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Movie Review: “3:10 to Yuma”

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By Carly Cummings

“3:10 to Yuma”, directed by James Mangold ( “Walk the Line”), is receiving rave reviews from critics, is at the top of the box office, and is a film that shouldn’t be missed by anyone. “3:10 to Yuma” is an action-packed Western remake about a rancher, Dan Evans (Christian Bale) who is trying to help his family’s financial situation and gain some honor at the same time by escorting a famous gang leader, Ben Wade (Russell Crowe), to a prison train. Although the target audience of this film is clearly men, among the shooting and typical western gang fighting, there is a story that women can relate to as well. The film starts by laying out the hardships that Dan Evans and his family are enduring. With a railroad forcing its way onto his land, a drought, and a rebellious son, Evans is at his wits end when he is offered 200 dollars for joining a group whose goal is to escort the famous criminal, Ben Wade, onto the 3:10 train to Yuma. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task considering that Wade’s gang is on their trail trying to free their notorious leader. As the journey becomes more difficult with members of the escort being picked off one-by-one, Wade and Evans strange relationship begins to develop as well as their characters. The Western theme is played out wonderfully with very believable costumes and props, and the fighting, although still very violent, is a refreshing change to modern action scenes. It’s the kind of movie where you are cheering for the bad guy to win and you become emotionally attached to the characters, which is very important to making the film stretch beyond mindless action. Wade’s quick, witty comments help keep the film light and add humor where it is needed as well. All of the characters are really interesting and are a strong point of the film due to great acting. Although Crowe turns out a great performance, as he usually does, I feel that Christian Bale really shines as the poor, determined rancher. His character has a depth that Crowe’s character lacks, although both men reveal unexpected sides of their personalities, including the fact that Wade has an artistic side. Ben Foster also gives an excellent performance as Crowe’s cruel sideman Charlie Prince who doesn’t show any forgiving aspects of his personality like Wade. Overall the movie is really entertaining, with an interesting and engaging plot as well as action and humor to spice it up. This is a great date compromise with plenty of action for the boys, but with a meaningful plot and great acting that everyone can appreciate. Photo Courtsey of

Bringing Classy Back to Geneva Pete Mitchell’s Lastest Venture Halseys Restaurant Appears on the Scene By Rebecca Dennee Op-Ed Editor Pete Mitchell, owner of Parker’s Pub, recently opened Halsey’s, an up-scale restaurant, located on Seneca Street in downtown Geneva. Surrounded by Heavy’s, the local college bar, and Mark’s, a casual college pizza place, Halsey’s brings a new vibe to the community. It is not yet a huge hit, after all, prices are slightly higher than the average college student can afford. However, Halsey’s offers the perfect location for returning alum, professors, and relatives of HWS students. The restaurant is also a great setting for a fancy dinner meeting, special occasion, or even splurging for a nice date. The price of entrees ranges from $18 to $30, while unfavorable for everyday dining; having the option of a nice meal closer to campus is an advantage for both the school and town. The layout of the restaurant is quaint, with two floors of tables keeping the atmosphere intimate without feeling too crowded. The

ceiling is immaculate, finished with golden panels, giving the interior an old-world feel. The appetizers are an interesting mix of seafood with dishes ranging from calamari and shrimp to crab cakes. The salads offered are more varied and are sure to have something for most everyone. The entrée selection was typical of refined American cuisine, with chicken, pork, steak, pasta,

and fish. We ordered the stuffed chicken, filet mignon, and the marlin special; overall, the food was very good. The chicken was stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and sun dried tomatoes with a simple risotto and asparagus. The chicken very good, our only complaint was somewhat

overpowering flavor of the tomatoes. The filet, with a bourbon sauce, was served with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. Although the sauce was strong, the sides helped to balance the flavors out nicely. Our wild card entrée was marlin decorated with peach chutney and wild rice. The combination of peaches and fish was very sweet. For dessert, a flourless chocolate cake, and peanut butter pie were enough to fulfill any chocolate lovers dream. The cake was rich and smooth, with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The peanut butter pie was light and fluffy with a shaved chocolate to decorate the plate. Overall, the meal received 3.5 out 5 stars. And for those in the 21+ crowd looking for a fine wine, Halsey’s boasted an extensive wine list with a variety of reds and whites. The servers have a broad knowledge of wines, and are willing to help in your selection. The waiters were very friendly, and attentive. On the whole, the service earned 4 out of 5 stars. If you are looking for a nice meal with your parents, an intimate date or celebrating a special event, Halsey’s is the place to dine!

  

               

 

 


         

  



    




 

  

       

 

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