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Romano Gabriel Sculpture Garden

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Paint Your Own Pottery and Mosaics

Over 100 pottery items to choose from... Unique mosaic selection and supplies. Monthly workshops too! Creative activities for all ages.

WALK-INS WELCOME Birthday Parties, School Projects, Corporate Events & Fundraising See us on Facebook.

211 G St, Old Town Eureka ~ 707.268.8888

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Taste Wine

Tasting Wed-Mon 11am - 5pm

Riverbend Cellars Nestled where the river curves and the redwoods reach the sky is Riverbend Cellars, a rare and delightful winery. Taste an array of hand-crafted, award winning wines. Whether you are looking for fun with the family, a romantic tasting for two or a place to gather with a group of friends, Riverbend Cellars offers the perfect place to relax, sip wine and create memories.

12990 Avenue of the Giants in Myers Flat • 707.943.9907 • The Palette / 3

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Printed by Barlow Printing, Inc. Morris Graves Museum of Art 636 F Street • Eureka, CA 95501 707-442-0278 • fax 707-442-2040 Wednesday-Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.

STAFF Executive Director-Curator, Jemima Harr, ext. 205 Assistant Curator, Amanda Hofstra, ext. 204 Programs Manager, Sasha Lyth, ext. 201 Museum Manager, Janine Prater, ext. 202 Facility Rental Coordinator, Kacie Flynn, ext. 206 Programs Assistant, Virginia Wood Art Educator, Laurie Arupa Richardson, ext. 208 Art Educator, Karan Collenberg, ext. 208 The Humboldt Arts Council staff wishes to thank the board of directors, docents and all volunteers who make our programs possible. We couldn’t do it without you! BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sally Arnot, President/CEO Jim Lowry, Vice President Gale Becker, Secretary • David K. Monroe, Treasurer Julie Alderson, Karen Angel, Julia Bednar, Sally Biggin, Eric Furman, Peggy Irvine, Noelle Marak, Sheila Marks, Betty Osborne, Lucy Quinby, Janna Snell, Shannon Sullivan EMERITUS MEMBERS Floyd Bettiga, Muriel Dinsmore, Robert Yarber ADVISORY BOARD James M. Anderson, Lora Canzoneri, Rena Christensen, Martha Clague, John Dalby, Larry Eitzen, Ahn Fielding, Nancy Flemming, Gregg Gardiner, Cheri Geiser, JoAnn Hanson, Dan & Beverly Harper, Bill McClendon, Sanderson Morgan, Cathy Ray Pierson, Leslie Kenneth Price, Peggy Schmidbauer, Lane Strope, Karen Sullivan, Don Smullin FOUNDING DIRECTOR Dr. Homer Balabanis The Humboldt Arts Council appreciates the generous support of all the local businesses that have chosen to advertise in the 2013 Palette magazine in support of the arts in our community. 4 / The Palette






FEATURE ARTICLES Prettiest Places In America ...........................8 Hands on Experience at Parasol Arts ......11 Showcase and Workshop at Blue Ox Millworks......................................13 Get Creative at Origin Design Lab ...........15 Natural Foods in Humboldt ........................17 What’s Humboldt Made? .............................19 WWII Veterans Portrait Project ..................26

Romano Gabriel Sculpture Garden

Humboldt County’s Art Magazine

Arts Organizations, Galleries, Museums, Events & Festivals, Artist Profiles

ON THE COVER Romano Gabriel Sculpture Garden (story on page 5) photo by Jim Lowry,

Humboldt Arts Council ................................................................................................... 5 Morris Graves Museum Exhibitions............................................................. 40-41 Join the Humboldt Arts Council ..........................................................................42 Eureka ..............................................................................................................................6-26 Murals and Sculptures .............................................................................................. 9 Arts Organizations ............................................................................................. 10-14 First Saturday Night Arts Alive! ..................................................................... 16-24 Arcata............................................................................................................................ 27-30 Murals and Sculptures ............................................................................................28 Arts Organizations ....................................................................................................29 Arts! Arcata ..................................................................................................................30 Hwy 299 & Hwy 96- Blue Lake, Willow Creek, Hoopa ........................................31 Arts Organizations ....................................................................................................31 Northern Humboldt County - McKinleyville, Westhaven, Trinidad........ 32-33 Arts Organizations ....................................................................................................33 McKinleyville Arts Night .........................................................................................32 Eel River Valley - Scotia, Rio Dell, Fortuna, Ferndale, Loleta ..................... 34-35 Murals ............................................................................................................................34 Arts Organizations ....................................................................................................34 Fortuna First Friday Arts Night .............................................................................35 Southern Humboldt and Avenue of the Giants ...................................................36 Fairs & Festivals ......................................................................................................... 38-39 Farmers’ Markets ..............................................................................................................21 Indigenous Heritage & Culture ..................................................................................37 Humboldt County Museums ......................................................................................37 North Coast Open Studios ...........................................................................................22 Profiles of Humboldt County’s Artists & Artisans ......................................... 43-46

Welcome to the 20th annual Palette Magazine! For the past 20 years The Palette Magazine has been the leading guide to art and cultural resources in Humboldt County. With more artists per capita than any other county in the state, Humboldt County boasts an abundance of museums, galleries, dance companies, writers and poets, film makers, theatre groups, musicians and cultural events. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the many opportunities to take part in the arts, and this edition of The Palette highlights them all. Save this guide as your arts and culture reference for the whole year and support the wonderful sponsors and artists contained within. For additional copies contact 101 Things To Do at 707-443-1234, ext. 300. Enjoy all that the arts have to offer!



s the State-Local Partner to the California Arts Council, one of the Humboldt Arts Council’s highest priorities is to promote the arts throughout our county. In this year’s Palette Magazine we are pleased to have the opportunity to feature the public art throughout the beautiful North Coast. Inside you will find a comprehensive guide to our local murals, public sculpture as well as galleries, museums and art businesses. As featured on the cover, the Romano Gabriel Sculpture Garden is a local artistic treasure, and the HAC is thrilled at the opportunity to promote, protect and preserve one of the finest public art pieces in the United States. The Eureka Heritage Society officially transferred ownership of the world-renowned Romano Gabriel Sculpture Garden to the Humboldt Arts Council during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Nov. 3, 2012 during First Saturday Night Arts Alive!.

Morris Graves Museum, painting by Jim McVicker

As the central arts agency in Humboldt County and the designated State/Local Partner of the California Arts Council, the Humboldt Arts Council has the privilege of providing leadership, programs and services to enhance the presence and vitality of the arts in all our lives.

The generous gift of the folk art garden aligns with the mission of the HAC, to collect, preserve and promote the arts of the North Coast and to bring it fully into daily life. In the near future the HAC plans to clean and conserve the work on view in the garden as well as install preventative conservation methods such as UV film on the windows to reduce light exposure and fading over time. Also keep an eye out for updates with the signage and didactic text as well as new landscaping around the garden. The HAC’s long-ago used slogan “Art Street in a home which he had built himself. He lived what neighbors Grows Here” is the perfect fit for promoting the Garden, making it a and community members characterized as a largely introverted life, working as a carpenter and gardener, but keeping mostly to himself. destination for all visitors to the North Coast. It is said that Italian immigrant and folk artist Romano Gabriel At the age of 50, Gabriel felt compelled to create sculptural forms out of wooden vegonce expressed Eureka, etable crates to fill California was “a bad the void not only place for flowers”. As a on his lawn, but also carpenter and gardener in himself, resulting with strong connections from his increasing to his homeland, culture dissatisfaction in livand various social and ing what most would political issues, Gabriel call an “ordinary” or viewed the front lawn of “normal” life as prehis home on Pine Street scribed by American in Eureka with a distinct social scripts and and unique vision; He ideals. Gabriel harsaw this traditionally desnessed his knowlignated space for pleasedge of hand tools antries such as flowers as from furniture and an environment not only house construction serving as a greeting area with his creative enfor the eyes of passerbys ergy in filling his 30 of his home, but also as a ft. by 60 ft. front lawn space to display art obwith his creation of a jects exposing the inner Romano Gabriel Sculpture Garden, 315 Second St. in Old Town Eureka, multitude of brightly workings of his imaginaphoto by Jim Lowry, painted sculptural tive and personal world figures and forms which he did not care to out of wooden crate share with most individuals by conventional means. Gabriel found that forgoing a typical so- materials, some purely decorative, others as commentary on social cial life and living a largely introverted lifestyle as beneficial to his or political issues. Gabriel’s work is distinguishable both by its quantity and qualcraft, providing him with solitude and concentration for his art making. The resulting three decades of devotion to his creative vision is ity, not to mention his persistent dedication to his craft. At the age a fantastical collection of hundreds of wooden human and animal of 80, the artist put the final touches to his work, and by this time figures within a highly complex and ornate sculptural environment, the sculptural garden had become a tourist attraction, garnering national and international attention. In 1967, the artist passed away now known as the Sculpture Garden of Romano Gabriel. Gabriel’s beginnings in the United States date back to 1913 at and the California Arts Council immediately designated the sculpthe age of 26, when the artist left his homeland of Mura, Italy and tural garden as an important piece of folk art. The Romano Gabriel headed to America in search of a new life and opportunities. After Sculpture Garden in its current preserved state at 315 Second Street serving in World War II, Gabriel settled in Eureka, California on Pine in Old Town Eureka. The Palette / 5

EUREKA Eve in Old Town, painting, by Bob and Donna Sellers

for any art lover. With the amazing support the town offers to local artists, there is an abundance of art—be it outdoors in This is a PDF copy of your advertising proof as it might the form of murals, or the array of abstract appear in the 2008 editionin of Palette magazine. sculptures theThe Old Town and Downtown areas. The many beautifully restored VictoriPlease check this proof carefully and let us know how you would like usbuildings to proceed. with A reply is needed in decoraorder to ads@ an-style their ornate move forward. The client assumes full responsibility for accuracy andand completeness of information thebeauty. ad. tions historic styling adds toin the Fx: (7 The publisher will not be responsible for any errors if proof is not returned. There are also many galleries displaying pieces from local potters, sculptors Either fax, email or call us with any changes. Ifpainters, PROOF IS O.K., please sign a and photographers. For those who love to not only see art, PROOF IS O.K. __________________________________________________________ Date ____________ but to have a chance to meet artists, and share and discuss art with other people who share the same passion, Eureka offers “First Make these corrections ____________________________________________________ Date_ ___________ Saturday Night Arts Alive!” in Downtown ureka is at the heart of our beautiful artists’ community on and Old Town. This is an art walk put on in cooperation with downthe North Coast. With Humboldt County boasting more town businesses. Most businesses keep later hours for this event, artists per capita than anywhere in California, the region is and the result is a lively mix of artists, art lovers and fun for the home to writers, visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers and filmwhole family. makers. Many have garnered national and international acclaim Eureka is a place you can enjoy wine tasting, ballet, the symphofor their talent and work. Artists find the North Coast naturally ny, music, galleries and much more. The surrounding natural beauty supports their creative pursuits by providing a backdrop of unmakes it such a wondrous place to visit as well as a tremendous touched landscapes, a colorful, enthusiastic population and the source of inspiration for any artist. This historic city is a reflection slow pace of life that only a rural environment can offer. of its wonderful natural surroundings and vibrant, unique popuNamed one of the top small art towns in John Villani’s book lation. The arts are flourishing “behind the redwood curtain” in The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America, Eureka is an exciting place Humboldt County, and Eureka is a sparkling reason why.

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It’s all right here! 6 / The Palette

Experience Historic Old Town and Downtown


Call for our free 32-page Visitor’s Guide

One of the last preserved downtowns in California Visitor Center

(707) 442-3738 or (800) 356-6381

2112 Broadway, Eureka CA 95501 The Center of Commerce and Culture Since 1850



Eureka Main Street • 525 Second Street Suite 105 • Eureka, CA 95501 (707) 442-9054 • (FAX) 442-9154

525 5TH Street Eureka 443-1614 Fax 443-4461 The Only Pharmacy in Downtown Eureka


Serving the North Coast for 92 Years

2515 Harrison Ave. Eureka 443-7086 Fax 443-0302 Across from St. Joseph Hospital

In Support of Arts & Literacy Humboldt County Public Library 1313 3rd Street, Eureka, CA 95501 Tues 12 - 5 pm • Wed 12 - 8 pm • Thu 12 - 5 pm • Fri 10 am - 5 pm • Sat 11 am - 4 pm

detail of Trinka Margua Simon's painting on display at the Library

Gale & Nielsen Estate Planning & Business Law • 2850 Harris St., Eureka CA 95503 (707) 269-0167 • The Palette / 7



he Paint Quality Institute, formed to educate the public about paints and coatings, periodically searches for the 12 “Prettiest Painted Places in America”. Naming of the 12 “Prettiest Painted Places in America” comes after a rigorous four-month search by the Paint Quality Institute that involved thousands of contacts with state tourism departments, convention and visitors’ bureaus, chambers of commerce, and Main Street groups, all of whom were invited to nominate communities. This time the effort produced nearly 200 colorful nominees from 48 states and the District of Columbia that submitted color images of beautifully painted homes, buildings and exterior murals. A panel of judges with expertise in paint and exterior color schemes reviewed the entries and named two winners from each of six different geographic areas. The Northwest Region winners were The Victorian Village of Ferndale and Eureka, California. Ferndale was recognized for its historic business district with the many beautifully detailed commercial buildings and Victorian homes. Eureka gained honors for its collection of unique and colorful Victorian homes . The purpose of the competition is to give recognition to places that use paint to express pride in their communities, and highlight how an attractive exterior paint treatment can enhance the curb appeal of virtually any home, building, or exterior structure.

American Indian Art & Gifts

Contemporary Traditional Affordable Collectable 241 F Street Eureka California 95501 • (707) 445-8451 8 / The Palette

Painted home in Eureka, photo by Steve Hammons

“A ‘prettiest painted place’ is a very special town or neighborhood with exceptional community-wide ‘curb appeal’, ” explains Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert for the Paint Quality Institute. “Curb appeal is often defined by beautiful color schemes on homes or buildings, and that’s typically the case, but exquisite outdoor murals and creative use of paint color on statues, signage, traffic signals, water towers, and even streets and sidewalks have elevated the appearance of many of today’s prettiest communities” she said. To get a look at the 12 Prettiest Painted Places in America, visit the Paint Quality Institute website:

EUREKA MURALS AND SCULPTURES All Happy Now, by Peter Santino, Humboldt Botanical Gardens, 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd. Alley Cats, by Duane Flatmo and Rural Burl Mural Bureau, G St. between 4th and 5th (south wall of Living Light Center) Animals Are People Too, by Duane Flatmo and Rural Burl Mural Bureau, 905 4th St. (Courthouse Market) between J & K St. Arkley Performing Arts Center, by Randy Spicer, facing the parking lot on 4th St. between H & G St. Bucksport Mural, by Duane Flatmo, design by L.W. Duke, 3650 Broadway (Bucksport Sporting Goods) Ceramic Border, by Gilbert Castro, 1450 Broadway, (Eureka Natural Foods) Fill’er up!, by Duane Flatmo, Henderson and F St. Fin-N-Feather Mural, by Randy Spicer, 2931 F St. between Henderson and Harris St. Fisherman Statue, by Dick Cran, 601 Startare Dr. Eureka Following Current Events, by Jack Sewell, foot of C Street along Eureka’s waterfront Horse and Hounds, by Duane Flatmo, 3954 Jacobs Ave., off Hwy 101 north of Eureka (Eureka Animal Clinic) Indian Island: The Sun Set Twice on the People That Day, by Brian Tripp, side of Eureka Theater, 636 F St. Inharmonious, by Duane Flatmo and Rural Burl Mural Bureau, 520 F St. on 5th and F St. (north wall of Eureka Rubber Stamp) Jungle Plants Mural, by Duane Flatmo and Rural Burl Mural Bureau, 616 H St. between 6th and 7th (north wall of Vision Center)

Junk Yard Dog, by Linda Wise, Morris Graves Museum of Art, 636 F St. Letter to David*, by John Fick, F St. between 4th & 5th St. Mama Whale, side of Moore’s Sleep World Building, 5th and A St. Masabi Drum*, by Chuck Splady, 5th & F St. Metal Horse Sculpture, by Linda Wise, corner of 5th St. and Myrtle Ave. Nature’s Bounty, by Duane Flatmo, 425 4th St. (North Coast Co-op) No Barking Anytime, by Duane Flatmo, 426 F St. between 4th and 5th (north wall of North Coast Dance Studios) Pod*, by Gale Wagner, in the Morris Graves Museum of Art, 636 F St. Post Office Alley, by Duane Flatmo and Rural Burl Mural Bureau, 538 H St. between 5th and 6th Saga, by Melvin Schuler, Clark Plaza, corner of 3rd and E St. The Gray Victorian, by Duane Flatmo and Rural Burl Mural Bureau, 723 3rd St. The Studio Mural, 3rd St. just past the corner of D St. The Wooden Garden of Romano Gabriel, 315 2nd St. Travel Dreams, by Paula Cunningham, Corner of 6th and F St. Tribute to Architecture and Performing Arts by Duane Flatmo, F St. Between 5th & 6th, Arkley Center Untitled Mural, by Jeanette Cruz, inside Babetta’s Restaurant, 3220 Broadway

Following Current Events, by Jack Sewell, located at the foot of C Street along Eureka’s waterfront, photo by Barry Evans

Arkley Performing Arts Center, by Randy Spicer, 4th St. between H & G St. photo by Steve Hammons

Untitled Mural, Artist Unknown, inside of Chapala Café, 201 2nd St. Untitled Mural, by Yannis Stefanakis, Babe’s Pizza and Pasta, 4015 Walnut Dr. Untitled Mural, inside Gabriel’s Restaurant, 216 E St., Eureka Untitled Sculpture, Artist Unknown, Eureka Natural Foods, 1450 Broadway Untitled Sculpture*, by Ed Pogue, 2nd St. (on the median) between F & G St.

Untitled Sculpture*, by Gregory Wescott, 3rd St. between F & G St. Untitled Sculpture*, by John Fick, behind Lost Coast Brewery at 3rd & G St. Untitled Sculpture*, by Luigi Testa, 4th and F St. Village Photo Mural, by Jeff Jordan, corner of 7th and E St. Vintage Cars Mural, by Gemma, Harper Motors, 4800 7th and A St. Wonder Lust, by Rick Kistler, 1st & C St. *Jan Milstead Collection

Enjoy our Award Winning wines at our Moonstone Crossing Tasting Room 529 Trinity St. in Trinidad

707-845-5492 Noon to 6: Summer Wed-Sun, Winter Fri-Sun Aglianico • Barbera • Bordeaux blends • Cabernet Franc • Cabernet Sauvignon • Carignane • Chardonnay • Grenache Merlot • Mourvedre • Nebbiolo • Old Vine Zin • Pinot Gris • Petite Sirah • Petit Verdot • Pinotage • Ports Rhone blends • Riesling • Rosé • Sauvignon Blanc • Super Tuscan blend • Syrah • Tempranillo blend The Palette / 9

EUREKA ARTS ORGANIZATIONS All area codes are (707) unless noted. Information and venues are subject to change.

Blue Ox Millworks & Historic Park

Pottery, by Ryan Hurst

1 X St., Eureka 95501 444-3437 or 800-248-4259  Self-guided tour of Victorian era woodworking shop, skid camp and farm; workshops in woodworking, blacksmithing and ceramics.

College of the Redwoods

7351 Tompkins Hill Rd. Eureka 95501 Creative Arts Dept., 476-4558 Humanities Dept., 476-4559 

Eureka Art and Culture Commission

517 Third St., Suite 36 Eureka 95501 442-8413  Advises Eureka City Council on art programs and projects.

Eureka Chamber Music Series/ Calvary Lutheran Church

716 South Ave., Eureka 95503 443-1575  Sponsors international artists, piano trios, string quartets, pianists and the San Francisco Opera Center Singers.

Eureka Main Street

525 Second St., #105, Eureka 95501 442-9054  Working toward an economically and culturally vital Main Street.

Glass Vases, by Scott Harris,

Eureka Symphony

PO Box 776, Bayside 95524 441-3818, Ticket info 442-1956  Community-based orchestra performing a variety of concerts.

First Street Gallery

442 First St., Eureka 95501 443-6363  Extends HSU’s learning environment into the heart of the community with exhibitions highlighting the work of distinguished faculty, alumni, students, visiting and regional artists.

Humboldt Arts Council and the Morris Graves Museum of Art

636 F St., Eureka 95501 442-0278  Provides leadership, programs and services to enhance the presence of art in Humboldt County.

Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd, Eureka 95501

The gardens are located just north of the College of the Redwoods Main Campus. 442-5139

 Providing educational opportunities for the community as it works to create the Humboldt Botanical Gardens.

Humboldt Docent Council

636 F St., Eureka 95501 442-0278  Organization of volunteers sharing the love of art in schools, and the Morris Graves Museum of Art.

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The Finest Art for Your Home, Office and Garden

423 F St, Eureka CA 95501 707-269-0617

A full service gallery featuring over 50 premier artists from the North Coast and the perfect setting for music concerts, receptions and events. 10 / The Palette



arasol Arts Paint Your Own Pottery and Mosaics is an oasis for creating art in Old Town Eureka. Owners Brad and Cathy Curtis love the layout and light in this recently remodeled corner of the Historic Buhne Building at 211 G St. Affectionately known as an art spa, Parasol Arts caters to all ages who desire to have their own hands on experience of painting pottery or crafting mosaics. This unique, locally owned art studio began seven years ago on Main Street in the Victorian Village of Ferndale. In the spring of 2011 the studio was relocated to Old Town Eureka. This new venture brought a new collaboration with mosaic and glass artist, Robin Friedman. In the studio Robin’s personal creations of fused glass jewelry and unique mosaics are featured. Robin also joins Parasol Arts monthly to teach workshops that explore the many techniques of mosaic art. These workshops not only offer an excellent art educational experience but they are lively, entertaining and provide fellowship amongst beginning as well as experienced mosaic artists. There are racks of vintage Italian tile, art glass and supplies to entice any enthusiast. Reservations are required for workshops however open studio workspace is available to anyone during regular business hours.

Resident artist Robin Friedman teaches workshops in mosaics, photo by Cathy Curtis

The colorful and charming environment at Parasol Arts also displays over 100 different ceramic items to paint, design or leave your hand print on. Dinnerware, cookie jars, mugs and toy banks are just a few of the choices available. Tiles, painted with your personal style, can compliment any kitchen backsplash. Paints are lead-free, non-toxic and food safe. The price of pottery includes paints, firing and all the studio time needed. Large groups discounts are available for birthday parties, fund-raisers, schools and clubs. Parasol Arts is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays, noon to 5 p.m. An art encounter for any age is a visual dance for the soul. Let your hand dance with paint or glass at this vibrant Old Town art spa! 707-268-8888  friend them on Facebook

Parasol Arts moved to Old Town Eureka from the Victorian Village of Ferndale. Lively workshops are offered, as well as open studio workspace during regular business hours. photos by Cathy Curtis



EUREKA ART & FRAME CO. Judged Best in America for Retail Aesthetics & Design Custom Framing Art Restoration

Paintings by Local Artists


Open During Arts Alive! and April thru December on good weather weekends

717 3rd St. • between H & I • Eureka

Impeccable Quality at Everyday Low Prices 444-2888 ❖ 1636 F St in Eureka, one block north of Wabash The Palette / 11

ARTS ORGANIZATIONS PO Box 370, Arcata 95518 599-2729  Promotes textile arts through classes and exhibitions.

Humboldt Woodworkers Guild  Supports local woodworkers.

Inter-Tribal Coalition for Cultural Continuity & Institute of Native Knowledge Wood Rocking Chair, by David Kelley,

The Ink People Center for The Arts Gallery Exhibitions Monthly

at Trajectory, 325 Two St., Ste. 203, Eureka



517 Third St., Suite 36 Eureka 95501 442-8413 (The Ink People)   Provides arts workshops for people interested in Native traditions.

North Coast Casting

#7 Fifth St., Eureka 95501 442-1939  Casting company formed in response to the growing film and television industry in the area. Purpose is to cast local talent for production companies filming in Northern California.

North Coast Dance

426 F St., Eureka 95501 442-7779

 Offers Ballet Kinder through Adult, Pointe, Men’s, Pas De Deux, Ballroom, Hula and several other disciplines.

North Coast Music Together

PO Box 5762, Eureka, CA 95502 444-2887 

A music and movement program for young children from birth through age 5 and strongly emphasizing adult involvement.

North Coast Repertory Theatre

300 Fifth St., Eureka 95501 442-NCRT (6278)  Professional quality live theatre presenting classic and contemporary works throughout the year.

Redwood Art Association

PO Box 1093, Eureka 95502 Gallery at 603 F St., Eureka 268-0755  A community of artists who value art as an indispensable part of life in Humboldt County. Membership is open to all artists.

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Visit for our 2013 Season, including the Nutcracker, at the beautiful Arkley Center for the Performing Arts and our complete class schedule, Beginning through Advanced. 426 F Street, Old Town Eureka ~ 707-442-7779 ~ 12 / The Palette

North Coast Dancers Stephanie Kim & Sam Campbell. Photo by Marty Sohl

Humboldt Handweavers & Spinners Guild



he Blue Ox Millworks and Historic Park is a national treasure tucked away on the Eureka waterfront. On second thought, maybe that should be international treasure. The millworks produces historically accurate, custom-made building parts and materials for the restoration of Victorian and other antique structures. It also hosts a craftsman’s village, a school, and even a radio station. The guiding genius behind the Blue Ox is Eric Hollenbeck, a Eureka native. He has produced pieces for historic cathedrals, two governor’s mansions, and has worked for the White House twice under two presidents. His jobs have come in from as far away as Kamisu, Japan. Eric formed Blue Ox Logging and Lumber Company with three partners and a $300 loan about 40 years ago. The company performed salvage logging with great care and respect for the natural environment and prospered briefly, but during a downturn in the logging industry in the early seventies the market for logs dried up and many mills closed their doors. The company began manufacturing prefabricated log cabinstyle sheds and turning out fence posts from their salvage logs to stay afloat, but eventually the partners parted ways.

Hands-on, traditional equipment is used at the millworks,

Eric Hollenback demonstrates for a tour,

Eric, along with his wife Viviana, continued the business. An interesting but little-known fact about redwood logs is that because redwood does not rot, salvaged old-growth redwood logs which were left lying on the forest floor 100 or even 150 years ago are still perfectly usable today. It merely requires milling to turn them into lumber. Eric wanted to be able to cut up his logs, and drooled over photographs of gleaming, brand new milling equipment in catalogs. Alas, they were beyond his means. What he could afford, and what he ended up buying, were ancient, rusting pieces of “junk” that nobody else wanted. He lovingly restored them and put them to work. One thing led to another, and soon The Blue Ox Millworks was up and running, producing authentic old fashioned parts for the many Victorian homes that dot Eureka, using authentic old fashioned equipment and techniques. The rest, as the old saw has it, is history (please forgive the double pun). Much of Blue Ox’s equipment is extremely rare, some of it dating back to just after the Civil War. The millworks has evolved into a sort of living museum, and receives visitors from all over the world, including senators, representatives, cabinet members, and foreign dignitaries. The historic park is a sort of artisan’s village which encompasses many Victorian-era trades including of course woodworking as well as blacksmithing, printing, ceramics and plastering. They also have a full time high school, in partnership with the Humboldt County Office of Education, which combines a regular curriculum with hands-on traditional skill acquisition. There is a logging skid camp too; it includes a bunk house, theater and cook house. In addition to tours, inexpensive workshops are available, where people can forge a nail in the blacksmith’s shop, and make their own ceramic tile. 707-444-3437 or 800-248-2459 

The Palette / 13


1812 N St., Eureka, 95501 443-8796  Open to professionals, amateurs and beginning photographers using a wide range of techniques, black and white, and color film, as well as digital media. Providing education and a forum for showing photographs.

Redwood Coast Music Festivals

PO Box 314, Eureka, CA 95502 523 Fifth St., Eureka 95501 445-3378  Nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds to support area programs that benefit seniors and youth music education. Produces Blues by the Bay in September and Redwood Coast Jazz Festival in March.

Redwood Curtain

220 First St., Eureka 95501 PO Box 8125, Eureka 95502 443-7688  Presents plays of contemporary theater, and new interpretations of the classics.

Redwood Empire Quilter’s Guild

PO Box 5071, Eureka 95502 445-5844  Nonprofit organization promoting quilting.

Mixed Media Sculpture, by Joan Rosko,

Beads, by Merry Coor

Representational Art League

PO Box 6175, Eureka 95502 443-4081  RAL-Humboldt. A small group of pro ducing ar tists who work in various representational styles.

Sewell Gallery

423 F St. Eureka 95501 269-0617  A full-service gallery featuring a wide range of art representing premier artists from the North Coast and provides an inviting setting for music, receptions, parties and meetings.

Studio of Dance Arts

7 Fifth St., Eureka 95501 442-1939  Training North Coast dancers since 1981. Providing a well-rounded education in all areas of Dance with an emphasis on a strong ballet foundation. For all ages.

The Ink People Center for the Arts

517 Third St., Ste. 36, Eureka 95501 • 442-8413 Brenda Tuxford Gallery 325 Second St., Ste. 203, Eureka 95501  Coordinates over 40 programs, exhibitions, ongoing classes and events.

Viols, Recorders, Krumhorns and All

2135 F St., Eureka 95501 476-0421  An early music performance group which performs in costume at events such as Arts Alive! Featuring 14th through 17th century music.

Experience the Art of Relaxation, Take Some Time for Rejuvenation and The Rest is in Our Hands

Vichy Shower, Aroma Therapy Body Scrubs, Anti Stress Treatments, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Thaloso Therapy Body Treatments, Hydro Therapy Tub, Facials, Anti Aging, Micro Current, Acne Specialist, Make-Up Workshops, Spa Pedicures, Seasonal Pedicures, Manicures, Full Body Waxing, Lash and Brow Tinting, Full Service Hair and Color Salon, Hair Cutting Specialist Spa Packages, Spa Parties, Gift Certificates Available

Let us give you a lift! Call to schedule your complimentary NuFace Pilates for the face toning treatment.

445-2041, 130 G Street, Eureka in the Historic Vance Hotel Visit Us on Facebook to Enter Our Spa Service Giveaway, 14 / The Palette


621 3rd Street, Old Town Eureka

by Jodi Lee


rigin Design Lab is a sewing lounge and supply center for artists, designers and makers, both professional and hobbyist. We strive to provide an environment that encourages creative community through shared space and tools. Our consignment boutique and retail space showcases the creations of our members and independent designers as well as provides an eclectic selection of crafting tools, sewing machines, vintage buttons, and supplies to assist you in your creative endeavors. We host workshops and classes to help those in the maker community further tailor their skills and promote their work in an inviting setting. So whether you want to learn how to sew garments, make some home decor, learn to quilt, screen print, dye fabrics, or create your own craft business we have the space where you can let your inspiration be your guide. We offer space to rent by the hour, month or membership where individuals can work on a project of their choice while receiving instruction in a small group. We believe in Sustainable Sewing which seeks to reuse and conserve existing materials, use earthand people-friendly fabrics, and cultivate the idea that recycling, up-

Top: Craft and textile arts supplies. Right: Jodi Lee helps Cyrus McKenna with a needle felting project as Cyrus’ sister Logan helps. photos by Mark McKenna/ Studio 424

Origin Design Lab, photo by Mark McKenna/Studio 424

cycling, reducing, and repurposing is beneficial for our community. In a world that chronically squanders resources, it has become important to recast sewing as a sustainable skill and a component of a new thrift. Sewing as practiced by our mothers and grandmothers was traditionally about self-reliance, ingenuity, and a smart use of resources. Today, sewing can recapture these qualities as well as foster creative expression, reduce stress, and create social bonds. Sustainable sewing, such as refashioning new clothes from old ones, encourages fashion independence and – as with past generations – the pleasure of owning fine clothes and linens made at home. Interest in personal sewing and clothing design has increased dramatically in the past few years. The Home Sewing Association estimates that the number of sewing enthusiasts in the U.S. has increased by 5 million since 2000, and annual sales of the leading brand of sewing machines has doubled since 1999. Sewing classes and sewing clubs are growing in popularity among a broad demographic, giving even beginners a chance to break the mold and become their own designers. With this resurgence in sewing comes opportunities for promoting sustainability and healthier practices regarding reuse and waste reduction. DONATION PROGRAM Origin Design Lab is collecting and distributing sewing machines, sewing notions and fabric to women in need in our community. Our goal is to inspire creativity and self-reliance one sewing machine at a time for women who are in need in our community. We hope that these donations will help heal people’s hearts and lives. Sewing does help mend in more ways 707-497-6237  than just fabric.


since 1988

“Serving the area’s finest Margaritas”

The WIDE VARIETY of fresh seafood on our menu is prepared to your liking. Sautéed, grilled, charbroiled, broiled, poached, pan and deep fried, and complemented by delicate sauces.

Live Music Friday & Saturday nights 6 - 8pm Banquet Facilities and Catering Available

(707) 443-9514 Open Seven Days 11am - 9pm

201 2nd Street ~ Old Town Eureka


PLUS Black Angus aged charbroiled Filet Mignon, New York Steaks and Prime Rib; Roast Duck and Chicken. Specializing in Local Seafood

Daily Specials ~ Extensive Salad Bar

707.443.7187 ~ CLOSED SUNDAY

Lovely Victorian Setting.

316 E STREET, OLD TOWN EUREKA Famous Seafood Chowder Served in a Voted Best Seafood Restaurant in Humboldt County for the Last 17 Years The Palette / 15




o matter what the weather, art enthusiasts crowd Old Town and downtown Eureka for the first Saturday of the month during Arts Alive! Over 70 local merchants participate in the threehour art walk from 6 to 9 p.m. Art lovers, residents and visitors roam the streets, wandering from venue to venue stopping for coffee, catching up with old friends, discussing art and listening to the many artists providing music and entertainment along the way. First Saturday Night Arts Alive! is co-sponsored by Eureka Main Street and Humboldt Arts Council. Specific Arts Alive! listings are available each month in the North Coast Journal and the Times-Standard. 


Art G n ow

* All area codes are (707) unless noted. Information and venues are subject to change.

Humboldt County’s Oldest Cooperative Art Gallery


525 Second Street Suite 105 • Eureka (707) 442-9054



istoric H e c n e i Exper Town & Old own Downt

The Ranch, painting, by Stock Schlueter,

Old T

s t r A ve Ali

Accent Styling Gallery

219 Second St. • 441-9191

Accident Gallery

210 C St. • 445-2420

Adorni Center

1011 Waterfront St. • 441-4248

Alirose Boutique

Paintings, Photography, Mosaics, Pottery, Hand-painted Porcelain, Jewelry, Textiles, and Greeting Cards

228 F St. • 445-2727 

Alternative Building Center

325 Second St., Ste. 103 • 445-4733 

American Indian Art and Gift Shop

241 F St. • 445-8451 

Amigas Burritos

317 Fifth St. • 443-3373

Annex 39

610 F St. • 443-9113

Open Daily from 10am to 5pm 233 F Street, Eureka 707-445-2315 16 / The Palette

Arkley Center for the Performing Arts 412 G St. • 442-1956 

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n Humboldt County we are fortunate to have many opportunities to appreciate art. There are paintings, murals, sculptures, pottery and more displayed throughout the community in public places, stores, museums and galleries. There are also dancers, singers, musicians, story tellers, actors and the like who perform wonderful shows and presentations for the community to enjoy. But there is one group of artists who get very little credit for their Cows in the Arcata Bottoms, art even though it is constantly by Anthony Welch available and enjoyed in Humboldt and elsewhere. This quiet group of brilliant artisans are our food producers. Here on the North Coast we are particularly fortunate to have access to some of the healthiest and finest foods available anywhere. There are organic farms all over Humboldt County, pasturebased dairies, producers of grass-fed beef, organic eggs, poultry, fish caught in the local rivers and seafood from the waters off the coast. We have great bakers, coffee roasters, chocolatiers, wine makers, brewers, chefs and more crafting culinary works of art for the community to enjoy. There are also marvelous natural foods stores, enchanting LOCAL NATURAL FOOD farmers’ markets, culturally diChautauqua Natural Foods verse restaurants and food trucks to help satisfy any need for gastro436 Church St., Garberville, nomic bliss. 707-923-2452 The natural, artisan-made Eureka Natural Foods food in Humboldt County is pretty remarkable and deserves to be 1450 Broadway, Eureka, recognized. Next time you enjoy 707-442-6325 one of your favorite local products take a moment to appreciate the Humboldt Healthy Foods craftsmanship and art that went 899 Main St., Fortuna into creating it. 707-725-7911

Farmers’ Market, by Doug Noble

STORES: McKinleyville Central Market 1977 Central Ave., McKinleyville, 707-633-6180 Mountain Marketplace 222 Main St., Weaverville 530-63-2656 North Coast Co-op 811 I St., Arcata 707-822-5947 4th & B Sts., Eureka 707-443-6027

Wildberries Marketplace 747 13th St., Arcata 707-822-0095 OTHER RESOURCES Farmers’ Markets see page 21 Community Gardens or call 707-269-2064


savory... sweet... spirited...

reservations never hurt!

we have no reservations! The Palette / 17

EUREKA ARTS ALIVE! Calla Lily, painting, by Shirley Ruchong,


Third & G Sts. • 445-0500 

Bar Fly Pub and Grub

91 Commercial St. • 443-3770 

Photography Too...

Bayfront Restaurant

F Street Plaza • 443-7489

905 Third St. • 407-5070 

Bella Baskets

Bohemian Mermaid

311 E St. • 444-2823 

511 Sixth St. • 633-8431 

Belle Starr

Bon Boniere

405 Second St. • 441-1296

215 F St. • 268-0122 

Bigfoot Computers and

100 “A perfect wine”


402 Second St. • 445-1344

— Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

Cheri Blackerby Gallery and The Studio

Buhne Art Studios

272 C St. • 443-1428 

C Street Hall Gallery

Ciara’s Irish Shop

Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard

Café Nooner

Clarke Historical Museum

Carter House Inns & Restaurant 301

Chapala Cafe

Coco & Cuvee

207 G St., Second Floor

2002 Carter Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

208 C St. • 445-1751

409 Opera Alley • 443-4663 


201 Second St. • 443-9514

334 Second St. • 443-0102 Third and E St. • 443-1947  531 Third St. • 442-2662

Cody Gallery

213 F St. • 444-3995

301 L Street, Eureka 707.444.8062 ~

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A NorthernCalifornia

A t Restaurant 301,

premier inn, The Carter House Inns is an enclave of four Victorians perched alongside Humboldt Bay in Old Town Eureka. Luxurious accommodations at Carter House and sumptuous dining at its Restaurant 301 set an indulgent tone for a marvelous visit to the giant redwood forests, rugged Pacific beaches, and all the other wonders of the Redwood Coast in Northern California.

considered one of the best restaurants in Northern California, enjoy award-winning cuisine prepared with local organic products and fresh herbs, greens, and vegetables harvested daily from the Inn’s extensive gardens. — Featured in Bon Appétit and Art Culinaire magazines

3 0 1


S t . ,

E u r e k a ,

800.404.1390 18 / The Palette


9 5 5 0 1


© Carter House Inns



n 2009, Humboldt County Economic Development launched “Humboldt Made,” a regional brand designed to crystallize the artisanal, quirky, pastoral and homegrown qualities for which Humboldt County businesses are well known. The initial phase of Humboldt Made produced photographic imagery, videos, logo and wordmark icons, points-ofpride and built a social media strategy to connect with consumers who love Humboldt County. The ultimate goal of this project is to assist local businesses in aggregating resources to promote their products under one brand. Humboldt Made participants agreed that the redwoods, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, clean air and water, long growing seasons and micro-climates, that result in a variety of artisanal products set us apart. Our proximity to the ocean, the rain and fog, provide a high quality pastoral environment, where animals have plentiful, grassy pastures and breathtaking views. Humboldt County is also home to fine jewelry makers, artisanal lighting professionals, fine furniture makers and more artists per capita than any place in California. With this agreement, Humboldt Made businesses began work to design a cooperative marketing strategy that broadens the Humboldt identity to include artisanal products. Now, the brand is in a second phase of development. Humboldt Made businesses are working on an organizational framework; New promotional films are being developed by Eureka filmmaker, Malcolm Desoto; Humboldt Made has a smartphone app available on ITunes and Google Play; and members are sharing in opportunities for business growth, including familiarizing themselves with the Fancy Food Show event in San Francisco. For more information about Humboldt Made, visit, find us on Facebook at Love Humboldt Made, or call 707-476-4813.

Be Original! Give Original! organic produce | hand crafted prepared foods, sandwiches & baked goods | espresso bar | vegan & gluten free friendly

Mention e for The Palett

Make someone very, very happy.

AL Gift baskets for every occasion. FREE LOC Locations in USA, Canada, Dubai, DELIVEnRfiYrst and Kuwait make multi-national o order

deliveries quick and less costly.

25 4th St. Eureka • 811 I St. Arcata •

Ramone’s Bakery & Cafe Freshly Roasted Coffee Espresso • Breakfast Pastries Bread • Desserts Sandwiches, Soups & Salads Wedding & Specialty Cakes Catering OPEN DAILY


ARCATA At Wildberries Marketplace 826-1088 EUREKA 2297 Harrison 442-1336 209 E Street 445-2923 At Pierson’s 476-0401 MCKINLEYVILLE ShoppingCenter 839-3383

707-444-2509 1-888-442-2509 Watch our video:

The Palette / 19

EUREKA ARTS ALIVE! Cottage Annex 618 F St.

Dalianes Travel

522 F St. • 443-2778 

Dannilynn’s Shoe Boutique 527 Third St. • 497-6187

Delightful Eye Photography 622 Second St. • 407-5883

Discovery Museum

Third and F Sts. • 443-9694 

Eureka Books

426 Second St. • 444-9593 

Eureka Fabrics

Heather At The Lake, painting, Julia Bednar

414 Second St. • 442-2646

Eureka Inn

518 Seventh St. • 497-6093 

Eureka Studio Arts

526 Fifth St. • 440-9027 

20 / The Palette

Himalayan Rug Trader

Five Eleven

Humboldt Arts Council at Morris Graves Museum of Art

422 First St. • 443-6300  511 Second St. • 268-3852

Eureka Theater

Good Relations

F Street Foto Gallery at Swanlund’s Camera

Healthsport by the Bay

612 F St. • 442-2970  Paintings On Silk, by Tina Gleave,

First Street Gallery

527 F St. • 442-4522 

223 Second St. • 441-9570  411 First St. • 268-8220 

529 Second St. • 268-8268  636 F St. • 442-0278 

Humboldt Baykeeper

211 E St. • 268-8897 

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LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKETS Weekly Schedule of Local Farmers’ Markets TUESDAYS Arcata Farmers’ Market

Jun to Oct - 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Wildberries, 441-9999 

Arcata Tuesday Potawot Farmers’ Market

May to Oct - Noon to 2 p.m. 1600 Weott Way

Eureka Farmers’ Market

Jun to Oct - 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Old Town Eureka F St. between 1st and 3rd 441-9999 

Miranda Farmers’ Market May to Oct - 2 to 5 p.m., Avenue Café, 943-3025 6743 Ave. of the Giants

Shelter Cove Farmers’ Market May to Oct - 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Machi Rd., motel parking lot, 986-7229

THURSDAYS Eureka Farmers’ Market

Jun to Oct - 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Henderson Center, F St., between Henderson and Russ 441-9999, 

Photography, by Steve Hammons

McKinleyville Farmers’ Market Jun to Oct - 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. 1514 City Center Rd. at the totem pole 441-9999, 

SATURDAYS Arcata Plaza Farmers’ Market

Member SIPC © Edward Jones, 2009

Photography, by Mackenzie Kincaid

Apr to Nov - 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dec to May - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Next to Café Brio 441-9999, 

Fortuna Farmers’ Market May to Oct - 3 to 6 p.m. 10th & Main St., 764-2161

FRIDAYS Arcata Friday Potawot Farmers’ Market

Jun to Oct - Noon to 2 p.m. 1600 Weott Wy

Garberville Farmers’ Market May to Oct - 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Church St. in Town Square 786-9460

It shouldn’t be a crazy idea that investments deserve personal attention. That’s why we put our 10,000 offices in neighborhoods. So we’re easier to get to, and spend time with. Join the nearly 7 million investors who know. Face time and think time make sense.

Buys the radical concept that big skyscrapers don’t necessarily mean big investment smarts.

Von Hawley Butterfield Financial Advisor 339 E Street Eureka, CA 95501 707-442-5295

The Palette / 21

15th Annual

EUREKA ARTS ALIVE! Humboldt Glass Blowers 214 E St. • 268-5511

Humboldt Hardware

531 Second St. • 444-2717

Humboldt Herbals

Saturday & Sunday, June 1-2 & 8-9, 2013

Butterfly Time, fine wire sculpture, by Elizabeth Berrien

Reflect, Etched Glass, by Susan Bloch

Tour the open studios of 100+ Humboldt County artists and craftspeople at this free community event. From Trinidad to Redway, and everywhere in between, local artists open their creative spaces and process to the public. Information is available at their website or by contacting coordinator Taffy Stockton at (707) 834-6460.


300 Second St. • 442-3541 

Ink Annex (Ink People Gallery Formerly Empire Squared) 47B W. Third St. • 442-8413 

Ink People Community Art Space

325 Second St., Second Floor 442-8413 

James Darin Joaillier 520 Fifth St. • 407-0524

Linen Closet

127 F St. • 268-0900 

Manhard Consulting 611 I St. • 444-3800

Mantova’s Two Street Music 124 Second St. • 445-3155 

Many Hands Gallery

438 Second St. • 445-0455 

North Coast Dance

426 F St. • 442-7779 

North Soles Footwear

407 Second St. • 268-0320

Oberon Grill

516 Second St. • 443-3663 

Old Town Antique Lighting

Second and F St. • 267-5439 

Old Town Art Gallery

Livella Studios

120 Second St. • 268-8781

Living Room Gallery at MikkiMoves Real Estate, Inc 805 Seventh St. • 515-6683 

Living the Dream Ice Cream opening in February 1 F St. by Bayfront Restaurant

233 F St. • 445-2315 

Old Town Coffee and Chocolates

211 F St. • 445-8600 

Old Town Jewelers 311 F St. • 441-9244

Orange Cup Coral Salon 612 Second St. • 499-2638

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The ONE STORE for your perfect floor

Featuring Bigelow® & Lees® Carpets Laminate & Hardwood Floor Tile Showroom • Professional Installation


2385 Myrtle Avenue • Eureka • 443-9321 22 / The Palette

The future of healthcare is here. The new North East Wing at St. Joseph Hospital is now open!

CT Scanner

Operating Room

ICU Room

Breath-taking on the outside. Life-giving on the inside. St. Joseph Hospital’s new patient care wing is a modern, state-of-the-art facility that will change the way patients and their families experience health care on the North Coast. Included in the new wing: expanded emergency,

surgical, ICU and PCU services; enhanced patient and visitor comforts; a new main entrance and emergency entrance; pre-op and diagnostic imaging services, and more. Visit our website for more information.

A Ministry founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. The Palette / 23


Cunningham, Malone & Morton



Over 100 Years of Professional Experience Se Habla Español

Tax Planning and Preparation Representation Audit Defense Litigation in U.S. Tax Court Accounting & Bookkeeping Payroll Business Consulting Litigation Support Professional Conservator/Trustee Governmental & Non-Profit Accounting Michael P. Cunningham: Member of the Bar of the U.S. Tax Court, Licensed Professional Fiduciary, Enrolled Agent Keith N. Crossley: Certified Public Accountant Ronald E. Malone: Enrolled Agent Dorell L. Johnson: Certified Public Accountant Benjamin A. Ebert: Enrolled Agent Alexis N. Garoutte: Registered Tax Return Preparer Candidate Maria O. Castillo: Registered Tax Return Preparer Candidate Tirzah R. Jabbour: Bookkeeping Manager Sheri J. Tillett: Bookkeeper Sharon L. Robinson: Payroll Administrator Theresa A. Wheeler: Processor/Receptionist Gyann A. Malone: Office Assistant Autumn J. Jimenez: Office Assistant

707.441.1111 710 E Street, Suite 100, Eureka, CA 95501 24 / The Palette

Seagull, by Valerie Carmen

Origin Design Lab

Spa at Personal Choice

Parasol Arts

Steve and Dave’s Bar

Paul’s Live From New York Pizza

Strictly for the Birds

Piante Gallery

Studio 424

Primate Tatu

Studio S

Ramone’s Bakery

Surfside Burger Shack

621 Third St. • 497-6237  211 G St. • 268-8888 604 F St. • 442-5800

620 Second St. • 441-1461 139 Fifth St. • 443-3809 209 E St. • 445-2923 

Redwood Art Assn. 603 F St. • 268-0755 

Redwood Curtain

220 First St. • 443-7688 

Roy’s Club Italian Restaurant 218 D St. • 442-4574

Rustic West Trading Co. 335 Second St. • 441-9312

Sacred Palace - Bikram Yoga Humboldt Branch 516 Fifth St. • 444-8900

Sailor’s Grave Tattoo

Second and C Sts. • 443-0666 


417 Second St. • 442-3387 

Sewell Gallery Fine Art 423 F St. • 267-0617


430 Third St. • 476-0991

Sidewalk Gallery at Ellis Art and Engineering 401 Fifth St. • 445-9050 

Sisterfriends Jeans

514 Second St. • 443-7477

Smug’s Pizza

626 Second St. • 268-8082 

130 G St. • 445-2041  First and C Sts. • 443-8887 123 F St. • 445-1822

424 Third St. • 268-1158 717 Third St., between H & I Sts. 445 Fifth St. • 268-1295


527 F St. • 442-4522 


214 F St. • 443-1509

The Black Faun Gallery 120 Second St. • 267-4297

The Little Shop of Hers 416 Second St. • 441-9078

The Local

517 F St. • 497-6320

The Siren’s Song Tavern

325 Second St., Ste. 102 • 442-8778

The SpeakEasy Bar

411 Opera Alley • 444-2244

The Wine Spot

234 F St. • 497-6236

The Works

210 C St. • 442-8121 

Treasure Trove

420 Second St. • 268-1104

Truchas Gallery/Los Bagels 403 Second St. • 726-9048 


109 F St. • 442-8980

Whiplash Curve

423 First St. • 407-3520


418 Second St. • 443-9276

EUREKA ARTS ALIVE! and Garden Center

Gas Stoves Built-In Stoves Inserts Wood Stoves Pellet Stoves Accessories Hearth Pads Stove Pipes

Paint & Stains Computerized Matching Interior & Exterior Ladders Supplies Color Consultation Professional Staff

Stylish Living We Can All Afford

Quality Contemporary and Leather Furniture

You Need It... We Have It!

Hand Tools Power Tools Plumbing Hardware Glass Cutting Soils Fertilizers Live Plants Planters Statuary Fountains Ponds Patio Furniture

Henderson Center • Eureka • 2760 E Street • 707-442-5734 2 / The Palette

OPEN DAILY Mon-Sat 8am-7pm, Sun 9am-6pm The Palette / 25




Faces of American Heroes, Portraits by Kathrin Burleson

MAGNIFIQUE! One of the best parts of our job is cheering on The Humboldt Arts Council and all the


onor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America’s veterans for all their sacrifices. Over 170 local WWII heroes were taken in 2011 and 2012 to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at the WWII Memorial. Kathrin Burleson, a Humboldt County artist, interviewed each veteran and over a year, created a collection of pencil drawings that will be shown Aug. 7 through Sept. 7, 2013 at the Morris Graves Museum. (See page 41) 

artists who enrich our neighborhoods and bring vibrancy to our lives.

701 5th Street Eureka, CA 95501 Visit us online at or call 1-866-UMPQUA MEMBER FDIC EQUAL HOUSING LENDER

Shaw & Petersen Insurance 1313 Fifth St. Eureka

443-0845 Lic.# 0340995

Anderson Robinson Starkey Insurance Agency

Jerry Clement, US Navy


Where Strong Futures Begin

for all your Commercial & Personal Insurance Services

Art Wilson, Gunners Mate Second Class US Navy, 1942-45

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” —John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Al Crnich Staff Sergeant US Army 1944-1946

1117 Samoa Blvd. Arcata

822-7251 Lic.# 0C60256

Harbers Insurance Agency 210 12th St. Fortuna

725-3316 Lic.# 0510019

Shaw Insurance Services

Kurt Patzlaff Master Sergeant US Army Air Corps, 1941-45

2275 North St. Anderson

530-365-2576 Lic.# 0B07026


Hardy Wallen, Second Class Petty Officer, Aviation Machinist Mate US Naval Reserve



he residents of the second largest city in Humboldt County fully appreciate the quality of life this college town offers. Arcata has it all—fresh roasted organic coffees, historic architecture, a Saturday Farmers’ Market on the town square, cooperative galleries and studios, eclectic restaurants and the energy of Humboldt State University’s multi-cultural students. Arcata is also home to hundreds of artists all contributing to the quintessential art experience—even the city’s trash cans are works of art. The Arcata Plaza, located in the center of town, serves as a venue for many of the city’s annual events, including Concerts on the Plaza, Pastels on the Plaza, the Farmers’ Market, the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival, the Kinetic Grand Championship and the North Country Fair. See pages 38 and 39 for events and festivals in the area. For those interested in the more cerebral side of the arts, Humboldt State University offers the opportunity to experience art in a much more academic setting. The galleries at HSU present many captivating exhibitions featuring work by students and faculty as well as international artists. The Theatre Arts department hosts many dance and theater productions including the Ten Minute Play Festival and The Humboldt Film Festival. The Music Department holds recitals by faculty and students, as well as a Concerto/Aria competition in which student performances are judged by a panel. Humboldt State University is also home to CenterArts. This is a program which brings notable musical and cultural entertainment to Arcata and the North Coast, with world class performances in all genres of theater, arts and music.

2013 HSU CenterArts Performances at Van Duzer Theatre ~ for winter-spring The Wailers performing Survival February 1, 9 pm

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago February 5, 8 pm

Whose Live Anyway? February 6, 8 pm

Afro-Cuban All Stars February 13, 8 pm

Stephen Hough, Piano February 20, 8 pm

African Children’s Choir March 5, 8 pm

Masters of Irish Tradition March 6, 8 pm

Los Lonely Boys Acoustic March 7, 8 pm

Autumn Reflections, oil on wood, by Andrew Daniel

Pendants, jewelry, by Alex Connell

Les 7 Doigts de la Main Circus: Traces March 22, 8 pm

Arlo Guthrie

April 24, 8 pm Van Duzer Theatre

Paul Taylor Dance Company May 7, 8 pm Van Duzer Theatre

Tomás Kubínek May 12, 7 pm

Leo Kottke

May 16, 8 pm

For tickets, call (707) 826-3928. View complete 2013 schedule at:

The Palette / 27


Statue of William McKinley at Arcata Plaza, by Haig Patigian, Arcata Co-op Mural, by Duane Flatmo, J St. at 8th St. photo by Denise Comiskey Balancing, by Brenton Heriques, Samoa Blvd Butterpillar, by Hollie Dilley, South G St. Untitled Mural on side of Pacific Outfitters, by Duane Flatmo, 737 G St. Community Egg, by Toni Moss, 8th & I St. Untitled Mural on side of The Donde Jugaran Los Niños?, by Vico. 9th & H St. Neighborhood, 685 11th St. Hand Over Hand, by Toni Moss, 9th and F St. Untitled Sculpture, by Eric Furman, Holding and Knowing, by Kacy Ganley, Samoa Blvd. HSU Student Health Services Infundibulum, by Chris Kieselhorst, 9th & F St. Building Pastels on the Plaza, the first Saturday in October, The Grasp, by Jimmy Untitled Sculpture, by Sierra Pahl, Nord, 8th & G St. 8th and G St. Torsos, by Jimmy Nord, 9th and H St. Untitled, by Thaddeus Zollner, 9th & G St. Untitled Mural Arcata Elementary School, 1435 Baldwin St. Untitled, Justin Skillstad, 9th and F St. Untitled Mural by Duane Flatmo on side of Los Bagels, 1061 I St. Where We Stand, by Elizabeth Johnson, 10th & I St. Untitled Mural by Jim and Shannon Childs, Wildberries Marketplace, HSt. between 12th and 13th St.

Raven Table, cement, by John King

Pastels on the Plaza, courtesy Northcoast Children’s Services

first Saturday in October

Northcoast Children’s Services (707) 822-7206 28 / The Palette

ARCATA ARTS ORGANIZATIONS * All area codes are (707) unless otherwise noted. Information is subject to change.

ARCATA & BAYSIDE All Seasons Orchestra

D Street Neighborhood Center 14th & D Sts., Arcata 95521 Saturdays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. 443-2626 A Community orchestra open to all ages and orchestral instruments. The group plays a mixture of popular and classical pieces.

Arcata Artisans

883 H St., Arcata 95521 825-9133  Cooperative gallery of over 30 local artists, featuring fine art, fine crafts and gifts.

Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir

PO Box 171, Arcata 95518 822-4444  A 70 member choir of local gospel vocalists, inspired by the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, that has performed for 19 years throughout Humboldt County and beyond.

Arcata Main Street

791 Eighth St., Suite 14 Arcata 95521 • 822-4500  In service to the community since 1987 to restore, maintain and build a clean, safe and diverse downtown; hosts Arts! Arcata on the second Friday of each month.

Arcata Playhouse

1251 9th St. , Arcata, CA 95521 822-1575  Presents exciting high quality music and theater in an intimate setting for young and old alike.

Arts in the Afternoon

321 Martin Luther King, Jr. Pkwy Arcata 95521 825-2028  After-school arts program for teens offering a variety of media.


Humboldt State University 1 Harpst St., Arcata 95521 826-4411, Tickets: 826-3928  CenterArts offers a wide range of music, dance, theater and performance art, educational opportunities for children and a commitment to supporting culturally diverse creative work.

The Fire Arts Center and Fire Arts Foundry

520 South G St., Arcata 95521 826-1445  Fire Arts Gallery open daily. Offers studio membership and classes in ceramics and fused glass, including wheelthrowing, handbuilding, tile making, sculpting, and also lampworking workshops.

Humboldt Area Foundation

373 Indianola Rd. Bayside 95524 442-2993  Grant opportunities available Sept. 1 and due Nov. 1 of every year. More than $40,000 granted out every fall to the Arts community of the North Coast.

Humboldt Capoeira Academy

865 Eighth St., Arcata 95521 498-6155  Brazilian Martial Arts and Dance, in association with the Brazilian Cultural Arts Center and The Ink People. Children & adults.

Humboldt Folk Dancers

Friday events at different locations, call or visit website 822-8045  Weekly international folk dancing instruction and request dancing, and monthly dance parties with live music.

Humboldt Folklife Society

PO Box 1061, Arcata 95518 822-5394  Promotes traditional music and dance; bimonthly newsletter. See website for performances.

Humboldt Glassblowers

815 Ninth St., Arcata 95521 822-7420 Largest selection of local glass art.

Humboldt Light Opera Co.

1482 Buttermilk Ln. Arcata 95521 • 445-4310  More than 100 major productions produced since 1973. Company program, HLO/KidCo, for youth musical theater presentation.

Humboldt Music Academy

Humboldt State University 1 Harpst St., Arcata 95521 826-3411  Music instruction and performance ensembles for students 2 to 18.

HSU Goudi’ni Gallery, photo by Michele McCall-Wallace

Humboldt State University

1 Harpst St., Arcata 95521  Art Department, 826-3624 Theatre, Film, Dance, 826-3566 Music Dept., 826-3531 Concert line, 826-5436 Produces over 90 concerts each year.

• Reese Bullen Gallery

826-5814 Located within HSU Art Building, sponsors exhibitions of works by professional artists related to HSU areas of instruction, selections from permanent collection and annual exhibition of student art.

• Student Access Gallery

826-4149 Student-run exhibits in three campus locations: Foyer Gallery, Karshner Lounge, Student Business Service Building, 1st floor.

• HSU Sculpture Garden Ninth St., Arcata 95521 between H & I Sts., behind Humboldt Glassblowers Rotating sculpture exhibits.

• Goudi’ni Native American Arts Gallery 826-5814

Highlights work of contemporary Native American artists, located on HSU campus in Behavioral & Soc. Sciences Building.

KHSU 90.5 FM Arcata Diverse Public Radio/ KHSR 91.9 FM Crescent City-Brookings

Humboldt State University 1 Harpst St., Arcata 95521 Office, 826-4807 Studio, 826-4805, 800-640-5911  Mix of local and national news, information, music programming.

Meridian Fine Art

by appointment, 826-7184  Specializing in creative, collaborative printing services for publishing limited edition reproductions, original prints and photography. For years, service has focused on the discerning needs of fine artists and photographers.

No Limits Tap & Jazz

1093 10th St., Arcata 95521 825-0922  Emphasizing technical perfection and fun in a positive environment. Tap, Jazz/Hip Hop and DanceFit, an exercise class for adults.

Redwood Raks World Dance Studio

824 L St., Arcata 95521 Old Creamery Building 616-6876  Classes, performance / event space.

The Upper Studio

2212 Jacoby Creek Rd. Bayside 95524 • 360-791-4817 Pre-professional program. Offering classes in Ballet and Modern for ages 8 and up, as well as Pilates, Hip Hop and Jazz.

Upstairs Art Gallery

1063 G St., Arcata 95521(inside Umpqua Bank) • 826-9636 ext.102  Fine art gallery featuring Humboldt County art and photography.

Ya Habibi Dance Company PO Box 1086, Arcata 95518 616-6876 Middle Eastern Dance group directed by Shoshanna.

turn page for Arts! Arcata The Palette / 29


he second Friday of each month, businesses stay open late for Arts! Arcata, featuring local artists working in nearly every conceivable media. This list is subject to change from month to month. For an updated listing, visit: Mazzotti’s  * All area codes are (707) unless otherwise noted.

773 Eighth St. • 822-1900 

Moonrise Herbs

826 G St. • 822-5296 

Moore’s Sleep World

876 G St. • 822-9997 

Zaila with Flowers, oil painting, by Rachel Schlueter

Natural Selection

708 Ninth St. • 822-6720

Robert Goodman Winery

North Soles Footwear

937 10th St. • 826-9463 

853 H St. • 822-1231

Om Shala Yoga

858 10th St. • 825-YOGA (9642) 

Pacific Outfitters Flight collection, oil painting, by Howard Rutherford


780 Seventh St. • 826-2345 

Arcata Artisans

883 H St. • 825-9133 

Arcata City Hall*

736 F St. • 822-5951 

Arcata Exchange

813 H St. • 822-0312 

Arcata Plaza


The Beneficial Living Center

148 S. G St. • 633-6125 


1031 H St. • 822-3450 

737 G St. • 822-0321 


The Rocking Horse

791 Eighth St. • 822-3509

Stokes, Hamer, Kaufman & Kirk, LLP

381 Bayside Rd. • 822-1771 x120 

Student Access Gallery

808 G St. • 822-7732 

Redwood Curtain Brewing Company

550 South G St. # 6 • 826-7222 

HSU, 1 Harpst St. • 826-4149 

Upstairs Art Gallery

1063 G St. • 826-7184 

Cafe Brio

791 G St. • 822-0791 

Fire Arts Center

520 South G St., #A • 826-1445 

Garden Gate

905 H St. • 822-2156

Hensel’s Ace Hardware Home Furnishings Store 884 Ninth St.

Humboldt Arts Project Ironside Metal Works

900 Ninth St. • 667- 5333 

Humboldt Clothing Co.

1642 G St. • 822-3090 

Humboldt Outfitters

860 G St. • 822-5332 

Dragonfly Marsh Panels, glass, by Melissa Zielinski


856 10th St. • 826-BREW (2739) 

Jambalaya Restaurant Arcata Main Street

791 Eighth St. • 822-4500 

Arcata Marsh

569 South G St. 

30 / The Palette

915 H St. • 822-4766 


761 Eighth St. • 825-7596  Hydroponic Chowdah’, by Derek Diorio



he tiny former logging town of Blue Lake rests near the banks of the Mad River off Hwy 299. Blue Lake is home to a surprising number of artists, musicians, writers and actors. At the center of its art community is Dell’Arte International, a world-famous school of physical theatre. Dell’Arte presents performances at various venues throughout the year with the summer’s Mad River Festival being the highlight of their season. This month-long extravaganza brings together performers and audiences from “around the world and down the block” for theatre, stories, clowning and music. It culminates with The Blue Lake Pageant, an event where dancers, musicians and masked participants take to the streets accompanied by gigantic puppets in an enerFiddlers Two, from Annie May celebration in Blue Lake, getic spirit of creativity and painting, by Bob and Sonna Sellers celebration. Also along Hwy 299 and low Creek’s Arts Alive! and the Willow Creek Farmalong the banks of the Triners’ Market. The organization provides support for ity River sits Willow Creek, a a wide variety of local artists, and is a sustaining redelightful place to stop for a source for the community and the arts on the Hwy cup of coffee and enjoy the 299 corridor of Humboldt and Trinity Counties. ambiance of a rural commuAn excursion inland devoted to arts and culnity with a distinct and evture must also include the art created by Native ergrowing art scene. Willow American tribes of the region. The Hoopa Tribal Creek’s Studio 299 Center for Museum, located up Hwy 96 on the Hoopa Valley the Arts is a non-profit comIndian Reservation, is dedicated to preserving and munity organization devoted Part of a mural, downtown Blue Lake, photo by Steve Hammons sharing the rich cultural history and artistic practo the promotion and develtices of Native Americans of Northern California. opment of the arts in the area. Studio 299 offers artists a place to The museum displays one of the finest collections of Hupa, Yurok, gather, and a way to share their work with the community at events and Karuk artifacts in Northern California. Their collection includes such as the Taste of Willow Creek, the Art Walk in Willow Creek, Wil- a fine display of local Indian basketry, ceremonial regalia, dugout canoes, tools and implements used by the tribes.


131 H St., Blue Lake, CA 95525 707-668-5663  At the forefront of the ensemble theater movement for more than 30 years. Employing and revitalizing traditional physical theatre forms to explore contemporary concerns.

Hoopa Tribal Museum

PO Box 1348, Hoopa CA 95546 Hwy 96 Shopping Center 530-625-4110  /museum.htm A non-profit entity of the Hoopa Valley Tribe created to preserve, and to share, the rich culture and history of the native people of Northern California .

Studio 299 Center for the Arts

PO Box 32, Willow Creek, CA 95527 75 The Terrace 530-629-3488  Studio 299 is devoted to the

promotion and development of the arts in the Klamath and Trinity communities of Northern California.

In Trinity County In Trinity County

Highland Art Center

PO Box 1270, Weaverville, CA 96093 691 Main St. , Weaverville 530-623-5111  In cooperation with the Snyder Highland Foundation, HAC presents a new show of local and regional art each month throughout the year in their galleries.

Trinity Arts Council

509 Main St. Weaverville, CA 96093 530-623-2760  A non-profit corporation with the mission to advance Trinity County through the arts and creativity.

Deer Lake in the Trinity Alps Wilderness, photo by Sam Camp,

Outside Humboldt County, Trinity County also has a lot to offer any art aficionado. With art organizations including the Highland Art Center and Trinity County Arts Council in Weaverville, as well as the Artist Resource Center, the Rural Arts Guild and Gallery, and Our Town Crafters and Artist Association in Hayfork, there is a lot of support and promotion of art in the area. With theatres, galleries, workshops and more there is ample reason to go to Trinity County to enjoy the arts. The Palette / 31



he ocean and waterways influence the beauty of northern Humboldt County. McKinleyville is a beautiful, growing community bordered by the rugged Pacific Coast, nestled between the Mad and Little Rivers, and filled with streams and creeks. It is home to the Azalea State Reserve, a 30-acre wilderness preserve filled with fragrant pink and white blossomed, wild azaleas in April and May. Nearby Clam Beach is known for beachcombing, fishing and horseback riding. The famous Hammond Coastal Trail presents stunning panoramic views of the coastline. Its art influences stem from a large Native American community, its days as a western pioneer town and from its fascinating natural surroundings. North of McKinleyville is the tiny community of Westhaven, featuring the Westhaven Center for the Arts. The center features new exhibits and artists’ receptions each month, concerts and drama events, workshops and classes, many children’s activities, poetry readings, puppet shows, holiday events and other art exhibits. Just past Westhaven is the seaside town of Trinidad, one of the most picturesque communities on the California Coast. Trini-

At work on pinstriping, Forrest LaVen

dad, with its small but dramatic bay and coastline, is known for its traditional fishing fleet, quaint ocean-side cottages and lovely Bed and Breakfast inns. Feast on fresh local seafood at one of Trindad’s fine food restaurants, and venture into one of several galleries highlighting works that star the natural beauty of the area. Trinidad has inspired the work of many well-known local and visiting artists.

MCKINLEYVILLE ARTS NIGHT McKinleyville Arts Night is the third Friday of each month, from 6 to 8 p.m. Enjoy the community’s celebration of local art and artists for music, food and fun. Art Night is open for all McKinleyville businesses to display the work of local artists. For more information, contact coordinator Taffy Stockton at 707-834-6460. Find information about the artists and venues and see images online.  All area codes are (707) unless noted. Information is subject to change.

Blake’s Books

2005 Central Ave., 839-8800

Church of the Joyful Healer 1944 Central Ave., 839-5691 

Country Chic Boutique

Take Me With You, painting, by Joyce Jonte

McKinleyville Shopping Center 840-9188

Eureka-Arcata Airport

3561 Boeing Avenue, 839-5401

Knitter’s Lane

1225 Central Ave., #14 839-2447 

Tea Kettle Red Cups, painting, by Susan Trepanier

Mantova’s Two Street Music 2019 Central Ave., 445-3155 

McKinleyville Family Resource Center 1450 Hiller Rd., 840-0905

McKinleyville High School 1300 Murray Rd., 839-6400

Mirador Glass

Miller Business Park, 839-0909 1590 Nursery Way, #5 

Silver Lining RedwoodParks, serigraph, by John Wesa

32 / The Palette

Eureka-Arcata Airport 3561 Boeing Ave., 839-0304

Warblers On Wood, by Elaine Benjamin

ARTS ORGANIZATIONS MCKINLEYVILLE, WESTHAVEN, TRINIDAD All area codes are (707) unless noted. Information is subject to change.

MCKINLEYVILLE No Limits Tap & Jazz

Mixed Media Collage, by Kathryn Stotler

1547 Pickett Rd. McKinleyville 95519 • 825-0922  Emphasizing technical perfection and fun in a positive environment. Tap, Jazz/Hip Hop, and DanceFit, an exercise class for adults.

Trinity Ballet Academy

1981 Central Ave. McKinleyville 95519 • 839-1816  A full ballet curriculum for ages 3 to adult. Also, break-dancing.

TRINIDAD Ethnic Music for Kids & Sahaja

160 Moonstone Cross Rd. Trinidad 95570 • 677-1923 Combined presentation and workshop program, using over 50 instruments from around the world. Promoting the use of ancient cultural instruments.

I.C. Fine Arts Institute

PO Box 777, Trinidad 95570 496-6000  Worldwide publication, arts study.

Malia Kurt and Malia, painting, by Aleisha Bradley

A new perception: development and deployment of data, combining fine arts and nature. Uplifting human perception through latest scientific and classic fine arts and study.

North Coast Storytellers

PO Box 517, Trinidad 95570 677-3840, 499-8301   Produces “Storytelling Festival by the Sea” each summer in Trinidad. Meets first Wednesday evening of each month, call for locations.

Photography, by April Lane

Trinidad Art Gallery

490 Trinity St., PO Box 395 Trinidad 95570 • 677-3770  A fine art and craft cooperative featuring original art from 20 local artists

logging history, native plant garden, marine shells and Yurok artifacts.

WESTHAVEN Westhaven Center for the Arts

Trinidad Museum

400 Janis Court Trinidad 95570 • 677-3883  Photos of the area’s whaling and

501 S. Westhaven Dr. Westhaven 95570 • 677-9493  Rotating art exhibits, workshops and classes in a variety of mediums, healing arts and spoken word, community concerts.

BLACKPHONEBOOK.COM • 707.444.0255 The Palette / 33



he small towns of the Eel River Valley provide first-class theater and music, antique and collectibles shops, arts cooperatives, charming accommodations, restaurants and an abundance of local festivals. The Victorian Village of Ferndale is like strolling through the past. The entire Main Street has been designated a National Register Historic District due to its finely preserved commercial and residential buildings. Ferndale was also recently voted one of the “Prettiest Painted Places In America,” by the Paint Quality Institute. (see page 8)

Van Duzen, photography, by Steve Hammons


The Kinetic Grand Championship, formerly called the Kinetic Sculpture Race, ends its wild three-day journey in the Ferndale with people-powered sculptures limping down Main Street. The village is also home to the Kinetic Sculpture Museum, where visitors can view many entries from years past. Fortuna’s culture has an entrepreneurial spirit and a team of organizations constantly working to improve the business and artistic climate. The warm weather and friendly atmosphere make Fortuna a particularly good setting for a number of annual events. Rio Dell hosts Wildwood Days representing its heritage with logging events, a parade and festivities. Loleta is best known for the Loleta Cheese Factory. Bring a picnic lunch, enjoy their lovely garden and sample their award-winning cheeses. In Scotia, you can tour the historic logging museum and the Fisheries Exhibit, featuring Humboldt County’s largest indoor aquarium. — See pages 38 and 39 for Events and Festivals in the area.



Untitled, Ferndale Museum, 515 Shaw Ave

FORTUNA Fortuna Flora and Fauna, mural painted by area school children, 10th St. at Main on the side of the C Crane warehouse building Wiyot and Early Humboldt Settlers, Holiday Inn Express in the stairwells of hotel, depicting Wiyot peoples in various activities and early Humboldt settlers, 1859 Alamar Way Tropical Oasis - an airbrushed beach scene by airbrush artist Roger Sanderson, 758 10th St., inside restaurant Two Big People, by Michael Guerriero, at Clendenen Cider Works, 96 12th St.

Ferndale Arts Painting • Photography Quilting • Needlecraft Wood • Ceramics Stained Glass Mosaics • Jewelry Greeting Cards

580 Main Street at Shaw Ave., Ferndale OPEN DAILY 10 A.M. - 5 P.M.

707-786-9634 • 34 / The Palette

Ferndale from Meridian, painting, by Camille Regli

PO Box 723, Ferndale 95536 580 Main St. at Shaw Ave. 786-9634  Ferndale Arts is a cooperative art gallery featuring the work of local artists. Original work includes paintings, photography, quilting, needlecraft, woodwork, ceramics, jewelry and greeting cards.

Ferndale Community Choir

PO Box 67, Ferndale 95536  The Ferndale Community Choir has been a part of Ferndale for over 40 years. The choir presents a concert of sacred music during the Christmas season and again in the Spring.

Ferndale Repertory Theatre

PO Box 892, Ferndale 95536 447 Main St. 786-5483  The Ferndale Repertory Theatre is the oldest and largest of the North Coast’s resident community theatres. Since 1972, they have produced more than 270 productions

including comedies, classics, mysteries, musicals, dramas and more.

FORTUNA Fortuna Art Council

768-2125 Group of local artists supporting visual art and artists in Humboldt County, and exhibit in businesses throughout Fortuna and various venues in Humboldt County.

Fortuna Concert Series

PO Box 1031, Fortuna 95540 682-6092  The Fortuna Concert Series is a private, non-profit corporation formed in 1990 for the purpose of bringing quality music to Fortuna and the Eel River Valley.

SCOTIA Scotia Band

PO Box 3, Scotia 95565 599-4872  Humboldt County’s town band. Performs at local festivals year ’round. Scotia band is a not-for-profit organization.



rt, music, fun and great deals from local merchants all happens in Fortuna the First Friday of every month. Fortuna’s First Friday features amazing artists from Humboldt’s north coast, including oil, acrylic, water color, air brushing, pottery and modern day sculptures. Local musicians have an outlet to play great music in a number of locations around downtown. Some businesses stay open late and offer specials and discounts. Hours are 6 to 9 p.m. in the Spring, Summer and Fall; and 5 to 8 p.m. in the Winter (December - February). Fortuna businesses are always looking for new artist and musicians, contact to find a location to show or play.

* All area codes are (707) unless noted. Information and venues are subject to change.

Green Beach, by Mark Wells

Star Wars Run DMC, by Stir Fry Willie

Bartow’s Jewelers

651 12th St. • 725-2351

Beverage Plus Foods

1221 Main St. • 725-9303

Christy’s Heritage Villa

1125 Main St. • 725-4575

Cindy’s Styling Center 1021 N St. • 725-5820

Cuddly Bear

751 10th St. • 725-4421

Humboldt Healthy Foods

Jim Morrison, by Dakota Designs

899 Main St. • 725-7911

Horizon Business Products

1044 Main St. • 725-6542 

Krafter’s Kozy Korner Gifts 1103 Main St. • 682-6134

L’S Kitchen

1260 Main St. • 726-7779

Award Winning

Loving Hands Institute

Microbrewery Tap Room & Grill

739 12th St. • 725-9627 

Main St. Art Gallery & School 1006 Main St. • 845-2038

Marian’s Beauty Salon 741 11th St. • 725-5442

Moore’s Sleep World

777 9th St. • 725-2222 

Precision Intermedia

1012 Main St. • 725-0804 

Happy Hour

Monday-Friday, 3 to 6:30pm

Fresh Seafood ~ Pasta ~ Steaks ~ Salads Appetizers ~ Hamburgers ~ Fish & Chips ~ Daily Specials

707-725-BREW • 1777 Alamar Way, Fortuna take the Kenmar/Riverwalk Exit off Hwy. 101

Quality Antiques

1240 Main St. • 725-2394

Rain All Day Books Tiger VS Dragon, by Sonny Wong

Eel River Brewing Company 1777 Alamar Way • 725-2739 

Fortuna Art & Old Things 1026 Main St. • 725-3003

Fortuna Pet Shoppe

650 11TH ST. • 725-3941 

Fortuna United Methodist Church 920 N St. • 725-4914

1136 Main St. • 725-5600 

Strehl’s Family Shoes & Repair 1155 Main St. • 725-2610

Taco Loco

955 Main St. • 725-5546 

The Antique Depot

1122 Main St. • 725-5503

The Playroom

1109 Main St. • 725-5438


1021 Main St. • 923-4589 The Palette / 35




he arts along the famed Avenue of the Giants (Old Hwy 101) are thriving. The majestic towering redwoods and winding Eel River make for stunning views, perfect for creative inspiration. The small rural communities in the heart of the redwoods have gone from being booming mill towns to havens for artists, musicians and craftsmen. From music concerts to chainsaw art, hemp clothing, jewelry making, wine making, specialty foods and the many fine arts, these towns in Southern Humboldt have garnered national attention for the talent they contain. Benbow, Garberville and Redway, just outside the southern entrance to the Avenue of the Giants, are famous for several major yearly musical and theatrical events. The Riverwood Inn, a historic roadhouse in Phillipsville brings live entertainment to the area in its bustling tavern. Redway is home to the Mateel Community Center, internationally known for festivals and events. The Mateel operates as both an event venue and in-house arts presenter. Famous for such festivals as Reggae on the River, the Summer Arts & Music Festival and the Humboldt Hills Hoedown, the Mateel Community Center also offers an annual calendar of events which covers a wide range of artistic styles and media, and a wide variety of programs, from youth athletics and children’s theater to cooking classes and clown workshops. Many of these proSteve Earle at The Mateel grams are offered at no cost or photo by Agnes Patak, at minimal cost to students and schools.  The area is home to retail shops, restaurants, roadside vendors and rural galleries all along the Avenue of the Giants selling a variety of local arts and crafts. At many of the roadside stops along this route you will find unique carvings hewn from some of the glorious redwood trees that help give this region its name. Miranda, near the southern entrance to the Avenue of the Giants, has places to admire and purchase one-of-a-kind redwood

Join Us for Dinner! Join Us for Dinner!

photo by Agnes Patak,


eggae On The River was started in 1983 as a fundraiser to rebuild the Mateel Community Center after its original Fireman’s Hall location in Garberville was burned by an arsonist. Taking place along the banks of the majestic Eel River at French’s Camp, the festival mixed Humboldt’s alternative culture with world-renown reggae talent for a winning combination which exploded from humble beginnings into one of the largest reggae festivals on the planet. Attracting thousands of attendees from across the globe, the event became known as the world’s premier reggae festival until venue issues forced down-sizing and a subsequent move up river to Benbow Lake State Recreation Area in 2008. Though the tradition has continued strong over these years and the event remains southern Humboldt’s largest non-profit fundraiser, 2013 represents a historic year for the festival as the Mateel Community Center gears up to take it back to its original French’s Camp venue on the weekend of August 1-4, 2013. Tickets for this special homecoming celebration go on sale Feb. 1, and are expected to go fast. For more information on the 29th annual Reggae On The River, call the Mateel Community Center at 707-923-3368 or visit their website.  treasures and local artwork. The peaceful village of Myers Flat has Riverbend Cellars, a winery with a wine tasting room, nestled in the redwood forest, serving as a centerpiece of the Avenue of the Giants. The whole Avenue journey, through Weott and Redcrest north to Pepperwood, is a visual treat for the traveler—both given in the form of natural beauty, and made by the hands of many gifted artists.

Warm Atmosphere Fine Food Excellent Wine List RV and Golf Chef - Kenneth Aldin Open DailyExecutive for Executive Chef - Kenneth Aldin Breakfast & Dinner


Elegant Dining for All Occasions

Elegant Dining for All Occasions 36 / The Palette

445 Lake Benbow Dr. Garberville 707-923-2124 800-355-3301 Wine Director - Delbert Chumley

Wine Director - Delbert Chumley ® Summer Arts & Music Festival, photo by Agnes Patak,



merican Indian tribes have called the North Coast home for thousands of years. Although relationships between European settlers and Native Americans have been less than ideal, today the stories and ceremonies of local American Indians are shared with the community, providing a rich cultural experience. Objects of ancient, as well as contemporary art and culture can be found in abundance in Humboldt County. The Potawot Health Village in Arcata exhibits original artwork, baskets, regalia, stick game paraphernalia and ceramics of the re-

American Indian Art & Gift Shop

241 F St., Eureka, 95501 • 707-445-8451  Art and gift items by regional Native American artists.

Clarke Historical Museum

gion as well as a Wellness Garden. The Wellness Garden is an area dedicated to a traditional style of healing of body, mind and spirit through serenity, medicinal and ceremonial herbs and plants. To find collections of Hupa, Yurok, and Karuk artifacts, visit the Hoopa Tribal Museum on Highway 96 in the Hoopa Shopping Center. The collection includes a fine display of local Indian basketry, ceremonial regalia, redwood dugout canoes, and tools and implements used by Northern California tribes.

Hoopa Tribal Museum

Hwy 96 at Hoopa Shopping Center, Hoopa 95546 • 530-625-4110  Hoopa-NSN.Gov/departments/ museum.htm Demonstrates the culture and history of the native people of the area, including Hupa, Yurok and Karuk. Native artifacts, as well as a village and fort (by advance appointment). Ceremonial celebrations throughout the summer.

3rd and E Sts., Eureka 95501 • 707-443-1947  Permanent and rotating exhibits of Humboldt County History, period rooms and American Indian basketry and regalia. Institute of Native Knowledge The Ink People, 517 Third St., Suite 36 End of the Trail Museum at Eureka 95501 • 707-442-8413 Trees of Mystery  15500 Hwy 101 N., Klamath 95548 Offers ongoing Native American language 800-638-3389  classes, traditional dances and community Largest, privately owned collection of Native presentations. American art and artifacts, as well as rare Edward Curtis orotone photographs.

Potawot Health Village

1600 Weott Way, Arcata, 95521 • 707-825-5000  Owned and operated by the United Indian Health Services, this healing center includes healthcare services for Native Americans, a permanent collection of paintings, sculpture and basketry made by contemporary and traditional American Indian artists, two-miles of walking trails and a wellness garden on its 40-acre site.

Sumeg Village Heritage Attraction

Patrick’s Point State Park 4150 Patrick’s Point Dr., Trinidad 95570 707-677-3570  Features recreated Yurok village with plank homes set in the ground.

HUMBOLDT COUNTY MUSEUMS Blue Ox Millworks & Historic Park

One X St., Eureka 95501 • 707-444-3437  Self-guided tour of Victorian-era woodworking shop, skid camp and farm; workshops in woodworking, blacksmithing and ceramics.

Clarke Historical Museum

240 E St., Eureka 95501 • 707-443-1947  Permanent and rotating collections of Humboldt County history, including Native American baskets and artifacts.

Discovery Museum

501 Third St., Eureka 95501 • 707-443-9694  Hands-on children’s museum with art, science, ocean, and health exhibits. Please call for events available for children’s parties.

Ferndale Kinetic Museum

580 Main St., Ferndale • 707-733-3841  Home of many of the Kinetic Grand Championship’s amphibious all-terrain humanpowered racing sculptures from years gone by.

Ferndale Museum

Shaw & Third Sts., Ferndale 95536 707-786-4466  Displays Victorian life with typical living settings, dairy and agricultural equipment, blacksmith area, antique machine shop items, local photos and an operating seismograph.

Fort Humboldt State Historic Park & Logging Trail

3431 Fort Ave., Eureka 95503 707-445-6547  Attractions include original buildings, logging museum, Dolbeer Steam Donkey, locomotives and self-guided trails chronicling the history of Fort Humboldt.

Fortuna Depot Museum

3 Park St., Fortuna 95540 707-725-7645  Located in the Northwestern Pacific Railroad depot used from 1893-1965, the museum features local history and railroad memorabilia.

Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum

Across the bridge from Eureka in Samoa 8 Samoa Rd., Eureka, next to the Samoa Cookhouse • 707-444-9440  Nautical items, ship models, ship building tools, artifacts related to shipwrecks and lighthouses, and information on the bay ferries.

HSU Natural History Museum

1315 G St., Arcata 95521 • 707-826-4479  Museum is open to the public Tues. - Sat., 10 - 5. Interactive exhibits, fossils and displays on local animals, insects, marine life and birds.

Ferndale Kinetic Museum, photo by Steve Hammons

Morris Graves Museum of Art

636 F St., Eureka 95501 • 707-442-0278  Former Carnegie Library is home to the Humboldt Arts Council, six galleries and a sculpture garden. Also offered are HAC’s Performing Arts Series, Arts Alive! receptions and performances (first Saturday every month).

Trinidad Museum

400 Janis Court at Patrick’s Point Drive Trinidad 95570 • 707-677-3883  Features exhibits and displays focusing on the human and natural heritage of the north coast.

Willow Creek-China Flat Museum

Hwys 299 and 96, Willow Creek 95573 530-629-2653  Features logging, mining and farming history of the region, Native American information, a blacksmith shop, and a Bigfoot display area. The Palette / 37

HUMBOLDT COUNTY EVENTS & FESTIVALS all area codes (707) unless otherwise noted

A Grange Breakfast near you: • Bayside, 4th Sunday of Jan., April, July, Oct. • Freshwater, 1st Sunday of the month • Fieldbrook, Super Bowl Sunday • Dows Prairie, 3rd Saturday of the month • Humboldt, 4th Saturday of the month (Jan. - Sept.) • Mad River, 2nd Sunday of the month • Mattole, 3rd Sunday of the month • Rohner, 2nd Saturday of the month • Van Duzen, 2nd Sunday of the month (Sept. - June) For more information:  JANUARY Calif. State High School Rodeo, Dist. 2 Ferndale • 786-9511  FEBRUARY Ferndale Firemen’s Games Ferndale • 786-4477  Trinidad to Clam Beach Run Trinidad • 677-1610  MARCH A Taste of Main Street Eureka • 442-9054  Aleutian Goose Fly-off Weekend Loleta • 733-5406  Foggy Bottom Milk Run and Walk Ferndale • 822-1861  Humboldt Roller Derby Eureka • March through October  Random Peoples Monologues Project Redway • 923-3368  Redwood Coast Jazz Festival Eureka • 445-3378  Spring Egg Hunt Manila • 444-3803  Spring Seed & Plant Exchange Manila • 444-3803  APRIL 10 Minute Play Fest Arcata • 826-3566,  Daffodil Dazzle! Fortuna • 725-2281 Dolbeer Steam Donkey Days Eureka • 445-6547 38 / The Palette

Kinetic Grand Championship, photo by Anthony Welch

Ferndale Easter Egg Hunt Ferndale • 786-4477  Godwit Days Bird Festival Arcata • 826-7050  Humboldt International Film Festival Arcata • 826-3566  Rhododendron Festival & Parade Eureka • 442-3738  Sustainable Living Arts & Music Fest Arcata • 826-3776 MAY Avenue of the Giants Marathon Avenue of the Giants • 822-1861  Cinco de Mayo Folklorico Fest Ferndale • 786-9668 Ferndale Memorial Day Parade Ferndale • 786-4477  Kinetic Grand Championship Arcata-Ferndale • 733-3841  May Day Celebration Eureka • 444-3437  Portuguese Holy Ghost Celebration Ferndale • 786-4477  MAY-JUNE Pony Express Days McKinleyville • 839-2449 

JUNE, JULY, AUGUST Humboldt Crabs Baseball Arcata • 826-2333  Summer Concert Series Eureka • 442-9054  JUNE Arcata Bay Oyster Festival Arcata • 822-4500  Dell’Arte Mad River Festival Blue Lake • 668-5663  Garberville Rodeo Garberville • 223-1046  Manila Sand Sculpture Contest Manila • 444-1397  North Coast Open Studios Arcata • 834-6460  Redwood Acres Humboldt Made Fair Eureka • 445-3037  Summer Arts and Music Fest Redway • 923-3368  JULY Campfire Storytelling Trinidad • 677-3840  Ferndale 4th of July Celebration Ferndale • 786-4477  Fortuna Redwood AutoXpo Fortuna • 725-3916 

Halloween Harvest Festival Craft Show Eureka • 443-8261 Medieval Festival of Courage Blue Lake • 825-8804  Pastels on the Plaza Arcata • 822-7206  Redwood Coast Bellydance Festival Arcata • 616-6876  Heart of the Redwoods Quilt Show at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds. Trick or Treat Downtown & courtesy of Mary Hall Old Town Eureka • 442-9054 Wildwood Days  Rio Dell • 764-3436 Trick or Treat On & Around the Plaza  Arcata • 822-4500 Woofstock  Eureka • 442-1782 NOVEMBER  Blue Ox Craftsman’s Days SEPTEMBER Eureka • 444-3437 Blues by the Bay  Eureka • 445-3378 Hempfest  Redway • 923-3368 Civil War Days  Fortuna • 725-9261 Holiday Open House  Henderson Center, Eureka • 443-4811 Cruz ‘N’ Eureka Car Show Thanksgiving Day Marsh Walk Eureka • 839-1192 Arcata • 826-2359   Excalibur Medieval Tournament Turkey Trot Arcata • 668-1861 Eureka • 442-9054  AUGUST  Henderson Center Street Fair & Craft Show Annual Bridgefest & Flying Saucer Contest DECEMBER Eureka • 443-4811 Bridgeville • 777-1775 Christmas Lighted Tractor Parade Humboldt Hills Hoedown Campfire Storytelling Ferndale • 786-4477 Redway • 923-3368  Trinidad • 677-3840   Natural Fiber Fair Community Holiday Party Arcata • 599-2729 Concerts on the Plaza Manila • 444-3803  Arcata • 822-4500   North Country Fair Eureka’s Christmas Truckers’ Parade Arcata • 822-5320 Hops in Humboldt Eureka • 442-5744  Fortuna • 725-9261 Fortuna Christmas Music Fest  Storytelling Festival by the Sea Fortuna • 725-3959 Trinidad • 677-3840 Humboldt County Fair   Ferndale • 786-9511 Lighting of America’s Tallest Living  Taste of Willow Creek Christmas Tree Willow Creek • (530) 629-3488 Picnics on the Plaza Ferndale • 786-4477  Arcata • 822-4500   OCTOBER Recycled Youth Annual Show Reggae on the River Fortuna Apple Harvest Fest Redway • 923-3368 Redway • 923-3368 725-2123 or 725-9261,    Season of Wonder & Light Ruth Lake Summer Festival Halloween Carnival & Dinner Arcata • 822-4500 Ruth Lake Recreational Campground Ferndale • 786-5300  672-3365  Halloween Chili Feed & Scary Walk Winter Arts Faire Sumeg Village Day Manila • 444-3803 Redway • 923-3368 Trinidad • 677-3840 or 677-3570    Fortuna Rodeo Fortuna • 725-3959  Fortuna Rotary’s Art and Wine in the Park Rohner Park, second Sunday June 725-9261  Fourth of July Celebration and Parade Ferndale • 786-4477  Fourth of July Humboldt Bay Festival Eureka • 442-9054  Fourth of July Jubilee and Fireworks Arcata • 822-3619  Humboldt Folklife Festival Blue Lake • 822-5394  Orick Rodeo Orick • 488-2885 Picnics on the Plaza Arcata • 822-4500  Redwood Empire Quilters Guild Heart of the Redwoods Quilt Show Eureka  WoodFair 2013 Arcata • 768-1975 

The Palette / 39


Come explore the work of Morris Graves from the Humboldt Arts Council’s Permanent Collection. Enhance your interpretation of the artworks on display by perusing the Interactive CD-ROM The Life & Art of Morris Graves. This educational tool allows the visitor to view a selection of artwork, the Loleta Studio of the artist, and to hear interviews from his friends and colleagues.

JANUARY 2013 Peter Santino: The Exhibition at the End of Time, at the End of the World Through January 20 Peter Santino (b 1948, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas) considers the year 1968 to be the beginning of his art making life, and with the Exhibition at the End of Time, at the End of the World, he will mark his 44th year as an artist. On this occasion many who live on the North Coast will have the opportunity to see his work for the first time and be able to walk around, under and over installations PETER SANTINO of his art taking up an entire museum. Visitors will see several installations throughout the Morris Graves Museum of Art that will deal with the problematic end of time and the world as predicted by the Mayan Calendar or Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. While Santino’s view of this is very oriented to his own artistic experiences, visitors may easily relate to his comprehensive exposition of our common situation on the occasion of the end of everything.

JANUARY through MARCH, 2013 River As Home • Jan 30 - March 24


For the first time in its history, the Morris Graves Museum of Art will feature all local Native American art throughout the entire Museum. The exhibition is curated by Bob Benson, who is of Tsenungwe Native ancestry. “This exhibit represents the visual pulse of Native artists from the Klamath River and surrounding river systems. It is a comprehensive look at the spiritual and physical place through the world view of this area’s original peoples,” he states. Native artists from the Wiyot, Yurok, Hupa, Tsenungwe, Karuk, and Tolowa cultures will be included in the show. Many prominent artists such as Brian Tripp, George Blake, Deborah McConnell, Karen Noble, Lyn Risling, and Bob Benson will be featured. 40 / The Palette

APRIL 2013

JUNE 2013

12th annual Northwest Eye Regional Photography Competition & Exhibition April 3 - May 19 The Northwest Eye is a five-state regional fine art photography competition and exhibition highlighting the current trends in the art of photography. This exhibition showcases the creativity and beauty caught by some of the finest photographers in the Northwest.

The Left Edge • June 26 - July 21 The Left Edge is a juried ceramic exhibition that will encompass the vast array of contemporary ceramics in sculptural, installation and vessel-making genres. This exhibit uses The Left Edge as a metaphor and encourages artists to submit work that pushes traditional boundaries of the ceramic medium in its treatment of material and subject.

JULY 2013

Gary Cawood: Excavation July 6 - Aug. 25 Richard Gabriel: Inward Excavation is an ongoing body of Visions of Man photographs that began in 2006. Cawood says, April 3 - May 26 “Since the natural landscape is considered Gabriele paints in a expendable in our culture, the surface scars spontaneous manner we create seemed like an intriguing subject w h e re by h u m a n fo r m s to explore.” Cawood selected sites that were are found in ethereal color excavated long ago, and at first focused on washes. He also paints the surprising forms and colors created by figures from preconceived RICHARD GABRIEL erosion. Soon he began adding throwaways mental images—like lucid to the compositions. Like the land, much of dreams, memories, etc.  In the stuff we buy is considered disposable and each painting, he strives to describe some facet of makes its way to sites like these. The photographs this experience we call human. Richard Gabriele is utilize the scarred an artist who lives and works in Pennsylvania. He landscape as received a BA with honors in fine art and art history a co ntex t fo r from Haverford College in 2004; in 2006, he received the stuff we an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine abandon. The Arts. His paintings have been shown in museums word excavation including the Woodmere Art Museum, the Delaware conjures up Art Museum and the State Museum of Pennsylvania; digging for he has received various awards for his work. In 2012, some ancient he debuted his first installation, Long After the Fall, ruin. And while in New York City. archeologists try David Kimball Anderson: To Morris Graves to reconstruct a April 3 - May 19 GARY CAWOOD logical narrative An exhibition of sculptures inspired by the flower from discarded paintings of Morris Graves. “David Kimball Anderson: objects, Cawood’s to Morris Graves” is a body of work, and an exhibition, purpose is to create a more poetic interpretation. that represents a sculptor’s response to a painter. In He carefully selects the items to be included in paying homage to American artist Morris Graves the compositions, based on his intuitive sense of (1910–2001), David Anderson has the contradictions inherent in our focused on the flower still lifes that culture—a range as quirky and Graves painted later in his life. David mysterious as our mode of existence. Kimball Anderson was born in Los Botanically Inclined • July 6 Angeles, CA, and received a BA from Aug. 4 the San Francisco Art Institute. His Botanically Inclined is an exhibition awards include several NEA grants, that explores nuanced reverence for a Pollock Krasner, and a  California the diverse world of plants. Artists State University Research Grant. His address our ongoing, symbiotic work is in the collection of the San relationship with plants in a variety Francisco Museum of Fine Art, the of materials. The artists included in San Antonio Museum of Art, and this show tackle plant related images, the Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe. themes, and concepts in unexpected ways from reductive, quiet drawings MAY 2013 DAVID KIMBALL ANDERSON to bright, billowing wall sculptures, Art Auction • May 29 - June 15 to formal structural abstractions.  Artwork from local artists that Participating artists include: Candace will be auctioned off at the Annual Briceño from Austin, TX, Sue Whitmore from Chico, CA, Celebration of the Arts Gala will be on display. Jessica McCambly from San Diego, CA, Teresa Stanley Melvin Schuler African Collection from Arcata, CA, and Ellen George from Vancouver, WA. May 29 through June 30 On Being Human: Sculptures by Kristin View a portion of the private collection of African Art & Artifacts from the many travels of Melvin Schuler Lindseth Rivera and Paintings by George Rivera • July 31 - Sept. 21 & Edward Oliver. The work of both artists is about the experience of being human, the depths and complexities of life and

GEORGE RIVERA relationships. It is about shared experiences and connections with others, and also about alienation, about darkness and light. Moments of indecision, of confrontation and change figure prominently in the work of George Rivera, yet the paintings have a timeless quality due to the moments of decision that the artist captures.  As he states, his subjects are on the brink of something--a discovery or a change in life. 


The bronze sculptures of Kristin Lindseth Rivera are also about the inner experience of being human and becoming more fully human. The need for connection with others is balanced against need for isolation, for the examined life. The focus on the current body of work is on inner growth and transformation, expressed through a series of human busts and wall pieces. The early pieces focus on identity, and the process of becoming an individual, and these are followed by works that address the journey inward toward growth and transformation.  The combined works of Kristin Lindseth Rivera and George Rivera represent a journey of faith and hope.

AUGUST 2013 The WWII Veterans Portrait Project: Faces of American Heroes, (see page 26) Portraits by Kathrin Burleson • Aug. 7 - Sept. 7 Humboldt County artist, Kathrin Burleson, is co-founder of North Coast Honor Flight, a program that has taken over 170 local WWII veterans to Washington DC to visit the Memorial that was built in their honor. Over the past year, her artistic focus has been drawing and interviewing these veterans, most of whom are around 90 years old. This collection of pencil portraits is a visual tribute and expression of gratitude to the remarkable men and women to whom this nation owes so much. “We can’t all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by.” Will Rogers

illusion of light and space, Humboldt Arts Council Annual he creates a visual dialogue Member Show between painted surface Oct. 30 - Dec. 15 and wooden substrate. The The Annual Humboldt Arts Council resonance of this interaction Member Show is a juried exhibition is at once expansively designed to highlight the fabulous art mysterious and intimately being produced by our artist members. familiar, an experience often As always, this exhibition is eclectic, associated with moments of surprising and enjoyable. contemplative insight. Due to NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013 Drieth’s content aspirations, COREY DRIETH Suk Choo Kim: Big Pictures this work belongs within the Nov. 28 - Dec. 31 American tradition of smallFor the last several years, Kim has been making very scale non-representational abstraction, with artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Agnes Martin and Richard large images by stitching together many photographs, Tuttle as some of its precedents. Drieth believes sometimes up to 200 separate exposures. The viewers that experiences of subtle structural beauty can be can observe a large image at some distance and then incredibly valuable. Because they require quietude come close to see details of the smaller elements and during a time of de-humanizing speed, clutter and their relationships. Kim wanted to produce a simple, noise, they serve as both a foil to the frenetic activity of large image which contains complex interaction and relationship of elements within it. contemporary life and as Sometimes this relationship creates a method of sustenance chaotic friction not contained in either within it. picture alone. Many of these stitched Wayne Jiang images are as large as 15 feet long. The Sept. 19 - Oct. 20 origin of the component parts vary widely Wayne Jiang was born geographically, from locally in Humboldt in Guangzhou China and County, to Mexico, China, Great Britain, came to the U.S. when he France, South America, Easter Island, was 15. Jiang currently the Andes and Patagonia and as far lives in Pacifica, a small away as the Himalayas. Suk Choo Kim coastal town a few miles studied engineering and mathematics south of San Francisco. WAYNE JIANG in college, but it was the photography For two decades Jiang classes he took on the side that stirred has worked as a graphic his passion. This passion was further designer and fine artist. He holds a degree in stoked by spending the summers of 1971 and 1972 illustration from San Jose State University. In Jiang’s volunteering for the Friends of Photography in Carmel, paintings, he enjoys creating an ambience that reflects CA, where he met and studied the work of master on stillness, solitude, and mystery. He believes in using photographers like Wynn Bullock, Brett Weston, Morris simple, quiet scenes and objects to communicate Bear and Ansel Adams.  deep emotion and relevance. In his work you might Kim continued with his other studies, ultimately find influences from 17th Century Dutch genre making his living as an engineer and business paintings as well as 19th and 20th Century American executive, but his love of photography has remained Realism. When composing his paintings and choosing a central part of his life. He worked as an army staff his subject matter, he draws inspiration from modern photographer during his military service in the 1970s; and documentary photographers like Walker Evans founded Young Sang, a Korean photo magazine in and Sally Mann. 1975; and had major exhibitions of his work at Friends of Photography, the Oakland Museum, and the OCTOBER 2013 University of Florida in Gainesville, the Pacific Grove 16th Annual Junque Arte Competition & Art Center, and the Monterey Museum of Modern Exhibition • Oct. 5 - Nov. 17 Designed to celebrate artistic creativity on Art. His work was also featured in a USIS  (United the North Coast, and heighten the awareness of States Information Service) exhibit that traveled to renewable resources in the art making process, eight cities in Korea and Japan. Kim later returned each artwork in this juried exhibition is made from to school to earn a master’s degree in photography, 100 percent recycled materials…reclaimed, reused, enabling him to teach the medium that has come recovered, secondhand, salvaged, anything un-new! to define his life.

SEPTEMBER 2013 Corey Drieth: Intuitive Geometries Sept. 5 - Oct. 20 Inspired by daily life, art history and religious traditions such as Zen Buddhism and Quaker Christianity, Drieth’s paintings and drawings explore contemplative spiritual experience. Drieth’s work begins with the basic design and construction materials of gouache and wood.  Through the economical use of line, color, texture, size and the

SUK CHOO KIM The Palette / 41





ounded in 1966, Humboldt Arts Council is the county’s largest arts organization. The Council is dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture in our region. The Morris Graves Museum of Art, a program of the Council, is located in the former Carnegie Library in Eureka. The Museum was built in 1904 and completely renovated in 2000 with over 1 million dollars in donations from the local community. The Morris Graves Museum of Art houses seven galleries including the Melvin Schuler Sculpture Garden, a Museum Gift Shop, Youth Gallery and Classroom facilities, Arts Resource Center and Performance Rotunda.


For more info call (707) 442-0278.



12th Annual Northwest Eye Featuring five-state regional fine art photography

First Saturday Night Arts Alive! 6 to 9 p.m. Free: Join us for live music, opening receptions and a great atmosphere!

19th Annual Junque Arte Each artwork is made from 100% recycled materials HAC Annual Member Exhibition Designed to highlight the fabulous art being produced by our artist members

Second Saturday Family Arts Day, 2 to 4 p.m. Free: Activities for youth and families, including performances, hands-on art projects and interactive storytellers.

KEET’s Kids Club at the MGMA first Saturday 12 to 2 p.m. Free: In partnership with KEET-TV and the Ready-to-Learn initiative, the Humboldt Arts Council and the Morris Graves Museum of Art will offer monthly workshops for children, families and childcare providers.

Sunday Afternoon at the Graves, 2 to 4:30 p.m. Free: Join us on the 3rd Sunday of each month for an open jazz jam and jazz performance. Art Talk Sundays every 1st Sunday at 2pm Free: Enjoy a Museum Tour with trained docents to learn about the Museum’s history, permanent collection, and current exhibitions while sipping tea and meeting new friends!

AS A MEMBER OF THE HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL YOU... • KEEP INFORMED of exhibits and events at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. Learn about special museum competitions and exhibitions, and outstanding exhibitions from local and out-of-the area artists. Admission free to members. • GET INSPIRED at monthly programs of film and discussion, jazz, dance programs, classical, cultural and popular music events, and

the family arts program including activities and performances for children and much more! • KEEP ART IN THE SCHOOLS — our Art Banks and Docents in the Schools Programs serve thousands of school children annually with artwork on loan and more than two dozen art-themed presentations available to schools.

HUMBOLDTARTS.ORG Humboldt Arts Council




Join at the Circle of 100 or higher membership levels and we will match your membership. Help us welcome new members into our Museum Family.






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Mail to the Humboldt Arts Council 636 F Street, Eureka, CA 95501 (707) 442-0278

42 / The Palette

INTERESTED IN JOINING? To receive information on joining the Humboldt Arts Council you can: • call (707) 442-0278 • download a membership form at and mail to Humboldt Arts Council, 636 F St. Eureka, CA 95501 • email:



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Friend of the Arts Memberships:


We need your help to fulfill our dedication to providing leadership in support of the rich heritage of North Coast arts and to bringing this legacy fully into community life.



Ye s , I am an ar tist

Humboldt Arts Council

in the Morris Graves Museum of Art 636 F Street, Eureka, CA 95501 (707) 442-0278

ALL MEMBERS RECEIVE: • Free Admission to the Morris Graves Museum of Art • Personalized Membership Card • The Quarterly newsletter that includes information about Events and Exhibitions • 10% Discount on MGMA Merchandise



hat follows is a sampling of Humboldt County artists and ways to contact them. Links to their websites may also be found online at The Humboldt Arts Council maintains an Arts Online Directory of members’ work on the website and offers other benefits to artists such as special exhibition and program opportunities, and personalized access to Humboldt County’s resources and services.

Mary Louise Anderson

Oil, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Ceramic Sculpture I welcome commissions and really enjoy teaching art classes and workshops. Life within the arts is inspiring and very rewarding. PO Box 1132 Blue Lake, CA 95525 

Shawn Gould Acrylic Paint

I paint realistic images of nature. 3960 D St., Eureka, CA 95503 707-476-8197 

Elaine Gredassoff Watercolor

The challenge for me is to take a blank sheet of paper and with brushes and pigments create an image where nothing except white existed before. My paintings feature northern California’s favorite summer locations focusing on the ramblings of the rivers, creeks and ocean. 707-768-2125

Julia Bednar

Pat Green

My paintings are inspired by nature; from the beauty of a flower or landscape, to the power and majesty of a rock formation or the charm and mystery of a cat. PO Box 9023, Eureka, CA 95502 707-443-4081

Fog, fog, fog and more fog. 707-986-9611 PO Box 743, Redway, CA 95560

Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic

Pat Cahill Watercolor

Landscapes, flowers, animals and birds are subjects that grasp my interest. Using vibrant and intense watercolors as my medium, I enjoy capturing a moment in time. Showing at Ferndale Arts Gallery, 580 Main Street, Ferndale, 707-786-9634  1300 Pleasant Pt. Rd., Ferndale, CA 95536, 707-786-9321


Stephen D. Hammons Photography

I believe that the “Pot of Gold” is not at the end of Rainbows, but the “experience,” which is priceless! Steve is photographer for The Palette and 101 Things To Do magazines. 707-845-8207

Fortuna Art Council

Beverly Harper

Group of local artists supporting visual art and artists in Humboldt County, and exhibit in businesses throughout Fortuna and various venues in Humboldt Co. New members welcome and anyone interested is invited to attend meetings held every third Monday of the month (except Dec.) in Rohner Park Rec. Hall at 1 p.m.

Artwork at: -The Showroom Gallery, Mid-City Motor World 4800 N. Hwy 101, Eureka, CA -Trinidad Art Gallery LLC, Fine Art Co-op 490 Trinity St., Trinidad, CA Open Thur - Mon 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.  707-442-8929

Non-profit Organization of Visual Artists

Oil Paintings, Limited Edition Prints and Posters

The Palette / 43


Original Music—Light Rock with Native American Overtones

My job musically is to Observe and Report. A twelve-year Sundancer (Lakota tradition), Hayotis has produced 37 albums. On his latest, The Last Tear, he plays guitars and keyboards, and is joined by two talented local singers, Robin HummingbirdSongs and J.Z. Bands, as Clouds on Mountain. Storm Warning Studios 707-443-6815 • 

Heart Bead

Your bead store...where you are the artist—with a little help from your friends at Heart Bead. Express yourself, adorn yourself, enjoy yourself! Be inspired by bits and pieces from around the world, then relax and let our professional staff help you with the technical stuff at no extra charge! On the Arcata Plaza for 20 everyday. 707-826-9577

Nila Kaftal

Pastels, Prismacolors, Acrylic Paints Wildlife art, landscapes, portraits of people and pets. Art celebrates life! Beauty heals. 707-444-0479

Yvonne Kern

Oil and Watercolor

A locally recognized, nationally collected artist, Yvonne Kern creates luscious, representational paintings from photographs. “I paint mostly local scenes because this area has a limitless supply of natural beauty.” Studio visits by appointment: 707-616-4886 

Henry Kruger

Custom Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are a lifelong commitment, and I’ve dedicated my life to tattooing. As a Custom Tattoo Artist, I enjoy taking a person’s ideas and creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art, that we both can be happy with for life. Stop in Tues - Sat, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., to look at my portfolio and set up a consultation. Sailor’s Grave Tattoo 138 Second St., Old Town Eureka 707-443-0666  44 / The Palette

Mimi LaPlant

Mixed Media on Paper & Canvas

My work is the continuation of a long investigation into the possibilities and meanings of abstraction. Shapes and lines developed over years of experience mirrors deep unconscious structures. Artwork at Arcata Artisans Gallery  707-826-1680

Jim Lowry

Limited Edition Archival Digital Prints

My work can be seen locally at the Arcata Artisans Co-op and the Morris Graves Museum of Art. Studio visits by appointment. 320 Park Ave., Arcata, CA 95521 707-822-5249 

Randy Mayers

Digital Photography

My favorite days are spent following the light and shadow across a landscape with my camera. I am always drawn to the liminal aspects of both landscapes and architecture. I also enjoy photographing glass. Most recently, I have been experimenting with portraiture. PO Box 663, Loleta, CA 95551

Elsie Mendes

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor

I do florals, landscapes, seascapes, often including birds and animals in their natural habitats. 260 Old Stump Ln., Eureka, CA 95503 707-443-5188

´ Jane K. Morace Oil, Watercolor

The inspiration for my paintings comes from children and the seaside. 707-268-3962


Victoria Ryan

A native to the North Coast, Michelle was raised surrounded by the natural beauty and serenity of the Redwood Forests and the Pacific Ocean. These elements reflect in her works. In her studio she paints an arrangement of stilllife and figurative-portraits, and also works on location (plein-air) painting landscapes and seascapes. Commissions are welcome. 207 G St., Eureka, CA 95501 

I work primarily in pigment rich soft pastels to achieve a sense of heightened reality, mood and feeling in my paintings and drawings. In private and corporate collections worldwide. Represented in galleries across the U.S. and locally by appointment at my studio in Cutten. 707-442-9160 Also at Sewell Gallery, 423 F. St., Eureka 


Dan O’Gara Storyteller

Soft Pastel, Oil

Monica Schill

Dan O’Gara is a professional storyteller for all age groups, sharing little-known tales of the North Coast, inspirational stories from the heart, and family participation fun. Find him at festivals, schools, and conferences in Ireland and the United States. PO Box 517, Trinidad, CA 95570 707-677-3840

Ceramic, Concrete, Mosaic, Paint

Kathy O’Leary

Susan Genell Schuessler

Kathy, a contemporary realist painter, works in oil both on location and in her studio from her photography and field sketches. A California native, the main focus of her painting is the landscape of the rural central and northern regions of the state. Her paintings can be seen locally and in several other galleries in California. Studio visits by appointment. 1912 H St., Eureka, CA 95501 707-616-5315; 

Nature and the beauty of this earth fill me with awe. My passion is to be able to portray my inspiration through my art, be it abstract or expressionistic.


My art is about the process. I like to set a goal and work through the changes and obstacles that come on the way to the finished piece. 707-682-6186 PO Box 833, Fortuna, CA 95540 

Silverpointe, Graphite, Oil, Watercolor

Cathy Ray Pierson

Bob and Donna Sellers

Pottery, Functional Stoneware

Mixed Media, Acrylics

My use of a masking technique makes my work distinctive and a piece of Humboldt County. I choose a wide variety of ferns and other leaves in this process. My Spirit Horses are made as one-of-a-kind pieces either pit fired or Raku. I am behind Freshwater Stables. Enter the stables and follow the signs to my pottery. 455 Freshwater Rd., Eureka 707-443-1665 

Camille Regli Oil Painting

I enjoy painting still life and landscapes expressing the vanishing, peaceful farm lifestyle and the beauty of the local area. Showing at the Ferndale Arts Gallery: 580 Main St., Ferndale 707-786-9634 

Art Themes: “Reflections Of The North Coast” and “Reflections Of The Feminine.” Originals, Prints, Customs, Hand-Painted Miniatures, Unique Gifts. Visit our home gallery by appointment or during Open Studios in June. 707-442-2123 

Jack Sewell Sculpture

I generally work in figurative sculpture and often using traditional tools and materials and adapting them to fit my contemporary vision. I work in a wide range of materials and in different scales from miniature to monumental. My recent “Following Current Events” is kinetic, and is a permanent water sculpture in Eureka, at the foot of the C Street Plaza, near the boardwalk. 707-449-5506;  The Palette / 45


Beti Webb Trauth

As a performer, I strive to bring my audience with me on a journey into the heart of Arabic music, expressing celebration of life through dance. I teach locally and nationally, direct Ya Habibi Dance Company and Redwood Raks World Dance Studio, and produce music and dance events, including the Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival. I’ve studied this style since 1992, and in 2004 earned the title “Belly Dancer of the Year.” 707-616-6876; 

Versatile, professional photographer & journalist who specializes in creating unique photos, features & websites to promote the remarkable arts & artists of Humboldt County for local, regional & national publications. Her professional background includes extensive experience as an actress/singer/director & theatre critic; an advertising copywriter; a producer/ director of TV commercials; and a voice-over & oncamera talent for film & television. 707-840-0111;

Middle Eastern Dance Artist

Multi-Skilled Artist

Kathryn Stotler

Alicia Tredway

I do assemblage, collage and painting. I like to incorporate found objects and paint them into artwork that is distinctive and thought provoking. Studio visits are welcome by appointment. 707-601-2333 

I enjoy plein air painting as well as studio work. My focus and fascination with painting, be it landscape, still life or figure is about how light is influencing the scene. 707-247-3263 

Oil, Pastel and Watercolor

Assemblage, Collage, Mixed Media

Susan Strope

Oil paintings—Large Colorful Florals & Moody Seascapes 717 3rd St., Eureka, CA 95501 707-599-9482


I do portraits by commission. Portraits of people and pets are what I love painting most, although our spectacularly beautiful coast is also a continuing inspiration. Another new joy has become the challenge of creating a small painting everyday-Still lifes, florals, people or animals which can be seen and purchased on 76850 Usal Rd., Whitethorn, CA 95589 707-986-9633 

Dolores Terry

Barbara A. Wright

Studio open by appointment. PO Box 423, Cutten, CA 95534 707-444-1445

I work basically from my unconscious. Creating each piece from an idea of color, design or what moves me at the moments of creation, ending up with a surprise every time. My work is exhibited at Arcata Artisans, Trinidad Art Gallery and Highlight Gallery in Mendocino, as well as other venues around Humboldt County. PO Box 486, Trinidad, CA 95570 707-677-9410; 

Oil and Acrylic Painting

Renée Thompson

Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media

POPPY DESIGNS fine art is a reflection of the natural world, the sacred feminine and a touch of whimsy and magic. My personal vision is woven together with vibrant color, imagination and love. I hope my art brings a smile to your face and joy in your life.   46 / The Palette

Cietha Wilson

Mosaics, Dichroic Glass Jewelry


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The Spirit of the North Coast

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Humboldt Palette Magazine 2013  

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