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centre session, although some were unsure of handling the corn snake. KS1 visit Living Seas Centre KS1 discovered a wealth of information about our fascinating local marine life at The Living Seas Centre, Flamborough. Year 2 became Seashore Detectives, exploring the strandline to find a treasure trove of fascinating finds, searching for clues as to what lurks in the mysterious offshore waters. They then went on a journey through the undersea hidden landscape of The North Sea, and looked closely at marine habitats. Year 1 explored the Waves of Waste. They learnt about all the litter that is washed up on our shores and just how it affects marine wildlife. They then identified just how many resources the sea provides us, from energy, medicines and cosmetics, as well as food. In addition, did you know seaweed is used to make toothpaste?


Year 3 Camping Adventure

Year 5 visit Cranedale

An evening under the stars was enjoyed by Year 3, who all worked together to cook and clean after a day full of team building tasks. They performed a talent show for staff before enjoying hot chocolate and snuggling into their sleeping bags.

Year 5 spent two glorious days in North Yorkshire, based at the Cranedale Field Study Centre. The first day was spent on the North York Moors, where the children explored a griff, watched their brave tutor demonstrate how to eat a nettle leaf, identified a variety of creatures found while stream dipping, learned about Iron Age settlements and played fox and grouse. And that is just a taste of their adventures that day! As ever, the trip was a wonderful and valuable experience for Year 5 and has given them many happy memories.

Year 4 Explore Malham Cove While the rest of the country was fretting over the general election, intrepid Year 4 set off on a residential trip to Malham Youth Hostel. They were awestruck by the majestic Gordale Scar and enjoyed a glorious picnic on top of Malham Cove (well-earned after climbing over 400 steps!). This year, they were blessed with glorious spring sunshine. Their YHA guide provided a fascinating commentary on walks and the children were lucky enough to see a peregrine falcon in flight over the Cove.


Year 6 Robinwood Year 6 spent a wonderful, albeit exhausting, three days in Dobroyd Castle, the Robinwood Residential Centre. The activities whilst there were non-stop, and they all gave each and every one their all.


04 Year 4 at Malham Cove 05 Year 5 at Cranedale 06 Year 6 at Robinwood

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Collegian 2016 to 2017  

The magazine of Hull Collegiate School for the academic year 2016 to 2017.

Collegian 2016 to 2017  

The magazine of Hull Collegiate School for the academic year 2016 to 2017.