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When a horse has severe metabolic issues, veterinarians recommend a diet containing less than 10% soluble carbohydrates. While these levels can be adjusted in feed, what about forage? Triple Crown’s® new Safe Starch Forage eliminates the guesswork. We buy grass hays specifically for their low NSC content, then blend in a vitamin and mineral supplement that includes our nutritional EquiMix® Technology. This provides a total diet (hay and feed) with a soluble carbohydrate level below 10%, along with the optimum fiber length required for ideal gut fermentation. For more information or to find your nearest dealer, visit us online at www.triplecrownfeed.com or call 800-451-9916.



SHAMPOO Instant relief Will not hurt open wounds

SPRAY Leave on formula continues working for 24 hours

The Micro-Tek System creates the healthiest environment for healing. ALL EQyss PRODUCTS ARE

GEL Aloe vera based gel Great for cold weather use

100% GUARANTEED 800-526-7469 www.EQyss.com Call for product information or for a store near you. Available at your local tack and feed store and catalog house. Visit us on the web for other unique products.


“Paths clear for those who know where they’re going and are determined to get there.” - Anonymous

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OLD TOWN BARNS A Tradition of Craftsmanship in the Time-honored New England Style

Custom Buildings for the Equestrian Community

We are an authorized representative of Star Building Systems... offering quality, custom steel buildings since 1927

David A. Zublin, Inc. â?š Pawling, NY â?š Tel 845.855.1450

www.oldtownbarns.com Follow us on Facebook

Old Town Barns brings custom craftsmanship to the design and construction of barns, stables and arenas serving the equestrian community throughout the northeast. Please call us to discuss your project and obtain a detailed estimate.


Features 36

The Self-Employed Equestrian Running Your Freelance Business Profitably By Karen E. Baril


Bad Weather Trailering Tips How to be Prepared By Pamela Mansfield


The Savvy Barn Builder: Saving money without compromising quality By Karen E. Baril


Making Life Easier Innovations that help make life with horses a little bit simpler. By Susan Winslow


Form and Function Taking a Look at the Modern Friesian By Jennifer Roberts


10 Tips for Harness Fit How to ensure that your harness is properly sized and ready for action. By Jennifer Roberts

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Hamilton, Ma Dimensions: 70’ X 184’ X 14’


Wenham, Ma Dimensions: 70’ X 180’ X 14’ To view more A&B designs go to our website. Barn Sales Charles Noyes III - Jeff Smith - Bob Austin Websites abbarns.com ablumber.com


Pembroke (Main Office) 129 Sheep Davis Rd., Rte 106 So. Pembroke, NH 03275 800.267.0506 Fax: 603.225.7585

Moultonborough Route 25, 121 Whittier Hwy. Moultonborough, NH 03254 603.253.4404 Fax: 603.253.4384

Portsmouth 70 Heritage Ave. Portsmouth, NH 03801 603.430.5477

Stall Barns, Indoor Riding Arenas, Storage Buildings, Run-in Sheds, Cupolas and Dairy Barns equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 9



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h Visit boot t a #C712 faire in Equine Af s, OH Columbu -15 April 12

Ride and train year round, regardless of the weather‌ Abundant natural light and temperature-stabilizing fabric covers create a superior riding and training environment. Choose a ClearSpan indoor arena for a bright and peaceful setting for your riding. ClearSpan offers many customizable options, including end walls, stalls, ventilation systems and more. Because of the fast construction, durability and versatility, ClearSpan structures offer the best value for your investment.

Call us for details on our flexible financing solutions: Up to 7 years, as low as 4.99%, as little as 10% down. "My horses perform better in my new ClearSpan Fabric Riding Arena and my business has tripled in the last year!"

fabric structures

For more information call 1.866.643.1010 or visit www.ClearSpan.com/ADEJ. equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 15


In Your Words Q: With this warm weather, the mud is starting to pop up everywhere! How do you keep your horse and your barn clean during mud season? rsefeathers

Courtesy of Wild Ho

You can keep things clean in this season?!

We keep our horses in large pastures with run-in sheds so they can have shelter if they want it. The large pasture size also

-Marion Lent I use a soft toilet brush to take the mud off their feet.

Let the mud dry; then use a cactus

keeps the mud down due to a lower

- Cassie Phelps

impact on the ground.

A cactus cloth is gentle enough to use

- Kathy Trum-Searah Get a handle on mud issues once and for all! Use some sort of footing in paddocks and other high traffic areas such as

From our Staff

on the head and lower legs, and even

Create buffer strips of grass, trees


sensitive horses love its scratchy-soft

or shrubs to filter water from the

-Jaye Fisher


watering points and gates. The purpose for

Kelly Ballou

Keep a sheet on horses; keep long tails


braided and up so mud cannot cake in

the footing is to build up the area to keep horses up out of dirt and allow rainwater

the bottom; and, use a damp sponge/

to drain through. - Dominique Sala

cloth to break up the clumps of mud.

towel to clean legs as necessary. Not only do I keep my girl blanketed, but

- Nancy Johnson

also on the warm days, her legs get hosed. If Keeping up with the manure in

it’s too cold to hose, then her legs get wiped

paddocks, especially near the gate and

down on a daily basis.

where they get fed. Manure makes the

their legs off with warm water before

- Sarah Schmidt-Micola

mud so much worse. I also frequently

grooming. Then, I go home to dream of one day living in a mud-free world!

hose my horses’ legs after riding in

Keep a sheet on horses, clean and sweep

muddy weather and scrub them clean.

the barn daily, and clean horses daily when

- Molly Nelson

We keep blankets on ours and hose

- Kristine Ferguson Fox

they come inside. - Leanna Bellinger

I can’t be at the barn every day, so my

For next month…

methods are keeping a sheet on, keeping the tail braided and put up, and spraying

When I groom my horses, I use the Vetrolin®

legs with Cowboy Magic® when possible.

shine spray. It seems to repel the dirt and

I also pre-treat their legs to keep scratches

helps give them a shiny coat.

away. Scrape mud off when wet, unless it’s warm enough to hose legs. A soft, rubber curry works best for sensitive areas. - Judy Rozbicki

16 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

- Monica Southwick

Leaving our home-base arena (or trails) can be such a fun experience… what is your favorite horse show grounds and/or trail system and why? Send your answers to Jenn@EquineJournal.com.






Forest Products

SUPERIOR BEDDING FOR YOUR HORSES Four Generations of Experience



Phone: 1-410-884-0800 Fax: 1-410-884-0883

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TALLPINES FOREST PRODUCTS, INC. PO Box 324 • Simpsonville, Maryland 21150 Visit us at www.tpfpinc.com • woodprod@aol.com



Notes from Natalee A Fresh Look id you notice? We have a new, fresh look for spring! It


jumper circuit for the wonderfully clever bios he writes each year

was time for an update and when better to unveil it than

for the New England Equitation Championships program, and

with our March issue? We know that your days are just as

we always enjoy running into him at shows and other events. I

busy (if not more so!) than ours. You are juggling families, careers,

believe many of you will find yourselves laughing as hard as we

housecleaning, cooking, relationships, hobbies and horses on a

did with the candid answers given by Sean Rogers. We hope to

daily basis. You want to keep on top of the latest developments in

bring an intriguing individual each month – junior, amateur or

horse health, news in your breed or discipline and more. Oh, and

professional – who is not only inspired by the horses in their lives,

sleep is necessary at some point, but when?

but inspires those around them as well. Of course, if you know

Our entire staff has been working diligently over the winter months to make the Equine Journal even better by delivering the same valuable content you have come to expect in an easy,

someone that is deserving of being featured in an upcoming issue, let us know! While we have burned the midnight oil on occasion to get

quick-to-read format. Thanks to all of our readers and advertisers

this first phase of our new look completed, it hasn’t stopped us

for your feedback and thoughtful suggestions; I think we have

from attending trade shows and banquets and hiding new horses

achieved just that.

in the barn (if my husband is reading this, I’m just kidding honey!).

So, if you hadn’t noticed until now, turn back to page

We are also completing our annual special edition, Dateline,

six where you will find the first of many new additions to our

a calendar of events. If you haven’t sent us your dates yet, get

pages. This month’s quote and photo are already pinned to the

them in. You can enter them yourself through our website, (www.

inspiration board in my office, and my hope is to one day walk

equinejournal.com, click Calendar, Submit an Event) or email

into your barn or office and see it there too. It’s obvious that

them to editorial@equinejournal.com. Last year’s edition had over

horses inspire each and every one of us. Our lively interactions

2,300 dates. Let us know about your clinic, trail ride or horse show

with you each day via phone, email and social networking proves

so this year’s edition can be an even more complete listing.

that over and over again. We hope to continue inspiring you through the pages of Equine Journal as well. Another highlight is our Collecting Thoughts column on page 90. As the kick-off to this column, we selected a person whose wit and determination have inspired us on many occasions. This individual is well-known throughout the hunter/

20 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

As always, keep your head up, heels down and enjoy the ride with us!

equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 21


Letters to the Editor The Slaughter Debate I don’t actually understand the assumption that reopening

rather than trust to luck by putting it on the auction merrygo-round, knowing that it’s not going to end up in a good

slaughter yards means that horsemeat will suddenly appear on

home because it has some problems that make it impossible

restaurant menus. We are a British family who moved here five

to place.

years ago, and we are appalled that horses that were no longer

Deryn Singleton

wanted, for whatever reason, had to face an appalling journey to

Via Email

slaughter yards in Mexico or Canada if their owners couldn’t find homes for them or afford to pay for euthanasia. That is not in any way helping horses and is a very poorly thought-out idea. Britain has slaughter yards within reasonable traveling distance of most people, but it is not a country that eats horsemeat. Yes, there are complaints on occasions about the way animals are handled, but on the whole, they are well policed by independent authorities, and I have heard of horses and ponies being treated far more harshly by people purporting to be experts in general handling and training situations. It’s a sad, but true, fact that there are currently too many animals for the demand; many are unhealthy or unmanageable; some are just not really well suited to anything that the average rider wants. There just aren’t enough charitable places out there to take them all – maybe it would be better if charities could actually raise money to help pay for sick animals to be euthanized when owners can’t afford it. Closing the slaughter yards hasn’t stopped millions of horses from being destroyed every year; it has just made their suffering far greater by forcing them on these horrific journeys with little or no control of what happens to them en route or on arrival. Whether they end up on a menu or not is irrelevant; what actually matters is that their final journey be made as easy, pain free and stress free as is absolutely possible. Responsible owners should be able to take their horses directly to a yard and be sure it is treated correctly

Send your letters to the editor to: editorial@equinejournal.com or mail to: Equine Journal, 103 Roxbury Street, Keene, NH 03431 22 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Working For You The February issue of Equine Journal hasn’t been out for two weeks yet, and I’ve already received emails from the ad we placed in the February issue seeking demo arena applications for an upcoming project. Your staff makes it easy for us by creating beautiful, effective ads each month while saving us money by not having to hire a designer. Equine Journal is working for us! Cynthia Brewster Keating National Account Manager GGT-Footing™

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Cover Story

Classic Equine Equipment “We go to great lengths to make sure our passion

Enhancing your equine experience is what Classic Equine Equipment is all about. For over 20 years, they have been creating beautifully styled barn components and earning a reputation as a leading producer of innovative and high-quality stalls and equipment. The company was started on the philosophy of manufacturing the best

for quality and love for horses shows in the details of

horse stalls available, and that belief still holds true today. All of Classic Equine’s

the products we produce,” says Christy Schulthess,

products are made to the customer’s specifications. With an extensive list of

Classic Equine’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “From

options, from style and size to finishes and accessories, customers can easily

stalls, flooring and accessories to custom entrance

make their barn an expression of themselves.

gates and even treadmills, Classic offers the widest product line in the industry.”

“All of Classic Equine’s products are manufactured at our 140,000 square foot facility located in Fredericktown, Missouri. This allows us to control quality while creating beautiful, safe and functional products,” explains Christy.

24 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Photos Courtesy of Charlie Kolarik, Populous Architect (Above) Classic Equine products are constructed from powder coated, pre-galvanized steel, providing the ultimate in rust protection. (Right) Classic Equine offers an extensive list of options, which allows customers to easily make their barn an expression of themselves.

Classic Equine’s product lines are expansive. The Integrity series stalls are the ultimate component system and fit most budgetary

In today’s economic times, consumers are looking for not only aesthetics, but also

requirements. Mix and match door, feed or

value. Christy emphasized this concept by stating, “At Classic, we understand that no

watering options to create your perfect stall.

longer can a company rest on its laurels – being the best simply isn’t good enough

Their fully-framed Legend series is versatile and

anymore. We must provide exceptional service, innovative products and demonstrate a

durable. At the other end of the spectrum are

marked value to our customers.”

the elegantly styled European stalls, with graceful

Value comes not only in the form of the final sales total, but also in the longevity

sweeping curves and brass accents. One of their

and safety of the products themselves. Classic Equine products are constructed from

newest product lines is the Kimberwick stall series.

pre-galvanized steel, which is then powder coated, providing the ultimate in rust

It exhibits similar styling to the elegant European

protection. All pieces are fully welded, solid-framed, and made with tubular steel, which

stalls, but at a fraction of the cost.

is a minimum of 14-gauge. This makes for a rigid frame that will not warp or break over

Outfit the exterior of your barn with prehung, fully-framed Dutch doors, windows, and loft

time and use. Stall and barn components come with a five-year limited warranty. Other examples of products that exhibit Classic value are our Tru-Step® individual

doors. Barn end doors are the ultimate final touch

aisle pavers and stall mats. The individual pavers offer the perfect solution for a safe,

for your barn’s exterior – from standard sliding

non-slip aisle and are made to stand up to years of hard use. Tru-Step stall mats reduce

glass tops to hinged and arched top double Dutch

bedding costs and provide cushioned comfort for the horses. The edges of the stall

doors, Classic Equine can do it!

mats are interlocking to prevent rolling or curling.

Classic Equine also offers top quality treadmills

Their pursuit of excellence has been duly noted and recognized, as for seven years

and free-run exercisers. “The FullStride Treadmill is

in a row, Classic Equine has received the Gold Key of Excellence. Sharon Thatcher, of

the official treadmill of the United States Equestrian

Rural Builder magazine, explains, “The Gold Key of Excellence is the gold standard of

Federation. After extensive research of treadmill

the rural builder industry. Businesses that receive it, earn it. They earn it through good

technology, we developed a treadmill that stands

service and good products that have taken years of dedication to build. The award is

up to daily use and provides a safe environment for

most significant because the winners are nominated by customers, speaking volumes

the horse. Farriers and veterinarians alike can utilize

for how seriously these companies take their products and better yet, the people who

an on-farm treadmill, as the treadmill provides a

use them.”

consistent speed and surface and allows evaluation from any angle,” she adds.

For more information: visit www.classic-equine.com; email sales@classic-equine.com; or call 800-444-7430. equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 25


Now You Know Fun trivia and interesting facts about everything horses


The number one horse name of

460,000 The number of full-time jobs that are directly provided by the equine industry.

2011 was “Buddy.” The Top 10 List was drawn from the more than 50,000 horses that are fed their supplements

and “Beau.” Standouts not making the


Top 10 List for 2011, but deserving

The age of the oldest Olympic

recognition for their uniqueness are

rider, Arthur von Pongracz of Austria.

“Terrorizer,” “Sweet Cornflake,” and “Divas

He competed in the 1924, 1928 and

Wear Prada.”

1936 Summer Olympics in dressage.

in SmartPak™ packs each day. Rounding out the top five were “Jack,”“Max,”“Rocky,”

The Austrian team placed fourth at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, when von Pongracz was 72.


The number of years Breyer Animal

Creations® has been holding their annual BreyerFest® Festival. Don’t miss their 23rd-year festival, which will be held July 20-22 at the Kentucky Horse Park. This year’s festival will be in honor of the London Olympics and will celebrate everything we love about horses and Britain! From Will and Kate to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to tea, tweed and Tatler, and to Harry Potter and everything in between, BreyerFest British Invasion will be a


fun frolic for all ages! Tickets are on sale now at www.BreyerHorses.com.

The average number of minutes it takes to answer 42 questions in

10 categories about your farm and rate your individual bio-security risk. Possible scores include: green for go (keep doing what you’re doing), yellow for caution (consider improvements), and red for stop (reassess to reduce serious risk). This interactive tool is an educational resource of Equine Guelph (University of Guelph), developed in collaboration with Colorado State University and sponsored by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Foundation and Vétoquinol Canada Inc. Go to www.equineguelph.ca/Tools/biosecurity_2011.php to see how you score.

26 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com


Smarter by Design


A Spoonful of Sugar Does your horse hate taking medication in pill form? Try mixing your horse’s crushed medication with maple syrup, molasses, crushed peppermint candies, yogurt, applesauce or carrot baby food. If he still refuses, mix the crushed pills with a small amount of water to make a paste and use a clean syringe to administer it like you would a paste wormer. The paste can also be flavored with a sweet

Photo of the Month

In Summary

syrup or puree. Jane Bartosik sent in this photo of her horse, Sug an Twist, out of Dun it with a Twist. Jane says, “Twister is a four-year-old Quarter Horse that I bought in Arizona last summer while on a business trip. I decided to take advantage of being out west to just “look” at some nice horses, and next thing I know, he’s being shipped to his new home in Connecticut! “Now, at almost 60, I’m working with a trainer, learning reining and am hoping to show in Green Reiner this spring after 30+ years of just pleasure riding. He’s the nicest, sweetest, coolest horse I’ve ever known, and I’ve known a

Cushing’s Research

few in my lifetime of being around horses.”

Cushing’s disease is considered one of the most

University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary

28 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com


Cushing’s disease will become unnecessary.

0 Appaloosa

The ultimate goal of the research is to develop a onetime treatment for the disease so daily medications for



veterinarians about the survey.


Clinical Sciences, is urging horse owners to inform their



Dr. James Carmalt, an equine surgeon and associate professor in the WCVM’s Department of Large Animal



for the next six months.




No Wrong Color

which was launched in January 2012, is available at

To be a part of our Facebook page.

Percentage of Readers

international equine practitioners. The online survey,

color was. Here are your answers. polls, “like” us on our


Medicine (WCVM) are addressing through a survey of

We asked what your favorite horse


It’s one of the questions that researchers at the

Color Preference


just how common is the disease internationally?


commonly-diagnosed endocrine disorders of horses. But,


In Summary Real-Time Stall Design Lucas Equine Equipment, Inc. of Cynthiana, Kentucky, recently launched an advanced web application where users can configure their own custom horse stalls in real time. The Lucas Equine StallBuilder™ offers hundreds of custom combinations of designs, colors, features, and upgrades, giving users the ability to select the exact elements they want. The Lucas Equine StallBuilder can be accessed by visiting www.LucasEquine.com and clicking on StallBuilder.

Top Shows of 2011 The North American Riders Group (NARG), recently ranked the top 25 North American

One of 23 Para-Dressage riders from 23 nations have qualified

horse shows of 2011. The top five ranked shows

to take part in the London 2012 Paralympic Games. The

in order were Spruce Meadow (Alberta, Canada),

qualification process, which began in October 2010, finished

Thunderbird Equestrian Show Park (British

on January 31, 2012. The USA is one of the 23 nations that

Columbia, Canada), the Alltech National Horse

qualified. A total of 78 Para-Equestrian riders will be battling it

Show (KY), the Devon Horse Show (PA), and the

out for the 11 sets of medals available in Greenwich Park over

Hampton Classic (NY).

six days from August 30 to September 4.

The complete list can be found at narg.org.

30 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Choose the Nutrena senior feed that’s right for you and your horse. ®


NEW! Improved Formulas




Going Green By Equine Facility Architect, Ellen Whittemore

Vermicomposting: Worms Helping with Manure Management Composting on site seems like a good green approach to manure management, but with so much to do and with limited funds, the question is: How do you do this and is it worth it? Nik Beisert, of Earthworm™ Soil Company

can be readily processed by plants,

partially pre-composted manure and


which improves their rate and quality of

bedding (fresh manure will get too hot)

growth, and the mucous produced in

is set on a screen with the worms. When

the process helps to retain nutrients and

ready to harvest, a crank is turned on

prevent them from being washed away.

the side of the drum, causing the final

would like to show you how to do this and convince you that it is well worth it.

The Beauty of Creepy, Crawly, Slimy Things Nik’s company specializes in vermicomposting, a simple process

Nik’s company works with a

product to be sifted to the bottom of

manufacturer to build the ideal unit for

the barrel. Don’t worry; no worms are

each client based on budget and needs,

hurt in the process as they migrate to

and will set up the equipment on site,

the top. The finished material can then

provide training for basic daily operation,

be removed through an access door.

and provide ongoing maintenance and

For a horse farm, Nik recommends

support. The company will even retail

units that are larger and use electric

the final product for you so you can

winches to harvest the material for

actually turn a profit.

efficiency. A single 5’x8’ unit is enough

in which worms consume organic

for one to two horses and costs

material, digest it and excrete a kind

A Visit with Nik and His Worms

of “super” compost or vermicompost

I visited with Nik in Hamilton,

approximately $4,500 ($5,000 including the worms) installed. While this may

that is extremely rich in nutrients and

Massachusetts, where he has a

seem like a lot of money, keep in mind

microorganisms and has been found

prototype set up. The system consists

that you can take care of all of your

to be superior to typical compost. It

of three large plastic drums into which

manure this way and end up with a

32 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

World Equestrian Games 2010

William Fox-Pitt

Individual Silver, Team Gold Eventing World Equestrian Games

Philippe Lejeune

Individual Gold, Team Bronze Showjumping World Equestrian Games

2 riders, 2 horses, 4 medals, 1 supplement company (please feel free to draw your own conclusions)

The Choice of Champions

Š2010 Grand Meadows, Inc. Orange, CA USA

equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 33

Going Green Continued

valuable fertilizer that you can use on

a huge environmental step forward

your property or sell to offset the initial

and can add significant value to an

cost of the equipment, usually in one to

organization’s brand. This is something

three years.

that Nik feels is priceless.

“Closing the Loop”

vermicomposting, Nik recommends

For more information on According to Nik, “Vermicomposting


on site can be rewarding from many


perspectives.” It is not just that you can generate

I would love to feature

cash from waste products to offset

YOUR green ideas and projects.

fertilizer and soil amendment costs,

Contact Ellen Whittemore at

or the cost of the equipment, but the processing of all waste on site into a valuable asset that is used on site is

ellenmwhittemore@yahoo.com Vermicomposting, composting with worms, produces a compost rich in nutrients.



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The Self-employed Equestrian

36 March 2012 â?™ equinejournal.com

Running Your Freelance Business Profitably By Karen E. Baril

The best part of being self-employed is answering only to yourself, but that also means you’re the chief cook and bottlewasher. The danger in choosing to do what you love for a living is failing to separate “hobby” from “business.” But the good news is, you really can make money doing what you love. Staying organized and being realistic about your profitability are keys that will keep you in business for the long haul. Photo: Carien Schippers equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 37

Photo: Donna Kilday

Be sure to keep business and personal records separate. If you are ever audited by the IRS this is one of the nine factors they use to determine whether you are a business or hobby.

Create a Marketing Plan “I know a lot of people don’t want to create a marketing plan because it’s not all that much fun, but marketing is the single, largest issue entrepreneurs and small businesses deal with throughout the life of their businesses,” says Lisa Derby Oden, owner of Blue Ribbon Consulting (www.blueribbonconsulting.com) and author of Growing Your Horse Business and Bang for Your Buck: Making $ense of Marketing for Your Horse Business. To create a marketing plan, identify a few key components. What

Establish your business as a separate entity, a corporation, an LLC, or a legal partnership, and register your business name with your state offices. Lisa

type of service or product are you offering? Who is your target market?

recommends establishing a good relationship with an

Where is your target market located? Establish both long- and short-term

attorney. “He or she can help you protect your personal

goals for your business, research the competition, and decide on pricing

assets now and down the road,” says Lisa. “Although

and other factors like travel expenses if they apply. Make sure you are as

there are online services that can help you establish your

specific as you can be in every aspect of your marketing plan.

business entity, I like the individual consulting that an

“Giving thought to the plan, doing the research, and getting it down on paper give insight into areas not previously considered or known,” says

attorney provides for me.” There is a fee associated with registration that

Lisa. “Just by creating a plan, you can make better and more informed

varies depending on where you live. “In New Hampshire,”

decisions about your business.”

says Lisa, “the fee starts at $50. If you don’t register

Once you’ve created a plan, follow it, and track your results so you

your business name and down the road you discover

know what is working for you and what isn’t. This allows you to improve

someone else is registered under the same name as

on the plan and use your marketing resources to your best advantage.

yours, you’ll have to change your name and all your marketing. That will get expensive!”

Keep Business and Personal Records Separate “If you’re ever audited by the IRS,” says Lisa, “this is one of the nine factors they use to determine whether you’re a business or hobby.”

“Once you have your name established, set up a checking account in your business name, separate from your personal account,” says Lisa. “All your business income and bills should be paid through this account.”

38 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com


supports the dream!





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Insurance Made Easy! Competitive Rates & Great Service We can now insure horses up to age 20 with major medical!

Equine ~ Farms

Mortality Major Medical & Surgical Farm Packages (Auto & Home) Horse Associations & Clubs Director & Officer Coverage Horse Shows, Clinics, Expo Coverage Instructor’s Liability

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www.donrayinsurance.com Call Terri Ray today! Terri is a horse owner showing locally & nationally.

(781) 837-6550 terriray@donray insurance.com Marshfield, MA

There are many recordkeeping tools available to small business owners that simplify things. “One of the first things I recommend to freelancers is to keep a diary of sorts,” says Lisa. “It should indicate weather conditions, (yes, weather affects your business!), where you’ve been, cancellations, and why people cancelled.” For bookkeeping, Lisa recommends the software program, Quicken®. “QuickBooks® is excellent as well,” says Lisa, “but it has a steeper learning curve.” Other programs include Microsoft® Outlook, which will help you track appointments and tasks. There are even online virtual assistants to help you track expenses and schedule appointments. Plan on setting aside one day a month for recordkeeping. Review and update your diary, your receipt catalog, and your mileage. Be sure to do a cash reconciliation every month to be sure your books balance. “I also recommend doing a forecasted income/expense spreadsheet,” says Lisa, “which you can check each month. Don’t fret – it’s a forecast! But, if you’re starting to see a deficit in income versus expenses, this gives you the chance to address the problem now.”

FRY’S EQUINE INSURANCE AGENCY one of the oldest equine insurance agencies in the country

“Like it or not,” says Lisa, “recordkeeping is part of your job. At the end of every day, open up your business journal and make notes about what you did, including appointments, where you went, and what may have changed your plans.”

Know Your Cash-flow Cycle “Cash flow,” says Lisa, “is the lifeblood of your business. If

Farm/Ranch Owners • Boarding Lessons • Training Care, Custody & Control Sales • Shows • Clubs Mortality • Major Medical (several options)

Immediate Coverage Available Payment Plans ~ Credit Cards Accepted

you can’t keep your bills paid, you won’t keep your doors open.” But, cash flow takes planning. Annual bills can come due all at one time, like insurance bills or hay for example. You’ll need to plan in advance how you’ll pay for these items until the money comes in. “Understanding cash flow allows you to deal with shortterm financing needs,” says Lisa. “You may decide to use your credit card for short-term debt, arrange a credit line at your

Education is the key to obtaining the proper insurance coverage. Our goal is to answer your questions so you choose the coverage this is right for you.

bank, or borrow from Aunt Sarah if you know you can repay within a reasonable time frame.” If your biggest expenses will occur in February, you might



info@FrysEquineInsurance.com Visit us on the web to learn more: www.FrysEquineInsurance.com 40 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

find things a little tough in March if the income won’t be rolling in until May, June, and July. Small business owners and freelancers often operate on limited resources, so planning ahead for these cash-flow cycles will keep your business afloat.

Rebecca Rahall, Owner 3533 Marathon Ave. ❙ Castle Hayne, NC 28429 ph. 910.352.0880 ❙ www.atlanticequineservices.com

My Rugged Destiny Rugged Lark x Kings Casandra (By Mr. King Destiny)

Choose your destiny with “My Rugged Destiny,” the first Rugged Lark foal registered, inspected and branded by the American Warmblood Registry. Like his sire, he exemplifies the qualities of a champion - natural balance and athleticism, a steady, willing personality, and the color, charisma and style that gets a judge’s attention in the show ring. My Rugged Destiny is registered AQHA (Incentive Fund), DCROA (Foundation Sire), IBHA, ABRA, and is enrolled in the APHA Breeder’s Trust.

Protection Your Horse Deserves Agri-Risk Services A Markel Company Insurance for Horses, Trainers & Farms

Barbara Kirby or Lance Allen (800) 821-5558 • info@agririsk.com www.agririsk.com facebook.com/MarkelHorse

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Tax Write-offs Legitimate tax write-offs include mileage, parking, tolls, office supplies, some travel accommodations, business meals, professional development clinics, seminars, courses, and licensure. Vehicles may qualify, with some exclusions. Business cell phones, computers, printers, marketing expenses, websites, and professional membership fees are all legitimate tax-write offs, but check with your accountant to be sure. The last thing you want is trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. “Don’t co-mingle accounts,” warns Lisa. “Do

Photo: Donna Kilday

set up a recordkeeping system that tracks business

Be creative when it comes to reducing expenses. If you travel a lot choose a vehicle that offers good mileage, and schedule appointments in the same area all on one day or offer group services.

income and expenses. Save all your receipts, track your mileage, and meet with a tax professional to help you best understand the tax code and to keep yourself on the up-and-up.”

Stick to a Budget Every business owner needs a plan for handling cash, whether it’s coming in or going out. “A good thing about a budget,” says Lisa, “is that it forces you to look at what you need versus what you want.” Ask yourself how you’ll finance the most important elements of

Official Horse Treat of the

Fidelity Jumper Classic

your business based on what stage your business is in. “In the horse industry, it’s so easy to want the best truck, trailer, or horse, but buying it on credit can be devastating if you don’t have a concrete plan on how you’re going to pay for it.”

We could be your official treat too! Nickers All Natural Horse Treats can feature Horse Show Logo for all your participants to take home and enjoy!


Go to www.northwoodsanimaltreats.com or call us!

Just like in a household budget, make sure your business expenses are within the means of your business income. “Build incrementally,” says Lisa, “and you can achieve your goals, even if it’s over a longer time frame.”

Reduce Operating Expenses Be creative when it comes to reducing expenses. “If you travel a lot,” says Lisa, “choose a vehicle that offers good mileage. If you go to conferences or seminars, consider carpooling or sharing hotel accommodations. If you need administrative services, consider getting together with other business owners and pooling resources to hire someone that serves you all.” Additional tips include scheduling appointments in the same


Join Us On www.northwoodsanimaltreats.com

63 Emerald St #428 ❙ Keene, NH 03431

877-692-6928 42 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

area all on one day or offering group services. You might even consider looking for a sponsor in a particular area who will provide you with accommodations in exchange for the extra business they garner from having you in their area. If it’s applicable, consider offering your services online or via telephone as well.


Experience North America’s Premiere Equestrian Gathering

April 12-15 Ohio Expo Center Columbus, OH

Featured clinicians... Craig Cameron Linda Parelli Mark Rashid

Stacy Westfall Guy McLean Jonathan Field

Plus... Stacy Westfall (Reining) Aaron Ralston (Trail & Ranch Horse Training) Peter Leone (Hunters/Jumpers) Todd Flettrich (Dressage) Connie Combs (Barrel Racing) Larry Kuyper (Team Penning & Sorting) Jennifer Moshier (Hunter Under Saddle & Showmanship)

Brenda Imus (Easy Gaited Horses) Terry Ciotti Gallo (Dressage Freestyles) Drew Emnett (Western Pleasure) Sinead Halpin (Eventing) Andy Marcoux (Driving) Duane Esser (English Pleasure & Hunter Pleasure)

Mark Bolender (Mountain Trail) Sylvia Zerbini (Liberty) Hollie McNeil (Horse & Rider Biomechanics) Cathy Zahm (Draft Horse Training) Dan James (Liberty & Advanced Horsemanship) Mary Rivers (Sidesaddle) Jeff Wilson (Western Dressage) Northern Ohio Outlaws (Mounted Shooting) Cathy Drumm (Lunging)

Equine Affaire Inc. 2720 State Route 56 SW London, OH 43140 (740) 845-0085

Equine Affaire offers horse people of all disciplines, all breed persuasions, and all skill levels unparalleled opportunities to learn, shop, network, and celebrate the horse in grand style! An Exceptional Educational Program The Largest Horse-Related Trade Show in North America Breed Pavilion, Horse & Farm Exhibits and Demonstrations Stone Horses® Youth Pavilion, Activities & Celebrity Horse Showcase And don’t miss the Pfizer Fantasia, Equine Affaire’s signature equine musical revue on Friday & Saturday nights ... and the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition on Thursday and Sunday—a fast-paced timed and judged race through an obstacle course with $5500 at stake! Come to Equine Affaire and celebrate the horse with us. For all you need to know to go—including the event schedule and information on tickets, host hotels/camping, how to attend, exhibit, or participate in clinics or the competition consult...


Presenters subject to change. © 2012 Equine Affaire, Inc.

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 43

Lisa advises taking advantage of situations where lots of horse people gather in one place, including clinics and horse competitions.

Buy the Right Insurance The best insurance anyone can have is to follow “good risk management strategies,” says Lisa. Find out what risk management

Use the Web “If you don’t have a web presence now, well, you’re crazy,” says Lisa. “ It’s true; there are some (very few!) horse businesses that don’t

means as it relates to your business. “If you’re an instructor, do you require hard hats, proper footwear, and vests?” “In this day and age,” says Lisa, “you should think in terms of

need a web presence. Perhaps farriers are a good example, but the

when you might be sued, not if you might be sued.” Lisa uses the

thing to remember is that whether you’re computer savvy or not,

metaphor of an onion with its variety of layers. “One layer separates

your customers probably are. The good news is, you don’t need to be

your business from your personal assets, another protects your

an Internet guru to have a web presence.”

business from liability.”

There are many cost-effective solutions. Paying for even the

Consult the services of an insurance agent familiar with equine-

entry-level subscription will get you on the web with minimal to no

related businesses. Ask dozens of questions until you thoroughly

third-party advertising cluttering up your pages.

understand your insurance coverage. Never allow an insurance agent

“Social media has introduced another element to marketing,” says Lisa. But, she cautions business owners and freelancers to be conscious of the drawbacks. “Lots of people think [social media] doesn’t cost anything, but

to brush off a question. If that happens, it’s probably time to find another agent and possibly another company. “In addition,” says Lisa, “make sure you have all the proper contracts and release forms in place. You might get these online,

it does. Social media costs you time, so you need to monitor this and

but have your attorney review them to make sure they’re relevant to

determine if you’re spending the right amount of time based on your

your state’s laws. You’ll learn the nuances of how they apply to your

business goals.”

situation by talking to your legal counsel.”

44 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Arabian Horse Association of New England

2012Show Please join us for our

58th Annual

“Big Money”

SHOW June 28-30, 2012 Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Eastern States Exposition Center West Springfield, MA

OVER $10,000 will be given away in prize money!!

Arabian Divisions Qualifies for the 2012 & 2013 Region 16 Championships USEF “A” Rated, USDF Approved For a Prize List go to www.AHANE.org For more info, call Tom Crossen 860-742-6486 or Donald Dawson 978-456-3303

Arabian Horse Association of New England

New Classes! Dressage Equitation, Academy Classes, Free Kids and Game Classes

Name: _____________________________Phone: ____________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ City: _________________________State: _____________Zip: __________ Send form and check payable to AHANE to:

DOB: _______________SS#: _______________Email: ________________ New: ______ Renewing:______ AHA#: _______________________ Member Since: __________________

Mary Kay Newton Ash Lane Farm, P.O. Box 192 New Braintree, MA 01531 Membership has increased to reflect an increase in membership from AHA.

____ $80.00 AHA Adult with Competition Card (AHA membership, Competition Card, AHA excess personal liability insurance)

____ $75.00 AHA Senior with Competition Card (AHA membership, Competition Card, AHA excess personal liability insurance) (60 years by 12/31/11)

____ $65.00 AHA Youth with Competition Card (Under 18 years by 12/31/11)

You may also join AHANE online via the AHA website: www.arabianhorses.org

Five Key Components of a Successful Web Presence Location, location, location. Make sure you’re easy

Choose your web provider carefully. Don’t skimp on

to find. If I have to type in 14 letters, symbols, dots, and

the web presence. For a little over $10 a month, you can

hyphens just to get to your website, I’ll probably never find

have a clean, well-designed website. Web pages that are

you or won’t even bother to look. There are many good

cluttered with advertisements, disorganized, or hard to

providers that offer easy-to-find domain names. Most of

navigate do not get repeat customers.

these sites offer free site-builders that are easy to use, even for those who are not computer savvy.

Create an Email/Newsletter list. Your provider can help you set up a link where customers can sign up for

Create a great first impression. Be sure your home

your newsletter. Type a short newsletter every month and

page draws customers. It should focus on what you do and

send it to all your customers via one link. Include specials,

why customers should choose your product or service. In

coupons, and the latest happenings.

other words, “Why are you so special?” Now is no time to

Maintain a blog. A blog gives customers a reason to

be modest. You can also include an About Us page that

visit your site. If every time they come, something is a little

includes more in-depth information on your history

different, you’ll have customers returning again and again

and credentials.

just to see what’s new.

One Horse For All Occasions®

Visit the Rocky Mountain Horse Association at the Equine Affaire, April 12-15 in Columbus, Ohio (Booth B 62 -63) to learn about this wonderful horse!

Rocky Mountain Horse Association 859-243-0260 www.rmhorse.com

Sharon Elam

46 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Hughes Photography Cindy McDougal

Arabian A Final Word Do you think it’s the purest folly launching a business in tough economic times? History bears witness to the wisdom of it. Companies like Dover Saddlery, Famous Amos™ Cookies, and even Microsoft were all launched in the 1970s when consumer confidence

Straight Forward Horsemanship, Winning Results! Trainer/Coach of Regional & National Champions Working Hunter, Dressage, Sport Horse Under Saddle, Sport Horse in Hand, Hunter Hack, Jumpers Amateur Friendly, Teaching You To Ride Your Horse

was at an all-time low. Today, with unemployment still hovering at around 10% and the housing market limping along as best it can, some entrepreneurs are seizing the moment. These are the folks who are tired of waiting for their dreams to come true. They know the road won’t be easy, but by staying organized and remaining realistic, their businesses will thrive. ■ Lisa Derby Oden has been providing business development, marketing, and non-profit consulting services to the horse industry since 1995. Oden is author of Growing Your Horse Business, and Bang

EVENTING • DRESSAGE HUNTER/JUMPER ~ Open to All Breeds ~ Bevin O’Reilly Dugan, Manager/Trainer winchester.vt@gmail.com • www.winchesterstables.com 336 River Road, Newfane, VT 05345 • 802.365.9434

for Your Buck: Making $ense of Marketing for Your Horse Business; she is also a partner in the CD series, Inventing Your Horse Career. For more information, visit her website at www.blueribbonconsulting.com.

CRAA Spring Derby Premiere Arabian Horse Show


IFSHA Region 1 Champion Friesian/Part Bred Friesian HORSE SHOW

Equine Insurance Contact Listings Blue Bridle Insurance Agency, Inc. 800-526-1711 www.bluebridle.com Corinthian Insurance 508-533-5103 www.corinthianinsurance.com Don Ray Insurance 781-837-6550 www.donrayinsurance.com Fry’s Equine Insurance 800-842-9021 www.frysequineinsurance.com Markel Insurance 800-431-1270 www.markelinsurance.com Nicholson Insurance Agency, Inc 859-224-7080 www.nicholsoninsurance.net Taylor, Harris Insurance Services, Ltd. 800-291-4774 www.taylorharris.com

April 27 - 29, 2012

Apri l2 7-2 9, 2 012

Three County Fairgrounds, Northampton, MA

New & Improved Show Facilities

Expanded Classes: Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure & Youth Classes AHA, USEF, IFSHA, USHJA Recognized Contact: Pamela Turner 607-739-3341 www.orgsites.com/ct/connecticutriverarabian/index.html

Stallion Reproduction Services Phantom Training Semen Collection Semen Analysis Frozen Semen Semen Shipping Semen Storage Stallion Management

Working with Arabians for over 30 years! Call Mark Burke 540-254-1017 and let us help you produce your next champion!

www.amethystacres.com 30 minutes south of the Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA

The journey begins...

August 14-18 2012

763.767.1381 1.800.328.9923

WWW.ELEANORSARABIANFARM.COM Talented Performance Prospects by... • IXL Noble Express • Affire Bey V • The Noblest

860-354-8926 ~ Bridgewater, CT www.trowbridgesltd.com


860-847-1076 www.regalbayfarm.com

Offered For Sale:

WC Hip Hip Hooray (Renaissanse X Hippie Chick) Ali Jamaal Granddaughter

2009 Bay Filly 3/4 Arabian


P.O. Box 1 • Middlebury, CT 06762 • 203-758-2877 203-758-2321 fax • Contact: Mert Sartre or Kristie Stevens

CJ Shadow Dance Reg #637811 Purebred Arabian Region 9 2011 Champion, Arabian Working Cow Horse Futurity, 2011 U.S. National Reserve Champion Arabian Working Cow Horse Futurity. Standing at Stud Owners, Charles and Sherry Jolley 39815 Hwy 19, Pauls Valley, OK Stud Fee $1500, Booking Fee $300 Frozen and cooled semen available, multiple mare discount

Royal Oaks Arabians Office 405-238-6400 Cell 405-238-0170 Fax 405-238-6003 www.royaloaksarabians.com

Beautiful, dark chocolate filly with loads of type and tremendous western pleasure potential. Gorgeous face, long, hooky neck, and a sweetheart disposition make “Hip Hop” a great futurity prospect for 2012 U.S. Nationals. Sweepstakes Nominated

Harrigan photo

Arabian Breeders

Arabian Breeders VF Royal Quest

What is the advantage?

(reg # 596737)

We believe that the bond between horse and rider is created through participation in the training process. Spending quality time with your own horse makes for a picture perfect performance.

Dream Quest/Bask/Ali jamaal Arabian Sporthorse, Join The Winning Team! Order your Sporthorse out of this Champion Stallion. Also with our imported approved AHS studbook inspected mares/ AHA purebred Arabian.

Let us help you create your own beautiful pictures! Karen & Jack Baldwin, Proprietors

SHOWING ✦ TRAINING ✦ LESSONS BOARDING ✦ SALES 108 Cedar Lake Road | Deep River, CT 06417 Barn 860.526.5989 | Cell 860.729.0548

Many Quality Horses Available for Purchase

The time is now… Get ready for 2012 Show Season! Now accepting a select number of top quality Arabians and Saddlebreds.


Pionciana-Pointmaker/Pike Bube/Absatz Dream Girl - Donnerhall/ Weltmeyer/Akzent Deal Me A Diamond - Bask

TRES CABALLOS STABLES Mr & Mrs Lee/Irma Ruiz, Owners ❘ 310 Jones Road ❘ Highlands, TX 77562 ❘ 832-514-5596 roxanneruiz@hotmail.com ❘ trescaballostables2.info

A Pedigree of Pretty, Personality and Performance Some of his beautiful ancestors include El Shaklan, Desperado V and World Champion Carmargue. Carmargue was highlighted in the August/ September 2010 issue of Modern Arabian Horse. The article states “One of the beautiful things about Carmargue was his temperament.” On Savoy’s dam’s side he is linebred to the legendary, big trotting Huckleberry Bey, bred by Sheila Varian.

2011 Accomplishments AHCC: Grand Champion Stallion Hudson Valley Arabian: Grand Champion Stallion 2012 Stud Fee: $750

Boarding, Training & Riding Lessons

Located... on 80+ Acres in Rural Foster, RI

Pine Falls Farm

23 stall barn with large indoor arena, two outdoor arenas, cross country course and extensive trails


Anne Cardoza ~ Foster, RI ❙




401-647-3245 | info@pinefallsfarm.com | www.pinefallsfarm.com

Ali Halik


Black Straight Egyptian Arabian of the rare Abeyyan Strain (Ali Ajiba x Nasama Halima) His first foals will be coming this year.

We bring them up right

Photos and video of sale horses on our website www.twinbrookarabians.com

Give them a reason to smile And put them in the winner’s circle

(Om El Shahmaan X Sweet Siesta V) 2008 Arabian Stallion Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire

BOARDING ❙ TRAINING ❙ LESSONS ❙ SALES In the Friendliest Atmosphere

Lynne DeAdder, Manager 279 Watchaug Road ❙ Somers, CT 06071

Call for sales list or visit our website

860.749.4797 ❙ www.doubleaarabians.com

Twin Brook Farm Hank & Marguerite Illing Parksville, New York 845-292-7797 milling853@gmail.com

50 March 2012 â?™ equinejournal.com

Photo: clixphoto.com

By Pamela Mansfield

Bad Weather Trailering Tips We can’t control the weather, but we can control how prepared we can be for changing conditions that might surprise us while trailering our horses. Hauling a trailer adds a whole new dimension of danger when snow, ice, wind, or even rain enter the picture and make driving treacherous.

Dr. Rebecca Gimenez, a horse-rescue expert who wrote the book, Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, and is a world-renowned trainer of equine rescue personnel along with Tomas Gimenez, D.M.V., reports, “We commonly drive across the country with our horses and llama for the TLAER training events. In the 120,000 miles that we have logged in 15 years of doing that, we have minimized our exposure to these

If you’ve ever wondered what to do if bad weather strikes while

situations by closely monitoring the weather stations,

you’re pulling that precious cargo back there in your trailer, it may

weather.com, and of course, we have a NOAA radio

be comforting to learn there are highly experienced people who

too. Sometimes, we had to wait while a wild weather

have sage advice on how to handle such situations. They can’t stress

system came through, or, we changed our course or

enough that it’s important to be fully prepared, no matter whether the

plans to get going ahead of the system.”

trip is short or long distance, on a perfect day, or, perhaps when the worst conditions are predicted and an evacuation is necessary.

Having a “shelter-in-place” plan for long trips can make all the difference by allowing you to wait out a storm or bad conditions in a more comfortable

Tune in Early to Weather Forecasts “Generally – trailers should not be driven in icy/snowy conditions if it can be avoided,” says Dr. Rebecca Gimenez of Technical Large

situation. Plan ahead for potential stopovers where you can seek shelter and possibly even safely unload your horses at a barn or sheltered paddock along the way.

Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER), based in Georgia. “The issues are just compounded for you, and the safety of your horses can be too easily compromised if you have a wreck; then, you will have to wait a lot longer to get assistance.” By closely monitoring weather reports before departure and

Trailer Preparation Before transporting horses in any kind of weather, be sure to have done everything possible to have your trailer in its optimum condition and configuration.

while on the road, drivers may avoid putting themselves and their

Now, that may seem obvious on one hand, but on the

horses in danger.

other, are you really ready to face the elements?

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 51

Photo: Neva Kittrell Scheve

A properly hitched weight distribution system with safety chains crossed underneath. The breakaway cable is attached properly to the main part of the hitch, not the slide out ball mount.

“The more attention that is paid to hooking up properly will pay off

• Go one step further and “add more reflective strips to the

when the situation gets dicey. Weaknesses in the system will become

sides and back of your trailer – so that you can be seen. Most

more apparent in an emergency and will make the difference between

trailers do not have enough reflective material on them, and

having an inconvenient problem or a tragedy,” says Neva Kittrell Scheve,

the lights are notorious for failing,” Dr. Gimenez says.

of EquiSpirit Trailers in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Along with

• Be sure the trailer brakes are properly adjusted and

her husband, Tom, Neva designs trailers, gives clinics, writes articles,

synchronized so that they come on just ahead of the tow

and has co-authored three books, including Equine Emergencies On The

vehicle brakes.

Road, with Jim Hamilton, D.V.M. Ms. Scheve and Dr. Gimenez offer these basic but oh-so-important safety inspection tips: • All tires on both the tow vehicle and the trailer should have good tread and be inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. • Always have a spare tire for truck and trailer ready to use; two spares are even better. • Keep your trailer in good working condition and adhere to a

• “Breakaway emergency brake batteries should be charged, and the brake cable needs to be attached to the tow vehicle. Safety chains should be crossed underneath, so if the coupler comes off, the chains will act as a cradle to keep the tongue from hitting the ground. And, last but certainly not least, the tow vehicle must be properly rated to tow the load,” says Ms. Scheve. • Plan on bringing enough hay, shavings, and water for a

maintenance schedule so it is safe for hauling at any time, all trailer

longer trip, as well as a possible layover, while waiting out a

lights are functioning, and the battery is charged.

storm or unforeseen circumstances.

52 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com


& Beautiful

Hawk 2012


Your Choice for a Hybrid Trailer We Offer:

• Fully lined and insulated walls and doors for climate control and sound reduction • One piece molded fiberglass roof and fenders for Strength and Durability • Custom painted accent colors to personalize your trailer

T R A I L E R S PO Box 270 ❙ Manawa, WI 54949

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Fax 920-596-315

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Now What?

start to jackknife. The natural tendency is to push the brake pedal

When bad weather hits, it’s time to slow down and consider your

harder, but that is the worst thing to do. It is best to keep a forward motion so the trailer doesn’t start whipping around the truck,� says Ms.

options for pulling off the road. Meanwhile: • Turn on the flashers on the truck and trailer to make your rig easier for other drivers to see when snow and rain affect visibility. • Drive slowly enough to be able to brake safely – leave plenty of

Scheve. She advises drivers to be vigilant and watch the trailer through the rear view mirrors to be sure it is not starting to sway or slide. “Trailers are a just a flat-sided box – they will turn over on their

distance between your front bumper and the vehicle in front of you

sides if driven in windy conditions over 35 mph. We see this in trailers

– usually six seconds or more.

going over bridges and mountain passes as well as in hurricanes – it

When it comes to skidding and sliding, “If all the brakes are

doesn’t take much to flip it over on the side. Horse people in South

adjusted properly, they definitely should ‘cooperate’ with the truck.

Florida are commonly aware of the issues and usually plan to “shelter

Sometimes, however, the trailer could slide in slippery conditions and

in place� if they cannot evacuate early – because they know that they cannot get out with traffic before the winds get too high,� says Dr. Gimenez. “Do not park under the underpasses and take shelter under

American Bashkir Curly

the corners – the wind will focus through these obstacles and make it more dangerous – and if there is a tornado, this is the most dangerous place to be!� If you suddenly have to swerve, the movement will throw the horses’ weight against the sides of the trailer (weight distribution in a

CURLY PINES RANCH Brandon & Jennifer Bennett Bastrop, TX 512-965-7543 www.curlypinesranch.com

DREAMSWEPT FARM Tamea Denault Kettle Falls, WA 509-738-2077 www.dreamsweptfarm.com

trailer is always changing with the way the horses move), and it could begin to sway. “While the tendency is to brake, you should actually drive out of such a situation by taking your foot off the gas and applying the independent brake controller for the trailer,� Tom Scheve of EquiSpirit Trailers recommends.

Get Off the Road and Wait It Out Not only is your driving compromised in pouring rain or blizzards, the other drivers on the road may have difficulty seeing you HYPO-ALLERGENIC


or stopping in time to avoid hitting you. Get to a parking lot to “shelter in place.�

HIGH DESERT EQUINE CENTER Ron & Joan Olson Reno, NV 775-475-2250 www.hdequine.com

ROCKY RIDGE FARM Melinda & David Martino Morningview, KY 859-356-0749 www.melscurlyhorses.com

Once you’re parked, the horses should be safe inside the trailer. “The metal skin of your trailer will provide them with better protection than being tied outside of it (with the exception of tornados – but that is hopefully a very rare event that is difficult to




ZZZ WKHWUDLOHUGHSRW FRP 54 March 2012 â?™ equinejournal.com

Trakehner Breeders

Lord Locksley

*Ps* 2001, 16.1 hands by Unkenruf *Pg*E* out of Lida by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*

Solidly built, fluid, powerful mover. Fabulous temperament and trainability. 2011 USDF Region 8 I-1 Freestyle Champion. Training Grand Prix with Suzanne Hamilton in FL this winter. Frozen semen only, from Select Breeders. Can be viewed on her website

www.crystalspringfarm.net blackdogfarm2@gmail.com Owner Margaret Stevens


They are keen, alert and intelligent, yet very stable and accepting and anxious to please. The American Trakehner Association website describes the Trakehner scene in North America as one of tremendous growth and enthusiasm. Much of the American stock is still young or actively breeding, but already a significant number of

Trakehner-bred horses are out competing and gaining national and international recognition. As the list of accomplishments grows, so does the list of breeders, riders, and friends who continue to be charmed by the beauty and talent these horses have to offer. Visit the American Trakehner Association at www.americantrakehner.com for more information.

Lord Cosmo

photo credit: Sharon Packer

The Trakehner is considered to be the lightest and most refined of the European warmblood breeds, and they are outstanding performance horses. Their natural elegance makes them standouts in dressage, while their characteristic, powerful hindquarters makes for talented jumpers. However, perhaps the most outstanding attribute of the Trakehner is their temperament.

by Cosmopolit out of Lida *E* by Enrico Caruso *E*Ps*

16.2 H Tobiano pinto Trakehner. Contact Tylord Farm, Benson, Vermont 05731 Tele. 802-537-4311 • tylordvt@yahoo.com www.tylordfarm.com Also available with frozen semen Arentino and Lord Luciano.


Strong, versatile and durable, a Victory II Series 2 horse trailer from Eby is the result of more than 35 years experience listening to our customers and designing horse transportation equipment that exceeds expectations. Choose Victory II gooseneck models with dressing rooms and bumper hitch models with or without dressing rooms. Step up to extraordinary!

Built On A Heritage Of Innovation

www.mheby.com "LUE "ALL 0! s email: sales@mheby.com equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 55

Evacuating Your Horse

Photos courtesy Dr. Tomas Gimenez

Your trailer should be able to be seen in the daytime easily if it is stopped on the side of the road or if you are driving in low visibility conditions. This trailer has plenty of reflective to attract notice.

This is the same trailer at night – notice that only the reflective is easy to see. The rest of the trailer disappears. If your lights are not working (a common occurrence in horse trailers) then you cannot be seen on the side of the road.

56 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Moving horses out of the path of an oncoming hurricane or other natural disaster is not a simple task, but thanks to a nearly nationwide effort to establish evacuation plans and sheltering, there are some procedures in place. “After Hurricane Katrina, everything changed,” says Dr. Charlotte Krugler, Emergency Preparedness Veterinarian at Clemson University in South Carolina. South Carolina, with a large equine population, is no stranger to hurricanes. “The main thing I would tell you is to get out early,” Dr. Krugler says. There are different levels of evacuation, with mandatory being the closest to impact. Don’t wait that long. In the “quagmire of traffic,” a trip that normally takes two hours could take 20 hours, she warns. Working with Dr. Krugler and others in the state, Marsha Hewitt, at the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, has identified numerous barns and facilities along the evacuation routes where horses can be sheltered away from the coast and typical hurricane paths. Ms. Hewitt says their plan is patterned after one of the best, in Ontario County, NY. Thankfully, SCDA lists these locations on their website (agriculture.sc.gov/ equineevacuationsites). However, Hewitt stresses that the owner is totally responsible for the evacuation of the horse, and Dr. Krugler says that although FEMA policies have changed for evacuation of household pets (with the Pet Evacuation Transportation Standards or PETS Act of 2006), horse owners are basically on their own both logistically and financially. Some things to take into consideration should evacuation be necessary include: • Have a plan well in advance – identify two or three barns or facilities that are ready to take your horses, and make arrangements early. Have contact information, cell phone numbers, and directions printed out. Many racetrack barns are empty offseason and are part of this network, as are fairgrounds. • Make sure your horses know how to load onto a trailer. During an emergency is not the time to teach them. • Have all your paperwork with you, including Coggins and a current health certificate. Be up to date on vaccinations. “Persons evacuating to another state need to be aware of the entry requirements and have their paperwork in order. Many times the destination state will waive entry requirements for evacuations, but that is not a guarantee. It is up to the individual

governors and/or state veterinarians to change regulations in times of emergency,” says Dr. Brigid Elchos, Deputy State Veterinarian in Mississippi, another state devastated by hurricanes. • Bring ample hay, water, feed, and shavings to last for a few days at least. While extension offices, barns, and horse people all rally to get supplies to those in need, there are no guarantees. Bring all the halters and lead ropes, bandages, medications, and supplies you would normally take for an “away” horse show, and more. • While in the trailer, the horses need good air flow and air quality. In the event they are stuck on the trailer for hours, allow them to lower their heads to eat, do not keep them attached to trailer ties through the long ride. Give them water and hay. • When you arrive at a safe shelter, consider how to offload your horses in a strange environment so they do not panic and get loose. An enclosed area is best. • “Once at the barn, establish good bio-security habits,” as recommended by Dr. Adam Eichelberger, Field and Extension Veterinarian for the South Carolina State Veterinarian’s office says, noting that horse people are notorious for not taking this seriously. Don’t let your horses intermingle with others. “Keep a perimeter away from other horses – nose-to-nose touching is a primary route of disease. They could be exposed to just about anything. Wash your hands between touching other horses. Do not use a common water trough or a common hose. Bring your own buckets, feed pails and disinfectants, first aid kit, and supplies for your animals,” he advises. Do not share equipment, but if you do, be prepared to disinfect anything that comes into contact with others’ horses. Of current concern is Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1), which can be reduced by vaccinating and implementing basic bio-security precautions. If you have to shelter your horses somewhere, do not assume the property owners are there to take care of you and your horses. Everyone rallies together in emergencies, but don’t take advantage and do take responsibility for your own horses. Make sure your horse has identification. Bring all your papers, photos of yourself with your horse, and then put a halter tag on the horse or, better yet, get microchip identification implanted in the horse. You may have to prioritize which horses can go if you don’t have room for them all. In that case, be prepared for leaving them with ample hay and water, and determine the best way for them to ride out the storm – in the barn, or in a paddock. It is important to note that automatic waterers do not function when the power is off, and, that dehydration is a leading cause of death after a disaster. Therefore, do not leave horses locked in stalls. Put identification on all horses that must be left behind (mane tag, halter tag, microchip, leg tag), or write your phone number in livestock paint on their side. Make a very visible sign for your barn with your contact information, number of horses, identification of each horse and any special needs or precautions, and your planned destination. So much was learned after Katrina hit the New Orleans area. Nearly 400 horses were successfully rescued with the help of many volunteers and the facility at Louisiana State University. The chaos and destruction were horrifying, and by getting out early, you won’t have to experience it yourself. Locate your local agencies now if you’ve ever wondered, “What if I had to evacuate my horse?” Find out where to go and what to do. Be prepared, even if you don’t own a trailer. Dr. Rebecca Gimenez, of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, says one veterinarian in the Daytona area of Florida has a group of clients that band together to order a commercial van to deliver their horses to a safe, pre-coordinated evacuation site. With an evacuation network in place, everyone can come out of the event safely.

prepare for),” says Dr. Gimenez. In many cases, people already have issues with unloading and trying to reload their horses safely, issues that are exacerbated in bad conditions. Horses typically feel safer on the trailer. You can add more shavings under them if the horses have to stand for many more hours than a normal trip would take. Keep them eating hay and drinking water – hay releases endorphins in the horse’s brain and will help keep a nervous horse busy or calmer. Dr. Adam Eichelberger, a Field and Extension Veterinarian for the South Carolina State Veterinarian’s office at Clemson University, has much experience with planning for horses being evacuated due to weather disasters and says that a horse can reasonably stay on a trailer for 6-10 hours. The duration of time spent trailering is dependent on the situation and emergency. Trailering during an evacuation can be stressful to the horse and owner. Planning ahead will considerably reduce the stress if you know your route, determine your destination, and made the decision to leave early enough to avoid evacuation traffic. Water is a critical element for your horse’s well-being; make sure you bring water with you or know places on your route where you can access water. Dr. Eichelberger offers another important trailering tip. He says, “Good ventilation is essential. Horses produce a lot of body heat through their metabolism.” Resist the urge to close the windows in the trailer in cold weather. Horses are better off unblanketed or, if they are clipped show horses, lightly blanketed. Ideally, by planning ahead and keeping informed of weather conditions, you’ll know when it’s time to pull off the road. “Of course, if you have a backup barn to let the horses get out of the trailer, that is great! Make plans with some of the online emergency hurricane sheltering and overnight boarding websites,” says Dr. Gimenez. equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 57

Join us at our USHJA Affiliated

Frank Madden Clinic Saturday, April 21 Sunday, April 22, 2012

Keep an Emergency Kit Be prepared for emergencies while trailering by keeping a few important items in your truck or in the trailer dressing room. For wintry conditions, you may need a shovel, sand, a red flag ( for your antenna if stranded), horse blankets, human blankets, candle, matches or lighter, tire chains, and of course, a flashlight, Ms. Scheve advises. Keep these items in your tow vehicle: registration for the vehicle and trailer; proof of insurance; jumper cables; spare tire; jack; tire iron; tool kit including wiring materials, spare belts and hoses; tow

Gifts From Voltaire Design and much more! Space is limited, so please contact the office to reserve yours today!

U Ma nder na Ne ge w me nt

chain; cellular phone or CB radio; replacement fuses; road atlas; work gloves; portable air compressor; cash or credit card. Carry an emergency kit for your horse as well, with extra lead ropes and halters, medication, first aid supplies, and bandages. If you’re crossing state lines, you’ll already need to have current paperwork for your horse in a kit that is easy to locate. Of course, if you’re on a long trip, you’re likely to have those anyway, but in the event of bad weather, or during an evacuation, you’ll want to have even more options than usual. We’ll talk more about those with our evacuation experts (see the “Evacuating Your Horse” sidebar). ■





◗ Full Training and Board ◗ Lessons by appointment ◗ Horse sales and leasing ◗ Consignments welcome ◗ Individual and group turnout ◗ Lay-up board & rehab for injured horses ◗ Retirement board The barn is equipped with a hot walker, indoor and outdoor wash stalls, horse solarium system, heated indoor ring with viewing lounge, heated tack room, individual lockers, big turnout field for group turnout and rehab paddock. Partnered with:

When it comes to Horse Trailers in N.E., one name is clearly above the rest; Willowdale Trailers where quality, value and affordability meet!

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Willowdale Service Center: 978-380-2455 Free Pick-Up and Return within 35 miles. You Call. You Save. It’s that simple!

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Washington Equestrian Center 34 Popple Swamp Road, Washington Depot, CT 06794 www.WashingtonEquestrian.com 58 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

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Kingston built trailers are manufactured to withstand the roughest of road conditions!


Padded Butt Bars

Metal Rear Curtain

Half Stall Dividers



equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 59

60 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Photo: Carien Schippers

There are no absolutes when it comes to deciding what you can’t live without in a barn. Once you get past structure and quality, it’s very individual.

By Karen E. Baril

The Savvy Barn Builder: Saving Money Without Compromising Quality


building must be structurally sound, offer good ventilation,

make a list of what they absolutely need. We all love the

adequate lighting, and other necessities like electricity, water,

look of polished pine ceilings, but those luxuries can

storage, and anything else that keeps the drudge out of

eat up a lot of the budget. So first, make a list of what

horsekeeping. All of that can cost a bit, but with careful planning

you absolutely cannot live without. Get quotes on the

and finding the right barn builder, you can save money without

necessities and then add luxuries if you can afford them.

compromising quality. We asked Dave Zublin, owner and

It’s so much easier mentally to add things instead of

designer of Old Town Barns in Pawling, New York, for his advice

having to take things away.

ur goal in building a barn is to provide safe and comfortable housing for our horses, but we also dream of a place that’s fun for us to hang out in as well. The

on budgeting our dream barn.

“Another opportunity for savings is to research your state’s agricultural rules. Some properties qualify

Plan Well Good planning is critical in any endeavor, but perhaps more

as agriculturally-exempt from property taxes. This can save customers a lot of money. I recommend people get

so when it comes to building a barn. Let’s face it; you’ll probably

quotes from builders first and then ask them to remove

only build one barn in your lifetime. Getting it right is important.

the sales tax on building materials. That could make for

Before you talk to your builder, choose the barn site and get

some substantial savings.”

it approved with zoning. Setbacks from wetlands, property lines, roads and driveways impact where you can build. Things like drainage, prevailing winds, sunlight, vehicle access, and future

Choose a Builder Zublin recommends getting quotes from a variety

expansion will all factor into site placement. Try to imagine

of builders and researching their completed projects.

all the activities that take place in and around a barn as well.

“Do the legwork,” says Zublin. “You don’t want to go for

Easy access for hay delivery and manure removal are essential.

the lowest bidder. Good builders usually have enough

Proximity to utilities should also be considered.

work. They don’t have to bid low just to get a job. You

Once you know where you can put your barn, the fun begins – planning the details. “When planning a barn,” says Zublin, “I tell customers to

won’t know what kind of work the builder does until you see it in person. Visit his barns. Make sure you know what quality means when it comes to construction, and

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 61

62 March 2012 â?™ equinejournal.com

Photo Courtesy Old Town Barns

Planning is the most important step when building a barn. It helps to ensure a barn you are happy with.

“Sure, we build great barns . . .

be ready to determine if the workmanship is there. You don’t want someone who will skimp on structure or use workers that aren’t qualified.” Zublin feels it’s important to talk to the builder’s clients. Listen for positive comments. “Did the builder finish relatively on time? Was he conscientious about quality? Is he still involved even though the project is finished? It’s

but we’re all about you!”

“However . . . we’re right where WE need to be!” Mention this ad to receive a


FREE Metal Roof Upgrade on your next purchase*

of the way and is committed to doing things right the first time.” “Decide on your level of owner participation as well,” says Zublin. “Some people want to do a portion of the work themselves. Choose a builder that will work with you to save a little money. I just built a three-stall, 24-foot x 30-foot barn for a couple who is doing their own electrical work and siding. This is a low-budget, but beautiful barn, and they’re


*Up to $500 value Not valid with any other offer, Expires 3/31/12,

absolutely thrilled with their choice.”


Come join our Community!

imperative to have someone who will guide you every step


1-866-966-3839 www.woodtex.com

64 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Barns roofs in the northern U.S. require high snowload tolerances. A reputable builder will help guide you on structural concerns. “No good builder will ever compromise on structure,” says Zublin.





It lasts a lifetime. Plan it right.

At Lester Buildings, we expect our buildings to last forever. That’s why we craft the perfect plan with you, before the foundation gets laid. Call us today and enjoy your Lester experience for a lifetime.



Sizing Considerations While bigger seems better, it’s not always the most economic choice. A 12-foot aisle is usually sufficient for most horse and wheelbarrow traffic. Some builders recommend a 14-foot aisle, but that will add to the cost of the framing. “If the aisles are too narrow,” says Zublin, “you’ll be making constant repairs to doors and entryways. That adds up over time.” Project into the future. If you have four horses now, will you want to take in boarders in the future to help with barn chores? Do you own 17h-horses on average, or do you ride horses in the 15h range? Will you need a foaling stall? Are any of your horses nearing retirement age? “If you have a retiree or two,” says Zublin, “you might consider building a run-in shed and paddock area for them and saving the stalls for the rest of your herd. The retirees are usually quite happy living outside.” Building a loft into your design will add to the cost, but it gives you ample storage for hay. Still, there are several things to consider before you decide on a loft. Anytime you store hay in the barn, you’re increasing your risk of fire and adding dust to the barn that can cause respiratory issues in both horses and humans. If you decide to have a loft, be sure your builder includes a large access door to accommodate a hay elevator. You’ll need a ladder or staircase within the barn as well. Without a loft, you can save money on construction, but you’ll have to come up with an alternate plan for hay storage. Depending on how many horses you keep, sheds, garages, or even temporary (fabric) shelters work fairly well, provided you store hay off the ground. You’ll have to work out a system of getting the hay from the storage area to the barn feed room. A tractor makes the job easy.

Luxury or Necessity? “One person’s luxury is another person’s necessity,” Zublin points out. “If you own a show barn and your business is selling horses, you might need that beautifully-polished pine ceiling that looks like it has been on a yacht for 20 years. I had one customer who wanted a flat ceiling in the riding arena because it gave the illusion that his sale horses were jumping even higher. Likewise, if you’re going to run a boarding facility, a climate-controlled tack room might be an absolute must. I find there are no absolutes when it comes to deciding what you can’t live without. Once you get past structure and quality, it’s very individual.”

66 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com


Advanced Barn Construction Custom Designed Barns Built With Old Fashioned Integrity

36’x36’ barn 3 stalls, tack and feed room, large hay storage

- Program, Site and Management Standards - Goals to Promote Safety Around Horses T O O R D E R O R J O I N C H A , C O N TA C T: 7 7 7 # ( ! ! ( 3 % / 2 ' s

Affordable, Quality Craftsmanship VANCED AD since 1986


Builders of Custom Barns, Arenas and Equestrian Homes

Bruce Brown Advanced Barn Construction PO Box 436 • Plaistow, NH 03865 • 978-521-1171 www.advancedbarnconstruction.com

equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 67

LEGACY BUILDING SOLUTIONS is leading the future of the tension fabric building industry with a new rigid frame engineering design. UÊ Rigid steel frame structure UÊ Customized size and options to include eaves, canopies, stalls and doors UÊ Translucent roof provides natural lighting and virtually eliminates shadows UÊ Quiet environment UÊ Climate controlled - warmer in winter/cooler in summer UÊ Professional installation & service crews

ice Innovative Buildings...Legendary Serv

877-259-1528 www.LegacyBuildingSolutions.com

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Introducing our newest arena GGT-Footing™ distributor

Kiser Arena Specialists, Inc.

STOP!! BOB AND JIM KISER For Arena Consultation Services Call 877-788-7253 Phone: 940-665-8058 Address: 243 CR 281 Gainesville TX 76240 Fax: 940-665-8134 www.kiserarenaspecialists.com

Photo: Rein Photography

Cynthia Brewster-Keating 864-804-0011 • ggt@polysols.com www.ggt-footing.com

Don’t skimp on safety. Electricity is a necessity in all barns.

“One place I wouldn’t compromise,” says Zublin, “is on the

Installing outlets outside every stall allows you to run fans and

barn hardware. Make sure you’re getting quality hardware inside

heated buckets safely. Vow never to use an extension cord in

and out that won’t rust or wear over time. It costs you more to

your barn. Choose horse-safe lights (in metal cages) for overhead

replace hardware than it does to buy quality in the first place.”

lighting in the stalls.

Tack rooms can be as simple or as lavish as you wish, and

Consider adding a hot-water-on-demand unit that can run

they’re a fairly easy project for the average do-it-yourselfer to

off your house’s propane. These units don’t cost that much to run

finish. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the tack room, you

and give a lot of bang for the buck. Hot water in the barn…now,

might want to add heat, but it’s not necessary. Installing windows

that’s a luxury!

in the tack room will allow as much natural light in as possible and keep mold at bay. That’s always preferable to a dark, mildew-

Do It Yourself

prone space.

If you’re handy, you can do some of the finish work yourself. “A lot of customers choose to do their own painting or staining of the exterior,” says Zublin. “It’s a fairly straightforward job that’s

Final Cost-cutting Ideas One of the best ways to save money is to find a builder you

easy for most people to do, but has the potential for substantial

trust that is willing to work with you. A good builder will guide

savings. I also recommend pre-finished steel siding, which is 95%

you toward real cost-saving measures, avoiding making decisions

maintenance-free. That saves you a lot of money, time, and effort

that are penny-smart, but pound-foolish. ■

over the long-term.”


“SIMPLY THE BEST BUILT BARNS AROUND” Thomas C. Brownell, President 489 Neck Road • Lancaster, MA 01523

Pole Barn to Timber Frame • Complete build or kits available • 100% pre-cut and color-coded frame in our kit packages • All roofing, siding, windows, doors, hardware & grill work • Standard and custom stall packages • Indoor riding arenas available in traditional wood-frame or new steel-frame fabric roof arenas – call for details!

Barns Indoor Arenas


489 Neck Road • Lancaster, MA 01523


978-368-9100 Call for Directions & Hours

The Wood Shop

Other Items

Standard or Custom

• National Hardware Large Inventory • Rubber Mats 4x6x3/4 • S.Y.P. 2x6 T&G

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The Weld Shop Now Powder Coating Everything • Stall Fronts • Window Grills • Door Grills • Chew Guard Standard 5/8” solid bars

Complete Door

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Packages • Cross Buck Stall Doors • Arrow Buck Stall Doors • Arched Stall Doors • Dutch Doors • Aisle Doors with or without glass With Hardware • Track, trolley, stayrollers, stops...

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Make Your Dream a Reality with your own custom built Amish horse barn.

Amish crafted horse barns and run-in sheds delivered fully assembled to your site.

Horse Barns • Run-In Sheds • Riding Arenas Standard Features on Horse Barns and Run-Ins: • White pine board and batten siding • Oak posts and barn style framing • Four foot high oak kick boards • Built on pressure treated 6 x 6s • Powder coated grills, hinges, latches

Options: • Cupolas and weather vanes • Storage rooms • Hay racks • Electrical package • 8', 10', 12' lean to packages • Gable vents and ridge vents • Solar packages

Exterior: • White pine board and batten siding • 25 IKO shingles • Architectural and metal roofing available • Different roof styles: Cape, Carriage, Gambrel, Monitor

Interior: • Floor to ceiling 2 x 8 tongue and groove Southern Yellow Pine • Chew guards • Powder coated hardware • Oak posts and barn style framing

Will NOT Collapse! Delivery throughout the USA.

Delivery throughout the USA. The possibilities are endless! Ask about financing.

Engineered for proper The possibilities are endless! snow loads! Ask about financing.

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February March 2010

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 73

By Susan Winslow

Making Life Easier

Innovations that help make life with horses a little bit simpler.

horse’s temperature in a dark stall? At one time or another, we’ve all


Many of our innovative designs originate from suggestions,

muttered those famous words: “There’s got to be a better way.” Most

requests or ideas that come from horse owners and

of us just grouse, then deal with the aggravation and move on. But, to

farmers. When customers come to us and tell us about

the few who are gifted with creativity and ingenuity, those words are

something we can do better, or a particular issue they

the nexus of invention. From large equipment like the round pen or

have on their farm that they need a remedy for, we

state of the art tractors, to clever gadgets like a lighted baseball cap,

take it seriously.”

ow many times have horse owners wrestled with the large and small frustrations of equine management, whether it’s a weed-filled riding ring, a frozen water tub or taking a

there are always new products on the market that can make life easier, giving us more time to enjoy the animals and sport we love.

One of the most popular John Deere products was created and refined with the specific needs of the horse owner in mind. The Advantage Series of tractors, which includes the 3032E and 3038E, has been designed to serve

Horsepower Malcolm “Mac” McPhail is the road sales representative for

small to mid-sized farms. He says, “These tractors have a

James R. Rosencrantz and Son, a John Deere Dealership in Kensington

simple, safe and easy-to-use design that’s very basic, with

and Derry, New Hampshire. He is an expert on farm equipment and

innovations that are tailored to horse farms. The size of

the products offered by the Deere company. He says, “John Deere

these tractors makes them easy to maneuver, whether it’s

has many products that make farm work easier and safer, and the

moving a manure pile or hauling a dumping trailer down a

company is always striving to bring new ideas to the marketplace.

barn aisle for stall cleaning.” This series of tractors has a bolt-on loader for a round bale carrier and a wide variety of attachments that make

Greystone America will be releasing an attachment to the Paddock Vac that will vacuum up manure simply by driving over it, rather than using the extendable hose.

74 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Photo Courtesy of Ramm Horse Fencing and Stalls

High Impact Fencing by Ramm Horse Fencing and Stalls has a lifetime warranty and is easy enough to install yourself.

them a multi-use chameleon around the farm. John Deere

spreader, post hole digger, or rotary cutter, also known as a

offers many options that run off the tractor’s PTO (Power

brush hog. Riata has designed several Frontier John Deere

Take Off ), such as a six-foot-wide snowblower, manure

products, including kits like the ripper/shredder that can break up the surface of a riding area, or different blades that can sculpt and drag a ring. These features adapt to vehicles with a three-point hitch, such as tractors or the signature John Deere Gator™.

• horse arenas

• waterways

• driveways

• ballfield maintenance

• grading & leveling

• erosion repair • agricultural

Simple and Safe A new innovation in fencing is High Impact Fencing by Ramm Horse Fencing and Stalls. Ramm is always looking for new products, many of which come from customer feedback. Debbie Disbow, Founder and President of Ramm, says, “We do not carry any product unless we have used it to see how it performs and lasts. High Impact Fencing is made for horse owners by horse owners! After listening to our customers’ needs for over 20 years, our latest 10-year tested flexible fencing is the only one with a lifetime warranty that is available today. This fence is unique because it lasts longer and installation is easier. Our installation video is an actual farm fence that is installed by a woman in her 50s! We wanted to show how women can also install this fence, which should give many horse owners encouragement when it comes to putting up fences.”

76 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Greystone America, the internationally recognized leader in manure vacuums and arena rakes.




211 gallon storage capacity - equivalent to approximately 5-6 wheelbarrow loads - heavy duty, great for larger pastures as well as paddocks and stalls.

105 gallon storage capacity - equivalent to approximately 3-4 wheelbarrow loads - perfect for smaller pastures as well as paddocks and stalls.

The 5’ Arena Rake and 7’ Arena Rake Pro provide an optimum riding surface and grooms your surface back to as new condition in minutes.

We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of revolutionary equine products that provide quality and easy to use equipment to maintain your horse property. With the Greystone Maxi Vac, Paddock Vac and Arena Rakes, maintaining a well groomed and healthy environment for you and your animals has never been quicker,






easier - or more affordable. Since 2005 Greystone products have been in wide use throughout the USA, Europe and Australia. We’re the trend setters for





equine products that provide quality and easy to use equipment to help ]SY [SVO JEWXIV ERH QSVI IJ½GMIRXP] You can see all our products in action on our website www.greystoneamerica.com.You can also buy them directly online! Right now, we’re offering 50% off shipping* on all products to customers in the continental USA.


1%296) :%'9917 %6)2% 6%/)7 www.greystoneamerica.com

*SV QSVI MRJSVQEXMSR SV XS SVHIV GEPP YW EX Dealer inquiries invited. *Continental USA only. Alaska, Hawaii and Canada please call for shipping quotes. Call 800-501-4669 for details. ® 2011 Greystone America

Photo: Deere & Company

Managing Manure Nikki Jutte, sales manager of Greystone America products in

Paddock and Maxi Vacs make it easier to manage

Monroe, Washington, is a horse owner who knows her market because

manure, which is really important for horses on

she was a customer before becoming the North American Distributor

small acreage because it keeps the parasite and fly

for the innovative Paddock Vac and Maxi Vac. She says, “I brought

situations to a minimum.”

my horses home and, like many of us, I was constantly cleaning my

This spring, the company will be offering an

barn and paddocks with my pitchfork; and let me tell you, wrestling

attachment to the Paddock Vac or Maxi Vac that

a pitchfork through tall grass to pick out a paddock is no fun. Then,

will vacuum up manure simply by driving over it,

I found the Paddock Vac, and I loved it so much that when I heard they

rather than using the extendable hose.

needed a distributor, I jumped at the chance. Our products make farm maintenance so much easier and more fun.” The Paddock Vac holds the equivalent of four wheelbarrow loads

Warmer Water For those of us who dread spending long

of manure, while the Maxi Vac holds six. The vacuums run on a quiet

winter months chipping ice out of pasture troughs

Honda four-stroke engine, and they are designed to be towed behind

and worrying about our horse’s water intake, Pine

a lawn tractor or ATV while the operator uses the extendable hose

Ranch Products of Santa Clara, Utah, has come to

to vacuum up manure. The clever design also doubles as a barn vac

the rescue. Their BT Suntank is a solar powered,

for cobwebs or stalls, and Nikki reports that the Paddock Vac makes

freeze-free water trough that does not require

stall stripping a breeze for shavings or pelleted bedding. She says, “The

electricity. Depending on the size of the unit, these

78 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

easy-to-install troughs are guaranteed to keep water from solar collector, thick insulation and an insulated float, water in a Suntank trough will not freeze all winter, and it will also stay cool and clean in the summer when the special cover




freezing at temperatures as low as negative 50ºF. Utilizing a

is used on the solar collector. This keeps the water cool and

a publication of


free of algae and insects.


Helpful Finds FREE

experts at L.L. Bean. The L.L. Bean lighted ball cap is an answer to hands-free light in situations like taking a horse’s temperature in a dark stall, and their battery-operated


Your Ultimate

Deluxe Tent Fan and Light and the versatile Crank Radio are

Show &Event

a must for any horse trailer or emergency kit.


So, the next time you find yourself in one of those, “has

11 20

the farm include clever products offered by the outdoor

Vol. 23 No. 14

Smaller innovations that have streamlined life around


Articles You Can’t Miss!

Your Complete Equine Show & Event Guide!

to be a better way” moments, don’t just gripe. Who knows,



if you figure out the answer to the problem, it might just


be your springboard to fame, fortune and the everlasting

Available: Spring 2012

gratitude of horse owners all over the world. ■

Available Spring 2012 800-742-9171

Call Now To Advertise


RIDE with PRIDE DRAG N FLY • 5’ to 7’ widths with many factory options

• 4’ to 10’ widths with many factory options

...for conventional grooming in a single pass • Conditions conventional footing using 3 tools in a single time-saving pass • Rigid, wear resistant ripper teeth loosen compacted footing; easily adjusted to a depth of up to 4” • Double row of adjustable spring tines mix and evenly distribute the loosened footing • 8” roller bar pulverizes and packs to desired density; attractive pattern finish

We are the official groomer at Wellington, FL and Lexington, KY

Carolina Arena


2491 Hwy 184W ❙ Due West, SC 29639 ❙ 888-369-1444


equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 79

By Jennifer Roberts Photos: Mystical Photography, www.MysticalPhotography.com

The ideal Friesian moves animatedly from the hind end, with lightness and large amounts of suspension. Friesians are eager to please and find pleasure in performing in front of a crowd.

Form and Function Taking a Look at the Modern Friesian 80 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

To the untrained eye, every Friesian looks similar…striking black coat, luxurious feather and an aura that captivates you. However, to those who know a thing or two about horses, it becomes apparent that well-built Friesians are more than just objects of beauty; they are powerful animals that are capable of competing in a multitude of venues. Let’s take a look at what makes these horses not only uniquely Friesian, but also wonderfully athletic.

Friesians of Tranquility Congratulations!!! Alexis Ierardi and her Friesian Bouke H. 2011 National and Regional Award Winning Team Year End Champion of NEFHC, NEHC, MHC, NHH&TA, NSHC & SSHC Youngest Champion of the FHANA IBOP Dressage Cup

Friesian Horse Association of North America 2011 Youth Dressage Performance Award Champion 2011 Iron Spring Farm Dressage Challenge Cup IBOP Keur Champion Northeast Friesian Horse Club 2011 Year End High Point 1st Place Champion Junior Exhibitor, Road Hack, Open Amateur Reserve Champion Friesian Pleasure, Open Pleasure, Dressage 1st & 2nd Level Horse of the Year – 2nd place qualifier New England Horseman’s Council 2011 Year End High Point 1st Place Champion Friesian Costume, Junior Exhibitor Hack, Road Hack Reserve 4X Champion

New Hampshire Horse & Trail 2011 *The Der Freischutz Memorial Challenge Trophy* Year End High Point 1st Place Champion English Trail, Road Hack Reserve 5x Champion Massachusetts Horseman’s Council Year End High Point 1st Place Champion Friesian In-Hand, Junior Exhibitor English, Junior Exhibitor Hack, Pleasure English, Road Hack Reserve 2x Champion

www.FriesiansOfTranquility.com ■ Amherst, NH


the horse to properly accept the bridle. The neck should be

The striking head of a Friesian should be relatively short, with a width that is proportional to the length of the head.

set high, and it is imperative that the lower neckline does not appear as a bulge between the throat and the chest.

Large eyes offset the comparably small ears that are held alert. Large nostrils and well-spread jawbones allow the horse to

Topline The appearance of an ideal Friesian’s topline should

breathe easily and efficiently.

appear smooth and strong. The neck should tie into well-


developed and prominent withers that blend gradually into

The head should blend seamlessly into a lightly arched neck. The neck should be well muscled and long enough for

the back. The back should be short and powerful; a slightly low back is allowed, but is not desirable. The loin will ideally be wide and well muscled, making a smooth transition into the croup. The croup will preferably slope slightly downward to a thick tail that

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Working with You and Your Veterinarian for the Best in Equine Care


A Full Service Hospital Offering . . . • Lameness Diagnosis • Upper Airway Evaluation • Sports Medicine • Surgery

is not set on too low.

• Medical Care • Reproduction Services • Neonatal Intensive Care • 24 hr. Emergency Referrals

Ultimately, the shoulders should be long and sloping, set far enough apart in order to form a wide chest. Well-sprung ribs allow for ample capacity for the large lungs and heart. The overall appearance of a quality Friesian is luxurious and proud,

Tufts New England Veterinary Medical Center 200 Westboro Rd. (Rte. 30) • North Grafton, MA 01536

being honest and eager to work.

Call 508-839-5395 for appointment

20 Years In Business

• Hig h • Boa Tensile rd Fe • Wo nce ve • Pol n Wire, N y • Hor Cote Hor on Climb se Sa s fe W • Dee e Rail ire r Fen ce

We Build To Please

36 2 6 3 3 4 .org 1-800-

Call: : Brian@profence.org

Email rofence J, NY p . w w N Visit: w WV, VA, , D M , : PA Serving

82 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com



Uwe 458 "EART X "ONNE



© Terri Miller




Friesian Breeders

World and Grand National Championship 2 National Reserves

A Friesian’s topline should be powerful, with a strong, smooth transition from loin to croup, as well as a long and well-developed gluteal muscle.

Dressage, Huntseat, Saddleseat, In-Hand, Costume, Driving, Trail


Approved for breeding FSA Bronze Elite Book and AWS.

The forelegs should be set parallel, with a “hoofwidth” of space at the ground when viewed from the front. A short cannon bone is desired; the forearm, however, should be of good length. The hind legs should be straight, as well. The hind cannon bone should be slightly longer than the front, attaching to a long and powerful gaskin.

Movement The Friesian is now being used in various equestrian sports: show driving, combined driving, dressage, western and many more. For the horses to be suitable for a number of disciplines, it is essential that they are bred and trained with quality movement in mind. The gaits should be fluid, emphasized by the feathering on the lower legs. The walk should be straight and springy, with a good length of stride. The hindquarters should swing as they walk, with a generous overstep of the front feet. The trot should power off of the high quarter with elevation and suspension. It should appear light-footed, even though the horse is thrusting through with the hind end. The canter should be lively, with sufficient power coming from the hindquarters. Hock flexion is important at all three gaits.

Harmony The beautiful jet-black Friesian is complemented by full feathering, an impressive mane, and a thick, long tail. The body parts blend seamlessly together, creating not only a stunning picture, but also an impressive athlete. Friesians bring so many positive attributes to the table: stamina, an honest character, and eagerness to work. The Friesian is no longer just an amazing carriage horse…now the Friesian brings a sense of grace and wonder to many of the horse show arenas. ■

84 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Oustanding temperament, confirmation and lineage.

Phone: 206-200-6633 Email: brennasfotos@tampabay.rr.com Website: www.brummettdressage.com/friesian_stallion

Friesian Breeders

Born In A Stable Horse Farm oпering

FRIESIAN GELDINGS ages 7, 8 and 9 - Full Brothers. Perfectly matched with wonderful personalities & excellent training in Dressage, Trail Riding and Driving AVAILABLE AS A PAIR ❙ SINGLE ❙ UNICORN HITCH

Born In A Stable Horse Farm

6819 Barber Hill Road ❙ Groveland, NY 14462 585-243-3178 ❙ cell 585-749-6730 ❙ www.Borninastable.com


By Jennifer Roberts

Tips for Harness Fit

Taking my morning jog in a pair of my toddler’s sneakers is hardly my idea of a good time. Sometimes, those last few minutes are hard enough…even in my properlyfitting running shoes! Asking your horse to perform at his best in equipment that is too large or too small can have a detrimental effect on his performance and desire to perform. Read this month’s 10 tips to ensure that your harness is properly sized and ready for action!


What do you plan to do with your harness? Depending on your desire, you will be looking for your harness to perform in different ways. Buying a

harness for pleasure, parade, show ring, training or marathon driving all require a different set of considerations.


Your expectations for your harness should help you determine what your harness is made out of. Leather and synthetic materials are both popular

choices. Leather gives a classic look, yet requires much more upkeep than its synthetic counterpart. Synthetic materials are very strong with minimal care, yet some people believe the strength of synthetics to be a fault. Whatever material you choose, try to get the best quality harness for your investment; a poor-quality harness will most likely give you more headaches than pleasure.

86 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Photo by Mark Barrett





(828) 743-3698


Everything Equine


The Champlain Valley Exposition, in cooperation with the University of Vermont Extension, The HorseWorks and Guy’s Farm and Yard, invites you to feature your business or service at the 2012 Everything Equine. Display your business in 75,000 sf of indoor space in the Robert E. Miller Expo Centre. More than 5,000 attendees over 2 days will enjoy 150 exhibits and 30 seminars & demonstrations.

April 28-29

Presented in part by

Limited Space - Reserve your 2012 Everything Equine Expo vendor space today! Contact Susan Petrie, Special Events at (802) 878-5545 x.26 or spetrie@cvexpo.org for questions, space requirements or outdoor booth information. Business Name ___________________________________ Type of Product ___________________________________ Address ________________________________________ City ___________________ State _______ Zip ________ Email _________________________________________ Website ________________________________________

Please circle the booth space you would like (booth fees include pipe and drape, table(s) and chair): 10’ x 10’ .................$350 10’ x 20’ .................$600 10’ x 30’ .................$880 8’ table ...................$200 Nonprofits/Associations 8’ table ...................$150 10’ x 10’ .................$300

Please sign me up for the space circled. I have enclosed $ _______ Send to: Everything Equine 2012 Champlain Valley Exposition P.O. Box 209 Essex Jct, VT 05453-0209 Fax: (802) 878-2151 Email: spetrie@cvexpo.org www.cvexpo.org equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 87

the collar when the horse is at rest. Be sure to check the fit of your horse’s collar as he becomes more toned, as his neck will change depending on his level of condition.

6 7 8

When fitting your breast collar, look for one that is padded and wide enough to give support; it should lie above the horse’s point of shoulder and below the windpipe. A breast collar that is

too high will impair the horse’s ability to breathe, while one that is too low will restrict movement. Be sure that your back pad is balanced and set well behind the withers. It should have ample padding; look for clearance along the spine. The girth should be able to be tightened snugly,

causing no interference with the movement of the horse. When fitting your bridle, first check to see that the blinds are centered on the eye. Then, make

Photo: Carien Schippers

sure that you have a large enough browband (could pinch ears and cause discomfort) and

sufficient throatlatch. The noseband should lie two inches Give consideration to the type of hardware on your

below the cheekbone and should be able to be tightened.

harness. Stainless steel is easier to keep clean and

Watch for rubs on your horse’s face, as these are symptoms

polish; brass requires more work but gives a more

of an improperly fitting bridle.

3 4

classic appearance. When choosing white metal

a harness. Traditionally, a collar is used for heavy


pulling as well as some showing, while the breast

for a team of horses, only the “wheelers” (horses closest to

hardware, make sure it is solid and not plated. Choosing between a collar and breast collar is an important decision in fitting and purchasing

collar is used for a variety of driving styles. A collar must be fit

Your breeching should have a total length that measures approximately stifle-to-stifle, with a “fist” of slack to compensate for the horse’s movement. Adjust the breeching so it is placed

slightly below the rounded part of the buttocks. When used the cart) should have breeching.

to your horse, while a breast collar can be adjusted to fit many types of horses.


Ask an expert! Sometimes, even the most minute of adjustments can make for big


Properly fitting a collar takes a lot of skill and practice, much like properly fitting a saddle. The

differences in your horse’s performance. Ask someone who specializes in harness

collar should lie flat against the sides of the horse’s

fit to take a look at your harness…you and your horse will

neck and not pinch. Horses with a thin neck should

be glad that you did!

be fit with a collar with a “V” shape along the top of the neck, while horses with thicker necks should be fit with a “U” shape

Thanks to Greg Hunt at Hunt’s Harness of Mayville,

along the top of the neck. You should allow enough room for

Wisconsin, for his help in writing this article! Visit him on the

your hand to pass between the windpipe and the bottom of

web at www. HuntsHarness.com.

88 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Mountain & Moorland Breeders When Only the Best Will Do!

Imported 1996 Dales Pony Stallion PHOTO BY SILENT EYE PHOTOGRAPHY

...Colliery Alick... 5 Time Supreme Champion Mountain & Moorland Pony under UK judges!

FOR SALE: 2005 Colliery Alick son “Bickerdike Expresso

Magic.” Whole Black, Section A Gelding. Very sweet and quiet. Magic rides and is just started over fences. See Website for details.


Davidson Dales Kelly Davidson Chou • Clayton, California 925.788.0655 DavidsonDales@Mindspring.com PHOTO BY KELLY DAVIDSON CHOU



Fells of the West

Morning Glory’s Ilyushin ACPS S639XXXVII Dun, 1998; 14.0; 8.5” bone; ACPS Inspected & Approved. 2005 AWS Pony of the Year (CDE) 2010 ACPS Region 1 Champion Stallion. Movement-Temperament-Ability

Caroline Nesbitt/Bob Butcher

P.O. Box 52; North Sandwich, NH 03259 603-284-7048 | sealionne@hotmail.com




Our farms are committed to a high standard of professionalism in sales, training and breeding.

Braeberry Farm Stonecreek Farm Willowtrail Farm Stirling Ridge Fells Moonlit Fell Pony Farm Fell Legend Farm

Historic Excellence and Versatility Work ~ Ride ~ Drive

braeberry.com thefellpony.com fellponiescolorado.com fellponyfarm.com moonlitfellponies.com felllegendfarm.com

NEW FOREST PONY ASSOCIATION INC & REGISTRY Europe’s best performance Pony. For more information on these wonderful ponies please visit our website. www.newforestpony.net P.O. Box 206 Pascoag, RI 02859



541-563-6353 903-436-7449 970-723-4316 541-617-3888 360-863-2710 916-205-7103

Phone: 401-568-8238 Fax: 401-567-311 Email: info@newforestpony.net


Collecting Thoughts Sean Rogers Age/Division: 43/Amateur Adults Trainer/Farm Affiliation: Woodridge Farm and Cookie DeSimone; Greg Prince; Alixe Schwartz and Sarah Summers

Best Piece of Riding Advice: In the amateur adult division, confidence is king. I think the WRF adults have been so successful over the years because they possess the same common ingredient…when they walk into the ring, they expect to ride well. Sometimes a/a riders go

Favorite Trainer: My own, of course! Although Cookie DeSimone has been

into it expecting the worst and hoping for the best, so as not to be disappointed if it doesn’t go well. Greg Prince and Cookie

my primary trainer for the past 10 years, one of my favorite perks

DeSimone advocate just the opposite: expect to be the winner,

at WRF is that we have a team of four trainers who share their

and if you’re not, you’ll be hungrier next time. For me, it has made

different perspectives: Cookie, Greg Prince, Alixe Schwartz and

all the difference.

Sarah Summers. It makes a difference when they say to me, “I believe in you.” Those are powerful words when you’re on deck

Why Do You Ride?

at an important horse show...it gives me that last minute jolt of

The most important reason is because horses are

determination. Plus, they’re more than trainers…they’re family

amazing...they fascinate me. Unlike us, they never chose the

to me.

sport and yet go about saving our lives on a regular basis... like when we come barreling out of the corner chasing that

Lucky Charm: My folks coming to the shows. I’m crazy about them.

Worst Fall: I’ve fallen off twice in the past 10 years, and while neither hurt physically, mistaking my horse for Pegasus in the second round of the NEEC one year was rather humbling. I remember it being convenient that the jump was near the in gate, because they were able to pretty much just roll me out of the ring so the next rider could go.

Guilty Pleasure: Stealing the cell phone of my bff and stablemate, Melissa Welch, and sending inappropriate text messages to people from it (and she NEVER accepted my apologies afterward – some friend she is!).

When I’m Not Riding, I Like To: Compete in triathlons, lake races and mud runs with my friend, Georgina Coolidge! We both gravitate toward challenges.

90 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

distance we thought we saw, but turned out to be just a shadow or a pigeon or something.

Pro Questions

Dressage Clare Long, Clarity Dressage Q: What are some tips you can give me on how to ride a focused dressage test on a green horse?

homework and you visit other barns regularly to remove the scary or overly excitable element, and you have hauled in to this show facility often

A: Riding a focused dressage test on a

enough before the competi-

green or inexperienced horse can be quite a

tion day, and that you and your

challenge (as I’m sure you can testify to!).

horse are relaxed there, then

The first and, in my opinion, most important thing is to bring your horse to the competition facility as least once before the

you have conquered the hardest part – relaxation. Try to resist the urge to

actual show day. This is the session to relax

haul in to the show with a

your horse and to acclimate it to not only

“buddy” horse to keep your

being off its property and in unfamiliar sur-

horse company. One of the

roundings in general, but to this show facil-

hardest things at a competition

ity in particular.

is having your horse screaming

I have found that having a horse that

for and totally distracted by its

is accustomed to being in new places, and

“friend” when you are trying to

is able to be relaxed in new places, is the

ride a test. I have known many

key to having a good competition horse

a rider that has had to have a

and riding a focused and relaxed dressage

helper hold her horse’s buddy

test. Make hauling out to new places a fun

by the arena that she and her

and entertaining experience. Resist the

horse are schooling or showing

temptation to go to an unfamiliar barn

in just to keep them calm and focused. This

and go to work. Try to make your “field trip”

dependency, or attachment, is not recom-

an enjoyable experience for your horse.

mended and is better not to be formed. In

Relax, and take your time. Lead your horse

the short-run, it makes handling your horse

around the facility, wandering, checking

off the property easier, but in the long-run,

things out. Then, maybe longe it to get rid

it can be quite a nightmare.

of the jitters. Then, take a “trail” ride around,

Other tips that I have to riding a fo-

entering all the arenas. I recommend not

cused dressage test, now that you know

always working your horse every time you

that your horse is comfortable in new sur-

go to a new place. Sometimes, just make it

roundings and at this particular show facil-

like a controlled outing. Other times, when

ity, include trying to stick as close as pos-

your horse is relaxed, do some schooling. In

sible to your regular routine. If possible, haul

my opinion, if you and your horse can ride

your horse in the night before so it is settled

through your tests of choice competently at

the morning of the show. If you haul in the

home, then the trick at the shows is to focus

morning of the show, always try to get a

on your horse’s relaxation. If you do your

stall. Unloading your horse and being able to put it in a stall to pee, nibble on hay, and

92 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

move its feet around, goes a very long way toward relaxing your horse on show day. Make sure that you plan for and allow yourself plenty of time to prepare and warm up for your test time. It is imperative that you are not rushed or in a hurry. This is stressful to a horse and will more than likely make it nervous and tense. Be sure to do all your homework beforehand. Wear your show clothes days or weeks before you show, so that you know that you are comfortable in them. Have your test memorized. The more prepared you are beforehand, the more relaxed you will be on show day. The more relaxed you are on show day, the more focused and relaxed your horse will be in its test, the better you will score, and the better the overall experience will be for you

and your horse as a team.

entering the show arena; keep it walking.

movement, concentrate on the next. Try

Forcing your horse to stand immobile can

not to get ahead of yourself mentally and

longe your horse if necessary. Sometimes,

cause tension. Keep your horse focused on

worry about the right lead canter transition

being able to let your horse work out its

what you are asking it to do. Try to keep

that you have been struggling with, but is

nerves on the longe line is just what the

its attention on you, rather than on its sur-

still nine movements away. You will focus

doctor ordered to have a focused test.

roundings. Simple suppling exercises in the

on riding that movement beautifully, when

Be sure you allow enough time to

Singing or talking to your horse goes a

walk are usually good for this purpose. Ride

you get to it. Forward and positive thinking

long way toward relaxing both of you. In the

bits of leg-yield or lateral work. Ride simple

like this go a long way toward relaxing and

warmup arena, I find that concentrating on

transitions and bending lines. Usually, I will

focusing you and your horse.

a loop of a song, sung in your mind or even

stay in the warmup arena until the horse

better, sung softly out loud to your horse, is

before me does his last halt, salute. Then, I

very beneficial for relaxation.

connect my horse and assertively head into

equine experience gained from: Pony Club and

Clare Long brings to the table 37 years of

Bring someone along with you as your

the arena with positive confidence. This at-

eventing; jumpers; starting youngsters; ground

helper. It is so much easier at the show with

titude will help your horse to be positively

driving; specializing in Friesians and adult am-

an extra set of hands to unload your horse,

confident as well.

ateurs; dressage (competition, instruction and

take care of the office work, hold your horse

When you start the test, simply smile

training through Grand Prix); reining; and ba-

while you visit the restroom, while you are

and do the best you can. Remember, each

sic training. She has been awarded her USDF

dressing and doing your hair. And, if you

movement is scored separately. So, if you

Silver and Bronze Medals, and has competed

are relaxed and focused, you will help your

make a mistake on one movement, you can

successfully through Prix St. Georges. For more

horse to be too.

still get a good score on the next. Focus on

information, call Clare at 707-338-2092, or visit

one movement at a time. As you finish each

her website at www.claritydressage.com.

Keep your horse’s feet moving before

equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 93

Pro Questions

Hunter/Jumper Gary Young of Roger Young Stables

Q: My horse is not jumping in good form, rocking back over his fences, or jumping straight over the fences. What is a good exercise to help correct this? A: One of my favorite exercises to start with is a trot-in and a canter-out gymnastic. I build my gymnastic first. It should include a vertical set 10 feet to a second vertical; then 12 feet to a third vertical; then 21 feet to an oxer; followed by 33 feet to another oxer. Behind the last oxer, about 11 feet from the back rail, I lay a pole on the ground. This will make the horse land inside it after jumping the last oxer. I will also add rails to the third vertical and make a very wide “V” with the poles to begin with. Also, at both oxers, I will put poles running under the front rail and sitting on the back rail, setting them wide at first. From the back standards, I will make a reverse “V” – again wide at first, with the poles inside the landing rail.

94 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

After setting up everything, I will take it down and leave just the poles on the ground. First, I will walk my horse through the combination to relax him and let him see everything. When I feel he’s relaxed, I will set the first vertical. I will pick up a sitting trot and head over the vertical and allow my horse to canter the rails on the ground that follow. I will then halt in a straight line after the landing rail each time I go through the combination. Slowly, I will add the second jump, then the third, and so on, with the fences set low to begin with. I will then add the V rails and reverse V placed wide over the jumps. I never set the V rails all the way in or have them touch. I like to leave them wide enough to keep my horse in between them, encouraging him to jump straight, not to jump to one side or the other of the V. As I increase the height and narrow the V, I also narrow the reverse V at the last oxer and bring the landing rail in a little more. This will make the horse really rock back and use his hind end even more. In this gymnastic exercise, it is also important to not be pulling on your horse’s mouth. I keep a light contact and make them pay attention to the jumps. Widening of the

oxers and increasing the height will vary from horse to horse, depending on their experience and scope; use discretion. It is always best to have a ground person on hand so you can keep working through the exercise with the fences and gymnastic set properly. I have found that this exercise keeps my horses pushing off evenly from their hind end, thus helping them stay straighter in the lines when they are actually on course. By repeating a straight stop each time through the gymnastic exercise, it encourages my horses to be straight and helps them to stop thinking about getting around the corners and not cutting the turns. In the long-run, it really helps everything, from straightness to form over the top of the fences. Gary Young runs Roger Young Stables and Camden Equine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Center with his wife, Michaela, in Camden, SC. He has ridden on USET Nations Cup Teams in France, Luxembourg, Holland, Sweden, Germany; won the World Cup Class in Turkey; and was named Leading North American Rider at CSI in Italy. In addition to being a top rider and judge, Gary is a much sought-after clinician and coach, who has trained such standouts as Laura Kraut and Holly Orlando, as well as qualifying many for the Medal and Maclay Finals.


Walk, trot, canter, gallop or drive to our 5-hour March sale. March 24, 9-2 go to www.smithworthington.com for driving directions

Boarding • English Riding Lessons Training • Shows • Sales Summer Pony Camp The Facility: Radiant Heated Barn & Tack Room • 55 12x14 Stalls 100x200 Indoor Arena with Viewing Arena 100x200 Outdoor Arena • Individual Paddocks for Turnout New Trails on Property

Kimberley Asher, owner/trainer

Roberts Road Cazenovia, NY

315-655-5577 315-440-2922

Smith-Worthington +RPHVWHDG $YH +DUWIRUG &7


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401 Snake Hill Road • North Scituate, RI equinejournal.com � March 2012 95

Pro Questions

Western Steve Kutie, Kutie Performance Horses Q: I have been to a few shows this spring, and I am unsure of the proper riding procedure in the warmup pen. Actually, I have been run into by a couple of people that were going the wrong way and not paying attention. What can I do? A: The warmup pen is a pretty dangerous place when every rider is concentrating on his or her own program and getting ready for his or her class. I will give you some general rules to follow that will make navigating the warmup arena easier and safer for you and your horse. • Always go with the flow of traffic. If the warmup arena is large enough to allow for two sets of circles, one circle should be loping to the left and one circle loping to the right. They should pass left hand to right hand in the center of the arena. If the warmup pen has only enough space to lope one circle, ask when you want to change direction, as most people will want to go both directions before they show.

• Stay to the inside of the circle if you want to go slow, and stay to the outside of the circle if you want to go fast. • Never stop your horse in the flow of

To place an order or for a dealer location near you

1-800-DR BENSN (372-3676) www.drbensons.com

• Body Wash • Barn Soap • RX Massage • Kool Green • Formula 4 • Bonebuilder

96 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

never asked. • Always try to maintain a good sense of humor. People may be tired and nervous.

traffic. If you are at a reining event, there will

Be patient with newcomers and try to

be time to work on fencing and stopping

help them learn by referring them to these

your horse so that you will not have to avoid


other riders that are circling.

It is our job as riders to ensure the safety

• If you need to school your horse on

of horses, others and ourselves. Remember

spins, or adjust equipment, move to the

that some people don’t know that they don’t

middle of a circle so that you’re not in the

know, so take the time to explain to them the

flow of traffic.

proper rules. I would rather them be mad at

• Do not pony your horse in the warmup pen.

me for trying to keep them safe than to have them hurt themselves or someone else.

• Always looks where you are going, and watch out for other riders. You don’t drive

As always, remember: ride hard, be safe and have fun.

your car while looking at the hood ornament, and you shouldn’t ride your horse looking at his head; eyes up.

Steve Kutie graduated from MMEC, attaining his certificate in teaching, and began

• Don’t exercise young or green horses

training dressage horses in Ohio, in addition

in the warmup pen while it’s crowded. If

to coaching riders in a variety of English

possible, wait until later in the evening or

and western events. Steve managed a large

early in the morning. Safety first.

training/boarding facility in Ohio, catering

• Yield to the tractor, and always listen

to a large group of youth and non-pro riders.

to the arena announcer and ring steward.

Steve’s students competed at the local, state

They are there for your safety and to keep the

and national level (Congress, State Fair, NRHA

show moving smoothly. Remember, every

events), in events including hunt seat, reining,

minute you waste when asked to leave the

western pleasure, dressage, team penning,

Treat your horse with Dr. Benson’s products “Your Horse Deserves the Very Best”

only dumb questions are the ones that are

• Kool Blue Liniment • TNS • TNS Plus • Vitamin E-2000

arena is just another

halter and showmanship. A cowboy at heart,

minute longer the

Steve made the decision to move to Texas and

show will last.

focus on reiners and cow horses, but never left

• Don’t tie your

his classical dressage foundation and principles.

horse in the warmup

To this day, all of Steve’s horses are started with

arena. No one wants

the principles and theories of dressage. Steve

to dodge a kicking

believes in building a solid foundation and work

or loose horse while

ethic on a horse first, which allows a horse to

they are trying to get

perform to the best of its ability at the higher

ready to show.

levels. For more information, visit

• If you have a question, ask. The



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Skin Treatment - Salve and Spray



Dr. Rose’s Skin Treatment is an all-natural salve and spray that promotes rapid and complete healing of skin ailments. It can be used on a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, rabbits, goats, sheep, horses and cows

All-Natural Ingredients No Artificial Colorings or Preservatives Gluten Free • Steroid Free HEALING PROPERTIES: • Analgesic • Antiseptic • Antibacterial • Antispasmodic • Antihemorrhagic • Astringent • Anti-inflammatory • Cools and • Antiviral nourishes • Antifungal the skin

INDICATIONS FOR USE: • Heals rain rot, wounds, • Helps speed healing of burns, bruises and surgical wounds lacerations • Promotes healing of • Treats acute moist abscesses dermatitis (hot spots), • Relieves inflammation ear infections and skin & irritation associated rashes w/inter-digital infection • Relieves itching

ancient wisdom

modern solutions

Developed by a Veterinarian

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 97


Ask The Vet By Taryn Gervais, D.V.M., of New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center

Q: What causes summer scab and how can it be treated? A: Summer scab is another term

There can clearly be a great deal of

and rinsed well. Antibiotic therapy should

for folliculitis, or pyoderma, caused by

variation in the severity of this condition,

be initiated, ideally based on the culture

staphylococcal bacteria. The specific

from a mild, superficial infection that may

and sensitivity results obtained from a

causative agent for this pyoderma is

even resolve on its own to a more severe,

fresh lesion. The antibiotic may need

coagulase-positive Staphylococcus

deep-seated infection that has broken

to be altered based on the culture and

aureus. Summer scab is characterized

the hair follicle barrier. It is recommended

sensitivity results. Horses should not be

by papules (raised bumps), which

that a veterinarian be asked to evaluate

subjected to tack, saddle pads or riding

have a hair follicle at their center. The

an affected horse in order to treat each

until lesions are completely healed to

condition is sometimes referred to as

case on an individual basis, based on

prevent aggravation of partially-healed

“saddle scab,” “heat rash” and “acne.” All of

the horse’s history, physical examination


these terms originate from the fact that

and diagnostics. Treatment for most

staphylococcal folliculitis tends to occur

cases of staphylococcal folliculitis will

and groomed after exercise to reduce

when there is excessive sweating and in

ultimately include NSAID therapy, which

the likelihood of developing summer

areas of friction, such as where the saddle

reduces inflammation, and more critically,

scab. In addition, affected horses should

pad or saddle meets the skin. As sweating

provides pain relief. The areas with lesions

not share tack or grooming supplies

and heat play a role, the condition is

should be clipped, and intravenous

with unaffected horses, as these can be

most commonly seen in the summer

sedation may be necessary to accomplish

fomites that encourage spreading of the

and spring; however, it can also be seen

this due to the painfulness of the affected

bacterial infection to horses that have

in horses that are worked through the

skin. Next, the clipped skin should be

associated risk factors (i.e. skin trauma as

winter in indoor arenas.

cleaned thoroughly with chlorhexidine

well as stress).

Horses should be carefully cleaned

Medicine Box

Hydrocortisone Cream

Range povidone-iodine

Use: Topical treatment for rashes, skin

Use: Kills germs promptly in minor burns, cuts

irritation and itching areas.

and scrapes; also has fungicidal properties.

98 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Silver Sulfadiazine Use: Effective on second and third degree burns, prevents growth bacteria, may be an effective treatment against common corneal fungal infections.


WHO WE ARE The veterinarians at NEEMSC are experienced and well versed in using their technology as well as more traditional approaches to evaluating horses. The owners, Mike Davis, DVM, MS and Jacqueline Bartol, DVM, DACVIM, are knowledgeable in their fields. Dr. Davis is a well-respected surgeon and lameness diagnostician and hospital manager and Dr. Bartol is a board-certified internal medicine clinician. Andris J. Kaneps, DVM, PhD, DACVS, DACVSMR, is a board-certified surgeon, lameness diagnostician, and board-certified

sports medicine and rehabilitation clinician and Omar Maher, DVM, DACVS joins them as a board-certified surgeon, lameness diagnostician and emergency medicine clinician. Nicholas Cassotis, DVM, DACVO, a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist, and Patricia QuirionHenrion MA, NAVPT, an Equine Rehabilitation Specialist round out the team of primary veterinarians and sports medicine staff. They are joined by a number of additional consulting veterinary specialists, intern veterinarians and students, technicians and support staff.

WHAT WE DO As the premier service provider in New England for state-of-the-art equine health care to both the clients of referring veterinarians from the region and directly to horse owners and professionals, NEEMSC offers a variety of services. Through their talented clinicians and experienced, trained staff, they offer the most up-to-date technological, surgical and medical treatments available in the industry. From performance issues all the way to major lifesaving surgeries, they serve as a fullservice equine care facility. D. Michael Davis, DVM, MS ❘ Jacqueline Bartol, DVM, DACVIM Andris Kaneps, DVM, PhD, DACVS ❘ Omar Maher, DV, DACVS ❘ Nicholas Cassotis, DVM, DACVO ❘ Patricia Henrion, Equine Rehabilitation Therapy ❘ Vicki T. King, Practice Manager

15 Members Way (Route 16, Exit 9) Dover, NH ❘ Phone 603.749.9111 ❘ Fax 603.749.9118



Proudly feeding Blue Seal Feeds

THE TECHNOLOGY WE EMPLOY NEEMSC is home to the most advanced imaging systems available for horses. In addition to computed radiography and digital ultrasound, NEEMSC offers magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), computed tomography (CT) (including contrast-enhanced CT) scans, video endoscopy, and nuclear scintigraphy (bone scans) to identify the affected areas on your horse. Once the areas of concern have been

identified, the treatments offered are extensive. The management of your horse’s lameness will include the most appropriate regimen using well-known techniques such as joint injections and drug-therapy. NEEMSC also utilizes more advanced remedies including shockwave therapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP), stem cells, IRAP conditioned plasma and mesotherapy.

WHAT OUR CLIENTS HAVE TO SAY I’ve been going to New England Equine for a few years now and working with Dr. Maher and his team have been nothing but a pleasurable experience every visit. They were able to give me strength and hope when I was ready to throw in the towel. Dr. Maher’s was so thorough with everything he did. He always made sure to keep me in the loop with any procedure that was being done. And would always make sure to follow up afterwards. I am very lucky to have found a Veterinarian that is as knowledgeable and caring as Dr. Maher and his team are at New England Equine. I really can’t thank them enough for the work they have put in to making my horses like new again. - Meaghan Macglashing

I can’t say enough good things about the New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center. I have had many years of experience with NEEMSC, with my horse Mikey. My latest experience was regarding a melanoma surgery that was done by Dr. Mike Davis. I put so much trust into Dr. Davis, I have nothing but wonderful words and high regards when it comes to his work and his qualifications. They made it easy for me to visit Mikey and I knew that he was in the best of hands. The staff at NEEMSC is very nice, very professional and very caring. - Marilyn Fischer

I am totally thrilled with the level of service and professionalism that my horse and I received at the New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center. Dusty could just barely walk when we visited NEEMSC due to complications with ringbone that we have been battling for years. My vet Sarah Jensen worked with me to find them; we ended up travelling almost five hours to get to the clinic. We were very impressed with Dr. Davis when he called and spoke with us. He was interested in our case and was very definitive in our options. In addition to being professional, they were so caring to when it came to Dusty. The clinic gave off such a laidback atmosphere, every horse there had a calm air. It was amazing the level of care that each horse in the clinic received; it really helped me to be confident in the staff and the process. The surgery went beautifully; the care Dusty received was outstanding. The staff went out of their way to keep me involved and make sure that I was a part of the process. I am impressed with the overall level of customer service that was apparent at NEEMSC. - Roberta Barili

As my gelding stood on the cross ties one day I noticed that his right eye looked different than the left. A good friend suggested that I contact New England Equine, so I did. After the preliminary evaluation, it was decided that this was something their ophthalmologist, Dr. Nicholas Cassotis, needed to see. Conveniently, he was coming the next day, so Aidan spent the night. From the time he arrived until he left the next day, the entire staff couldn’t have been more accommodating. They patiently answered my questions during the procedures and explained what they were doing. Upon discharging Aidan, I was given a folder full of information from Dr. Bartol and Dr. Kaneps and told to call with any questions. After weighing all the options, I opted to not have the elective surgery performed. Many thanks to the entire NEEMSC staff for their reassurance and guidance! - Rebecca Eddy


D. Michael Davis, DVM, MS ❘ Jacqueline Bartol, DVM, DACVIM Andris Kaneps, DVM, PhD, DACVS ❘ Omar Maher, DV, DACVS ❘ Nicholas Cassotis, DVM, DACVO ❘ Patricia Henrion, Equine Rehabilitation Therapy ❘ Vicki T. King, Practice Manager

15 Members Way (Route 16, Exit 9) Dover, NH ❘ Phone 603.749.9111 ❘ Fax 603.749.9118



Proudly feeding Blue Seal Feeds

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Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6, Thurs 10-7:30, Sat 9-5, Sun 12-5


Real Estate Showcase By Karen E. Baril

Tractors: The Farm Workhorse


admit it; I’m a little bit of a skeptic. So, when my husband

If you’re considering buying used or through an auction,

insisted we needed a mid-sized tractor for our new farm, I

take someone experienced with you to “vet” the tractor. It is

figured it was just his way of fulfilling his boyhood dream.

always a good idea to have a mechanic thoroughly inspect

You know how it is: I get the horses and the riding arena; he gets

a used tractor before purchase. Keep in mind that although

the giant motorized toys. But, as it turns out, he was right on the

vintage tractors certainly have their appeal, they can be hard to

money about that tractor.

find parts for. Our dealership was offering zero percent financing

So far, that “toy” has earned its keep by moving hay, manure, logs, stones, fence posts, brush, and even water all over the

on new tractors, so we chose that route. Our friends cautioned against buying too small. “Make a list

farm. It has hauled a skid of brush, shoveled mountains of snow

of all the things you want your tractor to handle,” they advised.

away from the barn, moved a chicken coop, and drilled all the

How much land you have, what sort of terrain you’re on, and

holes for our new fence line. I’ve fallen head-over-heels with this

how many horses you plan to keep. As I said, I’m a bit of a skeptic,

workhorse. When my husband suggested our tractor needed its

so when my husband suggested looking at a 37HP (horsepower)

own covered shelter, I didn’t so much as bat an eye. “Of course,” I

tractor with a sizable front loader and a post hole digger, I

said. “He…I mean, um…it…definitely needs its own run-in shed.”

got ready to shake my head, until a friend (yes, a guy) said we

Want some good advice? If you’re looking for that perfect

shouldn’t consider getting anything smaller. Of course, don’t buy

farm, don’t put all the money on the deposit. Set aside funds for

a tractor that is too big to fit through gates, barn doors, or in and

the real workhorse, the farm tractor. Here are a few tips on how

around the yard. Even a mid-sized tractor with a mower or rake

to shop smart.

attachment requires a minimum 50-foot turning radius.

Shopping for a tractor is fun, but a little intimidating. After

We chose a tractor with a hydrostatic transmission

all, the tractor represents one of our biggest farm investments.

(comparable to an automatic transmission in an automobile)

It’s right up there with the truck and horse trailer. Friends told us

because it was easy to operate for even the non-tractor types,

to expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 for a very small tractor

like me. PTO, or Power Take-Off, is a must when buying a tractor;

(or used mid-sized) to upwards of $50,000 for a big tractor with a

don’t settle for less than a PTO of 15 for farm chores. Our tractor

few bells and whistles. We were looking for a middle-of-the-road

also came with a tandem hydraulic pump, which preserves

tractor that could handle moving manure, removing snow from

steering even when using an attachment.

the driveway and moving hay around. Pulling out a stump or two along the way would be helpful as well. We started our research by asking our horse friends what tractors they own and why they love them. We found split camps on manufacturers (sort of like the Chevy versus Ford argument),

Speaking of attachments, most tractors come with a bucket loader. We added a forklift and, because we would be putting up our own fencing, a post hole digger. You might need a mower for pastures, a dragger for the arena, or a snow blower as well. Find a dealership that will take you through all the controls

and based our final decision on how easy it was to get parts or

and allow you to test-drive the tractor on the lot. When the

repairs and how well the tractors stood up to the rigors of farm

tractor was delivered, we read the manual carefully before

work. Most tractors are pretty durable and long-lived, so go

driving it. A farm tractor is not going to handle like that tame

with a manufacturer you like and one that offers a dealership

lawn mower you’re used to. Accidents involving tractors include

within easy driving distance. You’ll appreciate that for parts and

rollovers and impact injuries. Please take the time to read the


manual and observe all safety rules. Then, put it to work! You’ll fall in love with your workhorse the first time you use it. ■ equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 103

So. NH: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY or PRIVATE EQUINE ESTATE Unusual “Fun” Outdoor Seasonal Tourist Business Opportunity w/possible Equine Component 20+ Acres, mostly flat fields, with a 3-4 acre “forest” with trails. 2,000’+ of Riverfront. Great for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing. Large, former equine center with stalls and indoor exercise/training center. Buildings & grounds are in very good condition and currently being used for another compatible business operation. Apartment, viewing area, tack area, more. Also 3-bedroom house w/garage. End of road privacy. Town Sewer. More.

All & More for ONLY $495,000!

A Great Multi-Income/Multi-Use Opportunity or Private Estate.

Operate an EquineRelated Business, Only Children’s or Equine Camp or Enjoy as a Private Estate

Don Dunton • DUNTON COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES • 603-755-3944 don@duntoncommercialproperties.com

The Real Estate Showcase…


(800) 742-9171

Phone: 401.225.6186 TDutra@Northeasternlog.com www.Northeasternlog.com www.classicpostandbeam.com

Call Karen Desroches to advertise your horse property in our next issue.

Northeastern Log Homes are made for life and for living. Complement your home in the great American Tradition of a post and beam barn.

Wetherbee Farm Real Estate Massachusetts Office Gladys R. Fox

New Hampshire Office Linda Hampson

Office 978-635-0801 Email: wfre@comcast.net

Office: 603-532-6773 Email: lindahampson@comcast.net

Specialists in equestrian and farm properties

Visit www.wetherbeefarm.com for information on these properties and many more

Horse Cents LOANS FOR: • Equestrian facilities • Farms and ranches • Bare land

Equine Properties Esperance, NY 12066

518-875-6220 Phil King, Broker Gary Feinman, Consultant www.equineproperties.com Horse Farms are our only business. Servicing New York State.

• Construction • Equipment • Home sites

Karen Murphy at 800.880.1577,ext. ext. 8721 Call Call Karen Murphy at 800-562-2235 8119

HORSE~N~ AROUND FARM in Weedsport, NY is a TOTALLY ENCLOSED Equestrian Facility. Built on 56 Acres with a $1,300,000 rebuild Cost. THE HOME: 3,400 Sq. Ft. with 4 Bedrooms and 2.5 Baths. THE INDOOR ARENA: Has Motorized opening Side Curtains for Ventilation. THE STALL AREA: Twelve 10x12 Stalls and a Computerized Lighting System. THE 600 Sq. Ft. OFFICE: With a Viewing Window to the Arena. A RUN-IN BARN: As you have never seen before. THE PADDOCKS: Six with 3 and 4 Board Fencing. THIS ENTIRE COMPLEX IS UNDER ONE ROOF, AND MUST BE SEEN TO APPRECIATE ITS UNIQUENESS. ONLY $597,800…E470

104 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 105

Greenville, SC

Create Your Equestrian Estate

Pre Inspected Brick Home PRE INSPECTED BRICK HOME with 5 bedrooms, 2 stall Barn with 7acres. This is an upscale home that llows the privilege of having your horses at your home. This home has many special touches from the current owners. The main floor of this home has a split floorplan with a wonderful sunroom and deck to overlook the pastures. The master has an extra door to deck. They have added the new barn and set up pastures, completely finished the downstairs with a sewing area, sitting room, den, office and a separate bedroom with bath for company or great for an in-law or teen suite. There is fresh paint in a lot of the home along with beautiful wood floors with carpet in edrooms and a cork floor in the basement. There is LOTS storage over the 2 car

up to

garage and extra storage in the 3rd garage downstairs. The pastures include one on the side, one in back and one is set up as a grass riding arena (60x150) for training. Home is a Donald Gardner floor plan and built by Tutman builders and is located in an Equestrian subdivision.


GREENWICH, CT Classic Country Conyers Farm Residence offers up to 23 acres to realize your dreams. Adjacent to miles of riding trails and Greenwich Polo grounds. Expand, renovate or build new. Preliminary site plan by recognized expert Georgia Hickey features barn, indoor arena, outdoor ring and paddocks. Residence on 12 acres $5,495,000. Additional 11 acres available. For information see 23AcreGreenwichEstate.com or contact Lynn Fraund at 203.434.8585.

Contact Cheryl Teague, Greenville, SC.

864-335-8644 cheryl@cherylteague.com

WESTPORT BROKERAGE | williampitt.com Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

Leave your Muck Boots at Home Bring your Canoe, Sunscreen and a good book! Meticulous Year Round Retreat. This lovely renovated home allows you to enjoy the Connecticut River out your front door. Drop your dock in the water and enjoy great ďŹ shing. Easy access to all major highways. Tucked away in a very private setting with views that will take your breath away. A Stone Fireplace in case the ambiance of the river and quiet is not enough. Easy access to Route 91 and Route 2. Only a short distance to many of the major horse show grounds (if you must).

Proudly offered at $154,900

Ken Roberts 603-256-8215 | email: kenrob5@sover.net 106 March 2012 â?™ equinejournal.com

iHorse & Livestock & LQ’s iUtility, Cargo, Atv, Bike & Auto iEasy In-house Financing. iGenerous Trades. iNation Wide Delivery Available. iTravel Reimbursement Program!

Winthrop, Maine & Wellington, Florida

Trailer Center 207-377-8799


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607-746-2723 delsuedoc@gmail.com 112, Equine Journal, March 2012

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Last Laugh By Ange Dickson Finn

Lost in Space If you’ve ever used one of those GPS direction-giving thingys, you know the results can be mixed. Sometimes, I glide smoothly to my desired location, lulled by the confident voice of my navigator program crooning “your destination is on the right.” Other times, when I hear that lilting phrase, I’m in the middle of a cornfield holding my “smartphone” and screaming to Navigator Girl, “There is nothing on my right but an irrigation ditch, you idiot! And, that ditch is going to be your FINAL destination if you don’t get me out of here!” Well, we all know technology isn’t perfect. But, it’s often less imperfect than real life. And by real life, of course, I mean life with horses. It appears that horses have their own GPS, or Goofy Positioning System. We can try to modify it, but it seems to have some hardwired programs we just can’t erase. So, for example, we train them to do certain things in the show ring. And then, when we go into the ring, we expect these programs to run efficiently. Here’s the program a barrel racer might want to run, for example: Enter the arena at a gallop, shortest route to the barrel on the right, perfectly round circle around barrel, shortest route to the barrel on the left with a flying lead change, perfect circle, head to barrel in the center, perfect circle, and run like the wind for the finish. Here’s how your horse’s Goofy Positioning System might reinterpret that: • Run toward first barrel. Shortest route not shown here.

114 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

• Veer right around first barrel. Elliptical route only, circular route is unavailable at this time. Overshoot barrel by several feet. • Take 45-degrees-off-straight-line route to second barrel. Forgot lead change. Recalculating. Wide turn on backside of second barrel. Quick! Make lead change here! • Two available routes to third barrel; do you want the fastest, or the one with no freeways? Oops, too late to answer. Sharp left around barrel; careful, barrel is now on the ground. • More or less straight line to the finish, which is where I’ll get a nice rubdown and grain. Your destination is straight ahead. Let’s take it step-by-step with this interaction between a hapless hunter rider trying to take a nice trip around the ring, and her horse’s GPS reinterpretation of her instructions. Rider: Enter gate, trot, pick up rhythmic canter around the rail toward first fence, coming back toward in-gate. Horse GPS: Rush into canter with increasing speed; pay no attention to frantic attempts of rider to slow down. Default program is fastest route to the destination. Rider: Four strides to first fence. HGPS: Three long strides; lurch over first fence. Rider: Resume canter on line to second fence; canter to fence. HGPS: Break gait looking for second fence. Pick up nice cross-canter to second fence. Slight right turn of head to locate source of groaning sound beyond rail. Rider: Approach second fence with nice, even strides to take-off point. HGPS: Chip second fence. Rider: On to third fence; please, please, please canter in even rhythm. HGPS: Ok – cantering to third fence; take-off point approaching in four strides, three,

two…TURN! Turn left NOW! Third fence does NOT look like your destination. In fact, it looks like TWO fences and you did not inform me of that fact. Rider: Get over the fence you miserable NAG!!! HGPS: Recalculating… And, so it goes. Our horses’ internal programming is definitely not like our own. And, yelling at them is just about as fruitful as yelling at our phones or our car’s navigation system. So, it behooves us, as the larger-brained species, to be creative. Let’s look at that hunter round again, and see if the rider could give slightly different input to get a different output. Rider:Boy, I’d love it if you’d speed up as we head toward the first fence. HGPS: Lovely even canter at a consistent speed; got it. Rider: Just take any old number of strides to get over this fence; it doesn’t really matter. HGPS: Four strides, right. Rider: And, here comes the second fence; if you need to, throw in a little short stride. HGPS: Take-off point reached in optimum number of strides; take-off launched and completed. Rider: Oh, wow, forgot to show you the oxer; hope that’s not a problem for you; hmm, I sure wouldn’t be surprised if you… HGPS: Lovely! An oxer! My favorite; thanks for the nice surprise. See, dear riders? You just have to be creative and use a little reverse psychology, and the horse GPS can actually work in your favor. That is, until next time. Ange Dickson Finn is an award-winning freelance writer, western pleasure competitor and retired horse show mom who trusts her horse much more than her GPS. Visit her at www.theingate.com and www.ridewithoutfear. com, or email her at ange@ridewithoutfear.

Northeast ......................................................................................117 Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond ......................................160 ARABIANS: Northeast ......................................................................................136 Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond ......................................173 MORGANS: Northeast ......................................................................................142 Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond ......................................176 QUARTER HORSE:


Northeast ......................................................................................144 Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond ......................................178 DRESSAGE: Northeast ......................................................................................120 Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond ......................................164 DRIVING: Northeast ......................................................................................125 Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond ......................................166 EVENTING: Northeast ......................................................................................126 Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond ......................................168 HUNTER/JUMPER: Northeast ......................................................................................128 Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond ......................................170

143 OHIO EQUINE AFFAIRE .................................................147


Exhibitor List ..............................................................................152 Hours, Admission Information ...........................................156 Hotel & Camping Information ............................................157 Pfizer Fantasia ............................................................................158

AFFILIATIONS .........................................................................179 AFFILIATION COUPONS ...............................................207

Across the Regions


DATELINE .....................................................................................213 DIRECTORY ...............................................................................218 SALE BARN/CLASSIFIEDS ............................................231 ADVERTISER INDEX ..........................................................234

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We Build Every Size and Type of Barn.


ur building division has been designing and building quality structures since 1979. From small outbuildings to dressage, hunter & jumper arenas

– your building project deserves to be an exciting and hassle free experience. Call Jim or Jake at (603) 648-2987 to discuss your project and receive a no-obligation quote.

AG Structures - Our Building Division Since 1979 Rte. 4, 96 Old Turnpike Road, Salisbury, NH 03268 (603) 648-2888 • Fax (603) 648-2983 www.barnstoreofnewengland.com Open 7 Days

Supporting The Rural Lifestyle

New England News

Rated “A” Congratulations to Jennifer Sullivan on adding to her judges cards. Jennifer previously held her NEHC English and an “r” Morgan judge. Recently, she received the news that she had passed the test and is now the proud owner of “r” Saddlebred,”r” Saddleseat Equitation, and “r” Friesian cards! She tells us that she is working toward more cards and plans to finish her requirements for her Hackney, Roadster, Arabian, Andalusian/Lusitano cards in the near future!

Exciting Addition Rhythm of the Rein, a non-profit therapeutic riding program in Marshfield, VT, is very excited to say that they recently installed a Sure Hands mechanical lift to help mount non-ambulatory clients on horses for therapeutic riding and

Photo Courtesy of High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

Western cards in addition to being named

Citizens Bank and WTNH News 8 named High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. the first 2012 Champion in Action® in the category of youth initiatives. The award includes a $35,000 unrestricted grant, media coverage and extensive promotional and volunteer support over the first six months of 2012. The official announcement was made at High Hopes where Ned Handy, Citizens Bank president, gave a facsimile of the $35,000 check to Kitty Stalsburg at a special presentation. He was accompanied by Amie Kershaw, Citizens Bank Director of Public Affairs and Jocelyn Maminta, Mary Lee Weber and Roger Hess from WTNH News 8.

hippotherapy. Acquisition of the lift was assisted by a fundraising effort involving many members of the community, and was headed by the efforts of John Primmer and his former law firm, Primmer Piper Eggeleston and Cramer PC of St. Johnsbury, Montpelier, Burlington, VT, and Littleton, NH. This donation was done in memory of John’s departed wife, Donna Holmberg Primmer, who was an avid horseperson, artist, and advocate for individuals with disabilities. Rhythm of the Rein, a 501(c)(3)nonprofit program, will hold an open house in the spring to officially commemorate the donation of the lift in Donna Holmberg Primmer’s memory. Visit their website at www.rhythmoftherein.org.

New England Equestrian Center of Athol By Laurie Neely NEECA is looking forward to an exciting 2012! Plans for the year ahead include many of the events NEECA has become known for: the spring and fall trail rides; the horse show in July; and the “Wannabe Cowboy” versatility clinic with Peter Whitmore will all be returning. After last year’s successful first year, we’re looking forward to holding an expanded and improved Equestrian Showcase event at the beginning of June.

Then, later that month NEECA will be hosting its first Mule and Donkey show at the Center in Athol. And speaking of the Center, there are a number of improvements being made to the property over the winter months and more slated for spring. The trails and arena will not only be ready for a season of NEECA events, but for organizations wishing to rent the property for a day, a weekend or more. Finally, we invite everyone to come to Athol on March 21 for the annual, full membership meeting, to learn more about what we have done and will be doing. As always, dates, places and more information are on the NEECA website: www.equinecenter.org. equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 117

New England News foster hands-on learning. For personal enrichment, and to earn

Do you want to know more about how your horse “ticks” and how he thinks and

the Post University Certificate, the cost is

acts that way? Post University is offereing

$375. Continuing Education Units cost is

evening classes that are ideal both for

$525. For more information, call the Equine

the novice or more experienced horse

Management Department at Post University

enthusiast/owner since they cover not only

at 203-596-4653, or email CBaker@post.edu.

basics, but also important facts hard to learn elsewhere. Classes go for eight weeks, three hours per week in the evening and can earn either CEU credits or be for personal enrichment. The first course in the series of six, Basic Horse Ownership and Care, will be held from February 13 to April 2 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. on the Waterbury Campus at Post University. They can be taken in any order and are open to anyone interested. Courses include practical sessions and field trips to

Robert “Bob” Marvelle lost his battle with cancer on November 29, 2011. He was a loving father to Brandon and a loving husband to Donna. Bob was comforted to the end with them by his side. The Marvelles have been members of the NEFHC for the past seven years. Bob never missed a show that Brandon or Donna were showing at. Even though Bob didn’t ride, he was always there for support for not only his family, but also their friends. He really enjoyed watching Brandon ride and was so proud of his accomplishments. Bob was a great man and will be missed by all that knew him.

Photo Courtesy of Donna Marvelle

Evening Classes

Combine Your Love Of Horses With Helping Others 17th Annual

EQUINE EXPO 2012 Paraphernalia Sale Hosted by

Essex County Trail Association Saturday, April 28, 2012 ~ 9:00 to 3:00 Topsfield Fairgrounds - Arena, Topsfield, MA

Large marketplace of new and used items and services for horse, rider and driver. • Demonstrations All Day • Silent Auction • Food Vendor Information on exhibitor spaces, sponsorship, or donations call Kay 978-768-6275 or Sue 978-468-7715 kljoreo@aol.com Free Parking $5.00 Admission

118 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Become a certified therapeutic riding instructor. Study and train at a Premier Accredited therapeutic riding center Individual attention Classroom and extensive hands-on training • All aspects of equine assisted activities and therapies • 120 acre facility, over 1,800 individuals served annually • •

Register for PATH Intl. Approved Training Courses • Contact us about Advanced Certification being offered in May, 2012 • On-Site Workshop and Certification July and December 2012 • Instructor Training Course August 2012 • Certification on Demand option See our website www.highhopestr.org/instructor-training.htm for details

Call Laura Brown, Special Programs Manager, at 860-434-1974, ext. 118

CHANGE LIVES. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. HIGH HOPES THERAPEUTIC RIDING 36 Town Woods Rd • Old Lyme, CT 06371 860 434-1974 • www.highhopestr.org




REPRODUCTION â?– Collection, cooling, freezing, shipping, storage and phantom training. â?– Inseminations with cooled or frozen semen, embryo transfer and total mare care including 24-hour monitored foaling. â?– TNT is approved by the USDA as an Equine Semen Collection Center.

DENTISTRY â?– Routine and surgical dentistry â?– Fillings and standing extractions â?– Orthodontics and endodontics

AMBULATORY â?– Full service equine ambulatory practice â?– 24-hour emergency care and preventative medicine For more information, please call or check out our website.

Southern Tier Trailer Sales

RD #2 4018 Rt. 60, Jamestown, New York 14701

LQ Trailers In Stock!

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Have a horse that thinks blanket destruction is an Olympic Sport?

Don’t Despair, We Clean and Repair! Fast & Reliable Service Quality Workmanship One Week Turnaround! Over 25 drop off & pick up locations Check our website for a location near you!

12 or more blankets?? Call to schedule a pick up at your farm

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Phone (888) 887-1984 • (716) 985-4600 u Fax (716) 985-4740 a

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Dressage News Calling All Volunteers! Volunteers are the backbone of most dressage shows, and thanks to the efforts of the New England Dressage Association (NEDA) led effort, in conjunction with other Region 8 GMOs, potential volunteers will now have the chance to receive training in some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a dressage show. NEDA is offering a series of traveling workshops that will take the sport of dressage to a higher level by training scribes, stewards, scorers and show The workshops will be held in March, April and May, and so far the schedule includes: Johnson & Wales University in Rehoboth, MA, the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH, Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME, The Cornell Cooperative Extension in Ballston Spa, NY,

Photo: Duffy Productions


The New England Breed Show Series returns to Ten Broeck Farm on June 9-10, 2012. Mark your calendars and plan to be there! Visit www.tenbroeckfarm.net for more information.

the Green Mountain Horse Association in South Woodstock, VT and Cutler Farm in Medfield, MA. The workshops will last four hours and will include 45-minute sessions for scribes, stewards and scorers, as well as a 30-minute session on basic show dynamics and an overview of relevant equestrian organizations. The cost of each volunteer workshop will be minimal, as most materials will be able to be found online and will include relevant materials for each participant. NEDA is working creatively to come up with no cost options to attend that will not only include valuable information, but a snack as well. For more information on the workshops, to host a workshop in your area or help teach a workshop, contact willowdck@ aol.com or 508-539-3534.

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White Star The Hanoverian licensed stallion, White

breeding) and a total of 45 horses selected as Verden Auction horses. As a dam sire,

Star, has been sold to Canadian Dave Thind

White Star has influenced the 2011 Swedish

and will stand in the United States. Born in

Dressage Champion Don Auriello and

1993 at Mathias Ohmen’s stable, White Star

licensed sons Herzenwunsch and Stevie

is by Weltmeyer. He was the reserve licens-

Wonder, as well as high priced auction horses

ing champion behind Graf Grannus at the

such as Danny White.

Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and acquired there by the Landgestut Celle. His famous offspring includes the

The German stallion arrived in February, and will stand at Black Pond Veterinary Services in Norwell, MA.

2007 six-year old Bundeschampionate bronze medalist White Kiss (under Marion Schleypen). In the United States, Whitney,

Halkett Returns Stoneleigh-Burnham School is

ridden by Karen Lipp, finished third in 2010 at

pleased to announce the appointment

the American Young Horse Championships.

of George Halkett as the Director of the

White Star has produced eight li-

Equestrian Center. In this capacity, Halkett

censed sons including premium stallion

will be responsible for overseeing the

Wunschtraumer, 37 State Premium mares

coordination, synergy and success of all

(out of 127 of his daughters inspected for

SBS equestrian programs.

Dressage News


contact listings

Halkett joins Director of Riding, Mina Payne Williams, who has been at Stoneleigh-

Casa Lusitana

tsl Tyngsboro, Massachusetts 978-649-5300, gbriels@msn.com www.casalusitana.com

Burnham School in a professional capacity for over 30 years. Williams will continue

Crossen Arabians and Warmbloods bs 1209 South St., Coventry, CT06238 860-742-6486 www.crossenarabians.com

Team Hannigan tsl 6 Myrick Lane, Harvard, Massachusetts 978-270-0919 Teamhannigan@hotmail.com www.teamhannigan.com

her work as Director of Riding, overseeing all aspects of the student experience and coaching the IEA team. A native of Scotland, Halkett is returning to

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

Stoneleigh-Burnham School after a successful tenure

at Albion College. While at Albion, Halkett designed and oversaw the construction of a state of the art equestrian center, recruited students and helped the school achieve certification as a British Horse Society International Certificate program. Throughout his career, Halkett has been active in competition and instruction. He served as a member of the Queen’s Household Cavalry in the British Army, competed internationally and coached students to international competitions including the FEI Samsung International, Volvo World Cup and the International Intercollegiate World Championships. During his previous tenure at Stoneleigh-Burnham School, Halkett helped coach students to four national titles in three years including the Interscholastic Equestrian Association National championship title in 2002, 2003 and 2004 and the Interscholastic Dressage Association National championship in 2002. In addition the Stoneleigh-Burnham team brought home a silver medal at the Northeast Junior/Young Riders Dressage Championships in 2003. Want to see YOUR NAME in Dressage News? Send your information and photos to Jenn@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com for the latest dressage news.

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Driving News Condolences


Nancy Altrui, one of the founding

Dee were placed first, while Wilson Groves and RG Black Fletcher won the Gentlemen

Lazy Stallion Friesian’s Ytsen has

members of the Connecticut Valley Driving

been racking up an impressive list of

to Drive division, the Pace class, and the

Club, passed away on January 25, 2012 at

accomplishments once again. In 2011, Ytsen

Currier and Ives class. Louise Calderwood

the age of 83. Nancy was, by all accounts,

was awarded the prestigious National Horse

and IOA Otis won the Obstacles - Fast/Slow

a real character. Stories abound of her

of the Year award by the USEF, Champion


exploits, and of course, many of those are

Friesian in Driving for the second year

horse-related. Nancy and her Morgan, Bay

running, as well as third in Friesian In

to Robin Groves and Thor’s Toy Truck, while

State Heather, were frequent participants

Hand, and third in Friesian Specialty!

the Reserve Champion honors went to

at Mary Jean Vasiloff ’s annual Morgan

Plans are for Ytsen to compete in 2012 for

Jenny Kimberly and Dixie Dee.

Versatility Event, where the pair would

the USEF Horse of the Year once again.

road-trot at speed around the rail. She also


who she rode into the hills when she could.

Sleigh Rally Results

East Aurora News

first Sleigh Rally of the year. In the Open

On January 22, 2012 GMHA held their

Robin Groves and

Directors that she will no longer be able to

Thor’s Toy Truck

serve as Show Manager of the Annual East

took the lead. Gail

Aurora Carriage Drive & Competition, due to

Hepfinger and

family considerations.

Devin brought home the blue

and the many friends of EADS join to

ribbon in Novice

express their appreciation to Liz for her

Working and

immeasurable contributions to carriage

Novice to Drive. In

driving in Western New York.

the Ladies to Drive

Though lessening her workload at EADS, Liz will continue to contribute

Want to see YOUR NAME in Driving News? Send your information and photos to Jenn@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com for the latest driving news.

Working class and the Seniors to Drive class,

to the East Aurora Driving Society Board of

The Board of Directors, Membership,

For more information on future competitions, visit www.gmhainc.org.

adored her American Saddlebred, Danny,

Liz O’Donnell recently announced

The Champion of the day was awarded

division, Jenny Kimberly and Dixie

significantly as The East Aurora Driving Society’s Board Treasurer and as the Driving Society’s Liaison to the Village of East Aurora & Town of Aurora. She will also continue to be active in the East Aurora community as a newly elected member of the Friends of Knox Board of Directors. Did you know... GMHA is now on Facebook! Visit them at www.facebook.com/ greenmountainhorseassociation.

Equine Reproduction at the University of Massachusetts Amherst


he Equine Reproduction Program serves horse owners, veterinarians, students, and researchers throughout New England. Part of the College of Natural Resources Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the Equine Reproduction Program is based at the Hadley Farm and supports applied research and clinical teaching in the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

Assisted Reproduction Services for Client Horses The Equine Reproduction Program’s assisted reproduction services provide the region’s most advanced reproduction techniques. To maximize the reproduction potential of fertile horses and to restore the fertility of subfertile and infertile horses, the program offers: ◗ Fertility work ups ◗ Semen collection (sperm analysis, cooled shipment, semen freezing) ◗ Breeding management ◗ Embryo transfer ◗ Services for performance stallions & mares To learn more about the Equine Reproduction Program’s referral services for owners and veterinarians, contact:

Dr. Carlos Gradil

Veterinary and Animal Sciences

413-577-2214 ❙ cgradil@vasci.umass.edu www.umass.edu/vasci/eqreprodctr

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Eventing News

Area I Annual Meeting By Heidi Beaumont, Area I Chair

Thank you to all that were able to make the Annual Meeting. We had another big turnout. Congratulations to all the year-end award winners who were Photo Courtesy of Kipper Craft

given their ribbons and prizes during the luncheon. Both the Adult Rider and Young Rider Chairs gave updates on their programs, which continue to grow, with many exciting things in store for 2012. There were announcements on our new Area I scholarship program as well as details from Louise Meryman on a new prize program for the New York events through the New York Racing (NYRA) for Second Career

Congratulations to Katie Murphy and Roger Demer on their recent engagement! Roger proposed just days before Katie left to ride in Aiken, SC, for the early spring. For complete details on the proposal (and Katie’s trip south) check out Katie’s popular blog at www.murphyeventing.com.

Thoroughbreds (SCTB). Fernanda Kellog and Sunny Cross


contact listings Bevin O’Reilly

tl Brattleboro, Vermont 413-478-1661 borei@hotmail.com

Stoneleigh-Burnham School tl 574 Bernardston Road, Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301 413-774-2711 fax 413-772-2602 www.sbschool.org tls Bevin O’Reilly Dugan 336 River Road, Newfane, VT 05345 802-365-9434 www.winchesterstables.com

Winchester Stables

treated us to a special presentation on

126 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Area I is pleased to offer a new

the Area I Championships, which will be

educational scholarship program. These

held at Fitch’s Corner again this year. Molly

$250 scholarships are intended to promote

Hutchins and Jane Hamlin brought us

knowledge and skill development and

up to date on the improvements and new

may be applied to lessons and clinics,

Intermediate Course at GMHA, and Peter

conference or convention attendance,

Gray ended the day with an inspiring talk

training for instructors/judges/organizer,

on riding cross-country.

or other educational purposes. All USEA members in good standing are eligible

Young Event Horse

and encouraged to apply by March 15,

Great news! Thanks to the generosity

2012. For more information and application

and hard work of organizers, Area I will be

forms, please see the scholarship web page

hosting two YEH/NEH/FEH events in the

at www.area1usea.org/2012-Scholarship.

2012 season. GMHA will be moving their

htm. Area I is excited to be offering this

event to June, and Stonybrook will hold

opportunity and the scholarship committee

theirs in September. Full details will be

looks forward to seeing your applications!

posted on their websites soon. Please show your support of both of these wonderful

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

New Scholarship

venues by attending both.

It’s Worth the Trip!

Eventing News

New England’s Premier Equestrian Destination or Shop Online at

Open for Schooling Kingsbury Hill Farm of Francestown, NH, is now open for cross-country schooling. They have elementary jumps (logs), BN and Training fences in the two fields. The Training and Novice loops are mowed and usable, but all the jumps are in the fields. Fee is $40/horse-rider combination, signed waivers are required and are available at the check-in table in the main barn. For more information, call 603-533-2508 or email lisakingsburyhill@gmail.com. Want to see YOUR NAME in Eventing News? Send your information and photos to Jenn@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com for the latest eventing news.


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Hunter/Jumper News

Hunter/Jumper contact listings

Blue Meadow Farm lts 120 Nobscot Rd., Sudbury, MA 01776 978-443-4800 www.bluemeadowfarm.com Beacon Woods Stables tsl Mick & Laurie Paternoster, Owners Kris Bramley, Trainer 99 Beacon Woods Lane, South Glastonbury, CT 06073 860-430-2606 barn; 860-601-0670 cell beaconwoodsstables@yahoo.com www.beaconwoodsstables.com

Liz Rooney, 2011 NEHC Lifetime Supporter. Crossen Arabians and Warmbloods

NEHC Banquet

opportunity for exhibitors to meet with

By Melody Taylor-Scott

various Medal Committee members.

New England Horsemen’s Council

Representing the Hunt-seat Medal were

2011 year-end awards banquet, hosted

New England Equitation Championships

this year by the Maine Horse Association

Liaison, Beverly Gifford-Vars, and Olana

and its committee members, Jo Hight and

Laffey, who doubled as the USHJA

Paulajean O’Neill, was held January 28,

Representative for zone one awards.

2012, at the Portland Marriot at Sable Oaks in South Portland, ME. Giving out over 100 beautiful awards,

Chamberlin, Daniel K. Chamberlin, Marilyn

the NEHC brought together exhibitors and

and Liz Rooney, the first woman to be voted

horsemen from all over New England for a

in as a NEHC President and who received a

wonderful evening of networking, dining,

lovely tribute for a lifetime of supporting the

and dancing to a live band. Along with his

NEHC. As the award presentations progressed,

received a gift of a NEHC horse registration

a raffle, organized by the Western Medal

for the coming year.

Committee and held as a fundraiser, was drawn by ticket number, giving winners a

Joan Travers, the 2012 NEHC President, Sue

great group of prizes and gift baskets to

Arthur did an excellent job of organizing

choose from. The junior young ladies were

the event and keeping everything running

all dressed in ‘evening chic,’ creating quite

smoothly. New this year, the NEHC

the fashion show as they stood for their

sponsored a ‘Meet and Greet,’ offering an

award pictures.

128 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

tsl 201 Bournedale Rd. Buzzards Bay, MA 02532 508-759-3763 www.grazingfields.com

Grazing Fields Farm

Seven past NEHC Presidents were

Childs, Beverly Gifford-Vars, Joan Travers,

Taking over the reins this year from

Evenstride btsl 26 Orchard St., Byfield, Massachusetts 978-465-9119 www.evenstrideltd.com

in attendance: Joe Lombard, Carlton

including the USHJA Zone 1 Champions,

or her awards, each champion and reserve

bs 1209 South St., Coventry, CT06238 860-742-6486 www.crossenarabians.com

tsl Melanie Finkeldey 70 Shields Road, Woodstock, CT 06281 Cell: 802-380-0886; Barn 860-315-7419 www.hiddenfieldsfarm.com

Hidden Fields Farm

Holly Hill Farm tsl 240 Flint Street, Marston Mills, MA 02648 508-428-2621, hollyhill7@aol.com www.hollyhillstable.com Horseman’s Exchange, LLC Tack & Apparel Consignment 294 Great Road, Rte. 119 Littleton, MA 01460 978-486-0008, 978-779-6119 fax horsemans.exchange@yahoo.com



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Photo: Steve Maxwell

Hunter/Jumper News

The Mount Holyoke team, C.J. Law (coach), Margaret Swanson, Felicia Harrsch, Lexie Lohrer, Hannah Thornton, Abby Raucher, Samantha Stone, So Jin Lee, Nell Maynard, Maddi Shortt and Flynn Vickowski, celebrate their win.

New England Equitation Championships Cookie DeSimone 617-347-6413 Amy Eidson 401-789-5206 Kelley Small 508-835-1110 www.newenglandequitation.com Phoenix Rising Horse Farm tsl 260 Pound Hill Road North Smithfield, RI 401-766-5500 www.prhf.com tsl Tricia Concannon South Lancaster, Massachusetts Cell: 508-654-8277 Barn: 978-365-3955 www.sweet-water-farm.com

Sweet Water Farm, LLC

Volo Farm

btsl 84 Powers Road, Westford, MA 01886 978-692-7060 www.volofarm.com

After the presentations, coats, ties, and

Holyoke secured the 2012 Tournament of

band began to play on stage and had ev-

Champions Series Championship, which

eryone up and dancing till the end of the

they were leading even before coming to

evening. Over 175 exhibitors, trainers, and

Virginia. This is the second time they have

family members attended this year’s ban-

taken home the big Series Champion cup

quet, and all agreed that it was held in typi-

– they had it last in 2008. Could this be

cal NEHC style, creating a great atmosphere

one of the best teams for Coach CJ Law?

to celebrate the 2011 show champions!

She has coached three National Champion

For a complete list of all the year-end

btsl Kellie Monaghan Plainville, MA 508-699-1900 kellie@walnut-hill-farm.com www.walnut-hill-farm.com

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

CALL NOW If you would like to be listed in Our

Hunter/Jumper Contact Listings 800-742-9171

132 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

teams, the last one in 2006.

awards, visit the NEHC website at www.NEHC.info.

ABF Expands Brooke Ferro, at ABF Equine in

Mount Holyoke Slam Dunks How good was Mount Holyoke at

Walnut Hill Farm

With the Winter Classic win, Mount

shoes came off as the Brian Curtis Johnson

the January 28 Winter Classic? It was Class 11 before one of their riders placed lower than second! Felicia Harrasch started the show with a win in Class 1 Intermediate Flat, followed by Lexie Lohrer winning Class 2 Open Fences, and Holyoke was off and running! Other winners for Mount Holyoke included Hanna Thornton in Open Flat, and So Jin Lee in Walk Trot. Holyoke raced to a 42-point day – the second-highest point total in Tournament history!

Coventry, CT, is excited about the coming year. The farm recently completed an expansion, featuring a new 75’ x 180’ indoor arena with 20 stalls attached. This new addition gives the farm a total of 45 stalls in three barns. Each barn has a grooming stall and wash stalls with hot water. All of this, combined with their two outdoor rings (200 x 300 and 95 x 160), plus a grass hunt course, offers their riders multiple riding options. ABF also welcomed two three-yearold hunter prospects to the farm: a filly by VDL Verone out of a Rio Grande mare, and a gelding by VDL Navarone.

rotect Your Helping You P es & Farms Families, Hors ears for Over 25 Y

Offering Many Lines of Insurance…

Call Toll-Free:


◗ Farm & Homeowner’s Scott and Joe Lombard, founders of Corinthian Insurance, the leading provider of insurance to New England’s farms, families, and equine professionals.

Our Clients Say It Best: I am certain that because they understand horses and horse people, they too understand what its like to lose the noble equine partners/companions. We ALWAYS have our horses insured by Corinthian because they proved that insurance issues do not have to be contentious. Ginette Castro December 2011, Rochester, MA

Find us on Facebook

◗ Personal and Commercial Automobile ◗ Equine Mortality & Major Medical ◗ Private Horse Owner’s Liability ◗ Commercial Equine General Liability ◗ Instructors and Trainers Liability ◗ Life, Health and Disability


March 24 & 31, May 5: Saddle Rowe, Medway, MA April 21, June 16, August 11 & 18: Rozena’s Field, Raynham, MA August 29: Holly Hill, Marstons Mills, MA


For more information:

Marshall & Sterling ALL MEDALS M&S Bit O’ Straw Hunter Classic M&S Children’s Pony & Horse Hunter Classics M&S Children’s / Adult Jumper Classic USEF, NEHC, MJC, M&S, MHJ, SEHA

Jacqui Gazzara jgazz17468@aol.com

Saddle Rowe, Me dwa y, MA September 1,

Nancy Venezia 508-428-2621 Fax 508-428-2656

Pat Larsen 401-847-5459 Fax 401-846-4273 p724larsen@aol.com



Saturday, 2012

Bay State Adult Medal Finals Leadline, Short Stirrup Walk Trot Finals Mini Prix * Double Points for year end awards 2nd Annual $1000 CASH TRAINERS AWARD see website equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 133

Wins for Windcrest Armand Chenelle, trainer and owner

Qualified Evenstride Farm in Byfield, MA,

at Windcrest Farm in Hebron, CT, sent us an

would like to congratulate their middle

update recently. Seems like the Windcrest

and high school IEA teams on qualifying

riders finished up 2011 in grand style!

for Regionals. Coaches, Scotty Laffey

Congratulations are in order for Rebekah

and Andrea Mank have had a great time

Chenelle, 2011 National PHA Junior Medal

attending the shows and wish everyone

Final champion; Elysse Ruschmeyer, M&S

good luck at the end of March!

National Adult Medal Final champion; Emma Gorham, CHJA Children’s Hunter Classic Final champion; Emelie Burgess, CHJA Junior Medal Final champion; Jacey Chorlton, CHSA Children’s Medal Final champion; Ashley Minicucci, Modified Adult Medal Final champion; and Maryann Gile, Modified Adult Hunter champion.

PHOTO: Courtney Comeau

Hunter/Jumper News

Karen Immel participated in the Grant Wilson clinic at Jocelyn Hawe’s Coyote Springs Farm in Lee, NH. September 12-16. As an open show for all zones, the “Big E” will feature the USHJA Zone 1 Classics for each division. Updates

International Clinic New Zealander Grant Wilson, an

to this year’s prize list include the addition of a 3’3” Amateur Owner Hunter division,

international show jumper based in Brussels,

moving the pony classes to the start of

Belgium, traveled to New England this

Saturday, September 15, and short stirrup

January. Courtney Comeau organized this

will be for riders age 12 and under who

tour as Grant was welcomed back to Water’s

have not shown in classes where fences

Edge Farm in Concord, MA; Coyote Spring

exceed 18”. Lastly, the jumper division will

Farm in Lee, NH;

have an addition of three training classes at

Jumpers Academy

Green Acres Stables

3’; three schooling classes at 3’3”; and, three

in NH; and, the

children’s/adult classes at 3’6”.

Offers for Sale

included 2-3 riders

6 year old, 16.2+ hand TB gelding has a promising future in the adult hunters/Eq. In professional training currently being shown evergreen hunters, and low training jumpers. Easy swaps, walks down the lines, scopey, and brave. Always a gentleman at the shows and at home. A real people horse, loves attention and aims to please. $10,000

levels. Grant’s


University of New

The prize list and entry blank will


be available in early May and/or on our

Each session

website, www.thebige.com/horseshow.

of matching riding emphasis on technique during

Madden in Washington Washington Equestrian Center in

each lesson was well

Washington Depot, CT, will welcome Frank

received by eventers,

Madden on April 21 and 22 for a two-day

show jumpers and

clinic. Each of the three groups will receive

hunter riders.

two hours of riding each day, followed by a cocktail party and silent auction on Saturday

Boarding, Lessons, Training, Sales Now accepting new clients for the 2012 show season, Limited stalls available.

Stacey Pierce 860-608-8301 www.jumpers-academy.com

134 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Save the Date

evening. Auditors are welcome. Visit www. washingtonequestrian.com for more information.

The 2012 Eastern States Exposition (“AA”) Hunter/Jumper show will be

Want to see YOUR NAME in Hunter/Jumper News? Send your information and photos to reddy@equinejournal.com. Visit www.equinejournal.com for the latest hunter/jumper news.

2 Indoor Arenas, 6 Outdoor Arenas

USEF Regular Member MHC, NEHC, M&S, MHJ Affiliated SHOW DATES April 28 • June 2 Rozena’s Field • Raynham, MA All weather footing double SEHA points for year end awards Exhibitor Friendly Time Schedule New Jumper Classes with $500 Mini Prix Developing Competitive and Compassionate Riders Since 1970

All Marshall & Sterling Medals Bit O’ Straw Classic M&S Children’s Pony & Horse Hunter Classic M&S Children’s & Adult Jumper Classic

SEHA MEDAL FINALS September 16 Saddle Rowe Farm Medway, MA SEHA Mini Medal, Adult Mini Medal Junior Medal & Adult Medal 18-35 & over 35 regular division year end awards Triple points ~ 2012 Show Dates ~ March 10, April 14, May 12, June 23, July 14, August 4, September 22, October 13 and November 10 NEHC/MHC Rated • Classes For All Levels FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE ~ GOOD FOOTING ~ INVITING COURSES Check Out Our Website For More Info

SADDLEROWE.COM 73 Oakland Street • Medway MA • 508-533-7108

Contact: Jacqui Gazzara 508-274-5406 jgazz17468@aol.com Show Secretary: Pat Larsen 401-847-5459 p724larsen@aol.com

www.southeasthunter.com equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 135

Arabian News


contact listings Arabian Origins Marketing DeEtta Houts Owner/Designer 218-296-1927 arabianorigins@gmail.com www.arabianoriginsmarketing.com

Photo: Blenker Photography

Baldwin Stables tsl 108 Cedar Lake Road, Deep River, CT 860-526-5989 kbwins@comcast.net Double A Arabians lts 279 Watchaug Road, Somers, Connecticut 06071 860-749-4797 www.doubleaarabians.com lddeadder@yahoo.com bs Breeding Fine Arabian Horses Jennifer Stine 67 Prospect Hill Road, Harvard, MA 617-359-5623 jkstine@yahoo.com, www.frsarabians.com

FRS Arabians

Quarry Hill Farm

bs 345 Sharon Rd., Lakeville, Connecticut 06039 860-435-2571 www.quarryhillfarm.com

Congratulations! Congratulations are in order for the popular ringmaster and western pleasure competitor, Lisa Robinson of Webster, NY. She has been working hard and is now a nationally licensed massage therapist!

AHCC Banquet

Jesselyn Dugas, was High Point Regional

By Michelle Laudano

Half Arabian. Some of the specialty awards

The Arabian Horse Club of tls Bevin O’Reilly Dugan 336 River Road, Newfane, VT 05345 802-365-9434 www.winchesterstables.com

Winchester Stables

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

given out this year were the Nixon Hills High

Connecticut’s Annual Awards Banquet was

Point Regional Purebred Youth being won

a great success! It was held at the beautiful

by Amanda Baldwin. The Hy-Time High

Lodge at Maneeley’s in South Windsor, CT.

Point award went to Jo-Ellen Lemanski

With great food and a wonderful atmo-

with Spotacular Style. This year the Gildore

sphere, everyone had a lovely afternoon. Of

Gagnon Good Sportsmanship award was

course, winning some great awards helped!

won by Jesselyn Dugas. For a complete

CALL NOW If you would like to be listed in Our

Danielle Laudano was this year’s chairman

list of winners, go to the AHCC’s website

Arabian Contact Listings

and once again delivered on fabulous prizes.


Some of the standout awards were Autumn

Don’t forget to renew your membership and

Houle receiving the High Point Schooling

nominate your horse so you too can win

Rider. High Point Local Arabian was AF

amazing prizes!


Debussy with Meegan Horan. Danielle

Congratulations again to all of our year-

Laudano and Heirianna took home the

end award winners! We look forward to see-

High Point Local Half Arabian award. Kelsey

ing you and your friends next year and have

Selig and Moon N Son VA were High Point

a happy and successful year!

Regional Arabian, and Symphony RB, with

136 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Sport Horse Clinic April 7, 2012

Hosted by Crossen Arabians and Warmbloods, Coventry, CT Clinic open to horses and riders of all levels. Suitable for dressage, event, hunter and jumper riders as well as those competing in the Arabian and Half-Arabian sport horse under saddle divisions. Focusing on the basic elements of training to improve performance: position, balance, and effectiveness of the aids. Semi-private and private sessions available. $65 private/$45 semi-private. Bevin O’Reilly Dugan, a USEA ICP Level 2 Instructor emphasizes the importance of maintaining the highest standards of horsemanship in a relaxed and personal atmosphere. Bevin’s teaching approach is centered on the exacting principles of learning or reaffirming the basics before advancing to the next level, which has proven to be effective for all disciplines from novice riders to active competitors. As an accomplished trainer, Bevin can assist in starting your young horse, addressing specific training issues and schooling your competitor for that winning edge. She has trained a number of national and regional champions in both hunter over fences and dressage divisions while competing successfully in eventing divisions.

For more information, contact Bevin O’Reilly Dugan, Manager/Trainer


winchester.vt@gmail.com • www.winchesterstables.com 336 River Road, Newfane, VT 05345 • cell 413.478.1661

Deadline for clinic participants: March 25th Reserve your space today!

Crossen Arabians, LLC. Tom and Susan Crossen 1209 South Street, Coventry, CT 860.742.6486 www.crossenarabians.com

EQUI-PRO速 MARE & FOAL A textured feed designed for growth and development of foals, weanlings, yearlings, two-year-olds, pregnant and lactating mares.

A Family Feed Company

A Family Feed Company

CONNECTICUT LAKESIDE FEED Guilford, CT - 203-457-1461 MERIDEN FEED Meriden, CT - 203-237-4414

MASSACHUSETTS CROP & CARROT TACK SHOP INC. Spencer, MA - 877-885-0255 cpalin@verizon.net www.cropandcarrottack.com FAMILY PET & GARDEN CENTER Pembroke, MA - 781-829-2220 familypetandgarden@hotmail.com GREENFIELD FARMERS COOPERATIVE EXCHANGE Greenfield, MA - 413-773-9639 farmers@crocker.com www.greenfieldfarmerscoop.com HARDWICK FARMERS COOP Hardwick, MA - 413-477-6913 hecx@comcast.net www.hardwickfarmers.net HORSE & BUGGY FEEDS, INC. Winchendon, MA - 978-297-2518 www.horseandbuggyfeeds.com



ACHILLE AGWAY Peterborough, NH – 603-924-6801 info@achilleagway.net www.achilleagway.net

T.J. HAY & GRAIN West Greenwich, RI - 401-397-3924

ACHILLE AGWAY Keene, NH - 603-357-5720 info@achilleagway.net www.achilleagway.net BLACKMOUNT EQUIPMENT INC. North Haverhill, NH -603-787-6311 shawnb@blackmounteq.com DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Hampton Falls, NH - 603-926-2253 DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Plaistow, NH - 603-382-8201

GUY’S FARM AND YARD Montpelier, VT – 802-229-0567

DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Exeter, NH - 603-778-8132 www.dodgesagway.com

GUY’S FARM AND YARD Morrisville, VT – 802-888-2025

HENNIKER FARM & COUNTRY STORE Henniker, NH - 603-428-3255 hennikerfarm@yahoo.com www.hennikerfarm.com HORSE & BUGGY FEEDS, INC. Keene, NH - 603-352-0328 www.horseandbuggyfeeds.com MYHRE EQUINE COMPLEX Rochester, NH - 603-335-4777 myhreequine@gmail.com www.myhreequine.com

THE MANE PLACE Uxbridge, MA - 508-278-7563 linda@themaneplace.com www.themaneplace.com

ORDE FARM, LLC Hollis, NH -603-465-2583 ordefarm@gmail.com

LONG HORN HORSE & PET SUPPLY Buxton, ME - 207-929-6600 store@longhorn.me.com www.longhorn.me PERKCO SUPPLY Exeter, ME - 207-379-2900 perkco@tdstelme.net

ACHILLE AGWAY Brattleboro, VT - 802-254-8755 info@achilleagway.net www.achilleagway.net DEPOT HOME & GARDEN Essex Junction, VT - 802-878-8596 depot05452@aol.com www.depothomeandgarden.com

KETONEN-CLARK FARM Rutland, MA - 508-886-2952 kclark2952@charter.net



GUY’S FARM AND YARD Williston, VT – 802-878-5112 MARTY’S 1ST STOP Danville, VT - 802-684-2574 martysfirst@hotmail.com www.martysvt.com POULIN LUMBER Williamstown, VT - 802-433-1419 www.poulinlumber.com RB ERSKINE Chester Depot, VT - 802-875-2333 RIVER BEND FARM SUPPLIES Townshend, VT - 802-365-7800 riverbendfarmsupplies@svcable.net

DON’T SEE YOUR LOCAL DEALER? Call for the name of a dealer near you

800-334-6731 www.poulingrain.com

24 Railroad Square, Newport, VT 05855

Everything Equine


The Champlain Valley Exposition, in cooperation with the University of Vermont Extension, The HorseWorks and Guy’s Farm and Yard, invites you to feature your business or service at the 2012 Everything Equine. Display your business in 75,000 sf of indoor space in the Robert E. Miller Expo Centre. More than 5,000 attendees over 2 days will enjoy 150 exhibits and 30 seminars & demonstrations.

April 28-29

Presented in part by

Limited Space - Reserve your 2012 Everything Equine Expo vendor space today! Contact Susan Petrie, Special Events at (802) 878-5545 x.26 or spetrie@cvexpo.org for questions, space requirements or outdoor booth information. Business Name ___________________________________ Type of Product ___________________________________ Address ________________________________________ City ___________________ State _______ Zip ________ Email _________________________________________ Website ________________________________________

Please circle the booth space you would like (booth fees include pipe and drape, table(s) and chair): 10’ x 10’ .................$350 10’ x 20’ .................$600 10’ x 30’ .................$880 8’ table ...................$200 Nonprofits/Associations 8’ table ...................$150 10’ x 10’ .................$300

From Start to Finish with a Little Love and Teamwork in Between... Local or National, Now International... Arabians & Sport Horses Oh Canada, here we come!

508.982.9628 www.cranberryknollarabians.com

140 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Please sign me up for the space circled. I have enclosed $ _______ Send to: Everything Equine 2012 Champlain Valley Exposition P.O. Box 209 Essex Jct, VT 05453-0209 Fax: (802) 878-2151 Email: spetrie@cvexpo.org www.cvexpo.org

Arabian News

Sport Horse Clinic

Cartier, and Little Red Khorvette, and Meg Hall’s JC Heart Throb. Division II’s Half Arabian honors

On April 7, 2012, Tom and

were split between Iris Poland’s

Susan Crossen of Crossen

Long Hope Mr. Sensation, Jess

Arabians and Warmbloods in

Small’s MVA Kahlua N Cream

Coventry, CT, will be hosting

and Amber Durgin’s Constanza.

a clinic with Bevin O’Reilly

Arabian Hunter Pleasure has be-

Dugan. The clinic is open to

come a very competitive division,

horses and riders of all levels and will be suitable for dressage, eventing, hunter and jumper riders as well as those competing in the Arabian and Half-

this year it was won by Haley Congratulations to Jennifer Freeberg on being named in the Top Ten of the 2011 Amateur Achievement Awards. What an honor!

Arabian sport horse under saddle divisions. the master of ceremonies and awards were

tion, balance, and effectiveness of the aids.

presented by Lynn-Marie Bailey, head of

As an accomplished trainer, Bevin can assist

the Awards Committee. five different divisions, members can earn

competitor for that winning edge. She has

awards in competitive trail riding and hours

trained a number of national and regional

in the saddle as well as four different levels

champions in hunter over fences, dressage,

of showing. This format provides opportuni-

and sport horse under saddle divisions.

ties for all members to earn recognition for the time they spend enjoying their horses

available. Contact Bevin at 413-478-1661 or

regardless of their discipline or riding level.

e-mail winchester.vt@gmail.com.

This year’s top Junior riders were Breanna Durgin, Brittany Guilemette, Miranda

By Lee Cheever

Arabian Horse Association of Maine

Each year AHAME recognizes a club member who performs outstanding service to the club and this year’s Member of the

Since AHAME structures awards in

specific training issues and schooling your

Arabian Horse Association of Maine

Holtzman. Competitive Trail Riding awards Brunjes.

of training to improve performance: posi-

Semi-private and private sessions are

reserve going to DTA Mi Serenity and Carol went to Tom Hutchinson and Katherine

Bevin will focus on the basic elements

in starting your young horse, addressing

Spenard’s PW Beauquet with

Year went to Pat LeClerc. Youth Member of the year is Tyler Hodgkins. More information on shows and club events and a complete listing of 2011 award winners are at mainearabian.org. Want to see YOUR NAME in Arabian News? Send your information and photos to Jenn@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com for the latest Arabian news.

Hodgkins and Tyler Hodgkins. Time in the Saddle awards went to Robin Lovejoy and Lynn-Marie Bailey. Division I winners were Jenn Roberts with Caught Ya Looking, CA

started the year with a fabulous awards banquet celebrating club member’s 2011 show and riding season at JR Maxwell’s in Bath, ME, on January 29. Seventy-two awards were presented in 45 different categories and included plaques, statues, extra tall trophies, customized director’s chairs and of course, beautiful ribbons. Andy Bailey,

The Arabian Horse Association of New England is now on Facebook! Be sure to “like” them at www.facebook.com/NewEnglandArab. Watch for clinic announcements, updates on the show, and exciting details on all club activities.

AHAME club president, once again acted as equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 141

Morgan News

Heather Berner and her Morgan mare, Lexi.

Best Friends Heather Berner, a college freshman attending Southern Connecticut State University, sent in photos of her beautiful 18-

Connie Boutin, of Alburgh, VT, works and boards her 21-year-old Morgan mare, Cariena Command, a.k.a. Carrie, at Toplands Morgan Farm. Carrie was a lesson horse at Taylor River Farm in Hampton Falls, NH. Connie writes, “I have had a lot of fun with her over the past few years. She is broke to ride and drive and is a very gentle mare.”

year-old Morgan mare, MJL Alexus, a.k.a. Lexi. Heather writes, “Lexi is my first horse, and we have been together for two years as of March

surgical boot, she would shift her weight

28th. She means absolutely everything to

to keep me from slipping off. Lexi listened

me. Lexi was a lesson horse, and she did

to all my doubts about getting into college

what she wanted when she wanted. What

and then celebrated with me when I got

others saw as mean and stubborn, I saw as

my acceptance letter. She has been with me

personality, and I worked with her instead of

through so much, and I don’t know what I

fighting with her like the other lesson kids.

would do without her. Not only is she my

They say the Morgan Horse chooses its rider

best friend, but she brings in her fair share of

and that couldn’t be any more true with us.

ribbons! I couldn’t ask for a better horse. She

My parents saw how much I loved her and

has shown me how wonderful the Morgan

how well we worked together, and it didn’t

breed is, and I don’t plan on ever riding

take long for them to surprise me with the

another breed!

news that they had purchased her for me. After a successful show season in 2010, we moved her to a barn closer to home. When my parents got divorced, she was there for me to talk to without judgment, and riding her made me forget all my troubles. After I had broken my leg, she walked slower so I could keep up with her walking with my crutches, and when I started riding with my

142 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Sanrose Firehawk, a.k.a. Ernie. out to go for a drive. As soon as I pull out his breastplate, he pushes his head right into

Count On Me Stephanie Tanner, of Vermont, sent in

it to get it on as fast as possible. As much as he loves to work, he loves his downtime

photos of her 15-year-old sport Morgan,

with his mom. He knows the sound of my

Sanrose Firehawk, a.k.a. Ernie/Ernesto.

car when I pull in, and if I’m not there right

Ernesto does everything from dressage to

away, I hear a huge whinny coming from the

western to jumping, but he excels at and

barn. He loves kids and has been great when

loves to carriage drive. Stephanie writes,

I bring him to Expo’s to educate people on

“His face just lights up when I bring the cart

the Morgan Breed. That’s what is so great

Morgan News about Morgans one day you can be out working at home and another glammed up in a Meadowbrook cart showing, or going for a leisure drive down the road. I find relaxation and peace when I’m with Ernie. With the extremely stressful career I have, it’s comforting to know that I have a companion that I can always count on to cheer me up or just relax with. The famous quote couldn’t be more true for this amazing breed: “The Morgan horse, the breed that chooses you.” I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen by my life partner and best friend, a stout, 15.1-hand Morgan, named Ernie. Can a lady really get any more lucky?

Corinthian News Todd and Sandy Trushel, of Corinthian Stables in Fairview, PA, are pleased to

Joyce Amidio of Newton, NH, and her heart horse, HyLind Miss Centerfold, an 18-year-old Morgan that Joyce has owned since the mare was a yearling. Joyce writes, “We have been through a lot and have learned so much together. She has done in-hand shows, hunt shows and dressage shows. She has taught beginners how to ride, and she is a great trail horse. We may just see the hunt show ring again this year with one of her other riders, and we most certainly will be seen on the beach many more times in the future. To me, the Morgan horse is the best of all horses, so versatile and willing to try anything asked of them.

announce that Junior Exhibitor client, Laura Kiefhaber of Colden, NY, and her Morgan gelding, SDS Kinsman’s Crusader, collected

highest point total of all Morgan horses in

attending Erie Community College, with

numerous awards at the New York Morgan

the USEF program! This earned them the

plans to become a physical therapist. She is

Horse Society’s banquet in December. Laura

title of USEF Grand National Champion

the daughter of proud parents, Morgan and

was named the Junior Horse Person of the

Morgan. Two individual titles of National

Ed Kiefhaber.

Year, in addition to winning Championships

Champion Horse of the Year were presented

in the English Pleasure division and Pleasure

to Laura at the 2012 USEF Convention and

Driving for Junior Exhibitors. These High

Banquet in Cincinnati, OH. She was awarded

Point awards were boosted by Laura and

the Champion Morgan English Pleasure

“Casey’s” winnings at the Morgan Grand

for Junior Exhibitors and the Amateur

National in Oklahoma. They were National

Championship as well. A Reserve National

Top Ten in both the Junior Exhibitor and

Champion award was presented in Junior

Youth English Pleasure divisions, in addition

Exhibitor Morgan Pleasure Driving. This very

to their title of World Champion Top Ten in

special Morgan and his talented rider have

Junior Exhibitor Driving.

had a brilliant 2011 show season.

The entire 2011 show season was filled

Laura, a recent graduate of Orchard

with victory passes for this pair. When all

Park High School, will pursue a certification

show results were totaled in December,

with the Professional Association of

Laura and Casey had emerged with the

Therapeutic Horsemanship while also

For more information, visit www. corinthianstables.com.

A New Home Congratulations to Linda Kirby and family on the acquisition of Elyse Hanault’s beloved chestnut gelding, Jazz’s Liberty Star (Jazz’s Rusty Ash x Mint Jasmine). Many happy years to you all. Want to see YOUR NAME in Morgan News? Send your information and photos to Editorial@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.co for the latest Morgan news.

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 143

Quarter Horse News

Celebrating a Life On January 26, 2012, after a hardfought battle with ALS, Robert (Bob) L. Carlos, Jr., passed away at home in the arms of his wife with his devoted family by his side. Born in Bridgeport, CT, October 19, 1948 to the late Robert L. Carlos, Sr. and Eleanor (Herman) Carlos, Bob graduated from Chicopee Comp and immediately joined the U.S. Navy and served in Vietnam Photo: Shane Rux

as a Supply Boat Captain. Bob and his wife bred, raised and showed American Quarter horses. Their efforts resulted in multiple futurity and class wins. Bob led his homegrown colt, “Be Cool Mister,” to a Congress Reserve Championship, a highlight in his life. He served on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association and as their

Wannabe Invited, a four-year-old mare by Invitation Only. “Envy” is owned by Cory and Wendy Welch of Salem, NH. Envy was recently purchased at last year’s Reichert Celebration in Ft. Worth, TX, from JR Reichert. The Florida Gold/Gulf Coast circuit was her second time showing and her first time with the Welches. Envy is kept in full time training with Troy Green Quarter Horses of Taunton, MA. Also pictured are Gail, Bob and “Jeep” Lingham.

President for three terms. Bob also enjoyed boating and traveling. His dignity, humor, extraordinary strength of character and daily bravery will be remembered by everyone he came in contact with. Bob leaves to cherish his

MassQHA Scholarships MassQHA is proud to announce the

memory his best friend and soul mate of 16-

recipients of their three merit scholarships.

years, his wife Carol Foster-Carlos.

MassQHA Merit Scholarship: Jocelyn Tanner;

His widow and family would like

MassQHA Presidential Scholarship: Garrett

to thank his special caregiver Melanie

Wasylak; and MassQHA Past-President

Beausoleil for her dedication and

Book Award: Justine Anderson. These

compassion. His widow greatly appreciates

newly created scholarships recognize

all of the help that their wonderful

and reward the hard work and dedication

neighbors and friends offered. These acts

MassQHA members give to the club, by

of kindness provided Bob with such peace

helping to support their academic pursuits.

of mind.

They encourage all MassQHA and MQHYA

Donations in his memory can be

members to apply. The Silent Auction at

made to The American Quarter Horse

their Annual Spring Show in May will once

Foundation, 1600 Quarter Horse Drive,

again be a fundraiser for the scholarships, so

Amarillo, TX 79104.

please help support this great cause. Please

144 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

contact Scholarship Chairperson Samantha Palmer at massqhatreasurer@gmail.com for more information on scholarships or to donate an item to the silent auction.

Winning Weekends By Celeste O’Neill

Our fourth annual “Show & Tell” event to be officiated by AQHA Professional Horseman, Margo Ball, will be held on April 28-29, 2012 at the Fonda Fairgrounds. In addition to classes offered in the nine divisions at all Winning Weekends Horse Show Series events, this show is also approved as an AQHA Introductory Show, with Open, Novice Amateur and Novice Youth AQHA sanctioned classes. New for

Empire State Quarter Horse

“Spring into Su mmer” ESQHA/ESQHYA Quarter Horse Show

JUNE 8-10, 2012 New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY 4 judges, Split-combined over 2 1/2 days Rookie classes running concurrently with Novice Youth/Novice Amateur Horsemanship, Hunt Seat Equitation, & Showmanship All show package to include all AQHA classes, office & drug fees, fence & trail warm-up fees, & stall. $349 if paid before May 25, 2012 Must be entered in at least one halter class to take advantage of the all show fee

Circuit Awards for Novice Classes, High Point awards: Youth, Amateur, select, Sm Fry & Open Classes

“The Heat Is On” Showplex on the Fairgrounds in Hamburg, NY

JULY 5-8, 2012 Double Judged / Split Combined (4 shows total) All show package $399 includes: All AQHA classes, Stall, Fence and Trail warm-up fees, drug and office fees. Horses must be entered in at least one halter class to take advantage of the all show fee.

4 Halter Judges on Saturday Cut-off date: June 25, 2012 $1000 Huntfield AQHA Derby Series Circuit awards for all novice classes, High Point and Reserve High Point for Small Fry, Youth, Amateur & Open Classes

Door prizes throug the shohout w

Stall Decorating Contest/”Ride for the Cure”

Check out all the details on www.empirequarterhorseshows.com or call Charlotte Jaynes @607-546-7373 equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 145

Quarter Horse News 2012 will be the addition of several Equestrians with Disabilities classes in both the open and AQHA divisions. The Show & Tell weekend is a little different format than rest of the Winning Weekends Horse Show Series events. In special classes each exhibitor will receive a short critique of their performance over the public address system by judge Margo Ball. Those that attended in past years can attest to the detailed feedback that exhibitors receive. This is a must attend Photo: Dillon Photography

event for exhibitors and spectators alike. Additional information about any of the Winning Weekends events scheduled for 2012 can be found on our website www.WinningWeekends.com or by calling 518-466-2445. Want to see YOUR NAME in Quarter Horse News? Send your information and photos to Jenn@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com for th latest Quarter Horse news.

Jennalinn Teel showing Zips Little Miracle owned by Pryce Patterson. They earned first place overall in the Triple Crown Pleasure Challenge. In addition Jennalinn won the Cowgirl Couture Trainer award and had customers win Champion and Reserve in the Unity Stables Showmanship Championship and Winning Weekends Series awards.

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FULL SERVICE • BUMPER PULLS • LIVING QUARTERS • GOOSE NECKS 146 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Ohio Equine Affaire: Elevating the Equestrian Experience Again This April


pring is right around the corner, and so

venues, acres of exhibits to browse, and

be able to soak up training and riding tips

is the 45th Ohio Equine Affaire! North

special events on Thursday through Saturday

from a roster of Olympians and World and

America’s premiere equine exposition

evenings, attendees will want to plan to

National Champions, from disciplines as

arrive early and stay late each day.

diverse as reining, dressage, barrel racing,

and equestrian gathering will return to the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, on April 1215, with a wealth of horses and horse-related opportunities for equestrians, including the

eventing, jumping, driving, hunter under

Clinicians Horse people of all levels of expertise,

saddle, team penning and sorting, English pleasure, and gaited horse competition…to

largest horse-related trade show in North

from 4-H riders and those who are just

name a few. Equine Affaire is proud to once

America, an educational program that is

getting started in the horse world, to

again feature a blend of top-notch clinicians

second-to-none, Equine Affaire’s exciting

accomplished equestrians and equine

and presenters that will represent a broad

Versatile Horse & Rider Competition, and the

professionals, will be able to immerse

spectrum of equestrian disciplines at their

ever-popular Pfizer Fantasia. With a schedule

themselves in “all things equine” for four full

highest levels and ensure the presentation

of 230-plus educational sessions in eight

days at the 2012 Equine Affaire. They‘ll also

of a wide range of horse-training techniques equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 147

148 March 2012 â?™ equinejournal.com

and philosophies. Craig Cameron, Linda

rider biomechanics, sessions by renowned

To eliminate the need to choose

Parelli, Mark Rashid, Stacy Westfall, Guy

liberty performers, Sylvia Zerbini and Dan

between attending a favorite clinic at

McLean, and Jonathan Field are among

James, on the training of liberty and trick

Equine Affaire or the Versatile Horse & Rider

the presenters who will provide guidance on

horses, a clinic on riding aside by Mary

Competition, all of the qualifying rounds

general horse training and riding topics.

Rivers, presentations on mountain trail by

for this year’s competition will be held on

Mark Bolender, sessions on lunging by

Thursday evening after all Equine Affaire

represented at the 2012 Equine Affaire

Cathy Drumm, and demonstrations by

clinics, seminars, and demos have concluded

through sessions conducted by Stacy

the Northern Ohio Outlaws on cowboy

for the day. The top 10 horse-and-rider teams

Westfall on reining, Connie Combs on

mounted shooting.

will advance to the Versatile Horse & Rider

The western disciplines will be well

barrel racing, Aaron Ralston on trail and ranch horse training, Drew Emnett on western pleasure, Jeff Wilson on western dressage, Larry Kuyper on team penning

Competition Finals, which will take place on

The Versatile Horse & Rider Competition The Versatile Horse & Rider Competition

Sunday morning during Equine Affaire.

The Pfizer Fantasia – Always a Night to Remember

and sorting, and Jennifer Moshier on

returns! Equine Affaire’s hugely popular

showmanship. Those who prefer the English

Versatile Horse & Rider Competition, which

disciplines will not want to miss sessions

was introduced at the Ohio Equine Affaire

entertainment at Equine Affaire’s flagship

by Todd Flettrich and Terry Ciotti Gallo

last year, promises to be a highlight of the

equestrian extravaganza, the Pfizer Fantasia,

on dressage, Peter Leone on hunters and

2012 event this April. The competition

which will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Friday

jumpers, Sinead Halpin on eventing, Andy

is a timed and judged race through an

and Saturday nights in the coliseum. As

Marcoux on driving, Jennifer Moshier on

obstacle course that is designed not only

veteran Fantasia-goers have come to

hunter under saddle, and Duane Esser on

to push horse-and-rider teams out of their

know, this special equine musical revue will

English pleasure and hunter pleasure for

traditional “comfort zones,” but also to test

feature a star-studded lineup of professional

gaited breeds. Clinicians presenting sessions

communication between horse and rider

equestrian performers and exceptional

focused on specific breeds and types of

and the horsemanship skills and athletic

horses, choreographed to a wide variety of

horses will include Brenda Imus on easy

abilities of each competing team. Thirty pre-

musical styles. Enjoy the beauty and diversity

gaited horses and Cathy Zahm on draft

selected horse-and-rider teams will compete

of horses of many breeds, as well as the

horses. Equine Affaire’s diverse program

for the title of “Versatile Horse & Rider

excitement of equestrian sports including

this April will be rounded out by clinics

Competition Champion” and $5,500 in cash

freestyle reining, dressage, driving, drill teams,

conducted by Hollie McNeil on horse and

and other prizes.

trick riding, trick horses, and more!

The focus will shift from education to

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 149

Convenient, One-stop Shopping

incredible horses? The Cashmans Breed

most popular educators, demonstrations

Pavilion in the Voinovich Center and the

of horse breeds, daily stick horse rodeos

finest one-stop, horse-related shopping

Horse & Farms Exhibits in the Gilligan

sponsored by Wahl Clipper Corp., model

in North America. Lace up your most

Complex will showcase dozens of breeds

horse painting sponsored by Stone Horses,

comfortable shoes and be ready to explore

of horses from North and South America,

an equine trivia quest, and many other

literally acres of equine-related retailers and

Europe, and beyond. Whether your interest

activities specially for kids. Attendees will

manufacturers in a trade show that will fill

lies in stock breeds, gaited horses, light

also have the chance to get up close and

four exhibit halls and the areas in between.

breeds, warmbloods, drafts, ponies, mules,

personal with several equine stars at the

This year’s event will feature more than 450

or some unique breed – or you’re searching

2012 Celebrity Horse Showcase located in

vendors offering everything from tack and

for a competitive mount or a pleasure horse,

the Youth Pavilion.

apparel to horse-care items and trailers.

you’ll find it at Equine Affaire.

Put simply, Equine Affaire offers the

Whether you’re planning to build a barn, replace a fence, or install a riding arena, or you’re shopping for new tack, attire, artwork, DVDs, or even a horse, you’ll find information,

A Special Place for the Next Generation of Horsemen Horsey kids of all ages will want to

Bring Your Horse With You to Equine Affaire Equine Affaire offers unique opportunities to “Ride with the Best” (or have

manufacturers, retailers, associations, equine

spend time at the Stone Horses® Youth

your horse trained) in clinics on general

service providers, and plenty of other horse-

Pavilion in the Celeste Center. In addition

horse training topics and a wide range of

related sources at Equine Affaire.

to educational and horse-related youth

disciplines. Most of the clinicians presenting

association exhibits, the Stone Horses

at the event will be accepting horses and

Youth Pavilion will feature a full schedule of

riders to participate in their sessions, and

presentations by many of the horse industry’s

clinic fees are remarkably reasonable. If you’d

A World of Horses on Review What would a horse fest be without

Your animals are an investment and keeping them safe and secure is paramount. Fenceworks has over 24 years of experience making sure all of our clients’ farms and animals are safe and sound. Whether it’s a top of the line breeding facility or the recreational horse farm, we can ensure the proper fence to fit every need including deer fence, which we have been installing since 1989. Please call us for information regarding our designed pastures.

Tel: 610-558-3339 Fax: 610-558-2120

SOME OF OUR STOCK ITEMS: POSTS: Square, Round, Faced SPLIT RAILS: Hemlock, Oak Spruce 1x6 BOARDS: Oak, Treated WIRE: Diamond Mesh, NonClimb GATES: Tubular Steel, Cypress Board, Expanded Mesh, Custom Wood 150 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

like to do more than just spectate this April,

your entry. Winners will be announced on

visit www.equineaffaire.com for details on

Sunday afternoon, and you do not need to

Equine Affaire’s Ride With The Best program

be present to win.

The website, www.equineaffaire.com, contains everything you need to know

and how you and your horse can participate. Clinics have filled quickly, so contact the

Want to Join the Team?

Free is Good! Would you like to win a year’s supply

to make your visit a fun and successful

The production of an event of the size

staff of Equine Affaire now to find out what sessions may still have openings.

Everything You Need to Know to Go

one: admission details, directions, hotel

and complexity of Equine Affaire depends

information, a complete roster of presenters,

upon assistance from a large number of

daily schedules, maps, Ride With The Best

capable volunteers. If you’re interested in

and Versatile Horse & Rider Competition

getting involved in the production, earning

materials, facility information, and tips for

of feed or bedding for your horse, jazz up

free admission and an Equine Affaire

making the most of your Equine Affaire

your horse’s appearance with a western

souvenir, and working with great people,

experience. You can order advance tickets

bling bridle or breast collar, or receive free

contact our volunteer coordinator, Cindy

online or through the mail (through March

tickets to Equine Affaire? Equine Affaire’s

Murphy, cmurphy@equineaffaire.com or

18th). If you’re not web-savvy, our friendly

2012 raffle features a number of great prizes

at 740-845-0085, ext. 102, for details on

staff will gladly take your call and provide

and is both free and easy to enter. Visit www.

our volunteer program. Information on

assistance at 740-845-0085, Monday-Friday,

equineaffaire.com to learn more about

volunteering and a volunteer application

from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern. ■

the prizes available in this year’s raffle and

are also available at www.equineaffaire.

enter online. And be sure to visit the Raffle

com. Click on the Ohio event, and follow the

Center in the Bricker Building at the event

“Participate” link to the volunteer page.

to see the prizes on display and complete

Pony Locks


Outgrown Your Current Mount? Remember a Loved One


ý For ý Every Black ý Stallion ý Fan!

Keep a piece of your beloved friend with you always with a custom piece of horsehair jewelry made from your own horses tail. There are many styles and price ranges to choose from including pieces adorned with silver engraveable tubing.

VISIT US at Equine Affaire Ohio

3628 Pinkham Way, Raleigh, NC 27616 Inquiries welcome at ponylocks@yahoo.com

www.ponylocks.com Call 919.961.1841 for a brochure

Gift Certificates Available ~ Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Standing at:


photo credit: Jamie Mammano

April 12-15, 2012 Booth 1004

417.461.1255 www.chocolatehorsefarm.com chocolatehorsefarm@gmail.com equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 151

Exhibitor List

Exhibitor List is subject to change. Consult the Equine Affaire website at www.equineaffaire.com or the official event program for the most up-to-date information. 1 Source Publications Inc.


Craig Cameron Enterprises

64 Metals

Bitless Bridle, Inc.

Crazy 4 Ponytails

A Storybook Farm

Black Forest Treeless Saddles

Creations By Cow Patti

A Winning Investment

Blue Ribbon Books

Crest Ridge Saddlery

Aanstadt Das

Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures

Crown Jewels Design

Aaron Ralston - Cow Horse Productions

Bonnie’s Savvy Rhythms

CSI Saddlepads

ABI Equine

Borkholder Buildings & Supply LLC

Custom Tails

Action Rider Tack, Inc.

Boss Pet Supplies

Cut Heal Animal Care Products, Inc.

Active Travel, Inc.

Bow River

Deb Little Photography

Advantage Horsemanship - Scott Purdum

Bowtie Press

DeerPath Recyclers

Affaire Wear

Brand Builders, LLC

Direct Action Co. Inc.

Ag-Liner, Inc.

Brute Ropes

DK Saddlery

Air Head Products / EOS

Buckeye Nutrition / MARS Horsecare US Inc.

Doc’s Books

Albion College

Buckley Bros., Inc.

Dog and Frog

Altmeyer’s Trailer Sales, Inc.

Buckley Fence LLC

Double K Tack

American Artists

Buffalo Run Emporium

Dubarry USA, LLC

American Bashkir Curly Registry

Buffalo Trading Post, Ltd.

Dutton Bits

American Farrier’s Association

Bureau of Land Management


American National Family of Companies

Calvin Access Controls, Inc.

East Fork Stables

Andis Company

Canidae Natural Pet Food Company

Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club

Angel Meadow Farm


Effective Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Animal Art Apparel

Cashman Livestock Equipment Outlet

Enchanted Mountains Equestrians of

Ansür Saddlery Northwestern LLC

Caspian Casuals


Appaloosa Horse Club

Catalina’s Originals

Engel Architects LLC

Arabian Horse Association - Region 14

Central Life Sciences / Farnam

Engelhaupt Embroidery

Arenus / Equilite

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)

Equestrian Enterprise, Inc.

Attitude Jack

Chartland Co.

Equine Energyworks

Australian Stock Saddle Co.

Cheval International

Equine Gifts

B & B Golf Carts

Ciralight Global

Equine Medical & Surgical Associates

Back on Track USA, Inc.

Classic Equine Equipment Inc.

Equine Network - Ride Now Tour

Barb’s Beaded Browbands

Classic Saddlery, Ltd.

Equine Technologies, Inc.

Bel Cappelli Hat Company

Claudia Carreon

Equipedic, Inc.

Ben Risney Woodcarving

ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Equisense, Inc

Benedict Metal Artistry

Cleary Building Corp.


Berlin Industries, Inc.

Conklin Co. Inc. - Fastrack

Equitours, Ltd.

Berry Fit Co.

Cook Forest Scenic Trail Ride

Essential Bodywear

Best Friend Equine Supply, Inc.

Cool Medics

Expressions Leather

Best Friend Marketing, LLC

Corzatt Photography

Fairmount Sports & Recreation

Best Shot Pet Products Intl., LLC

Coughlin Trucks & Trailers

Fairy Tails

Bethany College

Cow Horse Productions - Aaron Ralston

Falcon Camp

Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supply

Cowgirl Glitter

Fantastic Fillies

152 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 153

Fautras Horse Trailers

Kaeco Group, Inc.

Mid-Ohio Dressage Association

Finish Line Fence Company

KB Custom Kreations / Whinney Wear

Midway College

Finish Line Horse Products, Inc.

Keith Saddle Shop

Midwest Trail Ride

Fleece Corner

Keller-Williams Consultant Realty

Milwaukee Thunder

Foothuggers Sock Company

Ken Davis & Sons, Inc.

Miracle Mountain Ranch

Freelance Design USA

Kent Nutrition Group

Mojo Future Tech

Friesian Horse Association of North America

Kentucky Horse Park

Montero Native Art LLC

Fry’s Equine Insurance Agency, Inc.

Keystone Steel and Wire

Morgan Trinkets

Gaits of Gold, Inc.

Kuhn Turf, Inc.

Morton Buildings, Inc.


Kustom Kritter Fitters

Mountain Feather Originals

Geneva Lakes Jewelry

Land O Lakes Purina Feed, LLC

Mountain Pleasure Horse Association

GLC Direct, LLC

Last Chance Corral

Muddy Creek Rain Gear

Golden Hills Trail

Lazy B Trailer Sales, Inc.

My Draft Horse Super Store /Permanent

Go Spur 1 Apparel

LC Designs



Len Immke Buick / GMC Trucks

National Animal Supplement Council

Graphic Trends

Leonard Truck & Trailer, Inc.

Nelson Manufacturing Co.

Gray Horse Trading Company LLC

Lerch Enterprises

New Horizons RV Corporation

Guaranteed Horse Products

Lester Building Systems

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program

Guy McLean by Priefert / Quiet Way

Lexington Convention & Visitors Bureau

Newt’s Hat Co.

Gypsy Vanner Horse Society

Life Data Labs, Inc.


Haflinger Owners Promotional Enterprise

Light ‘N Lasting Vinyl Jump and Dressage

Ohio Arabian and All Breed Trail Society



Ohio Equine Industry Coalition

Happy Hoofwear

Lisa Welch Designs

Ohio Haflinger Association

Harrison Ford

LM Custom Boots - La Mundial

Ohio Horseman’s Council

Hartmeyer’s Saddlery

Loddon Engineering

Ohio University Southern Equine Studies

Harvest Fuel, Inc. / Sweet Pro

Long Branch Lakes in Central Tennessee


Henderson Saddle Shop and Western Wear

Lost Acres Horse Rescue

OSU Equine Program

Herbsmith, Inc.

Lynwood Enterprises, Inc.

Over The Hill Equine, LLC

High Plains Chaps

M & A Photography

Pacapoco Alpaca Company

Hilton Herbs, LTD

M.H. Eby, Inc

Paddock Publishing

Hocking College

M.P. & K.D. Horn & Leather Shop

Palmers Global Magnetic Therapy


Mackinac Horsemen’s Association

Parelli Natural Horsemanship


Mahindra USA, Inc.

Park Side Trailers Sales & Service, Inc

Horsemen’s Corral

Mainstreet Apparel Corp.

Pegasus EquiCare, Inc.

HorseTech, Inc.

Majesty’s Animal Nutrition

Percheron Builders Group

How Cute!

Manna Pro Products, LLC

Pet Care Systems / Swheat Stall

Hubbard Feeds, Inc.--OH

Mark Enterprises, Inc.

Photonic Health

I Make Horse Calls

Mark Rashid Horse Training, Inc

PL Gibson Insurance Agency

Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, Inc.

Marmon Valley Farm, Inc

Platte Valley Saddle Shop

Jaché Studio

Marti’s Tack Shack

PonyLocks Inc

Jamco Trailers USA

McArthur Lumber & Post

Priefert Ranch Equipment

Jeff Wilson

McDaniel Custom Saddles

Pro Cinch Products

Jonathan Field Horsemanship


Professional’s Choice

JP’s North, Inc.

Meadowlark Arts

Protectowire FireSystems

JUG Livestock Waterers

Merritt Hats etc.

Pyranha, Inc.

JW Western Designs

Metalcraft by K

Quietway USA Inc / Guy McLean by Priefert

154 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Redmond Rock/Redmond Minerals

Star Lakes Tack

Totally Unique Enterprise

Reeves International / Breyer Animal


Trail and Pleasure Riding Supplies



Tribute Equine Nutrition

Region 14 Arabian Horse Association

STK Collectibles

Tri-County Trail Association

Reshel’s Pewter Company, Inc.

Stolen Horse International, Inc.

Triple Crown Nutrition

Response Products

Straight Arrow Products, Inc.

Triple J Metal Arts

Ride Now Tour

Straight A’s Ranch Supply

Tub’s Tack

Ritchie Industries, Inc.

Strayer Saddle Company


Rockin “D” Tack

Swett Signs, Inc.

Two-Brothers Leather Masters

Rockin J Equine

Tack Room, Inc.

Uckele Health & Nutrition

Rocky Mountain Horse Association

Tamara Cole Home Furnishings

Ulimate Hose Nozzle

Rocky Mountain Leather

Tangent Square

United States Equestrian Federation, Inc.

Rodeo Boot Company

Tapestry Equine Services

Universal Trailer Corporation

Rodeo Drive Conchos

Tara’s Equine Design


Rod’s Western Palace

TDI, Inc.

Ursa Wagon, Inc.

Running Wolf Studio

Terra Leather

Valerie’s Gallery

Rusty Spur Couture

Texas Ranger Western Books

Valley Vet Supply

RV Headquarters / Lakota of Ohio

The Bodacious Cowgirl

Varnan Manufacturing, LLC

Saddle Up Clothing Company

The Crothers Way

W.F. Valentine & Co.

Sam Chick Rider’s Outlet

The Ginger Horse

Wahl Clipper Corporation

Saratoga Saddlery & International Boutique

The Horse Closet

Walters Buildings


The Humane Society of the United States

Wayfarer Farm / Padre

Scheid’s Truc “N” RV Sales & Service, LLC

The Natural Feeder

WC Buildings LLC

Schneider Saddlery of Arizona, Inc.

The Natural Vet

We Cover Structures

Scribble Horse Designs LLC

The Quilt Ranch


Select The Best

The Seed Center

West 20 Ranch & Saddle Co.

Shalimar Farm

The Show Pen

Western Horse Company

Sharp Dressed Horse

The Stagecoach West

Western Safety Stirrups LLC

Sheepskin Importers

The Tack Trunk, Inc.

Westfall Horsemanship

Shekinah Western Ranch Camp

TheraPlate Revolution

Whimsy Hill Studio, LLC

Show and Tell Promotions

The Trophy Line

White Pickets Studio

Show Clothes Unlimited

The United States Pony Clubs, Inc.

William Woods University

Sign Barn

The University of Findlay

Windmill Monogrammed Halters

SmartPak Equine

The Wire Horse, LLC

Wire Works


Therasage EMC

Wood’s Art Gallery

Sophisticated Equestrian Expressions

Thin Air Canvas, Inc.

Young Living Essential Oils

Southern States Co-op

Thornhill Enterprises, Inc.

Equine Affaire® – The Great American Horse

Spalding Labs

ThorWorks AG


Spunky Point Trading Co.

Timberline Traders

StableComfort by Promat, Inc.

Tipperary Horse Blankets

Standardbred Pleasure Horse Org.

Tizwhiz Sales, Ltd.

Visit Us At www.equinejournal.com equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 155

Equine Affaire Columbus, Ohio • Ohio Expo Center April 12-15, 2012 Event Hours:

Competition. To order tickets, visit www.

The Equine Affaire website now offers

Thursday, April 12: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

equineaffaire.com, or call (740) 845-0085.

custom directions for attendees. Go to

Friday, April 13: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.*

Tickets will also be available at the door.


Saturday, April 14: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.*

Cash only at the door. No refunds. OEC will

getting-there/driving-directions and enter

Sunday, April 15: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

charge for parking. No pets.

your starting address. Also, take advantage

* The Pfizer Fantasia will begin at 7:30 p.m.; doors will open at 7:00 p.m.

of special Equine Affaire event discounted

How to Contact Equine Affaire, Inc.: Mail: 2720 State Route 56 SW, London,

Admission Information: Adults: Daily, $15.00; Four-day Pass,

OH 43140 Phone: (740) 845-0085

$50.00 Children Ages 7–10: Daily, $8.00

Fax: (740) 845-2879

Children Age 6 & Under: Free

Email: info@equineaffaire.com

General admission includes access

Website: www.equineaffaire.com Office Hours: Mon – Fri, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00

to all clinics, seminars, and demonstrations, as well as the Versatile Horse & Rider

p.m. Eastern Time

UPCOMING 2012 ADOPTIONS HELD IN OHIO May 11-12, 2012, Springfield, OH Sept. 14-15, 2012, Franklin Furnace, OH Friday preview: 2 pm - 7 pm Saturday adoption: 8 am - 5 pm Adoption is first come, first served. www.blm.gov

866-4MUSTANGS 156 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

rates on car rentals through Budget. To receive discounted rates, visit: https://www. budget.com/budgetWeb/reservation/ bridge.ex?&BCD=U078687. The discounted rates will be effective from seven days before through seven days after the event dates.

Host Hotels & Camping Information 1. University Plaza (3.5 mi.)

5. Ramada Plaza Hotel (5.25 mi.)

9. Red Roof Inn – North (6.75 mi.)

3110 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus

4900 Sinclair Ave., Columbus

1221E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Columbus




$115 for 1– 4

$79 for 1– 4

$59.99 for 1– 4,

Expires 3/17/12

Expires 03/26/12

Group Code: B720EQUINE


Expires 03/12/12

(3.65 mi.)

6. Varsity Inn South (5.5 mi.)

10. Best Western Col. North (7.25 mi.)

3232 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus

1445 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus

888 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Columbus




$129 for 1– 4 EA Code: EQ12

$79 for 1– 4

$72 for 1–4

Expires 03/12/12

Expires 3/21/12

Expires: 03/12/12

7. Best Western Port Columbus (6.25 mi.)

Camping Information

2. Hilton Garden Inn –University Area

http://www.columbusuniversityarea.hgi.com 3. Holiday Inn Downtown

1450 Airpointe Dr., Columbus

Capitol Square (3.75 mi.)


175 E. Town St., Columbus

$94–$104 for 1– 4


Expires 03/10/12

$103.00 for 1– 4 Expires 3/10/12

Spaces with electrical, water and sewer hookups are available. No tent camping. No advance registration; all spaces on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 614-294-9336 for more camping information.

8. Four Points by Sheraton Airport (6.5 mi.)

4. Hyatt on Capitol Square (3.75 mi.)

3030 Plaza Properties Blvd., Columbus

75 E. State St., Columbus



$99–$109 for 1– 4

$110 for 1– 4

Expires 03/10/12

Expires 03/20/12

http://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Bo ok/



Visit www.equineaffaire.com for a full listing of hotels and campsites.


equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 157

2012 Pfizer Fantasia Promises to be Another Memorable Event Photos: Michael Beswick


or nearly two decades, Equine Affaire’s signature evening event, the Pfizer Fantasia, has showcased the

beauty and diversity of dozens of breeds of horses, the excitement of a great variety of equestrian disciplines, and the extraordinary talent of many of the foremost professional equestrian performers in North America. This year’s show will be no exception. “Our Fantasia production team has worked hard to develop a show that will include just the right mixture of action, drama, and comedy – along with fantastic horses and plenty of great music,” reported Eugenia Snyder, the President of Equine Affaire. The 2012 Pfizer Fantasia will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14, in the coliseum at the Ohio Expo Center. “We’re producing the show on just two nights at the upcoming Equine Affaire in order to make room for the qualifying rounds of Equine Affaire’s Versatile Horse & Rider Competition on Thursday night in the coliseum,” explained Snyder. “The ‘VHRC’ has become such a popular event that we need to present the qualifying rounds at a time that Equine Affaire attendees won’t be forced to choose between attending

explained Eugenia Snyder. “At the same time,

show will be rounded out with a grand prix

the competition and attending one of their

we want to share news about the lineup

freestyle dressage ride, some awe-inspiring

favorite clinics, demos, or seminars. Having

because we’re pretty excited about the

Cossack trick riding, Icelandics blazing their

the qualifying rounds of the competition

performers we’ve contracted.” Fantasia fans

way through the arena, and Andalusians

on Thursday night in the coliseum will be

can expect to be wowed by some of the best

bringing the baroque period to life.

ideal for the VHRC – but it will mean one less

performers and acts featured in the 11-year

night of the Pfizer Fantasia and an increase

history of the event including: a freestyle

the show will be three very special and very

in the demand for tickets for the Friday and

reining performance by champion reiner,

different liberty performances presented by

Saturday shows.”

“We anticipate that the highlights of

Aaron Ralston; two all-new drill team routines

Australia’s own Guy McLean, Double Dan

“I always hate to ‘spill the beans’

developed by the incomparable Canadian

Horsemanship, and the incomparable Sylvia

about the specific performers who will be

Cowgirls; vaulting and aerial acrobatics on

Zerbini – fresh from Cavalia. Be prepared

participating in the Pfizer Fantasia because

horseback featuring members of the Zoppe

not only to be entertained, but to be truly

I believe that the element of surprise is part

family; and a special driven drill routine

amazed as these three equestrian artists

of what makes the event so entertaining,”

featuring Ohio’s own Haflinger Drill Team. The

present their various horses at liberty – in

158 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

presentations that will run the gamut from

Thursday, April 12.

humorous to dramatic – and remind us just

“To make the event

how intelligent our equine companions

even more enjoyable

are…and how special our relationships with

for our youngest

them can be,” Snyder advised.

attendees (and for

Tickets for the Pfizer Fantasia range

Visit www.equineaffaire.com, or call

those who are taking in the show after a long

740-845-0085 weekdays, from 9:00 a.m. to

in price from $12 to $25 plus a shipping/

day at Equine Affaire), we have scheduled

5:00 p.m. Eastern, for detailed information on

handling/seat selection fee. Any tickets not

the show to begin 30 minutes earlier this

advance tickets, area hotels, opportunities

sold in advance will go on sale at Equine

year than in past years,” Snyder reported. “The

to ride in clinics, and the clinic and seminar

Affaire at the box office located in the center

doors to the coliseum will open at 7:00 p.m.,


lobby of the Celeste Center at 9:00 a.m. on

and the show will begin at 7:30.”



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Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond News

Save Green by Going Green Please join the Baltimore County Soil Conservation District and Maryland Department of Agriculture for a complimentary “Sweet” and Horse Talk as ways to go green and save money are discussed while dessert and beverages are enjoyed. The talk will be held on April 5, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., at the Baltimore County Center for Maryland Agriculture in Cockeysville, MD. Vendors will be available from 6:00 to 6:45 p.m. Please RSVP by contacting Ciara McMurtrie at 410-527-5920, ext 112, or by emailing ciara. mcmurtrie@md.nacdnet.net by March 23, 2012.

New National Sales Manager at F.C. Sturtevant. The F.C. Sturtevant Company announced that Jacqueline H. Silverman has joined their Animal Health Division.

American Drum Horse stallion, Mariah’s Boon, owned by Laura Moon, has been chosen as the 2012 Celebration Breyer® Horse. You can visit Boon at this year’s BreyerFest® in Lexington, KY, on July 20-22.

Horse Expo Coming in March Thousands of horse lovers from around the region are getting ready for

“Jackie brings new vitality and a strong

the 20th annual Rocky Mountain Horse

professional presence to our Animal Health

Expo, with four days of horse-related family

division as our National Sales Manager,” said

entertainment, education, exhibits, art and

Steven Rosenfeld, company President. “Her

demonstrations scheduled for March 9-11

expertise in working with both large and

at the National Western complex in Denver.

small animals, and her strong relationships

The Expo, produced by the Colorado Horse

with leading members of the equestrian

Council, is “the largest horse industry trade

community make her a perfect fit to lead

show in the Western United States,” claimed

our product expansion in the category,” he

Bill Scebbi, the Executive Director of the


Colorado Horse Council.

F.C. Sturtevant Company has been

Highlights this year include the

extreme trail, dressage and jumping demonstrations, a holistic horse fair, and nationally-known equestrian artists. The headliners for Expo 2012 are Julie Goodnight, Jane Savoie, Susan Harris, Mark Bolender and Richard Shrake. Each clinician will be teaching a variety of styles and techniques showcasing nationallyknown workshops. For more information, visit www.coloradohorsecouncil.com/rmhe.

Sale to Help Equine Non-profits The year 2012 has been designated

producing products for horses and riders

Friday and Saturday night Mane Event

as the year for the Equestrian Exchange

under the Columbia® brand name since

performances with professional equine

Tack Consignment Sale to help all local

1871. All Columbia brand products are

entertainers, and over 45 clinics per day

equine non-profit organizations in North

manufactured in the United States.

featuring horsemanship workshops, riding,

Carolina. Included on the website,

160 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

We are a small family owned and operated company. One of the owners will be on your job site to assure the highest quality workmanship. We specialize in custom-built pole buildings, equestrian facilities, ag buildings, garages, storage sheds.

Large and small, we do them all at affordable pricing. 717-656-3018 All work done by an Amish crew Satisfaction Guaranteed

We were first interested in Quarry View Construction because of our many visits to PA and have seen some wonderful workmanship in barns, arenas and outbuildings built by the Amish. We visited some of Quarry View’s prior construction and were impressed with the quality workmanship. Our Construction was done in the fall of 2010. New England winters can be unpredictable and the winter of 2010 was stormier than usual with large amounts of wet snow and numerous barn collapses. At no time was our barn or arena ever jeopardized because of the snow load. Ben King, owner of Quarry View allowed approximately a 40 lb per sq. ft. of snow load. Quarry View’s work ethics, workmanship and timeliness far exceeded our expectations. I can’t compliment them enough in the beautiful horse arena and barns they built for our brood of horses! The Piazza’s Lazy Stallion Friesians W. Bridgewater, MA

www.yourbarnbuilder.com equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 161

Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond News www.EquestrianExchange.com, is a list of many non-profit equine clubs, camps and organizations the Equestrian Exchange Tack Sale has helped. This sale is an excellent way to earn funds for each group. If you are involved in a non-profit organization and need ways to generate income for your upcoming activities, contact Equestriansale@AOL.com. This is North Carolina’s largest equine item sale, offering many opportunities for all disciplines of riding.

The Ride for a Green World Initiative

Camp Horizons Celebrates 3 0 Years

Award for the KHC Natural Trail Class was presented to Melissa Marcum, riding “I’m

summer camp for children ages 6-17, is

Clean and Sober.” For more information about the Kentucky Horse Council, visit www.

celebrating 30 years of great camp fun

kentuckyhorse.org, or call 859-367-0509.

Camp Horizons, a coed, overnight

this summer. Camp Horizons, located near Harrisonburg, VA, on 300 acres along the Massanutten Mountain, was started in 1983. Back then, Camp Horizons encompassed around 100 acres and had

APHA Makes Changes In preparation for the upcoming 2012

limited facilities and programs. Today,

American Junior Paint Horse Association’s

Camp Horizons has expanded both in size

(AjPHA) Youth World Championship Show,

and in programming options.

to be held June 22-30, 2012, at the Will

In addition to special 30th anniversary

Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth,

camp activities throughout the summer,

TX, the organization put into action

Camp Horizons is planning a 30-Year Staff

suggestions made over the past several

horses and pets is giving a whole new

Reunion on Labor Day weekend 2012.

years to make the Youth World Show more

meaning to “green.” Beyond the individual

The no-cost, fun-filled weekend, open to

exhibitor-friendly, more pocketbook-

eco-conscious rider, Arenus is encouraging

staff alumni of Camp Horizons, will feature

friendly, and more fun.

equestrians to dig deeper and plant a

plenty of pictures and memorabilia that

The Arenus® family of products for

Reduced fees will make parents

vision of a sustainable planet through

track Camp Horizons from its humble

happy. A new “flat fee” for youth entering

green barns, green horse shows and green

beginnings in 1983 to the premier summer

multiple classes provides $100 savings

events, through its new Ride for a Green

camp program it is today.

on six World Championship classes or six Introductory classes. Reduced late fees

World initiative. People who share the vision of a sustainable planet can join the Ride for a Green World initiative by displaying the “Our Barn is Eco-Friendly” card with simple guidelines on going greener, such as: compost your manure and keep it from contaminating water; use eco-friendly products; recycle and reuse; and conserve water. Find more Eco-friendly Barn tips at Arenus booths during the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) and Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS) series. SM

Check their Facebook page often to get dates, times, and locations for fun upcoming events. To learn more about Arenus, visit www.arenus.com.

162 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

KHC Recognizes Outstanding Service At their annual banquet on January

mean $50 savings per class on late entries, and $37.50 savings per class for those added to a pre-entry. Introductory “World Show Champion”

13, 2012, The Kentucky Horse Council

and “Fun” classes will make kids happy.

(KHC) presented awards for excellence in

The six introductory-type World Show

support to the equine industry. The 2011

Champion classes are open to youth who

KHC Volunteer of the Year is Brian Rogers of

have never earned a world or reserve

Mercer County. The 2011 KHC Horsemen’s

world championship in APHA competition,

Hero was presented to Tom Tuck of Murray,

and who ride Regular Registry Paint

Kentucky. 2011 KHC Partner of the Year was

Horses. They are: Disciplined Rail English,

presented to The University of Kentucky

Disciplined Rail Western, Ideal Paint

Equine Initiative (UKEI), with Dr. Ed Squires,

English, Ideal Paint Western, Bareback

UKEI Director, accepting the award. 2011

English Equitation and Bareback Western

Outstanding Industry Support Award was


presented to Equine Land Conservation

New “fun” classes are meant to be

Resource (ELCR), with Denise O’Meara

just that. They’re open to any youth on

accepting the award. The 2011 High Point

any registered Paint Horse, and boast a

Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond News $20 entry fee. These include: Ride-A-Buck

a standing ovation from the crowd for

Bareback Equitation (no bling), Freestyle

roping a calf while riding bridleless, and

Shankless Showmanship (no bling), and a

the pair was voted Fan Favorite through

Costume Class.

text voting. Jade, a five-year-old pinto

Full details, tentative class schedule,

mare gathered from Lost Creek, WY,

premium books and class entry forms are

was also the highest adopted horse

available online at www.aphaworldshow.com.

at Mustang Magic. Madeline Pickens adopted Jade for $5,700.

Mustang Magic The top Mustang trainers from the past year received invitations to compete at Mustang Magic at the 116th annual Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. The best-ofthe-best competition did not disappoint, and

Visit www. extrememustangmakeover.com/ themustangmagic.php for the latest information on Mustang Magic,

Logan Leach and Kiowa claimed championship honors at Mustang Magic this January.

including results for the classes and adoption.

with a packed house watching, Logan Leach of Granbury, TX, and Kiowa claimed the championship honors. The trainers traveled from across the United States – from Georgia to California and points in between – to compete with their Mustangs January 19-21. Kiowa and Leach came into the finals two points behind Teryn Muench and Jade. In the compulsories, Muench had earned 68 points while Leach had 66. These scores carried over to the freestyle on Saturday night. Leach and Kiowa wowed the judges with a bridleless freestyle performance. They received a total of 83 points for their freestyle. Kiowa is a five-year-old pinto mare that was gathered from South Steens, OR, and was adopted by Madeline Pickens for $4,500. Leach earned $3,500 for the victory and also received a custom Gist Silversmiths belt buckle, a DS Ranch Alpacas saddle blanket and a JW Brooks Custom 100 X Mustang Series hat. Muench, of Marietta, OK, didn’t ride away empty-handed. In addition to finishing second, the 2011 Mustang Magic champion was also the runner up in the Purina Difference™ You Can See Feed Challenge and received $500. Muench and Jade received

S.C. Horse Council Expo Date Change

For more information, contact Kaye Watkins at 843-339-2903, or email kayehrtsvll@aol.com.

With a new date of May 5, the South Carolina Horsemen’s Council 2012 Expo will be better

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than ever! The day

Celebrating 23 years!

will be filled with

If you are interested in Hoof Care, we can help! Classes held Full-Time, Part-Time & Weekends... year round

everything equine. Veterinarians will be giving educational talks, and there will be clinicians, a Parade of Breeds, vendors and lots of horses and horse people on hand all day. Don’t miss the many facets of the South Carolina equine industry. The expo will be held at the South Carolina Equestrian Park in Camden.

Link Ralph Casey Casey

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Visitors are always welcome! 14013 East Highway 136, LaFayette, Georgia 30728

Visit our website at www.caseyhorseshoeing.com Watch or order Horseshoe’n Time television shows. Video Clips and DVD’s available at www.HorseshoenTime.tv

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Dressage News Save the Date The 2012 USEF Dressage Festival of Champions will be held at the USET Foundation Headquarters in Gladstone, NJ, over two weekends in June. June 8-10, 2012 will feature the first half of the Grand Prix National Dressage Championship (which will also serve as the USEF Selection Trial for the U.S. Dressage Team), the Pony National Dressage Championship, the Junior National Dressage Championship and the Young Rider National Championship. The following week, June 13-17 will showcase the second half of the Grand Photo courtesy of Sue Stickle

Prix National Championship, after which nominated entries for the 2012 Olympic Games will be submitted. The Young Adult “Brentina Cup” National Championship and the Intermediaire I National Championship will also take place that weekend. More information is at www.usef.org.

Equestrian of the Year

International dressage rider and Pan Am Gold Medalist Lauren Sammis, who always wears her helmet while riding and competing, recently took part in the Riders4Helmets Safety Symposium and the USDF/USEF Young Rider Graduate Program in Wellington. Sammis competes Sagacious, owned by Al Guden, at the Grand Prix level.

To cap off a record-setting year, dressage superstar Steffen Peters added one more

Both Ravel and Magic scored at the

record to his résumé at the United States

2011 Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF National

Equestrian Federation’s Pegasus Awards dinner.

Dressage Championships in Gladstone, NJ,

He became the first person to score the USEF’s

in September sweeping the Grand Prix and

Equestrian of the Year title three times.

Intermediaire I divisions respectively. Peters

Peters won the top honor in 2008 and 2009 based largely on his accomplishments with Akiko Yamazaki’s phenom Ravel – but in

won all six classes in the effort and secured his Pan Am spot with Magic in the process. The trip to Mexico proved worth the

result, he was one of six equestrians in the running for the USEF’s top honor.

World Dressage Masters The 2012 World Dressage Masters Palm Beach presented by International Polo Club

2011, Ravel had some help. Peters capitalized

miles as Peters and Magic dominated at the

Palm Beach exceeded all expectations, from

on his first trip to the Pan American Games

Guadalajara Country Club. The competition

the first horse on centerline in Friday’s Grand

and scored Team and Individual Gold in

was hard fought for Individual honors, but

Prix to the victory lap following Saturday’s

a tremendous effort with Jen and Bruce

Peters led an American sweep. Heather

Exquis Grand Prix Freestyle. Top sport was

Hlavacek’s Weltino’s Magic. From California

Blitz and Paragon won Silver while Marisa

represented by the world’s most exciting

to Aachen, Germany, Peters was undefeated

Festerling and Big Tyme secured Bronze.

horse and rider combinations, some of them

in 2011 with the now nine-year-old

Peters also won the William C. Steinkraus

veterans, others rising stars. When the 2012

Westphalian gelding.

Trophy, awarded to an equestrian in an

WDM Palm Beach Champion was named

Olympic discipline, for the third time. As a

on Saturday evening, it was the experienced

164 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Dressage News team of Steffen Peters and Akiko Yamazaki’s 14-year-old Ravel of the U.S. who succeeded in defending their title against 26-year-old Charlotte Dujardin of Great Britain and the super-talented 10-year-old Valegro. An incredibly tight contest between Ravel and Valegro gave the WDM Palm Beach all the excitement that had been promised when some of the world’s top ranked riders and event, which is the only WDM competition to take place outside of Europe. “It was great fun to judge here,” said Wim Ernes of the Netherlands, speaking on behalf of the FEI Ground Jury. “It was a great show, with good organization and top riders. We love to judge here.” The WDM Palm Beach is a showcase for the best of the best in the international dressage world, and

Photos: Sue Stickle

horses were invited to participate in the 2012 Germany’s Anja Plönzke competes against the backdrop of a sold-out house. DVDs of this year’s event can be purchased at Steffen Peters, joyful winner of the WDM Palm Beach Exquis Grand Prix Freestyle. an opportunity for fans to get together and celebrate the sport at the highest level. For those who didn’t attend the WDM

www.internationalpoloclub.com. Want to see YOUR NAME in Dressage News? Send your information and photos to Jenn@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com for the latest dressage news.

Palm Beach, High Definition and 3D Blu-Ray

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 165

Driving News

Barbara O. Fitzpatrick, 75, passed away on, January 18, 2012 at Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee, IL. Barbara was born April 5, 1936 in Columbus, OH, a daughter of Jack and Nora Gostrey O’Donnell. She married Charles Fitzpatrick on September 13, 1978 in Joliet. Other family members include her five children and eight grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents. Barbara and her husband had supported most of the AHHS programs concerning the breeding and showing of Hackney ponies for the last 25 years. They have also bred, raised, nominated and shown their Hackney ponies in futurities throughout the Midwest. They have owned two outstanding sires, Apollo Spirit of 76 and Merrywill’s Patent Plus. Their present stallion Fitz’s Heart-Throb has become a fine sire. Some of the winners and champions that have been shown in hand are: Fitz’s Wild Orchid, Fitz’s Phantom, Fitz’s On Line, Fitz’s Beyond Imagination and

ing drivers, trainers, coaches and owners from Europe and North America and drawing thousands of people to the area as the show again serves the dual purposes of giving the public a chance to enjoy world class combined driving competition while also supporting many non-profit and charity goals. Photo courtesy of Geoff Oliver Bugbee/USEF

Remembering Fitzpatrick

The 2012 Event will host the USEF National Championships for four in hand horses. The multigenerational love for equestrian sports shared by the Weber family will take another logical step in 2012, with the addition of a jumping speed class following dressage on Friday and a jumping Grand Prix following the marathon on Saturday. They look forward to providing spectators with some

USEF President David O’Connor (left) and Chester Weber. Weber, the eight-time USEF National Four-In-Hand Combined Driving Champion, was named a 2011 USEF Equestrian of Honor and took home the Becky Grand Hart Trophy at the USEF’s recent Pegasus Awards banquet.

of the best jumping competition with some of the best driving competition at the same venue on the same afternoons. For additional information and updates, please refer to www.liveoakinternational.com

AHHS Limited Breeders’ Stake winners Fitz’s Lasting Impression, Fitz’s Juke Box Joe, Fitz’s Allure, Fitz’s Hot Date and 2011 LBS winner Fitz’s Domino.

Champion Weber Chester Weber, the eight-time USEF

Weber was presented the Becky Grand Hart Trophy during the United States Equestrian Federation’s Annual Pegasus Awards ceremony. The prior evening, Weber’s team of horses made a clean sweep of the National Combined Driving Four-InHand Horse of the Year category. Splash, owned by Jane Forbes Clark, took home

National Four-In-Hand Combined Driving

the Championship with Weber’s horse Reno

Champion, had a stellar 2011 on both the

W earning the Reserve Championship.

national and international field, ending the

Uniek, also owned by Clark, along with

year with the highlight of being named a

Weber’s horses Rolex W, Para and Boy W

2011 USEF Equestrian of Honor. As America’s

rounded out the Four in Hand Horse of the

Event (March 22-25, 2012) will celebrate its

most decorated combined driver, Weber

Year honors.

20th year in 2012. Over this 20 year period

also won the Becky Grand Hart Trophy, an

it has been the industry standard for com-

award presented to international-level non-

porting the field of combined driving, also

bined driving competition welcoming lead-

Olympic athletes.

served as the chef d’equipe for the 2011 FEI

Live Oak International The Live Oak International Driving

166 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Weber, who is well known for sup-

Driving News World Pony Team Championships and the FEI World Pair Championships. “I was thrilled and very honored to win the Becky Grand Hart Trophy,” Weber said. “I was equally pleased that our horses took home the Horse of the Year titles. Everyone associated with Team Weber worked hard throughout the year and it was great to be rewarded for our effort.” To learn more about Weber and his combined driving team, visit their website at www.chesterweber.com.

Condolences Eula B. Hudson, 89, of Jacksonville, IL, died January 17, 2012. The Hudson family is a

group of long-time society pony enthusiasts with the pony pursuits stretching back well more than 50 years. Hudson was born Sept. 17, 1922, in Jacksonville. She was the daughter of George T. and Rose Agnes Taylor Megginson. On October 1, 1946, Eula married Wm. R. Hudson in Jacksonville, and he preceded her in death May 22, 1984. The Hudsons owned J-Ville Pony farm and showed Shetland and Hackney ponies. Each summer the Hudson family traveled throughout the Midwest to compete at society horse shows. Mrs. Hudson was the coordinator of all the show-related activities for each family member, making sure each person completed his or her role. Despite

Schockman Lumber Co. Pole Buildings Horse Barns Riding Arenas



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1-20’x12’ Slide Door 1-24’x14’ Slide Door 1-3’x6’ Walk-In Rafters 4’ O.C. Erected $30,865

overseeing that operation, Mrs. Hudson still found time to be a primary exhibitor for the farm. The Hudsons’ J-Ville Pony Farm was home to many noted show champions. The family also raised several well-known winners under the J-Ville prefix including J-Ville Playboy and J-Ville Cherry Boy. Even today, some in the younger generations of the Hudson family work with ponies, and the family had a winner at the Illinois State Fair just last summer. Want to see YOUR NAME in Driving News? Send your information and photos to Jenn@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com for the latest driving news.

We Design and Build All Types of Frame Buildings St. Henry, Ohio • Phone: (419) 678-4198 info@schockmanlumber.com

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Eventing News Official Outerwear

Lilley, Marilyn Little-Meredith, Boyd Martin, Clark Montgomery, Karen

The USEA is excited to announce that Mountain Horse will be the “Official

O’Connor, Julian Stiller, and Jolie

Outerwear of the USEA” for the next two


years. Mountain Horse and the USEA have been partnering together for the past several years to provide USEA members the opportunity to purchase high quality USEA logo wear, and the USEA is delighted to be extending this partnership. The USEA will be featuring a variety of Mountain Horse jackets and fleeces proudly displaying the USEA logo in the USEA trade fair booths at both the Rolex Kentucky CCI4* in April and the Nutrena/USEA American Eventing Championships in September. Of course the logo wear is also available year products are distributed exclusively by English Riding Supply in the USA.

Spring Training Land Rover and the USEF awarded the Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team High

Photo Courtesy of USEA

round on ShopUSEA.com. Mountain Horse

Congratulations to the 2011 USEF International Horse of the Year, Neville Bardos.

Performance-listed riders a total of $33,500 in spring training grants for 2012. Sixteen athlete/horse combinations based across the country (and in Europe) received grants to offset training costs throughout the early part of 2012. Several of these combinations have or will be spending time in Wellington, FL, honing their dressage and jumping skills with some of the best trainers in those disciplines. They are preparing for the spring season and ultimately vying for selection for the 2012 Olympic Games. The following riders received grants: Hannah Sue Burnett, Jan Byyny, Will Coleman, Tiana Coudray, Buck Davidson, Phillip Dutton, Will Faudree, Sinead Halpin, Becky Holder, Shannon

168 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Heart of a Champion He shouldn’t have lived. But he did. He shouldn’t have returned to his life as an event horse. But he returned better than ever. Trapped in a burning barn for 45 minutes, Neville Bardos made a miraculous recovery from injuries sustained in a fire that claimed the lives of six other horses at his rider Boyd Martin’s barn in West Grove, PA. The now 13-year-old Australian Thoroughbred gelding won the USEF National CCI3* championship in 2009 and was tenth at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games – leading the U.S. effort. But his life changed dramatically in the early hours of Memorial Day 2011. Martin pulled him out of the burning barn to safety. Neville Bardos was left with horrific injuries due to massive amounts of smoke inhalation

and the subsequent damage to his throat. Neville, who is owned by 10 members of a syndicate bearing his name, never seemed to feel as badly as he should have and he began making a miraculous recovery. Through the help of his vet (Dr. Kevin Keane), his groom (Lindsey Taylor) and the Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center (where he visited the Hyperbaric Chamber) Neville defied the odds and made a miracle trip to the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials in England in September. He rocketed around the cross-country course clean and fast and finished seventh at the world’s toughest CCI4*. Braver than brave, Neville Bardos’ courage saw him through more than just a difficult cross-country course it helped see Martin through the rebuilding of his own life. Shortly after the fire, Martin lost his father in a bicycling accident in Australia. Shortly after that Martin’s wife Silva lost her father to cancer. It was a nightmare summer for the Martin’s, and Neville’s success helped them find their way through it. In 2011, he was also second at the Red Hills Horse Trials in the CIC3*(in March) and fourth in the Advanced at the Millbrook Horse Trials in August. If Neville Bardos had lived the rest of his life in the field this story would have had a no less incredible and happy ending. But Neville was looking to make a miracle and tonight was the next chapter in that mission.

Jersey Fresh The Horse Park of New Jersey will host the Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event on May 10-13, 2012. This year’s event is the 10th anniversary as well as the final stop for the Olympic Trials for London 2012. Along with celebrating 10 years, the competition will build on its huge success from last year with the Introduction of a new

Eventing News

New Feed Program Recognizing the winning formula that horse owners have come to trust over the years, Phillip Dutton will be switching his horses to Triple Crown feed this winter. “I’ve evaluated the Triple Crown product line and believe it provides better nutrition, giving me a competitive edge in the eventing world,” says Phillip Dutton. “In addition, the service and technical support I get from both Triple Crown and Southern States is the best I’ve found in the industry. Service, quality control, and readily available information are essential to my feeding program, and

they truly are on top of their game in all three phases.” For more information, call Triple Crown at 800-451-9916 or visit www.triplecrownfeed.com.

Coach of the Year The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has nominated Capt. Mark Phillips for top coaching honors with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). With this nomination, he has been named USEF Coach Coach of the Year. Capt. Phillips has had a long tenure of medal winning service to the USEF. Beginning in 1993, he has brought medals home from every championship he has coached, except for one. In 2011 his team made history by winning Pan American

Team Gold with all five athletes finishing on their dressage scores. This was the first time in history this had happened. The U.S. Team also won Individual Silver and Bronze. Even more impressively, this was a relatively inexperienced team, only one rider had represented their country previously. He has worked tirelessly on the developing rider program, the results of which are now being utilized. He serves on four USEF Committees and is a top international course designer and technical delegate. His impact on the sport, both in 2011 and throughout his career, has been profound and garnered him the Nomination of USEF Coach of the Year. Want to see YOUR NAME in Eventing News? Send your information and photos o Jenn@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com or the latest eventing news.

EQUINE DYNAMICS Horses In Motion Empowering Horse Owners Through Education

Mike Stine 704-821-4799

Registered Journeyman Farrier Certified Natural Balance Farrier Specializing in Performance, Sport Horse and Therapeutic Shoeing

Mike Stine presenting Dolly during lecture at Equitana, Lexington, KY

• International Clinician • Over 20 Years Experience • USEF Evaluating Farrier for 2008 Endurance Team • Video Analysis, Consultation Available

Photo by Karen Stine

event logo and colors. In addition, the Jersey Fresh International Three Day Event will have an equine vendor show and craft fair for the general public.

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Hunter/Jumper News The St. Christopher’s Horse Show will return to Pennsylvania’s picturesque Lebanon Valley region at the historic Quentin Riding Club in Quentin, PA, May 9-13, 2012. Highlighting this year’s horse show are U.S. Equestrian Federation (USEF) “AA-rated” Hunter classes, a Hunter Breeding Division, Young Jumper divisions, and the $10,000 St. Christopher’s Mini Prix. Additional featured classes include Marshall & Sterling (M&S), North American League (NAL) and Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) Classics. Riders competing in M&S, NAL and WIHS League classes earn valuable points toward qualifying to compete in their respective League Finals. Judging at the 2012 St. Christopher’s Horse Show will be Rob Bielefeld and Randy Mullins. Serving as jumper course designer is noted international course designer, Guilherme Jorge, who has designed courses for the FEI World Cup Finals and is the designer on an ongoing basis for the Hampton Classic. Paul Jewell will design courses for the hunter divisions. Entries for this year’s St. Christopher’s Horse Show close on April 30. For more information, or to download a prize list, contact Ryegate Show Services at 717-867-5643 or stchris@ryegate.com, or visit Ryegate’s website at www.ryegate.com.

Photo: Kathy Andersen

Horse Show Returns

Emanuel Andrade made a successful debut in the Open Jumper arena. of 44 riders, including Olympic veterans and international riders Debbie Stephens, Candace King, Daniel Torano, and Step By Step Advisory Board member, Margie Engle. Andrade, who trains with Angel Karolyi of Hollow Creek Farm, piloted La Fe Florli to clean and fast trips to place 11th in the class, which was won by Catherine Pasmore aboard Van David, with Andrew Bournes in second, and Olympian Rodrigo Pessoa in third. Not satisfied with just one class, Emanuel also was Champion on the Junior Jumpers Low on PS I Love You, and second in the Junior Jumper Highs on Luky Des Roquelines the same week.

Successful Debut

SCHJA Rule Changes

Emanuel Andrade kick-started 2012 by making a successful debut in the Open Jumper arena in the $25,000 A-T Children’s Benefit Grand Prix at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, Florida, the first weekend in January. The 15-year-old, who champions the children’s charity Step by Step Foundation (www.stepbystepfoundation. com), faced stiff competition from a field

The South Carolina Hunter/Jumper Association (SCHJA) Board of Directors has made some important rule changes: 1) The South Carolina Governor’s Cup now requires only three exhibitors to fill the class. Additionally, a combination is no longer mandatory. 2) If the Palmetto Junior Medal or the Palmetto Pony Medal lack sufficient entries to fill their respective class, they may be

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combined. 3) The top 20 positioned riders will be invited to compete in the Palmetto Junior Medal Finals and the Jimmy Wofford Adult Medal Finals (Previously Palmetto Adult Medal). 4) The top 20 positioned horses will be invited to compete in the Palmetto Derby Finals. 5) The top 15 positioned riders will be invited to compete in the Palmetto Pony Medal Finals. Consult the SCHJA website, www.schja. org, for the complete rules.

Fine Dining When traveling with Stransky’s Mission Farm owner, Liliane Stransky, and her 15-year-old daughter, Daniela (who made her European show jumping debut at the Salon du Cheval), Children’s Jumper rider Jose “Nano” Bonetti had one incredible offer from legendary horseman Nelson “Neco” Pessoa, President of EEM World. As the group dined on the main course, a delicately-prepared fish prepared by twostar Michelin Chef, Jean-Pierre Vigato, the 14-year-old boy couldn’t bring himself to even try a bite.

Hunter/Jumper News “You must come to my stables (Haras du Ligny/Pessoa Stables) in Belgium and yes, I will teach you about horses, riding and horsemanship,” stated Pessoa, who had been talking with Stransky about her charity Step by Step Foundation and his Hong Kong Masters and the debut of his New York Masters in 2013. “But also, young man, we will teach you about good food and how to appreciate fine dining!” admonished Pessoa, whose students include Alvarode Miranda Neto and Athina Onassis Miranda. After nervously thanking the icon, Nano grabbed Daniela as she finished her fish and literally ran off to purchase pasta and pastries at the numerous food stands around the international arena. Want to see YOUR NAME in Hunter/Jumper News? Send your information and photos to reddy@equinejournal.com. Visit www.equinejournal.com for the latest hunter/jumper news.


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Arabian News

Starr Llight Congratulations to Starr Llight on being named a 2011 USEF Horse of Honor. Starr Llight is frequently referred to as both dynamic and a diva. Every time the now 16-year-old Arabian mare enters the ring she rises to the occasion. With her young owner Leah Beth Boyd in the stirrups, Starr Llight ended up winning a spectacular ride-off for the coveted Open Purebred English Pleasure title at the 2011 Arabian National Championships. With that Photo: Jim Wright

victory, Starr Llight became the winningest Purebred English Pleasure mare of all time and is only the second mare since 1988 to win the title. She is also the oldest mare, and second oldest horse overall, ever to garner the coveted prize.

Haley Harrington receiving her Championship roses on her Half-Arabian, Benito Sidiago++// for HA/AA Sport Horse Under Saddle JTR. Purchased by her young owner in 1999

Association (AHYA) where she served as

from a dispersal sale, this mare has now

vice president in 2011. Harrington’s success

won 11 National or Reserve Championship

in the show ring reflects her love for the

titles. Boyd and Starr Llight are the only

hunter and sport horse divisions where she

Arabian horse/rider team to win a National

earned two unanimous Championships,

Championship in the Junior exhibitor, the

one Reserve Championship and three Top

Amateur exhibitor, and the Open division.

Ten’s at the 2011 Youth Nationals in sport horse under saddle, hunter hack, hunter

Photo courtesy of Lisa Hyslop

Youth of the Year

Fleet Halaaniz, a purebred Arabian who proved to be a dressage star during his lifetime as well as a wonderful ambassador for the Arabian breed, passed away recently at the age of 27. Owned by Lisa Hyslop of Oak Hammock Farms, in Loxahatchee, FL, Fleet was a special horse that will be missed by his many fans.

Haley Harrington of Rolling Hills Estates, CA, was named Arabian Horse Association 2011 Youth of the Year. An outstanding individual with an incredible record of success at just 18, Harrington made her way into the hearts of the Youth of the Year Committee with her ardent involvement with Arabian horses and her unwavering commitment to her school and community. Harrington has been front and center as a leader for the Arabian Horse Youth

seat equitation and working hunter classes. Successfully balancing her time at the barn with her time studying, Harrington earned a 4.4 weighted GPA her senior year and broke into a very elite group of students as a College Board appointed AP Scholar when she earned perfect 5’s on all her Advanced Placement (AP) tests. With a passion for writing and literature, Harrington’s poetry has been repeatedly published in the Palos Verdes Peninsula High School literary magazine as well as the poetry anthology, A Celebration of Poets.

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Arabian News Region 15 News The Region 15 Championship Horse Show has designated several classes to provide fund raising for the AHDF and AHF.

Photo: Pam Gabriel Photography

audience with prizes to the winner. The final class will be the “Bottoms Up” Class. Beverages will be provided according

friendly and tries to keep everything

to age, and rules will be published on the

relaxed, the new classes that have been

website in the near future and once again

added go in that direction.

prizes to the winner. Entry fees from these classes will

Adult Leadline. This will be an “Anything

benefit the charities, and ghost riders

Goes Class” to be judged by the audience

will not only be permitted, but also

with prizes for the winner.


The benefit classes for the AHDF will feature “Adult Stick Horse Halter”. Participants may provide their own stick horse or blanks will be available with the entry fee. Participants will be able to design


174 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

class and once again judging will be by the

As the show has been known as exhibitor

The benefit class for the AHF will be

Lexie Linebaugh and her 21-year-old Egyptian Arabian, Maraba EL Reymar.

their own “mount” to be presented in the

Want to see YOUR NAME in Arabian News? Send your information and photos to Jenn@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com for the latest Arabian news.

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Della, a Morgan/Percheron mix, is a therapeutic riding horse at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center in Washington.

Rachel Patterson, of Carrollton, OH, sent in this photo of the Morgan mare, Crystal Dawn, and her daughter, Savannah. “Crissy” was a park horse in her youth and was shown at the Ohio State Fair in 2010 by Savannah. The pair came away with a third in the English Pleasure Division.

Best of the Breed Lindsey Peterson, of Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center in Woodinville, WA, sent in a photo of the Center’s Morgan/Percheron mix (and resident diva!), Della. Della has been at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center as a four-leggedtherapist since the summer of 2010. From an eventing background, she is one of the most-loved horses in the barn. She is patient, gentle, and always seems to know what kind of guidance her riders need. At

new facility, thanks to her calm nature and

ing, featuring Saddlebreds, Hackneys and

reliability. Loyal, dedicated, and always a

Morgans, a special educational video will be

sweetheart, Della exemplifies the best of the

produced promoting the Morgan breed for

Morgan breed.

the www.equestrianlife.com/freelesson dedicated page, Equestrian Life YouTube chan-

AMHA Participates In UPHA Program

nel, and Equestrian Life FacebookSM page.

The American Morgan Horse

websites, YouTube and Facebook pages, as

The videos will be made available to the entire AMHA membership for use on their

a recent instructor certification, her rider

Association (AMHA) is pleased to announce

became unbalanced and fell forward onto

its participation in the Equestrian Life

Della’s neck. Della got down on her knees,

“Learn to Ride and Drive in Style” campaign.

son; check out the commercial on the Learn

waited for her rider to gently roll off, and

Joining forces with the United Professional

to Ride and Drive in Style campaign; and,

then stood up. She backed up three steps

Horsemen’s Association, American

sign up for a complimentary lesson.

and patiently waited for someone to come

Saddlebred Horse Association, and

and collect her. A less-dependable horse

American Hackney Horse Society, AMHA

might have taken off across the arena or

is working to increase awareness of saddle

at least have struck up a conversation with

seat riding and driving.

one of the other horses, but not our Della.

In addition to several commercials

She was even selected by our instructors

featured on HRTV and EquestrianLife.com

to be one of the first horses to move to our

that promote the joys of riding and driv-

176 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

well to help promote their businesses. Visit www.equestrianlife.com/freeles-

Corinthian News Todd and Sandy Trushel, of Corinthian Stables in Fairview, PA, are pleased to announce that their Morgan mare, Dar Vale Savannah, has been named

Morgan Council’s highest honor, the Horse Person Dar Vale Savannah, 2011 USEF Horse of the Year for Morgans in hand. Owned and shown by Todd Trushel of Corinthian Stables.

of the Year, at its annual meeting held in Minnetonka. VeeAnn has been involved in the horse industry for nearly 60 years, not only as a horse owner, breeder, judge, exhibitor, volunteer, and parent, but she also serves on various show committees and boards. She is still active today in various horserelated activities, including serving as a 4-H judge and clinician, a Western Saddle Clubs Association’s judge, showing Morgans,

members, but a Board

Saddlebreds, and Hackney Ponies when the

of Trustees oversees the

opportunity arises, and spreading the love


of horses to everyone she meets.

fix services of the pure-

the USEF National Champion Horse of the Year for the second consecutive year! This lovely mare topped the In-hand division with the Trushels showing. Savannah is bred to the Trushel’s stallion, Hot Wheels, and is expecting a 2012 foal. For more information, visit www.corinthianstables.com.

Wood still resides in Plato, MN, on the

bred Lippitt. There are

farm she and late husband, Ernie Wood,

“Friends of the Registry,”

Senior, purchased back in 1968. VeeAnn’s

who simply are those

son, Jay Wood, was on hand to help in the

who support our works

presentation and help celebrate afterward.

and cause by verbal promotion and other

Congratulations VeeAnn!

voluntary means. The LMHR, Inc. is an affiliate of the ALBC (American Livestock Breeds Conservancy) to help protect and promote endangered gene pools of American farm animals. They are currently establishing their DNA database and encourage all Lippitt

Ohio Morgan Horse Association Hosts Equine Seminar The Ohio Morgan Horse Association is

owners/breeders to submit their horses’

hosting a Second Annual Equine Seminar

DNA and be on the “Lippitt Honor Roll.” Their

on March 4. This will be held at the Galaxy

website is www.thelippittmorganhorsereg-

Party Center at 201 Park Center Drive in

Inc. is a DNA-based registry for purebred

istry.org. If people want the true type of

Wadsworth, OH, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Lippitt Morgans, organized to protect and

American’s first horse breed, unchanged

Six speakers will address a variety

preserve this endangered and diminish-

for over 200 years, then they want a Lippitt

of horse-related topics, from breeding to

ing gene pool. The Lippitt Morgan has the

Morgan! You may also contact: Jane Myers,

equine dentistry to nutrition. This event is

purest and highest concentration of Justin

Secretary, at ashroyaltymorgans@live.com,

open to all horse owners and enthusiasts.

Morgan (Figure) blood available today with

or call 573-819-3875.

Lippitt Registry The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry,

no outcrossings in the 20th and 21st centuries. These horses remain the same type, beauty, intelligence and versatility as the original Morgan. It is estimated that there are far less than 2,000 living Lippitt Morgans

The cost is $15 per person, which includes lunch. Check the OMHA website at

VeeAnn Wood Receives Top Honor On Saturday, January 21, 2012, the

in the U.S. and Canada, and of course, even

Minnesota Horse Council announced

fewer are breedable. The Registry has no

VeeAnn Wood as its selection for the

ohiomorganhorse.com for further details and to reserve your spot! Want to see YOUR NAME in Morgan News? Send your information and photos to Editorial@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com for the latest Morgan news.

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Quarter Horse News Youth World Cup American Quarter Horse youth riders

more about how American Quarter Horses are

all point-earning exhibitors or horses in each

judged at approved shows.

class in the previous three years combined.

For more information on AQHA’s educa-

will head to Kreuth, Germany, July 21-28,

tional seminars, visit www.aqha.com/showing.

2012, with the hopes of taking gold med-

Once these are tabulated any change in exhibitor or horse level will take effect on January 1 of the following year.

als back to their home countries. The 2012

Leveling System

American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup will be hosted at the Gut Mastheshof, one of

AQHA recently announced the point

the biggest and most comprehensive facili-

ranges that will determine a rider’s or horse’s

tated riding centers in Europe.

competition level for two 2012 test pilot

While in Germany, riders will battle it out

shows per the new AQHA leveling program.

in cutting, reining, horsemanship, western

Full leveling will go into effect in 2013.

pleasure, trail, western riding, hunt seat equi-

Leveling is determined on a class-

tation, hunter under saddle and showman-

by-class basis, and a rider’s level is based

ship. To level the playing field, competing

on his horse’s points or his points in that

Youth World Cup team members do not

class accumulated over the previous three

show their own horses.

years. The leveling program will be tested at

The Youth World Cup is an international

two pilot shows: the Kansas Quarter Horse

event that is held every two years and is

Association Prairie Classic, February 15-19

hosted by a different country each time.

in Oklahoma City; and the Nevada Quarter

However, every fourth year, the event is

Horse Association Silver Dollar Circuit March

hosted in the United States. The 2010 Youth

14-18 in Las Vegas.

World Cup was held in Oklahoma City and

The point range determining each level

boasted a competition between 16 coun-

will be recalculated annually after November

tries. The 2014 competition is slated for

1. The level point ranges are calculated from

Youth, amateur and select amateur levels are determined by the exhibitor’s points. In the open, levels are determined by the horse’s points (except for halter and cattle classes in which levels are determined by exhibitor points, to stay consistent with alliance partner competition). In every division, there are three levels possible for horses and riders. Horse levels are green, progressive and the regular open class. Exhibitor levels are novice, intermediate and the youth, amateur or select amateur. The leveling program will go into full operation January 2013, but throughout 2012, the program will go through testing and refinement before it’s ready for full implementation. This will include getting the computer programming in place, as well as educating show managers and exhibitors. This year will also be a great opportunity

College Station, TX.

for the AQHA competition department to

For more information on the 2012 Youth World Cup, visit the official website, www.

get feedback on the program before it goes


into full operation in 2013. Questions or comments? Contact Patti Carter-Pratt at 806378-4332, or email her at pcpratt@aqha.org.

Judging Seminar AQHA is hosting an educational judging 22, at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Irving, TX. If you are interested in how your scores or placing are calculated, how judges are professionally trained, or how to perfect areas before you enter your next American Quarter Horse show, then this judging seminar is for you. AQHA judging and ring steward seminars are open to current AQHA members who are AQHA-approved judges, potential judge candidates and exhibitors wishing to learn

178 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Photo: Jeff Kirkbride

seminar and ring steward seminar, March 19-

Want to see YOUR NAME in Quarter Horse News? Send your information and photos to Jenn@EquineJournal.com. Visit www.EquineJournal.com for the latest Quarter Horse news.

Lauren Eichstadt of Greenville, PA, was named one of Sports Illustrated’s Faces in the Crowd in the January 23, 2012, issue. Faces in the Crowd, Sports Illustrated’s weekly feature, has been highlighting standout amateur athletes. Eichstadt was nominated by the American Quarter Horse Association because of her accomplishments throughout the year. Eichstadt was named the 2011 Farnam All-Around Amateur at the 2011 AQHA Bank of America Amateur World Championship Show. Eichstadt showed the Quarter Horse, Its My Lucky Detail. The gelding is owned by Madison Eichstadt of Greenville, PA, and trained by Julie O’Brien of Southington, OH.



American Friesian Association.................................................................... 190 Arabian Horse Association of Maine ..................................................... 183 Arabian Horse Association of Massachusetts .................................. 182 Black Swamp Driving Club ........................................................................... 188 Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club ............................................... 180 Empire State Quarter Horse Association .............................................. 202 Flatlanders Dressage & Combined Training Assoc......................... 186 Foundation of the Pure Spanish Horse ................................................. 201 Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. ................................................... 193 Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association ......................................... 204 New England Miniature Horse Society ................................................ 197 New England Paint Horse Club.................................................................. 200 New Hampshire Hunter/Jumper Association ................................. 194 Northeast Fjord Horse Association .......................................................... 189 Northeast Friesian Horse Club .................................................................... 191 Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society .................................................. 185 Ohio Haflinger Association ........................................................................... 193 Purebred Morab Horse Association ........................................................ 199 Quarter Pony Association .............................................................................. 205

Associations, clubs and organizations that promote their objectives, breed or discipline with the assistance of the Equine Journal.

Rhode Island Arabian Horse Association ............................................ 183 Southern New England Horsemens Assoc ........................................ 196 Western Reserve Carriage Association .................................................. 187 World Class Miniature Horse Registry ................................................... 198 equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 179

Andalusian & Lusitano Equine Journal gives a warm welcome to its new affiliate! Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club Equine Affaire 2011

For the first time we had

of Poulin Grain, a long time sponsor of the

international representation at

New England Classic Open Dressage Show

the booth with Anne Guyere

(formerly called the Region 6 Open Dressage

and her stallion who traveled all

Show) and the New England Classic Breed

the way from Quebec, Canada

Show (formerly called the Region 6 Breed

for the event. Purebred horses

ERAHC was well

representing the breed in the display

represented at the 14th annual

Show) One of the highlights of the “Affaire” is

stall included Anne Guyere’s perlino

Andalusian/Lusitano breed presentation and

November 11-14. For those of you who have

Lusitano stallion. Electra, a PRE Andalusian

ours was again top notch! This year, Patricia

never attended an “Affaire”, it is one of the

mare owned by Tom and Melanie Olajos and

Norcia of Idlenot Farm choreographed the

largest equestrian gatherings and exhibitions

W. F. Arabella a two-year-old Andalusian filly

three part demonstration that took place

in the United States. For four days, there

owned by Lauri Burnley.

on Saturday afternoon. The presentation

Equine Affaire held in Springfield, MA,

are educational discussions, clinics,

Representing the Andalusian part

began with a black and white pas de deux.

demonstrations and exhibitions of numerous

bred horses was the Azteca (Andalusian x

Francesca Edwards of Idlenot Farm rode

breeds and recognized clinicians presented

Quarter horse) gelding, Spartacus (Sparky)

the white the Lusitano horse, Polo H.I., and

simultaneously in four different buildings.

owned by Michele Freeman and two Azteca

Athene Von Hirschberg of the Connecticut

In addition there are approximately 1500

yearlings Alegria de Regaliz, and Cosita De

Equestrian Center rode the black Lusitano

vendors with colorful booths displaying

Regaliz owned by Heather Driscoll. Angela

stallion, Zulu Interagro. The black and white

everything from hoof picks to horse trailers.

Chabot brought Saphira, a palomino Iberian

horses mirrored the maneuvers exquisitely.

The 2011 booth was quite dramatic with a gallery theme. Displayed on an 8’ high backdrop was beautifully illuminated, photos

Warmblood (Lusitano/Belgian Warmblood cross). Members and supporters of ERAHC

The second phase was a “Western style” reining demonstration by Heather Hayes of Fentonbrook Farm who rode her Azteca

of our horses including photos from past

and IALHA available at the booth to answer

mare, Cintas de Seda and wowed the crowd

ERAHC Classic and Region 6 horse shows.

questions during the four day event

with her reining spins and maneuvers.

Our 40” flat screen television drew people

including Lauri Burnley, Angela Chabot,

into the booth as we played DVDs of our

Heather Driscoll, Heather Hayes, Michele

performed by Jorge Gabriel and Maciel

beautiful horses.

Freeman and Joe Torres, Brenda Hammar, Dr.

Raimundo to Spanish guitar music on

Diane Kozwich, as well as Tom and Melanie

the fabulous Lusitano stallions, Ultra de


Castonheir and Quincas. The crowd rose

Members of both ERAHC and IALHA manned our booth distributing literature and answering questions about the club, the

On Thursday, Lauri Burnley and her

The final phase was a pas de deux

to their feet and clapped to the beat as

association, working equitation and more

two-year-old filly, W.F.Arabella, gave an

the duo exited the arena in synchronized

importantly about our fabulous horses. We

educational presentation on the history of

passage! For the remainder of Saturday, and

also offered ERAHC merchandise for sale.

Andalusian horses to children in the Youth

all day Sunday people stopped by the booth


and told us how much they enjoyed the

Adjacent to the booth is a stall where

Lauri Burnley and Heather Driscoll also

presentation, and how entertaining it was! A

our breed including many part Andalusian

participated in a clinic on the art of showing

credit to all of our volunteers and performers.

horses. The spectators enjoyed the

sport horses with their young Andalusian

chance to get close to our horses and take

and Azteca horses.

owners can showcase beautiful examples of

advantage of many photo opportunities. The

Affaire and the ERAHC booth in 2012.

Visitors at the booth included ERAHC

horses in the stall delighted the crowd as

Business member, Lisa Oberman of El

they begged for more attention!

Sueno Espanol, well as well as Dan Wright

180 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

We hope to see you at the Equine

Submitted by Brenda Hammar and Dr. Diane Kozwich

Appaloosa Granite State Appaloosa Association

granitestateapps.com and in the

Non-Pro Hunter Hack. Janet rode Rudy in all

Equine Journal dateline.

Our new board is working hard on our annual

the classes herself.

A clinic with nationally

Linda Coyle will be the first member

known Art O’Brien is being

to show at a regional show this year. She

planned for the weekend of

is heading to Texas in February to show at

April 7-8, check the website

a regional appaloosa show. Some of our

for additional details.

regional appaloosa show,

The Krause family lost

in March to show at the Florida Super Eight

her gelding, Lope Me A Fortune.

at Fox Lea Farm. It will be great to get away

which is tentatively scheduled for September. New board member,

New England friends will travel to Florida

Amanda Soffron is the chair of the open

A Perfect Manhattan joins the Krause

when everyone is really getting sick of

show committee and plans to hold at least

household. Watch for Roxanne and Wylan


one open show this year. Those who have

at the regional shows

Please send any news to murrayjanet@

Janet Murray and M I Everanexample

attended our open shows in the past know we award great day end prizes. Look for

finished 2011 first in the nation in Senior

dates and locations on our website www.

Hunter Hack, Open Working Hunter and




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Trucking - Live Floor Trailers/

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Vans Deliver throughout New England, NY, PA


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Stall Barns, Indoor Riding Arenas, Run-In Sheds, Storage Buildings, Garages & Cupola’s equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 181


Photos: Natalee Roberts

Arabian Horse Association of Massachusetts

182 March 2012 â?™ equinejournal.com

Scenes from the 2012 AHAM Annual Awards Banquet

Arabians Arabian Horse Association of Maine

showing. This format provides

to the club and this year’s Member of the

opportunities for all members

Year went to Pat LeClerc. Youth Member of

to earn recognition for the time

the year is Tyler Hodgkins. Sharon Carroll

they spend enjoying their horses

was the photographer for this event and

Hosts 2011 Annual

regardless of their discipline or

pictures can be seen on facebook and the

Awards Banquet

riding level. This year’s top junior

AHAME website. JR Maxwell’s food and

riders were Breanna Durgin,

service were outstanding, and our thanks

Brittany Guilemette, Miranda

go out to restaurant partner and club Board

Hodgkins and Tyler Hodgkins.

of Directors member, Meg Hall.

Arabian Horse Association of Maine started the year with a fabulous awards banquet celebrating club member’s

Time in the Saddle awards went to Robin

2011 show and riding season at JR Maxwell’s

Lovejoy and Lynn-Marie Bailey. Division I

Spring Classic Show, June 2-3, 2012 and

in Bath, ME on January 29. Seventy-two

winners were Jenn Roberts with Caught Ya

Autumnfest Show, September 8-9, both to

awards were presented in 45 different

Looking, CA Cartier and Little Red Khorvette,

be held at the Skowhegan Fair Grounds.

categories, and included plaques, statues,

and Meg Hall’s JC Heart Throb. Division II’s

Classes are being added including Ladies

extra tall trophies, customized director’s

Half Arabian honors were split between

Pleasure Championship, Sport Horse and

chairs and of course, beautiful ribbons.

Iris Poland’s Long Hope Mr. Sensation, Jess

mini classes. Both shows feature an All-

Andy Bailey, AHAME club president, once

Small’s MVA Kahlua N Cream and Amber

Breed Versatility award that pays cash to

again acted as the master of ceremonies

Durgin’s Constanza. Arabian Hunter Pleasure

the top three horses that earn points in

and awards were presented by Lynn Marie

has become a very competitive division, this

specified open classes. The 2012 Spring

Bailey, head of the Awards Committee.

year won by Haley Spenard’s PW Beauquet

Classic payout has been increased through

The traditional silent auction displayed the

with reserve going to DTA Mi Serenity and

a generous donation from an anonymous

largest variety of items ever, Representatives

Carol Holtzman. Competative Trail Riding

sponsor. AHAME will hold a Show and Learn

Planning is underway for the club’s

from the Equine Journal attended and

awards went to Tom Hutchinson and

event May 5 where exhibitors will show in

provided horse care and barn supplies for

Katherine Brunjes. We are very pleased that

a class, the judge will provide comments

door prizes.

Arabian/HA Native Costume became even

and suggestions to everyone, and then the

more popular at our shows in 2011 with this

class will be re-ridden and placed. More

five different divisions, members can earn

year’s top honors going to Chip O Skip and

information on shows and club events and

awards in competitive trail riding and


a complete listing of 2011 award winners

Since AHAME structures awards in

hours in the saddle as well as competitive trail riding and four different levels of

Each year AHAME recognizes a club

are at mainearabian.org.

member who performs outstanding service Submitted by Lee Cheever

Rhode Island Arabian Horse Association The Rhode Island Arabian Horse Association has embarked on a new year with a brand new

a horse lover and wish to

all. If you go to our website, you will read all

join a club that is made up

about us and you will find the proper forms

of dedicated individuals

to join; better yet, you will see numbers to

in regard to such, you will

reach individuals that will personally talk to

want to join us. You need

you and be happy to answer any of your

not be a horse owner to


join. If you live in the

First on our agenda for 2012 was the

slate of governors. 2012 should prove to be

vicinity or even on the upper east coast, you

Installation of Officers for the new year. This

a very active and informative year. If you’re

will be interested to know that we cater to

year, our committee, chaired by Judy Kubiak, equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 183

Arabians chose to hold the Installation Dinner at Uncle

and have inquired and showed interest in

intervened and had these horses moved to a

Ronnie’s Restaurant in Burrillville, Rhode

acquiring some. Pam Santere, a long time

safer environment.

Island. It was held on Sunday, January 8.

member, volunteered to be in charge of

The weather was great and made it easy for

this committee. She has knowledge in this

trained Lipizzaners for over 300 years. The

members from Rhode Island, Massachusetts

field and would be happy to be the contact

colonel’s granddaughter, Gabriella, is tour

and Connecticut to attend. This is always

person. So, if any of you wish information

director. She explained that teaching these

a pleasant event. Besides enjoying a great

about this, please contact Pam and she will

exceptionally difficult maneuvers requires

dinner, everyone is present to witness the

be glad to give you all the details.

many years, and that only the most talented

recognition of the previous and outgoing

Upcoming events were also discussed.

The Hermann family has owned and

horses are chosen. A Lipizzan is not fully

officers. This year the 2011 officers each

They will be brought up in the monthly

mature until age seven; the breed has an

received a custom designed watch with the

newsletter as they come about and in this

exceptionally long life span, averaging 35

Association’s Logo on the face of the watch.

publication as well. So make sure to read the

years. Gabriella owns a mare that is 41.

It’s a sport’s watch, therefore able to be worn

club articles and stay abreast of what’s going

Foals are usually born dark brown or black,

by both male and female.

on with RIAHA.

gradually transforming to silver or white.

The 2011 slate of governors who were

Now that I have informed you of the

Gabriella led her riders in showcasing

honored for their dedication and services

2012 news, I would like to go back to a

the stallions’ abilities. Demonstrations


special outing that we had in 2011. I would

included: long lines; ridden quadrille; levade

like to submit a report that has been sitting

in hand; shoulders in; courbette (the horse

Russell, Judy Kubiak, Walter Comire,

on my desk for some time now. I’ve been

rears to full height, then hops forward like a

Lucille Guilbault, Nancy Beauvais, Karen

looking for an opportunity to incorporate it

kangaroo); capriole (the horse leaps high into

Richmond, Jen LaPorte, Joanne Jalbert

with one of the monthly articles and I hope

the air, kicking and lashing out at the peak

and Ralph Vossler.

that this is the appropriate time.

of the leap); and piaffe (a cadenced trot in

Anne Cardoza, Lori Murray, Shirley

The new slate of Governors for 2012 are: President: Anne Cardoza; Vice President:

RIAHA offered this event to its members and Ms. Merilyn Bambauer, a dedicated

place). After the performance, spectators were

Lori Murray; Treasurer: Shirley Russell;

member, volunteered to organize the outing.

invited back to the stables area to meet the

Secretary: Karen Richmond; Directors: Walter

I would also like to mention that this report

horses and ask questions of the riders. Truly

Comire, Lucille Guilbault, Nancy Beauvais,

was written and submitted by her as well.

an extraordinary experience! “

Judith Kubiak, JoAnne Jalbert and Ralph Vossler. After the Ceremony, a short business

“Sunny weather, elegant Lipizzan

We thank Meri for her report and hope

stallions, and an historic venue added up

that she can come up with more educational

to a splendid day at the Bowen Estate (aka

events this year.

meeting was held with the new officers at

/the Pink House). Area Horse enthusiasts

the helm. Committees were discussed and

and a group of RIAHA members enjoyed

the RIAHA annual Awards Banquet on March

it looks like we’ll be having a busy year. All

a wonderful afternoon in Woodstock, CT,

11, 2012 at Bella’s in North Smithfield, RI.

members were invited to partake on all

watching these beautiful performers.

Contact Lucille Guilbault at 401-568-8238 for

committees as the association is open to

Colonel Hermann’s Lipazzan stallions

Looking forward to seeing everyone at

more details.

new ideas and always looking to improve

are descendants of a rare, aristocratic breed

the activities planned. President Cardoza

originally owned by the Hapsburg family of

not a RIAHA members, but interested

mentioned that members would like to bring

Austria. Lipizzans are descended from three

in joining our family of horse lovers, you

back the availability of club jackets and shirts

ancient bloodlines: Andalusian, Arab and

will find all the details on our web site...

sporting our logo in order to promote RIAHA.

Vilanos. During WWII, these magnificent


Most of our long time members have and

animals faced extermination from the

wear such; but the newer members do not

Russian and German armies. American

have access to purchasing these garments

General George Patton, an avid horseman,

184 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

If you’re reading this and you’re

Submitted by Pauline M. Comire

Distance Riding

Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society Welcome to Spring! Or at least I hope so. It’s 15-degrees as I write this so I’m thinking positively.

Shelby Moucha.

I don’t have a lot of news at this point. Not banquet and that’s a few weeks away from

Shannon and Morgan Loomis with their awards for completing 250 miles at Shore to Shore.

the deadline.

new software to help keep us in touch in a

much going on in the winter except the

I will say that I’m quite excited about

more efficient manner. So far it’s great and

our new short distance rides, whatever we

will be very helpful if we need to get word

end up calling them. My old man might get

out about ride changes or anything else

to his 2,500 miles yet! And I have several

that needs to be passed along in a timely

friends who don’t want to do long distances

fashion. So if you didn’t include your email

that are ready to join -- or have joined for

on your membership form, please make

the Recreational Riding program -- and are

sure Mollie has it. For those of you without

excited about it too. It should also help our

email access, or who choose to opt out of

ride managers, because the rider numbers

emails, we will still make sure you get your

have been down on quite a few of them.

news the old-fashioned way.

Without enough riders the managers lose

That’s all the news for this month. Since

money, and if the managers lose money the ride can quickly cease to be. So it’s a

this is written before the banquet, and I Annie Whelan.

winning situation for all concerned. Speaking of rides, ride season is coming! By the time you read this, or shortly thereafter, you should have your spring mailing. I’m sure there will be lots for us to do, and I’m pretty sure there’s at least one new ride in the schedule. I know it’s a bit early to be talking about the Crunch, but please remember that this is the club-sponsored ride. This means that if your schedule allows, coming

don’t have current photos, I’m going to share a few that I took at the 2011 banquet

to help is greatly appreciated, even if you aren‘t riding that year. Likewise, if you just ride one day and can come early or

and never got around to using. Submitted by Mickie Newnam

stay over to help on the day you aren’t riding, that’s great. The more help we have the more smoothly things can run, and that reflects well on the club. We have a reputation for hosting a good ride and we’d love to keep that up and even improve on it. Mollie has been playing with some equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 185


Flatlanders Dressage & Combined Training Association The Old Gray Gent As long as I can remember the thought

somehow was not grounded in reality. I

Logic tells one that emotions should never

purchased a newspaper and went to

drive a decision, and I realize this, but I

studying. Somewhere I was going to find

somehow fell in love with this “gentle gray

my “hayburner”. It happened…she was a

Thoroughbred”. I visited two times and

stunning 25-year-old and cost me $ 400.00

finally decided this gelding of thirteen was

with tack and all. Her name was “Candy,” but

going to be mine. Never did I realize, again,

I personally called her “Cane” for short. She

I was purchasing a Master. Here was a

was a gray…not really…age had grayed her

gentleman that had lived many lives before

from the redheaded blanketed Appaloosa

me. He was born in California, tattooed to

that she once was. Yes, there were times I

be on the track. As stated by the Jockey

found the red hair and Appaloosa portrayed

Club, never raced, and somehow over

her personality, but she was a queen.

the many years became schooled in the

Candy babysat me and I must say angels

fine areas of eventing, jumping and even

must have watched over and pointed me to

dressage. Again, in my ignorance, I was

her direction.

guided to purchase a fine “old gentleman”.

of having a horse was something always on my mind. Of course, being the product of Depression-age parents the word “hayburner” was reiterated time and time again. So like most little girls, I read Black Beauty, the Misty of Chincoteague series and hoped someday of having one of those beasts called “hayburner”. Thirty was knocking at the door, and

As time comes and goes my friend and teacher passed. Really only after

my old boy was still a Thoroughbred and

several years, but she gave me confidence

with this comes those moments such as

that I did want to continue in the world of

our first Flatlanders Schooling Camp, at the

“hayburners” or horses. My reading had

University of Findlay. I being a bit more

graduated to Horse Illustrated, Practical

nervous and neurotic then usual, did not

Horseman and when feeling frisky, I would

need my “ gray “ to decide to escape from

pick up a Dressage Today Magazine. Those

his stall and proceed to let everyone know

grays…somehow always caught my eye.

he was there! This escapade brought about

somehow I convinced my dear husband to purchase one of those “fixer uppers” in the country even though it was not a “new old house” which he had wanted. No, being young and ambitious we paraded through the well over one hundred-year-old farmhouse with over four acres and barns. Yes, barns where I could eventually stash a “ hayburner”. Brad, being a martyr, agreed to purchase what at times would be compared to the “great white money pit”. And so the adventure begins. Not only with all of the critters acquired, but also becoming proprietors in the country world. This in itself could be a series of misadventures. As so many newcomers to the horse world, I knew nothing, maybe that is even being kind. The most I could draw upon was my readings of Black Beauty, which

186 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Now before this ends, I will state that

Time and life can be so ironic. Not only did I lose my wonderful teacher and friend Candy Cane, the same month I lost

many whispers of “how old is he?” Just another “Thoroughbred moment”. So years come and go, and I am now

my wonderful best friend to Breast Cancer.

over fifty, and a grandmother. My husband

She like Candy helped me through many

and I no longer live in the “old fixer-up” and

parts of my life. We had been through

my “old gray boy” passed away several years

various rites of passage; from marriages,

ago at the age of twenty-nine. Artie was

birth, divorce and now death. Life ended

kind and patient with his novice partner…

for both of my best friends. Somehow it did

he was The Old Gray Gent. Karlaction, the

not seem fair, Carla was only thirty-five and

son of Arctic Action and Karlinsan, by Poleax

Candy… I needed her to continue to teach

and nicknamed Artie, I have always found


it so terribly ironic that when I lost both my Grief, despair or just plain ignorance,

best friends, Candy and Carla, somehow

I went to a newspaper again and saw an

another “Karla”ction or Artie came into my

ad for a “gentle gray Thoroughbred”. So I

life to guide and teach me just as my other

traveled …to Waynesfield, OH, in my search.

good friends.

Pulling up to the barn, I saw him. He looked just like my Candy. A pang grabbed my stomach and heart, could this really be.

Submitted by Pat Boutwell


Western Reserve Carriage Association Off and Trotting Election of the 2012 Western Reserve Carriage Association officers was held during the board of directors meeting January 8. Henry Rish was unanimously re-elected

Thanks Tina for your leadership.

president. Cathy Franks is our newly elected

track concerning liability issues, constitutional

board member. We would like to thank

requirements, insurance, and adequate

Tina Perko for her years of service on the

records. She will also serve as a contact to

board. Ann Peterson and Cathy Rhoades

other affiliated organizations such as the

will continue as treasurer and secretary

Carriage Association of America and the


American Driving Society.

Various club appointments were ratified

Several topics for winter meetings

during the meeting. Deb Svoboda will serve

were discussed. Suggestions included

as WRCA Webmaster and continue as the

reporting to members about 2011

club’s insurance liaison. Dave Antes, who has

WRCA accomplishments, a veterinarian

produced the super membership booklet

presentation on various horse care topics,

annually, returns as membership secretary.

and insurance necessary for horse owners. A

Kristin Sullivan will manage the extensive

Our new Board Member, Cathy Franks.

WRCA library, and Mary Thomas will report club news. Two standing committees--safety and

possible clinic to prepare WRCA members for the CAA Driving Proficientcy tests received

and activities were discussed. Big D’s, Streetsboro, OH, will donate 5% of what

considerable attention. For each WRCA function, there

event planning--were formed. Stacey Giere

WRCA members spend at Big D’s to WRCA.

will be someone designated to help

and Peach Schilmiller have been appointed to

Members should sign up at their checkout

those preparing to drive. New members

the safety committee. Henry Rish and Stacey

counter to participate in this fundraiser. US

will be introduced and welcomed. To make

Giere will lead event planning.

Rider, Lexington, KY, will present WRCA with

club drives more interesting, activities such

$10.00 for each new membership acquired by

as a Trace Pace, driven games, or a cones

2012 memberships was passed by the

WRCA members during February. Holding a

challenge could be held.

board. Membership forms will be available

raffle for a driving related item was proposed.

at upcoming events, printed in the Equine

Henry Rish and Mary Thomas were appointed

time for news in the Equine Journal,

Journal, available on the website (www.

to investigate the idea further.

members should check their e-mail and the

A motion to keep dues at $25.00 for

wrcarriage.com), and sent to 2011 members

To ensure smooth transitions from

Since there is about six weeks lead

WRCA website for the latest news about

by Dave Antes. The board agreed that

one board of directors to the next, a new

club events (www.wrcarriage.com). Don’t

a member photo release needed to be

appointed position, Club Administration

hesitate to contact a board member for

included on the new membership forms.

Advisor, has been created. Deb Svoboda

information as well.

Ways to provide funds for club drives

was chosen by the board to keep WRCA on

Submitted by Mary Thomas

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 187

Driving Newman Please contact the Board of Directors if you have any issues or questions along the way. The first event the BSDC had was the Maumee Bay Sleigh Festival. There were several of our members that were very active on this event. Thanks to Jackie Minges and Angie Hohenbrink for taking the lead from the club. The event was very successful and several states were represented. It took a lot of effort, time, and hard work for this event. Thank you to Mike Minges for an

you covered by insurance in case something should go wrong, accidents do happen. Lets be take the time now to avoid an unwanted situation. We do have some upcoming events; some of these are not confirmed, so please watch your BSDC Newsletter for confirmations. As of this issue we have the following dates: Black Swamp Safety Clinic, April 21 or 22, time not defined, dates pending, Hancock County Fairgrounds

excellent job on designing the new brochures. Its great to have a professional looking brochure that really makes a statement. Thanks for a job well done. While on this subject, I would like to thank everyone for coming to the meetings, offering their support, and being an active member of the club. It takes ALL of us, not CO., INC. just a few to make Since 1968 the club successful. Sometime this gets overlooked or taken for granted. So BOARD SLIPBOARD RUSTIC RAIL KEYSTONE PVC thanks everyone… and last but not Over 100 miles of horse fence installed ~ Serving all budgets least, thank you to • Over 40 years experience designing/installing fencing for all all those great cooks kinds of conditions; custom or standard, we know what works! • We can simply sell you quality materials, come auger your who take time to holes, or do the complete installation job. bring the goodies for • We make gates of wood, pipe, wire, PVC and custom forged ornamental iron. We design and make the hardware. the potlucks! Call today for free brochure and price list! • Open Year-Round On a more Compliment your fence with one of our gates. serious note, it is bronze roses most important that you check your insurance. We had some discussion on this subject at the meeting and it’s a good time to make sure you are Serving MA, NH, VT 50 Route 106, PO Box 10 N. Springfield, VT 05150 (802) 886-2221 covered. Take time HOURS - In Season: Mon-Fri 7-5, Sat 9-12, Winter: Mon-Fri 8-5 now to make sure

Parker Bridge Drive, September 16, Upper Sandusky, OH, Hosted by The Emmons Family Murray Drive, September 23, Tiffin, OH, Hosted by Roger and Sue Murray There are a couple of pending group tours under planning also. Plans are underway for a trip to Martins Auction and a trip to Holmes County May 12. As stated these trips are in the planning stages so please watch the newsletter or even a phone call. Roger Higgins Sr. has set up a sleigh ride event in Meeker, OH. This will be a last minute thing, so please expect a phone call on this one. It will be held at the Fellowship Hall in Meeker, OH. If we have enough snow, and the church doesn’t have an event there that day, then we can have that area to sleigh in. It’s a great place. While speaking on the drives, the club now has a form that the host needs to fill out. It gives general information about the drive and will include directions. The forms will be kept on file and those directions will be on record for further use if the drive is repeated. We do have several thing happening and more to come, so please watch for the next issue! We extend an invitation to everyone to come and check us out. All are welcome to come to our meetings, contact us for more information. Until next month, Enjoy!

Black Swamp Driving Club Happy Spring! My goodness, spring is in the air and the Black Swamp Driving Club is ready to spring into driving! But before we do that I need to back up just a bit and go over a couple of things. I now have a complete list of officers for 2012. They are as follows: President: Angie Hohenbrink, 419-274-6435 Vice-President: Mary Elliott, 419-561-1332 Treasurer: Jackie Minges, 419-344-7974 Secretary: Molly Owen, 419-569-6573 Reporter: Roger Higgins Jr., 740-251-7193 Board Members: Kim Mack and Mark


Buy your horse fencing from us!

188 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Submitted by Roger Higgins Jr., Reporter

Fjord even wrote on Kingston’s test, “I love (heart) this pony. He can do no wrong. Give him kisses and carrots for me.” WOW. I was also Show High Score. I have to give my trainer Jane Rodd of Cricket Hill Farm, in Ancram, NY, great credit here,

Northeast Fjord Horse Association Canadian Fjords Do Dressage and Jumping By Wendy Luscombe, Part 2

I bought all my Fjords from Blue Raven

too, as she is a patient, persistent classical trainer, who will be bothered to train Fjords. I know Fjords are extremely cute and very personable but something else was catching

and Beaver Dam Farms in Nova Scotia, except

the judges’ eyes. I thought hard

one who I rescued. They were all bought as

about what the judges liked and

youngsters, and working with a super trainer

I went back over my tests to see

we started showing at Training and First level.

if there was a general theme.

Everyone, including me, was surprised

BDF Quest ridden by Stephanie Kleinbauer.

Judges appreciate the

at how remarkably well I did, considering

harmony between horse and

I was not riding dressage horses! I was

rider (after all I am having a blast and it

having a blast, never felt unsafe, and to this

shows), they appreciate the rhythm and

day I am the only one who shows my own

steadiness which, of course, is the starting

horses in the ring; even the youngsters at

point on the training scale and they

their first show get ridden by me not by my

appreciate the movement. This may surprise

trainer. Think how many young Warm Bloods

some people but the scores I receive for

someone in my condition would take to their

gaits in the collective marks at the end of

first show?

my tests are rarely below 7 and quite often

I am not going to bore you with a list

an 8. The judges are saying they like the

of my winnings, but my Fjords were winning

way these Fjords move! These scores are

at both regional and national levels. All

certainly comparable to what I have seen

my shows were unrestricted recognized

lovely moving Warmbloods earn.

dressage shows and I competed against

So for me, what started out as taking a

mainly very big, brown Warm Bloods. Most

back seat in dressage competitions took me

remarkable to me were my scores, now in

to a level I had never even dreamed of, even

the 65 - 70% range with many in the mid 70s

with my Warm Bloods. I remember smiling

and even one at 81%.

when I saw Fjords, Koriakin and Kingston, in

Contrary to my experience with

the top 50 USDF Horse of the Year standings

the Arabians, where I seemed to be at a

at Training level, Amateur. That was out of

disadvantage, the judges liked my Fjords. I

well over a 1,000 horses of all breeds.

received comments such as “Can I take him

Dressage is not the only discipline

home with me?” and “I can see why you ride

where my Fjords have excelled. BDF Quest

Fjords.” One judge at Saratoga Dressage show

made it very clear to me that he wanted to

jump. He would only humor dressage if he could jump, and jump very big and fast. As I don’t jump, my friend Stephanie Kleinbauer trains and rides him. They have won open jumper classes, horse trials, dressage classes and even a hunter grand championship. Quest recently won a four bar jumping competition. The first jump was 3’ 3”, the second, 3’ 6”, the third, 3’ 9” and the fourth, 4” 3”. He was the only horse to go clear. The last jump was bigger than him! Quest gets very annoyed before going into the ring, when bystanders say, “Oh isn’t he cute. I didn’t know Fjords jumped.” Stephanie swears he always over jumps the first jump by at least 12” to make a point. I am having an amazing experience and a lot of fun with my Fjords as you can probably tell. There’s a Fjord out there for everything. Stay tuned next month for our Annual Meeting recap and what 2012 has in store for the NFHA. Until then Happy Fjording.

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 189


American Friesian Association Overview of the American Friesian Association Thanks to a dedicated group of

deserved a registry that they believed in,

other functions. Their offspring may be AFA

one that did not feel so distant and out of

registered. This gives the owner a chance

reach. There was a need for a registry whose

to learn more about the AFA, see where

interest lies in promoting the American bred

the AFA is going, and decide if they want to

and owned horses, offering them attainable

continue with membership and registering

goals, and allowing for equality for all

horses. Recorded horses may at any time

purebred Friesians.

be upgraded to Registered horses, keeping

The AFA is also committed to embracing the Friesian Warmblood (Friesian cross) and giving those horses and owners

all titles and predicates earned from the foreign registry and/or any AFA inspections. Additionally, the AFA meets the

an association that is everything to them

requirements of IFSHA (International

as it is to the purebred horses and owners.

Friesian Show Horse Association) by

individuals who love the Friesian horse, the

Mirrored benefits such as registration, breed

microchipping and DNA testing our horses

American Friesian Association has been

inspection, awards, and more will all be

as a means of positive identification, so that

formed. The American Friesian Association

available to the Friesian Warmblood.

all our registered horses may participate

(AFA) was organized to preserve and

The AFA will honor horses of quality

in the IFSHA and USEF (United States

promote the purebred Friesian horse in

through breed inspections and predicate

Equestrian Federation) recognized Friesian

America, to promote the Friesian Derivative

levels, and we have built these standards

shows. The AFA is also recognized by the

horse in America, and to serve the owners

into our rules. The AFA will view all purebred

USDF (United States Dressage Federation) as

of these horses. The AFA is committed to

registered Friesians as equals, offering the

a breed registry so our members and their

the breed standard of the purebred Friesian

ability to earn predicates and status to all

horses may participate in the USDF Breed

horse, as interpreted from the Friesch

horses based on their individual quality

Year End Awards.

Paarden Stamboek (FPS) with regard to the

and ability. Inspections will be done using

needs of American owners for a healthy,

a “blind judging” system, meaning that the

sound horse suitable for performance in

horse’s pedigree, owner, trainer, and other

the current equestrian world. Our goal is

information will not be disclosed to the

to maintain the beauty and uniqueness

judge(s) prior to their being judged and

of the Friesian horse, as it has been

receiving their scores. For those owners who

known throughout history. The AFA is also

wish to breed their horses, AFA will offer

committed to high standards of quality,

pedigree information, inspection results,

Judges and Blind Judging for all horses,

integrity, honesty, and fairness for all horses

and performance scores to empower

Purebred and Derivatives alike.

and members.

owners to make wise breeding decisions.

The founders recognized the ever-

The AFA understands that many

Here are just a few highlights you can look forward to with the AFA: • Sensible breeding practices – AFA will register all Purebred Friesians equally. • Opportunity to belong to a registry that wants to hear your voice and concerns. • Inspections with licensed American

• Emphasis on breed type, movement, and conformation, with athletic talent and

growing demand for an American-based

purebred Friesian owners may not feel

registry for the Friesian. The AFA wishes

comfortable immediately switching over

to register purebred and partbred

to a new American registry, and with the

by your horse from the foreign registries will

Friesians while providing equal and fair

foreign based registries not allowing dual

be honored by AFA. No removal of earned

representation for all horses and owners

registration, the recording option has

status/predicates. Once earned, always

while maintaining the quality and integrity

been developed by the AFA as a good way

respected and held.

of the breed. The AFA was born out of

for owners to “try out” the AFA without

• AFA Status/Predicate Level earnings.

a need for an American registry with

putting their original registry affiliation in

• AFA Supreme Sire or Supreme Dam

American rules. A registry was needed for

danger. In this way, the Recorded horses

American owners who have felt like they

may participate in AFA inspections and

190 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

ability also considered important. • All honors/status/predicates earned


Friesians • AFA Friesian Fun Riding and Driving Log Program. • AFA Year End Awards for many competition and promotion categories. • AFA Lifetime Cumulative Awards

Transfer of Ownership, etc. • A place for the Friesian Warmblood (cross) complete with mirrored benefits of a purebred.

• Tracking of Bloodlines, Inspection Scores, and Performance records. • A forum for having fun and enjoying our Friesian or Friesian Derivative.

• Recording of horses belonging to

Please check out the AFA at our

for individual performance as well as

foreign registries, whose owners are not yet

website www.americanfriesianassocation.

for production of quality performance

ready to give up registration within those

com or email info@


registries, allowing participation in AFA

americanfriesianassocation.com or call 912-

inspections, as well as allowing the owners

462-6330 and ask for Button Lee for more

to “try on” the AFA.


• Timely response to member inquiries, requests, Registration Documentation,

Submitted by Button Lee

bring dressage shows and combined training events. We hope to compete in the Groton House Farm combined tests in May and of course there’s the spring Photo: Sarah Isherwood

hunter paces! Such fun to look forward to; I can’t believe how far away it seems! I’ve also attached a neat photo I took from the

Northeast Friesian Horse Club Spring is almost here! Here are a few

saddle at the All New England Joint Meet, taken at Appleton Farms, overlooking one of the largest open spaces in the area. Hope winter is treating you all well and I look

news updates from our members to get you

forward to having more things to report in

through that last run of winter weather.

the future!”

An update from Sarah Isherwood:

From Donna Mori, on their recent

“Daatje and I enjoyed hunting at the

Trails win: “I was very excited to hear that

All New England Hunts Joint Meet in

Titan and I won the Trail Miles class for our

November 2011. This meet is the largest

club! Titan and I have been out on the trails

in New England, often with greater than

whenever the weather permits this time of

100 horses and riders in attendance. Truly

year. At the SGP show that happened in

a thing to behold and a thrill to participate

September, we actually got second place

in. It was the highlight of our 2011 hunt

in the W/T class! Not bad I guess, for our

season, which ended all too soon, just

third show!”

prior to Thanksgiving. Winter 2012 will find

Lazy Stallion Friesian’s Ytsen has

us hitting the trails as much as possible,

been racking up an impressive list of

maintaining condition as well as logging

accomplishments once again. In 2011 Ytsen

in the miles! We had a blast keeping track

was awarded the prestigious National Horse

of our 2011 trail miles towards the NEFHC

of the Year award by the USEF, Champion

year-end recognition and hope to exceed

Friesian in Driving for the second year

our 2011 miles in 2012. Spring 2012 will

Saddle-view on Friesian mare Daatje at the All New England Hunts Joint Meet. running, as well as third in Friesian In Hand, and third in Friesian Specialty! Plans are for Ytsen to compete in 2012 for the USEF Horse of the Year once again. Billy and Caren are proud to be Ytsen’s family! Ethel Nye’s Hillside Farm was among a good showing of competitors from New England to venture down to Lexington, VA, for the IFSHA Grand National and World Show in October. Hillside’s newest arrival, Thijs, a first premie star stallion, owned by Delia Fox, having arrived to New Hampshire in May from Holland made his under saddle debut and brought home two World Championships in the Walk Trot Division. He was also crowned World Champion Stallion for his age group in hand. Macht of the equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 191

Friesians with Jeannie Belcher, took Reserve National Champion in Dressage Suitability , and Reserve World Champion in Costume . Hank P. owned by Laurie and Jodi Motte won World Champion Dressage Sport horse in hand and also Eowyn owned by Sherry and Dave Clark in the two-year-old and under were World Champion Trail In Hand, and World Reserve Champion Dressage Sport NEFHC Trail Miles winner Donna Mori on Titan. WC Thijs, 1st premie Star stallion owned by Delia Fox and ridden by Ethel Nye in his victory pass at the IFSHA Grand National and World Show held in Lexington, VA.

horse in hand. NEFHC member Cindy Deering

Emily O’Neill in the saddle. Nikki Byers and

announces she is moving from her farm

her gelding Hamil came home with an

in Maine to Illinois with her two Friesians,

Open Driving Championship to round out

and has plans to start driving lessons and

the awards.

training at her new home. Cindy plans to

Manor, owned by Lynne and Steve Byers

And a note from Ellen Blake, Ethel

join the local FHANA chapter in Illinois, and

came home with a Reserve World title in

Nye’s sister and owner of Meinsje R.: “Ethel

Liberty and Hunter Pleasure and Meinsje R.

bids a fond farewell to the NEFHC. Goodbye

is such a fabulous rider and trainer! I am so

was the crowned World Champion Friesian

and good luck Cindy!

proud to be her sister! Meinsje has plans to

Country English Pleasure with Ethel in the

become pregnant to Minste this spring! The

saddle and Reserve National and World

NEFHC, please visit our website at www.

foal will be a treasure!”


Champion titles in the Amateur Hunter division with 15-year-old, junior exhibitor

From Stony Pine Stables, Rebecca

Submitted by Kelsey Evans

Eccard and her gelding Tsjalling, co-owned




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Join us at www.facebook.com/EquineJ 192 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Photo: James Phifer


GHRA wagonette followed by the Patterson’s carriage in the Fort Worth Stock Show Parade

Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. Gypsy Horses in 2012 Fort Worth Stock Show parade

Darren Patterson showed off their Gypsy Horses in the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Parade to thousands of spectators on

Photo: James Phifer

GreensleevesCarriage.com and Bobbie and

Photo: Priscilla Cox

Lyn Jenkins of www.

Bandera Loch Lommond pulling his carriage with the Pattersons driving.

Bandera Loch Lommond waiting to start the parade.

Evenstar pulling a wagonette with her son

drove their four-year-old stallion Bandera

number 132 in the lineup and they met

Joseph riding shotgun. Jan Easter, GHRA

Loch Lommond with Jennifer Alexander

the beginning of the parade coming back

President; Priscilla Cox, GHRA Registrar, and

and Brian Boyle riding in the carriage. After

as they were starting their drive through

her grandchildren; Debra Brooks, Kim Van

the parade the group then drove horse

downtown. The three-mile journey through

Kirk ,Cindy Cattell, Patti and Amy Henderson

trailers and all to a local Mexican restaurant

the crowds in downtown Fort Worth,

rode on the padded benches in the back of

for a celebratory lunch.

TX, was thrilling and wonderful in the

January 14, 2012. Lyn drove her stallion and mare team CDF Quite Frankly and Arwen

the wagon waving to the crowd. The GHRA

This 116-year-old parade is the one

banners were attached to either side of the

of the largest non-motorized parades in

wagon for full exposure to the crowd of

the United States. The GHRA entry was

unseasonable 70-degree weather. It made a great time for all. Submitted by Jan Easter

over 100,000. Bobbie and Darren Patterson

Haflinger Ohio Haflinger Association At the recent 2012 Ohio Haflinger Association annual banquet there were several stallions who have auctioned off a service to benefit the OHA youth:

Excellence TOF, Alex NHH, and Neiman Marcus NTF. Also thank you to Hendershot Haflingers for donating $100 to the youth program. The OHA started a new program this year: the

All American Afghan NTF, Nargo CAF, Waltz with Me

Hall of Fame. We would like to thank the following

MLF, Ahead of His Class 4DA, Nunavik GF, Standard of

members who are the first to enter the OHA Hall of equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 193


Jill Sweeting and Shasta.

season. The following shows are part of the Haflinger Championship Challenge, which is a free performance driven

Lisa Schott and Whispers of the Fruit (Will).

lifetime points and annual year-end award program supported by the Ohio Haflinger

Congratulations also are extended to Brian Mitteer driving Bonita Rox.

Association annually.

OHA members Craig and Jill Sweeting for

2012 Haflinger Championship

earning 250 lifetime points and Superior Fame: Dean and Jewel Woodward, Bob Raw, Ed Weber, Ben Winkler, Aden Miller, and Ken and Flora Jane Winkler. Thank you for your dedication to the promotion of the Haflinger breed! Nominations for future recipients are open to member nominations to the OHA board. The criteria for being selected to the Ohio Haflinger Hall of Fame are: the person must have been (or is currently) an OHA member sometime in their lifetime, and up to three nominations

Challenge Show Dates

Award in the driving division. Brian and Dana Mitteer and their mare, Bonita Rox

June 29-July 3 Buckeye Haflinger Show

PA also earned 250 lifetime points and

July 13-15 New York Gold Classic August 17-19 Central Ohio Haflinger

the Superior Award in the driving division.


Terry and Lisa Schott and their gelding, Whispers of the Fruit CA earned 250 lifetime

Sept 6-8 American Haflinger Registry National Show

points as well as the Superior Award in

Please visit www.ohiohaflinger.

the Western division and are also to be

com or www.haflingerchallenge.com for


more information!

Although it is winter, it is not too

Submitted by Katina Wilson

soon to begin planning for the 2012 show

per year.

Hunter/Jumper New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association It was a lovely ending to a successful season as the NHHJA held their year-end banquet at the Center of New Hampshire on December 3, 2011. A large majority of the membership was present to enjoy the great food, DjJ and wonderful ribbons and prizes. The “Red and

194 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

white” theme carried through from tabletop flowers to the prize presentation. Many generous donations allowed us to have a plentiful raffle table. Special thanks to all who brought baskets and gifts for this cause. In the usual NHHJA style, many special recognition awards were given out to Parent of the Year, Trainer of the year, Gretchen Anderson, High Point Adult rider for the year, Cindy McLaughlin and High point Jr. award


went to Haley Anderson while Amy Keating was presented a VIP award for her key role in organizing the programs, website and so much more. Well done everyone. The NHHJA gave out three $1500.00 scholarships to deserving recipients, Nicole Pastor, Jesse Fortier and Haley Bell. These high school seniors were chosen for their insightful essay, trainer recommendation and horse show sportsman ship. Fabulous prizes were donated by the

Equitation 12–14 - Elise Albertini, Champion; Sara Severino, Reserve.

Stone Pony Tack shop for the high score riders of the Stone Pony Equitation Classic recipients, Haley Anderson with reserve award going to Elise Albertini. Eaton Berube Insurance provided an equally amazing gift for top riders Christina Severino and reserve Jodi Albertini in the Eaton Berube Adult Equitation Classic. These special equitation classics are offered three times a year at our horse shows and the prizes are well worth fighting for! All of our winners are to be congratulated for their continuing success. It is a real pleasure to watch our youngest members work their way up through the

Stone Pony Equitation Classic - Haley Anderson, Champion; Elise Albertini, Reserve.

divisions. Plans are underway for a bigger and better 2012 show season and we look forward to seeing you all ringside in the

Eaton/Berube Equitation Classic Winners Christina Severino, Champion; Jody Albertini, Reserve.

spring. For a more complete listing of high point riders, upcoming events and more, visit the NHHJA website. Here’s to a Happy, healthy and successful New Year for everyone. Submitted by Jodi Fortier

2011 Scholarship Winners - Nicole Pastor, Jesse Fortier, Haley Bell.

High Point Junior - Haley Anderson, High Point Trainer - Gretchen Anderson, High Point Adult - Cindy Mclaughlin.

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 195


Equitation 15-17 - Nicole Couture, Champion; Jesse Fortier, Reserve.

Adult Amateur Hunter - Cindy Mclaughlin, Champion; Kelly Parker, Reserve

Industry Wide Southern New England Horsemen’s Association The Southern New England

September 16 – Colchester Lions Club, Hebron Fair Grounds, Hebron, CT. Two divisions that had sparse entries

Registered Quarter Horse Halter Class. Both will be run at the beginning of the show. Dates for the shows offering the

in 2011 have been combined for 2012.

Therapeutic Horsemanship Class haven’t

Beginner walk-trot is now open to English

been decided yet.

Horsemen’s Association is gearing up for the

and Western riders who will show together.

2012 show season.

The Junior English and Junior Western

are Lead Line, Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat On

divisions have also been combined into

The Flat, Adult English, Adult Western, Pre Jr.


open to English and Western riders 14 years

Our 2012 officers and the Board of Directors have instituted major changes for the 2012 show season.

The age limit for our combined

Divisions remaining the same for 2012

and under, Open Adult Walk-trot 18 years

beginner walk-trot division is five-11 years.

and over, Green Horse, Miniature Horse,

of shows, which have been reduced from

The combined Junior English and Junior

Open Western, and Junior Open Walk-Trot

ten shows to seven, six club shows and one

Western division is open to riders 17 years

for riders 12 to 17 years.

affiliate, the Colchester Lions. Three club

and under.

The first major change is the number

shows will be at Woodstock Fair Grounds,

The other major change is the

Our shows this year will feature a High Point day-end award based on the same

Woodstock, CT, and three at Falls Creek

elimination of all trail classes except in the

horse-rider combination. Classic classes are

Farm, Oneco, CT. affiliate show will be at the

leadline and miniature horse divisions.

excluded from this. At our year-end awards

Hebron Fair Grounds, Hebron, CT. Here are

The mini trail will now be held in the main

banquet the highest-scoring combination

our show dates and locations.

ring. In all the other divisions that formerly

will receive a special award.

April 29 – Falls Creek Farm

included trail; the third class will now be

May 6 – Falls Creek Farm

Open Discipline On The Rail. The green

May 27 – Woodstock Fair Grounds

horse discipline class will be walk-trot only.

For more information on our club visit

June 24– Woodstock Fair Grounds

Two new classes have been added to

our web site at www.snehassociation.com.

July 29 – Falls Creek Farm

the 2012 show schedule. There will be a

August 12th – Woodstock Fair Grounds

Registered Color Breeds Halter Class and a

196 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

We will be collecting Nutrena tags again in 2012.

Submitted by Cynthia Anne Bowen

Miniature Horse

Michael Himlin with his surprise Christmas present Allure Ranch Spirits Class Act, a tiny yearling filly known as “Abby”. Watch for Michael and “Abby” at the NEMHS Shows in 2012.

New England Miniature Horse Society New England Miniature Horse Society 2011 AMHA Honor Roll and 2012 Show Season The American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) tracks competitor’s points throughout the year and posts an annual Honor Roll of the winners. The entrant with the highest number of points

Stephanie Himlin with Allure Ranch Spirits Kings Ransom. Kristina Slobody with SRF Noble

least one additional judge. All shows will have the usual AMHA classes plus 4-H and Novice classes open to any miniatures 38”

in each class is recognized, along with up to

Attitude, SRF Silk Stockings, SRF Premier, and

or under. 4-H classes will include Fitting

nine horses/exhibitors with the next highest

SRF Heiress.

and Showmanship (12 and under and age

number of points in that class. First place in each class traditionally wins a coved belt buckle and the others receive a certificate. Several NEMHS members made the Honor roll in 2011. Honor roll first place winners included: Alex Briggs with Poco De Oros Memoirs Trifecta

Wesley Slobody with SRF Gladiator and SRF Noble Heir. Karen Rudolph with Brookhavens Dynaglass Slippers. Bobbie Briggs or Mathew Drown with DSB Exquisitely Buff. Nick or Patty Milano with Fallen Ash Cherish me Eagle. Roger Slobody/Sawmill River Farm

13 and over), halter, hunter, halter obstacle and driving, with High Point Awards for ages 12 and under and 13 and over. There will also be Year End Awards for 4-H, Novice and AMHA exhibitors, with no requirement for number of shows to count. The first two shows will be held May 20 and June 17 at Hidden Acres Farm in Belchertown, MA. The date and location of the final show, plus

Kristina Slobody with SRF Excalibur,

with SRF Noble Attitude, SRF Legacy, SRF

details of all three shows, including judges,

SRF Perfection, De Chevals Windsong of the

Perfection, De Chevals Windsong of the

class list, and entry forms are on the Club

Night, SRF Gladiator, and SRF Noble Heir.

Night, SRF Silk Stockings, SRF Gladiator, SRF

website at www.nemhs.org.

Roger Slobody/Sawmill River Farm with SRF Excalibur and SRF Premier. Members placing on the Honor Roll included:

Noble Heir, SRF Dreamcatcher and SRF Hot Topic. Congratulations everyone! Let me know if I missed anyone; if so, I apologize.

Little Buck and Falcon Ridge Impetuous Lady Hawk.

website to Mary Adams, 247 North Stone Street, West Suffield, CT 06093 (860) 370-9035 or targetsmom@cox.net.

Alex Briggs Megan Herrick with SFM Celebritys

Please send news (e.g. new foals) and photos for the Equine Journal and/or the

2012 Show plans

Submitted by Mary Adams

NEMHS plans to hold three shows, in 2012, each with a World Show judge and at equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 197

Miniature Horse Miniature Horse Show on June 16, 2012, in West Virginia. Details will be on our home page at www.wcmhr.com. Information will be published as it is made available. Congratulations to the WCMHR Blue Ribbon Miniature Horse Breeders of 2011, Bill and Pam Banks of Banks Miniature Horse Farm. From their website: “We specialize

World Class Miniature Horse Registry Greetings, Registration and Membership fees will remain unchanged in 2012. WCMHR has a new and improved online service website for registering miniature horses and memberships online. Visit www.wcmhr.org to view or register. Paypal or credit cards are accepted at this site. Applicable Coupon discounts of $5 are already deducted for the items that are $15 or more. Now one can receive one free registration for each order of five or more original registrations at one time. The fee for the lowest registration is free. For example, register a three-year-old, a two-year old, and three current year foals; receive a registration for one of the current-years foals free. If one submits five hardship registrations, one of the hardship registrations will be free. Two West Virginia Clubs, Wild and Wonderful Miniature Horse Club and the West Virginia Miniature Horse Club are going together this year to hold an Open

in AMHA, AMHR, and WCMHR registered miniature horses. Our goal is to breed the finest black and white pintos. Our horses have foundation lines such as Egyptian King, Richters Apache, Komokos, Music Man and Rowdy to name a few. We have hand selected over 80 horses as part of our breeding program to combine the best with the best. Our horses are friendly and are imprinted from day one to ensure a solid foundation. With great confirmation, athleticism, trainability, and personality we have the best there is to offer. Whether you are looking for a horse for show or pet we have a horse for you. Family owned and operated by Pam and Bill Banks of Clayton, NC. We began traveling around and hand selecting the herd back in 2001. We have over 40 acres of lush pastures for our horses and visitors to roam. We always allow visitors to our farm where you can meet and play with all the horses.” “Reno,” the Bank’s lead herd sire, has sired a large number of top-quality, tiny, black pinto foals. He is a black/white with two bright blue eyes, lab tested

Ministruf Travelin Gambler “Reno,” Homozygous Tobiano, Homozygous For Black. only the black factor gene. He also carries the sabino gene DOB: April 28,2002 He is AMHA A133898, AMHR 232370A and 26002A-P WCMHR reg. As well as DNA tested parentage qualified. He is 31” tall. His sire is Firlight Mickey Smokey and his dam is Goat Hills Peppys Crimson Mira. He produces beautiful foals with very refined heads and necks. He passes on these beautiful bright blue eyes to most of his foals. He has a wonderful personality and passes this on to his foals. The Banks always send great photos of the foals when they submit the registrations and the perfection they are achieving in their breeding program is becoming more and more evident. To learn more about Banks Miniature Horse Farm visit www. banksminiaturehorsefarm.com or call 919-553-7216 or 919-412-1684, email: bbbanks3431@aol.com. Submitted by Ken Garnett

homozygous tobiano pinto stallion with

Check out the Equine Journal Facebook Page 198 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Morab properly registered. It was the late 1990’s that I purchased a Lippit Morgan mare named Thankful Farm Celebration to complement my purebred Morab breeding operation. She was a very good mare and has had several foals. Her third purebred Morab was a mare named, Cricket. Cricket displays the typical qualities

Purebred Morab Horse Association

of a Morab of being very affectionate and

Morabs of Mt Toby Center –

mover and was ridden by one of my youth’s

The Northeast Coast

mother for conditioning on the hills of Mt

By Roberta Bryant and Dizarre Lopez

Toby’s conservation forest. Cricket’s ability to

Mt. Toby Morab Center is an equine

the willingness to please. She is a strong

easily master the trek to the top of Mt Toby

operation located in Leveret, MA, situated

conservation forest, at 2000 feet above sea

in a valley surrounded by the foothills of the

level, is a testimony of the strong legs and

Green Mountains.

lung capacity of the Morab. This climb up Mt

The facility started out as a small riding and boarding stable in 1970. The horses we

Toby’s forest is a great way to build muscle and endurance.

started with were varied but a few of them

The 4-H Pandora Pony Pals Club was

had a mix of Arabian/Morgan background

looking for headquarters and I agreed to have

and at that time horses with some Arabian

this club based out of Mt Toby Morab Center

and Morgan blood was called a Morab.

in 2005. As a benefit, I wanted them to

There was a registry during the 1970’s that

enjoy the Morabs here as much as I had. The

registered this breeding background as

daughter of the mother, who rode Cricket

Morabs. It did not take us long to appreciate

up and down Mt Toby conservation forest,

the attributes of this type of breeding

has her own story about the love between a

combination and we had fallen in love with

youth and a Morab. Now enters Dizarre and

Morabs. By 1972, I was so sold on the Morabs’

Cricket. Here is her story:

wonderful traits that I named my facility Mt. Toby Morab Center. Over the years the center had grown

My name is Dizarre Lopez from Millers Falls, Massachusetts. I started riding horses when I was two years old. I began by riding

into a very large facility. A total of five barns,

western and since then have changed to Hunt

several run in shelters and an indoor arena

seat. I am 10 years old and currently an active

now make up the Morab center. I wanted to

member of the Pandora Pony Pals 4-H club

eventually pursue the breeding of purebred

based out of Mt. Toby Stables. I joined the 4-H

Morabs so I purchased a four-year-old Arabian

club six years ago and in the past six years

stallion named SH Kurafi, better known as

I have been Treasurer, snack coordinator,

‘Shadow’ in 1990. He bred several mares to

photographer, and I am currently the Vice

produce half Arabians, which became riding

President. 4-H is a great organization to be

mounts for my youth. It was during the

involved in and I suggest this type of youth

1990’s that the breeding for Morabs had to

centered program for kids like me. This pony

be strictly Arabian to Morgan breeding to be

club has taught me a lot about horses, barn

work and showing and showmanship. With the 4-H club I have attended Horsebowl, Hippology and Horse Judging. When I first started riding with the 4-H club at Mt. Toby Stables I was riding a horse named Sassy, he was a Morab Gelding. But he has since passed away. Due to his passing, I had to find another horse to ride. One day I saw this beautiful bay mare out in the pasture and when I went up to the fence to give her some grass she came running up to me and nickered at me causing me to fall in love with her instantly. I told my mother, who had ridden her on trail rides, I wanted to ride her. My mom spoke to Roberta and the next thing I knew I was riding this beautiful horse, Cricket. Cricket and I bonded as soon as I started riding her. She did not have anyone riding her regularly and so when I rode her she was a bundle of energy. Cricket was seven and had not had any formal training so I realized that she would need some time to learn how to be a good mount. Lots of practice and loving was going to be my plan. When I would ride her she wanted to just race around the riding ring as if she was going up the mountain and was not collected to set her head. Since I was use to a more ‘finished’ horse, I had to take some lessons on her to effectively train her for the show ring. I learned a lot about training from Roberta, such as half halts and how to use my seat to slow her down and to get her collected equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 199

Morab to work more off her haunches. It took us a

calmed down and then I got back on her. We

within the 75%-25% formula. It is our hope

lot of time and practice but we managed to

completed that class and many others even

to put Palomino or Buckskin color into the

get that accomplished. All of this took a lot of

though we finished last. However, Cricket got

Morab breeding program. Cricket will always

work but Cricket was willing to learn with a

better each time we rode and I was very happy

be available to Dizarre and any of the 4-H

rider who had never ridden or trained a new

on how well we did to complete the show. I

members. Some of the 4 H members have

horse. It was a wonderful bonding experience

am going to keep working with her training

already expressed interest in completive trail

to do this together especially when this was all

and I hope that in a couple of years we will be

and Cricket would be a great prospect for that

done over the cold winter months. By spring I

more polished in the show ring.

endeavor as well. For any information about

was ready to try her at a show. This would be

The future plans for Cricket, since she

Mt.Toby Morab Center please contact:

her first show and there were five other riders

is a50% - 50% Morab, will be to breed Mt

Roberta Bryant

in the first class for 10 and under. When I went

Toby’s new addition, a palomino Morab

Mt.Toby Morab Center

to the warm up ring Cricket got so nervous

stallion. The Morab stallion is a 75% Morgan

Leverett, MA 01054

with all the other horses around her that she

and 25% Arabian. This breeding will still


did a few bucks, so I decided to dismount. We

result in a registerable purebred Morab as

walked around the ring several times till she

the Morgan - Arabian percentages will still be

Paint New England Paint Horse Club Open Show Awards Program (PAC) Many registered paint owners are not aware of the Paint Alternative Competition (PAC) program that the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) offers. APHA approves more than 1,200 open horse shows, races, and trail rides every year. In the New England community alone there are usually over 30 PAC approved competitions that offer plenty of competitive events for horses and riders such as; local 4-H shows, Open Pleasure shows, Hunter Jumper shows, Gymkhana, Reining, Team Penning and Roping events, Dressage and Combined Training Horse Trails. As a result, your accomplishments can be recorded on your registered horse’s official lifetime performance record through APHA PAC and you can earn certificate and achievement. The purpose of the NEPHC Open Show

200 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Awards Program is to recognize

efforts. If you show at a certain series and

NEPHC members who compete

they are not PAC approved; just ask the show

in local open and 4-H, PAC

secretary to sign up. In 2011 we showed at

approved shows, throughout

many shows throughout New England such

New England with a registered

as; Central Mass Horse Show Series, Horse

American Paint Horse. To

Power Show Series, New England Buckskin

take advantage of this great

Assoc, Oakrise Farm, Silver Heels and a few

opportunity to earn points,

dressage shows.. We made a lot of friends and

recognition and year-end awards exhibitors must be a current member of NEPHC in good

plan to return in 2012! For more information on this exciting

standing and the horse must be registered

opportunity visit our website at www.

with APHA. There is an annual Open Show

nephc.com/pac.htm or email paintpony93@

Awards Program fee of $25 per horse/rider

yahoo.com. You do not need to be an APHA


member or be enrolled in the APHA PAC

Our farm has been riding APHA PAC for

program to earn NEPHC open show points.

two-years and has been a NEPHC member for

However, if you want to earn national points

many years. In 2011 someone mentioned to

and recognition, as well, than you would need

us that the NEPHC offered their own version of

to enroll in the APHA PAC program. For more

PAC called “Open Show Awards Program”. We

information on the APHA PAC program go to

thought, “More year end ribbons, sign us up!”

www.apha.com/pac/index.html or email pac@

The 2011 show season was a fun challenge

apha.com or call 817-834-2742, extension 249.

to see how many categories we could point in, as well as, earning year-end awards for our

Submitted by Kerry A. Mayer All American Farm

P.R.E. Horse

You are Invited… April 16 Did you ever wonder why those people who own and ride P.R.E. or Pure Spanish Horses always have a smile on their faces, always look content, always seem to be connected physically and emotionally with their horses? Now you can learn all about this and much, much more at the 2012 Annual Meeting of The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse. A fun day of learning through seminars, demonstrations, and roundtable discussion is slated for the event to be held at the exclusive International Polo Club of Palm Beach and the nearby MTICA Farms both in Wellington, FL. The very active Wellington Leadership Committee has lined up an amazing group of equine experts to provide you with an entertaining and educational day. On Tuesday, April 17 there will also be a clinic with Danish international rider and trainer, Mikala Munter Gundersen where riders and horses can develop and hone their dressage skills. The slate of seminars are geared for people who are new to the world of the P.R.E. horse as well as those who are knowledgeable experts and owners wanting to increase the depth of their knowledge. Many of the instructional topics will be of interest to all horsemen no matter what breed they have or how they ride. We will hear the very latest on Laminitis research along with practical applications and what to look for. It has been discovered that early intervention is essential for a positive outcome and you will learn how to determine when your horse might be showing early symptoms. If you ride dressage you will want to attend the seminar about USDF competition rules conducted by Technical Delegate Kelly Farmer. Don’t make simple mistakes that can cost you at competitions.

Photo: Paco Rey

Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse

Learn about P.R.E. Horses.

The amazing horses of Medieval Times and Tom Reed, Master of the Horse at the Kissimmee Castle, will be on hand to thrill us with a demonstration of Alta Escuela and airs above the ground. Medieval Times has nine castles throughout the USA and Canada and is one of the few organizations that is preserving the high level of equine and human skill needed to do the classical airs above the ground. Most owners of Spanish Horses have heard many stories about the correct way to feed them. Who do you believe? One seminar will be devoted the proper feeding principals and techniques for Spanish Horses. Don’t rely on Internet legend or erroneous information from Social Network gossip. Get the latest info and research to keep your horse healthy and performing his best. One seminar sure to be a favorite will be conducted jointly by Spanish Olympic Team Rider and trainer Juan Matute and Dutch International Rider and trainer Mikala Munter Gundersen. They will use their years of experience and expertise to point out the desirable conformation characteristics of the perfect P.R.E. horse to be used for dressage. If you are looking for a P.R.E. horse to compete in dressage this seminar will be a must attend for you.

You have read about it in almost every training book but how do you help train your horse by working in hand with him? Spanish Olympic Rider and trainer Juan Matute will demonstrate just how this is done and you can see results for yourself. It is impossible to learn all the intricacies in one demonstration but it will inspire you to learn more. If you are interested in the P.R.E. horse and confused about all the elements of the Spanish horse industry and what is happening, you will want to attend the P.R.E. 101 educational session. You will learn just what makes a P.R.E. what it is today, the worlds most desirable horse. You will receive honest assessments and information about all the different organizations that are involved the bred so you can make your own mind up concerning your participation. You will be amazed by all the ways owners and riders are enjoying their P.R.E. partners. It will open your eyes to wonderful things you yourself can do with your horse. There will be a round table discussion with a question and answer session about everything P.R.E. Training topics will be addressed along with many other bred specific topics. Novice and expert alike will be able to learn from the exchange of information. Don’t wait to make your reservation for this exciting and informative day of instruction. Attendance is limited so call 505-294-0800 to reserve your space or email info@prehorse.org. Yes, we have even arranged hotel discounts for you! Submitted by Barb Clark

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 201

Quarter Horse

Empire State Quarter Horse Association ESQHA & ESQHYA Awards Banquet and Convention Empire State Quarter Horse Association (ESQHA) and the Empire State Quarter Horse Youth Association (ESQHYA) held their annual Awards Banquet and Convention January 14, 2012. Initial hopes were for mild weather for the weekend, but at the last minute winter set in and temperatures dropped. Winter weather, however, did not keep away the award winners, officers, directors, and youth and adult members of the association from this annual event, and we had great attendance. This year, the ESQHA Convention was back at the Double Tree in Syracuse, NY. The convention activities focused on planning our three major horse shows, team building, youth elections, and holding our annual General membership meetings. Horse show planning is in full swing by each committee, and dates and locations are now set: June 8-10- Spring Into Summer Show at the NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse. July 5-8 - One More Chance Show at the Showplex. Hamburg. September 19-23- Empire Fall Show at the NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse. With the dates set, the committees can now focus on the details of programs, show management, and awards. There was a lot of excitement and growth in our shows last

202 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

year with the all-in-one fees and the move

successfully each year. The great news is

of the July show to Hamburg. All the details

we really aren’t loosing Lauren. She has

for these are posted on the ESQHA website

become a board member for ESQHA. She

at www.esqha.org.

brings all that great youth experience and

When the committee work was done,

enthusiasm to the position. The board is

the youth invited the adults over for some

very excited to have this young leader. See

team building. This was a first this year!

her leading in the conga photo!

The reluctant adults migrated to the youth

The ESQHA and ESQHYA awards

meeting room and were introduced to

banquet was held in the evening, and

an “introduction game” on remembering

the guests enjoyed fun, awards, and

names. After everyone introduced himself

recognition. A silent auction, iPad raffle,

or herself, pairs of adults and youth met

and 50/50 helped with fund raising

on opposite sides of a curtain and as it

and created a lot of excitement. Award

dropped to reveal each other the first to say

presentations included ESQHA and ESQHYA

the other’s name won. It was pretty scary,

high point winners and Open Show

but people learned names and faces and

promotional and Trail promotional high

had a lot of fun.

point winners. Winners will be posted on

Later in the afternoon, general

the website with pictures. Presentation of

membership meetings for ESQHA and

the Nancy Masters award for youth support

ESQHYA were held. During the meetings,

went to Charlotte and Larry Jaynes and the

the youth held their 2012 elections. This

Jim Barton award went to Michaela Best

year, their new president is Erin Webb.

- congratulations! The evening finished

Congratulations! Lauren Tousley, who

with dancing to DJ sounds to the late

held the office for three terms, must step

hours of the night. Another great year for

down and is off to college. Lauren will be

ESQHA thanks to the support of the all the

sadly missed by the youth group where

members and our great quarter horses!

she worked hard and lead the youth

Submitted by Tom Hatch

Quarter Horse

equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 203

Quarter Horse Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association Mass Quarter Horse Youth community service and charitable giving have not gone unnoticed. The club recently received a letter from Paul Barabani, Superintendent of the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke. He acknowledged and thanked MassQHYA Youth for sending over 230 Christmas cards to the Soldier’s Home. These cards were hand made at the December Youth Meeting. Additionally, more than 250 cards from the Youth members, family and friends were sent to the “Holiday Cards for Heroes” Program. To top it all off the club sponsored two children from Quincy Crisis Center for Christmas. Great job kids! MassQHA is proud to announce the recipients of our three merit scholarships. MassQHA Merit Scholarship: Jocelyn Tanner; MassQHA Presidential Scholarship: Garrett Wasylak; and MassQHA Past-President Book Award: Justine Anderson. These newly created scholarships, recognize and reward the hard work and dedication MassQHA members give to the club, by helping to support their academic pursuits. We encourage all MassQHA and MQHYA members to apply. The Silent Auction at our Annual Spring Show in May will once again be a fundraiser for our scholarships, so please help support this great cause. Please contact Scholarship Chairperson Samantha Palmer at massqhatreasurer@gmail.com for more information on scholarships or to donate an item to the silent auction. MassQHA is busy planning events for 2012; please mark your calendars and join us! First up, is our very popular Novice and Open Show at Three County Fairgrounds in Northampton, MA. Friday April 13, we’ll start off with Reining and a free clinic, AQHA and

204 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

MassQHA Member, Beth Oveka and her horse Merlot. Open classes continue through April 15th with judge Louis “Spike” Holmes. This is a great indoor show to dust off the cobwebs and start off the 2012 season. Come check out the beautiful new barns and show with us! For further information, please contact show coordinator, Cindi Adams at busboss310@aol.com. Later, on April 29, come trail riding with MassQHA at the North Brookfield Sportsman’s Club. A delicious chicken barbeque will be served after a ride through gorgeous trails along a lake. For further information, please contact Don Gillespie at 508-523-3913. We will be back to showing in Northampton for our MassQHA Annual Spring Show, May 3-6. Not on Mother’s Day weekend this year. A second trail ride is being planned for September 16 at Waters Farm in Sutton, MA. We are planning a little something for a lucky horse and rider that attends both trail rides, more to come on this. We are looking to change up MassQHA Meetings and make them fun, informative and really involve our membership. We want to know what you want from your club. General Membership Meetings are

MassQHYA Youth making Christmas Cards for Soldiers Home. planned for Sat Feb 4th at Nevins Farm in Methuen at 6:30pm. Nevins has an awesome Tack Shop with great deals on new and used items. On Sat, March 10th at 5pm MassQHA holds its Pot Luck Dinner at Fasolo’s Pine Hill Farm; if you have attended in the past, you know how great the food is. A mini clinic is planned for this date as well. Sat April 7th finds MassQHA at Cheoy Lee’s in West Boylston at 5:30 for a delicious Chinese Buffet. Meeting to follow dinner. MassQHA members, do you have a picture of you and your horse that you would like to share? We love to show off our members. Please email to cindyanderson43@gmail.com along with your names, what your interests are, and anything else you’d like to share about your equine/ human partnership. Please check out MassQHA.com for further details on these upcoming events. Submitted by Cynthia Anderson

Quarter Pony

Quarter Pony Association The International Quarter Pony Association is offering one free registration, with every 2012 Quarter Pony Association

Our point system is simple. Ponies will

membership! Just join or renew and you

receive half a point for every equine they

will receive your coupon in the mail with

are placed over. To be eligible for points,

your membership packet. Coupons are

an official pony height must be submitted

transferable, but can only be redeemed by a

at the beginning of every year, until the

saved from a farm; where it was believed,

QPA member. Offer expires 12/31/2012. (If

pony is six-years of age. Also, the pony must

according to the breeders standards - that

they need to register at same time they get

be shown by a QPA member for points to

breed combination was an accident. A well

their membership, they should contact the

count. By earning points, you may qualify for

built sorrel, an old time stocky Quarter Horse

IQPA for instructions.)

year-end awards and hold a title in specific

stallion, crossed with a large POA, one with

Show season review - Points can be

categories. Riding hours must be calculated

a great personality. The Quarter Pony was

earned at any open show. This includes Breed

separately. The time spent riding at shows is

again saved when abandoned at another QH

shows, Pony Club, 4-H, Saddle Club shows,

not permitted if you turned in a point sheet

breeding farm. Though they did not really

rodeos, etc.. You must place in a class to get

for the show. One or the other, but not both.

want the young filly, it was noticed that there

points. Placings are typically listed on the

Points forms may be printed from the QPA

was just something about that little horse,

show bill that must be included with your


so they kept her until the right people could

points form. However, if it is not listed, then 10

Quarter pony journeys is an opportunity

be found to own her. That’s when Michelle’s

placings will be assumed. (Ranking is not the

to share about your ponies, what you’re doing,

family came into the picture. “We met this

same as Placing.)

and how you are doing it. Quarter Pony

unbroke, large sorrel pony, and knew that she

Association members; please submit stories

would be something someday. With a lot of

and photos to QPA publishing.

searching I was able to contact the breeder

If you wonder what category a class falls under, you may refer to the Quarter Pony Association website for definitions

Michelle Scran, QPA Vice President and

and get her registered with Quarter Pony

and examples. Halter (Includes Lunge

Events Committee Director, had a nice story

Association. She has come so far in the years

line), Driving (All Driving events), Western

to share about her Quarter Pony mare. Last

that I have trained and owned her.” Angel has

(Pleasure, Riding, Rail, etc), Trail (Show, Judged

November, as a runner up, Angels Image, was

excelled in many disciplines from dressage,

Trail Rides, Endurance, Trail Trials, In Hand),

chosen in a contest for a free breeding to

in hand, equitation to penning and has won

English (Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle,

Larks Oneforthemoney. It was said that her

numerous awards through the years for her

etc. Not Jumping.), Sport Pony (Dressage,

QP could cross well with Larks. Though they

talent. Some awards include New Jersey State

Show Jumping, Cross Country, Hunter Hack,

did not win the final raffle drawing, Michelle

Championships in Model Mare, Equitation,

Hunter over fences, etc.), Gymkhana (Timed

commented - “This was truly an honor to even

Dressage, English Pleasure Pony and Western

gaming events), Working Cow Pony (Must

be chosen as a finalist for a breeding to such a

Pleasure Pony and many QPA awards

involve bovine or Goats), Equitation (Includes

wonderful horse.”

including top sport pony, equitation and

Showmanship, Horsemanship, Equitation, Leadline, etc.)

Angels Image, a special Quarter Pony

this year Top QP internationally! “I am a true

to Michelle and her family, was apparently

believer in a well rounded horse with good equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 205

Quarter Pony

manners and work with them in training to

The Quarter Pony Association expresses

get that.”

thanks to Michelle for her service as QPA

“Through the years she has touched

Board and Committee Member.

the lives of all who have met her. Many had

Website: http://www.iqpa.com E-mail: registration@iqpa.com Thanks are extended to the Equine Journal, for allowing the Quarter Pony

suggested I sell her for “ good money” as

Human Membership

Association and it’s affiliate the International

they call it. I can tell you she will remain here

Quarter Pony Association

Quarter Pony Association, to share the news.

as a part of our family forever! Now that my

P.O. Box 104 ~ Cambridge Springs, PA 16403

daughter is older and not showing as much

Website: http://www.

newsletters, become property of the Quarter

I feel this is the right time to go forward


Pony Association and no compensation, for

with our dream of having the pony bred. I


use, shall apply. Submissions may be sent to

am probably one of the biggest Lark fans



All submissions for consideration in QPA

around. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to have had a chance toward a breeding

Horse Registration (QPA Affiliate)

give away with a fine stallion such as Larks

International Quarter Pony Association


P.O. Box 230 ~ Lyles, TN 37098


Submitted by Nicki Stephens, QPA Publicist

would be proud to be your affiliate magazine

You Receive:

Your Club Receives:

• FREE Equine Journal Monthly - $48.00 Value • 10% OFF all display advertising placed throughout the year • Free Sale Barn Ad - $50.00 Value • FREE Classified Line - $20.00 Value • Unlimited Advertising Discounts!

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We want you! 103 Roxbury Street, Keene, NH 03431 800-742-9171 affiliates@equinejournal.com • www.equinejournal.com 206 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

affiliation coupons American Friesian Association Arabian Horse Association of Maine Arabian Horse Association of Massachusetts Arabian Horse Association of New England Black Swamp Driving Club Connecticut Quarter Horse Association Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club Empire State Quarter Horse Association Flatlanders Dressage & Combined Training Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Granite State Appaloosa Association Gypsy Cob & Drum Horse Association

Gypsy Horse Association Gypsy Horse Registry of America International Friesian Show Horse Association Lippitt Morgan Breeders’ Association Maine Morgan Horse Club Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association New England Miniature Horse Society New England Paint Horse Club New England Region/Carriage Assoc. of America New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association Northeast Fjord Horse Association Northeast Friesian Horse Club

Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society Ohio Haflinger Association Purebred Morab Horse Association Quarter Pony Association Rhode Island Arabian Horse Association Silver Heels Riding Club Southern New England Horsemen’s Association Vermont Quarter Horse Association Western Reserve Carriage Association World Class Miniature Horse Registry, Inc.


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Silver Heels Riding Club www.SilverHeelsOnline.com

Name:_____________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ Phone:___________________________Email:____________________ Youth Name:______________________ DOB: ____________________ Family - $30.00 Single - (18 or over) $25.00

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Mail form and check payable to: Silver Heels Riding Club, Sheri Paplaskas, 6 Meadow Fox Lane, Chester, NH 03036 Note: to qualify for year-end points, both exhibitor and owner/leasee of equine must be a member of SHRC.

Name ______________________________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________ City_________________________________State _____ Zip__________ Email________________________ Phone ( )_______________________ Annual Dues: Family: Individual: Youth:

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Lifetime: $250 __________

NAMES List all in family: Name, DOB, ApHC# ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

See website to nominate youth, N/P, or horses for year end points. Make checks payable to GSAA, enclose all paperwork & mail to:

Julie Dolder, 796 Meredith Center Rd., Laconia, NH 03246 www.granitestateapps.com



Arabian Horse Association, Inc. of Maine

Southern New England Horsemen’s Association

New Member ______ Renewal ______ Membership Year ______

www.snehassociation.com Offering English, Western, Saddle Seat and Miniature Classes. Youth & Adult Exhibitors!

10 Shows Per Year/ Year-End Awards Thru Sixth Place For more information or to receive a membership form - return this form, call or email:

Karen Sapia, 57 Lathrop Rd., Uncasville, CT 06382 Phone: 860-608-7577 • Email: sapia_paul_karen@sbcglobal.net Name: _______________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________ City:___________________State:_____________Zip:_________ Phone:_________________________Email:_________________

Application for Membership

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Please Note: Due to IAHA rules, full members MUST submit the date when you first became a member of IAHA in order to renew your Full Membership. Date: ________________________ If you are submitting a Junior Membership, please check here ______ Name _____________________________________ Date of Birth (required) _______________ Address ______________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code_____________________________________________________________ Social Security # ________________________________ Telephone ______________________ Please send this Application for Membership, along with your check made out to AHAME, to: Laurie Emery, 222 River Road, Madison, ME 04950

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arabians Membership Application

Arabian Horse Association of MASSACHUSETTS

breed specific

ERAHC Membership

__/__/__ Date of birth ( Jr.) ____-____-______ Soc. Security# F/AHA ______________________Junior Name(s) ______________________ Horse Name(s)

Name of Applicant (please print) ____________________________________________ Additional family members (Family memberships only) ________________________________________________ Farm Name_______________________________________Website ______________ Address _____________________________________________________________ City_____________________________________State________Zip______________ Phone ________________________________ $55* Cell __________________________________ ❑ Family Membership * Email ________________________________ ❑ Individual Membership $45 ❑ Juniors (18 and under) $20* **Please circle any information you do * $5 discount if paid before January 21 NOT want us to print or list on the ERAHC website**

Make checks payable to: A.H.A.M. Mail to: 5A Farm Street, Blackstone, MA 01504 Memberships include a subscription to the Equine Journal

Make checks payable to ERAHC and send this form with payment to: Brenda Hammar, ERAHC Membership, 53 Jeremy Hill Road, Pelham, NH 03076 Phone: 603-635-3868 Email: erahc.membership@hotmail.com

www.massarabianhorse.org Name_______________________________________Date ____________________ Address _____________________________________________________________ City_____________________________________State________Zip______________ Email _____________________________Phone_____________________________ Membership Fees: __$20 Junior __$45 Jr w/AHA __$25 Individual __$75 Ind. w/AHA __$35 Family __$10 per horse Year End Awards

Arabian Horse Association of New England Name: _____________________________Phone: ____________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ City: _________________________State: _____________Zip: __________ Send form and check payable to AHANE to:

DOB: _______________SS#: _______________Email: ________________ New: ______ Renewing:______ AHA#: _______________________ Member Since: __________________

Mary Kay Newton Ash Lane Farm, P.O. Box 192 New Braintree, MA 01531 Membership has increased to reflect an increase in membership from AHA.

____ $80.00 AHA Adult with Competition Card (AHA membership, Competition Card, AHA excess personal liability insurance)

____ $75.00 AHA Senior with Competition Card (AHA membership, Competition Card, AHA excess personal liability insurance) (60 years by 12/31/09)

____ $65.00 AHA Youth with Competition Card (Under 18 years by 12/31/09)

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You may also join AHANE online via the AHA website: www.arabianhorses.org

Membership Application RIAHA Affiliate Members: expires the following year on the last day of the month in which you joined. Adult: Includes one membership in RIAHA and AHA. _____ Basic Dues $40.00 _____ Competition Card $35.00

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Any Questions: E-mail: missemma@snet.net or call (860)928-5580 Make Checks Payable to: RIAHA Mail to: Karen Richmond, 246 Freedley Rd., Pomfret Center, CT 06259-1205 208 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

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Passage Club - $12/Month See other benefit levels available at www.prehorse.org Please make checks payable and send to: The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse 4001 Juan Tabo NE, Ste. D, Alburquerque, NM 87111 Questions about membership? See www.prehorse.org or call us at (505) 294-0800 or email foundationabq2@qwestoffice.net

NEW ENGLAND PAINT HORSE CLUB EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ~ SAVE $10 if submitted before February 1st (Must be postmarked on or before February 1st) Individual: $40.00 (Deduct $10 if before February 1st) $ ________________ Youth: (18 & Under as of January 1st) $30.00 (Deduct $10 if before February 1st) $ ________________ Youth Name & Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________ Youth Name & Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________ Youth Name & Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________

Please check one: New Member: _____

Renewal: _____ Date: _______

Name: ________________________________________________________________ Street: ___________________________City/Town: ____________________________ State: _______ Zip: ____________ Phone: ___________________________________ Email:_________________________________________________________________ Please make checks payable to: NEPHC Mail to: Karen Roy, NEPHC Secretary, 31 Mayflower Road, Londonderry, NH 03053 603-437-7006 • info@nephc.com

breed specific Northeast Fjord Horse Association “Promoting and Enjoying the Norwegian Fjord Horse”


NAME: ______________________________________________________________ FARM NAME: _____________________________ PHONE: ___________________ ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP: ______________________________________________________ E-MAIL: _______________________________ # OF FJORD HORSES: ___________

P Junior Membership – $15.00 P Single Membership (1 vote) – $30.00 P Family/Farm Membership (2 votes) – $40.00 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Northeast Fjord Horse Association MAIL NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS AND DUES TO:

Rita Maccini, 152 Frank Williams Rd, Shelburne, MA 01370

breed specific QUARTER PONY ASSOCIATION Membership Application ❑ Junior (17 & Under) ..... $15 ❑ Single Lifetime ........... $100

❑ Single (Adult) .................. $25 ❑ Family/Farm Lifetime ..... $150

❑ Family/Farm .... $30

Sr. Name: _________________________ Sr. Name: _______________________________ Youth Name: ____________ DOB: ________ Youth Name:_____________ DOB: _______ Youth Name: ____________ DOB: ________ Please list additional family members on separate sheet Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________ State: ______________ Zip: ________________ Phone: _____________________ email: ___________________________________________

I hereby make application for membership/renewal in the Quarter Pony Association and agree to abide by the rules of QPA and/or the decisions of the Board of Directors.

Signature: ______________________________________ Dated: __________________

A note about points: Both the exhibitor and the owner of the pony must be QPA members for year end award points to count.

MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO QPA & MAIL TO: Quarter Pony Association P.O. Box 297 Leon, KS 67074


Ohio Haflinger Association

Name _____________________________ AHA # (If applicable) _____________

Membership Application

Address ____________________________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ City: ____________________________State: _____ Zip: _____________ Email Address: _______________________________________________ Would you prefer your newsletter emailed to you? P Farm Name: _________________________________________________ How did you learn about the OHA (person/website/event) __________________________________________________________ I/We own _____ (number) Haflingers (ownership is not required) My/Our main interest in Haflingers is: _______________________________ Please fill out the form above and send with $25 yearly dues to: Ohio Haflinger Association, Judy Winkler, 9622 Eby Road, Sterling, Ohio 44276 330-464-2254 • jwink921@yahoo.com • www.ohiohaflinger.com

City _______________________________ State ________ Zip _______________ Phone number _______________________ Email __________________________ ❑ New Member ❑ Renewal Member Membership runs from January 1st of any given year to December 31st of the same year. Membership and Horse registration must be current for any competitions and/or recreational riding hours to be considered for all programs.

❑ Full OAATS & AHA Member - Adult ($80) ❑ Full OAATS & AHA Member - Youth ($65) ❑ Associate OAATS Member - Adult ($30) ❑ Associate OAATS Family - Adults ($50) ❑ Associate OAATS Membership - Youth ($25)

CURRENT AND/OR NEW HORSE REGISTRATION FEES New Horse Recording $15 Renewal Horse Recording $10 One-Time Recreational Riding Enrollment Fee $25

Horse Name ________________________ Breed _____ Age ____ Sex ______ Barn Name ______________________ Check One: ❑ New $15 ❑ Renewal $10 ❑ Rec Riding $25 Please make all checks payable to OAATS and send to:

OAATS, Inc., PO Box 231, Rising Sun, OH 43457 Please check the website for forms, schedules, program rules, news, and updates throughout the year!


dressage Membership Application


First Name: ______________________ Last Name: ______________________

Dressage & Combined Training Association

Address: _________________________ _________________________________ City:_____________________________

Join Us!

State: _________ Zip: ______________ HomePhone :______________________ Email: ___________________________ Member Type: (__) Individual $30 (__) Family

$45 (__) Corporate

(__) Club

$50 (__) Youth under 18 $15


Renewal #: ____________________

Reg. Prefix: ______________________ Farm Name:______________________ Club N ame: ______________________ Corp N ame: ______________________ Website URL: ____________________ Under 18-Age: ___________________

Please make check payable to: PMHA Mail to: Donna Lassanske, P.O. Box 203, Hodgenville, KY 42748

Contact: Pat Boutwell 18380 TR 51 Bluffton, OH 45817

Phone: 419-231-4688

Annual Membership fee: $36 Family membership fee: $36 + $10 additional fee per family member Visit our website or contact Pat Boutwell to receive a complete membership form.


Membership Year Runs January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2011

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 209


english disciplines New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association

Membership Application Name________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________ E-mail Address _______________________________________________ City____________________________State______ZIP_______________ Phone _______________________________________________________ Type of horse driven____________________________________________ Type of vehicles driven__________________________________________ Membership ( ) $25.00 Names of family members_______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Make check payable to: Black Swamp Driving Club Send completed application to: Jacqueline Minges, Treasurer BSDC, 9048 Summerfield Rd, Temperance, MI 48182 Phone: 734-856-6122 Email: JMinges@hotmail.com

P Individual $30.00 per year - Please circle one: Adult



P Individual Life $160.00/yr - Please circle one:




P Family (2 Riders) $40.00/yr - Riders’ DOBs: _________________________________ P Grand Family (3+ riders) $50.00/yr - Riders’ DOBs: _____________________________ Name(s) ______________________________________________________________ Street ___________________________City/Town _____________________________ State _______ Zip ____________ Phone ____________________________________ Email _________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth of Individual Member___________________________________________ Please make checks payable to: NHHJA Mail form & payment to: NHHJA c/o Barb Keating • 46 Indian Falls Rd. • New Boston, NH 03070

friesians THE NEW ENGLAND REGION/ CARRIAGE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA NER/CAA Annual Dues: $20.00/Family or Individual Name: __________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ City: ______________________State:_________________Zip: ____________ Telephone: (____) _______________ Email:____________________________ Please make checks payable to NER/CAA and send to: Alan Retter, 35 Flagg Rd., Hollis, NH 03049 Phone: 603-465-2720 • Email: alretter@dsadetection.com

American Friesian Association Please print clearly. Send this completed form and fees to:

American Friesian Association, Route 2, Box 60, Nahunta, GA 31553 • (912) 462-6330 Farm/Company:_______________________________________________________________ Your Name:__________________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________ City/State: ______________Zip:___________ Phone: _________________________________ Fax:_________________________________ Email:_________________________________Website:_______________________________ Memberships run from January 1st through December 31st • Fee Schedule: All fees are given in US Dollars { } Individual: $40 All households must have an individual or family membership. { } Family: $65

Family memberships available for 2 or more members in a given household (must have same physical address). Please list first and last names of ALL members.

{ } Youth: $15

Youth membership requires one individual membership from an adult residing at the same physical address. To qualify for youth membership individuals must be under the age of 18 on January 1 of the calendar year in which membership is applied for.

{ } Lifetime: $250 Individual membership only. TOTAL FEES ENCLOSED $____________

www.americanfriesianassociation.com • info@americanfriesianassociation.com

Western Reserve Carriage Association Membership Form


International Friesian Show Horse Association PO Box 2839, Lompoc, CA 93438 Voice: (805) 448-3027 • Fax: (805) 448-3027 thepark@hwy246.net • www.friesianshowhorse.org

(For name badges, if different than above)

Membership Application Name(s): ___________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Phone:_____________ Alternate Phone: ___________ Mobile Phone: ____________


Email: __________________ IFSHA Membership Number (if renewing):____________

City, State, Zip:__________________________________________________________

USEF Membership No. _________ USDF Membership No. _______ Birth Date (Required for Juniors): ______

Please print clearly: Name(s):_____________________________________________________________ (As they will appear in the membership directory)


Phone:________________________________ Cell or 2nd Phone:__________________ Email (Please print):_____________________________________________________ Please send Membership Application, $25 membership fee (payable to Western Reserve Carriage Association) and our signed Liability Disclaimer that you can print from our website to: Dave Antes, 3919 Wyoga Lake Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224-4949 drales@ix.netcom.com • phone: 330-928-6001 • fax: 330-928-1290

210 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Membership Type: ❏ Junior (under 18) ❏ Adult Professional* ❏ Adult Amateur** *Professional - compensated for training and/or competition **Amateur - not compensated for any training and/or competition Membership Term - December 1 through November 30: ❏ Junior Annual $30.00 ❏ Adult Annual $45.00 ❏ Adult Lifetime $1000.00 See website for horse membership application and Equine Identity Record form.


Northeast Friesian Horse Club Membership Form www.NEFHC.com The Northeast Friesian Horse Horse Club invites you to join our club formed because of our mutual admiration of the Friesian Horse. We are an official chapter of The Friesian Horse Association of North American (FHANA) & are organized under their rules & regulations. Name: ________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ Telephone: ____________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________ Family/Farm Membership: $55.00 • Individual Membership: $45.00 Associate Membership: $35 Please make your checks payable to NEFHC & mail to: Cathy Zine, 115 Waterford Drive, Hanover, MA 02339, 781-829-2086

Thank you!

gypsies The Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association, Inc. Preserving, Protecting & Promoting the Traditional Gypsy Cob Name: ______________________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________________ State:_______ Zip:____________ Phone: (

)___________________ E-Mail:_________________________________

Type of Membership: ___________________________________________________

Voting: Single: $75 Family (2 Votes): $125 Lifetime Voting: Single: $500 Family: $750 No Vote: Associate Adult: $40 Associate Family: $60 Junior (Under 18): $30

Mail to: GCDHA • 1812 E. 100 N. • Danville, IN 46122

317-745-6746 E-mail: gypsycobs@aol.com • Website: www.GCDHA.com

Gypsy Horse Association Membership Application

Name:______________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ City:_____________________________State:_________Zip: __________ Email: ______________________________________________________ Telephone: __________________________________________________ Farm Name: _________________________________________________ Website: ____________________________________________________ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

General Membership - One Vote, Subscription to Equine Journal, $75.00 Associate Membership - No Vote, Subscription to Equine Journal, $50.00 Youth Membership - No Vote, $20.00 Founding Lifetime Membership available through Sept. 30, 2008, $525.00

www.gypsyhorseassociation.org Please see website for mailing information

gypsies Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. Membership Application Please complete form and mail with appropriate fee to address below. Please make checks payable to GHRA.

Name:______________________________________________________________________ Farm Name:__________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________Phone:____________________ City/State: __________________________________________Zip:______________________ Spouse’s Name: _______________________________________________________________ Fax:_____________________________ Email: ______________________________________ Website:____________________________________________________________________ Full name of youth member and birth date, if applicable: ____________________________________

Membership Required (Circle One)

Renewal? Yes / No

Lifetime $500 Regular (Annual voting) $40 Associate (Annual Non-Voting) $35 Foreign (check this box for voting membership ❒ ) $50 Youth (One time only, under 18 years old) $10 Would you like to be included in a published Breeder’s List? Yes / No

Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. • 1611 Old Reno Road • Springtown, Texas 76082 Tel/Fax: 817-677-4272 • ghra@flash.net • www.gypsyhorseregistryofamerica.org A tax-exempt, not-for-profit, educational organization, IRS-501(c)(3)


President: Clinton Jury, cajury01@gmail.com Vice President: Victoria Chalut, classact143@yahoo.com Secretary: Dawn Schabacker, sunrises@charter.net Treasurer: Laurie Slobody, laurieslobody333@aol.com


NAME ________ PHONE____________________ FARM NAME ____ MAILING ADDRESS _____ EMAIL ADDRESS _ CITY __________ STATE ZIP____________ JR’S NAME ___________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH _____ JR’S NAME ___________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH ____ MAIL TO: LAURIE SLOBODY, 55 CUTLER RD., WEST BROOKFIELD, MA 01585 EJ

WORLD CLASS MINIATURE HORSE REGISTRY, INC. 12009 Stewartsville Rd., Vinton, VA US 24179

Tel./Fax: (540) 890-0856 www.wcmhr.com Divisions: A-34” & under B over 34”-38” Types of Registration: Open, Qualified & Hardship MEMBERSHIP FEE - US Funds Only $32 US $47 Canada $67 Foreign Countries

Name: ___________________________________________________________ Farm Name: ______________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________________________________ State: ___________________________________________________________ Zip: _____________________________________________________________ Spouse/Partner if included ___________________________________________

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 211


quarter horses Empire State Quarter Horse Association Membership Application

Lippitt Morgan Breeders’ Association

Name: ______________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________

Please fill in all applicable information:

City, State, Zip: _______________________________________

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: _________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________ City:_______________________________ State: _____________ Zip:_____________

Cell Phone: __________________________________________

Email:______________________________Website: ____________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________

Farm Name:Registered Farm Prefix:_________________________________________ Registered Lippitt Morgan:AMHA #:______________________Foaled: ______________

Membership Options: Voting Membership $30.00 (Registered Lippitt Morgan Owner) Farm Voting Membership $45.00 (2 Votes; Breeder for 4 years or more) Associate/Non-voting Membership $30.00 Mail to: Anne Millett, 25 Knollwood Dr., E. Longmeadow, MA 01028 FOR MORE INFORMATION, BY-LAWS, EVENTS, ADVERTISING, ETC., VISIT:

P One Year Membership (Individual or Family) $35 P Three Year Membership (Individual or Family) $95 P Life Membership (Individual or Family) $250

New for Amateur Select Exhibitors: You must declare how you want your ESQHA points to be tracked for the 2012 season: P Amateur Classes P Amateur Select Classes Make check payable to ESQHA Mail to: Maureen Miller, 1241 Powerhouse Road, Memphis, NY 13112-8779

Dues for January to December: $25 - Family (includes all children 18 & under) $20 - Individual (18 and over) $15 - Junior (under 18 years old) $400 - Life Member Special Memberships: To show your dedication to the Maine Morgan horse and support the activities of the MMHC. These special memberships are published in each newsletter throughout the paid calendar year and on the www.memorgan.com website. Below are the levels available and include a full family membership. Bulrush - $60 Sherman - $45 Woodbury - $35

Mail this form to: Karen Marlin, 10 Sea Grass Farm, Brunswick, ME 04011 Name:_______________________________________________________________ Spouse:______________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________ County:_____________________________________Telephone:__________________ Email Address:__________________________________________________________ Other Family Members (please list date of birth for children under 18 years of age): ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ www.memorgan.com


Membership Form



Maine Morgan Horse Club, Inc.

Family includes children under 19


___ Individual $25 ___ Mr. & Mrs. $35 ___ Youth $10 (Aged 18 an under. Must be accompanied by an individual or Mr./Mrs. Membership of a parent or guardian.) Name (Adult Member (s)):__________________________________

___ Family Street: ______________________________________________


(Voting privileges for each Adult member;

City: ________________________ State: ___ Zip Code: ________ this membership for families with 3 more Youth, 18 and under, who are joining.) e-mail address:_________________________________________ (for MassQHA use only; will not be shared)

phone number (____) _____-_______ Check here if you want to receive MassQHA Newsletter electronically: ❑ YES or ❑ NO (Newsletter will not be mailed to you.) Youth Name: _________________________ Birth Date: ______ Youth Name: _________________________ Birth Date: ______ Youth Name: _________________________ Birth Date: ______ USE ADDITIONAL PAPER IF NECESSARY.

For more information contact:

Nancy Moos: 781-536-4119 or nmoos@yahoo.com

Make checks payable to: MassQHA MAIL THIS FORM AND PAYMENT TO: Nancy Moos, 1245 Ferry St., Marshfield, MA 02050-1802

___ Life (per adult) $200 ___ Riding $25 Program

(This is a one time fee, however, if membership lapses in MassQHA this fee must be paid again to resume the Riding Program.)

___ Associate $20 (No voting privileges; does not qualify as accompanying membership for youth. For other limitations contact membership coordinator.)

quarter horses ( (

Membership Form

) Renewal Membership ) NEW Membership

Type of Membership Name:_____________________________AQHA # _____ Occupation: ___________________________________ Spouse: ____________________________AQHA # _____ Occupation: ___________________________________ Youth: _______________ D.O.B. ______ AQHA # _______ Youth: _______________ D.O.B. ______ AQHA # _______

[ ] Adult


Individuals, 19 & over, as of January 1st, 2011.

[ ] Joint


Name:_________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________


Two (2) adults & youths in the same household.

Tel #: ________________________________Cell #: __________________________

[ ] Youth*

Email: ________________________________________________________________


City: ____________________State: ___ Zip Code:_______

[ ] Lifetime



212 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

❏ Family $30.00 ❏ Single $20.00 ❏ Youth $10.00 ❏ Lifetime Membership $200.00

[ ] Family

Address: _____________________________________

Trainer/Barn: __________________________________

www.vtqha.com Membership Application

Two (2) adults in the same household.

Individuals 18 & under, as of January 1st, 2011. *Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian membership.

Telephone: _______________ E-Mail: ________________

Vermont Quarter Horse Association Inc.


Individuals, 19 & over, as of January 1st, 2011.

[ ] Joint Lifetime


Two (2) adults in the same household.

CQHA points accumulation will commence with receipt of membership application and dues.

Youth Name: ________________________________________ D.O.B. ___/___/___ (18 and under) Youth Name: _______________________________________ D.O.B. ___/___/___

Membership includes one year subscription to Equine Journal. Please make checks payable to VQHA and mail to : Lucille Evarts, 3796 Green St, Vergennes, VT 05491 802-233-0567 • evartsl@yahoo.com


Dateline March - April 2012

Camps Mid-Atlantic/Midwest March 31 Carriage Driving Clinic with Sterling Graburn, www.ohiocde.com. 330-697-8325. rburrows@ohiocde.com. Sullivan. OH.

Clinics, Seminars, Symposiums Northeast March 03 Spring Equine Seminar, www.cummingtonmustangs.webs.com. 413-628-0152. Cummingtonmustangs@msn.com . Florence. MA. 10 Equine Spring Fling, 845-361-5026. info@ orangecountryhc.com. Campbell Hall. NY. 11 How to be a Dressage Show Volunteer Workshop, www.facebook.com/newenglanddressageassociation. Debbie Carr-Kirk. 508-5393534. membership@neda.org. Rehoboth. MA. 23-24 The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Regional Conference, www.cha-ashe. org. Jo-Anne Young. 585-567-8142. Houghton. NY. 24 How to be a Dressage Show Volunteer Workshop, www.facebook.com/newenglanddressageassociation. Debbie Carr-Kirk. 508-5393534. membership@neda.org. Durham. NH. 25 How to be a Dressage Show Volunteer Workshop, www.facebook.com/newenglanddressageassociation. Debbie Carr-Kirk. 508-5393534. membership@neda.org. Morris. CT.

April 01 Cowboy Mounted Shooting Clinic, www. masixshooters.com. Dina Baratta. redlila@comcast.net. Dunstable. MA. 14 How to be a Dressage Show Volunteer Workshop, www.facebook.com/newenglanddressageassociation. Debbie Carr-Kirk. 508-5393534. membership@neda.org. New Gloucester. ME. 14 How to be a Dressage Show Volunteer Workshop, www.facebook.com/newenglanddressageassociation. Debbie Carr-Kirk. 508-5393534. membership@neda.org. Woodstock. VT.

14 How to be a Dressage Show Volunteer Workshop, www.facebook.com/newenglanddressageassociation. Debbie Carr-Kirk. 508-5393534. membership@neda.org. Ballston Spa. NY. 22 How to be a Dressage Show Volunteer Workshop, www.facebook.com/newenglanddressageassociation. Debbie Carr-Kirk. 508-5393534. membership@neda.org. Hadley. MA. 27-29 NEDA Spring Symposium, www.neda.org. Linda Mendenhall. 978-448-0066. springsym@ neda.org. Millis. MA.

22 TOBA Ownership Seminar, www.toba.org. 859-276-2291. abunt@toba.org. Hallandale Beach. FL. 25 TOBA Pedigree and Conformation Clinic, www.toba.org. 859-276-2291. abunt@toba.org. Hallandale Beach. FL.

April 14-15 Ride Well Trail Training, www.lynnpalm. com. Palm Partnership Training. 352 629-3310. generalinfo@lynnpalm.com. Ocala. FL.

Other Locations March 09-11 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, www.coloradohorsecouncil.com. Bill Scebbi. 303-292-4981. bill@coloradohorsecouncil.com. Denver. CO. 17-22 Photopuncture Certification Course, www.photopuncture.com. Kay Aubrey-Chimene. 520-631-4206. kay@grandadventuresranch.com. Sonoita. AZ. 23-25 Stoecklein Photography Workshops, www.drsphoto.net. 208-726-5191 . tess@drsphoto.net. Mackay. ID. 31-04/01 Steve Kutie No Gimmicks Clinic, www.stevekutie.com. 940-841-0885. Nacogdoches. TX.

Dressage & Eventing Mid-Atlantic/Midwest March 03 Open Dressage Schooling Show, www. horseparkofnewjersey.com. 609-259-0170. horseparkofnj@aol.com. Allentown. NJ. 17 Open Dressage Schooling Show, www. horseparkofnewjersey.com. 609-259-0170. horseparkofnj@aol.com. Allentown. NJ.

April April 12-15 The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Regional Conference, www.cha-ashe. org. Tara Reimer. 204-392-6308. tara@cloud9ranch.ca . Brandon. Canada. 13-15 Stoecklein Photography Workshops, www.drsphoto.net. 208-726-5191 . tess@drsphoto.net. Weatherford. TX. 20-22 Stoecklein Photography Workshops, www.drsphoto.net. 208-726-5191 . tess@drsphoto.net. Elk Creek. CA. 24- 05/05 Clinton Anderson Clinic, www.downunderhorsemanship.com. Stephenville. TX.

Southeast March 03-04 Richard Winters Advancing Horsemanship Clinic, www.wintersranch. com. 423-280-3716. caylorstables@msn.com. Cleveland. TN. 14-17 Ride Well Trail Training, www.lynnpalm. com. Palm Partnership Training. 352 629-3310. generalinfo@lynnpalm.com. Ocala. FL.

07 Open Dressage Schooling Show, www. horseparkofnewjersey.com. 609-259-0170. horseparkofnj@aol.com. Allentown. NJ. 29 Open Dressage Schooling Show, www. horseparkofnewjersey.com. 609-259-0170. horseparkofnj@aol.com. Allentown. NJ.

Northeast April 12 Mystic Valley Hunt Club Dressage Show, www.MysticValleyHuntClub.com. 860-464-7934. Gales Ferry. CT. 21 Mystic Valley Hunt Club Dressage Show, www.MysticValleyHuntClub.com. 860-464-7934. Gales Ferry. CT. 28 Cross Country Schooling Say, www.gmhainc. org. 802-457-1509. South Woodstock. VT. 29 Wentworth Hunt Dressage Schooling Show, www.wentworthhunt.org. Sarah Isherwood. 603-489-8037. sarah.isherwood@lubrizol.com. Durham. NH.

equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 213

Southeast March 10-11 Poplar Place Dressage Show, www. PoplarPlaceFarm.com. 706-582-9999. donna@ poplarplacefarm.com. Hamilton. GA. 23-25 Poplar Place Horse Trial, www. PoplarPlaceFarm.com. 706-582-9999. donna@ poplarplacefarm.com. Hamilton. GA.

April 21-22 Poplar Place Dressage Show, www. PoplarPlaceFarm.com. 706-582-9999. donna@ poplarplacefarm.com. Hamilton. GA.

Driving Mid-Atlantic/Midwest March 17 Arena Driving Trial, www.ohiocde.com. 330697-8325. rburrows@ohiocde.com. Sullivan. OH.

10 DHS Winter Fun Show, Jackie Gilbert. 603-9941900. dhsequine@gmail.com. Rochester. NH. 10 Old Salem Farm Show, www.oldsalemfarm. net. 914-669-5610. North Salem. NY. 10 Saddle Rowe Farm , www.saddlerowe.com. 508-533-7108. Medway. MA. 17 Sandy Point Stable Winter Series, www.sandypointstables.com. 401-849-3958. Portsmouth. RI. 17 Old Salem Farm Show, www.oldsalemfarm. net. 914-669-5610. North Salem. NY. 22-25 Old Salem Farm Show, www.oldsalemfarm.net. 914-669-5610. North Salem. NY. 24 Cape Cod Hunter Horse Show, www. CapeCodHunter.com. Nancy Venezia. 508-4282621. Medway. MA. 25 Sandy Point Stable Winter Series, www.sandypointstables.com. 401-849-3958. Portsmouth. RI. 31 Cape Cod Hunter Horse Show, www. CapeCodHunter.com. Nancy Venezia. 508-4282621. Medway. MA.


Northeast April 24 Wheel Runners, www.gmhainc.org. 802-4571509. South Woodstock. VT. 28 15-Mile Ride and Drive, www.gmhainc.org. 802-457-1509. South Woodstock. VT.

Horse Shows Mid-Atlantic/Midwest March 18 Jack Frost Jubilee Fun Show Series, www. CrescendoTrainingCentre.com. Kriss Phelps. 717354-5585. krissphelps@frontiernet.net. Ephrata. PA. 24-25 Black-Eyed Susan Horse Show Series, www.besthorseshows.com. 410-867-7923. jamie@besthorseshows.com. Upper Marlboro. MD.

April 18-22 Commonwealth National, www.hitsshows.com. 845-246-8833. info@HitsShows.com. Culpeper. VA. 21-22 Black-Eyed Susan Horse Show Series, www.besthorseshows.com. 410-867-7923. jamie@besthorseshows.com. Upper Marlboro. MD.

Northeast March 02-04 Old Salem Farm Show, www.oldsalemfarm.net. 914-669-5610. North Salem. NY. 04 Winter Show Series, www.hillside-meadows. com. Erin Cloherty. 508-248-7599. ecloherty@ charter.net. Grafton. MA.

214 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

07 Mystic Valley Hunt Club Horse Show, www. MysticValleyHuntClub.com. 860-464-7934. Gales Ferry. CT. 07-08 Old Salem Farm Show, www.oldsalemfarm.net. 914-669-5610. North Salem. NY. 08 Horse Power Show Series, www.wildairefarm. com. Nancy DiGregorio. 508-764-7725 . wildaire@ charter.net . Southbridge. MA. 12 Mystic Valley Hunt Club , www. MysticValleyHuntClub.com. 860-464-7934. Gales Ferry. CT. 14 Sandy Point Stables Horse Show, www.sandypointstables.com. 401-849-3958. Portsmouth. RI. 14 End of Hunt Equestrian Center Horse Show, www.endofhunt.com. 860-668-9990. Suffield. CT. 14 Saddle Rowe Farm , www.saddlerowe.com. 508-533-7108. Medway. MA. 21 Cape Cod Hunter Horse Show, www. CapeCodHunter.com. Nancy Venezia. 508-4282621. Raynham. MA. 28 SEHA Horse Show, www.southeasthunter. com. Jaqui Gazzara. 508-274-5406. jgazz17468@ aol.com. Raynham. MA. 29 Spring Fling: Jumping Derby and Fun Show, sites.google.com/site/ayermountainfarm/home.. Sarah Bell. 860-642-7205. AyerMtFarm@gmail. com. North Franklin. CT.

Other Locations March 06-11 HITS DC VI, www.hitsshows.com. 845-2468833. info@HitsShows.com. Thermal. CA. 07-11 Arizona Desert Finals, www.hitsshows. com. 845-246-8833. info@HitsShows.com. Tucson. AZ.

Southeast March 03 Poplar Place Schooling Show, www. PoplarPlaceFarm.com. 706-582-9999. donna@ poplarplacefarm.com. Hamilton. GA. 06-11 Ocala Winter Finals, www.hitsshows.com. 845-246-8833. info@HitsShows.com. Ocala. FL. 13-18 Ocala Celebration, www.hitsshows.com. 845-246-8833. info@HitsShows.com. Ocala. FL. 24 Johnston County Horse Show Series, www.ipass.net/blaine_mclaughlin. Michele McLaughlin. 919-934-1344. sileeno@ipass.net. Four Oaks. NC. 28- 04/01 Tampa Bay Classic CSI-W, www.stadiumjumping.com. 941-744-5465. Tampa. FL. 31 Poplar Place Schooling Show, www. PoplarPlaceFarm.com. 706-582-9999. donna@ poplarplacefarm.com. Hamilton. GA.

April 03-05 Camden Spring Classic, www.psjshows. com. 803-649-3505. psjshows@aol.com. Aiken. SC. 03-07 The Tournament of Champions, www.stadiumjumping.com. 941-744-5465. Tampa. FL. 18-29 Aiken Spring Classic, www.psjshows.com. 803-649-3505. psjshows@aol.com. Aiken. SC. 21 Johnston County Horse Show Series, www.ipass.net/blaine_mclaughlin. Michele McLaughlin. 919-934-1344. sileeno@ipass.net. Four Oaks. NC. 28 Poplar Place Schooling Show, www. PoplarPlaceFarm.com. 706-582-9999. donna@ poplarplacefarm.com. Hamilton. GA.

Miscellaneous Mid-Atlantic/Midwest March 30-31 Buckeye Morgan Sale, Nancy Rebman. 419-289-0835. Ashland. OH.

April 12-15 Equine Affaire , www.equineaffaire.com. 740-845-0085. amcclure@equineaffaire.com. London. OH.

Northeast March 11 RIAHA’S Banquet of Champions, Lu Guilbault . 401-568-8238 . Lugilbo@ cox.net. North Smithfield. RI. 18 BCHA Tack and Equipment Sale, Wendy Wolfe Cardarelli . 508-252-5737. Dighton. MA. 21 Hampshire County Riding Club Meeting, Lise Krieger. lisekrieger@comcast.net. Williamsburg. MA. 25 JP North Tack Auction , azraelacres@gmail. com. Uxbrigde. MA.

Jennifer H. Brooks, PT

Sarah K. P. Graboys, VMD

Leah E. Limone, DVM

Barbara Hill & Lael Cook

Bryan G. Parrott, DVM

Clinic Schedule:

Clinic Location: The Community House of Hamilton and Wenham 284 Bay Rd, S Hamilton, MA 01982

MORNING LECTURES - 9:00 AM: Welcome & Introductions - 9:00 AM: Equine Sportsmassage - 9:45 AM: Dentistry - 10:30 AM: Acupuncture - 11:15 AM: Equine Physical Therapy AFTERNOON DEMONSTRATIONS - 1:00 PM: Acupuncture - 1:45 PM: Physical Therapy - 2:30 PM: Equine Sportsmassage - 3:15 PM: Dentistry - 4:00 PM: Q & A and Wrap-up

Clinic Dates: Saturday May 12th 2012; 9-12 for AM, 1-4 for PM, Lunch included Registration and Clinic Costs: Pre-register = $30 or at the door = $35 Make checks payable to “Parrott Equine Associates” Mail to: C/O Lael Cook, PO Box 2001, S Hamilton, MA 01982 $5 discount for college students or those under 18 years old

Parrott Equine Wellness Symposium, May 12, 2012


Sport Horse

Topinka Nunn r D essage



unn, is heav d’s acing. Davi es find new of itate some s ation he found owners. ed personaliz larger een at the horse know their g a Bein aily care. provide ssage to inforg. For more 16or call 908-2


inner to From Beg evels Upper L



: • Clinics g at shows • Coachin ng horses rd • Full Boa f Training • Start you ing or selling Hal • Full or • Help buy Indoor se • Large your hor r ring • Outdoo • Shipping trails of s or horse • Mile on your • Lessons se s in school hor


Vol. 24 No. 5

a n esys his ide ave enjoy tter m, I lented r both teaching y both nstructor g horses d has taken During the da h to Flori ts, while ontinue the

ing Never Stop Learn

edubelieve that essage, we nt element to orta Nunn Dr , but At Topinka farm the most impfor our students by to continu not only cation is nts. our goals, dedicated achieving es as well. We are benefit of our clie for ourselv education for the ing our own

ines ving bus has a thri ng horses Jamie now has taken you has NJ. She level, and Millstone, Prix St. Georges rmediate 1. up to the riders up to Inte who ng py clients taken you amnyu hap their horses. has She also fun with t to have wan just 63


one, NJ

in Millst


| 908-216

Sport Horse

al ' 75

ine Journ

2011 ' Equ






mieto ww.ja





Topinka Nunn Dressage

Understanding Osteoarthritis Ready, Set, Get Fit!

Coming in July Ad deadline: June 1, 2012

Millstone, NJ

and was chofor Jr/YR Intermediate 1 the Dressage sen as the first alternate for bigger isn’t Olympic Dream s the popular saying states, Foundation’s Young Rider Dressage from always better. Topinka Nunn Program 2011. Melissa graduated with a with a 2011 holds true to this philosophy Rutgers University in January allows for close oneconcentrating in small, intimate stable that degree in animal science, the trainers and stuon-one interaction between science. trainer, equine head and Nunn dresdents and their horses. Founder her assistant The main goal at Topinka by his Jaime Topinka Nunn, is joined sure that everyone enjoys make to is sage quality giving horses “I have a wide trainer, Melissa Reese, in or her horse. Jaime tells us, training. Jaime with me. I have care and top-notch dressage variety of people who ride be able to start young compete but enjoy has the unique ability to adults who never want to train and compete a better horses correctly as well as coming to the barn and becoming of dressage. the spectrum, I through the highest levels rider. On the other end of Span, Lynn with rode talented Jaime and child As a also have some very dedicated in Pony Club. Jaime me to better both where she became involved competitors who rely on her focus to I enjoy teaching was rated to C-3 before changing themselves and their horses. Park, VA, in that they both dressage. Jaime went to Morvan both types of riders and feel Tad Coffin and Raul as an instructor the summers to ride with have something to offer me lecture each young horses de Leon, attending an hour-long and trainer.” Jaime has taken dressage and eventlevel and has taken day on different aspects of up to the Prix St. Georges integrate the two as a I. During the Intermediate ing, and finding ways to to up young riders became a working south to Florida form of cross training. Jaime winter months, Jaime heads a. Working for Hoff-Carmon Gail clients, while for and student to compete with horses experience with to continue the Gail for two years, she gained Melissa stays in New Jersey trainin-hand included which young horses, training those who stay home. training, as well as is heaving, backing, and dressage Jaime’s husband, David Nunn, experishow first their racing. David’s giving these youngsters ily involved in Thoroughbred experience when she find new ence. Jaime built on this passion is helping ex-racehorses some of Barisone, where moved on to work for Michael careers. Jaime helps to rehabilitate level horses the foundations she trained and showed upper these horses, teaching them been training with owners. to Intermediate I. She has of dressage as they find new the way she has ridthat personalized a horse offers Michael since 2002. Along young Nunn talented Topinka Jaime and Eden Roc, a Chterba, Tom Dvorak, seen at the larger is now competing at den with Bo Jenna, Alex experience that is not often Jaime started in dressage and Gray. to know their horse Lars Petersen and Lendon Intermediate I. barns. Owners really get with Jaime care. Being a Melissa Reese has been riding the people who provide daily her through the ranks as well as the trainers and to provide since 2005. Jaime brought program. While Topinka Nunn Dressage an assistant trainer to her small barn has certainly allowed For more inforBronze and has now added her as is warm and welcoming. Melissa has earned her USDF family-like atmosphere that call 908-216with Topinka Nunn Dressage, Young Rider inkanunndressage.com, or she competed in the FEI mation, visit www.jaimetop and Silver Medals. In 2010 Region 1 USDF the for qualified and 5263. classes at Dressage at Devon End Champion the 2010 ESDCTA Year Young Rider Team. She was



Photo: Carole McDonald

Getting to Know You from 2011 edition

EQUINE Brookline, NH www.majesticgaits.com Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) ridden by Makenzi Wendel

Call Now To Advertise 800-742-9171 equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 215

31 Woodville Trailbusters Tack Sale, www. woodvilletrailbuster.org. 508-435-4129. slukey07@yahoo.com. Hopkington. MA. 31 Used Tack Sale , azraelacres@gmail.com. Sutton. MA.

extrememustangmakeover.com . Jennifer K. Hancock . 512-869-3225. jennifer@mustangheritagefoundation.org . Fort Worth . TX.

April 20-22 Extreme Mustang Makeover , www. extrememustangmakeover.com . Jennifer K. Hancock . 512-869-3225. jennifer@mustangheritagefoundation.org . Madison. WI.

April 14 UNH Therapeutic Riding Programs - Spring Fling, www.trp.unh.edu. Cindy Burke. cindy. burke@unh.edu. Durham. NH. 18 Hampshire County Riding Club Meeting, Lise Krieger. lisekrieger@comcast.net. Williamsburg. MA. 21 Woodville Trailbusters Third Annual Egg Hunt and Petting Zoo, www.woodvilletrailbuster.org. 508-435-4129. slukey07@yahoo.com. Hopkington. MA. 28 Equine Expo and Paraphernalia Sale, www. ectaonline.com. Kay Joseph. 978-768-6275. kljoreo@aol.com. Topsfield. MA. 28 Hampshire County Riding Club Clean-up, Wendy Mimitz. 413-624-0020. Goshen. MA. 29 NH Arabian Horse Assn. Spring Beach Ride, Laura Susmann. 603-876-4446. Laura@Susmann. com. Hampton. NH.

Northeast April 28 15-Mile Ride and Drive, www.gmhainc.org. 802-457-1509. South Woodstock. VT. 29 15-Mile Conditioning Race, www.gmhainc. org. 802-457-1509. South Woodstock. VT.

Western Events

Southeast March 18 The 2011 Aiken Trained Horse Ceremony , 803-642-7631. Aiken. SC. 23 46th Running of the Spring Steeple Chase, 803-648-9641. Aiken. SC.

Trail Rides Mid-Atlantic/Midwest

Northeast April 28 Cowboy Mounted Shooting, www.masixshooters.com. Dina Baratta. redlila@comcast.net. Dunstable. MA. 29 Oak Rise Farm Gymkhana, www.oakrisefarm. com. 603-656-9730. oakrisefarm@comcast.net. Goffstown. NH. 29 Cowboy Mounted Shooting, www.masixshooters.com. Dina Baratta. redlila@comcast.net. Dunstable. MA.

April 28 St. Jude’s Benefit Ride, www.wix.com/sedistrict/home. Joy Evans. 302-540-3422. woodlynfarm@aol.com. Unionville. PA. 29 Cheshire CTR & Region 15 Championship CTR, www.cheshirectr.weebly.com . Joy Evans. 302-540-3422. woodlynfarm@aol.com. Unionville. PA.

Other Locations March 31 Supreme Extreme Mustang Adoption, www.


200O FF


Physical Therapy approach for Stifle Dysfunction and Rehabilitation Sunday April 22nd, 2012

Designed to reduce the amount of hay or pasture needed in the diet - an important benefit for horses susceptible to respiratory problems related to hay.

Other benefits include: Clinic Schedule:

• Complete, balanced nutrition for reliable performance • Optimum nutritional values • Highly digestible nutrients

No limit on quantity. Expires 3/31/12 (must bring this ad into any Achille Agway for redemption. Not valid with any other discount or sale.)


9:30 AM - Stifle Lecture Lunch - provided 1:00 PM - Treatment instruction and demonstration

Cost: $40.00 Clinic

“The stifle is the largest, most complex joint in the horse, and can be problematically the weakest. The physical therapy approach to stifle dysfunction and hind limb weakness involves client education, increase in activity level of the horse, a stretching program, followed by a specific ascending therapeutic strengthening exercise progression.” Ta k e n f r o m J e n n i f e r B r o o k s ’ A A E P Proceedings - San Antonio, TX - Nov, 2011

Location: Brookline, NH

Call or e-mail to register today! sboro, NH -464-3755

Hillsboro, NH 603-464-3755 Milford, NH 603-673-1669 Keene, NH 603-357-5720

Keene, 603-357-

Peterborough, NH 603-924-6801 Walpole, NH 603-756-9400 Brattleboro, VT 802-254-8755

216 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

Jennifer Brooks, PT, MEd, CERP Licensed Physical Therapist Certi ed Equine Rehab Practitioner 603 566 6561


Come celebrate

The AHCC’s 40th ALL ARABIAN HORSE SHOW The alternative to the Buckeye For 2012, we have added even more Sport Horse under saddle and in-hand classes, Sport Horse TBA classes and more TBA slots!

We welcome

our new Sport Horse/Dressage manager: Shannon Pedlar, of Leesburg, VA and our new secretary, Beth Barnes, of Southington, CT Coliseum Judge: Carol Stohlmann, Mokena, IL Dressage Judge: Lisa Schmidt, Hampton, NJ Sport Horse Judge: Susan Kantz, Corning, NY


Free classes and stalls, see our web for details Annual Benefit class for Alzheimer’s Association, Connecticut Chapter

MAY 25-27, 2012 Eastern States Exposition Center

1305 Memorial Avenue | Home of the Big E | West Springfield, MA 01089 Contact Manager: Michelle Laudano 860-664-0481

Stay tuned, visit: www.ahccashow.com www.arabianhorseclubofconnecticut.org



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Celebrating the Iberian Horse

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The Arabian Horse Association of New England


was formed to encourage breeding, exhibiting and promotion of the Arabian horse. To help educate those individuals interested in perpetuating the Arabian breed.

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Arimar Farm Classic Riding School Training • Instruction • Sales • Clinics Stallion Services • Iberian Horses

W7659 Summit Rd., Plymouth, WI 53073 920-526-3046 • www.arimarfarm.com



218 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com



Victoria Morris

Email: Victoria@donemor.com • www.donemor.com

Robert Nickerson, President Email: nickersonb@comcast.net


Don E Mor Telephone: 919.770.1673

of Massachusetts

Julie Dolder zena555@yahoo.com www.granitestateapps.com


Baroque Horse Farm

Arabian Horse Association

K N O W T H E VA L U E O F Y O U R H O R S E ! • Tax Relief Benefits on Donations • Estate Settlements • Insurance Values CORINTHIAN APPRAISALS

89 Main Street, Suite 308 • Medway, MA 02053

Arabian Horse Association, Inc. of Maine A member club of Region 16 of the Arabian Horse Association Andy Bailey, President loneoakarabians@yahoo.com

207-474-6032 • www.mainearabian.org



Please direct inquiries to:

Breeders of Beautiful, Athletic & Tractable Purebreds & Warmblood Crosses ◆

Susan Dorazio info@susandorazio.com 860-379-5557 PO Box 246 Colebrook, CT 06021

CA Dillon - Sport Horse Sire Tom and Susan Crossen (860) 742-6486 www.crossenarabians.com

1209 South St. Coventry, CT

Cranberry Knoll

Arabians & Sport Horses

508.982.9628 Cheryl Lane-Caron

Lynne DeAdder

Manager/Trainer 279 Watchaug Road Somers, CT 06071




(860) 749-4797

Bringing together people interested in advancing and promoting the Arabian and the Half-Arabian horse.


P i n e H o r se B a r n s

17 Crittle Hill Rd Candia, NH 03034 603-483-0640

Run-in barns Shed row barns

Invest in your own barn!

Hill View Mini Barns Rt 2, Etna, ME 207-269-2800

Jim Marquardt • Cyndi Marquardt

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Rt 9, Sabattus, ME 207-375-8200

■ B L ANKET C LEA NING/ REPA IR • blanket cleaning and repair • tack repair • personalized service • custom accessories • pick-up and delivery available

Rilla Long, Milford NH tel: 603-673-9097 equineclothesline@verizon.net info@theequineclothesline.com

serving New Hampshire for 10 years

The Equine Laundry Service


Waterproofing Quality Cleaning & Repair All Types of Horse Clothing

(860) 456-7806 Div


L of Equiclean East, L


17 Mansfield Ave., Willimantic, CT 06226 email: abr10000@aol.com


New England Carriage Imports, LLC

The Art and Science of Horse Care Pamper your horse with All Natural Aromatherapy Products made with Therapeutic Grade Botanicals created by a Certified Aromatherapist www.equispa.com 515-299-4505 • 515-299-4526 fax

■ A RTI S A N S & CR A F T S M E N



“Always Considering the Integrity of the Horse’s Spirit”


– Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants – • Indoor Arena • Lessons • Clinics • Quality Boarding Facility

Epping, NH 03042

www.riarabianhorseassociation.com Robyn Thibodeau 25+ Years Experience

❖ Lessons & Leases ❖ Training for Horse & Rider ❖ Dressage ❖ Balanced Seat ❖ Jumping Starting and Retraining

Beth Konrad Brown ❖ 603.483.2121 lothlorienfarm.net ❖ bbkonrad@yahoo.com


Purebred Arabians - Half Arabs National Show Horses

LLF Equestrian, LLC

Quality Carriages For Competition, Pleasure and Commercial Use

■ B OARDING & TRA INING - C T Darcy A. Johnson Training • Boarding • Sales Lessons • Equitation 291 Quassett Road Pomfret Center, CT 06259 Cell 860-942-6448

Happy Landings Farm Bozrah, CT 860-889-6467 petervh@mindspring.com Pioneer Equipment New Wheels Wheels Repaired Buy/Sell/Trade • Horse Drawn Vehicles We manufacture and repair wooden spoke wheels Aaron M. Nolt • 214 N. Shirk Road, New Holland, PA 17557

7 1 7 - 3 5 5 - 9 1 82

equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 219


Helping you travel simply since 1970.

Horse Whisperer Weavertown Coach, LLC


Inter-species Communicator





3377 Sunnybrook Dr., Finksburg, MD 21048 443-789-1977 • 3stallions@gmail.com www.bluestallionsharpening.com

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Everything but the horse!

Karin Kaufman, Ph.D. karink@world-body.org


Sale & Service of Quality Grooming Supplies

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3007 Old Phila. Pike Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

Circle B


Agricultural Buildings Of All Types LUMBER BARNS

Horse Barns/Run-In-Sheds Quality Custom Built Sales & Delivery Fully Licensed and Insured Conestoga, PA 17516 sales@eberlybarns.net


Sherry Henrich

Sales/Service Phone 1.866.391.7808 Mobile 717.587.7868 Fax 717.872.2042

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129 Sheep Davis Rd. Pembroke, NH 03275 Jeff Smith - Charlie Noyes III 800.267.0506 Bob Austin - Bob Lambert

ADVANCED BARN CONSTRUCTION Your vision is our reality! P.O. Box 436, Plaistow, NH 03865 978-521-1171

P.O. Box 330 Abbottstown, PA 17301 (717)624-4800 Fax (717)624-3278 Almost any way you like. Low cost - High quality. Will build from standard plans or can custom build to yours.

Gerry Richardson (717)624-7656 (home)

Servicing South Central PA, Maryland & West Virginia


Clipper Repairs Clipper Blade Sharpening 203-395-9701 860-822-1951 WWW.THECLI PPERBARNOFCT. COM


Gilbert J. Settlage

BARNS • HOMES • ARENAS • APARTMENT BARNS 25 Years Experience Serving New England

• Barn & Arena Buildings • Farm Design • Priefert Ranch Equipment Salisbury, NH • Metal Roofing (603) 648-2987 agstructure@tds.net • Classic Equine Stalls


Email: 4982 Path Valley Rd. REPAIRS & SALES Fort Loudon, PA 17224 CLIPPERS, BLADES sharpshop@innernet.net Website: (717) 729-6711 & SCISSORS www.gilssharpshop.com (717) 369-4118

Stop Leaks Once And For All With The Conklin Metal Roof System

A.K. Contractors Framing • Roofing • Etc.

L&E Clipper Blade Service

1114 Reservoir Road, New Holland, PA 17557 717-354-4929

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Conklin Company has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency

Professional Sharpening & Repairs on all Clippers and Blades.

• Oster • Andis • Wahl • Lister • Aesulap • Double K • Laube • Stuart Clipmaster (etc.) 189 Birchard Park • Middlebury, VT 05753 Phone: (802) 388-2360 • Fax: (802) 388-6166 Email: champlainconstruction@myfairpoint.net

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Center Hill Barns

LLC 603-798-5087 days 603-798-5088 fax www.CenterHillBarns.com




603-726-6050 merrygoroundpens.com

Double the Size Double the Size Double the Exposure Double the Exposure



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Classical Dressage Education for Horse & Rider Owner/Trainer: Leah M. Jamieson

Horse Barns • Riding Arenas Garages • Restorations

Charles E. Hutchinson, DVM

d Laurelwoo Farm

Home of Ade Lente

KWPN-NA Champion & Horse Of The Year 2007 USDF Boarding-Training-Lessons • Sale & Lease Horses

202 Fitchburg Road, Townsend, MA 01469 • (978) 597-3343 leah@laurelwooddressage.com • www.laurelwooddressage.com

Professional Equine Dental Services




Serving MA, NH, SC, VT

Saddle Racks Box Stalls Roping Chutes Expo Stalls Panels ~ Gates Round Pens SKYVIEW FENCING & POLE BUILDINGS 10 Pach Road, Chatham, NY 12037 518-392-7364 ~ www.skyview.biz

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717-665-0580 1801 Mountain Rd • Manheim, PA 17545 “It Takes a Team to Build a Dream” Stablehollowconstruction.com



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Hollow Constructi


Improving the world. One barn at a time. Let us custom design your dream barn, garage, indoor arena or run-in shed. We offer an amazing variety of buildings using a wide variety of materials, all expertly crafted. All characterized by a commitment to quality and attention to detail. Call for a free consultation to see how we customize dreams into reality.


■ DRIV ING New England Region/Carriage Association of America Established in 1969

In NY, Cricket near CT-MA Hill www.crickethillfarm.org Dressage. Jumping. Training, Instruction, Showing. Pleasure Riding. Boarding, Riding Academy. USDF Certified Instructor T-4. Call on us. Therapy, Rehabilitation.

First Choice Riding Academy Professional Dressage Training Dressage & Eventing Lessons Summer Camp • Sales

• To provide a medium for exchange of information regarding horse-drawn vehicles and to serve as an accurate and technical source of information • To foster friendly relations among all groups interested in research, preservation, and promotion of horse-drawn vehicles • To encourage pleasure driving with horse-drawn vehicles NER/CAA Arthur Boroff, Treasurer 165 Candlewood Hill Road, Box 291 Francestown, NH 03043

Carriage drivers, carriage collectors and even non-horse owners that enjoy carriages, horses, ponies, mules or donkeys, the Black Swamp Driving Club always welcomes new members. For detailed information about club activities:

www.blackswampdrivingclub.com or contact Julie Emmons, Club President, 740-361-3885


Enfield, NH 148 Harristown Rd., Paradise, PA 17562



mkrumlaw@webcincy.com 513-543-5034

Custom Equestrian Facilities

SHC ble

Jerilyn Nieder “r” Judge USDF Bronze Medalist Warner, NH 03278 603-456-3031 • 603-456-2354

Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society


Sport Horses, Equitation, Hunters, Dressage and Combined Training Becca GT: Trainer/Coach/Manager www.PondViewEquestrianCenter.com 401-710-7474 or 860-315-0650 362 Wakefield Rd. Pascoag, RI 02859



717.442.8408 or 1.800.881.9781


Curly Sporthorse International Dedicated to training, recognition, improvement and promotion of Curly Sport Horses. You and your curly horse qualify to join CSI, we have great member benefits, come and join the fun!!!

www.curlysporthorse.org • csi@curlysporthorse.org


Dales Pony Association • The Original Breed Association • Complete North American Registry • Recognized by U.K., U.S. and Canada Official Equine Organizations

For Information Contact 519-395-4512 email: info@dalesponyassoc.com or visit our website: www.dalesponyassoc.com Protecting and promoting this wonderful, versatile, rare breed


Dressage & Combined Training Assoc., Inc.

Nylon Covers Wheels Tug Stops Trim Kits

Serving Northwest Ohio’s Riders since 1980. www.flatlandersdressage.com




Manufacturers of Horse & Pony Vehicles (860)684-2986

67 Buckley Highway • Stafford Springs, CT 06076

A Correct Sensitive Approach in a Quiet Personalized Setting

Cell 603-686-0189

Visit us online at:


Love driving equine powered vehicles? Contact Us! Henry Rish • hrish@stratos.net


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dac “It Makes A World Of Difference” Vitamins and Minerals for Horses Call for technical information Direct Action Co., Inc. P.O. Box 2205 • Dover, Ohio 44622 330-364-3219 • 1-800-921-9121 Join us on the Internet: www.feeddac.com



WEDGE-LOC Proudly Made In The USA

“Turning Childhood Dreams into Reality”


Trained Adults and Youngstock for Sale 660.537.4020 • kimberlakefarm@gmail.com

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www.kimberlake.com Call 4M FARMS today for quality, price and savings everyday. www.4Mhay.com • (315) 684-7570

Quality Hay and Shavings Delivered and Stacked


• 2nd Cut Orchard Alfalfa Mix • Large and Small Flake Dust Free Wood Shavings • Premium Alfalfa

Agri Sales USA, Inc. Nick Fitzpatrick at 800-747-3811 nick.fitzpatrick@adenbrook.com www.adenbrook.com

Harrisville, NH

“CAMEO” horse fencing Affordable • Proven • Safe

The easy to install white line alternative See our full line of Quality products as you consider options.

603-827-3464 or Fax: 603-827-2999

■ FJORDS Northeast Fjord Horse Association “Promoting and Enjoying the Norwegian Fjord Horse”

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Deliver throughout New England, NY, PA

We carry a complete line of: Centaur Fencing, Bekaert 2x4 CIII Horseman, Pressure Treated Posts, Rope, Braid, Twine, & Tape, Amos Galvanized Gates & Corral Panels

Notice our • Split Rail • Centaur Flexible Fence display ad in • Post & Board • Installation Available this issue. • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Gates, Full & Half Mesh • Vinyl Coated High Tensile • Woven Horse Wire • Locust & Pressure Treated Post • PVC

All Your Fencing Needs

Bulk Kiln Dry/Green • Bagged Shavings Arena Footing Rubber - Leather - Chips Truck Tire Sidewalls (for tarp anchors) Trucking - Live Floor Trailers/Vans


www.cameofencing.com • 800-822-5426 • Timothy • Timothy Alfalfa Mix • Timothy Grass Mix • Western Timothy



P.V.C. • Chain Link • Split Rail • Hi Tensil • Board • Wire Mesh • Picket • Decks TMR Feed • Mixers

Q.F.S. Factory Outlet Vinyl Fence Products Camp Hill, PA 17011 • 717-737-9377

Tall, Elegant Yet Substantial Fjords Suitable for Dressage P.O. Box 2280 Aqueboque, NY 11931




Bridgewater Farm Supply Co. Inc. 1000 Plymouth St., Rte 104, Bridgewater, MA

www.bridgewaterfarm.com FARM • LANDSCAPE & PET PRODUCTS

Vinyl Fence - Lifetime Warranty

508-697-0357 or 800-665-9328


Mon-Fri 8-5:30, Sat 8-4, Sun 10-3



Pro Fence LLC

HAY & STRAW Tractor Trailer Loads

We Build to Please!

Agricultural Fence Installation

Amsterdam, NY 12010

Serving CT & MA


Call us at 1-800-433-6236 Visit us at www.profence.org Email Brian@profence.org

Specializing in: • Board Fence • High Tensile • Horse Rail • Poly Kote • Woven Wire


American Friesian Association Attention: Ken Lee 1090 Little Buffalo Creek Rd. Nahunta, GA 31553

(912) 462-6330

www.americanfriesianassociation.com info@americanfriesianassociation.com Top Quality Hay • Mulch • Sawdust • Shavings (bagged or bulk)

846 Golf Links Road, Colebrook, NH 03576 Phone: (603) 237-8732 • Cell: (603) 359-2337 Web: RonLyonsTrucking.com Competitive Prices. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Serving New Hampshire Since 1982 Wood, Chain Link Fully Insured Ornamental Iron, Vinyl Fencing New Hampshire’s Fence Professionals Farm and Horse Fencing

603.267.1975 • 1.800.734.4110

Visit us online at:



Desert Jewel Gypsy Horses

We are an educational organization encouraging the use, exhibition and perpetuation of the Gypsy Horse/Cob.

Friesians • Gypsies Partbreds for Sale Barn: 417.753.7116 Farm Mgr: 417.849.3779 Ygram fan’t Emsland Available for Stallion Service www.blackdiamondstables.com

BORN IN A STABLE 585-243-3178

Friesian Horses for Sale Specializing in driving singles and pairs www.borninastable.com

International Friesian Show Horse Association Dedicated to the promoting, showing, and exhibition of the Friesian horse and its derivatives. PO Box 2839, Lompoc, CA 93438 Voice: (805) 448-3027 • Fax: (805) 448-3027 Email: thepark@hwy246.net • www.friesianshowhorse.com

Northeast Friesian Horse Club

Official FHANA/FPS Chapter www.NEFHC.com 518-854-9702 Pam Clapp, 87 Halls Pond Road, West Hebron, NY 12865

â– G E O R G I A N G R A NDE S


1611 Old Reno Road, Springtown, TX 76082 817-677-4272 info@gypsyhorseregistryofamerica.org www.gypsyhorseregistryofamerica.org

Specializing in Traditional & Uniquely Colored Gypsy Horses Standing the largest number of Gypsy stallions in the World

Jennifer Gilson 602-684-3929 www.djwwgypsyhorses.com

Drumlin Gypsy Ranch Our Goal is to provide and produce traditional Gypsy Cobs in their truest form of conformation, versatility and disposition.

For more information 860.BY GYPSY




Gypsy Horses with Proven Lineage

Becky Koleno



Feathered Gold Stables Ogdensburg, Wisconsin

Horses of Wisdom

715-445-5345 www.featheredgold.com

Achieve Because You CAN!

Maintaining the Beauty, Conformation, and Demeanor of the Gypsy Horse

Sales • Stallion Service

Flying W Farms Proper Gypsy Cobs; perfect for children and adults.

For those who want the very best!� Breeders of Champion Georgian Grandes and Friesian sporthorses; Sires are our imported Dutch Friesians; Mothers are Saddlebreds, Clydesdales, and Percherons. We have the finest quality and the best selection to be found anywhere in the world. Incredible movement, quiet, calm dispositions; our horses are bred to excel in many disciplines. We offer yearlings, two years, and three year olds; Prices $4000 to $8000 o.b.o.

Dedicated to the heritage of the Gypsy Horse

Rediscover the Wisdom and Passion within you Karin Janin, M.S. Author, Empowering Life Coach, Visualization Specialist Empowering Coaching can be done via the phone or in person for your convenience 845-236-2557


For the health of your horse http://karinjanin.stemtechbiz.com

Family Friendly Cobs at Family Friendly prices.

www.yingwfarms.com Email: yingw@bright.com • 740.493.2401

“What you breed in, you need not train in�


Email: flyingw@bright.net • Phone: 740-493-2401

â– G Y PS Y H O R S E S

The Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association, Inc.



Chocolate Horse Farm

Preserving, Protecting & Promoting the Traditional Gypsy Cob 1812 E. 100 N. ~ Danville, IN 46122 ~ 317-745-6746 E-mail: gypsycobs@aol.com ~ Website: www.GCDHA.com


• Importing • Breeding • Training • Transport • Boarding Carol & David Dunbar 866-612-0050 417-461-1255 home chocolatehorsefarm@centurytel.net

Gypsy Horse Association

Double the Size Double the Size Double the Exposure Double the Exposure

www.gypsyhorseassociation.org membership@gypsyhorseassociation.org



www.equinejournal.com 1-800-742-9171

The Association of Choice for Registration & Promotion of the Gypsy Horse


1-800-742-9171 equinejournal.com â?™ March 2012 223


LAKE RIDGE GYPSY HORSES Breeding for Performance & Beauty Imported Gypsy Stallion at Stud Horses For Sale

320-485-4144 info@lakeridgegypsy.com www.lakeridgegypsy.com

Owner/trainer: Audrey Murphy

Gypsy Vanners

USDF Bronze Medalist, USDF L Graduate, ARIA Certified Instructor

Hunters – Jumpers – Equitation – Dressage

Anne Crowley Delano, MN ~ 763-972-8704 www.vintagevanners.com

BLUE MEADOW FARM 120 Nobscot Road, Sudbury, MA 01776 (978) 443-4800 • bluemeadowfarm@comcast.net




Encouraging the use and enjoyment of “America’s Family Horse”!

Breeders of Select, Imported Gypsy and Drum Horses Standing Stallion: Aislan of Lion King GHRA, GVHS, ADHA Registered Rex & Rebecca McKeever Bellville, TX • 979-865-4183 • www.horsefeathersfarm-tx.com


Evenstride Ltd.

★ Boarding ★ Training ★ Showing ★ Sales ★

Olana & Scott Laffey Tel. (978) 465-9119 www.evenstrideltd.com

26 Orchard Street Byfield, MA 01922

Be part of the Excitement!


Join New Hampshire Hunter Jumper

www.nhhja.com Cynthia McLaughlin 109 Lexington Ave., Manchester, NH 03104 603-625-8392

Parnell's Irish Cobs, LLC ~ The Irish Rose 10257 N. County Road 17, Fort Collins, CO 80524 www.ParnellsIrishCobs.com IrishCobs@Gmail.com ~ (970) 556-3929

Save your Hay. Save your Money. BIG BALE BUDDY Round Bale Feeder.

Come Grow with Us & Achieve Your Personal Best

Safe, affordable, effective, One Year Warranty. Available in 3 sizes starting at $89.95.

Kellie Monahan, Head Trainer

www.bigbalebuddy.com • 866.389.9952



“THE BETTER BUILT MACHINE” North America's #1 Horse Exerciser!


Great for All Breeds & Disciplines!

Lease Plans Available

“Conditioning & Training Without Constraints”

Cashiers, North Carolina





ABF Equine, LLC (828) 743-3698


Brooke Ferro - Owner/Trainer/Instructor

Lessons • Sales/Leases/Consignment Boarding • Training • Hauling Sign up now for our summer riding program! Judd Road, Coventry, CT

860-944-2527 • www.abfequine.com

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Walnut Hill Farm 86 Walnut St. Plainville, MA 02762 office@walnut-hill-farm.com www.walnut-hill-farm.com

508-699-1900 ■ IC ELA NDIC S

Northst★r Icelandic Horses Quality 4 and 5 Gaited USIHC registered domestic Icelandics Affordable Prices Ask about our “Special Order” Foals

For more information, contact NORTHSTAR FARM P.O. Box 63, Brookville, OH 45903-0063 email: ohioicelandics@yahoo.com




Ark Agency Animal Insurance Services PO Box 223 Paynesville, MN 56362 Fax: 320-243-7224

★ Full Mortality ★ Equine Major Medical ★ Air Transport ★ Equine Liability ★ Professional Liability ★ Directors & Officers Liability ★ Special Risks ★ Farm Property Ark Agency is a division of Ark International Group

Toll Free: 800-328-8894 www.arkagency.com insurance@ArkAgency.com

Corinthian INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. “Horsemen Understanding the Needs of Horsemen!” • All types of horse-related coverages & protection provided • Equine appraisal services


• Financing Available

Call today for a competitive quote 508-533-5103 • Fax 508-533-5109

• Low Mortality Rates

“Horse Owners Who Care”

Cummings Insurance Agency

Licensed in all of New England Ted T. Cummings Blair Cummings

Equine Insurance

378 Main Street • Manchester, CT 06040





Gorgeous Horse

• Simple • Elegant • Hand Crafted • 14kt Gold MANY BREEDS TO CHOOSE FROM

Enjoy Ordering From Our New & Improved



The Gorgeous Horse is in our 31st year of operation and our 27th year with the Jewelers Board of Trade. We specialize in hand crafted custom designed 14kt gold Equestrian and Canine Jewelry.

a u

P.O. Box 131 • Daleville, VA 24083 webmaster@gorgeoushorse.com www.gorgeoushorse.com • 540-817-5037

t q

Pony Locks


(860) 646-2457 • Fax: (860) 645-6650

(800) 526-1711 I (908) 735-6362 P.O. Box 27, Pittstown, NJ 08867 www.bluebridle.com Mortality I Surgical I Major Medical I Agreed Value Guaranteed Renewal I Farmowners I Care, Custody & Control Equine Liability I Payment Plan

Equine Insurance Specialist Terri Ray • 781-837-6550 Marshfield Plaza PO Box 1180, Marshfield, MA 02050

3628 Pinkham Way, Raleigh, NC 27616 Inquiries welcome at ponylocks@yahoo.com

www.ponylocks.com Call 919.961.1841 for a brochure

Gift Certificates Available ~ Dealer Inquiries Welcome


Serving Vermont and New Hampshire

Judging • Stewarding • Lessons Judges Cards: USEF-Morgan, ASPC/AMHR/ASPR, GVHS, GHRA, GHSA Michigan, POAC, AHHA, Wisconsin Stewards Card: ASPC/AMHR/ASPR

• Full Liability • Care, Custody & Control • Farm & Stable • Personal Insurance • Commercial • Riding Clubs & Shows • Workers Compensation (Available through our Agency)

~ Ask What We Can Do For You!! ~

Jenny M. Pierucki Burr Oak, MI 49030


Ph: 269-489-5500 E-mail: jingles49030@core.com



B u i l t To u g h , B u i l t t o L a s t

292 Colonial Drive • Middlebury, VT 05753-5890


1-800-388-6638 ext. 3824 kbourdon@ciui.net • www.co-opinsurance.com

Scott Laffey, Jr.

Independent Equine Agents Covering all your farm and equine needs.

E q u i n e


Corrigan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Kelley Corrigan President, Corrigan Insurance Agency 8951 Edmonston Rd., Greenbelt, MD 20770 Tel: 301-474-4111 x3112 Tel: 410-792-8090 x3112 Fax: 310-623-3131 • 800-213-1634 kelleyc@corriganins.net


F a r m

Account Executive 10234 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY 40223 marla@independentequineagents.com

I n s u r a n c e


978-490-0873 • www.scottlaffey.com ■ LOA NS

(502) 245-6878 Fax (502) 245-9698



Double the the Size Size Double Double the the Exposure Exposure Double



Call Karen Murphy at 800-562-2235 ext. 8119

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New England Miniature Horse Society

New England Paint Horse Club www.nephc.com

An AMHA approved club offering a full schedule of AMHA pointed shows. Contact: Dawn Schabacker sunrises@charter.net

Continually striving to build a better environment for our club and the equine industry.




The Animal Rehab Institute Equine Massage Certification and Equine Rehabilitation Certification Programs taught by highly trained equine professionals. (561) 792-1441 office/fax www.animalrehabinstitute.com www.animalrehabinstitute.net to download a free brochure and class schedule or call 561-792-1441

Incorporated in 1995 to make owning miniature horses a pleasure when it comes to registering.

12009 Stewartsville Road, Vinton, VA 24179 (540) 890-0856 Full Online Registration Service www.wcmhr.com

Email: ericbgrover@hotmail.com www.groverequinetherapy.com


70 Walcott St., Stow, MA 01775 • 978-562-3153 Howard & Clare Sparks Standing at Stud Moonshyne D Lite (neg. Lethal White gene) Overo Breeders Trust, APHA/PtHA Champion ■ PERUV IA N PA SOS

■ M ORA BS Morabs, Morgans & Arabians

Eric Grover Phone: 330.304.3250 10526 Sanford Rd. Lodi, Ohio 44254

Join Us!

P.O. Box 203 Hodgenville, KY 42748 270-358-8727 pmha@puremorab.com



Hacienda la Colina

(Hillside Farm) 845-626-2498 Peruvian Paso Horses Naturally Gaited

Our horses are bred to go from the TRAIL to the SHOW Proven Bloodlines • Quality Horses for Sale Kathy and Juan Carlos Gill Accord, NY peruvianhorses@gmail.com


Lippitt Morgan Breeders’ Association Jane Muraro, LMBA Treasurer 687 Orton Rd. • E. Hardwick, VT 05836 vtironhorse@yahoo.com • 802-533-9802

Carien Schippers - Equine Photography 288 White Hill Road • Walton, NY 13856 (607) 865-5215 • carien@catskill.net www.imagequine.com






Maine Morgan Horse Club, Inc. www.memorgan.com

Selina Cloutier, President 603-953-3470 or email smsc77@aol.com Sue Oliver, VP 207-319-7554 or email silverlake@suscom-maine.net

Serving the Northeast since 1976

Photography by Carole MacDonald specializing in horses

1 Bowman Lane Westboro, Mass. 01581

(508) 366-7886


Equine Photography Now Photography and Design Services, specializing in Equestrian Photography

Jennifer Wilkening 281.639.4616 ✦ jenniferwilkening@sbcglobal.net www.equinephotographynow.com



ntain Lane F Mou603-878-1145arm 11 Stone Lane, Temple, NH APHA Breeding & Sales Boarding & Lessons


226 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

1811 Brookchester Street Katy, TX 77450 Phone: 281-395-0225 Email: katypoet@comcast.net www.runningcolors.com


www.jennaleighteti.com HORSE SHOWS • FARM SHOOTS • F INE ART Custom Photography Books jltphoto@yahoo.com • 603-496-8674

TONY DeCOSTA 21 Watson St. Nashua, NH 03063

603-889-7677 horsesinmotion@lycos.com equinesite.com/tonydecosta

Rein Photography Jennifer Wenzel

16 Burr Road Maplewood, NJ 07040

(973) 760-7336 email: jwenzeljwenzel@aol.com

■ PR E H O R S E S

For information contact President: Raeanne Bowden raeanneb@aol.com • 978-649-6134 (9am – 8pm)


Promoting the American Quarter Horse in Vermont





For Information

P.O. Box 38 Royalston, MA • (978) 249-2526

Lucille Evarts, 3796 Green St, Vergennes, VT 05491 802-233-0567 • evartsl@yahoo.com



Quarter Pony Association “Working to promote your ponies!’

PO Box 297 Leon, Kansas 67074 (509) 949-2488 • (816) 250-2351 (361) 729-4456 www.quarterponyassociation.com


Invites You to Join Our Family! Learn more at

www.prehorse.org call us at (505) 294-0800 or email foundationabq2@qwestoffice.net


www.r6aqha.com Your connection to the Northeast AQHA Affiliates.

Full Service English Saddle Fitting and Repairs ◗ Billets ◗ Saddle fitting ◗ Knee pads ◗ Side saddle restoration ◗ Knee rolls ◗ Tack repairs ◗ New seats ◗ Foam panels converted to wool

EQUINE REHABILITATION SERVICES, LLC Jennifer Brooks P.T., MEd., CERP Equine Physical Therapist Brookline, New Hampshire Equine physical therapy for recovery of injuries, lameness or diseases.

603.566.6561 • www.equinerehabservices.com Email: jenequinept@charter.net


PROMISES KEPT EQUINE RETIREMENT FARM Full board facility in Summit NY for

■ SA LES/ LEA SING Quality Horses for Show, Trail & Pleasure We know our horses and use them ourselves. VARIED DISCIPLINES, GREAT SELECTION

Hollisranch.com • 603.465.2672 ■ SC HOOLS • Equine Business Management • Equine Studies • Veterinary Science • Veterinary Technology • Animal Care

For more information please contact Admissions toll-free at 1-877-523-2537, or e-mail at admissions@becker.edu • Proven Learning System • Committed to Your Success

Butler Professional Farrier School

Connecticut Quarter Horse Association

(518) 287-1870

•Proven, sequential learning system. Learn more faster! from authors of #1 horseshoeing textbook. •Limited class size = more one-on-one instruction. •Learn anatomy, balance and proper shoeing methods from experienced Butler Team educators. •Gain competence and confidence as you master each of 7 important skill areas. •Learn the “why” of each step in the process not just how to do it. •Individual forging stations. •Variety of horses to shoe on location. •State-of-art facility; everything under one roof.


Butler: The trusted name in farrier education for over 45 years.

President: Donna Rosciti donnarosciti@aol.com


www.cqha.com ESQHA

The New York State AQHA Affiliate Promoting Interest in Quarter Horse Ownership, Activities, Rights & Welfare


Visit us online at:


Retirement & Lay-up


Anthony Cooper Saddler

1-800-728-3826 (press 3) or 308-665-1510


EQU INE STUDIES Johnson & Wales University

Specializing in saddle fitting and saddle making since 1984.

Re-stuffing and repairs of both astride and side-saddles. Authorized fitter for New England, offering the complete line of Trilogy saddles and accessories.

Visit my website for more information.

anthonycoopersaddler.com PO Box 2, 107 North Fitzwilliam Rd, Royalston, MA 01368


For careers in America’s horse industry, Johnson & Wales offers two- and four-year degree programs, opportunities for study in Europe, Co-op programs and Pony Club scholarships.


For more information: Call 1-800-342-5598 or 401-598-1000 or write to: Equine Studies Johnson & Wales University, Dept. NHJ 8 Abbott Park Place, Providence, RI 02903


equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 227

THE DIRECTORY For Sophisticated Sport Horses

lec.edu 855-GO STORM


There are more graduates of the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School employed in the horse industry than of any other school of any kind in the world.

Owner and Director Dr. Jack Roth, Dr. of Veterinary Medicine and Master Farrier Instructors - Certified Journeyman Farriers

www.duewerhaus.com Waverly, IL dwr@corn-belt.net 217.675.2276


CLASSIC Equine Equipment

THE MANE PLACE Tuesday - Saturday 9-5pm; Sunday 9-1pm

Western & English Tack & Apparel Feed • Horse Supplies • Cards Gifts • Jewelry

www.themaneplace.com linda@themaneplace.com 504 W. Hartford Avenue, Uxbridge, MA 01569 (508) 278-7563 • Fax (508) 278-7567

Come prepared to work. More hours of instruction on live aimals than anywhere else.


COURSES INCLUDE: Basic Horseshoeing (2 weeks - $1,500); Professional Horseshoeing (8 weeks - $4,000); Advanced Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing (12 weeks - $5,400); Your room is free. APPROVED FOR: Post 9/11, OHS Student Loan, Montgomery GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation, WIA, BIA. Licensed by OBPVS.

Call 405-288-6085 or 800-538-1383. Write Oklahoma Horseshoeing School, 26446 Horseshoe Circle, Purcell, OK 73080 • www.horseshoes.net


at Vermont Technical College

8 Paul Street, Bethel, CT 06801 1-800-MATTING • Fax: 203-744-7703

Silver Heels Riding Club Memberships: Sherry Paplaskas 6 Meadow Fox Lane, Chester, NH 03036 www.silverheelsonline.com SERVING THE NORTHEAST SEACOAST REGION

SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND HORSEMEN’S ASSOCIATION Open Horse Show Series Over 50 classes • 15 Divisions English • Western • Saddle Seat Miniature • Youth & Adult Riders Trophy/prize & 6 ribbons in every class

■ TAC K & A PPA REL Saddlery by

SpecializedSaddles ³WKH RQH ZLWK DGMXVWDEOH ¿W´

“Serious Trail Gear for the Serious Trail Rider” 336-267-0276 DOUBLEDIAMONDEQUINE.COM

228 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com

23 Eleanor Road, Somers, CT 06071 Shop online at www.equestrianoutfitter.com (860) 749-4420 Open 7 Days Mon.-Fri. 10-6, Thurs. 10-7:30, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 12-5 The Totally Stocked English Tack Shop ...and Western too!

The Paddock Inc.

55 Rose Hill Road, Ledyard, CT – Certified Saddle Fitter on Premises – www.thepaddockinc.com Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-4 or by appointment 866-415-6256 • 860-464-1559


Crop & Carrot Tack Shop, Inc.


www.lazyjsporthorses.com 410-658-0678/443-206-1260

Tack Repair Service Riverdale Farms, Bldg. #12, 136 Simsbury Rd., Avon, CT 06001

Riders Helping Riders Since 1986


For more information contact:

Quality weanlings, yearlings, young horses and ponies some under saddle many with show experience


Equestrian Outfitters

Lynda Whaley, President 860-536-1484 • sandlwhaley@comcast.net


The Equestrian Centre A Complete line of tack, gifts & apparel


www.vtc.edu 800.442.8821 ■ S H OW S E R I E S


294 Great Road, Littleton, MA 01460

978-486-0008 Horsemans.Exchange@yahoo.com www.horsemans-exchange.com

133 West Main St. (Rt. 9) Spencer, MA 01562 Toll Free: 877-885-0255 www.cropandcarrottack.com ENGLISH & Hrs: Mon-Fri 10-6, WESTERN Sat 9-5, Sun 12-4 EQUIPMENT & APPAREL

Visit us online at:






www.equestrianshop.com Outfitting Horse & Rider for Over 50 Years

North Andover store hours: Mon. 10-7, Tues.-Fri. 10-6 Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-5 978-686-7722

Ipswich store hours: Mon. 11-5, Tues. & Wed. 10-6 Thurs. 11-6, Fri. & Sat. 10-5 Sun. 12-5 978-356-1180

www.pelham-saddlery.com 1-877-7PELHAM ■ TAC K & EQUIPM ENT - NY

At Levaland Farm 233 Purchase Street Middleboro, MA 02346 774-213-1969 www.HunterPaceTackShop.com info@HunterPaceTackShop.com

Vernon, NY 13476 1-888-2-TACKUP

6 Ruth Street 315-829-2875

For all your basics... plus hot, new items not stocked by the others!

• Delivery • Financing • Leasing Available

COTROFELD AUTOMOTIVE, INC. P.O. Box 235 (Shop Route 7A) East Arlington, Vermont 05252 Call For Free Brochure



Western, English, Supplies, Consignment and more...

Tack, Equipment & Apparel from the best names in the business

Winter Hours:

Area’s Widest Selection of Medicinals, Supplements, and Grooming Supplies

1110 Southampton Rd Jct 10 & 202 Westfield, MA 01085 (413) 568-6430

Mon.-Fri.: 10-6 Sat.: 10-5 Sun.: 12-5


Tack Restorations

Huntseat • Dressage • Saddle Seat • Western www.sackettridge.com



Related Tack Repair

Kevin Garrison

603-448-6545 603-252-7445 cell

county saddlery


301-854-6059 877-41-horse

Warwick, NY


Frame Specialists • FREE Estimates • Pop-Up Installer

845-986-6686 • Web site: www.winslow.org

■ T R A ILERS & SERV IC ES • Horse • Stock • Equipment


Tack, Apparel, Feed, Supplies & Trailers 8 Whittemore Farm Rd., Swanzey, NH 402 Geyser Rd., Saratoga Springs, NY


• Parts & Hitches

email: sales@roselltrailers.com 7 Robin Hill Road, Lenhartsville, PA 19534 888-506-6056 • 610-756-4257

2201 Rt. 17K, Montgomery, NY 12549 (845) 361-2246 Route 9W, Esopus, NY (845) 384-6100


1-877-358-3001 • www.cheshirehorse.com

riffinbrook, Ltd. www.griffinbrook.com

An Emporium for the Horse

✓ Fiberglass Roof ✓ Aluminum Skin ✓ Quality MANUFACTURER OF QUALITY HORSE TRAILERS Workmanship Revere, Pennsylvania ✓ Affordable Pricing 610-847-2237 or 888-856-3138 ✓ Custom Built www.cotnertrailers.com

TOURBILLON TRAILER SALES 401 Snake Hill Rd., North Scituate, RI Toll Free: 866-456-4628 www.TourbillonTrailers.com Sundowner, Eby, Hawk, Exiss, Twi-Lite Centrally Located To MASS & CT in between Rts. 395 & 95


Hunter...Western...Saddle Seat...Trail Riding... Miniature Horse...Dressage...Carts and Harnesses for all types, mini to draft sizes. 603-483-4833 • www.griffinbrook.com Hours: Monday - Saturday 10-5 • Thursdays until 6 • Sunday 12-5

Ron Lanoue • rbw1992@yahoo.com 265 State Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 508-224-4142 Home • 508-494-8089 Cell • 508-830-0055

• Utility & Cargo Trailers

Ariat, Tuffrider, Weatherbeeta, Circle Y, Tucker, Weaver, Featherlite and More! Open 7 Days!


HEALING WITH HORSES Indoor Arena Riding Year Round


71 East Main St., Merrimac, MA 01860 • 978-346-4700 www.riverviewtrailers.com • info@riverviewtrailers.com


www.countysaddlery.com www.countysaddlery.com


Full Trailer Service & Repairs

Lebanon, NH 03766

■ TAC K & E QU IP M E NT - M D

UPPER Let us know what you think? ®



Construction • Stock • Horse • Utility Dump & Cargo Trailers ~ C O M P L E T E PA R T S D E PA R T M E N T ~ www.upperten.net 802-482-2250/1-800-533-0504 33 Gardner Circle, Hinesburg, VT 05461 • Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat by appt.

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J.R. Hudson

Lasting Quality, Great Prices, Dick and Elaine Robson Best East Street, Topsfield, MA 01983 Value, Proven! www.willowdaletrailers.net


“Quality Never Goes Out Of Style”

European Warmblood Sport Horses For Sale

30 Turnpike St., Suite 2, West Bridgewater, MA 02379 Voice: 508-427-5463 • Fax: 508-427-5464

“Horseman serving Horsemen”

European Quality Pleasure to Grand Prix Green and Made To Fit Any Budget Hunter • Jumper • Dressage 519-666-1902 • 352-529-1093

info@ewsz.com • www.ewsz.com

Ravine Ranch Sport Horses

Lynch Horse Transportation

Tom Balardini

Local/Long Distance Special Trips: Shows, Events Vet Appointments 24 Hour Emergency Service Free Quotes, References Available

PO Box 295 • Dalton, MA 01227

“Dedicated Breeders of Warmblood Horses”

Stephen J. Lynch • Office 401-766-4139 • Cell 401-529-5052


Reliable and Reasonable


Horse Transportation, Inc.

Web site: Email: sales@willowdalefarm.info 978-376-7736



Hanoverian/cross: TB/cross

We offer “The Affordable Alternative”

A Division of Advantage Farm Inc.


Dol Savirt

Station Hill Express

Professional Transportation Plenty of TLC. Utilizing Only The Finest In Premium Equipment & Personnel hollisranch.com 603.465.2672

Doug & Deb King 204-838-2328 www.ravineranchsporthorses.com

Double the Size Double the Size Double the Exposure Double the Exposure

A Lifetime of Experience in the Horse Industry

• TV Monitor • Air-ride • Fully Insured • Custom Trips • Personalized Service Local and long distance service New England to Florida. CALL FOR OUR REASONABLE RATES

(800) 794-6604

a www.stationhillfarm.com i




Single Directory: 2.25”x1”

Double Directory: 2.25”x2”

$200/12 mos $175/6 mos

$375/12 mos $200/6 mos

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The Voice of the Horse Industry 230 March 2012 ❙ equinejournal.com



CPF WINSOME DREAMER Purebred, grey, gelding, 14.2, 6 yrs., 2011 USN Top Ten Sport Horse Under Saddle Jr. Horse, amazing manners, personality plus, sound, no vices. $5,000, terms. 508-982-9628

11-YEAR-OLD NATIONAL CALIBER PUREBRED has been professionally trained and shown in the Open and Amateur Hunter, Sporthorse U/S and SHIH Divisions to many wins at “A” rated shows. With his flashy looks, movement and lightness in the bridle, this big gelding stands out in a crowd. Sweepstakes nominated. $6,500. Contact Kevin Dwyer at 860-213-1299 or DwyerEquine@Hotmail.com



WELLS-GO-FAR CARRIAGE SERVICE, L.L.C. Floyd Wells owner/operator. Wagons, carriage or sleigh for hire. Your place or ours. www.wellsgofarcarriage.com | 419-736-2746


18" COLLEGIATE BARON DRESSAGE SADDLE. Dark brown leather, regular tree, Y girthing system. Does NOT come with leathers or irons. Great condition, sound tree, many more miles left in this saddle! Must sell! $400 OBO. Contact Lauren at 860-874-1773 or email LEB92884@gmail.com.

GYPSY VANNER HORSES FOR SALE. www.ChocolateHorseFarm.com | 417-461-1255



SIZE/WEIGHT COMPARISON Used Medical System vs Portascope. Brand New Equine Endoscope Endoscopy System 3 Meter and 1.5cm Scopes Brand New! Either 12.9mm x 3meters or 9.5 x 150cm! Completely Portable! No more big clunky heavy used Endoscopy Systems! 1 Year Warranty.

www.portascope.com / 6220 Manatee Ave. West 301, Bradenton, FL 34209 E-mail Address: info@1800endoscope.com Phone Number: 1-800-363-6726

YOUR HORSE’S PORTRAIT, and more... Immortalize that perfect moment; honor those most special friends. The perfect gift ... perhaps a necessary indulgence! Oil paintings on canvas, drawings in color or B&W. Visit www.frakefineart.com. See my work, Dover Saddlery, NH & MA

PERUVIAN/PASOS PERUVIAN HORSES For sale. Well gaited, trail and show experience, excellent bloodlines. Hacienda la Colina (Hillside Farm), Accord, NY. 845-626-2498 peruvianhorses @gmail.com

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HORSES Curly Horses BRED TO EXCEL in Dressage and Driving, 2008, curly coated 16hh bay Curly sport filly. This super sweet filly, C-C Her Royal Highness, is ready for training. Price: $3,800. See more www.creeksidecurlies.net creeksidecurlies@gmail.com 208-276-7540

Gypsy Horses GYPSY VANNER HORSES mares and geldings for sale. w w w. c h o c o l a t e h o r s e f a r m . c o m 417-461-1255

Lusitanos 2008 LUSITANOS under saddle, starting at $18,000. Trained with natural horsemanship, for w/t/c and lots of trails. Visit www.donemor.com or call 919-770-1673

Paso Finos REGISTERED PASO HORSES for sale. Trail or Show. El Zafiro de Trillador at stud. Rockwater Farm. Call Ann 704-798-3460 drfurr@windstream.net

Ponies SHOW PONY - been there, done that. 12.3hh 13 yro Welsh cross. UTD on everything. Healthy, barefoot, bombproof. Great starter pony. Comes with equipment. A steal at $4,000. Call Kim 978-870-2210 or prehl1@verizon.net


Warmbloods TRIPLE REGISTERED AWB 16.1hh 10 yro Cremello stallion. Super temperament - a real gentleman. Makes a statement in the show ring. Won championships at every show. Pale gold with blue eyes. Going training to first level. You will win on this horse. $10K FIRM. Call Kim 978-870-2210 or prehl1@verizon.net

Horse Stalls For Sale, Aluminum - no rust, fully assembled components shipped to your door with the necessary hardware for installation. Call us before you buy! 800-876-7706 or www.armourcompanies.com.

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Stallion Service

Bed - Breakfast - Barn

Art & Artists

MOONLIT ACRE Dedicated to promoting the American Drum Horse. Standing Mariah’s Boon, 2012 Celebration Breyer Horse, and Platinum Moon, the only Silver Dapple Drum in North America. www.MoonlitAcre.com 386-405-8735

EQUINE ART, and Dogs, Kids, Carriage Driving, and anything else! Paintings, drawings, commissions of all sort. Visit www.frakefineart.com



J o u r n a l

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BED, BREAKFAST, BARN Spacious and Cozy Loft Bedroom with Private bath and entrance in authentic tobacco plantation home. Southern country atmosphere for you and your horse/s on Hwy #1 in Cameron, Moore County, NC. Accomodations include all household amenities, i.e. laundry, kitchen, etc. plus continental or personal choice breakfast. Pets welcome. Private barn is safe and secure and pasture allows for a large acre protected turnout. RENT: $450/guest/month; $650/guest with horse/s/month; $100/guest with horse/s/night. Other arrangements considered. Contacts: 910-245-9911(home), 910-528-6505(cell), lauraleematthews@yahoo.com

$20 for the first 30 words; 25¢ each additional word. Bold - 50¢ per word. Boxed ad - $25 per column inch. 3x – 6%, 6x – 12%, 12x – 18%. No refunds. $50/month(or 2 for $90. w/3rd month FREE) Up to 40 words maximum. The 25th of the preceeding month (5 weeks prior to cover date). Please note holidays may warrant earlier deadline dates.

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Feed & Bedding TOP QUALITY ALFALFA, Timothy, Orchard Grass. 1st and 2nd cutting. Pick up or delivery. Francis Chmura, Enfield, CT, 860-749-0297

Feed Supplements

Natural Plan Stomach Soother the affordable & natural way to help with ulcers, foal scours, diarrhea, cribbing, weight maintenance & more. Works on dogs. Visit www.stomachsoother.com for more information.

PETS/LIVESTOCK GUY’S FARM AND YARD Come check out our huge selection of pet feeds, toys, and supplies. We are also a full line Poulin Grain dealer. www.guysfarmandyard.com Locations in: Williston, Morrisville, & Montpelier

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Insect Control SHOO FLY Automatic Insect Control Systems. Sales, Service, Installation. Complete fly and mosquito control including fire hazard cob web control. For more information call Len Kistner 845-452-7666

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Clipper Supplies


SHARPENING SERVICES: Sharpen all clipper blades, knives and scissors. Repair/Overhaul most clippers. Sell new clippers and clipper blades. Mobile. sharpshop39@gmail. com, Gil’s Sharpening Shop, 717-3694118, www.gilssharpshop.com

ARE YOU LOOKING TO BUY or sell? I can help! With almost 40 years of experience, I have a unique and thorough knowledge of the real estate market. I am a licensed New Hampshire real estate agent, and I want to be a part of your next real estate transaction! Tim Keating,Masiello Real Estate 603-499-2499

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HORSE, SHEEP, GOAT FARM for sale. Eight stalls, fenced pasture, turn key operation. $498,900 Harvard, MA. Call Don 978-456-3303

ARABIAN ORIGINS MARKETING is quickly becoming synonomous with consistent results and beautiful graphics. Visit: www.ArabianOriginsMarketing.com to see how we can help get your Arabian horse business in the spotlight!

WAYNESVILLE, NC HOME Bordering Great Smoky Mountain National Park with direct trail access, overlooks Maggie Valley Ski Area. Two Bedrooms, two bathrooms, four stall barn. $149,500. 828-627-2823.

SERVICES Boarding EQUINE RETIREMENT Excellent shelter, run-in shed, rich pasture, nice pond, daily feed & water, winter hay, deworming, farrier service, veterinarian service, and TLC! Photo updates provided. Complete Quality Care $200 per month Duane Sims, Owner & Manager 706-833-0219 dsims64@comcast.net Grovetown, GA HORSE RETIREMENT Boarding for Retirement and Lay-up. Daily Grooming, No Riding Programs, Lots of TLC. Summit, NY ponyladee@aol.com www.promiseskept.org Phone: 518-287-1870 INTEGRITY EQUESTRIAN CENTER Stalls, lessons, camps, leasing available. See us at: www.integrityequestriancenter.com 650 Manning St, Jefferson, MA 508-829-5265

Dentistry LD EQUINE DENTISTRY, Improving performance, balance and quality of life. email: LDBJ39@hotmail.com, 508-3329062.

Insurance CORRIGAN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Insurance to protect your farm, horses, home, autos and other needs. Call, email, or text for more info: Kelly A. Corrigan, President, 800-213-1634 donnap@corriganins.net Text: 301-807-8797

Judging JAMIE CINQ-MARS Open Horse Show Judge Reasonable Prices - Will Travel www.jamiecinqmars.com info@jamiecinqmars.com 413-433-9436

Saddle Fitting CONTACT US today to request your personal saddle fitting and discover what “seat” gives your riding the best advantage. 888-466-7822 www.adttack.com

TACK & EQUIPMENT Buggies/Carts/Sleighs 1898 VILLAGE CART 4 passenger, back to back tandem or single, newly restored $8,500. 1901 Doctor’s Buggy restored $2,400 Richfield, OH 330-659-3612 JERALD CART Black, red trim, covers, harness included, 88” shafts, garaged. $700 OBO 508-982-9628

Tack & Accessories OZARK MOUNTAIN TACK offers you a complete line of tack for your miniature horses and ponies. Harnesses, Blankets, Halters, Hoof Care and Educational DVD's. Call 888-775-6446 for a free color catalog. Visit us online at www.MiniTack.com

Tack - Harnesses HARNESS SADDLERY Catalogue St. Paul Saddlery 953 W. Seventh St. St. Paul, MN 55102 651-222-5616 Since 1908, Mini to Draft Sizes

TRUCKS & TRAILERS Trailers 1996 KINGSTON bumper pull, 2 ft extra in front, saddle racks, new tires. Original owner, well maintained. $5,200, Sweden, Maine 207-647-8879


860-653-3275 • FAX: 860-653-5256 www.strainfamilyhorsefarm.com WE BUY, SELL AND TAKE TRADE INS




Real Estate For Sale

Reg. Quarter Horses • Reg. Thoroughbreds • Reg. Paints • Warmbloods • Family Horses

• Reg. Paint, 16H, black/white, gelding, 50/50 color, 5 years, trails, show ring • Paint, 16.2H, black/white, gelding, 50/50 color, 10 years, jumps, dressage • Reg. Paint, 15.2H, red/white, gelding, 60/40 color, 7 years, western or English, trails • Paint, 15.3H, red/white, gelding, 60/40 color, 9 years, great all around family horse • Paint, 15.2H, brown/white, gelding, 70/30 color, 9 years, cattle, games, trails • Reg. Quarter Horse, 16.1H, chestnut, gelding, 10 years, big body, Incentive Fund, top show horse • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15.3H, chestnut, mare, 12 years, great on trails, jumps, show ring • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15.3H, sorrel, gelding, 7 years, western pleasure, trails • Reg. Quarter Horse, 16.1H, sorrel, gelding, 9 years, 6-1/2 point, always in the ribbons • Reg. Quarter Horse, 16H, bay, mare, 8 years, good mover, good looking, trails • Reg. Quarter Horse, 14.3H, bay, gelding, 12 years, big body, Incentive Fund, show ring or trails • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15H, chestnut, mare, 6 years, Incentive Fund, western pleasure, really nice • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15.2H, bay, gelding, 9 years, Incentive Fund, great family horse, trails • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15.1H, bay, gelding, 7 years, western pleasure, trails, jumps • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15.2H, red dun, gelding, 5 years, big body, games, trails, show ring, jumps, barrels, could do lots of jobs • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15.3H, brown, mare, 12 years, big body, always in the ribbons • Quarter Horse, red roan, 15.3H, gelding, 10 years, all around great horse for the whole family to ride and be around • Hanoverian x Thoroughbred cross, 16.3H, bay, gelding, 7 years, leads, jumps • Hanoverian cross, dapple gray, mare, 5 years, 16.3H, trails, jumps, good in show ring, a super nice young horse, good mover • Warmblood, gray, gelding, 9 years, 16.1H, likes to jump, dressage • Three ponies, 2 large, 1 medium, all geldings, 8 – 9 – 10 years, all jump and really ride, been to the shows, great on trails • Draft x Quarter Horse crosses, geldings, 16H & 16.1H, both jump and trail ride, leads, all good and good looking • Thoroughbreds, home raised, 15.3H to 16.2H, all geldings, 5 to 9 years, never raced, great movers, all jump well, show horses • Two reg. Appaloosas, 15.3H to 16H, geldings, chestnut and bay, good color, top show horses, trails, always in the ribbons

860-653-3275 www.StrainFamilyHorseFarm.com Local and Long Distance Trucking Available. Trade-in and consignment horses welcome at no charge. Fifty-two horses and ponies on hand, all take their leads and jump, trails, water, traffic, really nice horses with our 3-week trial. Worth the trip to see so many nice horses in one place. New arrivals each week. Save Find Us on Facebook gas and time & have our great guarantee! equinejournal.com ❙ March 2012 233


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Which would you rather depend on? Luck? Or Skill?

Why rely soley on luck when you can have a trailer crafted by skilled artisans?

GOOSENECKS 200695 2000 Sundowner TBII LQ 200713 2000 Sundowner TBII LQ 200744 1998 Sundowner Pueblo LQ 200493 1987 Kingston Derby 4H H2H 200609 2001 Sundowner 4H slant 200644 1997 Hawk 3H slant 200705 2000 Jamco 3H slant 200725 1998 Hawk 2H slant combo 200775 1994 Kingston Derby 4H H2H 200782 1995 Sundowner C575 2H 200794 2002 C&C 6H H2H

200799 200836 200849 200853 200857 200859

2005 Sundowner 747 4H H2H 2006 Elite 3H Mustang 2005 Sundowner 6H H2H 2000 Sundowner 740 4H H2H 2005 Sundowner 2+1 sideramp 1999 Sundowner 2H slant

BUMPERPULLS 200821 2000 Sundowner 2H w/dress 200854 1997 Sundowner 2H w/dress 200855 1996 Hawk 2H slant NEW ARRIVAL: 2010 Hawk 2H slant

The Northeast’s Largest Horse Trailer Dealer

www.orchardtrailers.com 1-800-998-8779 78 State Road, Rts. 5 & 10 ❙ Whately, MA 01093

SentinelŽ is a result of pressure-cooking, combining moisture, heat and pressure. Horses have a very sensitive digestive tract, and pressure-cooked feed provides the best in nutrition and digestion. It limits starch reaching the hindgut, reducing risk of digestive upset. A healthier rate of intake yields better digestion. And heat kills harmful bacteria, making for a safer feed. It’s the smartest thing you can do for your horse. For more information visit www.sentinelfeed.com.

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