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e travelled a long way to see Father Christmas. He wasn’t at the North Pole, he was at Paultons Park. We all had a great day running around in the rain having a go on all the rides. All of Hayling Beavers went into the Winter Wonderland together. I liked the sleeping polar bears best. I could see them breathing. Father Christmas gave me a dinosaur jigsaw puzzle, my little brother got a car. At the end of the day it was starting to get dark and all the lights looked bright in the park. My socks were very wet but that didn’t stop me having a lovely day.


Tovi Aspen Beavers, 3rd Hayling

Beavers visit to Paultons Park In November just under 4000 Beavers, leaders and helpers all met up at Paultons park for our annual trip to see santa. The day started wet but spirits were still high and by mid morning everyone was in, rides were whizzing along, puddles were being splashed in and presents were being unwrapped by children. At lunchtime, the sun came out and chip the Beaver, looking a bit soggy, cut his birthday cake. He was the big 3 this year and we all gathered to sing happy birthday to him.


December 2013

All in all another great day for Hampshire Beavers, thank you to all leaders for your hard work in getting your colonies there and all adults involved in arranging the event. There are still some badges left over from the event, so if you would like some more please contact Teresa Ginn, ACC Beavers.

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Hampshire Scout News (HSN) Dec 2013  

What's been going on in the past month.

Hampshire Scout News (HSN) Dec 2013  

What's been going on in the past month.

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