Costa Rica Howler July 2022 International Digital Magazine

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Retreats in Costa Rica:



to Unwind by John Quam


rom the Costa Rican coastlines to the volcanoes and cloud forests, there are many types of retreats throughout this country to entice any enthusiast. Yes, yoga is one of the clear choices of retreats, but not the only one. Health and wellness, relaxation and selfintrospection, birding, surfing and even cooking retreats … these and many more can be found almost anywhere in Costa Rica that you prefer.

The many choices of places open a wide variety of options to get away from it all. Googling the many possibilities shows you just how many locales are dedicated to these vacation options. Recently, I have been in contact with three separate groups that are developing large and exclusive places to attract the retreat seekers. From exclusive to ultra-exclusive, these developments are designed for attracting what healthyminded people in the world are looking for.