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Happy Birthday to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit

Hua Hin, Cha-Am, Pranburi

August 2016

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3 From the Editor

From the Myanmar border to the eastern coast of Thailand sounds like a marathon bicycle ride and perhaps not a one day trip to be undertaken by the faint-hearted or amateur cyclist. However as the narrowest section of the Thailand peninsular is only 12 kilometres across and rated by the experts as an ‘easy’ ride, anyone with a degree of fitness who can ride a bike with some confidence can undertake this feat. They can then proudly boast to unsuspecting friends and family that they have ridden across the country. Our story in this edition shows you how. This month all of Thailand celebrates the 84th birthday of HM Queen Sirikit and as the mother of the nation, also recognised as Mother’s Day. To celebrate the occasion, the Queen’s Cup Hua Hin Triathlon is being held at Black Mountain on 13th August. Nationwide there will be blue flags flying, as blue is the colour for Friday, the day of HM the Queen’s royal birth. The significance of the colours assigned to each day of the week in Thailand is explained in our cover story. Those who take the trouble to choose their clothing to coincide with this tradition will gain some “brownie points” from Thai people, especially choosing yellow, the King’s colour on Mondays. We know of some foreigners who have posted a ‘colour chart’ next to their wardrobe as a self-reminder when deciding on which of their extensive range of t-shirts will be selected as the day’s apparel, not such a bad idea!


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We hope the August edition of Hua Hin Today will also add a little more colour to your day. There may be grey skies outside, but that’s just another reason for you to add some colour to the scenery. David Managing Editor

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HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

4 Motorists to Waterfalls in Prachuab Khirikhan Governor Hua Hin Warned of to Formulate 4-Year Plan Encountering Wild Elephants Travellers to Pala U waterfall in Hua Hin district are warned of possible encounters with wild elephants, as the animals are now turning to roads to wander for food instead of to the wilderness.

several wild elephants from the road to allow stranded vehicles to pass. He said these wild animals wandered around on the road both day and night looking for food and fruits thrown on the roadside by travellers. This is the reason why the elephants changed their habits from wandering in the forest to the road instead. He then advised motorists to strictly abide by instructions upon entering the wild elephant area while driving on the road. They are now spotted more frequently by motorists driving to the waterfall tourist spot on the rural road from Nong Plab to Huey Satyai, according to Kaeng Kracharn national park officials. Park rangers said they were concerned about the safety of motorists driving to tourist spots in the Pala U forest area. They said wild animals were spotted more frequently wandering for food on the rural road, which is regularly used by motorists to visit waterfalls in Pala U. Park ranger Sahat Kongsabai cited a recent incident when a fast-moving unit of the rangers had to use fire crackers to dispel

If they encounter elephants on the road, they must first stop and watch the reaction of the animals, he said. If elephants walk on the left shoulder, then they are advised to avoid by driving slowly away on the right side, and vice versa. But if the animal is on the middle of the road, they are advised to wait until it walks away to the roadside. Significantly, he said, motorists must not give them food, must not blow the horn, must not escalate the car engine and must not flash the headlights. englishnews.thaipbs.or

Hua Hin Hospital New Advisory Board

The Prachuab Khirikhan Provincial Office, in collaboration with the Hua Hin Hospital, has set up a new advisory board to formulate the hospital’s development plan. The board consists of 9 advisors and 14 board members.

The director of Hua Hin Hospital Doctor Somchai Thepcharoenniran said that the deputy governor of the Prachuab Khirikhan Provincial Office, Mr. Thiraphan Nanthakit, signed an order to set up the advisory board of the hospital to supervise its internal administration and management. The advisory board consists of 9 senior officers, namely Prof. Doctor Songkhram Sapcharoen, Mr. Dissathon Wajrodaya, the deputy secretary general of Royal Affairs, Ven. Phra Khru Praphassornworaphinit, the Hua Hin district chief, the Hua Hin police superindentent, the Hua Hin mayor, Doctor Duangjai Rungdanai, Mr. Samart Thirasak and Mr. Wallop Yaiying. The 12 board members are the director of Hua Hin Hospital, the chief of Hua Hin Public Health Office, the director of Hua Hin vocational college, the director of Hua Hin school, the chairman of Hua Hin Rotary, the chairman of Lions Hua Hin, the chairman of Hua Hin community and subdistrict, the chairman of the Hua Hin senior

The governor of Prachuab Khirikhan has encouraged public office chiefs, directors of provincial chambers of commerce, industry owners and representative of private companies to brainstorm and formulate a new 4-year plan to be in effect between 2018 and 2021. The governor Dr. Thawee Narisisrikul chaired a meeting with the main agenda being the new 4-year development plan of the province, from 2018 to 2021. The meeting had presentations from university lecturers of faculties of economics, commerce, industry and political sciences in Thailand, who demonstrated the potential of Prachuab Khirikhan tourism, hotel and industrial agriculture. The participants were encouraged to upgrade and improve businesses to serve the market requirements, and develop better quality local goods and products, particularly demand and supply along the economic route of ASEAN, Europe and America.

The governor spoke about the provinces potential and promoting tourism, industry, agriculture, fishing and hotel business all year round. However he acknowledged the issue of water shortages in the summer months. Traffic congestion and marine ecology issues were also discussed as problems that the authorities of the province have to solve urgently.

Nailed Vehicles After Boxes Fall from a Lorry

group, the chairman of the social work club, the chairman of G Group Hua Hin and the senior journalist Chamnan Phuengjoh. The new board will work on formulating administrative plans of the hospital, such as preparing medical treatment for Their Majesties when they reside in Hua Hin. The new advisory board will give recommendations on services provided by medical staff of the hospital and its network, as well as the hospital’s policy and annual development plans. The board can also suggest the hospital’s annual social activities, encourage public hearings and mobilise projects that promote the hospital’s international standards and represent the hospital in public relations campaigns. The Hua Hin Hospital receives up to 1,500 patients per day. Apart from the headquarters, there are Hua Hin Hospitals 2, 3 and 4 in Boh Fai, Thab Tai and Don E Keung respectively.

It was like a disaster zone on Petchkasem road heading south near Pranburi recently. A load of three-inch nails had fallen off the back of a lorry onto the road. Nearly two dozen following vehicles went over the nails, causing dozens of punctures and forcing drivers to stop by the side of the road for repairs. Trucks, container lorries and pick-ups were all affected in the incident that occurred after the lights at Pranburi on the road south. Some trucks had as many as four punctures. The driver of the construction materials delivery truck from where the nails came drove on oblivious of the damage he had caused. HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

The Thai government has asked all the governor of 76 provinces to brainstorm and study the problem in their areas, so that the cabinet and Thai ministers can consider their ideas developing public policy.

Pranburi police were alerted by a member of the public found hundreds of large nails and nail boxes scattered all over the road. They were “Supercheap” variety “best for wood”, “Cow Head” brand and and came from a supplier in Phuket. The nails were collected as evidence. One driver who was also driving south to Songkhla said he had stopped beside the offending vehicle at the lights before the spillage. He tried to overtake the truck but it sped up, not allowing him to go in front. He had settled in behind the other vehicle, then became one of the victims of the nails as they fell off the back of the lorry. Whether police will be able to nail the driver of the lorry remains to be seen. – Thairath

5 Supporting Vana Nava Hua Hin City Football Club

It is reported that at the end of this season, the 8 Regional Division 2 leagues will be restructured. There are currently 8 Regional Division 2 leagues; Hua Hin City is a West Region Division 2 team this season.

Queens Cup 2016 Triathlon at Black Mountain

The Queen’s Cup Hua Hin Triathlon is one of the largest triathlon events in Thailand organised by Sport Bicycle. The aim of competition is to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday anniversary.

The top 4 teams in each region will form 2 Regional Championship Leagues (Tier 3 of Thai football) with 16 teams in each league. The bottom team in each region will drop into the new Regional Division 3 (Tier 5 of Thai football). The remaining Regional Division 2 teams will be re-formatted into 4 regional leagues of 16 teams. Next Season Promotion Opportunities Championship to Division 1 – Top team in each division will be automatically promoted to Division 1. Runner up in each league will play each other for 3rd promotion spot. Regional League 2 to Championship Regional League 3 to Regional League 2.

July Results 02nd July 09th July 16th July 24th July 30th July

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Simork FC IPE Samutsakorn Muangkan United Chumphon FC Nonthaburi FC

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Thonburi City Assumption United Krungthonburi FC Samutsakorn FC Rajapruk University

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The event, which takes place at Black Mountain, offers to the participants some beautiful landscape views. Every year the event attracts many Thai and foreign runners. The race included Triathlon Olympic Distance (1.5 km swim / 40 km bike / 10 km run), Triathlon Sprint Distance (750 metre swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run) and Duathlon (2.5 km run, 20 km bike, 5km run). Age Categories Men’s individual: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60 & Over Female’s individual : 18-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50 & Over TEAM RELAY : Relay Male, Relay Female and Mixed ( age up from 18 years old) Triathlon Sprint Distance (Saturday 13 August) The courses consist of 750 meter swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run Age Categories Male’s individual: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60 & Over Female’s individual: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50 & Over Duathlon (Saturday 13 August) The courses include 2.5 km run, 20 km bike, 5km run Age Categories Male’s individual: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60 & Over Female’s individual: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50 & Over The swim course is at Wake Board Lake in The Black Mountain Water Park. Olympic distance swimmers complete two rounds of the 750 metre swim course. Sprint swim is one round. The bike and run courses both start at the Black Mountain Water Park. For more information visit:

Darting Across the Region Darts is an indoor sport played across Thailand; a great way for Thai people and foreigners to socialise together; both ladies and men. It’s a truly inclusive sport welcoming players of all abilities and experience. Costs are low and equipment is available to share, borrow or purchase. Beginning a passion for darts often begins relatively late in life with many darters in Thailand having no history of prior involvement. Darts is a traditional pub game, commonly played in the United Kingdom, across the Commonwealth, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Republic of Ireland, the Scandinavian countries, the United States, and elsewhere. Darts were historically used in warfare in ancient history; skirmishers used darts of varying sizes, similar to mini-javelins. It was the practice of this skill that developed into a game of skill. The Hua Hin/Cha-Am Darts League play competition darts every Tuesday night at 7.30PM. Apart from competition there are many opportunities to practice at less serious and very social evenings; it’s a great way to get to know the locals. The Darts League started in 2002 with six teams. It grew into a league of two divisions with 8-10 teams in each division. Usually there are two seasons in a year and besides the league they also include cup and individual top 16 competitions. There are also opportunities to travel to Bangkok and beyond to try your skills on the wider stage. Teams come are based in downtown Hua Hin, Khao Takiab area and Cha-Am. The format usually involves teams with a minimum of three players who play three singles and three doubles. To find a venue near you and to consider becoming a team member; check out these contacts. It’s easy to join the very welcoming darts community and get yourself on target. Phone: Khun Oil 0629 356 779, Khun Golf 0871532 259 (English and Thai spoken),


6 Colour Your Day – Thai Style Did you know that in Thailand there’s a colour for every day of the week? Many people are curious about the wearing of certain colours in Thailand. Sometimes you may see a mass of people wearing yellow, sometimes a riot of pink and sometimes sky blue. This tradition is not as popular with young Thais, but many more traditional Thais still know the colours and when to wear them. The day of the week a person was born is very significant in Thai culture, historically, and each day has a lucky colour. Days are marked by colours and are said to have hidden and secretive meanings. These colours still influences the daily lives of people, not because of beliefs alone, but because many Thais feel that colour influences their perceptions and feelings. The draping of coloured ribbons and lengths of gauzy fabrics around sacred trees, on special “lucky” sites, on the prows of boats, on spirit houses, chedis and anything else which may influence the gods, is another aspect of this adherence to the special colours. Usually, a garland of yellow, pink, blue and green will suffice, as these are the most important colours, and the ones that connect both the royal family and the gods of the planets. Here’s what the colours represent from the historical and religious view: Sunday = Red

His Majesty The King of Thailand was born on a Monday, and therefore the King’s flag contains yellow. However there are some who say that the Kings lucky colour actually is pink, not yellow. The King was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and while his date of birth in the US fell on a Monday, it was actually already Tuesday in Thailand. HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn was born on July 28th 1952 and also has yellow as his birthday colour. Tuesday = Pink

Phra Isuan caught eight buffalo and used his magical powers to turn them into powder, which he wrapped with soft reddish cloth and sprinkled with holy water, thus creating the Planet of Saturn. King Bhumibol spent three weeks in hospital last month having treatment for heart problems and other ailments. Thai commentators said pink first became an important colour for him earlier this year, when royal astrologers determined it was a good colour for his health. On that recommendation, a pink royal crest was designed for his 80th birthday. Wednesday = Green

According to historical record, there is mystic belief that Phra Isuan, a high God in the Hindu faith since the beginning of the universe, captured six lions and ground them into powder. He then wrapped the powder with red cloth and sprinkled Nam Amarit or holy water on to the powder and thus created the Sun.

Green is worn on Wednesday because it is said that Phra Isuan rounded up 17 mystic elephants and turned them into powder which he wrapped with a green leaf. After sprinkling holy water he created the planet of Pluto. Thursday = Orange 19 hermits were powdered by Phra Isuan and wrapped in a reddish orange cloth, thus creating the Planet of Mars Friday = Blue

Monday = Yellow

Saturday = Purple On Saturday Phra Isuan caught 10 tigers sprinkled powder on them, wrapped them in a purple cloth and created the planet Saturn. The ‘Red Shirts’ & ‘Yellow Shirts’ – An Added Political Dimension With the colours yellow and red having political significance in Thailand, many Thai people have taken the decision not to wear either colour. Although some people still wear yellow on Monday in honour of the king, there are far less than there were before the colour became associated with the PAD movement. Instead, many Thais have taken to wearing pink in honour of His Majesty. This brings us to an important flag, the national flag of Thailand. The colours of this flag represent the three most important parts of Thai culture, the nation (red), religion (white) and royalty (blue). Red represents the blood of life for the land and it’s people, white represents purity and is the colour for Theravada Buddhism, the main religion in Thailand, and blue is the national colour of Thailand. You may wonder why royalty represented by blue and not yellow,

Yellow is believed to be lucky for all occasions. According to Hindu mythology, Phra Isuan had captured 14 angles and used his infinite powers to turn them into powder. He then wrapped the powder in a yellow cloth and sprinkled holy water upon the powder creating the Moon.

HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

On this day, Phra Isuan used his powers to turn 21 bullocks into powder, wrapped them with a blue cloth and sprinkled holy water to create the planet Venus. The Queen’s flag that is blue, as she was born on Friday, and again Thais often wear blue on Friday.


the answer is simple. The middle colour used to be red but in 1917 it was changed to dark blue, similar in tone with indigo which was the auspicious colour for the reigning of King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) who was born on Saturday, and the flag has remained the same ever since. On you journey through Thailand you will quickly notice that Buddhist monks wear orange robes, do you think that they were all born on Thursday? Well of course this is not true. Saffron is a better way to describe the colour of the robes and centuries ago the colour was simply dictated by the natural colour produced from the roots or trees used in the making of the dye. It is now traditional for Theravada Buddhist monks to wear saffron coloured robes that symbolise simplicity and detachment of materialism and with modern dyes the colour is now a more vivid orange. So when in Thailand, wear your colours carefully. From a business perspective, it’s appreciated when doing business in Thailand that you appreciate and recognize this culture. If you have business meetings on a Monday, consider wearing some yellow.


8 Reaching New Heights from Hua Hin Airport

New Rail Cars Arrive at Laem Chabang Seaport

The first batch of 39 rail cars imported by the State Railways of Thailand (SRT) has arrived at Laem Chabang seaport.

While there are plans in motion to expand Hua Hin Airport, did you know right now there are regular flights to Chiang Mai? Kan Air is a domestic airline currently based in Chiang Mai. Kannithi Aviation Co, Ltd, operating as Kan Air, operates chartered and scheduled services throughout the Northern region of Thailand. The airline offers three flights a week between Hua Hin and Chiang Mai. Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, planes depart Chiang Mai at 5 PM and arrive in Hua Hin at 7 PM. Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, planes depart Hua Hin at 7:30 PM and arrive in Chiang Mai at 9:30 PM.

Prices start at 1,590 THB each way. However, there is currently a promotion with flights at just 799 THB each direction. There are a limited number of seats at this price and they sell out quickly. Carry-on baggage allowance is 7 kilograms, while checked baggage is 15 kilograms. Ticket price includes a complimentary meal and beverages. The airline currently has a Cessna Grand Caravan, a Hawker Beechcraft Premier, and a ATR72-500 in its fleet. For more information, visit

Stamford International University Brings Global Best Practices to Internationalise Education in Hua Hin

The rail cars are among a total of 115 cars ordered by the SRT under the policy of the Ministry of Transportation to improve the country’s railway service and replace old cars. The rail cars are now at the port’s Terminal C awaiting for assembly to three passenger trains, comprising 13 cars each. Official delivery of the cars by the manufacturer to the SRT will be made soon after they all come under test run on rails. Shipment of the total 115 cars is scheduled to finish in September this year. SRT Governor Wutthichart Kalayanamitr promised passengers will be impressed by the “completely different services”. He said the trains have been made to resemble planes and have only ovens onboard, as opposed to actual kitchens, to warm food. The toilets are similar to those on a plane. Each passenger seat will be equipped with a screen allowing travellers to order food at the touch of a button.

As for security, closed circuit television cameras have been installed in the carriages. The SRT has also boosted safety by buying 20 new locomotives and replacing old wooden railway sleepers with stronger concrete ones, Mr Wutthichart said. It is expected the trains will run faster and be more punctual after the changes. More importantly, Mr Wutthichart said, accidents will decline. The SRT is also working with the Railway Police Division to increase the number of security officers on trains. He said each train will need well-trained volunteers to help officers look out for irregularities. The new trains will be put into use on four routes. The Bangkok-Hat Yai services Hua Hin; whilst Bangkok-Chiang Mai, BangkokUbon Ratchathani, Bangkok-Nong Khai are the 3 other routes.

Hua Hin artist Wins Sand Sculpture Competition in Japan Thai artists have won first and the second prizes in the 6th annual sand sculpture competition and exhibition held on Ishikari beach in Hokkaido, Japan last month.

Stamford International University has launched International Programs in Business and Hospitality Management at its Hua Hin campus, bringing its global expertise in international higher education to meet growing local needs. “With many interesting new retail, residential, and recreational projects, the approval of the Bangkok-Hua Hin high speed train line, and airport expansion plans, the need for an internationally minded and capable workforce in Hua Hin has never been greater,” said Mr. Pierre Bourgoin, Assistant President of Hua Hin Campus. Stamford now has just over 1,000 students at its Hua Hin Campus and currently offers Thai and bilingual undergraduate and Thai postgraduate programs in the areas of business & technology, hospitality, communication, arts, and design. Stamford expects its new international programs will produce and additional students each year to meet rising industry demands in the area.

“We will continue to leverage our global best practice under Laureate’s network and follow on the success of our international programs in Bangkok. There will be more options for local students and attractive offerings non-Thai students. At the postgraduate level, we have also launched our Signature MBA in Hua Hin, modernizing the program with the same blended model (classroom and online) as our award winning MBA offered in BKK. Our ultimate goal is to continue to do good things for our community and help unleash the potential of our students and prepare them to be ready for 21st century economies.”

It was the first time that organisers of the Ishikari sand sculpture and exhibition invited Thai artists to enter the competition. Thailand sent two teams to participate. The first team was from Hua Hin Municipality and the second team from the Faculty of Management Science at Silpakorn University. Hua Hin won the first prize for its “Friend” sculpture which features a Thai child with

For more information, please contact Benjamas Uamsa-Ard M: 084 124 0888 Piyarat Setthasiriphaiboon M: 083 073 2636 Email:piyarat.setthasiriphaiboon@ HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

top knot hair style hugging a buffalo, reflecting that Thailand is a rice-growing country. The second prize went to the Silpakorn University for its “I am a Tiger” sculpture featuring a cat looking at a mirror and seeing itself as a tiger. The artists of this sculpture wanted to communicate to the viewers that self confidence can lead to developing one’s potential. A total of 22 teams entered the competition. The third prize went to a local Hokkaido team of artists.

9 Celebrating Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 84th Birthday

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Celebrates her 84th Birthday on August 12th, 2016.

Queen Sirikit is regarded as mother to all Thai people, so it is no surprise that in 1976, Mother’s Day was changed from April 15th to August 12th in honour of the queen’s birthday. The day is also observed as a Thai national holiday. Queen Sirikit was born in 1932 as Mom Rajawongse Sirikit Kitiyakara. She became engaged to Bhumibol Adulyadej, the King of Thailand, in Paris where her father was the Thai ambassador in 1949. The royal couple were wed on April, 28th 1950. As the wife of the longest reigning monarch in the world, His Majesty King Bhumibol (Rama the IX), Her Majesty Queen Sirikit is also the world’s longest reigning royal consort, having presided over the Kingdom of Thailand in her royal role for over 6o years. As a young queen, she rose to prominence in part for her grace and beauty. Embracing the elegance of Thai silks, she played a key role in the revival and growth of this Thai art. Her Majesty is also renowned for extensive charity work, including the work of the Thai Red Cross and numerous development projects throughout the country. Every year during the month of August, Thai households and public places are decorated with lights, adornments, and portraits of the beloved Queen Sirikit in celebration of the day of her birth. In the morning, an alms-giving ceremony is held, followed by a country-wide candle-lighting ceremony and a fireworks displays in the evening.

Around the country, Thai people will pause to pay respect to their own mothers by presenting them with flowers. Markets will be very busy in the morning, with alms being given to monks - a meaningful part of the traditional Mother’s Day celebrations. Often on Mother’s Day, mothers go to their child’s school and each child kneels at his or her mother’s feet, paying respect to mom for all that she has done for them. The traditional Mother’s Day gift in Thailand is jasmine. This delicate white flower is imbued with a sweet perfumed fragrance. Called dok mali in Thai, jasmine is used in worship and is also seen as symbol of purity, gentleness and motherhood. The words for Mother’s Day in the Thai language are wan mae. To say Happy Mother’s Day in Thai, you say: suksan wan mae.

International Day at Hua Hin International School

The first International Day, held by the Hua Hin International School on World Refugee Day was a fantastic success. Students, staff and parents entering into the spirit of the occasion - especially in a colourful parade of costumes from around the world celebrated the cultural diversity of the international school. Students then took part in a range of workshops to help them understand what it might feel like to be forced to leave your home as a refugee. The stories of the refugees were very moving and students showed real empathy and passion to want to support refugee families. Thanks to the huge efforts and culinary skills of parents, gourmet dishes from around the world were provided to take away and savour. The students’ game stalls added to the atmosphere of a village fete. It was a fun-filled afternoon. Parents had given very generously to the silent auction and HHIT was keen to thank all the sponsors: Black Mountain Water Park,

The Sheraton Resort and Spa, The Marriott Resort, The Garden Restaurant, Prime Steakhouse, Jorgen (golf professional), Matt and Hua Hin Swim School, The Palm Bistro Beer and Wine bar, Phamai’s photographic studio, The Hyatt Regency and the Hua Hin Sailing Club The finale to the afternoon was the dancing and music performed by our visitors from the Karen Village. They were delighted with the sales of their products and goods. “We are thrilled that the final amount that we raised for the charity ‘Jungle Aid’ was an incredible 90,000 Baht! The charity was amazed and of course grateful; they will be using these funds to support refugees with basic medical needs, access to clean water and support for the children to have an education. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the community of Hua Hin for their support for HHIS. It has been an incredible first year for us”, Julie Wood, Head Teacher of HHIS said.

BECC Hua Hin’s ‘Mini-Olympics’ Pips Rio The 2016 Rio Olympic Games commences this month, but the BECC School in Hua Hin has already set the bar at a very high level in July with their friendly spirited and a very family orientated ‘mini-Olympics’. Forget about the marathon, pentathlon or any other ‘…..lon’; we’re talking about traditional egg & spoon races, sack races and obstacle races. However the shot put and running races, sometimes involving parents, were more in line with the usual Olympic fare. Also forget about teams based on nationalities. Although BECC students are from a very wide range of home countries, their teams were based on their school factions, each with a different colour; something like the colours of the traditional Olympic rings which represent the continents of the world. Food and souvenir stalls also guaranteed to offer much lower costs than ever could be expected at Rio!

At the end of the day, smiling faces on the kids, parents and teachers, rather than grimacing athletes who had failed to win a medal. Everyone was a winner at BECC, medal or not. This was a fantastic fun day to finish term three. Well done to the BECC with Head Teacher Emma Neve.




nch a r b w e n ic’s st Floor of n i l C b o p 1 Nad en on the 26 345 is now op

25 lon Tel. 03 a S ir a H t Cu near Kool e g la il V t e The Mark

12 A Step Back in Time

Arriving at Maruekhathaiyawan Palace, one is struck by its grandeur. Walking down the tree-lined path to the entrance, anticipation builds. Stepping through the entrance one can glimpse the baby-blue and yellow walls with red tile shingles in the distance beckoning one back in time. Like many buildings in the Hua Hin region, this Victorian style summer seaside palace was constructed in the early 1920s during the reign of King Rama VI. The overall design of the Palace was by the King himself, with Italian architect Ercole Manfredi finishing the architectural plans. Originally, the King had a Palace built on Hat Chao Samran beach (north of Cha-Am town), but he was unhappy with it and decided to demolish the building and use the golden teak wood to construct a new Palace facing the sea. Maruekhathaiyawan Palace is built raised from the ground on pillars and entirely made from teak wood. It was built to be a comfortable place with excellent ventilation, lots of verandas, latticework and high ceilings to keep the structure cool during summer. The Palace is also known as “The Palace of Love and Hope”, and has three sections connected by long covered walkways. Two covered corridors connect the Palace with the beach, one from the King’s personal living quarters and one from what was the women’s section of the Palace.

Set on a vast manicured landscape fronting an idyllic Cha-Am Beach, the candy-coloured mansion has more than 1,000 pillars supporting the main structures to avoid flood damage. The Palace seems suspended in time. You can almost imagine court servants scurrying down the corridors, going about their daily business, while the king and royal consorts take residence in the royal chambers. The location was found convenient because Cha-Am was connected to Bangkok by rail, and the area was thought to be beneficial to health with its forest and fresh sea air. Today, the royal halls and chambers are set up as a walk-through museum, decorated with royal artefacts and framed vintage photographs. Be advised, photography is not permitted in some of the rooms. Currently there is some restoration work being done on some of the buildings. Don’t let this distract you from visiting. The grounds are still lovely, and the refurbishment is being done a section at a time. The Maruekhathaiyawan Palace is on the Camp Rama VI military compound. Look for the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park entrance off Phetkasem Road in Cha-Am, and work your way toward to beach - signs will lead you to the entrance. Admission is 30 THB per person for the grounds only, with an additional 30 THB to enter the palace. Kids 10-14 pay 15 THB for the grounds only, and an additional 30 THB to enter the palace. Kids under 10 are free. Shorts and skirts are acceptable if they fall below the knee. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed. If one fails to meet the dress code, there are sarongs available for free that can be borrowed while visiting. Outside the Palace grounds are open-air restaurants, coffee shops and souvenir stores. Where: 1281 Phetkasem Road, Cha-am When: 8:00 AM - 4 PM daily (closed on Wednesdays) HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

13 At the Laksasubha Where Hua Hin’s Royal Heritage Began

Around the end of the 1870s, His Royal Highness Prince Krisda Bhiniharn Krom Phra Naresra Varariddhi (Prince Nares) was sent on a mission by King Rama V to find a holiday location for members of the royal family. What he found and named Hua Hin (stone head) became his family summer home and the forerunner of Hua Hin’s heritage of royal residences and palaces. Fast forward and the great granddaughter of Prince Nares, ML Laksasubha Kridakon, better known as Mom Lak, is the owner and General Manager of this property, now Laksasubha Hua Hin. Mom Lak inherited the property upon the passing of her father M.R. Suttiswat Kridakon 25 years ago. “My upbringing was very interesting,” she says. “We’d move on average every three to five years. So from Paris we went to Buenos Aires, Argentina for five years; then to Sydney, Australia. It was a great experience for me, and gave me a great chance to learn how different cultures operate. In Australia, Mom Lak began following in her father’s footsteps by studying Political Science at the University of Canberra. When she returned to Thailand in the early ’80s she began working for the UN. During this time she also met an up-andcoming star in foreign affairs who she married in 1987. A daughter, Abhasiri, and son, Thira, soon followed. In 1991, her husband received his first ambassadorial posting which took the family to Czechoslovakia.

“They were very happy times,” she says. “At that time my father was Ambassador to Hungary, meaning my parents were just a five-hour drive from Prague and they’d visit the kids most weekends. The “bubble of family happiness” burst the day Mom Lak’s father died. “Good things never last,” she says, wistfully. “My father went to a European Ambassadors’ meeting in Brussels and he never made it back to Budapest”. In 1993 she returned to Thailand as a single parent to take care of her mother. Not long after returning, Mom Lak began importing Czech crystals into Thailand. “With my mother I opened a shop in Bangkok and we began importing crystal products reflecting the Rama V period. Business was good, and I spent a lot of time flying between Thailand and the Czech Republic. “After a year or so I saw that my mother was much happier and I began reflecting again on what I wanted to do next. I had dreamed of owning a pre-school of my own since my kids were young – a place where I could really make a difference. So at the end of 1994 I opened the First Steps preschool on Sukhumvit 43.

In 2007 mother (now a sprightly 82 year old pictured below) and daughter decided to look for a new challenge. “We had six rais of land available next to the existing family Hua Hin holiday home in a prime location, so I thought, why not use it to build a hotel? I decided to build this resort, you know, for

old time’s sake and to let others experience the true Hua Hin getaway.” December next year will see 10 years of the Laksasubha Hua Hin. By living on-site and mingling with guests, Mom Lak offers a special personal touch. To complete our brief story of this royal heritage, an explanation of the name Laksasubha provides another insight and into the royal connection. Mom Lak’s name and hence the name of the resort can be translated as “beautiful and fortunate”. This name was chosen and conferred by the present-day King of Thailand, Rama IX. HRH King Bhumibol Adulyadej attended the wedding of Mom Lak’s mother 58 years ago at the site of the present day Laksasubha Hua Hin. There’s a private photograph of this occasion proudly displayed at Mom Lak’s home. About The Laksasubha Hua Hin 53/7 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin Tel: 03 2514 525-31



15 Avoiding Skin Diseases During the Rainy Season The best way to avoid skin diseases in the rainy season? Keep dry. That is the advice of Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin dermatologist Dr Chanachai “Chuck” Memark. Although said tongue-in-cheek, the advice is sound: if you are able to keep dry during the rainy season, certain skin diseases are less likely to occur. Dr Memark is an American Board of Dermatology board-certified dermatologist, a distinction he earned “almost 50 years ago”. Having lived in Chicago for the last 49 years and a diehard baseball and Cubs fan, he returned to Thailand to retire, although he is currently working four and half days a week at the hospital. During the rainy season, areas to be especially aware of are folding areas on our body - under the breast, between fatty layers, under the arms, and between the toes. Bacteria thrive in this sort of environment.

Another challenge with fungal infections is they always come back. People wear the same shoes, use the same bathroom or shower, and continue to reinfect themselves as fungal infections are contagious. When the rains come, so do the mosquitos. While mosquitos don’t necessarily spread skin diseases, they do make us scratch our skin, which provides a window for bacteria to get in. People often forget when rain clouds are overhead that Ultraviolet light (UV), a type of electromagnetic radiation which comes from the sun, still permeates. The best defence is a good sunscreen. Sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 blocks 97% of UV rays.

Increasing to an SPF of 50, only adds an additional one percent of coverage. Perhaps the biggest skin issue Dr Memark deals with in Hua Hin is skin cancer, specifically melanoma. Skin cancer is not as big an issue with Thai nationals, but is a big problem for many westerners. Melanoma develop when damaged skin cells (most often caused by ultraviolet radiation from sunshine) triggers mutations (genetic defects) that lead the skin cells to multiply rapidly and form malignant tumours. Melanomas often resemble moles; some develop from moles. The majority of

melanomas are black or brown, but they can also be pink, red, purple, blue or white. Melanoma is caused mainly by intense, occasional UV exposure (frequently leading to sunburn), especially in those who are genetically predisposed to the disease. If melanoma is recognised and treated early, it is almost always curable, but if it is not, the cancer can advance and spread to other parts of the body, where it becomes hard to treat and can be fatal. The worst thing you can do if you find a skin irritation is wait to visit a dermatologist. Make an appointment sooner rather than later so the issue can be treated immediately.

Four Superfoods that Can Change Your Health According to the English Oxford Dictionary, a “superfood” is defined as “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being”. Superfoods are known to be “ultra-healthy” foods, and contain high dosages of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and phytonutrients. All of these elements contribute greatly to our health via increased energy, improved cholesterol levels, reduced blood pressure, and much more. Superfoods are basically superior to other foods.

Pack yourself a mini bag of almonds before you head to work or school. Munch on them when you are hungry to avoid overeating during meals, or have them as your midday snack. Almonds are a nice alternative to a sugary soda, and potato chips.

Chia Seeds



There are plenty of superfoods that are easily attainable and easily prepared. Here are four superfoods along with easy and simple ways to include them in your daily diet.


Almonds have a delicate and buttery taste, with a subtle hint of sweetness. They are high in vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, copper and vitamin B2. Almonds are great for bone health, the heart, the brain, our skin, hair, and the immune system.

Although avocados are high in fats and calories, they are also a highly recommended food to help with weight loss. Avocados are high in fibre (10g per avocado), monounsaturated fat, and vitamin K, which means they keep you full for longer, regulate sugar metabolism, and reduce abdominal fat and insulin sensitivity. Start your day with smashed avocados on toast (add salt to taste), add them in your morning smoothie, or make yourself a simple and healthy guacamole veggie dip.

Chia seeds are low in calories, but provide a high concentration of omega-3 fats, protein, calcium, potassium, fibre and iron. Great for weight loss, they also prevent constipation, aid in digestion, and fight against heart disease. The best way to consume chia seeds is to drink them! Hydrate yourself and keep hunger at bay with chia seeds daily by adding them into juices, nut milk, water, lemon water, or fruit infused water.

These dark green leafs are an excellent source of protein, iron, magnesium, copper and more. This green powerhouse has proven to help with diabetes management, cancer and asthma prevention, it promotes digestion, lowers blood pressure, and promotes healthy skin and hair.

ADVERTISE WITH US 087-911-1977

HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

16 Push for Thai Traditional Massage to be Added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List The benefits of massage are many, including increased circulation, stimulation of the lymph system (the body’s natural defence against toxic invaders), release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkiller), increased joint flexibility, and pain relief from migraines. In Thailand we are fortunate to have access to traditional Thai massage. Thai massage uses no oils or lotions, and the recipient remains clothed during the treatment. Rather than rubbing on muscles like a Western massage, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked. Thailand is trying to get traditional Thai massage added to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO) world’s cultural heritage list, said Dr Boonruang Trairuangworawat, director-general of Health Service Support Department.

Dr Boonruang went on to say he has discussed the matter with representatives from the Health Service Support Department, the Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, the Ministry of Culture, the regional office of UNESCO and members from the private sector. All parties have agreed with the idea to push for the inclusion of Thai traditional massage on UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list. Dr Boonruang noted that Thai traditional massage is a legacy of Thai local wisdom,dating back more than 600 years. There are two types of the massage – one which was practiced in the Royal Court and the other by common people. He disclosed that the matter was also raised with the Labour Ministry as labour law needs to be updated to make sure the quality of Thai traditional massage is standardised and that the massage is preserved as an occupation for Thai nationals. In order to apply for the UNESCO’s listing, Dr Pattharapol Jungsomjetpaisarn from the Department of Health Service Support, said his department must prepare full details about Thai traditional massage and present them to the national committee ata convention of world heritage protection, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Thanasak Patimaprakorn. The proposal will need cabinet’s endorsement before it is submitted to the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee in Paris. Currently, five sites in Thailand have been put in the Unesco’s World Heritage List. They are Sukhothai ancient city, Ayutthaya ancient city, Ban Chiang, Thung Yai-Huey Kha Khaeng wildlife sanctuary and Dong Prayayen-Khao Yai forests. Thai PBS

Is It OK To Use Unfinished Cosmetics ? If you are one of those who use cosmetics, this is one article that you will be of interest. Do you know the shelf life of those cosmetics you own? Some of you might answer yes, but many us still keep using those expired cosmetics, especially lipsticks and eye shadow. As long as those cosmetics don’t cause any problem to our face, we think that it’s OK to keep using them. Nevertheless, you should be aware that it may harm your skin and health. Cosmetics will have the date of production and the expiry date stated on the products. These dates refer to unopened products, e.g. 3-5 years of shelf life. Once the product is open and is exposed to air, the shelf life will be shortened. The average shelf life of cosmetics which have been opened are generally as follows:

Mascara and Water Eyeliner: 3-6 months, Water-based foundation, primer, and BB Cream: 1 year, Oil-based foundation, primer, and BB Cream: 18 months, Cream or liquid blush and eye shadow: 12-18 months, Powder or compressed blush and eye shadow: 2 years, Cream eyeliner and lip liner: 2 years, Concealer: 12-18 months, Lip gloss: 1 year, Lipsticks: 2 years, Nail polish: 1 yea, Perfume: 18 months, All compressed powder: 2 years Treatment with preservative: a 1 year, Treatment without preservative: 1-3 months Accessories, e.g. brushes, should be cleaned at least every 2 weeks. We suggest that you check your cosmetics when you got home. Throw away those already expired. And don’t feel bad about it! Using expired cosmetics is just like eating spoiled food or taking expired medicine. It can be harmful to your skin and health. Use of expired cosmetics will cause skin allergies that also lead to more expense than purchasing g new supplies. Provided By Health Lab

HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

17 Hua Hin, Cha-Am, Pranburi

August 2016

Finding My Style On Soi 102 A new showroom has sprung up on Soi 102 for MY Style - a contemporary condominium project by developer and owner Hua Hin Supsiri Property Co, Ltd.

This is the company’s second project in Hua Hin, the first being The 88 Condo. The company got its start in Hat Yai, south of Hua Hin. They are now investing in Hua Hin due to continuing growth and popularity. With the high-speed train coming, the new ferry service rolling out, and plans to expand Hua Hin airport, they feel the region will continue to grow. The sales launch event was well attended with local real estate agents and clients eager to get their foot in the door of this new project due for completion in 2019.

Set on three rai, MY Style is comprised of two buildings, eight floors each, for a total of 215 units. The condos are being sold freehold, and will have parking for 59 cars.

The showroom, which is located across the street from where the actual condominium will be built, showcases a typical studio unit, a one-bedroom design, and a twobedroom layout.

In the centre of the buildings will be a U-shaped pool. There will also be a fitness centre, a kid’s pool, a restaurant, and an open garden area.

The project will have 24-hour security, and keypad-operated entrances and exits, as well as closed circuit TV monitoring. Studio sizes are between 25.5 and 30 square metres, and are priced between 1.29 and 1.58 million THB. One bedroom units vary in size between 33 and 58.5 square metres, and are priced between 1.69 and 2.99 million THB. The two bedroom options are between 59.5 and 126 square metres, and are priced between 3.03 and 7.25 million THB.

Terms of payment include a 10,000 THB booking fee, with 100,000 THB due at the contract signing (within 7 days), followed by 24 monthly payments that vary depending on the unit price. The balance is due the day the deed is transferred. Other fees apply and are explained at time of purchase. More information can be found on their well-designed and user-friendly website which shows every unit floor plan in 2D, and some in 3D. The company is also planning to build a 100-room hotel on Soi 94. The exact location and the project name are yet to be revealed.


at Nong Hieng area, close to Black Mountain golf course and International School - Location: 5 Km. from Bypass – 9 Km from Hua Hin Central (all asphalt road) - North limit is with public asphalt road from Bypass to Hua Hin central. - West and East side limit are with Public concrete Road.

Title deed

ADVERTISE WITHcontact: US 081 808 0757 – Khun Anuchida Thai/Eng. Interested parties please 087-911-1977

HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016



20 4 A Beautiful 3 bedroom

Bali Style House with Specious Garden Near Hua Hin Beach for Rent SUMMER PRICES

Land # 1.... 1/4 rai lot ..700,000 baht ...ready to build Land # 2 .. Golden View LOTS 15,000 B sq wah (4 sq mtr) Land # 3 .. 20 rai near pretchasem rd Pranburi 500k per rai Land # 4 .. 20 plus 30 rai (50) Buy all or separate Kao Kuang Land # 5 .. Remote 7.5 rai in pranburi near DAM on main road RENTALS... 5,000 to 30,000 per mo. Your Choice Furn /not


Fantastic,HOME that is 200 sq meters as a duplex design to accomodate a large family or visiting relatives.. ,,close to attractions ,golf,beaches and only a short drive to Hua Hin central..Has 1.65 rai land ,a lake ,pool,60 sq meters of storage room and gated entrance,,, FOUR CAMERA 24hr recorded Security SYSTEM

Location: Mo Ban Plumeria, Soi Bo Fai, 106/30 , Hua Hin See here:, 1 km away from the beach and about 5 km to down town Hua Hin. # Of rooms: 3 bedroom, 1 Living room with open kitchen, 2 bathrooms. Living area ki and entire lot: 120 sqm. And 360 sqm. Condition: Very good condition, partly furnished additional furniture and appliances could be rented upon request. Earliest move in date: 01 August 2016

Rent per month, excluding utilities:


For more information please contact: please call Mr. Veera Suwanprateep at

08 5112 0361 (speak: Thai, German, and English)

Large 5x10 meter pool with jacuzzy for kids ..Salt water and chlorine. Salas and plenty of party room afternoon shade provided by roof overhang READY TO MOVE IN..........

View from rear sitting room facing back yard and great sunsets ..A specal sala (not shown) overlooks Kao Kuang mountain and the 40 sq mtr fishing lake to enter tain kids...priced to sell

NOTE.......WE do not have a Website ! WHY ...A pretty picture of a property for sale does not show or describe the Surrounding Area...OUR SOLUTION is to take Our Clients personally directly to a property or home of their interest,locationwise to Their benefit .Our sellers also benefit from Our low 3 % comission fee ..We have many in Cha Am , Hua Hin and Pranburi ..A Simple phone call or E-mail Will Get Us Started..Thank You for Your Interest!

CALL....087-882-4453... Office Location...490 Kao Kuang Road call for directions


Landlords Eager to Sell Before New Tax

Researchers say big landlords are offering more bargains as the land and buildings tax approaches.  The new land and buildings tax that will become effective next year has prompted big landlords to offer vacant plots for sale with more relaxed conditions, according to property consultant Colliers International Thailand. The new tax is designed to expand the national taxpayer base, especially in asset-based taxation, with an aim to increase efficiency of tax collection among local organisations, narrow income disparity and improve land utilisation nationwide. Deputy managing director Sunchai Kooakachai said more landlords offered their vacant plots for sale in the first half of this year. “The top 50 wealthy families started looking for an opportunity to do something with their vacant plots after they learned the cost from the land and buildings tax. Some of them asked us to sell their pieces of land,” he said. Mr Sunchai said landlords were more prepared to compromise after previously asking buyers to pay 20-100% more than market prices with no sale time limit as they had no pressure to let go of land.

and buildings tax in early June. It is designed to expand the national taxpayer base. The bill sets ceiling rates of 0.2% of appraised value for land used for agricultural purposes, 0.5% for residences, 2% for commercial use and 5% for vacant or undeveloped land. The tax will be levied on first homes and land used for agricultural purposes with appraisal value starting at 50 million THB. The rate will be applied to the amount exceeding 50 million THB. Owners of first homes and farms with an appraised value below 50 million THB will be free from tax liability. The tax will also apply to second homes on a progressive basis, with rates of 0.03% to 0.30% for homes with an appraised value of less than 5 million baht to more than 100 million THB. For vacant or undeveloped land, the tax rate will be imposed at 1% for land left vacant or unused for 1-3 years, 2% for 4-6 years and 3% for more than seven years.

Now, with the land and buildings tax about to become effective, they are more open to offers and set a time limit to sell of no longer than 6-9 months due to pressure to find a buyer.

“These families hold 30-40% of total land plots nationwide,” said Mr Sunchai. “Before they were alerted by the new tax, they normally called bids when they wanted to sell their plots, which took at least six months. Now they won’t wait so long.”

The cabinet approved the long-awaited land

Bangkok Post HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

215 Growing Old in Comfort Demand for retirement homes is on the rise in Southeast Asia where population ageing is becoming a harsh reality requiring new solutions. Thailand, in particular, has drawn interest from senior citizens not only in ASEAN but also those flying from other regions in search of an attractive place to settle.

The number of senior citizens has soared in recent years in most countries and will increase steadily in the coming decades. As Southeast Asia’s baby boomers reach their 60s, the United Nations projects that the region will have 57 million people aged 65 and above by 2025, an increase of 430% from 2000. At the same time, family life is changing, and not all seniors are being taken care of by their children. More of them are opening up to the idea of retirement villages or residences and elderly care centres where medical and nursing services are available around the clock. Realising the opportunities in this sector, private developers are flocking to ASEAN to tap demand from seniors who want to live independently in their own homes regardless of age. “There is no question that Thailand has one of the most rapidly ageing populations in Asia. There are a number of reasons why senior living will have great potential in Thailand,” said Robert McMillen, chairman and CEO of the international consultancy MAC Capital Advisors.

For instance, Thailand is a medical tourism hub and each year attracts hundreds of thousands of patients from the Middle East, Australia, India and Europe to take advantage of its renowned services, which often are half the cost of comparable offerings in some countries. “Thailand’s government has recognised that the warm culture of its people, tropical environment, relatively low living costs, access to world-class healthcare and ease of travel, make the country an attractive destination for international retirees,” McMillen told Asia Focus. Regulations in Thailand are also favourable for retirement home developers. For example, retirement visas are easy to obtain and thus encourage expatriates to settle in Thailand. The Board of Investment (BoI) has also introduced incentives including tax breaks and 100% foreign ownership to encourage the establishment of aged-care facilities, he added.

According to a research by the Department of Tourism, demand for long-stay tourism in Thailand has been growing, especially among foreign retirees.

“Thailand also offers a variety of options to acquire properties,” he said, noting that foreigners can own up to 49% of the saleable area of any condominium property, while options are available for longer-term leases on houses and other properties.

In Asia Pacific, Thailand ranked 16th in terms of natural resources in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2015, and 17th in tourist service infrastructure. Overall, it placed 35th out of 141 countries in last year’s survey, and 10th in the region.

“The governments of Thailand and Malaysia are both trying to encourage senior living in their countries. Forbes rates Thailand the ninth best retirement location in the world, followed by Malaysia in 10th place,” McMillen noted.

Factors that attract foreign retirees include a good location and weather; a low cost of living (as compared to the standard of living); friendliness and generosity of local people; safety and security; attractiveness of tourist attractions. Weaknesses for Thai

tourism were health and hygiene (89th) and safety and security (132nd). The department has developed a set of guidelines called Accommodation Standards for Long Stay Tourism, aiming to encourage operators to make sure their services meet customers’ expectations and assure tourists of quality. The government, through the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, has provided support in terms of training in standard practices for operators and staff of such accommodation, along with advertising and business management. Bangkok Post

Risky Business: Bangkok’s Tallest Gamble Is Ready to Open

Announcing plans for Bangkok’s tallest building in the depths of a financial crisis, targeting wealthy foreigners who would pay millions for an apartment lead to people thinking Sorapoj Techakraisri was crazy. That he was only in his 30’s added to the skepticism. But the 77-story MahaNakhon tower is finally nearing completion, and in September its first residents will be moving in. Located in the upmarket Silom/Sathorn district, the tower boasts a pixilated facade that shimmers like a glass curtain and twists like a spiral–effects that are created by virtue of every floor being different. It has already collected a bevy of awards and a spot on maps of the world’s most notable architectural sites. By far the largest

skyscraper on the skyline, MahaNakhon will contain 209 Ritz-Carlton Residences, ranging in price from $1.4 million to $10 million; a five-star Edition Hotel by Marriott International; and flashy boutiques and restaurants. Techakraisri’s company, PACE Development, is also catering to this predicted new class of expats with the MahaSamutr, a country club and villa development in Hua Hin.

“What we are doing is very different from the rest of the market here,” he says. “Before these projects, this level of superluxury did not exist in Thailand. Now it does.” Says Andrew Gulbrandson at Jones Lang LaSalle, “No other developer had shot that high before.” In fact, he thinks, PACE will cement its position as Bangkok’s leading luxury developer once owners begin to move into MahaNakhon. Indeed, the superluxury segment of Bangkok’s property market appears to be booming. Several competitors – including Four Seasons, Sansiri, Mandarin Oriental and St. Regis – are following PACE’s lead with condos in broadly the same price range of $8,400 to $9,900 a square metre. Property agents estimate that 2,400 superluxury units will hit the Bangkok market by 2019. PACE has now sold 70% of MahaNakhon– one-third to locals and the remainder to buyers from Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe and, to a lesser extent, the Middle East, North America and Taiwan. The company says it’s holding back the remainder until the building is finished so it can fetch higher prices. (PACE is also building two superluxury condo developments and a resort in Hokkaido, Japan.) “A record ratio of MahaNakhon buyers are foreigners,” says Bastien Forzy, whose Sense Property Group brokers deals for

foreign investors. “Some of our clients were first spooked by MahaNakhon’s high prices, but now they are coming back to it as one of their first choices,” he says, noting that Asian buyers often pay big premiums for new freehold condos. Bolstered by his twin wins and undeterred by red ink, Techakraisri forged ahead. In 2014 he bought a U.S. chain of food shops called Dean & DeLuca. It seemed like another reckless move as the chain’s costs soon spiraled beyond projections. PACE was a very small company doing larger-than-life projects. But then Techakraisri was encouraged by the launch last December of the ASEAN Economic Community, which might eventually unite a market of 600 million consumers and allow the free movement of goods, services, workers and capital among the ten countries in ASEAN. He expects Bangkok to become the gateway to the community, the home base for a wave of senior executive expats with business in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Once the doors open at MahaNakhon and prospective buyers can see the finished product, says Techakraisri, they can expect a higher price tag. “It becomes an emotional sale. When they see the view, d the residence, the sky bar, and the hotel; hey will just want it.” – Forbes




24 Hua Hin, Cha-Am, Pranburi

August 2016

“Golf and More” at the 10th APGS Summit 2016 in Hua Hin The 2016 Asia Pacific Golf Summit, the 10th in the series on the business of golf, will be staged on October 29th and 30th. The venue is the five-star Hyatt Regency Hotel in Hua Hin. of Andrew Wood of marketing fame and David Webster, a two-time Emmy award winning actor and service guru. A new consumer group has emerged and this is a group that the club industry needs to reach out to - the “Millennial” generation. APGS 2016 has signed up Gabriel Aluisy, an internationally recognised expert on marketing to millennials to address the summit on this issue. The anchor for this world-class team of distinguished speakers will be the awardwinning Gregg Patterson, master guru on club management and master of ceremonies extraordinaire. For more information: www.golfconference. org /

An important part of the event is the much heralded Asian Golf Awards, which is in its 17th year and generally considered as the “Oscars” of the golf industry. The Summit is designed to address the provision of solutions to key issues challenging the club management industry; to recognise the best amongst the best; to promote greater camaraderie and bring about industry alignment. To set the tone, the Chairman of Mission Hills, billionaire entrepreneur Dr.Ken Chu will deliver the “Golf And More” address. The Asia Pacific’s most powerful man in golf has earned the distinction of being inducted into the prestigious Asia Pacific Golf Hall of Fame which will bestowed during the Summit.

The July 2016 edition of Asian Golf published by the Asia Pacific Golf Group is out and full access is available to anyone keen on getting a handle on the state and business of golf in the Asia Pacific geographic arena. The link is: Asia Pacific Inter-Club Golf Tournament

Dr. Chu is being recognised and honoured for the role that he has played to develop the Mission Hills Group into the largest golf and mixed entertainment empire not only in China but in the world. Dr. Chu heads up the group with properties in the heart of the Pearl River Delta and the tropical island of Hainan that include 24 championship courses. Under his leadership, the Mission Hills Group has evolved from a golf conglomerate into an integrated cultural, leisure and sustainable tourism destination expanding into urban leisure and commercial developments, including Asia’s largest tennis facility. Powerful marketing and the delivery of a first class service experience will be the message

The 9th ‘Open Championship’ and the 1st Women Members at Royal Troon

The 2016 Open Championship was the 145th Open Championship, on 14th - 17th July at Royal Troon Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland. It was the 9th Open Championship played at the Old Course of Troon, and the 5tth since gaining royal status.

Australian Jason Day, Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland and American Jordon Spieth were co-favourites, however Sweden’s Henrik Stenson ultimately won at 20 under, tying the all-time lowest score (in relation to par) set by Jason Day at last year’s PGA Championship. Phil Mickelson finished at 17 under – a score that would’ve been good enough to win all but three previous Opens. The third-place score was 6 under by J.B. Holmes.

About Women Members Royal Troon Golf Club held a vote on July 1st at a special general meeting which resulted in the acceptance of women members, less than a fortnight before the 2016 Open began.

The 40-year-old Swede launched a late charge to beat the American by three shots to become the first Scandinavian man to win a major.

“Therefore, I am delighted with the decision taken by Members of Royal Troon and look forward to welcoming women to our great club. It is the right decision for the club today, and for the generations of golfers that will follow.”

Club Captain Martin Cheyne said: “We have said a number of times recently that it is important for golf clubs to reflect the society in which we exist and the modern world that looks to us.

Muirfield, also in Scotland, recently elected to keep its men-only policy, a decision that prompted British golf’s governing body, the Royal & Ancient, to drop the course from the list of British Open venues. Situated on the rugged, awe-inspiring coastline of the West of Scotland, Royal Troon it provides a striking destination for golf’s oldest championship. Founded in 1878, Royal Troon is renowned as one of the greatest links courses which has previously hosted The Open on eight occasions.

Royal Troon is home to both the longest and shortest holes in Open Championship golf. Regarded as one of the top holes in the world, the par-3 8th hole (“Postage Stamp”) measures a scant 123 yards (112 m), but its diminutive green measures a mere 420 square feet (39 m2). Two holes earlier, the par-5 6th hole (“Turnberry”) extends to a lengthy 601 yards (550 m). It’s Not The ‘British Open’! ‘The Open Championship’ is the official name of the tournament. Although some would say calling it the British Open makes sense HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

to help differentiate it from the U.S. Open, golf purists bristle when they hear that. The Open Golf Champion Trophy, now commonly referred to as the Claret Jug, was originally made by Mackay Cunningham & Company of Edinburgh and was hallmarked 1873. Following the 1927 Open, which was won at St Andrews by Bobby Jones, the Club’s Championship Committee took the decision to retain the Claret Jug in future years and to present the winner with a replica.

259 Asia Pacific Inter-Club Golf Tournament

The inaugural Asia Pacific Inter-Club Golf Tournament was held in Singapore in conjunction with the 2015 Asia Pacific Golf Summit. The 2016 edition of this tournament will be held at the award-winning Black Mountain Golf Club. “The primary objective of this tournament is to provide a platform for club management personnel to network and enjoy themselves playing a round of golf – there is a need to promote more business networking amongst those who operate and manage golf clubs in the region,” explained Mike Sebastian, chief executive officer of the Asia Pacific Golf Group which is organising and promoting this tournament. Commenting on the inter-club tournament, Harald Elisson, general manager of Black Mountain said, “We are delighted to host this tournament and I can assure you that what we have planned will be a real treat for the club teams – while we expect the mood to be competitive, we want everyone to enjoy Black Mountain and the hospitality that we will extend to all of our peers from the region.” The 2016 Asia Pacific Inter-Club Tournament will be held on October 29th and registration will be on a first come first served basis. There will be provisions for 72 two-man teams and participation in this tournament will come as an automatic entitlement for those who sign up to attend the 2016 Asia Pacific Golf Summit.

‘Rhodes Rules School’ Questions & Answers

For golfers of all abilities who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Rules of Golf; provided by Rules guru and author Barry Rhodes. Each month 5 new Questions & Answers will be shown; here are number 6 to 10. TRUE or FALSE?

The winning team will raise and keep the challenge trophy. Last year’s winning team came from the Xili Golf and Country Club in China. Besides the tournament, Black Mountain Golf Club will be hosting a special welcome reception to mark the event and the staging of the 2016 Asia Pacific Golf Summit. Another award-winning course that will welcome delegates to APGS 2016 is Banyan Golf Club. Banyan will be delighted to host delegates for either a pre-Summit or postSummit round of golf. This can be either on October 28th or October 31st. “We would be happy to play host to APGS delegates on either day and we are confident that everyone will have a truly enjoyable round of golf at Banyan,” said Stacey Walton, general manager of the Banyan Golf Club. Delegates who want to take Banyan Golf Club on its offer should advise Alice Ho by e-mail at The closing date to book a round at Banyan will be September 30th.

Question 6 When taking relief from an immovable obstruction a player may not clean his ball. True or False? Answer: False. Rule 24-2. Note: The ball may be cleaned when lifted under this Rule. Question 7 The general penalty for a breach of a Rule in stroke play is one stroke. True or False? Answer: False. The general penalty in stroke play is two strokes. Rule 3-5. Note: The general penalty for a breach of Rule in match play is loss of hole. Question 8 A player may brush aside sand in the area where he is about to drop his ball under the Rules. True or False? Answer: False. Rule 13-2. Note: A player is not permitted to improve the area in which he is to drop or place a ball by removing sand or loose soil, which are not loose impediments, unless they are on a putting green. Question 9 A competitor is a player in a match play competition. True or False? Answer: False. Definition of Competitor. Note: A competitor is a player in a stroke play competition.

Question 10 A fellow competitor or spectator may not assist a competitor in removing a large loose impediment. True or False? Answer: False. Decision 23-1/3. Note: The player may seek help from anyone to remove a loose impediment, providing that there is no undue delay in play. The above content has been provided to Hua Hin Today by Barry Rhodes ©2016 and may not be copied without permission. The answers to the questions have been referenced to the Rules of Golf 2016 ©2015 and the Decisions on the Rules of Golf 20162017 ©2015, as approved by R&A Rules Limited and The United States Golf Association. The answers do not carry the official approval of the R&A or USGA. Check out

How to Adapt to Soggy Conditions Golf Tip August 2016

When you play on a wet course, your feet usually sink in. So if you don’t grip down from the end of the club half an inch or so to compensate for the soft turf, the tendency is to hit it fat. It’s like being in a fairway bunker where you dig your feet in for better stability, but then grip down on the club to promote ball-first contact. The mistake I see average golfers make on wet days is to grip the club all the way at the end and then bend the left arm at address, rather than let it hang straight. Or they let the left arm hang straight but stand too far from the ball at address. Grip down instead. (Pic 1). Here are three more tips to consider when the course is soaked: 1. The ball doesn’t roll as much after it lands, so factor that into your club selection and targets. Focus on carry rather than roll. 2. Out of wet rough, raise your hands at address to make the shaft more vertical, which helps get the club through the grass more easily. 3. Putts on wet greens are slower and break less. Try to firm them in. John Wither PGA Golf Professional Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin, Tel +66 (0) 811426216





29 August 2016

Wilaiwan Hits the Sweet Spot

“Life is short, eat dessert first” is a well-known adage, and one I highly recommend you follow when dining at Wilaiwan restaurant. To be more specific, I encourage you to start with their signature orange sponge cake and then go onto your main meal. Wilaiwan is named after the matriarch of the family “because she’s the boss,” said pastry chef Khun F. “She’s the centre of our family.” It turns out the whole family is involved with the restaurant. “We grew up baking and cooking,” said Khun F. And almost on cue, Wilaiwan herself pops up behind the cash register to do a little work. At the core of the restaurant are two brothers: Khun F and Khun Af. Khun F runs the pastry kitchen and Khun Af the savoury kitchen. The restaurant has the feel of an American-style cottage. The main room has floor to ceiling windows to give the feeling of being in a greenhouse.

White washed wicker furniture paired with wood table tops sets the interior tone. A chalkboard menu over a long bakery counter full of the daily pastry offerings lends a homey feel. The restaurant’s signature drink is the tamarind soda. Developed by Khun Surat, the father of the family, the drink is refreshing and not too sweet. We also enjoyed a peach soda which was equally as delicious. My dining companion and I began our meal with the smoked salmon salad. A generous portion of smoked salmon was piled high with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and a balsamic drizzle.

Next we ordered the spaghetti with sun dried tomatoes. Besides the tomatoes, there were ample chunks of bacon. Rounding out the dish was oregano, basil, black olives and “burnt” pepper, one of head chef Khun Af’s secret ingredients. While I can highly recommend the spaghetti, their most popular pasta dish is the pasta carbonara - Wilaiwan style. Following the pasta we opted for the fried chicken with French fries. A friend had suggested this dish so we were anxious to try it ourselves. The fries were crisp and the chicken fried but not greasy, all due to a special oil recipe Khun Af uses in the kitchen. Our final entree was the pork chop. Served with spinach and potatoes, the highlight of

the dish was the special garlic sauce developed on site. Talking with the owners, we were delighted to learn that Wilaiwan is launching a frozen food line featuring a variety of savoury pies. The pies will initially be sold from the store, but plans are in motion for them to be carried in various locations, including Bangkok. When dining at Wilaiwan, if you follow my advice from the beginning of this article and start with the orange cake, then have your meal and still have a little room left, go for the beautiful coconut cake with real whipped cream. I’ll coin a new phrase, “Life is short. Eat dessert first - and last.” Where: ​121/10 Nongkae, Hua Hin When: 9 AM to 9 PM daily Email:

FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016

2 30

Exotic Cuisine in Thailand Eating Wild Mushrooms Mok Huak (Developing Frog Tadpoles) is Risky

Eating wild mushrooms could be hazardous to health, or might be life risk, particularly during the rainy season, when mushroom are abundant, scientists have warned.

Warning from the Department of Medical Science came as samples collected by mushroom hunters and sent for toxicology test from various parts of the country showed up to 80% were health hazardous. The test came as there were rising number of people dying and getting sick after eating wild mushrooms. From the beginning of this year, the Bureau of Epidemiology reported 65 people were sick after eating wild mushrooms, 10 have died. Most cases were primarily from people in the Northeastern provinces. Scientists warn that physical inspection of mushrooms is insufficient as in many instances edible and poisonous mushrooms share similar characteristics and are hardly distinguished by eyes. More heat from cooking does not destroy or dissipate the poisonous toxins in these mushrooms so extreme care must be exercised. Mok huak is made of developing tad poles and fermented fish. Forget frog legs or the idea that these little tadpoles are cute, they’ve already started growing legs. Nevertheless, they’re packed with nutrients and a unique flavour some find irresistible. Chefs who prepare this dish only want developing frog tadpoles or pollywogs but not a complete frogs. This food is usually served with fermented fish sauce which is known as Pla Raa in Thai. It is delicious for some Thai but awkward for foreigners. FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016

Muak Huak is originated from Isaan, North East of Thailand. Throughout Thailand you can order this food. It is not really cheap compared to some other exotic food in Thailand as it is only available in the rainy season months. Muak Huak is mixed up with lemongrass, chilies, dill, seasonings, sweet basil and herbs in a bowl. It is then wrapped with banana leafs and grilled with charcoal. It is usually eaten together with sticky rice (khao niao). Developing frog or tadpoles taste like chicken nuggets (apparently!) because they are boneless.

The Department of Medical Sciences has applied DNA barcode technique that gives accurate detection of poisonous macro fungi in wild mushrooms. This method is very precise and is able to differentiate the different symptoms associated with poisonous substances. Dr Sitthiporn Panmen, a scientist at the Department of Medical Science, said the DNA barcode technique produces extremely precise results because DNAs are akin to fingerprints that are unique for each organism. The technique needs only a small sample and is able to identify

poisonous mushrooms irrespective of their stages of development or growth, he said. Following a two-year effort employing this technique a significant database of more than 200 poisonous mushrooms has been compiled. These are further separated into 9 categories according to symptoms, the largest of which are those that result in diarrhea. Mushroom samples of between 1 – 2 milligrams are taken and extracted. Their DNAs area then able to be extracted in a laboratory by highly specialized equipment. Computer programs will then produce a DNA sequence. DNA sequences for poisonous mushrooms have a unique characteristic with colored horizontal lines. A clear indicator whether a mushroom is fit for human consumption is the absence of red colored lines in the DNA sequence which means that it can be safely eaten.

313 A World of Pure Imagination

If Willy Wonka existed and really had a chocolate factory, there is no doubt he would hire chef Sa-it Pidtafai from Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa as his head pastry chef. With a boundless imagination, chef Sa-it is creating some of the most innovative and delicious desserts in Hua Hin and beyond. Just as Willy Wonka says in the movie, “Everything inside is eatable, I mean edible, I mean you can eat everything,” so does this apply to everything on these fanciful plates. The first dish I sampled was The Chocolate Shell (280 THB). The shell was made of white chocolate that had been coloured blue. Sitting inside the open shell was a “pearl” of chocolate mousse with a passion fruit cream, all coated in a dark chocolate glaze. On the plate was coral painted in melted chocolate. Some cookie “sand” was sprinkled about and other rock formations were made from strawberries, kiwi fruit and cantaloupe. A side of lemon creme brûlée and chocolate ganache finished off the dish. Next came the Crispy Roti (200 THB) which resembled seaweed or kelp. Thankfully that is what the chef’s intentions were. Alongside the crisps were dipping sauces of melted white chocolate, and a raspberry coulis.

The crisps were sprinkled with icing sugar, and were so light and flakey. Flavour wise they reminded me of a churro. I could have easily eaten the entire basket (and yes, even the basket is edible). For me the last dish I sampled was the piece de resistance. The Sea Urchin (280 THB) arrived with its long spiky quills going every which way. Just as in the ocean one must proceed with caution around a sea urchin, so must one approach this dish with caution. Not wanting to ruin the illusion, I looked to the chef and asked him how I should eat this dish. He suggested cutting it with a knife, and then just going for it! Inside the sea urchin was a vanilla cake base, then a white chocolate mousse, and in the very centre a raspberry coulis. The cake was iced in the same white chocolate as the quills. The sea urchin comes in three colours: red, blue or white - diner’s choice. Mango, strawberries, kiwi fruit and grapes surrounded the sea urchin, all on a bed of cookie crumble with a glazing of honey. There was also a side of lemon creme brûlée and chocolate ganache.

The pastry shop at the hotel is called The Pavilion. A series of eight specialty dessert items have been created by chef Sa-it, all of them inspired by the sea. Although currently undergoing renovations, it will emerge with a French bakery feel. Right off the main lawn of the property, it is the perfect location to order one of these incredible desserts any time of the day. Other locations to order these desserts are Al Hamra, the hotel’s main restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and features Moroccan, Mediterranean and Thai fusion, and international cuisine. And, Al Bahr (the ocean in Arabic) which is the hotel’s beach bar and features fanciful drinks like the Magic Carpet or Prince of Persia. With three of the eight specialty desserts now under my (protruding) belt, I look forward to working my way through the others. Where: 63/411 Petchkasem Road between soi Hua Hin 83/1-85, Nongkae, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110 When: Open Daily, 11 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. Website:

FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016


Getting the Skinny on Local Fruits

Living in Hua Hin, we are spoiled for choice of fresh and “exotic” fruits. Whether purchased in a grocery store or an open market, incorporating fruit into our daily diet is a great way to live a long and healthy life. Guava (fa-rahng)

Following are some of the most popular fruits in the region coupled with some of their dietary benefits.

Guavas are packed with fibre, making it a great “regulator”. While helping to protect the colon by reducing the risk of cancer-causing toxins and chemical build up, the fibre actually binds to the toxins and helps move them out of the body.

Dragon Fruit (pitaya) Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants, and contains vitamin C (10% of the daily value), polyunsaturated (good) fatty acids, several B vitamins for carbohydrate metabolism, as well as carotene and protein. Also present is calcium, which is needed for strong bones and teeth.

up the production of red blood cells, and has magnesium to strengthen bones and protect the heart.

Lychee (linchi) Lychees are rich in dietary fibre and antioxidants with the ability to fight flu viruses, improve blood flow, and protect the skin from UV rays.

Guavas contain also Vitamin A, folate (great for pregnant women to help prevent neural tube defects), betacarotene (a known cancer inhibitor), lycopene, potassium, and antioxidants lutein and cryptoxanthin.

Star Fruit (ma-phuang)

Dragon fruits have zero complex carbohydrates, are easily broken down by the body, and an oil in the seed operates as a mild laxative. Eating dragon fruit helps rid the body of toxic heavy metals, improves eyesight, and (in the case of the red variety), can lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Bananas (kluay num wah) Bananas are a super fruit, acting as free radical-gobbling antioxidants, and are high in vitamin C. A single banana contains 467 mg of potassium, which is important for controlling the heart rate and blood pressure. With 28% of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin B6, which helps prevent anaemia and coronary artery disease, bananas also have an abundance of fibre. A single banana supplies an adequate amount of copper to keep FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016

Loaded with vitamin C, lychees provide 119% of the recommended daily value in one serving. This further protects against colds and other infections, helps the body develop resistance, and fights inflammation. Although rare, there are reports of allergies associated with eating lychee. Also high in fructose, they should be eaten in moderation.

The average star fruit contains 30 calories (fewer than any other tropical fruit per serving), has a high fibre content, prevents the absorption of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and protects the colon from toxic substances by binding to cancer-causing chemicals that happen to be passing through.


FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016

34 6 MONDAYS InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

Sundowner at Azure Bar. Enjoy our happy hour promotion; purchase any one of our cocktail, beers and wines to receive another complimentary. Available on Monday to Friday from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. and Saturday from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin Non Solo Pasta every Monday, from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. at Coast Beach Club & Bistro. Buy one, get one free on selected Pasta & Pizza dishes; 420 THB ++ TUESDAYS



Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin

Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin

Thai Temple Fair every Wednesday, from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Experience delights from the Northeast to the South accompanied by music and dance shows, 990 THB ++ per person InterContinental Hua Hin Resort:

Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin Lobster Extravaganza every Tuesday, from 7:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. at Coast Beach Club & Bistro. Prepared with three different cooking methods; char grilled, poached with butter and mornay style by our Executive Chef Steffen Hoffe. Portion size to share for two persons.



The Taste of Thailand at Pirom; as much as you like of the most popular Thai and original specialties prepared by our Thai Chef Lek; 790 THB net per person including soft drinks and fresh juices from 6.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Double Dozen Oysters & Bloody Mary, every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. at COAST Beach Club & Bistro. Enjoy 24 Oysters, prepared to your liking: with free flow Bloody Mary cocktails.


Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa

V Villas Hua Hin

Friday Night BBQ by the Beach. Enjoy seafood BBQ, pad Thai, Tom Yum, Thai favorites, soup, salad and desserts. All you can eat only at 950 THB per person. 475 THB net per child aged 5-12 years and free for child below 5 years. Every Friday, 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. at Al Bahr Beach Bar

Chef Nicholas Basset shares the secret touch of the stars on 12TH – 13TH August at Villazzo Restaurant. Treat mother with a 4 course set dinner at 1,450 THb ++ (food only) and 1,750 THB ++ including two glasses of fine wine, per set per person. Dinner is served at 7 pm., advance reservations are required.

Putahracsa Hua Hin Mothers Day Beach BBQ and Seafood Italian Cuisine Tasting Buffet is how to quality Night at Felicita, time together with discover new Italian you mum. Unlimited Chef Riccardo’s seafood, whole traditional Italian cuisine roasted suckling pig at Felicita Restaurant. and a full buffet At 890 THB net per Oceanside Beach Club person including soft & Restaurant Friday drinks and fresh juices 12 August 18:30-21:30 from 6.30 p.m. to 10.00 HRS 1,200 THB net p.m. per person including soft drinks; no corkage InterContinental Hua charge. Hin Resort: Sheraton Hua Hin AZURE BAR FULL Resort MOON PARTY One of Italy’s greatest Celebrate a full moon vineyards, Luna Lanai night at Azure Bar is proud to present this and enjoy free flow super Tuscan specialty cocktails, beers and on Friday August wines along with 26th. Italian culinary canapés cool turns delicacies accompanied spun by “DJ Nine”. THB by our resident band. 799 net per person From 6.30 pm.-8.30 Available on Thursday, pm. THB. 890 net per 18 August 2016 from person. 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin Friday Fiesta with mood DJ @ COAST Beach Club & Bistro every Friday, from 6:00 p.m. Enjoy Mexican Nachos, Tacos and Quesadillas plus a pitcher of Margarita, Mojito or Caipirinha; 1,690 THB ++ per couple.

SATURDAYS Dusit Thani Hua Hin Dusit Dining Temptation: Love Mum – Dinner Date Friday, 12th August at Ban Benjarong. Join us for a special Hua Hin Night Market buffet. Mums receive 50% Discount when accompanied by their son, daughter or husband. Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin Seafood Buffet every Saturday, from 7:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. At Coast Beach Club & Bistro. Three different size seafood buckets served with fried rice and mixed stir-fried vegetables. Choices are 600, 800 and 1,000 THB net per bucket. InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

Mothers Day weekend brunch buffet at Azure. with our Saturday Brunch Buffet. Featuring seafood InterContinental Hua delicacies and many Hin Resort Mothers Day Thai Buffet other delicious dishes at our beachfront at Pirom. Celebrate restaurant with tunes Mum’s special day by our resident DJ.; with an outstanding 1,700 THB net per dinner with delectable person including one Thai cuisine for a truly bottle of Chandon for memorable Mother’s every two persons, Day; 799 THB net per 1,400 THB net per person including soft person including soft drinks, fresh juices and herbal drinks on Friday, drinks and fresh juices. Available on Saturday, 12th August from 6.30 13th August from 11.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Every Day Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin

and treat the body. Take home an exclusive free white jasmine gift set of White Jasmine Shower Gel and White Jasmine Body Lotion. Jasmine Aromatherapy Massage, Refreshments (Jasmine Tea served with Traditional Thai Dessert). From 9 am to 9 pm daily; 2,800 THB ++ per person or 5,200 THB ++ per couple Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Oriental Jasmine Journey; a 2 hour experience in our spa ritual designed to delight the senses

Spa Promotion: “Oriental Jasmine Rice

Spa” Enjoy beauty benefits - 50% off. 60 minute detoxifying package at only 1,699 THB net from 3,398 THB. The package includes 30-minute Jasmine Rice Body Scrub and 30-minute Hot Herbal Clay Body Mask, daily, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. at Noora Spa. Drink Promotion: Cocktail Happy Hours; Buy 1 get 1 free cocktail from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. at Al Bahr Beach Bar. Enjoy exotic flavour fusions between East and West with al fresco easy-listening music by our Filipino duo. Open daily from 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Putahracsa Hua Hin

Chilled Seafood on Ice with Phuket lobster, prawn, oyster, mussel, blue crab, Alaska king crab and sashimi; 1,999THB net for two persons including 2 glasses of sparkling wine. Available throughout August at Oceanside Beach Club & Restaurant Putahracsa Hua Hin Ob-Oon Boulangerie et Pâtisserie; enjoy homemade macaroons, Movenpick ice cream,

PHONE NUMBERS Amari Hua Hin: 032 616 600 Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin: 032 512 021-38

FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016

Dusit Thani Hua Hin: 032 520 009 Intercontinental Hua Hin Resort: 032 616 999 Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort and Spa: 032 616 777

traditional French bread and pastries. All made fresh daily. Also available are madeto-order wedding or birthday cakes and catering of any kind. Parisian style breakfast is available daily 7:00 am - 12:00 pm. Favorite items such as Banoffee Honey Toast 295 THB net for two persons, Ob-Oon Afternoon Tea Set 599 THB net for two persons. Special for August - Ob-Oon Ultimate Chocolate Cake and Apple Upside-Down. Plus a unique Mother’s Day “Sweet Present”; 6 Jasmine Macaroons in our Ob-Oon Box at 150.- THB net.

Amari Hua Hin

SATURDAYS Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas

As one of Italy’s greatest vineyards, Luna Lanai is proud to present this super Tuscan specialty on Saturday August the 27th. Amazing Italian culinary delicacies will be paired whilst you enjoy the fresh sea breeze companied by our resident band. From 6.30 pm.-8.30 pm. THB. 890 net per SUNDAYS Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin

Sunday Roast @ COAST every Sunday. Choose your favourite portion of ROASTTender Pork, Juicy Beef or Tasteful Lamb. The ‘Heritage’ Afternoon Tea Buffet Every Sunday, from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the Museum Coffee & Tea Corner, High Tea is 700 THB ++ per person InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

A pampering spa experience with a complimentary 30-minute Rose & Raspberry body scrub. To avail this offer, purchase any 60-minute treatment at regular price during weekdays. Terms and conditions apply. Rates start at 1,800 THB; available from 1st to 31st August.

Putahracsa Hua Hin Resort: 032 531 470 Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa: 032 708 000 Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas: 032 909 900 V Villas Hua Hin, MGallery by Sofitel: 032 616039

Chill & Chandon Sunday Brunch Buffet at the beachfront restaurant, with the tunes of the DJ. 1,700 THB net per person including one bottle of Chandon for every two persons. 1,400 THB net per person including soft drinks and fresh juices. Available from 11.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. except Sunday, 14th August Italian Cuisine Tasting Night at Felicita, Italian Chef Riccardo’s traditional Italian cuisine and enjoy as much as you like. 890 THB net per person including soft drinks and fresh juices. Available from 6.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.



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Khun Mai Wedding Studio

เปิดให้บริการเช่าชุดแต่งงาน ชุดราตรี ชุดแฟนซี ชุดลีดเดอร์ ชุดไทย ชุดประจำาชาติ พร้อมมีบริการต่างๆอีกมากมาย เช่น รับสอนลีดเดอร์ แต่งหน้างานต่างๆ และมีบริการ prewedding Address: M2 Plus Hua Hin 63 Tel: 099 132 9338, 030 981 5047 Email: Web:


Natee International Law Office NILO is a full-service law firm providing bi-lingual (Thai and English) legal and paralegal services to clients throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. Address: 788/58 Sea Sand Ville, Petkasem Rd, KM 211, Cha-Am Tel: 032 772 647, 032 772 648 Email: Web:



The 160 spacious guest rooms and suites are tastefully furnished, offering spectacular sea views and are thoughtfully designed to ensure guests maximum satisfaction. Address: 222/2 Petchkasem Road , Hua Hin Tel: 032 511 499 Email: Web:


Kiteboarding Asia Hua Hin Book kitesurfing & SUP lessons, buy kites, kiteboards.. หนังสือ ไคท์บอร์ด และบทเรียน ซับ, ไคท์บอร์ด 预定冲浪活动,SUP课程,风筝以及冲浪板... Address: 143/8 Soi 75/1, Hua Hin Tel: 081 591 4593 Email: Web:

10% VIP


MahaSamutr Country Club

เปิดสอนหลักสูตรบริหารธุรกิจดุษฎีบณ ั ฑิต และหลักสูตรรัฐประศาสนศาสตรดุษฎีบณ ั ฑิต วิทยาลัยนวัตกรรมการจัดการ มหาวิทยาลัยเทคโนโลยีราชมงคล รัตนโกสินทร์ Tel: 02 441 6067, 088 255 0847 Email: Web:

Hua Hin Grand and Plaza Hotel

MahaSamutr Country Club & Luxury Villa will be the first private country club for the town of Hua Hin. Providing a focal point for the community, with a widerange of sporting, recreational, social and entertainment components.


Address: 70/152-153 Soi 112, Hua Hin Tel: 032 510 314 Email: Web:


True Arena

Saga Tailor Custom Tailor Saga Tailor has been Hua Hin’s favorite custom tailor ร้านตัดชุด ซากา เป็นทีช ่ น ่ื ชอบของผูร้ ก ั การตัดเย็บ 西服裙,西服,外套,礼服均出自华欣最受欢迎的裁缝之手。

True Arena Hua Hin is Asia’s premier tennis, sports and recreational center, located in the heart of Thailand’s seaside resort town of Hua Hin.

Address: 82/1 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 515 373 and 081 831 6267 Email: Web:

Address: 52/52 Petchkasem Road, Nong Kae, Hua Hin Tel: 032 909 633 Email: Web:


My Style Condo Hua Hin


Water Jungle Vana Nava Hua Hin

Beautifully located at the heart of Hua Hin คอนโดสสวยใจกลางเมืองหัวหิน Address: Huahin 102, 800 meters from Phetkasem Road Tel: 098 891 6551, 099 425 9645, 099 692 5242, 099 441 4152 Email: Web:

65 Slimher Hua Hin

Address: 129/99 Soi Moo Baan Nong Kae, Hua Hin Tel: 032 909 606 Email: Web:


Banyan Golf Club Hua Hin

Fitness Center, Gym, Weight Loss for Women ... ฟิตเนสเซ็นเตอร์, ห้องออกกำาลังกาย ลดน้าำ หนักสำาหรับผูห ้ ญิง 健身中心,健身房,女性减肥 Address: G Hua Hin Resort & Mall - Shop A205, Hua Hin Tel: 032 900 529 Email: Web:

Tropical environment, amazing slides, rides ... สภาพแวดล้อมเขตร้อนสไลด์ทน ่ี า่ ตืน ่ ตาตืน ่ ใจ, ขี่ สถานทีท ่ อ ่ งเทีย ่ ว 热带环境,绝色美景,游乐设施和景点...

The Banyan is set in a valley basin with some spectacular views and Golf East, the Thai design company 自 2008 年俱乐部开业以来,Banyan 高尔夫已经连续三年被《 亚洲高尔夫月刊》评选为最佳三大球场之一


Address: 68/34 Mooban Hua Na, Nong Gae, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 200 Email: Web:


Black Mountain Golf Club

The Grind Huahin The Grind Hua Hin is a Muay Thai and fitness facility located in HuaHin. The facility has it’s own restaurant, pool and sauna. Address: Soi 88, 350, Moo 1, Tab-Tay, Prachuab kirikhan, Hua Hin Tel: 085 183 7059 Web:


It is the only course in Thailand ever named in Golf Digest’s Top 100 Courses Outside the US. Black Mountain高尔夫球场建立于2007年,在4年的营业中获 得“亚洲最好新球场”的美誉 Address: 565, Moo7, Nong Hieng Rd, Hin Lek Fai Tel: 032 618 666 Email: Web:


Springfield Royal Country Club

Baan Sillapin Artists Village Art works include woodcarving, clay sculpture, jewelry and costume designing, antique art decorations, photography, watercolour and oil paintings. 艺术作品包括木雕,泥塑,珠宝和服装设计 Address: Moo 14 Hinlekfai Subdistrict, Hua Hin Tel: 032 534 830 Email: Web:


The golf course designed by a master, Jack Nicklaus. We guaratee the enjoyment on this impressive 27 holes course (Mountain Lake and Valley) Address: 208 Moo 2, Sampraya, Cha-am, Petchburi 76120 Tel: 032-709-222 Ext.4 Fax: 032 709 233 20% Email: Web: VIP


Black Mountain Water Park

Hua Hin Golf Tours

Slider, Pool, Facilities, Food & Beverage, Souvenir ...

Hua Hin Golf Tours was founded in 1992 and is Thailand’s first registered golf tour company. Offer golf packages throughout Thailand, but especially Hua Hin. 高尔夫套餐

สไลเดอ, สระว่ายน้าำ , สิง่ อำานวยความสะดวก, อาหารและเครือ ่ งดืม ่ ร้านของทีร่ ะลึก

滑冰,泳池,各类娱乐设施,吃喝玩乐以及纪念品专卖店... Address: 1 Moo 2 Tambon Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin Tel: 032 618 444 Email: Web:



Hua Hin Carpets

Cha-Am ATV Park Activities: ATV Park, Archery, Paint Ball กิจกรรม: สนามรถ ATV , ยิงธนู, บอลสี ATV公园, 射箭, 彩弹射击

Address: 2/136 Naebkehardt Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 530 476 and 032 530 477 Email: Web:

10% VIP

Address: 760/7 Soi Borkam, Petkasem 212 Km. Rd., Cha-am Tel: 081 893 3938 Email: Web:


Expert for New fringing, stretching, fixing Strapes behind carpets for hanging purpose, removing stain spoilt by coffee, wine, Rain water, Dog Urine and alsoi Fixing new color on silk & Woolen Carpets & kilims Address: #A7 Villa Market 218/1-4 Petchkasem Road Tel: 032 533 608 Mobile: 081 373 4602 (David) Email: Web:


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30% VIP Discount up to 30% for Hua Hin Today VIP Card holders

Al Bahr at Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa Cuisine: Mediterranean Seafood, Pizza & Pasta, Burger, Party Food, Desserts ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารทะเล, พิซซ่า, พาสต้า, เบอร์เกอร์, ปาร์ตฟ ้ี ู ด ้ , ของหวาน 15% 招牌菜肴&鸡尾酒


Address: 63/411 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 777


Coral Restaurant & Bar Cuisine: Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารไทย 菜肴: 泰国菜 Address: Banyan The Resort, 68/223 Hua Na, Hua Hin Tel: 032 538 888 Web:

Da Mario Italian Restaurant

Andreas Italian Restaurants & Grill Cuisine: Breakfast, Italian, Pizza and Seafood ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น, พิชซ่า, อาหารทะเล 菜肴: 意大利菜, 披萨, 海鲜

Cuisine: Italian ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น 菜肴: 意大利菜

Address: 4/91 Soi Mooban Nongkae, Nongkae, Hua Hin Tel: 099 910 1018 Email: Web:

Address: Naresdamri Road 20/24 Hua Hin Tel: 085 473 1441 and 032 530 170 Web:


Aun’s Baguettes

3 Azure at InterContinental Hua Hin

20% VIP


Ban Benjarong Royal Thai Cuisine 15% VIP


Beach Cafe Restaurant

Cuisine: European, Thai, À la carte Saturday Night Entertainment on the beach front ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 欧洲菜 , 泰国菜 Address: 858 Jumnong Poomivej Rd., Cha-Am Tel: 032 709 300 Web:


Address: 75/1 Petchkasem Road Hua Hin, Hua Hin Tel: 032 512 254 Email: Web:

We are focusing on quality cocktails and other drinks. The motto is ‘quality over quantity’, meaning we take time to prepare every cocktail. Come in and try our special Chili Caipirinha or Wasabi Martini. 天台酒吧&酒廊 Address: G Hua Hin, Soi 94 Phetchkasem Rd, Hua Hin Tel: 099 389 8675


FRIDA Mexican & European Cuisine

Cuisine: Steakhouse, Seafood, Thai, Grill ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารทะเล, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 牛排, 海鲜, 泰国菜

Cuisine: Mexican, Pizza, Mediterranean, European, Thai, Grill, Pasta

ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารเม็กซิกน ั , พิชซ่า, ทะเลเมดิเตอร์เรเนียน, อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 墨西哥菜, 披萨, 地中海菜, 欧洲菜, 泰国菜, 意大利面


Cafe Mekong

Address: 19 Damnernkasem Road, Soi 61, Hua Hin Tel: 081 856 7178


For Friends Restaurant

Cuisine: Mexican, Pizza, Thai, Vietnamese

Cuisine: European, Thai, Russian ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 欧洲菜, 泰国菜

ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารเม็กซิกน ั , พิชซ่า, อาหารไทย, อาหารเวียดนาม

菜肴: 墨西哥菜, 披萨, 泰国菜, 越南菜


Coast Beach Bar & Grill Cuisine: International Cuisine & Authentic fresh-made Pizza, Grilled meats and Seafood ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารนานาชาติ, พิชซ่า, อาหารทะเล 菜肴: 国际菜, 披萨, 各类烧烤, 海鲜


Address: 21 Chomsin road, Soi Hua Hin 55 Hua Hin Tel: 092 367 7799 Web:


Gusto Et Cosy Beach Restaurant Cuisine: European, Thai, Seafood ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย, อาหารทะเล 菜肴: 欧洲菜 , 泰国菜, 海鲜 Address: Khao Tao, Hua Hin Tel: 093 887 7688 and 032 900 500 Email: Web:

10% VIP


Greek Taverna Hua Hin

Coco 51 Restaurant & Bar Cuisine: Seafood, European, Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารทะเล, อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 海鲜, 欧洲菜, 泰国菜

Cuisine: Greek, Thai, Vegetarian ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารกรีซ, อาหารไทย, อาหารมังสวิรต ั ิ 菜肴: 希腊菜, 泰国菜, 斋菜

Address: Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin, Soi 51 Tel: 032 515 597 Web:

Address: 58 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin Tel: 098 463 3622 Email: Web:


Cool Breeze Cafe Bar Hua Hin

Hua Hin Hills Bisto and Wine Cellar

Cuisine: Spanish, Tapas, Mediterranean, Thai ประเภทอาหาร: ทะเลเมดิเตอร์เรเนียน, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 西班牙菜, 塔帕斯, 地中海菜, 泰国菜

Cuisine: Italian, European, Wine Bar ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น, อาหารยุโรบ 菜肴: 意大利菜, 欧洲菜, 红酒馆

Address: 62 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 531 062 and 083 317 3152 Email: Web:

Address: Khomphat Building, 2 floors, Hua Hin Tel: 032 511 496 Email: Web:

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EAST Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Address: 1349 Petchkasem Road, Cha-am Tel: 032 520 009 Web:

Address: 1 Damnerkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 512 021 Email: Web:

VIP Address: Soi 55, Hua Hin (next to Big C Hua Hin) Tel: 081 774 4669 Web:

Emotion at Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa

Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean, Thai, Grill ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารทะเล, ทะเลเมดิเตอร์เรเนียน, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 海鲜, 地中海菜, 泰国菜

Address: Petchkasem Road, Soi 94, Hua Hin Tel: 032 532 833, 081 857 5301 Email: Web:


Pride of Thailand, World Class Speciality Coffee 100% SHB Arabica, open from 8.00 to 21.00 100% 世界顶尖级阿拉伯咖啡, 营业时间: 10% 8:00 -- 21:00

Address: 245/11-12 Narathyip Road Cha-Am Tel: 032 470 205 Email: Facebook: Aun’s baguettes

Cuisine: Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารไทย 菜肴: 泰国菜

10% VIP

Doi Chaang Coffee

Coffee, Drinks, European Comfort Food

Address: 33 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 999 Email: Web:



20% VIP


15% VIP




30% VIP Alphabetical list

Discount up to 30% for Hua Hin Today VIP Card holders

InAzia Restaurant, Sheraton Hua Hin

On The Rocks Bar at Cape Nidhra

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Indian and Japanese อาหารเอเชีย, อาหารจีน, อาหารอินเดีย, อาหารญีป ่ น ุ่ 菜肴: 亚洲菜, 中国菜 , 印度菜, 日本菜

A nightspot in Hua Hin, views of the Gulf of Thailand จุดกลางคืนในหัวหินทีม ่ องเห็นวิวทิวทัศน์ของอ่าวไทย 华欣的一个夜总会,拥有泰国湾的景色

Address: 1573 Petchkasem Road, Sheraton Hua Hin Tel: 032 708 000 Email: Web:

Address: 97/2 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 516 600 Email: Web:



La Birra Hua Hin

Pier 94 Restaurant & Finger Bar G Hua Hin

Cuisine: Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ 菜肴: 泰国菜

Cuisine: Italian, Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 意大利菜, 泰国菜

Address: 155/7 Moo Baan Takieb Road, Hua Hin Tel: 084 567 6989 Email: Web:

Address: 250/201, Soi 94 Phetchkasem Rd, Hua Hin Tel: 032 515 199 Email: Web:


La Botte Ristorante & Pizzeria Cuisine: Italian, Pizza ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น, พิชซ่า 菜肴: 意大利菜, 披萨

Raya Restaurant 10% VIP

Address: 123/56 Nongkae Close to Cicada Market Tel: 032 655 078 Web:


La Grappa Italian Restaurant Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น, พิชซ่า, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 意大利菜, 披萨, 泰国菜

Cuisine: Seafood, European, Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 海鲜, 欧洲菜, 泰国菜 Address: 264/2 Ruamchit Road, Cha-Am South Soi 5 Tel: 032 472 641-2 Email: Web:

10% VIP


Cuisine: Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ 菜肴: 泰国菜 Address: 43/1 Phetkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 520 250 Email: Web:

Cuisine: French ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารฝรัง่ เศล 菜肴: 法式菜

Cuisine: Indian, Asian, Thai, Vegetarian Cuisine ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ 菜肴: 披萨

Address: 174/1 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 521 025 Email: Web:

Address: 4 Hua Hin 61 Alley (Opposite Centara Hotel), Damnoen Kasem Road Tel: 087 528 8640 Web:


Lotus Villas Restaurant



Sanae Beach Club Cuisine: Breakfast, International, Thai, Wood Oven Pizzas ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารเยอรมัน, พิชซ่า, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 德国菜, 披萨, 泰国菜

10% VIP


Address: 69/19 Soi Moo Baan Kao Tao, Nongkae, Hua Hin Tel: 032 900 971 or 084 770 1176 Email: Web:


The Garden Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Mamma Mia Cucina Italiana & Pizza Cuisine: Italian, Pizza ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น, พิชซ่า 菜肴: 意大利菜, 披萨

20% VIP

Royal India Restaurant

La Paillote French Restaurant

Address: Tab Tai, Soi 112, Hua Hin Tel: 032 510 106 & 081 943 1732 Email: Web:


Rim Nam at Anantara Hua Hin

Address: 20/5 Poolsuk Rd, Hua Hin Tel: 032 516 510, 092 281 4664 Email: Web:

Cuisine: International ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารนานาชาติ 菜肴: 国际菜


10% VIP

Cuisine: Pizza, European, Thai, Pasta ประเภทอาหาร: พิชซ่า, อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 披萨, 西餐, 泰国菜, 意大利面

Address: 8/4 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 512 250 and 081 852 2136 Email: Web: 27

Address: 174/16 Soi 80, Amphoe Hua Hin Tel: 032 908 680 Email: Web:

Mozza Mia

The Saxophone Lounge

Cuisine: Burrata, Cold cuts, Fresh and hard cheese, Wine, Italian coffee and Croissants no Service Charge ประเภทอาหาร: ชีส บูราโต้ทข ่ี น ้ึ ชือ ่ และเป็นแห่งแรกในเมืองไทย 菜肴: 红酒, 意大利咖啡, 羊角面包

The Saxophone Lounge presents a range of great musicians jamming all your old favorites live, plus a great repertoire of motown, soul, blues and jazz.

Address: G Mall, Shop A106, Soi 94 Phetkasem Tel: 032 900 250 Email: Web:

5% VIP


Oceanside Beach Club Restaurant

Address: 53/7 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 514 525-3 Email: Web:


Cuisine: Thai, European, International ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารไทย, อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารนานาชาติ 菜肴: 泰国菜, 欧洲菜, 国际菜

10% VIP


Address: 33/15 Mooban Huadon, Petchkasem Road Tel: 032 536 364, 032 527 638-9 Email: Web:


White Lotus Restaurant at Hilton Hua Hin

Ocean Front Restaurant Baan Laksasubha Resort Hua Hin Cuisine: Thai, International ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารไทย, อาหารนานาชาติ 菜肴: 泰国菜, 国际菜

10% VIP

The Beach Restaurant at Anantasila

Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean, Barbecue, Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารทะเล, ทะเลเมดิเตอร์เรเนียน, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 海鲜, 地中海菜, 烧烤, 泰国菜 Address: 22/65 Nahb Kaehat Rd., Hua Hin Tel: 032 531 470 Email: Web:

Address: 10/80 Soi 94 Hua Hin Tel: 086 962 5166 Email: Web:


10% VIP


Cuisine: Chinese ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารจีน 菜肴: 中国菜


Address: 33 Naresdamri Road, Hilton Hua Hin Resort & VIP Spa Tel: 032 538 999 Email: Web: 40

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10 Alphabetical list

30% VIP Discount up to 30% for Hua Hin Today VIP Card holders

Dayspa at Putahracsa Hua Hin Body Massages, Spa Packages, Hand and Foot Care ... นวดร่างกาย, แพคเกจสปามือและการดูแลเท้า ... 全身按摩,水疗套餐,手部和脚部护理 Address: 22/65 Nahb Kaehat Rd. Hua Hin Tel: 032 531 470 Email: Web:

10% VIP


Devarana Spa at Dusit Thani

Bakery, café, sandwiches, Breakfast, Burgers, French, Italian, Pizza, Sandwiches, Steakhouses and Thai ร้านอาหาร เบเกอรี่ กาแฟ และเครือ ่ งดืม ่ , บ้านสไตล์อเมริกน ั คอทเทจ ตกแต่งสวยงาม - 面包店,咖啡室,餐厅和殖民风格的建筑 Address: 121/10 Soi Moobaan Nongkae, Hua Hin Tel: 032 536 442 and 084 458 6622 Email: Web:


Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin

Massage Oil, Body Treatments, Water Treatments ... นวดน้าำ มัน, นวดบำาบัดร่างกาย, กายภาพบำาบัดในน้าำ ... 按摩油,全身护理,水疗 Address: 1349 Petchkasem Road, Cha-am Tel: 032 520 009 Email: Web:

Wilaiwan Hua Hin

A total of 19 hospitals throughout Thailand & Cambodia รวม 19 โรงพยาบาลทัว ่ ประเทศไทยและประเทศกัมพูชา 19家医院遍布泰国和柬埔寨


Noora Spa at Marrakesh Resort & Spa Hammam Spa with finest argan oil from Morocco, Hot candle massage with gold powder, Red wine bath. ฮัมมัมสปาตำารับอาร์แกนออยล์จากโมร็อกโก, นวดเทียนร้อนผสมผง ทองคำา, แช่ไวน์แดง 30% SPA套餐包括按摩浴缸和桑拿

Address: 888 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 800 or 1719 (local calls only) Email: Web:


Boonthavorn Hua Hin Your centre for tiles, bathroom, kitchen, furniture and living. 200km free delivery. บุญถาวรหัวหิน จุดเริม ่ ต้นของการ สร้างสรรค์อนาคตสะอาดใส และหลากหลายไอเดียแต่งบ้านทีค ่ ณ ุ สรรค์สร้างได้ดง่ั ใจ เปิดให้คณ ุ สัมผัสแล้ววันนี้

VIP Address: 63/411 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Email: Tel: 032 616 777 Web: 43

Open: 8:00 am. - 20:00 pm. Address: 4/48 Moo Ban Bofai, Hua Hin Tel: 032 522 555 Fax: 032 520 141 Web:

Spa at Rest Detail Hotel Hua Hin

Camp Palapon


Body Treatment, Signature, Special Treatments ... รักษาร่างกาย, การบำาบัดประจำา, พิเศษตามรายการ ... 全身护理,局部护理

Martial Arts & Holistic Fitness Camp ศิลปะการต่อสูแ ้ ละการออกกำาลังกายแบบองค์รวมค่าย 武术馆&健身训练营

Address: 19/119 Soi Hua Hin 19, Hua Hin Tel: 032 547 733 Email: Web:

Address: Between the famous Thai resorts of Hua Hin and the fabulous Takiab Beach Tel: 086 803 9085 Email: Web: 54

20% VIP


Shine Spa at Sheraton Hua Hin

Fit Station

Eastern and Western traditions inspired by Earth, Water, Air and

นวดสยาม, นวดเท้าออเรนทอล , ไวท์แซนด์ ... 暹罗按摩,东方脚底按摩,白沙...

New Zumba, Piloxing & Yoga Studio. We have a locker room, bathroom and showers. Joining us and get fit together!! ซุมบ้า, พิลอ ๊ กซิง่ และสตูดโิ อโยคะ เรามีหอ ้ งล็อกเกอร์และ ห้องอาบน้าำ ฝักบัวในสตูดโิ อของเรา

Spa & Wellness at InterContinental Hua Hin

Health Lab Hua Hin

Plants, from tranquil massages to luxurious facials.

Address: 1573 Petchkasem Road, Thambol Cha-Am · Hua Hin Tel: 032 708 000 Email: Web: 45

The serene environment of InterContinental Hua Hin Resort is an ideal place for wellness therapy, whether you would like to detox, relax, energize, or simply recharge. Address: 33/33 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 999 Email: Web:

20% VIP


Address: Soi Cholprathan 16, Canal Road Samorprong, Hua Hin Tel: 087 407 3977, 082 564 4564 Email: Web: 55

Medical Laboratory, Blood Testing บริการเจาะเลือดและสารคัดหลัง่ 放血、刺穿及试样处理 Address: Soi Hua Hin 45 and Soi Hua Hin 45/1 Tel: 032 515 920, 094 494 5649 Email: Web:

10% VIP


Nadpob Dental Clinic

White Sand Massage & Spa

Esthetic Dentistry, Implant etc. ตกแต่งทันตกรรมรากเทียม และอืน ่ ๆ 牙科美容,植入手术等

White Sand Signature Massage, Foot Massage With Aroma Oil ... นวดสยาม, นวดเท้าออเรนทอล , ไวท์แซนด์ ... 暹罗按摩,东方脚底按摩,白沙... Address: 48/2 Dechanuchid Rd. Hua Hin Tel: 085 442 6333 Email: Web:


Address: Huahin Market Village, floor 1 st Tel: 089 910 1033 Email: Web:

10% VIP


Bliss Bakery & Coffee House

Beautiful World

A Taste Of Heaven’s Bakery has come to Hua Hin. Homemade goodness. 面包店和咖啡店,自制商品

Furniture packs and interior design is at the forefront of our offerings with a wide range of collections aimed at giving your Western home a feel of the exotic.

Address: 178/221 Soi Hua Hin 82, Phetkasem Road Hua Hin Tel: 098 712 8368 Web:

Address: Showroom & Office, 17/63-64 Baan Bor Fai, Hua Hin Tel: 032 520 639 Email: Web: 58

15% VIP


Hua Hin Bakery

Hyatt Regency Hua Hin

Start your day with good bread and breakfast เริม ่ ต้นวันใหม่ดว ้ ยขนมปังมีประโยชน์สาำ หรับอาหารเช้า 完美的选择:美好的一天应由散发着面包香气的早餐开始。

Slick rooms come with open-air or enclosed balconies and sofabeds. All provide flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and iPod docks, as well as minibars and coffeemakers.

Address: 63/15-16 Chomsin Road Hua Hin Tel: 032 512 503 Email: Web:

Address: 91 Hua Hin Takiap Road Nong Kae, Hua Thanon 3 Tel: 032 521 234 Email: Web:


HH Home Living

Putahracsa Oob on bakery shop Hua Hin’s newest French-style bakery and pastry shop ใหม่ลา่ สุดในหัวหินของเบเกอรีส ่ ไตล์ฝรัง่ เศสและร้านขนมพาสตี้ 华欣最新的法式面包糕点店 Address: 22/65 Nahb Kaehat Rd. Hua Hin Tel: 032 531 470 Email: Web:

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10% VIP


Bathroom, Decking Fencing, Furniture, Hotel & Restaurant Supplies, Jacuzzi, Kitchen, Lighting, Stone, Swimming Pool, Window, Ceramic, Linen & Towels Address: 62/69 Soi Moobaan Hua-Na, Nongkae, Hua Hin Tel: 061 815 2680 Email: Web:

20% VIP


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Feasting at the Centara Friday Fiesta

Authentic Mexican food is a rich, enchanting mix of flavour, colour and texture. With a diverse history, Mexico’s cultural heritage began with the native Aztec Indian tribes and was touched by Spain, France and, eventually, America. Likewise, today’s Mexican food inherits these multiple influences. Spanish conquistadors introduced many spices into Mexico. However, the use of spices is still different in their cuisines. Mexico favours chilli powders, such as ancho, chipotle and cumin. Both cuisines often use garlic, oregano and cinnamon. Pungent and bursting with flavour, garlic lends special qualities to the final cuisine flavoring everything from meat and rice, to salsas, tortillas and sauces. Or as spoken in a Mexican accent by Pat Boone in his classic recording of Speedy Gonzales: “Hey, Rosita-I hafta go shopping downtown for my mudder-she needs some tortillas and chili peppers”! On a balmy evening at sunset, it’s hard to imagine a more idyllic setting to savour the delights of a Mexican fiesta. The subdued sounds of the ‘mood DJ’ (no Mexican Hat Dancing), with attentive wait-staff always ready to refresh our cocktail glasses resulted in a great finish to the working week.

Executive Chef Steffan has a passion for Mexican food and wanted to offer something just a little different and perhaps less formal than the usual Centara dining experience. Eating Mexican is a casual dining experience, it’s ‘hands-on’, but as Centara staff Member Khun Ning quickly discovered; to eat with dignity always make sure the taco is held over a plate! At some point you are going to spill some of the contents, but that’s OK. Khun Ning joined our table and was having her first Mexican food experience. She now understands why this cuisine is so popular across the world. Not the tidiest food, but definitely one of the tastiest.

Margarita cocktail ingredients are: 1 ounce tequila, a dash of Triple Sec, the juice of 1/2 lime or lemon. Pour over crushed ice, stir. Rub the rim of a stem glass with rind of lemon or lime and spin in salt.

If you are not familiar with Mexican food or the bebidas (drinks) which make the fiesta (feast), here’s a quick guide to the Friday Fiesta offerings:

Mojitos are cocktails that consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and garnished with a sprig of mint.

Tacos are crisp-fried corn tortillas filled with seasoned ground beef, cheese, lettuce, and sometimes tomato, onion, salsa, sour cream, and avocado or guacamole. Nachos is a dish composed of tortilla chips covered with cheese or cheese-based sauce. First created in about 1943 by Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, the original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeño peppers. Quesadillas are a flat circle of soft, thin flatbread, warmed to soften it enough to be folded in half, and then filled with a Mexican cheese and served with green or red salsa, chopped onion, and guacamole.

Caipirinha is made with cachaça, sugar and lime. Cachaça is made by the fermentation of fresh sugarcane juice that is then distilled. About The Friday Fiesta: Enjoy Mexican nachos, tacos and quesadillas plus a pitcher of margarita, mojito (the COAST signature cocktail) or caipirinha for 1,690 THB ++ per couple. Where: COAST Beach Club & Bistro at The Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin When: Fridays, 6.00 – 10.00 PM Contact: Phone 0 3251 2021-38 FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016

12 40 Oodles of Noodles at the Sheraton

In early July, Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa hosted Xi’An’s Open Table with visiting Master Chef Charles and Master Chef Alex from the Shaanxi Province of China. Held at their Inazia restaurant, the event kicked-off a week-long celebration of these two talented chefs. This is the second year the resort participated in a cultural exchange, and will be sending two Thai chefs to China in return.

This was followed by a cold rice noodle dish made with chilli oil, vinegar, bean sprouts, cucumber, and soy sauce. The cold dish was followed with a hot and sour seafood soup.

The ancient city of Xi’an, former imperial capital of China and home of the Terracotta Army, is also famous for its distinctive cuisine. Standing on the starting point of the Silk Road, Xi’an draws influences from Chinese and Islamic traders, as well as the local Shaanxi Province. The seven course menu began with handpulled noodles (biang biang) created before our eyes at a exhibition station. The biang biang noodles are named for the sound the dough makes when the chef bangs the noodles against the table.

Fried mutton with cumin was dish number four. Succulent and flavoursome I wished it was course number five as well; but we were treated to a tender fish for the fifth course called Old Chang’an Style Fish. The most interesting sounding dish on the menu was the Chinese Hamburger. And as it turns out it was the most delicious dish as well. Fatty pork was marinated with ginger,

FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016

shallots, cinnamon and aniseed then slowcooked for four hours before being minced and serviced on a pita-like bread. Dessert was a mixed fruit coconut sago, as the seventh and final course. While the event is over for this year, be sure to put it on your calendar for 2017 - this special week is not to be missed.


TAT Organises Familiarisation Trip to Promote Wine Tourism

M.R. Srichalerm Kanjanapoo, Director of Planning and Evaluation, Chaipattana Foundation (front row, 4th from left), welcomes Mr Bernard Lauret, Governor of St Emilion (front row, 3rd from left) and his group members. Bangkok, 14 July, 2016 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has broken new ground in promoting wine tourism by organising the first familiarisation trip for a select group of French wine experts. The TAT Paris Office invited Mr Bernard Lauret, Governor of St Emilion, famous for its Bordeaux wines, to head a group of six senior executives from three French wineries to visit some of Thailand’s top-class vineyards and fruit orchards between 2-5 July, 2016. Mr Tanes Petsuwan, Executive Director of the TAT’s Europe, Africa and Middle East Region, said the trip was in line with the TAT’s strategic policy to penetrate the high-end market from Europe and build the image of Thailand as a Quality Tourism Destination. Wine tourism also supports the national government’s policy to better distribute income and revenue from tourism to the grassroots of society nationwide. The French visitors witnessed grapegrowing and wine-production techniques in three spots:

The GranMonte Vineyard and winery ( on the outskirts of Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima province. The Hua Hin Hills winery (www.huahinhills. com) located 45 minutes’ drive from Hua Hin in Prachuap Khiri Khan province. The Amphawa-Chaipattananurak Conservation Project (www., an important sustainable community development centre operated by the Chai Phattana Foundation, under Royal Patronage, in Samut Songkhram province. They also visited fruit orchards and floating markets in Talat Nam Tha Kha and Talat Nam Bang Noi in Samut Songkram province. The visit concluded with a hot press medicinal herb massage, which is extremely popular with French visitors. Mr Visooth Lohitnavy, founder of GranMonte Vineyard and Winery (right), and Mr Karnchit Srinoppawan, chief of Khao Yai National Park, share the moments with the group from the French wineries.

The trip was organised with the cooperation of M.R. Srichalerm Kanjanapoo, Director of Planning and Evaluation, Chaipattana Foundation, Mr Chalerm Yoovidhya of the Siam Winery Company, Mr Visooth Lohitnavy, founder of GranMonte Vineyard and Winery, and his daughter Ms. Visootha (Nikki) Lohitnavy, the first and so far the only Thai female winemaker who has been listed on the Forbes magazine website as one of the 30 top young leaders in Asia. Officials of the Amphawa Floating Market also cooperated in the fam trip. This first visit by the group of French wine-growers, organised during their annual dry season, will go a long way towards building the image of Thailand in a rapidly emerging niche market with high potential for future growth. In 2004, the Thai Wine Association (TWA) ( was formed to promote and enhance the image of Thai wines in the domestic and international markets. The Association members are committed to upgrading quality standards and labeling requirements.

According to the Association’s website, Thai wines have been dubbed ‘New Latitude Wines’ as they have broken the barrier of 30-50° latitude north and south, which was long considered the geographical region perfect for winegrowing. Over the years, Thai wines have won more than 100 awards including Gold Medals at international wine competitions. The TWA reports that Thai wineries crush around 1,000 tons of grapes yielding around 800,000 bottles of wine per annum. The range includes dry and sweet still wines, as well as sparkling wines made in the traditional method. Wineries are subjected to an independent assessment endorsed by the Department of Science Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Contact Information International Public Relations Division Tourism Authority of Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2250 5500 ext. 4545-48 Fax: +66 (0) 2250 0246 E-mail: Website: Facebook: TAT Newsroom Twitter: TAT Newsroom Instagram: TAT Newsroom FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016

42 16 14 Rolling Across Thailand

Bicycling from the border of Myanmar across the entire width of Thailand to the coast was an adventure I won’t soon forget. That the route I took was at the narrowest point of Thailand (just 12 kilometres wide) is beside the point - I can still honestly say I bicycled across the country. Buddhist stories and other Thai style artwork. A monk warmly welcomed us and invited us to wander around inside the temple. While exploring the temple, the bikes were broken down and stored in the back of the van. We refilled our water bottles, had a bit more fresh fruit, and started the trip back to Hua Hin. But first, we stopped at a small market and got some beer to toast to a great day of riding. “Burma to the Beach – 3 Beautiful Bays in 1 Day” was the tour I joined with Hua Hin Bike Tours. The day began at 8 AM with an hourand-a-half drive south of Hua Hin to the town of Prachuap Khiri Khan, and then to the Myanmar (formerly Burmese) border. The ride was rated “easy”, which according to Hua Hin Bike Tours’ website means “suitable for anyone who can ride a bike and can manage a bit of exercise. No routes are 100% flat, so there might be the odd climb and descent, but on the whole – easy!” I will attest that with the first six kilometres being downhill, “easy” was definitely how I’d describe the trip - at least in the beginning. The tour isn’t a race, so the pace was always nice and easy, but by the end of the journey I was exhausted. Hua Hin Bike Tours is owned and operated by the Tour de Asia Bicycle Touring Company (a licensed Tourism Authority of Thailand Company). Founded in April of 2004 by Christopher Byrd, the company offers bicycle day tours, multi-day tours, and custom tours to tourists and locals alike. Christopher happened to lead the tour I joined. With us was a British couple living in Dubai (on their 5th outing with Hua Hin Bike Tours), and a British/Italian couple living in

Italy. We also had a Thai driver, who drove us to the starting point and followed us the entire route as a “safety net” should a rider become too tired to continue the journey. The bike ride started at the border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar (currently only usable by Thais and Burmese). There is a small market known as the “Saturday Market”, because on Saturdays it is really busy! Weekdays about half the stalls are open, and there are not many people so you can really get down to some serious shopping. As the bikes were being assembled, we had a chance to walk around the market and explore. Once the bikes were ready, we checked the seat heights to make sure we were comfortable, and had a brief introduction to how the bike worked (they worked just like other multi-speed bikes do). The downhill portion of the trip was a great way to start. We were able to take in the countryside, the coconut plantations, and the pineapple fields without having to pedal too much. Before we knew it, we were at the main highway and walked our bikes across to the other side (safety first) where we continued our journey to the Waghor Aquarium. Before going inside, we sat at a picnic table and gobbled down ice cold pineapple and

watermelon - and replenished our water bottles. The Waghor Aquarium is a part of the King Mongkut Memorial Park of Science and Technology at Waghor. Its objective is to become a learning centre for scientific marine ecology and the environment for students, the general public and tourists. After cooling off in the aquarium, we continued cycling along the coast and onto a Thai Air Force Base, stopping at Ao Manao (Lime Bay) - the first of three bays as advertised in the tour’s name. Here we had another break, and something even better - lunch! Lunch was a selection of Thai dishes at an open air restaurant across from the beach. We ate family style, and everyone was able to discuss the trip so far and learn more about each other. After lunch we continued along picturesque beach-front roads (still on the Air Force base) to the bottom of a mountain, where we had the chance to feed Dusky Langur monkeys corn on the cob. Once the monkeys were fed, we continued along Prachuap Bay to Ao Noi (Little Bay) - our second and third bays). We ended the journey at Wat Ao Noi - a beautiful teak wood temple with carvings and paintings of

During the trip we were tracked by the support van. Knowing there was always fresh fruit, water and first aid support just minutes away was a real comfort. We were also able to leave our belongings in the van. This was an all day outing, and I wasn’t dropped off until 5 PM. The tour is all-inclusive, we didn’t have to pay for anything other than shopping at the market. The aquarium entrance fee is covered, the lunch is covered, the food for the monkeys is covered, and even the beer at the end of the trip is covered. The “Burma to the Beach” tour cost is 3,250 THB per person. The distance we cycled was 40 kilometres (25 miles). Minimum participants two, maximum eight. Hua Hin Bike Tours offers other day tours include Dolphin Bay to Khao Kalok, Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, Morning/Evening Hell Ride, and the ever popular Gears, Grapes and Vineyards. Longer trips can also be arranged for the more avid biker, including a 5-day Bangkok to Hua Hin ride, a 9-day Bangkok to Ban Krut ride, and a 12-day Bangkok to the Gulf Islands ride - not for the faint of heart. Website: ​ Telephone: ​081-173-4469

Cicada Market Buzzing with Activity

Unlike cicadas that spend most of their lives as underground nymphs only emerging after 13 or 17 years, the Cicada Market is open and buzzing with activity every weekend - rain or shine. Friday and Saturday the market is open from 4 PM to 11 PM, and Sundays from 4 PM to 10 PM. And, just like other day and night markets in the region, entrance is free of charge. Insider’s tip: the market doesn’t really get busy until after 6pm. If you don’t like crowds or want an early meal, then head over right when they open. If you prefer people watching, larger crowds and a more festive atmosphere, visit as the sun begins to set. Cicada Market is a mix of artists, creators, designers, tourists, and students integrating cultures, arts and lifestyles. A truly unique vibe not found at other markets in the area.

While the market is divided into four zones, they all flow together as one. The zones are: Art a la Mode, Cicada Art Factory, Amphitheatre and Cicada Cuisine. The Art a la Mode section is full of craft vendors set up along winding pathways selling a variety of hand-crafted items including clothing, bags, fashion accessories, souvenirs, crafts, and cards. This area features locally-made goods that you won’t find at other markets. Along the southern most path you will find local artists selling completed works and painting on the spot. This is a prime place to pick up original artwork at reasonable prices. There is even a booth that will package your artwork and ship it wherever you desire. At the centre is Cicada Art Factory. Housed in two white buildings this is the venue for art exhibitions. The artists here are rotated regularly showcasing a variety of artistic contents, including illustrations, portraits, paintings, photographs and sculptures. The Amphitheatre provides an entertainment venue designed to educate as well as amuse visitors. Performances by bands, dance troupes, and theatre groups are held regularly. Be sure to visit the box office upon arrival for show times and to learn about upcoming events. The final zone is the food zone. Known as Cicada Cuisine, there is a plethora of local and international delights on offer. Choices include grilled seafood, grilled pork satay, Pad Thai, fried mussels, Chinese noodles, Korean BBQ, various forms of rice-based dishes, American delights and Italian pasta dishes.

FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016

One lane in the food zone not to be missed is the dessert section. Mango and sticky rice is a staple, and the coconut ice cream is incredible. The food zone works on a coupon system. The coupons are sold in white wooden buildings scattered about. There is one at the front entrance which is always busy. If you venture in a little further, you will see other booths selling the coupons. Don’t worry if you buy too many in the beginning as they can always be sold back if they go unused.

Cicada Market is a family-friendly venue, and it is easy to spend an entire night just strolling around, talking to vendors, eating up a storm, listening to music, watching street performers or catching a show. Where: Head towards Kho Takiab and you’ll find the market on the left very soon after the road also veers right towards the rail overpass. It’s only a few kilometres south of central Hua Hin.


Hua Hin Jazz Festival Getting Back on the Big Stage Many Hua Hin residents and regular visitors have been disappointed that the previously annual Hua Hin Jazz Festival has not happened in recent times.

From Sea to Sand to Table

The catch of the day doesn’t get much fresher than at the InterContinental Hua Hin Resort. From sea to sand to table, Executive Chef Riccardo Ioanna is taking the resort’s weekly seafood barbecue buffet to a whole new level. Chef Riccardo, along with a few of his kitchen team, met a fishing boat laden with fresh seafood on the beach right in front of the resort. The boat captain brought bushel after bushel of fresh crab and shrimp, along with various whole fish caught earlier that day from his boat to the waiting cooks. All of the fresh seafood was used in that evening’s seafood barbecue buffet. This unique delivery system has plans to evolve in the coming months, and diners will soon be able to select the the specific fish or crustacean they desire, cooked to their liking.

However initial partner discussions for next year’s 2017 Hua Hin Jazz Festival have now started. The Festival is due to celebrate its 15th year anniversary in 2017 and planned for Friday 26th until Sunday 28 May. Invitations for partners are now being sought by B-Concept, a Bangkok event and entertainment group that focuses on event concepts around the Asia Pacific region and Event Management. Quality international and local artists. DJ’s performers, jazz, soul, funk, r and

b, blues, Latin, world and lounge music performers with venues on the beach, in the city and in hotels around Hua Hin are invited to organise festival affiliated events and concerts.

The signature buffet takes place every Saturday at Azure restaurant from 6:30 PM to 10 PM. Cost is 1,599 THB per person and includes soft drinks, water and fresh juices. Where: 33/33 Petchkasem Road Website: Phone: +66 (0) 32 616999

The official website is to be launched soon. Keep your fingers crossed that 2017 will be the rebirth of this iconic Hua Hin event. Follow the festival and events updates on Facebook @jazzfestivalhuahin, twitter @ huahinjazz. Contact William Kuipers by email: FOOD & Entertainment, August 2016



46 When The Fashion’s Hot But You’re Not!

No matter how unbearably hot and sticky it gets outside, we are still expected to wear clothes in public (sigh). The next best thing to going au natural? Draping your body in airy silhouettes cut from lightweight natural fabrics like linen, silk, and ultra-thin cotton. Here are some foolproof pieces for surviving a heat wave in style.

VICTORIA BECKHAM Dress Between the breathable fabric and open neckline, cotton slip dresses let you dance all night without overheating.

Zara Tunic With trousers and heels at the office, at brunch with sneakers and jeans—just a few of the many ways one can wear a light linen tunic.

Mara Hoffman Shorts Pair these easy breezy striped cotton shorts with a plain white T-shirt and slides.

Uniqlo Top Eyelet lace trim not only gives this cotton top a sweetly feminine spin, but extra ventilation.

Thakoon Top A relaxed drape of a peplum means the fabric won’t stick when your back starts to sweat. (Hey, we’ve all been there!)

Calypso St. Barth Pants When in doubt, an all white linen pant is a reliable go-to.

Topshop Skirt Keep your legs cool in a lightweight breezy skirt.

Tibi Top Off-the-shoulder tops with barelythere overlays translate the trend to temperature spikes.

HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

LISA MARIE FERNANDEZ Dress Fear not the floor length dress! A breathable linen design that skims the body—like this three tier options—lets you go maxi without melting.


48 New Ford Ka+ Unveiled

The Sub-Fiesta hatchback gains two more doors, a higher level of quality and is powered by 1.2-litre petrol engine. This Ford looks quite familiar…

That’s because the all-new Ka+, is based on the Indian-built Figo. The Ka+ has been designed as an A-segment hatchback sitting below today’s B-segment Fiesta and has two more doors than its two predecessors. Although the Ka+ shares the same 2,489mm wheelbase as the Fiesta’s, it is 20mm shorter in overall length and 29mm taller in height. Ford claims sufficient space for both front and rear occupants, plus 21 stowage holes around the cabin to enhance practicality. The Ka+ is said to have higher levels of quality than the Figo because it needs to be sold in Europe, where consumers are more demanding about how their cars need to be in terms of fit and finish. No pictures of the cabin have been issued officially yet,

Can it qualify for Thailand’s Ecocar project?

The Ka+ comes with a 1.2-litre petrol engine developing either 70hp or 85hp. In any case, Ford says fuel economy is rated at 19.9kpl and CO2 at 114g/km. This means that the Ka+, in this particular specification, can’t qualify for the country’s Ecocar project. Don’t even mention the now-defunct Phase I rules which stipulated figures of at least 20kpl and no more than 120g/km.

But even if Ford manages to make the Ka+ compatible with Phase II regs – 23.3kpl and 100g/ km – it’s unlikely they’ll do so. Sure, the Ka+ can rival the Honda Brio and Suzuki Celerio, but margins are wafer-thin and Thais usually like cars with roomy interiors.

Does that mean that the next-gen Fiesta is going Ecocar?

In theory, yes. As Ford is planning to introduce an all-new replacement for today’s Fiesta by next year, it’s highly likely that it could be made in Thailand under Phase II rules. Apart from having higher sales volume around the world than the Ka+, the Fiesta can compete with other Ecocar-labelled B-segment cars like the Mazda 2, Nissan March, Suzuki Swift and Toyota Yaris more effectively. As well, the current Fiesta has the 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine that can be tuned to meet Phase II rules in the next-generation model. Hopefully, Ford will be able to find a business case for the new Fiesta falling into Ecocar Phase II project. Otherwise it would end up like Chevrolet, which stopped sales and production of the Sonic in Thailand last year.

Honda Displays ‘Sophisticated Sport’ at the Bangkok International Auto Salon 2016

MG Approved Certified Used Cars MG Sales (Thailand) Co, Ltd continues to elevate and strengthen the MG brand by launching its latest campaign, “Approved Certified Used Car by MG”, at the Fast Auto Show Thailand 2016 - a new and qualified used car sales exhibition. Approved Certified Used Car by MG has been certified and upholds the highest standards, ensuring an extensive check of 200 items in every car, and also ensuring that there is no major damage of any kind in the used vehicle’s structure, and that it hasn’t been modified in any way, apart from genuine MG accessory sets. Moreover, every MG’s approved certified used car will receive an additional warranty of 1 year or 30,000 km, and a warranty for 144 main car parts. “By offering a choice of MG’s Approved Certified Used Cars so as to meet the demands of customers who want to purchase, or who want to sell the certified used cars with the highest quality and satisfaction, we provide peace of mind in assuring an appropriate purchase and retail price. MG aims to continue to demonstrate its full commitment in quality automobile manufacturing and its attention to providing the best in superior services”, said Mr Pongsak Lertrudeewattanavong, Vice President of MG Sales (Thailand) Co, Ltd.

Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co, Ltd, in collaboration with Honda Access Asia and Oceania Co, Ltd, is featuring its genuine “Modulo” customised automobiles under the concept “Sophisticated Sport,” at the Bangkok International Auto Salon 2016.

“MG aims to reinforce customers’ confidence in every aspect, with quality products and services so as to provide the highest customer satisfaction. The Approved Certified Used Car by MG will further enhance customer confidence and strengthen the MG brand in Thailand.” More information call 1-800-999-988, Website:

Mr Pitak Pruittisarikorn, Chief Operating Officer of Honda Automobile, said, “Honda is committed to continue developing automobiles to suit all lifestyles of our customers including those who have a passion for customising their cars in a sporty style. At this event, we will exhibit Honda’s white and black edition cars and Honda cars with Modulo sportystyle accessories installed, which are available as a package or separate parts.” Mr Tadashi Ikeda, President of Honda Access Asia and Oceania Co, Ltd, said, “Honda Access Asia and Oceania Co, Ltd develops and sells genuine accessories for Honda cars under the name ‘Modulo.’ All accessories are made from high-quality materials and have passed all Honda research and development standards, so our customers can be assured of the quality and safety of our products. All Honda accessories are also environmentally friendly. “ Honda is also displaying four models of Honda cars equipped with the latest genuine Modulo accessories: the Brio Amaze, City, Civic RS, and BR-V, responding to Honda owners’ requirements when they want to accessorise and decorate their cars with modern, sleek accessories and parts. This will create a distinctive yet unique style for each model of Honda car. With Honda’s innovative R&D and testing standards, the accessories improve aerodynamics and also offer the standard 3-year/100,000 km warranty period for body kits and accessories. HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

49 Mangrove Nursery Planting at Sirinart Rajini Ecosystem Learning Centre

New Faces in Town

Feast of Food for Orphans

Amari Hua Hin introduces a new General Manager, Phanuphan Buasuang Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 26 July 2016 Amari Hua Hin is pleased to introduce Khun Phanuphan Buasuang as a new General Manager.

On July 5, department Heads and staff of Banyan The Resort Hua Hin, led by the engineering department participated in a Mangrove Nursery Planting activity arranged at Sirinath Rajini Ecosytem Learning Centre, Pak Nham Pran district. The activity started off with an introduction briefing by the instucter on the importance of mangroves to the ecosystem. The participants then got their hands and feet into the soil and dirt to plant the mangrove trees.

Dusit Thani Hua Hin recently joined other 5-star hotels in Hua Hin to host lunch and make donations to the orphans of Ban Nhong Ta Chow School for the Underprivileged in Tha Yang, Petchburi.

Banyan hopes to show that they do care about the environment and hope to be able to urge others to do the same and maintain mother nature in the best condition for many many years to come.

As part of an ongoing support project under the banner “Chef’s + F&B Get Together” chefs and F&B staff joined students for a fun-filled day of varied games and educational activities, as well as giving the children the rare opportunity to sample hotel delicacies and specialities from all the participating hotels.

Blood Donation

The Opening of Ford Jor Charoen Muang Prachuap

Holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business Administration from Assumption University in Thailand, Phanuphan has held a wide range of roles across international hotel brands and independent operators in Bangkok including Sofitel, Arnoma, Novotel and Le Fenix. He also served as hotel manager for Let’s Sea Al Fresco Resort & Spa in Hua Hin, and as cluster general manager for a collection of hotels in Bangkok and Koh Samui operated by Compass Hospitality. Most recently, he was general manager of Siam Paragon shopping complex in Bangkok, operated by The Mall Group. In his new role, Khun Phanuphan has returned to Hua Hin as general manager of the 223-room Amari Hua Hin. Located along Khao Takiab Beach, the resort is home to the Shoreline Beach Club as well as a wide range of facilities including two restaurants, meetings venues and Breeze Spa. Commenting on his new role, Phanuphan said, “I am excited to return to the hotel business, and to Hua Hin where I was previously based. I look forward to continuing the success of Amari Hua Hin as its new leader, to nurturing and developing the amazing team here, and to helping our

Mahasamutr in the Mangroves

Amorn Lew Sumrit Head of Human Resources at Bangkok Hospital lead a team of nurses and staff from the hospital who donated blood to the Red Cross The aim was to renew a reserve blood supply at the hospital.

Resort and Hotel Chefs and F&B Get Together at Baan Nong Ta Chao School

Steffen Hoffer, Centara Executive Chef (middle, back row) led chefs and Food and Beverage teams from five star hotels and resorts in Hua Hin to host lunch 84 children and donate household items to the teachers at Baan Nong Ta Chao school. The students and chefs enjoyed playing fun games together. The aim of “Chef’s and F&B Get Together” is for culinary and Food & Beverage teams to join hands together to support the local community quarterly.

Ford Thailand, led by Mr. Narong Sritalayon, Dealer Development and Consumer Experience Director, Ford Thailand (left) and Mr Wichit Wongwattanakarn (center), Customer Service Director together with Mr Kamthorn Pranthanachai, Managing Director of Jor Charoen Motor Sales Co, Ltd. (2nd from left), and management team recently celebrated the official opening of Ford Jor Charoen Muang Prachuap showroom in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.

Hua Hin Afforestation for Their Majesties

The team at Mahasamutr Country Club Hua Hin held a corporate social responsibility (CSR) mangrove planting excursion on Thursday, July 21st. The planing took place at Krailart Ni-wate or the Mangrove Ecosystem Preservation & Science Education Centre (MEPSEC). The objective was to rehabilitate and preserve the mangrove forest as a viable living ecosystem as this is the last remaining urban mangrove forest in Hua Hin. Partners in the outing were MahaSamutr Country Club, PACE CSR and MEPSEC. Mahasamutr Country Club Manager James McManaman was part of the team of 16 on hand to plant mangrove saplings. Brian Anderson, Sustainable Development Manager from Chiva-Som was on hand to explain about the centre and its objectives.

Wilaiwan Frozen Pot Pies Have Arrived

Putahracsa Hua Hin Wins World’s Top 50 Hotel Award Prestigious Recognition from

Wilaiwan Hua Hin restaurant has launched a new product - the Wilaiwan Pot Pie. Now you can take your favourite pot pie home from the restaurant with you, and prepare it whenever the mood strikes. The frozen pot pies (145 THB each) come in a special foil cup that can be microwaved or used in the oven. The pot pie is wrapped with a special packing film to preserve the pie until you are ready to eat. The pot pies are preservative-free, and come in five flavours: Beef Stew; Spinach & Ham; Tuna; Mushroom; and Curry Chicken. Currently available at Wilaiwan, they can also be delivered to any part of Thailand. Contact Wilaiwan if you are interested in ordering some pot pies, or if you are interested in becoming a re-seller. Line ID: @wilaiwanhuihin (include the @ too).

On 12th July, the mayor of Hua Hin Mr Nopporn Wutthikul, the deputy mayor Ms Pailin Kongpan, and the director of the Social Welfare Division of Hua Hin Municipality Mrs Rampha Chamlongrat, visited Hin Lek Fire Hill to monitor preparation fot the planting 1,000 cassia trees for the afforestation event, “Love Water, Love Forest, Love the Land”. Held on 27th July, this event aims to celebrate the 70th anniversary of His Majesty’s accession to the throne on 9th June and the 84th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikij on 12th August. The Hua Hin mayor joined in the planting of 200 cassia trees with military staff and patrol police. Apart from marking the auspicious events of Their Majesties, the afforestation event will raise environmental awareness for all participants.

Putahracsa Hua Hin has been named a Top 50 Beach winner and have achieved outstanding guest review ratings from customers around the world by The elite recognitions are based upon strict criteria that include guest ratings and reviews.



Lotus Villas & Resort Hua Hin Penthouse Price: 1,743,000 Living area: 60 m2 Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Living Room / Kitchen Covered Terrace: 1 Swimming pool Land: Included in Price

Lotus Suites Price: 2,541,000 Living area: 86 m2 Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 2 Living Room / Kitchen Covered Terrace: 2 Swimming pool Land: Included in Price

SENSATIONAL GETAWAY Feels like home away from home!

Lotus 1: Pool Villa Price: 3,200,000 Living area: 161 m2 Bedrooms:2 Bathrooms: 2 Living Room / Kitchen Covered Terrace Swimming pool Land: 5,000 per/m2

Lotus 2: Pool Villa Price: 3,680,000 Living area: 184m2 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Living Room / Kitchen Covered Terrace Swimming pool Land: 5,000 per/m2

Lotus 3: Two Storey Price: 3,900,000 Living area: 171 m2 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Living Room / Kitchen Covered Terrace Land: 5,000 per/m2

Lotus 4: Pool Villa Price: 4,490,000 Living area: 276 m2 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Living Room / Kitchen Covered Terrace Swimming pool Land: 5,000 per/m2

Facts: Resort facilities:

Resort facilities:



• 4 large Swimming Pools

• Shuttle Bus to the City

• Restaurant

• Mini Mart

• 17 luxury Pool villas • 1 - 2 and 3 bedroom Villas

• 3 pool bars

• Large Common Areas

Penthouses: • Second phase, open for sales • 64 units / 12 sold

• Massage and Spa

• Free Wireless Internet

• Fitness Center

• 1 km Jogging Path

• Reception and Club House

• 24 Hours security

• Lotus Villas Bar

• Games Room

Penthouses: • First phase 34 units • Completed / Sold Lotus Suites: • New, Open for sales • 42 units

Lotus Villas: • 38 Residential Villas • 35 sold / 5 Available Lotus Villas: • 34 Residential Villas • 3 sold / 32 Available

Lotus Villas & Resort Hua Hin

Telephone: 083 006 1300 & 099 285 9090 Thai: 097 221 7890 Email: Web: & Facebook: Lotus Villas & Resort Hua Hin Latitude: 12.512432 Longitude: 99.931795


52 Some Offbeat Days to Celebrate in August

At first glance, August might seem light on the holiday offerings. We dug a little deeper to find a healthy helping of celebrations to help you beat the low season blues. AUGUST 1ST: NATIONAL GIRLFRIENDS DAY

Granted, for most book lovers every day is a day to celebrate reading, but for the sake of celebration let’s open up the floor to all interpretations of what it means to be a “book lover.” Perhaps you just love the physical feel of a book, and have no interest in cracking one open. Or maybe, this day is meant to honour books in love with each other. Today is the day to exalt book lovers of all shapes, sizes, covers, and word counts.

Your Country’s National Day If you are not Thai then you will probably want to acknowledge your home country’s National Day in one way or another. Try to find a restaurant featuring the cuisine and traditional activities familiar to you. In August there are four prominent National Days. Youm-e-Azadi (Pakistan Independence Day) August 14


Rest easy, boyfriends of the world, this holiday has nothing to do with you. National Girlfriends Day honours the lady friends who are there for their lady friends. If you like gendered activities, today would be the perfect day to schedule mani-pedis with your best gal pals. AUGUST 5TH: INTERNATIONAL BEER DAY

For those world citizens who have found themselves in a right-handed-scissors-world, today the world honors your special gift. The other 364, we righties are still secretly jealous. If you were in the UK on the 13th, the Left-handers Club sponsors members-only areas called “Lefty Zones.” Okay fine, we’re jealous all 365 days. AUGUST 19TH: NATIONAL AVIATION DAY

Back in 2007, a group of friends decided to internationally dedicate a day to “gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer, celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer, and bring the world together under the united banner of beer.” And to that we say, cheers. Or salute! Or prost! Or gan bei! Well, you get the idea. AUGUST 5TH: NATIONAL UNDERWEAR DAY

Independence Day, observed annually on August 14, is a national holiday in Pakistan, commemorating the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared a sovereign nation, following the end of the British Raj in 1947. Pakistan came into existence as a result of the Pakistan Movement; the Pakistan Movement aimed for creation of an independent Muslim state by division of the northwestern region of the South Asia and was led by All-India Muslim League under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Indian Independence Day - August 15 Independence Day, observed annually on 15 August, is a National Holiday in India commemorating the nation’s independence from the British Empire on 15 August 1947. India attained independence following an Independence Movement noted for largely nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience led by the Indian National Congress (INC). Independence coincided with the partition of India, in which the British Indian Empire was divided along religious lines into the Dominions of India and Pakistan. On 15 August 1947 Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of India.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt laid out the ultimate burn by declaring Orville Wright’s birthday National Aviation Day. Why he chose to honor Orville over Wilbur in 1939 is a mystery to historians, but we think National Aviation Day is a great time to start preposterous rumors based on wild speculation. For example, Wilbur Wright was a figment of Orville’s imagination. AUGUST 24TH: NATIONAL HUG YOUR BOSS DAY

Indonesian Independence Day - August 17 The Proclamation of Indonesian Independence (Indonesian: Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia, or simply Proklamasi) was read at 10.00 AM. on Friday, August 17, 1945. The declaration marked the start of the diplomatic and armed resistance of the Indonesian National Revolution, fighting against the forces of the Netherlands and pro-Dutch civilians, until the latter officially acknowledged Indonesia’s independence in 1949. Hari Merdeka (Malaysia National Day) - August 31

Though we cannot prove it, we smell quite the collusion between International Beer Day and this fest of unmentionables. Whether coincidence or conspiracy, celebrating these two August 5th holidays does not have to be mutually exclusive. You may even get a free pair of undies out of it. AUGUST 9TH: BOOK LOVER’S DAY

While it appears to have originated in the UK, the principles of this special day apply around the world. For one day of the year, set aside your frustrations and show your boss a little appreciation with a physical embrace. Please make sure to first check all company HR codes – thoroughly.

Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) is a national day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957, celebrated on 31 August each year. This should not be confused with Hari Malaysia (Malaysia Day) when Malaysia was formed on 16 September 1963 together by Federation of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore. June 2016 HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

53 About three new Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin Members

The Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin is an English language club with 45 members from 17 different nations. On August 2nd, at the Swiss National Day Celebration at the Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa, the Swiss Ambassador to Thailand will attend a celebration which will be joined by Rotary Members. There are currently 10 Swiss Rotary Members with the current President and past President Paul Grab, both being Swiss nationals. President Gianni Battistini has welcomed three new Rotarians who are anticipated to further increase the club’s capacity to achieve this year’s direction to see “Rotary Serving Humanity“.

Name: Torsten Voigt Nationality: German Professional Background: Studied management and development in real estate. Management and budget control, especially for government-funded projects and specialising in the restora tion of old and damaged buildings. Current Position: Since 2010, as a consultant for entrepreneurs and expats, including work permits, business licenses and accounting with Tuk Hua Hin Accounting & Law. Why did I join Rotary? “Anyone who keeps their eyes open can hardly miss the plight of underprivileged people. I thought many times about how to help. As a single person I was helping in a minor way, but I also felt helpless sometimes and I was thinking about more effective ways to help people in need. I have realised the more efficient way to support the underprivileged rather than as an individual is through the ideals of Rotary.”

World Bank Forecasts Thailand’s Economy to Grow 2.5 Percent in 2016

Continuing economic reforms and addressing the ageing population are described as critical priorities. Thailand’s economy is expected to grow by 2.5 percent in 2016, after growing 2.8 percent last year. While the global economy has been weakening and exports have been slowing, strong fundamentals and ample fiscal and monetary buffers will help Thailand weather shocks, according to the 2016 Thailand Economic Monitor released by the World Bank. Fiscal stimulus and tourism will remain key drivers of economic growth in Thailand, but the economy still faces headwinds on the path to a broad-based and sustained recovery. The slowdown has exposed structural challenges in implementing public investment, maintaining or raising export competitiveness, and addressing skills mismatches, the report said. The ageing of the working-age population will begin to affect the Thai economy within the next five years. “I am pleased to note that the World Bank has given due credit to the current government in the rapid turnaround of the Thai economy by way of fiscal stimulus measures as well as long-term reforms in infrastructure investment and state enterprises to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth.” said Mr Kiatchai Sophastienphong, Vice Minister for Finance. The Thailand Economic Monitor series provides an analytical perspective on key policy challenges facing the country, including Thailand’s ageing society. The working-age population of Thailand is expected to shrink by around 11 percent as a share of the total population between

now and 2040, from just under 49 million to around 40.5 million people. This projected decline is higher in Thailand than any developing country in East Asia. Enhancing labor productivity therefore will be key. Moreover, compared with ageing highincome countries, Thailand is ageing at a much lower income level, which highlights the importance of policy reforms in many areas, including pensions, health care and long-term care. “While ageing poses real challenges for Thailand, it is also an opportunity to implement key reforms that will promote healthy and productive ageing for more Thais,” said Ulrich Zachau, World Bank Country Director for Southeast Asia. “Preparing for an ageing population will make it especially important for Thailand to improve the quality of education and upgrade skills of the shrinking labor force, increase women’s participation in the job market, and ensure affordable and sustainable care for older people.” Thailand is located in a region with bright growth prospects and a relatively young population compared to the rest of the world. East Asia is projected to grow 6.3 percent in 2016. ASEAN, with over 600 million people, is a market with vast human and resource potential. Thailand can leverage on these trade and investment opportunities as it undertakes planned reforms in education, competitiveness and skills to create a prosperous future for today’s youth while ensuring sustainable care for older generations.

Name: Reetika Saha Nationality: France Professional Background: Hotel Management in Delhi and in the field of food and beverage for the Hyatt Regency.

Name: Napa Keawtem Nationality: Thai Professional Background: Flight Attendant

Current Position: Retired

Why did I join Rotary? “36 years ago, I was an exchange student, invited by a Rotary club to stay one year in Oslo, Norway. I visited many Rotary Club meetings together with other students from many countries.

Why did I join Rotary? “I was a member of the International Women Club and Glow in India, a club which helps underprivileged people. We helped women thrown out from their marriage, beaten or not provided with sufficient dowry. We found them homes to work or gave them jobs like stitching or cooking for those 72 kids who came to our project. I was aware of Rotary as my dad was a member of Lions Club and Rotary, I always wanted to be a member one day and work for people and society. The idea to help one another in our society is of great importance to me.”

Current Position: Retired

This was a wonderful experience and, most important, it made my dreams come true, professionally and personally. This was reason enough to join Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin and to support our projects, especially in helping and teaching the youth.”

For more information:

Some Important Regional Contacts Organisation Hua Hin Cha-Am Police 191 (Emergency) 191 (Emergency) 032 511 027 032 471 321 Highway Police 1193 Tourist Police 1155 Fire Station 199 (Emergency) 199 (Emergency) 032 511 666 Ambulance 1554 Medical Emergency 1669 Electrical Call Centre 1129 Alcoholics Anonymous 089 587 682 Bangkok Hospital 1719 033 616 800 San Paolo 032 532 576 Cha Am Hospital 032 471 808 Hua Hin Hospital 032 520 401

Transport Bus Station Railway Station

032 514 477 032 512 770

032 471 159

Government Muncipality Immigration Tourist Info Centre Water Supply Post Office Power Board

032 511 047 1132 032 522 656 032 511 047 032 471 005 032 511 677 032 477 646 032 511 063 032 477 252 032 512 215 032 472 069


54 Khao Laem National Park; Exploring the Wilds of Kanchanaburi Khao Laem National Park is in the north west of Kanchanaburi province, it covers Khao Laem Reservoir and the surrounding fertile forests in both Sangkhlaburi and Thong Pha Phum districts. The park was created in 1987 to honour the Kings 60th birthday, it covers an area of 1,497 square kilometres. The park is a peaceful jungle sanctuary offering a wide selection of recreation activities. Khao Laem National Park is a great place to rest in a natural setting enjoying the sights and sounds of the forest and perhaps taking a swim in the refreshing waters. There are fantastic camping spots near to the water’s edge and unique fishing opportunities from floating houses on the reservoir. This is the place for trekking, natural trails, birdwatching, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and caving.

What to see

at Khao Laem National Park

Mon Bridge Mon Bridge is a crossing between Sangkhla Buri and Mon villages. The 850 metre long wooden bridge across the Songkaria River is a famous viewpoint overlooking the merging point of three rivers; the Songkaria, Bikhli and Ranti. The Mon Bridge, the longest wooden bridge in Thailand, is officially called Uttamanusorn Bridge to honour Luang Phor Uttama, former abbot of Wat Wang Wiwekaram. The bridge collapsed and was rebuilt in 2014. Namtok Kateng Cheng This is a 23 level waterfall with trails to see a combination of tropical trees and wildlife. Guides are available at the park’s office and accommodations and camping spaces are also available. Giant Tree If you love nature and trees then reaching a giant tree located near the 16th level of the Kateng Cheng waterfall is worth the trek. With huge roots, at least 13 adults holding hands are needed to encircle the base. Pom Pee View Point From Pom Pee you can clearly see the scenery of the reservoir and also beautiful sunsets.

HUA HIN TODAY, August 2016

The area is suitable for camping, birdwatching, sailing, swimming etc. Campsite is available about 2 km from the headquarters. Khao Yai Viewpoint This is a recently developed attraction with a vast area suitable for camping. A 2 days, 1 night adventure nature trail is soon to be opened. Krieng Kawia Pond Krieng Kawia Pond is near the waterfall, the field around the pond is a haven for birdwatchers. Some of the species include whistling duck, moorhen, coucal and bee eater. In the forest around the pond there are woodpecker, barbet and great pied hornbill. Underwater Old Temple The Underwater Temple is the old Wat Wang Wiwekaram, which was built in 1955. The location of this old temple was called Sam Prasob – the hill area with 3 rivers joining close by. In 1984, there was a government project to build Vachiralongkorn Dam (Khao Laem Dam) as a hydro-electricity project with the water level raised over an area of 400 acres. The residents of more than a thousand buildings needed to be evacuated and this temple was submerged and rebuilt on a hill to the west of the Kwai Noi riverbank. The old temple is known as the Underwater Temple. Depending on the water level some parts may be above water. During the rainy or winter season, visitors can only look around the temple by hiring a boat. Putta Kkaya Chedi Phra Phuttha Khaya Chedi is nearby and built as a smaller replicate Phuttha Khaya Chedi, India. This is because the place that the Lord Buddha received enlightenment. At the entrance there are two lion statues in Mon style to guard against evil spirits and Buddha images surround the building. The holy relics enshrined were brought from India by Abbott Uttama. Visitors will find souvenirs at the front of Phra Phuttha Khaya Chedi including Burmese products.

Pom Pee Campsite Pom Pee campsite is in a great spot right next to Khao Laem Reservoir. There are plenty of places to pitch a tent, if you don’t have your own you can hire a tent and camping equipment from the lodge at the entrance. The grounds are a spotlessly clean grass area. You will be provided with your own sink to wash your dishes and there is also a well maintained toilet and shower building close by. On the way to Khao Laem The route to go to Khao Laem National Park it‘s one of the most beautiful in Thailand, between mountains and valleys, forest and fog with viewpoints to see the reservoir from above. How to get there Kanchanaburi is about 4 hours driving from Hua Hin. Khao Laem National Park Headquarters and Pom Pee viewpoint are located just off the main road (number 323) that runs through Kanchanaburi Province. The distance from Kanchanaburi town is around 200 kilometres. After passing Thong Pha Phum district, carry on for around 30 minutes until you see the sign for the national park on the right.

The reservoir and scenic camping ground at Pom Pee viewpoint is slightly past the Khao Laem main entrance on the left side of the road. Visitors can also take a VIP Bus or mini bus from Kanchanaburi bus terminal in the city. The bus will go to Sungklaburi, but visitors can get off the bus at this national park on the way. The main road running through Kanchanaburi is usually very quiet, it is ideal for tourists who hire a car and explore the province at their own pace. The road is in good condition and reasonably flat and straight all the way from Kanchanaburi town to the district of Sangkhlaburi in the far north of the Province. Admission: 200 THB adults, 100 THB children. Contact: Tel. 0 3454 6802, 0 3453 2099 The National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department You could easily spend a week or more driving around this area, camping or staying in bungalows at national park headquarters and stopping off at great attractions along the way.


Affordable Elegance In Town


Office Address : Mil Pool Villas Address : 158, Hua Hin Soi 102, Nong Gae, HuaHin, Prachuapkhirikhan 77110, Thailand



“ไตรกีฬานานาชาติ” (The Queen’s Cup Hua Hin Triathlon International 2016) ชิงถ้วยพระราชทาน สมเด็จพระนางเจ้าพระบรมราชินนี าถ วันที่ 13-14 ส.ค. 2559 จุดเริม่ ต้นและสิน้ สุดที่ บึง Wake Board ของสวนนํา้ Black Mountain Water Park ตำ�บลเขาหินเหล็กไฟ อำ�เภอหัวหิน จังหวัดประจวบคีรขี นั ธ์ เนือ่ งในโอกาสมหามงคลเฉลิมพระชนมพรรษา สมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิรกิ ติ ์ิ พระบรมราชินนี าถ บริษทั สปอร์ต ไบซิเคิล จำ�กัด ร่วมกับ โกแอดเวนเจอร์เอเชีย ได้รบั เกียรติจดั การแข่งขัน หัวหิน ไตรกีฬา ชิงถ้วยพระราชทาน สมเด็จ พระนางเจ้า ฯ พระบรมราชินนี าถ ครัง้ ที่ 8 ประจำ�ปี 2559 มีก�ำ หนดจัดการแข่งขันจำ�นวน 2 วัน วันเสาร์ท่ี 13 สิงหาคม 2559 จะมีการแข่งขันสปริน้ ไตรกีฬา ประกอบด้วย ว่ายนํา้ ระยะทาง 750 เมตร ปัน่ จักรยาน ระยะทาง 20 กิโลเมตร วิง่ ระยะทาง 5 กิโลเมตร และการแข่งขันทวิกฬี า ประกอบด้วย วิง่ ระยะทาง 2.50 กิโลเมตร ปัน่ จักรยาน ระยะทาง 20 กิโลเมตร และวิง่ ระยะทาง 5 กิโลเมตร วันอาทิตย์ท่ี 14 สิงหาคม 2559 การแข่งขันไตรกีฬา โอลิมปิค ประกอบด้วย ว่ายนา้ํ ระยะทาง 1,500 เมตร ปัน่ จักรยาน ระยะทาง 40 กิโลเมตร วิง่ ระยะทาง 10 กิโลเมตร ทัง้ นี้ จุดปล่อยตัว/เส้นชัย และจุดเปลีย่ นการแข่งขันจะจัด ที่ แบล็ค เมาน์เทน วอเตอร์พาร์ค ซึง่ อยูห่ า่ งจากตัวเมืองหัวหิน ประมาณ 15 กิโลเมตร และอัตราค่าลงทะเบียนรวมบัตรผ่านสวน นา้ํ เช่นกัน เส้นทางการแข่งขันว่ายนํา้ ในสระนํา้ แบล็คเมาเทนส์ เวค บอร์ด ปัน่ จักรยานทางเรียบทีป่ รับเปลีย่ นเล็กน้อยจากปี 2558 และ เส้นทางวิง่ ทีไ่ ด้รบั การออกแบบใหม่ให้นา่ สนใจมากขึน้ นอกจากถ้วยรางวัลพระราชทานฯ นักไตรกีฬาแนวหน้า อาชีพมีโอกาสชิงเงินรางวัลมูลค่า รวมทัง้ สิน้ 550,000 บาท จาก สปอร์ต ไบซิเคิล และนักกีฬาทุกท่านมีสทิ ธิล์ นุ้ จับรางวัลพิเศษ

พ.อ.สุรวุฒิ ชุตวิ ทิ ย์ รอง ผอ.กอ.รมน.จังหวัดประจวบคีรขี นั ธ์ เป็นประธานเปิดการอบรมพัฒนาเครือข่าย มวลชนสัมพันธ์ชมุ ชนภายในเขตเทศบาล ณ ห้องประชุมดำ�เนินเกษม สนง.เทศบาลเมืองหัวหิน โดยมี พ.อ.สุรนิ ทร์ เศรษฐศักดาศิริ หน.กลุม่ งานข่าว กอ.รมน.จังหวัดประจวบคีรขี นั ธ์ กล่าวรายงาน นายนพพร วุฒกิ ลุ นายกเทศมนตรี เมืองหัวหิน สมาชิกสภาเทศบาล รองปลัดเทศบาล ผอ.กองการศึกษา ผอ.กองสวัสดิการสังคม ผูน้ �ำ ชุมชนในเขต เทศบาลทัง้ 39 ชุมชน เข้าร่วมประชุมเพือ่ แลกเปลีย่ นความมัน่ คงระหว่างชุมชน รับรูค้ วามเคลือ่ นไหวด้านความมัน่ คง และเพิม่ พูนความรูเ้ รือ่ งการมีสว่ นร่วมแก้ไขปัญหาในชุมชน พร้อมร่วมสร้างเครือข่ายแหล่งข่าวประชาชนในการเฝ้าระวัง แจ้งภัยคุกคามด้านต่างๆ ในพืน้ ทีใ่ ห้กบั เจ้าหน้าทีร่ ฐั รับทราบต่อไป

ทีว่ ทิ ยาลัยเกษตรและเทคโนโลยีเพชรบุรี อ.ชะอำ� นายสนิท ขาวสอาด ผูว้ า่ ราชการจังหวัดเพชรบุรเี ป็นประธาน พร้อมด้วย นายยุทธนา สมบูรณ์จติ ต์ เกษตรและสหกรณ์จงั หวัด นายโสภณ คงเทียบ เกษตรจังหวัด นายประพันธ์ ลีปยะคุณ ประมงจังหวัด และนายคัมภีร์ สายะสนธิ ผูอ้ �ำ นวยการวิทยาลัยเกษตรและเทคโนโลยีเพชรบุรี โดยมีหวั หน้า ส่วนราชการ เกษตรกร ลือ่ มวลชนเข้าร่วมเป็นจำ�นวนมาก กลุม่ จังหวัดภาคกลางตอนล่าง 2 ประกอบด้วย จังหวัดเพชรบุรี สมุทรสงคราม สมุทรสาคร และประจวบคีรขี นั ธ์ เป็นกลุม่ จังหวัดทีศ่ กั ยภาพในการผลิตสินค้าทางการเกษตร ทัง้ ด้านพืช ปศุสตั ว์ และประมง ตลอดจนผลิตภัณฑ์แปรรูป ทางการเกษตร ประชาชนส่วนใหญ่ประกอบอาชีพเกษตรกรรม มีสถาบันเกษตรกรและสหกรณ์ทเ่ี ข้มแข็ง มีหน่วยงาน ราชการและภาคเอกชนทีม่ คี วามพร้อมในการผลักดันและพัฒนาให้เกษตรกรไปสูก่ ารพัฒนาอย่างยัง่ ยืน การจัดงาน เกษตรแฟร์น้ี จัดขึน้ เพือ่ ส่งเสริมให้เกษตรกรนำ�ผลผลิตทางการเกษตรมาแสดง ประกวด และจำ�หน่าย อีกทัง้ ยังสามารถ สร้างโอกาสในการเชือ่ มโยงตลาดระหว่างผูผ้ ลิตและผูบ้ ริโภคอีกด้วย โดยจะจัดขึน้ ระหว่างวันที่ 8-14 สิงหาคม 2559 รวม 7 วัน ณ วิทยาลัยเกษตรและเทคโนโลยีเพชรบุรี ตำ�บลสามพระยา อำ�เภอชะอำ� โดยมีการเผยแพร่วชิ าการทางการ เกษตร นวัตกรรมใหม่ทางการเกษตร เครือ่ งจักรกลทางการเกษตรใหม่ๆ การประกวดผลผลิตทางการเกษตร การแสดง และจำ�หน่าย โดยไฮไลท์ของงานคือการเผยแพร่นวัตกรรมการเกษตรสมัยใหม่ เช่นโคเนือ้ เพชรบุรี การนำ�โดรนมาใช้ ในการฉีดยากำ�จัดศัตรูพชื เช่นมะพร้าวทีม่ คี วามสูง การเลีย้ งสาหร่ายพวงองุน่ การใช้พลังงานแสงอาทิตย์กบั การเกษตร ทัง้ นีใ้ นการแถลงข่าว ได้มกี ารนำ�โคเนือ้ เพชรบุรี เป็นโคพ่อพันธุ์ ชือ่ หมูหยอง สุดยอดโคพันธุเ์ นือ้ เพชรบุรมี าแสดง ซึง่ มีน�ำ้ หนักตัว 1500 กิโลกรัม การสาธิต นำ�โดรนมาใช้ในการพ่นยาพ่นปุย๋ บริเวณทุง่ ปอเทืองของวิทยาลัย , การปลูกพืช ผักผลไม้ในโรงเรือนกางมุง้ เป็นต้น งานเกษตรแฟร์ เพชรบุรกี ลุม่ จังหวัดภาคกลางตอนล่าง 2 ประจำ�ปี 2559 มีการจำ�หน่ายสินค้าจากผูผ้ ลิตผู้ ประกอบการจาก 4 จังหวัด กิจกรรมบันเทิง เช่นแข่งขันขนฟางขึน้ รถอีแต๋น อีแต๋นอินเตอร์โชว์ รำ�วงย้อนยุค ประกวด ร้องเพลงไทยลูกทุง่ ฯลฯ พบกับนิทรรศการนวัตกรรมพืช นวัตกรรมด้านการประมง นวัตกรรมด้านปศุสตั ว์ ภายใต้ชอ่ื “เปิดประตูสปู่ ศุสตั ว์เมืองเพชร” การเสวนาทางวิชาการเกษตรสมัยใหม่ นวัตกรรมเครือ่ งจักรกลทางการเกษตร ผูว้ า่ ราชการจังหวัดเพชรบุรจี งึ ขอเชิญชวนทุกท่าน เทีย่ วงานเกษตรแฟร์ เพชรบุรกี ลุม่ จังหวัดภาคกลางตอนล่าง 2 ประจำ�ปี 2559 วันที่ 8-14 สิงหาคม 2559 น ณ วิทยาลัยเกษตรและเทคโนโลยีเพชรบุรี ประชาสัมพันธ์จงั หวัดเพชรบุรี

ผู้นำ�กลุ่มเยาวชนเปิดตัว กลุ่มกระตอย มัคคุเทศก์น้อย เข้าสู่กระบวนการเรียนรู้ “รูดส์” รากเหง้าของเมืองหัวหินทางด้านธรรมชาติ นิเวศน์ ชุมชนวิถชี วี ติ และวัฒนธรรมเก่าๆ ในอดีต ทีว่ ดั อัมพารามหัวหิน อ.หัวหิน จ.ประจวบฯ น.ส.อินทิราประคำ�ทอง และ นายอนันตชัย แจ้ง เหตุ หัวหน้ากลุม่ เยาวชนเมืองหัวหิน จัดทำ�โครงการ กลุ่ม “กระตอยมั ค คุ เทศก์ น้อ ย” โดยนำ � เด็ ก นักเรียนในแต่ละโรงเรียนจำ�นวน 80 คน เข้าค่าย ฝึกอบรมสร้างภูมคิ วามรูใ้ ห้เกิดความรูค้ วามเป็นมา ของเมืองหัวหินจากในอดีตถึงปัจจุบนั ทัง้ ความเป็น ธรรมชาติ สิ่ ง แวดล้ อ ม ชุ ม ชน วิ ถี ชี วิ ต และ วัฒนธรรมรวมทัง้ การเปลีย่ นแปลงของเมืองหัวหิน น.ส.อินทิราประคำ�ทอง กล่าวว่าขณะนีเ้ มืองหัวหินเข้าสูร่ ปู แบบของเปลีย่ นแปลงจากชุมชนเล็กๆ มาเป็น เมืองใหญ่ทางด้านอุตสาหกรรมการท่องเทีย่ ว การค้า และแหล่งทีอ่ ยูอ่ าศัยของกลุม่ คนรุน่ ใหม่ทง้ั ชาวไทยและชาวต่าง ชาติ จนทำ�ให้เมืองหัวหินนัน้ ขาดอดีต ขาดรากเหง้า (รูดส์) ซึง่ เป็นแกนของบ้านเมือง ตนเองและคณะกลุม่ ฯ รวมทัง้ นายอำ�เภอหัวหิน ผูอ้ �ำ นวยการท่องเทีย่ วจังหวัดประจวบคีรขี นั ธ์-หัวหิน และกลุม่ ครู จึงได้น�ำ เด็กนักเรียนของแต่ละ โรงเรียนในเขตเทศบาลฯ มาเข้าค่ายฝึกอบรมและให้เรียนรูท้ างด้านการดูแลรักษาความเป็นธรรมชาติชายหาดทะเล การ ดูแลสิง่ แวดล้อมภายในบ้าน ชุมชน เมือง โรงเรียน วิถชี วี ติ ของผูค้ นในแต่ละชุมชน หมูบ่ า้ น และทีส่ �ำ คัญทีส่ ดุ ๆ คือ “วัฒนะธรรมประเพณี” ทีเ่ มืองหัวหินเคยมีมาตัง้ แต่ในอดีตกาลทัง้ การแสดง การละเล่น วันสำ�คัญประจำ�ปีอย่างเช่น ตรุษสงกรานต์ ลอยกระทง และอืน่ ๆ



ทีโ่ รงแรมหัวหินแกรนด์ฯ อ.หัวหิน จ.ประจวบฯ ดร.ทวี นริสศิริกุล ผู้ว่าราชกาลจังหวัดประจวบคีรีขันธ์ ระดมหัวหน้าส่วนราชการ หอการค้าฯ อุตสาหกรรม ตัวแทนภาคเอกชนทางด้านการท่องเที่ยว การค้า การ โรงแรม ฯลฯ ร่วมประชุมเพือ่ เตรียมจัดแผนพัฒนาจังหวัด ประจวบ ฯ ใน 4 ปี ข้างหน้าโดยเริม่ ตัง้ แต่ปี พ.ศ.25612564 โดยให้ทางคณะวิทยากรจากมหาวิทยาลัยทางด้าน เศรษฐกิจ อุตสาหกรรม การค้าและรัฐศาสตร์บรรยายถึง รูปแบบและศักยภาพทีม่ อี ยูใ่ นจังหวัดของแต่ละอำ�เภอทัง้ การท่องเทีย่ ว การโรงแรม การเกษตร เกษตรอุตสาหกรรม การให้การบริการ ฯลฯ ได้ทราบถึงแนวทางทีจ่ ะยกระดับ ปรับพืน้ ฐานแต่ละธุรกิจ ให้เป็นไปตามความต้องการของ การตลาด การผลิตที่มีเป้าหมาย รวมทั้งคุณภาพของ ผลิตภัณฑ์สง่ิ ของทีม่ อี ยูใ่ ห้มคี ณ ุ ภาพ ประสิทธิภาพ รวม ทั้งให้รู้เส้นทางของระบบเศรษฐกิจของกลุ่มประเทศ อาเซียน-ยุโรป-สหรัฐอเมริกาของ “ดีมาร์น-ซับพลาย” โดยให้ผเู้ ข้าร่วมแบ่งกลุม่ และแนะนำ�ทัง้ ปัญหา ทีเ่ กิดขึน้ ภายในจังหวัดประจวบฯ และแนวทางทีจ่ ะให้ทาง ภาครัฐในระดับจังหวัดและระดับรัฐบาล ได้ช่วยเหลือ พร้อมทั้งให้มีการอภิปรายความต้องการของผู้ประการ แต่ละรายทีป่ ระสพปัญหาทัง้ สาธารณูปโภค การลงทุนทาง ด้านการเงิน ภาษีอากร และอืน่ ๆ ซึง่ เมือ่ ได้ปญ ั หาทัง้ หมด และรูปแบบในการพัฒนาแล้วทางจังหวัดก็จะบรรจุเป็น โครงการแต่ละอย่างให้การดูแลช่วยเหลือและนำ�เสนอต่อ ทางรัฐบาล เพือ่ นำ�เป็นแผนในระดับชาติตอ่ ไป ซึง่ รูปแบบการระดมสมอง (เบนสตอม) นีท้ าง รัฐบาลกำ�หนดลงมาให้ทว่ั ประเทศ 76 จังหวัดเร่งดำ�เนิน การเพือ่ จะได้รบั ข้อมูลของปัญหาทีเ่ กิดขึน้ มาในแต่ละภาค แต่ละจังหวัด ทีแ่ ตกต่างกันไปมอบให้กบั ทางคณะรัฐมนตรี

และรัฐมนตรีแต่ละกระทรวง รับไปเป็นแนวเชิงนโยบาย ปฏิบัติโดยใช้รูปแบบลักษณะของจากฐานบิรามิดสูยอด แล้วสัง่ การลงมา ดร.ทวี ฯ กล่าวว่า หลังจากที่ตนเองมารับ ตำ�แหน่ง ผวจ.นั้นพบว่าจังหวัดประจวบประจวบฯ มี ศักยภาพทีส่ งู มากโดยเฉพาะพืน้ ทีภ่ มู ศิ าสตร์นน้ั ได้เปรียบ จังหวัดอืน่ ๆ เนือ่ งจากทุกๆ อำ�เภอมีชายหาด-ทะเล-ภูเขา เป็ น ของตั ว เองซึ่ ง สิ่ ง ที่ ต ามมาก็ คื อ การท่ อ งเที่ ย ว การเกษตร อุตสาหกรรม การประมง การค้า การโรงแรม ลฯล ซึง่ ในแต่ละปีนน้ั ก็มเี ม็ดเงินจากนักท่องเทีย่ วและผูท้ ่ี เข้ามาเยือน มาใช้จา่ ยกันเป็นจำ�นวนมากซึง่ ปีหนึง่ ๆ นัน้ ก็ เป็นหมืน่ ล้านในส่วนของปัญหาทีไ่ ด้พบภายในจังหวัดประ จวบฯ นัน้ เป็นปัญหาทีใ่ หญ่ทส่ี ดุ ก็เห็นจะเป็นปัญหาภัยแล้ง ซึง่ ก็จะพบได้วา่ ตัง้ แต่เดือนมิถนุ ายน-พฤษภาคม ในแต่ละ อำ�เภอจะขาดแคลนน้ำ�ดิบเพราะทัง้ จังหวัดประจวบฯ มี เขือ่ นอยู่ 3 แห่ง เขือ่ นปราณบุรี เขือ่ นยางชุม และเขือ่ น ที่ตัวเมือง ซึ่งส่วนนี้แหละที่เป็นปัญหาให้กับโรงแรม โรงงานอุตสาหกรรม การเกษตร ฯลฯ เส้นทางคมนาคม ซึง่ ความยาว 200 กว่า กม. นัน้ ถนนเพชรเกษมคับแคบ และเกิดการจราจรทีแ่ ออัดโดยเฉพาะในเมืองหัวหิน ภัย ทางทะเล เกิดการกัดเซาะของคลืน่ ขนาดขนาดใหญ่ตาม ชายฝัง่ ของแต่ละอำ�เภอ และอืน่ ๆ รวมทัง้ ภัยจากศัตรูพชื ในสวนมะพร้าวและพืชพันธ์อน่ื ๆ เหล่านีค้ อื ปัญหาหลัก สำ�หรับปัญหาทั้งหมดที่มีอยู่และปัญหาที่ได้รับ เพิม่ จากทางคณะผูเ้ ข้าร่วมประชุมนัน้ เองในฐานะ ผูว้ า่ ราช กาลจังหวัดประจวบคีรีขันธ์ ก็จะนำ�เสนอขอจัดสรรเงิน งบประมาณ รวมทัง้ ให้แต่ละกระทรวงของรัฐบาล ได้มา ร่วมดูแลแก้ไขเพือ่ ให้เป็นไปตามแผนพัฒนาระดับจังหวัด ต่อไป

รัฐบาล เชิญชวนผูม้ รี ายได้นอ้ ย ลงทะเบียนเพือ่ สวัสดิการแห่งรัฐ ถึงวันที่ 15 สิงหาคม 2559 แนะ ครอบครัวสำ�รวจคนใกล้ชิด กระตุ้นร่วมโครงการผ่าน ธนาคาร 3 แห่ง ซึง่ ฐานข้อมูลสามารถนำ�ไปใช้ชว่ ยเหลือ ประชาชนได้ตรงจุด พลตรี สรรเสริญ แก้วกำ�เนิด โฆษกประจำ� สำ�นักนายกรัฐมนตรี เปิดเผยว่า รัฐบาลขอเชิญชวนผูว้ า่ ง งานหรือผูม้ รี ายได้ไม่เกิน 1 แสนบาทต่อปี สัญชาติไทย และอายุ 18 ปีขน้ึ ไป เข้าร่วมโครงการลงทะเบียนเพือ่ สวัสดิการแห่งรัฐ เพือ่ ให้ความช่วยเหลือผูม้ รี ายได้นอ้ ย โดยตรงอย่างถูกต้องและเหมาะสม โดยรัฐบาลมีฐาน

ข้อมูลทีส่ ามารถใช้ประโยชน์ได้ ซึง่ นายกรัฐมนตรี ต้องการ ให้พ่นี ้องประชาชนใช้โอกาสที่ได้อยู่ร่วมกันสำ�รวจตรวจ สอบว่า มีญาติพน่ี อ้ งหรือบุคคลใกล้ชดิ ในครอบครัวเข้า ข่ายคุณสมบัตดิ งั กล่าวหรือไม่ โดยสามารถไปลงทะเบียน ด้วยความสมัครใจได้ท่ี ธนาคารกรุงไทย ธนาคารออมสิน และ ธกส. ทุกสาขาทัว่ ประเทศ ตัง้ แต่บดั นี้ – 15 สิงหาคม 2559 และจะต้องยินยอมเปิดเผยข้อมูล เช่น รายได้ ทรัพย์สนิ เจ้าหนี้ และจำ�นวนหนีส้ นิ ทีค่ งค้าง เป็นต้น พลตรี สรรเสริญ กล่าวว่า ผูท้ ล่ี งทะเบียนไม่ ต้องวิตกกังวลว่าเมือ่ ให้ขอ้ มูลกับทางภาครัฐแล้วจะต้อง เสียภาษี เพราะหากเป็นผูว้ า่ งงาน หรือมีรายได้นอ้ ยไม่ถงึ เกณฑ์ทร่ี ฐั กำ�หนด ก็ไม่เข้าข่ายผูเ้ สียภาษีอยูแ่ ล้ว ในทาง ตรงกันข้าม หากผูม้ รี ายได้นอ้ ยไม่ไปลงทะเบียน ก็อาจจะ เสียสิทธิร์ บั สวัสดิการจากภาครัฐ เช่น รถไฟฟรี รถเมล์ฟรี หรือสวัสดิการอืน่ ๆ ทีจ่ ะมีขน้ึ ในอนาคตได้ ข้อมูลทีไ่ ด้จากการลงทะเบียนจะถูกส่งไปยังกรม สรรพากร เพือ่ จัดเก็บข้อมูลและตรวจสอบความถูกต้อง และจะเชื่อมโยงไปยังฐานข้อมูลทะเบียนราษฎรของ กระทรวงมหาดไทย เพือ่ ประมวลผลข้อมูลผูม้ รี ายได้นอ้ ย และนำ�ไปใช้จดั สวัสดิการสังคมแก่ประชาชนในระยะต่อ ไป อย่างไรก็ตาม หากประชาชนไปลงทะเบียนไม่ทนั ในปี นี้ ยังสามารถดำ�เนินการได้ในปีตอ่ ๆ ไป โดยรัฐบาลจะ เปิดรับลงทะเบียน ระหว่างวันที่ 1 – 30 กันยายนของ แต่ละปี

นางสาวไพลิน กองพันธ์ รองนายกเทศมนตรีเมืองหัวหิน พร้อมด้วย นางรัมภา จำ�ลองราช ผอ.กองสวัสดิการ สังคมและเจ้าหน้าทีใ่ นสังกัด และทีมวิทยากรชมรมดอกไม้บานเทศบาลเมืองหัวหิน ร่วมเดินรณรงค์เชิญชวนผูส้ งู อายุ ทีม่ อี ายุ 60 ปีขน้ึ ไป เข้าร่วมโครงการ วิ’ลัย วัยหวาน รอบเขตเทศบาลเมืองหัวหิน โดยเปิดรับสมัครตัง้ แต่วนั นีถ้ งึ 15 ส.ค. 2559 ระยะเวลาเรียน ก.ย.-ธ.ค.2559 ซึง่ จะเปิดเรียนวันที ่ 7 ก.ย. 59 (เรียนทุกวันพุธ) สอนเกีย่ วกับ หลักสูตรการใช้ชวี ติ ของผูส้ งู อายุ เช่น อาชีพ การใช้ชวี ติ อาหารการกินทีเ่ หมาะสมสำ�หรับผูส้ งู อายุ เพือ่ ให้ผสู้ งู อายุได้ ใช้เวลาว่างให้เกิดประโยชน์ พัฒนาศักยภาพของตนเองในการช่วยเหลือชุมชนได้ตอ่ ไป สอบถามได้ทก่ี องสวัสดิการ สังคม เทศบาลเมืองหัวหิน

โรคมือเท้าปาก เป็นโรคทีพ่ บบ่อยมากในเด็กที่ มีอายุต�ำ่ กว่า 10 ปี และจะพบมากในเด็กทีม่ อี ายุต�ำ่ กว่า 5 ปี ส่วนมากทีเ่ ป็น โรคมือเท้าปาก จะเป็นเด็กทีอ่ ยูใ่ นวัย อนุบาล ซึง่ สามารถติดต่อกันได้งา่ ยเพียงแค่สมั ผัสสิง่ ของ ต่างๆ ร่วมกัน ไอจามใส่กนั เพียงเท่านีก้ ส็ ามารถติดเชือ้ ได้ เกิดจากเชือ้ ไวรัส หากติดจากเชือ้ ไวรัส coxsackie A16 จะไม่รนุ แรง ระยะเวลาเพาะเชือ้ ประมาณ 3-7 วัน จึงจะออกอาการ แต่ถา้ ติดเชือ้ ไวรัส Enterovirus 71 แบบรุนแรงอาจทำ�ให้เด็กเสียชีวติ ได้ ข้อสังเกตอาการ มีไข้เฉียบพลัน ปวดหัว ปวด ท้อง เมือ่ ยตัว เจ็บคอ เบือ่ อาหาร จะไม่ยอมทานอหาร เพราะเจ็บแผลในปากจะมีน�ำ้ ลายเหนียว ไหลยืดมากผิด ปกติอยูต่ ลอดเวลา ถ้ามีอาการดังกล่าวพอเวลาผ่านไปสัก 2 วัน เพดานปากจะเป็นแผล กินอาหารและน้�ำ ไม่ได้ และ หลังจากนัน้ อีก 2 วันจะมีตนุ่ ใสขึน้ ตามมือ เท้า ลำ�ตัว และก้น ช่วงที่กินอะไรไม่ได้ต้องคอยป้อนน้ำ�ให้บ่อยๆ

เพราะอาจมีอาการขาดน้�ำ ได้ ถ้าสังเกตอาการแล้วคิดว่า เป็น ควรให้หยุดเรียนก่อนเพื่อดูอาการของโรค อาจ เป็นการไปแพร่เชือ้ ทีโ่ รงเรียนได้ โดยปกติแล้ว โรคมือเท้า ปาก จะไม่รนุ แรงมากและจะหายได้เองภายใน 1 สัปดาห์ หากมีอาการซึมหรืออาเจียนมากควรรีบพบแพทย์ การดูแลเด็กทีเ่ ป็นโรคมือเท้าปาก หากมีไข้ก็ ให้เช็ดตัวหรือกินยาลดไข้ เรือ่ งทีน่ า่ กังวลของโรคนีค้ อื ไม่ ยอมทานอาหารเพราะเจ็บแผลในปาก ดังนั้นก่อนรับ ประทานอาหารให้ใช้ยาชาทาบริเวณแผลในปากก่อนทาน อาหาร หรือเน้นอาหารที่เป็นของเหลวและต้องมีความ เย็น เช่น นมแช่เย็น น้�ำ เต้าหูไ้ ม่รอ้ น น้�ำ หวาน ไอศครีม เจลลีผ่ ลไม้ เต้าห้วยนมสด เกลือแร่ เน้นดืม่ น้�ำ มากๆ เพือ่ หลีกเลีย่ งอาการขาดน้�ำ หากไม่สามารถทานอาหารอะไร ได้เลยต้องรีบพาไปพบแพทย์เพือ่ ให้น�ำ้ เกลือ




วันแม่แห่งชาติ ทีค่ นไทยทัว่ ไปนิยมเรียกกันสัน้ ๆ ว่า วันแม่ ทุกคนรับทราบและซาบซึง้ กันดี เนือ่ งจากวัน สำ�คัญนีต้ รงกับ วันเฉลิมพระชนมพรรษาของสมเด็จพระ นางเจ้าฯ พระบรมราชินนี าถ คือวันที่ 12 สิงหาคม อัน เป็นวันคล้ายวันพระราชสมภพ และถือว่าเป็นวันแม่แห่ง ชาติดว้ ย ดอกมะลิเป็นดอกไม้ทม่ี สี ขี าวบริสทุ ธิแ์ ละเป็น ดอกไม้ทม่ี กี ลิน่ หอม จึงยกย่องให้ดอกมะลิเป็นสัญลักษณ์ เป็นดอกไม้วนั แม่แห่งชาติ ซึง่ ทางราชการให้ถอื ว่าวันเสด็จ พระราชสมภพของสมเด็ จ พระนางเจ้ า ฯ พระบรม ราชินนี าถ คือ วันที่ 12 สิงหาคม เป็นวันแม่แห่งชาติ เริม่ ในปี พ.ศ.2519 เป็นต้นมา แต่เดิมนัน้ วันแม่แห่งชาติได้ก�ำ หนดไว้วนั ที่ 15 เมษายน ของทุกๆ ปี ทัง้ นีเ้ ป็นไปตามมติของคณะรัฐมนตรี ประกาศรับรองเมื่อวันที่ 23 กุมภาพันธ์ พุทธศักราช 2493 ซึง่ ได้พจิ ารณาเห็นว่าการจัดงานวันแม่ของสำ�นัก วัฒนธรรมฝ่ายหญิง สภาวัฒนธรรมแห่งชาติผ้รู ับมอบ หมายให้ จัด งานวั น แม่ มาตั้ง แต่วันที่ 15 เมษายน พุทธศักราช 2493 เป็นครัง้ แรก เป็นต้นมานัน้ ได้รบั ความ สำ�เร็จด้วยดี ด้วยประชาชนให้การสนับสนุนจนสามารถ ขยายขอบข่ายของงานให้กว้างออกไป การจัดงานไม่เพียง แต่จดั พิธกี รรมทางพระพุทธศาสนาเท่านัน้ แต่ยงั จัดให้มี การประกวดแม่ของชาติ ประกวดคำ�ขวัญวันแม่ และเพือ่ เพิม่ ความสำ�คัญของงานวันแม่ให้ยง่ิ ๆ ขึน้ งานวันแม่จงึ เป็นวันแม่ประจำ�ปีของชาติ ตามประกาศของรัฐบาล

ฯพณฯ จอมพล ป.พิบลู สงคราม (สมัยนัน้ ) แต่ทว่ั ไปเรียก กันว่า วันแม่ของชาติ ต่อมาถึง พุทธศักราช 2519 ทางราชกาารได้ เปลี่ยนใหม่ให้ถือว่าวันเสด็จพระราชสมภพของสมเด็จ พระนางเจ้าฯ พระบรมราชินนี าถ คือ วันที่ 12 สิงหาคม เป็น วันแม่แห่งชาติ เริม่ ในปีพทุ ธศักราช 2519 เป็นต้น มา จากหนังสือของกรมวิชาการ กระทรวงศึกษาธิการ ชือ่ แม่หลวงของปวงชน พิมพ์เผยแพร่เมือ่ วันที่ 6 กรกฎาคม พุทธศักราช 2520 มีขอ้ ความตอนหนึง่ เทิดพระเกียรติไว้ ว่า “แม่ท่ดี ีย่อมรู้จักส่งเสริมธำ�รงรักษาศิลปวัฒนธรรม ประจำ�ชาติ เพราะแม่ทราบดีวา่ ถ้าขาดสิง่ เหล่านีแ้ ล้วความ เป็นไทยทีแ่ ท้จริงจะมิปรากฏอยูบ่ นผืนแผ่นดินไทยอันเป็น ทีร่ กั ยิง่ ของเรา แม่ทด่ี ยี อ่ มประพฤติปฏิบตั ติ นเป็นพลเมือง ดี ตามระบอบของการปกครองแบบประชาธิปไตย ซึง่ มี พระมหากษัตริย์เป็นพระประมุข โดยรักเคารพและ เทิดทูนสถาบันชาติ ศาสนาและพระมหากษัตริยเ์ หนือสิง่ อืน่ ใด” หญิงไทยทุกคน ย่อมจะมีคณ ุ ลักษณะต่างๆ ของ แม่ทด่ี ดี งั กล่าวข้างต้นอยูแ่ ล้ว จะมากหรือน้อยขึน้ อยูก่ บั การศึกษาและการฝึกอบรม แต่จะหาหญิงใดที่มีคุณ ลักษณะครบถ้วนทุกประการเสมอเหมือน สมเด็จพระนาง เจ้าสิรกิ ติ พ์ิ ระบรมราชินนี าถ นัน้ ไม่งา่ ยนัก ด้วยเหตุนเ้ี รา จึงขอเทิดทูนพระเกียรติสมเด็จพระนางเจ้าฯ ว่าทรงเป็น แม่หลวงของปวงชน ผูท้ รงเป็นศรีสง่าของพระบาทสมเด็จ พระเจ้าอยูห่ วั ของบ้านเมืองและของประชาชนชาวไทย ทัง้ มวล

นายสุทธิพงษ์ คล้ายอุดม นายอำ�เภอหัวหิน พาชมทุง่ ปอเทือง ทีก่ �ำ ลังออกดอกสีเหลืองอร่ามบาน สะพรัง่ บนเนือ้ ทีก่ ว่า 200 ไร่ ริมถนนหัวหิน-หนองพลับ ห่างจากทางเข้าวัดห้วยมงคลประมาณ 2 กิโลเมตร ทีบ่ า้ นหนองซอ ตำ�บลหินเหล็กไฟ อำ�เภอหัวหิน จังหวัดประจวบคีรขี นั ธ์ เจ้าของทีท่ ดลองปลูก แปลงสาธิตการปรับปรุงดินด้วยปุย๋ พืชสดแทนสารเคมี แถมแจกจ่ายต้นและ เมล็ดพันธ์ให้กลับชาวบ้าน สร้างแหล่งท่องเทีย่ วใหม่ในพืน้ ที่ หลังจากทาง อบต.หินเหล็กไฟ ประชาสัมพันธ์ เผยแพร่ผา่ นเฟซบุก๊ เริม่ ทำ�ให้นกั ท่องเทีย่ วทีท่ ราบข่าวต่างแวะเวียนกันมาถ่ายภาพกันอย่างคึกคัก นอกจากนัน้ ทาง อบต.หินเหล็กไฟ ได้จดั ทำ�ป้ายสัญลักษณ์ไว้วา่ “ปอเทืองบาน@บ้านหนองซอ” และป้ายประชาสัมพันธ์ ให้ความรูเ้ กีย่ วกับการทำ�ปุย๋ พืชสดจากต้นปอเทืองอีกด้วย ขณะนีป้ อเทืองเริม่ ออกดอกเกือบเต็มพืน้ ทีแ่ ล้ว ดอกปอเทือง จะบานให้ความสวยงามประมาณ 1 เดือน ถือเป็นโอกาสดีของท้องถิน่ ทีช่ ว่ ยกันส่งเสริมให้มี แหล่งท่องเทีย่ วใหม่ๆ เกิดขึน้ และยังมีประโยชน์ตอ่ เกษตรกร ซึง่ การเดินทางสะดวกสามารถเดินเยีย่ มชม และขับรถชมความสวยงามรอบทุง่ ปอเทืองได้

ในปี พ.ศ.2559 เป็นปีมหามงคลของพสกนิกรชาวไทย ในโอกาสทีส่ มเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิรกิ ติ ์ิ พระบรมราชินนี าถ ทรงเจริญพระชนมพรรษาครบ 7 รอบ (84 พรรษา) 12 สิงหาคม 2559 ประกอบกับอำ�เภอหัวหินเป็นทีต่ ง้ั วังไกล กังวลซึง่ เป็นทีป่ ระทับของพระบาทสมเด็จพระเจ้าอยูห่ วั และสมเด็จพระนางเจ้าฯ พระบรมราชินนิ าถ ระหว่างทีท่ รง ประทับในพืน้ ที่ ทรงเสด็จพระราชดำ�เนินปฏิบตั พิ ระราชกรณียกิจ ก่อให้เกิดโครงการอันเนือ่ งมาจากพระราชดำ�ริและ โครงการตามพระราชเสาวนียต์ า่ งๆ มากมาย ทัง้ ด้านการอนุรกั ษ์ดนิ และน้�ำ ป่าไม้ ทรัพยากรธรรมชาติและสิง่ แวดล้อม ด้านสังคมและการศึกษา ด้านสุขภาพอนามัย ด้านพัฒนาส่งเสริมอาชีพ ฯลฯ นำ�มาซึง่ ความอยูด่ มี สี ขุ และสามารถพึง่ พา ตนเองได้ของพีน่ อ้ งประชาชนชาวหัวหิน เพือ่ แสดงออกถึงความจงรักภักดี และสำ�นึกในพระมหากรุณาธิคณ ุ แด่พระองค์ทา่ น อำ�เภอหัวหินร่วมกับพสก นิกร ทุกหมูเ่ หล่าในเขตพืน้ ทีอ่ �ำ เภอหัวหิน ได้ก�ำ หนดจัดงานพิธเี ฉลิมพระเกียรติสมเด็จพระนางเจ้าฯ พระบรมราชินนี าถ เนือ่ งในโอกาสมหามงคลเฉลิมพระชนมพรรษาครบ 7 รอบ (84 พรรษา) 12 สิงหาคม 2559 ขึน้ ในวันศุกร์ท่ี 12 สิงหาคม 2559 โดยมีกจิ กรรม ภาคเช้า พิธที �ำ บุญตักบาตรถวายเป็นพระราชกุศลฯ ณ บริเวณหน้าโรงเรียนเทศบาล บ้านหัวหิน (หอนาฬิกา) ขบวนอัญเชิญพานพุม่ เครือ่ งราชสักการะ ณ บริเวณด้านหน้าประตูทางเสด็จฯ วังไกลกังวล ภาคค่�ำ พิธถี วายพานพุม่ เครือ่ งราชสักการะ และจุดเทียนชัยถวายพระพร ณ บริเวณสวนหลวงราชินี (19 ไร่) เทศบาลเมืองหัวหิน ขอเชิญชวนให้สถานประกอบการ ร้านค้า โรงแรม ทีพ่ กั และชุมชนทุกแห่งในเขตเทศ บาลฯ ร่วมกันติดตัง้ ซุม้ เฉลิมพระเกียรติ ประกอบด้วย พระฉายาลักษณ์สมเด็จพระนางเจ้าฯ พระบรมราชินนี าถ โต๊ะ หมูบ่ ชู าประดับด้วยพานพุม่ เงิน - พุม่ ทอง กรวยดอกไม้ธปู เทียนแพ ธงชาติ และธงตราสัญลักษณ์ประจำ�พระองค์ (ส.ก.) ไม้ดอก ไม้ประดับ ตามความเหมาะสม บริเวณด้านหน้าอาคารบ้านเรือนหรือสถานประกอบการ นอกจากนี้ ขอเชิญชวนพสกนิกรทุกหมูเ่ หล่าร่วมบริจาคโลหิต และร่วมบริจาคอวัยวะและดวงตา เพือ่ ถวาย เป็นพระราชกุศล ณ งานบริการโลหิต สถานีกาชาดหัวหินเฉลิมพระเกียรติ ในวันศุกร์ท่ี 12 สิงหาคม 2559 ระหว่าง เวลา 09.00 - 16.30 น.


หัวหิน ชะอำ� ปราณบุรี

นายอลงกรณ์ วรรณคำ� ปลัดอาวุโส อำ�เภอหัวหิน เป็นประธานการประชุมเตรียมจัดกิจกรรมเดินรณรงค์ เชิญชวนประชาชนออกไปใช้สิทธิออกเสียงประชามติ (Big Day) ในวันที่ 4 ส.ค. 2559 เวลา 09.09 ณ สวน สาธารณะโผน กิ่งเพชร ตามโครงการประชามติร่วมใจพัฒนาประชาธิปไตย เพื่อกระตุ้นให้ประชาชนออกมาใช้สิทธิ ออกเสียงประชามติในวันอาทิตย์ที่ 7 ส.ค. 2559 โดยมีหน่วยงานต่างๆ ในเขตอำ�เภอหัวหินเข้าร่วมประชุม ณ ที่ ว่าการอำ�เภอหัวหิน ซึ่งเทศบาลเมืองหัวหิน มี นางสาวบุษบา โชคสุชาติ รองนายกเทศมนตรี นายจีรวัฒน์ พราห มณี รองปลัดเทศบาล ดร.วิรัตน์ มณีพฤกษ์ ตัวแทน ผอ.สถานศึกษาในสังกัดเทศบาล เข้าร่วมประชุม พร้อมรับ มอบหน้าที่ในการเตรียมสถานที่จัดกิจกรรมในวันดังกล่าว

ประจำ�เดือน สิงหาคม 2559

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