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Britons are flying more and more and hen and stag dos often involve a flight.2 Almost 3 in 5 polled say hen and stag trips abroad are too expensive and involve too much travel. One third of hens and stags resent the bride or groom for spend involved. As the environmental impact of our flying habits comes increasingly under the spotlight, new research2 commissioned by environmental charity Hubbub reveals that by choosing Brighton over Barcelona, a group of 10 hen or stag do travellers from London could reduce their Carbon emissions by 98%1. This is the equivalent of one person in the group going vegan for 2.2 years or stopping driving a car for 1.4 years, according to the comparison research compiled by Carbon Credit Capital, a carbon offset management firm located in New York City, which also compared carbon impacts of 6 other popular destinations and diet types. The survey by Censuswide interviewed over 2,000 20-45 year-olds across the UK and found that 58% feel that hen and stag dos abroad are too long, expensive or involve too much travel. A third (33%) of people felt resentful towards the bride, groom or trip organiser about the amount of money they’ve had to spend on a hen or stag do. Hubbub today launches the Why Wing It campaign to raise awareness of the environmental impact of flying. With January and February being peak times for holiday bookings, Hubbub is encouraging people to consider using alternative modes of travel and visit inspiring destinations closer to home instead. More Britons travel abroad than any other nationality3 and on average men went on four stag dos last year3. Those flying overseas spent £421 on each trip, compared with £261 per person for those who chose to avoid the plane and stay in the UK. Over four trips, one regular staggoer could save £640 over the course of a year by choosing UK destinations and not flying. Over half (60%) of those surveyed preferred a UK-based hen or stag, due to it being cheaper and easier to get to and a more flexible option. For example, guests don’t have to stay for the whole thing. 73% agreed that there are lots of great places in the UK for hens and stag dos.

Jess Wiles, Creative Partner at Hubbub, said: “When we asked people about their ideal hen or stag do they told us it would involve a short journey, one or two nights away, a good choice of nightlife and access to adventure activities and spas. There is a fantastic range of locations and venues here in the UK that tick the boxes for what people want and they are generally easier and cheaper to get to. Our research shows that 43% of young people currently don’t consider the environmental impact of their holidays but we’re optimistic that this will change in 2020 as our flying habits become more of a focus. Instead of flying by default, we’re keen to inspire people to consider alternatives such as travelling by train which is often less hassle and can be a fun way to travel with friends.” The study by Carbon Credit Capital compares the Carbon Dioxide emissions of travelling from London by train to 5 popular UK hen/stag do destinations with flying from London Heathrow to 5 popular overseas destinations. The results were then compared with other lifestyle habits such as reducing meat intake/going vegan and not using your car. The following swaps are based upon an individual person with a high meat die1:

• Swapping Las Vegas for Manchester is the equivalent of going vegan for 1.5 years • Swapping Dubai for Edinburgh is the equivalent of giving up driving for 7 months • Swapping Barcelona for Brighton is the equivalent of going vegan for 2.5 months • Swapping Dublin for Cardiff is the equivalent of reducing meat intake from a high to low meat diet for 1.5 months

• Swapping Amsterdam for Newquay is the equivalent of giving up driving for 1.5 weeks Hubbub have compiled some top tips for landing a dream UK hen or stag do, including some easy destination swaps and advice on how to travel over ground. They are also appealing to people who have recently been on a UK-based hen or stag do to share their best photos to help inspire others planning a trip to stay grounded, reduce their impact on the environment and make the most of what the UK has to offer. Visit https://www.hubbub.org.uk/10-tips-forplanning-the-best-uk-hen-stag-or-group-holiday to find out more.

END NOTES TO EDITORS For more information contact Hubbub. Data produced by Carbon Credit Capital. All figures rounded to the nearest 0.5. For full methodology and further details see accompanying report. 1

Survey conducted by Censuswide of 2002 20-45 year olds living in the UK, between 20.11.2019 and 25.11.2019. This press release was edited on 26/02/2020 to remove a stat stating that 49% of flights taken by men aged 20-45 were for stag dos and 35% taken by women were for hen dos. More detail and the full polling data is available on our website: www.hubbub.org.uk/WhyWingIt. 2

In 2018 more Britons travelled abroad than any other nationality, according to official data from International Air Transport Association. 3

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A B O U T C A R B O N C R E D I T C A P I TA L Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) helps companies, individuals and institutions measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions. CCC offers wholesale offset services, and administers Carbon Neutral Checkout®, a program that combines greenhouse gas assessment with sensible strategies to offset emissions of products and services through simple sales. Since 2015, CCC has built the cost to eliminate the emissions of 130,000+ products and into the cost consumers pay. In 2019 alone, over 1.4 million products and services were made carbon neutral through Carbon Neutral Checkout®. CCC believes climate action should be simple, attractive and affordable for everyone, and works closely with partners to select carbon reduction projects that align with brand, consumer, and stakeholder visions and values, as well as contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as reducing poverty, or inequalities to zero by 2030. www.carboncreditcapital.com LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter