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Na Mea Hou The latest news from Parker School June - July 2012

Excellence - Integrity - Compassion Our Mission Parker School provides a college-preparatory experience in a small-school setting where students develop academically while exploring their individual talents.

Congratulations, Class of 2012!

Encouraging the Search for Knowledge

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36th Graduating Class of Parker School

Waimea Town Market at Parker School Saturday mornings from 8 am to 12 pm Ahualoa Farm Alaska Wild Salmon* Baron von App Wood Art Big Island Fruitsicles Clarissa Passos Art Downes Grounds Coffee Farm Elemental Plants Hawaii White Mountain Farm Hawaiian B Natural Farms Hawaiian Homegrown Wool Healing Touch Massage Honomu Jams

Island Herbal Island Thyme** Islandwide Solar Kalakoa Kookies Kekela Farms Mai Bacon Manowaiopae Homestead Farm Mi Ranchito Ohana Pies Poppas’ Orchids R & R Gourmet Sandwich Isle Bread

Sunrise Farm Sweet Nuts Tabouli Tea Hawaii The Candy Man True Hawaiian Blue Whole Better Health Drinks Woods Catering * fishing until September ** second and fourth weeks of month

Class of 2012

Nicholas Abarcar Victoria Andrade-McKeehan Desire’e Ashley Thomas Baldwin Emily Boehm Helena Bohannan

Hayden Cross Gian Dominic DeAntonio Erika Hannon Kira Harada-Stone Cary Hoy Geoffrey Inaba

Kieran Najita, Salutatorian

Naheani Kauahi Shotaro Kume Thomas Long Caitlyn Mendes Anna Moritz Darcy Mulligan

Kieran Najita Tyler Saito Jesse Tarnas Marit Winborne

Jesse Tarnas, Valedictorian

Senior Awards Parker School Trustees’ Award, Kai Inaba Personal Achievement Award, Thomas Baldwin, Emily Boehm Richard Smart Award for Academic Excellence, Jesse Tarnas Longevity Award, Hayden Cross, Erika Hannon, Kira Harada-Stone, Kai Inaba, Shotaro Kume, Darcy Mulligan, Kieran Najita, Tyler Saito, Jesse Tarnas Headmaster’s Award, Marit Winborne

Na Mea Hou

Scholar Athlete Award, Jesse Tarnas, Marit Winborne Athlete of the Year Award, Shotaro Kume, Marit Winborne Career Achievement in the Performing Arts, Jesse Tarnas Career Achievement in the Visual Arts, Emily Boehm Valedictorian, Jesse Tarnas Salutatorian, Kieran Najita

Spaces still available: A Jeep Trip to Kealapu’ali, “Path of the Warrior” Saturday, September 15, 2012 • Cost: $100 per person (adults only please)

The trip will take you up the slope of Hualalai through the Palani Ranch lands of Kamalumalu, criss-crossing the path of the old Judd Trail, to Kealapu’ali (meaning “Path of the Warrior”). At an elevation of 4,500 feet, Kealapu’ali is a complex of old wooden structures thought to be the oldest wooden buildings on the island. Once an old sheep station, this location was visited by Isabella Bird during her stay in the Sandwich Isles in 1873. This spot’s fascinating history takes us through the years when Kealapu’ali became a very prosperous dairy for H.N. Greenwell. The knowledgeable and entertaining Maile Melrose, dressed in period clothing, will be your guide and historical interpreter. Refreshments and a hot BBQ lunch provided. Presented to you with aloha by the Craven, Greenwell and Melrose families in participation with the Kona Historical Society.

Contact Jennifer Schack at 808-885-8309 or for tickets and information.

Parker School’s Yearbook Wins Publishing Awards Parker School’s 2011-2012 yearbook won three awards in the Herff Jones Publishing Hawaii yearbook contest. The high school yearbook staff was pleased to win the categories of Best Photography, Best Captions and Copy, and the Perfect Production Award (given to schools with no late deadlines). English teacher and yearbook supervisor, Gillian Culff said, “We had a staff of only nine students, and we work for just the first two trimesters of the school year (through the end of February), so this was quite an accomplishment for our team.”

Foundation for the Future Campaign Update The Foundation for the Future Campaign has been a success! The $500,000, twenty-month campaign has provided much needed updates to the campus. A regulation-sized soccer field, finished months before schedule, has hosted many soccer matches since November. Work is underway on both the First Hawaiian Bank Media Studio and the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation Center in honor of John C. Baldwin. The theatre upgrade will be completed in July. The campaign also funded the 2010-2011 and 20112012 Funds for Education, Parker’s Annual Fund. Mahalo to all our partners in the campaign; we couldn’t have done it without you. The new facilities will be celebrated with receptions in the fall. Please contact Jennifer Schack at 885-8309 for further information.

Speaker Series Hosts Alumni Panel

Parker School graduates, Mimi Kerley ’91, Darius Monsef ’99 and Ethan Tweedie ’85 visited the campus on May 3rd to talk with the junior and senior classes about what to expect after graduation. The three-person panel shared their individual experiences and offered tips to the students transitioning to college and beyond. The panel was the last installment of the Parker School Speaker Series for the 2011-2012 school year. The series, started by Rea Callender in September of 2005, has served as an excellent professional development opportunity for Parker students, bringing many well known artists, scientists, business people and entrepreneurs to the school’s stage to share their stories of success, determination, dedication and the importance of following one’s dream.

June - July, 2012

8th Grade Graduation - Class of 2016

Erika Kasberg, Salutatorian

Lorenzo Arnouts Dashiell Cotton Garrett Davis Garrison Davis Riley Decker

Na Mea Hou

Kevin Grace, Valedictorian

Kevin Grace Julie Gregg Carolyn Hiller Erika Kasberg Marlo C. B. Mundon

Sivan Najita Skyler Pleuss Harmony Ring No’eau Simeona Ryan Touchet

Kyra Vidosh Skye Waipa Kiana Ward Thea Woodward

5th Grade Graduation - Class of 2019 Class Speakers: Annika Berezney, Moving On Zoe Vann, My Parker School Experience

Trevor Bastien Annika Berezney Lindy Billhardt Conner Brown Gavin Cairns

Ku’uleialoha A. W. Ka’aukai Poeherenui Karsin Colin Klimt Jacob Mead Sara AB Mundon

Audrey Louise Nixon Masen Note Scout Paret Cloe Parks Marina Plock

William Touchet Zoe Vann

June - July, 2012

General Awards Book Awards

Elective Awards

Science Awards

Wellesley, Olivia Armandroff

Yoga, Marit Winborne

Life Science 6th/7th Grade, Owen Matsuda

Mt. Holyoke, Sarah Willey

Student Council, Tyler Saito

Earth Science 6th/7th Grade, Kawena Ching

University of Penn., Tyler McCullough

Student Council, Kai Inaba

Earth Science 6/7th Grade, Kirk Hubbard

Yale, Aidan Wharton

Yearbook Editor-in-Chief

Physical Science 8th Grade, Carrie Hiller

2012, Darcy Mulligan

Physical Science 8th Grade, Kevin Grace

Brown University, Paul Gregg

Yoga, Victoria Andrade-McKeehan

Life Science 6th/7th Grade, Jaipal Brar

Biology, Josh Yost

English Awards

English 6, Lucy Callender English 7, Sumika Helffrich English 7, Zoe Mercer

Biology, Aolani Peiper

History Awards

Honors Biology, Jaren Ashcraft Honors Biology, Maia Tarnas

History 6, Kirk Hubbard

Marine Science, Sarah Willey

English 7, Shelby Alligood

History 7, Sumika Helffrich

Marine Science, Darcy Mulligan

English 7, Julia Lee

History 7, Kyra Matsuda

Chemistry, Grant Nair

English 7, Kyra Matsuda

History 8, Carrie Hiller

Chemistry, Lysha Matsunobu

English 8, Kevin Grace

World Hist., Madyson Harper

AP Chemistry, Jesse Burns

Valedictorian-12th grade, Jesse Tarnas

English 9, Madyson Harper

World Hist., Mia Scibelli

AP Chemistry, Anastasiya Polishchuk

Salutatorian-12th grade, Kieran Najita

English 9 Honors, Maia Tarnas

Honors World Hist., Maia Tarnas

Project Physics, Kai Inaba

Valedictorian-8th grade, Kevin Grace

English 10, Keoni Beaton

Honors World Hist., Kosuke Kume

Project Physics, Stephanie Janovsky

Salutatorian-8th grade, Erika Kasberg

English 10, Emily Whitfield

Honors World Hist., Jaren Ashcraft

Honors Physics, Aidan Wharton

Mie Kim Najita Award, Brianna Dodds

English 10 Honors, Mia Davis

Western Civ. Honors, Kyley Nishimura

Honors Physics, Paul Gregg

The Richard Smart Junior Award

English 10 Honors, Lysha Matsunobu

Western Civ. Honors, Lysha Matsunobu

Anatomy & Physiology, Jesse Tarnas

for Excellence, Paul Gregg

English 11, Rin Zhou

Hawaiian Hist., Nohili Thompson

Anatomy & Physiology, Shotaro Kume

The Aviles and Stover Fund for Sci-

English 11, Briana Dodds

Hawaiian Hist., Lysha Matsunobu

ence, Tawny Bright

English 11, Lauren Sweere

AP European Hist., Kieran Najita

Irma Packard/Norman Scholship, Wyatt Mangel

English 12, Thomas Long

AP European Hist., Anastasiya Polishchuck

100 Hours Student Service Award,

English 12, Darcy Mulligan

U. S. Hist., Rin Zhou

Spanish A, Owen Matsuda

Anastasiya Polishchuk

AP Lang. & Comp., Jesse Tarnas

U. S. Hist., Caity Mendes

Spanish B, Julia Lee

Above and Beyond Student Tutor, Cody Brown

AP Lit. & Comp., Paul Gregg

U. S. Hist., Jesse Burns

Spanish B, Lucy Callender

History & English, Anastasiya Polishchuck

Spanish 2A, Kevin Grace

Visual Arts 6, Fanny Arnouts

Sociology, Darcy Mulligan

Spanish 2A, Julie Gregg

Visual Arts 6, Zach Kaufmann

Sociology, Shotaro Kume

Spanish 2A, Erika Kasberg

Leadership Award, Tyler Saito

Visual Arts 7, Julia Lee

Sociology, Kieran Najita

Spanish 1, Mia Scibelli

Leadership Award, Victo-

Visual Arts 7, Nate Biondi

Sociology, Kira Harada-Stone

Spanish 1, Aolani Peiper

ria Andrade-McKeehan

Visual Arts 8, Kevin Grace

Most Valuable Debater, Jesse Tarnas

Visual Arts 8, Kyra Vidosh

Most Valuable Debater, Emilie Skladzien

Performing Arts 6, Sophia Kauffman

Most Valuable Debater, Elliott Jacobson Top Debater-Middle School, Kevin Grace

Special Awards

Above and Beyond Student Tutor, Lysha Matsunobu Fine Arts Awards

Debate Awards


Spanish Awards

Spanish A, Hunter Weigle

Spanish 2, Mitchell Hijirida Spanish 2, Wyatt Mangel

Math Skills, Kieran Wiese-Gibson

Spanish 2, Larissa Bolstad-Urquhart

Performing Arts 7, Bethany Trusel

Math Skills, Lucy Callender

Spanish 2B, Maia Tarnas

Performing Arts 8, Julie Gregg

Math Foundations, Alissa Mullin

Spanish 2B, Anastasiya Polishcuk

Dance, Madyson Harper

Math Foundations, Fanny Arnouts

Spanish 3, Kyley Nishimura

Journalism/Podcast, Kieran Najita

Pre-Algebra, Bethany Trussel

Spanish 3, Lysha Matsunobu

P.E. Grade 6, Jaipal Brar

Journalism/Podcast, Anna Moritz

Pre-Algebra, Kirk Hubbard

Spanish 4, Lauren Sweere

P.E. Grade 6, Finn Simmersbach

Creative Writing, Megan Yost

Algebra 1, Larissa Bolstad-Urquhart

Spanish 4, Jesse Burns

P.E. Grade 7, Taylor Doherty

Pottery, Sam Keliihoomalu

Algebra 1, Erika Kasberg

Spanish 5, Jesse Tarnas

P.E. Grade 7, Ben Miller

2-Dimensional Art, Shotaro Kume

Geometry, Ryan Touchet

Spanish 5, Marit Winborne

P.E. Grade 8, Skyler Pleuss

AP 2-D Art, Emily Boehm

Geometry, Mia Scibelli

P.E. Grade 8, Riley Decker

3-D Art, Jaren Ashcraft

Algebra 2, Tawny Bright

Conditioning, Luke Potter

3-D Art, Kyley Nishimura

Algebra 2 & Trig, Rachel Dunn

Conditioning, Kosuke Kume

AP 3-D Art, Nondi Lampkin

Algebra 2 & Trig, Maia Tarnas

AP Drawing, Gian DeAntonio

Pre-Calculus, Grant Nair

Rock Band, Nya Rose Phillips

Pre-Calculus, Lysha Matsunobu

Rock Band, Alex Guske

AP Calculus AB, Paul Gregg

Rock Band, Kyley Nishimura

AP Calculus AB, Anastasiya Polishchuk

Physical Education Awards

Songwriting, Rachel Dunn

Na Mea Hou

Arts Gala Night Awards Visual Arts

Performing Arts

The David Hockney Award for best in drawing, Gian DeAntonio

Career Achievement in Performing Arts, Jesse Tarnas

The Kandinsky Award for best in imaginative work, Rachel Dunn The Ansel Adams Award for best in nature photography, Emily Whitfield


The Vincent Van Gogh Award for the best use of color to express emotion, Emily Boehm


The Creative Visionary Photography Award, Brieanah Gouveia

Best Supporting Actor, Nick Abarcar

The Michelangelo Award for best in figurative sculpture, Nondi Lampkin

Best Supporting Actress, Kawena Ching

The Maria Montoya Martinez Award for best clay vessel, Allen Bond

Best Actor, Jesse Tarnas

The Magdalena Abakanowics Award for best conceptual art, Kai Inaba

Best Actress, Olivia Armandroff

The Judy Chicago Award for best use of art as a political weapon for social change, Thomas Baldwin

Best Technician, Tawny Bright

The Francis Bacon Existentialism Art Award, Lauren Sweere

Director’s Award, Sean Dunnington

The Frida Kahlo Award for best use of self narrative in art, Lila Alligood

MVP, Maia Tarnas

The Annie Leibowitz Award for best in portrait photography, Erika Hannon Graphic Design Award, Kira Harada-Stone


Best Short Film Award, Kyley Nishimura

Best Supporting Actor, Paul Gregg

Senior Career Artist Award, Emily Boehm

Best Supporting Actress, Desiree Ashley

Mazie Hirono Congressional Arts Award, Mariko Langevin

Best Actor, Thomas Baldwin Best Actress, Helena Bohannan Best Vocalist (male or female), Helena Bohannan Best Dancer, Lorenzo Arnouts Best Technician, Rachel Dunn and Maia Tarnas Director’s Award, Aidan Wharton MVP, Maia Tarnas

Dramatiques Present Guys and Dolls Guys and Dolls, which ran from April 20-29, was the 16th Parker School Dramatiques production under the direction of the school’s Fine Arts Director Maren Oom. There were over 60 students between the 6th and 12th grade involved in this production. Dramatiques, Parker’s after-school drama program, was founded in 2004 by a passionate group of middle and high school students who wanted the performing arts to flourish outside of the regular curriculum. Students traditionally select two productions a year through a voting process. Recent productions have been Snow White and Seven Dwarfs of the Black Forest, Les Miserables, The Odyssey and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

June - July, 2012

Lower School Happenings Field Day On Friday, May 18, Parker Lower School held its annual end of the year Field Day. PE teacher Nicole Vedelli coordinated the event, and many faculty and parent volunteers worked the various race and activity stations.

4th & 5th Grades’ Solar Grand Prix

On Monday, May 21, the sun cooperated and the Parker School fourth and fifth graders got to race the solar cars they designed and constructed in science class. Students lined their vehicle creations up on the school’s basketball court, and at their teacher’s flag signal, they let their cars go. Several of the cars made it to the finish line in record speed.


Na Mea Hou

3rd, 4th Grades at Dolphin Quest

Middle & Upper School Life


NHS Students Place Third, Raise Funds in Relay for Life

Middle School Spring Formal

by Olivia Armandroff The fifteen members of Parker School’s National Honor Society participated in Waimea’s Relay for Life on April 28. Led by their captain, Mariko Langevin, the team was well prepared. In anticipation of the event, the team raised $2268 for the American Cancer Society, surpassing its goal of $1000 and placing third amongst all the teams. The group gathered in the park and celebrated the event for the duration of Saturday night. The night was full of energy as team members raced around the track, with one member, Luke Potter, running a total of 26 miles. After the team’s hard work on the field, the award for the most total laps went to Parker. Students flooded the field when it was time for Zumba, dancing for more than an hour. When it came time to pack up and leave the field, the Parker School team was not just tired but fulfilled as well.

On & Off Campus... Visiting the Makali’i

Helping with the Lower School Egg Hunt

The Class of 2012 after their Senior Breakfast

June - July, 2012

Annual May Day Celebration & Luau Parker School held its annual May Day celebration and luau on Friday, April 27. The Lower School program featured the kindergarten through 5th grade students performing their class hula and chants, for which they had been preparing since January with visiting kumu Liana Aveiro and Pua Garmon. After the performance, the lower schoolers rotated through various stations of Makahiki games. The middle and upper school students enjoyed a day of May Day activities, including Makahiki games, and four upper school students performed hula at the all school ‘ohana luau that evening.

Na Mea Hou

June - July, 2012

A Great Season for Parker School Debate

State Championships

Tarnas, McCullough Compete in Nationals

Recent Parker graduate Jesse Tarnas and soon to be senior Tyler McCullough traveled to compete in the National Forensic League National Tournament June 11-15 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tarnas and McCullough both made it through six rounds in the Lincoln-Douglas Category, Tarnas through six rounds in Supplemental Debate, and McCullough through three rounds of Supplemental Debate.

Parker School’s debate team shone at the State Forensic Championship at Kamehameha and Punahou Schools on Oahu in April where eighteen schools competed. Parker senior Jesse Tarnas earned 1st place and therefore is state champion in the Championship Lincoln-Douglas debate category. Parker senior Kieran Najita came in second, and Parker junior Tyler McCullough earned third place in this same category. Parker juniors Emilie Skladzien and Elliott Jacobson were the state champions in the Beginning Public Forum debate category. Because Lincoln-Douglas is an advanced category, the top Lincoln-Douglas debaters go on to compete at the National Forensic League National Tournament June 10-16 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Due to a prior commitment, Najita will be unable to make the trip, so McCullough, also a finalist, accompanied Tarnas to compete in Najita’s place.

Debate coach and headmaster Carl Sturges, who accompanied the two students to the nationals, said, “I’m really excited about how competitive our kids were against the best debaters in the nation. It was a great experience for my junior so that he can come back next year and really have a leg up on the season, and it was great for my senior who intends to do debate in college. So all in all it was a great trip. I learned a lot from the rounds that I judged and it was nice to be back. I hadn’t been to a national tournament in 24 years so it was nice to be able to go back.”

“The trip was very fun and made me realize how special the debate team at Parker school really is,” said Tarnas. “I feel very lucky to have been part of a team that is so comfortable and supportive of each other, both of which are qualities abnormal of the average debate team but essential for happiness and success in the real world.”

“Winning states was the absolute best way to cap this awesome year with my debate team,” said Tarnas. “The team this year was amazing… Debate has had such a great hand in shaping me as an individual. Doc (Dr. Carl Sturges, Parker debate coach and headmaster) has helped me become controlled in my communication and confident in my speaking skills, which will serve me well for the rest of my life.” Twenty-one Parker debate students qualified for the state tournament. Tarnas and Najita are the first-ever national qualifiers (though not the first champions) for the school. The school was also pleased that two Parker alumni living on Oahu, Rachel Soma and Sanford Loo, volunteered for the judging pool at the competition. Sturges said, “State championships in two categories is a great finish to our debate season. I can’t wait to participate in the national tournament with our two Lincoln-Douglas debaters!”

Na Mea Hou

Tyler McCullough (left) and Jesse Tarnas (right) with Dr. Sturges at the National Forensic League National Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Student Council Raises Funds for Charities Parker School’s student council raised nearly $1200 this year for three different charities. $850 of those dollars were generated from this year’s third annual Parker LoveFest.

LoveFest is the brainchild of Nathalie Whitfield, graduate of the class of 2011 and former Student Council Vice President. “She came up with the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day for an entire week, as a week of love, reaching out to our own community and the larger world,” said Parker English teacher and Student Council Advisor Gillian Culff. “We have raised money each year for different charities through spirited food sales at lunch (such as pink cupcakes, etc.), LoveFest tee-shirt sales and a benefit concert. This year, our two (LoveFest) charities were Friends of the Children’s Justice Center and Japan tsunami relief.” Tim Ashcraft, President of the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center, visited the Parker School Campus to accept the $425 check for his organization, which helps children in West Hawaii who have been traumatized by witnessing a violent crime. The organization provides

therapeutic rehabilitation to help those kids heal from emotional trauma. The remaining $425 LoveFest funds will go to School Building Fund, Rikuzentakata City, Japan to aid in the rebuilding of schools damaged/ destroyed in the tsunami of March, 2011, in memory of Monty Dickson. Dickson, an uncle of former Parker students Merrin and Pearl Dickson, was teaching English there when he died in the tsunami. The student council organized additional smaller events­—such as Penny Wars, where each class raced to fill up jars with loose change, and Pie in the Face, where students got to throw pies at faculty members at lunchtime— throughout the school year. These efforts raised another $300 targeted for Smile Train, an organization that provides free cleft palate surgery to poor children in developing countries. The cost of one surgery is $250, so Parker’s donation will fund one child’s surgery and half the cost of another.

Parker Partners with the Blue Planet Foundation

The entire school participated in the Blue Planet Foundation’s C (conserve) F (fundraise) L (learn) Bulb Blitz. Incandescent bulbs were exchanged for new energy efficient compact fluorescents. Members of the PTSO, Lower School, Middle School, Upper School and Student Council swapped a total of 1,520 bulbs; each bulb exchanged raised $.50 for the school.

AP Art student Rachel Dunn created a wearable art piece out of light bulbs and extension cord for the CFL Bulb Blitz event.

June - July, 2012

Poetry Slam Contest

Several Parker School students performed their original poems at a slam poetry contest at the school on April 30. Junior Megan Yost won the contest with a perfect score for her poem, Surfaces.

Parker English teacher Gillian Culff organized the event. Each year, as part of her sophomore class poetry unit, she teaches the students about slam poetry. Slam poetry was created in the 1980’s by Mark Smith, who Culff said, “wanted an event where people could not just read their original poems, but perform them, and where the audience would be directly involved, both through active response to the performances and as judges. It took off like gangbusters, and slam’s been a part of our culture ever since.” Last year, Culff had several students excited by the slam unit and the possibility of performing their own poetry, so she created an all-day poetry slam workshop, which was to be a part of the school’s ArtStart 2011. (ArtStart is a Parker tradition in which the students spend a full day working in various art forms with volunteer visiting artists). Unfortunately, last year’s ArtStart was canceled due to the tsunami. Culff said, “So by this year, I had some disappointed students who were hungry for a slam. I ran the workshop for ArtStart and had a very committed core group who shared their poems at the end of the day in an informal allPoetrySlam contestants: Isabella Robertson, Jourdan school meeting. The Evangelista, Megan Yost, Anastasiya Polishchuk, Nondi Lampkin, Sean Dunnington kids still wanted to do a real slam though. So we opened it up to the rest of the school.” A number of students stepped forward to perform their poems at the more formal contest on April 30. The winner, Yost, received exuberant applause after her performance. She is new to Parker this year, and in addition to being a poet, also danced in the school’s recent production of Guys and Dolls, and is an accomplished saxophone player and member of the Parker’s rock band class. Yost said, “The poetry slam was tons of fun, but I was so nervous. I was shaking on stage. Perfoming is amazing, I love it, but when you are sharing something personal that you wrote yourself it is much more intimidating. Especially when it’s a competition! You want the audience to enjoy your poem, and feel how much it means to you. You really put yourself out there. When the judges gave me a perfect score I was completely shocked. It was definitely a confidence booster.” Culff hopes the slam contest will attract even more participants next year, and plans to extend the opportunity to include middle schoolers as well.

Na Mea Hou


Slam Poem by Megan Yost You sit and stare at a blank gray wall, Thinking of everything and nothing At the same time. A small thought crosses your mind, A memory of how bright, how colorful your walls used to be, Before you came to this foreign place. Cheerful yellows, feisty reds, peaceful greens and blues. You wonder, why must this wall be gray? Winner, Megan Yost It should be painted like the rainbow, It should reflect all the vibrancy of life. But the thought goes no further. You keep sitting and staring at the blank gray wall. Eventually the day comes when you finally go out and buy brushes, to paint that blank gray wall. But they never leave the grocery bag, tossed in the corner, As you return to your place, still staring. A week or so passes. You work up the energy to pick a few colors, And several days after that, you actually buy the paints. But they join the brushes in the dusty corner, And you stare at the blank gray wall. People visit occasionally; they compliment your tidy, clean wall. You are shocked out of your stupor. You realize all the people around you believe you love that blank gray wall. You blink, for the first time in what seems like months. You notice how much your shoulders ache from keeping your colors, your life and energy, Curled up inside. You open those buckets of paint and let them spill over that blank gray wall, giving the dull expanse color. Emotion. Now everyone who had passed by you and your blank gray wall before, Stops and stares, Shocked, because you have revealed something they never knew existed. They had you in a box, a blank gray box. Until you popped open that lid on that bucket of paint, Until you opened up yourself, and showed the art of your soul, The rainbow of your living heart. For you are that wall.

Foreign Student Anastasiya Polishchuk Wins Presidential National Service Award Between classes, homework, learning a new language, debate, drama and other activities, how does a busy high school senior find the time to clock over 100 hours of community service in a school year? Somehow, Parker School senior Anastasiya Polishchuk, a visiting student from Ukraine, did it. Polishchuk came to Parker through the Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI), “a non-profit international educational exchange organization dedicated to the promotion of cultural understanding, academic development, environmental consciousness and world peace.” CCI requires its students to complete at least 30 hours of community service, and students in the program who reach 100 hours receive a National Service Award conferred by the US President. To achieve her community service goal, Polishchuk said, “…mostly on Saturdays and days off I went to volunteer. Sometimes I just did that several hours after school when I did not have any activities.” And she dove in to a number of different opportunities. “I tried not to miss any possibility to volunteer at school. On Global Youth Day my friend Rin and I volunteered at Waimea Outdoor Circle. Yet, most of times I participated in community service in Thelma Parker Library. Thelma Parker Library has nice volunteer team and Carol Buck, who leads volunteers, teaches people not only to do their job but some details and interesting facts about library. Because of good and pleasant staff, it was a joy to volunteer in the library.”

admission director and international student coordinator Ann Renick. Polishchuk’s history and English teacher Ruth Sturges said, “Anastasiya represents the best the foreign exchange program has to offer in bringing dedicated and gifted students into Parker School. She helped to raise the bar of excellence in every class she attended. Anastasiya continually pushed herself to be the very best student she could be and to learn everything she could learn. She would not allow herself to waste a moment of her time. She threw herself into her courses with a whole-heart, and her level of preparedness challenged her classmates to greater academic commitment.” Polishchuk said of her award, “I am here as exchange student who never used to volunteer before. For me, the best award for my volunteering is ‘thank you’ and smiles of people around. To be honest, of course, it’s pleasant to get an award, which symbolizes strong cooperation between government and people even on international level.”

“When a brilliant mind is coupled with such determination, the results are truly awesome.”

Polishchuk’s teachers and those who have worked with her at Parker School are amazed she was able to accomplish 100 hours of service, and cannot say enough positive things about her as a student and person. Parker headmaster and Polishchuk’s debate coach, Carl Sturges, said, “When a brilliant mind is coupled with such determination, the results are truly awesome. We’ve really appreciated having Anastasiya this year.” “Ana’s achievement in earning this presidential award was remarkable, and was aided in large part by the cooperation of her host family, Walter and Deanna Zivalic, and her local coordinator, Yvette Gonzalez,” said Parker

Once back in Ukraine, Polishchuk will finish high school and take several tests to earn her diploma, then plans to attend university. Of her year at Parker School, she said, “Parker School is amazing and friendly. Parker students are really nice and welcoming as well as teachers who help to adjust and succeed. Thank you, Parker School, for such a wonderful and unforgettable year!... I (also) really want to thank my host family, which welcomed me in Hawaii. To host an exchange student is a great responsibility and risk. I love Zivalic family so much! And a person who managed my year here and helped in difficult situations is Yvette Gonzalez. Thank you so much for your help. Well, and I want to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who I met here. Waimea has this unbelievable ‘ohana spirit, which is so great. Thank you!”

June - July, 2012

Project Physics Students Build Giant Camera Obscura

It’s a STEMpede... Patricia Kassis’ Project Physics class temporarily converted Parker School’s library into an enormous camera obscura. They began the project the first week in April and it continued to be a campus attraction through May. The term “camera obscura” comes from the Latin meaning “darkened chamber or room.” It is a device that has been used for thousands of years, and is designed

whose foil covering had the small hole to let in the beam of light. The first trial run of the camera was exciting. Kassis said, “Finally, after we turned the lights out, and even though we all knew intellectually what to expect, we were so excited to see the image come into view. We were cheering out loud. The image takes a few minutes to come into view because it is dim. It’s also not

“The camera obscura is a great example of the hands on course work that the newly created Project Physics class takes on.” to channel and project a small beam of light through a small hole in one side of the chamber to reproduce an image (usually flipped) from outside onto a wall inside. The pinhole camera is the bestknown example of a camera obscura. “For years, I’ve had students make a handheld version of this using a cereal box,” said Kassis. But this year she went big. “This year, we’re offering a new physics class with more of an engineering perspective. It allowed me to allocate several days to the project, and really get the kids involved in every aspect.” The students covered the windows in aluminum foil to block the light, and a large sheet was hung as a projection screen opposite the one window

Na Mea Hou

as brightly colored as we’d hoped. That’s a biological phenomenon having to do with rods and cones (in our eyes), making dim images appear black and white.” Kassis’ physics class then opened up their creation to visitors. The school’s life science classes, physical science classes, and art classes were all able to integrate the experience of sitting within the camera obscura into their curriculum. Project Physics student Kai Inaba said, “The camera obscura is a great example of the hands on course work that the newly created Project Physics class takes on. Working together on such a large scale project epitomizes the work ethic and culture that the Parker School students and teachers embody.”

On April 27th, Parker School hosted STEMpede, an afternoon dedicated to exposing students to an array of professional possibilities in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields.

“It’s been a goal of mine to expose our students to STEM careers, especially engineering,” said Parker math and science teacher Patricia Kassis. “So when this opportunity arose, I was happy to plan the event. I think some professions are always visible to students, and I’m delighted that other professions see it as part of their job description to share their work with students, and this gave the students a chance to learn about the other technical fields – the exciting careers that are usually invisible to students.” Over eighteen presenters, most from Waimea, visited Parker to share about their particular professions, and included: dentist and Parker parent Brian Kubo; orthopedic surgeon and Parker parent Diane Payne; astronomers Jim Lyke, Marc Kassis (also a Parker parent), and Jim Stockton; midwife and Parker parent Robin Ramsay; sleep researcher Gail Nielsen; ocean engineer Eric Brager; structural engineer Lori Kindervader; physical therapists Kelly Hoyle (also a Parker parent) and Sarah Davis; mechanical engineer Ean James; and flight nurse and Parker parent Kim Bastien. The guests presented

individually and also took part in panels, which allowed more time to take student questions.

Kassis was “astounded at how easily I recruited volunteers –most said yes immediately, without reservation. Many of the students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity, and the presenters have also sought me out to thank the school for the opportunity we provided them… We produced this great event that benefited everyone.” In creating the STEMpede event, Parker School joins the nationwide effort to encourage US students to explore and pursue futures in STEM careers.

Instrumental Music Program Recital

The Parker School Instrumental Music Program hosted its end of the year recital on May 15. The after school program was created in partnership with the Orchestra of the Hawaiian Islands and provides private lessons for Parker students. The program featured works by Liszt, Beethoven, Gliere and Mancini performed by both students and instructors.

Zachariah Kaufmann

Maxwell Tramontin

J. P. Thoma, Maxwell Tramontin, Annu Shoko Shionoya, Anna Leonard, Owen Leonard, Aimee Paret

Owen Leonard

Anna Leonard

2011-2012 Third Trimester Headmaster’s List and Honor Roll

Parker School congratulates the students who made the Headmaster’s List andHonor Roll during the third trimester of the 2011-2012 school year. Students on the Headmaster’s List earned GPA’s of 3.75 or higher. Honor Roll students earned GPA’s of 3.5 or higher. Headmaster’s List-Upper School Olivia Armandroff, Jaren Ashcraft, Larissa Bolstad-Urquhart, Cody Brown, Jesse Burns, Bailey Calciolari, Carly Cappagli, Rachel Dunn, Paul Gregg, Kira Harada-Stone, Madyson Harper, Stephanie Janovsky, Kosuke Kume, Shotaro Kume, Mariko Langevin, Lysha Matsunobu, Tyler McCullough, Anna Moritz, Grant Nair, Kyley Nishimura, Tyler Saito, Mia Scibelli, Lauren Sweere, Jesse Tarnas, Maia Tarnas, Aidan Wharton, Sarah Willey, Marit Winborne, Megan Yost, Hongjin Zhou Honor Roll-Upper School Tawny Bright, Alex Guske, Marie Jobes, Evan Kasbeg, Nondi Lampkin, Darcy Mulligan, Michael Note, Aolani Peiper, Luke Potter, Keala Prietto, Isabella Robertson, Joshua Yost

Headmaster’s List-Middle School Shelby Alligood, Fanny Arnouts, Lorenzo Arnouts, Nate Biondi, Jaipal Brar, Lucy Callender, Kawena Ching, Riley Decker, Taylor Doherty, Kieran Wiese Gibson, Kevin Grace, Carolyn Hiller, Kirk Hubbard, Erika Kasberg, Julia Lee, Kyra Matsuda, Owen Matsuda, Ben Miller, Alissa Mullin, Marlo Mundon, Sivan Najita, Harmony Ring, Bethany Trusel, Skye Waipa Honor Roll-Middle School Dashiell Cotton, Garrett Davis, Julie Gregg, Sophia Kaufmann, Zoe Mercer, Kiana Nakamura, No’eau Simeona, Rachel Thompson, Ryan Touchet, Thea Woodward

June - July, 2012

Jesse Tarnas Wins NSLI for Youth Scholarship to Study Language Abroad Senior Jesse Tarnas has been awarded one of over 600 National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) scholarships for 2012-2013. The NSLI-Y program is funded by the U.S. Department of State and provides merit-based scholarships for eligible high school students to learn less commonly-taught languages in summer and academic-year overseas immersion programs. The NSLI-Y scholarship enables Tarnas to study Arabic in Morocco for the summer. The scholarship covers all program costs for participants including domestic and international travel; tuition and related academic preparation; language testing; educational and cultural activities focused on language learning; orientations; meals; and accommodations, commonly with a host family. Launched as part of a U.S. Government initiative in 2006, NSLI-Y seeks to increase Americans’ capacity to engage with native speakers of critical languages by providing formal and informal language learning and practice and by promoting mutual understanding through educational and cultural activities. NSLI-Y offers overseas study opportunities to high school students for summer and academic-year language learning in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Korean, Persian (Tajik), Russian, and Turkish. The goals of the NSLI-Y program include sparking a life-long interest in foreign languages and cultures, and developing a corps of young Americans with the skills necessary to advance international dialogue in the private, academic or government sectors, building upon the foundations developed through person-to-person relationships while abroad. Through his participation in the program, Tarnas will be in the vanguard of international communication and will develop the

skills necessary to be a leader in the global community. NSLI-Y is administered by American Councils for International Education in cooperation with AFS-USA, American Cultural Exchange Service, Americans Promoting Study Abroad, AMIDEAST, iEARNUSA, Legacy International, Russian American Foundation and the University of Delaware. Applications for 2013-2014 NSLI-Y programs will be available at in the early fall. Tarnas said, “I’m really interested in Arabic because Islamic culture is incredibly intriguing and, frankly, doesn’t get enough kudos for the role it played in the development of the modern westernized psyche. Furthermore, my mom spent her childhood in Beirut, Lebanon, so I have some roots in the Muslim world. My aunt pointed this program out to me. I’m not sure how she found it, but I’m sure glad she did!”

Alumni Corner Ian Watts, class of ‘78 and his family visited the campus in April. He has been a firefighter in Monterey, California since 1984. Peter Martin, class of ’97, is a member of Third Coast Percussion Ensemble. For more information visit Annie Sturges, class of ’11 organized the Alpha Delta Pi, Psi Chapter at University of California Berkeley’s first Daddy Daughter Day on March 17 (see left). The event created an opportunity to incorporate fathers into their daughters’ lives at college and support Cal athletics.

Na Mea Hou

Athletics News by Athletic Director Ceri Whitfield Parker School Athletics has had a very successful 2011-2012 year. Cross country boys Jesse Tarnas, Paul Gregg and Tyler McCullough went to States. The girls’ volleyball team and both boys’ and girls’ soccer teams went to playoffs. Mariko Langevin, Cody Brown, Aidan Wharton, Charlie Charbonneau, Sarah Willey and Emily Whitfield from the mixed varsity paddling team placed at States. The tennis team qualified at BIIFS with our very own Emilie Skladzien going to States as the number four seed for the Big Island. The newly established boys’ volleyball team had a great start to the season and an even better finish, playing exceptionally competitive games. Evan Kasberg placed 13th on the Big Island for boys’ golf. Congratulations to you all! I am so very proud to be your Athletics Director.

The Parker Bulls Soccer Club has just finished its first HYSA season and boasted many more wins than defeats. We look forward to starting the soccer club again in August for the HYSA fall season. Thank you to all the dedicated and committed coaches for all your hard work with our students, and to all the parents for encouraging your children to participate in sports and stay fit and healthy. Thank you to the students who have put the past behind them and are determined to come back fighting and show that we at Parker School are as good as the next. And finally, a bittersweet farewell to all our seniors - thank you for your commitment to Parker School Athletics. Good luck in your future endeavors, and come back and see us!

Thank you to all for your wonderful support of Parker School Athletics. I look forward to another great year here with the students. Have a fantastic summer!

HYSA player Zane Willman

Third Trimester Athletic Awards

Boys’ Volleyball Coaches Award, Leo Yao MVP, Jesse Burns Most Improved, Brian Toubman


Girls’ Tennis Coaches Award, Lauren Sweere, Marit Winborne

Boys’ Tennis Coaches Award, Shotaro Kume

MVP, Emilie Skladzien Most Improved, Nya Phillips, Rin Zhou

MVP, Kai Inaba Most Improved, Thomas Baldwin

by PTSO President Robin Mullin

PTSO enjoyed another busy and productive year supporting the Parker School ‘ohana. The new mini grant program for promoting innovation in the classroom was a highlight. Seven $500 mini grants were awarded including one for a document camera for the lower school and another for training for new iPads in the upper school. Our funds helped with the new multipurpose athletic court and new rugs for lower school classrooms. As always, PTSO supported school programs including the Fall BBQ, ArtStart and Luau. Teachers and staff enjoyed tasty treats each month and lunch at the Parent Teacher Conferences. The annual Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon is always a favorite. This year it was a collaboration with the Student Council, parent volunteers, local farmers and bakers, and Maria Peterson Catering. We couldn’t have done this without and energy and ideas from parents and students. Mahalo nui loa from PTSO!

Faculty and staff enjoyed every bite of PTSO’s Faculty & Staff Appreciation Luncheon. Thank you, PTSO!

Outgoing Executive Committee members deserve a thanks as well: Carol Langevin, Ernie Plock and Sally Kaufmann. At the end of each year the PTSO

General Membership elects a new Executive Committee. Please welcome: President: Robin Mullin Vice President: Jude McAnesby Secretary: Cheryl Kubo Treasurer: Kendall DiDonato Upper School Representative: Tony Prietto Middle School Representatives: Geoffrey Mundon and Marie Fellenstein Hale Lower School Representatives: Chrissie Tramontin and Ann DiLoreto

Join in and collaborate with your fellow Parker parents to create another successful year of Parker School PTSO. Whether it’s deciding on next fall’s mini grants or plans for a fundraising event or speakers forum, don’t miss out on the fun. Mark your calendars for Fridays at 8:15am: 8/31, 9/ 28, 10/26, 11/30, 1/18, 2/22, 3/29, 4//26 and 5/17. Find us on Facebook: facebook. com/ParkerSchoolPTSO, and in the weekly WebFLASH to stay current with our activities and news, and feel free to contact me anytime at We are looking forward to seeing you when school starts again. Have a wonderful summer!

June - July, 2012

Parker School 65-1224 Lindsey Road Kamuela, HI 96743 Address Service Requested

Dates to Remember August 4 • Alumni Reunion August 9 • Lower School Social Event • Upper/Middle Student Orientation and Social • PTSO Reception August 13 • First Day of School August 17 • Statehood Day - NO SCHOOL August 23-24 • Upper/Middle School Camp Out August 29 • Upper/Middle Back to School / Athletics Meeting For details check the Parker School calendar and announcements at

Note: In preparing this publication we diligently try to avoid errors and omissions. Please accept our apologies and notify the Advancement Office if any are discovered.

Announcements Parker School Summer Camp Still Enrolling Summer Camp 2012 at Parker School continues with its last session, Science and Fine Arts, July 16-27 from 9 am to 4 pm, with teachers Christian Ingalls & Maren Oom. Age groups are: 5-6, 7-9, & 10-14. $200 per week includes snacks and camp t-shirt. Multi-week and sibling discounts are available. Please visit to download a registration form and waiver or contact the Parker School Business Office at 808-885-6803.

Birthdays Happy Birthday Faculty & Staff!

Class of 2012

June: Kiyoshi Najita, Emily Pagliaro July: Carl Sturges, Jennifer Schack

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