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ARE ANTIBIOTICS NECESSARY BEFORE DENTAL PROCEDURES? If you have heard that it was necessary to take antibiotics before undergoing dental procedures such as cleanings and extractions, the recommendation is largely outdated. In the past, antibiotics were recommended for patients with defective heart valves or artificial joints in the belief that the drugs would fight bacteria entering the bloodstream during dental procedures. However, this precaution has since been deemed to be unnecessary because the risk of infection among this group of individuals is small and most likely outweighed by the risks (resistance and reactions) of taking antibiotics. Antibiotics are recommended for those with compromised immunity or increased susceptibility to infection (artificial-joint complications, prosthetic heart valves, or previous endocarditis, which is infection of the heart’s lining). It is important to take all of the antibiotics that have been prescribed. Keep taking the medicine until it is gone, even after you start to feel better. At PLATTE VALLEY DENTAL CLINIC, you can expect us to give you gentle, comforting care using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment. We’re located at 3915 N. 4th Ave., where our trained professional staff works as a team to make your visits pleasant. Please call 308.234.2828 to schedule an appointment. We will always discuss your treatment options with you. P.S. Antibiotic resistance is a very serious problem caused by the overuse of antibiotics. Needless use of these drugs has led to the development of bacteria that require ever more powerful drugs to kill them.