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Spring/Summer Programming

Work Life-Programming & Support............................................................. 2 Wellness-Group Exercise............................................................................. 3 Wellness-Programming............................................................................... 4 Wellness-On Going Support........................................................................ 5

HEALTHY CHOICES INCENTIVE PROGRAM The purpose of the Healthy Choices program is to encourage and support healthy lifestyle behaviors for GVSU faculty, staff, spouses, and household members through outreach and participation in yearlong programming and events. Healthy Choices is designed to provide flexibility to choose health and wellness topics specific to individual needs and interests. All programs and events listed in the spring and summer calendar qualify as activities toward your Healthy Choices quarterly activities! Self-report two (2) activities each quarter to qualify for your incentive! 1st Quarter deadline May 1 at midnight 2nd Quarter deadline: July 31 at midnight How to self-report my activities Healthy Choices program details

“There is not a better time to improve or maintain good health than right now. Join me as I take action to live better with the Healthy Choices incentive program. Living healthy lives ensures we can do what we do best every day: educating students to shape their lives, professions, and societies.” ~Thomas J. Haas President, Grand Valley State University

Visit the Healthy Choices webpage for more information

What’s Inside

Farmer’s Market.......................................................................................... 1

Farmer ’s Market

June 6 - September 26 Parking Lot F Wednesdays 10:00 am to 1:30 pm Market Walk June 6th: 11:30 am Parking Lot F

Kick off the summer and farmer’s market season with a walk! Get outdoors and get moving with fellow students, faculty and staff members and finish the walk back at market for some music, food and fun! Campus dining will be providing lunches at the market for a minimal cost or sit in and try samples from the FREE cooking demo, “The Flexitarian”, presented by the Kent County Health Department.


Maisey’s Pies Cups of Cake Dognip Bones Goen’s Produce Ham Family Farm The Great Bread Co. Marne Jerky Frozen Creek Farms Lindberg Blueberries* Happy Jack’s Kettle Korn Engelsma Honey Engelsma Orchard* Farm Country Cheese Fresh Flowers by Inge Michigan Butterflies Healthy Pantry Bars GVSU Nursing Students


Community Garden Village Baker Famers MarketFriday’s in Spring Lake

Visit the Farmer’s Market Webpage for more information



Do you want to find the perfect summer camp for your son or daughter? Then let GVSU Work Life Connections help! Visit the Health and Wellness website, go to Work Life Connections, and click on Summer Camps for a listing of local camps and summer programs . Make it a great summer for you and your family!

Work Life-

12-1:00 pm May 8th KC 2215/2216 “There’s nothing interesting about looking perfect—you lose the point. You want what you’re wearing to say something about you, about who you are.” -Emma Watson Have you ever considered consignment shopping? Whether you are an avid consignment shopper or have never considered walking into a consignment shop, then please join us for a fashion show featuring Red Door Consignment in Allendale, Michigan. Find out how you can shop for your favorite styles and save money too!

Summer Camps

Programming & Support

Fashion Show for the Budget Conscious

Encompass & Work Place Options

Is your link to information, resources, support, and referrals on most any concern that you may experience, whether personal or work related. Faculty, staff and their dependents are eligible for free counseling sessions and referral services for elder care, legal and financial services, and more. or (616) 459-9180 Login: GVSU “I won’t let tragedy define who I am” -Valerie Stoezel, Concerts and Arts Information Coordinator

GVSU Alzheimer’s Support Group 11:30-12:30 pm The third Thursday of every month KC2264 No two people experience Alzheimer’s disease in the same way. As a result, there’s no one approach to care giving or supporting a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Handling all of the duties involved can be hard work. But by networking with others experiencing some of the same challenges, you can gain support and knowledge on how to best support your loved one with Alzheimer’s. Facilitated by Dr. Cindy Beel-Bates, KCON and Sue Sloop, Work Life Connections.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Have you ever thought of a flexible work schedule for the summer? Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) can provide you with the opportunity to design a flexible schedule that works for both you and your department. For more information, visit

Register for sessions at unless otherwise indicated

2 5

Registration: Spring Session: April 9-April 27 Summer Session: June 4-June 22

Summer Session: June 25-August 17

Spouses & Household Members: (616) 331-2215

Classes are open to faculty, staff, spouses, and household members. Exercises are modified to meet each participants’ fitness level.

Payment is made online during registration


April 30-June 22

Wellness Group

Spring Session:

Minimum of 10 participants must be registered for a class in order to run.

Spring/Summer Schedule C lass

C ampus

















Sunrise SPIN






Spin Fusion




FH Spin


Boot Camp





First Step Fitness










Lindsey Mov Science Intern Janitza




12:00-12:45 pm



Total Body Sculpt


T or TH










Boot Camp




WH Fitness Room

First Step Fitness




WH Fitness Room




5:30-6: 15pm

WH 205

Lee/Beth Mov Science Intern Beth

“It’s not just a workout when I attend classes, but it’s a means of socialization. For me, taking classes offered on the Pew Campus is fun! I don’t even look at it like it’s a workout,” - Tara Bivens, Benefit Specialist

Visit for additional class details and fees



May 14-18 Bike, ride and walk to win! GVSU Faculty and staff track their daily forms of alternative transportation online and compete against other West Michigan organizations (Steelcase, Amway and Metro Health to name a few!) to win!

Connecting Campuses Ride

Ride from Allendale to Pew or vice versa! This bike ride begins at either the Alumni House or Bike Factory Building. Riders have the option to do a 6-, 13- or 26-mile ride. There is no cost to participate. Register for the ride online at and click on the Active Commute Week button starting May 1.

ACT Live Event

May 18, 4:30-7:30p The Rapid Central Station hosts live bands, food, free bike tune ups, and trophy presentations for the Active Commute Challenge winners.


Active Commute Week

Registration and additional details can be found at

Fruit and Veggie Challenge

Summertime Steps

May 30-August 31 Step at your own pace and win! For each day that you take at least 10,000 steps, check off one star on your 14-star punch card. When the card is complete, send it or drop it off at the Human Resources front desk for a chance to win prizes. The more cards you complete the more chances to win the monthly drawings! Cards are available online on May 30th

Good Form Running Workshop

May 9 DeVos 121E 1-2 pm Allendale KC1142 4-5 pm Gazelle Sports will be on site to teach you the four simple but highly effective points that will help you transform into a more efficient, healthy runner. By mastering these points, you will be able to run faster, easier, and most importantly injury free. You will have the opportunity to have your gait analyzed on camera and have the chance to practice the Good Form technique which will dramatically effect your running form.

June 6-July 11 We all know that fruits and vegetables add important nutrition to our diets. But how much should we eat? And how can we make this nutrition stuff easier, tastier and more enjoyable? This 6 week challenge will encourage participants to eat more fruits and vegetables. Get weekly recipes, nutritional information and practical how to tips. Each week, participants will receive a new goal to meet and qualify for prizes! To register go to and click on the Health and Wellness link.

Cooking Class Series

12-1pm, Farmer’s Market Lot F (Inclement weather TBD KC) Learn to eat right and live well! The Kent County Health Department presents three opportunities to get creative in the kitchen in this FREE cooking class series. Sign up for one or all three! June 6-The Flexitarian July 11-Kids in the Kitchen August 15-Salad as a Meal

Visit for more information


Nurse Line is a 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-aweek nurse telephone line that is completely confidential. When you call, you may choose to speak with a registered nurse or access the audio health library containing over 1,100 topics such as physical and emotional conditions, procedures, medications, men’s and women’s health, children’s health, and much more. Call 1-888-867-4850 Nurse Line services are provided as part of the base and enhanced PPO plans at no additional cost to the members.

Maternity Management

Plan members who enroll in the UMR Maternity Management program will receive a phone call from a supportive, experienced nurse each trimester. Participation is voluntary and confidential. There’s no cost and there’s an incentive gift for enrolling in the first or second trimester. If you’re pregnant and on the base or enhanced benefits plans, enroll today at


On Going Support

24 Hour NurseLine

Health Coaching Services

Wellness classes, support and coaching services are available at no cost through your medical insurance provider. Contact your PPO or HMO for a schedule and resources. or 1-800-207-7680 What is a health coach and why would I want one?

Weight Watchers at Work

Weight Watchers ® is a smarter way to eat and live because it works with your life instead of against it!You’ll learn how to have a healthy relationship with food so you can finally lose the weight without losing your life. Find weight-loss success right at work with Weight Watchers. You can join your current Weight Watchers at Work meeting series at any time. Enroll online at Health and Wellness

“The key is to want to make a change!” -Rita Kohrman, Education Librarian

GVSU Health and Wellness continues to offer up to $120.00 taxable incentive for participation in the on-campus series!

Visit for more information



Work Life

(616) 331-2215 For more information:


To register:

2012 Spring/Summer Programming  

2012 Health and Wellness Events Catalog

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