casstown has been named to the Dean’s List for the March 2012 session in the College of Applied Technologies. Full-time students must receive a grade point average of 3.5 or better to be named to the dean’s list. Fincel is the son of Neil and Kim Teaford of Casstown, and the late Roger B. Fincel.

Walsh University NORTH CANTON — The following local residents were among more than 700 students from Walsh University who were named to the Spring 2012 dean’s list: • Mollie Vanover, a resident of Tipp City. • Jarod Weaver, a resident of Tipp City.

Ashland University ASHLAND — Cody Trebil of Piqua is on the dean’s list for the spring semester of 2012 at Ashland University. Trebil, who graduated in May, was majoring in finance. He is the son of Richard and Norine Trebil of Piqua and is a 2008 graduate of Piqua High School. To be eligible for this honor, a student must be enrolled full-time and achieve at least a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.


MAY 31

Alishia M. Cole • BLOOD DRIVE: A blood drive will be offered from 3-7 p.m. at Piqua Baptist Church, 1402 W. High St., Piqua. Anyone who registers to donate will receive a “iFocus, iChange Local Lives, the Power is in Your Hands,” T-shirt and be entered to win a new Ford Focus. Individuals with eligibility questions are invited to email or call (800) 388GIVE or make an appointment at • DISCOVERY WALK: A morning discovery walk for adults will be offered from 8-9:30 a.m. at Aullwood Audubon Center, 1000 Aullwood Road, Dayton. Tom Hissong, education coordinator, will guide walkers as they experience the seasonal changes taking place. Bring binoculars.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Army Pvt. Alishia M. Cole has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Jackson. During the nine weeks of training, the soldier studied the Army mission, history, tradition and core values, physical fitness, and received instruction and practice in basic combat skills, military weapons,

chemical warfare and bayonet training, drill and ceremony, marching, rifle marksmanship, armed and unarmed combat, map reading, field tactics, military courtesy, military justice system, basic first aid, foot marches and field training exercises. Cole is the daughter of Angelia Beam of South Troy and is a 2010 graduate of Piqua High School.

JUNE 1 • FRIDAY DINNER: The Covington VFW Post No. 4235, 173 N. High St., Covington, will offer dinner from 5-8 p.m. For more information, call 753-1108. • CHICKEN FRY: The Pleasant Hill VFW Post No. 6557, 7578 W. Fenner Road, Ludlow Falls, will offer a three-piece chicken dinner with french fries and macaroni salad for $7 from 6-8 p.m. Chicken livers also will be available.


JUNE 2 • BLOOD DRIVE: A blood drive will be offered from 9 a.m. to noon at the Ludlow Falls Christian Church, 213 Vine St., Ludlow Falls. Anyone who registers to donate will receive a “iFocus, iChange Local Lives, the Power is in Your Hands,” T-shirt and be entered to win a new Ford Focus. Individuals with eligibility questions are invited to email or call (800) 388-GIVE or make an appointment at

JUNE 3 • TOMBSTONE TALK: Every tombstone has a story, and participants will hear five of them in Riverside Cemetery in West Milton from 5-7 p.m. Each of the people will be portrayed at the site of their respective graves. Take a stroll through Riverside and listen to the stories of these folks and their connection to West Milton history. For more information, call Rachel Ann at (937) 698-6610, Bob at (937) 6985532 or Susie at (937) 698-6798. The rain date is 5-7 p.m. June 17. • CREATURE FEATURE: The brown bat will be the feature of the Creature Feature from 2-3 p.m. at Brukner Nature Center. Though seemingly insignificant in size, big brown bats are incredibly important and fierce predators, capable of consuming half their body weight in insects each night. The event is free and open to the public.

JUNE 5 • COUNCIL TO MEET: The Troy Literacy Council, an all-volunteer organization, will meet at the Hayner Cultural Center in Troy at 7 p.m. Adults seeking help with basic literacy or with to learn English as a second language, and those interested in becoming tutors, can contact our message center at (937) 660-3170 for further information.

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Question: How much credit does Barack Obama deserve in the death of Osama bin Laden?

Watch for final poll results in Sunday’s Miami Valley Sunday News.

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“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” — First Amendment, U.S. Constitution


Summit doubleheader is short on surprises CHICAGO (AP) — A long weekend of economic and security summits was heavy on stagecraft and light on surprises. The Group of Eight gathering in Camp David, Md., and the larger gathering of NATO leaders in Chicago yielded agreements worked out in advance and already made public. Lengthy statements summing up the summit to-do lists were largely written before the leaders arrived. Although the gatherings occurred in the midst of a European financial crisis and looming threats in Syria, North Korea and Iran, any meaty discussions or disagreements took place out of earshot of the news media. President Barack Obama, host for both events, came away with no unexpected accomplishments apart from concluding the gatherings without major mishap. There were no private conversations inconveniently picked up by an open microphone or tales of drunken romps with prostitutes by Obama’s Secret Service officers, as happened at the last two international gatherings Obama attended. In the custom of such assemblies, however, just having the meetings at all counts as a plus. World leaders get a splashy moment to draw attention to important issues that often get short shrift in other settings, and they can take one another’s measure. They can apply subtle pressure in public on areas where they disagree, and sometimes talk tough in private. That was the case at Camp David, where other leaders made sure Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev heard the rising outrage over violence in Syria, a Russian ally. Likewise in Chicago, Obama pointedly said Russia should drop its objections to NATO’s planned missile defense shield for Europe. On the two most important issues at hand the economy and Afghanistan even the bland statements of agreement on what to do next convey shared purpose. A problem for Obama is that whatever its merit, such diplomacy takes time and is a distraction from his re-election campaign. Foreign policy is a cornerstone of being president. But it does not get you re-elected not in this economy. Obama, like his Republican presidential challenger, Mitt Romney, would prefer to keep his public focus on creating jobs and helping consumers pay their bills because those basic domestic problems are also his re-election problem. Every political observer, and that includes Obama himself, says the election will turn on the economy. The calendar, though, is loaded with summits that demand his presence (although he is planning to bail on this year’s Asia-Pacific forum in Russia because it falls during his party’s political convention in September.) Obama was just months on the job when he found himself attending so many world forums that he joked of having a condition called “summititis.” The forums do matter. They give world leaders the chance to speak with one voice in trying to rescue the economy and heap pressure on rogue nations, although in doing so, the final declarations must often be watered down to please all. And so Obama emerged from the G-8 gathering of rich and powerful nations with the ability to say there is an “emerging consensus” that Europe’s governments have to take actions to spur growth, not just cut their way out of reducing debt. Tellingly, he used that moment to offer a campaign-sounding message for his economic vision for his own nation. And he was able to stand up in Chicago and say there is a firm path to ending the Afghanistan war.

EDITORIAL ROUNDUP The Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo, on nuclear power: The devastating accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant last year has evoked serious public distrust of politicians, bureaucrats and scientists. What needs to be done to stop the continuing growth of public distrust and restore their credibility with the people? The government has promised to promote “national

debate” as part of its efforts to map out a new nuclear power and energy policy. Specifically, it plans to sort out the possible policy options that have been discussed by related advisory councils and study groups and present them to the people. The government says it is aiming to build a national consensus on the future direction of the policy by summer. But not all the assumptions for the debate are clear.

The government’s committee looking into the nuclear accident has yet to compile its report. The proposed new nuclear safety watchdog, tentatively named the “Nuclear Regulatory Agency,” has yet to be created. It will be even longer before new nuclear safety standards are established. A well-thought-out plan and its careful implementation are vital. A rough-and-ready approach could even deepen the people’s distrust.

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Someone tried to steal my identity? Really? Over the weekend, someone tried to steal my identity, which naturally led me to wonder — who would really want to be me? Apparently there’s a large market out there for people who want to be middle-aged, overweight, Asian men who generally have insufficient funds in their checking account. Yeah, that’s exactly the sort of person whose identity I would want to steal. It all started Tuesday night when I went to a local grocery store to pick up my prescription medication. I currently am taking daily medications to deal with heartburn — yet another reason why someone would want to be me, I’m certain — and when I went to pay for my subscription, by debit card was denied. Figuring I had insufficient funds — I had spent most of my week’s paycheck on Moon Pies and penny whistles over the weekend — I asked if that was the problem. The pharmacist said the computer told him to ask if I had another method of payment. “Well, I do have a promissory note from the Bank of Lichtenstein on me — do you take those?”

David Fong Troy Daily News Columnist As it turned out, they did not. He then informed me that my card was not denied because I had insufficient funds and that I should probably go to my bank to see exactly what the problem was. This, of course, presented a major problem, mostly because my wife handles all the banking in our family. She does not allow me to handle money, because every time she does, we end up with purchases such as a 1971 Dodge Charger. Needless to say, I am kept as far away from the money as humanly possible. At this point, I asked the pharmacist if he knew which bank I used. “It says right on the card,” he said. “Haven’t you ever noticed that before?” To which I politely informed

him that I had always kind of operated under the assumption it was a magic card that allowed me to purchase anything I want and I had never really been to sure where the money came from. It was always just sort of there. Again, this is why I’m not allowed to handle any of the finances in the Fong family. Once I had figured out which bank I use, I went to that bank. Once there, they proceeded to ask me questions. Lots of questions. Difficult questions that I had no answer to. Questions such as, “Your name, sir?” Seriously, there was a whole series of questions they asked in order to get to the bottom of what, exactly had happened to my account. Just to make things even more fun (and really, if there’s one place I go to have fun, it’s the local bank), at one point in the middle of the conversation, the bank teller asked me if I would like to upgrade my checking account. To which I replied, “Can I have some money?” Finally, they called over the bank manager, probably because the bank teller had grown tired of dealing with a complete imbecile.

Finally, after roughly 15 minutes of me staring at her blankly while she tried to figure out exactly why my debit card wasn’t working, we had come to the conclusion that someone had tried to make an unauthorized purchase with my card. That grand total of that purchase? Ninety-nine cents. “So all this is over 99 cents?” I asked. She then explained to me that many times when someone is trying to steal someone’s identity, they will make a “probe” purchase to see if anyone catches it. If they don’t, they then proceed to make larger, more extravagant purchases. Fortunately, the bank had caught the probe, however, and put a stop to it before any major purchases could be made. So my identity was safe and there still was only one of me in the world. Which is good news, because I’m not sure the world is ready for two of me. Especially bank tellers.

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Council addresses yard ordinance Problem centers around foreclosed homes BY TOM MILLHOUSE Ohio Community Media During better economic times, vacant homes with unsightly tall grass were not a problem in Covington. However, with more homes going into foreclosure, Covington Village Council members agreed Monday night that a yard maintenance ordinance is needed in order to recoup the village’s expenses for mowing the yards of vacant homes mostly owned by banks. “It seems like we’re adding a yard a week — I know we’re not, but it seems that way,” Mayor Ed McCord said of the problem of the yards of vacant homes not being mowed after the occupants have moved out. McCord said village employees are mowing five or six yards on a regular basis. “We need some sort of fee structure so we know how much to assess,” McCord said, adding that a few years ago mowing grass of vacant homes wasn’t an issue. McCord said the problem is primarily bank-owned properties. “With local people, when we ask them, they comply (by cutting the grass),” he said. “It’s the banks; there is no one to cover the costs.” Solicitor Frank Patrizio said he researched the yard maintenance ordinances of other communities in Ohio. Patrizio spoke favorably of the tall grass nuisance ordinance of Lakewood, located near Cleveland. The ordinance carries a minimum charge of $100 for the first offense of allowing grass or weeds to exceed six inches in height, with the charge being upped to $200 for the second offense and $300 for the third and subsequent offenses. He explained that if the offending property owner doesn’t pay the charge, the penalty is assessed to their taxes. “We need something in place because obviously, this is a problem,” said councilman Marc Basye.

He suggested there be an appeal process for property owners to contest the charge if they think it’s unfair. Patrizio was directed to put an appeal process in an ordinance he is to prepare for the next council meeting. Councilman Scott Tobias said he thought the proposed charge “is pretty stiff.” Patrizio said with the cost of the village employees’ time, equipment and the expense of Fiscal Officer Carmen Siefring’s time preparing notices to be sent to property owners, “I think $100 might not be sufficient.” Council members agreed that the charge could be waived in some instances, such as in the case of elderly residents. There also was discussion of making the height of the grass more than six inches. Council will again address the issue at the June 4 meeting. Police Chief Lee Harmon advised council members that the popular contemporary Christian band Big Daddy Weave will be performing at the Fort Rowdy Gathering, set for Oct. 6-7. “We think there will be a pretty big crowd show up (for the concert),” Harmon said, noting a meeting is being planned with the Fort Rowdy Gathering committee to discuss issues involving the concert. Harmon, McCord and other village officials will be attending the meeting. Council member Lois Newman asked why Ohio Software of Columbus, which has handled the village’s computer software in the past, was not invited to give a presentation on village utility billing software. She said she received a call from Jim Schmitt of Ohio Software after council approved the contract. Earlier this month, council awarded the billing software contract to CMI of Englewood at a cost of $21,753. McCord said one of the reasons Ohio Software was not invited to

COVINGTON give a presentation on the billing software is that the firm was asked by the Covington Board of Public Affairs a few months ago to provide estimated billing software and the BPA was told the firm couldn’t do that. The mayor went on to say how officials with other villages served by CMI expressed their satisfaction with the company’s services. Council President Doris Beeman also said Ohio Software “is a oneman show, if anything happens to him we’re done.” Beeman said in contrast, CMI has 50 employees to provide customer service. Newman said she was satisfied with the explanation. Contacted Tuesday, Schmitt said he was surprised by the council’s awarding of the contract to CMI without giving him an opportunity to make a presentation. “In 23 years of working with the village, I have never had a single problem,” Schmitt said. “The system they have runs like clockwork,” Schmitt said, contending he could have saved the village $17,000 on the software system. He also noted his company provides software for other area villages, including Bradford, Pittsburg and Gettysburg and has had no complaints from those communities. “We’ve never had a dissatisfied customer,” he said. Schmitt also denied telling BPA officials that his company couldn’t handle estimated utility billing. McCord advised council members that the Covington Memorial Day Parade will begin at 1 p.m. Monday. Council will be participating in the parade. Council went into executive session to discuss the planned hiring of a village administrator. McCord said no action was expected following the session. Village officials have expressed a desire to have the first-ever administrator on the job by July. McCord said five candidates are being interviewed for the position.

Thursday, May 24, 2012



BILLY D. COMER WEST MILTON — Billy D. Comer 79, of West Milton, died Saturday, May 19, 2012. He was a 1951 graduate of Roosevelt High School and retired as Maintenance Supervisor from Delco Products. Billy was a member of West Milton Lodge No. 577 F. & A.M., Scottish Rite Valley of Dayton and the Antioch Shrine Temple where he was involved with Hospital Transportation and the Classic Car Club. He was also a member of the Laura Lions Club, the Pontiac Club and P.A.C.K. Billy was a judge at the Auburn, Cord & Duesenberg Show for many years. Survived by his wife of 57 years Barbara A. Comer; daughter, Stacie and husband Paul Brown; son, Shane

and his wife Heather; a grandson Cameron; a brother, Don (Shelby) Comer; stepsister, Betty Ridenour. A celebration of his life will be at 7 p.m. Thursday at Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home & Crematory 5555 Philadelphia Drive at North Main Street by Pastor Alvin Cook. The family will receive friends from 3-7 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home. Memorial contributions may be made to the Shriners Hospitals for Children. The Comer family would like to thank Dayton Artificial Limb and Grandview Hospital’s E.R. for their care. Online condolences for the family may be sent to


School, with aspirations of SIDNEY — Brittney becoming an accountant. Channele Kittle, 20, of 659 N. Ohio Ave., Sidney, She loved writing poetry passed away at 9:20 p.m. and taking walks, but most Tuesday, May 22, 2012, in of all she loved her family, who will miss Sidney. She was her dearly. born on Nov. 7, In keeping 1991 in Dayton, with Brittney’s Ohio, the wishes, her daughter of body will be Shelly and Bret cremated. A Kittle of Sidney memorial servand Michael ice will be at 7 Howard of New p.m. Friday, May Carlisle. 25, at Cromes In addition to Funeral Home & her parents, she KITTLE Crematory, 302 is survived by siblings, Allyson and Riley S. Main Ave, Sidney, with the Rev. Eileen Hix officiKittle of Sidney, Haley Donley of Troy, and Paige ating. The family will receive friends from 3 p.m. and Austin Howard of until the hour of service New Carlisle; maternal grandmother, Debbie Lyon Friday at the funeral of Dayton; paternal grand- home. In lieu of flowers, the mother, Sharron Kittle of Brooklyn, Mich.; maternal family respectfully requests that memorials great-grandparents, Bob be made to the Sidney and Joan Townsend of Springfield, and aunt and First United Methodist Church in memory of uncle, Dr. Brian and Brittney Channele Kittle. Michelle Olson of Envelopes for memorials Covington. She was preTIPP CITY will be available at the ceded in death by paterfuneral home. nal grandfather, Rick held May 12 at Kettering Tower, Kittle, and uncle, Patrick Condolences may be which is the tallest building in Kittle. expressed to the Kittle Dayton. family at our website, Brittney was a 2010 Board member Frank Maus said graduate of Sidney High that he heard nothing but good things about it from different par- FUNERAL DIRECTORY ents and students. The board also heard an update • David Lee Frings and Bayliff Funeral on bullying in the schools. Home 327 W. Main St., TIPP CITY — David Kronour said that the school is Carl “Dave” Lee, 29 of Tipp City. fortunate that it doesn’t have much Tipp City passed away • William C. Hughes bullying going on. PIQUA — William C. suddenly on Monday, May “I’m not going to say we’re 21, 2012. Hughes, 58, of Piqua, immune to it,” Kronour said. “We def- Funeral services will be died at 2:05 a.m. initely have from time to time some Saturday, May 26, at New Wednesday May 23, cases that come up.” Life Worship Center, 3350 2012, at his residence. The middle school principal, Greg Benchwood Dr., Dayton, His funeral arrangements Southers, was present at the meeting with Pastor Tom Friend are pending through the and said that the middle school fol- officiating. Arrangements Jamieson & Yannucci lows the same policy as the rest of have been entrusted to Funeral Home. the school does. A student or a student’s parent can report an issue with any teacher, administrator, or guidance counselor. Whoever is told about the incident will then fill out a harassment form and inform the principal. This summer, Tipp City Schools WASHINGTON (AP) — roads have drowned in debt will offer a variety of summer pro- Driving onto an Interstate because of too-rosy revenue grams and opportunities. The testing highway? Crossing a bridge predictions. window for the Ohio Graduation Test on the way into work? Tolls are hardly a perfect will be from June 18 to July 1. Taking a tunnel under a solution. OdysseyWare, which is Tipp’s river or bay? Get ready to But to many states and credit recovery program, will begin pay. communities, they’re the on June 11 and end on July 6. With Congress unwilling best option available. From Aug. 6-10, Ohio to contemplate an increase “It’s very hard in this Achievement Assessments will be in the federal gas tax, environment for states to back for intervention with those in motorists are likely to be add capacity without chargkindergarten to eighth grade. paying ever more tolls as the ing a toll because they can’t Extended School Year (ESY), government searches for afford to do it,” said Joshua which is for students with special ways to repair and expand Schank, president of the Eno needs, will be held at the high school the nation’s congested high- Center for Transportation, a during the weeks of July 9, 16 and ways. Washington think tank. 23, for four days a week. Tolling is less efficient “They’re barely able to mainAnd the popular summer theater and sometimes can seem tain what they’ve got, and program, StageCrafters, will return less fair than the main alter- there is an urgent need for for those in grades 3-8 from June 11 native, gasoline taxes. capacity.” Some changes to June 22 with performances on It can increase traffic on already are under way. June 22 and 23 in the Performing side roads as motorists seek In addition to the tolls Arts Center. to evade paying. Some allowed on Interstates in 15 The next board of education meet- tolling authorities — often states, mostly in the ing for Tipp City Schools will be June quasi-governmental agen- Northeast and Midwest, the 25 at 7 p.m. cies operating outside the U.S. has agreed to pilot toll public eye — have been projects on Interstate 95 in plagued by mismanagement. Virginia and North Carolina And some public-private and on Interstate 70 in partnerships to build toll Missouri. salsa, peaches, milk. • TROY CITY SCHOOLS Friday — Breaded chicken patty on a bun, green beans, fruit, milk. • TIPP CITY HIGH SCHOOL Friday — Bosco pizza sticks, * Your 1st choice for complete Home California vegetable blend, choice of Medical Equipment fruit, milk. • UPPER VALLEY CAREER Funeral Home & Cremation Services Lift Chairs CENTER S. Howard Cheney, Owner-Director Friday — Grilled chicken or hot 1990 W. Stanfield, Troy, OH • Pre-arranged funeral plans available ham and cheese, baked potato, broc45373 • 937-335-9199 1124 W. Main St • Call 335-6161 • Troy, Ohio coli and cheese, assorted fruit, multigrain bun, milk. 2277953

BOE approves new curriculum BY JOHN BADEN For the Troy Daily News New curriculum in math education for the next seven years was unveiled by the Math Curriculum Committee at Tipp City Board of Education’s meeting Monday night. All math lessons will be available online for the students who want to use them, except for AP Statistics and AP Calculus in high school. Clay Lavercombe, a committee member, said that they will not be using online as much for these two courses because they want to prepare students for college. “They’re not going to be using any online component in college,” Lavercombe said. Fellow committe member Dale Bonifas said that online was a strong component that the committee wanted in its math education, so that everything that was accessed by teachers for class could be accessed by students online at home. From kindergarten up to fifth grade, the math committee members chose GO Math!, which is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. While everything is available online, students will have the opportunity to write in a workbook. “The lessons are very user friendly,” Deb Haas, a committee member, said. “The lessons are taught, applied and practiced right in the workbook.” Lessons are introduced through Curious George (K-2) and Carmen Sandiego (3-5). For sixth to eighth grade, students will be using Glencoe Math books, which are published by Glencoe McGraw/Hill. Advanced middle school students will be able to use the same Algebra and Geometry books that high school students use so that they can have a smooth transition into high school. High school students will mostly

be using math books published by Pearson. These will include Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus for Business. The high school will also use Introduction to Statistics and Calculus books, published by Holt McDougal. Price changes Another change for high school students is the cost of a cafeteria lunch. High school students will see a 25 cents increase in school lunches next year. Elementary lunches will cost $2.25, and high school lunches will cost $2.50. Superintendent Dr. John Kronour said that one of the reasons the school needed to increase the prices was because of the new requirements for larger serving sizes of fruit and vegetables. According to Gary Pfister, the school’s Director of Services, this is the first time in 15 years that the guidelines for school lunches have been updated. Tipp City will once again contract with Troy Christian Schools in the $13,000-range for transportation of their students for the coming school year. The two schools have done this since 1995, and as of last fall, 68 Troy Christian students that reside in the Tipp City district were enrolled in this. Tipp City will also hire Duro-Last Roofing Inc. and Roofing by Insulation Unlimited to re-roof LT Ball Intermediate School over the library and cafeteria for $53,900.40. The roof of Nevin Coppock Elementary School will also be repaired for $15,000. While Kronour said that there is no set date for these projects, the contracts will be signed in July. Extracurricular activities Also discussed at the board meeting was Tippecanoe High’s prom,

MENUS • BETHEL Friday — Cook’s choice. • BRADFORD SCHOOLS Friday — Fiesta stick with cheese or peanut butter and jelly, corn on the cob, fruit cup, milk. • MIAMI EAST SCHOOLS Friday (last day of school) — Peanut butter sandwich, carrots, Fritos, fruit, ice cream, milk. • MILTON-UNION ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOLS Friday — Hot dog on a bun, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, milk. • MILTON-UNION HIGH

SCHOOL Friday — Cook’s choice. • NEWTON SCHOOLS Friday — (last day of school, elementary picnic) Stuffed crust pizza, green beans, chips, applesauce, milk. • PIQUA SCHOOLS Friday — Cook’s choice, milk. • PIQUA CATHOLIC SCHOOLS Friday — Macaroni and cheese, peas, dinner roll, choice of fruit, milk. • ST. PATRICK Friday — Walking tacos, salad,

States looking to new highway tolls


Students to see lunch increases




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■ Track and Field

TODAY Baseball Division II Regional at UD Tippecanoe vs. Wyoming (2 p.m.) Division IV Regional at Springfield HS Lehman vs. Cincinnati Christian (2 p.m.) Softball Division IV Regional at Tippecanoe MS Covington vs. Triad (5 p.m.) Track and Field Division II Regional at Welcome Stadium Milton-Union (4 p.m.) FRIDAY Baseball Division II Regional Final at UD Tippecanoe/Wyoming vs. Bellefontaine/Clermont Northeastern/Big Walnut/St. Francis DeSales (5 p.m.) Division IV Regional Final at Springfield HS Lehman/Cincinnati Christian vs. Southeastern/Minster/Convoy Crestview (5 p.m.) Tennis Division II State at Ohio State Milton-Union (9 a.m.) Track and Field Division I Regional at Welcome Stadium Troy, Tippecanoe, Piqua (4 p.m.) Division III Regional at Troy Bethel, Bradford, Covington, Lehman, Miami East, Troy Christian (4 p.m.)

WHAT’S INSIDE Local Sports...................A7-A8 Major League Baseball........A7 NBA .....................................A8 Scoreboard ...........................A9 Television Schedule .............A9

Philly forces Game 7 with win Jrue Holiday scored 20 points, and Elton Brand had 13 points and 10 rebounds to lead the tough-anddetermined Philadelphia 76ers past the Celtics, 82-75 on Wednesday night to send the Eastern Conference semifinals back to Boston for Game 7. See Page A8.

Dragons Lair DAYTON — Carlos Perez doubled to the leftcenter field fence with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning to lift the Lansing Lugnuts to a come-frombehind 9-8 victory over the Dayton Dragons on Wednesday night.

May 24, 2012


• HOLE-IN-ONE: Rob Johnston hit a hole-in-one at Homestead Golf Course. The ace came on hole No. 15, a 196-yard hole, using a hybrid 4. • BASKETBALL: The Troy boys basketball camp will be on June 4-7. The camp, held in the Trojan Activities Center, for grades 1-4 will be from 9 a.m. to noon. For grades 5-8, the camp will be from 1 to 3:30 p.m. on June 4, then will start at 1 to 4:15 p.m. June 5-7. The camp will feature former Troy standout and former Ohio State basketball player Matt Terwilliger. Camp forms have been delivered to each homeroom teacher and addition forms available in school offices. The fee is $55. To sign up, send application to Coach Miller, Troy High School, 151 Staunton Road, Troy, OH 45373. For questions or concerns, contact coach Tim Miller at his school line (937) 3326068 or at home (937) 339-6576. • TENNIS: West Milton will host tennis camps at the junior high, junior varsity and varsity levels this summer, with two sessions apiece. The junior high camp sessions will be from 11 a.m. to noon June 18-21 and June 2528 for the first session and July 9-12 and July 16-19 for the second, with both sessions costing $45. The junior varsity camp will run from 9:30-11 a.m. June 18-21 and June 25-28 for the first session and July 9-12 and July 16-19 for the second, with both costing $60. The varsity camp will run from 7:309:30 a.m. June 25-28 for the first session and July 16-19 for the second, and both will cost $60. Registration forms can be found at Milton-Union Middle School, the Milton-Union Public Library or from any of the high school coaches. The deadline to register is the Wednesday before the session being registered for. For more information, contact Sharon Paul at 698-3378 or Steve Brumbaugh at 698-3625.




Cincinnati Reds’ Todd Frazier hits a walkoff home run in the ninth inning Wednesday in Cincinnati. The Reds won 2-1.

Walkoff victory Frazier beats Braves in 9th


Troy’s Logan Terrell attempts to clear the bar in the pole vault Wednesday at the Division I Regional meet at Welcome Stadium.

Future shock

CINCINNATI (AP) — Todd Frazier paused for an on-field interview after rounding the bases and got a face full of shaving cream from a Reds teammate. Couldn’t see? No problem. Second baseman Brandon Phillips followed with an overthe-head dousing with one of the dugout water coolers. So, that’s what it’s like to hit a game-ending homer. Frazier connected on his first game-ender with one out in the ninth inning Wednesday night, extending Cincinnati’s best surge of the season with a 2-1 victory that left the Atlanta Braves in disbelief over the Reds’ homer-

■ See REDS on A7

No state berths, but good things on horizon for area athletes


Indians outlast Tigers

BY JOSH BROWN Sports Editor No state credentials were handed out Wednesday. But the Troy Trojans got in line for plenty of them. Logan Terrell finished sixth in the pole vault, the best finish in Wednesday’s limited finalized events at the first day of the Division I Regional meet at

CLEVELAND (AP) — Jason Kipnis had three hits and scored the go-ahead run in the eighth inning as the Cleveland Indians beat the Detroit Tigers 4-2 Wednesday night. Kipnis singled off the glove of Phil Coke (1-1) with one out and took third on a double into the left-field corner by Asdrubal Cabrera. Travis Hafner then grounded to first baseman Prince Fielder, whose low throw handcuffed catcher Gerald Laird for an error as Kipnis dove into the plate to score. Carlos Santana’s sacrifice fly scored Cabrera. Vinnie Pestano (2-0) got out of

DAYTON Welcome Stadium, but the Trojans and Tippecanoe Red Devils have plenty of chances at Friday’s finals. • Ready for Prime Time Troy senior Logan Terrell may not have qualified for the state meet during his high school career. But now anything he does is going to be a record. Troy’s Bri Jumper throws the discus Wednesday at the Division I

■ See DIVISION I on A7 Regional meet.

■ See INDIANS on A8

■ Track and Field

Multitasking expert Dunivan off to state in 2 events BY COLIN FOSTER Sports Writer Leah Dunivan is a three-sport athlete at Miami East. Aside from being a member of the track team, she helped the Vikings win the state title in volleyball and also started for the basketball team, which finished the season as regional runnerup. And the junior admitted that the training regimen in those sports has translated over to track season. “Volleyball has helped my jumping in the high jump a lot,” Dunivan said. “We do a warm up that is excruciating. In basketball, we run a decent amount. But in volleyball we work hard every day no matter what.” Whatever sport it may be,

TROY though, one thing is certain: Dunivan is a winner. And that trend continued Wednesday as the East junior qualified for state in two events at the Division III Regional track meet in Troy, leaping her way to a third-place finish in the high jump (5-2) and placing second in the shot put (39-9.25) after placing fifth at regional last year. “Last year, I started off throwing a 39, and then I kept getting lower and lower,” Dunivan said. “This year, I reversed it. I progressed as the season progressed. “I went to a track camp at OHIO COMMUNITY MEDIA PHOTO/MIKE ULLERY Ashland in the summer. But really, I’ve just been more Miami East’s Leah Dunivan qualified for the state meet in the high jump and shot put Wednesday at the Division III Regional meet at ■ See DIVISION III on A8 Troy Memorial Stadium.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012


■ Track and Field

■ Major League Baseball

Division I

Reds ■ CONTINUED FROM A6 cozy ballpark. “When he got that ball up, you knew it had a chance, especially in this ballpark,” manager Dusty Baker said. The Reds won their fifth in a row, leaving them five games over .500 (24-19) for the first time this season. Frazier hit a solo shot on the second pitch from Cristhian Martinez (2-1), who came on to start the ninth. It was a fitting ending for a series that has been decided by solo homers 11 in all during the three games. This one barely cleared the wall in right field, landing in the first row of seats an estimated 355 feet away. “I knew when I hit it that I got a lot of it,” Frazier said. “I was hoping it was enough. It just got over. Fine with me.” Aroldis Chapman (4-0) kept his ERA perfect by fanning two of the three he faced in the ninth. The left-hander hasn’t allowed an earned run in 24 1-3 innings, ascending to the

Troy’s Alex Dalton throws the discus Wednesday at the Division I Regional meet. ■ CONTINUED FROM A6 Terrell — who finished sixth at Wednesday’s regional by clearing 13-6 — is headed to Ohio Dominican in the fall to become the university’s first-ever pole vaulter. “I’ll be able to make a name for myself there no matter what I do,” Terrell said. “I’m jumping there, and whenever I jump for the first time, it’ll be a school record.” And while he’ll be blazing new ground in the fall, on Wednesday he was caught up in a talented — and massive — group of area vaulters. He couldn’t clear his PR of 14-0, and by the time he missed for the third time, four others had already qualified. And as he sat off to the side watching, they all took turns coming by to congratulate him on a great career. “There’s a great group of guys in the area, in this regional,” Terrell said. “We’re all friends, too. When it comes to competing, we’re all here to vault. But once that’s over, we’re all friends. “This is the second year in a row I’ve been at the regional, but I didn’t get on the podium last year. So this year I did better. And that’s what high school was for. Progressing and getting better was what I was really looking for.” Which all prepared him for his new role — as a trailblazer. • Just Short Bri Jumper and Alex Dalton didn’t make it onto the podium. But there’s no doubt they’ll both be back at the regional getting another shot. Both of Troy’s discus throwers qualified for the final heat but ended up taking ninth place, with Dalton throwing 136-6 on the boys side and Jumper throwing 114-5 on the girls. For the junior Jumper, the pressure of topping last season’s sophomore effort may have gotten to her. “It was nerves,” she said. “I believed I could do it, but I was just too nervous. I did better last year (sixth). The competition was really, really tough.” With the state record holder in the field in the boys competition, Dalton — a sophomore — took the opportunity to see where he stacked up as well as watch and learn. “I knew there was going to be pretty good competition,” Dalton said. “It was good to watch them. To place high, I would have had to beat my PR, and that’s hard when you’ve already kind of maxed out. I was glad, though. I was hoping to do well this year, but I didn’t expect to make the regional.” With two more chances,

closer’s role. The Reds will try for a four-game sweep on Thursday. They haven’t swept the Braves in Cincinnati since the 1980 season. “Right now, we’re rolling,” said Bronson Arroyo, who gave up four hits in 6 2-3 innings. “But it’s a rollercoaster, you know.” The series has been an extended game of home run derby, with the Reds getting the best of it. There have been 12 homers in the three games, eight of them by Cincinnati. Frazier’s opposite-field homer would have been an out in most other ballparks. At Great American, it was a game-winner. “Tough loss,” said Braves starter Tommy Hanson, who gave up four hits in six innings. “But there’s only so much you can do. It kind of (stinks) to see that ball go into the first row and that’s how the game is determined. “But that’s the ballpark we’re playing in and we have to deal with it.”

■ Legal


Troy’s Toddanisha Norris finishes first in the Trojans’ 4x200 relay heat at the Division I Regional meet Wednesday at Welcome Stadium.

Tippecanoe’s Sarah Janosik finishes in the 4x200 relay Wednesday at the Division I Regional meet.

Troy’s Nick James wins his heat in the 100 Wednesday at the Division I Regional meet. Dalton can only improve. “Coming into this year, I didn’t even throw my freshman year,” he said. “I was new to it and getting used to the bigger high school disc still. It feels bad that I didn’t make the top eight by only a couple of feet, but I’ve got two more years.” And Jumper wants to make sure that her final season with the team next year is a big one. “I’m excited this season’s over, but I’m going to be working hard over the summer,” she said. “I’m going to come back and be a beast.” The girls 4x800 team of McKenna Poling, Sarah Adkins, Leah Soutar and Katie-Grace Sawka also couldn’t qualify for state, finishing 16th in 10:47.22. • End of Eras Seniors Ellise Sharpe and Ashley Badertscher saw mountains of success as Tippecanoe Red Devils. Wednesday, though, their high school careers came to an end. The 4x200 relay team of Badertscher, Erica Comer, Allison Rawlins and Sarah

Janosik had the 12th-best qualifying time with 1:46.02, while the 4x100 team of Badertscher, Sharpe, Rawlins and Janosik was 14th with 51.05 seconds. It was the final time Sharpe — a star basketball and soccer player headed to Brown University to continue her basketball career — will suit up as a Red Devil in any sport. “I guess now I have to get back in a gym,” Sharpe said with a laugh. “I liked running track a lot. It’s so fun and positive and all of the coaches are great. It’s sad (that it’s ending). I had a lot of fun.” For Badertscher, the end came one event too soon. As she took off for her leg of the 4x100, she injured her foot and couldn’t run in the 200, for which she’d also qualified. “It’s burning. I can’t even jog. I can barely stand on it,” she said. “It’s so sad. I love track so much. I love all of the people and the girls on the team, and I’m really going to miss it.” But it was obvious that

she’ll be missed, too — after her injury, one of her teammates was helping her get around by carrying her on her back. Comer also ran in individual event, finishing 10th in a stacked 400 field in 1:00.44. • Friday-bound All of Troy’s runners in the preliminaries qualified for Friday’s finals — and a number of them look to be in good shape for a run at state. Nick James qualified in both of his individual events, running the fastest qualifying time in the 100 (10.95 seconds) and finishing third in the 200 (22.17 seconds). The 4x100 relay team of James, Devante Bush, Miles Hibbler and Nick Zimmer also qualified, finishing seventh (43.07 seconds). For the girls, Ashley Rector had the best qualifying time in the 400 (57.56 seconds), while Todda Norris was third in the 200 (25.87 seconds) and Catelyn Schmiedebusch was eighth in the 300 hurdles (47.68 seconds). The 4x200 team of Rector, Norris, Shanelle Byrd and Gracie Huffman was third (1:42.77) and the 4x100 team of Byrd, Huffman, Norris and Sharice Hibbler was fifth (49.54 seconds). Friday’s action kicks off at 4 p.m. with the field events.

Segui may be forced to testify vs. Clemens WASHINGTON (AP) — Prosecutors finally have some momentum in their perjury case against Roger Clemens, even if it means dragging in former major leaguer David Segui, a witness who is apparently so reluctant to testify that the judge threatened from the bench: “If he doesn’t show up, he’ll be arrested like anyone else.” U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton indicated Wednesday he was leaning heavily toward allowing prosecutors to call Segui and another witness to counter an overall impression left by Clemens’ lawyers during the 6-week-old trial. Segui is expected to say that sometime around 2001 he was told by Clemens’ strength coach, Brian McNamee, that McNamee had saved evidence from injections of players to placate a nagging wife. That would be consistent with McNamee’s testimony last week — that he kept waste from an alleged steroids injection of Clemens in 2001 and stored it in a beer can to soothe things over at home. McNamee’s wife, according to McNamee, was concerned that he would become the fall guy if his involvement with drugs-in-baseball were ever exposed. But there’s a catch. Prosecutor Courtney Saleski said Segui, who retired in 2004 after 15 major league seasons, “doesn’t want to come” even though he’s under subpoena. Judge Walton’s response: “You just tell him if he’s under subpoena, he’d better be here.” Or else, added the judge, “he’d better be on the run because the marshals will be after him.” Clemens is accused of lying to Congress in 2008 when he said he had never

used steroids or human growth hormone, and a trial that appeared to be going so well for the seventime Cy Young Award winner has this week thrown him a few curveballs. When Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin shared a laugh with the judge while fighting an uphill battle against Segui’s testimony — “I don’t want to beat a dead horse,” Hardin said — Clemens sat at the defense table and didn’t so much as crack a smile. Essentially, Hardin is paying the price for his three days of aggressive cross-examination of McNamee, who says he injected Clemens with steroids in 1998, 2000 and 2001 and with HGH in 2000. On Monday, the judge ruled that Hardin had opened the door for McNamee to name other players to whom he had supplied HGH, something the defense had fought vigorously to keep from the jury. Now the government — and the judge appears to agree — says that Hardin went too far in trying to build a case that McNamee started making up charges and fabricating evidence against Clemens around 2007 as a way to appease federal agents. Walton said the jury is left with the impression that “because the government had made these allegations, that he started to give them what they wanted to stay out of harm’s way and avoid going to prison.” Segui and Anthony Corso, who was one of McNamee’s private workout clients in New York City, could refute that. Corso is expected to testify that he was told by McNamee as early as 2002 that Clemens used HGH and that in 2005 he was told by McNamee about the saved evidence from the 2001 injection.

■ Major League Baseball

Indians ■ CONTINUED FROM A6 a bases-loaded, none-out jam in the top half. Chris Perez pitched a perfect ninth for his 15th consecutive save after blowing a lead in the season opener April 5. Cleveland has won two straight over the Tigers AP PHOTO after Detroit took the final Cleveland Indians’ Jason Kipnis tags home plate to 10 meetings a year ago. The score as Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila is late on the Indians lead the AL Central, tag in the eighth inning Wednesday in Cleveland. while the third-place Tigers

have lost five of seven and dropped to five games back. Detroit stranded 10 runners and twice left the bases jammed. Joe Smith got Miguel Cabrera to ground out to end the seventh with the bases loaded. In the eighth, Pestano struck out Jhonny Peralta, got Ramon Santiago on a weak grounder that forced a runner at home, and fired a

called third strike past pinch-hitter Alex Avila on a 3-2 count. That extended the righthander’s team relief record to 23 straight outings with at least one strikeout. Hafner’s two-run homer in the sixth off Tigers starter Doug Fister tied it at 2. The Tigers took a 2-0 lead in the sixth off Indians starter Zach McAllister

when the ball bounced their way. Quintin Berry, called up from Triple-A Toledo and making his big-league debut at age 27, got his first career hit on a slow roller between first and second. Second baseman Kipnis wasn’t going to get the speedy Berry on the tough play, but when the ball rolled past him, Berry hustled to second for a double.



■ National Basketball Association

Thursday, May 24, 2012


■ Track and Field

Division III


Philadelphia 76ers’ Evan Turner, left, and Boston Celtics’ Mickael Pietrus vie for the ball during the first half of Game 6 of an NBA basketball Eastern Conference semifinal playoff series Wednesday in Philadelphia.

76ers get even Beat Boston to force Game 7 PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Jrue Holiday scored 20 points, and Elton Brand had 13 points and 10 rebounds to lead the tough-anddetermined Philadelphia 76ers past the Celtics, 82-75 on Wednesday night to send the Conference Eastern semifinals back to Boston for Game 7. No team has won consecutive games in a series where neither team has played well enough to seize control. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo could be playing their last game together Saturday night if they can’t find a way to hang onto the ball and put away a Sixers team that won’t quit. Former 76ers All-Star Allen Iverson earned a roaring standing ovation

when he presented the game ball. By the end, the fans were on their feet for Holiday, Brand and Andre Iguodala for keeping the eighth-seeded Sixers alive for at least one more game. The Celtics posted ugly numbers across the board: Blame the loss on the 33 percent shooting, the 17 turnovers or the 3 for 14 3-point shooting. Either way, there’s enough to go around. Pierce had 24 points and 10 rebounds, and Garnett had 20 points and 11 boards. The Sixers again failed to put up the sparkling numbers in the box score usually required for a deep postseason run. They missed 8 of 9 3-pointers, shot a woeful 17 of 28 from the free throw line and had 12 turnovers.

■ National Hockey League

Devils end rally, take 3-2 series lead on Rangers NEW YORK (AP) — Ryan Carter snapped a tie with 4:24 left, and the New Jersey Devils posted a 5-3 victory over the New York Rangers after blowing a three-goal lead in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals on Wednesday night. The Devils, who led 3-0 before the first period was half over, have a 3-2 edge in the series and can advance to face the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup finals with a win at home on Friday night. If the Rangers can stay alive then, Game 7 would be back in Madison Square Garden on Sunday. The Devils seemed primed for an easy win

when Stephen Gionta and Patrik Elias scored within the first 4:13 of the game. Travis Zajac made it 3-0 before the Rangers woke up and began chipping away. Brandon Prust brought New York within 3-1 before the first period was over, and Ryan Callahan made it a one-goal game in the first minute of the second. The Garden really rocked when Marian Gaborik tied it at 3 just 17 seconds into the third with his first goal of the series. But the comeback was all for naught. Carter put the Devils back in front, and Zach Parise sealed it with an empty-net goal in the closing seconds.

■ CONTINUED FROM A6 focused.” Dunivan had to bounce back and forth between the shot area and the high jump as the events ran simultaneously. It was quite an unusual sight to say the least. “Sometimes I feel like I run more than the people in the actual running events,” Dunivan joked. Joking aside, though, she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I even do the 100 hurdles. I run, I jump and I throw. They have me doing all sorts of things all the time. I like it that way. I like being very versatile.” • Back Again Covington’s Sam Christian was in a similiar situation a year ago. Christian put forth his best throw of the season in the discus at the 2011 regional meet to earn a state berth. On Wednesday at the Division III regional meet, he once again threw his best at the right time, hurling a 15411 to edge Anna’s Ryan Spicer (153-10) for first. Though he took a familiar path to reach state, Christian hopes to make his senior trip to the big show count. “Last year, I choked pretty good. But this year I have some experience, so I’m hoping that pays off,” Christian said. “It was kind of the same deal as last year, though. I threw a 154-3 or so, but nerves got in the way at state. This time, I should be ready to go.” Christian will also compete for a shot at state in the shot put on Friday. Lane White, Dustin Fickert and Isaiah Winston were all on the Covington 4x800 team which qualified for state last season. And now, those three — along with freshman Alex Schilling — earned a trip back to the promised land once again, placing fourth in the event in a time of 8:15.45 seconds. Fickert got the Buccs off to a great start — running a 2:00 first split — leading the field after running the first leg. From there, Winston moved down to third as Minster and St. Henry — which finished the race one-two — surged to the top. “That start was pretty good,” Fickert said. “I was just trying to make my first lap count and go from there. I liked where I ended up being.” When Schilling ended the third leg, Coldwater had made a move up to the third spot, which dropped Covington on the edge of qualifying in fourth. But White was able to anchor home the state berth for the Buccs as Emmanuel Christian anchor Wes Haney had too much of a deficit to overcome. “I felt good on that last


Covington’s Sam Christian gets ready to launch the discus during Wednesday’s Division III Regional track meet at Troy Memorial Stadium. Christian won the event.

Bradford’s Jonathon Barbee competes in the 100 at the Division III Regional meet Wednesday.

Covington’s A.J. Oullette crosses the finish line at the Division III Regional meet Wednesday. lap,” White said. “I just wanted to run my race and have a good time. We ended up pulling it out.” Minster won the race with a time of 8:04.14, St. Henry broke its school record (8:09.65) and Coldwater finished third (8:10.76). • Moving On For Covington — which sent runners to boys regional in 13 out of 17 events — Troy Cron qualified in the 110 hurdles (15.37 seconds) and posted the third-fastest qualifying time in the 300 hurdles (40.64). A.J. Ouellette qualified for the finals in the 100 (11.51 seconds). White advanced to the finals in the 400 (50.62).

The 4x400 team of Fickert, Winston, White and Schilling qualified with the third fastest time (3:29.18). Bradford’s Shay LaFollette — who made state last year as a freshman — qualified for the finals in the 100 hurdles with one of the best qualifying times (15.67 seconds) in the field. Johnathon Barbee made the finals heat in the 100 (11.32) and Dylan Canan made the finals in the 400 (50.98). Miami East’s Corrine Melvin was the only 100 runner to break the 13 second barrier (12.78 seconds) in the field. The closest time to Melvin’s was

Macy Schroeder of Fort Jennings, who finished with a time of 13.04 seconds. Melvin, Lindsey Roeth, Renee Deford and Kylie Brown qualified for the finals in the 4x200 (1:48.96). Lehman’s Sarah Titterington ran the fastest time in the 200 (26.34 seconds), had the best time in the 400 (58.46) and placed third in the 100 (13.08 seconds). For the boys, Justin Stewart qualified for the finals in the 200 (23.26) and posted the best qualifying time in the 400 (49.38). The Troy Christian 4x400 team of Kyle Klingler, Caleb Tanner, Brennan Klingler and Josh Williams advanced to the finals (3:30.49). Bethel’s Andrew Hurst also advanced to Friday, finishing fourth in the prelims of the 400 (50.94).

■ National Basketball Associatioin

Haslem suspended for Game 6 Heat’s Pittman also docked three games MIAMI (AP) — Udonis Haslem insists he meant no harm. The NBA deemed otherwise, and the Miami Heat will be without one of their co-captains when they try to close out the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night. Haslem was suspended for Game 6 of the MiamiIndiana Eastern Conference semifinal series, a matchup where emotions boiled over in a runaway Heat victory on Tuesday night. The NBA also said Miami reserve center Dexter Pittman will miss three games in response to his flagrant foul against Indiana backup guard Lance Stephenson in the final seconds of Game 5. Indiana’s Tyler Hansbrough was not suspended, although the league upgraded his foul against Miami’s Dwyane Wade to a flagrant-2 on Wednesday — which, if called that way

during Game 5, would have brought an automatic ejection. Hansbrough struck Wade in the head, opening a cut over his right eye. Moments later, Haslem committed a flagrant foul against Hansbrough, clearly in response to the play against Wade. So while Haslem sits Thursday, Hansbrough may play. “It’s very disappointing, obviously,” Miami forward Shane Battier said Wednesday night. “But we’re a resilient group. … The verdict process is a mystery to players, and so we don’t get caught up in it. We can’t control it. We know the NBA’s going to do what they feel they need to do and we need to live with the consequences. So it’s really out of our hands, not worth getting riled up. We’re going to put together an effort that will make Udonis and Dexter proud.” The Heat lead the series

3-2, after a 115-83 win Tuesday night in a game that had the three flagrant fouls on the court, accusations of dirty play afterward and finally with Pacers team president Larry Bird telling The Indianapolis Star that his team was “soft” in Game 5. “I agree with his assessment. We did play soft,” Indiana’s Danny Granger said Wednesday. “We got smacked around. We got beat up, we got bullied, and we really didn’t respond well.” Countered Miami’s LeBron James, the NBA’s reigning MVP: “He’s just trying to amp them up. That’s all. That’s all it is. He knows his team isn’t soft. But with them, with their backs against the wall at this point, he knows what he’s doing. He’s not the executive of the year for no reason.” Pittman logged only six minutes in the playoffs any-

way, his presence in the postseason barely noticed until he laid out Stephenson — who made at least one choke sign toward James earlier in the series — with a forearm to the chin and shoulder areas. “Hard fouls are part of the playoffs,” Indiana coach Frank Vogel said Wednesday. “Fouls to the head have no place in this game, not by us, not by Miami, not by any other team in any other series. With all the concussion research that’s been going on over the last few years it’s a very serious matter and it just doesn’t have any place in the game.” Wade sounded somewhat amused that Granger — who’s been whistled for three technicals in the series — was one of the Pacers suggesting Haslem and Pittman should be susAP PHOTO pended. Wade and Granger Indiana Pacers Tyler Hansbrough (50) is fouled by have had words during the Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem, right, during the first half in Miami on Tuesday. series.



BASEBALL Baseball Expanded Standings All Times EDT AMERICAN LEAGUE East Division W L Pct GB Baltimore 28 17 .622 — 27 18 .600 1 Tampa Bay 24 21 .533 4 Toronto 23 21 .523 4½ New York 22 22 .500 5½ Boston Central Division W L Pct GB Cleveland 25 18 .581 — 22 22 .500 3½ Chicago 20 23 .465 5 Detroit 17 26 .395 8 Kansas City 15 28 .349 10 Minnesota West Division W L Pct GB Texas 27 18 .600 — Oakland 22 23 .489 5 21 25 .457 6½ Seattle 20 25 .444 7 Los Angeles NATIONAL LEAGUE East Division W L Pct GB Washington 26 18 .591 — Atlanta 26 19 .578 ½ 24 20 .545 2 Miami 24 20 .545 2 New York 22 23 .489 4½ Philadelphia Central Division W L Pct GB St. Louis 25 19 .568 — Cincinnati 24 19 .558 ½ Houston 21 23 .477 4 20 24 .455 5 Pittsburgh 18 26 .409 7 Milwaukee 15 29 .341 10 Chicago West Division W L Pct GB Los Angeles 30 13 .698 — San Francisco 23 21 .523 7½ 19 25 .432 11½ Arizona 16 27 .372 14 Colorado 16 29 .356 15 San Diego AMERICAN LEAGUE Tuesday's Games Baltimore 4, Boston 1 Cleveland 5, Detroit 3 N.Y.Yankees 3, Kansas City 2 Tampa Bay 8, Toronto 5 Minnesota 9, Chicago White Sox 2 L.A. Angels 5, Oakland 0 Texas 3, Seattle 1 Wednesday's Games Boston 6, Baltimore 5 Tampa Bay 5, Toronto 4, 11 innings L.A. Angels 3, Oakland 1, 11 innings Seattle 5, Texas 3 Cleveland 4, Detroit 2 N.Y.Yankees 8, Kansas City 3 Chicago White Sox 6, Minnesota 0 Thursday's Games Detroit (Verlander 5-1) at Cleveland (Masterson 1-3), 12:05 p.m. Minnesota (DeVries 0-0) at Chicago White Sox (Humber 1-2), 8:10 p.m. L.A. Angels (Haren 1-5) at Seattle (Vargas 5-3), 10:10 p.m. Friday's Games Kansas City at Baltimore, 7:05 p.m. Tampa Bay at Boston, 7:10 p.m. Toronto at Texas, 8:05 p.m. Cleveland at Chicago White Sox, 8:10 p.m. Detroit at Minnesota, 8:10 p.m. N.Y.Yankees at Oakland, 10:05 p.m. L.A. Angels at Seattle, 10:10 p.m. NATIONAL LEAGUE Tuesday's Games N.Y. Mets 3, Pittsburgh 2 Washington 5, Philadelphia 2 Cincinnati 4, Atlanta 3 Miami 7, Colorado 6 Houston 2, Chicago Cubs 1 San Francisco 6, Milwaukee 4 St. Louis 4, San Diego 0 L.A. Dodgers 8, Arizona 7 Wednesday's Games N.Y. Mets 3, Pittsburgh 1 Milwaukee 8, San Francisco 5 Philadelphia 4, Washington 1 Cincinnati 2, Atlanta 1 Colorado 8, Miami 4 Houston 5, Chicago Cubs 1 St. Louis 6, San Diego 3 L.A. Dodgers at Arizona, 9:40 p.m. Thursday's Games Atlanta (Delgado 2-4) at Cincinnati (Bailey 2-3), 7:10 p.m. San Diego (Stults 0-0) at N.Y. Mets (Hefner 0-1), 7:10 p.m. San Francisco (Vogelsong 2-2) at Miami (A.Sanchez 2-2), 7:10 p.m. Philadelphia (Blanton 4-4) at St. Louis (Westbrook 4-3), 8:15 p.m. Friday's Games Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh, 7:05 p.m. Colorado at Cincinnati, 7:10 p.m. San Diego at N.Y. Mets, 7:10 p.m. San Francisco at Miami, 7:10 p.m. Washington at Atlanta, 7:35 p.m. Philadelphia at St. Louis, 8:15 p.m. Milwaukee at Arizona, 9:40 p.m. Houston at L.A. Dodgers, 10:10 p.m. Reds 2, Braves 1 Atlanta Cincinnati ab r h bi ab r h bi Bourn cf 4 0 0 0 Cozart ss 4 1 2 0 Prado lf 3 0 2 0 Heisey cf-lf4 0 2 0 Freeman 1b40 0 0 Votto 1b 4 0 0 0 Uggla 2b 3 1 1 1 Phillips 2b 1 0 0 0 Hinske rf 4 0 0 0 Bruce rf 4 0 0 1 C.Martinez p 0 0 0 0 Ludwick lf 3 0 0 0 Ross c 4 0 0 0 Arredondo p 0 0 0 0 J.Francisco 40 0 0 Chapman p0 0 0 0 Pastornicky 30 1 0 Costanzo ph 1 0 0 0 Hanson p 2 0 0 0 Frazier 3b 4 1 1 1 C.Jones ph0 0 0 0 Hanigan c 2 0 1 0 T.Hudson pr00 0 0 Arroyo p 2 0 0 0 Durbin p 0 0 0 0 Stubbs cf 1 0 0 0 Venters p 0 0 0 0 O'Flaherty p 0 0 0 0 Heyward rf0 0 0 0 Totals 31 1 4 1 Totals 30 2 6 2 Atlanta .........................000 100 000—1 Cincinnati....................000 001 001—2 One out when winning run scored. E_Pastornicky (5). DP_Atlanta 1. LOB_Atlanta 6, Cincinnati 7. 2B_Prado (14), Pastornicky (6). HR_Uggla (6), Frazier (4). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IP H R ER BB SO Atlanta Hanson . . . . . . . . . . . .6 4 1 1 2 5 Durbin . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 0 0 0 1 1 Venters . . . . . . . . . .1-3 1 0 0 1 0 O'Flaherty . . . . . . . .2-3 0 0 0 0 0 C.Martinez L,2-1 . .1-3 1 1 1 0 1 Cincinnati Arroyo . . . . . . . . .6 2-3 4 1 1 2 7 Arredondo . . . . . .1 1-3 0 0 0 1 0 Chapman W,4-0 . . . .1 0 0 0 0 2 WP_Venters, Arroyo. Umpires_Home, Angel Hernandez; First, Chris Conroy; Second, Mark Carlson; Third, Mike Estabrook. T_2:49. A_20,411 (42,319). Indians 4,Tigers 2 Detroit Cleveland ab r h bi ab r h bi Berry cf 5 1 1 0 Choo rf 4 0 0 0 Dirks lf 4 1 1 1 Kipnis 2b 4 2 3 0

Scores WCGB — — — ½ 1½

L10 6-4 6-4 5-5 4-6 7-3

Str L-1 W-2 L-2 W-2 W-1

Home 13-11 17-7 12-10 14-11 9-11

WCGB — 1½ 3 6 8

L10 7-3 6-4 4-6 4-6 6-4

Str Home Away W-2 13-12 12-6 W-1 8-13 14-9 L-2 11-12 9-11 L-2 5-17 12-9 L-1 6-14 9-14

WCGB — 2 3½ 4

L10 4-6 4-6 5-5 5-5

Str Home Away L-1 11-9 16-9 L-2 10-12 12-11 W-1 9-9 12-16 W-2 11-10 9-15

WCGB — — ½ ½ 3

L10 5-5 4-6 6-4 5-5 6-4

Str Home Away L-1 15-8 11-10 L-3 10-7 16-12 L-1 11-8 13-12 W-2 12-8 12-12 W-1 11-13 11-10

WCGB — — 3½ 4½ 6½ 9½

L10 5-5 7-3 6-4 4-6 3-7 1-9

Str W-3 W-5 W-3 L-2 W-1 L-9

WCGB — 1½ 5½ 8 9

L10 8-2 6-4 4-6 3-7 4-6

Str Home Away W-6 19-4 11-9 L-1 12-10 11-11 L-2 7-14 12-11 W-1 9-14 7-13 L-3 12-16 4-13


Away 15-6 10-11 12-11 9-10 13-11

Home Away 12-8 13-11 12-8 12-11 16-10 5-13 11-10 9-14 11-13 7-13 9-15 6-14

Cabrera 3b 5 0 2 0 A.Cabrera ss3 1 1 0 Fielder 1b 4 0 0 1 Hafner dh 3 1 1 2 D.Young dh 4 0 2 0 Duncan pr 0 0 0 0 Boesch rf 4 0 2 0 C.Santana c3 0 0 1 Peralta ss 4 0 0 0 Brantley cf 3 0 1 0 Santiago 4 0 1 0 Damon lf 3 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 Cunningham 0 0 0 0 Laird c Avila ph-c 1 0 0 0 Kotchman 1b3 0 0 0 Lopez 3b 3 0 1 0 Totals 38 210 2 Totals 29 4 7 3 Detroit..........................000 002 000—2 Cleveland....................000 002 02x—4 E_Fielder (6), Kipnis (2). DP_Cleveland 1. LOB_Detroit 10, Cleveland 4. 2B_Berry (1), Dirks (7), Mi.Cabrera (8), Boesch (6), A.Cabrera (14), Brantley (14). HR_Hafner (6). CS_Duncan (1). SF_C.Santana. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IP H R ER BB SO Detroit Fister . . . . . . . . . .6 2-3 5 2 2 2 3 Coke L,1-1 . . . . . .1 1-3 2 2 0 0 0 Cleveland McAllister . . . . . . .6 1-3 8 2 2 0 3 Hagadone . . . . . . . .1-3 0 0 0 1 0 J.Smith . . . . . . . . . .1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Sipp . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0 0 0 0 0 0 Pestano W,2-0 . . . . . .1 2 0 0 0 2 C.Perez S,15-16 . . . .1 0 0 0 0 2 Sipp pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. Umpires_Home, Jerry Meals; First, Gary Darling; Second, Paul Emmel;Third, Scott Barry. T_2:44. A_22,000 (43,429). Wednesday's Major League Linescores AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston . . . . .011 003 010—6 13 0 Baltimore . . .110 002 010—5 7 0 Bard, A.Miller (6), R.Hill (7), Padilla (7), Aceves (8) and Shoppach; Arrieta, Ayala (6), O'Day (8), Patton (9) and Exposito. W_Bard 4-5. L_Arrieta 2-5. Sv_Aceves (11). HRs_Boston, Nava (2), Shoppach (2), Podsednik (1).Baltimore, N.Johnson 2 (4). Toronto . . . .100 010020 00—4 10 0 Tampa Bay .202 000000 01—5 7 1 (11 innings) R.Romero, Frasor (7), L.Perez (7), Cordero (8), Janssen (9), Oliver (10) and Arencibia; Shields, Jo.Peralta (8), Rodney (9), McGee (11) and Gimenez, J.Molina. W_McGee 1-1. L_Oliver 0-2. HRs_Toronto, Bautista (12), Encarnacion (14). Los Angeles001 000000 02—3 7 0 Oakland . . .000 001000 00—1 3 0 (11 innings) Weaver, S.Downs (9), Walden (10), Frieri (11) and Bo.Wilson, Hester; J.Parker, R.Cook (8), Fuentes (9), Balfour (10), Norberto (11) and K.Suzuki. W_Walden 1-1. L_Norberto 0-1. Sv_Frieri (1). HRs_Oakland, S.Smith (4). Texas . . . . . . .000 000 030—3 6 1 Seattle . . . . . .010 040 00x—5 4 1 Feldman, R.Ross (5), Uehara (7), Ogando (8) and Torrealba; Millwood, Luetge (7), Kelley (7), Furbush (7), Wilhelmsen (8), League (9) and J.Montero.W_Millwood 3-4. L_Feldman 02. Sv_League (9). HRs_Texas, Beltre (9). Seattle, Liddi (3). Kansas City .000 110 001—3 9 1 NewYork . . . .302 030 00x—8 8 0 W.Smith, Mendoza (4), Mijares (5), L.Coleman (5), G.Holland (7), Broxton (8) and Quintero; Pettitte, Phelps (8) and Martin. W_Pettitte 2-1. L_W.Smith 0-1. HRs_Kansas City, Butler (9), Maier (2). New York, Granderson (14), Al.Rodriguez 2 (7). Minnesota . . .000 000 000—0 4 3 Chicago . . . .100 202 10x—6 10 1 Diamond, Al.Burnett (7), Liriano (8) and Mauer; Sale, Crain (8), Thornton (9) and Pierzynski. W_Sale 5-2. L_Diamond 3-1. HRs_Chicago, Rios (2), Konerko (9). NATIONAL LEAGUE NewYork . . . .100 020 000—3 8 1 Pittsburgh . . .000 001 000—1 5 0 Niese, Parnell (8), F.Francisco (9) and Ro.Johnson; Morton, Grilli (8), Lincoln (9) and Barajas. W_Niese 3-2. L_Morton 2-5. Sv_F.Francisco (12). San Francisco003 200 000—5 9 2 Milwaukee . .620 000 00x—8 10 0 Zito, Loux (4), Edlefsen (6), Hensley (8) and H.Sanchez; Estrada, M.Parra (2), Loe (4), Veras (6), Fr.Rodriguez (8), Axford (9) and Lucroy. W_Veras 3-1. L_Zito 3-2. Sv_Axford (7). HRs_Milwaukee, Lucroy (5). Washington .000 000 001—1 6 0 Philadelphia .011 000 11x—4 8 0 E.Jackson, H.Rodriguez (8) and Flores; Hamels, Papelbon (9) and Ruiz. W_Hamels 7-1. L_E.Jackson 1-2. HRs_Washington, LaRoche (8). Philadelphia, Victorino (6). Colorado . . . .000 340 100—8 8 0 Miami . . . . . . .120 100 000—4 9 0 White, Ottavino (7), Belisle (8), R.Betancourt (9) and Ra.Hernandez; Zambrano, Gaudin (6), M.Dunn (9) and Hayes. W_White 1-3. L_Zambrano 2-3. HRs_Colorado, Tulowitzki (6). Chicago . . . .100 000 000—1 10 0 Houston . . . .000 200 03x—5 9 0 Samardzija, Russell (7), Dolis (8), Bowden (8) and K.Hill;W.Rodriguez, Lyon

SPORTS ON TV TODAY COLLEGE SOFTBALL 8 p.m. ESPN2 — NCAA Division I playoffs, super regionals, game 1, teams TBD 10 p.m. ESPN2 — NCAA Division I playoffs, super regionals, game 1, teams TBD GOLF 9 a.m. TGC — European PGA Tour, BMW PGA Championship, first round, at Surrey, England Noon TGC — Champions Tour, Senior PGA Championship, first round, at Louisville, Ky. 3 p.m. TGC — PGA Tour, Crowne Plaza Invitational, first round, at Fort Worth, Texas MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 7 p.m. FSN — Atlanta at Cincinnati 8 p.m. MLB — Regional coverage, Philadelphia at St. Louis or Minnesota at Chicago White Sox NBA BASKETBALL 8 p.m. ESPN — Playoffs, conference semifinals, game 6, Miami at Indiana (if necessary) NHL HOCKEY 9 p.m. NBCSN — Playoffs, conference finals, game 6, Phoenix at Los Angeles (if necessary)

FRIDAY AUTO RACING 11 a.m. NBCSN — IRL, IndyCar, Indianapolis 500 Carb Day Noon NBCSN — IRL, Indy Lights, Freedom 100, at Indianapolis 8 p.m. SPEED — World of Outlaws, at Concord, N.C. BOXING 9 p.m. ESPN2 — Lightweights, Ji-Hoon Kim (23-7-0) vs. Alisher Rahimov (23-0-0), at St. Louis COLLEGE SOFTBALL 7 p.m. ESPN2 — NCAA Division I playoffs, super regionals, game 3, teams TBD (if necessary) 9 p.m. ESPN — NCAA Division I playoffs, super regionals, game 2, teams TBD GOLF 9 a.m. TGC — European PGA Tour, BMW PGA Championship, second round, at Surrey, England Noon TGC — Champions Tour, Senior PGA Championship, second round, at Louisville, Ky. 3 p.m. TGC — PGA Tour, Crowne Plaza Invitational, second round, at Fort Worth, Texas MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 7 p.m. FSN — Colorado at Cincinnati MLB — Regional coverage, Tampa Bay at Boston or Colorado at Cincinnati NBA BASKETBALL 9:30 p.m. ESPN — Playoffs, conference semifinals, game 6, San Antonio at L.A. Clippers (if necessary) NHL HOCKEY 8 p.m. NBCSN — Playoffs, conference finals, game 6, N.Y. Rangers at New Jersey (if necessary) (8), Myers (9) and J.Castro. W_W.Rodriguez 4-4. L_Samardzija 4-3. HRs_Chicago, Re.Johnson (2). San Diego . . .300 000 000—3 10 0 St. Louis . . . .300 020 10x—6 10 0 Suppan, Mikolas (5), Brach (7), Thatcher (8) and Hundley; Lynn, V.Marte (7), Rzepczynski (8), Motte (9) and Y.Molina. W_Lynn 7-1. L_Suppan 2-3. Sv_Motte (8). HRs_San Diego, Venable (3). St. Louis, Beltran (14), Freese (9). Midwest League Eastern Division Lansing (Blue Jays) Bowling Green (Rays) South Bend (D-backs) Great Lakes (Dodgers) Lake County (Indians) Fort Wayne (Padres) West Michigan (Tigers) Dayton (Reds) Western Division

W 32 24 24 23 22 22 21 17

L 13 21 22 22 23 24 25 29

Pct. GB .711 — .533 8 .522 8½ .511 9 .489 10 .478 10½ .457 11½ .370 15½

W L Pct. GB Wisconsin (Brewers) 28 17 .622 — 27 19 .587 1½ Beloit (Twins) Kane County (Royals) 24 22 .522 4½ Quad Cities (Cardinals) 21 23 .477 6½ Cedar Rapids (Angels) 21 24 .467 7 Burlington (Athletics) 20 25 .444 8 Peoria (Cubs) 20 26 .435 8½ Clinton (Mariners) 17 28 .378 11 Wednesday's Games Fort Wayne 7, South Bend 5 West Michigan 16, Lake County 4 Kane County 4, Burlington 3 Lansing 9, Dayton 8 Bowling Green at Great Lakes, 7:05 p.m. Cedar Rapids 5, Beloit 3 Clinton 11, Peoria 0 Wisconsin at Quad Cities, 8 p.m. Thursday's Games Cedar Rapids at Beloit, 12 p.m. Lake County at West Michigan, 6:35 p.m. Burlington at Kane County, 7 p.m. Bowling Green at Great Lakes, 7:05 p.m. Dayton at Lansing, 7:05 p.m. Fort Wayne at South Bend, 7:05 p.m. Clinton at Peoria, 7:30 p.m. Wisconsin at Quad Cities, 8 p.m. Friday's Games Lake County at West Michigan, 6:35 p.m. Dayton at Lansing, 7:05 p.m. Bowling Green at Great Lakes, 7:05 p.m. Clinton at Peoria, 7:30 p.m. Cedar Rapids at Beloit, 7:30 p.m. Burlington at Kane County, 7:30 p.m. Fort Wayne at South Bend, 7:35 p.m. Wisconsin at Quad Cities, 8 p.m.

HOCKEY National Hockey League Playoff Glance FIRST ROUND (Best-of-7) (x-if necessary) EASTERN CONFERENCE N.Y. Rangers 4, Ottawa 3 Washington 4, Boston 3 New Jersey 4, Florida 3 Philadelphia 4, Pittsburgh 2 WESTERN CONFERENCE Los Angeles 4, Vancouver 1 St. Louis 4, San Jose 1 Phoenix 4, Chicago 2 Nashville 4, Detroit 1 CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS EASTERN CONFERENCE N.Y. Rangers 4, Washington 3

New Jersey 4, Philadelphia 1 WESTERN CONFERENCE Phoenix 4, Nashville 1 Los Angeles 4, St. Louis 0 CONFERENCE FINALS EASTERN CONFERENCE Monday, May 14: NY Rangers 3, New Jersey 0 Wednesday, May 16:New Jersey 3., NY Rangers 2 Saturday, May 19: NY Rangers 3, New Jersey 0 Monday, May 21: New Jersey 4, NY Rangers 1 Wednesday, May 23: New Jersey 5, NY Rangers 3, New Jersey leads series 3-2 Friday, May 25: NY Rangers at New Jersey, 8 p.m. x-Sunday, May 27: New Jersey at NY Rangers, 8 p.m. WESTERN CONFERENCE Los Angeles 4, Phoenix 1 Sunday, May 13: Los Angeles 4, Phoenix 2 Tuesday, May 15: Los Angeles 4, Phoenix 0 Thursday, May 17: Los Angeles 2, Phoenix 1 Sunday, May 20: Phoenix 2, Los Angeles 0 Tuesday, May 22: Los Angeles 4, Phoenix 3, OT, Los Angeles wins series 41 STANLEY CUP FINALS Wednesday, May 30: Western Champion at Eastern Champion, 8 p.m. Saturday, June 2:Western Champion at Eastern Champion, 8 p.m. Monday, June 4: Eastern Champion at Western Champion, 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 6: Eastern Champion at Western Champion, 8 p.m. x-Saturday, June 9: Western Champion at Eastern Champion, 8 p.m. x-Monday, June 11: Eastern Champion at Western Champion, 8 p.m. x-Wednesday, June 13: Western Champion at Eastern Champion, 8 p.m.

BASKETBALL National Basketball Association Playoff Glance All Times EDT FIRST ROUND (x-if necessary) (Best-of-7) EASTERN CONFERENCE Philadelphia 4, Chicago 2 Miami 4, New York 1 Indiana 4, Orlando 1 Boston 4, Atlanta 2 WESTERN CONFERENCE San Antonio 4, Utah 0 Oklahoma City 4, Dallas 0 L.A. Lakers 4, Denver 3 L.A. Clippers 4, Memphis 3 CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS EASTERN CONFERENCE Boston vs. Philadelphia Saturday, May 12: Boston 92, Philadelphia 91 Monday, May 14: Philadelphia 82, Boston 81 Wednesday, May 16: Boston 107, Philadelphia 91 Friday, May 18: Philadelphia 92, Boston 83 Monday, May 21: Boston 101, Philadelphia 85 Wednesday, May 23: Philadelphia 82, Boston 75, series tied 3-3 Saturday, May 26: Philadelphia at Boston, 5 p.m. or 8 p.m. Miami vs. Indiana Sunday, May 13: Miami 95, Indiana 86

Thursday, May 24, 2012 Tuesday, May 15: Indiana 78, Miami 75 Thursday, May 17: Indiana 94, Miami 75 Sunday, May 20: Miami 101, Indiana 93 Tuesday, May 22: Miami 115, Indiana 83, Miami leads series 3-2 Thursday, May 24: Miami at Indiana, 8 p.m. x-Saturday, May 26: Indiana at Miami, TBD WESTERN CONFERENCE Oklahoma City 4, L.A. Lakers 1 Monday, May 14: Oklahoma City 119, L.A. Lakers 90 Wednesday, May 16: Oklahoma City 77, L.A. Lakers 75 Friday, May 18: L.A. Lakers 99, Oklahoma City 96 Saturday, May 19: Oklahoma City at L.A. LakersOklahoma City 103, L.A. Lakers 100 Monday, May 21: Oklahoma City 106, L.A.Lakers 90, Oklahoma City wins series 4-1 San Antonio 4, L.A. Clippers 0 Tuesday, May 15: San Antonio 108, L.A. Clippers 92 Thursday, May 17: Thursday, May 17: San Antonio 105, L.A. Clippers 88 Saturday, May 19: San Antonio 96, L.A. Clippers 86 Sunday, May 20: San Antonio 102, L.A. Clippers 99, San Antonio wins series 4-0

GOLF World Golf Ranking Through May 20 1. Rory McIlroy...................NIr 2. Luke Donald.................Eng 3. Lee Westwood .............Eng 4. Bubba Watson ............USA 5. Matt Kuchar.................USA 6. Hunter Mahan.............USA 7.Tiger Woods ................USA 8. Steve Stricker..............USA 9. Phil Mickelson .............USA 10. Justin Rose ................Eng 11. Martin Kaymer............Ger 12. Webb Simpson .........USA 13. Adam Scott.................Aus 14. Jason Dufner.............USA 15. Louis Oosthuizen........SAf 16. Charl Schwartzel........SAf 17. Jason Day...................Aus 18. Graeme McDowell.......NIr 19. Dustin Johnson.........USA 20. Rickie Fowler.............USA 21. Bill Haas ....................USA 22. Sergio Garcia .............Esp 23. Keegan Bradley ........USA 24. Peter Hanson ............Swe 25. Brandt Snedeker.......USA 26. Nick Watney ..............USA 27. Zach Johnson...........USA 28. Ian Poulter ..................Eng 29. K.J. Choi ......................Kor 30. Bo Van Pelt................USA 31. Martin Laird ................Sco 32. Nicolas Colsaerts........Bel 33. Francesco Molinari.......Ita 34. Mark Wilson ..............USA 35. John Senden..............Aus 36. David Toms................USA 37. Carl Pettersson..........Swe 38.Thomas Bjorn ............Den 39. Bae Sang-moon..........Kor 40. Paul Lawrie.................Sco 41. Jim Furyk ..................USA 42. Alvaro Quiros..............Esp 43. Simon Dyson .............Eng 44. Ernie Els......................SAf 45. Robert Karlsson........Swe 46. Fredrik Jacobson.......Swe 47. Geoff Ogilvy................Aus 48. Aaron Baddeley..........Aus 49. Anders Hansen..........Den 50. Kevin Na....................USA 51. Ben Crane.................USA 52. Kyle Stanley ..............USA 53. Jonathan Byrd...........USA 54. Paul Casey.................Eng 55. Fernandez-Castano...Esp 56. K.T. Kim........................Kor 57. Rafael Cabrera Bello .Esp 58. Robert Rock...............Eng 59. Ryo Ishikawa ..............Jpn 60. Miguel Angel JimenezEsp 61. Retief Goosen.............SAf 62. Matteo Manassero .......Ita 63.Y.E.Yang.......................Kor 64. Johnson Wagner.......USA 65. Branden Grace...........SAf 66. Greg Chalmers...........Aus 67. Charles Howell III .....USA 68. Gary Woodland.........USA 69. Ryan Moore ..............USA 70. Darren Clarke ..............NIr 71. Robert Garrigus........USA 72. George Coetzee.........SAf 73. Ben Curtis .................USA 74. D.A. Points.................USA 75. Spencer Levin...........USA

9.53 9.36 8.13 6.45 6.08 5.53 5.22 5.17 5.11 5.09 5.06 5.03 4.89 4.85 4.81 4.77 4.60 4.57 4.56 4.47 4.26 4.22 4.16 3.94 3.91 3.86 3.79 3.58 3.45 3.39 3.38 3.22 3.20 3.16 3.16 3.14 3.13 3.12 3.04 2.98 2.86 2.86 2.85 2.79 2.79 2.75 2.75 2.73 2.72 2.64 2.59 2.56 2.56 2.52 2.52 2.51 2.50 2.38 2.31 2.31 2.27 2.27 2.26 2.25 2.25 2.22 2.18 2.16 2.13 2.10 2.10 2.09 2.04 2.04 2.00

PGA Tour FedExCup Standings Through May 20 .................................PointsYTD Money 1. Jason Dufner.........1,435 $3,108,972 2. Hunter Mahan.......1,395 $3,109,088 3. Bubba Watson.......1,372 $3,204,778 4. Phil Mickelson .......1,307 $2,838,778 5. Rory McIlroy..........1,290 $2,996,000 6. Matt Kuchar...........1,257 $3,035,049 7. Carl Pettersson .....1,215 $2,411,753 8. Johnson Wagner...1,094 $2,068,483 9. Rickie Fowler.........1,058 $2,461,254 10. Justin Rose .........1,036 $2,357,702 11. Luke Donald........1,005 $2,156,906 12. Kyle Stanley ...........964 $2,008,919 13. Mark Wilson ...........932 $1,927,685 14. Bill Haas .................906 $1,873,206 15.Tiger Woods ...........904 $1,848,050 16. Brandt Snedeker....888 $1,757,814 17. Ben Curtis ..............886 $2,154,480 18. Zach Johnson ........886 $1,881,525 19. Keegan Bradley .....874 $1,710,477 20. John Huh................839 $1,830,580 21. Steve Stricker.........834 $1,727,610 22. Martin Laird............801 $1,836,554 23. Ernie Els.................703 $1,430,676 24. Kevin Na.................686 $1,524,571 25. Robert Garrigus.....682 $1,298,988 26. Ben Crane..............675 $1,336,031 27. D.A. Points ..............662 $1,345,313 28. Webb Simpson.......659 $1,295,197 29. Jim Furyk................624 $1,235,489 30. Louis Oosthuizen...623 $1,462,839 31. Lee Westwood .......618 $1,529,195 32. John Rollins............611 $1,183,937 33. Charlie Wi...............581 $1,128,595 34. Charles Howell III...580 $858,403 35. Spencer Levin........573 $968,111 36. Matt Every..............546 $1,150,447 37. Graeme McDowell.542 $1,131,568 38. George McNeill......540 $982,659 39. Sang-Moon Bae ....509 $955,381 40. Cameron Tringale ..508 $969,239 41. Brian Davis.............506 $900,766 42. Bo Van Pelt.............503 $1,164,271 43. Dicky Pride.............503 $1,088,363 44. John Senden..........499 $896,138 45. Sean O'Hair............488 $757,922 46. Scott Piercy............482 $840,317 47. Ken Duke................479 $939,775 48. Jonathan Byrd........476 $1,088,870 49. Jimmy Walker.........476 $858,602 50. Bud Cauley.............475 $756,922 51. Kevin Stadler..........440 $801,676 52. Ryan Moore ...........428 $861,549 53. Pat Perez................426 $741,122 54. Brendon de Jonge.424 $659,295 55. Aaron Baddeley .....424 $810,321 56. Nick Watney ...........415 $723,115


57. Ryan Palmer ..........414 58. Jeff Overton ...........409 59. David Toms.............409 60. Ian Poulter ..............407 61. John Mallinger........390 62. Harrison Frazar......386 63. Jonas Blixt..............385 64. Geoff Ogilvy ...........384 65. Chris Stroud...........384 66. Greg Chalmers ......384 67.Tom Gillis ................383 68. Bryce Molder..........376 69. Marc Leishman......374 70. Colt Knost...............370 71. Brian Gay ...............357 72. James Driscoll........350 73. Harris English.........348 74. Dustin Johnson......348 75. Bob Estes...............343

$678,002 $721,644 $795,087 $862,992 $607,250 $720,635 $713,798 $658,177 $719,169 $523,282 $654,575 $660,795 $625,136 $746,846 $607,483 $560,078 $588,040 $735,410 $622,039

LPGA Tour Money Leaders Through May 20 .......................................Trn 1.Yani Tseng.....................7 2. Azahara Munoz............8 3. Ai Miyazato...................6 4. Sun Young Yoo..............8 5. Stacy Lewis ..................8 6. Na Yeon Choi................7 7. So Yeon Ryu.................7 8. Jiyai Shin.......................7 9. Angela Stanford ...........8 10. Shanshan Feng..........6 11. Candie Kung ..............8 12. I.K. Kim .......................6 13. Morgan Pressel..........8 14.Vicky Hurst..................8 15. Amy Yang....................6 16. Hee Kyung Seo..........8 17. Meena Lee .................8 18. Cristie Kerr..................8 19. Jenny Shin..................8 20. Karrie Webb................8 21. Suzann Pettersen ......8 22. Brittany Lincicome......8 23. Jessica Korda.............5 24. Hee Young Park..........8 25. Julieta Granada..........8 26. Caroline Hedwall........7 27. Lexi Thompson...........7 28. Se Ri Pak....................5 29. Anna Nordqvist ..........8 30. Karin Sjodin................6 31. Brittany Lang ..............8 32. Chella Choi.................8 33. Karine Icher................6 34. Eun-Hee Ji..................8 35. Inbee Park ..................7 36. Natalie Gulbis.............7 37. Katie Futcher..............8 38. Haeji Kang..................6 39. Jodi Ewart...................6 40. Mina Harigae..............8 41. Catriona Matthew.......5 42. Paula Creamer...........7 43. Jimin Kang..................8 44. Katherine Hull.............8 45. Hee-Won Han ............8 46. Lindsey Wright............6 47. Karen Stupples ..........7 48. Sandra Gal .................8 49. Beatriz Recari.............8 50. Amanda Blumenherst8

Money $976,876 $652,835 $633,648 $572,492 $474,246 $342,879 $341,837 $334,453 $329,869 $283,795 $270,370 $259,218 $229,985 $219,921 $216,408 $215,994 $211,769 $204,332 $201,341 $190,829 $189,418 $189,410 $182,408 $180,069 $179,127 $170,891 $159,059 $142,002 $138,977 $138,412 $122,883 $119,234 $114,493 $111,912 $111,391 $110,620 $103,431 $103,286 $100,815 $98,186 $93,959 $91,423 $83,734 $80,757 $80,493 $78,897 $76,440 $76,050 $75,449 $74,322

TRANSACTIONS Wednesday's Sports Transactions The Associated Press BASEBALL American League DETROIT TIGERS — Recalled OF Quintin Berry from Toledo (IL).Designated RHP Collin Ballester for assignment. TORONTO BLUE JAYS — Agreed with New Hampshire (EL) on a two-year player development contract for the 2013-14 seasons. National League COLORADO ROCKIES — Placed INF Jonathan Herrera on the 15-day DL. Recalled INF DJ LeMahieu from Colorado Springs (PCL). MILWAUKEE BREWERS — Claimed INF Cody Ransom off waivers from Arizona.Optioned INF Edwin Maysonet to Nashville (PCL). Transferred SS Alex Gonzalez from the 15- to the 60-day DL. PITTSBURGH PIRATES — Activated RHP Jason Grilli from the bereavement list. Optioned LHP Jeff Locke to Indianapolis (IL). ST. LOUIS CARDINALS — Placed INF/OF Matt Carpenter on the 15-day DL. Selected the contract of C Steven Hill from Memphis (PCL). BASKETBALL National Basketball Association NBA — Suspended Miami C Dexter Pittman three games for striking Indiana G Lance Stephenson and Miami F Udonis Haslem one game for striking Indiana F Tyler Hansbrough during Tuesday's game. FOOTBALL National Football League CHICAGO BEARS — Signed DT Nate Collins to a one-year contract. CINCINNATI BENGALS — Signed RB Daniel Herron. DENVER BRONCOS — Traded DB Cassius Vaughn to Indianapolis for FB Chris Gronkowski. GREEN BAY PACKERS — Promoted John Dorsey to director of football operations, Eliot Wolf to director of pro personnel, Brian Gutekunst to director of college scouting, Alonzo Highsmith to senior personnel executive, Sam Seale to West regional scout, Richmond Williams to area scout and Chad Brinker to pro scout. Named John John Wojciechowski area scout, Glenn Cook pro scout and Michael Owen college scout. MINNESOTA VIKINGS — Signed TE Rhett Ellison. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS — Signed DE Chandler Jones. NEW YORK JETS — Signed FB Fui Vakapuna. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS — Signed P Andy Lee to a six-year contract extension through the 2018 season. TENNESSEE TITANS — Agreed to terms with TE Taylor Thompson and DE Scott Solomon. HOCKEY National Hockey League COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS — Signed RW Derek Dorsett to a three-year contract. MINNESOTA WILD — Signed F Mikael Granlund. OTTAWA SENATORS — Named Luke Richardson coach, Steve Stirling assistant coach and Matt Meacham video coach of Binghamton (AHL). VANCOUVER CANUCKS — Signed coach Alain Vigneault to a contract extension. WASHINGTON CAPITALS — Extended their affiliation agreement with Hershey (AHL) through the 2013-14 season. COLLEGE AFCA — Named Gary Darnell associate executive director. ILLINOIS STATE — Named Rob Judson men's assistant basketball coach. MEMPHIS — Named Erin Grant women's assistant basketball coach. MICHIGAN — Announced baseball coach Rich Maloney will not return.


2 Thursday, May 24, 2012



Piqua High School Class of 2012 • Kaele Snapp is a 2012 Piqua High School co-valedictorian with a 4.9 GPA. She is the daughter of Tom and Elly Snapp. Kaele served as senior class president, was a member of the National Honor Society, Student Council and was a member of Buckeye Girls State. She was selected as 1st alternate for United States Senate Youth Program. Kaele is a member of the varsity track and cross country teams. She is a Link Crew Leader, a member Interact, Math V, and a student tutor. Kaele has hundreds of hours of volunteering. She cares about her community and strives to make a difference in the lives of many. Kaele will attend the California Polytechnic State University to study Architectural Engineering. • Samuel Roth is a 2012 Piqua High School co-valedictorian with a 4.9 GPA. He is the son of Linda Roth. Sam is an outstanding member of Piqua’s music program. He has appeared in several musicals — in lead roles. He is a member of the school’s award winning show choir, men’s chorus and marching band. Roth served as the section leader both in choir and in band. In addition to his musical skills, Sam was an active member of many academic clubs. He is a member of the National Honor Society, Math V, Academic Challenge, and Spanish Club. Sam is a Piqua Teen Leader, a member of Buckeye Boys State, and a member of Piqua’s Varsity Swim Team. Sam has spent numerous volunteer hours as a student tutor, at school functions and at his church. Sam will attend Ohio Northern University in a duel major of computer engineering and music. • Jacob Nill is a 2012 Piqua High School co-salutatorian with a 4.7 GPA. He is the son of Terry and Angie Nill. Jacob is a member of the Piqua High School Varsity Baseball team. He is a member of the Academic Challenge Team, The Science Olympiad Team, National Honor Society, and Math V.



Jacob will attend The Ohio State University to study engineering. Jacob spends any free time between baseball, practice and studying. • Frank Patrizio is a co-salutatorian for the Piqua High School Class of 2012, with a 4.7 GPA. He is the son of Frank and Sarah Patrizio. Frank is a member of the Principal’s Advisory Committee, Science Olympiad, Student Leadership, and National Honor Society. He is a member of the Varsity Tennis Team, Interact club, and is a D.A.R.E. Role Model. Outside of school, Frank volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, Adopt a Highway and the Piqua Heritage Festival. He is currently learning to play guitar. Frank has been accepted at The Ohio State University, where he will study engineering. Piqua High School will conduct graduation exercises at 8 p.m. Friday, June 1, at Alexander Stadium. Members of the Class of 2012 include: Kyle D. Adkins, Travis Robert Adkins, Amanda Nicole Arling, Kendra Marie Arnett, Laura L. E. Arnold, Kyler Daniel Ashton, Charles Robert Auxier, Edward Ryan Baker, Michaelia Nicole Baker, Christina Balderrama, Derek Alexander Ball, Makayla Lynn Banning, Jah Dominique Batdorf, Michael Arthur Beam, Brandon Scott Belcher, Cheryl Elizabeth Bell, Aaron D. Belt, Conner L. Benson, Brandon H. Bercot, Victoria Rebecca Bianchi, Holly A. Black, Jacob Allen Boyd,



Lauren Rachelle Bradley, Leah Marie Brandenburg. Madison Caroline Brinkman, Tyler Ray Broaddrick, Chellseay Nicole Brown, Clinton Reginald Brown, Harmony Kathleen Brown, Nicklaus Lewis Brown, Madison Leigh Brumbaugh, Lauren Faith Burger, Jacob N. Butler, Austin Michael Butt, Sean Michael Calhoun, Cody A. Campbell, Zachary Dale Carlock, William A. Cassel, Jayla Raielle Clarke, Jacob Scott Clifton, Austin Hunter Collett, Bretnie Sue Collum, Joshua Alan Cooley, Brandon J. Cottrell, Justin Louis Couchot, Kenneth Ray Coulter II, Hailea Danielle Creager, Jordan Ashley Cruea. Gary Michael Curtis, Justin M. Davis, Kelsey Alayne Deal, Adam Joseph DeBrosse, Jon Vincent Dembski, Allen Patrick Dickey, Kaitlyn Elizabeth-Jo Didier, Patrick Ray Donnelly, Bradley Dotson, Andrew Matthew Nicholas Draving, Tabitha Ann Earick, Crystal Lynne Elsass, Brooke Michelle Emrick, Courtney L. Emrick,Aryelle Evelyn Engley, Brooke Elizabeth Evans, Tyler Ray Faul, Jordan K. Feeser, Justine Logan Ford, Rebecca Elizabeth Gambill, Nicholas Taylor Gates, Dalton T. Giger. Zachary M. Godwin, Taylor Renee Good, Evan M. Grissom, James Zachary Grody, Darrin S. Grove, Melanie Rose Gruenenberg, Victoria Pearl Guillozet, Chelsie M. Gutierrez, Isaac James Hale, Tiffany Lorene Hale, Riley Lynn Hall, Ellen Christine Haney,

Kiera Lynn Haynes, Kaitlyn Rachelle Hays, Zachery Edward Heater, Adrian Charles Hemm, Austin Rae Hemm, Felicia N. D. Hennon, Kelsey Nicole Herron, Shawn T. Hess, Kimisha Michelle Higgins, Madison Louise Hilleary, Codey A. Hinkle, Joel Phillip Hissong, Cody Allen Hogston, Kayla Renay Hole, Todd S. Holler. Levi J. Homer, Trae Robert Honeycutt, John Lamont Houser, Melissa Brooke Hovey, Taylor Jacob Huebner, Michael Patrick Jennings, Tanya Montana Johnson, Alexis Paige Kaylor, Daniel Alan Keck, Johnathon Brian Kelly, Morgan Elizabeth Kendall, Dylan Matthew Kessler, Jonathan Paul Kiefer, Jessica Inez Lamb, Jennifer N. Landers, Cameron T. F. Langston, Samantha K. Langston, Taylor Larck, Megan Elizabeth Latimer, Dale Andrew LaveyII, Austin Andrew Lavy, Zachary Rian Lawrence, Chakela L. Lee, Gregory Stephen Lemmon,Wesley A. Lemons, Brittany M. Lett, Daisy K. Levan. Timmothy Aaron Levan, Kindric Link, Kassidy M. Liptock,Andrew James Luthman, Carly Marrs Lyman, Matthew A. Lyons, Alanna Marie Maier, Gabrielle Ann Maniaci, Sarah Faith McCrea, Lauren Marie McGraw, Brittany Ann McKee, Jessica R. McKenna, Kristen Ann McMaster, D’Ambria Lynnise McNeal, Cody Allen Mills, Ida Brittany Mills, Kyle Richard Mills, Seth J. Minnich, McCaully J. Mohr, Hayley Sue Monroe, Ashley Rain Moss, Teresa M. Mote, Brittney

Lynn Murphy, Travis William Nees, Brandon Thomas Newbright, HaHoang Khanh Nguyen, Joshua Michael Nichols, Alexandra Marie Nicodemus, Jacob R. Nill, Jared L. Nill, Megan Nicole Osborne, Christopher William Palmer. Blythe Alexandria Palsgrove, Frank Angelo Patrizio, Brooke T. Pence, Brittany L. Pendergraft, Nathaniel A. Perin, Daniel L. Perreira, Megen Marie Perry, Kayla Jasmine Philabaum, Sarah Mae Pickelsimer, Haleigh Nicole Poling, Abigail Katelynn Ponchillia, Brandon Michael Pummill, Susan Brooke Reinke, Daniel A. Reyes, Lydia Rose Riancho, Kevin Jacob Richardson, Samuel Jackson Roth, Phillip Allen RuppertMcGuire, Dalton Cole Russell, Tyler William Sage, Keeshawn L. Satterwhite, Sheyene Nichole Saunders, Tucker Steele Schneider, Elle Kristina Seiss, Dustin McKenley Shackelford, S. Andrew Shellabarger, John J. Lee Small, Betsy Marie Smith, Cassidy Jo Smith, Dariel Marie Smith. Teyler Michelle Smith, Kaele Ann Snapp, James R. Spiggle, Daret H. M. Spradley, Jerrod Alexander Stengel, Robert P. Stollmer, Brandon Lee Strohmenger, Ian Christian Supinger, Brittany Nicole Talley, Casey Calvin Taylor, Nicholas J. Thompson, Courtney Lynn Tilton, Mackenzie Alaina Tipton, Nathan Dale Tufts, Leah Lacey VanGorden, Aaron David VanPelt, Lucas Christopher Vickroy, Chelsea Lynn Von Aschen, Erica R.Waddle, Megan Maxine Wagner, Cortney Teal Waters, Kramer T.J. Welker, Taylor Austin Wellbaum, Khadijah Lynn Wells, Allan Lee Wheaton, Emily Doreen Williams, Zachary P. Williams, Brianna Taylor Wilson, Robert L. Wion, Jordan Landis Wise, Imari Bernice Witten, David Brandon Wright, Kassie Nicole Yohey,Amanda Kay Zaenger, Mercedes L. Zwiesler.

Troy High School Class of 2012 • Courtney Hittepole, daughter of Neal and Andrea Hittepole, has been named the valedictorian of the Class of 2012 at Troy High School. During the last four years, Courtney has been an active member of Troy High School and the community. She was president of National honor Society and a member of Student Government, Junior Cabinet and Senior Cabinet. She also is involved in orchestra and Academic Quiz Team.As a sophomore, she had the honor of representing her class as an ambassador to the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership seminar. Outside of school, she has participated in Teen Leadership Troy and played the viola in the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. This fall she will plans to study psychology at Butler University, with plans to complete her PhD and become a practicing psychologist. • Cody Fox, son of Trisha Riess, is the salutatorian for the Class of 2012 at Troy High School. While attending Troy High School, Cody has led the track and cross country teams all four years. He also was on Academic Quiz Team and the swim team for three years. He is a member of National Honor Society, Student Government, Interact Club, Lumberjack Club and Latin Club. Outside of school he is active in his church having volunteered both locally and on mission trips. A lifelong Trojan, Cody plans to attend The Ohio State University and major in biomedical engineering. • Nicholas Antonides, son of Doug and Kimberly Antonides, is the recipient of the Troy High School Upper Valley Career Center Honor Student Award. The son of Doug and Kimberly Antonides, Nick is in the architecture and mechanical design program at the Career Center. He has been involved in SkillsUSA as a local Quiz Bowl winner and a State Voting Delegate. He plays on Troy’s varsity baseball team, American Legion baseball and plans to play at the college level as well. In addition, he has been playing the piano for the last 13 years and regularly volunteers at his church. In the fall he plans to major in criminal justice at Bowling Green State University. The Troy High School Class of 2012 will graduate at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 26, at Hobart Arena. The class of 2012 members include: Donavan Abbott, Michael Adams, Kristen Albritton, Adam Alexander, Devon Alexander, Alyssa Anderson, Cody Anderson, Jessica Anderson, Alysha Angel, Nicholas Antonides, Logan Archibald,



Galen Arnett, Jr., Ashley Atkins, Crystal Baker, Amanda Ball, Mark Ballard, DeVante’ Banks, Jeremy Banks, Michael Banta, Kiawnda Barbour, Derrick Bark, Saddie Barker, Nicholas Barkett, Morgan Barnhart, Kyle Beaty, Jared Besecker, Christian Blair, Amber Blakley, Brooke Blankenship, Kristopher Bodey, Sabre Bolen, Elaine Bolte, Sarah Bondurant, Zachary Bosse, Blake Boyer, Mary Brading, Taylor Breisch, Jenna Bretland, Jeffery Bristow, Jacqueline Brown, Tyler Brown, Kevin Bruggeman, Cameron Buerger. Lacey Bundy, Eric Burgasser, Taylor Bush, Tiasha Butcher, Zachary Butcher, Ronald Call, Kayla Calvillo, Adriana Cancino, Ashley Carlisle, Charles Chandler, Tucker Chaney, Hang Chen, Ayano Chiba, Taylor Chumley, Sean Clawson, Michael Clem, Brandon Cobos, Gabriel Cole, Vanessa Collett, Caylib Collins, Brandon Conley, Abigail Coon, Liana Corio, Sean Cothran, Aaron Covault, Shawn Crall, Eric Cremeans, Heather Cross, Amber Crotinger, Caitlin Culp, Taylor Culp, Jonathan Dankworth, Mackenzie Dankworth, Matthew Davis, Kyle Deal, Emily DeBella, Liana Deeter, Jordan Delehanty, Kaylee Dellinger, Dakota Delver, Kassandra DeMoss, Travis Denton, Latishia Detty, Taylor Dickey, Scott Dircksen. Kelsey Dornbusch, Sarah Duben, Ian Dunaway, Mitchell Dunlap, Nicole Dunne, Reagan Dutton, Omega Dziko, Olivia Elifritz, Talon Ely, Brittany Emrick, Joshua Enke, Aleana Evans, Samantha Evans, William Evans, Ashlyn Evers, Elizabeth Fair, Victoria Fenter, Nichole Fergerson, Britney Fitch, Kaitlyn Flory, John Foster, Marcus Foster, Cody Fox, Kane Franco, Brandi Frees, Codie Frock, Anthony Fullenkamp, Hannah Funderburg, Takaki Furuichi, Seth

HITTEPOLE Gaier, Isaac Galli, Lauren Gau, Steven Gohrband, Ashley Goldsboro, Maxwell Goodall, Sharletta Griffieth, Derek Gross, Caitlin Grote, Justin Gue, Jordan Guillozet. Ethan Hargrove, Jordan Harlow, Emily Harrah, De’onna Harrison, Kaitlynn Harrison, Bre’anna Harrison-Lee, Thomas Harvey, Adam Hasken, Storm Heckman, Brandon Heffelfinger, Kayla Heisey, Nathan Helke, Kyle Henning, Caleb Herrmann, Niccole Hicks, Antwan Hill, Taylor Hinkle, Courtney Hittepole, Michael Hoffman, Logan Holder, Brian Holland, Quinten Hoover, Amber Horton, Zachary Housley, Thomas Howard, Charles Hudgins, Drezell Hudson, Abby Huston, Brandi Hutton, Robert Hyer, Mao Iizuka, Riley Isely, Zane Jackson, Nicholas James, Stephany Jenkins, Bradley Johnson, Brandon Johnson, Jorian Johnson, Zachary Jones, Gregory Joseph, Joshua Kaster, Samuel Kaufman, Erin Kaup, Bailey Keener. Amy Kessler, Jacob Kimrey, Ravyn Kirtz, Kelley Kirtz, Connor Knox, Courtney Kolstad, Nicholas Kovar, Hope Kreider, Seth Kriesberg, McKinley Kucharski, Frank Kulevich, Hannah LaCombe, Hunter Lambert, Alaina Lamme, Bryan Lange, Chloe Lauber,Amanda Lee, Karissa Lee, Kylie Lee, Jennifer Lehmann, Kathryn Lewis, James Linville, Andrew Livingston, Daniel Longendelpher, Blake Longfellow, Nathaniel Lowry, Seth Lucas, Shyloh Lucas, Jessica Lykes, Dallas Manier, Robert Marshall, Codey Martin, Corey Martin, Zachary Martinez, William Matthews, Cody May, Katelynn McAllister, David McCall. Rheanna McCarel, Sebastian McCarel, Alyssa McCuistion, Logan McFarland, Ryan McFarland, Tanner McGee, Hope McGlaughlin, Chelsea McGraw, Michaela McIntosh, Jordan Means, Dilan Meckes,

Eric Meier, Peter Mengos, Victoria Merrell, Stephanie Metzger, Greta Milingyte, Justin Miller, Zachary Miller, Charlotte Mix, Mary Moon, Christopher Moore, Haley Moore, Joseph Moore Jr., Sarah Moran, Dimitri Morgan, Kaysee Morgan, Hunter Morris, Benjamin Morrison, Cody Myers, Kyle Neves, Mariah Nunn, Moe Ohtsuka, Madison Orban,Asha Parson, Jinesh Patel, Jada Payne, Kristen Pelaston, Shawn Penkal, London Pepiot. Michael Perkins, Jared Perry, Page Peyton, Hailey Pierce, Alex Potchik, Colleen Powers, Brandy Price, Carlene Price, Jordan Price, Jordi Price, Nikki Prine, Marie Rank, Kyle Ratcliff, Logan Rathmann, Elizabeth Reed, Ryne Rich, David Richey, Paul Ricketts, Mason Riemer, Elisabeth Robinson, Zachary Rohr, Spencer Roth, Robert Rudisill, Olivia Ruiz, Alyse Saine, Chelsey Sakal, Andrew Sanders, Brittany Sanders, Brandi Sandison, Jessica Schaeffer, Daniel Schnell, Jordy Schricker, Shelby Schultz. Erika Schwartz, Kailyn Scott,Alec Sears, Tiffany Seidel, Shutaro Sekito, Corinne Shaw, Brandon Sheling, Taylor Shepard, Nathaniel Shigley, Jared Sierra, Darrion Sigman, Renee Simpson, Laura Smith, Ryan Smith, Sara Smith, Jessica Soutar, Cory Sowers, Richard Sowers, Dillon Spade,Tyler Sparks, Zacharie Sparks, Carolann Stanley, Brittany Stapleton,Timothy Steck, Shane Stotler, John Stroud, Adam Stubbs, Kaytlin Stubbs, Rachel Stump, Robert Stump, Somer Swabb, Erin Symonds, Alexandria Taviano, Caleb Taylor, Jacob Taylor, Logan Terrell, Paige Terry, Benjamin Thompson, Blaine Thompson, Tyler Thompson, Tessa Tiderington, Craig Timms, Javier Torres, Chelsy Townsend. Katelyn Travis, Donald Trombley, Brandy Tubbs,Troy Uppal, Nicholas Usserman, Allison Utrecht, Quentin Vaughan, Darius Viney, Mackenzie Wackler, Travis Wackler, Nicholas Wagner, Chelsea Waites, Megan Walker, Cody Walling, Keelin Walsh, Kaitlyn Walters, Megan Walters, Deborah Warren, Yuki Watanabe, William Weatherhead, Felicia Webb, Derek Wegler, Rachel Welker, Christopher Wells, Caleb Wendel, Jenteal West, Gloria Westfall, Darian Wheeler, David White, Vincent Widener, Isaac Wiegman, Samantha Wilkerson, Zachary Wille, Isiah Williams, Jennifer Winert, Kaylin Winters, Katlyn Wintrow, Danielle Wright, Reid Wynkoop,Alexander Yonk, LaDona Young, Nicholas Young, Kaitlyn Youtz, Todd Zachery Jr., Adam Zimmerman, Kyle Zimmerman, Jenée Zweidinger, Evan Zwierzchowski.



Thursday, May 24, 2012


Bradford High School Class of 2012 • Cheslea Cain, 18, is the 2012 valedictorian of Bradford High School. The daughter of Christina and Steve Cain of Bradford. Her high School activities include FCCLA, NHS, Academic Team, Book Club, B-Crew, class officer, and tutoring. Her plans for the future are to attend Wright State University Majoring in computer engineering • Chesley Broughman, 18, is the salutatorian of Bradford High School Class of 2012. She is the daughter of Matt and

Jonathon Barbee, Allie Stacy Broughman of Bashore, Chelsey Bradford. Her high Broughman, Ashlee school activities include Brown, Brandon Cain, cross country, basketChelsea Cain, Dylan ball, varsity “B”, club Canan, Nick Canan, track, big brother-big sisBrandon Chapman, ter, drama club, teen inBrian Chapman, Chris sight, Muse Machine, Clark, Sharen Craband tutoring group. Her tree, Michalla Davidplans for the future are son, Tyler Delk, to attend Bowling Green Madison Dunlevy, Majoring in interior deCAIN BROUGHMAN Michael Fletcher, Brook sign. Floyd, Krista Floyd, The Bradford High School Class of 2012 will gradu- main gymnasium. Class mem- Morgan Gambill Holly Gantt, ate at 2:30 p.m. June 2, in the bers include Brittany Allison, Curt Hale, Cameron Harmon,

Haleigh Harmon Riley Hart, Angel Holt, Dalton Justice, Destinee Karnehm, Travis Knightstep, Sophie Lavey, Sarah Leone, Emily Magoto, Courtney Miller, Katelyn Miller, Jonathon Moyer, Sara Mullins, Alisha Patty, Donivan Preston, Megan Pullins, Thomas Rader, Shawnee Rismiller, Courtney, Sargent, Shay Scarberry, Deryl Shirk, Austin Sell, Payton Shuff, Courtney Stephens , Andrew Stewart, Andy Vogler, Heather Whalen, Phillip Whalen, Elizabeth Wood, and Alan Yount.

Troy-Christian High School Class of 2012 • Zachary Curtis, 19, is the 2012 valedictorian for Troy Christian High School. He resides in Bradford with his parents Rodney and Amy Curtis. This year Zach has held the leadership role of Student Council President, in addition to being involved in the following school, church, and community activities during his high school career: football, spring musical, National Honor Society, church worship team leader, male vocalist in the school praise band, Bible study leader, youth group leadership team, and mission trips to NYC, Bahamas, and Peru. In the fall, Zach will be attending Cedarville University, where he has been awarded the Cedarville Scholar Award Competitive Scholarship. He will be majoring in pre-med biology with a long term goal of entering the field of dentistry. • Lauren Haines, 17, is the 2012 saluta-

torian at Troy Christian. She is a resident of Troy, with her parents, Anne and Steve H a i n e s . Throughout her high school career Lauren has been involved in the following school, church, and community CURTIS activities: volleyball, National Honor Society, youth group, intern at foster care agency, Reading Buddies, Young Women of Distinction, and mission trips to Joplin, Mo., Bahamas, Nicaragua, and Jamaica. Next fall, Lauren


will be attending Cedarville University where she will major in pharmacy. Troy Christian School will conduct graduation exercises at 3 p.m. Saturday, May 26, in the high school gymnasium. The Class of

2012 includes: Matthew Bechtel, Leslie Becker, Zachary Bonham, Rebecca Brewer, Alyssa Campbell, Matthew Chenoweth, Maxwell Conover,Alexander Cota, Cody Cummings,

Levi Current, Zachary Curtis, Brandon Dahl, Nicholas Davidson, Brittany Debreceni, Braden Dellinger, Joseph Demmitt, David Diltz, Grant English, Courtney Frantom, Lynsey Gleim, Jacob Grant, Lauren Haines, Tianna Hanford, Jeri Hensley, Christine Hinkle, Shana Honeyman, Matthew Jackson, Robert Jackson, Peter Jenkins, Jill Kiefer, Kyle Klingler, Aubrey Koukol, Sharayah Lane, Patricia Latimer, Melanie Lillich, Marvin Major, Alyson Manns, Seth Manuel, Kaylene Martin, Daniel McGillivary, Carlos Mendez, William Newland, Bekah Osborne, Alissa Peppo, Joshua Perry, Emma Potter, Evelyn Ritzi, Sarah Schulte, Michael Seagraves, Andrew Simonalle, Nickolas Speck, Caleb Tanner, Jacob Vanburen, Levi Williams, Ryan Wittlinger, Anna Wolford, and Julie Young.

Covington High School Class of 2012 • The Covington High School Class of 2012 Valedictorian is Caitlyn Louise Crawford, 18, daughter of Covington residents Scott and Christine Crawford. Caitlyn will be attending the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia with a major in pharmacy.Caitlyn’s activities at Covington High School include National Honor Society, class officer (secretary 9, treasurer 11, 12), Key Club (vice-president 11, president 12), Spanish Club, SADD Club (president 12), concert band, pep band, and marching band (conductor 11), PLUS Overnighter staff, vol-

leyball, and basketball. • The Covington High School Class of 2012 Salutatorian is Hannah Rae Pond, 17, daughter of Matt and Jennifer Pond of Covington. Hannah will be attending Wright State University with a major in K-3 Education. Hannah’s activities include National Honor Society (treasurer 11, president 12), Key Club (secretary 12),Student Council (president 12), class officer (president 11, 12), Art Club, Spanish Club, yearbook editor, Buccanews editor, volleyball,basketball,andsoftball.


Covington’s commencement ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. May 27, at Hobart Arena in Troy. Members of Class of 2012 include:


Nicole Lynn Apple, Austin Levi Baker, Noah Brandon Bays,SpencePaigeBeckstedt, Steven Robert Blei, Macy Marie Boehringer, Tyler Christopher Branson, Seth

Thomas Gibson Brown, Christian Gregory Carder, Samuel Marcus Christian, Darren Christopher Clark, Caitlyn Louise Crawford, Michael Wayne Deaton,Acacia Nichole Deeter, Jacob Ryan Dill, Brittany Renee Diltz, Samuel Nicholas R Earick. Matthew Wayne Elliott, Jeremy Lee Gibboney, Sasha Danielle Grilliot, Shaina Nichole Grilliot, Brandon Tyler Hedrick, Zachary David Henslee, Matthew Daniel Hicks, Shelby Lynn Kihm, Whitney Jayde Layman, Jordon Kenneth McIntosh, Wesley Dean Miller,

Cody James Minnich, Timothy Robert Minnich, Haleigh Breanne Murphy, Nicholas Andrew Myers. Ashley Ann Pergram, Cedar GrayHawk Perkins, Bobbie Leroy Pleasant, Zachary Sean Plessinger, Hannah Rae Pond, Brandon Michael Powell, Haley Louise Reames, Wesley James Root, Joseph Levi Sherman, Julianna Ashlee Simon, Haley Marie Smith, Samantha Sue Snyder, Devin James VanHise, Othel Cole Wagner, Isaiah Miracle Winston,Tiffany Nicole York, Rebecca Ann Rene Young.

Upper Valley Career Center 2012 graduates • The 2012 Upper Valley Career Center Top Scholar is Monica Kislig, 17, a culinary arts student from Sidney High School. She is the daughter of Edgar and Kimberly Kislig of Sidney. Each year the Upper Valley Career Center honors the student with the highest four-year grade point average, calculated at the end of the seventh semester of the senior year and on a non-weighted 4.0 scale. Monica takes top honors with a 4.00 grade point average. Through Sidney High School, Monica participated in a variety of activities including tennis team (4 year), swimming team, musical, National Honor Society, Foreign Language Club, and Art Club.At the Upper Valley Career Center Monica was a member of the Academic Team and FCCLA. She also is active in the Youth Group at First Church of God, Sidney; and is a three-year volunteer with Christian Legal Services of Shelby County. Monica has traveled extensively including a 6-week trip throughout Asia this past winter. Monica has been accepted at Ohio Northern University where she will major in history while pursuing minors in English, theater and applied mathematics. Her strategy is to seek employment using the culinary arts skills and ServeSafe certification earned through Upper Valley Career Center to supplement her college scholarships. She plans a career in education and/or politics. The Upper Valley Career Center Convocation will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 24, at Hobart Arena, Troy. The class of 2012 is the school’s first group of graduates since changing the name from Upper Valley JVS to Upper Valley Career Center last summer. The Career Center students come through open enrollment and fourteen local associate high schools including Anna, Botkins, Bradford, Covington, Fairlawn, Ft. Loramie, Houston, Jackson Center, Lehman, Newton, Piqua, Russia, Sidney, and Troy. Members of the Upper Valley Career Center Class of 2012 include: Jesse J. Alexander, Austin Baker, Dillon Boyer, Zachary Carlock,Tyler Hoaglin, Dalton Justice, Victoria Long, Coty Niswonger, Joseph Rayburn, Briana Schaffner, Derek Schwable, Casey Taylor, Nicholas Antonides, Andrew Gaier, Alex Hale, Codey Martin,

Jacob Taylor, Aaron Mendez, Austin Butt, Riley Hall, Galen Arnett,Terry Barga, Brock Becker, Anthony Bergman, Jacob Clifton, Nicole Dunne, Brandon Ike, John Maples, William Powers, Matthew Rohrer, John Rue, Cameron Shonk, William Staudt, Mitchell Stucke, Cody Turner, Travis Wismar, Kyle Adkins, Charles Auxier, Dillion O’Reilly. Keeshawn Satterwhite, Dillon Spade, Ryan Smith, Zeek Alexander, Jacob Bowman, Tyler Brown, Mason Francis, Joshua Nichols, Tiffany Seidel, Travis Wackler, Zachary Woodall, Amanda Ball, Amber Blackburn, Sharletta Griffieth, Megan Wagner, Taylor Wallace, Brian Chapman, John Stroud, Phillip Whalen,Tyler Branson, Benjamin Brown, Logan Brown, Timmy Burch, Derrick Caruso, Brandon Chapman, Andrew Cook, Michael Fletcher, Teran Kesler, Jonathan Moyer, James Stoner, Gabriel Cole, Henderson Kaitlyn, DeVante’ Banks. Sharen Crabtree, Gary Curtis, Derek Gross, Candace Hardy, Kelsey Herron, Monica Kislig, Kelsey Kleinkopf, Seth Minnich, Ashley Pergram, Lydia Riancho, Josiah St Myers, Sabrina Stammen, Darius Viney, Caleb Wendel, Cody Myers, Kristopher Bodey, Gage Coffman, Steven Gohrband, Dustin S Poole, John Small, Dalton Cook, James Linville, Alex Accuntius, Michael Beam, Jacob Dill, Kevin Geise, Bradley Goldschmidt, Paul Meyer, Shaylee Scarberry, Austin Strunk, Robert Vanderpool, Allan Wheaton. Derrick Williams, Ashtin Frantz, Kaylee Adkins,Alysha Angel, Sabre Bolen, Caitlyn Denise, Olivia Elifritz, Tiffany Hale, Kiera Haynes, Victoria Hicks, Morgan Kendall, Megan Nice, Asha Parson, Kaytlin Stubbs, MacKenzie Wackler, Samantha Ary, Saddie Barker, Leah Grewe, Kayla Hole, Brittany Huston, Hope Kreider, Megan Latimer, Cori Lenhart, Alyssa Little, Emily Magoto, Brittney Murphy, Courtney Sargent, Shelly Snyder, Felicity Tillman,Tara Trump, Kaitlyn Walters, Brandi Frees, Robert Marshall, Roxanne Yates. Kendra Arnett, Johnathan Barhorst, Nicholas Canan, Shawn Crall, Kaitlyn Francis, Brandon Johnson, Sarrah Leone, Donald Vanskiver, Christopher Wells, Heather Whalen,Adam Alexander,Alexandria Taviano, Crystal Baker,Ashley Brooks,

ley, Ashley Jacobs, Heidi Crysta Clegg, Kayla Heisey, Knight, Adrianna Lambert, Ariel Hughes, Katie Hurley, Ciara Lambert, Victoria Kayla Philabaum, Kaitlin Leonard, David Loraine, Powell, Brittany Sanders, Paris Martin, Ida Mills, Elizabeth Smith, Travis AdDanielle Moses, Brianna kins, Kristeenu Clack, Travis Overbey, Carlene Price,Alyse Denton, Patrick Donnelly, Saine, Dariel Smith, Haley Zachary Housley, Zane JackSmith, Katelyn Travis, Leah son, Gregory Joseph, Joshua Vangorden, Chelsea Von AsKaster, Dustin Murray, John chen, Keelin Walsh, Matthew Powell, Dustin Shackelford, Carter, Brett Langenkamp. Caleb Taylor, Nicole Apple, Seth Osborne, Daniel PerAmanda Baber, Brandon reira, Timothy Steck, Jacob Cain, Amy Clark, Mitchell KISLIG Batton, Zara Boyer, Veronica Dunlap. Matthew Elliott, Chris Frazier, Zachery Eilerman, Sophia Lavey, Hayley Monroe, Heater, Wesley Miller, Cody Minnich, Haley Moore, Phillip Ruppert-Mcguire, Nicholas Myers, Kristen Pelaston, Jessica Timri Sadler, Alec Sears, Cassidy Smith, Schafer, Joshua Schaub, Suzanne Simon, Mary E. Stickel, Somer Swabb, Nathan Ryan Alexander, Noah Bays, Robert Tufts, Nicholas Wagner, Brianna Wilson, Blankenship, Cory Brandewie, Brandon Imari Witten,Thomas Howard, Cody Davis, Conley, Jacob Iddings, Robert Lee, Andrew Michael Deaton, James Grody, Curtis Hale, Luthman, Jordan Mcintosh, Vincent Zachary Henslee, Hunter Lambert, Corey Widener, Derek Aikin, Jonathan Asbury, Martin, Zachery Plessinger, Benjamin PowNoah Clark, Ryan Curl, Kyle Gray, Riley ers, Thomas Rader, Kyle Ratcliff, Mitchell Hart, Curtis Hughes, Bethany Pellman, Siegel, Adam Stubbs. Brandon Sheling, Deryl Shirk, Andrew Vogler. Victoria Bianchi, Harley Creager, Jason Davis, Jessica Doak, Paxton Edwards, Alexandra Nicodemus, Jessica Rayl, Sheyene Saunders, Steven Shellabarger, Sarah Duben, Christopher Clark, Brooke Evans, Brittany Frost, Bre’Anna HarrisonLee, Bailey Keener, Sara Mullins, Brandi Sandison, Taylor Stewart, Chelsy Townsend, Brandy Tubbs, Alex Wood, Ashley Carlisle, Alyssa Anderson, Kiawnda Barbour, Morgan Barnhart, Mallorie Bell, Amanda Bergman, Taylor Bolin, Harmony Brown, Vanessa Collett. Kelly Coverstone, Jordan Cruea, Crystal Davis, Liana Deeter, Joshua Dulaney, Brittany Emrick, Holly Gantt, Taylor Good, Ashlynn HensLOVE, Mom, Shay, Shelby, Ryan and Sylas





Thursday, May 24, 2012



Tipp City High School Class of 2012



• Valedictorian Bethany Feitshans is the daughter of Greg and Lisa Feitshans. She is president of Student Senate, a member of the Octagon Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and National Honor Society. She also was junior class president and vice president of Octagon her junior year. Bethany earned the Masonic Lodge Excellence in Youth award, Rotary Youth Leadership award and the Honda Math Medal award. She played basketball for four years and was varsity team captain. Bethany ran Cross Country two years and won the CBC Sportsmanship award. Bethany’s community service includes church youth group volunteer activities, mission trips to inner city Dayton, a mission trip to Jamaica, and basketball team service projects including visits to Children’s Medical Center, orphanages and nursing homes. Bethany works at Health Park Dentistry and will be attending Butler University and majoring in Pharmacy. • Valedictorian Audrey Butler is the daughter of Alan and Alicia Butler. She is president of ASTRA Club and a member of the Octagon Club. Audrey is a Top Scholar, a member of National Honor Society, Octagon Club, Astra Club presi-


dent, and captain of the football and basketball cheerleading squad. Audrey’s community service includes 4-H camp counselor, Indian Hills 4-H Clean-Up Project and Alternate Spring break service project. Audrey was UCA AllAmerican Cheerleader and the Rae Burick Women in Sports Award Honoree. She is currently employed as a 4th and 5th grade math tutor at L.T. Ball Intermediate School. Audrey will be attending Xavier University and majoring in occupational therapy. • Valedictorian Megan Wray is the daughter of Chuck and Debbie Wray. She is the student senate vice president, was the class vice president her junior year, and class secretary her sophomore year, a member of Octagon, choir, drama, Varsity T, Muse Machine, and a member of the Spring Musical. Megan is a member of National Honor Society, a recipient of the Franklin B. Walter All Scholastic Award, an AP Scholar,Top Scholar, Saint Louis University Presidential Scholarship Finalist, Ohio Elks Association Most Valuable Student Scholarship, District 9 Volleyball Coaches’ Association Senior All Star,Volleyball All Conference Honorable Mention, and Central Buckeye Conference


Scholar Athlete. Megan played volleyball and was Varsity Captain this year and Junior Varsity Captain in 2010. She also was varsity pole vaulter. Megan’s community service includes Dayton Urban Plunge Mission Trip, San Francisco Mission Trip, New Orleans Mission Trip, Dayton In-Town Service Projects, Ginghamsburg Church Change the World Day Service Project, Volleyball Youth Camp Assistant, Stagecrafters Summer Theatre Counselor, Safety City for Kindergartners, Middle School Identity Retreat Assistant, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Student Leader and she will be traveling to Haiti this summer on a mission trip. Megan will be attending The Ohio State University and will be majoring in Finance. • Valedictorian Nicholas DeNuzzo is the son of Richard and Patricia DeNuzzo. He is a fouryear member of Student Senate, four-year member of Octagon, treasurer for two years and president two years, a four-year member of Model UN, National Honor Society, founder and president of Tipp City Alternative Spring Break and founder and president of the Tipp City World’s Affairs Club. Nick also was a delegate to

Buckeye Boy’s State and served as Speaker of the House, counselor in 2012, and nominated to apply to the U.S.Youth Senate Program. In addition he is a National Merit Commended Scholar and senior class president. Nick played soccer for four years and tennis two years. He was a member of the zoo crew — he was the Panda. Nick’s community service includes Clubhouse Tutoring Service at Ginghamsburg Church. He will be attending Cornell University and majoring in applied economics and managements with a minor in Spanish. • Salutatorian Ellen Freeh is the daughter of Steve and Kelly Freeh. She is a member of the Octagon Club, Astra, World’s Affairs, National Honor Society and Top Scholar. Ellen participated in the science fair for two years and ran cross country for four years and was captain. Ellen’s community service includes feeding the homeless at Target Dayton Ministries and tutoring. Ellen works at Springmeade Nursing Home and will be attending Ohio Northern University and will be majoring in Biology/Pre-med. • Salutatorian Greg Lehmkuhl is the son of Jacqui and Steven Lehmkuhl. He is a member of the

Lehman High School Class of 2012 • The Lehman High School Class of 2012 Valedictorian is Daniel Sehlhorst, son of Dan and Marcie Sehlhorst of Troy. Dan plans to attend the University of Notre Dame. At Lehman, he was involved in tennis, soccer, National Honor Society, Fair, Science Science Olympiad, Mock Trial, Academia, Substance Abuse Advisory Council, Pro-Lifeguards, Relay for Life, Stock Club, Ohio Energy Project, and Interact. He served as Student Council Vice President, a Lehman Ambassador, Kairos Leader, co-captain of both the tennis

and soccer teams, and a Eucharistic Minister and lector for school Masses. The salutatorian for the Lehman Class of 2012 is Nicole Larger, daughter of Mark and Maria Larger of Sidney. Nicole plans to attend The Ohio State University and major in biomedical sciences.At Lehman, Larger was involved in tennis, cheerleading, National Honor Society, Science Fair, LARGER Science Olympiad, TEAMS Engineering,Academia, ProLifeguards, Relay for Life, Lehman Ambassador, and Stock Club, and Interact. president of Relay for Life. Lehman High School She has served as a sacristan for school Masses, graduation will be held at 2



SEHLORST p.m. Sunday, May 27, in the Schlater Family Gymnasium on the Lehman campus. Admission is by ticket

Salutatorian. Kyle is the president of National Honor Society, senior class treasurer and participated in band, choir, S.A.D.D. Envirothon, Youth Group and Bethel in the Morning (BAM). Kyle also participated in soccer, basketball, track and cross country. He started every varsity soccer game during his four years at Bethel. The Bethel Team was Conference Champion all four years and 27-0 in conference play. He was a state qualifier in track, an NSCAA AllAmerican Scholar Athlete in soccer, all-state soccer for two years, Cross County Conference 1st Team for three years, Cross County Conference Player of the Year for soccer, Penn Station Ath-

lete of the Month for December and Penn Station Athlete of the Year. Bethel High School’s graduation is 7:30 p.m. HAMLIN Saturday, May 26, in the high school gymnasium. The Class of 2012 includes:Victoria Barker, Aaron Blake, Nicholas Bochenek, Jessie Boicourt, Maryssa Bradfield, Krista Burchett, Alicia Campbell, Terry Carnes, Liana Carsner, Haley Cerbus, Tyler Chisman, Katelyn Cripps, Kaitlyn Daugh-

See Tipp City/Page 16

only. Members of the Lehman Class of 2012 include Alex Matthew Baker, Meghan Lynn Bennett, Emily Lucille Bensman, Tyler Jared Bergman, Nicholas Graham Boshonek, MacKenzie Paige Brown, Kaitlyn Marie Catanzarite, Abagail Elizabeth Ciriegio, Laura Marie Cisco, Michael Thomas Comer, Sarah Eugenia Davidson, Natalie Ruth Davis, Daniel Robert Deafenbaugh, William George Duritsch, Meghan Ann Earhart, David Thomas Freytag, Alexis Paige Froning, Carley Rae Harrod, Paxton Nicole Hatcher, Daniel Joseph Hemm, Dana Anne Jenkins, Kerrie Beth Josefovsky, Victoria Ann King.

Bethel High School Class of 2012 • The Bethel Class of 2012 Valedictorian is Briana Elizabeth Marlatt, 18, daughter of Brian and Elizabeth Marlatt of Bethel Township. She is a member of National Honor Society and participates in 4-H, cheerleading, Youth Group, Academic Team, band, bowling, and S.A.D.D. Briana was awarded the Honda OSU Partnership Math Medal Award and the Dean’s Scholarship at the College of Wooster, where she will major in molecular biology. Briana looks forward to a career in medical research. • Kyle Matthew Hamlin, 18, son of Robert and Barbara Hamlin of Bethel Township, is the Bethel High School Class of 2012

marching band, Symphonic Winds, Pep Band, was field commander of the Tippecanoe Marching Band and president of National Honor Society. Greg earned the National Academic All American Award for Gymnastics, National Merit Scholarship recognition, National AP Scholar Award, Most Outstanding Musician Freshman, Sophomore and Junior year, First chair District Honor Band as a saxophone player, and Medalist Scholarship recipient from the Ohio State University. Greg’s community service includes Young Neighbors in Action Mission Trips to San Francisco, Boston and Chicago; St. John the Baptist Junior/Senior Faith Sharing group; Vacation Bible School Crew leader for seven years; Spring into Service; St. Vincent DePaul’s Woman’s Homeless Shelter and assisted at the Special Olympics Basketball Challenge. Greg works as a gymnastics instructor for Gem City Gymnastics, is a building supervisor for Tipp Monroe Community Services and a math tutor for the Tipp City School District. Greg will be attending The Ohio State University and will be majoring in electrical and computer engineering.


erty, Jesse Davis, Kelsey Durham, Jonathan Ellerbrock, Dustin Elsass, Heather Erwin, Hannah Figlestahler, Coartney Freeland, Renee Gilbride, Kelsey Goins, Kaitlyn Graham, William Gresham, Kyle Hamlin, Justin Hanes, Samantha Harris,Alyssa Henderson, Cody Hockett, Colin Hoke, Haley Hudson, Cameron Keough,

Solomon King-White, Colleen Marie Kinninger, Nicole Elizabeth Larger, Sean Andrew Looney, Logan Jeffrey Monnin, Nhu-y Ngoc Nguyen, Emily Rose Pax, Kane Gillespie Pickrel, Kandis Mikelle Sargeant, Morgan Lou Schmitmeyer, Margaret Amelia Schultz, Daniel Nathan Sehlhorst, Masie Kristine Sherman, Alexander Lewis Smith, Lindsey Marie Spearman, Haleigh Gabrielle Spicer, Benjamin Hersheal Thieman, Matthew Josef Ulrich, Alyson Michele Vanderhorst, Joseph Andrew Vondenhuevel, Amy Jacqueline Watercutter, Benjamin Marcus Weber, Katie Elizabeth Williams, and Maria Anne Yannucci.

Katelyn Koger,Tyler Landes, Whitney Lang, Brandon Langford. Jeremiah Lawson, Briana Marlatt, Benjamin McIntosh, Adrian Mireles, Brooke Moore, Dustin Myers, Mackenzie Nelson, Kyle North, Morgan Parker, Bruce Pelphrey, Emilie Peyatt, Catherine Rash,Aaron Reed, Elsbeth Reese, Jesse Reynolds, Cas Rovi Mosley, Brent Rowley, Kaleb Schoen, Benjamin Seale, Tricia Seigfried, Joseph Serrer,Tony Settles, Caitlin Sexton, Logan Smith, Kaytlyn Snyder, Austin Staggs, Josiah Thacker, Douglas Vann, Stephanie Veldman, Casey Viau, Jordan Watson, Kimberly Williams, Melissa Wilmoth, Daniel Zehnder, and Joseph Zimmerman.



Class of 2012

Matthew Lyons Piqua High School

Ayano Chiba

Danielle Nicole Sands

We are proud to have a family member graduate in America!

We are proud of you!

2012 2012 2012 We are proud of you! Your Family

Troy High School

Love, Dad, Mom, Himeno, Kaito

Miami East High School

Love, Dad, Mom & Sami




Thursday, May 24, 2012

Milton-Union High School Class of 2012 Milton-Union has seven valedictorians, no salutatorian. • Linley Alway, daughter of Walter and Laura Alway, has grown up in West Milton and is 18 years old. Throughout high school she has enjoyed working with horses, volunteering at Dayton Children’s Medical Center, running a marathon and taking classes at Edison Community College. Her favorite title is “counselor” as she has spent much time working at Camp Allyn, serving individuals with disabilities. Linley is planning to attend the University of Akron in the fall studying child life. • Meaghan Baker, 18, is the daughter of Russel and Marla Baker of West Milton. Throughout high school she has been involved in many clubs including Interact, Bulldog Pride, Student Council, Varsity M, Habitat for Humanity, and is a yearbook editor. For two years she has also been a freshmen focus mentor. During her junior year, Meaghan earned her varsity letter in softball. For four years she has been a JTIcounselor, and was involved in Young Spirits for four years. Meaghan has been a very active member in her church youth group, and for ten years has been a member of 4-H. In the fall she plans to attend Xavier University to major in occupational therapy. • Andrea Fetters, 18, is the daughter of Doug and Frances Fetters of West Milton. Since she was a freshman, Andrea has started on both the varsity tennis and varsity softball teams. As a sophomore, she was inducted into the National Honor Society and now serves as the president. Andrea has been her class president for the last two years, is a yearbook editor, and a freshmen focus mentor. She represented Milton-Union at the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership




Conference in 2010 and Buck- activities include tutoring uneye Girls’ State in 2011. Andrea derclassman, freshman focus belongs to the Church of the mentor, and participating in Transfiguration’s Youth Group the Spanish Club. Outside of and has participated in several school Josh has held part-time community service projects. In jobs, and in his free time, enthe fall, she will attend The joys playing basketball and Ohio State University’s College spending time with family and of Engineering to obtain a de- friends. Josh plans to attend gree in biomedical engineering. The Ohio State University in • Cassandra Schieltz, 17, is the fall to major in mechanical the daughter of Ralph and Mary engineering. Kay Schieltz, of West Milton. The Milton-Union Class of She has been involved in many 2012 will conduct graduation school and extracurricular activities, including varsity cross country and track, show choir, student council, Interact Club, Tri-M Music Honor Society, National Honors Society, and the freshman focus program. Her volunteer and church activities include Brukner VINCENT Nature Wildlife SCHIELTZ Rehab Center, “Intown” soup kitchen, Kid’s Safety exercises at 7:30 p.m., Friday, Camp Week, Operation Christ- May 25, in the Milton-Union mas Child, and a mission trip to High School Memorial StaNew York. After obtaining a dium. Class members include: dual degree in journalism and Stephanie Abrams, Alexis biology with a concentration in Adams, Ashley Allen, Linley molecular and microbiology Alway, Matthew Andersen, from the University of Michi- Jason Antonides, Abigail Augan, Cassandra plans to obtain gust, Ashlee Baker, Meaghan a position as a researcher and Baker, Sherry Balser, Caleb Barnes, Emily Benkert, writer. • Josh Stefanko, 18, is the Alexandra Berberich, Ashleigh son of Tom and Tonya Stefanko Bishop, Forrest Black, Jessica of West Milton. Josh’s school Booher, Samantha Boyd, Kevin

STEFANKO Brackman, Sergei Brubaker, Haley Bruce, Cody Bruner, Monica Burke, Samantha Burnette, Catherine Busse, Kevin Call, Sarah Carmack, Stephanie Carmack, Allisten Carpenter, Kaitlynne Cissner, Kaitlyn Coffee, Chelsey Combs. Mikala Combs, Jerrin Cornish, Amber Cottrell, Joshua Cottrill, Casey Couch, Robert Courtney, Delores Cummings, Bradley Daniels, Rachel Davis, Zachariah Davis, Lewis

WINTERBOTHAM DeMoss, Elizabeth DePalma, Emily DePalma, Taylor Dieperink, Kristin Dohner, Dylan Dozier, Travis Drake, Matthew Eshelman, Trey Eustache, Andrea Fetters, Jacob Finfrock, Jessica Finfrock, Kelsey Flory, Michelle Flory, Chloe Foust. Michael Fraley, Kelsey Garrison, Samuel Ginsburg, Andrew Goudy, Rebecca Grice, Rikki Harmon, Heath Harstine, Sydney Helsinger, Scott

Herron, Taylor Heys, Layne Hildebrand, Emily Hill, Cody Hollon, Matthew Howard, Jakob Huffman, Tyler Hunt, Logan Jackson, Nathaniel Johannes, Alexander Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Austin Johnson, Dylan Johnson, Jeromy Johnson, Kaleb Jones, Katherine Jones, Tyler Kennedy, Cory Kindell, Ashley Kissinger, Cory Klosterman, Cierra Knight, Whitney Lane. Autumn Laws, Taylor Layman, Callie Lehner, Stephanie Lindsey, Michaela Litton, Molly Lorton, Brent Lucas, Derrick Lucous, Taylor Lugar, Wyatt Lutz, Courtney Lynch, Derrek Maggart, Tyler Maiden, Gage Martin, Logan Martin, Tina McGlinch, Christopher McGrath, Jade Melvin, Tyler Mendoza, Christopher Miller, Asia Mingle , Clayton Minton, Stephen Nelson, Cainan Osswald, Trey Overla, Helen Owens, Charles Parmenter. Douglas Pietrzak, Jordan Poland, Douglas Preston, Jarred Prichard, Joshua Priser, Ryan Ratliff, Brittany Redford, Chelsea Rhoads, Dominique Rice, Brandon Ridenour, Angel Robinson, Vincent Robinson, Tracy Rodgers, Talyn Roth, Jessica Sanderson, Cassandra Schieltz, Joseph Schmidt, Stephanie Scott, Riley Shipe, Beau Smedley, Kain Smiley, Kaitlyn Smith. Emily Sowers, Joshua Stefanko, Caleb Stemley, Corey Stemley, Kenneth Stonerock, Jared Swafford, Meghan Swartz, Emma Swigart, Shauna Thacker, Anne Tormey, Devon Vallieu, Danielle Vincent, Katelyn Vincent, Alan Walker, Matthew Ward, Brett Weaver, Summer West, Cassandra Wheeler, Joshua Wheeler, Randie White, Allyson Whitmer, Patrick Wholihan, Marshall Winterbotham, Erica Yahle, Corey Young, Alexander Yount.

Newton High School Class of 2012 • Valedictorian Mary Larson, 18, is the daughter of Greg and Laree Larson of Laura. She participated in soccer, track, choir, Spanish Club, Science Club, National Honor Society, In Town, and Ginghamsburg Cell Group. Mary’s future plans include attending Wright State University to major in engineering physics. She plans to pursue a career in the developmental engineering fields. • Valedictorian Trinity Lavy, 19, is the daughter of Lonnie and Tiffany Lavy of Pleasant Hill. She participated in cheerleading, volleyball, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, 4H, Calvary Bible Church, Character Matters, and Student Aid. Trinity will attend Kettering

College of Medical Arts or Ohio Northern University to major in nursing. • Salutatorian Andee Welbaum, 18, is the daughter of David Welbaum of Pleasant Hill and Stacey Whitacre of Troy. She participated in soccer, softball, basketball, Leo Club, National Honor Society, FFA, Student Council, Spanish Club, band, choir, “N” Crowd, and Character Matters. Her future plans include attending Capital University to major in pre-dentistry, minor in Spanish, then to attend dental school to become an orthodontist. Newton High School conducted graduation exercises at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 20, in the

gymnasium. The Class of 2012 includes: Haley Ann Ashton, Jeremy Eugene Blair, Jayna Marie Buckingham, Zachary Aaron Coate, Caleb Luke Cornett, Aryn Marie Doseck, Jenieva Anne Drodge, Josiah Lee Duncan, Justin Garrett LARSON LAVY Fessler, JoEllen Leigh Fisher, Jordan Ann Lavy, Victoria Lynn Lee Hodges, Emerson Mark Leonard, Allison Mary Jane Hussong, Teran A. Kesler, Fawn Linet, Alicia Renee Macy, Ethan Cinda King, Morgan Sue King, Mark McGuire, Audrey Jane Heidi M. Knight, Katherine Mundy, Logan Edward Myers, Raven Krofft, Ciara Christine Dylan Thomas Naff, Burke Lambert. Cameron Peters, Cheyenne Mary Laree Larson, Trinity Nicole Quillen, Jordan Ryan

WELBAUM Rutledge, Marina Alaine Snipes, Taylor Allison Steck, James A. Stoner, Luke David Stull, Luke Christopher Thompson, Cody Michael Walters, Bethany Joy Warner, Victoria Marie Weeks, and Andee Nicole Welbaum.

Miami East High School Class of 2012 cony. He is a member of the National Honor Society, captain of the Academic Team, senior class secretary, captain of Pride-in-M.E. and is involved in the Muse Machine. After high school he will be attending Bowling Green State University and majoring in pre-med. Miami East High School graduation will be held at 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 25, at Hobart Arena in Troy. The Miami East Class of 2012 graduates are: Jenilee Accurso, Amy Barlage, Amanda Bartel, Jessica Bates, Matthew

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HAWKINS Kallen, Shane Kingrey, Joshua Kline, Elizabeth Lachat, Brianna Layman, Heather Macy, Kyle Magato, Dylan Maggert, Tiffany Mauldin, Alexander McGillvary, Meagan

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Beaty, Michelle Bercot, Samantha Blevins, Colton Bowling, Ian Bowman, Kristy Brown, Derrick Caruso, Russell Clark, Brooke Combs, Bradley Coomes, Heather Davis, Kimberly Deisher, Caitlyn Denise, Logan Durand, Jacob Eidemiller, Ariel Evans, Samuel Everett, Christopher Frazier, Halie Fuge, Joshua Furrow, Brittany Garrison, Benjamin Gerardi, Emily Gerardi, Maureen Haley, Jacob Hall, Steven Hall, Jennifer Hampton, Jacob Hawkins, Lindsay Heckman, Angelina Henger, Courtney Hirsch, Amber Jenkins, Kailey


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PEMBERTON McKinney, Kevin McMaken, Ian Melton, Jacob Miller, Ryan Miller, Taylor Mitchell, Brooke North, Amber Owen, Christian Pemberton, Morgan Plantz, Benjamin 1700 N. Co. Rd. 25A Troy • 339-2100 1274 E. Ash St. Piqua • 778-2100 2284388

• Miami East Class of 2012 Valedictorian is Jacob Hawkins, 18, son of Scott and Jennifer Hawkins. He resides outside of Troy. He is a member of the National Honor Society, serving as treasurer is senior year. Hawkins has been on the men’s soccer team and baseball team all four years of high school. He also is a member of Pridein-ME. After high school he will be attending The Ohio State University in Columbus, and plans to major in biochemistry. • Christian Pemberton, 17, is the son of Tina Pemberton. He resides in Al-

Powers, Mario Roush, Jason Sales, Danielle Sands, Ashley Schaffer, Devon Sentman, Chelsea Sherman, Gunner Shirk, Heather Skaggs, Nathaniel Smith, Zane Smith, Joshua Snyder, Dylan Taylor, Mallorie Taylor, Alan Thompson, Dalas Thompson, Corey Townsend, Joshua Treon, Jordan Turner, Tyler Turner, Kelsey Vanchure, Terra Vanover, Jacquelyn Wagner, Shannon Wargo, Ryan Werling, Samantha Wimmer, Brittain Woolley, Aliyah Wright, Keely Yantis, Taylor Young, Brianne Zachman.

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A Family


nt Restaur a

Thursday, May 24, 2012




A tiny piece of equipment in constant evolution Designed to elevate the ball on the tee-off, the tee has evolved considerably over the years. This simple little wooden peg has made a lot of progress and still remains an important accessory for golfers. The time is long gone when players used a pile of sand to elevate the ball! The arrival of the wooden tee not only allowed golfers to improve their drives but also to avoid damaging the grass on the tee-offs. Tees have become much more sophisticated over the years. These days they are made mainly from variously coloured wood or plastic. Some golfers prefer the traditional wooden tees for their effectiveness, while others will opt for those made in plastic because of their greater durability. Large manufacturers of golf equipment are constantly searching for improvements and a wide variety of tees are now available on the market. One option is the wooden tee in two colours and varying lengths, while the range of plastic tees is more elaborate. Apart from conventional tees it is also possible to obtain “zero friction” tees, where the ball is placed on three small supports. There are also oversized “brush”


Moose Golf Course

Memberships start at $492.20 Green Fees with a cart 9 Holes - $16.00 18 Holes - $25.00 Senior Specials Available

OFFICIALLY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC For more information call 937-492-7222 1200 Broadway • Sidney

tees that reduce the rotation of the ball and tees of adjustable heights. Biodegradable tees made of bamboo are also available in specialized stores. It’s hard to believe that one of the smallest and most useful accessories continues to help golfers improve their game!

Approach shots make all the difference Getting to the green on par (one shot for a par 3, two for a par 4, and three for a par 5) is not an easy thing to achieve for the average golfer. Even the best players professional manage to maintain a 70 percent success rate with difficulty. That is why it is so important to get good results from your approach shots. Any expert will tell you that the game around the green is one of the most important, if not the most important element of your golf game. Well-executed approach shots can help you play on par or reduce your score by the end of the round. In a radius of 25 to 35 metres from the green, the choice of club should take into ac-


count the presence or absence of obstacles, the slope of the green, and the position of the flag. If your ball is positioned right behind a sand trap you will have to lob the ball and limit its roll. A pitching wedge or sand wedge would be appropriate for this type of shot. The fluidity of the swing and the position (a little closer to the ball with a swinging movement) are the two elements needed for a successful shot. Before hitting the ball, be sure to visualize the spot where you want the ball to land. If no obstacle is present, use the club which you are most comfortable with. Near the green, a short swing with a 4 or 5 iron will enable you to roll the ball near the target. Be particularly careful to avoid a hesitant swing and plan to spend some time on the practice range in order to work on your “short” game. This is guaranteed to have a positive effect on your score card.

Golf is a great sport for spending an enjoyable day with all the family.

Playing golf with the family What could be better than spending an enjoyable day on the golf course with the people you love? That’s right! Golf is one of the most popular sports for socializing, relaxing, issuing challenges, and getting lots of fresh air, all at the same time! The time is long gone when golf clubs were the privileged domain of business men and off limits to women! Today, more and more golf clubs offer various packages so that all the members of a family have access to their courses. Many clubs offer annual memberships to couples or families, allowing parents to plan regular rounds of golf with their children. As well as the pleasure of sharing the same passion, golf allows families to spend quality time together. If the members of your family aren’t all at the same level, playing at an executive golf course (par 3 and 4) will provide a good initiation for beginners and a different challenge to the more experienced. To add a competitive element to a family round, why not change partners from time to time, forming fatherdaughter, mother-son teams, etc. A great idea for your next family vacation is to find a destination where you can enjoy the pleasures of golf together. Travel specialists will be able to advise you about foreign travel packages or holiday resorts which specialize in golf and family activities. 2277736

Golf Club 2211 Dirksen Road Minster • Ohio


“A Public Facility...Open To All!”

Weekday Senior Rates 18 with cart $27.00 9 with cart $18.00

Weekend Senior Rates 18 with cart $33.00 9 with cart $20.00

Call for tee time


Pro Shop




18 Holes - Par 72

Patio Dining

An approach shot requires lots of concentration.



Mercer County Elks Lodge #2170 3242 US Route 127, Celina, Ohio 45822

(419) 925-4215 - Pro Shop (419) 925-4232 - 19th Hole Fax: (419) 925-4232 Bring in this advertisement Monday thru Wednesday and receive



Thursday, May 24, 2012



The importance of the mind Golf is a complex game. As well as having to master techniques, golfers must also be able to control their emotions. It’s all true that there is plenty to enjoy in the fresh air and social aspects of the game, but players must also realize that golf is a sport in which the mind plays a vital role. Experts will tell you that golfers spend an average of 90 percent of their time on the golf course thinking and 10 percent swinging and hitting the ball. This is why it’s so important to make the right decisions. Whether you’re a regular, occasional, or professional golfer, the object of the game stays the same. Apart from mastering techniques, golf requires concentration and will power. A good balance between discipline, the control of movements, and the psychological aspects of the game will add to your enjoyment and lead to suc-

cess in this demanding sport. The first thing to realize is that you are, above all, playing for yourself and not for your partners. Set your objectives and give yourself the means of reaching them. Appreciate your good shots and learn to accept the poor ones. Did you miss a shot because you lifted your head or because your shoulders weren’t in the right position? Tell yourself that this lack of concentration is behind you. In other words don’t dwell on the past, continually thinking about the reasons for missing the shot, as this could well haunt you for the rest of the round. Success in golf largely depends on your ability to concentrate, to master the techniques of visualization, of positive thinking, and self-confidence. In other words, you are the master of your own destiny!

Apart from mastering techniques, golf also requires concentration and willpower.

5 7 3



2 1

8 The game on the green represents about a third of the score.

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5370 East St. Rt. 571 GOLFCOURSE

Tipp City, OH


Monday-Friday Until 3 p.m.

9 Holes walking $14.50 18 Holes walking $20.00 18 Holes with a cart $26.00

26820 SR 67 Waynesfield, OH 45896

Please call 419-568-GOLF (7888) FOR TEE TIME

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3482 County Rd 10 ¥ Bellefontaine, OH 43311 937-592-7888


2100 ECHO LAKE DRIVE, PIQUA • 937-778-2086


4 Golfers for the price of 3*

9 Holes walking $14.50 18 Holes walking $23.00

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24.95 Seniors (60+)

$ 402 E. Staunton Rd. • Troy, Ohio • 937-335-4457

Thank you for voting us #1 Golf Course in Miami County



9 Holes $11.00 • 18 Holes $19.00




*These offers expire November 30, 2012 Not valid for Holidays or Golf Outings



Thursday, May 24, 2012


Time to make a delicious strawberry snack Family works on repairing house from fire Our work has still been centered around the recent house fire that we experienced. My husband Joe doesn’t have to work the next two days so we are moving the furniture from our bedrooms upstairs to the downstairs and basement. We will set the beds up in the basement for the girls to sleep in. The boys are sleeping on a bed in the living room now. The carpenters that are working on the rebuilding said that a sealant will have to be applied to the walls and the floors to block out the smoke smell. They discovered that there was more heat and water damage than realized when I wrote about this a week ago. Elizabeth’s bedroom has to all be redone as well. Her bedroom seems to be the worst after the boys bedroom. We are living a little crowded now with all of their belongings and bedroom furniture down here. I can’t believe all the things the girls have accumu-

lated through the years. I told the girls they are fortunate to be able to clean the smoke from their things since the boys don’t have anything left to clean. They lost everything that was in their bedroom. The damage wasn’t just upstairs either. Part of the ceiling had to be redone in the kitchen and dining room. It needs another layer of drywall mudding and then it is ready to sand and paint. We will have to repaint the whole ceiling since our living room, dining room and kitchen ceiling are all combined. I have decided to paint the walls too since we will be painting anyway. We have been living in this house for five years now so it will freshen everything up especially now since it was all smoked up. We cancelled our plans to hold church services in June. I could not see us getting all the painting, cleaning and so forth done with only four weeks left. We will instead

take our turn twice next year. I feel so much more relaxed now to clean without that deadline looming. Our plans are just to work on finishing all the upstairs bedrooms before moving all the children’s things back upstairs. It looks like a long, busy summer ahead. And along with everything else going on we are trying to fill our gardens up. We put out 84 tomato plants this week. We are out of tomato juice so I need to fill those jars again with homemade juice. Lovina had her eighth birthday on Friday the 18th. We were so busy putting in our first cutting of hay and cleaning up from the fire that we didn’t take time to celebrate her birthday. I also had to take Loretta to physical therapy and pick up some groceries. By the time I was done with all that it was time to make supper. It was a hot day to put up hay but we got 212 bales from the hay field. Joe was glad for the hay as he had just run


will be 40 in November. We have been very thankful for the items donated to us since the fire. I also want to thank all the readers for their help. It is used to help to replace shoes, clothes, and so forth for the boys. May God bless everyone for their kindness.


Lovina Eicher Troy Daily News Guest Columnist

2 cups flour 3 tablespoons sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder 1 ./2 teaspoon salt out. I asked Lovina if we 6 tablespoons margarine should have cake and ice 1 egg, beaten cream tonight for her birth2 /3 cup milk day. She suggested having In a mixing bowl, sift chocolate cupcakes instead so toegther flour, sugar, baking we will do that. powder, and salt. Tomorrow, the 22nd, we Cut in margarine until celebrate another birthday for crumbly. my 41st. I survived a year of Combine egg and milk and the 40s and it has not been then add all once stirring quite as bad as I thought. until moistened. May be When Joe turned 40 I had rolled out and cut into six given him a coffeecup that individual biscuits. Spread said “40 isn’t old if you are a into a 9 X 13 cake pan. tree.” Bake at 350 for 18 minLast year on my birthday, Joe gave the cup to me. I utes. Serve warm with think I will pass it along to crushed berries and whipped my brother-in-law Jacob who cream.

Tipp City • CONTINUED FROM A12 Butler, Tyler Callahan, The Tippecanoe commencement will be held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, May 27, in the Pat Wampler Gymnasium. Members of the Tippecanoe Class of 2012 are: Jessica Adams, Matthew Alexander, Britton Altic, Shelby Anderson, Cecilia Alvarez, Jordan Amspaugh, Ashley Badertscher, Dustin Bailen, Alex Baker, Nathaniel Banks, Kimberly Banwart, Anna Barhorst, Brooke Barlage, Nathan Barnard, Morgan Beagle, Joshua Bechtol, Terra Belair, Brooke BenVenuto, Jessica Biller, Aaron Black, Kristen Blakey, Jacob Boggs, Evan Bourelle, Lucas Bradley, Chelsea Brown, Kyle Buehrer, Abigail Bullard, Audrey

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Thursday, May 24, 2012


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Thursday, May 24, 2012



Ask your family to help with your father

Today: 5 p.m.: Community Bulletin Board 7 p.m.: Midwest Crappie 9 p.m.: Mayor's Report

Dear Annie: My father and I have never had the best relationship. He was domineering, controlling and verbally abusive to me as a teenager, and as a result, I rebelled and did things specifically to irritate him. Several times, he kicked me out of the house, saying I forced him to behave the way he did. I always apologized because it was easier if I kept the peace. Three years ago, my parents separated. Just before Mom and I moved out, Dad and I got into a huge argument, and he nearly punched me. I did not speak to him for six months. Since then, there's been a thaw in our relationship. He even apologized (which he never does) and seemed more understanding. When I saw him at Christmas, we had a great time together. However, he hasn't spoken to me since then. There was no fight or argument. I've tried to call him several times to make plans or just talk, and he has ignored my calls and doesn't respond to my voicemails. He broke every coffee date I made, and instead of telling me, he informed my brother or mom that he couldn't make it. Dad is obviously avoiding me, but I have no idea why. I'm tired of his imaginary issues and "nobody loves me" attitude. Should I confront him and find out why he stopped talking to me or forget him? — Confused and Exhausted Dear Confused: Your relationship with your father is tenuous, and it's possible that maintaining his equilibrium around you is stressful for him.And although his behavior may be difficult, your response likely has its flaws, too. If you want to know what's going on, please ask your mother or brother to intercede on your behalf and find out whether you have unintentionally done something to aggravate the relationship and how you can repair it. Learning to get along with someone who pushes all your buttons requires ongoing effort. Since it's your father, we think it's worth another try. Dear Annie: I am boiling mad. My boyfriend has an adult son who is autistic. After he and his ex separated, she started telling the son horrible lies about both of us. The son believes her and now wants nothing to do with his father or me. The boy used to speak to us, but now runs the other way when he sees us coming. What can we do about this? Please don't say talk to the exwife. She is the source of the problem. My boyfriend is paying child support but doesn't get to spend any time with his son. Also, we suspect little of the money is going for the child's benefit. — The Girlfriend Dear Girlfriend: Since your boyfriend is still paying child support, he may be entitled to regularly enforced visitation with his son. Also, some courts are beginning to recognize and address parental alienation. Please suggest to your boyfriend that he discuss his options with a lawyer who has experience in this area. Dear Annie: I read the letter from "Jim in Peoria," who has been married for 42 years and his wife won't "allow" him to do any of the household chores. I am thoroughly appalled that men do not stand up for themselves, all in the name of keeping peace in the house. I am a divorced man. This woman should be thankful her husband wants to do something to balance out the chores. Nobody could tell me I couldn't wash dishes, cook or do anything else in my own house. He has just as much of a right to do what he wants in that house as she does. Walking around on eggshells in your own home is NOT worth a marriage certificate. — Danny in Shreveport Annie's Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please email your questions to, or write to: Annie's Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. To find out more about Annie's Mailbox and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at


















TROY TV-5 Friday: 9 a.m.: Swamp Critters 11 a.m.: Mayor's Report 4:30 p.m.: The Lighter Side of Sports

MAY 24, 2012 10









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HOW TO PLAY: Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively. Find answers to today’s puzzle in tomorrow’s Troy Daily News. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION:


Remember to wear a helmet when biking Dear Readers: Remember the demonstrations in school: a raw egg cradled in an insulated foam head dropped onto the gym floor, teaching how fragile our heads are? With summer on the way and kids spending more hours outdoors for a nice bike ride, here’s a little reminder about biking safety: • Pick a helmet that fits you well, is smooth on the outside and has a sticker certifying that it meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission standard. Fitting the CPSC standard is a law — to be sure you’re safe.

Hints from Heloise Columnist • Always wear your helmet level, covering your forehead, with the straps fastened securely under your chin. • The best helmet to buy isn’t always the most expensive! The Bicycle Helmet

Safety Institute (www. states that regardless of price, the protection from impact is equal across the board for CPSC-approved helmets. Prices can range from $10 to $200. • Wearing a helmet doesn’t give you license to be reckless, but it will provide protection in case something does happen. Be sure to wear one ever time you ride. Be safe, have fun and enjoy being outside. — Heloise NEW BATTERIES Dear Heloise: All the media suggest changing batteries in our smoke alarm

when the time changes. Since daylight saving time is now for nearly eight months, this leaves batteries in twice as long as “regular time.” I change ours Jan. 1 and July 4. This equals battery time of six months each, and they are very easy dates to remember. — J.B. in Atlanta, Texas You can do this if you like, but according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, once a year is fine for changing the batteries in smoke and carbonmonoxide detectors. — Heloise











HOROSCOPE Thursday, May 24, 2012 A number of important changes are likely to be in store for you in the year ahead. Some of them you’ll initiate yourself, but it is likely that the rest will be dictated by events. Regardless of their origin, most will be good for you. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) — Rather than be eager to display your knowledge to others, you ought to sit back and be a good listener. You know what you know — now it’s time to find out what others have to offer. CANCER (June 21-July 22) — When it comes your financial or commercial affairs, you should follow your instincts. Your intuitions could be especially keen, giving you an edge on making or saving money. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) — Endeavors you personally originate or manage have excellent chances for success. It behooves you to hold on to your authority and avoid delegation. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Usually you enjoy being where the action is, but at this juncture, a retreat to peaceful surroundings for whatever amount of time you need may be essential for sorting out your thoughts. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) — Don’t select your companions in a random fashion. If you have a choice, choose the type of friends who operate on your wavelength. Being with good pals makes everything right with the world. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Challenging developments have a tendency to bring out your hidden qualities, so don’t try to dodge adversity. You’re not apt to push yourself too hard unless you’re confronted with difficulty. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) — It isn’t likely that you will be impelled to dictate to others what they should do and how they do it, but if anyone asks for advice, what you offer will be sage and constructive. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Use your aptitude for finding and bringing out the hidden value in things, and you’ll come out ahead in all your endeavors. You may have to look harder than usual to find the quality, but it’ll be there. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Don’t take it as a personal affront if your partner in a joint endeavor is a bit sharper than you. Use his or her efficacy to feather your nest just as your opposite number is doing. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) — You shouldn’t have to be told to use your common sense when it comes to matters that relate to your health. Avoid overindulging in life’s tastier tidbits. ARIES (March 21-April 19) — Take a little time to arrange a get-together with some friends, even if it’s just for coffee. It’ll do you a lot of good to relax with people who like you as much as you like them. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) — Make an effort to spend some time with people over whom you have an influence, especially if you have something important to impress on them. Don’t be fooled by age or position; these people will be of enormous help to you. COPYRIGHT 2012 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.








Thursday, May 24, 2012




Thursday, May 24, 2012



Partly cloudy High: 84°

Partly cloudy Low: 60°




Mostly sunny and warmer High: 88° Low: 64°


Mostly sunny High: 90° Low: 68°


Hot and humid High: 90° Low: 68°

Partly cloudy High: 89° Low: 69°



TODAY’S STATEWIDE FORECAST Thursday, May 24, 2012 forecast for daytime conditions, low/high temperatures




TROY • 84° 60° June 19

May 28

June 4


Fronts Cold

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ Moderate


Very High

Air Quality Index Moderate


Main Pollutant: Particulate

Pollen Summary 47




Peak group: Trees

Mold Summary 831




Top Mold: Ascospores Source: Regional Air Pollution Control Agency

GLOBAL City Athens Berlin Calgary Jerusalem Kabul Kuwait City London Montreal Moscow Paris Tokyo

Lo 55 60 44 62 51 86 53 59 57 53 55





20s 30s 40s

50s 60s

Yesterday’s Extremes: High: 113 at Death Valley, Calif.



Mansfield 84° | 60°


Hi Otlk 78 clr 86 clr 63 rn 86 clr 77 pc 105 clr 78 pc 72 rn 80 clr 64 cldy 60 rn

Columbus 83° | 60°

Dayton 84° | 59°

Today’s UV factor.


Youngstown 82° | 58°




Cleveland 83° | 60°

Toledo 85° | 58°

Sunrise Friday 6:13 a.m. ............6............. Sunset tonight 8:54 p.m. ........................... Moonrise today 9:13 a.m. ........................... Moonset today 11:54 p.m. ........................... New


Warm Stationary


Pressure Low


80s 90s 100s 110s

Low: 28 at Mullen Pass, Idaho

NATIONAL CITIES Albany,N.Y. Albuquerque Anchorage Atlanta Atlantic City Austin Baltimore Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston Buffalo Charleston,S.C. Charleston,W.Va. Charlotte,N.C. Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Columbia,S.C. Columbus,Ohio Concord,N.H. Dallas-Ft Worth Dayton Denver Des Moines Detroit Greensboro,N.C. Honolulu

Hi 72 92 58 79 74 91 77 79 84 72 63 75 88 69 83 71 74 63 87 72 67 92 72 93 82 72 82 85

Lo 62 61 48 61 59 63 62 58 56 48 58 59 63 60 60 47 55 49 64 56 61 73 55 53 61 52 63 75

PrcOtlk .15 Cldy Cldy Cldy PCldy Cldy Clr Rain Clr PCldy .05 Cldy .42 Cldy PCldy PCldy Rain .41 Cldy Clr PCldy PCldy .04PCldy Cldy .29 Cldy Clr PCldy Rain Clr Clr .21 Rain Clr

Cincinnati 85° | 59° Portsmouth 85° | 60°

KY. Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Juneau Kansas City Key West Las Vegas Little Rock Los Angeles Louisville Memphis Miami Beach Milwaukee Mpls-St Paul Nashville New Orleans New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Sacramento St Louis San Francisco Seattle Washington,D.C.

Hi Lo Prc Otlk 93 72 PCldy 74 50 Clr 90 63 PCldy 57 44 .11 Rain 80 62 Clr 84 76 Cldy 102 80 Clr 81 57 Clr 77 62 PCldy 79 60 PCldy 80 57 Clr 85 70 9.73 Rain 64 45 Clr 85 65 Cldy 78 53 Clr 90 72 PCldy 70 64 .04 Cldy 83 67 Clr 86 69 Clr 91 67 PCldy 75 63 Rain 108 75 Clr 76 56 Cldy 84 52 Clr 78 56 Clr 64 52 Clr 55 48 .24 Rain 81 66 .02 Rain

CAIRO (AP) — Determined to end decades of authoritarian rule, millions of Egyptians waited patiently in long lines outside polling stations across the nation on Wednesday to freely choose their first president since last year’s ouster of longtime ruler and close U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak. “I can die in a matter of months, so I came for my children, so they can live,” a tearful Medhat Ibrahim, 58, who suffers from cancer, said as he waited to vote in a poor district south of Cairo. “We want to live better, like human beings.” Thirteen candidates, who include Islamists, liberals and Mubarak regime figures, are contesting the election. No outright winner is expected to emerge from the two-day vote starting Wednesday. So, a runoff between the two top finishers will be held June 16-17. The winner will be announced on June 21. “It’s a miracle,” said Selwa Abdel-Malik, a 60-year-old Christian from the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria as she was about to vote. “And it’s a beautiful feeling too.” For most of his 29-year rule, Mubarak like his predecessors ran unopposed in yes-or-no referendums. Rampant fraud guaranteed ruling party victories in parliamentary elections. Even when, in 2005, Mubarak let challengers oppose him in elections, he ended up not only trouncing his liberal rival but jailing him.


After a feeding, cheetah keeper Gil Myers cleans a one-month-old female cheetah cub, that was delivered via a rare caesarean section, Wednesday, at the National Zoo in Washington. cub. Then Ally’s labor stopped, even though she had three more cubs waiting to be born. Zoo veterinarians performed an emergency cesarean section and saved one more cub and the cheetah mother. Two other cubs died. Now the zoo is offering a first look at the genetically valuable surviving cubs in their new home Wednesday. The zoo is part of an effort to save this endangered species where “every cat counts.”

© 2012


REGIONAL ALMANAC Temperature High Yesterday .............................78 at 3:31 p.m. Low Yesterday..............................55 at 4:57 a.m. Normal High .....................................................73 Normal Low ......................................................54 Record High ........................................90 in 1939 Record Low.........................................34 in 1963

Precipitation 24 hours ending at 5 p.m................................0.0 Month to date ................................................1.75 Normal month to date ...................................3.45 Year to date .................................................12.58 Normal year to date ....................................15.93 Snowfall yesterday ........................................0.00

TODAY IN HISTORY (AP) — Today is Thursday, May 24, the 145th day of 2012. There are 221 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On May 24, 1962, astronaut Scott Carpenter became the second American to orbit the Earth as he flew aboard Aurora 7. On this date: • In 1775, John Hancock was elected President of the Continental Congress, succeeding Peyton Randolph. • In 1844, Samuel F.B. Morse transmitted the message “What hath God wrought” from


Egyptians vote in presidential election


Stanley. Galvin said his office is investigating whether Morgan Stanley divulged to only some clients that one of its analysts had cut his revenue estimates for Facebook before the stock hit the market on Friday. The bank said late Tuesday that it “followed the same procedures for the Facebook offering that it follows for all IPOs,” referring to initial public offerings of stock. It said that its procedures complied with regulations. The questions about the role played by Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter for the deal, add to the confusion surrounding Facebook’s IPO. In the most hotly anticipated stock debut in years, the offering raised $16 billion for the social networking company, valuing it at $104 billion.

After deal on probes, Iran seeks concessions from world powers

BAGHDAD — Iran is demanding that world powers set specific timetables and goals in talks Wednesday over Tehran’s nuclear program, a senior Iranian government official said before a second round of negotiations. The push for milestones by Iran reflects apparent efforts to force concessions from the West on sanctions in exchange for gradually addressing internationRegulators explore al concerns over the Islamic Morgan Stanley link in Republic’s nuclear ambitions. Tehran hopes to leave Facebook stock sale Baghdad with a clear framework WASHINGTON — Regulators for future talks and potential dealmaking, the official said. are examining whether Morgan Stanley, the investment bank that Western diplomats have voiced shepherded Facebook through its similar concerns, although few DC zoo to hand-raise believe the discussions in highly publicized stock offering Baghdad will yield breaklast week, selectively informed cubs after rare throughs in the showdowns over clients of an analyst’s negative cheetah birth Iran’s nuclear program. report about the company before The U.S. and allies fear Iran the stock started trading. WASHINGTON — Two cheeRick Ketchum, the head of the could use its nuclear expertise to tah cubs have been transported to build atomic weapons. the Smithsonian’s National Zoo to Financial Industry Regulatory Iran claims it only seeks Authority, the self-policing body be raised by hand after a risky nuclear reactors for energy and for the securities industry, said birth last month at the research. Tuesday that the question is “a Smithsonian Conservation Iranian negotiators, who met matter of regulatory concern” for Biology Institute in northern his organization and the with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Virginia. al-Maliki hours before the talks When the cubs’ mother, 5-year- Securities and Exchange were to open, would not identify old Ally, gave birth to the first cub Commission. The top securities regulator for any specific offers or benchmarks in late April, problems quickly Massachusetts, William Galvin, they wanted to see by the day’s developed. Ally is a first-time said he had subpoenaed Morgan end. mother and abandoned the first

Washington to Baltimore as he formally opened America’s first telegraph line. • In 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge, linking Brooklyn and Manhattan, was dedicated by President Chester Alan Arthur and New York Gov. Grover Cleveland. • In 1935, the first major league baseball game to be played at night took place at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field as the Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 2-1. • In 1941, the German battleship Bismarck sank the British battle cruiser HMS Hood in the North

Atlantic, killing all but three of the 1,418 men on board. • In 1961, a group of Freedom Riders was arrested after arriving at a bus terminal in Jackson, Miss., charged with breaching the peace for entering white-designated areas. (They ended up serving 60 days in jail.) • Today’s Birthdays: Comedian Tommy Chong is 74. Singer Bob Dylan is 71. Singer Patti LaBelle is 68. Actress Priscilla Presley is 67. Actor Alfred Molina is 59. Actor John C. Reilly is 47. Country singer Billy Gilman is 24.

Additional details emerge in Secret Service scandal WASHINGTON (AP) — Senators investigating the Secret Service prostitution scandal said Wednesday that dozens of reported episodes of misconduct by agents point to a culture of carousing in the agency and urged Director Mark Sullivan to get past his insistence that the romp in Cartagena was a one-time mistake. The disconnect between the senators and Sullivan reappeared again and again throughout the twohour hearing, even as the Secret Service chief for the first time apologized for the incident that tarnished the elite presidential protection force. By the end, Sullivan’s job appeared secure even as new details emerged that left little doubt, senators said, that a pattern of sexual misbehavior had taken root in the agency. “He kept saying over and over again that he basically does think this was an isolated incident and I don’t think he has any basis for that conclusion,” said Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, the senior Republican on the Homeland Security panel that heard Sullivan’s first public accounting of the episode. “For the good of the Secret Service,” added Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, the panel chairman, “he’s got to assume that what happened in Cartagena was not an isolated incident or else it will happen again.” Still, Sullivan insisted repeatedly that in his 29year Secret Service career he had never heard anyone say that misconduct was condoned, implicitly or otherwise. “I just do not think that this is something that is systemic within this organ-

ization,” Sullivan said. The misconduct became public after a dispute over payment between a Secret Service agent and a prostitute at a Cartagena hotel on April 12. The Secret Service was in the Colombian coastal resort for a Latin American summit before Obama’s arrival. Twelve employees were implicated, eight of them ousted, three cleared of serious misconduct and one is being stripped of his security clearance. Sullivan said two who initially resigned now are fighting for their jobs back. “These individuals did some really dumb things,” Sullivan told the Senate panel. “I’m hoping I can convince you that it isn’t a cultural issue.” He didn’t make much progress on that front, as senators offered fresh evidence of what they considered reckless behavior. Lieberman said 64 allegations or complaints of sexual misconduct were made against Secret Service employees in the last five years. Three of those, Lieberman said, were complaints of inappropriate relationships with a foreign national and one of “nonconsensual intercourse,” on which he didn’t have enough information to elaborate. Sullivan said that complaint was investigated by outside law enforcement officers, who decided not to prosecute. Thirty other cases involved alcohol, Lieberman said, almost all relating to driving under the influence. Sullivan also told the committee an agent was fired in a 2008 Washington prostitution episode, after trying to hire an uncover police officer.

To Advertise In The Classifieds That Work Call 877-844-8385

Troy Daily News • Classifieds That Work • Thursday, May 24, 2012 • B5

that work .com

105 Announcements

205 Business Opportunities

❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖ Clothing alterations, hemming and repair. Call Michelle. 30 years sewing experience. Reasonable rates. (937)335-7261 Save this ad!!! ❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖

Unemployed Parent receive Income Tax Return, $1500 for one child, $3000 for two children and $4000 for three children. Call now 1-800-583-8840.

125 Lost and Found

235 General

LOST CAT, large male, long haired, brown tiger with vivid green eyes, front declawed, neutered, bushy tail. Horseshoe Bend, 55 area (937)339-4338

135 School/Instructions AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for hands on Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-676-3836 ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 877-295-1667

Customer Service/Dispatcher Join a successful and growing trucking company! Must have good customer service skills. Computer skills are very important. Recent experience in data entry a plus. Must thrive under pressure and enjoy a challenge. Trucking experience helpful. Please send resume to: Dick Lavy Trucking 8848 St Rt 121 Bradford, OH 45308 Fax: 937-448-2163 kwulber@dicklavy

Legal Notice Data Image, on behalf of its customer Upper Valley Medical Center, notified all affected individuals that on March 21, 2012, some of their personal information could have been accessed through Data Image’s online billing system. The information available was limited to name, address, hospital account number and balance owed to the hospital, but no clinical information was accessible. Data Image and its customer Upper Valley Medical Center are taking this incident very seriously. An investigation has been conducted and safeguards have been implemented to prevent the potential for any further disclosures of personal information.

Aerial Manlift Equipment Service Technician Caterpillar 2012 Forklift "Dealer of the Year" has opening. Requirements: ✓ 3-5 years experience working on aerial, forklifts, automotive, farm equipment, or other types of heavy equipment ✓ Good people, communication, and computer skills ✓ Problem solving capability ✓ Friendly personality ✓ Clean driving record ✓ Ability to follow through and complete jobs and paperwork in an organized, timely manner Benefits: ✓ Excellent fringe benefit package, Medical, Dental, Life ✓ 401K Profit Sharing ✓ Training ✓ Industry leader locally owned for 56+ years Send or email resume in confidence to:

Volunteers Needed Do you have experience in woodworking and want to share your skills with others? We are currently seeking volunteers to assist adults with disabilities (and their staff) in Troy, Ohio.

Assistance in organizing and setting up a basic woodworking shop

Lt. housekeeping

Building picnic tables, corn hole board games, and outdoor swings


Personal care



For more information please contact us at 937.335.8267 and ask for Derrick or Sarah.

Interested may apply:

6640 Poe Ave. Dayton, Ohio

independently owned and operated

Full time household



Upper Valley Medical Center Support C/O Data Image 2345 Gratiot Rd SE Newark, OH 43055



Duties include: General cleaning, laundry, ironing, light cooking hourly wage and benefits background check, and references required apply: 15 Industry Park Court Tipp City

Ohio Community Media is now hiring for a position in the Graphics Department.

Ohio Community Media LLC, located in Miamisburg, Ohio, is seeking a Linux server administrator with networking experience to manage and maintain both central and remote file/web/email/monitoring servers and our LAN/WAN technologies. The successful candidate will have extensive experience in building and maintaining Debian, CentOS, and GNU/Linux servers as well as Windows based and OSX servers. We have multiple offices throughout Ohio all connected into a central datacenter using hardware based firewalls. Experience in a media/newspaper work environment and web technologies like php/mysql is a plus. This position will also handle support calls from outlying divisions, along with managing and maintaining key network applications. This is a salaried position with Monday – Friday office hours plus 24 – 7 on call responsibilities.

235 General

235 General


WANTED WANTED We are looking for drivers to deliver the Troy Daily News on Daily, Sundays, holidays and on a varied as needed basis.

Drivers must have: Valid drivers license Reliable transportation State minimum insurance

Please call 937-440-5263 or 937-440-5260 and leave a message with your name, address and phone number. Your phone call will be returned in the order in which it is received. 2280716

✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷ NOW HIRING! ✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷

If interested, please send resume & cover letter to: The Delaware Gazette c/o Jessica Cea 40 N. Sandusky St., Suite 203 Delaware, OH 43015 or email

255 Professional

APPLY: 15 Industry Park Ct., Tipp City (937)667-6772

Local metal manufacturing company is seeking a Production Scheduler. Position is responsible for reviewing customers’ demand & scheduling accordingly, managing inventory levels, scheduling outbound shipments and purchasing. Must have experience scheduling with ERP systems.

DIRECTOR OF NURSING Piqua Manor is seeking a Director of Nursing to manage our care community's clinical services. Be an important part of this community's friendly, well staffed, and team oriented environment. This candidate must be an RN and preferably have administrative and geriatric experience. Our 130-bed facility provides a variety of services to the community including Short Term Rehabilitative stays, Outpatient Therapy, LongTerm Care, as well as Hospice and Respite Stays. Knowledge of nursing facility regulations and quality assurance is essential. Applicant should be well-organized and have excellent communication skills. If you are interested, please apply in person or send your resume to: Piqua Manor Attn: Amy Carroll, LNHA, RN 1840 West High St Piqua, Ohio 45356 EOE

that work .com

Position available for Full Time Speech Language Pathologists Call 419-501-2165 or email resume to

255 Professional

The Business Office Administrative Assistant position is part of our business office and is primarily responsible for inputting advertisement orders into our billing system for publication as well as producing various financial reports.

Please send resume to or to: Troy Daily News Attn: Betty Brownlee 224 South Market Street Troy, Ohio 45373 No phone calls will be taken regarding this position. EOE

Submit resumes to: 155 Marybill Drive Troy, OH 45373

WANTED: QUALITY ASSURANCE TECHNICIAN Local manufacturing company is seeking a Quality Assurance Technician for 2nd & 3rd shift ONLY. Understands measurement systems, SPC, QMS and CMM experience required. Submit resumes to: 155 Marybill Drive Troy OH 45373

280 Transportation DRIVER –

CASUAL DRIVERS Need extra spending money? We have work available during the week and weekends for casual drivers that want to pick up some extra spending money. Help especially needed on the weekends. Must have CDLA and prior tractor trailer experience, preferably OTR. Apply at Continental Express 10450 St Rt 47 Sidney, OH Or call Dave on the weekend or evenings at 937-726-3994 or during the week at 800-497-2100

105 Announcements

The I-75 Newspaper Group of Ohio Community Media is seeking a Business Office Administrative Assistant. This position is based in our Troy office.

Pay range depends on qualifications and experience.

245 Manufacturing/Trade


Business Office Administrative Assistant

REQUIREMENTS INCLUDE: • Computer skills including MicrosoftWord and Excel • Accurate data entry skills • Organizational skills • Ability to multi-task • Deadline oriented • Dependable • Take direction easily • Team player • Customer service skills that include excellent verbal communication

Inquiries should be made to Linda at 937-494-3013 or you may email at

CDL Drivers: $11.50/HR

Sell it in the

255 Professional

We need someone who has leadership qualities to fill an RN position for 28-30 hours per week.


Too much stuff?


235 General

Join our team at The Pavilion.

Proven skills in Mac platform graphic applications Quark 7, Photoshop CS, Illustrator and Acrobat is required.


Please send resume to

Seeking an organized and motivated individual with title processing (notary public) experience. Must be proficient in Excel. Familiarity with F&I preferred. Part time to start. Will turn into full time with benefits. Send resume to: Gover Harley-Davidson P.O. Box 1116, Piqua, Ohio 45356



Patients with questions may contact Data Image at or in the alternative write at:


Applicants must have HS diploma/GED, valid driver’s license, auto insurance and clean background check.

235 General

CALL 877-778-8563 (OR) VISIT

Title Clerk/ Sales Support

240 Healthcare

1-866-498-9420 Each office is


We Accept

LABOR: $9.50/HR


Classifieds that work


Comfort Keepers, a nonmedical in home care company, is looking for dedicated caregivers in the Troy, Piqua and Sidney area to help seniors remain independent in their homes. Duties may include: ❀

Miami Industrial Trucks 1101 Horizon West Ct. Troy, Ohio 45373 Attention: Matt Malacos

235 General

A Job You'll Love

Helping with basic equipment usage and education

REM Ohio is a supported employment provider to adults with disabilities. Individuals attending this program have a desire to increase their work skills and earn a paycheck in the woodworking trade industry.


POLICY: Please Check Your Ad The 1st Day. It Is The Advertiser’s Responsibility To Report Errors Immediately. Publisher Will Not Be Responsible for More Than One Incorrect Insertion. We Reserve The Right To Correctly Classify, Edit, Cancel Or Decline Any Advertisement Without Notice.

CAUTION Whether posting or responding to an advertisement, watch out for offers to pay more than the advertised price for the item. Scammers will send a check and ask the seller to wire the excess through Western Union (possibly for courier fees). The scammer's check is fake and eventually bounces and the seller loses the wired amount. While banks and Western Union branches are trained at spotting fake checks, these types of scams are growing increasingly sophisticated and fake checks often aren't caught for weeks. Funds wired through Western Union or MoneyGram are irretrievable and virtually untraceable. If you have questions regarding scams like these or others, please contact the Ohio Attorney General’s office at (800)282-0515.


200 - Employment

Troy Daily News


100 - Announcement

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5



All Display Ads: 2 Days Prior Liners For: Mon - Fri @ 5pm Weds - Tues @ 5pm Thurs - Weds @ 5pm Fri - Thurs @ 5pm Sat - Thurs @ 5pm Miami Valley Sunday News liners- Fri @ Noon

22 8



B6 • Troy Daily News • Classifieds That Work • Thursday, May 24, 2012 280 Transportation

280 Transportation

Drivers Needed We are in need of 4 experienced dedicated drivers out of our Troy Ohio location. 2 daytime and 2 night time, with a class A CDL with two years recent driving experience. Must have good MVR and the desire to work in a fast pace environment. We offer group health, paid holidays, paid vacation, and 401k. Call Ed Kraetschmer at 419-453-2273 or cell 419-234-4267

305 Apartment

LOCAL DRIVER Driver needed for LOCAL tractor trailer driving position. Must be flexible to work various hours. Must have at least 1 year recent experience and be extremely dependable. Call Dave on the weekend or evenings at 937-726-3994 or during the week at 800-497-2100 or apply in person at:

To Advertise In The Classifieds That Work Call 877-844-8385

305 Apartment

1,2 & 3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS Troy ranches and townhomes. Different floor plans to choose from. Garages, fireplaces, appliances including washer and dryers. Corporate apartments available. Visit Call us first! (937)335-5223 2 BEDROOM in Troy, Stove, refrigerator, W/D, A/C, very clean, no pets. $525. (937)573-7908

TIPP CITY, 2 bedroom townhouse near I75, $520, 1.5 Bath, stove, refrigerator, garbage disposal, w/d, A/C, No Dogs. (937)335-1825

COVINGTON 2 bedroom townhouse, $495. No Pets. (937)698-4599, (937)572-9297.

305 Apartment

350 Wanted to Rent

TROY: 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, ALL NEW & SUPER CLEAN. No pets, no evictions. $540 (937)545-4513.

WOODGATE APARTMENTS, 1433 Covington, 1 bedroom, very quiet. $406 monthly, Special $299 deposit if qualified, (937)773-3530, (937)418-9408

RELOCATION, Family looking for executive single family home for lease, available 7/1/12 (flexible). Call (864)221-5237

TROY area, 2 bedroom townhouses, 1-1/2 bath, furnished appliances, W/D hookup, A/C, No dogs $475. (937)339-6776. TROY TOWNHOUSE, 2 Bedroom 1.5 bath. Stephenson Drive. $495 monthly, Ask about free gift, (937)216-4233.

TROY, 1 Bedrooms, appliances, CA, water, trash paid, $425 month. $200 Deposit Special!

Continental Express 10450 St Rt 47 Sidney, OH

305 Apartment


105 Announcements

105 Announcements

105 Announcements

Regional Runs Home Weekends .40¢ -.45¢/Mile - ALL MILES Class A CDL + 1 year OTR experience

EVERS REALTY 1(866)879-6593

Drivers Solo Drivers needed for a NEW dedicated run. * Need Great Home time? * Want Great Health Benefits?

TROY, 2 bedroom townhomes, 1.5 baths, 1 car garage, ca, w/d hook up, all appliances, $695 (937)216-5806

FIRST MONTH FREE! 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms Call for availability attached garages Easy access to I-75 (937)335-6690

AIR CONDITIONER, window style, works good, $75 (937)418-4639.

that work .com 105 Announcements

Now through the 4th of July, advertise any item* for sale**


Only 15

PIQUA, Parkridge Place. Roomy 2 bedroom, 1.5 baths, central air, washer/ dryer hook-up. $500. (419)629-3569.

10 days Sidney Daily News 10 days Troy Daily News 10 Days Piqua Daily Call 2 weeks Weekly Record Herald

PIQUA, 2 bedroom carpeted, in Parkridge, A/C, stove, fridge, $400 month, $400 deposit. NO PETS! Call (937)418-6056.


(*1 item limit per advertisement **excludes: garage sales, real estate, Picture It Sold) 2286319

Call now: (866)485-2882 Recent Driving Experience & a CDL-A is Required

510 Appliances

Summer DEAL

DODD RENTALS Tipp-Troy: 2 bedroom AC, appliances $500/$450 plus deposit No pets (937)667-4349 for appt.

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom, Houses & Apts. SEIPEL PROPERTIES Piqua Area Only Metro Approved (937)773-9941 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

1618 BROOKPARK, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, gas heat, AC, small patio, no pets, $675 (937)506-8319.

3 & 4 BEDROOM houses available, Piqua, $ 8 5 0 - $ 9 5 0 , (937)778-9303 days, (937)604-5417 evenings.

305 Apartment Drivers Ohio Driver Needed!

320 Houses for Rent

WEST MILTON Townhouse. 2 Bedroom 1.5 bath. $485 monthly, Ask about free month, (937)216-4233

300 - Real Estate

For Rent

500 - Merchandise

Available only by calling


2845 Broken Woods Dr. 3956 Sq. Ft. EXECUTIVE HOME on .77 acres. LR/FR/KIT/DR/UTL/Bm. Large Rooms & Closets: 1st & 2nd FLoor Master Bedroom. Gazebo/2 Decks/Patio/2car gar. Like New- Priced to Sell- $320,000. Call Gary @ 937-524-1290 2286365

555 Garage Sales/Yard Sales

555 Garage Sales/Yard Sales

605 Auction

605 Auction

605 Auction

605 Auction

605 Auction 2282825

JOHNSON PUBLIC AUCTION Auction located at 7192 St Rte. 41 Covington, OH 45318.

SUNDAY MAY 27th 10:30 A.M. Guns: 12ga Win mod 1200 pump; 12ga Mossberg 500A pump; 12ga Stevens single shot; 22cal Hamilton # 27 single shot; 22cal Savage Arms BA; RGMA Military rifle; rough Belgium laminated barrel double; boot pistol; flare gun; mod 96, 99, &111B Daisy BB guns; compound bow; hunting arrows; powder horns; old hand shot shell loader; Indian Artifacts: several flint arrow heads and stone found on the farm; Antiques, Toys, Collectibles & Primitives: early walnut grain meal bin; wash stand w/ 2 dwrs.; water fall buffet; kitchen cabinet w/ granite work top; cedar chest on legs; painted oak dresser; bed; grained desk; dresser w/ mirror; vanity; wood commode; treadle sewing machine; floor glass show case; 2 trunks; ship trunk; hand operated Lovell MFG, Erie PA. washing machine w/ wood tub; barrel type washing machine w/ rack; player piano w/ several rolls; OH Wringer Co. 2 wheel cart; Delaval cream separator; sm. Sears & Roebuck cream separator; lots of marbles; buttons; hook & ladder pedal car; Garto pedal tractor; old brass oilers; sm. oil cans; 2 Harley Davidson oil cans, full; store scales; pocket knives; sad irons, flat irons, coal iron, gas iron; large handmade model of sailing ship; several toys including wind up, pressed metal toys, Structo cement truck; Tonka hydraulic dump trk.; Tonka end loader; tin school bus; CI cars & trucks; model cars; 2 Texan 38, 2 Hubley, Pony Boy, & Tex cap guns; dlb. barrel cork gun; Cresent child’s CI stove; Sloopy alarm clock; and other toys; wood seat tricycle; wooden wheel barrow; wooden pump; wood rnd. butter churn; glass butter churn; F W Ross Co. Spfld OH fodder cutter; wooden fork; grain cradle; Conservo canner; pedal grinding wheel w/ seat; pull down ceiling light fixture for 3 oil lamps; oil lamps; 2 mantle clocks; Elliott 36 day wall clock; gas light; Rex store paper cutter; metal Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority sign; RR tie tongs; sm. forge; RR lanterns; barn lanterns; cherry pitter; 8 candle mold; foot adze; wood & metal ice skates; 30 gal crock; other crocks & bowls; wood potato slicer w/ yellow paint; old wrenches; broad axe; hay knife; slate foot warmer; brass cuspidor; carbide light; ½ pint 2 qt. Miami Co Dairy & qt. IMDOD of Dayton milk bottles; 7 Eshland Dairy cottage cheese bottles; sm. granite lunch pail; bowl pitcher set; Shirley Temple bowl & creamer; 2 small bisque dolls; egg scale; floor model crank record player; Koehler beer light; post drill; CI 1 row corn planter; Champion CI implement seat; 3 burner kerosene stove top; lard press; pink depression pcs.; wheat pattern dishes; S&P sets; ind. salts; books; ice picks; Stanley shaves; advertising yard sticks; smoking stand; lightning rods. Misc: 6 heavy oak chairs; king head board; baby crib; and many other items too numerous to list. Please note: Guns sell first, followed by collectibles. TERMS: Cash or check w/ proper ID also MC, Visa, Discover & American Express accepted with 4% clerking fee. Food served by “The Farmer’s Daughter” Auctioneer’s note:

Don’t know which way to go to a garage sale? Check out our

GARAGE SALE MAPS available at

Ron Johnson- owner to locate garage sales along with a complete listing for each garage sale 2279197

Go to auctioneer ID #5640 for photos.

Phil Thompson & Harley Jackson Auctioneers

Garage Sale Directory Please call: 877-844-8385 555 Garage Sales/Yard Sales

PIQUA, 1019 Forest Avenue, Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm, wingback chair, chaise lounge, tables, glass dining table, office chairs, steel case cabinets, filing cabinets, bathroom sink, double stainless steel sink, shredder, printer, L shaped desk much more!! PIQUA, 1216 Madison, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 9am-6pm. Patio Sale! Rogers marching drum/ case, accordion/ case, stamp collection, telescopes, old Ham radio, old adding machines, punch bowl set, cabinets, tables, mirrors, rocking chair, tool boxes/ tools, pickup truck, fishing poles, cameras, bikes/ helmets, men's/ women's clothes, fur coat, computer items. much more!

555 Garage Sales/Yard Sales

PIQUA 2000/2004 Indian Ridge, Saturday, Sunday, 9am-6pm, Name your own price! 2 family sale! tons of baby stuff, kids toys, baby's, women's, men's clothes, shoes, household items, guitar pedals, F150 truck cover, Lots of miscellaneous! PIQUA, 709 Wilson Avenue, Saturday only! 9am-3pm. Bikes, home decor, Christmas decor, women's, young men's and boys clothing. Toys and lots of miscellaneous items. No early birds please! TROY, 1482 Covent Rd., Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm, desk top computer, printer, and desk; couch, chairs, coffee table, plus size clothes, men's clothes, 7-10 boys clothes, xbox games, patio set, tools, fishing tackle and miscellaneous, cash only.

Garage Sale


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555 Garage Sales/Yard Sales

SIDNEY, 770 Johnston Drive, Friday, 9am-1pm and Saturday, 9am-4pm. Refrigerator, washer/ dryer, TV, TV stand with shelf stand, Boyd's Bears, men's XXL, women's L-XL, baby mattress never used, pictures and decor, nursing books, fertilizer spreader and more! TIPP CITY, 3979 TippCowlesville Road, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 9am-5pm Big Yard Sale, lots of miscellaneous.

TIPP CITY/TROY 1200 Daylily Way (in Rosewood Creek), Thursday through Saturday, 9am-4pm. MOVING sale! Baby, maternity, furniture, household, antiques, we have it all!

555 Garage Sales/Yard Sales

555 Garage Sales/Yard Sales

555 Garage Sales/Yard Sales

555 Garage Sales/Yard Sales

TROY. 1233 Northbrook Lane, Saturday, 8am-5pm. Antiques, furniture, vintage jewelry, collectibles, home decor, crafts, pictures, Christmas, garage door opener.

TROY, 1930 Westwood Road (Concord Township) Saturday Only 9am-5pm, Multi holiday decor, quilts, crocks, 2 Lazy boy chairs, household items, some indoor and outdoor furniture, tv, small entertainment center, miscellaneous

TROY, 492 Meadow Lane, Thursday 9am-4pm, HP printer, household goods, electronics, lamps, pictures, clothes, tools, small tv, furniture, tall artificial tree, ceiling fan, and much more.

TROY, 736 Branford Road, Saturday 8am-5pm, Sunday and Monday 10am4pm Kids toys, bmx bike, electric dirt bike, tech-decks, housewares, fall and Christmas decor, baskets, boys clothing, missy's and junior clothing, men's and women's clothing all in excellent condition, lots of good miscellaneous

TROY, 1389 McKaig Avenue, Friday and Saturday, 8am-5pm. Estate Sale, inside, household items, tons of books, CD's, 33 1/2 albums, VCR movies, BETA tapes all new. TROY, 1755 Swailes Road, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 8:30am-? Barn Sale! 2011 John Deere tractor with mower, pitching machine, commercial fan, rowing machine, antique chest of drawers, oriental rugs room size, Pixar & Cars room decor, boys clothes 7/8, toys, and bikes. TROY, 1830 Shaggy Bark Road, Friday, May 25, 8am-5pm & Saturday, May 26, 8am-Noon. Antiques, household items. Collector with too much stuff. No sales before Friday open!

TROY, 2739 Fairview Court, Friday and Saturday, 9am-3pm. Gas grill, charcoal grill, patio fire chimney, odd and end wrenches, trampoline mat and springs new still in box, log chains, ratchet straps, and more. TROY, 2790 Southside Drive (in Kensington), Thursday and Friday, 9am-5pm, rain or shine. Exercise equipment, proform treadmill, total gym, ab lounge, kindle, boys and girls clothing, shoes and toys, memorial flowers, handmade soaps, and miscellaneous items.

TROY, 53 Heather Road, Friday 9am-4pm & Saturday 9am-Noon. Garage & plant sale. Girl's clothing (6-12), misses sizes, household items, youth bikes and much more! Plants: divided perennials, large selection, wide variety. TROY, 728 Berkshire (Westbrook). Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4pm. Stove, bathroom sink, desks, ladies clothes and newer winter coat size 12, kids books, small toys, everything in good condition, and lots of miscellaneous

TROY. 805 Dellwood Drive, Friday, 9am-5pm & Saturday, 9am-3pm. Little Tykes playhouse, toys, antique glassware, books, collectibles, Santas, everything reasonably priced. WEST MILTON, 102 North Washington, Saturday only! 8am-4pm, Large Multi Family yard sale, Something for everyone, Masonic Lodge open house for tours & information 8am-4pm

To Advertise In the Classifieds that Work

Call 877-844-8385

To Advertise In The Classifieds That Work Call 877-844-8385

Troy Daily News • Classifieds That Work • Thursday, May 24, 2012 • B7

Service&Business DIRECTORY

To advertise in the Classifieds That Work Service & Business Directory please call: 877-844-8385


“I WILL PICK UP!” Nothing too large. Thanks for calling (937)719-3088 (937)451-1019 (888)484-JUNK


Cell: 937-308-6334 • Office: 937-719-3237

that work .com

Jack’s Painting

(See Us For Do-It-Yourself Products)


BBB Accredted





2464 Peters Road, Troy, Ohio 45373

OFFICE 937-773-3669

AVAILABLE BABYSITTER for all shifts, cheap rates, (937)710-9988.


• Roofing • Windows • Kitchens • Sunrooms

Amish Crew

Need more space?

We haul it all!

Find it in the

Appliances, Brush, Rental Clean-outs, Furniture & Tires

Richard Pierce



that work .com 625 Construction

BROOKHART GROUNDSCAPE • Mowing • Mulching • Hedge Trimming Call Brian Brookhart 937-606-0898 or 773-0990 • Mulch Delivery Or Pick Up Yourself Call Tom Lillicrap 937-418-8540


BIG jobs, SMALL jobs

• Baths • Awnings • Concrete • Additions 2284244

GRAVEL & STONE Shredded Topsoil Fill Dirt Available Saturday

Gutter & Service

Sealcoat, paint strips, crack fill, pothole repair. Commercial and Residential

1002 N. Main St. Sidney, Ohio 45365

Call now for Spring & Summer special

FREE ESTIMATES!! (937)773-8812 or (937)622-2920

Standing Seam Metal Roofing


765-857-2623 765-509-0070

937-875-0153 937-698-6135

Pole Building Roof & Siding 2263290

that work .com Residential Commercial Industrial

Backhoe Services




Mowing & Complete Landscaping Services Sprinkler System Installation

that work .com



LAWN CARE D.R. Licensed & Bonded


Ask for Roy


Piqua, Ohio 937-773-0637

Install - Repair Replace - Crack Fill Seal Coat


Very Dependable

New or Existing Install - Grade Compact

Free Estimates


A&E Home Services LLC


A simple, affordable, solution to all your home needs.

Small #Basements #Siding #Doors #Barns

Ask about our Friends & Neighbors discounts

that work .com

670 Miscellaneous

or (937) 238-HOME

660 Home Services


937.492.8003 • 937.726.2868

•Refrigerators •Stoves •Washers & Dryers •Dishwashers • Repair & Install Air Conditioning

For your home improvement needs

$10 OFF Service Call

Sparkle Clean Residential Commercial New Construction Bonded & Insured

Tammy Welty (937)857-4222


• Painting • Drywall • Decks • Carpentry • Home Repair • Kitchen/Bath

937-974-0987 Email:

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Call 877-844-8385

675 Pet Care

in the



Spring Break Special Buy 4 lessons & GET 1 FREE • No experience required. • Adults & Children ages 5 & up • Gift Certificates Available • Major Credit Cards Accepted Flexible Schedule Nights & Weekends 937-778-1660

until August 31, 2012 with this coupon


Cleaning Service


Horseback Riding Lessons

Find it



Free Estimates • Fully Insured • 17 Years of Home Excellence



Eric Jones, Owner

Insurance jobs welcome FREE Estimates

Licensed Bonded-Insured

(937) 339-1902

635 Farm Services

Roofing • Drywall • Painting Plumbing • Remodels • Flooring


#Repairs Large and #Room Additions #Kitchens/Baths #Windows #Garages



715 Blacktop/Cement

Residential and Commercial





Roofing, remodeling, siding, add-ons, interior remodeling and cabintets, re-do old barns, new home construction, etc.

(419) 203-9409

665 Lawn, Garden, Landscaping

Roofing, Windows, Siding, Fire & Water Restoration

Any type of Construction:

• Spouting • Metal Roofing • Siding • Doors



•30x40x12 with 2 doors, $9,900 •40x64x14 with 2 doors, $16,000 ANY SIZE AVAILABLE!




Pole BarnsErected Prices:



655 Home Repair & Remodel

625 Construction

Call Richard FREE Alexander ESTIMATES 937-623-5704


Call today for FREE estimate Fully Insured Repairs • Cleaning • Gutter Guard


655 Home Repair & Remodel

Serving the Miami Valley for 27 YEARS Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Steps, Curbs and Slabs

• Interior/Exterior • Drywall • Texturing • Kitchens • Baths • Decks • Doors • Windows


Call Walt for a FREE Estimate Today


Center hours 6am 11:55pm Center hoursnow 6 a.m. to 6top.m.

Alexander's Concrete

710 Roofing/Gutters/Siding

We will work with your insurance.

Kindergarten and school age transportation to Troy schools.

CALL CALL TODAY!335-5452 335-5452

Limited Time: Mention This Ad & Receive 10% Off!


Call Jim at

Call for a free damage inspection.

“All Our Patients Die”

1st and 2nd shifts weeks 12 ayears We•Provide care for children 6 weeks• to6 12 years andtooffer Super • Preschool andprogram Pre-K 3’s, and 4/5’s preschool andprograms a Pre-K and Kindergarten • Before and after school care program. We offer before and after school care, •Enrichment Transportation to Troy schools

937-308-7157 TROY, OHIO


Free Inspections


Call Jack

Since 1977

For 75 Years

Since 1936

Free Estimates


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15 YEARS EXPERIENCE FREE ESTIMATES Paving • Driveways Parki ng Lots • Seal Coating

32 yrs experience Residential & Commercial Wallpaper Removal • Insured • References

J.T.’s Painting & Drywall

660 Home Services


starting at $



Call Matt 937-477-5260


620 Childcare

620 Childcare


Amy E. Walker, D.V.M. 937-418-5992 Mobile Veterinary Service Treating Dogs, Cats & Exotics

Find the BEST Candidates At, there are over 4,800 Registered Job-Seekers to consider for your job openings!




• Professional Tree Planting • Professional Tree Injection • Tree Removal • Stump Removal • Dead Wooding • Snow Removal • Tree Cabling • Landscaping • Shrubs • Mulching • Hauling • Land Clearing • Roofing Specialist


LAWN CARE & HOME IMPROVEMENTS Lawn Mowing starting at $15 Landscaping •Trim Shrubs Pavers & Fence Installation Tree Removal •Wood Patios Install & Clean Spoutings • Siding PowerWashing • Install PEX Plumbing FREE Estimates 14 Years Lawn Care Experience

715 Blacktop/Cement


875-0153 698-6135

for junk cars/ trucks, running or non-running


700 Painting


CASH, Top Dollar Paid!!!

Providing Quality Service Since 1989 2285030

610 Automotive


665 Lawn, Garden, Landscaping


A-1 Affordable

COOPER’S GRAVEL Gravel Hauled, Laid & Leveled Driveways & Parking Lots

660 Home Services


660 Home Services


645 Hauling


600 - Services

B8 • Troy Daily News • Classifieds That Work • Thursday, May 24, 2012

1997 FORD COACHMAN CATALINA RV New Price, 460 gas engine, slide-out, 34 feet, dual air, generator, 26K original miles, newer tires. (937)773-9526

2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette 98,000 miles, black, leather interior, CD, A/C, onstar, 7 passenger, very well maintained, super clean. $6000 OBO (937)335-5058

510 Appliances

577 Miscellaneous

583 Pets and Supplies

FREEZER Frigidaire upright, frost free, 5 years old. Like new. 13.7 cubic foot. $245, (937)335-7826

HOME GYM, 3 Station Weider Pro 9645, 2 independent stacks of weights, use for toning, muscle size/ strength & cardio, $250, (937)296-6791

HOSPITAL BED with mattress. Hoyer lift. Wheel chair. (937)492-1120

RIFLES, 2 Rueger Pro pellet rifles, 1400 FPS, never used, $110 each or $200 for both, Firm, (937)778-1852

KITTENS, need good inside homes, approximately 4 months, (1) all black male, (1) female with unusual color pattern. Call Norma for details (937)676-3455 or (937) 417-5272

592 Wanted to Buy

550 Flea Markets/Bazaars

Gun & Knife Show

TAILOR, Tandom axle tailor, 6'8" wide, 16' long, flatbed, used to haul bobcats, $1050. Call (937)339-3353

Shelby County Fairgrounds, Saturday May 26th, 8:30am-3:00pm and the last Saturday of every month.

TRICYCLE, new adult tricycle, $350. Call (937)773-9484.

570 Lawn and Garden



Sharp, chrome wheels, runs great, good gas mileage. $5500 or best offer. (937)526-3308

Very well maintained, excellent condition runs and drives great, $4995 Please call:

583 Pets and Supplies

POND PLANTS, Potted Lillies & bog plants. Free goldfish and umbrella palm w/purchase. (937)676-3455 or (937)417-5272 Laura, OH

577 Miscellaneous CEMETERY PLOT, Two person, lawn crypt. Forrest Hill, Garden of Love section. Valued at $6000, $1800 OBO. Must sell. (937)335-9034


Power sunroof, seats etc leather, Chrome wheels, Blue, 170,000 miles. Car is ready to go! $3800

2006 BUICK LACROSSE New tires and battery, runs great, 91,000 miles. $7800 or best offer (937)773-3564 or (937)418-0641


2001 FORD XLS V6 EXPLORER automatic, Carfax, 4 door, AC, power steering, brakes, windows, locks, tilt, cruise, garaged, no rust, AM/FM, $5500 OBO. (248)694-1242

2010 KAWASAKI NINJA 250R SPECIAL EDITION New condition, only 1700 mi. New Yoshimura exhaust, great gas mile, purchased at Rehmert's. A great graduation gift! $3000 OBO. (937)489-3560

CATS/KITTENS Free to good home were dropped off in front of my home call (937)773-3829 EXERCISE BIKE New BioDyno 250 Schwinn exercise bike. Paid $500, will let go for $350. (937)552-7657 Judy FREE KITTENS to good inside home. See at Ryan's Bait Store 2017 South County Road 25-A. (937)335-0083

925 Legal Notices

925 Legal Notices 2000 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE SLE

To Advertise In The Classifieds That Work Call 877-844-8385


583 Pets and Supplies

MINI DACHSHUND puppies, short haired. First shots. Reds and piebald. Adorable! Males, $200. Females, $225. (937)418-4353.

MINIATURE DACHSHUND PUPPIES, lovable long coats, 2 red, 2 black and tan, 1 chocolate, 1 chocolate double dapple, AKC, written guarantee, 1st shot , wormed. $250-$350 (937)667-1777

586 Sports and Recreation

BUYING! Pre-1980’s Comic Books, Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel, He-Man, Transformers and More. Call (937)638-3188.

585 Produce

2008 FORD, F-350, Crew cab Lariat, 4WD, 6.4 turbo diesel, automatic, white, 37,200 miles, $35,250, (937)473-2156

586 Sports and Recreation

POODLE/ SHI-TZU puppies, shots & wormed. Ready May 26th. $50 deposit will hold until then. $200, (419)236-8749.

BASEBALL BATS, Easton Stealth Big barrel, -9, 31 inch, 22 ounces, Demarini Vexxum, long barrel, -8.5, 31 inch, $110 each or $200 for both, Firm (937)778-1852

925 Legal Notices

925 Legal Notices

895 Vans/Minivans 1995 CHEVROLET Handicap van. (937)492-1120

899 Wanted to Buy WANTED, Model A cars, engines, wheels, non running, call (937)658-1946, (937)622-9985 after 6pm


The City of Troy is offering for sale several surplus vehicles, one Envirosight Rover Sewer Camera, one 1972 Galion Road Grader, one 1989 Simplicity Sunstar 20 Mower, and two 1997 Ez-Go Golf Carts. The sale is only through the internet auction site, GovDeals. The auction will close June 14, 2012. The vehicles are: six 2008 Ford Crown Victorias, one 2000 Dodge Intrepid, one 1996 Ford Thunderbird, one 2000 Pontiac Sunfire, one 1995 Ford Thunderbird, one 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix, one 2000 Chevrolet 1500 Truck, one 1994 Ford Truck F250, one 1996 Chevrolet Lumina, one 1995 GMC Truck Top Kick, one 1977 Ford F700 Boom Truck, one 1999 Chevrolet Suburban, and one 1996 Chevrolet Caprice.

The Area Agency on Aging, PSA 2 seeks Letters of Intent from service providers who are interested in receiving a three year contract for provision of specified Older Americans Act (OAA) and Senior Community Services (SCS) funded services for older adults, age 60 and older, residing in Champaign, Clark, Darke, Greene, Logan, Miami, Montgomery, Preble and Shelby counties through a competitive Request for Proposal process. The contract period begins January 1, 2013 and continues through December 31, 2015. Letters of Intent are due June 25, 2012. Questions are to be directed to Jeanne Mbagwu, Community Services Manager for the Area Agency on Aging, PSA 2 at (937) 341-3019 or 1-800-258-7277.

Patrick E. J. Titterington Director of Public Service and Safety

890 Trucks

PICKED STRAWBERRIES, Ready at Burns' Market, 4865 Myers Road, Covington, 1/3 Mile East off State Route 41, No Sunday Sales


Interested parties may access the website and follow the prompts for submitting bids.

800 - Transportation

WIRE SAW Gryphon Diamond wire saw for cutting glass. $125. (937)658-3551


Please view the Area Agency on Aging website, for specific instructions and the listing of priority services for this funding. Questions are to be directed to Jeanne Mbagwu, Community Services Manager for the Area Agency on Aging, PSA2 at (937) 341-3019 or 1-800-258-7277.

5/24, 5/31-2012




finds in

that work .com


Auto Dealer D







ket For A New or U In The Marea New or Pre-Owned sed Vehicle? r Auto Deale r e of these a



s Today !

Visit on

New Breman












7 10 5

4 8

BMW 14


BMW of Dayton





Infiniti of Dayton

Chrysler Dodge Jeep

7124 Poe Ave. Exit 59 off I-75 Dayton, Ohio

8645 N. Co. Rd. 25-A Piqua, Ohio 45356 I-75 North to Exit 83

2775 S. County Rd 25-A Exit 69 off I-75 N. Troy, OH 45373






Car N Credit

Chevrolet 575 Arlington Rd. Brookville, OH 45309

8675 N. Co. Rd. 25-A Piqua, Ohio 45356 I-75 North to Exit 83







866-504-0972 Remember...Customer pick-up and delivery with FREE loaner.


Ford Lincoln Mercury


Ford Lincoln Mercury

Wagner Subaru 217 N. Broad St. Fairborn, OH 45324

2343 W. Michigan Ave. Sidney, Ohio 45365









Independent Auto Sales

Chrysler Dodge Jeep

1280 South Market St. (CR 25A) Troy, OH 45373

Evans Volkswagen 7124 Poe Ave.

2343 W. Michigan Ave. Sidney, Ohio 45365

2775 S. County Rd 25-A Exit 69 off I-75 N. Troy, OH 45373




(866)816-7555 or (937)335-4878












Quick Credit Auto Sales

Jim Taylor’s Troy Ford Exit 69 Off I-75 Troy, OH 45373

Ford Lincoln Mercury

1099 N. Co. Rd. 25-A Troy, Ohio 45373


2343 W. Michigan Ave. Sidney, Ohio 45365

2775 S. County Rd 25-A Exit 69 off I-75 N. Troy, OH 45373



Chrysler Dodge Jeep



Chrysler Jeep Dodge





Exit 59 off I-75. Dayton, OH


One Stop Auto Sales

Volvo of Dayton

8750 N. Co. Rd. 25A Piqua, OH 45356

7124 Poe Ave. Exit 59 off I-75 Dayton, Ohio





Precious metal


Precious metal