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Angie Berrier was named graduation coach at North Asheboro Middle School and Northeast Randolph Middle School for Communities In Schools of Randolph County. She will manage a caseload of 30-plus students in small group mentoring settings.

HIGH POINT – Riding the school bus is probably the safest way for students to get to school, but it’s a little more expensive and other rides may be illegal. So far this year, school officials could save as much as $1 million from a revised tiered bus schedule. There could be more savings, however, by hiring vendors or providing student passes for city buses. GCS




Deaths per 1 million passenger miles: • Passenger Cars 0.94 • Scheduled Airlines 0.06 • Passenger Trains 0.04 • School Buses 0.01


Source: School Bus Information Council

HIGH HONOR: Southwest Guilford’s new gym may be named for hall-of-fame coach. 1B


THOMASVILLE – The recent economy has hit several businesses hard, and ABC stores are no different. Thomasville ABC Board closed the doors of its National Highway location on Sept. 17, citing that the store was not bringing enough money to keep that particular location open. The only other ABC store in Thomasville, at 1033 Randolph St., will now be the new home of the ABC board. “Throughout the last several years, we have been able to see that the traffic has moved to the other end of town,” said Leigh Ann Lowe, general manager and board member. “We have seen a noticeable shift in our sales coming to the

Randolph Street location. It just made common sense to come down to this location. There is more traffic with the Walmart, gas stations and more restaurants on this side of town.” The retail sales at the National Highway location had flattened and mixed beverage sales had decreased. The board was spending $3,600 a month and $43,200 a year to lease the site. With the sales decrease and other businesses in the area shutting down, it was easy to make a decision, Lowe said. “What we have been doing for awhile has been to take the expenses into consideration compared to our revenues,” Lowe said. “Even if we lost some of the revenues, with the expenses that we cut we would still come out better with one location.” The ABC board returned its 3 percent distribution of $57,000 to the city at the end of the last fiscal year. The return to the city won’t be as much with the closing of National Highway store. “The amount that they get is based off of our sales,” Lowe said. “The amount


Before you read...




does fluctuate. The return will not be half, but we knew we would lose some of the sales. In May, we projected that we would lose about 20 percent of the sales. The amount the city gets will decrease somewhat just because the amount of our sales will decrease.” Lowe said she does not think the business will suffer because of the move and

GUILFORD COUNTY – Paying for more new county school district buildings and improvements could be a distant dream in a stagnant economy. For now, the Guilford County Board of Education is working to finish projects on a $457 million list voters approved in 2008. Another $1.2 billion of needs, outlined in a 10-year Facilities Master Plan, may be too much for voters and taxpayers to swallow. “Our needs continue to grow,” Andy LaRowe, district chief of

operations, told school board members during a retreat last month. “Because the economy may be bad, a lot of Guilford County people do Schools 10-year not want to Master Plan talk about it ■■■ now.” V o t e r s have approved three construction bond programs totaling $957 million since 2000. “We have more construction on the ground now than ever before,” LaRowe said. “We have met capacity needs, but now we need to look at school renovations in High Point and Greensboro.”


Robert Fuller, 73 James L. Horne, 90 Judyclaire Moser, 69 Deborah Prather, 57 Brian Steele, 48 Nora Weiss, 82 Obituaries, 2B

Thomasville’s one remaining ABC store is located at 1033 Randolph St. in Southgate Shopping Center. that customers from that area willingly will travel to the Randolph Street store. “We are going to miss out on some customers, but there are a lot of loyal customers that will come to this location. We have seen customers from that area come to the Randolph Street location,” Lowe said. “A lot of our mixed-beverage customers are down this way

because of the restaurants. I feel that we will have an opportunity here (Randolph Street) to pick up more traffic than normal.” Lowe said it will take to the end of October or November to see how closing the National Highway location has truly impacted them. | 888-3657

Funds are scarce for school upgrades BY DAVID NIVENS ENTERPRISE STAFF WRITER

210 Church Avenue High Point NC 27262 Phone: 336.888.3569 Fax: 336.888.3642

50 Cents Daily $1.25 Sundays

Officials: Bus safest ride for students

Last in a two-part series.


No. 333

SAME OLD SONG: Panthers hit sour note with another close loss. 1D

Young geologists has a rapidly growing number of online readers. This means a whole new marketing opportunity for consumers who get their information online.

128th year High Point, N.C.

Tiffany Roach (left) and Janea Lyles look at this piece of quartz. The two sixth-graders from Penn-Griffin School for the Arts participated in a two-day geology course taught at Piedmont Environmental Center last week. During the course, students learn about fossils and different types of rocks.

visitors monthly

October 10, 2011

NEW POSTMASTER: Career veteran takes over Winston-Salem offices. 1B

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GAINING MOMENTUM: Rotary’s revived fundraiser set for Friday. 1C

“We need to prioritize these new projects,” said board member Darlene Garrett. “We can’t put all of them on hold until there is another bond referendum.” Other funding sources include contributions from county government and federal financing. But county funding for maintenance and repairs has dropped in recent years from $11.5 million in 2004 to $3.2 million in 2010. The district spent $2.5 million, most of its available funding in 2010, to complete emergency roof replacements at T.W. Andrews High School and Shadybrook Elementary School. The district will spend $16.8 million from the Qualified School Construction Bonds program on basic repairs ranging from roofs to heating and air conditioning upgrades.



SUNDAY: High Point schools in need of repair TODAY: The funding challenge “We may have even more roofs to address,” Gerald Greeson, district maintenance director, later told the school board. “We have another list in the works.” The district staff will spend much of the winter seeking contractors for summer repairs to be financed by the federal bonds. “And if more water (money) is added to that trough, we will go for it,” said Sharon Ozment, district chief financial officer. | 888-3626

Partly cloudy High 77, Low 57



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Business: Jordan Howse

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8.5 OZ

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Pilot Thomasville School Hospital


High Point




Shuler Meats

85 South


$)*$,&/ 8*/(4



with a the New Year - Filet Why not start Sirloin - T-Bone - YUM! Top Eye Black Angus York Strip - Rib New Mignon -



$3*41 (3&&/ .................... CABBAGE.

39¢ LB 1.98 1.98

16 OZ ESS FRESH EXPR-&556$& ........ 4)3&%%&% O COLLARDS 1 LB CELL 53*..&% .... 8"4)&%



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uses fresh vegetables, such

as carrots and onions, which

grams of fiber. They’re low on the glycemic index too, so they won’t send your blood sugar through the roof. These noodles also are glutenfree. If you can’t find them in the store, go to . But don’t substitute with tofu Shirataki, which are not as good. Each 1 1/2-cup portion of this soup has an incredibly low 93 calories and 3 grams of fat. If you’re feeling really hungry, go ahead and eat two portions and you’ll still be under 200 calories. Traditional versions can have up to 560 calories and 18 grams of fat per serving.


are great sources of vitamins.




All advertising copy to be proofed and released to sales representative in time to process for deadline.


In a 6-quart stockpot over medium heat, combine carrots, onions, celery, the broth, chicken thighs, thyme, bay leaves and bouillon cube. Bring to a very gentle simmer and cook until the vegetables are tender and chicken is cooked through, about 25 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the Shirataki noodles into pieces about inches long. 3

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Remove the chicken thighs from the soup and place ting board. Remove and on a cutdiscard the bones. Shred the chicken meat, then return it to the soup along with the noodles and Old Bay Seasoning. Season with salt and pepper, then remove and discard leaves and thyme. Skim the bay any fat off the top of the soup, then ladle into 8 serving bowls. Nutrition information per serving: 93 calories; 3 grams fat (31 percent calories from fat) (1 gram saturated); 2 milligrams cholesterol; 6 grams carbohydrate; 10 grams protein; 1 gram milligrams sodium. fiber; 659

siness. Your Bu wspaper. Your Ne es Business

New cookbook provides ‘suprem


Please compa

Chicken Noodle Soup Start to finish: 45 minutes (20 minutes active) Servings: 8 2 quarts (8 cups) reduced-sodium chicken broth 1 1/2 cups diced (1-inch pieces) carrots 1 1/2 cups chopped (1-inch pieces) yellow onion 1 cup (1-inch pieces) celery 3 bone-in chicken thighs (about 1 pound), skin removed 4 sprigs fresh thyme, tied together with kitchen string 2 bay leaves 1 cube salt-free vegetable bouillon 16 ounces Shirataki noodles, rinsed with cold water 1/2 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning Salt and ground black pepper


• You can make your own stock if you like by simmering chicken bones or parts in water with onions, celery, garlic and carrots. After simmering, strain out and discard the solids, then chill. The fat will solidify on the surface and is easily scraped off and discarded. The flavor of homemade stock much better than purchased. is Plus, you control how much salt is added. • This is a great base recipe for noodle soup. You can add different herbs and spices to take the flavor in any direction you like. Some soy sauce, ginger and bok choy or miso and mushrooms, or even some kimchee and peas are great (and healthy) ways to keep it interesting.

for specia

NATIONAL CO-OP ADVERTISING Local retailers may pick up National Multi-listing Co-op ads within 7 days of publication at 50% off their contract rate. Ad signature may be modified to reflect single dealer location.

Rather than add carb-rich noodles, I’ve used Shirataki noodles. They’re made from konnyaku, dough of Asian yam (konjac) a flour and water. Shirataki noodles are a superb pasta substitute; each serving has 20 calories or fewer, plus 2


SPECIAL SERVICES Proofs emailed - hand delivered on request. E-Tearsheets now available Tearsheets - 5 maximum Art Services - includes layout and design, photography, all newspaper art services. Co-op - Complete department including separate co-op bills and tearsheets with regular statement if notified when scheduling ad. Market Research - market demographics, shopping center profiles, etc.


l meat orders

22 336-476-67 Call ahead


We still


hicken noodle soup may have a reputation for helping us beat the winter sniffles, but that doesn’t make it health food. Processed varieties, for example, can be loaded with calories, fat and sodium. And don’t even get me started on the lack of flavor and hunks of tough chicken. In my recipe for chicken noodle soup, I sidestep all these liabilities. I simmer the soup with real chicken and fresh vegetables, like carrots and onions, which are a great source of vitamins. The more veggies you add, the more nutrients you get. Like many chicken noodle soups, mine is based on broth instead of cream, which saves on fattening calories. And I add thyme for flavor, negating the need for excess salt. Soup is one of those foods classified as “low energy dense.� This means you can eat a lot of it and fill up without consuming a lot of calories.





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Rocco DiSpirito’s recipe






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FDX 58 is encou talking it was 178.19 STI -0.14 0.22 16.84 1.08 Confer5.57 FNB United Steelcase Banks “This 51.35 cording 10.81 Corp. of NC FCNCA SYT 29.82 -0.05 its bank 0.05 1.14 July that Primland. 18.67 FedEx to be 52.22 SunTrust AG by The Bank 81.62 F 16.65 5.54 SKT -0.03 sale of 0.41 19.1 65.9995 good First Citizens Syngenta 1.09 35.43 FBHS survey vement,â€? 0.45 TRGT 52.11 . 0.08 82.6415 ing the tions to focus 66.79 18.01 Ford Officials say 36.26 Tanger t Inc. 5.38 ht It’s impro FBN 19.06 Brands 0.2 an TGT 82.28 Board 0.02 18.2 r, 5.69 45.47 Fortune Targacep 7.14 Brands GPS ence 66.56 d straigid- about MMM 35.98 -0.22 Vitne ing opera business. -0.22 45.84 7.5 632 the guide also Furniture Target 73.13 GD 18.01 5.4 0.09 644.49 TWX 0.16 other The secon 22.17 Gap Inc.Dynamics coinc 73.81 3M Co. GE 45.74 128.43 7.34 7.11 said Mark at Wells Far-a LCC 0.02 130.86 on its 22.58 surge includes his38.59 General Electric Time Warner 38.21 GSK 0.1 640.25 UFI 73.49 1.55 39.1 25.62 General ithKline 38.55 US Airways 39.82 GOOG monthly a decent holi22.49 economistthere is still UPS -0.48 130.56 -0.28 25.98 41.92 GlaxoSm torical highlights 40.02 Unifi Inc. 27.77 HBI for 38.71 VFC 38.29 -0.23 n le.â€? 0.01 42.47 “But 11.33 Google nds 27.97 S Inc. 39.26 HOG ed with ing seaso 25.65 0.13 VAL 39.99 0.13 39.845 11.7 for troub above $101 24.4 Hanesbraavidson s go. such as the 150th VF Corp. 59.66 HPQ 42.22 0.15 VZ 27.85 0.02 24.7 Harley-D ackard 59.98 Valspar 184.39 27.61 HD day shopp though store 11.56 Oil price lot of room Conference 0.16 185.85 VOD 39.59 -0.16 33.03 Hewlett-P 27.89 anniversary of Verizon 16.01 HOFT e rises 24.56 unt 0.2 Depot VMC 59.83 -0.175 33.69 50.3 Home Furniture te re16.17 Vodafone The INTC retailers, 184.95 ly disco WMT Materials 27.61 -0.54 -0.1 priva 50.88 73.38 Hooker Vulcan the American a IBM heavi as confidenc climbed 33.03 0.41 WFC 16.09 74 , Tues6.43 Intel Wal-Mart JPM had to t shoppers. 50.75 0.09 YHOO 6.67 - Boardh group, said 11.75 IBM of oil Wells Fargo Chase Civil War and K 73.82 -0.01 Inc. 12.19 87.08 JP Morgan Yahoo 6.62 KMB to attrac in confi The price a barrel in searc 0.08 Consumer 88.15 22.36 Kellogg Clark rise Emancipation. It KKD 11.93 0.36 rose a betthat its $101 22.76 g on The KimberlyLZB 87.68 Kreme day with -0.16 Index above tradin Krispy daily also features sceay LH 22.41 jibes the dence mer La-Z-Boy n (only PRICING s to 64.5 LNCE dence light holid ok for LabCorp & Harma nic drives along An Confi t 10 point U.S. consu n METALS from Lance 0 Handy ter outloeconomy. almos growing Mon. $1599.0 ber, up and tensio the Blue Ridge poll ll NoGold Merc spot daily Decem dence in overa NY Press in (only confi East. oz., n . prices Parkway, the ed 55.2 iated 0 troy had quote) Middle rose & Harma private, rous metal Assoc $1594.2 a revis Analysts in the crude Handy dozen Gold Colonial Parkway is at Spot nonfer mark Mon. - $28.915 academof three (AP) ‚ÄÎ Bench vember. 59. The level Silver ay to end Merc spot ct). and the Journey rate and projects Tuesd l in New NEW YORK ted ecesoz., N.Y. . on Exch. (contra corpo troy quote) Mon. Metal $1.66 y. oz., N.Y. mists th expec $28.697 the post-r ed Through HalMonda London per barre rose Merc spot .00 troy Silver ic econo mic grow if close to of 72, reach LME. 2 per lb., oz., N.Y. $101.34 m -$1433 plate, crude lowed Ground. Platinu -$1433.90 troy 7 um -$0.903Cathode full Brent U.S. econoup in 2012, sion highary. m Alumin 6 York. at $109.2 Exch. spot Mon. Platinu -$3.442 finish by upN.Y. Merc London Metal Copper will speed in Febru $1.31 to l in London. $3.4040 ton, derailed Exch. Copper Metal ge 0 metric pe. it isn’t per barre $1986.0 London , avera in ls in Euro Lead per lb., heava Meanwhile prices Zinc - $0.8375 ine gasol anged retail were unch nathe U.S. ay at a from Mond ge of $3.23 avera tional . per gallon g seabuyin peak modagainst ter the had risen gh (AP) Dollar falls trading TON son. PricesApril throu of in WASHING prices fell estly least half home euro in thin The dolcities st in at ed. – U.S. – major ht Augu track have straig in most NEW YORKly against the cities prices second g evislight Still, homely 32 percent for the lar fell Tuesday durin further the rough housing as month, fallen since the euro hristm that the bumpy r business nwide burst dence light post-C will be - natio ng bubble ed to you morning. are g. up to recovery on the broad housi tradin Deliver ago and acedged g 2012. p every and weigh ve years The euro levels, tradin my in s/ fi to 2003 index. in late doorste 4 er econo ard & Poor’re- back $1.3069 from $1.306 the to Stand ng ay lower The U.S. Tuesd r index d cordi s are even such ay. The , Price Case-Shille ay showe late Mondwas mostly Tuesd hit areas curin Octoleased in hard- ta, Cleveland, other currency dropped in 19 and against prices as Atlan Phoenix lower ay. The September ed. Tuesd ber from Detroit, s. rose to rencies cities track the pound 0 late of the 20 reflects Las Vega e British $1.563 affrom The declinslowdown $1.5670 l fall typica Monday.

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DISTRAUGHT WIFE: Husband still “cheating� online. 2C

e’ selections

burg� was published this month. It contains nearly 50 of Ginsburg’s creations, ranging ASHINGTON – U.S. from a five-page treatise on the Supreme Court Justice perfect baguette to a frozen lime Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s souffle favored by his wife. children banished her from the Ginsburg said her husband kitchen decades ago – her tuna would be overjoyed. fish casserole the target of family “He was quite an artist jokes. Dinner duties instead in the fell kitchen, and he wanted to comto her husband, an accomplished municate to others the tax lawyer who became pleasure a talthat he derived from ented chef. making something successfully,� When he died last year, GinsMartin burg said in a telephone Ginsburg left behind interwell over view. 100 recipes he had perfected, If he hadn’t become an including cookies beloved atby his torney, he might have grandchildren and cakes gone to baked culinary school, she said. for the birthdays of Supreme “My husband was a great Court justices. Now, with the tax lawyer, but we had help of another high court more cookbooks than tax books justice’s wife, those recipes at have home. We had an entire become a cookbook. section in the living room – three “Chef Supreme: Martin sets Ginsof shelves from floor to ceiling


– with nothing but cookbooks,� share them with dinner she said, adding that guests, he read about 150 of his recipes them with the same interest were he whittled down to 47. Only read mystery novels. one of his three recipes for After Martin Ginsburg’s celery death root made the cut, for from cancer at the age example. of 78, MarThe editors also tried tha-Ann Alito, the wife to choose of Justice recipes he cooked often Samuel Alito, proposed and compilthose that showed his ing a cookbook in his humor and memory. knack for explaining. Alito said in an email that the Cooks who attempt his idea came to her when the Decadent Chocolate Bombe, spouses were gathered for together example, are told that, at the court. “Only a crazy person would try “One of the goals as spouses to make is this dessert on to be supportive to each a single day.� other as A recipe for shrimp pasta well as the court family. says Marty whole milk can be substituted led the way with perfect pitch,� for heavy cream, in which she wrote, adding that case: Gins“your sauce will still burg’s “culinary creations be very awed good and your arteries and delighted.� not so bad.� And his instructions With the help of the Supreme for Chicken Liver Pate, which Court Historical Society and a involve lighting apple CD of Ginsburg’s recipes, brandy on which fire, explain, “Your ceiling he had typed so he could is not easily likely to burn.�


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Thursday December 29, 2011

a Zoo’ REVIEWS: ‘We Bought 3C gets praise from critics

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NEW YORK – Most people are excited before recording a new album, but Common didn’t particularly feel that way. He says before making his ninth album, “The Dreamer, the Believer,� he was at a low point

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Best Food Day Wednesday Business News - Daily Dining & Entertainment Thursday Travel - Sunday AP

Actress Sandra Bullock

attends the premiere

of “Extremely Loud

musically. “I hadn’t figured out what I was going to do, what label I was going to work with,� he said. “I wasn’t inspired.� Common had major success with 2005’s “Be� and “Finding Forever,� which came two years later. The albums reached gold status and each earned multiple Grammy nominaa tions, including win for best rap a performance by duo or group for “Southside� with Kanye West. Both albums were mainly produced by West. But 2008’s “Universal Mind Control,� produced by the Neptunes, was a commercial disappointment, only selling 245,000 units, according to Nielsen SoundScan; the CD, however, did earn a Grammy nomination for best rap album. But Common parted ways with Universal Music, where he’s released five of his

& Incredibly Close�

at the Ziegfeld Theater

Dec. 15 in New York.

return Bullock coaxed into d’ by ‘Extremely Lou

and focus down.� when he most her house, and One of the film’s she might than my head.� asked her what striking and emotional to play the When Daldry, the The chance was bring to the role, JAKE COYLE Hours� scenes is a flashback key role director of “The a supporting but WRITER actress was frank. apof to Bullock’s character the and “The Reader,� phone in Daldry’s adaptation “I said, ‘I haven’t “Exspeaking on the Foer’s she says. proached her about who is Jonathan Safran slightest idea,’ � EW YORK – SanBullock with her husband, well is tremely Loud,� one of novel. In it, Bullock “I was like, ‘The dra Bullock wasn’t would calling from atop of an to stop wasn’t sure she plays the mother deep. It’s your job looking to return at all. the burning towers. return to acting it.’ � that made get Stephen or it thing when “The to acting 16, (center) after he found me was “Exthe cross after diving for Bullock and Daldry it so poignant for Daldry called about it in Spring Bayou during easy showed the Feast of the Epiphany & Incredhave a charming, that Tom Hanks celebration in Tarpon Springs, FILE | AP tremely Loud other, Bullmanner with each Fla. up that day,� says ibly Close.� another a room lm, showering one ock. “He sat in Bullock’s last fi . Asked I was Side,� with compliments not far from where 2009’s “The Blind her every career why he pursued and made that call was the kind of British time most for the part, the single time. Every apogee of which “She’s it windirector quips, I pick up that phone, actresses dream, on the actress cheap as chips.� was Tom Hanks ning her a best just line. My in what “I have watched other end of the Academy Award you’ve to a who is calling about everything husband Sandra Bullock essentially amounted as Daldry. he’s BY MITCH STACY ever made,� says because he knows coronation of Bullock selfme uncommonly bright, beloved THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Bullock, whose named John Corcocongoing to die, giving America’s most (Thomas “I was perfectly humor is joy, some precocious child some star. deprecating ris arrived in Tarpon gift, movie some (Tom female miss tent to be permanently that Horn), whose father ARPON SPRINGS, undimmed, doesn’t Springs in 1896 as a Recjewel – something But the accomplishSept. broken,� she says. with so Hanks) dies on Fla. – In a spectacle TARPON SPRINGS a beat: “I’m so sorry.�in sponge buyer from New might he can leave me ment – which would by particularly ognizing how that a partner to be a It’s 11. going needed repeated every Jan. I’m EPIPHANY CELEBRA“I followed York. He was hired to she smiles he knows normally be about sound in print, wrenching story to capi6 for more than a centuTION: Jan. 6. www. the project, somebody make the industry more hint n. OK.� a wave of projects leading at the unintended grief and reconciliatio ry, dozens of teenage that would be a efficient, introducing If Bullock, 47, was turmoil, to boys talize on the momentum the me, of her personal to “What a great way by set out from the stately TARPON SPRINGS to lady and look after first mechanized sponge hesitant to return – was soon marred horse,� look afand adds “time-wise� appears get back on the Greek Orthodox catheBullock’s CHAMBER OF COMlook after herself, fishing boat and bringing as one acting, she now was public scandal. look afclarify the break Garecently says Bullock, who dral in this Florida Gulf MERCE: http://tarponter the character, in 500 Greek divers from g. fully back. She 20 husband, “Monster look after from moviemakin another staying at a hotel Coast town to seek God’s James, ter the kid and Kalymnos, Halki, Sumi, finished shooting rage� host Jesse World “I honestly didn’t the whole movie: blocks from the blessing in the chilly have been GETTING THERE: the creation of Hydra, Spetses, Aegina place highly anticipated was revealed to 9/11. “It think I was in a Trade Center on waters of a bayou several fallout, Tarpon Springs is about Cuaron’s “Gravprocess,� says Daldry. and other Greek islands. to work Alfonso what unfaithful. The was wanted it I like where cowas was hard, but blocks away. 25 miles from Tampa “Sandy was literally We More Greek immigrants out of ity,� a space thriller which led to divorce, be.� for me. or wanted to step by Clooney. it’s supposed to They dive off row boats International Airport, a partner on it followed to establish says. “I starring George covered relentlessly rewrite where I was,� she still It took some courting. and, in a chaotic flailing which is served by most would write and restaurants, candy But the at the tabloids. Bullock wasn’t prepared. Daldry visited Bullock of arms and legs, grope adopted a major airlines. shops, coffee houses and louder went ahead and opportunity was in the murky water for grocery stores to serve baby boy. a wooden cross tossed the sponge-fishing comin sponge docks. by a priest. The one lucky munity. The city’s population enough to surface with Blights of the sponge will at least double for it earns instant celebrity beds in the 1930s and ’40s, the cross dive and Greek Museum status, a ride through along with the introducthe day at Children’s festival that follows on by the , 390 S. streets on the shoulders tion of synthetic sponges, lem. The program of Winston-Salem www. Jan. 6. Sixty Symphony students, boys will of his peers and – the $10 for took the oomph out of Winston-Salem Liberty St., Winston-Sadive in Spring Bayou the includes Chapel Road, Greensboro. make Greek-American boys greensborosymphony. this industry here, but the Swing Ensemble lem. Children may year, with the cross likely ext. 224 favorThe program, “Andrew and join believe – the favor of God org, 335-5456, community has fiercely swing and big band Friends,� a rhythm shaker thrown by Archbishop Lloyd Webber & and in the coming year. maintained its culture ites. $15-$60, 464-0145, from in songs, activities New Demetrios Trakatelto Statue in Tarpon Springs, includes music museum PLUGGED-IN POPS! The Tarpon Springs A POPS CONCERT and Greek heritage. Fla., depicts John Corcoris, AP stories. Free with lis, leader of the Greek Year’s official history, arrived in who, according to the Webber’s Broadway www. “Cross Dive� is the Year’s Eve Celebration� celebrate New ism is now the area’s Tarpon Springs in 1896 city’s Broadadmission of $7, by at 8 Orthodox Church in a as a sponge buyer from He was hired to make the shows and other centerpiece of what locals will be performed Eve will be performed New York. NOON YEAR’S EVE, leading industry, but industry more efficient,, Reynolds America. The boys are proSymintroducing the first mechanized will be sponge fishing boat and way favorites. Vocalists call the largest Epiphany p.m. Saturday at 16, the Greensboro fessional sponge divers bringing in 500 Greek divers party for children, 723-9111, ext. 211 17 and 18 years old, and at 8 Saturfrom the Greek islands. are Anne Runolfsson, Vi- Auditorium, 301 N. Hawevent in the Western phony Orchestra still ply the waters off held 10 a.m.-noon and Sal participation is limited the Westoa “phenomenon beyond Debbie Graitte Hemisphere, celebratthorne Road, Winston-Sato p.m. Saturday at coast of Tarpon Springs, revolves around the for adults, members of the handful Muir’s human comprehension.� viano. $22-$38 coming here,� says Sue ing the day Orthodox of as deep as 150 feet, ver Church, 505 Epiphany festival and for Greek Orthodox churches St. Nicholas is the patron Thomas, . Christians believe Jesus president of the sponges that are sold getting ready for the next . YOUR NEWSPAPER in the Tampa Bay area. in saint of the area’s sponge local chamber of comwas baptized in the River YOUR COMMUNITY the dockside shops and one. “We actually receive fishing community, as merce. “They see the Jordan. Equal parts reall over the world via “It brings people to requests the well from as the cathedral. downtown, they go to all around ligious ceremony and Internet. the Tarpon Springs who the country from youths The business and sponge docks. We hear community jubilee, it A short walk from the might not normally come it who want to participate,� culture of Tarpon Springs over and over. We love is the signature festival sponge docks is an hishere or even thought says Nick Mantzanas, of it.� for the waterfront vilthis toric, active downtown year’s Epiphany commitlage that draws tourists popular with tourists tee chairman, who dove and year-round to its working antique hunters. Besides for the cross himself as sponge docks and colora eating and shopping at teen two decades ago, ful assortment of Greek as the sponge docks, visitors did his father before him. restaurants and shops. can board sight-seeing or Tarpon Springs, incorTarpon Springs, 45 mincharter fishing boats for a porated in 1887, began utes northwest of Tampa, few hours out on the Gulf life as getaway for rich boasts one of the largest of Mexico. people from the North. per-capita concentrations A unique attraction Sponges eventually were of Greek-Americans in here is the venerated discovered in the area, the country among its painting known as “The and by the 1890s spongemodest population of Weeping Icon of St. packing houses were 22,000. (About 8,000 in Nicholas� in the Greek going up on the docks. town claim such status.) Orthodox cathedral. The sponge business And the Mediterranean Kept under glass in eventually shifted its American influence is everywhere, an elaborately carved We Sell Made Cabinets center from Key West, from the dome of the Granite and enclosure, the image for Quick Cuba and the Bahamas Custom grand St. Nicholas Greek to Delivery! inexplicably “wept� at Come visit us at Counter Tarpon Springs, and by Tops Orthodox Cathedral Christmastime for three downtown to the intricate the turn of the century consecutive years in the the city was considered murals on the walls outearly 1970s. The droplets the largest sponge port side the shops that line in that appeared were never the United States. Dodecanese Boulevard 8JOEPXTt%PPSTt4JEJOHt-VNCFSt.PSF explained, and at the time According to the city’s across the street from the Greek Archdiocese the official history, a man in New York termed it AP ENTERTAINMENT


Divers swim to Jack Vasilaros,

think I was in a ‘I honestly didn’t to work or place where I wanted of where I was. wanted to step out ity was louder But the opportun

Epiphany festival draws crowds to Florida city


than my head.’



High Points This Week

nine albums. Now, on Warner Bros. Records, the rapper said he’s got his mojo back, mainly thanks to producer and longtime friend No I.D. “He was willing to be like, ‘Yo, let’s go! Let’s get it. Let’s go get on this hiphop,’� Common recalled. “So I think that meant a lot to me and from there we just continued to grow.�

–MESFIN FEKADU Associated Press

New Year

ders “Rea eChoic st ’s Be Area kes!� ha Milks


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operations, told school board mem- bers during a retreat last month. “Because the econo- my may be bad, a lot of people do not want to talk...

HPE Rate Card 2012-1  

operations, told school board mem- bers during a retreat last month. “Because the econo- my may be bad, a lot of people do not want to talk...