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Wizard Rock the Vote Resources & Information

Are you ready to rock the vote? Ready to register voters and support voter education? Good because this packet will give you everything you need to know to host a voter registration drive, whether it be at a wrock concert or an event you host yourself. There are tons of ways to get involved! It also gives you resources on where to have voters register online, other ways to get involved, and tips/what you should know as you prepare for an event! First of all, what is Wizard Rock the Vote (WRTV)?

Handy Websites While these websites will be posted throughout this packet, we are putting them here as a go-to guide. Register to Vote Vote 411 – HPA Wizard Rock the Vote Site: ampaigns/wrtv/

WRTV is one of the HPA’s classic campaigns. Registering voters and encouraging people to vote is essential to the democratic process. At the HPA, we want to encourage you to be involved in the electoral process – registering to vote and encouraging others to do the same! As we get closer to the elections, there are tons of ways for you to get involved. Whether you are part of an HPA chapter or just a member of Dumbledore’s Army, you can make a difference in the election! This packet mostly contains information pertinent to the U.S., many of the suggestions and ideas can be applied to elections worldwide! You may very well be asking what is in this packet to help you…This packet includes a variety of resources from places to register voters to questions you may be asked at a registration drive to the resources you need to host those drives! It’s an all-in-one manual for all of your needs, but just in case there is something missing in this packet that you need or have questions about, we are also here to help! You can contact or with your questions! We are here to help you to make your engagement in WRTV a success!

If you have an event, be sure to send pictures to us at!

Tips for Hosting an Event at a Wizard Rock Concert! Ask everyone you know. Anyone you know could potentially need to register to vote. So make sure you ask everyone. Someone you ask may know someone who needs to register. Even ask people who are too young to vote. You never know. They may have an older sibling going to college out of state, or a relative who has recently moved. Any event can be a Wrock the Vote event. No concerts in your area? Not a problem. Turn your next chapter event into a Wrock the Vote event. All you need is the forms. Use what you know. Do you know that someone is moving or getting married? This person will need to reregister to vote, and this person is probably too busy with their life change to think about reregistering to vote. They will be very grateful to you for helping them with this. Don't be afraid to target people if you know they need to register or reregister. That's how I've gotten the majority of our registrations for Wrock the Vote. Wrockers need to vote, too. Do not forget the wrockers at your Wrock the Vote show. They are also registered voters. I knew Lauren Fairweather had just moved to Rhode Island. With touring and planning a wedding, I figured she probably wouldn't be thinking about registering to vote. So at Incendio, I asked her, and she was so appreciative. A lot of times fans hear things like people are moving, getting married, etc. Use this information.


How to host a voter registration drive So whether you host a voter registration drive at a wizard rock concert or decide to hold your own event, there are materials to gather and things to remember! You can always make your event your own with your own theme/decorations, but there are several basic things you should have at your event. -Plenty of voter registration forms. You never know how many people you have and want to have everyone covered. In a couple of pages, we have put some tips for filling out the paper registration forms! -A flyer with information about where to find information about voting. You can also have the link to a website that helps you register online in each specific area. - Knowledge about the ballot initiatives in your area/ specifics about voting in your state. -A great attitude. While this may seem cheesy, if you are enthusiastic and passionate that will spread to other people. - Know how many volunteers you will have and make sure you introduce yourself to the band/the people hosting if it is at a concert!

-Make sure you sign up at our website if you are doing a wizard rock concert. You can do so on the campaign page for WRTV. We need to know when we will have volunteers for shows and it gives us a heads up so we can help you in whatever way possible. Incorporating your chapter’s concerns at a registration drive: Does your chapter or area have a special focus on education? Literacy? Environmental issues? Look up issues that could be important in the local, state, or national elections and make sure to inform people of these! People may not even know about these issues, so you are helping them to be informed as well!

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Tips for Filling out Paper Registration Forms The voter registration form is split into 2 sections. The only part we are worried about is the top part with boxes 1-9, not a-d. At the very top left of the form there are two boxes that will need to be check marked for the forms to be valid. These boxes basically say that the person is a citizen of the US and will be 18 by the time of the election. Box 1: Name - no nicknames or initials. Box 2: Home address - no P.O. Box and not a mailing address that is different from where they live. They must be a resident at this address for at least 30 days before the election. Box 3: Mailing address - if it is different than their home address they can put it here. Box 4: Date of birth - Month, Day, Year. Box 5: Phone number - does not have to be filled out. Box 6: ID Number- full MA drivers license number OR the last four digits of their social if they don't have a drivers license. Box 7: Choice of Party - does not have to be filled out. Box 8: Race or Ethnic Group - leave blank. Box 9: Signature - by signing this form they are stating that they are a citizen of the US and a legal resident of whatever state they put on this form; that they will be 18 by the election; that they are not serving a sentence for a felony; and that they have not been determined to be mentally incompetent.

The pictures on the left shows a voter registration form that will also be given to you as part of this resource. Hopefully, this will help you understand the tips we gave you above!

Elections are about more than just registering voters! This sidebar gives more ideas on things you can do as elections approach! **Remember to remind voters that on Election Day, some states require Photo ID to vote. The rules depend on the state, so be sure to check for yours! **Another way to help is to remind voters where they can vote in your area!

**Host parties to watch the debates! **Find Creative ways to encourage people to vote! Whether it be a video, newsletter, or interesting fliers, your chapter can find multiple ways to remain involved and engaged. **Hold your own debate about media and other issues at stake during the election. **Send letters to congressmen/women and senators about issues that matter to you! **Keep encouraging people to vote online at all times!


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Frequently Asked Questions You never know what questions you may have or what someone may ask you at a voter registration drive. We have tried to cover some of the most common questions, so that you can review them and have a way to answer any questions that come your way! Q: Does the HPA support a political candidate for office? A: No. The HPA is non-partisan as a 501c3 non-profit organization. We’re concentrating on the importance of voter registration as well as ballot initiatives, but not the candidates themselves.

A: Voting is your opportunity to have a voice in your government. If there is something going on in the world that you like, it’s your way of saying you want more of that. If there’s something you don’t like, your vote can help precipitate change.

Q: If am an out-of-state college student, how would I register to vote?

Q: I'm too young to vote. Are there other ways I can get involved?

A: First, register to vote in your home state once you turn 18. Then you would need an absentee ballot, so you can still vote even though you are living out of state.

A: Absolutely! In addition to voter registration, HPA is focusing on voter education and ballot initiatives. You can research the ones coming up in your area, and help educate people on them. And it never hurts to keep up on the issues that the candidates are discussing. Their decisions will affect your future, too. You can use social media to encourage people to be informed. And even though you may not be able to vote, you can always encourage those around you.

Q: What is an absentee ballot? A: An absentee ballot is a ballot submitted (as by mail) in advance of an election by a voter who is unable to be present at the polls. If you are going to be outside of the state where you are registered to vote at the time of the election, you would need to fill out an absentee ballot.

Of course if you have any questions, you can contact


Q: Why is voting important?

Q: I don't live in the United States. Are there ways I can still be involved? A: Absolutely! Is there an election coming up in your country? You can either do voter registration for that, or research the issues that are key. If you’re not having an election, you could research issues that will be voted on at a later date.

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Wizard Rock the Vote Talking Points On this page, we have provided talking points for you to have handy at your event! Some important things to keep in mind when registering voters at an event: • •

Be polite! Because it is a 501c3 nonprofit, the HPA cannot endorse a particular party or candidate. Please follow this guideline when you are representing the HPA. More information on how o answer questions like these can be found in the FAQ section.

Some people need a little encouragement on why it’s so important to register and vote. Why is voting important? • It is your right as an American citizen. • Voting is an essential part of democracy. • Elected officials make all sorts of decisions that can directly affect your life. • Voting is a way to make your voice heard; you won’t have a say if you don’t vote. • It’s not only important to vote for the President, it’s important to vote for your local government officials as well. • Officials are not the only things that people vote for. Ballot initiatives can have a huge impact on local and national levels. The HPA has previously been involved with ballot measures concerning equality and the LGBTQ community. • If you don’t like the way your government is being run, voting is a step to showing how you want the country to look like. What if someone wants to register to vote, but they are uncomfortable giving their personal information to you, a stranger? • This is a valid concern, and we certainly don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. In this situation, you could encourage them to register on their own. If you can give them any information forms to take with them, even better. Remember, we also have a website that people can register online from. What if someone simply refuses to register to vote, even after you’ve asked/encouraged nicely? • Thank them for their time and move on. Even though that person didn’t want to register, maybe the next person will! • You can also remind people to stay up-to-date on issues and keep being informed! What if someone is already registered to vote? • That’s where ballot initiatives come in! You can still remind people how important it is to vote once they have registered! 5

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Chapters July Newsletter  
Chapters July Newsletter  

The newsletter for Chapters is here for July! This also happens to be the resource packet for WRTV!