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Johns Island Presbyterian Church: Its People and Its Community from Colonial Beginnings to the Twenty-First Century Charles E. Raynal, PhD

First founded three centuries ago by British Dissenters and French Huguenots, Johns Island Presbyterian Church was built on a promise of religious freedom and tolerance offered by the South Carolina charter. The church is one of the oldest continuously active congregations of any denomination in North America, and it has survived multiple wars and the clash of different cultures to endure into the twenty-first century. Join Dr. Charles Raynal in this informative history as he pays homage to a Lowcountry religious icon.


south carolina

978.1.59629.950.4 * 6 x 9 * 192 pp. * 42 images * $19.99

Hidden History of Hilton Head Alice E. Sink 978.1.59629.848.4 * 6 x 9 * 160 pp. * 75 images * $19.99

Hidden History of Hilton Head offers a lively array of historical tidbits and tales, focusing on people, lifeways, believe-it-or-not snippets and beloved local places. Discover the ties that Harriet Tubman and Clara Barton had to the region, and learn about the lives of oyster shuckers, root doctors, debauched “Jack-ashores” and many other characters in the island’s rich history. From beautiful poems written by renowned locals to the songs that guided the slaves to freedom and time-tested regional recipes, author Alice Sink’s collection truly encompasses the spirit of the Lowcountry.

Clinton: A Brief History Nancy Griffith 978.1.59629.647.3 * 6 x 9 * 160 pp. * 93 images * $19.99


south carolina

Clinton as we know it today is the result of the dreams and hard work of generations of its residents. Starting with early settlers such as the Adairs, the Youngs and the Copelands, it was spurred on by the dreams of William Plumer Jacobs and the entrepreneurial spirit of Mercer Silas Bailey and his descendants. The town has been through many changes, starting out as a rural crossroads and eventually developing into both a cultural and industrial center. Clinton continues to change, but the devotion and energy of its citizens ensure that it will remain a vital city for generations to come. Join local resident Nancy Griffith as she follows Clinton’s ever-changing story and honors those who nurtured it.

A History of James Island Slave Descendants and Plantation Owners: The Blood Line Eugene Frazier Sr. 978.1.59629.976.4 * 6 x 9 * 192 pp. * 286 images * $22.99

James Island remains one of the few places in the United States where descendants of slaves can easily trace their roots to one of the seventeen slave plantations. In this powerful collection, local resident and oral historian Eugene Frazier chronicles the stories of various James Island families and their descendants. Frazier has spent years collecting family and archival photographs and family remembrances to accompany the text. This book also pays homage to men and women of the United States military and African American pioneers from James Island and surrounding areas.

Untold Stories of Old Currituck Duck Clubs Travis Morris


north carolina

978.1.59629.951.1 * 6 x 9 * 144 pp. * 104 images * $19.99

In this fourth installment of stories about the tradition of duck hunting on Currituck Sound, local resident Travis Morris delves into the history of the Currituck, Pine Island and Narrows Island private hunting clubs. These fascinating untold stories of the clubs weave together documents from old files with a variety of firsthand interviews and accounts. From stories of the clubs’ prestigious members and guests—such as J.P. Morgan and William Vanderbilt—to tales from local guides of some of the old float box rigs, fans of Morris’s Currituck books won’t be disappointed by this latest volume, and first-time readers will find themselves transported out to the marshland, drifting along to the sound of duck calls.

World’s Finest Beach A Brief History of the Jacksonville Beaches Donald J. Mabry 978.1.59629.967.2 * 6 x 9 * 176 pp. * 75 images * $19.99 All Royalties Will Benefit the Beaches Area Historical Society



Beginning as a summer resort for the wealthy, the oceanfront of Jacksonville has morphed into an outrageously popular tourist destination, stretching from Atlantic Beach to Neptune Beach. Encompassing a fishing village, luxury hotels, a carnival, railroads, mines and flocks of tourists, these beaches have a vast and eclectic history. Discover how Mayport became an adjunct of one of the largest naval bases in the United States and how a former mine called Mineral City became Ponte Vedra. Noted historian Don Mabry traces the fascinating history of what he still considers home from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first in this warm account of the “World’s Finest Beach.”

Hidden History of North Alabama Jacquelyn Procter Reeves

The tranquil waters of the Tennessee River hide a horrible tragedy that took place one steamy July day when co-workers took an excursion aboard the SCItanic. Lawrence County resident Jenny Brooks used the skull of one of her victims to wash her hands, but her forty-year quest for revenge cost more than she bargained for. Historian Jacquelyn Procter Reeves transports readers deep into the shadows of the past to learn about the secret of George Steele’s will, the truth behind the night the Stars Fell on Alabama and the story of the Lawrence County boys who died in the Goliad Massacre.



978.1.59629.752.4 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 25 images * $19.99

A History of Alabama’s Deadliest Tornadoes: Disaster in Dixie Kelly Kazek 978.1.59629.911.5 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 55 images * $19.99

Journey just west of America’s infamous Tornado Alley to Alabama, home to some of the deadliest tornadoes of the past century. These twisters remain etched in the collective memory of the people, from the 1908 Dixie tornado, regarded as one of the most brutal tornadoes in U.S. history, to the 1998 Birmingham tornado, the most expensive twister in Alabama’s history. Join local journalist Kelly Kazek as she shares the tales of these natural disasters and the hardy Alabamians who endured them.

Remembering Rutherford Gregory Tucker 978.1.59629.949.8 * 6 x 9 * 192 pp. * 80 images * $21.99



From the remote hills and hollows to the parlors and attics of historic Main Street, from the clear memories of centenarians to the dark corners of the state archives come the true accounts in Remembering Rutherford. Daily News Journal columnist Gregory Tucker presents the history of Rutherford County, Tennessee, the state’s fastest-growing county, in a series of engaging and meticulously researched stories that will inform and amuse both longtime residents and newcomers. Biscuit tea, outhouse births, monkey wrenches, milk snakes, devil fences, whittlers, grave robbers, Boy Scouts, cattle drives, barnstormers, heroes and scoundrels— they are all in this outstanding collection of local history and lore.

The Navy Capital of the World Hampton Roads Amy Waters Yarsinske



978.1.59629.973.3 * 6 x 9 * 224 pp. * 200 images * $24.99

From the famous Civil War ironclads that clashed in its waters to the great battleships that gathered off Norfolk’s Sewell’s Point as part of President Theodore Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet, the Hampton Roads region of Virginia has maintained a proud naval tradition. Into the twentieth century, the maritime region has remained on the cutting edge of military technology as the nucleus for the birth of naval aviation and the training site for scores of men who stormed the beaches of Europe and the Pacific during World War II. Through her fascinating research and incredible array of rare and striking photographs, military historian Amy Waters Yarsinske guides readers through the storied history of the navy in Hampton Roads.

Salisbury, Maryland: Picturing the Crossroads of Delmarva Dr. Gianni DeVincent Hayes and Andy Nunez 978.1.59629.784.5 * 6 x 9 * 160 pp. * 203 images * $19.99



At the head of the Wicomico River is Salisbury, Maryland, the crossroads of the Delmarva. Its teeming port, university and inventive residents have transformed this once rural town into the commercial and cultural hub of the region. With a fascinating collection of vintage images, Dr. Gianni DeVincent Hayes and Andy Nunez create a nostalgic portrait of Salisbury while celebrating its evolution. From scenes of residents pulling together in fire and flood to images of the Chicken Festival and long-ago summer days spent on the baseball diamond, this is a collection to treasure.

A History of Green Ridge State Forest Champ Zumbrun 978.1.59629.902.3 * 6 x 9 * 160 pp. * 59 images * $19.99

Green Ridge State Forest is a haven of calm and natural beauty among the Appalachians of western Maryland. This land was once the frontier of the nation, and trailblazers such as Thomas Cresap and George Washington were among the first Europeans to discover its wonders: the swift Potomac, flowering dogwood and pine in the mountain reaches and the nighttime calls of the bobcat and the barred owl. The vision and stewardship of people like forester Fred W. Besley preserved the forest for future generations of hikers, explorers and families. Join former forest manager Champ Zumbrun as he traverses hidden trails to tell the remarkable story of Green Ridge State Forest.

Shipwrecks of the Delaware Coast: Tales of Pirates, Squalls and Treasure Pam George 978.1.59629.866.8 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 35 images * $19.99



Few who visit the Delaware Coast realize that under the sparkling water rests a graveyard. Horrific nor’easters, treacherous shoals and simple human error caused the demise of countless ships, giving birth to legends of treasure and terror. There is the De Braak, rumored to hold millions of dollars in gold; the Mohawk, which burned like a torch in the Delaware Bay; and the vessels that fell victim to the Great White Hurricane, which froze dead men to the mast. Journey with local author Pam George as she deftly picks her way through the history of Delaware’s most intriguing and mysterious shipwrecks.

Delmarva Legends & Lore David Healey 978.1.59629.921.4 * 5.5 x 8.5 * 128 pp. * 35 images * $19.99

Between the waters of the Atlantic and the Chesapeake is Delmarva, a storied land that was once the hunting ground of Blackbeard, where ancient sea monsters lurk and wild ponies gallop along the beaches. Local author David Healey explores the lore of Delmarva, from the legends of St. Michaels—the town that escaped British cannons with a clever trick— to stories of Assateague’s cannibalistic colonists and the all-but-forgotten history of Anna Carroll, President Lincoln’s “Dear Lady,” who is rumored to have brilliantly advised him on strategy during the Civil War. Join Healey as he reveals the secret history and remarkable legends of Delmarva.

Remembering Lancaster County: Stories from Pennsylvania Dutch Country Jack Brubaker 978.1.59629.863.7 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 48 images * $19.99



Fiery Patriots, resourceful inventors and brilliant artists have all hailed from Lancaster County. The lives and deeds of such famous and ordinary folk of Pennsylvania Dutch country are chronicled by Jack Brubaker in this collection of fascinating vignettes drawn from his Lancaster New Era column, “The Scribbler.” From tales of President James Buchanan’s youthful antics to the attempted delivery of the nation’s first airmail by hot air balloon, Brubaker creates a compelling and entertaining narrative of the history of Lancaster City and County.

Remembering Chester County: Stories from Valley Forge to Coatesville Susannah Brody 978.1.59629.953.5 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 43 images * $19.99

When Elizabeth Chad opened her door one foggy September day in 1777 to see the Continental army surrounding her property, little did she know that her home would soon be the scene of the Battle of the Brandywine, which led to a series of skirmishes from Paoli to Valley Forge. One hundred years later, the Great Tornado of 1877 destroyed towns and crops, and the famous Buffalo Bill caused a ruckus when he strolled into West Chester. Through a series of fascinating vignettes from local storyteller Susannah Brody, discover how the people of Chester County secreted slaves along the Underground Railroad, hosted witch trials and fought for women’s suffrage.

Cherry Hill: A Brief History Mike Mathis and Lisa Mangiafico

   This tightknit community of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, founded in the 1600s by English followers of William Penn, began as a collection of hardworking farm families and early American Patriots. The town played an important role as the “crossroads of the American Revolution” and bravely fought to help southern slaves to freedom using the Underground Railroad. From its agrarian roots to the excitement of the Garden State Park racecourse, join authors Mike Mathis and Lisa Mangiafico as they take you through an illustrated, imaginative tour of Cherry Hill’s past and present.


new jersey

978.1.59629.596.4 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 45 images * $19.99

A Centennial History of Rutgers Law School in Newark: Opening a Thousand Doors Paul Tractenberg Foreword by John J. Farmer Jr., Dean, Rutgers School of Law–Newark

978.1.59629.822.4 * 6 x 9 * 192 pp. * 46 images * $21.99

Founded in 1908, Rutgers School of Law–Newark possesses a distinctive spirit of excellence, opportunity and innovation. For the past forty years, its student body has embraced racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity, literally changing the face of the legal profession. Rutgers Law has pioneered clinical legal education, instilled in its students a commitment to social justice and public service and counted numerous top scholars and practitioners among its faculty. Distinguished professor of law Paul Tractenberg chronicles the first century and looks with optimism to the future.

Jersey Troopers: Sacrifice at the Altar of Public Service John E. O’Rourke Foreword by Trooper Eliecer Ayala #5555 978.1.59629.978.8 * 6 x 9 * 192 pp. * 60 images * $19.99


new jersey

The New Jersey State Police is an organization rich in history and tradition. Formed in 1921, the “outfit” has grown from a rural police force to one of the most diversified state agencies in the country. Sadly, this success did not come without a price; over thirty-five troopers gave their lives serving the citizens of the Garden State during the organization’s formative years, from 1921 to 1960. This book honors their memory, telling the stories of these brave men, and upholds the state police’s credo: it is the obligation—the Duty—of the living to remember—Honor—the dead. Let us always remember—Fidelity.

Title Town, USA: Boxing in Upstate New York Mark Allen Baker Foreword by Edward Brophy, Executive Director, International Boxing Hall of Fame


new york

978.1.59629.769.2 * 6 x 9 * 160 pp. * 75 images * $19.99

Canastota, New York, is home to the International Boxing Hall of Fame and has produced some of boxing’s most prominent pugilists. From early legends like Carmen Basilio and Billy Backus to modern greats such as Mike Tyson, the sport’s most famous figures fought in and around this Upstate New York town. Title fights and epic ring rivalries were battled here. Author Mark Allen Baker tells the story of these “thunder gods of the ring” and the fights that made them famous, finally settling the score: Canastota is “Title Town, USA.”

Stories from Vermont’s Marble Valley Mike Austin 978.1.59629.925.2 * 6 x 9 * 192 pp. * 46 images * $21.99


ver mont

The region of southwestern Vermont that runs from Middlebury in the north to Dorset in the south is still called “the Marble Valley,” and visitors flock every year to tour the Vermont Marble Museum and the International Carving Studio and to picnic in the quarries. In this first comprehensive history, Mike Austin chronicles the hardships, religious lives, labor struggles and triumphs of the Marble Valley’s workers and industrious settlers. Complete with excerpts from firsthand accounts and news clippings, this wide-scoping history gives an intimate portrayal of the men and women who shaped the Vermont Marble Valley and made it their home.

Ethan Allen and the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga: America’s First Victory Richard Smith 978.1.59629.920.7 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 49 images * $19.99

In April 1775, a small band of men set out from Hartford and traveled swiftly north toward the shore of Lake Champlain, recruiting men to their expedition along the way. Within only a few days, this loyal group of volunteers arrived in Vermont and, joining forces with Ethan Allen and his legendary Green Mountain Boys, launched a daring attack to capture more than one hundred cannons stored at Fort Ticonderoga. In this comprehensive look at “America’s First Victory,” Richard Smith traces the Patriots’ route from Connecticut, through the towns of western Massachusetts and the Berkshire hills and north to Bennington, Vermont, and Lake Champlain.

Hidden History of Maine Harry Gratwick Foreword by David Tyler 978.1.59629.815.6 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 56 images * $19.99



The history of the Pine Tree State would be bare but for the contributions of hardy and impassioned individuals—generals, governors, settlers and activists whose lives of leadership make up the story of Maine’s “hidden history.” Author Harry Gratwick creates intimate and detailed portraits of these Mainers, from the controversial missionary Sebastien Râle to Woolwich native William Phips, whose seafaring attacks against French Canada earned him the first governorship of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Discover four hundred years of Maine’s history through the tales of its unique residents.

Lost Maine Coastal Schooners: From Glory Days to Ghost Ships Ingrid Grenon 978.1.59629.956.6 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 55 images * $19.99

Large, wooden-hulled schooners graced the seas of coastal Maine for more than a century as vessels of trade and commerce. With the advent of steampowered craft, however, these elegant wooden ships became obsolete and vanished from the harbors and horizons. The Edward Lawrence became her own funeral pyre in Portland Harbor, burning to ash before everyone’s eyes. The Carroll A. Deering washed ashore with no trace of her crew, empty as a ghost ship except for three cats and a pot of pea soup still cooking on the stove. Maritime history enthusiast Ingrid Grenon tells the story of these magnificent relics of the bygone Age of Sail.

Strange Maine: True Tales from the Pine Tree State Written and Illustrated by Michelle Souliere 978.1.59629.936.8 * 5.5 x 8.5 * 128 pp. * 39 images * $17.99

Maine is well known as a land of fresh air and clean water, as the home of L.L. Bean and as one of the most popular camping and outdoor recreation destinations in the country. But what lies behind this idyllic façade? Freaks. Weirdos. Unmapped roads. Whispering rocks. Deadening fog. Ghost pirates. Lonely islands. THINGS in the woods. From the “Headless Halloween of 1940” to Colonel Buck’s curse, from Bigfoot sightings to the “witch’s grave” in a Portland cemetery, writer and illustrator Michelle Souliere brings to life these strange-but-true tales from the Pine Tree State.



columns from the American

ea Vasquez takes readers

of Puritans and pioneers,

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Remembering Westbrook: The People of the Paper City Andrea M.P. Vasquez 978.1.59629.960.3 * 6 x 9 * 160 pp. * 48 images * $19.99


WESTBROOK T h e Pe o p l e o f t h e Pa p e r C i t y

s the memories and stories



andrea m.p. vasquez

In this collection of her “History Matters” columns from the American Journal, Andrea Vasquez takes readers back to the early days of Puritans and pioneers, when stately forests, wildlife and powerful tribes owned the land around Westbrook. Discover the secret burial place of Colonel Thomas Westbrook, the legacies of Westbrook benefactors Joseph Walker and Samuel Dennis Warren and the all-but-forgotten works of master sculptor Benjamin Paul Akers, whose life was tragically cut short at the height of his career. Vasquez preserves the memories and stories of these sons and daughters of Westbrook.

Chatham: From the Second World War to the Age of Aquarius Debra Lawless



978.1.59629.886.6 * 6 x 9 * 160 pp. * 58 images * $21.99

Picking up where Chatham in the Jazz Age left off, this exciting new book by Debra Lawless explores the history of Chatham, from the beginning of the Second World War to the end of the 1960s. Meet a brave group of people who rationed their food and mourned the loss of their sons, including Robert Scott Brown, the only soldier from Cape Cod killed at Pearl Harbor. As the military took over the Chatham Light and local radio station WCC, wartime security became so tight that Chatham’s fishermen were photographed and fingerprinted. Experience the transition into the 1950s, when even as tourism boomed, Cape residents feared polio and called for zoning to ban hot dog stands. Finally, hang out with hippies as Chatham’s sons were sent to another war, in Vietnam, and the nation geared up to begin its war on drugs.

Hamden: Tales from the Sleeping Giant Eric D. Lehman 978.1.59629.835.4 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 47 images * $19.99



Sail into New Haven Harbor and trek toward the beautiful form of the “Sleeping Giant” to discover Hamden, a picturesque gem nestled in the rolling hills of Connecticut. Witness the birth of the Industrial Revolution with the building of Eli Whitney’s famous factory, wander past the buried cars in the “Ghost Lot” of Hamden Plaza and hear the tale of the courageous Hamden soldiers who fought in the Civil War. Journey with Eric D. Lehman as he uncovers the hidden stories of this fascinating Connecticut town, from its humble Puritan beginnings to its modern day splendor.

Milford: A Brief History Frank Juliano 978.1.59629.924.5 * 6x 9 * 144 pp. * 63 images * $19.99

Local journalist and historian Frank Juliano takes us through the incredible stories of his town, including a series of vignettes about famous Milford residents such as Simon Lake, whose technology led to the development of the modern submarine. From the American Revolution, when seventythree men from Milford marched to Boston to fight in the famous Battle of Lexington and Concord, to the backyard pit of a local farmhouse that was surely a stop on the Underground Railroad, Milford has its roots firmly grounded in the bedrock of American history.

Witches, Wenches and Wild Women of Rhode Island M.E. Reilly-McGreen


rhode island

978.1.59629.937.5 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 39 images * $19.99

Experience the history of Rhode Island and learn about the Ocean State’s most fascinating and wild women. Read of Mercy Brown, a nineteen-year-old consumption victim who was thought to be a vampire and whose body was exhumed and discovered with fresh blood in the heart. There was Goody Seager, accused of infesting her neighbor’s cheese with maggots by using witchcraft, and Tall “Dutch” Kattern of Block Island, an opium-eating fortuneteller whose curse, legend says, set a ship aflame after its crew cast her ashore. Hear of the revolutionaries, like Julia Ward Howe, who invented Mother’s Day and wrote the words to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and religious reformer Anne Hutchinson, said to be the inspiration for Hawthorne’s heroine in The Scarlet Letter, in these thrilling tales from author M.E. Reilly-McGreen.

The Story of Historic Fort Steuben John R. Holmes, PhD 978.1.59629.908.5 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 60 images * $19.99

Fort Steuben was built in 1786 for the protection of surveyors who had been sent by the Continental Congress to map the Northwest Territory. Dr. John Holmes reveals the incredible history behind this structure, from the original construction in the eighteenth century to its rebuilding at the end of the twentieth. Find out why it took 150 soldiers more than a month to finish the fort and how the surveyors followed the stars to plan out the future of America. In the present, hundreds of people fought bureaucracy and skeptics to bring this piece of history back to life. Called “a model for sharing regional history and American heritage,” Fort Steuben is a wonderful bridge to the American frontier.

Sherri Brake 978.1.59629.935.1 * 5.5 x 8.5 * 160 pp. * 44 images * $17.99

Built on the site of a Civil War camp ravaged by disease, the Ohio State Reformatory first opened in 1896 to reform young offenders but eventually grew to house the most dangerous criminals. By the time the Mansfield institution closed, the prison was hosting one thousand more prisoners than it was designed to hold in “brutalizing and inhumane conditions.” Within the dark corridors made famous as the backdrop for The Shawshank Redemption, ghostly presences linger, from the dungeons of solitary confinement to the West Wing showers, where a bent pipe marks the place where a prisoner hanged himself. Venture behind the walls of this notorious prison to discover the history and spirits that forever haunt these halls…if you dare.

ohio 23

The Haunted History of the Ohio State Reformatory

Wayne County, Indiana: The Battles for the Courthouse Carolyn Lafever



978.1.59629.882.8 * 6 x 9 * 144 pp. * 47 images * $19.99

The residents of Wayne County, Indiana, have battled about the county seat location since its formation in 1810. There have been three county seats and six courthouses. The disagreement—started between settlers from Salisbury and Centerville—was bitterly debated in the Indiana Territory legislature. Although Salisbury was the first county seat, it was moved to Centerville soon after Indiana’s ratification as a state, and Salisbury faded into a lost town. For fifty-two years, Centerville maintained power, building two courthouses and a jail, until Richmond asserted its dominance in the state legislature. The struggle for the reins of power in Wayne County was Indiana’s longest-running feud, igniting untold amounts of community pride. Join Wayne County historian Carolyn Lafever as she shares this story of conflict and courthouses, from tumultuous beginning to peaceful end.

Stories of Springfield: Life in Lincoln’s Town Tara McAndrew 978.1.59629.932.0 * 6 x 9 * 128 pp. * 28 images * $19.99



Discover the stories behind the famous characters of Springfield, Illinois, and why some of the city’s lesser-known citizens are worthy of fame, too. Learn about the first Lincoln museum and its controversial creator, the cholera epidemic that raged through the town and the operators of Springfield’s Underground Railroad. Determine whether Lincoln purchased cocaine at a local drugstore, unearth the mystery of a local poet’s wrenching death and find out how the local saloonkeepers beat the temperance movement. From the fatal pole wars of 1844 to the invention of dental forceps, local historian Tara McAndrew’s careful research splices together the comic, the tragic and the completely unexpected in these chronicles from Lincoln’s town.

Wicked Watertown: History You Weren’t Supposed to Know W.F. Jannke III



978.1.59629.861.3 * 6 x 9 * 96 pp. * 32 images * $19.99

Travel back to the origins of Watertown, when the house next door might be a brothel and the man on the street might be a serial killer. Hear the tale of poor ninety-five-year-old Mary Kodesch, whose son left her to freeze to death in the barn, and that of the two young boys whose 1890 campaign of arson targeted everything from a church to a box factory. Jannke delivers a thrilling combination of thoroughly researched fact and inexplicable mystery that will leave the hardiest Watertown residents torn between eagerly turning the next page and nervously looking over their shoulders.

Wicked Fox Cities: The Dark Side of the Valley Frank Anderson 978.1.59629.930.6 * 6 x 9 * 96 pp. * 23 images * $19.99

Visit the wicked Fox Cities, full of place names like Le Grande Butte Des Morts (“the Big Hill of the Dead”) and Winneconne (“the Place of Skulls”) that date from an era when “settlement” was frequently synonymous with “slaughter.” Even after the firm establishment of modern civilization, there remained an uneasy truce between lined pockets and bared knuckles that was often only brokered by heavy drinking. Points of interest include the Oshkosh rat-betting scene and the Neenah tavern, where a world-champion boxer hid from the doctor who had bought his bones.

Forgotten Tales of Wisconsin Martin Hintz Illustrated by Kyle McQueen 978.1.59629.872.9 * 5 x 7 * 192 pp. * 17 illustrations * $14.99



Drift back to an era when the speed limit in Milwaukee was an edgy four miles per hour and Madison lawmakers could poke at hogs to punctuate the tedium of legislative sessions. Martin Hintz makes even the slow times of the Badger State fly by in this collection of Wisconsin’s forgotten memories. Taste the world’s first batch of pink lemonade (made from the dye of a circus performer’s pants) and witness the tragic death of the world’s last wild passenger pigeon. Track down ancient Algonkin legends like the great serpent that swam up the Mississippi looking for copper, and drop in on modern legends like Les Paul, whose guitar spun records into gold.

The Gangs of St. Louis: Men of Respect Daniel Waugh



978.1.59629.905.4 * 6 x 9 * 296 pp. * 18 images * $24.99

St. Louis was a city under siege during Prohibition. Seven different criminal gangs violently vied for control of the town’s illegal enterprises. Although their names (the Green Ones, the Pillow Gang, the Russo Gang, Egan’s Rats, the Hogan Gang, the Cuckoo Gang and the Shelton Gang) are familiar to many, their exploits have remained largely undocumented until now. Learn how an awkward gunshot wound gave the Pillow Gang its name, and read why Willie Russo’s bizarre midnight interview with a reporter from the St. Louis Star involved an automatic pistol and a floating hunk of cheese. From daring bank robberies to cold-blooded betrayals, The Gangs of St. Louis chronicles a fierce yet juicy slice of the Gateway City’s history that rivaled anything seen in New York or Chicago.

Hidden History of the Minnesota River Valley Elizabeth Johanneck 978.1.59629.881.1 * 6 x 9 * 160 pp. * 68 images * $19.99



Traveled by mammoth-hunters and motorcyclists alike, the Minnesota River Valley shows the traces of a unique legacy: where else are you going to find a political party with ideals based on honest conversation and gymnastics? Not all of it is as lovely as the natural scenery it accompanies—Mankato was the site of the largest mass execution in United States history—but it is a heritage that demands contemplation. Discover the valley’s most enterprising characters, from Fort Snelling bootleggers like Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant to the Granite Falls lawyer behind Prohibition, Andrew Volstead. With a guide like Elizabeth Johanneck, you might meet some familiar figures in surprising circumstances as she steals up behind Dr. Mayo at the grave he was robbing for medical research or catches FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in a moment of unguarded correspondence.

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