Costa Rica Howler INTERNATIONAL Magazine - August 2021

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Reset Reset

Your Reset Reset

Mindse by Joanna Blanco


y dear fellow entrepreneurs, I will begin this month's article with this mantra: “I am still standing!”

Repeat this mantra any time you conquer a situation that was challenging for you.


Many global concerns have demanded our attention from the beginning of this year. The most popular topics: increased COVID-19 case numbers, controversy about vaccines and the different modalities countries have adopted for vaccinating populations, crazy political situations worldwide, and more. I could continue, but would rather not. Sometimes I choose to ignore significant external problems that I can't fix, so I can focus on my own. We must be selective and realistic, because we need to deal with many situations close to home. If you run a business, you want to feel productive and practical at the end of the day, which means you are earning your income — money. So, let's focus this month on resetting our mindset to feel productive, energetic and positive. I want to help you to grow and to feel fulfilled. No matter what your objectives, I will help you reprogram yourself to manage situations and emotions and repeat the mantra: “I am still standing!”