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Initiator  Guides the team in setting appropriate objectives and goals  Leads the team in deciding approach and execution strategies  Ensures that all members participate and are treated with respect  Ensures that goals take precedence over problems / conflicts  Keeps the team on task and on time to meet deadlines

Recorder  Clarifies ideas to eliminate vagueness and imprecision  Summarizes ideas and synthesizes team discussion  Clearly documents group activities / decisions  Assists initiator in ensuring that the meeting remains on task

Timekeeper  Keeps track of time remaining  Assists initiator in ensuring that the meeting remains on task  Assists initiator in re-aligning agenda and priorities when there is not sufficient time

Energizer / Encourager  Brings people in who have not contributed to the discussion  Suggests ways to increase sharing of ideas, participation of all  Maintains a positive attitude and ensure that team members are engaged  Uses humour or change of strategy to energize team when motivation is low

Advocate  Advocates for perspectives that are underrepresented or unheard  Ensures that multiple possibilities are explores  Suggests alternative ideas or opinions (plays ‘the devil’s advocate’)  Helps the team evaluate the practicality of plans and expectations

Participant  Observes team process and assists any role that requires support  Assists a member in performing assigned role, as negotiated  Assesses where additional team roles are needed and takes on that role

Process Observer  Observes and reviews team process  Provides feedback on team process issues, including o Approaches to decision making o Approaches to conflict o Functions of team roles

o Client / patient centeredness

Team Role Tent Cards  
Team Role Tent Cards  

You print these tent cards and use them during mock team meetings or other learning settings.