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The 30 Book Challenge Assignment Sheet Possibly more than anything else you do in Language Arts this year, it’s important you read. A LOT. A lot, a lot, a LOT! Hence, I present to you The 30 Book Challenge (Really, it’s more of an assignment than a challenge, but “challenge” sounds better for a title, don’t you think?). There is no better way to become a better reader than by simply reading. This “challenge” is meant to broaden your reading experiences, which is why you have reading requirements to fulfill in each genre/format:

Realistic Fiction (4) Fantasy (4) Historical Fiction (3) Science Fiction (2) Mystery/Adventure (2)

Genre/Format Break down Biography/Autobiography/Memoir (2) Informational (2) Poetry Anthologies (2) Graphic Novels (3) Chapter Book Choice (6)

To find books you’ll enjoy reading in genres you don’t choose frequently, we’ll rely on book recommendations from each other. We’ll talk more about this in the coming weeks. Until then, rely on what you know about books that are a good fit for you and get reading!

Created by Heather Taxis Greene, 2010

30 Book Challenge Assignment Sheet  

explains the purpose and break-down of genre/format