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Data sheet

TUBOMATIC H54 PI Tubomatic H54 PI is ideal for crimping hydraulic hoses up to 1" six spirals and up to 1"1/4 four spirals. This versatile machine can be used for a number of different applications. It is the perfect equipment for manufacturers and hydraulic hose assemblers. MAIN FEATURES: - pneumatic/hydraulic pump; - equipped with an electric limit switch indicating when the crimping diameter has been reached.

130 TON (145 US TONS) swaging force 1" 6 wire spiral 2 pieces 1" 1/4 4 spirals / 2 spirals 1" 1/2 ° 1 spiral 62 mm* (2.443") maximum crimping ø Ø + 35 mm (Ø + 1.379") die opening 1" 1/4 ° 90° fittings 7 BAR (100 psi) pneumatic input 570x490x380 mm dimensions l x w x h (22.458"x19.306"x14.972") 86 KG (190 lbs) weight incl. one acting cylinder incl. oil dispenser + quick change OPTIONAL die system OPTIONAL marking dies OPTIONAL special dies cleaning and maintenance OPTIONAL kit WITH SPECIAL DIES ° With special dies Ø 54 mm upon * request