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K9DERGARTEN 173 Newark Ave. (201) 435-8700 K9dergarten is proud to offer the highest quality dog care with a variety of services, including daycare, luxurious boarding, smooth transportation, as well as high-quality walking, grooming, and training services. The team at K9dergarten believes that through constant innovation, it can continue to create the highest standard every dog deserves, both day and night. Whether you’re browsing in its stylish boutique, or watching your furry family member playing with friends, you’ll know your canine companion is in a safe and joyful place. Not only does K9dergarten give outstanding care to each and every dog, it also gives outstanding care to its human clients. K9dergarten’s owner Jim Caulfield explains it best: “We invite the customers to join our family,” he says. “Our lobby is filled with cheer, and our playgrounds are filled with play. K9dergarten is at its best when tails are wagging and people are smiling. That is our commitment to providing the best care for our best friends.”

38 • Jersey CITY Magazine ~ SPRING & SUMMER 2012


PINCH-HITTER 245 Van Vorst St. (201) 618-0278 Through her home-based company, Pinch-Hitter, a professional organizing and personal-assistant service, Josephine Paige provides exceptional customer service for residential, business, and relocation clients. “Today, we live in a very fast-paced and demanding world that can easily spin out of control,” says Paige. “I help my clients regain control of their lives, whether it takes the form of organizing their finances or their closet.” Paige provides order, support, and structure to help her clients meet their goals, no matter how big or small. “The look of happiness and relief on my clients’ faces after we complete a job is instant gratification and payment in itself,” Paige says. She half-jokes she is a closet psychologist and social worker and says that providing emotional support goes hand in hand with organizational help. She analyzes each client’s needs and sets up a system, teaching them how to manage the project on their own so they can move ahead. Fees are by the hour with discounts for seniors and new parents. Her clients agree that the gift of an organized life is priceless.