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April 2011

Preparing boys for the adventure of life

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Term One has certainly gone quickly and this is a hallmark of life at Huntley. It is certainly never boring. This term we have had a few memorable events globally in the form of the Christchurch Earthquake and the Japan Earthquake. On a local level we had our own bus crash to deal with. In the midst of all of this however we had an amazing term as far as new boys settling into the school. Our school camps went off successfully and in the last few weeks of term the teachers have finished their classroom appraisals. These appraisals give teachers a clear plan of what they are trying to achieve in the classroom and with the individual boys within that classroom. On looking at the data I am concerned that a large number of new boys have come in with Stanine 4 maths results. Whilst I have every confidence they will improve quickly it does raise alarm bells. Mr McAlley and the staff are working towards a peer maths programme over and above our classroom programme to give all boys a boost. It amazes me how many boys coming into the school have not grasped their times tables. One boy in my maths class even had the audacity to tell me that he would just use a calculator. (He changed his mind pretty quickly after we had a chat!) It’s quite simple really; basic facts knowledge enables the boy to focus on the whole question (A deeper understanding) rather than surface or one part of the question. Essentially the brain is freed up to take on deeper mathematical concepts because it is not stuck on figuring out what 3X7 is. We hope to tackle this issue and see rapid progress from these boys. Please don’t let anyone tell you basic facts are a waste of time, they are an essential foundation to all mathematics. I suggest during the holidays you encourage your son to work on Level 2 or higher Matheletics Live. (15 minute a day will bring about good results.)


and Rollerblades Southwell Fixture Parents and Friends of


Huntley Leave Science Roadshow


Rangitikei Rods and Rifles Telephone Calls Central Football Holiday Programme Enclosures


Huntley School Open Day Sunday 15th May Open Day is fast approaching and I have had a number of parents who have recommended friends to come to the school. Please feel free to attend the Open Day with them. This particular weekend is non-leave weekend for boarders but they are allowed a free afternoon leave with their parents after the Open Day. I am looking for some parent help on the day especially in the hosting of new families in the reception room.

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Preparing boys for the adventure of life

Headmaster’s Colours Cricket


Baxter Perry

Red Badge

Levi Loudon

Alex Stuart

Black Badges

Samuel Scully

Brodie Hobbs

Josh Lennox

Simon Hunter

Jack McLeod

Harley Transom

Bill Gatrell

Jack McKnight

Szymon Dawidowski

Colours Cricket: Jamie Connell

Head Librarians Congratulations to Ben Bell and Daniel Hadlow who have been appointed joint Head Librarians

April 2011 Preparing boys for the adventure of life

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Latest Star Badges

Angus Tylee

Harry Cave

Kent Robertson

Ethan Lawrence Ricky Sharratt

Henry Gay Thomas Alderson

Jacob Wells

Levi Loudon

Jarod Berendt

Honos Awards Term 1 Week 5 and 6 8GB 8SE 7DR 7MM 6BW 345BP

Mark Bartlett, Bradley Downs, Kent Robertson, Izak Taylor, Jack Laven, Hamish Napier Ben Bell, Alex Stuart, Sam Redmayne, Ben Shannon, Theo McNaughton Tom Alderson, William McRae, Harry Cave, Duncan Mackay, Michael Welch, Jacob Wells Jacob Dearlove, Connor O’Hagan Bruce Donald, Harry Newman, Daniel Truss George Reddish, Oliver Bird

Term 1 Week 7 8BG 8GB 8SE 7DR 6BW 345BP

Jack McKnight Bradley Downs, Hamish Napier, Simon Hunter, Jack McLeod, George Smith, Conor Wohlrab Alex Stuart, Theo McNaughton, Tom Adkins Jonty Lombard, Duncan Mackay Bruce Donald, Hayden O’Leary Kelvin Brown, Geordie Ellis, Jack Gay, George Reddish

Ben Bell

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Term 1 Week 8 8BG 8GB 8SE 6BW 345BP

Isaiah Pritchard Kent Robertson, Jack Laven Benjamin Bell, Thomas Adkins, Hunter Werthmuller Bruce Donald, Thomas Hopkins, Tayler Burke Oliver Bird, Lachlan Burke, Geordie Ellis

Term 1 Week 9 8BG 8GB 8SE 7DR 6BW 345BP

Samuel Scully Jack McLeod, Hamish Napier, Kent Robertson Finn Caldwell Stanton, Levi Loudon, Alex Stuart Duncan Mackay, Benjamin McAlley Bruce Donald Oliver Bird, Travis Bayler, Kelvin Brown

Honos Awards — GOLD finishers Term 1 Donald, Adkins, Stuart, Laven, Robertson, McKnight, Bird, Welch, Pritchard I, McNaughton, Downs B, Napier, Mackay, Marshall, Wells, Smith G,

Honos Awards — RED finishers Term 1 Burke T, Hobbs J, Hopkins, Bayler, Downs H, Reddish G, Reddish J, Soper, Cave, Morris, Osborne Jo, Bell, Loudon L, Redmayne, Tripataraporn, Werthmuller, Perry B, Reddish S, Scully, Tylee, Bartlett

Honos Awards — BLUE finishers Term 1 Alderson, Berendt, Bidois, Coleman, Halliwell, Harder Barfoot, Lombard, Aiken, Dawson, Hadlow, Henley King, Hobbs B, Howe, Johnston Lundy, Kinder, Lennox, Martin, Walker, Wallace, Wright, Pedersen, Gay J, McDowell, Connell, Dawidowski, Gatrell, Hirschberg, Khothanayong, Taylor, Wohlrab, Caldwell Stanton, Jaggard, Oakden A, Shannon, Sharratt, Varley, Pritchard B, Smith, Stark, Cremer, Dearlove, Gay H, Hughes B, Hughes M, Lawrence, O’Leary C, Oliver, Osborne Je, Ashton, Fraser, Ingram, Molenaar, Newman, O’Leary H, Stoneman Boyle, Tobin, Trotter, Truss, Burke L, Luxton, Allan, Bergen-Bronson, Greer Atkins, Loudon B, Brown, Ellis, McAlley, McRae

Boarders of the Week Congratulations to: Jonty Lombard and George Smith

Letters of Praise These boys were sent to the Headmaster for excellent work: 8GB

Jamie Connell, Bill Gatrell, Darren Hirschberg, Hamish Napier, George Smith


Alex Oakden, Ricky Sharratt, Finn Caldwell Stanton, Ben Bell, Nat Tripataraporn

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CW Science

Mark Bartlett, Finn Caldwell Stanton, Isaac Johnston-Lundy, Hamish Napier, Alex Oakden, Alex Stuart, Oliver Walker


Max Halliwell, Jacob Wells, Harry Cave, William McRae, Michael Welch Ben McAlley, Duncan Mackay


Henry Gay, Isaac Slako, Mitchell Hughes, Jimmy Duncan, Connor O’Leary Jacob Dearlove, Matthew Perry,


Hayden O’Leary, Bruce Donald, Patrick Tobin, Jake Hobbs, Rourke Fraser, Tayler Burke


Joe Reddish, Sam Sherriff, Jack Clarke-Hoggard, Jack Gay, Lachlan Burke, James Luxton

Effort Awards 8BG 8GB 8SE 7DR

Baxter Perry, Sam Reddish, Ben Dawson Darren Hirschberg, Hamish Napier, George Smith Thomas Adkins, Ben Bell, Ricky Sharratt Ben McAlley, Harry Cave, Michael Welch

7MM 6BW 3/4/5BP

Connor O’Leary, Henry Gay, Jacob Dearlove Bruce Donald, Patrick Tobin, Tayler Burke George Reddish, Joe Reddish, Jack Gay

Fixtures Results Wellesley Fixture - 10th March at Wellesley 1st XI Cricket Lost by 4 wickets Baxter Perry(34) and Trey Bidois(35) started slowly, but gradually built up a good 2nd wicket partnership taking the score to 79 for 2. However other batsman coming in could not make many in-roads to pretty good bowling and Huntley finished on 107. Realising that they would have to bowl well, the Huntley bowlers did just that through most of the match. Baxter(2/20) and Brodie Hobbs(2/29) were the pick of the bowlers, however in the end the score was easily attainable by the opposition, mainly due to 5 dropped catches and not enough runs made in our innings. 2nd XI Cricket Lost by 81 runs There were high expectations ahead of the much awaited first Prep School match of the season against Wellesley.We fielded first and with a combination of some poor bowling and dropped catches Wellesley amassed a very defendable total of 177 off 30 overs. Connor O’Leary stood out with the best bowling figures of 21 for 2 off 6 overs.Chasing such a high total, the boys needed to get off to a good start and with the loss of early wickets it put the total beyond reach, eventually all out for 96.Overall not a good day at the office, with much to work on and improve before playing against Scots in our next Prep School fixture.

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Junior A Cricket Lost by 53 runs Having lost the toss, Huntley had to bat first and we made a promising start against a good bowling attack. Sam Sherriff looking good as we scored 12 runs off the first 4 overs, but then unfortunately we lost some quick wickets and the run rate faltered a bit. Some encouraging middle order batting from Jake, Bruce Donald and top scorer Daniel Truss with 14, meant we reached a total of 90 in our 30 overs. We would need to field and bowl at our best to make this a competitive total. The early bowlers were a little wayward to begin with, and with two excellent batsmen at the crease we were given a lesson on how to punish a bad ball as they regularly dispatched the ball to the boundary. I am pleased to report that the team kept on trying and were rewarded with some late wickets, one from Hayden Downs, but the opposition batting was too good for us as they easily passed our total and achieved a final score of 143 with several retired batsman.

Scots Fixture - 24th March at Huntley 1st XI Cricket Lost by 8 wickets Once again, a concentrated effort with the bat and poor fielding let down the side. No partnerships were made and batsman could not work the singles around the fielders. Only Baxter Perry (11) managed to get into double figures and a rather easy target of 53 was set. Scots managed the total, although with a few more easy catches taken, the outcome could have been a lot closer. Brodie Hobbs (1/5) and Baxter(1/4) bowled well. Some of the others would have to increase their concentration and all-round effort in the next game. 2nd XI Cricket Lost by 5 wickets Izak Taylor our captain won the toss and elected to bat. Once again the loss of early wickets brought to the crease our big hitting Ben McAlley who quickly accumulated a score of 20 runs before being caught. A steady loss of wickets followed with Jack McLeod showing some grit and determination, gaining a total of 23 while wickets tumbled around him. Eventually the side was all out for 65. A stern talking to after lunch produced some tight line and length bowling and ensured that Scots had to work hard for their win. It was great to see a much improved fielding and bowling effort from the Wellesley match, however, many more runs would need to be scored to compete with Hereworth in our next fixture. Junior A Cricket Won by 28 runs The toss was again lost, and the opening pair made their way out to the middle. It was 18 overs later that Joe Reddish finally headed back to the pavilion with 16 runs to his name and having scampered many extra runs as byes etc. With the score at 1 for 2, I was a little worried, but Bruce came in and played sensibly to top score with 21 and the fourth wicket was not lost until the total was on 61. Harry Newman batted well at the end of the innings to take the total to 80, but I did not think this would be enough. After lunch the boys were told they would have to concentrate, and bowl and field well to make their score a competitive one. All in the team did just that. Kelvin Brown behind the stumps kept well and gave no byes away. We had 3 early run outs and held onto some great catches, well done Jack Gay. We only gave away 8 extras in the whole innings and there was some excellent bowling from Douggie Ashton, Tayler Burke and Geordie Ellis. When their big hitting batsman came in they started to score at a quicker rate, but some good tail end bowling from Jake Hobbs backed up by some brave fielding meant that Scots were bowled out for 52. A well deserved victory and an excellent display of GDP.

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1st Tennis VIII Drew 6 - 6 After losing to Wellesley the Tennis VIII were very keen to redeem themselves against Scots. We made a couple of changes to the doubles pairings and they worked well with Huntley winning the doubles 31. A special mention must go to Harley Transom and Hunter Werthmuller who had a convincing win in the doubles combine; 6-2, 6-3. We were confident going into the singles after lunch but ended up losing 5-3. There were many hard fought matches but Harley Transom, our best player on the day, and Alec Pederson won their respective singles and Josh Lennox won a superb match in a super tie break 10-8. The Huntley Tennis VIII did exceedingly well to draw against Scots College 6 all.

2nd Tennis VIII

Lost 5 - 7

The 2nd VIII were looking forward to their 2nd prep match of the season against Scots. The doubles ended in a draw 2-2 with many matches going very close. The games were great to watch with some long rallies taking place. The singles were a more one sided affair with Scots winning 5-3. A special mention must be made of Finn Caldwell-Stanton, William Morris and Ben Dawson who won their singles. The end result went to Scots winning 7-5. Huntley Blacksox A lovely autumn day was just right for softball. Scots arrived and realised they had left their playing shirts behind in Wellington so they had to borrow our 1st XI soccer shirts. It didn’t seem to bother them too much as they went and beat us 9-10 in the morning game. Scots had some VERY big boys. None of our boys were anywhere near the size of 3 or 4 of them and the extra power they had for batting told in the morning game. They scored 2 home runs while we could not get any at all. Some untidy fielding did not help our cause and we just failed to pull them back in an exciting contest, finally going down 9-10. The afternoon game saw the boys really concentrating over the lunch break on what had to be done and they came out firing, quickly scoring runs in each innings while keeping Scots at zero. Team Captain, Tom Adkins, pitched a tremendous game for us, while all of the other boys contributed with sharp base running, tidy field work and strong hits. This game was a real highlight of the first term season, coming off a morning defeat and having to out-think the opponents through working out what we needed to do to improve and then putting the plan into action. Our final winning score in this game was 12- 2.

Hereworth Fixture Results - 31st March at Hereworth 1st XI Cricket

Lost by 219 runs

Having made a real effort in practice to improve their batting and catching, the side still failed to put enough pressure on the Hereworth batters, letting 2 boys score 50’s, having both been dropped at least once when they had not scored many at all. There was some effort by the opening bowlers to have the opposition at 7/2 after 6 overs. Sloppy fielding and inconsistent bowling however let them build an impressive total of 252/5. Huntley once again folded under the pressure of good bowling and only

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managed 33. A disappointing end to what started as a promising season. 2nd XI Cricket Lost by 195 runs The big day had arrived and the boys were ready to go! We know this was going to be the biggest game of the season. Izak won the toss and elected to field first. Good line and length bowling from Connor O’Leary and Ben McAlley amounted pressure on Hereworth which resulted in the capture of 2 early wickets and this continued to be the case for the first 20 overs. However once their batsman were set at the crease they started to punish the bowling and eventually ended up with a total of 284 for 9 off 50 overs. In reply, we only managed to score 89 runs with the tail wagging otherwise it could have been even more embarrassing than what it already was. Congratulations to Connor O’Leary who was named “Huntley Man of the Match” with his superb bowling and gritty batting.

1st Tennis VIII Won 8 - 4 The tennis eight were feeling confident for their last prep match of the term against Hereworth after a strong showing against Scots College. The boys were looking to start strong in the doubles but ended up drawing with Hereworth two all. The tennis eight had practiced hard mid week so knew they could win their singles if they were patient, played consistently and knew when to go for the winning shot. The singles matches were impressive with Tim Abbiss playing his best tennis of the season winning his singles match 6-4, 6-1. Levi Loudon showed tremendous GDP to fight back in a super tie break after losing the first set. Levi won 10-4. Mr Gay watched Levi’s super tie break and was so impressed with his determination and commitment that this helped Levi to receive his Headmasters colours at assembly on Tuesday. Sam Reddish, Harley Transom, Josh Lennox and Alec Pedersen also won their respective singles matches. The end result was 8-4 to Huntley; a great ending to an impressive season that we look to build on in term 4.

New Boy A very warm welcome to Guy Urunanon who joined us from Thailand during the term. Guy is Boom’s cousin and has settled well into the School. Wanganui Intermediate Schools Swimming Sports Results - March 8th Year 8 Boys 100 metres Backstroke Jack Kinder



Year 8 Boys 50 metres Breaststroke Theo McNaughton



Year 8 Boys 100 metres Breaststroke Bradley Downs



Open Day Sunday 15th May

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Next term Open Day is on Sunday 15th of May from 10.30 am - 12.30 pm. We would like all boarders to stay in on this weekend and all Day Boys are expected to be at school by 10.15 am on this day. After 12:30 pm it is hoped parents will make use of the free leave offered. Day Boys are also encouraged to take a Boarder out for the afternoon. Please contact Mr Edwards if this is going to pose a problem. I would also like to encourage current parents to bring prospective parents along. A Reminder - there is no leave on this weekend until after Open Day We would like about 10 volunteers to come and talk to prospective parents during the morning of the Open Day. If you would like to do this, please send Bridget Morris ( or the office ( an email.

Clubs Next term Clubs commence and boys are reminded to return with whatever they need for their Club, e.g. boys involved in model making will need to return with a model.

Golf Club Mr Edwards will be running a golf club next term and he would appreciate if any spare golf balls could be brought to school at the beginning of term 2. Also if your son is in the golf club please can he bring his clubs and shoes, if he owns any, to school after the holidays and they will be stored in the roll up garage. Golf clubs and shoes are not compulsory for golf club.

Anzac Day Any boy who would like to march in this year’s Anzac Day Parade in Marton can meet Mrs Stewart at 5.30am on Monday 25th April at the Marton Club wearing his best uniform.

Boys’ PSPs, iPods, Electronic Devices We feel it is important to make parents aware that most electronic devices such as iPods and PSPs have the capacity to store information on them like any computer. There have been occasions when the school has found a small group of boys with inappropriate material on their iPods and PSPs. In these situations the iPods and PSPs are confiscated from the boys for a term. At times we have also found that some of the games that the boys are playing and bringing to school are of a R15, R16+ nature. If these games return to school again in the future, they will be disposed of permanently. We would encourage all parents to be aware of the material on their son’s iPods, PSPs and electronic devices. Boys are allowed PSPs, iPods and electronic devices during Terms Two and Three. Please make sure all games and devices are clearly named and stored in a boy’s personal container or bag.

Medication Please remember to return at the start of term with any medication that your son requires at school.

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Admission to Communion As an Anglican School we offer Admission to Communion to our Year Eight boys. Parents and sons are asked to consider this option prior to the end of the holidays. The programme takes the form of a series of classes culminating in the Admission to Communion Service at 7.00 p.m. Sunday 3rd July . Classes are taken by Mrs Stewart. Separate sheets are enclosed. Some parents have asked Mrs Stewart about Confirmation. If there is anyone else interested please contact her through the Office

Sports Equipment and Safety Items All boys are reminded to return with the following, if required, for their sport: •


shin pads


hockey stick

Boys who wish to bring roller blades / skateboards to school must have kneepads, elbow pads and a helmet. Any boy without those items will be unable to participate.

From the Matron Would parents please ensure that their son has a pair of slippers for use in the dormitories, and two pairs of garters to keep their socks up. Please also check the quality of your son’s grey socks!

Winter Sports Trials for winter sports will continue in Term 2 so would all boys please bring back their winter sports uniforms.

Bikes at School A reminder if your son has his bike at school, he must have a lock and helmet and it his responsibility to lock his bike and helmet to the bike racks in the bike shed.

Scooters, Skateboards and Rollerblades During Term Two and Term Three boys are allowed to bring scooters, skateboards and rollerblades to school. Boys do need to wear protective clothing when using this equipment.

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Boys on scooters must wear a helmet. Boys on skateboards must wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads. Boys on rollerblades must wear a helmet, knee, elbow and wrist pads. If boys are to bring this equipment to school, all gear must be kept inside a durable sports bag which can be zipped up. Bag and gear should all be clearly named.

Southwell Fixture - Thursday 2nd June On Wednesday 1st June our teams depart for Hamilton to play Southwell the following day ( Thursday 2nd June) as follows: .

9.30 am

2nd XV Rugby

9.30 am

2nd XI Hockey

9.30 am

2nd XI Soccer

10.40 am

1st XI Soccer

10.40 am

1st XI Hockey

10.40 am

1st XV Rugby

Staff are staying at the Aaron Court Motel, 250 Ulster Street, Hamilton should parents wish to make a reservation. Their contact details are Phone:

07 838 2599



07 838 2594

Staff will be having dinner on Wednesday evening at 8.00 pm at Gerard’s Restaurant in the Aaron Court Motel. If you would like to join us please make your own booking with Gerard’s Restaurant on one of the above numbers and identify yourself as a Huntley supporter. Apart from our South Island trips, this is the only fixture which parents are charged for and the cost of this will be put on your Incidental Account.

Parents and Friends of Huntley School As you read this we hope you are having a relaxing time after a very busy school term.

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During term two the Parents and Friends will be assisting the school with a number of activities; some of which are listed below. Our next PFH meeting is on May 8th at 7.30pm. A draft strategic plan for PFH expenditure will be presented. Your feedback will be appreciated and we look forward to having a clear direction for PFH expenditure. Huntley Open Day is on May 15th: If you know of families thinking about sending their son to Huntley this is an excellent opportunity to come and see Huntley in action. It is great to have some parents available on this day. Rachael will be asking for volunteers. It is helpful for prospective parents and boys to talk to current parents. We will also be available to help with the serving of light refreshments. The PFH “ring around” will take place early in the second term. This gives parents the opportunity to talk to a parent and to provide some valuable feedback for the school. Although our fun Golf Day is on September 18th this year at the Marton Golf Club it is time for the planning and organising to start. A subcommittee will be formed soon to organise the running of this event. Later we will be calling on parents to help on the day and we hope all families will be involved in some way. Don’t forget that your supply of RJ’s liquorice can be purchased prior to the holidays from the office for you to enjoy and to support the school. Thank you to all those parents who have complimented me about PFH activities during the term. Enjoy your break and we will look forward to seeing you in term two. Bridget Morris Chairperson PFH.

Leave A reminder that leave requests must be made by the Wednesday preceding the leave weekend and all leave starts after sport on Saturday.

Science Road Show

On Wednesday 9th March, all the year 7 &8 pupils heading to Palmerston North to experience the Fonterra Science Road Show. The first session involved a series of demonstration experiments on hot and cold objects, expanding, contracting, liquid nitrogen and chemicals catching fire. This was followed

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by a time to play with, and try and understand, over 50 ‘hands on’ experiments. The show was finished with another demonstration on how humans and animals use their senses to communicate and live.

Rangitikei Rods and Rifles A reminder to all that, as Huntley School pupils, the boys are given a 15% discount on purchases made

at the local general sports shop, Rangitikei Rods and Rifles, located in Marton. Gear for all sports is provided, from badminton racquets to cricket bats, and rugby balls to hockey sticks. If the gear is not in store, it can easily be ordered in. Boarders may apply for Day Leave on weekends to go into Marton with their parents to take advantage of this discount.

Telephone Calls A reminder to parents and boys that phone calls made to/from school at breakfast or tea time should be of no longer than three minutes duration, so that all boys who would like to have a chance to use the phone.

Central Football Holiday Programme A New Zealand Football programme for children aged 7 to 11. Tuesday 26th April to Friday 29th April, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, at the Feilding United clubrooms in Timona Park, Feilding. $100 for all 4 days, or $30 per day. For more information or to register, contact Scott Hales from Central Football on 357 5349, 021 873 477 or email

I wish you all a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all ready for Winter Sports next Term.

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Yours sincerely

Bradden J. Gay Headmaster Encl: Term Two Calendar Clothing Checklist Term Two Term One Health Record Term Two Health Certificate Effort Report Admission to Communion (Year 8)

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