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Editors Notes Running has never come to me easy. In fact it was forced on me by my wife. My first time running more than the distance between my cooler and my fishing rod was at a mud run held in Clermont, Florida on June 18th, 2011. I soon after founded and everything changed. I have literally had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of people from all over the World. Throughout the years we have seen so many different event types come to life. Mud runs, obstacle course races, rucks, color runs, electric runs, zombie runs and many more. Have you been trying to figure out what type of runner you are? You’re not alone. There are millions of people around the world getting involved in events that promote playing like a kid again all while bettering their health. These new platforms have proven to be gateways to opening a person’s eyes to a healthier lifestyle. Reaching out to many individuals in the community, we put a lot of thought in to a term that could describe who we are. Some people described themselves as “Kind of a ‘Hybrid’ between event types.” One weekend you will be an Obstacle Course Race, next weekend will be a Color Run and following that will be a street 5k. What are you with-in this community? You are a ‘Hybrid Runner’! We hope you enjoy the first issue of Hybrid Runner. Our commitment to growing the community as a whole is what drives our team.

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My name is Jason Vazquez . I’m a competitive Obstacle Course Racer on Team Dynasty OCR. I love anything that has to do with pushing my limits, anything health and fitness related and that test my true overall fitness level. My first OCR was warrior dash 2 years ago, after that I was instantly addicted, the people, the atmosphere, the obstacles, the competition. Its an opportunity to show how far you can go and what you can do with the proper training. I’m a coach for Team Beachbody, the creators of programs like P90x and Insanity. I am passionate about helping to end the trend on obesity. To be able to help people struggling with health and fitness, helping people break down their physical limitations, creating fitness goals and conquering them, is where my passion lies. You can link up with me or any of our ELITE Team Dynasty OCR coaches at My name is Andrew, I am 28 years old. I am an outdoor and adventure enthusiast. I love anything that will challenge me and give me a rush of adrenaline. I did my first obstacle race roughly about 7 years ago when I did the Mens Health Urbanathalon in NYC. The race was 9.5 miles, which was the longest I had ever ran at the time. The second last obstacle was to climb to the top of a skyscraper 52 floors up and down. When I was there I saw people fly over the walls like it was nothing, when I felt like I was really struggling. I knew I wanted to be an elite racer one day. Years later I did my first spartan race and was hooked. I began a training regiment, running with the Regiment running group, a team of Beach Body Coaches and Team Dynasty. Through Beach Body I am able to coach people to live healthier more active lifestyles and am passionate about helping people change their lives.

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My Name is Jessica Cornell. I am a OCR enthusiast. Hooked after my first race, I began taking on one after another all throughout Florida. I quickly discovered that it’s never enough! Who would have thought every weekend you would look forward to running so much! It is so much more than running. I love my OCR family, I love my heart fluttering from my chest as I Leap into a pile of mud!, I love the feeling of dirt between my toes because I lost a shoe in the mud pit, the after run dance parties and the thrill of competition! When I am not running I thrive on a active lifestyle. kayaking, biking, tennis, volleyball, swimming, wake boarding anything that gets me moving but I always look forward to the next race.

I am Lori Cardew, a mud run enthusiast. I started running mud runs and obstacle courses about 3 years ago. With a high-stress profession, I needed an outlet to decompress; typical running was too mundane for me so I searched out something different. Warrior Dash, as with many, was my gateway to the addiction. I found myself searching for new races and challenges and covered in mud, almost every weekend thereafter. The mud runs and obstacle course races gave me an opportunity to relieve stress, a reason to train and a goal to reach for each and every race. The people I met at the races became like family, everyone competing yet encouraging and supportive. I love mud runs and obstacle course races because they engage not only your body, and test your physical limits, but also your mind. In a typical 5k you need only to physically run, your mind can be a million miles from the race, but in a mud run, you do that and you’re sunk, literally in chest deep, sticky, gooey, not getting out soon, mud. There is always a strategy, a method to crawl, creep or slip through the mud; you just have to find it. If you want a challenge, if you want to meet a ton of interesting and fun loving people, if you don’t mind getting dirty, need an outlet for stress, need exercise or just want an adventure, I strongly encourage you to try a mud run, you will be glad you did!

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Photos courtesy of Cynthia Dale of The Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce

Run or Dye meets Palm Bay, FL It’s not hard to understand the appeal that Run or Dye generates from all types. When you look at the crowds that attended this event you didn’t see runners and non-runners, you just saw people having fun. Why would you want to run a boring street race with competitors who all look so determined to do what?? To cross a finish line? Nah, personally I would much rather take a step

into a face full of colored powder! This family friendly themed 5k recently visited the BCC campus in Palm Bay, FL and was welcomed with a Huge turnout. Katie Langston, the Run or Dye Communications Director made the comment “Run of Dye is about letting go of your inhibitions, having fun, living life in full color and meeting new people.

Click here for interactive map!

People feed off of the music, the happiness and the silly costumes. What’s more, Run or Dye makes giving back to the community one of our core missions. We were thrilled to have partnered with Relay for Life for the Palm Bay event. We had about 4,000 participants at the event and we hope to come back to the area in the future. Thank you Palm Bay for an amazing time!”

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Cellucor C4 Extreme Supplement Powder Rocket fuel for your workout. Explosive energy. Intense focus. Great taste. Are you looking to bulk up, shave time off your 5k or loose a few pounds? The C4 Extreme pre-workout formula will give you the energy boost and focus you need to get those extra gains from your workout. With 8 great flavors, there is something for everyone and this supplement will get you going and keep you there. 135mg of caffeine will ensure that... but C4’s not a double espresso. It’s got the right mix of everything you need to take your workout to the next level. Check the label out for a full list of all the goodies in this pre-workout cocktail!

FitBit One - Fitness made fun Wireless syncs with your smartphone or PC automatically. Charts and graphs your progress. Earn badges, compete with friends. Looking for a better way to monitor your daily activity and reach your goals? Want to add some fun to your training, monitor your health, and stay motivated? The FitBit One does all of this in a tiny little package you can wear it just about anywhere. It tracks distance traveled, flights of stairs climbed, calories burned, total daily steps, and will even monitor the quality of your sleep. It comes with a wrist strap and belt clip, a long lasting rechargeable battery, and it will communicate with many of the leading fitness apps. You’ll be surprised at what adding this simple to use gadget will do for you.

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Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS The perfect OCR/Trail shoe for minimalist running. Light weight at under 7 oz. Nylon mesh for great water drainage. Amazing traction on all the surfaces you run on. The LS is last years model, and is a proven solution for minimalist running on OCR courses and trail runs. This year Vibram has introduced the Spyridon MR (for Mud Run). The new model has yet to be as proven as the LS model, which is a beast on and off the track. The MR version does boast a .5 mm thicker sole, and shaved off an ounce of weight. Both offer a heavy duty Rock-block to prevent those sharp rocks and roots from slowing you down. The LS is a solid minimalist shoe for OCR, Trail Running, Rock Climbing or any other adventure. With the newly re-branded Spyridon MR’s out, you can pick up a great pair of Spyridon LS at a big discount from the regular Vibram price.

Camelbak Thermobak 100oz Tactical Hydration Pack Serious hydration on the go. Mil-Spec Removable bladder 100oz (3L). Can be attached to your ruck sack or LBV. No matter what your sport, hydration is always key. The Camelbak Thermobak is the best way to bring your water along. The high quality bladder keeps your water cool even in extreme temperatures and wont leave you gagging on a plastic aftertaste. It’s rugged exterior is designed for punishment, and features a sternum strap to lock it down. No sloshing around. External filling, high capacity, hydration work horse. Check out the 5 available colors and patterns!

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You look up and

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mountain guide, the Shock Sherpa (SS) is an emerging technology that is rapidly taking root in the racing community




Invented by an electrical engineer that experienced both of the above scenarios, the SS is a collar that can be easily fastened to the wrist, ankle or neck. Similar to the electronic fence used on man’s best friend, the

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course director, the SS delivers a

pg 10

You look

would just blame the volunteers for any mishaps occurring at my race, but with the Shock Sherpa I don’t even have to throw them under the bus anymore!”

A spectator also

stated that “I can definitely see a change in attitude with the racers, you normally see people crying at the finish line at events like the Ironman, but I’ve seen that same sentiment present in just a corporate 5k now”. Another anonymous racer stated that “I don’t quite remember the details, but when I woke up I found myself being dragged back into the course by my fellow sympathetic racers.

Only then I

realized that I got lost and was able

pg 11

Some liberties were taken with these images. This image was, in fact, photoshopped. Contact Shock Sherpa for rights to reproduce.

to find my way back with the Shock

TV. Thank you Shock Sherpa TM!”

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SS is currently not available on the

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amount requested of them.”

One of the added bonuses of the Shock Sherpa TM has been witnessed at the kid’s course of certain races.

A parent stated

“My child used to be disobedient.



Will this technology become as


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“New developments I

pg 13

by Roger Smith, PhD

You have just completed an exciting course and are enjoying the camaraderie at the finish line. It feels like a perfect day of adventure. But then you hear the sirens as an ambulance pulls into the parking lot. Someone on the course is not having such a great day. If you have done a few dozen of these races you know that the most likely problem is a broken ankle from someone jumping too hard into a shallow water hole or dropping off of an obstacle. Rarely is it anything more serious. But if you are a first time runner your mind is filled with images of people being mangled, skewered, or drown on the course. These horrible visions are extremely rare. But the idea is enough to scare you away from future races. Mud runs are about overcoming fears, but not about risking disability. The injuries that occur on most courses are mild and you can do a lot to insure that they do not happen to you. In this article we will deal with six of the most common and give you steps you can take to dodge them.

Ankles twisted or broken. Obstacle courses really do challenge your ankles. These joints take a beating in any street run.

But on an obstacle course they also face uneven terrain, clambering over rope nets, jumping into mud holes, and dropping from three foot or higher obstacles. Any one of these can result in a turned foot and an injured ankle. But thousands of people finish a race without any ankle problems, so there is no reason it has to happen to you. Simple things that you can do to avoid this most common injury: Wear good terrain running shoes. Most new runners come to the race in their old worn out yard shoes. That is a mistake. These provide no support for your foot and ankle. You should wear the same shoes you would wear on any other run, preferably something for off-road terrain. Yes, these will get filthy muddy. But all of these shoes can be washed in the machine like any other piece of clothing. They come out clean and unharmed. But let them air dry, don’t put them in the dryer. You don’t think the avid runners throw their good shoes away every weekend do you? Lace your shoes firm. They should be tied tight enough to give the proper support, just like when you are running on the street. Jump with both feet. When you jump down from an obstacle or into a pit, intentionally land on

both feet at the same time. Do not lead with one foot and make it take all of the punishment. Slow down. I often turn my ankle late in a race when I am tired. There does not have to be a rock or root to step on, my muscles just get tired and let my foot come down a little tilted. Then bang, it twists sideways and I get a little surprise. This happens to everyone when they are tired. When you are not running with good form, slow down, catch your breath, and let your muscles recover a little bit. Don’t Jump. If you are significantly overweight you should avoid jumping all together. Just step, crawl, or skooch through it. At mud runs the crowd is admiring you for the effort you are putting out. They will not think badly of your precautions.

Knees sore. If you are wearing bad shoes your knees are probably going to hurt. You will feel an inner throbbing or tension. This is caused by the geometry of your legs moving and your feet hitting the ground. It is very common for people who do not run regularly and are new to mud runs. Wear good shoes. Yes, that again. Get some proper shoes for the pg 15

race. Visit a real running shop like Track Shack, Fit2Run, or Fleet Feet in Orlando. They really can help you pick the right shoe. Walk. I was running a 5 mile trail run in the wrong shoes. I started strong, but by mile 3 my knees hurt so badly that I could not run a single step. So I walked the last 2 miles, but ran the final 100 yards across the finish line. Walking usually works fine.

Shins scraped.

obstacles. When this happens it always makes the news – precisely because it is so rare. Take precautions if you find a water obstacle that is over your head. Look for the lifeguard. Before you jump in take a quick look in the water to see if you can spot the lifeguard. Major races always have someone ready to rescue people who should not be in over their heads. If it makes you feel better yell to them, wave your arm, and make sure they see you before you jump. They

battleground. After each race I check for the newest scrape, cut, or bruise. It is the price we pay for the excitement. You can reduce these injuries by wearing compression sleeves or socks that come up to your

Obstacles contain chains, ropes, and crevices that can grab your fingers and hold on even when you keep going. Slow down at an obstacle and give you mind just a few extra seconds to think about how to get over it. Never let your fingers get inside of a chain link or between the wooden supports and a rope net.

Drowned in the water. The saddest and scariest injury is drowning in one of the deep water pg 16

Wellington has written an excellent biography of her life as an athlete called A Life Without Limits. Throughout her career she admits to repeated “muppet mistakes”. These happen when she throws herself into an activity without paying attention to what she is doing. Even when she is winning an Ironman race she sometimes lets her enthusiasm get ahead of her thinking. This results

Do not be a lifeguard. If someone in the water with you is calling for help, do not try to help them unless you are a trained lifeguard. At most you can join them in calling for help.

and gashes in her skin. Don’t be a

knees. They make a big difference.

Fingers twisted or broken.

World Champion Tri-athlete Chrissy

understand that that message.

Since I have started obstacle racing my shins have turned into a little

Muppet Mistakes.

I made this mistake once. In the middle of a deep lake I stopped to help someone who was in trouble. In the process I became so exhausted and my heart rate shot up so high that I was in danger of drowning too. They had to rescue me as well. Go around. If you are not a good swimmer and the water is over your head, just go around. There is no shame in skipping an obstacle. After the near-drowning above, I continued with the race and skipped the two remaining deep water obstacles on the course. To this day I take a moment to get my heart rate under control before I jump in over my head.

in torn muscles, broken bones, “muppet”. Keep your eyes and mind on what you are doing. Slow down enough so that your mind knows what is coming up and can warn you before you crash.

Accidents Do Happen. If you take a few precautions the chances that you will be hurt in a mud run are close to zero. But, random situations still jump up occasionally and get people in spite of their best precautions. The fact that you have seen medics on the course and an ambulance in the parking lot means that the course directors are looking out for your welfare and will be there if you need them. Don’t let the very rare possibility of a minor accident scare you away from having a great time in this hobby and sport.

Dr. Roger Smith is a researcher at Florida Hospital, author, and avid mud runner. He competes with the old guys in every mud run around Central Florida. Checkout his book The New Blueprint for Fitness: Mud Run Edition available at

pg 17

King of Fruits The Durian fruit is not something widely known here in the US and for those who have heard of it will immediately go into describing its horrible and disgusting smell. But the Durian is highly liked by natives of Southeast Asia and has been described as “hell on the outside and heaven on the inside.” I personally find the smell and the taste of the Durian very enjoyable. So I’m weird, whateves. The Durian tree grows in very hot and humid environments and the tree can reach heights as tall as 164 feet, where the fruit itself can reach measurements of 12 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter and weigh roughly two to seven pounds each. The outer husk of the fruit is covered pg 18

Written by Tracy Trombley

in thick, sharp spines and is made up of sectioned pods, where each pod contains about three seeds each. Each seed is surrounded in a creamy, smooth pulp which is edible and has an indescribable smell and taste. Alfred Russel Wallace, a British naturalist, best described the Durian’s taste as follows: “A rich custard highly flavoured with almonds gives the best general idea of it, but there are occasional wafts of flavour that call to mind cream-cheese, onion-sauce, sherry-wine, and other incongruous dishes. Then there is a rich glutinous smoothness in the pulp which nothing else possesses, but which adds to its delicacy. It is neither acid nor sweet nor juicy; yet it wants neither of these qualities, for it is in itself perfect.”

Yes, perfect. Even as I write this now I’m getting the urge to run out the door and head to my nearest Asian food mart to see if they have any in stock. (Two hours later I return with two Durian fruits. SCORE!) If a person can get pass the tough outer shell and smell of the Durian, they are in for a real treat of nutritional value. This mega fruit is very low in Cholesterol and Sodium, but packs a punch for vitamins, minerals and essential fats. One cup (243g) of Durian contains ample amounts of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Thiamin, as well as Potassium and Manganese. In fact, there is 254mg more of Potassium in one cup of Durian than there is in 1 cup of mashed banana. Nice.

Because of its oh so wonderful smell, the Durian has been banned from public transportation, hotels and other areas of southeast Asian cities.

*More information about the Durian’s nutritional value can be found here:


Smooth n ia r u D Ginger n o m e L

rian 1 cup du eled ana, pe n a b d le 1 who r, grate e g in g h on fres 1 teaspo mon n cinna o o p s a e 1 t ice lemon ju f o e z a squee r f wate o s e nd on c n 8 ou hen ble t d n a . nts ingredie ly mixed h ll a g u d o d r o A nd th eamy a r r to c il t n r ginge o / high u d n a on ional lem it d d a d Ad . desired taste, if

pg 19

Can I do a mud run?

Mud Runs

ce that in ra y n a r fo d d run” is use u The term “mu ling through m w ra c r o g in m , sliding, swim g in p ip lly non-co a sl su u e al H re a e ri e au L m by na s a lot of e Mud Run ce fa th at e c th ra n b o ti m e es u competing for n a th r This is a q e th ra le n er done an obstac s on having fu ev u n c e fo av t h a o dered mud h th si w n le o p c e peo b l il t w ts ugh ller local even efore. Just the tho a b n sm ru e d u th m r f o o ce And they are ra s. n h g ru u o n en fu e b d miles can ar them calle e h n e v of running three e h simple ob ure throug h ss it re w p t a d fl o lo ly b st r o u m to send yo of a mud run is t in u e B rs u s. o c ve e er n Th r u yo onsist of small c ay y ll fr a d su an u f s o le ro c a e st th s f the course. Ob iles you can o m rt 3 a k p al s w a n ca u le balance beam p m si s, reality, if yo e b tu e t ar rg ling through la le race! The best p w ac st ra b c o nal.  There is n an o te ti le p p o m ly co te le p m n o c ca of events is you the obstacles are ll es p  A ty s. e it p mud runs es th st o t u m o f ab o e c n ta d is An obstacles.  The d ow as you want. g sl in as p r ip o sk st r fa fo as o r Dash, Dirty g io rr a W le : ac e d st b lu o c an in s in skipping miles). Example .1 (3 K 5 there is no shame is nting. One thing au d o to s em se at th out of your en k ta e b l il w u yo for sure ill leave with w u yo t u B e. n comfort zo lishment and p m co ac f o se n a huge se complished. ac e av h u yo at h w pride from r more competit fo d se u rm te a is Obstacle racing ed st run. Not all re d te u in m a ly te o an m th re cles If you are even re intense obsta o m u yo ce ra t rs lly have mud in fi a r su u u yo o d r fo at p th u es g on in signin mud.   And the tions rity es u q f o s d re d n u ud on the majo m e av h an th probably have h obstacle rather head, and you r u yo in cle cannot be co a d n st u b o o ar an if y swirling lt a is usually a pen art. It can be st to more adv e er h w w ra d re to s d aren’t su ten ore signing up bstacle racing ef B O . g in m el h rw themselves b e g en very ove ll a ch , n o to p you see on Grou are looking ally time su u e for the first race ar s ce es ra p acle the different ty physically. Obst let’s break down ther special m ei u h yo it w ce n d O en e. out ther awarded at the of races that are athon length ar m e b to l p il u w K u 5 yo m o e fr ifference bstacle races rang O understand the d n io is ec les found at these d ac st ed b o rm e fo Th in . lt re o cu able to make a m usually more diffi to ce ra about their m t t rs as fi o b r s u ce yo ra t y an an w M about what you military training. in se u l il w le p high walls, rop peo er at v o th g d in n b fi l im il cl w be. You which range from But as pin . ly b ea g an h rc te bed wire and jum ar b er d n u g n these names in li objects, craw l very different. al e ar ey Mudder, Hard th h e g se u o l T , ce a you wil R include: Spartan

Obstacle Races

pg 20

g, nvolves runnin at ud. Events th nts ompetitive eve st best time.   Mo may d runs.   You n. just that – fu plete bstacles to com over, l walls to climb mud and of course, enalty no pressure or p than will be no more Race. Girl and R.O.C.

have tive events that have l obstacle races hin an ncorporated wit There of the course. sfully. ompleted succes who vanced athletes and both mentally s are ed, and winner prizes. medals or cash used is hs, and the terrain ose used e are similar to th obstacles military-inspired g heavy pe climbs, carryin Examples ng through fire. as Race. Charge and Atl pg 21

Rucks Ruck events are team challenges that offer civilians a taste of Special Operations military training. These are usually completed while wearing a weighted rucksack (military style backpack). The main goal of these events is to teach teamwork, leadership, and communication. Rucks can vary in length and difficulty lasting a few hours to over 24 hours. Each type of ruck will challenge each participant both mentally and physically. The group must work together to complete challenges given to them by the cadre, who is usually a member of military special forces. The goal of each event is to have everyone truly understand the meaning of teamwork and to become a team through completing difficult mission-based scenarios. Examples include: GORUCK, The Suck, S.E.R.E. Challenge and SISU F.O.R.G.E.

themed runs Themed runs usually have no mud at all and very few have obstacles. Usually half of the participants walk the course, so there is no competitive side of these events. There are a multitude of themes that range from black light night runs, color runs, bubble runs, slime runs‌the themes are limitless. Themed runs usually are 5K and have stations along the course where you will encounter the themed component. These are usually promoted as family friendly events offering free admission for young children. Examples include: The Color Run, Electric Run, Black Light Run, and Bubble Run.

pg 22

Adventure Races Adventure racing gets lumped into the mud run and obstacle racing category, but it is very different. The key components of adventure racing are navigation, cross-country running, mountain biking, paddling and climbing. These are team events and can be as little as a few hours or as long as 10 days. Success is usually based on the ability to just complete the race rather than being the fastest.  Examples include: Krell, Primal Quest, GODZone Adventure Race and Eco-Endurance Challenge.

pg 23

Now that you have an idea of all the types of events that are out there, it’s time to find one that is most appealing. These events are the most fun when doing it as a group, so create a team and start recruiting your friends. Even though you don’t have to be in the best shape to do a mud run or obstacle race, it’s a good idea to do some basic training. If you are just starting out, start by walking a little each day until you are comfortable with walking 3 miles. When you are ready for more of a challenge you can start interval training with some light jogging and walking. Couch to 5K is a great app that will help you with your running. Upper body strength is also a good thing to work on. Planks, push-ups and tricep dips are a good start. If you go to your local playground or fit park you will find other great ways to use your own bodyweight to help you train. The best thing about any of the events mentioned is no matter what your fitness level, you can do it! It may take you longer than someone who is in great shape, but you can still make it through. Don’t be intimidated by all the photos of super buff men and women at these races. That’s only about 10% of the people there. The other 90% are everyday people out to challenge themselves and have a great time. There is nothing better than stepping out of your comfort zone and proving you are capable of more than you ever imagined!

pg 24

pg 25

While attending the University of Florida, Tripp Prevatt met Sean Hall through a program called Best Buddies. The program helps match children with disabilities with students at the university to become a support system to them through the entirety of the school year. Students are asked to spend time with the person they are matched with, to build a relationship, and to help provide a loving and supportive friendship to their buddy. Sean was a different story, as he’d never seemed to have good luck with the buddy he’d been matched with. The prior two individuals

when receiving the medals that Tripp

soon became Tripp’s goal to help Sean

who had been assigned to him rarely

had collected for him. Tripp made a

experience a Spartan Race in person.

made contact, leaving Sean with little

promise to himself to do everything in

And thus the planning began. The race

to no support from a peer. So The club

his power to ensure that he never let

series would soon be hosting it’s event

approached Tripp with this request to

Sean down, and to help bring joy and

in Miami, an eight and half mile Super

provide Sean with the partnership he so

happiness to Sean’s life in any way that

consisting of miles of beautiful trails and


he could.

challenging obstacles. Getting Sean to

Once Sean became a part of Tripp’s life, Tripp made the decision to go out of his way to make a positive impact on Sean. Sean has especially taken a fondness of hearing all about the many races that Tripp completed, specifically the obstacle races. Because of this, Tripp decided to begin running two laps of each race he signed up for; once for himself, and once for Sean. Tripp loved

Sean especially loved hearing about Tripp’s racing experiences, which lead Tripp to began bringing Sean with him to races. He began helping Sean

a Spartan Race was planned secretly through a group created on Facebook, and was intended to be the surprise of a lifetime for the eager boy.

participate in smaller events so he could

Plans were made, a team of volunteers

earn his own medals. They began with

formed, eager to help escort Sean

a 5k at the zoo, Tripp pushed Sean in

through the treacherous course on his

his wheelchair and they were elated to

wheelchair, and when race day arrived,

finish the race as 1st and 2nd in their age

Tripp had the pleasure of watching on

group. Tripp describes Sean as “a huge

as his best buddy was able to become a

force in my life now and can never be


replaced. He is such a motivation for me and such an inspiration to me because no matter what happens he never gives up and I will never give up on him.”

I was able to catch up with Tripp after the race, interested to hear his thoughts on the experience. He shared with me his reflections on a memorable race

the joy that Sean gained from being

Sean especially loved the stories that

completed with a good friend, and a

included in Tripp’s racing experiences,

Tripp brought back from the Spartan

great team of people.

and the excitement that Sean displayed

Races that he’d completed, and it pg 27

“Upon arriving to the race [I hoped] that it would go smoothly and that we could do every obstacle... I was super nervous because Sean had never done anything even close to this before. By far the most difficult aspect of the race was all the trails that he couldn’t ride through. We had to carry him for way over half the race because his chair just couldn’t be wheeled all that way. The swim across the river was pretty tough as well. We strapped a life vest on [Sean] and I held him from the back and someone was facing his chest while we swam and pulled our way across the river. It was extremely scary for him and he was worried, but I was talking in his ear, telling him “I gotcha” and “almost there” the whole time. To be honest I was scared for him. Another hard obstacle that we faced was the mounds of dirt with water in between… I let sean slide himself down and we carried him back to the top of the next dirt mound. Each mile was taking a toll on us mentally as well.. tensions were pretty stretched come mile 6. It literally seemed like forever in those woods. Every now and then we would stop and give him a break, but honestly he was a trooper the whole time. When the spear throw came… I gave Sean a spear and told everyone to stop throwing, wheeled him up there and he jabbed [his spear] into the hay. My favorite memory of the event [was] the finish. Everyone at the finish line [was] cheering us on, shouting for Sean. [It was great to see] my best buddy smiling, everyone just screaming and yelling for Sean to finish the race. Sean will be getting his trifecta this year, [by participating] in South Carolina and Mississippi… we are definitely running more races!” Plans are now well underway as Tripp and Sean eagerly anticipate two more epic Spartan Race experiences this year. They are determined to earn the coveted Trifecta as a team, and are enjoying the adventure that has created a deep bond of friendship. They are determined to prove that no matter what may stand in your way, you truly can achieve amazing feats with the help of a true friend.

~Holly Joy Berkey

Kudos to Tripp & Sean on their amazing journey. I look

forward to congratulating you both once your trifecta has been earned! pg 28

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pg 29

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